By Leviticus


My best friend in life is Melissa.  We've been friends since 4th grade when I, the new girl in school, found myself being teased by a bunch of boys who had me trapped alone.  Melissa came to my rescue and chased them all off by threatening tell their moms.  From that moment we were never separated.  We went to the same schools, the same college, even dated some of the same guys (but never at the same time).  I know every one of her dirty little secrets, and she knows all of mine.

For instance, she knows I like to play around with bondage.  Sometimes she'll even help me by tying me up from time to time, but she knows I prefer it when a guy takes charge so this doesn't happen often.  Occasionally she will get me to tie her up, but even this is rare for it has never felt right for me to do the tying.

A couple of my ex-boyfriends were pretty good at tying me up, but relationships for me don't last very long, and it wasn't long before each one drifted away.

I had been going through such a dry spell when Melissa called me up for a lunch date sounding very excited.  She told me that she wanted to ask me something, but wouldn't tell me what over the phone.

We got a table at a Mexican restaurant downtown, and over our enchiladas Melissa began telling me about her latest boyfriend.  Unlike me, she seemed to be able to pick up a guy sometimes hours after being done with the previous one.  She wasn't loose or anything; she just had a lot of good luck with men.

"I tell you Maria, you and Eric would get along fantastically," she kept saying.  It made me wonder two things.  Why would we get along, and was she trying to set me up with him?  She did eventually get to the point.  Apparently her new boyfriend, Eric, had been helping her experience a few new things about love making that she’d never really understood before.  What he was doing was right up my alley so to speak.  She was having her first affair with a man who was seriously into bondage.  Now I have to tell you that as she kept on describing him and some of the things they'd done I began to wish that I’d found him first, and do admit to a small pang of jealousy.  But I was happy for her and told her so.  Then she came to the real reason for our lunch.

"Maria, I want you to meet him.  I've told him that you enjoy bondage just as much as he does and he's really interested in getting together to compare notes."

I was shocked; not so much that she was a blabbermouth, she couldn't help that.  But she had always been reliable as far as the really important secrets were concerned, and this was one I didn't share casually.  Still...

Melissa sat there watching me.  She could always tell when I was interested in something, and she knew she had judged right when I didn't instantly come down on her for breaking a confidence.

"I guess it would be okay," I finally managed to say.

"Great!" she replied, and waved her hand.

I turned around and saw a guy sitting by himself at another table pick up his drink and come over to us.  He bent over to give Melissa a kiss and then sat down next to her.

"Let me guess," I said with a smile, "you must be Eric."

He laughed and Melissa and I joined in.  The light in her eyes immediately put me at ease.  She trusted this man and that was good enough for me.

The rest of lunch was taken up with the usual "getting to know you" small talk.  There was a lot of "Melissa told me this" and "Melissa told me that" from Eric, and I could easily see how Melissa would be attracted to him.  Before long though I begged my leave for I had to get back to work, so Melissa invited me over to her place for dinner so we could continue our talk.  I agreed.

That evening, while we ate freshly delivered pizza with a bottle of wine that Eric brought, the conversation eventually turned to bondage and I found Eric to be well versed in its subtleties.  To most people, bondage is just tying someone up and maybe whipping them with something before screwing them.  Eric knew there was much more to it than that, and apparently his skill and enthusiasm had managed to engage Melissa's interest too.

This was illustrated by the request she made to both Eric and me late in the evening after we had consumed most of the wine.

"Can you tie us both up?" she asked him from where she lounged on the couch, her head resting on his lap.

"What, now?" he answered, eyebrows raised.

"It can't be now." I said looking at my watch.  "I have to work in the morning and I should get going."

"Oh," said Melissa.  I was unconvinced about her disappointment.  She was up to something.  "Maybe...maybe we can arrange a time?"

I wasn't sure where this was going.  I had mentioned the time to give Eric and me an out.  I mean we had just met, and even though we had all had a good time tonight, I didn't know if I would be comfortable letting him tie me up.

Eric, however, didn't think the same way I did.  Instead of issuing a mild protest, he took on a thoughtful look as if pondering his schedule.

"You do want him to tie you up don't you Maria?" Melissa asked me.  "It’s been a long time hasn't it?"

It had, dammit!  She knew it, like she knew everything about me.

Over the years we’d developed a way of almost being able to speak without using words.
I asked her with my eyes if she was really okay with it.  She nodded slowly.  What the hell.

"Sure.  I'd love to," I said, getting it past the lump in my throat.

Eric smiled.  "How about Saturday?" he asked.

Melissa and I both said sure.

"Okay.  Then since you are agreeable, this is how it will go.  I'll plan something special for the three of us to try Saturday afternoon; something a little out of the ordinary.  If you promise to behave and obey me completely until I let you go again I think I can promise you a fun afternoon.  Are you game?"

He really was a take-charge person.  God I wish I had found him first.  I found myself agreeing along with Melissa and the deal was done.

That night I slept wearing a pair of handcuffs and dreamed about being bound with Melissa while Eric fed us both pizza and wine.  Little did I know that things weren't going to happen quite that way.

The next day, delivered to my office was an envelope from Eric with a few simple instructions.  Nothing fancy, I was just to meet him and Melissa at his place and bring all my bondage stuff.  Easy enough.

The rest of the day I spent wondering about what he had planned.

Saturday afternoon found me pulling up in front of an average house in an average neighborhood.  Melissa's car was in the driveway so I grabbed my bag of goodies and walked up to the front door.

Eric opened it just as I reached it and invited me inside.

It was a nice place, airy, lots of room and all his stuff was fairly well looked after.  It didn't look like the home of a man who lived alone.  Either he was a lot tidier than the single men I had known or he had someone come in and clean every once and a while.
Melissa was on the couch, a wine glass in one hand.  She smiled and said hello and I could see she was very excited.

"Glad you could make it Maria," Eric said.  "Can I get you a glass of wine before we start?"

"No, thanks.  I'm okay."

He smiled and then asked for my bag which I handed over and he took it through to a dining room.  Opening it, he began pulling out item after item.  Over time I had picked up a number of items and some of them were intimate enough to make me blush.

Melissa patted the seat next to her, and I sat down.

"Do you know what he has planned?" I whispered.

"Not a clue," she whispered back.  "You are okay with this aren't you?"

"I was just going to ask you that," I replied.

Eric came back in and the two of us turned our attention to him.  He stood in front of us and watched our faces, almost as if he was trying to make up his mind about something.  We were all silent for about a minute before he began to speak.

"Very well…first I'd like to compliment you, Maria, on your collection.  From the wear on some of your gear I'm sure you'll have no problem with today's activities.  You should be able to help out Melissa if she gets into trouble."

I blushed a little but said nothing.

"From this moment on, however, I expect your full cooperation and obedience.  We've already talked about our likes and dislikes and we are all sufficiently like-minded that you shouldn't have to worry about something too unexpected happening.  Are you ready?"

We both nodded, glancing at each other for support.

"Very good, we will begin.  I want you both to stand up."

We stood up.  I was suddenly nervous.  It was like the time I first tried a bungee jump.  When I got ready to jump, it was like my heart started pumping a hundred times harder, but something inside me said I would be okay so I jumped, and had a great time.  Again that little voice said I would be okay.

"Now," continued Eric, "I want you both to remove your clothing, every stitch."

I gasped, even though I wasn't too surprised.  I looked over at Melissa as if to ask her if it was okay to undress in front of her boyfriend.  She gave me an encouraging smile and began to unbutton her blouse.

So I started to undress.

Bondage for me has always been something done nude, and I knew we touched on this when we talked a few nights ago.  Still, this was our first time together.

By the time I was down to bra and panties, Melissa was already nude.  The two of them watching me made me very self conscious and I almost couldn't finish.  But I said I would go through with it so moments later I stood wearing nothing but a rather embarrassed smile.

Eric rather deliberately looked me up and down, making me blush even further.  His attention prompted a “humph” from Melissa and he laughed out loud.  His laughter caught on and soon we were all laughing, the tension eased somewhat.

He asked us both to wait and went into the dining room, returning moments later with two red ball gags, one of them mine.

"Do you have to gag us?" Melissa asked.

"Yes, I know how much you like to whine," he replied with a smile.

He strapped hers on first, pinching a nipple to make her squeal and open her mouth.

"Do I need to pinch you too?" he asked me.

I opened my mouth and he pushed the ball gag gently into it, buckling the strap tightly in back.  I immediately started to drool.

He ordered me back onto the couch and asked me to sit on my hands, which I did.  Then he collected some rope from the dining room and proceeded to wrap Melissa in a web-like manner across her shoulders and between her breasts, around and around, pinning her arms to the sides.  Eventually he worked down where he could bind her wrists together palm to palm in front of her before taking the rope up between her legs and tying it off high behind her back.

When he was done she was very well trussed up, unable to move her hands and arms at all.  The white rope outlined her breasts.  She looked great.

"Sit down Melissa, it's Maria's turn."

As she sat, I rose, and he began to bind me in much the same way as he had Melissa, except he crossed my wrists instead of tying them palm to palm.  As he worked he occasionally brushed against my nipples and I could feel and see them growing hard.  So could he and he gave me a wink.

When it came time for him to pull the rope between my legs he put one hand on my hip and grabbed the rope with the other and gently but firmly pulled it up and back so it was tight.

My legs were slightly apart, how they got that way I don't know.  It was easy for him to score a direct hit on my pussy with the rope and he didn't miss the opportunity.  He tied it a couple of times in back and when he was done my entire upper body was well restrained.

I tried to pull my arms up but all I did was pull the crotch rope in deeper.  It felt great.  I did wonder why he’d left our legs untied.  I would find out soon enough.

"Are you both comfortable?" he asked. "No tight spots, no skin being pinched anywhere?"

We both tested our bonds, wriggling and straining to reach unreachable knots, but he had tied us too well.  We both nodded okay.

"Good. Now follow me."

He helped Melissa stand and then led us toward the back of the house.  I didn't begin to get nervous again until a door he led us through turned out to be his garage.  He walked over to his car while Melissa and I both watched from the doorway.

It took Eric a moment to realize we had stopped.

"Well come on!"

We shook our heads.

"You did promise to obey me, are you going back on that?"

Melissa and I looked at each other for a moment, before slowly crossing over to where he stood.

"Don't worry, you'll be fine," he said, a hand on each of our shoulders.

He opened the back door and guided Melissa in first, putting on her seat belt and quickly tying her feet with some rope he had brought along.  Then he did the same to me.  With the seat belt crossing over our arms, we were well and truly trapped.  But as nervous as I was I was still having a good time.  None of my previous boyfriends had been this inventive.

Eric closed the door and went around to the driver's seat.  Once the car started he hit a couple of buttons and the windows that I hadn't noticed were down, rolled up.  They were tinted, and I breathed a sigh of relief.  I looked over at Melissa and saw that she too was breathing easier.

The garage door started opening and Eric got out of the car and went back into the house.
For five minutes Melissa and I struggled to free ourselves, but none of the ropes budged an inch.

When he came back he opened my door again.

"Almost forgot these," he whispered, and my world went black as the blindfold slipped on.

From then on it was just sounds and movement.  The sound of my door closing and Melissa's opening when he blindfolded her.  The movement of the car as he pulled it out of the garage and onto the street.  The sounds of other traffic, sometimes very nearby, with me wondering just how good the tinting was.  The fast regular bumps we encountered that told me we had just got on the highway out of town.

I don't know how long we drove, an hour maybe?  All I could think about was that I had never been an hour by car away from my clothes, ever!

When we finally stopped, we had traveled a long way on a gravel road and the sudden silence told me we were out in the country somewhere.

Eric opened the door and undid my seat belt and my legs.

Helping (and wandering) hands helped me out of my seat, and I was led, still blindfolded, a little way before being left alone.

I was in full sunshine; I could feel it on my skin.  It felt warm and soothing.  It eased the tension that had been building since I stepped into the garage.  The grass under my bare feet felt stiff and dry.  This wasn't someone's lawn.  I turned trying to sense where we were, but apart from the sun and a slight breeze that carried the smell of the open country, there was nothing.  Here I was, stark naked, who knows where, and I was unable to tell if anyone was even watching me.

A few minutes later footsteps approached and I hoped it was Eric returning with Melissa.

It was.

He took off our blindfolds and we blinked in the bright sunshine.

Melissa immediately started protesting through her gag, but not a word could be understood.  I looked around and saw that we were in a middle of a series of rolling hills.  A valley led off to our left and the road where the car sat curled around a hill to our right.
There were almost no trees to be seen except for down deep in the valley where I assumed a stream ran.

We were very exposed, visible for miles.

Melissa was getting a little frantic and Eric wasn't having any luck calming her down.  I put my hand on hers, and for a moment we connected again.  She calmed down at my touch and between us we seemed to make a commitment to see this through.

I don't know why I was so calm about all this.  I had never done anything like this in my life.  Yet it felt great!

I wondered what he had planned next.

"Are you both okay to carry on?" Eric asked.  He’d evidently missed our exchange.  Everyone does.

We nodded.

"Good," he smiled, relieved.  I wondered how much of this he had done before, and if we were fulfilling a fantasy of his.  I decided to ask him later.

"Now your next task you do together, but without me," he said, pulling out another rope from a pocket.  While he talked he attached the rope to Melissa's right ankle and my left ankle.  "You see that valley down there?  The other end is about five miles away.  It’s pure country as far as I know.  This road curls around the hills a bit and crosses it at the far end, but it takes about 10 miles to do it in.  You gals have a choice.  You can either follow the road and walk ten miles, or follow the valley and walk five.  I'll wait for you at the other end.  And don't worry about hurrying, I brought a book!"

Five miles, he expected us to walk five miles trussed up naked where anyone could see us!  I almost protested myself, but then looked around again.  This place seemed deserted.   Covered in grass and too steep to farm, the land here had been left alone.  There probably wasn't anyone around here.

Melissa was looking to me to decide.  I nodded, and then so did she.

"You're both just great." Eric said and reached out and hugged Melissa to himself for a moment, his hands cupping her buttocks making her squeal.  He let her go and gave me the same treatment, his fingers digging deep and making me squeal too.

Melissa seemed to laugh behind her gag and I was glad her sense of humor was still there.

"Just promise me one thing.  I know that when I leave you guys could easily untie each other.  I haven't made it that hard if you both cooperate.  But I ask you not to.  I did it that way in case in an emergency you really needed to get loose.  To enjoy this properly please stay tied up and together."

We nodded once more, now eager to see how we would do like this.

Eric ran to the car and we watched it drive off, wishing we were still inside.  I turned and walked toward the valley, Melissa getting in step beside me.  I did not want to take the road.  For one thing ten miles is way too far to go barefoot if you aren't used to it, and most of all where there is a road there can be people.  In my present state I wanted to avoid them as much as possible.

The hobble connecting Melissa and me was about three feet long and soon became a real nuisance as it caught on many things in the short grass.

I seriously considered untying it when Melissa discovered that if she kept it taut between us it wouldn't drag and get caught.  In this manner we walked downhill and followed an old fence line for a while.

The sun felt good until I realized that I wasn't wearing sunblock, and then I wondered how much time we'd spend in it before getting under cover.  I looked over at Melissa and watched her scan the hills looking for people who could see us.  Not that we could do anything about it.  There wasn't much we could hide behind.  Watching her walk, arms bound to her sides, breasts bouncing freely, I began to laugh.  Melissa raised her eyebrows but our silent communication wasn't up to my telling her how ludicrous our situation was.  So we just plodded on.

What did begin to get our attention after a while were our crotch ropes.  As we walked they would rub, and while at first it was just a tight feeling, soon we couldn't help notice how much the friction was stimulating us.  I tried to push my arms down, to lessen the friction, but I could never keep it up for long and before long it would be sawing again at my poor clit.  It was very distracting.

Eventually we came to another fence, a newer one that ran across our path.

Bound as we were there was no way to climb it, we had to follow it.  But it led along the side of the hill and didn't let us any closer to the valley floor where there was shade.  It at least let us head toward the other end of the valley, and I wondered if Eric knew this fence would be here and that we would be exposed for the entire walk.

I wouldn't have put it past him.

Even if we untied ourselves we still wouldn't have anything to wear or cover ourselves for the walk.  Bound or not, this was still a hairy adventure.

I'm not sure how far we’d gone when we found the gap.  It had been a while and we were both trying to pass the time and ignore the heat between our legs by humming Beatles tunes behind our gags when I saw it.

A deeply trodden path, more of a rut, led up to the fence from the other side and through a gate, and continued on up the hill.  The gate hadn't closed all the way and there was space for us to squeeze through.

Melissa tried to pull me through, but I hesitated.

Where there was a path, you found people.  But we had both been out in the sun for a while now and I knew that if we didn't find some cover soon we would be burning in places we never had before.  I looked closer at the path but could not make out any footprints.  What I saw instead were hoof prints and thought maybe that this was just a cattle path or something.

Reluctantly I gave in and we squeezed through and headed downhill once more.  It wasn't long before we got to the bottom and under the shade of the trees that grew there.  I could hear running water but couldn't see the stream through the thick undergrowth.  Melissa sat down and I joined her and we huddled together while we rested.
I could see Melissa working her jaw, and realized that her gag must really be getting uncomfortable.  She wasn't as used to them as I was and I know it takes time and a lot of practice to wear a gag for extended periods.

I was tempted to take it off, but decided against it.  Feeling a little malicious I let her suffer for dragging me into this.  I wanted to reach between my legs and soothe the itch that was driving me mad, but with Melissa so close I didn't dare.

Soon we up again and following the path that seemed to stick to the bottom of the valley.
Here were fairly well hidden.  The slope of the hills and the winding of the valley meant that we couldn't be seen except from very close up.  It also meant we couldn't see very far ahead, as we discovered about a mile farther down.

We were just rounding a turn when we came face to face with a rider on horseback.  He was about 30 yards in front of us and just as startled as we were.

In a panic we left the trail and started to climb the hill.  We didn't get very far.  The hill was steep and when Melissa lost her footing she began to slide back down, unable to catch herself in her bound condition.  Tied together, I was of course dragged with her.

We ended up on the path again this time right in front of the horse rider.

He got off the horse and helped us both to our feet and then stepped back to take in our appearance.

I don't think I have ever been this embarrassed.  Here was a good-looking guy and his first sight of me was when I was naked and gagged and bound in rope.  I just wanted to hide under a rock.

"Are you okay?" he asked us.

We nodded; I didn't dare look him in the eyes.

He walked behind Melissa and undid her gag.  She moved her jaw slowly once he pulled the ball out, getting it used to movement again.

"Thanks…" was all she could manage.

The rider was looking at the gag, then at us.

"You aren't in trouble, are you?"  It was more of a statement than a question.

I shook my head and Melissa said no.

"You're just out here for fun?"

"Yes," Melissa replied, "it's kinda hard to explain."

The guy just shook his head.

"I know all about these kinky games, and I can recognize a couple of devotees when I see them.  Why don't you tell me about it?"

"Er...I don't suppose you have anything we can wear do you?"

"What, and spoil your game?  Why don't you just tell me about it first?"

So, standing naked in front of this guy we have never met before, Melissa explained about Eric and what had happened so far that afternoon.  As she talked the guy watched her face, but he would look over at me and glance down my entire body frequently and smile.  I didn't know if it was that he was very good looking, or if it was just the crotch rope but I couldn't help smiling back around my gag as best I could.

"Well, you're wrong about not being in trouble," he said when Melissa finished, "this is private property and you're trespassing.  Still, I have never had trespassers like you before so I wouldn't get too worried.  I'll just take you back down to my place and go find this boyfriend of yours so he can take you home, okay?"

Melissa didn't know what to say, and I just nodded meekly.

"Right," he said, stepping forward.

Before Melissa could stop him he reached out and popped the gag back in her mouth, buckling it once more.  Then he bent down and untied the rope between our ankles.

"Now I'm not going to spoil your game," he said standing up again, "so I'm going to take you back in a way that you might appreciate, given your current situation."  He smiled and then reached between my breasts.  I stepped back but he was too quick and began to tie the short rope that had connected us to the rope that ran between my breasts.

I looked over at Melissa, and willed her to run, but she just stood there watching.  He took the other end and tied it to her in the same manner so we were connected again, this time chest to chest, three feet apart.  He then went to his horse and brought back a coil of larger rope.  One end he tied to the rope that connected us, the other he kept in his hand.  He remounted his horse and tied the rope off on the pommel.

"You know, I have always wanted to have a couple of beautiful naked women bound to my horse.  I guess it’s my lucky day," he said with a smile.  He got his horse moving and rode it slowly back the way he had come, the two of us helplessly following behind.

It wasn't too far when we came to a thick grove of trees that surrounded a few buildings.  There was a big house, a barn and a few sheds scattered around.  In front of the house sat a brand new pickup and a gravel driveway led off into the trees on the far side.  It all looked very nice and totally isolated.

The rider rode up to the house and tied his horse to an old hitching post in front of it.  He then took the rope and led us both onto a large open porch.

"I'll have you ladies sit on the swing right there," he said, pointing.

We sat and he tossed the rope over the back of the swinging love seat and ducked down to pull it out from underneath.

In a moment he had all our legs bound tightly and we were stuck.

"I'll just be a moment."  And he went inside.

As soon as he was gone we both tried frantically to untie the ropes.  But we couldn't reach any of the knots and nothing we did could loosen any of them.

The guy came back out bearing a tray with three large glasses on them.

"Apple juice.  I love the stuff.  I bet you're pretty thirsty right now."

To our surprise he took off both our gags and put the glasses to our lips so we could drink.  I started to protest, but realized that he hadn't really done anything worth protesting about, apart from keeping us tied.  Besides, the juice was really good.

"Better?" he asked.

"Thanks," I replied, "but could you untie us and find us something to wear?"

"I could, but I won’t.  I'm not going to spoil your game.  It's something I enjoy myself."

Hmmm...good-looking and interested in bondage.  Melissa could see the gears turning in my head and gave me a look.

"What I am going to do, is first put my horse in the barn, and then go drive over to the crossing to get your boyfriend.  He can decide what to do with you then.  Okay?"

Reluctantly we both agreed.  I asked him his name.

"I'm Alan. I own this place now.  It's been in the family for three generations.  Pretty much this entire valley belongs to me, the bottom half of it anyway."  He went on to tell us that he was a software engineer working out of his office here in the house, and that he now lived here alone since his father died not too long ago.  He let us drink more of the juice until we were finished, before getting up again.

I thought he was just going to start on his horse, but instead he pulled out a bandana and cleave gagged Melissa.

"You don't have to do that, you know," I said.

"I have to leave you alone for a while, and your outfits just aren't complete without a gag."

So that's how we ended up cleave gagged and swinging gently in the breeze while Alan drove away some twenty minutes later.

We had been waiting for a while and were starting to get worried when we heard vehicles approaching.  First to appear was Alan in his truck.  Behind him was Eric's familiar car and for the first time we both really relaxed.  The end was in sight.

Alan got out and watched as Eric hopped onto the porch and undid our gags.

"Are you two okay?  Did anything happen?  Are you hurt?" he asked breathlessly.

We assured him we were fine and he took Melissa in his arms and hugged her deeply.  I glanced over at Alan and found him watching me.  I blushed, not knowing why.  He would look at Melissa, but I noticed his eyes always returned to stare at me.

Melissa said something that caught me daydreaming and brought me back to reality.  "I need to pee, can you untie me now?"

"Me too," I chimed in.

Eric bent low to undo our feet when Alan stepped up behind him and whispered in his ear.

With an evil smile Eric stood up again.

"Can I assume," Eric began, "that I'm still in control here?"

"I think things have gone a lot differently than you planned, Eric," I said.

"True, but not badly.  If you're willing to go on, Alan and I have been talking.  I know that Melissa and I don’t have any plans for tonight or tomorrow.  If you are free too Maria, then Alan has asked if we wanted to stay through the weekend to continue our game."


"Can Melissa and I talk about it?  You haven't really given us a chance to do that since we started."

"Sure, go ahead."

"Come on in Eric," said Alan, "I'll get you a beer."

The two men went inside, leaving the two of us, still nude and bound, finally able to talk.

"Well?" I asked Melissa.

"I don't know.  This is all happening so fast."

"I know.  Still..."

"You're attracted to him aren't you?" she asked with a smile.

To tell the truth I was attracted to both of them.  "To who?" I asked.

"Alan.  The way he's been watching you the feeling is mutual."

I laughed, although I felt she was right.

"Tell you what, Sweetie; I'll stick with it for the weekend so you can spend more time with Alan."

"Gee, thanks," I said, wondering if I was that transparent.

"That's what friends are for!"

We were giggling away at what he might look like under his shirt when the men came out and asked us for our decision.  When we said we'd keep going if Alan didn't mind the company, Eric grinned and he and Alan cleave gagged us once more before untying out legs.

To my surprise we weren't led inside the house to a bathroom, instead we were taken over to a tree where our tether was tied out of our reach.

We started making noises and gestured as best we could about our need to use the bathroom.  Eric told us that we could go where we were and we were shocked.  He just laughed and he and Alan went back to the house.

Men.  The world may be their toilet, but it's not as easy for women.  We resisted in the hope that they would return, but soon pride and embarrassment gave way to physical need and I, then Melissa, gave in and relieved ourselves.  Still bound together we couldn't hide from each other – another bonding experience.

Eventually the men came over again and Eric told us that he had to drive back for some overnight things, but that Alan would watch over us for a while.

We watched, feeling a little abandoned as he drove off.  We knew it would be at least two hours before he made it back.

"Well," said Alan, "I think its time I undid those ropes, you've been bound like that for a long time now and you must be getting stiff.  And I bet you could use a good wash!"

We agreed on both counts.

He undid our tether and led us toward the barn.

Stopping right in front he undid the rope between my breasts, brushing my nipples as he did so.  They immediately got hard and I flexed my wrists, digging in the crotch rope.  Alan noticed and laughed and I wondered if I would ever stop blushing.

Once free of the tether he led me over to a post and using a short piece of rope bound me loosely to it.  Then he started taking all the ropes off Melissa, although he avoided undoing her wrists and left her gagged.

I could tell she was pretty glad to be able to move her arms, and Alan was kind enough to let her flex them a little to work out a few kinks.  Taking her wrists again Alan hooked them to a cable above her head that hung down from a hoist in front of the hay loft.

Melissa was stretched out and completely exposed.  Up until now we could at least use our hands to hide our pussies, now she couldn't hide anything.  Still, she didn't seem to mind and turned slightly so he could get a good view.  The slut.

I laughed.

She knew what I was thinking and laughed too.

That is until he turned the hose on her.

It must have been ice cold the way she squealed and danced around.  When she was completely wet, Alan put down the hose and got a bucket from inside the barn and put some water in it.  He added what looked like soap off a shelf along one side and a big brush.

"Time for that wash I promised."

I watched in amazement as he soaped her down with the brush, making sure to scrub every inch of her body.  The bristles looked huge and hard, but I don't think he was rubbing too hard or Melissa would have really had something to say.  Instead she looked like she was really getting into it when he stopped and picked up the hose again, rinsing her off with a long jet of water that had her jumping around again.

A wet, but clean, Melissa was led over to my post a few moments later, hands now retied behind her.

Alan released me from the post and Melissa took my place.

It was my turn for a bath.

Bound to the cable exactly as Melissa had been, I couldn't look Alan in the eye as he had his first unobstructed look at my body.  He told me I looked lovely and I smiled before the water hit me.

It was COLD!

I screamed into my gag and tried to move away, but couldn't escape the stream of water.   I thought he had been shooting the water at me for much longer than he had Melissa when he finally shut it off and brought the bucket.

The water in the bucket was cold too.  The brush reminded me of how tender my skin was.  I must have gotten sunburned being out so long without sunblock.  The soap didn't smell familiar to me at all (I was later told it's the same stuff he washes his horse with, humph).  I was just beginning to wonder if my sunburn would peel, when I felt the brush go between my legs and Alan's other hand caress my right nipple.

He didn't do THAT to Melissa!

I squirmed under his touch, eyes tightly shut as he worked that brush across a VERY sensitive area.  I knew I had been building a lot of sexual tension since we began this adventure, but it was nothing compared to what was being done to me now.  It was as if he was moving in slow motion.  I could feel each bristle as it struck my clit before being hurried along by the next.  Each one sent a shiver through my legs and I almost collapsed.  His hand at my breast had me panting through the gag and I wished he had a third hand so my other love-starved breast could join in.

I opened my eyes and sought Melissa out.

She was still bound to the post, eyes wide, obviously enjoying my predicament.

Just when I thought I was abut to orgasm, Alan stepped back and a blast of cold water dampened my enthusiasm.

I could have cried.  I bet the bastard knew exactly what he was doing.

Cold, defeated, and very frustrated, I hung there for a few minutes while Alan put away his cleaning supplies and unhooked me.

"I bet that feels better now doesn't it?" he said with a grin.

I glared at him, but couldn't keep it up and we both laughed.

He rebound my hands behind me and led me into the barn.

He led me directly into what looked like an empty horse stall, and locked the gate.  It took a moment to realize that this was the first time since we started that Melissa and I weren't together.

I need not have worried.  A minute later Alan came back in with Melissa in tow, and put her in a stall next to mine.

"I'll be back when Eric gets here, have fun," he said as he left us alone.

The walls of the stalls went right up to the ceiling, so we couldn't see each other, until I sat down and saw that the lower third of each wall was slatted instead of solid.

We still couldn't talk though, at least not enough to understand each other easily.  With our hands bound rather well behind us that wasn't going to change either.

I lay down on the straw and promptly fell asleep.

The sound of the door opening woke me up.

"Damn," I heard Alan say, "I was hoping to wake up Sleeping Beauty with a kiss!"

This made me smile and blush yet again and Alan laughed.

He escorted me toward the house where I could see Eric and Melissa already heading.  The sun was low in the sky and I wondered what time it was.

Inside the house, which was definitely not as tidy as Eric's, I didn't see any clocks (I was told later that this was done on purpose to keep us guessing).  I was taken through to the kitchen to find Eric kneeling before Melissa, fastening leather ankle cuffs on her.  Her hands were still tied behind her but her gag had been removed.

Alan took my gag off (I thanked him a lot).  He reached into a heap of bondage equipment that had been piled on the kitchen table for a set of ankle cuffs to put on me.  Now I knew what kind of overnight equipment Eric meant.

"I thought it would help ease up on the rope burns if I brought this stuff along." he said catching my look.

"Sure," I replied. "and can I ask what you have planned for us?"

Eric laughed and Alan said we would find out anyway so why ask.

