Linda’s Change
A Cronenville story

by Lia Anderssen

Chapter 10

“So this is where you’ve been hiding.”

Linda looked up to see Anne grinning at her. The young beauty was sipping a glass of water that the toilet attendant had given her whilst Andy had gone out to find Anne. The small room to which Linda had been taken had a back entrance onto the street and it was this that the black man had opened up to allow the other girl in. No doubt Andy had told Anne what had happened in the last few minutes and Linda saw that Anne was examining the puffiness of her sex lips after the intimate attentions she had just experienced.

“Been having fun again, I hear,” she said.

Linda said nothing.

Anne’s eyes turned to the lewd photographs that covered the walls, all of naked young women and all taken out of doors.

“It seems your new friend has a liking for shameless sluts like you,” said the girl. “Look at those pictures. I don’t know how they can do that, walking about in the open with no clothes on, but I guess you do.”

The attendant grinned at the remark. “Not just walking around,” he said. “Look at these.”

He pointed to some shots that were pinned up by the sink, exactly where only a few minutes earlier he had brought the naked Linda to orgasm. One of the photos depicted a girl sitting naked in a park, her legs spread wide, pushing a dildo into her vagina. Across from it was another, this time two naked girls splayed in the grass, one of them pressing a phallus into the other’s sex.

Anne shook her head. “Those are quite something,” she grinned. “Don’t you agree, Linda?”

Once again Linda could find no words, her eyes cast down.

“Maybe she’d like to be up on my wall with them,” said the man, laughing.

A sudden gleam came into Anne’s eyes.

“That’s an idea. Why not?”

Andy looked at her quizzically. “What do you mean?”

“Why shouldn’t our slutty little friend here pose for some photos? Then you could put them up on the wall with these.”

The attendant laughed. “Sure, great idea,” he said. “But I ain’t got no camera.”

“The store across the road sells disposable ones.”

Linda stared at Anne. Surely the girl couldn’t mean it? There was no way she could be expected to pose for photographs in this state, was there?

The man, too was slightly incredulous.

“You serious?”

“Perfectly. Why not? You’d be happy to pose for him wouldn’t you, slut?”

Linda shook her head. “I-I couldn’t,” she stammered.

“Course you could.” She turned to the attendant. “You okay to take half an hour off?”

“Don’t see why not.”

“Let’s go across to the park, then. Here, give Andy some money. He’ll get the camera and then catch up with us.”

Linda stared at her in disbelief. “But we can’t. There’ll be people around…”

But nobody was listening to Linda. Already the man was pulling a bill from his pocket and handing it to Andy. Then, as the boy set off out of the building he locked the door that led to the toilet.

“Come on,” he said to Linda.

“But I…”

“Oh get a move on,” snapped Anne. “You can’t stay in here now, can you?”

“She sure can’t, I’m locking up.”

Linda knew she was trapped. She had no choice but to go with these people. She glanced down at herself, appalled at her situation. Her nipples were still hard as nuts and she could feel the wetness of her sex lips. Normally she would have been embarrassed by this in her own bedroom. Now she had to step out into the street in this state.

“Come on babe,” said the attendant, holding the street door open.

Reluctantly she made her way across to the door.

Outside it was still warm, and the sensation of the sunshine on her naked flesh felt strange to the young beauty. She had sunbathed in a bikini before now, but to feel the sun’s rays on her bare breasts was extraordinary. Once again she was aware of the people around her, their eyebrows raised as they saw that she was totally naked apart from her shoes and socks. She wanted to run, or to hide away, but there was nothing she could do about it. Her cheeks glowing she set off down the street with her companions.

The park was about three blocks away, through the center of the town. Linda felt herself to be once again on display, her cheeks scarlet as she made her way, her delicious breasts bouncing with every step, bringing admiring looks from the male passers-by.

