Lindaís Change
A Cronenville story

by Lia Anderssen

Chapter 4

She came with a moan, her body stiff, her legs spread wide, her hips ramming up against the fingers that thrust into her. So absorbed in her carnal pleasure was she that she didnít hear the door open, nor did she register a fourth person entering the room. It was only when she felt the powerful beam of a flashlight shining on her face that she suddenly looked up.

Then she gave a little scream of dismay.

"Well, well. If it isnít Linda. Having fun, are you?"

It was Anne Banks, school prefect.

Linda blinked into the flashlight, her face a picture of dismay. The two boys had withdrawn their hands but the unhappy youngster was still in the throes of her orgasm, her hips writhing, her sex lips twitching as drops of moisture trickled out onto the table top. The other girl stood watching, a grin on her face as the naked teenager slowly brought herself under control.

At last the panting subsided and Linda drew her legs together, her face glowing with embarrassment as she rose slowly to her feet. Once again her instincts told her to cover herself, but the presence of the school prefect inhibited her and she let her arms fall to her sides, her head hung in shame.

Anne turned her attention to the two black boys. They were standing, looking slightly sheepish, although they still couldnít keep their eyes of the lovely, naked white girl standing before them.

"What are you two doing up here?" she asked them.

"Just hanging out."

What do you think?" she asked, gesturing to the still blushing Linda.

"Sheís a hell of a chick."

"Hell of a pussy," said the other, giving a grunt of laughter.

"She sure as hell seems to like you two," said Anne. "Tell me what happened."

The pair described Lindaís arrival in the room, and how they had watched her . When they mentioned she had been masturbating, the prefect turned to the teenager.

"That true? You were really frigging yourself in front of these two?"

Linda nodded, still unable to meet the other girlís gaze.

Ann questioned the pair for a while longer, then nodded her head, apparently satisfied with what she had heard.

"Youíd better go back to your pals," she said to them.

The two were clearly relieved that they were not to be punished for their behavior, exchanging glances as they made their way to the door.

"Donít worry," said one of them. "We wonít tell anyone what happened."

Anne laughed. "Tell who you like. She wonít care. Her nameís Linda Edwards, did she tell you that?"

"No maíam. Hey Linda, you have sweet tits and pussy."

"Thatís a nice thing to say."† The prefect turned to Linda. "Arenít you going to say thank you?"

Linda bit her lip. "Thank you," she muttered.

"And what about your orgasm? You seemed to be enjoying it."

The color in Lindaís cheeks deepened.

"And thank you for the orgasm."

"Good girl. Off you go guys. Tell your buddies what a slut Linda is."

Linda opened her mouth to protest at this remark, and then she thought better of it. Instead she stood quietly, listening to the laughter of the two boys as they set off down the corridor.

Anne turned to the naked girl.

"So, what do you think the headmistress will say about this?"

Linda looked at her in horror. "Are you going to tell her?"

"Of course. Itís my duty as a prefect to tell her when a girl misbehaves. Having two roughnecks from the ghetto feeling up your tits and cunt isnít exactly the behavior expected of a pupil at Cronenville"

"But I..."


"You were loving it, Linda. You were acting like a common slut, no better than those awful boys. You were having a orgasm when I came in, werenít you?"

Linda said nothing, feeling vulnerable and humiliated before Anne. She wished desperately she hadnít lost her clothes. Somehow her nudity made it doubly difficult to stand up to the prefect.

"Please donít tell," she said quietly."

"But itís my duty. Other girls have been punished in the way youíre being, but they managed to retain some dignity."

"I donít know what came over me. I..."

"I suppose itís a case of like mother, like daughter."

Linda looked up sharply. "What do you mean?"

"You know what I mean,"† Anne sneered. "Your mother seduced my dad and then led him off."

Again Linda couldnít offer an answer.

"Thereís only one hope for you, young lady," said Anne. "We need to get to the bottom of your real nature."