My ankle cuffs were connected with about eight inches of chain and locked on with two tiny padlocks.  Before untying my wrists Alan put on two similar wrist cuffs, also locked on with padlocks.  He undid the rope holding together my wrists and quickly fastened my wrists together in front of me with a bigger padlock.

Eric did the same with Melissa.

Then Eric dragged out something I hated, bit gags.  I hate the way they bite into my cheeks.

"Do we have to be gagged again?  Melissa and I haven't had a chance to talk at all today," I whined.

"Not true," Alan answered, "but as you’ve spent so much time being gagged today, I figure we can let you have a little time off later.  Is that okay with you Eric?"

"Fine by me!"

"But for now..."

I struggled as best I could, but to no avail.  The hated bit gag sat snug in my mouth, locked in place with another tiny lock and again Melissa and I were struck mute.

"Okay girls," smirked Eric, "we fellas are headed to the den to watch TV.  I'm sure there is something here you can whip up for dinner.  Call us...sorry, heh heh, come get us when it's ready."

The men collected the rest of the bondage gear and cleared out.  That left Melissa and me in a role I'm sure every man dreams of: naked, silent and in the kitchen.  How sexist!

Melissa shrugged and began going through the cupboards, so I shuffled over and joined her.

We soon determined that we could cook a pretty good spaghetti meal out of what we found, and even though we couldn't talk we managed to work well together.  Quite often we caught one of the men standing in the doorway watching us shuffle along, our feet only able to take eight-inch steps, our breasts jiggling with the rapid movement of our hips.  Our cuffed hands made it difficult not to look like naked slave girls preparing their masters’ dinner and I was sure that was exactly the look they wanted.
When we were finally done, and the table set and ready, we shuffled off in search of our "masters" and found them a few rooms away watching football.  Melissa and I, through sign language and direction, had arranged little surprise for them.  We each shuffled in front of one of them, and at the same time dropped to our knees and bent down low with our arms outstretched and our heads to the floor.  We had expected them to laugh, but instead Eric had the nerve to lift his feet and put them directly on Melissa's back.

She wasn't going to have any of that.  She attempted to rise but Eric leaned over and began tickling her exposed sides.

She immediately collapsed laughing and tried to defend herself as Eric tickled her unmercifully, laughing almost as much as she was.

By now I’d sat up and Alan and I watched as the two of them rolled together on the floor laughing their heads off.

"I think we’d better leave them to it," whispered Alan in my ear, so I got up and followed him into the kitchen.

By the time Eric and Melissa joined us, Alan had just finished using some rope to bind me to one of the kitchen chairs and had taken out my gag so we could talk.  He was a very interesting guy and I found myself liking him more and more.

Once Melissa was bound in place, the men served the meal.  Except for the females at the table being nude and bound, it was a fairly normal dinner party.  Alan and Eric made sure we weren't hungry by feeding us our spaghetti and helping us drink our wine.  A lot of both ended up running down our chins and onto our chests.  ‘Not by accident,’ I thought.

When Alan asked us what was for dessert, neither Melissa nor I could really answer.  We hadn't found anything we could use for a dessert.

The men already knew.  They turned our chairs to one side and began licking up all the wine and sauce they had spilled on us.  Melissa and I laughed and cried!  It was a silly, simple, wonderful moment and I loved every second of it.

After we had all calmed down, the gags were put back in and we were told to clean up the kitchen and do the dishes before coming back to the den.  So, being the good little slave girls that we were, we hurried through our chores and made our way back to the den.  The men were ready for us.

They had us stand with our legs as far apart as the hobble chains would let us, and fastened chastity belts around our waists.  Before pulling through the crotch belts, however they presented us with an object I recognized, but which Melissa didn't.  I groaned and Melissa gave me puzzled look.  Her look changed to delight when Eric placed the butterfly vibrator in his hand between her legs.

I looked down to see Alan doing the same thing, and a far away voice asked me what the hell I was doing letting a guy I had never seen before today suddenly get very intimate with me.

I told the voice to shut up and made sure the vibrator was seated properly before Alan locked on the crotch strap.

Only then did they take off our gags and the four of us settled down on the couch to watch a movie.  I didn't get to watch much of it though, and I doubt Melissa did either.

Alan held the control for my vibrator in his hand and played with it almost continuously.  He would turn it up high for a brief moment then turn it down to let me simmer, never letting it stay at one setting for long.  His free hand would toy with a nipple or brush my hair and it wasn't long before I forgot all about the movie and just concentrated on what he was doing to me.

Alan and Eric must have had us writhing on their laps for hours.  Panting with want, our minds were totally gone as we pleaded and shortly begged for the release of an orgasm.
What sluts we were!

Alan, by this time, had his shirt off and I was biting his nipples in an attempt to force him to let me cum.  He stood up, lifted me in his arms and carried me from the room.  He kept the vibrator on low as he carried me through dark hallway and outside into the moonlight.

It wasn't until we arrived that I saw we were back in the barn, and I feared he was going to lock me away again without giving me any kind of release at all!

Instead he laid me on my back on the straw in my stall and proceeded to bind me spread eagle to its four corners.

"Are you sure you want this?"  I heard him ask.

"YES!!!" I screamed.

He unlocked the crotch strap and replaced the vibrator with his own manhood.

I came.  I came.  He came.  I came.  I came.

The only way I can describe how satisfying an orgasm like this feels, is to say why don't you let yourself be sexually teased for hours without being able to cum and then suddenly be pushed over the edge?

Without trying it, you can't imagine it.

We lay there in the dark for a while, just holding each other.  Actually it was just him holding me as I was still spread out by the ropes attached to my cuffs.

Eventually, Alan whispered in my ear.  "Would you like to stop now, and come sleep in a real bed?"

I thought about it.  But I wasn't sure.  Bondage had brought us together, and bondage had given me this incredible high.  I thought that if we reverted now, we’d become an ordinary couple.  Would it destroy the magic for the rest of the weekend?

I shook my head slowly.

"Alan, I love what we're doing right now.  Please let’s not stop…at least not yet."

Alan kissed me tenderly on the cheek, then more forcefully on the mouth, and soon we were again making love in the straw.

I must have fallen asleep in the second afterglow, for I woke up feeling a buzzing between my legs.  Alan was gone, the butterfly vibrator back in its place set on low, and I was still spread out and tied down.  I also was cleave gagged once more.

The sound that woke me was Melissa in the next stall attempting to ask me if I was okay.
I grunted an okay and closed my eyes again.  I couldn't see too well in the dark but, if the men went true to form, she would be bound as I was and that meant that neither of us would be getting much sleep.

End of part 1


I did get to sleep after a couple of hours of squirming.  The batteries faded in the vibrator and exhaustion took over.

When next I woke, it was to bright sunshine and cold water.

Alan stood outside the stall with the hose in his hand and was spraying me down.  I screamed and he laughed.

"I thought you might need some cooling down after a hot night," he said, before waking up Melissa in the same way.

Ten minutes later saw us chained hand and foot as we were during the evening and shuffling toward the house.

Alan directed Melissa toward the kitchen where Eric was waiting, and I was taken upstairs to a large functional bathroom.

My restraints and gag were all removed and I was told to go to town, which I did.

Looking in the mirror I could see how red my skin was due to not wearing sunscreen, but I saw some ointment among the stuff over the sink so I felt I could prevent more damage.  I took a nice warm bath, brushed my teeth, washed my hair and did the numerous other things we women feel the need to do that fascinate our men so much.

Eric had collected all of Melissa's bathroom stuff so I had everything I needed.  There were even towels, and it felt quite novel to have something other than rope wrapped around me for once.

As I was shaving my legs an evil thought came out of hiding and ambushed me.  The trouble was, did I have the guts to do it?

The last thing I did was to apply a generous coating of sunscreen.  I felt I would be spending a lot of time in the sun again today.

Finished, I came back downstairs, wrapped in a towel and found everyone in the kitchen having breakfast.  Melissa looked a sight, straw in her hair, dirt down her back.  I imagined it must have been just how I looked before my bath.

She and Alan were at the table and Eric stood by the stove with a cup of coffee in his hand.

"You look good Maria, feel better?" Eric asked.

"I'd feel a lot better with some coffee in me."
"Sure," said Alan, "but I think we had better get you properly dressed first.  So, if you hand your towel to Melissa I'll grab your stuff."

I hesitated a moment, before pulling off the towel and tossing it at Melissa before I could change my mind.

Melissa gasped, and Eric almost dropped his coffee.

Alan, who had turned away to grab the cuffs I was to wear, turned back to ask what was wrong.  He froze.

"Stunning." he said.

"I guess I got a little carried away," I said quietly.

I hadn't stopped with shaving my legs.  I was completely shaved from the neck down.

"My God, Maria!" shrieked Melissa.  "How could you?"

Eric started laughing while Alan leaned back and smiled.

"If you think I'm going to follow your example this time kiddo," went on Melissa, "you're crazy."

“Oh come on," said Eric, "I think you would look great!"

"Really?" she asked, smiling at Eric.


"I'll think about it."

"I'll take you up to the bathroom now and you can think about it as you wash all that straw out of your hair."

Melissa giggled, and shuffled quickly after Eric.  I could see she was really smitten with him.  I didn't think he would have any problem convincing her to shave herself for him.

Now Alan and I were alone.  He was still sitting; I was still standing.

"Come over here, will you?" he said.

I padded over until I was directly in front of him.  He looked up into my eyes.

"Why?" he asked.

"A gift, for you," I answered quietly.

"Just you being here is a gift.  You're wonderful; you know that?"

"I'm just some naked girl who happened along.  You would have done the same with any other woman."

"No. I wouldn't.  You're special."

I wasn't sure how to respond to that.

He was.  "Turn around."

I turned and felt the leather bondage cuffs being fitted once more, connected behind my back, and then the ankle cuffs with the eight-inch chain.  He sat me down and fed me my coffee and breakfast, all the time keeping me in full view.

I knew that he liked his gift.

After breakfast, Alan took me back out to the barn, telling me he needed to see to his horse.

"Eric and I thought we might spend part of the morning apart.  I think it would be good for us to find out more about each other."

"I'd like that," I replied.

Alan smiled and stopped at the entrance to the barn.

He seemed to come to a decision and told me to wait where I was.  He disappeared into the back of the barn, and I stood, cuffed hand and foot, waiting for his return.

When he did come back, it was with coils of rope under one arm, and I wondered what bondage situation I would be placed in next.

It was another spread eagle.  Only this time I was standing up.  Using the barn doorway as a frame he had a rope coming from each corner.  My arms were spread wide and high, and my legs stretched apart so far that I could barely stand.

It was an effort to maintain, and I put more and more weight on my arms until a balance of sorts was reached and I was relatively comfortable.

But was I exposed!

There wasn't an inch of me that couldn't be seen, and Alan made sure he took a good look at every one of them.  If I wasn't so red from my sunburn, he would have seen me blush all the way down to my toes.

He did take the time to kiss my nipples before heading for his horse.  As he worked on cleaning out the horse stall we talked more about ourselves.  I found myself telling him about my life, or lack thereof, and he touched briefly on the death of his father.  I got the impression it wasn't something he was ready to talk deeply about yet, but I figured there would be plenty of time for me to be there for him when he did feel the need to talk.

Plenty of time?

We would be going home this afternoon, but I knew I would be coming back to see him again.  I had no doubts about that.

He took off his shirt while he worked and it was my turn to admire his body.  He wasn't overly muscled or lean, but he was very fit looking.  Hauling around hay bales for his horse must be a good work out.

I said that to him and he agreed.  Wiping his brow he grinned and said he had an idea.  He quickly untied me and pointed at the hay bales.

"I want four bales of straw cut open and spread out over the floor of Nelson's stall (Nelson was the horse)," he told me with a grin.  "The feed bag is over in the back; you can fill the dry hopper with it and then fill the water hopper with the hose."

"What?  I've never done that before."  I protested.

"I can tell, look at that flab!" he said, attempting to pinch my side.

"You beast," I was laughing.  "There isn't an inch of fat on me, as you well know."

"Then you have no excuses.  Get to work slave!"


He swiped me on the butt and I went over to the hay bales he had stacked close to the stall.  They were heavy but not too heavy so I was able to do as he asked.  Or should I say ordered?

At least I wasn't in any kind of restraint, but I was still naked and Alan just sat and watched while I worked.

I quickly got sweaty in the morning heat and the dust from the straw was sticking to me everywhere.

From time to time Alan would tell me how good I looked hauling hay or pouring feed, naked and sweaty as I was.  I couldn't help but smile.

By the time I got the water hopper filled I was tired and achy.  It was a lot more work than it looked.

"You look a mess, but a delightful mess," Alan told me.

"Thanks," was all I could say.

He came over and with a quick snap connected my wrist cuffs together in front of me with a padlock.  Then he bent low and lifted me over his shoulder.

"You need another bath!"

"Not the hose again," I pleaded.

"No, not the hose."

In this undignified manner he carried me out of the barn and around the side.  I attempted to pinch his butt as we walked, but he stopped that by slapping me hard on my own butt.
We started downhill along a path, but I couldn't see where we were going.  A small grassy area, some sand, and then water.

He was striding into a pool of some kind and the next thing I knew he had bent low and flipped me in to the water.

I came up spluttering and saw him laughing.

The water wasn't very deep, about waist high, so I was able to stand up and look around.  We were next to the stream but not in it.  It looked like a large area of the bank had been cut away to allow water from the stream to create a big swimming hole.  Sand along one side created a sort of beach.

I called Alan a dirty name and he reached out and dunked me again.  I dunked him back and we both started laughing and spraying water at each other.  Of course he had the advantage as my hands were cuffed.  But we had fun.

At one point he waded ashore and pulled off the rest of his clothes.  The rest of him looked as good as I thought it would and he rejoined me in the water.

A little bit later, tired and cleaner, we both staggered out of the water and collapsed on the sand.  He rolled over and kissed me deeply, and I returned the kiss, wrapping my legs around him.

We had just begun to fool around when we heard Eric's voice.

"I could hear you guys a mile away!"

We stopped and looked up the path to see Eric and Melissa coming down.

Eric was in a T-shirt and shorts, while Melissa wore nothing but her restraints.  How Eric had her bound was wild.

Her ankles were connected with the eight-inch chain, but her knees were strapped tightly together so she could only take very tiny steps.  A wide belt ran around her waist, with a crotch strap tightly locked between her legs.  She wore a leather halter that allowed her breasts to squeeze through and stick out farther than normal.  Her nipples had clamps attached and had chains connected to a leash Eric held in his hand.  Her hands appeared to be bound high behind her back and to top off her outfit; her head was covered in a leather hood from which no part of her face could be seen.

I knew that hood well, it was mine, and it looked like Eric had used all the attachments: the blindfold, the penis gag and the earmuffs.

I doubt she had any idea where she was or that we were even here.

"Impressive," murmured Alan.

"How long has she been like that?" I asked.

"Oh, since her bath.  We've been out for a long walk."

Melissa looked like she was about to fall over.  She continually shifted to try to keep her balance and she seemed to be shivering.

"Don't you think it is time to let her out?" Alan said.

"You're right, she deserves a break," Eric replied.

We watched as he led her slowly onto the sand, the leash tugging on her nipples forcing her to follow.  As horny as I was right now the sight of her only turned me on even more.  I imagined Alan leading me around like that and how helpless I would be in his hands.

Eric undid the gag and pulled it out.  As soon as her mouth was free Melissa began to beg.  "Please turn it’s driving me crazy!"

It was then I realized that the reason she was so shaky was that she had a vibrator inside her.  Wow!

Eric left her hands where they were and took off the nipple clamps.  Melissa winced at the pain of the blood rushing back into her tortured nipples.  He then bent over and undid the strap that held her knees together, and then he unlocked the crotch belt and reached in to pull out a large, wide vibrator that we could clearly hear doing its work.  We could also see that Eric had managed to persuade her to follow my example after all.

He grinned and started to work the vibrator slowly in and out of her pussy.  With a small scream Melissa started to cum where she stood.  Her whole body was convulsing.  I don't know how she didn't lose her balance.

Eric pulled the vibrator clear and Melissa sank to her knees.  We all watched quietly as he removed the rest of the hood and waited until she composed herself and opened her eyes.  Only then, I think, did she realize that she and Eric weren't alone.

"Ohmygod!"  All one word.  She blushed fiercely and then smiled.

I got up and hugged her, and the two men watched as Melissa and I shared a moment together.

"You know, that water looks good, I think I'll go get my swimsuit!" Eric said, breaking the mood.

"Why bother," Alan replied, "none of us are wearing any!"

This made Eric pause and Melissa laugh.  So with a shrug he climbed out of his clothes and ran into the water.

Alan got up and waded in after him while I helped Melissa up so we could join them.

She still had her feet and arms bound so she didn't do much more than stand in the waist high water, but the rest of us splashed each other and her so she didn't get left out.

There was a moment when Melissa and I stood together while the men swam farther out.  I got a chance for a few quick words.  "You okay?" I asked her.

"Yeah.  It's been pretty intense, but I'm handling it.  How are you and Alan getting along?"

"He's wonderful.  It will be hard to leave later."

"He has a good body," she said with a wink.

"So does Eric," I winked back.

We started laughing which got the men's attention and soon they were standing next to us and helping us onto the sand.

"Eric," said Alan, "can you watch the ladies for a moment while I get some stuff?"


As Alan picked up his pants and walked backup the trail, Eric had us both lie face down on the warm sand while he put his own shorts on.

A few minutes later Alan came down with a bundle of ropes and stuff, and called Eric over.

The men whispered for a few moments then came back.

"It's time you two were immobilized for a while." Alan said.

Separating a couple of hammers from the pile, the men pounded some long stakes into the sand around us, and then they unlocked our restraints and spread us out face down, tying us spread eagle once more.

The sun had appeared above the tree line and I voiced a concern about more sunburn, so Eric ran back to the house and got some sunscreen from the bathroom to replace what had washed off.

Alan's hands felt great as he rubbed it in.  I almost fell asleep under his ministrations.  I felt like I was in heaven.

The men then gagged us with bandannas and left the clearing together.

I lifted my head and looked over at Melissa who was doing the same thing at me, and nodded.  She nodded back.  She was okay.  I craned my neck around to look at the water.
Anyone coming down the stream would see us easily and I hoped that this place was as private as Alan said it was or they would be greeted with the sight of two extremely naked women staked out face down in the sand and completely helpless.

I lay my head down and enjoyed the warmth, pulling slightly at my bonds from time to time.  I thought back over the weekend, and all that had happened so far.  I knew I wouldn't be the same person in the office tomorrow as I was on Friday.
I wondered how Melissa was taking all of this.  She’d said she was okay, but she was so new at this.  At least my interest in bondage had prepared me somewhat for all that had happened, but not her.

At no time since we started yesterday afternoon had either of us been completely free.  We were either supervised or restrained.  When we were in the bathroom it was under orders so even that time wasn't really ours.  I had never spent this much continuous time under bondage, and I knew Melissa hadn't.

I just wished we could talk about it, but it seemed that the men were purposely stopping us from doing that.  I wondered why.

After a while, Eric and Alan came back carrying coolers and a couple of deck chairs and set out a picnic of sorts.  They then turned us over and rubbed more sun lotion on our fronts (Mmmmmm) before ungagging us.

They fed us and themselves, a lunch of cold meats, fruits and vegetables.  Ice water was what they let us drink although they had beers for themselves.

None of us said much, we just enjoyed each other's company.

It was a tranquil moment.

The men became restless after a while and someone suggested a game.  The game was not one I would have picked had I had a vote, but since neither Melissa nor I had one it was decided for us.

We were untied and allowed to stretch and flex for a minute or so.  Our hands were locked behind us and Alan pulled out one of the stakes.

They wanted us to play fetch.

"But you play that with dogs!" I said.

"Not this way you don't," Alan answered.

He explained the rules as he made them up.

Eric and he would take turns tossing the stake.  Melissa and I would have to run to get it, grabbing it in our teeth.  No hands allowed.

We were then to run back and kneel in front of whoever didn't throw it and present it to him.

It sounded very demeaning and sexist, and I said so.

"Well who's the naked slave girl here?" Alan asked me.

He had a point.  Then he explained the reward for winning, or more accurately the punishment for losing.  The loser each time would get five spanks on the butt, given by whoever threw the stake.

"Incentive to try harder next time," grinned Eric, liking the game already.

Without further ado, Alan tossed the stake and waited for us to move.  When we didn't all he said was "of course we could just do the spankings anyway and keep going until our arms get tired."
Melissa squealed and ran for the stake.  Startled by her action, I didn't have a chance of catching her.  She brought back the stake and sunk to her knees in front of Eric.

Alan ginned and pulled me over his lap.  Five sharp slaps later I was ready to play the game.

Eric tossed it far and Melissa and I were off.

Unused to running with my hands bound behind me I found it difficult to pick up a rhythm.  My breasts bounced around and I felt very awkward.  Melissa consequently beat me again and presented the stake to Alan.  Hanging my head I started to walk back to Eric until Alan yelled out that it would be double spankings if we didn't run back.  So I ran.  Bent over Eric's lap, I received five more hard swipes.

My butt felt hot as I stood up.

Alan tossed the stake and again we were off.  This time I was determined to beat Melissa and we ended up pushing each other back and forth while the men laughed.

Humiliated, I returned with the stake in my mouth and knelt in front of Eric.  I spat sand out of my mouth while Melissa took her punishment, crying out as I did with each swipe.
Eric threw the stake hard and out over the water.  Melissa and I hesitated before plunging in to chase it.
We could see it floating and wondered how deep the water would be before we got there.  With are hands bound behind us we wouldn't be able to swim worth a damn.  We ended up floundering around in chest deep water and it was only luck that I caught it at all.

I walked slowly back to the men and dropped the stake between them.

"Look, I'm serious here.  This is stupid and humiliating and I don't want to play anymore."  I thought I sounded like a small child.

The smile left Alan's face and he stood up.  Putting an arm around me he led me away from Eric.

"I'm sorry.  I didn't think you were serious when you protested earlier.  I didn't mean to humiliate you like this."  He kissed me tenderly before going on, and I found myself melting into his arms.  "It’s just...well after what you did for me in the barn I thought you might be into these submissive type games too."

"What I did in the barn," I replied slowly, "I did for you.  There was nothing submissive about it.  I did it because I wanted to.  We were having fun together."

"I see."

"Do you?"

"I think so."  He kissed me again.  "What do you want to do?"

"I want you to keep on kissing me," I said smiling.

He laughed.  "Tell you what.  How about one last bondage session before you guys leave, and I'll kiss you all you want."


His arm around my shoulder, we walked back to Eric and Melissa, and the four of us made our way back to the house.

Inside the house, an air conditioner was running and it was cool enough to make Melissa and me shiver a little.

"I don't suppose we could put on a shirt or something, it's cold in here." Melissa said.

"Didn't bring any," said Eric.

"You didn't bring us any clothes?"

"Nope, you didn't need them coming out here."

"You pig!" and then she squealed as he pinched her still red butt.

"Children!" said Alan.

We settled down.

"Its cold in here because of what we planned to do with you.  Now I need you both to step up here in front of me."

We did so, and I thought I knew what he had in mind that needed a cold room.  He had us stand back to back, our wrist cuffs locked at our sides with my right hand to her left hand and vice versa.

He had us lift our arms out straight from our sides and then produced a large roll of plastic wrap.  I was right.  They were going to mummify us.  That's what the cold room was for: so that we wouldn't overheat.

Eric helped Alan by holding the plastic against our bellies until Alan got it started.  Then his function was to make sure we wouldn't lose our balance as he wrapped.  Alan started at our midsections and wrapped us tightly together.  The plastic felt cold going on but quickly warmed up.  He wound up and down, going right up to the bottom of our breasts and back down over our hips before changing directions.  After about ten turns, he had us put our arms down and continued wrapping.  Our arms were quickly trapped and soon they were completely encased in plastic.  Alan wrapped higher, across and over our shoulders, even around our necks, but not too tightly.  One part he didn't cover though was my breasts and I had to assume that he didn't cover Melissa's either.  With us pressed back to back I couldn't see her at all.

After a few turns around us he asked us to spread our legs about two feet.  We eased ourselves down with both Eric and Alan watching our balance and then Alan started wrapping our legs in turn.

He did each leg separately and it felt odd.  I had never heard of a wrap being done this way, but it bound me and Melissa together very well.  Once both legs were wrapped he stopped.

"Go get the vibrators will you Eric?" he asked.

"Oh God, no!" said Melissa.  I felt her try to move, but pressed tightly to me she couldn't do much.

Eric returned with the butterfly vibrators which he held in place between our legs as Alan passed the roll of plastic wrap over them.  A couple of turns around our waists and they weren't going anywhere.  Of course the controllers were safely out of the way.  Wouldn't want them wrapped up too!

He then had us close our legs and began to wrap them together.

Eric held onto us so we didn't fall, for which I was grateful.

I had never been mummified before and I found it interesting.  The plastic maintained a constant pressure and felt very smooth and slick.  I assumed I was beginning to sweat although I didn't feel especially warm.  I didn't feel cold anymore either.  It was very comfortable.

Alan used a lot of plastic on our legs and finished up by going one last time around our waists.  Now all that was uncovered were our heads, breasts and feet.

Alan took hold of me and Eric took hold of Melissa, and both of them kissed us.  Halfway through they turned on the vibrators.  Full power.

Melissa and I jumped and I could feel her squirming as much as I was as the vibrators did their work.

Alan didn't let go and continued to kiss me, one hand caressing each of my breasts in turn.  The first orgasm approached quickly and I bucked and heaved through it as best I could.  As it hit Melissa she would shudder like a jackhammer.  Neither of us was missing out on each other’s climaxes.  Alan's arms wrapped around me and I suspected they were toying with Melissa's breasts.  I was too busy kissing him to care.  Eric's hands reached around and began pinching my nipples, hard.  I screamed as another orgasm hit.  We continued like this for I don't know how long.  I closed my eyes and lost track of whose hands were doing what.  All that stayed the same was the intensity of the vibrations and Alan's mouth against mine.

Eventually we were spent.  The vibrators were turned off and we sagged against our partners.

"Wow...that was...intense," I managed to gasp out.

"Water, please!"  Melissa begged.

Eric held on while Alan got us some water.  Now I felt hot inside the plastic.  Sweat and other juices were making it slip and slide around me, but it didn't change its shape or release its grip on us at all.

The guys didn't say much as we drank, but I could tell they were happy we’d had fun.  They waited until we were ready before springing their next surprise.

"Well, I guess we'd better finish now," Alan said.

"Finish what?" I asked.

"Finish binding you up for your trip home."


He smiled and pulled out the ball gag and before I could say anything else my mouth was again filled with red rubber.

From the sounds behind me Eric had also taken care of Melissa the same way.

Alan produced a big roll of silver duct tape and starting at our feet, began winding it around our bodies, tightening our already tight bondage.  All the way up our bodies he wound until he reached our necks.  Ripping the tape off, he pick up our blindfolds.

"I want to tell you something while I can still see your eyes," he said to me.

I could only wait.

"Your being here this weekend was a gift from God.  I’ve been so down about my dad that I wondered if there was any point at all in loving anyone again.  You showed me that there is still joy to be had in the world, and I thank you.  Anytime you want to come back, do so.  I don't want to lose you now that I’ve just found you.  I don't want to go through that kind of loss twice.  Do you understand?"

I nodded, understanding well.  I wanted to tell him that I would definitely be back, but of course I couldn't.

He saw it in my eyes though, and his smile was the last thing I saw before he blindfolded me.

He used more tape to secure the blindfold and then did Melissa.

Hands held us up while someone went out the front door.

We were held standing for a while before that person came back and grabbed our feet.

Then, very carefully, we were lifted up and carried on our sides out of the house.

I heard a car running.  It had to be Eric's.  A door opened.

And then we were slid along a soft surface, the back seat?

Seat belts were tightened around us and I felt a little safer.  I had my face to the back of the seat and I felt a pillow or something shoved between my chest and the seat back.  At least I wouldn't suffocate now.

The door closed and I felt Melissa wriggle but like me she was trapped and couldn't do anything about it.

I could hear the air conditioner running and that made me happy.  Wrapped as we were we would cook quickly in a hot car.

We heard the trunk open and stuff being put in it and the guys saying good-bye.  Then we were off.

I was sad to be leaving, especially this way, unable to say good-bye.  It made me even more determined to go back, and maybe that's why he did it this way.

The humming between my legs told me that Eric had fired up the vibrators again, and the rest of the ride went by in a semi-orgasmic bliss.

The car stopped, and so did the vibrators.

Shocks from my much abused clitoris kept me shuddering, and the way Melissa moved I could tell the same was happening to her.

"Okay guys, we're home," Eric said, opening the door by my head.

He undid the tape that held our blindfolds on and while we blinked in the bright light of his garage he removed our gags.

"I need to pee Eric," said Melissa.  "Please hurry and get us out of here!"

"I'll need to cut you out where you are.  No way will I attempt to lift you out together." He replied.  "Be right back."

I waited until he was gone.  "You okay Melissa?"

"Yeah, pretty wasted and the arm I'm lying on has gone to sleep, but sure I'm good.  You?"

"I feel wonderful."  Actually I felt very stiff and sore, my mouth was dry as a bone, and I felt like I'd been having sex for a week straight.  Yeah, wonderful.

Eric came back with some scissors and slowly cut through all the tape and plastic.  It was like coming out of a cocoon, a very smelly cocoon.  Sweat and other fluids had combined into a sticky mess and out of the whole weekend I think this was the most embarrassing moment.  At least I shared it with Melissa.

Our problem came when Eric had to unlock our cuffs.  He couldn't find the keys for a moment.  Then he remembered they were locked in the trunk and got them out.

After a minor heart attack, we resumed our extraction from the car on our own and stood shakily on the bare concrete floor, naked, but unbound.

After a minute to gather our strength, we shook off Eric's offer to help and arm in arm Melissa and I went into the house.

I took her up on a shower and we took turns under a five minute warm spray, before wondering down to Eric's living room.

Lying where we had left them, our clothes looked out of place.

Only yesterday afternoon had we nervously taken them off and left them there.  Now, after all we had done it seemed more natural to stay naked than to pick them up again.  How we had changed.

There was one thing left though.

"Can you give us the keys to our cuffs?" I asked.

Eric tossed me a couple of key rings and I went about removing first Melissa's and then my own ankle and wrist cuffs.

Melissa was half dressed when I expressed my frustration with one of my wrist cuffs.  I couldn't find a key for it.

