Linda’s Change
A Cronenville story

by Lia Anderssen

Chapter 11

“Why don’t you two go to the photo shop? We’ll meet you in the café when you’re done.”

“What?” Linda looked at Anne. The girl was obviously referring to her and the toilet attendant.

“Go on. I’m sure you’ll get on together.”

“But the pictures will take a couple of days.”

Anne shook her head. “That new place has a machine that develops them straight away. They’ll do it while you wait. Then you can help him choose which one to blow up for his wall.”

Linda looked at the man. The idea clearly appealed to him, if the smile on his face was anything to go by.

“Yeah,” he said, “come on with me.”

Before she could say anything else, Linda felt her wrist grabbed and he was pulling her off with him. She glanced back at the other three, who were clearly amused at the sight she made, her naked, petite form overshadowed by the big black man.

Once again the teenager was obliged to run the gauntlet of stares as she made her way down the street, trying not to listen to the mocking comments of the people she passed. She knew her cunt lips were still glistening with moisture after her recent masturbation and, from the way passers-by fixed their eyes between her legs, she knew too that it was visible to all.

The photo shop was on a busy street. At first the youngster hesitated as they arrived outside, but her companion still had hold of her wrist and he opened the door and pulled her inside.

Fortunately for the humiliated girl the place was not too busy. Still she felt the eyes of everyone in the shop on her breasts and sex as she followed her companion to the counter.

The black man handed over the camera to the shop assistant. He was young, no more than twenty years old, and his astonished gaze was fixed on the naked girl.

“Express service, please. Then we want an enlargement.”

“What? Oh, certainly sir. Just take a seat.”

The man tore his gaze from Linda’s naked charms, looking down at the camera. Then he disappeared into the back of the shop.

“Sit down, babe,” said the man.

Linda made her way across to where a row of plastic seats was lined against the wall. There were other customers there. Two were girls of a similar age to her and she recognized them as pupils from her old school. They were clearly amused by her predicament and she saw them giggle and nudge one another as they eyed her naked body.

“Look. It’s that girl Linda.”

“My god, she’s stark naked.”

“Look, you can see her pussy. It’s shaved.”

“What a cheap bitch she is.”

Linda tried not to listen to the sniggering girls. She perched herself on one of the chairs, the plastic feeling cold and hard against her bare backside. Sitting there she was immediately visible to anyone entering the shop, and she pressed her knees together, wishing there were some way to cover up her breasts as well. The black man sat down next to her.

For the next ten minutes Linda was on display, turning the heads of everyone who entered the shop, her nakedness bringing laughter and comments. People were coming from the back of the shop as well, men and women in white coats peeping through at the young beauty.

Linda tried to concentrate her attention on the machine that stood on the counter. It turned out photographs one at a time into a series of perspex boxes. As each box became full, the young assistant would put them into an envelope and then call the owner to the counter. Linda watched as pictures of parties and groups dropped one after another from the whirring machine.

Then a thought struck her. If she could see the pictures so clearly, so could everyone else in the shop. And soon her own pictures would be arriving.

No sooner had the thought crossed her mind than she heard a murmur from one of the girls sitting next to her and, with a feeling of dread, she watched as a photo of herself, posing naked on the park grass, dropped into the transparent box for all to see.

By the time the third and forth picture had emerged from the machine there were many eyes staring at the images. Linda sat, frozen to her chair as the pictures dropped, one after another. When the first one showing her holding the dildo appeared she heard a gasp from the girls beside her, followed by more high-pitched giggles.

It seemed to take forever, but at last the final shot dropped from the machine and the young man pulled them out. He looked across at Linda’s companion.

“You wanted an enlargement?”

“Yeah. C’m on babe, let’s take a look.”

Reluctantly the teenager rose to her feet and moved across to the counter. There she was embarrassed to see that the young man was spreading the shots out. She was also aware of the two girls following her, and of their whispered comments as they began to examine the clearly laid out photos.

The black man moved behind the naked young beauty, looking at each of the photos in turn. Linda was only too aware of the other eyes examining the humiliating images, and of how the young man’s eyes kept wandering from the printed pictures to her exposed breasts and sex.

“This one, don’t you think?”

To Linda, the pictures had been no more than a blur, but now she was brought back to reality as she stared at the photograph. It showed her, legs spread wide, pumping the dildo into her open vagina, the expression on her face one of pure lust. She felt the heat rise in her cheeks as the man handed it to the shop worker.

“How big can you blow that up?” he asked.

The man pointed to a picture on the wall. It was as large as the magazine images Linda had seen pinned to the wall in the lavatory office, and the black man nodded.

“That’s fine,” he said. “Go ahead.”

The man began to fiddle with the buttons on a machine, placing the photo into a slot. As he did so, Linda felt her companion move closer, the rough material of his jeans pressing against the soft flesh of her bare backside.

“You sure look good in those pictures,” he said. As he spoke she felt his hand rest on her hip.

She said nothing, beginning to gather up the photographs, anxious to hide them from the eyes of the two girls, who were making no secret of their amusement as they stared at the shots laid out on the counter.

“No, don’t put them away,” said the man. “I want another look at the one of you sucking the dildo. Show it to me.”

Linda closed her eyes for a moment, then began shuffling through the pictures. As she did so she became aware of the man’s hand sliding slowly from her hip to her belly, then moving downwards.

She found the picture. It depicted her with her legs spread wide, her pussy clearly glistening with her juices as she wrapped her lips about the dildo. She held it up for her companion to see. As she did so, she felt one of his fingers come into contact with her clitoris, and she bit her lip to stop herself gasping aloud.

“Yes, I like that one,” said the black man. As he spoke he slid a finger into Linda’s vagina. Linda wanted to pull away, but his grip was firm, and she felt her nipples harden as he probed the wetness of her vagina.

