Linda’s Change
A Cronenville story

by Lia Anderssen

Chapter 13

Linda stood, her mind a blur, as Curtan spoke to the boys. She could scarcely believe this was happening. Here she was, wearing the shortest of skirts and the briefest of tops, in front of six or seven strapping young men, none of whom could take their eyes off her. And it seemed that Mister Curtan was encouraging them to stare.

"One thing that gives you an idea whether a girl is up for it is the way she dresses," he was saying. "Whilst it's possible that the most modestly dressed girl will go all the way, one dressed as sluttily as Linda here will normally be a good bet. Look at that skimpy top. You can see her nipples standing out."

At this comment the boys laughed, and Linda felt the heat rising in her cheeks as they nudged one another and pointed at her.

"Then there's the skirt," went on Curtan, “very short and slightly see-through so you can make out her pants underneath. Please take a walk across the room and back, young lady."

Linda stared at him, frozen to the spot.

"Come on, girl," said Miss Hunt, “do as you're told. Walk across the room and back."

Linda hesitated a moment longer, then tentatively stepped toward the back of the room. As she did so she felt the tiny skirt rise up, and she tugged at the hem in a desperate effort to retain her modesty.

"No, no," interjected Miss Hunt. "Leave the skirt alone. Walk properly. Swing those hips."

Linda felt the blood rise in her cheeks as she listened to the orders. She took a deep breath then turned to face the young men again. Then she walked back toward them.

"That's better," said Curtan. "Note the swagger, boys. See how that skirt doesn't cover her properly. That's a sure sign she's no innocent. Go on, girl, walk a bit more."

The embarrassed youngster continued to walk back and forth, only too aware of the hungry eyes fixed upon her lovely young body, feeling the bounce of her breasts and the cool breeze between her legs as she went.

"Okay, come and stand at the front, young lady."  Curtan indicated a space just in front of the desk, and Linda reluctantly made her way across to it.

"Right," said the man, "now let's discuss how to get a sexy little doll like this into conversation."

For the next ten minutes he went through chatting-up techniques with the boys,  making them talk to Linda as if they were trying to pick her up. For her part, Linda was required to answer them, trying not to blush as they complimented her clothes and body.

"Right," said Curtan, "now we're moving into the area of intimacy. Louis, take off her top."

Linda stared at him.

"Wh-what? No!"

"Oh don't be silly, girl," admonished Miss Hunt. "The boys have to learn these things. That's why we're here. Now stand still."

Linda watched as the boy approached. He was slim, with dark skin and piercing eyes. He licked his lips as he studied her firm, bulging breasts.

"Undo the knot," said Curtan.

The boy reached out and took hold of the ends of the blouse. Within seconds he had it undone.

"Good. Push it off her shoulders. That's it."

Linda stood stiffly, her eyes cast down as the boy slid the small garment off her shoulders and let it fall to the floor. A murmur of approval went up from the boys as they surveyed the flimsy bra, through which the shape of her nipples was clearly visible.

"Good," said the man, "Mika, have you ever taken a girl's skirt off?"

"No Sir."

"Now's your chance. You see the button at the back and the little zipper?"

"Yes Sir."

"Well go ahead. Do it from the front."

"But I…"

Linda's protest died on her lips as she caught the eye of Miss Hunt. Her cheeks glowed even brighter as the young black boy moved close to her. She could smell his arousal as he reached his arms about her and began fumbling with the zipper on her skirt. She was only too aware of the way her firm young breasts were pressed against his chest. Even more aware was she of the hard lump forming at his crotch as he pressed himself closer still.

It seemed to take a long time, but at last she felt him slide the zipper down the back of the skimpy little skirt. Moments later it was dropping from her and the grinning boy stood back, his eyes taking in her lovely shape, lingering on her crotch where she knew that the shape of her sex lips was visible through the thin, scanty pants. Curtan too was clearly fascinated by the sight, and Linda felt her heart sink as she realized that, even now, it must be obvious to him that her crotch was shaved.

"Hmm, very nice," he said. "Mika, stand back and let the other boys get a good look. Miss, please step out of your skirt. You won't need it any longer."

Linda did as she was told, watching with dismay as the brief garment was handed to Miss Hunt, who dropped it into a bag.

"Anyone know a sign of a girl's arousal that's visible?" asked Curtan.

The boys looked at each other, then one raised his hand.

"Yes Ludi?"

"The nipples, sir. They go stiff."

"Good Ludi. So what do you see?

Linda let her eyes drop to the swelling of her breasts. It was true that her nipples were already swollen, and she felt the shame rise within her as she contemplated her lascivious response to this humiliating treatment.

"Think something would make them even stiffer, Ludi?"

"I heard that they respond to being caressed, Sir."

"Right. Come, young lady, step forward."

"But I…"

"Please do not speak. Just do as you are told. Remember you are here as a volunteer."

