Lindaís Change
A Cronenville story

by Lia Anderssen

Chapter 3

Lindaís heart was pounding as she made her way down the corridor, scarcely aware of where she was going, as the enormity of her situation overwhelmed her. She was destined to stay totally nude for the next two weeks, and was expected to go about her daily duties as if nothing was unusual. She thanked her lucky stars that she had had no plans to leave school premises before the punishment had been imposed. Any such plans would have been an obligation upon her now, and she shuddered at the thought of what might have been had she been on a sports team or had signed up for an excursion.

Then something strange happened. As she walked, gazing guiltily right and left, the youngster became aware of another sensation that was stirring inside her. Her pert nipples were stiff, standing out like hard knobs. She tried to tell herself that it was the cold that was making them do so, but there was something else. A strange warm wetness was seeping into her vagina, a feeling that she knew meant only one thing.

Linda was becoming aroused.

At first it seemed scarcely credible to the girl. Here she was, her naked pussy, bare breasts and backside on open display to anyone she encountered. It should be shame, above all, that she felt. Yet, although she was undeniably ashamed, she was also turned on, the dampness inside her increasing as she walked alone along the empty corridors.

Then she became aware of a noise ahead of her. At first it had been faint, but now it grew louder. It was the sound of voices, male voices, shouting excitedly.

Linda came to a halt, her stomach churning as she realized that, somewhere up ahead, a team game of some sort was in progress. But what could it be? There were certainly no Cronenville girls about at this time. Besides, the girls from the expensive boarding school would never be so raucous.

Whatever it was, Linda wanted to stay clear of the sound. She guessed that it must be coming from the gymnasium, and she was very close to that part of the building. Suddenly seized by panic, she turned and made her way quickly up a flight of stairs. There, as she had expected, she found herself alone once more.

Yet, even in her current state, the youngster was curious as to who could be in the gym. She knew that there were a number of rooms that overlooked that part of the building. They were occasionally used as studies, though most were empty or used for storage. She could slip into one of the rooms and see who was down there. This had the added advantage of being a legitimate excuse for getting out of the corridor, where she still felt incredibly exposed.

She tried one of the doors. It opened and, sure enough, had a window that overlooked the gym. The room was fairly dark and stacked with cardboard boxes and other paraphernalia. She closed the door and made her way cautiously toward the window. There was a table in front of it and she leaned over and glanced down.

There were about thirty boys down there, all wearing an identical red soccer uniform. Almost all were black or dark-skinned. It was a rough game, with much shouting and swearing, quite out of keeping with what would normally be going on in the gym.

Then she remembered. On occasional nights, the school opened the gym to kids from one of the schools from the nearby city. It was a community service scheme. Most of these youngsters were from underprivileged homes and their schools had neither gyms nor playing fields. So they would be bussed out to the schools around the city and allowed to use their facilities. Normally the girls were kept well away from these rough, tough street kids, and Linda had never actually seen them at the school before. Now, as she stared down at them, she became even more aware of her nudity, and a shiver ran through her at the thought of being seen like this.

Yet still, she couldnít ignore the heat inside her as she watched the virile young men running about the gym, shouting and laughing. There was something undeniably exciting about their presence. Almost unconsciously, Linda felt the fingers sliding round her hips and seeking out her moist vagina.

She gave a little gasp as her hand came into contact with the hard bud of her clitoris. She glanced down at herself and shivered at the sight she knew she made. She pressed her finger harder against her sex lips, penetrating her vagina, a wave of excitement sweeping through her as she touched herself down there. As she did so, she stared down at the laughing young men, imagining herself down there with them, letting them look at her lovely young body, spreading her legs so they could see her vagina, enjoying the scent of their testosterone as they crowded about her.

She shook her head. What was she thinking?† For a moment she removed the hand, feeling suddenly guilty at her wantonness. After all, this was awful. It couldnít possibly be turning her on, could it? Then her fingers were back between her legs, rubbing hard at her sex, her knees bending slightly as she began to masturbate in earnest.


"Sweet lady."

The voices were so close that Lindaís entire body leapt, her fingers snatched away from her vagina. She spun round and gasped as she saw the faces staring at her.

