The Rent.

Part 24, Trust Me!

Nina West was excited, and tried to concentrate on the finishing touches of her makeup.  Her boyfriend, Jim Barb, was taking her out tonight for "Something special," as he put it.

Nina wondered what it could be, and her imagination was running a little wild.  That Jim had money had not escaped her attention, and while she tried to think that it didn't matter, sometimes she wondered what it might be like to have a rich husband.

"I'm NOT a gold digger," she said to herself, chiding herself for the selfish thoughts.

"Of course not, Miss Nina," said a voice from behind her, making Nina jump.  She looked behind her to see Mrs. Terry, the housekeeper, place a pair of high heels and a thin gossamer wrap on the bed.  Mrs. Terry was of course nude, as was Nina.  The former by choice, the latter as the result of the arrangement she had made with the owner of the house.  Continuous nudity while on the grounds was her rent for living here, a rent that Nina sometimes found hard to pay.

Nina frowned.  "Thank you, Mrs. Terry, but where's the dress?  I especially wanted to wear that new ruby red creation of IO's tonight!"

Nina had gone shopping especially for this date, and the dress designer hadn't disappointed her.

Mrs. Terry looked up at the younger woman, approving of the light touch of makeup Nina had applied.  She thoroughly approved of the match between Jim and Nina, although she kept such opinions to herself.

"Mr. Barb called just a little while ago," she said, always formal.  "He asked that I not let you dress before he arrives, and that while you may wear any jewelry you choose, I am to ask you not to wear any earrings.  He also trust him."

Mrs. Terry couldn't help smiling softly, her normally dour expression banished for the moment.

Nina scowled.  'Damn him' she thought, 'why can't we just have one regular date like everyone else?'

"Was that everything he said?" Nina asked.

"That was everything.  He should be here very soon, I think."

Nina nodded and turned back to her mirror.  Her makeup table mirror reflected her from the waist up, and an annoyed Nina regarded her reflection critically.  She had spent most of her time nude since arriving at this house, and that counted time spent off the property where her landlord's rules didn't apply.  As a result, her skin held a deep tan and glowed under most lighting, accenting the color of her hair.  Her muscle tone was excellent due to her daily workouts swimming in the pool, and there was yet to be any sign of sagging that she knew would come eventually if she kept going around without a bra.  She tried to look at herself as a man would; the shape of her breasts, the curve of her neck now visible because she was wearing her hair up, and wondered just what  it was that made men want to see her naked all the time.  Especially Jim.  He had told her once that he was going to avoid seeing her in clothes for as long as he was able to do so, and so far, he had succeeded.  Not since the night they met had he ever seen her wear anything that actually covered her.

Nina smiled.  It was actually a bit of a turn on for her, his quest.  She felt flattered in a way.  She might have felt offended had she the feeling that it was all he wanted out of her, a naked date.  But when they were together, Jim had a way of talking to the inner Nina as well, and seemed just as interested in her too.

Nina wasn't quite as put out by Jim's request as she had been a few minutes before, and she finished her makeup and took off the earrings she had planned on wearing.  'No earrings?  I wonder what he has planned tonight!' she thought.  Then she felt a little devilish, thinking that if he wanted to see her intimate parts, then he was going to get an eyeful tonight.  She used some rouge to heighten the color of her nipples and, after some thought, her labia.  Not a lot, but enough to make them just a bit more noticeable.

Getting up, slipping on her heels, and ignoring the wrap, Nina could feel her excitement gather.


She got her first inkling of what Jim had planned once she got downstairs.  Parked outside in the driveway was a stretch limo, its driver standing at near attention by the back door.  Nina blushed when she saw him, knowing the driver could see her through the glass front of the house, but he didn't give any sign he had seen her.  Nina's focus however quickly switched to Jim, who stood in the lobby of the house with Brian Cook, her host.  Jim was in a tuxedo, looking extremely elegant, while Brian was in a much more casual outfit of slacks and shirt.

Jim had watched Nina come down the stairs, unable to take his eyes off her.  Normally Nina went barefoot, but tonight her heels added a sway to her walk that Jim found very appealing.  It was a given that he had a smile on his face.