While Eric searched the bag with our bondage gear Melissa went through all the keys on the tiny lock that held the leather cuff so tightly on my wrist.  The mystery was solved when Eric came back with a note he had found in the bag addressed to me.  It was from Alan.  It contained a map on how to get to his place, and an invitation to come collect that key next weekend.

I smiled, and knew I would take him up on it.

End of Part 2.


It was Saturday morning.  After a week of thinking about Alan and our first weekend together, I was aching to see him again.  I had spent the entire week reliving in my mind the bondage experiences I had been put in by both Alan and Eric.  It had been the best weekend of my life.  I was hoping it could continue.

After making some necessary arrangements, I found myself walking up to Eric's front door with my heart in my mouth.  I hoped that Alan hadn't forgotten his invitation.  I doubted that he had.

Why was I at Eric's?

I needed his help.

Inside, Eric listened to my plan and gladly gave his support.  "Sure, Maria," he said, "I'll help you out.  Are you ready?"

I nodded and started to get undressed while Eric took from my bags the supplies he'd need.

My plan basically was to return to Alan the way he’d sent me away: nude and wrapped in plastic wrap and duct tape.  I thought it would be a good way to remind him that we were continuing on from where we had left off, rather than starting new again.

Soon I was naked, and Eric took a moment to look me over.  I was not nervous about being naked in front of him anymore, but I still blushed.  Before, Melissa had always been there with me, but this time it was just us.

"I can see you kept up with your shaving then," he said grinning.

I blushed further.  I knew he would notice.

He picked up one of the rolls of plastic wrap I had brought and started wrapping me.  His style was different from Alan's, and I took notice of the differences.  He started by wrapping me around my waist, but only a few turns before ripping the roll off.  Then he had me extend each arm out and wrapped each one separately.  Putting my arms down he used a good deal of plastic to bind my arms tightly to my sides, wrapping me from my neck down to my hips.  Wrapping the arms, he told me, would keep them in place no matter how much I sweated.  He picked up the butterfly vibrator and placed it between my legs, seating it comfortably before binding it in place with plastic wrap.
At his request I slowly sat down on the floor and lay back while he went into the kitchen.  He came back with two thick wads of paper towels which he had me hold between my knees and ankles.  He told me that they would stop the hard bones in my ankles and knees from rubbing, which would increase my comfort level.  More plastic wrap bound my legs together tightly and I slowly became encased in a plastic cocoon.

When he was done only my head and breasts were left exposed.

I was warm and snug and completely unable to move.

"Thanks," I said, "before you gag me I just want to remind you not to forget my bags.  I'll need all that stuff."

"Sure." he said, before putting the gag in my mouth.

Unlike before, I elected to go with a ring gag this time so I could breathe better.  I knew I would be spending at least an hour like this and from experience knew that having a free breathing method was more comfortable.

Once Eric made sure my gag was tight and comfortable, I watched him go over to my bags and open them.  Before my astonished eyes he began to go through them, pulling out all the spare clothing I had packed for the weekend.  I kept shaking my head and making noises for him to stop, but he just smiled and made sure that every last scrap of clothing had been removed.

"I have a feeling you won't need any of that stuff anyway," he told me before pulling the hood he had hidden behind his back over my eyes.

It was my black leather hood, with the blindfold already attached.  I couldn't do anything to stop him from pulling it all the way down and resigned myself to its embrace while he pulled the laces in back nice and tight.  It fitted me very well, even with my mouth wide open.  It was like a second skin.

Now all that was bare about my body were my breasts.

I felt Eric lift my head and shoulders and prop them on something, and suddenly my mouth and nose were plugged.

I began to panic, but there was a pop and I could breathe through my mouth again.  My head was pulled to one side than the other and then my mouth was plugged again.  Another pop and I could breathe.

I realized that Eric was wrapping my head in plastic wrap and making a hole in the plastic over my mouth.  He seemed to wind plastic not only around my head, but down around my shoulders too.  When he was done my neck was very stiff and extremely hard to turn.  He finished by fiddling with the plastic over my nose and making air holes there too.  I felt two straws pushed into my nostrils which helped me breathe.

This was as tight as I had ever been.  It felt fantastic; a little scary though.

Hands at my breasts, Eric was taking the opportunity to help himself.  I cried out for him to stop, but his hands and his lips kept caressing me.  My body began to betray my desire when the vibrator was turned on.  I felt my nipples instantly grow hard, and thought I heard Eric snigger.

Sharp pain told me that Eric had added nipple clips to my bondage, something I hadn't requested.  The sharpness gave way to a dull throb that pulsed in time with the vibrations between my legs.  The mixed feelings of pain and pleasure were driving me nuts.

I felt Eric lift me up in his arms and he carried me, hopefully, to his car.  I wondered again at what brand of sanity made me place myself in the hands of this man.  Right now he had the power to take me away and do whatever he wanted to me.  I couldn't stop him.

He did put me in his car, I could tell from the contoured back seat.  He tightened the seat belts around me and left me in agonized pleasure while he got my bags.

It was a long trip to Alan's, and by the time we got there I was moaning with my desire.  I wanted so much for Eric to turn up the vibrator so I could cum, just once.  But I could not communicate that to him.  So I lay there suffering.

He got out of the car and was gone for what seemed a long time before returning.

"I can't find Alan!"  I heard him shout through the heavy lining of the hood.  "His truck is here but his horse isn't.  He may just be off riding somewhere.  I'm gonna leave you here and drive back.  If you or Alan don't call me by this evening I'll come back to get you!"

He picked me up again and I was carried a short distance before being stood up on my feet.  He propped me up against something and told me not to move or I would fall.  I held perfectly still.

Hands readjusted me, pushing me firmly against whatever was holding me up, and my bondage grew tighter as I felt more plastic wrap being wound around me.  I must have been leaning against a post.

Soon I was completely immobile and in no danger of falling.  Even my head had been bound tightly to the post.  I couldn't move a muscle.

I thought I heard a car drive off, but I wasn't really sure.  All that mattered to me now was the never-ending buzz between my legs and the cold wind that caressed my bare breasts.  Little knobs of fire burned at the tip of each one.

I was a creature of my senses, not giving much thought to anything but the sexual release I thought would never come.

It was driving me mad.

Time passed, I don't know how long.

Something pushed against my head and I felt it move.  It lost its support and flopped down.  Fingers at my neck and cool air began to rush in and soon the hood was pulled from me.

I blinked in the dim light, as the person in front of me worked the buckle on my gag.  My eyes focused finally and I could see it was Alan.  Once the gag was removed I worked my aching jaw.

"Hi beautiful," he said smiling.

"Please," I whimpered, "let me cum, I can't stand t any more.  Please..."

A frown appeared and he looked me over while I closed my eyes against the vibrations that had been torturing me for what seemed like days.  I opened them again to see him take a knife and carefully cut away the plastic by my left hip.
Eric had wrapped the controller for the vibrator into my bondage to make it harder to find.

Alan pulled it out and held it up for me to see.

"Please?" I begged.

"Are you mine?"

"Oh yes.  I'm yours.  Yours forever."

He flipped the switch, the vibrator exploded and so did I!

I woke up on my back, on a nice soft surface.  Opening my eyes I could see that I was lying on a bed in a bedroom.  The light was dim, but it was still daylight.  Rain was falling hard outside.

I stretched, grateful that I could move, although a small jingle told me that something had been attached to me.

I sat up and took stock of myself.

I was still naked, but all the plastic had been removed.  I stunk with sweat.  On my wrists and ankles were the leather cuffs, locked again with tiny padlocks.  The one on my left ankle had a heavy chain attached, and further investigation showed the chain piled up in a huge coil at the foot of the bed before being attached at its other end to the bed frame.  At least I could move from the bed.

The room itself looked like it was his bedroom.  It definitely showed signs of being occupied, and was about as tidy as the parts of the house I had seen already.

I got out of bed, and padded toward the closed door.  It opened easily.

Dragging the chain behind me I made my way to the bathroom a couple of doors down and made full use of it.  All of my toiletries had been left in there and I took the opportunity to shower and get cleaned up.  Once done I looked and smelled a lot better.  I had about reached the end of my chain however, and could see that going downstairs would be impossible.

Once I left the bathroom I went as far as the chain would allow and called out to Alan.

There was no reply.  I thought maybe he was out in the barn or something.  I would have to wait for him.  I considered just going back into his room, but decided to look in the room I had passed to go to the bathroom.  It was another bedroom.  This one too looked occupied, until I saw how dusty everything had become.  Everything in it gave the impression of just being left where it was.

"It was my father's," said Alan behind me.

I almost jumped out of my skin.  Man he was quiet.

"You almost scared me to death," I told him.

"Sorry.  I'd rather you didn't go in here."

"Oh, sure," I said, backing out of the room and shutting the door.

Alan stood quietly by the stairs.  Dressed in jeans and a T-shirt he seemed a little lost in thought.  He pulled himself together and smiled.  I loved his smile.

"You look good," he said.

I blushed.  Of course I looked good.  I'd look good to any man naked.  "Thanks.  I remembered your invitation."

"Glad you decided to come.  I suppose you got a little help; I don't think you could have gotten bound to that post by yourself."

"Eric helped me.  Oh, we're supposed to call him right away so he knows you've found me, or he'll be back to release me."

Alan nodded and stepped forward.  He took me in his arms and we kissed, slowly and deeply.

Then he picked me up and carried me back to his room.  For a while words weren't needed as we made love quietly.

When Alan finally left to call Eric, he left me bound spread to his bed.  I was very happy about how things had gone so far.  This was like a dream.

Alan came back in and sat down beside me.

"Now, how do you want to go about this?  I saw no clothing in your bags so I'm assuming you want to spend the weekend as you did last time."

"Actually it's a week," I said quietly.  "I took a week off work, if you'll have me."

This seemed to take Alan aback for a moment.

"Oh," I continued, "about my clothes.  I had planned on bringing some, but Eric took them all out of my bags after he tied me up."

This made him laugh and I smiled.  "Well, I guess that means you'll be spending most of your time as you are.  Although if you really object I'm sure I can find something for you."  As he spoke one of his hands drifted over to my thigh and a finger rubbed slowly up and down.  It felt wonderful.

"Whatever you decide is fine by me," I said, my eyes closed.

"Look at me," he ordered.

I opened my eyes again.

"I'd love to have you here for the week.  But I have to work, so understand that I won't be able to give you my full attention a lot of the time.  I'm sure we can think of ways to keep you occupied during those times, okay?"

I nodded, a big smile on my face.

"Are you going to keep me in bondage the whole time?" I asked.

"That's up to you.  Is that what you want?"

"Oh yes!"  My enthusiasm must have been very evident for he couldn't help grinning with me.

"All right…  It will be a challenge, but I guess I'm up for it.  You will be my slave for the next week, submitting to my every whim and desire."

"Especially your desires," I replied wiggling my hips.

He laughed and leaned forward and kissed me.  I was in heaven.

A short while later he had me in the kitchen cooking for him.  Again he had me in what was going to be my standard uniform while I wasn't bound in anything else.  Ankles connected with an eight-inch chain and hands cuffed together.

I’d slept through lunch and we’d screwed the afternoon away so I was pretty hungry.  I mixed up a salad and the two of us sat at the table munching on it as we caught up on our separate weeks.

"How did Melissa like her weekend?" Alan asked me after a while.

"Oh, she loved it.  We met for lunch on Monday and she could talk about nothing else.  She said it was the most intense time of her life.  Funny though..."


"Well, we usually talk at least once every few days, but I haven't heard from her since then.  I wanted to tell her I would be coming up here, but she never replied to her messages."

"Could something be wrong?"

"I doubt it.  Sometimes I don't hear from her for a while, and then she pops up like nothing has happened.  It's probably nothing."

We ate in silence after that.  From time to time I would catch Alan watching me eat, my hands always together.  Or he would be looking at my breasts as I moved back and forth.

"I see your sunburn turned into a rather nice tan," he said.

I smiled.  Most of my tan lines had been wiped out by our activities last weekend.  I wondered if I would have any left by the time I left here again.

Once done with our meal, Alan had me clean up and then meet him in the den.  Our evening was spent in front of the TV with me bound to the couch, face up, ankles at one end, hands at the other.

He sat so I was draped across his lap, my body arched with my pelvis the high point.  His hands and lips spent the evening caressing my body, making me moan with desire.  He would pinch my nipples or play with my clitoris with his tongue.  It was erotic torture, and I loved every second of it.

Our night was spent making love again in his bedroom, and when finally he went to sleep, I lay spread as he had bound me, thinking about what the week would bring.

The next morning Alan gave me a half hour in the bathroom, before sending me down to the kitchen with a smack on my bare rump.

I cooked breakfast and when we were done with that he gagged me with a ball gag and took me outside.

The ground was still wet from all the rain, but otherwise the sky was clear and it looked like it would be a sunny day.  The air was still cold, however, and I shivered a little as I shuffled after Alan through the muddy yard.  He headed for the barn and once inside he undid my bonds but left me gagged.  Then he showed me everything I needed to know to clean out his horse's stall and set me to work.

I would have objected, but I actually enjoyed the work, and I knew how much Alan enjoyed watching my naked body work up a sweat.  He stood with Nelson and seemed to hold a conversation with him.  Alan would describe for Nelson what I was doing and how I looked doing it: how the mud from the yard had covered my feet, how my breasts jiggled as I hefted the hay bales, how the dirt and sweat seemed to cling to me everywhere.  I do believe this man was turned on by my being dirty.  I shook my ass at him as a comment to his behavior.

As before I was tired and sore by the time Alan led Nelson back into his stall, but it was a happy tired.

Alan locked my hands behind me and hobbled my ankles again, and then he took a strap from his pocket and wrapped it around my elbows, pulling them together.  I had only ever had this done to me once before and remembered the stress it had put on my shoulders.  There was no denying how it looked though.  My breasts thrust out and Alan took the opportunity to kiss and caress each nipple.

"I have a few things I need to get done in my office," he said, "so I'm going to leave you out here for a while.  I do not want you coming into the house, otherwise you can explore out here as much as you want.  Okay?"

I nodded, but I didn't know how much exploring I could do bound as I was.

Alan gave me a quick kiss and swatted my ass again before leaving me.  I stood and watched him until he went into the house, before moving.

Having only eight inches of play between your feet means that you can't move quickly, as I discovered while braving the wind to reach the swimming hole.  I wanted to wash the sweat and dirt off my body and that seemed the only place to do it.

The sun felt warm on my skin, but the wind chilled me as it dried the sweat on my body.  The shuffling was murder too.  By the time I reached the water’s edge I was pretty tired.  I braved the cold water with a grimace as I slowly waded in.  Eventually I was able to float and turned over onto my back.

I had to be careful not to float out of my depth, my hands bound behind me meant I couldn't swim at all, but no place I went showed any sign of the bottom dropping out so I felt fairly safe.  The water stayed cold though, and it wasn't long before I was driven out in search of warmth.  As I stood on the sand, the sun drying me out, I wondered what it was Alan was doing that I couldn't see.  It was probably something to do with his work, but I hoped he was preparing something for me.

I made my way back up the path once I was dry and back into the yard.  The ground was still muddy and squelched between my toes as I made my slow way around, not an all together unpleasant experience.  In fact the only thing I didn't like about my current activity was the cold.  I could see goose bumps everywhere on my skin.

It wasn't until I had wandered around a couple of sheds that the ache in my shoulders began to call out for attention.  I must have been outside for about an hour by now and I looked toward the house in the vain hope Alan was watching me.  There was no sign of him and I wondered if I risked heading over there to get him to loosen the elbow strap.

Up to now, I hadn't given him any reason to punish me, and I wondered if he was the kind of guy who would do that.  Only one of my former boyfriends had taken to doing that once he discovered my affection for bondage.  I felt lucky to have dissolved that relationship before becoming a target for his abuse.
Alan was an unknown article.

It was evident he was much into the Domination side of our little hobby, by the promise he had extracted from me.  There was also the way right from the beginning that he had referred to me as a slave girl.
I kind of liked the attention, and I didn't object to being his slave girl as long as he remembered we were both only playing.

For the first time since I met him I was a little nervous about Alan.

I decided to stay out a while longer and continue looking around.

The sheds I had looked at both were filled with the usual junk you find in rural farm yards.  The next one I found was fairly empty.  Edging open the door with my hands bound the way they were was difficult but not impossible, and I found myself in a large square shed.  In one corner were piled about a dozen crates, the walls were bare and the far end had a workbench.  Otherwise its earthen floor was clear of debris.  The windows were very dirty and even with the sun shining full on it the light was dim.  The air seemed dusty and dry.  My mind saw possibilities in the place.

As I shuffled out, my shoulders sang out for attention and I decided to go seek out Alan.

I shuffled across the yard and up onto the porch, taking it easy up each step.  The door was unlocked and I stepped inside.  I was conscious of how muddy my feet were but at that point my shoulders really needed some release, so I told myself I could always clean the floor later.

His voice could be heard coming from a doorway down the hall and I made my way down, shouldering open the half open door.

Alan was seated at a desk in front of a computer with a lot of numbers on the screen.  He was on the phone and paused in mid sentence for a moment when he saw me.

There was no anger in his eyes, I was happy to see, but he didn't acknowledge me either.  Instead he finished his conversation and hung up the phone.

"Now I know I told you to stay outside," he said, "so either you willfully disobeyed me or there is something wrong.  Is there something wrong?"

I nodded and turned around and wriggled my elbows.

"Is that too tight?" he asked.

I nodded again.

He came over and examined my arms.  He was loosening the strap when he noticed the floor.

"Oh Maria, because you had a legitimate reason I'm not going to punish you for coming in here, but look at what you did to my floor.  I guess we'll have to think of a way for you to clean it up."  He grinned slowly, and I could see the mirth in his eyes.

The worry I had built up, wondering how he would react, left me and I knew that he wasn't genuinely  angry.  I bet his punishment for messing up the floor would be interesting rather than punishing.

It was both.

Fifteen minutes later I was on my knees scrubbing the floor with a brush.  The brush had been bound between my breasts and my nipples grazed the hard wood floor with each pass of the brush.  I had to really spread my knees in order to get low enough to reach the floor.  Tied to the front of my face was a large rag that I used to wet the floor with by dunking my head into a bucket and wiping the floor.  To dry the floor another rag had been bound to my butt.  I had to crouch down and wipe the wet floor with this rag and then go out on the porch and sit down on the rag to squeeze it out.

My hands and elbows were still bound behind me, although Alan had loosened the strap around my elbows to a more comfortable setting.  I was also still gagged and the last indignity was the butterfly vibrator strapped between my legs set on low.

Alan told me to make sure I scrubbed every inch of the hallway, and as it hadn't been done in a while he would be able to tell if I missed a spot.

I don't know if I loved it or hated it.

The rubbing of my nipples on the floor and the vibrations over my clit distracted me no end, yet my back hurt, my ass was wet and so was my face.  All in all I was reduced to a pitiful little slave girl by the time I was done.  I knew I wouldn't track mud in again.

"Very nice," was all he said when he came out to check once I had finished.

He took me by one arm and led me into his office.  He had me kneel and quickly bound my ankles to my wrists and then turned up the vibrator.  "Don't tip over," he whispered.

How I managed to stay upright I don't know.  While the vibrator kept the orgasms piling up Alan sat and watched, talking with someone on the phone.  I loved and hated him.

Lunch was spent released of all my bonds except for my wrists, which were locked together in front of me.

"How do you like your vacation so far?" Alan asked me.

I smiled and rubbed my thighs together.  My clit was still sending shocks through my system and I loved it.  "I'm going to recommend this place to my local tourist office," I told him, which made him laugh.

“I do have an idea though," I went on.

"Really?  I'd love to hear it."

I asked him about the shed I’d seen, the almost empty one.  He told me that it had been a workshop for his dad, but now all the tools were packed in those crates.

I asked him if he had any plans for it.

"Just storage." he said, puzzled.

"I'd like to see if it could be used to satisfy a fantasy of mine."

A big grin appeared; something that appears on most men when a woman mentions the word "Fantasy".

"Go on," he said, very eager to hear mine.

"Well, I have always wanted to try the imprisoned damsel bit.  You know?  Kept in a small cell, ravaged every once and a while by the cruel knight.  Cold chains, bread and water…you get the idea.  If we emptied out that shed, with a little modification it could be turned into a pretty good dungeon cell."

Alan sat back, an amazed look on his face.

"You would let yourself be put through that?"
"Sure.  I'd like to try it at least once."

"You know suddenly I have an idea.  But before I tell you about we'll have to clean out that shed."

"Then you agree?"  I hadn't thought it would be this easy.

"Oh yes, it has lots of possibilities."

Alan seemed to be genuinely pleased by my idea; and right after I’d cleaned up from lunch we went out to the shed so he could look.  All the time we were there he looked around and muttered to himself.

He undid my wrists and the both of us started hauling out the crates, carrying them over to the barn.  It wasn't long before the shed was completely bare of everything but the workbench.

"It looks good," smiled Alan.

I could only agree.

He locked my wrists together again and led me back to the house.  We went up to his bedroom where he began digging through his closet.  "I have an idea for a little scenario, if you're willing to give it a go," he said, voice slightly muffled by all the clothes.

"What is it?"

He stood up holding a large men's dress shirt, rather worse for wear.  He unlocked my wrist cuffs and took them off my wrists, then did the same with my ankle cuffs.  For the first time in a long time I was completely naked, not a single restraint.  He handed me the shirt which I put on.

"Here's my idea," he said while he did all this, "you will play the part of the maiden, lost in the valley.  I will play the part of the dark knight.  I will give you thirty minutes to hide somewhere on my land before I come and find you.  If you can avoid me for two hours, then you win.  If I find and capture you before two hours, then I win."

"What do I win?" I asked him, standing there in his shirt.

Alan took the shirt sleeves in his hands and ripped them off in one sudden move.  Now the shirt was sleeveless and resembled a loose fitting dress.  "I know you want to do this dungeon thing, so I had to think of something to do with it that you would value.  What you win is the ability to say when you've had enough.  You get to come out when you want to.  What I win is the ability to keep you in there as long as I want.  No matter what you say.  Is it a deal?"

Wow!  It seemed that my wish was coming true with a vengeance.  It would be nice to be able to stop when I wanted, but would I be able to stay in as long as he wanted me to.

"How will I know when the two hours are up?"

Alan dug back in the closet for a moment and came out with my watch.  Eric had somehow missed it when he went through my bags.  "Here," he said, giving it to me.

I had to decide.  This was too good to pass up.

"All right," I told him.

He smiled.  "It's twenty after right now," he said looking at his watch.  "We'll start at half past.  Your thirty-minute head start and my two-hour time limit will start then.  Don't leave the house until the time starts.  My property has a fence all around it, so I'm trusting you not to go over it.  Otherwise you have the run of the entire valley floor."

"Sounds good!"

"Right now, I'm going to get your cell ready.  See you again in about an hour?"

I laughed, "In your dreams Sir Knight!"

"Wench!"  He laughed to himself.  He gave me a kiss and headed out the door.

Not really knowing what else to do, I walked down to the front door and waited for game time.

I was nervous.  It was only hitting me now how much was riding on this.  I was gambling away a right to say no, to stop something in action.  The fact that I was barefoot and in unknown territory began to frighten me.  How was I supposed to win?

What spurred me on when game time began was that this was a long valley and I doubted he could cover it all in two hours.  At least I hoped so.

I moved as quickly as I could along the pathways that crisscrossed the valley.  A lot of the land next to the stream was so heavily wooded that I hesitated to break through in my bare feet.  Outside the wooded area, the hill sides were so bare I would easily be seen.  It seemed there were fewer hiding places than I thought there would be.

Still, I kept going.

As I crossed through a glade I looked at my watch.  It read ten after.  Alan had already been hunting me for ten minutes.  I sped up.

I was looking for a place where I could get to the stream, and eventually I found it.  A small cut in the brush.  I thought if I could get to the other side I might have a better chance.

Standing on the bank, the stream looked to be about ten feet wide and a couple of feet deep.  It was moving at a fair rate but I didn't think I would have any trouble crossing it.  I stepped into the cold water and almost jumped back out again.  The still water in the swimming hole must get warmed by the sun, but this free flowing water was almost like ice.

I stumbled my way across and up the bank on the other side, the hem of the shirt I was wearing wet and dark against my now cold legs.

There wasn't really much of a path for a good thirty feet through the woods, until I broke out the other side.  I decided to follow the tree line in the hopes of finding something better.

An hour after I left the house I was beginning to despair ever finding a hiding place when I heard hoof beats.

Alan was riding Nelson.

That wasn't fair.  Here I was barefoot and he was riding his horse, but then, how else would a knight get about?

I listened carefully and discovered he was still on the other side of the stream.  I still had a chance.

I kept going as fast as I could, and was starting to think I might win, when I came to the fence line.

The fence disappeared into the trees to my right and went up the hill to my left.  There was a gate, but I wasn't allowed through it.

What to do?  Turning back meant I might run into Alan.  It was too soon for that.  I followed the fence into the trees and forced my way through the underbrush.  A popping sound told me that my shirt had caught a branch, and the top five buttons had all come off in a row.  To keep the shirt from catching again, and to keep my breasts covered I had to hold on with one hand and push aside branches with the other.

The ground hurt my feet and I was really getting pissed off at the whole thing when I suddenly broke free to open ground.

The stream was in front of me, and across it was Alan.

What a sight he was.  He was shirtless, but still wore his jeans.  On his head he wore my hood.  It made him look very menacing as he sat high on his horse.

He spurred Nelson on toward me and with a shriek I turned around and headed back the way I came.

I didn't really stand a chance.  Just as I got back out the other side I could hear Nelson huffing and puffing almost right behind me.

I ran as fast as I could but Alan overtook me easily and jumped off his horse.

"Ah Wench," Alan yelled, "you look like you could be a fine bit of sport.  Submit to the will of the Dark Knight!"

I almost laughed, his accent was terrible.

"Oh please Sir Knight," I replied, faking an accent of my own, "I am not worthy of your attentions, you would do better with another."

"Another?  And you with your charms displayed before me?"

The shirt was gaping open and of course he could see everything.

"Oh please take pity on this hapless girl," I pleaded, and then I darted to the left to get by him.

He was quick, but all he got was a hand full of shirt.

Unfortunately, I was left with a lot less than when I broke free.  The shirt was ripped off my body and I was left wearing only my watch as I ran.  The running was wearing me down.  I had to hold one hand over my breasts to stop them from bouncing too hard.  I knew I would have some bruises after this.

I wasn't prepared for the tackle he threw me.

We both rolled a couple of times, and then he was on me.

He rolled me onto my front and quickly bound my hands behind me.  Then he did my legs and connected then all together in a hog tie.  When he stood up I felt like a calf in a rodeo calf tying contest.

"You're mine now fair maiden," he said, "mine until I say otherwise."  Alan showed me his watch.  I still had a half hour left.  I had lost.

"Oh please sir I beg your mercy and your forgiveness."

Alan laughed and reached down to tickle me.  I don't know if knights ever did that to the maidens they captured, but soon he had me rolling with laughter.  I’m very ticklish.  When he had me gasping for air he undid the hog tie and my feet and stood me up.  With a rope about my waist he led me back to my new home.

Alan had made a few changes to the shed in a short time.  Most noticeable was that he had wetted down the floor, so now it felt like damp earth.  It kept the dust down.  Hanging from the rafters against one wall, were two chains with the leather wrist cuffs already attached.  He led me over there and untied my hands, only to lock them into the cuffs.  He quickly fitted the ring gag into my mouth and locked it in place.  He then picked up what looked like a metal bar with holes drilled in it and the ankle cuffs attached at each end – a spreader bar.  With sure fingers he locked my ankles in place and there I was, open and vulnerable.

I was excited and frightened.

The hood came off and his sweaty face smiled at me.

"Well," he said, "bet you thought you were going to win huh?  So did I, for a little while.  Guess my luck ran better than yours.  Anyway, you'll be here for at least a couple of days, maybe longer."  His grin made me groan.  He was loving this, and to tell the truth so was I.  "There're still a few more things I want to do in here to make it more miserable for you, but I can get to that later.  In the meantime..."  He stepped forward and placed a blindfold on me, it too was locked on with a tiny padlock.  Then I felt his hands at my sex and I writhed under the sudden attention.

I was hot, and wanted him, but he just laughed and left me alone after a few seconds fingering.  I heard the door shut and a lock slam home.

I was alone.

The chains my wrists were attached to were long.  Standing up I could reach my head, but no amount of tugging or pulling would free me of either the gag or the blindfold.  Sliding carefully down the wall, I found I could sit on the bare floor, but my hands were kept high overhead in this position and my legs splayed outwards in an obscene manner.  I figured my feet were being held about three feet apart.  Should he decide to ravage me, there would be no way I could stop him.  That thought made me tingle all over.

The ground was wet, and smelled.  The wall was concrete block and very hard against my back.  Pretty soon I was feeling miserable.  Was this what I wanted?

I sat there thinking about my strange tastes.  How normal was it to want to bound by someone; to let yourself be taken over and used strictly for pleasure?  What was I doing here?

I had no answers.

The door opened and I heard Alan enter.

A jet of cold water hit me and I shuddered under its impact.

"You'd better drink while you can, wench!"

I lifted my head and caught what water I could before he shut it off.

The ground I sat on felt muddy.  I bet he loved seeing me like this.  He stayed with me a while, moving about the room.  I heard the chink of chains many times as well as the sound of tools being used.  Occasionally I would hear him swear and once when I giggled he took the hose to me again and soaked me down in cold water.

A while later I felt him directly in front of me, and a sense of pressure on  the spreader bar showed he was putting his weight on it.  I was unprepared for his tongue on my sex and it made me jump.  I had to sit and take it while he tongued my clitoris almost to orgasm, before getting up again.

I bucked my hips and moaned, not wanting to be denied.

"It seems my fair maiden has a bit of slut in her after all," he said.  "Look at her rutting away.  I guess I can find something to keep her occupied for a while."

The spreader bar was pulled and I was dragged part-way from the wall.  My butt was almost lifted from the ground, and I hung from my wrists.  There was a pounding sound, and the spreader bar seemed anchored in place.  Then some more pounding as something was driven into the ground right in front of my pussy.  Whatever it was, it only just touched.  If I strained I could rub it a little harder.

"Better?" he asked.  "Here, let’s try this."

The object at my pussy began to vibrate.  Its stimulation was powerful, but I could only feel it if I strained.  The bastard was going to make me really work for the orgasm I desperately wanted.

"I'll check back on you later," he said, and left.

My body felt tight, like a bowstring.  Lifting my hips to brush against the vibrator took a lot of muscle power.  Yet I felt I just needed a little push to get me going over the edge.  I grew tired quickly though, and the frustration of it all made me cry.

