Lindaís Change
A Cronenville story

by Lia Anderssen

Chapter 5

"Okay, girls, you get out here. I presume youíll be making your own way home?"

"Sure Mother. Come on, Linda, out you get."

Linda stared at Anne in disbelief. "But weíre in the middle of town," she stammered. "I thought at least weíd be going to your house."

"We are. But Mother has a hair appointment, so I said weíd make our own way."

"But Iím..."

"Naked? Thatís pretty obvious. I thought you were enjoying it."

"Please I..."

"Come on girls. I donít want to be late for my appointment."

Linda looked into the face of Anneís mother, and could see the amusement in her eyes as she let them travel over the naked girlís lovely young body. She had no illusions that this woman hated her mother, and was enjoying this opportunity to get back at her through her daughter. She let her own eyes drop to her bare breasts, the prominent nipples stiff, then down to her shaven pussy, her thick cunt lips on open view. Then the door next to her was opened and she knew she would be obliged to get out.

The last two days had been among the most embarrassing of her life. She had found little sympathy amongst the other girls in the school, who had greeted her nudity with amusement, giggling and nudging one another as they pointed at her shaven crotch and bouncing breasts. Even the teachers had seemed entertained by the sight of the young beauty; and had made sure she faced maximum exposure during lessons, constantly calling her to the front of the class so that her nudity was on view to all.

But what was happening now was the thing that she had dreaded most. When Anne had told the headmistress she was inviting her for the weekend, the woman had not hesitated in agreeing. Linda had wanted to object, but she knew she darenít have Anne tell all about what had happened with the two boys. How she had been found naked, her legs spread, whilst they played with her breasts and thrust their fingers into her wet pussy, bringing her a shattering orgasm. So it had been with some reluctance that she had allowed herself to climb into Anneís car on that Friday night and be driven out of the relative privacy of the school and into the open world. Now, as she gazed out into the townís main street she felt her stomach knot as she realized she had no choice but to climb from the car.

She eased herself from her seat, only too aware that she was obliged to open her legs as she did so, affording a perfect view of her shaven pussy. Already she had noticed some of the passers-by looking in her direction, jaws dropping as they saw that she wore nothing but shoes and socks. The town, in which she had lived for some years, had been made aware that the by-laws had been changed to allow for girls under punishment from Cronenville school to legally walk the streets naked, but she knew she was the first girl to actually do so, and she shivered as she straightened up on the sidewalk, her lithe young body on total display to all.

Anne looked her up and down and giggled. "This should give you a thrill," she said. "Come on."

She began to walk down the street. Linda hesitated for a moment, but she knew she darenít be alone in this vulnerable state, so she followed the girl. Somehow being with Anne made the experience even more degrading, to be walking stark naked alongside a fully clad girl mad her feel even more slutty, and she felt the heat in her cheeks rise at the stares of the passers-by.

Fortunately it was not too busy, and the majority of the people around were women. Still she felt terrible shame as they stared at her, some shaking their heads in disbelief, some clearly offended by what they saw, others laughing at her discomfort. The few men she passed simply stared at her with obvious interest, making no attempt to hide their attention as they let their eyes travel from her pert, bouncing breasts down to her prominent shaven pussy.

Yet, even in this shameful situation Linda could feel a perverse excitement rising inside her as she walked naked along the street. She couldnít understand why, but a latent exhibitionism was coming to the fore as she felt the eyes on her most private places and, to her alarm, she once again felt the sensation of wetness seeping into her vagina.

"Come on, letís go in here."

Linda had scarcely registered where they were going as they walked down the street, but now her eyes widened as Anne pulled open the door of a shop. It was a sex emporium.

"I... I canít go in there," stammered the teenager.

"Why, you enjoying being on the street like that? I guessed it was turning you on."

Lindaís cheeks reddened at the remark. Was she really that obvious? Then she caught sight of her reflection in the shop window and realized that her nipples were swollen and stiff, a clear betrayal of her arousal.

"No, itís just that..."

"You never been in a sex shop before? "Come on then. This place will be right up your street, slut."

Linda hesitated for a moment longer, but she knew she couldnít stay on the street alone with her breasts and cunt bare. Reluctantly she followed Anne into the shop.

Inside was racks of magazines, none of which she had ever seen before. Every cover depicted naked or semi-naked women in libidinous poses. Linda was slightly shocked at what she saw.

Beyond the magazine racks were shelves bearing other merchandise, much of which was mysterious to the innocent youngster. At the far end was a counter behind which stood a man. He was Asian in appearance, about forty years old. He looked up, and Linda saw his eyebrows rise as he took in the luscious curves of the naked teenager.