Nina walked up to him, intending to ask why she wasn't allowed to dress THIS time, but the sight of the driver had shaken her a little and she was blushing slightly.

Brian smiled, seeing her embarrassment.  It was for such brief moments that he made the arrangement with the lovely young lady.

"Nina, you look lovely!"  Jim told her, taking her hand, his eyes naturally drawn to her nipples as Nina planned they would be.

"I look just the same as always," Nina replied, getting her courage back.  "It's hard to look different when you aren't allowed clothing!"

Jim chuckled.  "Oh you are mistaken.  Every time I see you, it's like seeing you for the first time."  He bent low to kiss her, and Nina blushed once again.  She was keenly aware of her situation, standing nude where three men could see her while being kissed by one of them.  It made her heart thump harder.

"" she began, trying to regain her composure, "I had hoped that I would get to wear something tonight.  I got a dress especially for this date.  Couldn't I please go put it on?"

Jim shook his head.  "Not tonight, I have other things planned."

Nina scowled until Jim kissed her once again.  This time he held her close as he did so, and Nina wrapped her arms about him.  A discreet cough alerted the couple that they were not alone.  Nina flushed furiously as she and Jim parted.

Brian smiled, an idea forming in his head, but he wasn't going to voice it now.  Instead, he wished the couple a happy night and escorted them to the door.

Nina was nervous, looking at the limo driver, who still acted like she wasn't standing naked before him, and hesitated to go out.  But Jim took her hand and whispered, "Trust me," into her ear.

Inside, the limo was very plush and well equipped, and Nina felt very odd, her bare flesh sinking into the soft upholstery.  She wondered if a nude woman had ever been in there before.  Jim sat with her, and in moments the limo was on the move.

"Jim," she said, "please let us stop so I can put something on.  You can't be serious about taking me out like this!"

"You'll be fine, trust me.  I have everything arranged," he replied.

"Don't I get any say in this?" Nina asked, both flattered and annoyed with how Jim always took charge when they were together.

"What did you tell me you wanted to do the last time we were together?" he asked her.

"Go on a normal date," she said as they pulled off the property and left behind the last chance for her to put anything on.  "You know, dinner and a movie?"

Jim chuckled.  "Well, you got your wish."

"Like this?" Nina asked, looking at his tux and her nude body.

"Trust me, its all been arranged.  But first, a little gift for you," he said, reaching into an inside pocket.

Say "Gift" to most women, and you get their attention.  Nina was no exception, especially when that gift was inside the kind of box only found at a jewelers.  This one was about six inches long and Jim didn't actually give it to her.  Instead, he opened it himself and then presented it to her.

Nina smiled, and looked inside to find what looked like two gold strings.  Looking closer, she could see they were earrings, about four inches long.  Threads of gold wire threaded through many very thin silver and gold tubes.  Each earring had two such threads, one slightly longer than the other.

"They're lovely," Nina said, thinking them more unusual than lovely.

Jim smiled, and took one out.  It lay like gossamer in his hand.  "A one-of-a-kind set.  Been in the family a long time.  My mother gave them to me not long ago, said to pass them on to the girl of my dreams."

Nina looked up at him, thinking him joking.  But he looked very serious.  "I can't take those," she said.

"Why not?  You ARE the girl of my dreams, you know.  Here, let me."  He moved forward and Nina closed her eyes as he fumbled with her left ear.  She heard a slight snap and felt the weight of the threads hanging from her ear lobe.  Surprisingly, they were not at all heavy, and were just long enough to brush her naked shoulder and the side of her neck.  Another snap and the right ear held its companion.

"Beautiful," Jim said, smiling.

Nina felt herself blush under his gaze and looked about for a mirror.  There was one in a vanity across from where she sat, so she moved to look at it, kneeling on the limo's floor.  The gold and silver threads sparkled in the dim light, and Nina's opinion of them grew.  She could feel them brush against her skin as she moved her head, and enjoyed the touch.  It was like that of a lover, delicate and intimate, and she blushed some more.

"Thank you," she said, turning to face Jim, "but I can't accept something so valuable from you.  You should save them for when you're really sure who you're giving them to."

