Penny at the Auction
by Lia Anderssen

Penny Simmons glanced about the crowded room with considerable misgivings. These were not her kind of people at all, with their large, expensive cars, their country homes and their titles and ranks. Penny lived in a modest apartment in town, and drove an old car. Still, this was her employer's world, and one which she had to accept as part of her job.

She had been secretary and personal assistant to Major Carter for two months now, seeing to his affairs and organizing his calendar from her small office in a wing of his impressive home. Penny was an expert at organization, and a skillful secretary whose work was in high demand normally.

But these days were not normal. To the pretty young woman, opportunities had seemed fewer and fewer lately. Otherwise she wouldn't be working for someone like the Major.

At her interview with the Major she had felt uncomfortable at the way he eyed her up. Penny was a stunningly beautiful girl, twenty-four years old, five foot three inches tall, with a slim, curvaceous frame, firm breasts and shapely legs. During the encounter, the Major had scarcely seemed to hear her answers to his questions, and his eyes had never left her body.

Still, apart from attempting to touch her up on frequent occasions, he wasn't a bad employer, she mused, and she had to take what she could get.

"Ah, Miss Simmons, there you are. The auction starts in ten minutes."

Penny turned to see the tall, fiftyish Major approaching her. Alongside him walked a very pretty teenage girl, and the young secretary felt her heart sink. The major's eighteen year old daughter, Lucy, was a sassy, insolent girl and the two had taken an instant dislike to one another. Still, Penny knew that Lucy was the apple of her father's eye, so she was careful not to show her dislike of the brash youngster.

"Hello Lucy," she said. The girl looked at her, but didn't reply.

"Now, Miss Simmons, come over to the auctioneer's table and sign in," said the Major.

Penny was not at all sure what this meant. The auction was an annual event patronized by the Major in support of a local inner-city college. Every year the charitable affair was held to raise money for the college. This year the target was twenty thousand pounds. As secretary and manager over the domestic staff, Penny had been called upon to make many of the arrangements. However, nobody had said anything about signing in. As she approached the table, Mr Austen, the auctioneer, looked up, his pen poised over an open book.

"All right Miss Simmons," said the Major. "What are you pledging?"


"Certainly. Everyone has to put something up for auction. I'm donating a rather fine watercolor, and others have been very generous."

"But I..."

"Come on, girl. It doesn't need to actually be an article. Sir Terence is giving a day's fishing on his salmon river and Mr Foster is donating a day's use of his gym."

"But I don't have anything."

The Major stared at her. "There must be something."

"Nothing. All I have with me are the clothes I stand up in."

"Those will do," said Lucy suddenly.

Penny stared at her. "What do you mean?"

"We'll auction your clothes. It should be a good laugh."

The Major chuckled. "A capital idea, Lucy, and it should brighten up the occasion."

"But you can't be serious..."

"Nonsense, of course I am." He chuckled again. "It'll be fun. Put it in the book, Austen. Now come on, Lucy, I want your advice on how to set out the stage."

Penny watched the pair walk away in stunned silence. She couldn't believe what had just taken place. Were they really suggesting she allow the people to buy her blouse and skirt? Would they actually make her stand up in just her bra and panties for all these people to see? She contemplated the idea of running for her car and escaping, but she really needed this job. Recent repairs to her car had left her in debt, and she couldn't countenance a month with no pay check. Perhaps it would be all right, she comforted herself. Perhaps it was a joke after all.

The auction started. The bidding was brisk, with the well-heeled members of the neighborhood enthusiastically out-bidding one another. Penny sat to the side of the stage, watching the proceedings, her stomach churning as the lots began to dwindle until there were none left.

"Well, ladies and gentlemen, that seems to conclude the proceedings," began the auctioneer. Then Penny's heart sank as she saw Lucy get to her feet and climb up onto the stage.

"Not yet," she said to the auctioneer, then turned to the audience. "My dad's secretary has made an unusual offer which I'm sure will amuse you all. She will auction off the clothes she is wearing to the highest bidder."

At that a murmur of surprise came up from the audience. Penny sat rooted to her seat, the color draining from her cheeks as she realized that the teenager intended her to go through with it.

