Linda’s Change
A Cronenville story

by Lia Anderssen

Chapter 12

“You can masturbate if you like.”


“I said you can masturbate if you like. I can see that this enforced nudity turns you on. Your nipples are so hard. Go ahead, frig yourself.”

“N-no. I don’t want to.”

“Please yourself.”

Linda stared at the woman beside her in the car. The words had shocked her. Even more shocking was the fact that she could see into her private emotions. It was true that her nakedness had brought out a strange perversity in her that she didn’t understand. Now she felt the heat in her cheeks rise as she realized how obvious her arousal was.

She glanced out of the car window, wondering where she was being taken. Again she glanced at the driver of the vehicle, but could read nothing in the woman’s face.

Anthea Hunt was about thirty years old, a good looking woman with fine features, long, blonde hair and a lovely figure. Linda remembered her as a teacher at the Ketteridge School before it had closed. She had been known as a strict teacher, and the girls had been somewhat afraid of her. When she had turned up at Anne’s house the night before, Linda had wanted to hide herself; but of course had not been allowed to. Instead she had been presented to the blonde, who had clearly been amused by her predicament, laughing when she saw her shaven pussy.

It was clear that Miss Hunt and Anne’s mother were friends, and Linda had sensed the sympathy the younger woman felt for the breakdown of her marriage, a breakdown that was entirely blamed on Linda’s mother and, by association, Linda. When the women had gone into the next room and began a discussion, Linda felt her anxiety rising.

Ten minutes later the women emerged. Linda had been sitting in front of the television, and she felt a shiver as a hand was placed on her shoulder. She looked up to see Miss Hunt gazing down at her. “You don’t mind helping me with a task tomorrow, do you?”

“Wh-what sort of task?”

“It’s a kind of community service. Helping underprivileged youngsters.”

“What would I have to do?”

Miss Hunt smiled. “You’ll see. I’ll pick you up at nine thirty.”

And so here she was, sitting naked in the woman’s car, wondering anxiously what was in store for her. The thought of youngsters, underprivileged or not, seeing her naked did not appeal to the young beauty, and she wished she was somewhere else.

All at once Miss Hunt slowed the car, then pulled off beside a small copse of trees. She switched off the engine, then turned to the naked youngster sitting beside her.

“This does excite you, doesn’t it?”

“I don’t know what you mean.”

The woman leant across and Linda gave a little gasp as her hand closed over one of her bare breasts.

“Your nipples are really hard,” she said. “It’s not cold in here is it?”

“N-no,” stammered the youngster, squirming under the intimacy of the woman’s touch.

“You like being touched there?”

“It-it’s wrong.”

The woman smiled. “Open your legs.”


“Go on. I want to see how wet you are.”

Her cheeks glowing, the lovely young teenager moved her legs apart. She had never imagined she could be treated like this by a woman, and the thought of it shocked her. But even more shocking to her was the way her nipples throbbed with excitement at the feel of the woman’s fingers.

“I like the shaved pussy. Very slutty. A cunt like yours looks very sexy when it’s shaved. And it lets me see how wet you are.”

All at once Miss Hunt’s hand was sliding down, over Linda’s bare belly, and between her legs.


The girl couldn’t suppress the little cry as Miss Hunt’s fingers sought out her clitoris, running gently over the little bud which instantly hardened under her touch. Then her face came down over Linda’s, her soft lips pressing against the teenagers, her tongue probing into the girl’s mouth.

Linda’s mind was a whirl as the woman kissed her, her tongue interlocking with her own whilst her fingers slid into her open vagina. She knew she should be protesting, fighting the teacher off, but the exquisite sensation of the tongue in her mouth and the fingers in her crotch was overcoming her, and she found herself spreading her legs wider, her tongue responding eagerly to Miss Hunt’s.

All at once the woman pulled away, leaving Linda gasping, her breasts rising and falling, a trickle of moisture leaking from her sex as her hips continued to pump back and forth.

“You really are up for it, aren’t you?”

Linda said nothing, her cheeks reddening with shame as she realized how she had behaved. “P-please,” she said softly.

“No more now, we have to get going. And first I think we should break the rules,” said Miss Hunt. “We can’t really walk you into the institution like that.”

“What do you mean?”

“There’s a bag on the back seat. I know it’ll disappoint you to have to cover up, but I think you’d better. Go on, open it.”

Linda reached back and picked up the plastic bag. She glanced inside and gave a gasp.

It was clothes!

“Come on, get out the car and put them on. We’re going to be late.”

“Get out?”

“Sure. I want to watch you get dressed.”

Linda looked about her nervously. They were perfectly visible from the road. She glanced again at Miss Hall, then reluctantly opened her door and climbed out. Almost as she did so a car passed, the male driver staring wide-eyed at the naked teenager.

Linda quickly pulled out a tiny pair of black mesh panties from the bag. They didn’t look much, but she was so grateful for an opportunity to cover herself she scarcely noticed. She pulled them on. The back was no more than a string that cut into the cheeks of her bottom, and the transparent front dipped so low that they barely covered her clitoris, leaving her shaved pubic mound uncovered. As she straightened another car passed, honking its horn at the sight of her bare breasts.