Jim looked at the kneeling woman, taking in her beauty.  "I've never been more sure," he said, making Nina look down in embarrassment.  Jim chuckled and helped Nina back into her seat, holding her tightly.  It wasn't long before they began to kiss once more, an occupation that lasted them until they arrived at their first stop.

As the limo slowed to turn into the parking lot, Nina looked up and paid attention to what was outside the car for the first time since leaving the house.  What she saw stunned her.

"This is 'Maestro's'," she said.


"This is a five star restaurant!"

"So the guide says, yes."

"This is a very full five star restaurant!"

"Oh I agree, it looks quite busy tonight," said Jim with a smile.

Nina looked at him like he was crazy.  "Jim, there is NO WAY I'm going to go in there without any clothes on.  You would have to be completely mad to think otherwise!"

Jim took her hands in his.  "Trust me."

"Trust you!  Unless you have something for me to wear in this car, you are sadly mistaken in thinking that I would just walk in there arm in arm with you without my having a stitch of clothing on!"

Jim waited, looking her in the eyes until Nina calmed down a bit.  "Nina, I said to trust me and you can.  I do NOT expect you to walk in there like you are with everybody watching.  I agree that it would be way too much for you, not to mention the fact that I'd be way too jealous to show off your beauty like that."  He grinned and Nina couldn't help smiling back, but she was still worried.

"So what are you planning?" she asked him.

The limo had pulled through the parking lot and driven around to the back of the restaurant.  It stopped near one of the back doors.  Jim gestured to it.  "It's all been arranged, Nina.  We go in this way, through the kitchen, and directly to a table in the restaurant set up especially for us.  No one but the kitchen staff and the floor staff will see us; we'll be effectively screened from the rest of the restaurant, although we will see everyone else.  We will be able to dine in private while enjoying the ambiance and food of this...five star restaurant...without you having to worry."

Nina swallowed.  "So no one will see me, except for the people who work here?"

Jim nodded.

"What if I don't want to be seen by the people who work here?" she asked him.

He smiled.  "You can trust to their discretion and their professionalism.  Besides, I think you are more excited by the prospect than you let on!"

Nina flushed, but upon reflection she was feeling a bit excited.  All she had to do was walk through the kitchen and let all the employees of the place see her.  It didn't sound hard, and it wasn't as if she hadn't been seen naked by countless strangers already the past few months.  There was also the sinfully delightful prospect of dining nude in such a place with no one else the wiser.  Yes, she was excited, and she wondered how she could possibly even consider it.  She knew that a month ago she wouldn't have dared.

"Nina?" Jim asked.

Swallowing, Nina nodded.

Jim grinned, and moved to knock on the closed divider between them and the driver.  The driver got out, went to the back door of the restaurant, and knocked.  Presently a man in formal attire opened it, and the driver came back to the car to let them out.

"Maestro doesn't run much of the business anymore," Jim said to Nina as they waited, "his son has taken over for the most part.  He'll be the one guiding us to our table."

Nina nodded.  When the time came, she stepped bravely out of the car, her high heels adding a grace to her movement and giving her a vulnerability she didn't need.  She turned to look around, but no one else was in sight except for the son of Maestro waiting at the door.  The man was of course all eyes.

Jim took Nina's arm and led her over to the door, while the limo driver went to park the limo.  "Mr. Maestro, may I present Nina West," he said.

Maestro looked up and smiled.  He took Nina's hand and gave it a theatrical kiss.  "A pleasure, a real pleasure.  I hope you enjoy your stay."

"I hope so too, Mr. Maestro," Nina replied, with a soft smile of her own.

Maestro tore his eyes away from her for a moment to talk to Jim.  "All is as you requested, Mr. Barb.  Everything has been set up."

"You're sure that no one will be able to tell Nina is nude?" Jim asked.

"Most certainly.  I even had the staff responsible for setting up your dining area walk naked to your table themselves at the height of the dinner hour.  If there had been any doubt, that would have shown it, but they all complied.  You and the lovely lady will be able to dine in private."