Damn!  Alan was good at this!

It was to a very tired and sexually beaten woman that Alan returned to a few hours later.  I heard him come in and pull the vibrator out from the ground between my legs.  I then felt another set of manacles go around my wrists and a collar fastened around my neck.  My hands were released from the wrist cuffs that suspended me, and I sank to the floor in relief.  The manacles around my wrists were immediately connected to my collar.  The spreader bar was released from the ground, but stayed attached to me.

I was pulled along the muddy dirt floor until I could lay flat.  Alan's naked body came down onto mine and he entered me with ease.  I seemed to cum forever as he pumped into me.  He joined me at the end with an orgasm of his own.

He lay on me only a short while before climbing off me without a word.  A moment later my blindfold was taken off.  It was night.  The only light in the shed came from the open doorway.  Light spilled in from the yard light outside.

Alan stood at the doorway, still naked and smiling.  He pointed to where a plate and cup lay on the ground nearby and then stepped out, closing and locking the door. It was pitch black.  Alan must have covered the windows for there was no light to be seen.  I waited to see if my eyes would adjust, but there was no improvement.  I sat up, hands locked to my throat and legs locked wide open, and tried to remember where the plate was.

It took some effort but I managed to flip over onto my front.  What the hell, I might as well get muddy all over.

In this position I was able to use my elbows and knees to work my way forward to where I thought the plate was.  I was fairly accurate in my direction finding and hit it with my left elbow.  The plate had a few slices of bread on it, and the cup held more water.  Well, I had asked for bread and water.

Eating with the ring gag, meant basically tearing the bread into tiny pieces and washing them down with water.  I couldn't chew anything.

Once the bread was gone, I saw no reason for any further activity, so I lay my head down and fell asleep where I lay.

I woke up when something hard pushed the spreader bar.  Before I knew it I was on my knees, my head still resting in the dirt which pushed my ass up high.  Hands reached for my breasts and my pussy was invaded as my visitor plunged deep into me.  I was overwhelmed by the ruthlessness of it all, but that didn't stop my body from responding.  I almost came when I felt his hot semen pump into me, but he pulled out too soon, and with a howl of frustration I was left alone once more.

I woke up, an ache in my bladder and bowls.  I crawled until I was stopped by a chain connected to my collar, and slowly got to my widely spread feet.

I relieved myself and then waddled carefully away.

It was still pitch black, my senses were filled with the smell of what I had just done.  I hoped I wouldn't crawl there by accident.

The door opened to bright sunlight.  Then it was closed.

A single flame lit up the dark room.  A candle.  Alan put it down on the workbench.

"How are you doing?" he asked.

I shrugged my shoulders.  It was hard to be specific, gagged as I was.  I was lying on my back again, but otherwise my position hadn't, and couldn't, change.

He looked concerned as he ran his hands over me, but a smile appeared when he found no serious injury.

"Do you want to stop?"

I thought for a moment, and then shook my head.

"Good.  I don't think you should either."

He stepped over me and undid his pants.  His cock sprang out already at full attention.  A moment later he was taking full advantage of the ring gag by plunging himself directly into my open mouth.  My tongue was pushed out of the way by the head of his penis and I had to concentrate on not choking as he pumped away.  The hot gush of semen overflowed my mouth and I could feel it run down my cheeks.  I swallowed what I could.  Alan pulled out, smiling, and did up his pants.

He went over and picked up the plate, and then left the shed again.

In the candlelight I looked around.  I was about where I was when he first chained me up, just a couple of feet away from the wall.  My toilet spot was a few feet to my right and the bench a few feet the other way.

The chain that ran to my collar was connected to the leg of the workbench.  No way was it long enough for me to be able to reach the door.

The candle flickered, and went out.

Over the next few hours, days, Alan visited me at infrequent intervals.  He would sometimes bring in the hose, to keep the floor wet and muddy.  He would bring in my bread and water, and always make me crawl for it.

And he would screw me, both vaginally and orally.  I existed in that room for his sexual pleasure only.  I got my wish all right.  I was completely his prisoner.  He used my body and kept me alive.  I survived on bread, water, and the large amount of his cum that he pumped down my throat any chance he got.  My bonds were never released, not even the ring gag.

Then it all changed.

"Maria.  Maria.  Come on, wake up."

I groaned.

I felt his hands at my feet and the spreader bar came off, then he lifted me up and carried me out of the shed.

It was dark outside, but the yard light was bright enough to stun my light-starved eyes.  Apart from an occasional dim candle, I had been kept in the dark the whole time.

Alan carried me into the house, up the stairs and into the bathroom.  The tub had been filled and he placed me gently in the water.  As he spoke he removed my gag and all my other restraints.  "There's a problem, it's Melissa," he said.

"Huh?"  I was still gagged.

"She's in trouble.  She called about 15 minutes ago.  Apparently she has been with Eric since you last saw her and he has been pretty rough on her.  She made it to a phone and called me for help."

"Is she all right?"  My voice felt so hoarse, but it was nothing against my concern for Melissa.

"I don't know.  I don't think so.  She pleaded with me to come get her.  She said she was alone at his house and didn't expect him back soon. She said I was to hurry."

What could have happened to her?  My mind had a hard time grasping it all after what I had just been through myself.

"You have to go," I said.

Alan unlocked the last of my restraints and stood up.  "Yes. I know.  I'll be back in a couple of hours.  Look, I hate to leave you like this..."

"Go, go!  Go rescue my friend!"  I pleaded with him.

He nodded and started for the door.  Something occurred to me.



"What day is it?"

He looked rather startled, and glance at his watch.  "It’s Wednesday, about 11:30 pm," he said, and vanished.

I was in there for three days.  Only three days.  It seemed like a lot longer.  I found it easier to concentrate on Melissa, and what her problem could be.  Didn't Alan say that she had been with Eric since Monday?  That meant she was with him, probably in his house, when I was there Saturday morning.

He hadn't said a word.  He must have done something to her.

My thoughts ran wild as I went through the automatic motions of bathing.  I stank really bad.  I had dried mud and other stuff encrusted everywhere.  My hair was more like a helmet and it took a lot of careful manipulations to get all the mud and dried cum out.  At one point I got out of the tub, drained and rinsed it, and refilled it.  The muscles of my hips and thighs were tired from being spread open so long, and if I wasn't concentrating, would spread apart all by themselves they were so used to the position.  My cheeks and jaw were very sore from being held open all that time.  Yet I was vaguely satisfied in a way.

My thoughts kept returning to Melissa though.

When I finally finished soaking the pain away, I dug through Alan's closet in the hope of finding something to wear.  In the end I just put on one of his T-shirts and left it at that.  There was no real need for me to get dressed at all, except I needed a little bit of normality to counter the events of the past few days and the current crisis.

My third stop was the kitchen for something other than bread and cum and water.

I was sitting outside on the porch, belly full and head spinning with worry, when lights in the darkness proved to be Alan's truck coming down the driveway.

He pulled to a stop and got out, walking around to the other side.  He helped a small figure out of the truck and I ran out to meet them.  It was Melissa, wrapped in a blanket.  Her eyes were red and she was shaking.  I hugged her and she pulled back.

"Don't hold her," Alan said, "she's been whipped."

I put my hand to my mouth, I was shocked.

I took one of Melissa's hands in my own and at last she looked up into my eyes.  Her spirit was gone.  I led her up the steps and into the house, with Alan following behind.  We took her upstairs and pulled the blanket from her unresisting fingers.  She was nude underneath and I could see why.  Welts and scars covered her skin from neck to thighs, all down her back.  Her front was in better shape but her breasts and belly showed signs of being whipped also.

Her wrists, ankles, neck and crotch also showed a lot of rope burns and chaff marks.  She also stank and was covered in what looked like dried sperm and excrement.

"I have some stuff we can apply to her wounds, if you can get her cleaned up a bit first," Alan whispered to me.  "Let’s see if we an get her to take some painkillers."

I nodded not daring to speak.

I held both her hands and felt her slowly tighten her grip on mine.  She looked exhausted.  I never felt so low.

Alan came back with a glass of water and some pills.  I got Melissa to take them and then we got her to climb into the shower in the bathroom.

She stood legs apart, arms and head resting against the shower wall, while the water poured around her.  I took a wash cloth and wiped away the majority of the gunk that was sticking to her skin, but was afraid to scrub too hard.  Once we had dried her, we got her to lie down on the bed on her front.

Alan left me alone while I carefully applied the lotion he had given me to all of her whip marks.  Every time I touched her she winced and it broke my heart.

I told her that she was safe and that she would be okay.  I told her how much I loved her and that I wished I could take her pain for her.  I just kept talking as I worked, trying to reassure, to comfort.
Not once did she say anything.

When at last she fell asleep, I went downstairs to find Alan.  He was in the den sitting in the dark, a glass of something in his hand.

"Tell me," I said.

He described the scene he found when he got to Eric's.

At first he thought the house was empty, but noise from upstairs drew his attention.  He found Melissa in a bedroom that had been converted into a bondage playroom.  She was hanging upside down naked from the ceiling.  Her hands were cuffed and two large dildos had been inserted in her.  On the floor under her was a jacket on which Alan had found a cell phone.  A tipped over chair in front of her showed where the jacket had hung.  Melissa had apparently managed to swing forward enough to grab the jacket and reach the phone.

Alan quickly searched the house but found no sign of Eric.

He unhooked Melissa from the hooks where she hung, and quickly undid all her bonds.  All she would say to him was that they had to hurry and get out.

Moving her was agony for both of them, but he eventually got her out to his truck in a blanket and brought her back here.

"The walls were padded," he told me.  "She could have screamed all night and no one would have heard her.  He had whips and sticks and stuff hung from hooks all over the place.  I don't know how long he had been whipping her, but some of those marks look half-healed compared to others."

I sat on his lap and hugged him, his arms curling around me.

"I hope to God I haven't hurt you like that," he said, almost sobbing.

I began to reassure him, as I had Melissa.  I told him that nothing he had done had hurt me, and that everything we did had been with my consent, even the stuff in the shed.  I told him I knew he would never treat me like that, especially now that I had seen his reaction to it.

He took a sip of his drink, and asked me if Melissa was sleeping.  I told her she was.

He suggested I spend the night with her and then carefully lifted me off his lap and walked out the door.

I stood by the front door and waited.  I didn't hear his truck start so I assumed that he was just taking a walk outside and went up to bed.

Peeling off my T-shirt I crawled under the covers next to Melissa, and fell into a dreamless sleep.

End of Part 3


The first thing I saw when I woke up was Melissa's eyes.  It took a moment to remember what we were doing in bed together, and when I did my day was ruined.

"Do you know you snore?" she asked me, a small smile on her face.

The day didn't look so bad after all.  For her to be able to joke after what she had gone through, gave me hope that she would be all right.

"I'm happy that you’re here to hear it," I answered, making her smile even more.

"Maria, thank God you found me!"

I took hold of her hands, afraid to touch her anywhere else, and watched as my best friend began to cry.  I stroked her hair and mumbled soothing words.  I wanted to hug her but I knew that would only cause her more pain.

Eventually she calmed down and I asked her how she felt.

"My back feels like it’s raw, and so does my butt.  I feel pretty sore all over."
"I have some stuff to put on you.  It should help, okay?"


She was still lying on her front, although a light sheet had been pulled over her.  I distinctly remembered her going to sleep on top of the covers.  Alan must have come in sometime while we slept and covered her.

I sat up, and pulled the sheet back from Melissa's nude body.

In the daylight the full horror of her whip marks could be seen.  Major areas of her body were so battered; you couldn't tell where the individual whip marks were.  The bruising had turned portions of her skin a myriad of colors ranging from bright pink to almost black.  I hated it.

As before, the application of the salve that Alan had found caused Melissa to shudder and wince.  She didn't complain, however, and when we were done she told me that the stuff had taken the edge off the pain.

I got out of bed and pulled on the T-shirt.

"Do you want anything to wear?" I asked her, wondering if I could bear anything touching my skin if it looked like that.

She thought for a moment.  "Is anyone other than you and Alan here?"

I told her no.

She asked if I could find her a pair of shorts, so I dug through Alan's closet until I found shorts for both of us.

Melissa refused my offer to help get her dressed, so I went downstairs to the kitchen.  Alan was there, stirring some eggs in a pan at the stove.

"Hi," I said.

He turned, his eyes red.  He didn't look like he had slept much.

"Hey, beautiful," he said coming over to me.  We embraced, and shared a long kiss.  "How's Melissa?" he asked me.

"Ask me yourself," said a voice from the door.  Melissa stood just inside the room, watching us.  Dressed in just a pair of red shorts, one arm across her breasts, I could see she was very uncomfortable.  Yet I knew it would be too painful for her to wear any more.

"You look better than you did last night," Alan said.  "You slept?"

"Like a baby.  I tossed and turned and cried every two hours."  This made us all laugh.

"I've got some eggs going, if you're willing," suggested Alan.

Melissa nodded and walked over to the kitchen table.  "Eggs would be good.  All I've had to eat the last couple of days is...whatever I could suck out of him."

Neither Alan nor I could think of anything to say, especially considering my diet over the past few days.

Melissa tried a couple of times to sit down on the hard kitchen chair, but gave up and remained standing.

Alan motioned me toward the cooking eggs, and then went over to Melissa.  He took hold of both her shoulders from behind, and she tensed up.

"May I see?" Alan asked her.

She nodded, and relaxed slightly.

Alan took a long careful look at the marks on her back and legs, and then with Melissa's permission he pulled down her shorts enough to examine her butt cheeks.  He asked for and got permission to look at her breasts, which he did carefully without touching her.

I’d served the eggs while he was doing this, and watched them both while I dug out some cereal and milk to go with them.

Only when Alan stepped back did Melissa really relax.  It would be a long time before she’d feel comfortable with any man again, I thought.

"Well," he said; his examination over, "it’s not as bad as it looks.  There will be some scarring, I can see where the skin was broken in a few places, but most of it will disappear in a few days."  His voice seemed very tired.

Melissa pulled her shorts back up and started toying with her eggs, head down, avoiding our eyes.

"How do you know that, Alan?  Shouldn't we take her to a doctor?" I asked him.

Melissa looked alarmed.  "No doctors.  I don't want anyone else to see me like this!"

"We should at least call the police," I said.

"And tell them what?" she replied.  "That I allowed my boyfriend to tie me up and keep me naked for a week while he sexually tormented me, that when he whipped me particularly bad one evening I suddenly didn't like it?  They would laugh me out of the building."

"They would have to do something," I countered.

"Even if they did, and it got to court can you see the jury's response when I am forced to tell them how I came to be in a position to let him whip me?  They would treat me just like every other rape victim that comes into that courtroom, and figure I was asking for it.  It's no use.  I just want to forget it and forget him."

She was wrong, but then again she was right too.  Only if she was lucky would Eric pay for what he did.  From the outside she wouldn't look like a victim at all.

Alan had taken a plate of eggs and stood by the back door while he ate.  He was looking out, as if trying to distance himself from us.  It occurred to me that he hadn't answered my question.


He turned to face me.

"How do you know she'll be all right?"

Alan put his plate down, and avoided looking at either of us.

"Many years ago," he began, "I used to date this girl who was very heavy into BDSM, just as you are.  But while your kink is heavy bondage, hers was pain.  More specifically, she loved to be whipped."  Alan's voice was growing slower.  I could see that what he was telling us wasn't easy.  "I was young and very inexperienced back then, and it was easy for her to convince me to tie her down to this X frame she had in her home, or whatever else was handy, and use this long heavy whip she had.  Whenever I whipped her, I would try to keep it light, not wanting to hurt her.  But she would always call out to me.  She told me I was a wimp, a weakling.  She would insult me and yell out obscenities to try to get me to whip her harder.  And usually it worked.  I got to know how to place welts on her that would last for days, and how to take care of them afterward.  I always felt sick afterward, but she would always convince me that I wasn't really hurting her and that she enjoyed it once I put my back into it.

"One day, she was particularly vicious, and I'm not sure what she said, but I began laying that whip on her harder than I ever had before.  It was when I saw her back covered in blood that I stopped.  I remember dropping the whip, and leaving the room.  I didn't have the courage to go back for a half an hour.  Her back looked a mess, blood dipping down her butt and along her legs.  I felt weak and hoped that she would forgive me for doing that to her.  She had passed out on the cross, but as I finished untying her she woke up and smiled at me.  She told me that she had cum like crazy at the end, and that next time I wasn't to forget her legs.  I left her there.  Never went back.  Never saw her again."

As he told us this, Melissa and I watched him open-mouthed.  The pain in his eyes told us that he was telling the truth, and I understood why he was so upset about Melissa.  I stepped forward and took him in my arms.  A moment later he took me in his and we stood together.  I was surprised to feel Melissa hug the both of us.

"I want to thank you Alan," Melissa said, voice muffled, "you may have saved my life.  I had no idea that Eric was that vicious.  I wish he had the strength to turn away from it as you did."

Alan just nodded and pulled away.

"Er…I just did what I had to do.  Anyway, if you're done eating I have a surprise for you out back."

"A surprise?" I asked him.


We followed Alan outside and to our delight saw a large redwood hot tub standing above ground.  It was full of water that was slightly steaming in the cold morning air.

"I couldn't sleep last night, so I took the tarp off this old thing and made sure all the plumbing worked.  It will do you both some good if you want it."

Did we ever!  I was still sore from my stay in the shed and Melissa wasted no time walking toward it.

She peeled off her shorts and climbed the steps before gingerly climbing into the tub.

"How’s the temperature?" Alan asked.

"A little hot, but bearable.  Does it bubble?" Melissa asked him.

Alan walked over to it and pushed a button down low somewhere.  Immediately I heard a compressor start and the tub filled with bubbles.
Melissa smiled and closed her eyes.

As I started to pull my shirt off, Alan took my arm.

"You know," he said, "this is the first time since we met that I've actually seen you with clothes on."

I laughed.  "And did you know that this is the longest we have been together without me being in some kind of bondage?"

We both laughed, but Alan's wasn't as happy as mine.

"I hope we can correct that later," I told him.

"You mean you still want to...after what happened to Melissa?"

"Oh yes!  But let’s take it easy until I sound her out about it, okay?"

Alan nodded and watched me remove my clothes before I climbed into the tub after Melissa.

The water was hot, almost too hot, but after a few minutes it felt a lot better.  The tub was huge and I figured that a dozen people would fit easily.  Melissa was immersed up to her neck and still had her eyes closed, while Alan stood and watched from the side.

"Aren't you going to join us?" I asked him.

He looked nervous. "Won't Melissa mind?"

"I don't if Maria doesn't," yelled out Melissa.

So Alan shrugged out of his clothes and climbed in after us.  He moved over so he was sitting next to me and took one of my hands underwater.  With my other hand I reached over and took hold of something else.  He jumped and smiled; the best smile I had seen on him in days.  He leaned over and we kissed.

"It looks like you guys are getting along nicely," Melissa said, one eye open.  She closed it again and both Alan and I looked around sheepishly.

Melissa laughed. "Why don't you tell me what's been going on here?"

"Are you sure you want to hear about this?" I asked her.  "I doubt you want to hear about our bondage games."

"If it makes you happy, I want to hear about it, Sweetie.  And don't worry about me being sour on bondage.  It makes you very happy and for a time it made me happy too.  I don't want to spoil your life by having to tiptoe around the subject whenever I'm around."

"All right..."  I told her about how Alan had me cleaning his floor, and my tour of his yard.  I described the shed and how we turned it into a prison cell.  She laughed when I told her about the chase and listened with amazement as I told her about my time as a prisoner.  I felt rather uncomfortable telling her about the last part.  I realized that for a time we were both prisoners with no say in our release.  The parallels were too evident.  But Melissa urged me on so I finished.

"You left one thing out," she said after we had sat quietly for a few minutes.  "How’d you get here?  Don't lie to me 'cos I already know."

"You know?"  I was hoping to keep Eric's involvement out of this.

"I know.  I was there, remember?  It was actually funny at the time.  It was before...well, before.  He had me tied to a chair in the kitchen.  You only needed to have come in the house a little further to see me.  He had me gagged and every time he came in he would pinch me or kiss me.  He left me there when he brought you here and told me afterward how he’d left you.  That's how I knew you were here."

"How long were you with him?" I asked.

"Since Monday night: the Monday we last saw each other.  He picked me up for dinner, and we went back to his place and…well I never really had the opportunity to get away, not that I was trying hard.  It was fun..."

Alan and I sat quietly.  Melissa's expression was completely neutral, her voice took on a far away sound as if it was someone else's story she was telling.  "I would spend all my time at his house naked and tied to furniture.  When we went out, it was usually with some device either strapped to me or inserted in me.  I had no idea there were so many ways a man could keep a woman on the edge of orgasm.  I have never fucked that much in my life.  And when we weren't fucking I was begging to be fucked.  I swear, when he first whipped me, it actually felt good.  I can't believe it, but it's true.  But when I started getting serious about leaving him for a while and going back home, he started getting angry.  We stopped going out and I was tied up on a continuous basis.  Every time I was ungagged I would plead with him to let me go, but he wouldn't listen.  He would take that whip, and use it on me more and more.  Eventually he wouldn't stop, not completely.  He would pause to rest, or to sleep, and he would resume whipping me again.  He ignored my pleas to stop.  He gave up on gags so he could hear me scream.  He starved me for two days before I gave in and sucked his...  In the end it was all he would give me.  Last night, I had been hanging there for almost two days.  He had just gotten through with a heavy whipping session and went for a beer.  He came up yelling at me 'cos he was out and told me he was going to a bar somewhere.  He shoved those...things in me... and left.  I saw his jacket, where he’d left it, and saw my one chance to get help.  It was agony trying to reach it and I knew that when I did he would come back for it.  I got hold of it and got out the cell phone I knew was there.  I knew where you were but not how to get hold of you.  I thought since we hadn't talked you might have left me a message on my machine, so I called it and sure enough you’d left this number.  After I called Alan, I worried that Eric would come home first and see what I’d done.  I couldn't hide it.  I was scared to death when Alan came in, I thought it was him.  I was so relieved to be wrong."  She opened her eyes and looked directly at us.  "He's bound to know who I called.  He may guess where I am.  What if he comes to get me?"

Alan stirred.  "He won't try anything with us here. You're safe."
"But I can't go home can I?" she asked.  "He can find me alone there."

"You can stay here.  I'd advise that until your back is healed anyway."

"Maybe we should call the police," I suggested.

"NO!" yelled Melissa.

"I'll figure out something," Alan said.

We sat together for a little while longer, until Alan told us he had to get to work.  I watched him walk into the house, clothes in his hands, and wondered what he was going to do about Eric.

"Do you love him?" Melissa asked me.

"I only just met him."
"Don't give me that bullshit.  I saw how you looked at him when we first saw him.  I see how you look at him now.  Do you love him?"

"Yes," I said after a moment.

"Do you trust him?"


"That's good enough for me," she said and dunked her head under the churning water.

Feeling a bit like an underdone lobster, I helped Melissa out of the tub, and the both of us carried our clothes into the house in search of towels.  The heat had brought out all her welts in bright reds and pinks, but she told me that she felt a lot better.

As we passed the open door of Alan's office, he called out to say that now I looked normal to him again, which made us both laugh.

Up in his room, after we dried off, I applied more salve to Melissa's scars.  I took care to cover both her front and back this time.  As I did so I wondered if this jar of salve was left over from his affair with the whipped girl.  I put it out of my mind.

"Aren't you going to get dressed?" Melissa asked me as she pulled her shorts back on.

I looked down at my naked body.  Alan was right.  Here in this house, I did look normal being nude.

"Melissa, can I ask you something?"

"Go ahead, Sweetie."

"Would you mind, if Alan and I, well, continued..."

"You want to play bondage games with Alan, right?"

I nodded.

"You go ahead.  I know it's part of what makes you and Alan happy, and I told you that as long as you're happy, so am I.

You'll have to excuse me if I don't get involved though," she said with a smile.

I felt a weight lift off my shoulders, and almost hugged her.

"Thank you."

I ran into the bathroom where all the bondage stuff from the day before was still sitting, and picked up the manacles and collar that I had been wearing.  Then, still naked, I went downstairs with Melissa coming along behind me.

I went into Alan's office and saw he was typing on the computer.  He turned and smiled when he saw what I was carrying.

Without a word, he got up and came around his desk to stand in front of me.  He took the collar and placed it around my neck, locking it.  Then he brought my hands up to the manacles that were still connected to the collar and closed them about my wrists.  He turned me around and swatted me on the butt, sending me out with a big grin on my face as Melissa watched from the stairway.

"Come on," I said as I passed her, "I'll show you around."

I led her outside into the warm sunlight.  It looked like it would be another glorious day.  We walked over to the barn and Melissa kept looking at me and laughing quietly.

"What's so funny?" I asked her.

"Give you a big bushy tail and you’d look like a squirrel," she said bursting out in laughter.

I supposed it was true.  With my wrists bound right under my chin, my hands under my mouth, I supposed I did look like some big naked, tailless rodent.  My elbows stuck out on either side of my breasts, and I knew from trying that I couldn't reach any part of my body if I wanted to.

I liked it.

I stuck my tongue out at Melissa and kept on walking.

In the barn I said hello to Nelson, and told him I forgave him for helping Alan chase me down a few days ago.  He didn't say much of anything but did stick his head over the stall door to be petted.  Melissa helped me out there by scratching him on the nose.  I noticed that Nelson's stall had fresh straw in it.  It was another thing Alan must have done instead of sleeping.  I wondered what was keeping him going now.

Melissa and I walked slowly around the yard, an easier job now that I wasn't hobbled and I showed her the shed I had been kept in for three days.  It smelled terrible in there, since I also had to use it for a bathroom, and Melissa marveled that I spent any time in there at all.  But then she told me in a quiet voice how Eric had made her relieve herself upside down where she hung.  We left the shed.

The hot tub was still going when we walked behind the house, and I thought we might get back in, but Melissa said that the walking was helping her and that she wanted to explore the trails, so away we went.

I did feel a little odd.  There I was naked and bound, completely unable to cover myself, walking with my best friend who only wore a pair of shorts.  Once again I was glad that this place was so isolated.  I would miss it when I left on Sunday.

Neither of us said much as we walked.  We just enjoyed the outside air, the sun on our backs.  Melissa swatted the occasional bug for me, laughing as she did so.  We found ourselves retracing the way we had come when we first entered the valley, and stopped at the gate we had squeezed through back then.

We turned around and headed back the way we had come, turning off to follow a different path.

Quite a bit of walking took us to a dirt road.  The sun was high in the sky now and I was beginning to think about sunburn again.  So was Melissa.  She had taken off her shorts and draped them over her shoulders.

"I think this is his driveway.  If we follow it we should be back at the house in a few minutes."

"Right," Melissa said.

We had only taken a few steps when we heard the car.

It was moving fast, coming down the driveway heading for the house.  We both recognized it at the same time.


We ran to one side, but the driver had spotted us and gave chase.  He pulled up beside us and got out.  We kept going but a hand grabbed my ankle and tripped me.  Eric lifted me onto my feet but didn't let go.

"Hey now, isn't this something…the delicious Maria.  And you too Melissa my little tramp," he said, reaching around me and taking hold of one of my breasts.  I could smell alcohol on his breath, beer and something stronger.  He stank.

Melissa had stopped running when she saw him grab me.

"Leave her alone you bastard!" she yelled.

Eric squeezed hard and I screamed.

"Come here!" he yelled back.

"Run Melissa," I screamed, "get Alan!"

Eric put his hand over my mouth, so I bit down on it as hard as I could.  He yelled and let go of me.  I sprinted for the tree line, while Melissa headed the other way.

I must have made the better target for the next thing I knew Eric was chasing me in his car.  Maybe he thought bound as I was I would be slower.

He was partly right.  I've mentioned before how hard it is to run without a bra on, and now I couldn't really do anything to stop my breasts from bouncing up and down as I hurried toward the trees.

I could see I wasn't going to make it.  So I changed tactics.

The driveway wound through a gap between two hills, so I turned and started up one of them.

The going was steep, and I really wished I had my hands.  I got the scare of my life when I looked back to see Eric's car climbing after me.  His car wasn't built for hill climbing though, and the wheels kept slipping, threatening to tip the car over and roll it back down the hill.

I thought I might out-distance it yet when I came upon the fence.  I couldn't go over it.  Maybe if I wasn't bound I could climb it even though I was naked, but as it was I couldn't do anything but keep on running.  I followed the fence line and Eric turned to follow me.  Broadside to the slope his car really threatened to tip, but it was still catching up.  My bare foot stepped on a sharp rock and I lost my footing.

The car was almost upon me when I heard a crack and the front tire blew.

The front end slipped down a foot or so then dug in.  The uphill side of the car lifted off the ground, forced up by the car's momentum, and tipped over.  Down the car rolled, side over side until it came to rest on the driveway.

Shocked, I could only sit and stare at it as smoke appeared from under the hood.  I kept expecting it to blow up, as on TV, but it just sat on its wheels, smoking badly.

Something on the hill opposite moved and I looked up to see Alan riding down on Nelson.

The sure-footed animal was walking down a slope just as step as the one I sat on.

Alan paused at the car, looking inside, before riding up to where I sat.

"Are you okay?" he asked me.

"I'm fine, just stepped on something.  My God Alan, he was trying to run me down!"

Alan looked over at the car once more.

"Do you need a ride back or can you walk?" he asked without looking at me.

I got up, and found I could walk okay, and said so.

"I'll meet you at the house.  I have to call the police about this.  Don't go near the car!"

I promised not to, and watched him ride off.  Only then did I notice that he had a rifle attached to his saddle.

I looked at the car.  I had to see, had to find out about Eric.  I stumbled down the slope until I reached the car and looked inside.

Eric lay on his side, half on the floor half on the seat.  His head was bent all the way back at a very unnatural angle.  His half-open, sightless eyes told me all I needed to know.  I stepped carefully around all the broken glass and walked slowly to the house.  My stomach was turning and it took a lot of willpower not to lose control of it there by the roadside.  I actually felt sorry for Eric.  Don't ask me why.  Maybe I'm just a sucker for those who die needlessly.

I had almost reached the house when Alan rode past me going the other way.  He didn't acknowledge me as he passed, and I noticed that he no longer had the rifle.  Did I imagine it?

Melissa was waiting for me on the porch with keys in her hand.

"Are you all right?" she asked as she undid my restraints.

"I'm fine.  Did Alan tell you what happened?"

"Yes.  Right now I'm glad it happened, I can't spare any sympathy for Eric."