"What a generous offer," said Austen, the auctioneer, his eyes suddenly gleaming. He was a portly man in his forties and, during the negotiations in organizing the auction, he had scarcely been able to take his eyes of Penny's breasts. Now, as Lucy pulled her onto the stage, Penny felt his gaze boring into her, undressing her even before things had started.

Penny felt very alone and vulnerable, standing up there on the stage and gazing down at a sea of eyes. The well-dressed and upper-class crowd had all stayed, and there was now an air of expectancy among them. Penny scanned the crowd, and her heart sank as she spotted the college boys at the back of the room. There were about fifteen of them.† A motley crowd of eighteen to twenty year old thugs, many sporting tattoos and earrings, some with shaven heads, a couple of the black ones with long, stringy dreadlocks. She recognized them as pupils from the inner-city college, and remembered that a token group of senior students had been invited to watch the proceedings.

Penny had encountered the boys before, on routine admin visits to the college. To cross the grounds in that run-down neighborhood was to run a gauntlet of catcalls and whistles and, on entering the building, she had been groped by more than one of the seniors as she had dodged their hands and hurried to the college office. Complaints to the Principal had merely brought the reply that she shouldn't wear 'those skirts' in front of the boys.

She glanced down at herself. She was wearing one of 'those skirts' right now, a small mini that clung tightly to the smooth curve of her hips. Her blouse was tight-fitting too, accentuating the full firmness of her breasts. Right now she wished she was anywhere but here.

"Right," said the auctioneer. "Let's begin with her shoes. You can all see that they're in good condition. What am I bid?"

The bidding was brisk and punctuated with laughter as hands went up enthusiastically. In no time the shoes were knocked down to a man in the audience. Reluctantly, Penny bent down to take them off, but Lucy stopped her.

"Much better if the winning bidder comes to get them," she said, and a murmur of approval went up from those watching.

Penny stood, staring ahead of her as the man mounted the stage. It seemed silly to make him come all the way up, but then Lucy's motive became clearer as she realized he would be kneeling at her feet and would be able to take the opportunity to peer up her short skirt. Sure enough he took his time slipping off her elegant high heels, his palms caressing her calves, and then sliding higher to her knee as he took good advantage of his proximity to her. Penny felt her cheeks glowing bright red as she raised her feet to allow him to take her shoes. There was a ripple of applause as he left the stage.

"Now, the blouse," announced Lucy.

By now the crowd, sensing Penny's embarrassment, were entering into the spirit of the occasion, and hands went up all over the room as the auctioneer handled the sale. In a little over two minutes the gavel pounded down onto the table, and another grinning man was on his way up to the stage.

This time the embarrassment for the young woman was far greater as she was obliged to stand, her hands by her sides, whilst this stranger unbuttoned her blouse, his hands brushing against her jutting breasts as he worked his way down. The audience was quiet now, and Penny sensed their anticipation as they craned forward for a better view.

As he pushed the garment back over her shoulders and peeled it down her arms, Penny wished she had been more circumspect in her choice of underwear that day. The bright red bra she wore was made of a thin gauze material, so that her large brown nipples could be seen through the thin cloth. To make matters worse, her nipples had hardened at the prospect of their exposure, a fact that was not missed by those watching. The men grinned broadly at this indication of her arousal, but she clearly heard the words 'slut' and 'tramp' uttered by some of the women watching.

The man paused in front of her, his eyes fixed on her swelling breasts. He reached out a hand and stroked her cheek, then allowed his fingers to drop briefly to her soft mammaries, tweaking her stiff nipple between finger and thumb before winking, then turning and walking off the stage.

When Lucy announced that the next thing to be auctioned would be Penny's skirt, it was all the poor girl could do not to run off the stage. It was only the fact that her employer was watching her closely that made her stay where she was, trying not to listen as the bids came in for the small, sexy garment.

Once again the final bidder was a man. He was dressed in a tweed suit, about fifty years old with a trim, gray moustache. He reminded Penny somewhat of her father, and it felt very odd indeed to be standing there with no blouse on as he approached her, his eyes wandering up and down her trim form.

