The Rent.

Part 21, A Night Out.

While Nina and Jim were still out, Helen, Kelly, and Brian Cook ate dinner together in the small dining room next to the kitchen.  Mrs. Terry was elsewhere; she never ate with the rest, not thinking it proper.

Kelly was her usual exuberant self, talking with her grandfather about a Warhol exhibit she had seen while at school.  The old man was almost as animated as his granddaughter as they talked about art, and Helen was surprised that Kelly was so fluent on the subject.

Helen herself could barely follow the conversation, so she just smiled and nodded as the remarks flowed across the table.

Helen was feeling a lot better than she had been that morning, for a couple of reasons.  First, she was dressed again; a pair of soft well-worn jeans, a T-shirt, and of course, a full set of underwear.  Second, she had gotten a letter in the mail from her real landlord, telling her she could move back into her own apartment in just a few days.

Helen was glad to see the end of her stay coming up, not because she didn't like living here while her landlord brought her apartment building up to code, but because of the unusual rent Brian had demanded of her while she stayed here.  Her rent was much like Nina's, except that Helen only had 24 hours of nudity to pay, whenever and however Brian Cook wanted them.  So far, he had used up only twelve hours of her time, and Helen hoped that she would get away with not having to pay the entire amount.  But somehow, she doubted that.

A part of her wanted Brian to just get it over with, but another larger part was scared to death of it and hoped the old man would forget.

She found it strange, when she let herself think about it, that she was more nervous of being nude here with Brian Cook than she had been when forced into nudity at her boss's home several weeks ago.  She had no idea why one was so different from the other.

She wondered if it was Kelly, who seemed so comfortable with her own nudity.  Helen watched her as she talked, her lithe young body shifting and flexing as the girl moved.  Kelly was a pretty young woman, Helen had to admit, but she was no Nina.

'Damn', Helen thought.  Nina was always popping into her head, usually during Helen's unguarded moments.  She thought about earlier that morning in the sunroom upstairs, watching Nina and Jim drive away, thinking of them together, and how...

Helen pressed her legs together and tried to concentrate on her food.  She happened to look up at that moment and caught Kelly watching her.  The two women locked eyes for a moment before Helen broke contact.  She didn't see Kelly smile.

Helen had always been nervous around Kelly, but ever since this morning when Kelly caught her...

Helen played with her food.

"Well I have some work to do upstairs," Brian said, pushing himself away from the table.  "You girls have a good evening, it was a pleasure dining with you both!"  He smiled, and both Helen and Kelly bid him a good night, knowing that he would be in his studio until he chose to go to bed.

Once he left, the air was filled with silence as Helen toyed with her food and Kelly stared at her.

Kelly had been wondering what to do with Helen all day.  She was bored, and her discovery of Helen obviously playing with herself in the sunroom that morning had placed Kelly in a position of power.  Helen obviously didn't want to be reminded of the event; it was a weakness Kelly decided to exploit for some fun.

"I was thinking of heading down to a club tonight," Kelly said aloud.

Helen glanced up for a second, wondering what club would be likely to let her in, since Kelly refused to wear clothes.

"I want you to come with me," Kelly said sweetly.

"  I think I'll just stay in tonight," Helen said, not wanting to spend any time with Kelly that she didn't have to.

Kelly leaned forward, her small breasts brushing the tabletop.  "Oh, I think you'll come with me tonight, you could use a night out."

"No.  I'm not going anywhere," Helen replied.

"We both know you will," said Kelly, leaning closer.  She was looking Helen in the eye, and Helen saw she wasn't smiling, something rare for Kelly.  It made her really nervous.

"You can't make me," Helen said softly.

"Can't I?  Well I expect not," said Kelly leaning back in her chair.  "But I don't want to go out alone tonight."

Helen sighed with relief.

"I suppose," Kelly continued, "we could stay in and wait for Nina to come home, wouldn't that be fun?  You and me, waiting for the beautiful Nina, side-by-side, thinking about her.  You DO like thinking about her, don't you?"

Helen didn't move.

"Oh, I think you do, you think about her a lot, you go upstairs and think about her where you think it's private, where you think it's private enough to act on your thoughts, where you can take your fingers and___,"

"SHUT UP!" Helen yelled.

Kelly smiled; it was not a pleasant smile.  "Perhaps I should tell Nina what I saw," she said.

"You didn't see anything!" Helen replied, scared that Kelly did.

Kelly chuckled.  "You can't be sure that I didn't...can you?"

"There was nothing to see!" Helen insisted.

Kelly leaned back further, raising her arms and stretching her nude body.  She began to rub her breasts, gently, a finger circling a nipple.  "Nothing?  The funny thing is that, being nude, you are so aware of your body and its needs and wants.  And BEING nude it is SO much easier to submit to its needs and give it what it wants."  Kelly stopped the motion of her hands and looked at Helen.  "Don't you agree?"

Helen sat trembling, wondering if Kelly DID see.

"What would Nina do if I told her, how do you think she would react?"