Jim nodded.  "Good.  Well, shall we go inside?"

Nina was glad to get indoors, although stepping inside brought her under the scrutiny of about a dozen people.  She held on to Jim's arm and tried not to blush too much as the entire kitchen staff paused for a moment to take her in.  Nina remembered the added "touch" she had made to her nipples and labia, and regretted the action as twelve pairs of eyes locked on to her.  Then Maestro junior clapped his hands and ordered the staff back to work, which they reluctantly turned back to.

"This way, please!" he said to the couple, and started off.

Nina could still feel eyes on her as she walked through the kitchen, and her heart pounded in her chest like it was about to come out.  She couldn't believe she was deliberately walking through a kitchen in front of strangers, NAKED, and that she was about to walk nude into a public restaurant, AGAIN!

Unlike the last time though, this was not a place were nudes were rarely seen but welcome anyway.  This was a whole different ball game.  Still, Nina couldn't help feel naughty as they passed through the kitchen, and she added a little wriggle to her walk, grinning inwardly as she did so.  She was pleasantly surprised to feel that she was actually having fun!

They passed some of the waiters waiting for the food they were to take to the tables they waited on, and out into the main part of the restaurant.  Nina held her breath, expecting to be seen, but a single step put her behind a translucent screen lit up from the outside.  The screen flowed around a single table set for two.

"From the outside, the screen is impenetrable," said Maestro, "but as you can see, you can see through it from this side very easily."

Nina sure could, it was like the screen was barely there, and the people on the other side couldn't fail to notice that a nude woman had joined them for dinner.  She was seated by Jim, and sat nervously just a few feet away from the nearest diner.

"I'll be right back," Jim said, whispering in her ear, and she watched him walk around to the other side of the screen.  She saw him smile and nod before he came back and seated himself.  "Very well done.  The lighting even matches the decor of the place, and Nina, you're invisible, so relax."

Nina sighed, trusting Jim.  He could have been having her on, but the mere fact that no one else in the restaurant had gotten up and pointed at her suggested that she was indeed invisible.  She grabbed for the wine list.

The meal was excellent, the service impeccable, although Nina was amused to note that they were rarely served by the same waiter twice.  It seemed that every employee of the place managed to find an excuse to come behind the screen and check her out, male AND female.  That Nina sat with her back to the screen, and that she was positioned so the table barely hid her, made sure they got an eyeful.  Nina resigned herself to being looked at and enjoyed the extra service it provided.

Jim just grinned, and his only comment during the meal about it was that he didn't think he'd need to leave much of a tip.

Otherwise their talk was intimate, personal, and Nina enjoyed every minute of it.

The meal however was eventually completed, and the son of Maestro himself came to bid the couple goodbye.  He led them once more back though the kitchen area, and Nina was given one more surprise.  Before they could step through the door, the kitchen staff began to politely applaud and both Nina AND Jim blushed at the unexpected attention.  Then one of the cooks, a young woman about Nina's age, walked up with a flat white cardboard box in her hands.

"I hope you don't think we're too forward," she said, glancing at Maestro junior, who looked on but didn't interrupt.  "But we thought you might want a little something to remember the evening by.  So I made you this."

The cook opened the box, and inside Nina and Jim saw a chocolate heart about eight inches across.  Carved into the heart was a sketch, in chocolate, of Jim and Nina sitting at their table.

Nina blinked, totally blown away.  "Thank you," she whispered.

The cook grinned and closed the box again, handing it to Jim.  The couple then left the restaurant and walked directly to the limo that was parked and waiting for them.

"Wow," Nina said once they were inside.

"Yeah," Jim agreed.


They didn't travel far before the limo once again pulled into a parking lot.  This time it was for the local multiplex.

"The movie?" Nina asked Jim.  "Don't tell me, you arranged for a screened off portion of the movie theater so we have to watch with the rest of the crowd!"

"Not quite," Jim said with a smile.

"Not quite?  What are we doing then?  Wait, I got it.  We watch from the projector room with all the people that work here coming in to see if we need any more popcorn!"

Jim laughed.  "No, just wait and see."

Nina was in good spirits, but again she was worried.  She wondered what the man had planned for her this time.