This really didn't sound like the Melissa I knew, but I could understand her anger.

"Alan said for you to get dressed and to pack all your bondage gear away somewhere," she continued.

"All right.  Then I guess I had better get back to the accident to talk to the police."

"No.  Alan wants you to wait here.  He said that there was no reason you had to be involved in this.  He'll tell them that Eric drove up the hill by himself and lost control.  Telling them he was chasing us will only complicate matters.  I told you I don't want the police involved."

I was taken aback, "We can't lie to the police!"

"We can, and we will.  It will work."  She seemed so insistent, so sure about all this.

"There's one thing we can't hide," I said.


"You, all your scars.  If the police do come to the house they will see you and we don't have anything here to cover your whip marks.  Our clothes are God knows where, and Alan's stuff is too big to look right on you."

I could see she hadn't thought about that.

"I'll have to hide," she said slowly, looking down at herself.

"No," I replied, thinking.  "Not hide exactly.  Come on!"

When the police car (with Alan following on horseback) pulled up to the house an hour later, I was dressed in T-shirt and shorts again.  I watched from the porch as two men in uniform got out of the car and waited for Alan to join them.

The three men stepped onto the porch and Alan introduced me.

"Good to meet you Miss Imus," said the older of the two cops, who happened to be the county sheriff.  "I hope you don't mind if we talk to you for a moment."

"I don't mind," I replied, and waved them to a seat.

While they sat I asked Alan how Eric was.

He came to me and took my shoulders in his hands.  He told me softly that Eric had died in the accident.

I forced my face into the proper response.

"Miss Imus," said the sheriff, "you knew Mr. Maximer?"

"If you mean Eric, yes.  But not well.  He's...was, my friend's boyfriend."

"Miss Hunt, you mean."


The sheriff pulled out a notebook and consulted it for a moment.  "She's supposed to be here isn't she?"

"She's upstairs in bed.  Woke up with a bad migraine and hasn't been up yet today." I lied.

"Ah.  My wife gets those.  I know how they can keep you down all day.  Would you mind if I talked to her?"

"I don't mind.  But it depends on how she feels, okay?"

Alan jumped in explaining that Melissa didn't know about the accident yet.

"I didn't have the heart to tell her, without knowing how he was," I added.

What a pair of liars we were.  Inside I still couldn't believe Alan, Melissa and I were trying to pull this off.  It wasn't as if we had murdered Eric.  But then I remembered the rifle Alan was carrying and the crack I heard just as the tire blew.  I needed time to think, and I wasn't getting any.

"Maybe then you can tell me where you were when Mr. Maximer met his death?" asked the sheriff.

"In the hot tub on the other side of the house.  I got out as soon as Alan told me about the accident."  We were going to slip up, I knew it.

"And do you have any idea why he was driving up a hill way too steep for his kind of vehicle?"

I had to respond carefully to this.  I didn't know if I was supposed to know the details of the accident or not.

"Driving up and down the hills was something he liked to do when he was drinking," I told the sheriff.

"He was a drinker then?"

"Melissa wouldn't admit that he drank.  But you could smell it on him when he got close to you."

The sheriff sat for a minute or two, jotting down notes in his note book.  His companion just sat and watched Alan and me as we leaned against the porch railing.

"I'd like to see Miss Hunt now," the sheriff said finally.

"Can't I break the news to her first?" I asked him.

"You can do that while I'm there."
I tried to look unhappy at that.  It wasn't hard for I was unhappy about everything to do with this.

I led the men into the house and up the stairs to Alan's bedroom.  The room was in darkness, the shades drawn.  Melissa's sleeping figure could be seen huddled under the covers, only her hair was visible.  I stopped the men at the door and quietly walked over to her.

While Alan and I had to ad lib downstairs, Melissa and I had managed to rehearse this part of the charade, and we put on a command performance: my slowly waking Melissa up; her slow realization that something was wrong; my telling her that Eric had been in an accident and had been killed; her shocked expression at the news and the way she buried her head in the pillows crying.

I looked helplessly at the men standing in the doorway, and the sheriff closed the door on us.

Melissa started to sit up, but I held her down and put my finger to her lips.  I didn't let either of us move until I heard their car pull away.

"I'll meet you downstairs," I told her, and left the room.

Alan was in the front room, staring out the window.

"What the hell is going on?" I asked him.  "Why are we lying to the police?"

"You know why," he replied without looking at me.

And I did.  He had fired the rifle.  He had blown the tire and caused the car to crash.  He had accidentally killed Eric in order to save me.

There were way too many conflicting emotions inside me right now.

I walked up behind him and put my arms around him.

He softened at my touch and turned to hold me.

"I didn't know he was going to die," Alan whispered.

"I know," I whispered back.

We stood like that for a long time.

End of Part 4


"I want to go home," Melissa said from the stairway.

Alan and I let go of each other, we had no idea how long she’d been standing there.

"I don't advise it," Alan said.

"I don't care.  I want to go home."

"Your injuries still need attention, Melissa.  I can't let you go in the state you're in," argued Alan.

"Please stay," I added.

"You don't understand.  I have to go.  You guys may not realize this, but at some point those cops are going to want to go check out Eric's house.  When they do, they will find our clothes and the bondage room.  More importantly, since my purse is still there, they will find my ID."

"But they know about you already," I said.

"But they have no idea that I know about the bondage room," Melissa countered.  She walked into the room and over to where Alan kept a few bottles of liquor.  The long sleeved men's shirt I had her put on to cover her arms, flapped loosely as she walked.  She wore nothing else over her tender skin.

"Some of my stuff is in that room.  For them to place me there means answering questions I don't want to answer.  For them to find my purse and ID there, when I'm here, will also prompt questions."  She poured herself a drink, and swallowed half of it quickly, as if trying not to taste it.

I went over to her and placed my hands on her shoulders.

"There's nothing we can do about that, is there?"  I turned to Alan.

"Not for a while," he said.  "The cops will be busy up the road dealing with Eric and his car for a while yet.  They may wonder where we're going if we try to leave now.  Especially since you're supposed to be in bed with a migraine, Melissa."

"They couldn't stop you leaving though, right?" she asked.

"No.  If they ask I could tell them I was just going into town."

"Wait a minute," I said, "are you seriously thinking about getting back into Eric's house again?  What if the police catch you in there?"

We stood silently for a few minutes.

"I'll take that risk."  Even though he was dead tired, I could see that he meant what he said.

Melissa smiled and moved toward him.  Her arms circled him and she gave him as hard a hug as she dared despite the injuries to her front.  I watched and felt a pang of jealousy creep into my heart.

"Oh Alan, this is the second time you will have come to my rescue."

Alan looked rather nervous and extracted himself from her embrace.  "I'll do it but only if Maria agrees."
"We’ll do it, if you can stay awake long enough," I said after a moment’s thought, and Alan nodded.  "But Melissa stays.  She is supposed to be ill."

"Then you have to stay too," she said.  "They will wonder why you aren't looking after me."

"No.  I plan on going.  There is one more thing they will find that will make them ask questions.  My car!"

"Ohmygod," said Melissa.

"You may have to sneak me out past the police.  Any ideas Alan?"

"I have an idea," he replied.

Twenty minutes later, I was in a very tight situation.  The only place to hide me was the tool carrier bolted to the bed of his truck.  Alan had taken out all the tools and had me crouch down inside.  He closed the lid and locked it, so it wouldn't pop open accidentally he said, although I think he was just taking the opportunity to place me in a form of bondage again.  It was cramped, dark, and I could barely move a muscle.  I liked it a lot!

Melissa wanted to go in my place, but after I tried the tool box I told her that with her injuries she would never be able to stand being cooped up in there, so she resigned herself to staying at home.

We got past the police okay.  They didn't stop us or ask us anything, which surprised me.  The plan was for Alan to drive a little ways and then let me out, but as time went on I began to realize that Alan was going to take me the whole way there trapped in this box.
The bastard!

I was quite sore, and getting a little mad, when he finally pulled over and let me out.  The big smile on his face took the anger away from me, but I pretended to be a little mad, and he pretended to be sorry.

I saw we were just on the outskirts of town.  Alan told me he didn't want to let me out in the middle of a busy neighborhood.  I had to agree.

We reached Eric's house and drove slowly past it.  My car was where I’d left it, and the house looked deserted; no police tape or vehicles anywhere.

We turned around and pulled into the driveway.

We got out and I made a beeline for my car.  I still had my keys; they were in one of my bags.  I started the car and pulled it away from the house, parking it a couple of blocks away.  I walked back to Eric's feeling very strange.  All I was wearing was a large T-shirt and shorts that were a little big for me.  Padding along in my bare feet in front of all these houses made me feel like I was doing it nude.

I walked into Eric's house to find Alan stuffing clothes into a couple of plastic bags.  I reached for one intending to find something better to wear.

"Stop," Alan said.

I did.

Alan took my wrists and looked me deeply in the eyes.

"I want to know something," he said.

"What would you like to know?"

"I want to know what your intentions are for the next few days."

"What do you mean?"  I was puzzled.

"Are we going to go on playing our games?  Or do you want to stop?"  His expression was very serious; although the glaze in his eyes told me he couldn't function much longer.

I really didn't know.  It seemed somewhat callous to think of bondage games right now, with Eric dead.  Yet I couldn't help feeling a tingle of pleasure at Alan's touch.  The firm grip he had on my wrists made them feel like they were trapped in vises.
"Yes, I want to go on," I whispered.

He leaned forward and kissed me.

"If you want to go on," he said, "stay dressed as you are.  Don't put on any of your clothes."

I nodded and left the bags alone.  I looked up toward the stairway.

"I want to see the room."

"We've been here too long already," replied Alan.

"It's important."  It was.  I had to see where Melissa suffered.  It would help me get a better idea of what she’d gone through so I could help her.

Alan nodded and led me upstairs.

The door to the bondage room was open and standing in the doorway was as far as I could go.

The walls were thick with cloth-covered insulation.  There was no sign of the window that was visible from the outside.  The ceiling was also covered and the floor was bare wood.  Hung from hooks on the walls was a large assortment of cuffs, harnesses, whips, paddles, ropes and chains.  There was a collection of bondage hoods and armbinders stacked on shelves and what looked like a full-sized mummy bag hung in one corner.  Filling the rest of the shelves were dildos and vibrators galore.  A hoist hung from a swivel hook in the ceiling to which a spreader bar was connected.  This was where Melissa had hung for two days.  There was no sign of Eric's jacket and cell phone; he must have picked them up.  He also must have tidied the place up a bit for there was no way to tell which of the dildos had been Melissa's torturers.  I took one last look around the room before leaving it.

At any other time, in any other place, I would have drooled over all these bondage toys and would have wanted to try all of them.  But, knowing how he’d used them on Melissa, and maybe other unwilling women, made me want to leave.

Alan watched as I picked up the two plastic bags with our stuff.

"Lets go," I said.

We got in his truck and he drove me over to my car.  I put the bags in the back seat after extracting Melissa's purse, and then Alan followed me over to my own home.

I lived in a small house in an older part of town.  It was the only thing I had from my parents, who died a few years back.  Unlike Melissa, who lived off a trust fund established by her parents (who died in the same accident that killed my folks), this was the only legacy they could give me.  I loved the house, for it was comfortable and private.

I parked in the garage and Alan pulled up right in front of the garage door.  The garage being in the rear of the house meant that his truck was pretty much invisible from the street.

I wanted to go into the house, but I knew we didn't have the time.  We had to get back quickly in case the police decided to revisit Alan's home.

With a longing glance at the house I walked back to Alan's truck.

He had gotten out and was standing by the truck bed.

"We might as well get you back in here," he said, patting the toolbox.

"Can't we wait until we get closer in?  I can drive while you nap for a while."

"I'll be okay.  You don't have to worry about me falling asleep at the wheel."

"Well, I think I have bruises from riding in that thing."

"Where?" he asked.  And I showed him my knees and elbows.

"Take off your shirt," he ordered.


"Take it off, and the shorts," he was smiling his evil smile.  I knew I was in trouble.  I looked around even though I knew I wouldn't be seen by anybody.  The privacy fence at one end of the small yard and the thick growth of trees and bushes made this place very private.  I pulled off the shirt and shorts and handed them to Alan.

He took them and folded them up to make two pads on the bottom of the tool box for my knees and elbows.

"There you go," he said.

With a “humph” I climbed up and crouched once more inside the box.  He laughed as he closed and locked the lid again.

I endured the bumping around and the confinement while reflecting on the fact that for all the time I’d spent there, I had never seen the way either to or from Alan's valley.  When we finally made it back to Alan's house, I was tired, crabby and needed to pee badly.

Alan remedied the second by giving me a long hard kiss once I had gotten out of the box, and sent me inside to remedy the third.  The first would have to wait for just a little longer.

Alan was going into his room when I came out of the bathroom, but I wondered where Melissa was.  I peeked into the spare room and saw her sprawled across the top of the bed.  She had taken off the shirt and lay there naked on her front.  She was sleeping and I stood and watched her for a few minutes, thinking about her in the bondage room and crying once more at her fate.

I left her and went into Alan's room.  He had undressed and crawled into bed.  He lay with his eyes open, watching me.

Since I was already naked I just crawled in next to him.

"Look at the footboard," he said quietly.

I looked and saw an ankle cuff, connected to a short chain.

I stuck my foot out of the covers and locked it around my ankle.  When I turned back, Alan's eyes were closed and his breathing was more even.

He’d stayed awake long enough to make sure I would stay with him.  He didn’t need to have done that; I would have stayed with him anyway.

I snuggled closer to him and drifted off to sleep.

I woke about an hour later according to Alan's watch.  I felt a lot better, but was hungry and saw that it was suppertime.

I pulled at the cuff around my ankle but it was locked with a short piece of chain to the footboard.  I wasn't leaving the bed.  It had seemed like a good idea an hour ago, but looking at Alan's sleeping face, I wondered if I had the heart to wake him up to ask for the key.

I was still debating it a half hour later when there was a knock at the door.

Melissa stepped in wearing the long sleeved shirt and saw Alan asleep next to me.

She came over to my side of the bed.

"I made something for us to eat, you hungry?" she whispered.

"Starving," I replied, "but I'm stuck here unless you find the key."

She looked puzzled until I shook my leg and made the chain jingle.

She looked around the bed and dug into Alan's pants pockets.  There were no keys in it so she looked around the room and discovered them on an empty bookshelf.

A little fiddling and the cuff came off, and we tiptoed out of the room.

I grabbed a T-shirt on my way out and wore it as we ate in the kitchen.  Melissa had put together some rice and vegetables and as we ate I filled her in on what we had done at Eric's.  She seemed to be a little more relaxed at the news that nothing of ours now remained at his place.  After we had cleaned up, I suggested anther dip in the hot tub and she agreed.

Naked in the tub once more, I could feel the hot jets of water pummeling the tension away and even Melissa looked better.

"How are you doing?" I asked her.

"Right now I'm trying not to think," she replied after a moment.  "All I want to do is enjoy this water."

I wasn't sure what to say.

"You know," she continued, "I was so glad that you were here last night.  You really helped me."

"What else could I do?"

"Without you I would be very alone.  Do you know that?"

Yes I knew.  While her life was filled with one man after another, I knew that none ever really touched her heart.  I don't think even Eric had done that.

"You're all the family I have," I told her.

"You too," she said smiling.  "Hug?"

She moved across the tub and took me in her arms.  I was very surprised and didn't know what to do with my own arms.

For one thing I didn't want to hurt her, and for another, despite all the crazy things we had done we had never touched face to face while being naked.  I felt her breasts press into mine, her bare skin smooth to the touch.  One of her legs passed between mine and I had to push forward to maintain my balance.  We were both standing in the middle of the tub, the jets of water pounding from all sides as if to hold us in place.  The water came up to our waists.  I put my hands on Melissa's shoulders, and we stood like that for a while before she finally let go.

She pulled back only a little way, and held onto my arms.  I watched the water falling from her nipples.  I don't know why my attention was drawn to them.

"I'm sorry," she said, pulling my attention to her face.  "I guess I'm feeling a little shaken right now.”

"That's okay," I said, sinking back into the water.

She smiled and looked around at the rapidly darkening landscape.  "This is a nice place," she whispered.

I nodded, wondering at the change of subject.  I looked around.  With the sun almost down there was very little to see.  The yard light lit up the front of the house, but not the back.

Melissa climbed out of the tub, and stood naked on the ground.  She started for the trees, making no move toward where her shirt lay.

"Hey!" I called out.  "Where are you going?"

"Just for a walk."

"In the dark?"

"I...just need to be alone for a while, okay?"

"I don't think you should be out there!"  I had to shout for she was moving away quickly.  Already I almost couldn't see her.

"I'll be fine; just be here when I get back."

I watched her until she disappeared.

I don't know why I was so freaked out by her hugging me right now; or my response to it.  I'm sure she didn't mean anything sexual at all, yet I felt that familiar twinge, that charge along my skin.  I dunked myself in the hot water in an effort to wash it away.

I was sitting in front of the fireplace, a large fire burning brightly, when Melissa came back in.

It had been almost three hours, the last one with rain, and I was getting rather worried.  I had thought of waking Alan, but watching him I didn't think it wise.

She was still naked, and drenched.  I passed a towel to her that I had gotten when it started raining, and she dabbed lightly at her body in an effort to dry off.

"Where did you go?" I asked her.

"Around.  I just followed the trails."  She didn't look at me; she just kept drying herself.

When she was done she wrapped her hair up in the towel and moved to the fire.

I had another shirt for her and tried to give it to her, but she refused it.  Instead she squatted down right in front of the fire to absorb its warmth directly.

"You'll catch a chill," I said.

"Well, you're not wearing one," she told me.

It was true – I wasn't.  After the hot tub I just didn't feel like getting dressed again.  "I wasn't out in the rain."

"You should have been.  It was glorious."  She laughed a little.

I came and sat next to her and the two of us stared at the flames.  Two nude nymphs, toasting our private parts.

"Why do you like bondage?" she asked me after a while.

"I guess I like to feel restrained." I answered.

"No, tell me the real reason."

I paused to think about what I was going to say…how to word it so that she would understand.

"I guess I do it to feel free," I finally said.

"You guess?"

"It's hard to put into words."

"You feel free when you are tied up?"

"Yeah.  Its like all my options are gone.  I don't mean in a way that leaves me trapped to do one thing, but in a way that means I don't have to worry about having options.  It’s like seeing the path you have to take in life suddenly cleared.  All you have to do is enjoy the walk."

"I think I see what you mean."

"I like letting someone else make decisions for me: how I may move, when I may move, whether I move at all.  When I am tied down, immobile, and someone makes love to me it can be one of the most intense moments in my life."

Melissa looked away for a moment.  "I can understand that very well," she whispered.  "I never lived more intensely than when I spent time with Eric.  With him, every second of my life seemed to be stretched out and lived to its absolute fullest.  I was never so aware of my body: what it wanted, what it craved, what it's strengths were, it's weaknesses...  Even...even during the most terrible whippings that he gave me, I still felt so much more than I did before I met him..."

Melissa turned back to me and her eyes were overflowing with tears.  She began to shudder and the emotional floodgates that I thought would never open broke down.  Her sobs were loud and powerful, they came from deep down.  She reached for me and I held her tightly, this time not concerned with hurting her skin.  She needed the comfort of my embrace more than my being careful of her injuries.

We sat in front of the fire, leaning on each other, hugging tightly while she cried herself out.  As her sobs began to die down, I again began to feel sexually stimulated by our closeness.  I was both embarrassed and excited by this.  Never before had I ever felt any sexual feelings for any woman, but Melissa and I had known each other for a long time, and in some weird way it seemed perfectly natural to feel this way now.

I pulled back slightly and brushed the tears from her face with one finger.  Then I leaned forward and kissed her softly.

I felt Melissa take a breath, and then return the kiss.  Her body moved forward so that it pressed into mine, and I had to lean back until I lay on the rug.

She continued to kiss me, and I responded willingly although I felt something was missing.  With a guilty start I realized what it was.

With no small effort, I sat up and put a finger to her lips.  She watched in silence as I got up and walked out of the room, only to return minute later.  I saw her smile as I came back.  The smile grew when she saw what I was carrying.


I handed it to her and crossed my wrists in front of me.  How she bound me was quite an experience in itself.  She began by binding my hands behind me, using lots of turns to build a series of loops that locked my wrists together completely.  I was puzzled when she tied it off leaving at least eight feet of rope dangling.  She took two more long pieces and tied each of them to my ankles, again using lots of turns.

She had me kneel in front of the fire, facing it about 6 feet away.  The heat at this distance was felt, but not uncomfortable.  Behind me she tied each of the ankle ropes to something that made me spread my legs.  Then she took the rope that hung from my wrists, and passed it through my legs so it lay in front of me.

Taking my shoulders in her hands, she helped me lay on my back, my legs doubled up at the knees.  Then she picked up the end of the wrist rope and passed it through part of the metal grill in front of the fire.  Instead of tying it off however, she used the grill as a pulley to draw my bound hands between my legs.  To accommodate her pulling, I had to arch my back.  This lifted my hips up off the floor higher and higher until I was bowed like an arch.  The strain was great, but not to uncomfortable, I couldn't slide back as long as she held onto the rope, and with my legs open this position exposed me very well.  Melissa tied the rope off and I was set.

She kept me like that for a long time while she made love to me.  She knelt between my legs and nibbled at my exposed clitoris, caressing it slowly with her tongue.  She ran her hands all over my body, pinching and caressing wherever she desired.  Her fingers and lips found my breasts more than once and she drove me mad with her soft attentions.  All the men I had ever known had, without exception, used my body roughly.  They didn't mean to, it's just that most men seem to mistake force for passion.  They think that the sooner and harder they bring their partner to orgasm, the better they have done their job.  Forget it guys.  Slow, ever so slow, is the true way to a woman's heart.  Melissa brought me there ever so slowly.

She didn't neglect herself either. A lot of the time she knelt with her pussy directly over my mouth, and I used my own tongue to pleasure her as she pleasured me.  While I had tasted my own juices (sometimes forced to), hers was the only other woman's I had ever tried.  I enjoyed the experience very much.

When finally she fingered me to ecstasy, while I reciprocated with my tongue, I had been kept in the same position for what seemed like hours.

I felt wonderful.

Melissa untied the rope from the fire grating and I slipped into a more comfortable position.  Once my legs were free, I was able to stretch out.  I was still shaking, the aftereffects of the wonderful orgasm I had just had.  My skin was warm and sweaty from both the physical exertion and the fire, which had died somewhat over the time we’d spent together.

Melissa lay down next to me, face to face, but with her head pointed the other way.  One hand caressed my belly as we talked.  My hands were still bound behind me.

"Thank you," she said her voice slow and quiet.

"I…er…didn't expect it to go that way," I told her honestly.

"I know, but it felt right didn't it?" she responded.

I just nodded.

"You know," she went on, "I’d often wondered, what it would be like between us."

She had?  I had never even thought about it before.

"I'm glad I finally got to find out."
"What now?" I asked her.

She smiled.  "Now?  Now I could use some sleep, you tired me out!"  We both laughed.

"No, I mean between us…"

"Let's not think about that right now," she answered thoughtfully.  "Right now, it's bedtime."

She helped me stand up and taking the rope in her hands, led me up the stairs.  We got a few minutes in the bathroom, and Melissa embarrassed me by wiping me herself after I was done.  I wondered if there was to be any part of my life that my friend wouldn't be a part of.

I ended my day back in bed with Alan, who had slept through it all.  My ankle was put back in the ankle cuff, my hands were left bound behind me, and the free end of that rope was tied off to the headboard.  I could neither move up or down the bed nor reach over to hold Alan, which was something I wanted to do in the afterglow of the sex we had just had.

With a kiss Melissa said goodnight before popping in my ball gag, and stole off to her own room.

I fell asleep almost immediately.

End of Part 5


It was the light touch on my clitoris that woke me.  I opened my eyes, but could see nothing.  The familiar feeling of a blindfold caressed my cheeks.

The touch came again, and I squirmed in my bonds.  I hoped it was Alan, but whoever it was would know I was awake now.

I wiggled my fingers; glad to see that the ropes that held my hands together had not cut off the blood supply.

The touch came again and that old familiar feeling took over and I wiggled my ass.  With the gag in my mouth I had no other way of asking for more.

I felt two hands circle around either side of me and squeeze my breasts.  I was face down so the hands had to dig under my body to get to them.  Fingers pinched my nipples and pulled at my breasts.  I began to pant behind my gag at the rough treatment they were getting.  The hands moved and I felt my hips being lifted.  I tucked in my legs, noticing that my ankle cuff had been removed, and rested on my knees.  My head and shoulders were still pressed to the bed, but now my ass was high in the air.

Rope went around each knee, and my legs were spread.  From behind I must have appeared very open, very vulnerable.  I moaned.

The hands returned to my breasts, and I could feel something at my sex, probing and teasing.

I tried to push back, to force the intruder into me, but the hands pulled my breasts up so I could not move.

On and on I was teased, the rough treatment of my breasts conflicting with the delicate caressing of my pussy lips and clitoris.  I moaned louder and moved as much as I could under the onslaught, which wasn't much.  I was getting very frustrated, when suddenly the intruder burst into me.  The shock almost set me off, but I couldn't quite get there.

I expected Alan (I knew it was him for I’d heard him sigh) to pull out and begin pumping me, but instead he pulled back ever so slowly before pushing back into me at the same speed.  He began to pump me so slowly that I could barely tell he was moving; yet the friction generated was incredible.  I don't know how he had the willpower to make it last so long, but I swear he must have taken a full hour to destroy me with foreplay before finishing me off.
Our combined orgasm was enough to bounce the bed, and it was only after we heard Melissa pounding on the wall from the guest bedroom, yelling at us to keep it down, that we stopped and broke out laughing.

It was a good start to a day, a very good start.

Alan left me bound, cum dripping down my thighs, while he did his bathroom routine.  I heard him and Melissa exchange morning pleasantries and hoped that he had closed the bedroom door.  Even after our lovemaking the night before, I would have been embarrassed as hell if I knew she could see me propped up like this, open and obviously well used.  I was somewhat put out when he suggested that she take the bathroom before I did.  He told her I was in no hurry

Melissa spent forever in the bathroom and it wasn't until she was finished that Alan finally let me go.

He kissed me as he untied my ropes and I was glad to see that he looked well rested.  The sparkle in his eye was back.

When I finally did join the crew in the kitchen, Melissa eyed me with a smile, which I gladly returned.

She was dressed n a T-shirt and shorts, loaned to her of course by Alan.  Me, I came down wearing my smile.

"Do you still want to go on?" Alan asked me.

"Yes.  It's either this or mope around, and I for one would rather do something fun."

"Okay," he said and left the room.  He came back with a set of leather cuffs as I was sitting down to my cereal.  My uniform.  Five minutes later I was once again cuffed and hobbled and Alan insisted on feeding me himself.

Melissa watched all this amused.  But I could see I would have to get her involved in something today, or she would retreat once again into the horror that had been the past week for her.

"Say Alan, there is something I have wanted to do ever since I got here," I said.


I didn't think he was expecting this.  "Clean you house."


"No offense, but it's a sty.  It's a rare guy who can clean his own home sad to say, and this place can definitely use a spring cleaning."

I don't know if I offended him or not.  He looked at Melissa who shrugged her shoulders and concentrated on her Apple Jacks.
"Well, since you feel so strongly about it. I guess you can spend the day cleaning.  Just stay out of my office and Dad's bedroom."

I had hoped to clean in that bedroom, leaving it like it was seemed a little unhealthy to me.

"Fine," I said, "I'll begin after breakfast."

"No, you'll begin after you do Nelson's stall.  I really have to catch up on my work today so I won’t be able to watch you as much as I would like.  Melissa?"  He turned to her and she looked up at hearing her name.

"Melissa, would you be able to help me out by watching my new cleaning lady for me?  You can make sure she doesn't pilfer anything."

Melissa smiled.  "I'll be honored and I'm sure I can find things to keep her occupied for the rest of the day."

I was beginning to feel double-teamed.

"Ah, Melissa, I was hoping you would help me with the cleaning," I told her.

"Now Sweetie, you know I don't know much about housework."

Alan laughed and produced a ball gag for me to wear, and before I could protest I was wearing it.  He handed Melissa a set of keys and told her that she could release me to do my chores in the barn but otherwise I would have to be bound.  Then he excused himself and left for his office.

Defeated, I shuffled outside and into the morning sunshine.

Secretly I was glad that Melissa was taking such an interest.  It meant she would be spending less time brooding over Eric's death.  I just hoped I could survive her new hobby.

In the barn I was released from everything but the gag and for the first time had to handle Nelson myself.  It's amazing how big a horse can get when you are standing next to one.  Especially when you are naked.  This was the only horse I had ever seen up close, and I was a little nervous.
He stood patiently however, as I fitted his bridle.  I couldn't help noticing the similarities between it and a head harness I had at home, and smiled behind my gag.  When I led him out he followed me easily and Melissa stood with him happily while I attacked his stall.  When I was done, I was smelly, dirty and very sweaty.  I smelled almost as bad as the stall I had cleaned.

Melissa led Nelson back into his stall and then went about putting me back into my restraints for the trip back to the house.

Alan poked his head out of his office to watch me come in and smiled at my condition.  "Don't let her clean herself up until the entire house is done," he told Melissa.

I was right.  He did get turned on by seeing me messy.

Now I could go into long boring details as to how I did every job that needed doing, but for the sake of moving my story along I'll just touch on the highlights and let your imagination handle the rest.

Melissa interpreted Alan's order to keep me bound to mean that any bondage would do as long as it was strict.

So I cleaned the bedrooms with my hands attached to my neck via a collar and a six-inch chain, while I wore nipple clips and the butterfly vibrator as well as my eight-inch hobble.

The bathroom was cleaned while my legs were bound together tightly with a web of rope, my hands bound behind me.  To clean I had to hold whatever scrubbing utensil I used in my mouth.  Melissa stood by to make sure I didn't fall and didn't miss anything.  The most ingenious bondage she put me in that morning was when I had to vacuum the floors.  While she left me bound in the same state as I was for cleaning the bathroom, it was how she attached the vacuum cleaner to me that was interesting.  The vacuum cleaner was an older model with a hole in the end of the handle put there for some reason by whatever engineer designed the thing. Melissa threaded a section of rope through the hole, leaving one end sticking out about a foot long.  The other longer end, she wrapped around the handle a few times.  She then pushed the handle between my thighs, right up against my sex.  The foot-long section stuck out behind me and she ran that up my butt crack to a rope that had been tied around my waist.  The other end of the handle rope stuck out in front, and she ran that up between my lips, rather tightly, and tied it off to the same waist rope.  Once turned on, the vibrations from the motor went straight up the handle and into me.