"It's a lie, I'll tell her you were lying!"

Kelly tilted her head to one side.  "You could, and she might even believe you.  But don't you think that, way in the back of her head that, she might wonder?  You spend a lot of time around her when she is nude, she might not feel that comfortable with you around her like that anymore.  What WOULD suspicion like that do to your friendship?"

"You wouldn't do it," Helen whispered.

Kelly leaned forward again.  "Do you want to risk it?"

Helen stared at Kelly for a minute before finally shaking her head.  "Okay, I'll go with you to your club."

Kelly grinned.  "Fantastic!  But let's get you changed into something more suitable for club hopping!"

"I'm NOT going naked!" Helen said firmly.

"Of course not!  Why would I want you to?  I just want the company, that's all.  Come on, I'm sure you have a party dress up there somewhere!"

They went together up to Helen's room, and Kelly immediately started going through Helen's closet.  Unlike Nina, who had all her clothes locked in the gatehouse apartment, Helen had been allowed to keep hers with her.

"Strip!" Kelly ordered.  "Let's find you something fun to wear!"

Helen scowled.  "I can dress myself, thank you very much!"

"I'm sure you can!" Kelly said, winking over her shoulder before turning back to the closet.

Helen stood fuming for a moment before reaching for the hem of her shirt.  She pulled it off, and after a moment's hesitation, undid the clasp on her jeans and pulled them off too.  Now she stood in bra and panties.

Kelly turned and winced.  "Those won't!"  Kelly reached into a drawer and tossed Helen a sexy red bra and panty set Helen saved for special occasions.

"I don't need to change my underwear; who's going to see?"

"It's not who sees, Helen, but what you know!  I'm sure you'll feel a lot more inclined to have some fun in your bikini set than in those big white Kmart specials!"

Helen picked up the underwear and frowned.  "I don't think so," she said.

Kelly turned, an outfit in her hand.  It was a black denim skirt and a red silk blouse.  "Do you have stockings to match these?" she asked.

"Yes," Helen replied before she could stop herself.

"Well, get out of that awful underwear and go find them.  Then hurry up and get dressed before Nina comes home.  I have SO much I'd like to tell her."  Kelly smiled.

Helen paled a little, but she obeyed.  She undid her bra and put it on the bed, then pulled off her panties.  Naked, she headed for the chest of drawers and searched through it for some stockings.  Helen wasn't as athletically built as Nina was, and her tanned skin showed the kind of swimsuit she usually wore, but her curves were very pleasing to the eye.  Softer than Nina, more delicate and feminine, Helen was quite a beauty in her own right.

All this Kelly took in as Helen started to dress.

When done, Helen found some heels, and Kelly was satisfied.

"You look good, you don't even need to touch up your makeup!"

Helen nodded slightly, the praise unexpected.  "Thanks."

Kelly smiled.  "Come on, we'll take my car, you drive!"


Helen didn't expect to drive downtown, given that Kelly was still nude, but that was where Kelly directed her, and soon the little Geo was parked in the crowded lot of a bar a block off Main Street.  Getting out, Helen was nervous.  Not for herself, for at least she had clothes on, but for Kelly, who got out of the car with no hesitation or embarrassment whatsoever.

"You're going in like that?" Helen asked the younger woman.

"Sure!  Would I have brought you down here if I wasn't?" grinned Kelly.

"But...won't you get arrested?  Or even worse, what if you get into trouble with one of the guys in there?"

Kelly moved next to Helen and patted her shoulder.  "I'm touched by your concern, but I don't think that will be a problem."  Kelly continued to grin as she walked over to the entrance of the club, and shaking her head, Helen followed.  Helen figured HER role tonight was to protect Kelly while she was in the bar flaunting her nudity in front of everyone.  Helen had no idea how she was supposed to do this, and only hoped she could keep Kelly safe until the cops showed up.

Inside, the bar was loud and busy, and Helen squinted through the smoke in an effort to track down Kelly.  She saw the naked girl talking to a big man who Helen assumed was the bouncer.  She fully expected the bouncer to show Kelly the door, but instead the two of them were chatting like old friends.

Helen opened her eyes in surprise and looked around to see who else had noticed that Kelly was nude.  Several had, but no one seemed too put out by it, although eyes were drawn to her.

"She's with me!" Kelly said to the bouncer as she slipped past.  "Come on, Helen, let's get a drink!"

Helen followed, a little stunned as Kelly wove her way through the bar and across the dance floor, totally unconcerned that she was nude and everyone else was not.  What surprised Helen even more was the reaction of the bar patrons.  Some WERE surprised to see a naked girl walking among them, and stared at her.  Others gave her a glance and kept on with what they were doing.  A few smiled at her and greeted her by name, which Kelly enthusiastically returned.  Several even came up and gave her a hug!

It was then that Helen noticed something about the customers.  Almost all were women, with very few men in attendance.  Women sat together at the tables, danced together, and several couples were...

