The Rent.

Part 16, Walkabout.

This time Nina West couldn't avoid it.  Despite her reluctance and her obvious embarrassment, Nina had been cajoled into going to a party with Kelly, the granddaughter of her host, Brian Cook.

She had hoped that the old man would have refused to let Nina go that day, for he had planned on having her spend the afternoon in his studio so he could get some detail work done on his latest piece with her as the model.  But when Kelly told him about the party, Brian just smiled and said, "Of course she can go.  It'll do her good to get out of the house for a while."

Nina just sighed and resigned herself to another embarrassing day.  It wasn't that she hated parties, she rather enjoyed them, and to be honest really did need the company.  It was just that Kelly expected Nina to go with her dressed exactly the same way SHE was, which was in nothing at all.  Kelly was well on her way to breaking her record for consecutive days nude, and saw no reason for Nina to be dressed when she didn't HAVE to be.  Apparently, young Kelly thought a drive across town and out into the countryside was NOT a good reason to be dressed.

So, Nina sucked it up, gathered her courage, and climbed naked into the car with Kelly, who as usual was smiling broadly and talking a mile a minute.  As they pulled out of the garage/gate house at the end of the driveway, Nina looked up helplessly at the small apartment where her clothes were locked up, fervently wishing for at least a blanket.

It wasn't Nina's first trip off the property nude, but rarely did she go in broad daylight.  Kelly had the top down in her little convertible, and Nina felt exposed and vulnerable as the sun beat down on them and the wind whipped around their bare bodies.

Nina slouched down, hoping not to be seen by passing traffic, and glanced over at Kelly who sat up as if without a care in the world.  As the occasional driver, who spotted how under dressed the women were, would honk their horn, Kelly would wave back and smile.  Her utter shamelessness simply stunned Nina, who was red from embarrassment.  How did Kelly do it?

Things got easier as they left the town behind and got on the highway.  Traffic was sparse and they were pretty much alone on the road.

"Where are we going?" Nina asked her naked friend.

"It's a lake party.  Jim's uncle has a place in the hills and he's letting Jim use it this week.  Jim thought it would be a good time to get the group together.  I know he'll be glad I finally got you to come to one of these things!"  Kelly gave Nina a knowing grin.

Nina blushed a little more.  She had only met Jim once, but once was enough, it seemed.  Nina found herself thinking a lot about the handsome college senior, and from the way Kelly kept talking about him, Nina assumed she was on his mind as well.  Nina's only regret was that she had been nude when Jim had met her.  If she had been dressed, then at least she might have felt that he was interested in her as a person rather than just as Kelly's nude friend, because from the stories Kelly told, it seemed Jim enjoyed inventing games and tasks for Kelly to do in her nudity that made Nina very nervous.  She was sure that Jim would love to have the opportunity to play those same games with her, and Nina wondered if she could do that.  Nina folded her arms about her bare breasts and wondered what he would think of her now, seeing her again when she didn't have any clothes to put on.  Would he be tempted to make her play one of those games?  She would have hated him for it, if only...Nina didn't know why she found someone with such a cruel streak so attractive.  If she had any sense, Nina thought, she should have been running in the other direction.  If only Kelly had allowed her to wear SOMETHING.  But the girl was so insistent, Nina didn't stand a chance.  Once again, Nina wondered just why she let herself get pushed around like that.

It seemed like everyone was out to get her naked these days.  Now here she was, miles from town without a stitch to her name.

They drove for over an hour, moving away from the coast and into the hills.  In the distance Nina could see the mountains, and hoped they weren't going that far, but the further they went, the lonelier it got.  Towards the end of the drive, Nina was actually able to relax, and she lay back in her seat and allowed the sun to soak into her skin.