The skirt was held up by a button and zipper at the back, but the man approached Penny from the front. She felt the heat in her cheeks as she stared into his face, his jacket brushing against her jutting breasts in a way that sent an odd shiver through her cute young body.† He reached his arms about her, his palms brushing the soft warmth of her exposed flesh, his chest pressing more firmly against hers. He fumbled for a moment with the button, then it was undone and he was sliding down the zipper. Penny's briefs matched her bra, and were of a thong design, exposing her buttocks. She gave a little gasp as the man's hands closed briefly over the pliant flesh of her pert behind, caressing and squeezing the globes before pushing the skirt down her legs. Her mind numb, the barely clad young woman stepped out of the circle of material and the man picked it up. Then, with a leering smile, he turned and, brandishing his prize, made his way back to his seat.

The atmosphere in the hall had changed now, and Penny detected a sexual tension in the air as all eyes scanned her scantily clad figure. Once again she felt the redness in her cheeks as she stood there in her intimate apparel, her hands by her side, her breasts rising and falling.

Strangely, Penny too could feel some of the sexual awakening amongst the attendees of the auction. She had always been turned on by the idea of public nudity and had often had dreams where she was naked in a room filled with fully-clad people. But that had just been a dream. This was real. Still, she mused, she had weathered the ordeal, and was thankful it was over. She watched as Lucy mounted the stage once more, no doubt to call a halt to the proceedings. The girl walked up to her and spoke in a low voice.

"Very nice, bitch. I love your choice in underwear. Very slutty."

Penny glared at her. The girl was at least six years her junior. What right did she have to talk to her like that?

"I'm sure the audience enjoyed that," went on the grinning teenager. "They'll enjoy it even more when they get to see your tits and pussy."

Penny stared at her for a moment.

"No," she said. "That's enough. You've had your fun, now bring this little show to an end."

"Oh no, not yet. The best is yet to come. I'm looking forward to seeing my dad's snooty secretary bare all."

"I won't do it."

"Oh yes you will. That is if you don't want my dad to hear of the lesbian advances you've been making toward me."


"When he hears you've been groping up my skirt and trying to get your hands in my panties, he'll sack you on the spot. And you've got no chance of getting another job in this area. Most of the local businessmen are right here in this room."

"But you can't say that. It's not true."

"So who's he going to believe? Some slut who parades about on stage in her underwear, or poor, confused little daughter who doesn't understand what the nasty lady wants? Now I want you to pick up the microphone and tell the audience you intend to sell your bra and panties as well."

Penny stared at the grinning girl, scarcely able to credit what she was hearing. She had never liked Lucy, but she had had no idea she was capable if this.

"C'mon bitch, pick up the microphone."

Every instinct Penny possessed told her to run. To get off that stage and away from the gaze of these people. But she daren't call Lucy's bluff. The spiteful young teenager was quite capable of carrying out her threats, and then where would she be? Reluctantly, she moved across and picked up the microphone with Lucy right behind her.

The teenager turned so her back was to the audience, then spoke in a low voice.

"Just repeat what I say, word for word."

Penny switched on the microphone then, taking her cue from the girl, began to speak in a shaky voice.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, I know this morning's auction is in a good cause. I still have two articles of clothing on and, if it is your pleasure, I'll sell those too. After all, you've seen this much, you might as well see it all."

For a moment there was a stunned silence in the crowd, then a cheer went up, accompanied by shrieks and wolf whistles from the gang of young thugs at the back of the room. Penny looked down at the sea of faces. All the men were grinning broadly and most of the women as well. Clearly the prospect of the young underling debasing herself before them appealed to these upper-class people. She did see frowns on the faces of a number of the women and, here and there, disgusted matrons were dragging their crestfallen spouses from the room but, for the most part, there was an air of anticipation in the room, mixed with a very tangible sexual charge.

The auctioneer took up the microphone, and the auction began again. This time the bidding was frenetic, with hands going up on all sides. Penny stood, barely taking it in, her heart pounding as she contemplated what was about to happen.