The limo pulled up behind the movie theater and stopped near an exit.  A woman was already standing in the open doorway waiting for them.  The driver got out and opened the limo door for them, and Nina again felt butterflies as she stepped nude from her only concealment.  She also kept feeling the earrings Jim had given her, brushing her neck and shoulders almost constantly and driving her to distraction with their intimate touch.

Jim took her arm and they hurried to the door, going in right away.  Nina wasn't sure what she expected to see inside, but what she did see wasn't it.  It was a perfectly normal theater, no curtains or screens or any place to be concealed.  It was also empty.  Nina stood wondering what was going on while Jim thanked the manager, for that was who the woman was, for her help with this date.  She only gave Nina a brief glance before walking away and leaving them alone.

"Let's go find a seat," he said.

"What's going on?" Nina asked him, feeling vulnerable.

"I bought out an entire showing of the movie," he replied.  "Every seat here for one showing.  We have the place to ourselves."

"You mean no one else is coming in here?" Nina said.

"Not a soul.  Even the projectionist won't be looking.  We have the place to ourselves!"

Nina grinned and followed Jim to the center of the theater where he had selected a couple of seats.

"Say Jim," she said, standing in a deliberately provocative pose once she reached him, "since we're going to be all alone in here, perhaps you could do something for me.  After all, I'm doing so much for you tonight."

Jim's eyes were riveted on the gentle sway Nina put in her hips, and he smiled.  "Er...sure, what ever you say?" he said without thinking.

Nina grinned.  "Good.  Take off your clothes!"

Jim blinked.


Snuggled naked against the nude body of a man Nina felt she was really falling in love with, Nina watched the previews, and asked what movie they were watching anyway.

"Oh, I found a special copy of one of my favorites from when I was a kid."

"You mean this isn't a first run movie?" Nina asked.

"Nope!  This one stars Scott Baio."

When he told her the title, she thought it sounded like something only an electrician would enjoy, but she soon saw why it appealed to him.


They were now back in the limo, and much to Nina's disappointment, Jim was back in his clothes.  She had tried daring him to finish out the date nude as she was, but he smiled and shook his head.  "Someone has to keep their shirt on," he said.  Nina volunteered and had even gone so far as to grab his tux shirt and start to put in on, when he tackled her and tickled it from her grasp.

Now they were riding again, Jim in his tux and Nina nude, cuddling him.  She didn't pay much attention to where they were going until they started climbing high in the hills surrounding the landward side of the town.  Nina knew there were some pretty big estates up here, big money funding them.

"Where are we going now?" she asked him.

Jim took a deep breath before answering.  He tried to look confident but Nina could see he was worried about answering her.  "Do you trust me?" he said to her eventually.

Nina blinked.  "I think that this evening has proved that I trust you, although if you continue to evade the question, that trust may begin to wither!" she replied.

Jim took another breath.  "My...parents...want to meet you," he said.

It took Nina a moment to realize that they were going to see his parents NOW.  "Are you out of your MIND?" Nina said.  "How can you expect me to meet your parents like this!"

"It'll be okay," Jim said.

"I don't care if it is okay or not!  The first impression your parents get of me is not going to be of me running around naked with their son!  You're CRAZY!" she said, pulling away from him.

Jim closed his eyes.  "It's not what you think.  Believe me, it's okay."

"How can it be okay?  Tell me that, huh?  What is it?  Are your parents nudists?  Will they be naked too?  If that's the case, Jim, I still don't want to see them, not like that!"

"They're not nudists and they won't be nude," Jim replied.

"Then how can it be okay?" Nina demanded to know.

Jim pressed his lips together before answering.  "I can't explain, it's better that you see.  But trust me, it will be okay."

"And if I said no...would you take me anyway?" Nina asked quietly.

Jim leaned over and held her hand.  "You can always say no, to anything we do.  I might try my hardest to convince you otherwise, but in the end if you say no, then that's okay and we will stop.  I won't MAKE you do anything if you are bound and determined not to do it.  Okay?"

Nina stared at him for a moment, then nodded slowly.  "Are you sure that this is the right time, the right way, for me to meet them?"