“Come on, slut, keep up.” Anne was clearly enjoying Linda’s acute embarrassment, her lips creased in a smile as she glanced at the naked girl. The toilet attendant too could scarcely take his eyes of the teenager’s nude body. As he eyed her, Linda remembered that only a few minutes earlier he had been fingering her cunt, bringing her to a shattering orgasm in front of the two boys. The memory brought a new gush of sex juices into her vagina, and she new her nether lips were shiny with her arousal.

Still she struggled to understand how this could possibly be turning her on. She was a modest girl, wasn’t she? So why was having her breasts and vagina on open display exciting her so?

The park was quite a large one, with a lake in the middle and many trees. It was a place Linda had loved when she was younger. Now, though, the thought of walking down its paths in the nude seemed awful to the teenager. Still, she had no choice and she padded along in silence, trying not to glance at the people on the benches and the grass who stared at the beautiful youngster.

As they reached the park Andy caught up with them. In his hand was a bag and he pulled from it a small disposable camera. Linda eyed it with dismay. She had never for a single moment imagined that she would allow herself to be photographed naked, yet she knew she was about to do just that.

“Stand there, on the grass,” said the man suddenly.

Linda looked about her. There must have been twenty people close by enjoying the sunshine, most of whose eyes were fixed on her.

“I-I thought we’d go to a more private place,” she said.

“Naw, this is fine for a starter. Face me, legs apart, hands behind your head.”

Linda hesitated for a moment, then moved onto the grass. She stopped and turned to face the man.

“Come on, pose for the camera.”

Linda hesitated for a moment, then did as he asked, spreading her legs and clasping the back of her head, a pose that caused her breasts to be thrust forward enticingly. The black man put the camera to his eye and snapped a shot.

“Shit, talk about shameless.”

“Wish I had my camera.”

“Look at that shaved pussy. Has she no sense of embarrassment?”

“What about the way she’s posing for that guy. What a slut.”

Linda tried to close her ears to the comments that were coming from all around her as the man snapped more shots of her nude body, making her turn in different directions and pose.

“That’ll do,” he said at last.

“We’ve finished then?” asked Linda.

“Heck no, there’s loads more film.”

“Come on, we’ll go over by the lake,” said Anne.

Once again Linda hesitated, but she knew she had no choice and, as they set off, she fell in behind them.

The path took them to a low stone wall that stood between it and the lake. It was an ornate structure about two and a half feet high, formed of small pillars in a Grecian style. There were people nearby, though thankfully not as many as when she had been posing on the open grass. Still she was incredibly exposed and it wasn’t long before a dozen or more pairs of eyes were fixed on her young body. Especially embarrassing was a group of young men who had been sitting chatting close to where she was. They were all in their early twenties, and were clearly fascinated by the sight of this naked beauty.

“Sit on the wall,” said Anne. “Face the camera. That’s right.”

Linda perched herself on the wall. It’s concrete structure felt warm and rough against her bare behind.

“Okay,” said the man, raising his camera, “Lean back a bit. Press those tits forward. That’s it. Now pose.”

Linda did as she was told, scarcely able to look at the man as he snapped the trigger, capturing her nudity on film. Then she heard another click and looked in the direction it had come from. Her jaw dropped when she saw that Andy too had one of the small cameras and had the lens trained on her lovely body.

“Andy! What are you doing?”

“Just a few shots to remember you by,” said the grinning boy.

“But you can’t.”

“Course he can,” said Anne. “After all, you’re posing for this guy. Why not Andy? Now open those legs and let them get a decent view of your pussy.”


“You heard me. Let’s see how wet you are down there.”

Once again the humiliation almost overcame the young beauty as she slowly moved her legs apart. Sitting as she was, her body leaning back, she knew this gave a perfect view of her cunt. Behind her companions she could see the group of young men rising to their feet to get a better view as the two cameras snapped away.

“Make sure you get her face in as well as her pussy,” said Anne. “We wanna make sure people know who it is. C’mon babe, spread those legs wider, push your hips forward.”

Linda obeyed, setting the crudest imaginable poses as the men photographed her, only too aware that, once again, her vagina was weeping arousal, a small trickle running onto her exposed thighs.