The bang of the gavel sent a pang of dread coursing through Penny's body. She stood, trembling as the winner made his way across the room. He was a young man, and quite attractive. Under any other circumstances she might have been interested to meet him. But all he would offer her was disgrace, and she hung her head as he came closer.

And yet, despite herself, Penny suddenly felt a spark of arousal, an emotion she had never anticipated. Surely she wasn't that much of a slut? Surely she couldn't be becoming aroused by this? It was unthinkable. Yet, even as she denied the feeling, she felt a warm wetness seep into her vagina, and her nipples hardened still more.

Then the man was standing in front of her, eyeing her cleavage, his face spread in a broad grin.

"Arms out, girl," he ordered.

Penny obeyed, holding her hands out as he moved closer, his hands reaching round behind her. As he pressed his body to hers, Penny could feel the hardness of his cock against her stomach, and another shiver of arousal ran through her.

He fumbled for a moment with her bra catch, then undid it, pulling it away. At once Penny cupped her hands over her breasts, her face scarlet.

"None of that," chided the man. "The people out there want to see your tits."

So saying he took hold of her wrists and dragged her arms down to her sides. He paused for a moment, staring at her firm, bare mounds, the nipples standing proudly out, the brown flesh hard. He reached up and took her right breast in his hand, squeezing it, his fingers playing with the protruding teat.

"My... what hard nipples," he murmured. "It's not cold in here is it?"

Penny said nothing, the redness in her cheeks betraying her extreme embarrassment.

He continued to fondle her bare breasts for a few more moments, then stepped back, clutching her bra. As he stood aside, the watching crowd got their first unobstructed view of her breasts. A murmur of appreciation went up, punctuated by whistles and cheers from the college boys. Penny was tempted once again to cover herself with her hands, but a warning glance from Lucy dissuaded her and she stood, hands by her side, her face glowing as the rest of the room took in her firm breasts with their stiff, prominent nipples.

"Now," began the auctioneer. "We come to the lady's final concession to modesty. What am I bid for those pretty little panties?

As the bidding began, Penny was suddenly struck by the enormity of what was happening. In a few moments she would be totally nude in a room full of complete strangers. Everyone here would be able to see her bare pussy. Then another thought struck her, and a chill ran through her. Just a couple of days before she had gone to the beach, taking with her her new bikini. The swimsuit was brief, so brief that she had sat down beforehand to trim her pubic hair. What had possessed her she couldn't say, but she had ended up removing all her pubes, leaving her mound and pussy completely denuded. At the time it had seemed quite amusing as she had admired her bare cunt in the mirror. She had never dreamed that, in a few days, the whole world would know she was shaved down there.

Shaved pussies, she knew, were what whores, strippers and porn actresses had. No respectable girl would ever do such a thing. But she had, and her secret was about to be shared.

So preoccupied was she with these thoughts that she barely heard the hammer drop. It was only when the watching audience fell silent that she looked up and saw the middle-aged man approaching.

Once again, an unwanted spasm of arousal ran through her as she contemplated what was about to happen and, to her horror, she felt a trickle of pussy juice escape from her vagina. She knew the panties would be wet, now, and she knew too that it would not go unnoticed.

She watched the man as he approached. He was balding, with a bit of a paunch, and there was sweat on his brow. As he came closer still, she could smell his maleness, and she shivered slightly as he stopped in front of her.

He crouched down, then reached up, his hand rubbing against her crotch, tracing the line of her cunt and releasing more moisture onto the thin material.

"Gee, you've wet your pants here, baby, " he said. Do I get a discount for that?"

Penny said nothing, standing motionless before him, just wishing the floor would swallow her up. He hooked his thumbs into the thin cord that was the waistband of her panties and began to drag them down.

"Shit, you're shaved," he said, pausing for a moment to admire Penny's denuded cunt. She knew he could see everything, as her pussy lips were thick and wrapped right around, her swollen clitoris protruding from between them. She knew too, that a sheen of moisture coated those lips, revealing to him her secret desires. He reached his hand up and traced her slit, his finger toying briefly with her clitoris, bringing a gasp from her.

