Lindaís Change
A Cronenville story

by Lia Anderssen

To those who donít know Cronenville School for Girls, this will seem a strange tale. However, if you are familiar with Cronenberg, it will be somewhat familiar. I make no apology for the apparent plagiarism. I think Dahís ideas are great and his stories very titillating. However, I felt a need for something more. If you are offended by my presumptuousness, or donít think a new slant can be given to the Cronenberg tales (I donít pretend to improve on them just to make them more racy) then stop reading now. And if Dah wants to sue, then thatís his choice. Just remember that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

If you enjoy my slant on the stories, please let me know. As youíll see, thereís plenty of scope for continuing Lindaís story.

Chapter 1

To say that Linda Edwards disliked her new school would be putting it mildly. Having spent the last two years in the relatively liberal environment of Ketteridge School as a day pupil, she was unaccustomed to the strict regime in this boarding school. Had she been given her way, she would still be a student at Ketteridge, but, the number of pupils at the school, which was only ten miles away, had dwindled to the point where the local council had declared it uneconomic and, despite the numerous protests of the local people, it had closed in the summer.

It was pure bad luck for the pretty eighteen-year old that the closure had coincided with two devastating events in her life. First of all her mother, a widow for some years, had begun an affair with the father of one of her schoolmates, an affair that had resulted in the couple running off together, leaving behind scandalized friends and neighbors. This had left Linda distressed to the extent that she had neglected her studies, so it was with enormous dismay that she had discovered she had been kept back a year at school.

So it was an unhappy teenager who found herself confronted with the necessity of enrolling at Cronenville as a boarder, and finding herself in the year behind the several of her schoolmates from Ketteridge who had also been sent to the neighboring school.

Worst of all was that Anne Banks was not only joining the school with her, but that the girl had been made a school prefect. It was Anne whose father had run off with Lindaís mother, and Anne had developed a hatred for the unhappy teenager that was shared with her mother, a teacher at Cronenville.

The thing that scared Linda most about Cronenville, though, was the bizarre system of punishments for which it was renowned. A girl who misbehaved would have articles of clothing confiscated according to the seriousness of the offence. The ultimate sanction was loss of all a girlís clothes apart from her shoes and socks. Even when completely naked, miscreants were required to carry out normal school duties whilst the punishment was in force. Linda was aware of the stories of Cronenville girls being made to walk about in public in the nude, with even the use of a hand or arm to cover themselves treated as a further offence. Worse, with the closure of their school, Ketteridge Town Council had been obliged to change its by-laws to fall in line with this most unusual school. It was now legal for Cronenville pupils to walk nude about Ketteridge, if it could be shown that they had been obliged to do so by the school.

The idea made Linda cringe inside. She had lived in Ketteridge for some years, and could imagine how a girl would be looked upon in such a state. In particular, the pupils at the boyís school, many of whom she knew, had made no secret of their delight at the prospect of naked teenage girls walking the streets of their town. All of this had made Linda determined to be a model pupil and avoid those awful punishments.

Still, it wasnít easy to fit in, particularly as she knew that Anne had been spreading poisonous talk about her around the school, so that she already had enemies, especially amongst the seniors who were her equal in age, but not in seniority.

Already she had experienced an unpleasant prank which had left her feeling very apprehensive. It had happened three days earlier in the early hours.

Linda had awoken in darkness, with the distinct impression there was someone else in the room. Before she had a chance to become fully awake, however, her arms had been grabbed and duct tape wrapped about her face, covering her eyes. Moments later her wrists and ankles were forced apart and taped to the corners of her bed.

Then, to her extreme embarrassment, she felt the hem of her nightdress lifted, and fingers reaching down to her most private place. She had struggled, but to no avail, as she felt some kind of ointment smeared over her pubic area and sex lips. There had been a good deal of whispering and giggling, although she had been unable to recognize any of the voices.

The incident had lasted no more than three or four minutes, then they were gone, closing the door behind them and leaving the teenager in the darkness, still wrenching at the bonds that held her.

It had taken Linda about fifteen minutes to finally free one of her hands. All the time she had felt a warm feeling down in her nether regions. She had ripped off the rest of the tape, and then hurried to the bathroom, anxious to get rid of the strange cream that had been applied so intimately. Then, as she turned on the shower and began to wash the substance off, she had given a gasp of dismay. Along with the cream, her pubic hair fell away from her, swirling round in the water and disappearing down the drain. Linda realized at once that it had been a depilation cream they had used upon her. Now her pubic bush had been removed right down to the roots, and she was left with smooth, bare skin.

She stepped from the shower and stood in front of the mirror. To any independent observer, the sight of the naked teenager was a delightful one. Her face was classically pretty, with pouting lips and a shapely nose. Her breasts were the size and shape of ripe oranges, with brown nipples that stood high on the soft mounds, jutting forward proudly. She had a slim waist and rounded hips, her bottom cheeks pert. Despite being small, only five foot three inches tall, her body was perfectly proportioned, with long, shapely legs.

But all Linda could do was stare down at her sex. Her vagina was prominent; the long slit clearly visible even when she had had her pubic hair. Now, completely denuded, her thick lips were even more visible, the bud of her clitoris parting those lips slightly. She bit her lip. She couldnít possibly allow anyone to see her like this!

That had been three days earlier, and since then she had strived not to show her body, lagging behind the others in her class when taking a shower after gym, always keeping her back turned whilst changing and generally trying to conceal her shameful secret.

The sound of the school bell aroused the lovely teenager from her reverie. She had been spending the last part of the day in private study in the schoolís library. Now she had a half hour to herself. She watched the other girls leave then rose to her feet gathering her books. As she made her way across the room she noticed a white envelope on a table close to the door. Across it, in bold letters, was written her name.

She stopped,† staring at the envelope. She hadnít seen who had left it there. It could have been any one of her classmates. At first her inclination was to leave it where it was, but her curiosity got the better of her. Settling down at the table she picked up the envelope and opened it.

The note inside was written in capital letters. Its message was simple.


Linda stared at the note, her stomach churning. There was no doubt in her mind what the author meant by Ďher secret down thereí, but what could this person want? She considered showing he note to a member of staff, but that would have meant admitting to being depilitated, and she couldnít bear the humiliation. She knew she had little choice but to answer the summons.

The next two hours were a torment to the youngster and, as she watched the time approach, she became more and more apprehensive.

Two minutes before the appointed time she arrived outside the restrooms. There was nobody about main school at that time of day. Taking a deep breath she stepped inside.

So intent was she on her task that she scarcely noticed the strong scent of cigarette smoke inside the facility. She crept forward, counting the cubicles until she came to the fifth one. The door was closed, and she knocked on it tentatively. It was not locked, and it swung open. She stepped inside, closing the door behind her.

It was an old-fashioned toilet, and a pipe ran down the wall from the cistern. Behind that pipe, a small cardboard box had been placed. Lind pulled it out and opened it. Inside was a cigarette. It clearly hadnít been there long, as it was still alight. The girl stared at it, puzzled. Then she leaped with surprise as the door suddenly crashed open, revealing the tall figure of the schoolís headmistress.

"Smoking?" the woman gasped. "Why Linda, Iíd expected better of you! Go to my study at once!