The Rent.

Part 27, Man & Woman.

Nina lay back in the sun on the soft pool lounger and sipped at her daiquiri.  With one hand she idly wiped a bead of sweat off her left breast, and watched the water play over the fountain in the middle of the pool.

That's right, she wasn't at home, yet there she was lying naked by a pool and more relaxed than she had felt in a long time.  Her boss, Sarah Wickland, had given her the rest of the week off to recover from her fright during the bank robbery.  It had been an unexpected move on Sarah's part, and Nina took her up on it without any hesitation.  To be honest, Nina didn't feel that she needed the break, but was glad to have it anyway.

She had planned to spend time at home this day, with maybe a trip to the beach, but she got a call from Yvette Barb, Jim's mother, who invited her over for the day.

"Please come," said the French woman, "we talked so little last time you were here, and I want to get to know the woman my son talks about!"

Nina didn't quite know what to say, but she could hear the enthusiasm in Yvette's voice and felt a stir of curiosity herself.  So off Nina went, clothed this time, to talk to her boyfriend's mother.

Yvette was a charming hostess and had no trouble putting Nina at ease.  She had an infectious lust for life that got Nina smiling almost from the beginning.

Yvette gave Nina a more comprehensive tour of the gallery, telling sordid but entertaining tales about some of the artists, especially some of the ones for whom she had posed.  Nina at first found it hard to regard the nude paintings and other art of the woman beside her with any ease, it was odd to her to be invited to see nude pictures of her boyfriend's mother.  But as time went on, Nina was able to adjust, especially since Yvette made no big deal of her nudity in the pictures.  She was just another model.  At least she was dressed at the moment, in another of the loose gowns she wore the first time Nina had met her.  Nina wondered if the woman was naked underneath.  Nina herself was in shorts and a T-shirt, for it was a warm day.

Yvette was very knowledgeable about art in general, and Nina found her stories fascinating.  Yvette was just finishing up a story about a young artist who wanted to bed her between sittings, when the couple made their way out to the back of the house where Nina saw the most amazing pool.  It was large and shaped like a bowl, with no straight sides.  In the middle was a fountain, and it made Nina stop and stare.  The fountain consisted of three figures, all nude.  One was obviously Yvette, her features well brought out in the stonework; she looked to be in her late twenties.  Another was a slightly older man, and Nina saw that it was Tom Barb, Jim's father.  He didn't look that comfortable standing there nude in stone.  The third was a young boy, maybe eight, and Nina had to assume that it was Jim.  The threesome was posed as if for a family portrait, with Yvette seated on a rock, Tom standing next to her, his hand on her shoulder, and little Jimmy crouched down beside his mother, in front of his father's legs.  The water sprayed from behind them, acting as a backdrop.  It was the most amazing family portrait Nina had ever seen and it beat anything you would find at the Sears Portrait Studio hands down!

"You like, huh?" Yvette said, watching Nina with a smile.

"It's incredible," Nina replied.  "That IS Jim, isn't it?"

Yvette laughed.  "Yes, that is my little James; he is cute, huh?  He did not like to pose nude, my little James, but he did it for me and now you can see him."  Yvette gave Nina a sideways grin.  "I expect that seeing him au natural is nothing new to you!"

Nina blushed while Yvette laughed.  "Don't worry, ma chéri, I know my James is a man of the world now, it is perfectly natural.  Besides, it is only fair, is it not!"

Nina chuckled.  "I guess it is; he's seen me naked enough!"

"James is like my husband; for him it is never enough!"

Nina had wanted to ask her about that; her stay last time had been cut very short by the lateness of the hour and Nina hadn't had a chance to ask Yvette about the statement she made concerning her own courtship with Tom Barb.  Had her husband really not seen her with clothes on until almost before the wedding?

Before she could ask though, Yvette began to slip off her dress.  She was nude underneath, and without a care draped the garment over a nearby chair and picked a tube of sunscreen up off a patio table.  She looked up at Nina to see her watching her in surprise.  "Oh, I'm sorry.  I'm so used to just undressing here I didn't think to ask.  Do you mind, cheri?"

Nina shook her head.  "No, not at all; it's your home after all."