She pulled out a bra. This too was made of a thin, black mesh, and looked inadequate to the young beauty. It had no shoulder straps, so she fastened the clip behind her and pulled it up over her firm breasts. It was cut very low, so that her aureoles were only half covered, her pert nipples pressing hard against the thin, transparent material. In a way Linda felt even more expose in these tiny, sexually explicit garments which seemed to accentuate her near-nakedness.

She reached into the bag again and took out a skirt. It was bright orange and so short that at first she doubted that it was a skirt. As another car passed she hurriedly put it about her waist, fastening it at her hip. It barely covered her crotch and backside, with a split that ran all the way up one side, completely exposing her thigh. She knew that if she bent over, even slightly, the bare cheeks of her behind would be on display.

The final object in the bag was a tiny yellow blouse. As she pulled it on, she realized it had no buttons. It barely reached the bottom of her breasts, and as she knotted it, she realized how it accentuated her cleavage, leaving what seemed like an acre of her breasts exposed.

She turned to face Miss Hunt, who had been watching her dress with obvious amusement. She had never felt so inadequately dressed. The clothes she wore would have embarrassed a whore on the streets, she thought. Still, she mused, at least she was no longer naked.

“Get in, then,” said Miss Hunt, “time we were moving.”

Linda climbed back into her seat, only too aware of the way the skirt rode up, revealing her crotch inside the transparent panties. She tried to pull the hem down, but with almost no effect. As Miss Hunt pulled back onto the road, she wondered where she was being taken in this totally slutty outfit.

They drove for another ten minutes and Linda felt her apprehension grow as she realized they were approaching the city. It was a place she never visited, fearing the rundown neighborhoods and the gangs of youths who roamed them. Her apprehension grew as she realized they were turning toward a large gray edifice surrounded by high walls topped with barbed wire. Was she being taken to a prison, she wondered.

Miss Hunt stopped the car in front of a large metal gate. As she did so, Linda gazed up at the sign beside the gatepost. “Young Persons Institution’

“What is this place?” she asked, her voice shaking.

“It’s a place where young offenders are incarcerated,” replied Miss Hunt. “I come here to help prepare the young men to live normal lives.”

“Young men?”

“Yes. Some of these offenders have never lived outside one of these places. We’re trying to teach them what it’s like. My program teaches them how to react to young women.”

“But why am I here?”

“To give them a little practical knowledge. Stop asking questions now. You’ll soon see.”

The guard checked Miss Hunt’s papers, although Linda noted that his attention was fixed on her scantily clad body, his eyes roaming over her as he pretended to scan the documents. At last he handed them back, and the gates swung open.

Linda looked about herself nervously. They drove down a narrow road, with the great stone building on one side and the blank wall on the other. They turned into a car park. On the far side was a tall fence behind which Linda could see groups of young men. All were dressed in grey outfits. At the sight of the car, many moved closer to the wire. They were about thirty feet from the car and Linda felt extremely uncomfortable as she realized she would have to walk past them.

Miss Hunt opened her door. “Come on young lady. We don’t want to be late.”

Linda opened her mouth to protest, but already the woman had closed her door and was standing beside the car, waiting for her young apprentice.

As the teenager climbed from the car, she was only too aware of the way her skirt rode up, and she felt the blood rise in her cheeks as she heard the whistles from the watching boys. She pulled the tiny garment down as best she could, and followed Miss Hunt across the car park.

The path took them right by where the boys were watching, and the whistles and catcalls increased as they came closer.

“Hey baby, what you doing tonight?”

“Nice tits, honey. Show us some more.”

“Come over here. I’ll show you a good time.”

The girl tried to block the comments from her mind as she walked, and it was with great relief that she entered the building and the door closed behind her.

They were in a narrow corridor. On the wall was a sign saying ‘Education Center’ and she followed the woman along and up two flights of stairs. She couldn’t help but notice how drab the place was, the walls all painted a dull gray, with no pictures or decoration.

They came to a door with the words ‘Training Room 12’ on the door. Miss Hunt pushed it open and Linda followed her into the room. It had about twenty hard-backed chairs laid out facing a white board, with a plain wooden table in front. Otherwise it was bare.

“Mister Curtan will be along in a minute,” said Miss Hunt. “He’ll tell you more.”

Even as she spoke, the door swung open again and in walked a man. He was in his mid-forties, wearing a white shirt and gray trousers. When his eyes fell on the scantily clad young beauty, a smile immediately crossed his features.

“You weren’t exaggerating, Miss Hunt,” he said. “She will do nicely.”

“I thought you’d approve. Of course she’s supposed to be naked, but I thought this was better.”

“Much better. The boys are on their way up.”

Miss Hunt turned to the nervous teenager. “Now these boys haven’t seen a girl in a long time. We’re trying to teach them how to behave. This week was to have been a lesson on taking a girl out for a meal, but we felt that having you available meant we could try something a bit more practical.”

Linda stared at the woman quizzically. She began to ask a question, but at that moment the door opened and the boys entered.

Linda watched in trepidation as they came in. They were all in their late teens and early twenties. Most had dark skins. All wore the drab gray uniforms she’d seen on the others when they had arrived. She shivered slightly as she felt them eyeing her young body, their expressions a mixture of surprise and desire.

“To your seats, boys,” said Mister Curtan. “There’s been a slight change of plan. Instead of dining manners, we’re going to talk to you today about seducing a young woman, with the help of this young lady, whose name is Linda.”