To make matters worse, I had to use exaggerated hip thrusts to move the vacuum cleaner over the carpet, hopping forward or backward only as needed.  This made me look as though I was humping the cleaner, although the vibrations were never enough to let me cum.  Alan got a big kick out of it when he came up to see.  I was so glad he enjoyed it.

The way Melissa came up with this one made me wonder if Eric had done this to her.  I didn't have the nerve to ask.

Needless to say, it took me a while to do two bedrooms and the upstairs landing.

I was glad when we broke for lunch.

I spent lunch standing in the kitchen, bound to a wall: my hands cuffed over my head, my ankles bound to a spreader bar.  Alan cut up some vegetables and cold meats and he ate standing in front of me while Melissa sat at the table.

Alan would take a carrot stick, or other stick-shaped vegetable, and rub it slowly up and down my pussy lips until it was wet with my juices, then either he would eat it or he would feed it to me.  He kept telling me that it was the best salad dressing he had ever had which made Melissa laugh.

Alan got a big surprise, and I turned beet red, when Melissa came up to me herself and ran a piece of celery through my wetness.  "Hmmm, needs salt," she said smiling after taking a big bite, and went back to the table.

Alan stood there open-mouthed.  He still didn't know about what Melissa and I did last night, unless she told him.  But I didn't think she did.

He laughed and we finished eating.  I was once more in Melissa's clutches.

The next task was cleaning all the hardwood floors on the first floor.  Inspired by the way Alan had made me do the hallway Melissa bound me up in much the same way.  Her only differences were that my ankles stayed in the spreader bar and that instead of a vibrator being strapped to me, a set of nipple clips connected by chain to a clit clip was used.
This was quite painful at first, but I rapidly got used to the three burning points on my body – until I had to clean.

Scrubbing the floor was murder, rubbing my squeezed nipples back and forth across the floor made them extremely sensitive and drove me crazy.  The clit clip was worse.  The chain had been shortened so I could not straighten out completely without pulling hard on all three clips, so when I had to maneuver to dry the floor with my butt, the clit clip would tug and trigger instant orgasms.

I jumped and shuddered and orgasmed my way across the floor of four large rooms and the hallway.

Looking at what I was doing, Alan remarked that I seemed to be waxing the floor with my cum; and he was right.

I was glad that every half hour Melissa would give me a short rest and take out my gag so I could drink something.  She wouldn't let me out of finishing the job though.  I was halfway through a work period when Melissa suddenly screamed.  I looked up to see her run from the window where she had been standing, out the room to Alan's office.

They came rushing back in and Alan looked out.

"Shit," he said.

He came over to me and, standing behind me, reached around my waist and picked me up.

Instantly the chain was pulled tight and a shudder flowed through me.  I tried to curl up a bit to lessen the pain, but couldn't do so very well.

I wanted to know what was going on but of course I couldn't ask.

Alan carried me into the kitchen and out to the hot tub.

He lifted me up and deposited me in the water, then began undoing my gag.

"Sorry Maria," he said, "the Sheriff is here.  I don't have time to untie everything, so I'm going to turn on the tub and hide the rest of you under the bubbles.  If he comes out here just yell at him about being naked or something."

With the gag removed I looked normal above the water line, but the rest of me was still in bondage.  I was about to ask him to remove the clips but he started the pump and ran back into the house before I could do so.

I wasn't sure if I was better off or not.  While the water made it easier to generally relax for I didn't have to fight gravity as well as my bonds, the moving water made my breasts bob up and down, tugging on the chain that connected them to my clitoris.  I closed my eyes and tried not to moan too loud as the frequent tugging threatened another orgasm.  Being continuously teased plays hell with your sense of time.  I had no idea how long I had been in the tub, and had cum once already, when I heard my name called out.

I looked over my shoulder to see the sheriff and his companion of the day before standing a few feet away.  They were far enough away and the tub walls were high enough for them not to be able to see anything, but you be in this position, naked, hands and elbows bound behind you, a spreader bar making it impossible for you to close your legs and this darned chain, and try to stay relaxed about it.

"I hope we're not troubling you too much," said the sheriff.

"I was trying to relax."  I hoped my voice sounded normal.  To me it sounded rather high and weak.  I tried to concentrate on things other than the chain's insistent jerking.

"We won’t keep you, we just wanted to ask you to go over your statement again."

"Look, I'm naked in here, and I'm not in a position to talk to you right now.  Can't you come back later?"

"We could go inside and wait for you to come out and dress.  Although perhaps we should get you a towel first Miss Imus as there doesn't appear to be one here."

"No!  All right.  What do you want to know?"

He had me trapped and he knew it.  He thought he had me naked and unable to walk away from his questioning.  He probably got a kick out of having women trapped like this.  I almost laughed.  Who was I to talk?  I got my kicks out of being that woman.  If only he knew how trapped I was!

"Well first Miss Imus, where were you when..."  He asked question after question, hoping to trip me up.  I had to think carefully about what I was supposed to know and what I wasn't.  We were just getting into where Alan was at the time, which made me ask myself where was he now, when Melissa came out of the house.

She was dressed in what looked to be a pair of pajamas, Alan's?   And she wore a dark robe.  All her scars were nicely hidden.

"Ah, Miss Hunt.  Are you feeling better today?" asked the Sheriff.

"Much better thank you," she said, with a smile.  "And you are?"

"Oh, Sheriff Bates, Ma’am.  I don't suppose we could ask you a few questions about yesterday?"

Her face collapsed into one of grief, I almost believed it myself.

"Yes...yes...of course.  Why don't we go inside and talk?  I can get you some coffee."

"That would be fine Miss Hunt.  We would love some.  Miss Imus," he said turning to me, "sorry to disturb you, enjoy your bath."

With a smirk the two men started toward the kitchen.

"Melissa!"  I called out.

She stopped and so did the men.

"Can I have quick word with you?"

Melissa came over to me, and the men stood by the kitchen door watching both of us.
Melissa came up a couple of the steps and put her head close to mine.

"Let me guess," she whispered, "you want me to undo the clips."

"Please!"  There were tears in my eyes.  I really couldn't stand wearing them anymore.

"Lift yourself up a bit so I don't get wet."

With an effort I raised my nipples above the water line and Melissa quickly removed the clips.  The explosion of pain as the blood rushed back into them almost made me pass out.

"I can't reach the other clip, you will have to keep that on until we can get rid of our visitors.  I'll come back as soon as I can."

I barely noticed her leave me as I fought the pain washing from my breasts.  I wondered what getting the third clip removed would feel like.

It was some time later before Alan came out and turned off the pump.

The combination of heat and exhaustion had made me very sleepy and the throbbing between my legs was the only thing keeping me awake.

He reached into the water and carefully undid the clip that had imprisoned my clitoris for so long.  The pain triggered yet another orgasm, and I passed out.

I woke up lying on our bed.  I was still nude, of course.  I felt a quiet throbbing coming from my nipples and clitoris: aftereffects of the clips.

I reached down to rub my sore nipples, but my hand was stopped by the chain attached to it.  I had been loosely chained in a spread eagle position.  I had some freedom of movement, but not enough to touch myself anywhere, or to close my legs.

"Say!  Can anyone hear me?"  I called toward the open door.

A moment later Melissa poked her head in.

"Let me go tell Alan you're awake," she said, and disappeared.

A few minutes later, they both came into the room.  "I'm sorry we had to leave you like that," said Alan, as he bent over and gave me a kiss.

"You’d better be," I replied when he straightened up again. "Those clips were a bit much.  I hurt!"

He looked genuinely concerned.  "I'm sorry, I'll get you something for the pain," he said and left the room.

"Sorry, Sweetie," Melissa said once he left, "the clips were my idea."

"It's okay.  How long was I out?"

"Not long, about half an hour.  Alan carried you up here and we rearranged your bondage a bit.  Was it really that bad?"

"It would have been better if it hadn't gone on so long.  It stopped feeling good well before I was done cleaning."

She looked upset and I felt sorry for her.

"Look, you wouldn't know, your experience so far hasn't really taught you how to ration things out.  It's not your fault."

I got a small smile from her and Alan came back in with the jar of ointment Melissa used on her whip injuries.

"This should work well," he said.

He began to work a small amount of the salve into my nipples with his fingers and I closed my eyes so I could enjoy the attention.  Then a question popped into my head, "Alan, where were you while I was in the tub?"

"The sheriff had one of his people take me out to the crash site to show him where I was when...well, where I was."

"Oh...OH!"  He had begun rubbing my sore clit.  I heard the door close and opened my eyes to find Melissa gone.  I was glad in a way.  Having your best friend watch you getting fingered is extremely embarrassing.

"Feel better?" Alan asked after a couple of minutes.

"Ask me again in half an hour."

"You wench!"  He laughed.  "I bet you're not nearly as sore and injured as we thought you'd be!"

"Well," I said wriggling my hips, "there's only one real way to make sure all my equipment still works."

We spent a little while finding out.

When we came downstairs a while later, Melissa was curled up on the couch in the den, watching TV.  She gave us a small smile as we came in.  Alan was dressed in jeans and a shirt, but I was still nude other than my restraints.  I had on my wrist and ankle cuffs, although my wrists were connected behind my back and my ankles not at all.  I was also wearing the collar and Alan held the other end of a chain he had locked to it.  He had me sit down next to Melissa and connected the other end of the chain to the couch leg.

"My turn to cook tonight," he said, and left us alone.

Melissa leaned over and gave me a hug, then folded herself back into her former position.  She was still wearing the pajamas she had worn earlier, but had taken off the robe.

"You look better," I told her.

"So do you," she replied with a smile, and I blushed.

"I didn't know Alan wore pajamas."

"These aren't his.  I got them out of the bedroom next to the bathroom."

I was a little taken back.  "Did Alan say anything to you about that?" I asked her.

"No.  Is something wrong?"

"That was his dad's room.  Those are probably his dad's clothes."

"Ohmygod!  I had no idea!  What can I tell him?  Why didn't he say anything?  Should I go change?  It was the best I could find so I could face those cops."

"What did the police ask you anyway?"

"Not much.  Just how long I had been seeing Eric, and why I was up here.  Very little actually, I got the feeling they were just going through the motions."

I hoped they were.

I shifted slightly, pulling on the cuffs that held my hands behind me.  After we had made love, Alan had brought me back to the edge with his fingers before releasing me from the bed.  He had locked my arms behind me right away, leaving me frustrated and horny once more.  I loved and hated it.


"Yes, Melissa?"

"I'm going to ask Alan to take me home."

"No, please stay!"

"I can't.  I want to go back to my place to try to regain some normality.  I love you dearly, but I need to be alone for a while.  Besides, I think Alan wants to spend some more time with you without me around."

"Are you sure?" I asked, hoping that she might change her mind.

"I'm sure.  You do understand don't you?"

"Yeah, I do.  But I will be sorry to see you go in the morning."

"I was going to ask him to drive me back tonight!"

"Tonight!  Why tonight?"

"I want to sleep in my own bed."

I couldn't reply to that.  I sat there open-mouthed until Alan came back in with a frozen pizza that he’d cooked.

Melissa immediately asked him if he would drive her home that night, and, after voicing his concerns about her health and her injuries, he reluctantly agreed to take her.

"Can I come too?" I asked.

Alan and Melissa looked at each other, and Melissa shook her head.

"Melissa!" I wailed.

"Sorry Sweetie.  I wish I could explain.  Maybe later."

This really put a downer on my evening and I ate the pizza Alan fed me in silence.

Melissa wanted to leave right after we had eaten, but Alan convinced her to wait until he came up with something for me to do while he was gone.  In the end he decided on some passive bondage for me, to which I didn't object too strongly.  He decided to tie me to the couch where I sat and turned off the TV so he could work.

First he had me sit in the middle and spread my legs.  I blushed as I spread myself wide open in front of both of them, but Alan ignored it and set about binding my legs.  He tied each ankle to a leg of the couch, pulling them as wide as he could go.  He seemed to take a certain amount of pride in getting my legs as wide as I could spread them, and I looked down when he was done to see the tendons in my thighs well-defined.  This also had the effect of pulling apart my pussy lips and the lack of hair really showed up the inner pinkness of my sex.

He then unlocked my wrist cuffs and relocked them in front, telling me to put my hands on top of my head.

I did so and Alan took some more rope and began to wrap it around my chest.  He did a couple of figure eights around my breasts and then wound a couple of tight coils around each one, before finishing up with a few more loops around my chest.  The net effect made my breasts stand straight out, like a balloon squeezed at one end.  I could see them turn a darker shade of red, but I wasn't too worried about the blood being cut off.  I’d had my breasts tied before and knew that he hadn't tied them very tightly, just enough to make them sensitive to the touch.

I shifted slightly to get used to the ropes and Alan gave me a moment to get comfortable.  He took my hands and unlocked them again.  With more rope he bound each wrist as close as he could to each of my ankles.  This made me lean forward, my breasts hanging and swaying beneath me.

My ring gag was produced, and Melissa and I said goodbye before it was popped in and buckled behind me.  After that he used more rope to further secure me to the couch.  There was rope from the back of my rope bra pulling me back towards the back of the couch.  This stretched out my arms and tightened my breast bondage a little.  Rope connected to my collar on the sides was tied in such a way to prevent me from shifting from side to side.  More rope was tied to the sides of the rope bra to do the same job.  Even my head was better secured when rope was attached to the gag strap.  It pulled my head back as far as it would go and kept it there, while more rope from the sides prevented me from being able to turn it.

After I demonstrated that I could still wiggle my toes and fingers, Alan got some tape and soon even that option wasn't available any more.  The final item attached to my body was a blindfold.

I heard them move around the room a few minutes longer, and sensed that Alan was messing around with something in front of me.  I heard the coffee table being moved and what sounded like books being dropped on it.

A little more movement and Alan announced that they were leaving.

Melissa said goodbye once more, and I grunted a reply, which made her laugh.  I heard a switch being turned on and as Alan left the room I heard the sound of a fan come up to speed.

At first I couldn't feel any air moving, but a second later a blast of cooler air brushed across my chest from left to right and I realized it was an oscillating fan that was running.

Air wasn't the only thing that brushed across me.  Something had been tied to the fan: a ribbon, maybe a feather?  Whatever it was it brushed my nipples where they hung without really pushing hard against them.

After a few passes, the light touch of whatever it was had made my over-sensitive nipples stand straight out.  Once more I felt the tingle through my body that told me I was being sexually charged and I moaned into my gag.  I tried as best as I could to shift away from the fan, but couldn't move more than an inch in any direction.  My hanging breasts, made even more sensitive by the rope that bound them, could not get out of the way of the object that lightly caressed their most sensitive spots.

I could smell my arousal and wondered how I would be able to stand two hours of this.  It was delicious torture.

I have said it before how easy it is to lose track of time when you are being sexually teased, especially if you are blindfolded and have no other references.  As long as it had seemed to take for Alan to come back, I was surprised to hear his voice.

"You look beautiful, Maria," he told me; the awe in his voice was unmistakable.

I called out to him.  The fire in my loins begged release and I wanted nothing more than for him to fill me.

Instead I heard him cross the room and the sound of a bottle being opened told me he was making a drink.

"I know you must be terribly horny right now Maria," he said, moving to where I think a chair was, "but I want you to me honest with me now.  Are you in pain at all?  Is there anything that has gotten too tight?"

I could have lied, I wanted to lie.  But to be truthful there was nothing bothering me but the need I had to be fucked.  The constant back and forth of the object that tortured my nipples was sending small shocks to my brain with every pass.

I stayed quiet.

"You look so beautiful.  Your body has a sheen to it that makes it glow.  Your musculature is standing out in sharp relief, your labia are shining with a huge amount of fluid and is glowing bright red, and your clitoris is as prominent as I have ever seen.  I believe with one flick of my finger I could make you cum.  Would you like me to do that?"

I moaned loudly.  I so wanted him to do that.

"To let you cum now," said Alan quietly, "would ruin this vision that you are right now.
But there is something we can do about it.  Would you like to hear my idea?"

I moaned again.  I just wanted him to get on with it.

"I would like to take some pictures of you," he went on in the same low-key voice.  I had to strain to hear him, not easy with the stimulus I was getting.

"Will you let me?"

I yelled out loud.  I wanted to tell him he could do anything if only he let me cum.

"Thank you."

He took his pictures, and his time.  I never heard the camera, but I could hear him moving about the room.

He left me for a moment, then came back to stand right in front of me.  I heard a zip, and was immediately aware that he had pulled out his penis.

I was happy to note that while he stood there, I was no longer bothered by the fan, but I still needed his touch to send me over the edge.  Instead, he pushed his rock hard penis through the ring gag, and into my open mouth.
I curled my tongue around his shaft, eager to suck him dry if that was what he wanted.  I wanted to drain him quickly so I could get my reward.  I manipulated my tongue, lips and throat as best I could, while he pumped me slowly.  His hands found my nipples and brushed them lightly, continuing the stimulus the fan had been giving me.  He bent low over my head, as he gained speed, I could feel his breath on my back.  Faster and faster he went, almost choking me.

He exploded with a cry and hot semen flowed down my throat, making me cough until my swallowing got it under control.

The violence of his orgasm pounded his balls against my chin, and squashed my nose, but the ropes that held my head held well and I could do nothing to move out of the way.

He pulled out after a moment, and I cried out for my release.

The blindfold was removed, and I saw Alan standing in front of me, camera in his hand.  He took one picture of my face, then reached down between my legs and used one finger to flick my clitoris.

He was right.  That was all I needed.  The shock would have driven me to my knees had I been standing.

I came hard and fast, bucking as well as I could in the ropes that bound me.

Alan reached down and flicked again, sending more waves of pleasure rocketing through me.

My voice sounded one continuous wail as my orgasms crashed into one another.

I opened my eyes briefly to see Alan sitting across from me, watching intently.  It was almost humiliating to be studied like that while cumming, but I was past caring.  It took a little while for my breathing to even out, for my heart to slow down, for the storm to pass.

Alan took one more picture of me, completely wasted, in my bonds, before beginning the process of my release.

As the ropes came off I took the time to flex the limbs that had been straightened for so long.  The bondage had felt wonderful, but the release was almost as good.

As Alan lifted me from the couch to carry me upstairs, I got a look at the fan to see what he had used to torment me with.  A single red ribbon had been tied to the grill.

I hugged Alan to me and together we went to bed.

End of Part 6


The next morning I woke up next to Alan, still a little sore from all the sexual stimulation I’d had the day before.  For a change I had slept unbound, and I climbed out of bed quietly and headed for the bathroom.

I was in the shower soaping my hair when the curtain was pulled back slightly and Alan joined me.  He took my hands and held them behind my back as he kissed me good morning, then he told me to keep them there while he finished soaping my hair and the rest of my body.

It felt wonderful being bathed like that, and I was sorry when it came to an end.  His hands soothed and caressed my tired muscles.  I had fun returning the favor, running my hands all over his body as I soaped him up.  It occurred to me that this was the first time I’d had the opportunity to really get a good look at his body.  He’d certainly gotten a good look at mine over the last couple of weeks.

He kicked me out once I rinsed him down, with orders to go clean out Nelson's stall before breakfast.  I ran smiling and still nude out to the barn, wondering what he had planned for today.

I was almost done spreading new straw on the floor of the stall, when Alan came into the barn dressed in his usual jeans and shirt.  While I finished up, he saddled Nelson and was standing next to him when I finally got done.

"Are you going riding?"

"Yep!  Thought I'd take you along today," he replied.

"Aren't we going to eat first?"

"Breakfast is all arranged, don't worry about it.  Now come here Beautiful."

Who could resist the nickname “Beautiful”?  I walked over to him, dusty and sweaty again, and he locked the leather cuffs I wore on my wrists together with a padlock.  He also connected a chain to them, the other end of which was connected to the saddle.  I figured Alan would be riding with me being dragged along behind again.

He produced my hood and fitted it over my head.  The blindfold section had been left off, so I could still see.  But he chose to go with the penis gag that filled my mouth very well.

"Very nice," he said when he was done; and I curtsied in thanks.

He smiled and mounted his horse, and away we went.

He didn't move quickly, he knew I couldn't rush while barefoot; and the walk was a pleasant one as we moved into the trees and along one of the trails.  As I walked, I thought about how Melissa would have enjoyed this, and missed her not being here.  The trail grew steeper and would occasionally pass through small gullies and ditches.  After a lot of trampling through mud, I began to think that Alan was taking the messiest route he could think of on purpose.  When I tripped one time and fell flat on my face in a deep section of mud, he turned and smiled at me, and I knew then that this wasn't any old nature walk, he did mean for me to get messy.

I got up, covered from head to toe in muck, and we continued on.

A lot of the time during the walk I had to rely on the chain connected to my wrists to help keep my balance.  Many times Alan and his horse really did pull me along.  It was quite a helpless feeling and that was something I found appealing.

We reached the fence line, and I was happy that we would now be turning back.  But Alan got off his horse, walked up to the fence and opened the gate across the path.  I tried to scream.  He wasn't seriously thinking of taking me off his property!  Up to now, wandering around outside in the nude had felt safe to me since I was relatively sure I wouldn't be seen.  But now?

I struggled and pulled, but Alan just ignored me and got back on the horse.

Nelson looked back to see what all the tugging was about, but at Alan's urging started walking again.

The path continued through a small pass and then met up with a dirt road.  I couldn't believe Alan was doing this.  I had visions of cars coming by and stopping so Alan could show off his new prize – me.

What shocked me most was that I was getting turned on by this.  The possibility of suddenly being seen dragged naked behind this guy on a horse must have triggered something inside me for I found myself becoming aroused at the thought.  My tongue began caressing the fake cock in my mouth as if it was real.

We continued up the road a little way and then Alan turned to follow a trail through some more trees.  After a short walk we broke out of the trees right behind a building.  I could hear a fan blowing and saw smoke coming out of a chimney.  The smoke smelled of grease.  This had to be a diner.

Alan tied up Nelson to a post stuck in the ground and pulled my chain until I stood next to him.

"I'm going inside for my breakfast," he told me with a smile.  "If you're good I'll bring you a doggy bag."

I whined and shook my head.  He was planning to leave me!

"Don't worry, no one comes around here, at least Nelson has never said anything about it."  He took my head and kissed me over the gag and then walked away.  I tried to follow but was brought short by the chain.  Alan disappeared around the corner of the building and he was gone.

I could not believe he was leaving me here behind this restaurant like a…like his horse.  I was just another animal to be tied up outside to await its master.

Yet, there was a perverse excitement to it.  I had never really gotten into the domination side of BDSM before, it had never really appealed to me.  But the way Alan treated me sometimes, the way he would do with me exactly what he wanted, made me want him even more.

Being left here like this treated as nothing more than a piece of property, made me both angry and excited.  I did not know which feeling was supposed to be the right one.  My heart was pounding as I scanned the area around me, my hands trying to cover both my breasts and my groin and failing miserably.  At least all caked in mud like I was meant I was partly disguised.  At first glance you wouldn't be able to tell I was naked.  But the hood marked me.  It was so out of place that people would be sure to take a second look.  I was fortunate that trees seemed to cover every approach to the back of the building, except for a driveway that curled around the corner of the building.  That's what I would have to watch.

Nearby, a dumpster sat alone next to the back wall, not far from a door that I assumed led into the kitchen.

There was a remote chance that I would be seen, but there was still a chance.

I moved to where Nelson was tied to the post, with the intention of untying him and leading him into the trees.  But Alan had been ahead of me.  Nelson wasn't tied, but locked via a locking buckle just like the ones on my cuffs.
I moved to place the horse between me and the driveway; it was the only thing I could hide behind.

I don't know how long I’d been standing there when the door to the kitchen opened and a young woman in a waitress uniform stepped out.  I was so surprised I didn't move, even though I was in full sight.

Funnily enough, she didn't seem surprised to see me.  "Hi Maria," she said.

I almost died.  I scrambled behind Nelson, but the horse moved and left me exposed once more.

"It's okay Maria; Alan had me bring you something to drink."

He did what?

The young woman was still smiling and walked toward me with a glass of apple juice in one hand.  In the other I could see a set of keys.

Thoughts of knocking her out and stealing the keys flashed through my head, but instead of acting on them I just tried to cover up as best as I could and watched her come toward me.

She stopped behind me and handed me the glass.  Then she unlocked the buckle that held the gag in and pulled it out for me.

"What the hell is going on?"  I almost screamed.

"It's okay, Maria.  Alan and I are old friends.  I know his tastes well, having been on the end of his chain myself once."

A former girlfriend?

"I don't understand."

"Drink your juice and I'll explain."

So I did.

The woman introduced herself as Lisa, and I was right in thinking that she had been an old girlfriend of Alan's.  They stopped dating but still remained close friends, although the death of Alan's father had sent Alan almost into total isolation for a while.  Lisa told me that since I showed up, Alan had opened up again and she was happy that he had finally found someone who could make him happy.  She went on to explain that the reason I had been brought here like this was so we could meet.

"Alan tells me everything you see; we share a lot including an interest in BDSM, although Alan was always more talented in that area than I was.  He thought that the two of us meeting like this would show you how much he trusts me more than anything else he could say about me.  Believe me, Alan isn't out to embarrass you in public."

I really didn't know what to say.

Here I was, stark naked, cuffed and hooded in front of a woman who seemed so casual about it all.  It was as if she saw naked slave girls tied up at her hitching post every morning.

"Where is he?"  I whispered.

"Inside.  He'll be out any second."  She reached for my hand and held it, drawing both my hands away from my body.  "Alan always had a thing for mud, I could tell you tales of ways he had me and mud put together.  He's a good guy."

I suddenly found myself very jealous of Lisa.  Jealous of the life they’d led before I came along.  I wanted to ask just what kind of friendship they had now.

"Nice to see you girls talking," Alan said from the doorway as he stepped through.

I looked away, not trusting myself to speak right then.

"She is still shocked I think," said Lisa.  "I have to agree with her, this was a very dirty trick."

Alan took my chin in one hand and turned me to face him.  His eyes were almost glowing and his smile was beautiful.  He leaned forward and kissed me, and I found my resentment draining away.

"I wanted to return the favor," he said quietly.


"Yes.  You introduced me to someone special in your life.  I wanted to do the same.  Lisa has always been special in my life, and I'd like you two to become friends if you can.  I trust her, as I trust you."

This was a big deal.

I wasn't sure how to respond.

"You chose a funny way to introduce me to an old girlfriend," I said softly.

"You think I went too far?"

"Look at me.  I'm naked and covered in mud and dirt.  What kind of impression am I making on her like this?  That I am someone you can drag through the mud any time you want?  That I'm nothing more than a piece of meat on the end of a rope to you?  I may be your little slave girl from time to time, but I'm a person first dammit, and I would have appreciated being treated like a person for something this important, than the way I'm being treated now!"  Towards the end, my voice was raised, powered by my frustration and embarrassment.  I instantly regretted my outburst.

Alan's expression went from amused to hurt during my little speech.  He reached out and took me in his arms, holding me to him.  Lisa stood a little way off, embarrassed to be there.

"I'm sorry Maria.  I guess I wasn't thinking.  You mean a great deal to me, more than I can say right now.  You aren't just a piece of meat.  I was stupid and wrong to do this."

"It's okay," I replied, "it's just that this is a hell of a way to make a first impression on somebody."

We hugged for a moment before Lisa interrupted us.

"Say, guys," she said, "I have to get back to work.  I'm glad I met you Maria, and believe me, you made a good impression despite what you may think.  Maybe the next time we meet it will be on more equal terms."

I looked over at her, and my heart softened a little.  It wasn't her fault that Alan had been so dumb.

"Lisa, I'm happy to meet you too.  And I'd love a chance to talk with you.  Why don't you come by this evening for dinner?  That'll be okay, won’t it Alan?"

I’d trapped him on purpose.  He looked at each of us in turn before saying yes.

"That'll be great," Lisa said, obviously relieved that I wasn't mad at her.

I winked at her and she winked back and smiled.  I had a feeling we would be friends after all!

We watched her walk back into the diner.

"Dinner?"  Alan asked me.

"It's the least you can do for me, embarrassing me like this," I said, playing with the buttons on his shirt.  "It will give us a chance to meet like ordinary people."

"I really am sorry about this."

"I know.  It's okay.  I didn't mind the walk out here.  I was scared but also having fun; but meeting Lisa had me a little surprised that's all."

"I'll promise not to do that again if it will help."

"No!  Don't ever promise that.  Your surprises are one of the things I love about you!"

"Love?" he asked.

It was the first time I’d said it to him.  I wasn't sure I wanted to say any more.

"I think we’d better get back," I told him, "I'm still hungry, and at least you’ve had something to eat!"

He laughed.  "Well, I have something for you to chew on for awhile until we get home."  He dangled the penis gag in front of my face.

"Not as good as the real thing," I said smiling.

"We can remedy that."

He went and untied Nelson, and led us back into the trees.  A short way in he stopped and hitched the horse next to a tree.  At his direction, I knelt in front of the tree with my back to it, and lifted my arms high over my head.  He took the chain attached to my wrists, and passed a loop of it around the tree, locking it to my wrist cuffs with the padlock he had used to hitch Nelson at the diner.

My hands were now locked over my head to the tree.  I looked about nervously for we were still close to both the road on one side and the diner on the other.  Alan undid his pants and I smiled as his penis sprang into view.  As it slid into my willing mouth, I agreed with him that I was getting my breakfast now.

We took a different route back to the house.  We followed the dirt road for a long time.  Some cars passed us by and I hid from them pressed right up against Nelson, his rough fur scratching at my bare skin.  I was gagged again, of course, and couldn't offer any more protest than the occasional whine at the public route we were taking.  We turned off the road after crossing a bridge, and followed a trail through a deep but open valley between two hills.  Alan told me that the bridge was where Melissa and I were to have met Eric that first day if things had gone the way he’d planned.

I began to wonder what would have happened if we had made it all the way through to Eric.  Would Melissa have suffered so at his hand?  Or would I too have been a victim?  It wasn't until we passed through a gate onto Alan's land that I felt safe from the prying eyes that I thought surrounded us.

I began to really enjoy the walk again.  I would be glad to get home though.  I was really caked in mud.  And some of it itched terribly.  With my hands bound and chained to the horse, I couldn't reach to scratch very often or even to wipe some of the mud off myself.

Every so often Alan would check to make sure I was okay, but otherwise he just seemed to enjoy his ride as if I wasn't there.

“The master traveling with slave girl in tow.”