"Merci, ma cheri.  I know you understand.  To not wear clothes, it is a freedom, it is natural."  She began rubbing sun lotion onto her skin.

Nina had the oddest feeling right then, that her clothes were tightening down on her.  Being out in the sun, next to a pool, it felt wrong to be dressed, and Nina had an urge to pull off what she was wearing.  At first she fought it, then wondered why.  After all, it wasn't as if Yvette hadn't already seen her nude, they had a nude statue of her outside their front door so Yvette was very familiar with Nina's nude body already.

"Er...Yvette?"  Nina said.

Yvette was lathering on lotion like it was an Olympic event, working quickly and firmly to cover all her skin.  She looked up.  "Yes, Nina?"

"Would you mind if"

Yvette smiled.  "Why of course you may, ma cheri.  I think it would be a lovely idea.  You look hot and uncomfortable in those clothes."

Nina smiled thanks and gingerly got undressed, leaving her clothing on the same chair as Yvette's gown.  Self-conscious, Nina took a few steps and dove into the water.  It was odd trying to swim in the round pool, but she managed to porpoise around for a few minutes before pulling herself back out.  She felt better for her swim and more comfortable in herself and her nudity.  So she just stood and air-dried for a few minutes, aware that Yvette was studying her.

"You have a good body, not too skinny.  Yes, I can see why they all want to paint you," she said.

"Er...thanks," Nina said with a smile.

"But you have to look after it better.  Here, so you don't burn!"  Yvette passed her the tube of lotion and went to lie in a lounger.  Nina dutifully applied lotion, enjoying as always the way it made her skin feel.

The two women continued to talk, and while they did so, a maid in somewhat traditional apparel came out to see if they needed anything.  Nina felt very odd being served by a maid while lying nude in the sun, but that was how she got her daiquiri.

She and Yvette talked about Jim, and Nina laughed long and hard at the embarrassing stories only a mother can tell about her son.  They talked about Yvette's life as a model and about how Tom courted and married her.  They talked about Nina and her family, and how none of them respected her decision to come out here and be a lawyer.  They also talked about Alex West, Nina's grandfather, who Nina was surprised to see Yvette had known.

All in all, it was one of the most relaxing mornings Nina had ever had, and Nina's affection for Yvette grew.  She wished her own mother was this open and this alive, and a part of her was jealous of Jim for having such a woman as a mother.  What a childhood he must have had.

They lunched on the terrace, seated at one of the glass-topped tables.  A wonderful crab salad with a sparkling wine, and the two nude females chatted like old friends.  Only occasionally did Nina step back in her mind and think 'Wow, I'm sitting here naked with my boyfriend's MOTHER!', but those thoughts came farther and father apart.

It was then that Nina managed to broach the subject of Tom not wanting to see Yvette in clothes, and Nina shyly admitted that Jim was the same way about her.

"Ah!  Like father, like son.  Cheri, those two are a lot alike, and it can only mean good for you, no?" Yvette chuckled.

"You said he hates seeing you in clothes even now, is that true?" Nina asked.

Yvette nodded.  "Oh yes, I rarely dress for him anymore.  Oh, the lengths that man would go to in order to keep me naked.  Once, we took a trip around the world, while James was in school.  We sailed, a big private yacht.  On land, when seeing the sights I was allowed to dress with as little as was legal, but on the water, nothing at all!  The crew was all thumbs the first week we were at sea.  But the sparkle in his eye, the SEX!  Oh, it is worth it!  Do you not find it so?"

Nina began to blush again and Yvette laughed.  "Oh, little one, you blush so well when talk comes to sex, it must mean that my little James is a good lover, no?  You need not be ashamed, Nina."

Nina couldn't help giggling.  "It's just that...well, I never thought I'd be talking about sex with the mother of the man I'm seeing!" she said.

"Sex is also a freedom, ma cheri, and good sex can make you fly!  But good sex only comes if there is love."  She eyed the young woman, who blushed even more.  " is as I thought.  You love my little James, do you not?"

Nina looked down, unable to voice her feelings.