Linda bit her lip, then stepped forward, only too aware of the hungry eyes that surveyed her scantily clad body.

"Right, Ludi. Get behind our helper and see how she responds to your touch."

The young, dark-skinned boy, moved behind the lovely teenager. He came close so that she could feel his crotch pressed against the swell of her bottom cheeks. Then she gave a little gasp as she felt his hands close over her breasts and begin to squeeze them.

"Don't maul, caress," said Curtan. "Use your fingers to squeeze the buds of the nipples. That's it. See how they're swelling boys? That's a sure sign that it's arousing her."

Linda stood as still as she was able, trying to blot from her mind the fact that she was standing in front of a group of delinquent young men wearing only her underwear whilst one of them squeezed and massaged her lovely breasts. She wished her teats wouldn't swell so, but she couldn't help it, her cheeks glowing as she felt the puckered skin press against the flimsy cloth of the bra.

"She's obviously loving it," put in Miss Hunt. "Maybe we should give the boys a better view. Have you ever removed a girl's bra, Ludi?"

"No Ma'am."

Just unclip it and… Stand still Linda, please!"

The youngster had instinctively tried to move away as she felt the young man's hand at her bra strap. Now she let her hands fall to her side, shaking slightly as she felt the catch come undone.

This time there was a concerted gasp from the watching boys as the flimsy garment fell away from her breasts, exposing them completely. Linda felt the shame rise in her, as she was aware of her nipples stiffening even more under the eyes of the boys.

Then Ludi's hands were back on her swelling breasts, his hands cupping their soft firmness whilst his fingers toyed with her nipples. Linda could see the amusement and fascination on the young delinquents' faces as her teats hardened still further, her breathing causing her breasts to rise and fall enticingly under their eyes.

"Come on, the rest of you feel how stiff her nipples are," said Curtan. "Don't worry. You can see she's enjoying it. Look at the way she's pressing them forward, and the way she's breathing. Move over Ludi and let the others have a feel.”

Moments later fresh hands closed over Linda's bare breasts, some caressing gently, others squeezing hard and pulling at her swollen nipples, bringing fresh gasps from her lips as she felt her young body toyed with so blatantly. She knew that Curtan was right, that she was involuntarily pressing her chest forward, as if inviting the caresses of the boys. Despite the deep disgust she felt for her sluttish behavior, she couldn't fight down the lustful desires that were rising inside her as she stood, allowing the boys to caress her so intimately.

"Right, stop now."

The caressing had gone on for a full five minutes, with Linda standing, her arms at her sides, her chest heaving as hand after hand toyed with her firm young mammaries. Now she hung her head as the boys moved aside, still staring at her stiff, protruding nipples.

"Can anyone tell me another indication of a woman's arousal?" put in Curtan.

For a moment there was silence. Then a boy raised his hand. He was a black man, about twenty years old, with a shaven head and a gold earring in one ear.

"Yes Moshi?"

"Sir, she gets wet down there."

"Down where?"

Her… Her cunt Sir."

"A slightly coarse synonym for her vagina, but acceptable. Do you think this shameless little girl's cunt is wet?"

"I'm guessing it is, Sir."

"Okay." He turned to Linda. "Young lady, remove your pants please."

Linda stared wide-eyed at him.

"But I…"

Curtan turned to Miss Hunt. "I thought you'd assured us that this girl was a willing volunteer for this service? Why is she being so awkward?"

"I have no idea." Miss Hunt turned to Linda. "Get your pants off you stupid girl. Now!"

"But they're all I've got on."

"We can see that, you little slut. Now take them off!"

Linda stared at the woman a moment longer. Then she looked about at the expectant faces. She dreaded the idea of being naked in front of them, but it seemed she had no choice. Hesitantly, she slid her thumbs into the waistband of the tiny panties and pulled them down, trying to ignore the murmurs and whistles of the boys as she shed her last piece of modesty.

She straightened and handed the tiny pants to Miss Hunt. Then she turned to face the boys again.

"Legs apart, young lady."

She turned to Curtan. "But I…"

"Legs apart! The boys need to see your vagina."

She hesitated for a moment, then moved her legs apart.

" Anyone notice anything unusual?"

"She's shaved."

"That's right. She's shaved off her pubic hair. That's a good sign if your intention is merely to seduce a girl. It means she's a real slut, and will probably fuck with anyone."

"So is she a good woman to pick up?"

"If you're just looking for cheap sex, she's ideal. If you're looking for a relationship, avoid such a slattern."

Linda listened to the words with increasing humiliation. It hadn't been her choice to shave her cunt, but to the boys she must appear cheap and dirty.

"Now, what about Moshi's suggestion. Does she look wet, Moshi?"

"I think so, Sir."

"Check her. Use your fingers."

Linda bit her lip as the young man moved close, then reached for her crotch.

"Oh!" She couldn't suppress the cry as his fingers penetrated her vagina, sliding deep into her most private place.