"Hi Mister Patli," said Anne. "This is my friend Linda. Sheís a bit of a slut, Iím afraid, as you can see."

Linda opened her mouth to deny the remark, then closed it again. She wanted to cover her breasts and cunt with her hands, but knew she mustnít, so she stood, her cheeks glowing whilst the man ran his eyes over her naked flesh, his gaze dropping to her shaved sex with obvious interest. Then he turned and picked a magazine from the rack. He beckoned to Linda, who stayed where she was, staring nervously at him.

"Go on, girl," said Anne. Mister Patli wants to show you something."

Linda moved forward nervously, and looked down at the magazine that the grinning man was holding out to her. It was called ĎShaven Slutsí and the cover showed a picture of two naked women, both with hairless crotches, touching one another up.

Anne gave a laugh. "Why thatís perfect for you. Maybe you should take out a subscription."

She opened the magazine on the counter top and began leafing through it. All of the pages were covered in photos of nude women performing lesbian acts on one another, their legs spread wide as they explored each otherís shaven pussies. Linda looked down with a mixture of shock and embarrassment as she looked at the images. Yet, despite her shame, she couldnít help experiencing a sensation of arousal as she looked at the pictures and imagined her own breasts and sex being caressed so intimately.

"Fancy a bit of lesbian fun do you?" asked Anne, staring pointedly at Lindaís erect nipples. The youngster closed her eyes, unable to look into the faces of the girl or the shopkeeper.

"Anyhow weíre not here for a magazine, Mister Patli," said Anne. "The girls at school clubbed together to buy something to keep us amused in the evenings."

"What kind of thing, please?" asked the man.

"Something long that vibrates."

"Hmm, I have just the thing over here."

The man led the two girls across the shop to where a series of shelves stood. Lindaís jaw dropped as she took in the myriad shapes, sizes and styles of dildos displayed on the shelves. She just stood, staring numbly as Anne began picking them up and looking at them.

"Heís got quite a collection, hasnít he?"

The voice mad Linda jump and she turned to see a man standing, eyeing her up and down. He was in his late thirties, balding slightly, a grin on his face. He had clearly been behind one of the magazine racks when they had come in. Now he moved in between the two girls, and began pointing at various boxes.

"That one Iíve heard is pretty good. See the roughness of the rubber. Thatís supposed to give a heightened sensation. This one here is meant to vibrate well, though. And what about this one, with a clitty tickler?"

Anne laughed. "You seem to know a lot about them."

"Oh, Iím a regular customer in here, ainít that so Mister Patli?"

The shopkeeper nodded. "Always buying gifts for your girlfriends," he added.

"Hey, Mister Patli," said the man. "Maybe they could try some of these out?"

The Asian looked at him then smiled broadly. "Of course, why not?

Linda looked at him, then at the other man. Both were staring at her naked body. She felt a sudden chill run through her.

"Anne. We canít..."

"Thatís a great idea," put in the girl. "Which ones do you recommend?"

The man looked at the shelves, then down at Lindaís crotch.

"Nice tight young pussy," he said. "Open your legs and let me have a better look."


"Come on, girl, do as he says," snapped Anne. "We havenít got all day you know."

"But I..."

"Do it!"

Linda stared at the girl for a moment longer, then at the two men, whose expectant expressions sent a shiver through her. Then, reluctantly, she moved her legs apart.

"A bit wider," said the man. As he spoke he dropped to one knee in front of the naked girl and fixed his gaze on her pussy. Linda knew that her t labia and clitoris were clearly visible to him now, and she felt a wave of shame as she spread her legs still wider.

"Hmm, we ainít gonna need any lubrication, anyhow," remarked the man.

The words sent a new shiver through Lindaís body as she realized that he could see the juices that were seeping from her cunt and could tell that she was perversely aroused by the situation.

"Yeah," put in Anne. "She sure enjoys having her tits and cunt on display."

The man turned back to the shelf. He picked off a smooth, shiny tube and a long, black, rough-looking instrument shaped like an erect penis with what looked like a hook at the base.

"These are the ones Iíd suggest," he said, holding them up for the girls to see. Linda eyed them with a mixture of trepidation and excitement, once again feeling her pussy walls twitch as if in anticipation of what was to come.

"Come into my back room," said Mister Patli, indicating a door behind the counter. Linda stood for a moment, unable to move. Then Anne was grasping her arm.

"Címon, slut," she said. "I bet youíre gonna enjoy this."