Yvette smiled a warm, motherly smile.  "He too feels love for you, ma cheri.  He never speaks of it, but he feels it.  I can see it in his eyes as he says your name."

Nina looked up.  She had an inkling that Jim loved her...well much more than an inkling, but he had yet to say the words.

Yvette leaned forward, almost dipping a nipple in her salad.  "Let me tell you a little secret, Cheri," she said.

"No secrets, Mother!" said a male voice from the back of the house, and the two women turned to see Jim standing in the French doors watching them.

Nina broke into a smile.  "Hi Jim!"

Jim was grinning as well, and he walked out to meet them.  He gave his mother a quick kiss on the cheek first, then gave Nina a longer one on the lips, slipping his hands over her body and making her shiver.

Yvette smiled a knowing smile and watched the young lovers.

"So what are you two ladies talking about?" he asked, pulling up another seat and helping himself to some crab salad and wine.  "Secrets?"

"Yvette was just telling me about your childhood.  My, what a naughty boy!" she said with a giggle.

"Nonsense.  I was the model of good behavior," he said with a smirk.

"Oh!  Is that why you almost set the house on fire setting off fireworks in your room?"  Nina said with a laugh.

Jim gave her a playful scowl.  "Be careful, Wench, that's my image you're toying with."

Nina laughed.

The three of them chatted some more while they finished lunch, the two women completely nude while Jim was dressed in shorts and a shirt.  There was no sign of any self-consciousness among any of them, and Nina was having a good time.

Jim asked her about the robbery.  They had talked over the phone the night before, but he was still concerned about her.  Nina assured them that she was fine and was about to give them an account, when the maid came out with an announcement.

"Madam, Boris Berednov to see you?"

"Boris, that is wonderful!" Yvette exclaimed.  "Bring him out here, he must come!"

Nina suddenly felt uncomfortable, sitting in a patio chair with nothing on.  But then she remembered that Berednov had already seen her nude several times.  As one of Brian's artist friends, he had shown up for several of Brian's parties.  Not to mention that time she met him at Buffalo Beach.

"YVETTE!" boomed a voice from inside the house, and a second later the Russian emerged.  He was dressed in tattered jeans and a shirt that looked like it had been used as an artist's palette at one point.  He was still an impressive man, looking more like Mel Gibson than ever.

"Beard!" Yvette said, calling him by his nickname as she got up from the table and went to him.  The two of them hugged, and Nina looked to Jim for his response to seeing his nude mother hug a man not her husband.  Jim didn't look upset by it at all.  In fact, he turned to whisper something to Nina.  "Do you know Beard?" he asked.  "He and Mom go way back to Paris where he was an art student.  She sponsored his immigration to the States."

"We've met a few times," Nina whispered back.

Beard put Yvette down and looked over at Nina.  "Ah, there she is!  Nina, I come for you!"

Nina was a little confused.  "For me?"

"Yes, young Nina.  Today, I paint you!  Boris, I said to myself this morning, Boris, today you paint Nina West!  I go to your home and Brian says you are here.  Now that I have found you, we can begin."

Nina laughed.  "You can't really mean that."

Jim spoke up.  "I think it's a nice idea, you should do it."

"Certainly she should do it," Yvette added, coming over and picking up her wine glass.  "To be painted by Berednov is a great honor!"

Nina was beginning to blush at the attention.  "I don't know if I could model for him."

Jim stood up and helped Nina to her feet.  "Sure you can," he said, and he wrapped his arms around her and kissed her gently, his warm lips holding her still.

Nina had her eyes closed during the kiss, and when he pulled away, she kept them closed for a moment.  "If you kiss me again like that, I'll do anything," she said with a smile.

Jim chuckled.  "Be careful who you say that to.  You KNOW I would take you up on it."

Nina began to blush furiously, then she melted a little as Jim kissed her again.  When he pulled away that time, Nina was flushed from more than the kiss, aroused by his closeness.  Her state was noticed by both Beard and Yvette who stood smiling together.

Then Beard flapped his arms.  "I have changed my mind.  I will not be painting young Nina today."

"What?" said the other three almost in unison.

"Today, I paint Nina AND James here.  Together!"