Nina didn't notice Kelly glancing over at her every now and then.  Despite her continuous nudity, Kelly was still very pale and was slightly jealous of Nina's ability to tan so well.  Nina had a deep golden tan that went well with her general coloring, and with her figure, it was a hard package to beat.  Kelly, boyish in comparison, loved looking at Nina, especially during those unguarded moments when Nina let it all hang out.  Kelly understood her grandfather's obsession with humiliation and how it influenced his art, but that wasn't how Kelly saw nudity herself.  She much preferred seeing Nina as she was now, relaxed and at ease with her nudity; it made her just so damn attractive.  It was Kelly's wish that Nina find the happiness in her nudity that Kelly had found in hers.

Nina had closed her eyes for a little while, half lulled to sleep by the sun and the motion of the car, but opened them when the car slowed.

"Just a little further," Kelly said, turning the car onto a narrow dirt road.

Nina nodded and sat up, ducking her head as a very low branch grazed the top of the windshield.  This wasn't so much a road as a dirt track, with vegetation so overgrown that it brushed both sides of the little car as they went by.  But none of this really bothered Nina; it actually made her happier.  With this much isolation, the number of people she would be exposing herself to would have to be small.  At least the general public wouldn't see her.  For the first time since she left the house, Nina was actually looking forward to this, and to seeing Jim again.

The car continued on its way for about ten minutes, rocking as it negotiated the bumpy track.  Then they emerged into a clearing where a log cabin sat next to a lake.  There were a half dozen cars already parked by the cabin and Kelly pulled up next to them.

"Phew," she said with a grin, "I'm glad we made it.  I really need to pee!  I'll meet you by the lake!"  She jumped out of the car, and before Nina could react, she made a beeline for the cabin.

A little lost, Nina looked over to the lake and saw a group of people congregated almost out of sight on the other side of the cabin.  Nina wondered if she ought to get out of the car...if she COULD get out of the car...and once again felt her nudity.  Still, maybe Jim was over there, and it seemed dumb to her to have come all this way only to stay and hide.

Nina thought about Kelly and how she just went about as if she wasn't nude, and once again wondered why it was so easy for her.  Nina wished she was that carefree.

She looked over at the barely visible group and sighed.  All she had to do was get out of the car and walk over.  It wasn't as if she would be shocking anyone.  Being friends of Kelly, they were obviously used to seeing a naked woman around.  It was entirely possible that a lot of them were the same guys she had met the same night she met Jim.  So her body was hardly something new.  Perhaps, in the privacy this place afforded, she and Kelly wouldn't be the only nude people there.

Nina felt she was being silly, and decided to do something.  She so opened the door and stepped out of the car.

Walking around the house was hard, as hard as walking out of the surf that night she had first met Jim and his friends, as hard as removing her dress during that first party Brian had held at their home.  She was very aware of the cool wet grass under her feet, the smell of the vegetation around her, the feel of the slight breeze in the air across her nipples, the sound of the insects buzzing around her.  In fact, the insects were becoming a bother, mosquitoes circling her like biplanes around King Kong.  She had to swat at a few as she walked, and only noticed the conversation from the group when it stopped.

She stopped too, and stood and stared at the dozen or so people lounging by the side of the lake staring back at her.  All were dressed, although some were in swimsuits, and all were looking intensely at the naked girl, making her blush.

Nina didn't recognize any of them, and was about to run for cover, thinking that Kelly had set her up to expose herself to absolute strangers, when a familiar voice called from the back of the cabin, now behind her.

"Nina, it's great to see you again, glad you could come!" said Jim.

Nina almost fainted in relief and turned to face him.  She saw him immediately give her body a once over with his eyes, and she blushed.  The way he looked at her touched her in a way she couldn't quite describe.

Jim was holding a large platter of uncooked burgers in one hand and was dressed in just a pair of swimshorts; he came down to meet her.  "Hi," he said with a smile, holding his hand out.

"Hi," Nina said, smiling back.  She took his hand and enjoyed the touch.

"How was the drive?  Don't tell me you came all the way out here like that?" he asked with a grin.

Nina blushed some more and nodded.  "Kelly wouldn't have it any other way," she replied.

"No, I guess she wouldn't.  But I'm glad you did; you're too beautiful for clothes."

'Yeah, right,' she thought.  She slapped at another mosquito.