"Is she wet?"

"Yes Sir. Very wet."

"The cheap little whore is obviously enjoying herself. This is clearly a girl to fuck and forget."

"Can I feel Sir?" asked one of the other boys.

"Yes, All of you, take a turn to feel how wet her vagina is. Stand still, girl!

Linda was close to tears now, yet as the boys took it in turn to finger her weeping cunt she could barely suppress her gasps of arousal, her stiff nipples and swollen clitoris betraying her excitement, her hips involuntarily thrusting forward against the probing fingers as each one of them felt her up.


The orgasm hit her suddenly and unexpectedly as one of the boys pressed his fingers deep into her vagina. The young men fell silent as they watched the naked teenager writhing with undisguised arousal, her moans echoing about the room as she came.

"There," remarked Curtan. "The female orgasm. Can you feel it on your fingers, Lois?"

"Yes Sir," said the boy, "Her cunt muscles are really contracting."

At once the boys moved forward again, each one thrusting his fingers deep into Linda's cunt, bringing fresh moans from the girl as she fought to regain control of her body.

"All right boys," said Curtan at last. "Stand back."

The boys moved away from the table on which the groaning girl still lay, her hips pumping upwards, a pool of moisture glistening between her sex lips. It was fully two minutes before the young beauty regained control of herself. Then she sat up, her cheeks glowing with embarrassment, her nipples standing proudly from her breasts.

"Right young lady," said Curtan, "the boys have given you what you needed. I feel that you should return the compliment."


"Miss Hunt tells me that you are a virgin. Something I find it hard to believe, but, since that's what you claim I must respect it." He turned to the boys. "You understand?"

"Yes Sir."

"Right. Miss Hunt and I are going for coffee. We'll be back in fifteen minutes."

Linda gazed aghast at Miss Hunt.

"You're not going to leave me here?"

The woman laughed.

"Come on Linda. It's just for a quarter of an hour. I'm sure you know what's wanted of you."

"But I…"

The words fell on deaf ears as the pair turned and left the room. Linda watched them go then turned back to the boys. Her eyes widened as she saw their erect cocks now sticking from their pants. Then they moved closer.

Linda felt her wrist grabbed, and moments later her fingers closed about a thick erection. Then her other hand was taken and placed between another of the boys' legs. Hands reached out and squeezed her breasts whilst others probed her sex.

At once she started to masturbate the boys, her fingers grasping their stiff cocks and working their foreskins back and forth, bringing gasps from them. Then she was being pulled from the table and forced down to her knees. Moments later another rampant penis was presented in front of her face.

Scarcely believing what was happening she opened her mouth and took it inside.

"Shit! She's a cocksucker!" exclaimed one of the boys.

"Course she fucking is," said another. "Give her a mouthful of spunk, guys."

The boy in Linda's mouth took hold of her hair and began thrusting his cock into her face. Linda found herself sucking hard at it whilst meanwhile still pumping the cocks in her hands. Someone was fingering her cunt from behind and she pressed her backside back against his fingers, once again overcome with desire as her naked body responded to his touch.

All at once the cock in her right hand twitched violently and moments later hot spunk was gushing from it onto her face. The boys laughed as a steady stream of semen splashed over her cheeks, some of it dripping down onto her breasts. Moments later the cock in her other hand let forth fresh spurts onto her body. Even as that boy continued to come, her mouth was suddenly filled with a third wad of semen which she gulped down.

Almost immediately three more stiff erections filled her mouth and hands as she was obliged to satisfy their lustful demands.

The next fifteen minutes were a blur to the young beauty as the boys had their way with her, some coming twice over her lovely body as she struggled to satisfy their needs. At the same time her own body responded to their groping fingers with numerous orgasms, her cries muffled by the mouthfuls of cock that she was forced to suck.

When Curtan and Miss Hunt returned it was to the sight of the lovely youngster sprawling across the desk her eyes closed in exhaustion, her legs spread wide, her breath still coming in gasps. The young men had all rearranged their clothing and returned to their desks, so that all attention was on the naked teenager.

“So. Enjoy that?”

Linda opened her eyes, realizing for the first time that the two had returned. She glanced down at her body, her face reddening still further as she saw that her breasts, stomach and arms were splattered with sperm. She could feel more running down her face and trickling from her lips, and she knew she looked a sight. Slowly she rose to a sitting position, closing her legs.

“C-can I get a shower?” she asked quietly.

Curtan shook his head. “There are no women’s facilities in this building.”

“Come on,” said Miss Hunt, “time we were going.”

“My-my clothes?”

“Of course not. You’re under punishment. The boys won’t mind. There’s quite a crowd of them outside wanting to get a look at you.”


“Come on,” said the woman. “I’ll have to put a cloth down on the car seat, though. “I’ve never seen so much spunk.”

And with that she pulled the naked girl to her feet and led her to the door, amid the laughter of the boys.