Now it was Jim's turn to blush.  "That's okay, Beard.  You don't have to paint me."

"I insist.  Yvette, are they not a very attractive couple?"

"They are most attractive," Jim's mother said with an easy smile.  "And after you have painted them, I will buy it!"

"Mom!" Jim said.

"It is settled," said Beard.  "James, my paints and a canvas are in my car.  You come help, please?"

Jim looked from his mother to the artist and back again, then at Nina.  "Do you want this?" he asked her.

Nina's eyes were dancing.  "I'd love it.  Please say yes!"

Jim sighed, but Nina could see he was also excited by the idea.  "Alright, for you."  He gave her a quick kiss on the nose and left to go help Beard with his stuff.

Beard had more than paints and a canvas in his car.  He and Jim hauled in several items, which unfolded into reflective screens of the sort that photographers used.  Beard set them up near one of the boulders just beyond the pool that were part of the landscaping of the grounds, before turning to his subjects.

"Nina," he said, "you look perfect, but we need your man to also look his best.  James, take off your clothes!"

"What?  I'm not doing this naked," said Jim with a smile.

"Don't be silly," said his mother, "you must.  You are being painted by Berednov, do as he says!"

"But Mom!" Jim began, and Yvette gave him a stern look that shut him up.

Nina sidled up to him.  "Come on Jim, it'll be fine.  I'd like it if we were nude together for a while."  She suddenly blushed a little after realizing what she had just said in front of his mother, and figured the wine had loosened her tongue a little.  Still she did mean it, and deliberately stood in a way to make Jim take an extra look at her.  She thought of it as her power nude pose, right hand on hip, hip pushed out to the right.

Jim shook his head and smiled.  "Okay."  He pulled off his shirt, and after a moment of stalling, took off his shorts and boxers.  Nude, he felt rather self-conscious and tried to keep his thoughts clean as he looked at his gorgeous girlfriend.

Happy, Beard herded his two young models over to the boulder he had chosen for their pedestal, and proceeded to position them.  He had them sit facing each other, legs mingling, almost in each other's laps.  Nina's legs were outside Jim's, opening her up both to his gaze and to Beard's.  Jim grinned, but Beard hardly reacted, intent on creating the pose he wanted.  He messed with their legs a little longer until he had them just right.  Jim's visible leg was low and supporting his weight, while Nina's visible leg was up and bent at the knee, half hiding Jim's crotch.  Beard wasn't the type of artist who explicitly displayed private parts, so he arranged them so that while there was no doubt they were nude, they were also hidden as well.  The couple's other legs were tucked up under their butts, lifting them a little.

Their hands he messed with quite a bit before finally settling.  Nina had her visible arm curved up, holding the back of his shoulder, while his visible arm was down on her thigh, right against her hip.  His other hand Beard placed on the back of Nina's head, drawing her to him in a kiss, which was how he arranged their heads.  Nina's face would be visible; Jim's not so much.  Nina's free hand he simply placed on Jim's hidden thigh, and she slid it forward until it met his groin to help support herself.  The total effect was of a young couple, nude together, leaning in to each other for a kiss.

"Very nice," Beard said, looking at it from several angles before finally planting his tripod and canvas.  He messed with the reflectors until the light was as he wanted it, and then set out to sketch on the canvas.

"Comfortable?" he yelled, Yvette looking over his shoulder as he captured the image in charcoal.

"No!" yelled both Jim and Nina, breaking their kiss to do so.

"Too bad, don't move!" laughed the Russian, and everybody smiled.

Nina had been instructed to keep her eyes closed and she tried, but occasionally she would open them, to see Jim's eyes only inches away.  She could see his mother in his smile, and smiled back.  Jim would then put some warmth into the kiss, to which Nina enthusiastically responded.

She could feel his hand on her thigh, his fingers spread wide to cover the most skin.  She had no idea his thumb was where it was, though, until he moved it and brushed her pussy lips.  Nina jumped and almost broke position, her eyes wide with shock.  Jim chuckled and tried to look innocent, so she narrowed her eyes at him.  He moved his thumb again.

He didn't stop, allowing his thumb to slowly caress her intimate spot, making Nina jump and shiver.