Helen immediately began to blush, realizing where she was.  No wonder Kelly was unafraid of any guy taking advantage of her lack of clothing; men generally didn't come to a place like this.  Once she stopped looking out for Kelly, Helen noticed many of the looks that were directed at HER.  Either curious and/or friendly, Helen tried to return their smiles with one of her own, while wondering why she didn't run back outside.  'Yes,' she thought, 'I COULD use a drink.'

Kelly eventually stopped at a table where four other well-dressed women sat talking.  They all greeted her by name and seemed pleased to see her.  Then Kelly introduced Helen, and all eyes were on her.

"Why Kelly, she's lovely!" said one of them, a blonde named Ryann.  "I'm happy to meet you, Helen."

Helen smiled and murmured a greeting, and in turn got introduced to them all.

Two more chairs were brought up, drinks ordered, and Helen settled down, wondering why Kelly had brought her here.  She obviously didn't need the protection of someone she hardly knew.  She knew these women a lot better than she knew Helen.

But as time went on, Helen lost her apprehension and got more comfortable.  For a start, these women were not what she expected.  While it was true she was on the receiving end of a few appraising looks, on the whole Helen felt less intimidated sexually by THIS group than a similar group of men.  Also, no one present flaunted their apparent sexuality, although looking around, Helen could always spot at least one or more couples touching or interacting the way lovers do in public places.  For the most part these women acted...well like any group of friends who were just out for a fun night at a club.  There was some joking around with Kelly about her nudity, and how daring she was to come here like that, but that was all really.

Helen got her drinks, and as the evening went on, got more and more involved in the conversation around her, and she could have admitted to having a good time.

Then, a shadow fell over the evening.

A tall brunette with excellent taste in clothes walked up to the table and smiled down at all of them.

The group grew silent; even Kelly, and Helen looked up to see why.

"Hi, Katie," Kelly said.

"Kelly," said the brunette, who looked to be in her early thirties, "it's so good to SEE you again."

Helen saw Kelly shift a little, and Helen was a little shocked.  Was Kelly actually uncomfortable?  Helen was a little drunk, she had to admit, but she had never seen Kelly act like that in front of anyone.  She actually seemed conscious of her nudity for the first time!

Katie said hello to each of the other women in turn, and obviously they all knew her, for they all reacted as Kelly had.  Then Katie turned to Helen.  She smiled and extended a hand.  "I don't believe I've had the pleasure."

"Hi, I'm Helen," Helen said, taking the hand but not knowing what to do with it.

"Helen, such an old fashioned name.  One of my favorites."  Katie gave her hand a squeeze before letting go and pulling up another chair.  She sat between Kelly and Helen and smiled at the group.

Helen could see why the women at the table were nervous; it was as if a serpent had just sat down with a bunch of rabbits.  Katie just oozed predator, and Helen wondered who her prey was going to be that night.  Helen had met a few guys whose self-confidence was so great that they exuded the same sort of aura, but never a woman.  But then she thought about her boss, Sarah Wickland.  Helen chuckled into her drink, thinking about a clash between those two titans.

The bubbles in her glass caught Katie's attention.

"So tell me, Helen," she said, her voice low and smooth yet very firm, "how did you find this little group?"

Helen glanced at Kelly and swore the girl looked like she'd rather Helen didn't answer.  But she answered anyway, her internal censor a little delayed by the alcohol in her system.

Katie raised her eyebrows and looked over at Kelly.  "Is this the girl your grandfather has staying with you?"

"  That's Nina," Kelly said.  "Helen just works with her."

Katie's eyes narrowed for a moment before the smile returned to them.  "Pity, I would like to meet her sometime.  She does lead an interesting home life."  She turned to Helen.  "You DO know about...Nina's...home life don't you?"

Before Helen could answer, Kelly butted in.  "Sure she does.  In fact, Helen is staying with us for a week, and Granddad has an arrangement with her too!"

Helen blushed and looked at her drink.

"Does she now?"  Katie turned her full attention on Helen, and Kelly seemed to relax a little.

Helen found herself staring into a pair of emerald green eyes.

"You'll have to tell us all about it!"

Helen swallowed.  "There's nothing to tell, really," she said.

"Nonsense.  I'm sure you have stories we would love to hear about."

One of the other women said she didn't understand, so Katie explained that Helen and Nina had a rather unusual form of rent payment.  Helen thought her fairly well informed for someone she had never met before this evening, and blushed strongly when the other women at the table realized that for some of her time Helen was required to be nude.  Certainly there were a few grins.

Katie leveled her gaze at Helen, and demanded to know more.

Unable to stop herself, Helen began to talk.


It was several hours later, and Helen knew she'd had too much to drink again.  She was very aware of what was going on around her, but felt almost powerless to stop any of it.

Her skirt and heels were gone, lost somewhere on the dance floor as she spent time with Katie, so she sat at the table in just her underthings and silk blouse.  Most of the original members of the group were still there, but there was a significant change in the group aura since Katie had arrived.  Talk still flowed, but subjects didn't last very long and conversation seemed strained.  Also, the women seemed to avoid looking at Helen, especially when Katie was close by.  Even Kelly seemed subdued, or was it scared?  Whatever it was, Helen got the impression that she was relieved not to be the center of Katie's attention at the moment.