The two young men had been seated in the corner of the room amongst a pile of cardboard boxes. They had obviously been seeking a place to get away from the game being played below. Now the pair of black youths, clad in the red soccer strip of their comrades, rose to their feet, their faces swathed in grins.

Lisa stood, her feet rooted to the floor, her right arm wrapped across her breasts while her left hand covered her hairless sex. She was too shocked to move as she stared into the faces of the black teenagers.

"We heard the girls from here sometimes go about flashing their pussies," said one of the pair. He was about eighteen, Linda estimated, tall and strong, his skin the color of ebony, his eyes wide as they took in her lovely curves.

"I guess these rich kids ainít got no shame," said his partner. "Címon baby, take your hands away."

"Y-youíre not supposed to be in here," stammered the naked girl. She glanced at the door, but the two young men were between her and it.

The first of the men saw the glance.

"Hey babe," he said. "You can go if you want. Shit, we ainít gonna rape you."

"íCourse weíll have to take you down to meet all our buddies," said his companion. "And weíll have to tell them how excited you were to see them."

"Wh-what do you mean?"

"Hell, we saw you was frigginí yourself. I guess the sight of all those black guys was too much for you."

"I... You mustnít tell," she said.

The pair moved closer.

"What? Do we look like a pair of snitches? No, we just want to see some more."


"Sure. Now take your hands away."

"But I..."

"Unless you want to come and meet our buddies?"

"No. I..."

Linda felt the words die on her lips. She stared at the pair. She was mortified to be standing naked before them, but the thought of all the other boys seeing her, and hearing of her disgraceful behavior was more than she could bear.

"Just to look, not to touch," she said.


Slowly, her cheeks burning, Linda let her hands drop to her sides. The sense of the menís eyes upon her nude body was almost physical, and she felt her nipples pucker to hardness as she stood before them, baring all.

"Shit, a shaved pussy," said one. "Open your legs and give us a better look."

Linda hesitated for a second, and then moved her legs apart. As she did so, a surge of excitement ran through her and she shivered slightly as she watched their eyes staring intently at her bare sex.

"This turning you on, baby?"† The young man was grinning broadly as his eyes roved from Lindaís stiff nipples down to the lips of her sex. The coolness she felt down there told the young beauty that a sheen of moisture now coated those lips, and she gritted her teeth, wondering at the recalcitrance of her body.

"Címon, Honey," said the other boy. "You was horny just now. Show us what you were doing"

She felt the color in her cheeks deepen.

"I... I canít." she stammered.

"Sure you can. You know you want to. Touch yourself down there."

Linda eyed the pair, her body shaking slightly as she stood, baring all. She couldnít understand what was turning her on so. Her nipples were tingling with excitement, the inner walls of her sex contracting as she stood under the gaze of these two rough youngsters. She stared momentarily at their faces. Then, her hand trembling, she reached down for her pussy.

She gave a low moan as her fingers came into contact with the swollen bud of her clitoris. She ran the tips over it, the pulses of excitement surging through her naked body as she began to masturbate. She could scarcely credit what she was doing. Half an hour ago she had been dressed in full uniform, going about her normal day. Now she was nude apart from her shoes and socks, standing with her legs apart, her knees bent, her fingers embedded in her throbbing vagina whilst two strangers looked on. And all the time the excitement inside her was building to an inevitable orgasm.

"Shit, that feel good, baby?"

"Mmm" she nodded.

"I reckon we can make it better. Címon Larry."

With a shock, the teenager felt her arms grabbed, as the two men pulled her back and sat her on the edge of the table.

"No, you mustnít. I... Oh!"

Lindaís entire body shook as she felt a rough, male hand slide up the inside of her creamy, soft thigh and touch her nether lips. She looked down to see that one of the pair had dropped to his knees and reached for her pussy, pressing her thighs apart and sliding a finger into her vagina.

"No, please," she murmured, even as the other manís hand closed over her bare breast and began to knead the soft flesh.

Linda groaned, her body writhing under the intimate touches of the two boys. All resistance was gone, now as she surrendered to the intimacy of their touches. Her body was on fire with lust, her hips pumping forward, her breath coming in short gasps as the sheer pleasure of their caresses overcame her.