"Quite fidgeting!" ordered Beard.

Nina would have liked to, she was getting very aroused both by the movement of Jim's thumb and the intimate position they were in.

"Stop that," she tried to whisper with the minimum of mouth movement.

"Stop what?" Jim said with an evil smile in his eyes.  He began to push the tip of his thumb into her.

Nina shuddered and shifted slightly, moving the hand hidden on Jim's thigh.  It bumped something.  Nina glanced down.

Jim was half erect and now within reach of her hand.

Nina smiled.

Moving carefully, she slid her hand over until it could grasp Jim's manhood.  Any second Nina expected Beard to order her back into position, but evidently, her movements were masked by her leg.  So she was able to grasp him and even tickle his balls if she wished.

NOW Jim's eyes were open wide, the smile gone.  In its place was a look of mild panic, and she could feel him grow harder in her hand.

"No!" Jim said to her.

"No, what?" Nina whispered back, her thumb teasing his cock head.  She raked her fingernails lightly up and down and fondled him gently, enjoying the fact that the worm had now turned.  Jim still tried to fondle her, but there was little a single thumb could do and he couldn't really concentrate any longer.  Besides, she had her whole hand to work with.

She continued to play with Jim, getting him so hard that she could feel his pulse at the base of his dick.  His breathing was growing shorter and he had a glazed look to his eyes when she peeked to look at them.  He was also gripping the back of her head tighter and had just about given up trying to rub her sweet spot with his thumb.  His kissing grew more passionate though, and that was all Nina needed for her own heat to rise.  She was still aware that they were in full view of Beard and Jim's mother, but another part of her didn't care as she responded to his kiss.  Their mouths opened and tongues met.

Nina had been running a nail along the underside of Jim's penis, stroking it to iron hardness and she wondered if she dare go any further.  Would she actually make Jim cum in front of his mother?  The next time she opened her eyes to look at him, Jim blinked and said, "Wench!  You'd better run when we're done!"  His eyes held that smile again and Nina knew then that she did love him.

"I doubt you could catch me with this!" she replied, flicking his cock.

Jim took a deep breath and his hips shifted slightly, making Nina think she had over done and made him cum, but he got control of himself and averted that disaster.  "Oh, yeah," he said quietly between kisses, "you'd better run far!"

Nina giggled.

While the couple played, their antics hadn't gone unnoticed.

Beard, the artist, and Yvette, the mother, had both noted the flush in Jim and Nina's bodies, their erect nipples, the shifts in their hips and the subtle movements of Nina's arm.

Most of all, they could see the expressions on both of them, the passion in their eyes and in their kiss, and Beard worked feverishly to get it all down.  He was attempting to put down the soul of the union before him; he would go back later to fill in the color and depth.

Yvette watched her son and Nina with a happy, thoughtful expression.  She had known for a while that Nina would be the one to make her son happy; there was something about the way he talked about her that gave her the insight.  And when she finally met Nina, it had been confirmed by the looks the couple traded.  Yvette was very happy for both of them, and wished she could have passed on that last secret before Jim interrupted them earlier.  Yvette had a strong feeling that Jim was working up to asking Nina to marry him.

Beard sighed, and put down his charcoal and brush.

"There, done.  I can do no more now," he exclaimed.

"Can we move?" Nina asked, holding Jim's penis tightly in her hand.

Beard smiled.  "Only if you want to, Dear Nina!"

Nina moved quickly.  She pushed down on Jim's dick and pulled herself right up against him, pushing him over onto his back.  This caused Jim to let go of her hair, and at that moment she rolled off him and the boulder to the grass behind it, laughing.

Free of Nina, and very aware of his rock hard penis, Jim rolled that way too, intent on grabbing the wench who had done this to him, but she was too quick.  Up on her feet, she started running for some bushes on the other side of the lawn.

Laughing, Jim got up and gave chase, following his naked lover across the grass.

Yvette smiled as she watched her nude son chase his nude girlfriend across the lawn, happy in their love for each other.  She waited for them to disappear beyond the bushes before turning to her guest.  "Boris, you have captured them beautifully, magnificent!"