But Helen was.  Katie sat close, and was continually touching Helen as they talked.  A brush here, a nudge there.  Helen found it difficult to resist the woman's advances, if that's what they were.  Helen was rather confused.

She looked down to see that all the buttons of her blouse had come undone, revealing her lacy red bra.

"That's lovely," Katie said, parting the sides of the blouse a little more, "where did you get it?"

Helen looked up at Kelly, who glanced away, and automatically began talking about a trip to L.A.  she managed to put together a few months back.  Katie listened attentively but continued to examine Helen's bra, pulling on her blouse until it fell off her soft shoulders.

"There," said Katie, "now we can see it better."

Helen knew she was being undressed in the middle of a public bar, a bar filled with women with more than a casual interest in another woman's body, yet she felt helpless, not in control.  She felt that if she maybe had another drink, the helpless feeling would go away.

Katie started talking about how good the lace looked on Helen, and how well the bra complimented her figure.  She got the others involved in talking about Helen's body in general, and Helen blushed.

Then suddenly Katie stood up.  "Come, Helen, let's dance again."

Helen nodded and began to rise while her mind yelled that all she was wearing was her bra and panties.  A part of her got the message and she stopped.  "I can't," she said, nervously looking around at all the women staring at her.

Katie took hold of her shoulders.  "Sure you can, Hon', it's okay.  You're among friends.  I'm your friend, aren't I?"

Helen nodded slowly, still aware of the crowd of people around her seeing her in her underwear.  "But...I'm not dressed."

Katie smiled.  "What does that matter, Honey?  We're all women here!  Besides, Kelly has less on than you do, and it doesn't bother her, does it?"

Helen looked unsteadily at Kelly who refused to look back.

Katie began to massage Helen's shoulders.  "You probably show off less when you wear a swim suit anyway, and you look good like this, you deserve to show off!"

"Deserve to..." Helen whispered.

Katie smiled and led the nearly nude women out onto the dance floor.  Many of the women in the room knew Katie, and they gave her and Helen a wide berth.  Many eyes were on the couple.

Helen did her best to follow along with the end of the fast song that was playing, but it wasn't until a slow song started that she lost even more control.  Katie held her close, arms wrapped around Helen, and the couple rocked back and forth for a while.  All the time Katie whispered in Helen's ear, telling her how lovely she was, and how she and Katie could become such good friends.

Helen danced in a haze, and was only slightly aware of how her bra began to slip down between her and Katie, and how Katie's hands slowly slide down to Helen's hips.

At the table, Kelly looked at her drink.  Bringing Helen here was supposed to have been a bit of fun.  A sort of poke in Helen's side about Helen's obvious attraction to Nina.  Kelly had meant for nothing more to happen than for Helen to get a little insight on her feelings while being confronted with the lack of reality in the lesbian stereotype she had obviously been sandbagged with.  But Katie being here had ruined all of that.  Kelly had lost control and didn't know how to get it back, not from Katie.  Katie was something else indeed, a mistress of manipulation, the queen of humiliation.  There wasn't a person who hadn't been stung, and stung bad by Katie, and none of them wanted to risk it again.

Yet, as Kelly watched Katie slip Helen's panties to the floor, Kelly knew that Helen wouldn't stand a chance.  Helen never struck Kelly as someone who could really stand up for herself.  She was a follower, not a leader.

The crowd was beginning to thin out now, so it was easier to see Katie and Helen on the dance floor.  Helen stood swaying with the music, her eyes closed, her hands loosely around her partner, while Katie let her hands travel lightly up and down Helen's body, enjoying the silky feel of her skin.

Kelly glanced at the bar to see the bartenders watching the couple closely, wishing that they at least would stop what was going on.  But this club was fairly liberal, given their clientele, and didn't intervene unless some actual sex was being committed.  Kelly also wondered about the rumors that Katie had shares in the place, and if THAT stopped the employees from doing anything.

Kelly closed her eyes and mentally kicked herself for bringing Helen here.  She thought about Nina, who she genuinely liked, and how she would react when she found out about this.  Kelly made a decision.

Kelly stood up and walked out onto the dance floor, approaching the couple, who didn't notice her until she spoke.  "Come on, Helen, it's time to go."

Katie looked at Kelly sharply while Helen looked up with a glazed look in her eyes.  "What do you mean...go!" Katie said.

Kelly didn't look at her.  Instead, she bent low to pick up Helen's panties and she looked around for the discarded bra.

"It's time to go.  Why don't you help me get Helen dressed, and I'll take her home.  She's not in any condition to be out anymore."

Katie stood back, and for a second Helen couldn't find her balance.  But she did, and after a second realized she was naked and tried to cover herself.  Katie moved between Helen and Kelly.  "Go back to your table, little girl," she said slowly.