"This girl needs it," he said.

He pulled the pants down over her thighs and to her feet. The blushing girl stepped out of them. She tried to press her thighs together, but he pushed her legs apart, opening her pussy still wider as he gazed up at her most intimate place.

"Fuck me, you're gorgeous, you little whore," he remarked. Then, slipping her panties into his pocket, he rose to his feet and stood aside.

For a moment there was silence as the crowd took in Penny's shapely curves. Then the raucous applause began. The young beauty felt her cheeks burning as she stood there, hands at her sides, legs apart, whilst a whole roomful of people took in her nakedness. She closed her eyes, trying not to think of the sight she made, her firm round breasts heaving, the nipples hard as nuts, her protruding clitoris gleaming with moisture. But her recalcitrant body was tingling with perverse arousal, and she felt yet another trickle of pussy juice escape her sex and run down the creamy whiteness of her thighs.

The cheering went on for a full two minutes, punctuated by loud and lewd remarks from the boys at the back of the room. Penny just stood and prayed for it to end. But even now, her ordeal was not over, and she felt her heart sink as Lucy rose to her feet once more.

The teenager strode across the stage. As she reached Penny she paused, allowing her eyes to run up and down the humiliated, naked woman's body. Then she walked across and picked up the microphone.

"Well, it appears that my father's secretary had one last surprise for us," she remarked, gazing pointedly at Penny's shaven cunt. "I'm sure you'll all be glad to hear we're within fifty pounds of our target for tonight."

At this, a great round of applause went up from the crowd.

"We'd really like to make it the round figure," went on Lucy. "And I think I know how we can. Daddy, will you come up here please?"

Penny watched as her boss joined his daughter on the stage. How much longer was this going on? All she wanted was to get away from the sea of staring eyes before her and to hide her naked charms.

Lucy beckoned her father close and whispered in his ear. Penny saw the smile broaden on his face, and he took the microphone from her.

"My daughter has come up with a great idea to round us up to the full twenty thousand,"† he said. "My secretary here has many talents, a lot of which you can see on display right now."

At this a laugh arose from those watching.

""She's an expert in shorthand, typing, filing and many other things. With her agreement, I'd like to offer her services for the day to the first bidder of fifty pounds."

At this a sea of hands went up, but he shook his head. "First we have to get Penny's agreement," he said. "Lucy has drawn up a little contract, and I'm going to ask Penny to sign it."

At this he walked across to his naked secretary and passed her a paper. Penny glanced down at it. So preoccupied was she with her nakedness that she could scarcely take it in. The gist of it seemed to be that she agreed to offer her services for a day. Frankly, she didn't care what it said. All she wanted was to restore her modesty and get away from the hungry gazes of the audience. She scribbled her signature, and Lucy held the document up.

"Who bids fifty pounds?" asked the auctioneer.

Penny didn't even notice who made the bid. She was just glad that the auction was over. As the audience rose to their feet, she began to hurry off the stage, grateful that her ordeal was finally at an end.

"Miss Simmons! You hadn't forgotten the reception?"

Penny froze and turned to face her employer. "You mean..."

"I mean you mustn't neglect your duties. I need you hereto help look after my guests."

"But I've got nothing on."

"I can't help that. Now get out to the refreshments table and make sure everything is in order."

Penny could scarcely believe what was being asked of her. Of course, she knew she was required to supervise the servants during the reception the Major was holding for his more senior guests, but surely he couldn't ask her to do it like this? She looked at him imploringly, but his face was set. The beautiful young secretary's shoulders slumped. Her ordeal was clearly far from over. Scarlet-faced, she made her way out into the garden, only too aware of the delicious way her bare breasts bounced with every step.

In the garden she had to face the servants. They had been preparing the reception, so knew nothing of what had gone on in the hall. Now they stared in amazement as their manager approached them naked as the day she was born, her shaved pussy gleaming with love juice.

"Shit, Maíam, love the uniform," said one of the young waiters.

"Just get on with your work," she said, feeling the blood rising in her cheeks as the men looked her up and down.