Beard was regarding his effort with a critical eye.  "I'm going to call it 'Man and Woman'", he said.

"A beautiful title," agreed Yvette, seeing the essence of male and female relationships reflected in the passion the sketched figures showed.

Beard smiled.  "I would prefer another sitting, but I will make do.  As it was, I doubt young James could have held out much longer," he said with a grin.

Yvette giggled.  "Yes, my son has met his match in Nina, I'm happy for them both."

Beard looked up toward the bushes on the far side of the lawn and smiled, thinking about what might be going on over there now.  It wasn't quite what he would have expected.

It didn't take long for Jim to catch Nina, but then she wasn't running THAT hard.  They tumbled together across a soft patch of grass, their nude bodies rubbing up against each other and sending pleasant signals through both of them.  They finally ended up, as Jim had planned, with him sitting flat on the ground and Nina laying face down on top of him, crossways.

"Now I have you!" he said with a chuckle.

Nina brushed her hair away from her face, looking sideways at him.  "What do you intend to do with me?"

Jim showed her.  He spanked her.  Not hard, and certainly not out of anger.  But with a smile on his face and laughter in his voice.

Nina wriggled and bucked, shocked at first.  But once she realized that he wasn't out to hurt her, that it was just another form of foreplay, she began to laugh too, and she wriggled her cute body to show her appreciation.

It soon became too much for both of them, and Jim dragged Nina over until he could roll on top of her.  Taking her wrists in his hands, he held them while he made proper use of the steel-like rod Nina had created, plunging deep into her, ecstasy in every thrust.

They almost came together, Jim finally losing it just before Nina.  Their cries were muted but still passionate, and after the fireworks were done, they lay still together, connected both in body and in spirit.

"I love you, Nina," Jim said, the words coming out before he could think.  He suddenly looked pensive, worried how she was going to respond.

Nina looked up at him, wondering the same thing.  She reached up and touched his face.  "It would be very easy for me to say the same thing, Jim," she said, "very easy."

"Why can't you?" Jim asked, suddenly feeling scared.

Nina chuckled.  "My mother never was one for good advice, but one thing she said has stuck with me.  She said never take seriously anything a man says in passion, either bad or good.  Usually the wrong parts are thinking for them at those times."

"Don't you think I love you?" Jim asked, confused.

"Oh, Jim, I know you do. isn't the time to say it, at least not for the first time.  Catch me when we aren't...well, you know.  Tell me what's in your heart, not what's lower down, and I will reply in kind.  Do you understand?"

Jim looked at her for a moment, then nodded.  He chuckled.  "Yeah, I understand.  But let me tell you, Nina West, I DO love you and that's EVERY part of me talking, not just the part stuck inside you right now.  Even though you are a teasing wench."

Nina wriggled underneath him, giggling.  "Well, you started it, Mr. Thumb!"

"I'm going to finish it too," he said, pulling from her and standing up.  He took her hands and lifted her to her feet, and before she could react, he bent low and picked her up, throwing her over his right shoulder.

"Hey!" she said, wriggling about.

"Stop moving, I'll drop you!" he said, swatting her butt, which was already a nice shade of red from the spanking he had given her.

Nina squealed but held still, and Jim began carrying her back to the house.  Nina couldn't help thinking of the image they portrayed, she and Jim both naked, both obviously having run off together for some sex, and now him carrying her back with her spanked red butt and her freshly fucked pussy on display.

Nina's embarrassment was climbing through the roof.  Yet she felt helpless to change what was happening, not because she couldn't, but because she was doing this with Jim, and as humiliating as it seemed, it also seemed very right.

Nina was very confused about a lot of her feelings at that moment.

"Say, Mom," she heard Jim say as he carried her back to the pool area, "I'm just going to show Nina my old room."

"Of course, James.  You must show her," Yvette replied and Nina could have died of embarrassment right there.

"Thanks, Mom," Jim replied and he continued in to the house.

As they passed Yvette, Nina looked up to see the older woman and the Russian both grinning at her.  Nina just had time to wave before being carried away for what was obviously going to be more sex.

She found she didn't mind.

Man and Woman.

End of Part 27