Kelly looked up.  "No.  I'm not going to, Katie.  I'm going to take Helen home.  If you like, I'll come back and...we...can spend some time together."

Katie snorted.  "I already HAVE my partner for the night, Kelly, I don't need you."

"No.  Not Helen, she isn't your type.  Let me take her home."  Kelly moved to take Helen's hand, thinking she would drag the woman out to the car naked if she had to, but Katie blocked her way.

Katie reached up and twisted both Kelly's nipples at the same time, making the nude girl jump back in surprise.  "Who do you think you are, talking to me like that?" Katie said.

"Someone who isn't going to take any of your shit anymore," replied Kelly.

Katie's expression darkened.  "You don't know whom you're dealing with," she said.

Kelly felt her confidence build and wondered why she hadn't confronted this woman before.  "I don't care anymore.  Why don't you go tease one of your other friends?  Helen and I are out of here!"  Kelly made to move toward Helen, who stood watching all this with a shocked look on her face, but was suddenly gripped from behind by two large hands.  She was held immobile by the upper arms and she looked behind her to see the bouncer.  "Carl, come on, let me go!"

Carl just smiled at her and looked to Katie for his orders.

Katie smiled a serpent's smile.  "You know you've destroyed my mood.  I was planning on having a good time with Helen.  But now I think I'll have a good time of another sort.  You want to go home?  Sure, I'll send you on your way!"  Katie's smile got broader and Kelly knew she was in trouble.


The ground was soft and prickly under her bare feet, and the smell of wet vegetation was very strong.  It had obviously just rained, and from the sound of the thunder nearby, it could still rain again.  Helen held one hand across her chest, the other pulled away from her by the big man that had manhandled her out of the car.  She assumed it was a man; she was blindfolded so she couldn't see.  Being blindfolded in a moving car while being as drunk as she was had been no picnic for Helen, and she was glad the ride was over, although she had no idea where she was except that she was outdoors someplace and naked.

She heard a set of clicks and something cold and metallic wrapped itself around her wrist.  More clicks and the handcuffs were connected to something.  Her blindfold was ripped off, and in the darkness Helen saw that she and Kelly were handcuffed together.  Looking about, Helen saw they were in the woods somewhere and that their only company was Katie and Carl the bouncer, who was heading back to a car parked a little way away.

Katie smiled at the both of them.  "I'm sure you can both make it home from here, so I'll just drop you off!"

"Dammit, Katie," Kelly said, "Where are we?"

Katie ignored her, instead walking up to Helen.  "I'm going to miss our time together," she whispered into Helen's ear.  "Perhaps another time, we can resume?"  Katie planted a hard kiss on Helen's lips, her fingers finding Helen's soft spot and penetrating roughly, before breaking away and smiling once more.  She started back for the car.

"Please!" Helen said, finding her voice.  "Please don't leave us!"

Katie laughed.

"Please?" Helen whispered.

Both nude women watched in silence as the car drove away.

"Now what?" Helen said, sobering up some with the realization that she was naked and lost miles from home.

"Now we walk, what else can we do," said Kelly taking a step.  She was brought up short by Helen, who didn't move.

"Why?  Why did you do it?  What have I ever done to you?  Why did you introduce me to that bitch?"

"I didn't mean to; I didn't know she'd be there!"

Helen didn't believe her.  "You knew she would do something like this, didn't you?  You KNEW!  I could see how scared you were of her.  WHY DID YOU POINT HER AT ME?"

"I didn't...I___,"

Helen, fueled by the sudden anger that alcohol promotes, swung with her free hand at her companion.  But she was too slow in her drunk and Kelly was able to dodge.  Still, the punch had momentum and Helen lost her footing, slipping on the muddy ground and pulling Kelly down with her.  The two women began fighting where they lay; or rather, Helen kept trying to hit Kelly, who tried to hold Helen down in self-defense.

The two nude women rolled around on the ground for a minute before Helen stopped.  Helen started to cry and Kelly felt terrible.  She stopped trying to hold Helen down and just held her, offering what little comfort she could.  The couple lay there for a little bit, before the rain started again and forced them to get up.  Covered in dirt and little twigs, both women looked a sight.

"I'm sorry, Helen, really I am.  It wasn't meant to be like this."

Helen giggled, "It's okay.  I'm sorry too.  If I hadn't had drunk so much tonight, she probably wouldn't have gotten me naked in the middle of a bar!"

Kelly nodded, although in her head she figured that Katie still would have managed it.  She was awfully good at getting other women out of their clothes.

"So," Helen said, looking about again, "how do we get home?"

Kelly sighed.  "We walk."

"But which way?"

Kelly didn't know and said as much.  Both women had been blindfolded before leaving the club.  They had been driven around for quite a while before being dropped off.  They could be anywhere.  "Maybe we could find a place where there is a phone.  Call for someone to come pick us up!"

Helen was horrified.  "But that would mean us being seen by someone!"