Penny took charge, trying to act as naturally as she could, but it wasn't easy in front of the grinning servants. Normally she was able to comport herself with some dignity when amongst the staff, but now she felt small and ashamed as she confronted them, her private parts on open display.

Moments later the guests began to arrive. There were about thirty of them, and most could scarcely conceal their amusement at Penny's predicament. Lucy was there too, and she saw to it that Penny was never out of the guest's view. She also obliged the naked secretary to take up some embarrassing poses, pointing to things she wanted on the far side of the table, so that Penny was obliged to bend over, revealing her wet, shaved pussy to the laughing guests.

The ordeal went on for more than half an hour, with Penny forced to be on display constantly.† And, as time went on, some of the male guests became bolder, so that Penny felt hands squeezing her bare backside or fingers creeping up between her legs, probing at the damp, hard nut of her clitoris. All this conspired to keep her at a high level of sexual arousal, despite her shame, and she knew her hard, jutting nipples and weeping sex betrayed this fact. Indeed she was obliged on a number of occasions to use a napkin to dab off the trickles of wetness running down her inner thighs, a fact that was not missed by those watching her.

Just as the first of the guests began to leave, much to Penny's relief, the final chapter of her degradation began to unfurl. She had been serving hors d'oeuvres to the guests when she turned and, to her surprise and horror, saw that the thugs from the college were standing on the lawn, staring and laughing at her nakedness. She turned at once to one of the waiters.

"Tell those boys this is a private party," she said. "Get rid of them at once."

The waiter eyed her disdainfully. "Wouldn't you rather ask them yourself? After all, it's probably you they've come to see judging by the show you've been putting on."

"Just tell them."†††††††††

"Looks like someone's beaten me to it."

Penny turned to see that Lucy had walked across to where the teenaged boys were slouching, and was in conversation with one of them, a muscular boy wearing a torn singlet with a spider's web tattoo on his neck. Lucy seemed to be sharing a joke with him, then she turned and strode across to where the naked girl stood.

"They want to claim their prize," she said to Penny.

The secretary's brow furrowed. "What do you mean?"

"You signed a piece of paper offering your services for the day for fifty pounds. They bought it."

"But that was for my secretarial services. This is hardly the time to..."

"The agreement just said services," insisted the girl, holding out the sheet of paper." Read it for yourself."

"But you can't be suggesting..."

The Major had been watching this exchange, and now he came over.

"What's up Lucy?"

"Your slut of a secretary offered this for auction, and now she's welshing on it."

"Let me see."

He took the paper from his daughter and read it through. "This seems plain enough to me, Miss Simmons," he said. You agreed to give yourself to them for a day. And you signed it."

"But look at those boys. You know what they want."

The Major laughed. "No more than most of the people here wanted," he said. "But you brought that on yourself by walking about stark naked. Look at yourself."

"But I didnít mean to."

"Then why did you offer your clothes for auction? And your bra and panties too? It makes me think youíre a bit perverse, my girl."

But I didnít think..."

"Well maybe you should have thought. Now Miss Simmons, there's no getting away from it. These young men bid for your services, and that's what they'll get. "

He turned to the watching youngsters. "Come over here, please."

The boys looked at one another rather uncertainly, then moved across to where Penny and her boss were standing.

"I understand my secretary offered you her services?"


"And have you paid your fifty pounds?"

"Yes Sir. All of it. We clubbed together."

"And you are all over eighteen?"

"Thatís right. We have ID"

"Then I canít see any problem."

"But Major..."

"But nothing. Theyíve paid."

Penny looked about herself nervously.† By now a crowd had gathered round to listen to the exchange, and there was a good deal of laughter, as they realized what was going on.

"Come on, Miss Simmons," said the Major. "No member of my staff is going to renege on a promise. Okay boys, sheís yours"

Penny stared dumbfounded at the man and his daughter, then round at those watching. They were serious. She was expected to offer herself to the young thugs, and she had no choice. She felt her legs weaken as she looked at the youths swaggering toward her.

The leader of the yobs stopped in front of her, a cruel smile on his face as he ran his eyes up and down her naked form.

"We're going to enjoy this," he said.