We slowed when we came to one ditch that even Nelson had trouble walking through.  Alan dismounted and led him though carefully, for the mud was very deep from all the rain we’d had lately.

I was still struggling through myself when Alan stopped.

"Maria, hold on a moment will you?"

I stood still, in mud almost up to my knees.  I could feel it grip my legs and pull at the drying mud already coating my body.  It was dark brown and gooey, and smelled.  I thought something had happened to Nelson, but Alan had stopped for a different reason.

"I want you to sit down now," he told me.

I whined…trying to question him.

Alan's evil smile appeared and I knew I wasn't going to get out of it.  "You know, I may not approve of whipping, but I have always thought that a good spanking can be very beneficial."

I did not want to be spanked.  The memory of how much my butt hurt the last time he had spanked me made me comply with his wishes.

So far only my front had really been covered by mud due to the fall I took, and I was happy that my butt and back at least were still clean.  But now that wasn't going to last.  I crouched down, and slowly eased myself into the mud.

It was cold, the sun not very strong through the trees above us.  I sank slowly into the mud feeling the wet, sticky, mess oozing around my private parts until I was almost waist deep in it.

"Now lie back and roll around a bit.  I want you completely covered."

I lay back with my hands over my head and felt the ooze flow over my shoulders.  Rolling over I could feel its cold embrace touch every part of my skin.  The sucking sound it made as I moved made me blush, not that you could tell to look at me.  When I stood up again he could see how well-covered I was.  I felt like the swamp thing.
Alan's eyes were shining, his smile broad.  I don't know what he found so attractive about mud, but I was happy he was happy and did a little dance for him.

He laughed and turned back to his horse, leading him out of the mud pit before remounting him.

The mud felt weird as I walked.  It made a slurping sound as I moved and was so thick it refused to run off.  I also felt heavier and consequently moved slower, which meant that I was pulled along by the chain attached to my wrists a lot more than before.

We walked for a long time after that and I was getting pretty tired, when Alan stopped again and got off the horse.  We had to cross the stream again and I was happy that at least some of the gunk on me would get washed off.

It was not to be though.  Alan came and picked me up and carried me across, I didn't get to touch any of the water.

We went down a short trail and ended up at the swimming hole.

"I'm going to put you up here and then go get you some real food." he told me.  I could only moan in response.

He undid the chain attached to my wrists and led me to a nearby tree.  Some quick work with a length of rope, and I was bound standing to a branch overhead, my arms stretched high, my ankles tied together.  He left me like that and got back on the horse riding up toward the barn.

I soon found that tied as I was I would be unable to shake or scrape much of the mud from my body.  I figured that if he wanted me to stay like this than it was fine by me; just so long as I could clean up before Lisa came by this evening.

Alan came back shortly afterward with a shovel in his hand and began to dig a hole in the sand.  It was easy enough to guess what the hole was for, and sure enough I was proved right when he untied me from the tree and led me over to it.

He had me kneel in the hole, my hands uncuffed and placed on my wide-open thighs.  He gave my mud-encrusted pussy lips a quick caress before shoveling the sand back into the hole.

I had never been buried before, and was looking forward to seeing what it was like.  Alan would stop and pack the sand down from time to time, and as it rose I could feel my freedom gradually being taken away.

When he was done, I could barely move.  I tried to lift my hands out, but the weight of the sand prevented any movement like that.  I strained to stand up, but I had no leverage the way I was kneeling.  I was very well trapped.

Alan unlocked the gag and pulled it out and then took off my hood.

I was relieved to be free of it, and the cool air on my face was very refreshing.

"Thanks," I told him smiling.

"How does it feel?  Can you breathe okay?"

"It's good, I'm tired, but okay."  Indeed I was.  I let my body relax and the sand held me perfectly.  I was very comfortable.

A concerned look flowed across Alan's face.  "I'm sorry about earlier."

"It's okay.  No damage done.  There's only one thing I can be angry about right now."

He looked worried.  "What?"

"Lack of food and drink," I said smiling, and he smiled and began to laugh.

"You had me worried," he said.  "I'll fix that right now!"

He got up and ran back up the trail.

I closed my eyes and enjoyed the warmth of the sun on my face, the grip of the sand and mud on my body, the perfection of it all.

Alan returned with bread and sandwich fixings, and a jug of apple juice, which I knew he loved.  We spent a couple of hours eating and talking, with the only odd thing about it being that I was naked and buried in the sand.

He talked about his work, and I talked about mine.  We covered aspects of our lives that would seem a little mundane to most people but was very interesting to Alan and myself.  We avoided talking about Eric, Melissa, Lisa, and, most importantly, his father.

That is until I mentioned what happened to my parents.  He was shocked when I told him that both Melissa and I were now technically orphans.  I could tell he didn't want to ask me how they died, in case I demanded to know about his father's death, but I wasn't going to let him off that easy.

I’d gotten past my own reluctance to talk about my parents’ deaths by now, and knew it was better to get it out in the open.  I wanted to help him do that if I could, so I told him about how our parents were together on a trip to Greece, and how some $2.00 part failed on the plane they were flying in, causing it to lose control and crash into the sea.  I told him about how they were four of the eighteen unlucky passengers on that flight that drowned, unable to get out of the plane before it sank.  I told him how Melissa and I had shared our grief, and how together we were able to come to terms with it and move on with our lives.

He was very quiet after that, saying nothing but the usual things people say when they hear someone has died.  I could tell that he wanted to say a lot more about his own recent tragedy, but instead he kept his silence, and we did nothing for a while except watch the water.

Eventually he dug me out, his mood somber but returning to normal, and soon I was standing up again.

The mud had pretty well dried on me, and was now coated in a layer of sand.  As I moved I could feel the sand digging into every crevice of my body.  I didn't like it at all.

I looked longingly at the water.

Alan had me stand still, so he could get a look at me.

He seemed to love what he saw, and again I found him strange.  "How does it feel?" he asked.

"Heavy, solid, itchy, scratchy, and a pain in the ass, literally." I said, shifting around.

He laughed and then picked me up. He carried me into the water; and with a lot of messing around he helped me wash off the goo until I was my old clean, nude self again.  I could still use a real bath, but I felt a lot better than I did earlier.

Once clean, he produced a padlock and locked my hands behind me, and we walked back to the house.

On the way I told him that I should really clean the kitchen before Lisa came over as it was the one room I never got to touch the day before.

Alan reluctantly agreed, and soon I was back in uniform scrubbing the floor and cleaning counters.  I’d expected a stricter bondage from him, but I found that just having my hands cuffed and my ankles hobbled was strict enough.  There was a lot of reaching involved, both high and low, and if much else had been added to my bondage I might not have been able to do everything I set out to do.

I was almost done, and was in the process of cleaning out the fridge, when Alan popped his head in.  I didn't know he was there until he whistled his appreciation, and I looked around to see he was in the perfect position to watch my upturned ass as I bent over.  I wriggled it and he laughed.

"I'm heading out to get some steaks for supper," he said, "I feel like cooking outside tonight."

"That's great!" I replied.  "Maybe you can get us something other than beer to drink.  I'd love a wine cooler."

"Sure, B&J?"


He smiled once more and left, and I finished tossing all the old food out of the fridge.  I dumped a couple of very full garbage bags outside the back door; carrying them while hobbled in an eight-inch chain was no fun.  All I had left to do was put together a salad to have with the steaks, and then find something to wear before Lisa showed up.

I completed both tasks before Alan got back, so I decided to take a bath and clean the rest of the mud out of my hair.

It was a little dicey slipping into the tub with my ankles chained together, but once in the warm water, I felt very good, and took my time soaping and washing my hair.

I did the best job I could with my cuffed hands.  As I was drying off I wondered what was keeping Alan.  I had no idea what time it was, Alan still had all his clocks put away somewhere, but I knew how I could find out.  I shuffled downstairs and turned on the TV.  A TV listings channel had the time, and I saw that if Alan didn't hurry, there was a chance that Lisa would get here first.

I decided to call Melissa to kill some time and we chatted about my day and my meeting Lisa.  I asked her how she was doing and she told me that she was fine, but I was worried.

I said she shouldn't be alone, but she gave me some story about needing the space, and with a poor excuse, rang off.

I vowed that when I got home tomorrow I would go over to her place and have a heart to heart.  In the meantime I settled down to wait for Alan.

An hour later I was getting very worried, and pulled at my cuffs almost continuously.  He had been gone way too long to be just shopping for steaks, and I was worried that he may have gotten into an accident or something.  I was concerned over his health, but also over the fact that he had the keys to my cuffs with him, and until he got home I was stuck.  I would have to stay handcuffed and hobbled, naked, until he showed up.

I was sitting out on the porch, when I saw a car drive into the yard.  It had to be Lisa.  I was still wearing nothing, and debated rushing as best I could into the house, but it was really too late to do anything about it.  Besides, she had already seen me naked, and maybe like at the diner, she had the keys to free me.

She came up onto the porch and saw me sitting in the corner, subconsciously trying to hide my nudity.

"Maria?" she asked.  I remembered that last time she hadn't seen my face.  Her recognition of me was based on my naked body alone.  It felt very strange having her being able to do that.  It was something only a lover should be able to do.  It was evident that she was surprised to see me like this.  My hopes that she had the keys were dashed.

"Hi," I said.  "You don't know where Alan is do you?"

"He's not here?" she asked, stepping closer.

"No.  He went to get some food, and has been gone for hours."

"Leaving you like this?" she gestured toward my bonds.

I nodded.

"Did he chain you to the chair too?"

"No, I was just out here waiting for him."

Lisa nodded. "If you don't mind, I'll find a phone and make a few calls."

"Thank you.  I don't know who I would call around here."

She smiled and went inside.  I got up and shuffled after her.

I found her sitting at Alan's desk, talking on the phone.

Whoever she was on the phone with seemed to be doing most of the talking.  Lisa would occasionally say yes, or something similar, in reply to whatever was being said to her.  She looked up at me as I stood in the doorway, and I blushed as her eyes swept down my nude body.

"Okay, thanks," she said, and hung up.  "First place I tried I got lucky.  But I don't think you're going to like it.  I called the Sheriff's office.  That's where he is.  Apparently he and the sheriff are going over this business about the guy who got killed rolling his car out here the other day.  Deputy Frank told me that they will be talking to him for a long time yet on the sheriff's orders."

I felt faint, and held onto the door jamb for support.  Could it be they found out about what really happened?

I expected them to come for me next, to put me away for lying.  At least I would save them the trouble of having to cuff me first.

"Are you okay?"  Lisa came over and put her hand on my shoulder.

"It's okay.  He'll be back in a while.  Be glad he didn't gag you first.  If you want I could stay with you until he gets back."

I smiled.  She was being so nice, how could I feel resentment toward someone so caring?
"That would be great," I said.  "I just..."  I looked down at myself.  My nudity contrasted wildly with her jeans and blouse.

Lisa smiled and stepped back.  "Tell you what," she said, "if being nude makes you feel uncomfortable, then here."

To my amazement, Lisa began undressing.  She pulled off her blouse and undid her bra, placing both on the desk.  After tugging her jeans off and peeling off her panties, she was as naked as I was.

"Now we're even," she said smiling, not a hint of embarrassment on her.

"No, not even, but close."

She looked puzzled until I shook my bound wrists.

"You have any more of those?" she asked me, grinning.

We sat at the kitchen table, eating the salad I had prepared.  I found the leather wrist and ankle cuffs that Melissa had worn the week before, and now they adorned Lisa's wrists and ankles.  We hadn't been able to find any locks for them that were open, but we had improvised using cable ties I’d discovered in a kitchen drawer while cleaning.  The ties served the same function as the little padlocks I wore.  They locked the cuffs on her, kept her wrists together and well as attaching the hobble to her ankles.  She had also worked out a way to stay bound until Alan got back.  What we did was go through the house, picking up everything we could find that we could use to cut the ties that bound her, and put them all in her car.  She locked her car and tossed the keys up into the hayloft of the barn.  No way would we be able to get up there, but Alan could.  I was a little concerned about her being nude in front of him, but she assured me that it would be okay.

She didn't seem at all phased about being nude and bound here with me, and in fact told me that a few years back she had spent a bit of time on the farm exactly like this.

We talked as we ate.  Lisa told me how she and Alan met in high school and dated for a while before going to separate colleges.  Their relationship cooled a lot while they were apart, but they stayed friends.  After collage, they both returned home and after a few months tried to rekindle their old relationship.

"We’d both changed, you know," she said, munching on a stick of celery.  "Our interests and attitudes were so different now.  Not to mention our futures.  I took over the diner from Pop when he had his heart attack, and Alan was forever flying off somewhere to do a computing job for someone.  I guess we never had the passion between us that would make a long distance relationship last.  What we did have in common was an interest in bondage.  But in the end that was all we had, so we gave that up too.  We became better friends after we stopped trying to be lovers.  Neither of us has ever regretted that decision, nor wanted to go back."

I was relieved that I wasn't facing a rival here.

"How did you get interested in bondage?" I asked.

She smiled and looked down at her plate.

"Would you believe in college?  I belonged to one of those progressive sororities.  Only behind closed doors we were more progressive than most.  Over time the sorority had built up a heavy tradition of S&M practices, and all of the sisters’ private lives were very involved in bondage and domination.  When screening pledges they were careful to pick only those who seemed receptive to the house’s activities, even though the pledges had no idea what really went on.  One of the final tests before becoming a member was to spend a weekend in the basement of the house, locked naked in a small cage while learning by heart 'The Story of O'.  Do you know the book?  Anyway, you weren't let out until you could recite all the parts of the book they had gone over in yellow highlight, and by then, if you didn't have an idea what was going on in the house, then you were an idiot."

Lisa was beginning to blush, and not once did she look up at me while she talked.  I was amazed to hear about this sorority.

"The new girls were attached to older girls as personal slaves. We had a dress code for them which was basically nothing more than an oversized T-shirt, with nothing else worn at all, not even underwear.  This was while they were at the house only of course.  New girls were required to answer the door also, and it was embarrassing having to do that while wearing just a T-shirt, but you quickly got used to it.  There were other rules.  No public nudity: that stayed in the bedrooms.  Nothing non-consensual.  In fact, except for a few things we required for our freshman and sophomore students, nothing B/D oriented was required at all.  You didn't have to get involved with any bondage if you didn't want to, although it was rare for any member not to play once and a while.  Our strict recruiting meant that the house was filled with those who wouldn't disapprove of most of the things we did there.  It made a very relaxed and healthy atmosphere, for there were few secrets in the house."

"What were the few things you required your younger sisters to do?"  I was very curious, for once forgetting my own problems.

"Not much, but the rules were enforced.  If you didn't comply you were asked to leave.  Don't worry it was nothing dangerous, and not even sexual.  The biggest thing was the chastity belt.  Freshman and sophomores were required to wear one whenever they left the house.  The only times outside the house they could go without it was when they had a sporting event of some kind where there was a possibility of them being seen in the showers or something, or if they had a medical appointment of some kind.  Otherwise a belt was locked on them by an older sister.  This cut down a lot on dating."  She laughed, and was slowly gaining the confidence to look at me again.  "One room in the basement was set up with a group of desks and after school these girls were chained by the ankle to them while they did their homework.  A couple of sisters were always with them in case they needed to get up for any legitimate reason.  Our house got a very high average G.P.A. because of this, and the study habits carried over into the older girls who by then were so used to getting things done.  As I mentioned earlier, the new girls were set up as slaves, but that meant more as domestic help than what you're thinking.  The girls helped the senior sisters out by taking care of their cleaning and laundry and stuff like that.  It was one of the perks of being a senior, and the new girls didn't mind because they knew that their turn would come.  That's not to say sex didn't happen.  I think we had a higher level of lesbianism in our house than any of the other houses.  Mostly among the younger girls who only had access, shall we say, once the chastity belts were removed.  No men were allowed in the private parts of the house, that is the bedrooms, so even the girls who did try to date still couldn't bring a guy home hoping that the belt would come off so they could have some fun.  It was frustrating for all of us as we passed through this stage, but the rewards in our schoolwork and in how our parents looked at us when they saw how we gave up boys to concentrate on school, helped ease the pain.  I think we were all a lot more responsible about it when we were free to date as we liked."

"Does that mean you experimented with...?"  I was thinking about my love session with Melissa.  I hoped I wasn't blushing too badly.

"With women?" Lisa asked.  "Sure, almost all of us did.  For most it was just a passing thing.  They tried it and that was that.  Some of the girls struck up relationships; some of us learned that we could like it either way."

"So, you're bi?"

Lisa laughed.  "You worried I'm lusting after you and am going to jump your bones?"

I shifted in my seat, a little uncomfortable with her frankness, and being nude at her confession.

"Don't worry Maria.  While I can see why Alan finds you attractive, I won’t make any moves on you."

I smiled, and the tension was broken a little.

"What about you?" Lisa asked me, eyes shining.

Now it was my turn to look down.

Slowly at first, I told her about my relationship with Melissa, and how after being nothing but lifelong friends, we made love for the first time a few nights ago.

Lisa listened quietly, until I was finished, and then reached across the table with both hands took mine.

"You have something special there," she told me.  "To share an experience like that with someone you love as much as Melissa is the most beautiful thing you could do.  Cherish the moment.  Can I ask you one more personal question?"

"Sure," I said, looking up.

"If you and Melissa got the chance, would you do it again?"

I sat and thought about it for a moment.


End of Part 7


I lay awake on the bed for hours, thinking about my answer to Lisa.  Was I Bi?  I didn't think I felt any attraction toward Melissa, not sexually anyway.  Yet there was no denying that she was the most important person in my life right now, although Alan was fast approaching that mark.

I thought maybe we had just been caught up in the moment.


It was hard to think while I worried about Alan.

Lisa, after I told her, sensed correctly that I didn't want to discuss the subject anymore.  So instead she asked about the bondage I’d been through while I was here.  I told her about a good deal of it, and she was especially interested in the prison cell we’d built.

She urged me to show it to her, so I took her out there.

That had been a big mistake.

After we shuffled all the way out there in our eight-inch hobbles, Lisa went a little overboard in her enthusiasm by pretending to cuff her wrists in the still hanging wrist cuffs.  Unfortunately, she went too far with one of them and actually snapped it shut.
No amount of tugging by either of us could pull her hand free, and we didn't have a key.
In the end, I snapped the second cuff to her other wrist to even out the strain on her body, for it was clear she would be spending the night in there until Alan came home.

Lisa was good humored about it though, and urged me to go to bed and get some sleep so she could fully experience the bondage she was in.

So I did.

As the night wore on, my thoughts occasionally drifted out to the shed where she was trapped, and I hoped she was having a good time.

I wasn't.

I pulled once more at my bound hands and feet, at that moment wishing I had never heard of bondage.

I must have dozed off.  I woke with a start when I heard a vehicle pull up in front of the house.  I tensed up, was it Alan?

I cowered under the bed covers when I heard steps on the stairs.


It was Alan.  I almost cried.  "I'm here, in bed.  God, I was so worried!"

"It's okay.  Are you all right?" he asked, joining me.  He took me by the shoulders and hugged me to him.  I reached over his head with my cuffed hands and held him tightly.

"I was so scared.  What did the police want?  How did they find you?"

"You knew I was with them?" he asked.

"Lisa told me."

"Speaking of her, where is she?  Her car is outside."

"She's in the prison shed."

In the darkness I could see Alan frown.  "Why?"

"It was an accident."  I told him about the events in the shed, as well as everything we had done that evening.

Alan listened without smiling.

"I’d better go free her then and send her home."

"No, don't go!"  I wasn't ready to let go of him yet.  I needed to hold him for a while longer.

"I need to let her go, Maria."

"She's okay, she likes it there.  She wouldn't mind staying until morning."

"I don't doubt it," Alan replied, struggling out from my embrace.  "But she has to go.”

"Please stay!"  I was frantic for him to stay.  I had lost a little control and could only think of being near him.

"I'll be right back!"  He was really struggling to get away from me.  He managed to lift my arms up over his head and dumped me back on the bed.  Before I knew it he had rolled me onto my front and began digging for his keys.

"I have had one shitty night Maria!" he said as he unlocked one of the cuffs.  He pulled my arms behind me and pulled up my ankles to meet them.  With just a little fiddling, I soon found myself hogtied.  "I've had more buttons pushed than I care to talk about right now!"  He grabbed something off the floor, it turned out to be a bandana.  I knew because he balled it up and shoved it deep into my mouth.  A second one that he used to tie the first one in quickly followed it.  My cheeks bulged, overstuffed with cloth.  I mewed, protesting my treatment, but helpless to do anything about it.

Alan stood back and I struggled in my bonds.  "Now I'm going to go let Lisa loose and then go to bed in the other room.  I'll see you in the morning."

I didn't see him leave.  I was too busy crying.

When I calmed down a little later I took stock of my situation.  To hogtie me, all he did was relock my hands together so that the chain between my ankles passed through the padlock.  It was very effective.  The chain was so short that I could hold my feet in my hands.  It put a great strain on my body, as hogties usually do, but after a while I got used to the strain and other things made themselves known.

My gag was tight, and my mouth was very full.  The cloth inside it was pushed far back into my mouth, but not so far that it threatened to trigger a gag reflex.  It was very effective – even better than my ball gag.  I doubted I could be heard outside the room.

I knew I shouldn't have come on so strongly to Alan.  But my fears had fueled my need to have him near.  I could understand why he got upset, but I was a little afraid of him taking his anger at the police out on me.  About the only thing I could console myself with was that at least all he did was tie me up, and not hit me at all.  If this was the only way he would vent his anger, then maybe there was still hope for us.

I watched the sun slowly come up through the window, unable to relax enough to sleep.  I lay in silence as that big burning ball of gas climbed into the sky.

I heard a noise at the door.

I craned my neck around.  It was Alan.

He was a mess.  I don't think he slept either.

"I'm sorry," he said.

We slept together until late in the morning, before waking up and making long slow love for a while.  Alan had released me of all my bondage when he came to bed, but didn't permit me to ask him anything about what had happened to him.

It didn't matter to me, not then.  I was just happy to have him near me.

Alan drifted to sleep again, as men are apt to do, but I lay wide-awake for a while.  I had to go back to work tomorrow, which meant I had to leave today.  It occupied my thoughts when I got up and went through my morning bathroom routine.  It stayed with me when I went downstairs to the kitchen.  It was still with me when Alan found me sitting on the porch enjoying a cup of coffee.

"Hi," he said, sitting next to me on the swinging love seat.

"Hi," I replied.  I didn't look at him.  Instead I watched the trees moving gracefully in the light breeze that had come up.

"I'm sorry about last night," Alan said quietly.

"It's okay."

" isn't."  He turned to me and took my hand, which made me turn to look at him.  He hadn't shaved yet; he probably came looking for me as soon as he woke up.  I found myself tracing the line of his stubble with my eyes as he talked.

"The Sheriff gave me a hard time last night.  He'd come talk to me for ten minutes, then leave me for an hour, and then come back for another ten minutes.  He was pissed about something."

"Are you in trouble?"

"No.  I don't think so.  He was just fishing.  He finally sent me home in disgust.  I think he was expecting something different from what he got.  Anyway, I don't think he will be bugging us anymore.  But that isn't important.  I shouldn't have done what I did to you last night.  You didn't deserve it."

"No, I didn't," I agreed.  "But there was some good in it."

"What do you mean?"

"You could have come home drunk, but you didn't.  You could have gone straight to bed in the other room, but instead you were concerned about me.  You could have...could have taken out your anger by hitting me, but you didn't do that either.  You could even have just shut the anger away somewhere, which isn't very healthy, but you chose to vent it.  That you vented it on me in such a non-violent way is the only reason I'm talking to you now.  I feel lucky that you aren't the kind of person who expresses his anger violently."

"I...thanks," he said, holding my hand tightly.  "I was scared that I might have pushed you away."

I reached up to his face, and leaned forward to kiss him.  He tasted ever so sweet.

"This is my last day here," I told him when we parted.

"I know.  Do you want to leave?"

"No.  But I have to.  I need to see how Melissa is doing."

"I understand.  But you will be back won’t you?"

"Oh yes!"  I laughed, and Alan smiled.

"When do you want to go?"

"Soon," I replied.  "I have to get things back in order before work tomorrow."

"Okay.  Well, lets have lunch, and then I'll take you home."

"Sounds good."

We ate the steaks that Alan had bought the night before, just before the police had picked him up.  He grilled them on this large brick grill next to the house.  While he grilled I sat in a lawn chair and watched, not that I could do much else.  Alan had taken some rope and tied my hands and feet to the legs of the chair.  It occurred to me that this was the first time he had tied me up with clothes on; it was a chilly day and I wore a T-shirt.

Alan was very attentive.  He made sure I had enough to drink, and didn't leave me alone at all.  We shared the rest of last night’s salad with the steaks, and Alan cut mine up into tiny pieces before feeding me with his own hands.

I asked him about Lisa, and how she was when he let her go.

He told me that she was asleep when he found her.  She was sitting up against the wall with her arms stretched upwards by the manacles.  She was very grateful to have been released, and Alan told me that he had been a little uncomfortable seeing her naked again.  There was one moment of panic when Alan had trouble finding Lisa's keys, but otherwise everything went smoothly, and soon she was completely free and driving home.

"She really likes you," he told me.

"I like her.  She told me about her school days."

Alan laughed.  He began to tell me a tale she’d told him about a crazy dare she had taken while in college.  When she was a junior, she and some of her sorority sisters were talking over drinks about some of the crazy stories they’d read in 'Playgirl' and other similar magazines.  One of them told a story about this dare a group of girls had completed, that got the sorority sisters quite interested.

The dare was that one girl could walk through a mall completely naked, while being surrounded by several more girls, but not be noticed.  Lisa told Alan that the sisters decided to do the dare themselves, to see if it could be done, but they needed a victim to be the one going naked.  They drew straws and Lisa was the unlucky one.

They met at one of the malls a couple of days later, and the rules were explained to Lisa, who listened with a sinking feeling in her gut.  About ten girls showed up, and as instructed, all wore shorts and halters; nothing extra that could be taken off and loaned to Lisa in an emergency.  Lisa was told to strip in a rest room at one end of the mall.  Her clothes were then taken by one of the girls to a restroom at the other end.  This was to make sure that Lisa had to get through the whole mall to get dressed again.  One last indignity was that Lisa's hands were held behind her back with a short piece of rope tied around her wrists.  She was less and less enthusiastic about doing it, but peer pressure kept her in the game.  So away they went.

Stepping out of the rest room was one of the hardest things she had ever done, she told Alan.  But the other girls surrounded her completely and hid her from view very well.  Having her hands bound made it even harder, but she knew that if they hadn't done that she would have kept her hands wrapped around herself and given the game away for sure.  Having the rest of the girls wear so little helped too.  Lisa's bare shoulders and legs went unnoticed in a crowd of girls all looking the same.

After they had walked about a quarter of the way down, Lisa was actually beginning to relax and enjoy herself, until the girls all changed direction without warning.  All the girls suddenly veered left and walked toward a clothing store.  Caught unawares, Lisa was almost exposed but managed to stay in the group.  She didn't realize that one of the girls had arranged with the others for a series of detours to make the dare a little more interesting.  The girls all walked into the store together and crowded into one corner where a lot of racks of dresses hung.

Lisa was trying to catch their attention, to ask them what was going on, but under orders, none of the girls would talk to her.  She was so focused in trying to talk to one of them that she didn't notice when the group split up.  Suddenly the girls were everywhere and Lisa was left alone, naked and bound, with only a clothes rack for cover.

"She was as scared as hell," Alan said.  "But a part of her was having a good time, so she relaxed and decided to see what was going to happen next."

Alan told me that after just a minute the girls regrouped around her and they all left the store.  They pulled this trick twice more before someone noticed three guys that were following them.  Lisa was scared that she might have been seen, so the group decided to stop playing games and made a beeline for the bathroom where Lisa's clothes had been hidden.  The guys, however, weren't satisfied with glimpses of what they thought they saw.  They quickly caught up with the girls and tried to push their way through to Lisa.  Alan started laughing at this point, and I had to wait until he had enough control to finish the story.

"Lisa's friends had to change tactics.  They all got between the guys and Lisa, which left her pretty much uncovered in the other direction.  By then they were only a couple of stores away from the bathroom.  So, while the girls wrestled with the guys, Lisa decided to make a dash for it and ran buck naked, without any cover, the last forty feet or so to the rest room.  She was lucky there was no one in there, but with her hands bound she still couldn't get dressed, and had to wait for one of her friends to come in and free her.  She wouldn't leave the rest room until her friends assured her that the guys had gone.  Boy was she embarrassed!"  He laughed some more and I laughed too.  "She got some revenge though."

"How, on who?"

"On the girl whose idea it was to go in the stores.  Lisa challenged her to the same dare, only at the beach instead.  The girls all wore bathing suits except the victim who was naked and bound as Lisa was.  Lisa set her up by having a couple of friends come out early and dig a nice hole in the sand.  The friends guarded it until the group approached.  The unlucky victim was ordered into the hole and was quickly buried by the rest of the girls.  There she stayed for the rest of the day while the other girls had fun in the sun."

We laughed some more, and I tried to rub my thighs together.  The thought of being naked and helpless in the middle of a busy shopping mall was making me hot.  But tied as I was I couldn't do anything about it.

Alan noticed the involuntary movement of my thighs and grinned.  He rubbed one finger up and down my hairless sex for a moment and brought it up again to show me how wet it was.  I blushed furiously while he laughed.

We had by this time finished eating, so Alan left me where I was while he cleared everything away.  Once done, he came and stood in front of me.

My eyes went wide.  He had taken off his clothes and stood before me at attention, so to speak.  His penis stuck out straight, pointed directly at me.  With a smile, I opened my mouth, and soon Alan was smiling too.  I loved the taste of him.  As I was cleaning him off with my tongue, Alan began untying my hands.

"Stand up!"

I stood, ankles still tied to the legs of the chair.

"I don't think it’s natural for you to be clothed while I’m not, my little slave girl," he said smiling.

"But, I spent most of the week being naked while you wore clothes."

"As far as I am concerned, that is the natural way of things."  His evil smile returned.  I wondered what he was up to.  "First we will have to even the dress code."

Alan grabbed my T-shirt and pulled it up and off my body.  The cool air rushed about my bare skin, but the sun had been getting stronger and it was nowhere as cold as it was in the morning.

Alan produced my ring gag, and with a groan I opened my mouth to accept it.  He buckled it tightly before locking it in place.  Then he passed some rope through the D rings of my wrist cuffs and tied my wrists together before untying my ankles.