Kelly lifted their cuffed hands.  "I don't think we can get out of that, Helen, I doubt we could make it back without help.  Besides, so what if they see us!"

"I'm not...well, I can't be so...casual about my body as you," Helen said.

"Why not?" Kelly asked, pulling Helen along the track the car had driven down.  It was raining a little harder and Kelly wanted to get moving.

"It's just..." Helen said, trying to explain modesty to someone who obviously didn't have any.

"It's just nothing.  This is my body, so what?  People who look at me have most probably seen nude women before, so I'm not showing them anything new, and all a body is, is a container for my mind, which they DON'T get to see, so what do I care!  Why should I be uncomfortable just to suit everybody else!"

Helen was a little stunned by the outburst and couldn't think of anything to say in reply.

The two cuffed girls eventually found a road.  It snaked through some heavily wooded land and there was no indication of what highway it was or where it led.  They were lost, and because of the cloud filled sky, they couldn't even tell what direction was what.

"Pick a direction," Kelly said.

Helen looked from one way to the other, they both looked the same.  She pointed to her left.

The women began to walk, splashing along the middle of the highway, their hair matted down by the rain, soaked to the...well, skin.  Both were miserable, both wanted to be home and dry.

After a little bit they saw a light in the trees beyond where the road curved ahead.  The light was moving, and it was obvious it was a car.  Immediately Helen started to panic.  "Come on!" she cried, hauling on Kelly's arm.

"Wait!" Kelly said, but Helen had gotten a good hold of the younger woman and hauled her into the trees just before the car went by.  Kelly struggled but it was no use, the car went past and all was still again.

"Why did you do that?" Kelly said.

"You didn't want them to see us, did you?" answered Helen.

"As a matter of fact, I DID.  They could have given us a ride, or at least told us where we were!"

"But..." Helen said

"Face it, Helen.  We NEED help, and to be helped, we are going to be seen!"

Helen shut her mouth, and after a moment, nodded.  The couple made it back to the road and began to walk again.  Helen was scared to death of being seen, but if it was the only way to get home, she was ready to do it.  She walked head down, deep in thought.

The rain kept coming down and both women started to shiver.  Despite the fact that it was a relatively warm rain, it was still cool enough to slowly bring their body temperatures down, and with nothing available to cover themselves with, they needed to find shelter.

So preoccupied with their thoughts and the cold were they, that they didn't notice the lights from the pickup truck behind them until it was almost upon them.

Helen was almost ready to bolt, but instead stood behind Kelly.  The driver of the truck was surprised to see two nude young women huddled together in the rain when he pulled up and stopped.

He was a young man, maybe mid twenties, and he grinned as he leaned out of his window.  "You ladies need a ride?"

"Yes, we do, thank you!" Kelly said, and she led Helen around to the passenger side of the truck.  She tried the door but it was locked.

"Sorry!" yelled the driver, who opened it with a grin.  He watched as first Kelly, then Helen climbed in and shut the door.  Both women were dripping wet and he couldn't take his eyes off their bodies.

"Thanks," said Kelly, knowing where his eyes were wandering and not caring.

"What are you girls doing out here naked and...are those handcuffs?"

"Yeah.  It's a joke a friend is playing on us.  We have to get home like this," Kelly replied, thinking of all the times JIM had done similar things to her, only a lot safer.

The driver looked at them wide eyed.  "Some friend!  What would they do if they were mad at ya?  Where are you going anyway?"

Kelly told him and the guy whistled.  "Gee, that's fifty miles!  A long way to go, nekid in the rain!"

"Well," said Kelly, smiling, "we were helping on getting a little help, maybe a ride?"

"A ride, huh!  Well, maybe I can help ya with that," he said, wheels turning in his head.

"We'd appreciate it," Kelly said and Helen nodded, also aware of his roaming eyes.  She tried not to cover herself.  Let him look and he'll help was what she thought.

"Yeah, I know.  But how much would you appreciate it?" he said to them.

Kelly's eyes narrowed.  "What are you talking about?"

The guy grinned and his expression left little doubt as to what he expected in payment.

"No way," Kelly growled.  "No sex.  We can wait for the next car!"

"Ain't gonna be one for a while, this is a mighty lonely stretch of highway at this time of night.  And you girls are going to catch a chill wandering around like that out here."

"We'll manage.  Come on, Helen, let's go."

Helen started to open the door.

"Oh come on now," said the guy, "don't go away mad!"

The girls slipped back out into the rain.

"You're making a mistake!" the driver yelled.

Kelly shut the door, and with a shrug, the driver drove off.

"Bastard," Kelly said.

Helen sighed.  "Come on, let's go."

"Do you think I should have done it?  Had sex with him?" Kelly asked her.

"No, of course not."

Kelly bit her lip.

They walked for another mile, the rain now getting colder, the shivering getting worse.  With each step, both Helen and Kelly regretted losing the ride.  They each thought they wouldn't have given in on the sex, but maybe they could have figured out SOMETHING.