"Nina, oh my beautiful Nina, there is no better time or better way for you to meet them.  Trust me!"

Nina trusted him.


The house was large, the grounds expansive.  Nina would have been more impressed had she not been so nervous.  The limo pulled up in front of the house, and as usual, the limo driver opened the door for them.  Jim stepped out and held out his hand for Nina.

Nina hesitated.  "I can't do this," she said.  "No, I'm not going to."

Jim looked apprehensive for a moment, then pointed to one side of the big double doors that led into the house.  "Look over there," he said.

Nina did so, and it took a moment for her to see what Jim was pointing at.  When she saw it, she gasped.  Standing on a marble pedestal was the nude statue of her that Jim had bought at the auction, the one he paid $80,000 for.  He had never told her what he had done with it.  Now she was finding out.

Nina couldn't look away from it for the longest time, but she eventually managed to look back at Jim.  "Do they know everything?"

Jim nodded.  "About you, they know a lot, and they love the statue.  They moved one of my mother to put it there in its place."

"Your mother?" Nina asked.

"Come, please.  It's easier to show you."

Trembling, Nina took his hand and stepped out of the limo.  She allowed him to guide her up the steps to the house, to lead her through the doors and into the most amazing room she had ever seen.

The lobby of the home Jim's parents lived in was an art gallery.  It was devoted to original works with one common theme, the nude female.  Nina didn't recognize any of them, but she saw a very broad range of styles, from cubist paintings to modern art sculpture.  Many different models were represented, but one face and body seemed more prevalent than most.  Nina noticed that the model had aged, depending on the work.  In some, she was young, as young as Nina.  In others, she could have been...

"Your mother?" Nina said to him.

Jim nodded.  "My parents both have had a passion for this sort of art ever since I could remember.  My mother was a model in Paris when my father met her.  They fell in love and married and he brought her back here.  She continued to...model...for years and still does from time to time.  I doubt there is an artist in this town, Brian Cook included, that hasn't done a nude of her."

Nina had begun to wander about the room, looking much like a piece of art come to life in this room of nudes.  She examined many of the pictures and statues as she moved around.  "She's very beautiful," she said.  "Even her more recent portraits show off her beauty."

"Thank you, cheri," said a female voice from nearby, and Nina stood up to look while Jim moved to her side.  She saw a man and a woman standing together in a doorway.  The man, from his looks, had to be Jim's father.  The woman was the one from the paintings.

Nina began to blush, aware that she was indeed meeting Jim's parents without a stitch of clothing on.  Yet in THIS room, it didn't quite seem to matter as much.

Jim's mother, wearing a long white flowing gown that flapped loosely about her as she walked, approached Nina with a gentle smile on her face.  "We are so very pleased to meet you," she said.  "My son has told me a lot about you.  You are as beautiful as we imagined."

"Thank you, Mrs. Barb.  But I'm sorry to appear this way; it wasn't my idea."

" name is Yvette, dear Nina, and my husband is Tom.  Please, we can't be so formal.  And don't worry about appearing before us as you are.  We insisted he bring you thus; isn't that right, Tom?"

Tom Barb grunted, and Nina got the idea the man didn't say much.

Yvette smiled again.  "I suppose this is all a shock to you; you didn't expect James's parents to be so free minded!"

"It was unexpected," Nina admitted.

Yvette laughed.  "A normal reaction.  But I see you are still uncomfortable being the only real nude here.  No mind, I will help you feel better."  Before Nina could react, Yvette pulled at a string at the neck of her gown, and it pooled at her feet.  There was no denying that Yvette had lost none of the looks from her youth, and it gave Nina hope for her own future.

Yvette smiled and took Nina's hand.  "Don't worry, I am normally nude at home.  Tom there, he hates me in clothes.  When we met, I was modeling a nude for Asnwar Alam.  I don't know how he managed it, but Tom managed to keep from seeing me in any clothes almost up until we got married!  Men!"

Nina, startled, glanced back at Jim as Yvette led her away.

Jim winked and mouthed just two words.

"Trust me."

She did.

End of Part 24.