"Before I prep you for your trip home, you have a chore to do.  It seems we have neglected Nelson today.  You can clean out his stall before you go.”

I groaned again, ‘There goes my clean body.’

In the barn my wrists were untied, and I set to work one last time.  Alan sat on his horse, bareback.  Bare everything really, both Nelson and Alan.  They made a striking pair.  They watched as I hauled hay bales and feed back and forth across the barn, getting dirtier every time I touched something.

When done Alan called me over.  He slid off the horse and tied my hands together again behind me, before leading Nelson back in to his stall.

"You did a good job.  Pity you won’t be able to keep doing it for me."

I shrugged, what could I say?

We went back toward the house and Alan had me stand next to the hitching post out front.  He bent me over and tied my neck to the horizontal bar of the hitching post.  Bent at the waist, my breasts hung free and Alan couldn't resist holding them and squeezing them a little bit.

Standing in front of me I could see his newly risen manhood probe my held open mouth, and with no difficulty at all he slipped it in.  I worked my tongue around the head of his penis, but he didn't leave it in there long.  He gave my nipple one last squeeze and pulled out.  He walked back into the house.

He came out with a blindfold in his hand and put it on me.

I stood, bent over, patiently, while I listened to him going in and out of the house.  He was doing something with his truck, I could hear the banging, but I couldn't tell what.

Hands fiddled at my throat and I was able to stand up again.

I was led over to the truck and carefully lifted onto the bed.  It was a bed in a truer sense too.  I felt blankets under me, nice and soft.  Alan undid my hands and had me lay down.  Ropes at my wrists and ankles, and I was bound in a very strict spread eagle.  There was almost no give at all.

I felt Alan's naked body climb on top of me, and soon he was pumping away inside me and I tried as best I could to come to orgasm.  I didn't succeed.  Alan again took me for his own pleasure, leaving me frustrated once more.  I groaned at my need, but all I got was a pat on the thigh as he got off he truck.

There was a period of silence, and I lay there thinking about what he might try next.  I hoped that if I had to ride back to town like this, he would at least cover me with something.  The first trucker to pull up behind us would have a wonderful view the rest of his trip!

A thump between my legs alerted me that Alan was back.  Something had been put into the truck with me.

I heard the sound of a tarp being pulled across metal, and soon the heavy smell of canvas filled the air and the sun's warmth was cut off.  He was covering me.  Not long after that, the truck started, and we were on our way.

As we drove I hoped that Alan had remembered to pack my stuff, and that it was what he’d loaded between my wide-open legs.

The strict bondage tired me out by the time the truck stopped and the engine shut off.  I was glad to be finally home.

I heard a lot of rustling as the tarp was pulled clear, and I took a deep breath of fresh air.  I heard a familiar jingle of keys and reasoned he must have dug my house keys out of my bag.  He took some time to haul some stuff out of the truck, then came and freed me.  I wasn't freed totally.  He bound my hands behind me again, before helping me off the truck.  I walked stiffly forward, guided by Alan, until I stepped across my own threshold once more.

He walked me through the house and into my bathroom, sitting me down on the toilet.  I was ordered to wait there and take advantage of the facilities.  I waited until he was gone to do so.  When Alan came back, he untied my hands and locked them together in front of me.  He led me back through the house a little ways and hooked my hands high above my head to something hanging from the ceiling.  I assumed he had discovered the large hook I had placed in the ceiling for just this purpose.

My legs were pulled apart and tied off.  I wouldn't be able to bring them together again.  I tugged and pulled a little, testing the effectiveness of the bondage, but other than some slack in the rope that held my wrists, all was secure.

Alan waited until I stopped struggling, before removing my blindfold.

"Hi," he said.

I giggled and looked around the room as best I could.  My upraised arms prevented me from looking behind me.  Everything looked as it should, except for the small lock box sitting on my coffee table.

Me, I was standing in the center of my living room; very spread and open.  The sunlight streamed through the bay window onto my body.

The window!  I was in full view of the street and the houses across from me.  I only hoped that I was far enough back to be lost in the shadows.  Then I noticed that Alan had turned the lights on.  Alan had watched me as I took all this in.  He saw that I knew something was up.

"You can't see it behind you," he said, "but your arms are connected to a ring in the wall via an ice release mechanism I read about on the net.  Basically it’s a sock filled with ice, held by a ring.  The sock is attached to the same rope you are, the ring attached to the wall.  Until the ice melts, the sock can't pull through the ring and let you go.  It's very ingenious."

I moaned and pulled hard on the rope, but it would not let me go.  He was going to leave me here like this.

"The box I left on the table contains the keys to the cuffs and the gag.  It's locked with a combination lock.  I'll call later with the combination."

Alan leaned forward and kissed each of my nipples, biting each one and bringing forth a moan each time from me.

"I don't want to let you go you know," he whispered in my ear.  "I want to hold you and keep you forever.  Maybe in the future I will get my wish, but for now I will leave you."

He gathered up a small bag, and walked to the door, while I moaned in frustration.

He turned for a moment.

"Oh, the ice should melt before dark, but if it doesn't, I've left the lights on so you won’t get scared."  He grinned and left the house, while I squealed.

If the ice didn’t melt before it got dark, I would be lit up for the whole street to see.  They would see everything, including my hairless pussy.

I pulled and struggled a lot over the next few hours.  I would try to turn around, to get a look at how much ice was left, but I could never get my head around.  The sun got lower and lower in the sky, and I was beginning to cry when I felt my arms slide down a little.

I pulled hard and my arms came free.  I was so happy!

Feeling very stiff I bent over and undid the ropes that held my ankles apart, then I sank to the floor, thankful that I could close my legs again.  I rested for just a moment, before deciding to get up to get some water and turn off the lights.  That's when I got a rude surprise.  I pulled the rope through the hook in the ceiling, but was puzzled when the end with the sock failed to pass through.

Lowering it back down, I saw that Alan had attached a large ring that was too big to pass through the hook directly to the rope.  I examined my cuffs and saw that a similar ring was attached to the rope at that end too.  The only way to free myself of the rope was to unlock the padlock that held my cuffs together.  The rope let me have about ten feet of travel in any direction.  But that wasn't enough to find something to cut it, or more importantly, to reach any of the light switches.

I could reach the lock box, but one look told me I would not be able to get it open without the combination.

It looked like I was still Alan's prisoner, until he decided to free me.

I laughed at the futility of it all.

I guess I could have called him, but the note with his number was in my bedroom.

At least I could sit here and be out of sight of the street.  As I watched the last of the sun’s rays fade into the night sky, I realized how much I loved the man who could keep me nude and bound in my own home, and vowed to be with him for good someday.

End of Part 8


It’s been a few months now, and I'm happy to say that my relationship with Alan is still going strong.  We see each other almost every weekend, and spend time on the phone when we’re apart.  Our relationship is still based heavily on bondage, but we also spend time together as regular people do.  This 'normal' time has done nothing to cool our relationship; in fact it has allowed us to get to know each other even better.  It's kind of funny though.  It wasn't until a month after I met him that Alan saw me for the first time in my own clothing.  Up until then, I either spent my time with him nude, or in one of his shirts.  For a while I was beginning to wonder if I would ever be dressed around him.  Not that I minded.

It was still more natural for me to spend my time in the valley nude and bound than any other way.  In fact, I only got to wear my clothes when we spent time in public, and that was only when he was visiting me, instead of when I was visiting him.

When going to his place, two things never changed.  I always went nude, nothing on but my restraints, and I always went blindfolded.  I still haven’t learned the way to the valley.

The first weekend he came for me, he tied me up and then searched my home for the map he had drawn for me.  I asked him why he didn't want me to know where he lived, and he told me with a smile that it made it harder for me to run away from him.

Not that I would ever get a chance to run from him, I'm happy to say.  Alan has gotten pretty good at making sure I'm restrained in some manner while I'm with him, and during those rare moments when I am unfettered, I'm still nude.  It’s not a condition I want to be in when running around the countryside.

I have never been happier.

It's funny.  I never knew that I had such an appetite for bondage.  It's like I just don't feel truly comfortable without being bound in some way.  It's hard to describe why.  It may seem crazy to you because it certainly does to Melissa.

"You're crazy," she told me just the other day at lunch.

"Why?  Because I want to have a full-time bondage lifestyle with Alan?" I asked her.  I had just told her about what had been on my mind the past couple of weeks or so.

"I don't care if you go move in with him, Sweetie," Melissa said after taking a sip of her drink, "but to do so simply so you can be tied up every moment of your life is pretty excessive.  Does Alan know about this fantasy of yours yet?"

I looked down at my plate. I hadn't yet broached this subject with Alan, even though we had been able to talk with each other about almost everything so far.  Melissa saw her answer in my expression.

"Look, Maria, Sweetie, you know I would never do anything to infringe on your happiness, but could you really be happy spending all your time with nothing else to do but being Alan's sex toy?"

I looked up into her eyes.  I suddenly realized that she just didn't get it.  The one person that I thought knew me the best didn't understand the thoughts and feelings churning inside me.  "It's more than that," I whispered.

"I hope so, Sweetie, I hope so," Melissa replied.  "Do you think he'll do it?"

That was the big question.  Would Alan take me in as his live-in girlfriend, his bondage partner, his sex slave?

The answer to that question kept me up nights.

Melissa and I parted after lunch with the question still unresolved and her wondering if I was just setting myself up for a fall.  Her normally cheerful outlook on life had cooled over the past few months, her time with Eric the cause of her decline.  Physically, she’d recovered well.  There no longer was soreness in any of her injuries, but many of the marks Eric had laid on her had become etched permanently onto her skin.  She could never wear a bikini again without displaying the unmistakable signs of her abuse.  Mentally the scars went deeper.  Before, she was rarely without at least one guy at her beck and call, but now I noticed her avoiding any contact with men if she could manage it.  She preferred the company of women, or better yet, being off by herself.

I kept telling her to seek some help, to see someone who could help exorcise the demons inside her, but she refused.

Worry over Melissa has also kept me up.

At least the inquiry into Eric's death fizzled out.  Nothing had been heard from the police for months.  It was one less thing to worry about.

My immediate concern was Alan.  I planned on popping the question, so to speak, that afternoon when he came to stay.  I hoped I would get a chance to do so.  It was not unusual for him to keep me in one gag or another the entire time he spent with me.

This reminded me that I had better get home.

It had become our custom for me to place myself in bondage while waiting for him to arrive.  He would tell me a time he thought he might arrive and I would have to make sure I was inescapably bound and gagged before then.  That he showed up late sometimes didn't matter.  His remedy for making sure I was on time was a severe spanking.  I blush every time I think about the first time he spanked me as a punishment.  We were just heading out the door to go to dinner, when I spilled my drink on his suit.  He didn't say anything while we dabbed at the wet spot with a rag, but in the parking lot of the restaurant, still in his truck, he told me that it wouldn't be fair to let my mistake go unpunished.  So with me giggling at first, he pulled me over his lap, pulled my skirt up to reveal my bare butt, and used his hand to transfer a lot of heat and pain to my tender skin.  My burning ass made me shift and fidget through the entire meal, much to Alan's amusement.  The feeling didn't die out until we were making love hours later.  Since then I have been spanked rarely, never excessively, and usually with something erotic to counter the pain afterwards.

Reaching home I had to decide quickly how I wanted Alan to find me.  I stripped of my clothes and used the bathroom, a habit I had gotten into over the past few months whenever I knew I was going to be bound.  I then dug into my box of bondage goodies.

Twenty minutes later found me closing the last lock between my wrists, and my wait began.  I have known Alan be as much as two hours late getting to me, so I settled down for a long wait.

I was on my knees on the floor.  My back was to the front door, ankles spread wide by a spreader bar.  My hands were cuffed together in front of me, and reached far between my legs to connect with a lock to the bar.  This forced my head and shoulders to press against the floor, raising my butt up high.  With my legs held open, this would normally have left me in a very vulnerable position, but for the past month that worry was no longer mine.  Alan had purchased a chastity belt for me to wear.  It was built for long term wear, with allowances made for bodily functions built into its design.  But its main function was to prevent me from being able to easily stimulate myself sexually.  In this it was very effective.  It had taken me some time to get used to wearing it, and Alan hadn't pushed me as much as he could have.  But it wasn't long before he began locking it on me just before leaving me to head home.  It would only be unlocked again when next I saw him the following weekend.  I would spend the week with it on, sleeping in it, bathing in it, working in it.  I often wondered what my coworkers would think if they knew what I wore instead of panties under my skirts.  The constant pressure of the belt between my legs kept me somewhat aroused, which made its true function even crueler.

I did have a key.  It was kept on a chain I wore about my neck whenever I left the house.  The key itself was coated in wax, a specific color that Alan had created by mixing several different colored candles together.  In an emergency I, or anyone, could remove the belt simply by breaking the key out of the wax.  But to do so myself without good cause was against the rules.

So as I knelt waiting for Alan it was with the knowledge that my pussy was as secure as the rest of me.

The rest of my bondage consisted of a blindfold put on under a harness ball gag.  This was locked on with a small padlock.  Wearing the harness over the blindfold made sure I wouldn't be able to scrape it off my face.  Not being able to see has always been a turn-on for me.  The anticipation of what might happen is increased greatly.

When the front door did open, I would have no idea who was standing there, although they would get a great view of me.

As I waited patiently, I went over in my mind how Alan might respond to my proposal.

It turned out that I didn't have to wait long.  I heard the front door open and a familiar chuckle.

I smiled behind my gag, as Alan's hands caressed my cheeks (butt, that is).  He unlocked my wrists from the spreader bar, allowing me to sit up, and, after removing my gag and blindfold, gave me a deep kiss.

"Hello, Beautiful," he said smiling.

I smiled back.  "We have to talk."

We sat on the couch, while I gathered my courage and asked him if I could move in with him.

Alan sat quietly, contemplating my naked form.  My legs were still spread wide by the bar, my hands now fastened behind my back.  He had also removed my chastity belt and it gave him an unobstructed view of everything I had to offer.  I couldn't help blushing under the intensity of his gaze.

"You know," he said quietly, "there have been times when it was especially hard to leave you.  The thought of being away from you for days at a time was almost painful at times.  What you want to do is appealing.  Very appealing.  You have no idea how happy it would make me to take you home and never have to leave you again.  But this is a big decision.  Are you really sure you want to do this?"

"I'm sure.  If you will have me, I want to be your full-time bondage slave."

Alan regarded that remark with amusement.  "I wonder how many guys, would give their left nut to hear a beautiful woman like you say that to them?"  He laughed for a moment, and then took on a more serious expression.

"Wouldn't you rather just come live with me, and we would play games as we do now?"

I’d thought about that.  We could very well carry on the way we were.  But if I lived in his home in the valley, our games could last a lot longer than a weekend.  Somehow that lacked a commitment I desired.  It seemed to be not quite good enough anymore.

I shook my head slowly.  "This is great, what we have right now.  But I want more.  I want to make that commitment.  I want to make it to you."

I could tell that I had shaken him.  Maybe it was just the typical male reaction to the word “commitment”.  But I didn't think so.

"Tell you what, why don't you give me some time to think on it?"

I smiled and said okay.

The rest of the weekend passed in orgasmic bondage bliss.

Over the weekend we talked a little more about the more mundane aspects of my coming to live with him.  He asked about my job, and the house, and wanted to know what I had planned about the disposition of both.

What we didn't discuss was my offer to become his slave.  I knew he would get to that in his own good time.

He did, a few days later.

I came home from work to find him waiting for me in my living room.  "Hi, Beautiful," he said, getting up to give me a kiss.

I moved to the couch and sat with him, curious as to what his answer would be.  I figured nothing else would bring him to see me in the middle of the week with no notice.

"I want to make a few things clear before I give you my answer," he said seriously.

I nodded.

"You don't want our games to be a hobby anymore, you want to get serious and be my slave full-time.  Are you aware of what that would mean for you?  You know that I would push you; that given the opportunity, I would test out each and every fantasy we ever talked about.  Remember those times I kept you in the shed?  Remember the first time?  How you were kept there for three days?  How would you handle it if I decided to put you in there for a month?  What if I got bored and just left you in there?  Can you handle being immersed in that lifestyle without anything to look forward to?"

He paused, as if waiting for me to comment.  I held my peace.  These questions had already gone through my head.  I just wanted to hear if he was going to say yes or no.

"If that is what you want," Alan continued, "if you are prepared go that far then I have a few conditions I want applied before I agree.  Okay?"

I nodded.  My heart was racing.  He was going to say yes.

"First, I'm only agreeing to do this for a year.  If by that time this hasn't turned out the way either of us expected it to, then we can end it."

A year?  This wasn't the full commitment I wanted.  I asked him why a year.

He told me that a year would give us an idea of the long-term effects that total bondage would have on me, while at the same time giving me a goal to work toward if I felt I needed one.

I objected to him thinking I would need one, but Alan was adamant about it.  So I gave him his year, vowing to stay with him far beyond it.

"Second, I realize there are things that you would not want to do, and that there are things that I would not want to do.  But, if you want to truly feel that you are owned, that you have no say whatsoever in anything that happens to you, then the concept of limits has to go.  All you can hope for is that I will find some things so distasteful that I would never try them on you, but that doesn't mean I won’t."

That scared me, but I could feel that fear arousing me.  What kind of pervert was I?

"All in all, I expect you to do what I want, when I want; no argument," he finished.  He sat back.  He had given me his answer, now it was my turn to say yes or no.

I chose yes.

I would not see Alan again for three weeks as it took that long to arrange my private affairs so I could be gone for a year.  During that time, the chastity belt stayed on me and it nearly drove me nuts.  I was as horny as hell at just the thought of what I was about to do yet I was unable to effectively release the sexual tension that was building slowly inside me.  All I knew was that when Alan finally did decide to take it off, he had better be prepared for some serious lovemaking.

I talked to Alan a number of times on the phone, arranging with him what I was to bring.  With a couple of days to go, I packed according to his instructions, anxious to get started.  Melissa would be moving into my house; she would take care of it for me while I was gone, and also would handle the bills.

She was still pissed that I was doing this, but that didn't stop her from helping me out.

And then, finally, the day arrived, and I waited for Alan to come pick me up.

What I got wasn't what I expected.

The car looked familiar, but I couldn't place it until I saw the driver.

It was Lisa.

"Hi Maria," she called out as she got out of the car.

"Hi," I replied.  I wondered if Alan was hiding in the back of the car, but Lisa was quite alone.

Lisa was smiling as she walked toward me.  Her smile faded a little when she saw Melissa standing behind me in the doorway.

"You must be Melissa," Lisa said, extending her hand.  Her face was now full of sympathy.

Melissa took her hand, unsure of what to say.  I’d told her about Lisa, but even though I had seen both of them over the last few months, they had never met.

Lisa reached out and drew Melissa into a hug, whispering something into the ear of the stunned woman that I couldn't hear.

Melissa gradually relaxed and returned the hug, and soon both women were smiling like old friends.

"Lisa, what are you doing here?"  I asked her once their hug broke apart.

"Alan asked me to come up here and pick up a few things," she replied, "you know, the kinds of things you can’t find in a small town store.  Slaves for instance…"

I felt myself turn red with embarrassment, and both Lisa and Melissa laughed.

"I thought he was coming to get me."

"He had other plans.  We’d better get you ready."

We went inside and Lisa ordered me to strip.  I was used to her giving me orders.  A few times since I’d met her, she’d been over to Alan's place while I was there, and Alan had allowed her to use me as a bondage plaything.

I was a little nervous at first, considering Lisa's sexual orientation, but after a while I grew comfortable with her around.  I knew I was safe with her.

In moments I was naked, except for the chastity belt and Lisa wasted no time in binding me for my trip.  As I said before, I had never gone to the valley either clothed or sighted, and this trip would not be any different.

The first thing Lisa did was to put my blindfold on me, followed by my harness gag.  The click of the lock told me that neither would come off until I reached Alan, for he had the keys to this set of locks.

Lisa had me place my arms behind me, reaching as far as I could so that my fingers grazed the other arm's elbow.  She then used rope to bind my arms together, locking them firmly and somewhat uncomfortably, behind me.  She also used rope to fashion a little breast bondage, winding it around both my breasts, squeezing them together.  The tightness of the ropes told me that I would definitely feel it when they came off again, but being gagged I could not voice that feeling very well.  I made do with a moan that earned me a pinched nipple.

I felt hands at the back of my head, and surmised that something was being attached to the harness.  Sure enough, my head was pulled back so that my face was pointed straight up.  Rope was passed between my legs, kept from digging into me by the belt.  I felt a hard pinch on each nipple and tried to pull back from the nipple clamps that I knew had been applied to me.  I tried to pull my head forward, but when I did so the pull on my nipples became even harder.  The rope holding my head back was the same rope now attached to my nipples via the clamps.  With my breasts bound, the sensitivity of my nipples was magnified, and I couldn't help moving around, trying to shake the clamps off me.  I could feel hands touching and stroking me, and soothing voices from both my friends as they calmed me down.  Soon I was able to stand quietly, as the hot pain from the clamps died down to something a lot more manageable.  I had to concentrate on holding my head back.  Every time I let it fall forward I was shocked with the sharper pain of the clamps.  Again I moaned into my gag.

I felt hands guiding me, and taking careful steps, found myself outside the house and standing on hard concrete.

"I want you to sit back and let us take your weight," I heard Lisa say.

I gradually let myself fall backwards, and hands helped me down until I was sitting against something hard.  I was pushed and guided back even further and slipped back onto something covered in carpet.  I immediately figured out that I was being put into the trunk of Lisa's car.

I was guided onto my side and felt hands tugging me forward a little, before being rolled onto my front.

Immediately, the nipple clips dug in, and my already compressed breasts began to protest some more.  I lifted not only my head but my shoulders too, in an effort to relieve the pressure.  I was moaning continually now at the pain, but stopped abruptly when I received a smack across my ass cheeks.

"That's better," Lisa said.

My legs were brought up behind me and my ankles bound together.  They were soon attached to my arms and I was now in a very effective hogtie.

Lisa wasn't finished yet.  More rope was attached to me at various points and I felt even the little sideways motion I had being taken away from me as I was tied to various hard points inside the trunk.

"It's a pity about the belt," Lisa whispered in my ear once she was done.  "I could have done something to make the ride a lot more pleasant.  Still..."  I felt a finger at my anus for just a moment and instinctively clenched up.  Lisa laughed and so did Melissa.  I could feel the embarrassment flow through me.

"Sweetie," Melissa said in my ear, "I'll see you in a while.  You take care."

I grunted a reply, concentrating more on my posture than anything else, and felt the trunk lid closing on top of me.  A thump and all went quiet.

I wondered how hot it was going to get in here, and how easy it would be to breathe.

The engine started, it was loud, and the car began moving.

The trip was hell.  The movement of the car made holding my head back almost impossible.  The lurching and bumping really abused my nipples and breasts.  I wondered why in hell I had submitted to this.

After what seemed like days, the car eventually stopped for good, and the engine was shut off.

I waited, almost screaming behind my gag, for Lisa to open the trunk and get me out.  When she did I took a deep breath of clean air and regretted it when I felt the pull on my nipples.

The first knot she undid was the one on the back of my head and I let my head fall forward thankfully.


I nodded.

The rope binding my ankles was untied, as well as all the ropes holding me to the trunk itself.  I was carefully helped out, still blind and gagged, arms bound and breasts tied.  Once standing, Lisa took off the clamps and I spent a few minutes bouncing from foot to foot as I felt the blood rush back into the tortured flesh.  Lisa then undid the ropes around my breasts, unwinding the rope carefully so that there would be no sudden rush of blood.  It was a great relief to have my breasts free again, even though they were now sore from the bondage.

With most of the pain gone I was now able to try to make sense of my surroundings.  As Lisa untied my arms I tried to figure out where I was.  Under my feet was gravel.  The sun was warm on my skin.  There was a cool breeze, and I could hear trees brushing back and forth.

If this was Alan's place, then where was he?

My arms were freed, and surprisingly not rebound in a different way.  I was tempted to reach up and pull on my gag, but I thought that might not be well received, so instead I rubbed my sore breasts.

"Almost done," Lisa said.

I was very surprised when she unlocked the harness gag.  Alan must have given her the key.  The gag came out of my mouth, and I moved my jaw around to get the feeling back.

"Thanks," I said.

"I need to tell you something before I take off your blindfold," Lisa said.

I stiffened.  Uh oh!

"This isn't my idea, it was Alan's, so don't be mad at me.  He wanted me to tell you that if you didn't show up at his place by tonight then he won't hold you to the year."

I wondered what she meant by that, until she took off the blindfold.

I immediately knew where I was.  I was standing behind the diner.  I covered up as best I could and looked around, but Lisa and I were alone.

"Lisa, why didn't you take me to Alan's?"

"It was his idea.  You're supposed to walk from here."

"I can't!  Can't you give me a ride, at least to one of the gates?"


Lisa gathered up all the bondage stuff and put it in the trunk before shutting it.  She then locked all the other car doors.

"I'm going inside," she said with a smile, "you're welcome to come with me, but there are probably other people in there."

"You can't leave me!" I cried.

"I can.  You'll be fine, you know the way."  Lisa gave my shoulder a squeeze and walked away.

In a moment, I was alone; naked, except for my chastity belt.

I made a dash for the relative safety of the trail that I knew led through the trees behind the diner.  I hoped I could remember the way to Alan's house from here.  I knew it had to be at least a two-mile walk.

I had only been to the diner once, even though I knew Alan made it his Saturday morning routine to come here for breakfast.  You may remember as I do, that Alan brought me here by one way and took me back by another.  That was months before.  I hoped I could find my way.

I walked as quickly as I could in my bare feet along the trail until I came to the dirt road I knew I would find at the end of it.  I knew I had to walk a ways along it to find another trail that would lead me into the valley.  I hoped that no one would come along and see me walking naked by the side of the road.

Very nervously I started down, my head almost spinning in an attempt to see if anyone was watching me.  I was grateful that Alan hadn't asked Lisa to tie my hands behind me, so at least I was able to cover up a bit.

I knew that the trail I was looking for wasn't that far along the road, but as time went by I felt more and more sure that I had missed it somehow.  I was so busy watching the ground at one point that a car appeared before I realized it was there.

The two guys inside certainly saw me if the whistles I heard were any indication.  I covered up my breasts and started running.  I heard the car slow down and one of the guys yelled something, but I didn't listen.  Instead I plunged through the heavy foliage of the trees that lined the road and made my way in as deep as I could.

The thick leaves and branches cut out a lot of the light, and I felt safe in the darkness; at least until I heard the voices following me.

The ground foliage thinned.  I had to think.

One of the trees near me looked like I could climb it, so I did. I climbed up as high as I could until I saw movement back the way I’d come.  The two guys were making their own trail through the bushes, calling out to me to come back to them.  I don't know if they were drunk, or just out to have some fun with the "Nekid girl!" as they called me.  I was still scared.

They passed right under me without seeing me and continued on a little ways before turning back, disappointed.  Once they were gone, I waited in the tree for a long time before venturing slowly back to the road.

I was scared and angry at Alan for putting me in this position.  But at the same time I was very excited and after walking some more I felt like I had actually enjoyed the way my heart was racing.

Sometimes, I don't even understand myself!

When I reached the bridge, I knew I had missed the one trail into Alan's valley.  But I did know that just on the other side of the bridge was another trail that would lead me to where I wanted to go.

I just needed to get across.

My problem was a road construction crew working just fifty feet further down the road.

How was I to get across the bridge in full sight of these guys?

I decided to tackle that problem by going under it.

Instead of crossing over the bridge I went down the bank alongside it, pressed against the wall so the road crew wouldn't see me.  At the edge I jumped into the cold water and waded quickly under the bridge.

That's when I saw that I wasn't alone.

Sitting on the bank under the bridge was a young kid, a boy about thirteen, with a fishing rod in his hand.  He watched, wide-eyed as I quickly covered my breasts with my arms and crouched low in the hip deep water.

"Hi," he said, voice trembling.

"Hi," I replied my voice not much better.

"What are you doing?" he asked me.

"Er...I'm trying to go home."

"Where are your clothes?"

How could I answer that one?  "Waiting for me at home.  I'm playing a game."

"A game?"

"Yeah.  To see if I can get home without my clothes."  Boy that sounded weak.

"I hope you win!"

"Thanks."  I waded upstream to the other side of the bridge, and moved out of the water and into the brush that grew along the bank.

I glanced over my shoulder and saw that the boy was still watching me as I ran deeper into the overgrowth.

It wasn't far before I came to the trail and I followed it as quickly as I could.  The trail was muddy, of course, and I was a mess by the time I made it to the gate in the fence that surrounded Alan's property.

The gate was locked, but that didn't stop me.  I just climbed over it, brushing my sore breasts against the hard metal.

Now I felt safe.

I was well used to running around nude on Alan's land, having spent almost as much time outside as indoors.

I relaxed somewhat as I continued down the trail, and was almost laughing at my two close calls when I heard the hoof beats.

I stopped and listened.  The sound was coming from behind me.

I waited, and sure enough, Alan, riding Nelson, appeared on the trail from the direction I had come.  He was wearing his usual jeans and shirt, and something new, a cowboy hat.  I smiled and waited for him to catch up.

He pulled his horse to a stop in front of me.

"Well, lookee here.  Some gal has lost her britches!" he said with a bad southern drawl.

I laughed.  "I have a bone to pick with you."

"She has a mouth on her too!  Guess I'm gonna have to rope this little filly and teach her some manners."  Alan pulled from his saddle a large coil of rope, and I realized he was in one of his role-playing moods.

This was a game we’d played a couple of times.  He was supposed to be a cowboy on the range, and I was a young town girl he was supposed to catch and ravage.  I squealed and took of down the trail as fast as I could run.

I knew there was no hope of my getting away, but at least I had to make it look good.

I heard Nelson start out after me and knew in seconds it would be over.  I was too close to him and the narrow trail meant I had nowhere else to run.

I felt the rope fall around me and tighten suddenly, dragging me to a dead halt.

I struggled with my arms pinned to my sides, but Alan was too quick.  He jumped off the horse and in moments had me face down in the mud, bound hand and foot.  Alan was pretty proud of his rope throwing skills, as well he should be.  He practiced on me long enough.

Alan rolled me onto my back, once again covering me with mud, and gave me a big kiss.

"I missed you," he said once we came up for air.

"Me too."  Yes, this was happiness, bound at my lover's hand.

"One last chance," he offered, "are you ready for this?"

"Yes, oh yes!"

"Well then," he said with a smile as he lifted me into his arms, "let’s go see if I still have the key to that chastity belt."

The End of this story