"I donít understand."

"This weekend Iím going to ask if my mother and I can take you out."


"After all, my motherís a teacher. The headmistress will allow it."

"But I..."

"Itís either that or we march straight to her office right now. I might even ask those two roughs to come with us."

"No, please."

"Then how about it?"

Linda stared at the girl. Why would she possibly want her to spend the weekend with her? It was perfectly true that, as Anneís mother was a member of staff, no further permission would be required.

Then another thought struck her. The punishment was for two weeks. That meant she would have to remain naked during the weekend. She eyed the other girl. There was no doubt in her mind that Anne intended to humiliate her. She had desperately wanted to stay in school for the duration of her punishment. To hide away as best she could. But, seeing the other girlís expression, she knew she had little choice. The other option was to face the headmistress, and she couldnít do that.

"All right," she said quietly. "Iíll come with you this weekend."

The other girl smiled. "I thought you might," she said. She moved closer to the smaller girl, reaching out and running a hand over her bare breast.

"Who knows? You might enjoy it. Come on."

She turned and opened the door. Outside Linda could still hear the shouts of the boys. Evidently their game had ended and they were thronging the corridor below.

Anne led the way from the room, walking across to the top of the stairs. Linda held back. She was sure the shouts and laughter were coming from right below.

"Come on," urged Anne again.

"But those boys..."

"Youíre under punishment, remember? Donít make me go to the headmistress about this."

"Couldnít we wait until theyíve gone?"

The prefect shook her head. "Come."

Lindaís legs felt weak as she descended the stairs beside the other girl. As they reached the bottom and stepped into the corridor, they were suddenly in the midst of about a dozen boys all dressed in the soccer outfits. The boys had been shouting and laughing but, as the lovely, naked girl stepped into their midst, their voices died.

Anne strode through the gang of youngsters, with Linda padding along at her side. The naked girlís cheeks were crimson as she made her way past the grinning boys, her lovely breasts bouncing with every step, here eyes cast down as she tried not to think of the sight she made.

Linda wanted to get away as quickly as she could, and she gave a gasp of dismay as Anne took her arm and pulled her to a halt right in the middle of the gang of leering young men.

"That notice on the board is out of date," she said. "Iíll just take it down."

Linda gazed at her in disbelief as she turned to the notice board and began rearranging the notices. Seeing that the nude beauty was going nowhere, the black youths moved closer to her, nudging one another and grinning as their eyes took her in.

"Shit, donít there upper-class girls no nothing about shame?" said one.

"She sure has pretty tits, though."

"I never saw a naked girl with a shaved pussy before."

"You just never saw a naked girl before."

"So take a good look. She donít mind."

"Look at those nipples. Theyíre stiff as hell."

Linda simply stood, her hands at her sides, her cheeks glowing as the giggling youths surrounded her. Anne was taking forever to rearrange the notice board, and the teenager was becoming more embarrassed by the second at her predicament.

Yet still there was an odd sense of arousal, a perverse exhibitionism that was welling up inside her. To be standing, stark naked before these savvy city kids, her breasts ass and cunt on display was somehow exciting in a way she couldnít understand, an excitement that caused her nipples to stand out stiffly and her sex to weep juices, so that she felt sure that the wetness must be visible.

It was. As Anne turned away from the board at last, her eyes dropped to Lindaís crotch and she grinned.

"Your cuntís wet, Linda," she said in a loud voice. "All the guys can see."

As she spoke the words, the hapless teenager felt a trickle of moisture run down her inner thigh. For what seemed a lifetime, Anne paused as the boys gathered round, their eyes fixed on Lindaís hairless cunt. Then, at last, the prefect took her young charge by the arm and led her through the grinning boys.

As they headed off down the corner, the sway of Lindaís bare behind bringing whistles from the watching boys she leaned across to her naked companion.† "I think you might enjoy the weekend after all, little slut," she whispered.