“Hey,” said Anne suddenly. “Those pictures on the wall. Weren’t the girls frigging themselves?”

Andy laughed. “Better than that, they were using a dildo.”

“Ha!” exclaimed the girl. “I’ve got just the thing.”

She had been carrying the yellow bag from the sex shop ever since Linda had ventured into the Gents. Now she reached inside and pulled out the long, black dildo.

“Shit, that’s perfect,” said the black man. “Give it to her.”

Linda felt the panic rising inside her as she stared at the object. They couldn’t ask her to use it here, surely? Not out in the open with all these people around. She inwardly cursed the women in the man’s photos. To have used such an instrument in the outdoors was appalling. And now she was being asked to do the same thing.

“Come on,” said Anne holding out the phallus. “Take it.”

Nervously the young beauty reached out a hand and took the long penis-shaped object. It felt rough and rubbery under her fingers, making her shiver with anticipation.

“That’s it,” said the attendant. “Put it in your mouth. Now look at me. Suck it. Good!”

Linda let the object run between her lips, looking up through her eyelashes at the camera whilst the man snapped away. The young men who had been watching her were goggle-eyed now, nudging one another and moving closer. Somehow, she knew not how, their eyes were bringing a fresh surge of excitement to the naked girl as she tried to fight down her emotions.

“Now use it on yourself,” said the man. “Slide it into your cunt.”

Linda winced slightly at the words. She looked despairingly at Anne, but could see no mercy in her eyes. She glanced down at the phallus. Its tip was shiny with her saliva. Reluctantly she moved it down to between her legs.

“Oh!” The cry was involuntary from the teenager as the thick, rubbery object brushed against her swollen clitoris. She hesitated for a second, then began to press it into her vagina.

A murmur of surprise struck her ears and she looked up to see that the young men had moved even closer. She could discern the bulges in their pants and she knew this was arousing them. Somehow the thought increased her arousal and she found herself pressing harder, sliding the thick, black dildo deep into her sopping vagina.

“Shit that’s good,” said the man. “Look at me. Work it back and forth. Does that thing vibrate?”

“Sure it does,” said Anne. “Come on, girl, turn it on.”

Linda bit her lip. “Just for a moment then,” she said.

She operated the control and a sudden spasm of excitement shook her body as the dildo began to vibrate deep inside her vagina. She knew that the expression on her face betrayed her excitement, and that the two cameras had captured it on film.

“That’s it. Open your legs more. Work it in and out.”

Linda began moving the throbbing device, her nipples puckering, her vagina muscles tightening about the phallus as the excitement inside her increased. She was losing control, now, her libidinous nature coming to the fore as she masturbated, her hips thrust forward, her fingers working the dildo back and forth inside her.

Once again she was shocked by the way her body was responding. What she was doing was totally shameful, leaning back stark naked in a public park and pumping a phallus into her wet vagina whilst a group of strangers looked on. But somehow the sheer audacity of what she was doing seemed to make it even more exciting and she pumped the dildo harder, pressing the swollen end against her clitoris, small cries coming from her mouth as she did so.

It was her third orgasm of the afternoon, and the most violent, her cries echoing from the trees as she came and came, her breasts shaking with the force of the climax, her cunt juices flowing out and down the length of the phallus as he hips thrust up against it. She could hear the laughter of the watching men, and the snapping of the cameras as they caught her on film, but somehow that spurred her to new heights as she moaned with desire.

Then she was coming down, the writhing of her body decreasing as the passion slowly drained from her lovely naked body. She continued to work the dildo back and fort, but slower and slower until she lay gasping across the low wall, her breasts rising and falling as she brought her breath under control.

It was only then that she realized that the noise she could hear was applause and catcalls from the watching young men and the shame suddenly overwhelmed her as she slid the black toy from her gaping cunt.

“Right,” said Anne, grinning down at her. “We’d better get those pictures developed.”