He moved behind her and draped an arm across her shoulder, his hand closing over† her breast, squeezing it crudely. Another of the boys, a black thug with long dreadlocks, took up station on her other side, his fingers sliding across her stomach, then lower, reaching for her sex. She tried to push his hand away, but the youth behind her took her arms and pulled them back, holding her wrists with one hand whilst the other continued to caress her bare breasts. She struggled to break free but he was too strong for her; toying with her stiff nipples whilst his friend ran his hand over her clitoris, then slipped a finger inside her vagina.

Another of the youths closed his lips over hers, his tongue staking into her mouth whilst his hand toyed with her other breast. All at once Penny felt her resistance slipping away as the rough lads manipulated her lovely, naked body. She could scarcely credit it, but her arousal was taking charge of her.

ĎOh God,í she thought as she felt her knees bending. Then, as he continued to twist his rough fingers in her vagina, she found herself starting to thrust her hips down against those fingers as soft moans escaped from her lips.

"I think maybe you should go somewhere more private, Miss Simmons."

At first Penny barely heard the words. Then with a start, she realised the sight she was making, standing naked, her legs spread, her hips pumping forward against the black fingers that penetrated her sex while two other men were caressing her intimately, and all the time she was being watched by a group of laughing people.


"I think you should show a little modesty. Everyone can see whatís happening."

"But I..."

"I appreciate that you enjoy being watched, but not everyone wants to see this lewd spectacle. Now go with your friends to somewhere less public."

"Yeah, come on, babe," said the black man, slipping his fingers from her. "Letís go to the woods."

"No. I..." Penny struggled to find the words as the men pulled at her arms, whilst another slid his finger into the crack of her behind as he pushed her forward.

"Letís go have some fun, slut."

As if in a trance, she began to walk with the boys. As she did so, the crowd parted for her, hands reaching out to caress her bare bottom as she passed.

They led the naked girl across the lawn into a small wooded area, down to a babbling stream. There they stopped and gathered round her. For a moment nothing was said, as the frightened girl looked from face to face, seeking some sign of sympathy, but finding none. She was shocked to see that Lucy was there too, watching her, a smile on her face, and that some of the other guests had followed at a distance.

"What we doin' with the bitch?" asked one of the boys.

"I guess later we could take her back the college where everyone can get a piece of her ass."

"Yeah, but I wanna fuck her now."

"Go ahead. Sheís ready for it"

"Lie down baby."

Penny glanced down at the grass.



"Go on," said Lucy. "Iím sure my father wouldnít want to hear you werenít co-operating."

Penny glanced around her, momentarily assessing her chance of escape. Then her shoulders slumped. Even if she was able to run, with Lucy watching she knew it would cost her her job. Reluctantly, she dropped to her knees, then lay back, the grass feeling cool against her bare flesh.

"Thatís it, honey. Now spread them legs."

Slowly Penny moved her legs apart, aware that this would expose the wetness inside her vagina.

"Thatís nice."

She watched in horrified fascination as the black boy who had been fingering her dropped his pants, his stiff cock standing out proudly. He knelt down between her legs and moved over her. Almost automatically she found herself reaching for his thick erection, guiding it between her thighs. Then his cock was pressing against the lips of her vagina.

She screamed as he drove his rampant pole into her, pressing it in deeper and deeper until she was filled, the walls of her sex pulsating around his rigid erection. He paused for a second, staring down at her. Then he began to fuck her hard, bringing fresh cries from her as she thrust her hips up against his

"Sheís loving it."

"Sheís about coming already."

"Let me get my cock in her mouth."

Another of the boys pulled his penis from his pants and thrust it against her face.

"Suck me bitch."

Penny hesitated for a second, then took his thick cock between her lips and began to suck.

"Shit, Iím coming."

The boy who was fucking her gave a grunt, and she felt her vagina fill with semen. Moments later an orgasm shook her lovely form, bringing muffled cries from the young beauty, her body writhing beneath his. Then the young man withdrew and another cock was plunging into her, bringing fresh cries of passion from her.

"Looks like itís going to be a long afternoon," said Lucy.