Then Helen spotted two red lights on the road ahead, and both women hurried to see what they were.  It turned out to be the pickup truck, the same one they had escaped from a half hour before.  The driver was sitting back in his seat.  He sat up at their approach.  He rolled down his window.

Kelly bit her lip and walked up to him.  "How about just a blow job?"

In the end, it took a little more than a blow job to get him to take them to town.  While Kelly got down on the floorboard between his legs, he demanded that Helen sit with her knees wide open and play with herself as he drove.  He'd take the blow job as he was driving.

Both girls very reluctantly agreed, and Helen tried to hold back her tears as she rubbed her pussy for the driver's enjoyment.  Every so often, she would glance down at Kelly's bobbing head and wonder how she was doing.  Helen didn't know what was worse, having this dick's dick in her mouth or opening up your most private part for him to look at.

Helen felt at an all time low.

The trip seemed to last forever, but soon they were back in the bright lights of the town and the girls were allowed to stop.  Kelly told the driver to pull over.

"Right here," she said.

"Sure thing," he replied with a grin.

Helen looked confused, this wasn't where they lived.  But Kelly hustled her out of the truck as quickly as she could.

"If you need another ride, I'm available anytime!" the driver called out.

"Not damn likely!" Kelly said, slamming the door shut.

The driver laughed and drove away, leaving Helen and Kelly standing in a residential part of town.  It was very late, or more accurately, very early in the morning and there was no one about, but still it was a risk standing out there naked.

"Why here?" Helen asked.  "Why didn't you have him drive us home?"

"Do you want him to know where we live?" Kelly said.

Helen shook her head.  She was feeling her drunk again and just wanted to collapse.

"Come on, it can't be more than half a mile," said Kelly, and the two of them began to walk again.

Tired, cold, and humiliated by the bargain they had made to save themselves fifty miles of walking, they made no effort to conceal themselves for this the final stretch.  But they probably should have, for not ten minutes into their walk, a spotlight hit them from behind, lighting them up like daylight.

"STOP WHERE YOU ARE!" said a voice over a loudspeaker, and the women turned to see that a patrol car had pulled up behind them.

"Shit!" Kelly said, and she contemplated running.  But Helen was done, the shock of this discovery turning her numb.  She could see her future ending, her arrest and how it would go on her record, how it would cause her to lose her job, and any hope of a career as a lawyer.  So despondent was she that she didn't even make a move to cover herself up.

The patrol car pulled up and stopped about fifteen feet away and the lights shone directly on Helen and Kelly, lighting them up for the world to see.  A cop pulled himself out of the driver's seat and, hauling a flashlight of his own, ambled over to the nude women.

Kelly grinned, relief flowing through her; she recognized that walk even though the lights blinded her.  "Hi, Frank," she said.

"That's OFFICER Frank to you, Kelly," said the patrolman.  "Damn, I knew I'd catch you out here sometime.  You're in for it now!  You know what I told you the last time I caught you naked out here!"

"Sure thing, Frank.  That you were going to take me downtown and stick me in the drunk tank...the MEN'S drunk tank!"

"Yeah, and I meant it too."  He shone his flashlight over Helen's nude body, taking in her pleasant curves before examining her face.  "Who's this?"

"That's Helen, she's a guest of my grandfather's," Kelly said.

"Don't bullshit me, Kelly."

"No bullshit, she is!  Are you going to take her downtown too?"

Frank hesitated.  He looked at Helen's face again.  "Don't I know you from someplace?"  He didn't recognize her without her clothes on, but he had seen her just the night before as he chased her away from the CoRTN Shrine where she had been waiting for Nina.

"I'm not surprised you recognize her face, she IS a model.  That's what she is doing at my grandfather's, modeling for him!" Kelly lied.

Helen caught the lie and tried not to blow it, but she wasn't feeling well.

Frank pointed his light at the cuffs.  "What about those?"

Kelly shrugged.  "Just something for fun.  Look, Frank, are you going to keep us out here all night where anyone can see us?"

Officer Frank scowled.  He had every intention of carrying out his threat, or at least appearing to.  Kelly had flaunted the law each time she came to visit, and Frank was sick of it, and of her grandfather using his influence to get her off.  But Helen confused him.  Could he risk putting her away too?  He decided not this time.

"Turn around," he ordered, and both women maneuvered to face the other way.

Using his own key, he undid their cuffs, only to lock Kelly's hands behind her before using his own cuffs to do the same for Helen.  Then, to Helen's embarrassment and Kelly's amusement, Frank followed procedure and patted them both down.  He knew they weren't carrying anything, but he wanted them both to know who was in charge, and didn't want to lose the opportunity for a quick grope.

He bundled both women in the back of his patrol car and drove them both to the Brian Cook house.


The old man was pissed, Nina could tell.  He paced the room in his dark blue robe and slippers, and she could see he was trying not to lose his temper.

Nearby stood Mrs. Terry, also in a robe, for Officer Frank was not one of those privy to HER nudity, and she too looked very upset.