“He’s fingering her.”

“My god, you’re right. Look, she loves it.”

The whispered comments from beside her sent a hollow feeling to the pit of Linda’s stomach as she realized that the girls could see what was happening. Her backside squirmed as the man continued to press his fingers deep into her vagina, making an audible squelching sound as her juices flowed anew.

“Here’s the picture. I…”

The shop attendant stopped speaking as he saw the naked girl, her legs wide apart, her hips pumping down against the fingers that were clearly embedded in her cunt.

The black man looked at the enlarged picture of Linda fucking herself with the dildo.

“Look, baby,” he said. “That’s going up on my wall for all to see.”

Linda gazed at the picture, her eyes taking in the wetness of her own vagina as she pumped the thick black dildo into it, and a new surge of sexual excitement swept through her lovely body.

“She’s going to come!”

“What a slut!” The giggles of the girls beside her brought Linda momentarily back to her senses.

“Please,” she murmured. “Not here.”

The man twisted his fingers. “Come back to my office?”

“Y-yes. I’ll come back.”

He pressed his hand hard up her crotch. “Bring me some relief?”

“Yes. Just not here. Please?”

He held her for a moment longer, then slipped his fingers out of her vagina. Linda leaned forward against the shop counter, still panting, her exquisite breasts rising and falling as she struggled to regain her composure. She could feel the wetness trickling down her inner thigh and she knew that those around her could see it and were aware of her arousal, but there was nothing she could do. All she wanted was to get out of the camera store and away from the staring eyes.

The man paid the shop worker and gathered up the photographs. Then he took hold of Linda’s arm and guided her out into the open once more.

Again Linda was overwhelmed by the shame of her situation as she was led, naked along the street. The interest shown in her lovely young body by the other pedestrians was undiminished, and her cheeks burned as she listened to their mocking comments, keeping her eyes fixed straight ahead. She wondered what they might think of her relationship with this older black man dressed in his scruffy jeans and vest. Still, there was nothing she could do about it.

They arrived at the door to his room and he opened it. Linda stepped inside. As she looked around at the scruffy little room, she felt her heart sink once again. As much as she had wanted to get off the street and out of the public eye, she now felt a new hollowness at the pit of her stomach as she considered what was to happen next.

The man pulled the picture from its envelope and she watched as he pinned it to the wall, a new flush of shame running through her as she gazed at it. Then he turned to her.  “Come over here.”

For a few seconds Linda hesitated, staring at him. Perhaps she could make a run for the door. But he was between her and the exit and she knew she wouldn’t make it. Slowly she made her way across to where he was standing.

He reached out a hand and caressed her young breast, his fingers toying with her nipples.

“Listen,” he said. “I ain’t gonna force you to do nothing.”

Linda looked up at him. It was extraordinary the way she had allowed him access to her naked body. She told herself it was because she had no choice – that this enforced nudity made her vulnerable to him. But deep inside she knew also of the desires that he and the others had kindled inside her. Perverse desires that were totally out of her normal behavior.

“What do you want me to do?” she asked quietly.

“You’re body’s been making my cock hard as hell. I need to be brought some relief.”

Linda’s eyes dropped to his pants. Sure enough they were bulging. She hesitated a moment longer, then her shaking hands reached down and began undoing his belt.

She unhitched the buckle, then slid down his zipper. Almost at once his cock sprang to attention. Linda stared at it. It was longer and fatter that the man in the sex shop’s penis. It stood proudly from the man’s groin, black and throbbing.

She wrapped her fingers about its shaft, bringing a slight gasp from the man. She looked up at him shyly.

“W-will you clean me up afterwards?” she asked.

He grinned. “Sure. But there’s a way of doing it where you won’t get covered in spunk.”


“Kneel down.”

Still grasping his thick shaft, the naked teenager dropped to her knees, so she was staring right at his crotch.

“Put it in your mouth.”


“Put it in your mouth. Suck me off. That way you get to swallow the spunk.”

“But I…”

“Do it.”

Linda stared at his twitching organ. She had heard of girls sucking guys off, but had never imagined doing it herself. It was a disgusting habit wasn’t it? But there was also something erotic about the stiff black penis that she held in her hand. Slowly she opened her mouth and, leaning forward, took him inside.

The taste and scent of his arousal was unmistakable and, as she closed her lips about his shaft, the innocent young beauty felt a new surge of excitement run through her young body. All at once she was sucking greedily at his pole, her hands working his foreskin back and forth as she fellated him.

For Linda, kneeling before this older black man, her lips wrapped about his erect penis, her saliva dripping from her chin as she sucked him, it was the strangest experience. Yet she could sense his excitement, and that spurred her on to new heights. She moved her head back and forth, sucking hard on his cock, her fingers feeling the twitching as his arousal increased.

Then her mouth was filling with hot, thick spunk, spurt after spurt rushing into her throat as she gulped it down, barely able to keep up with his ejaculations as she swallowed hard. He was grunting his satisfaction now, his hips thrusting forward against her face as he emptied his balls into her open mouth. And still she kept sucking, milking every last drop of semen from him until his movements ceased and he stood over her, watching as she licked the last of his seed from him.

Linda gazed up at him. She could scarcely believe what she had just done. She had never imagined she could possibly bring a man to orgasm with her mouth. And yet she had relished the taste of his spunk. What was becoming of her? Where was the innocent young beauty she had always thought herself?

The man took her hands and pulled her to his feet. Then he was pressing her back against the wall, one hand mauling her young breasts whilst the other rammed against her sex, two fingers penetrating her vagina. Linda tried momentarily to fight him off. Then she was coming again.