Even Nina herself was in a robe, a spare belonging to Mrs. Terry, for there had been no time for her to go get her own from the gatehouse.  It had been a while since Nina had been dressed in this house; it felt strange.

At the other end of the lounge stood Kelly, Helen, and Officer Frank.  Both Kelly and Helen looked terrible.  Wet, with streaks of mud, their nude bodies showed signs of a hard time.  They were both still cuffed as well, and Helen stood ashamed at her nudity while Kelly just had an angry look in her eye.

Frank had just gotten done telling Brian where he had found them and what they had told him, which wasn't much.

"Well, I appreciate you bringing them both here, Officer Frank," Brian Cook said.

"I should have taken them downtown," he replied.  "I STILL should."

"I'll take care of them," Brian replied.  "Thank you."

"May I ask how, Sir?  Every year it's the same thing with Kelly, and I really believe she needs something more than a good talking to from her grandfather to stop her!"

"She'll get more than that," Brian said, not happy to be talked down to by Frank.

"Will she?  Somehow, I doubt that.  With all due respect, I think you're soft on that girl, too soft.  It's my duty to take her down to be booked, and that's what I think I'll do, to the both of them!"

He was about to grab the nude women, when Mrs. Terry stepped forward.  "Wait!"

Frank stopped.  "Yes, Mrs. Terry, what is it?"

The housekeeper glanced at Brian for a moment before speaking.  "What if we were to punish them to your satisfaction, right now."

"How would you manage that, Mrs. Terry?"

"Back when Kelly was a little girl and she came to stay here, there were times when it was necessary to punish her for some of the naughty things she did."

"Oh God," Kelly whispered, her face going pale.

"And how did you punish her, Mrs. Terry?" said the officer.

Again she glanced at Brian, who nodded.  "Well, Mr. Cook usually left it to me, so I chose a method I knew would make an immediate impression upon her.  I spanked her."

"No," Kelly said.

Officer Frank chuckled.  "Yes, I can see that being effective.  It's a pity you stopped."

"Well, after a while they get too big for it to be proper," said the housekeeper.  "But in a way it is also more effective at this age.  Certainly the humiliation of the punishment is a lot greater."

"I don't want to be spanked," Kelly said.

"See?" said Mrs. Terry.

If it hadn't been for the housekeeper's dead serious expression, Nina would have thought Mrs. Terry was joking.  But this was no joke, and Nina looked over to see how Helen was taking it.  Helen looked stunned.

"Alright," Officer Frank said after a moment's thought.  "You're the expert.  I'll let you spank them.  But it has to be right here right now, or I take them both downtown."

Mrs. Terry nodded and looked once more at Brian, who gestured toward one of the chairs.

Mrs. Terry seated herself, covering herself demurely with her robe.  "Miss Kelly?"

"No, Alison, pleeeeese!" Kelly said, shrinking away from her punishment.  All her confidence, her carefree attitude had gone.  Officer Frank had to actually carry her to where Mrs. Terry sat.  In moments she was across Mrs. Terry's lap, her cuffed hands held away from her buttocks.

Without any preamble, Mrs. Terry began spanking.  She stroked hard with her bare hand, developing a pace that left little time between strikes.  Kelly screamed from the first swat and continued to yell as the blows rained down.  Nina counted thirty before Mrs. Terry stopped, and Kelly's butt was very red.

Brian moved forward and helped his granddaughter off his housekeeper's lap, while Frank got hold of Helen and brought her forward.

Brian looked up.  "I doubt she needs this, Officer Frank.  She was no doubt placed in this situation by Kelly."

Frank shook his head.  "Then hopefully this will teach her not to be so gullible.  She gets the same punishment or I take them both in."

Brian nodded slowly, and Helen didn't resist as she was laid across Mrs. Terry's lap.  Nina saw that the housekeeper didn't want to spank Helen either, but she had to do so.

With Kelly's ass a visible testament to what a well-spanked butt should look like, Mrs. Terry couldn't really pull her punches.  She had to rain down on Helen just as hard as she did with Kelly.  At first, Helen didn't make a sound, but as each strike landed, Helen began to cry.  Soon, she couldn't stop, and when done, Brian urged Nina to take charge of her.

"Take her upstairs and put her to bed," he said.

"What about the handcuffs?" Nina asked, and Frank took them off her.

As Nina led Helen up the stairs, she heard Brian start lecturing Kelly before they got too far to hear.

"I don't feel well," Helen said.

"It's okay, I'll put you to bed," Nina whispered.

"No, please...I...I can't sleep alone tonight.  Could I...?"  Helen looked up at Nina, and the younger woman saw she was really in pain.

"Sure, come on."

Nina led Helen into her room and to her bathroom, where she helped her friend clean up.  Then she put her to bed, tucking her in on one side before dropping her robe and climbing in on the other.

Both girls were aware that they lay nude in the same bed with the other, but both had had a busy day, and soon it was forgotten when they went to sleep.  Their last thoughts were about what the future held for them now.

End of Part 21