"Come on, I'll introduce you, and we'll find some bug spray for you."

"That would be really great," Nina said, meaning about the spray.  She wasn't so sure about meeting anyone else in her condition.

Jim led her over to a brick barbecue pit, where he passed the burgers over to a couple of guys who couldn't take their eyes off Nina, and he introduced them.  Nina just smiled and nodded.  Jim then took her on a tour of the group, sounding out names and making sure she saw everyone.  All the guys were big grins and shifting eyes that rarely looked her in the face.  While most of the women seemed pleased to see her, others were more annoyed by the way Nina attracted their escorts' attentions.  But they were all polite and friendly in their way.

Kelly came out while the introductions were being made and casually said hi to everyone while she dug for a beer in one of the coolers.  Many of the guys looked over at this second nude female, but were drawn back to looking at Nina.  Kelly was pretty enough in her way, but Nina was something else.

"Hey, when's your uncle going to pave that track, Jim?" Kelly said with a smirk.

Jim shrugged.  "No idea; I kinda like it that way though.  Come on, Nina, let's get you sprayed down before the bugs carry you away."

Someone produced a can of spray and Jim did the honors.

"Stand straight...there you go."

He began with her back, and Nina shivered as the cold spray hit her skin.  He gave her a liberal coating, working his way down across her butt and down her legs.

"Turn," he ordered, "arms up," and Nina obeyed, feeling even more exposed as she raised her arms but somehow not minding as much.  This time Jim sprayed from her feet on up, smiling as he sprayed her crotch and looking her in the eye as he sprayed her chest.  The cool spray shocked her as it coated her bare breasts, and Nina felt her nipples begin to harden.  Looking into Jim's eyes made them harden even more, and she found herself staring at him, forgetting for a moment that she was naked.

Jim smiled after a moment.  "You'll have to rub that in," he said.

"What?" Nina asked, confused.

"The spray.  Make sure to rub it in all over."

"Oh, yes," Nina said, coming back to earth.  She absentmindedly began to rub her arms and body and turned to the task of protecting herself from the mosquitoes that had followed her around.

Conversation had resumed among the group, but many a pair of eyes followed the movements of the nude woman as she ran her hands over every square inch of her body.  The bug spray made her skin shine, and with her tan it made her look like she was glowing.  A few of the guys had to change how they sat or stood.

But as in all things, people adapted, and soon Nina wasn't quite the distraction she had been.  Jim gave her a beer, and steered her toward a group of people she could talk to while he helped out with the food.  Kelly sat in the middle of the largest group and became the center of attention once more.

As time went on, Nina became more relaxed with the situation and began to have a good time.  She kept sneaking glances at Jim, though, who presented a striking figure in just his swimsuit.  But he didn't seem to be paying any attention to her at all, and Nina felt a little put out about it.  She was unaware of just how much attention Jim WAS paying her, though.  He knew that Nina was a beauty, but seeing her in the sunlight rather than in the dead of night on a lonely beach almost took his breath away.  He had to force himself not to stand and stare at her.  And it wasn't just because she was nude, although that was a major attraction, he had to admit, but because she was...well...Nina.  Jim was infatuated.


Food was served, everyone pronounced it good, and the day progressed with everyone having a good time.  At one point, there was general rush into the lake, and Nina was glad to be in the water.  She swam out to the center of the small lake and watched as others entered and paddled around.  Most wore swimsuits; some the clothes they came in.  Nina noted one couple that decided to skinny dip, to the amusement of the rest of the group.  She didn't notice Jim until he surfaced quite close to her.

"Hi," he said, a soft smile on his lips.

"Hi," Nina replied, feeling a little tongue-tied.

"I'm sorry I ignored you," he said slowly, treading water next to her, "some of these guys I only see once a year, and I had to touch base with them, you know?"

"I understand," Nina said.

"I know we'll get a lot more chances to talk, to spend time together."

"Will we?  I'd like talk, I mean," Nina replied.

Jim smiled and they paddled silently for a moment.

"This is hard work, aren't you tired?"  He obviously meant the swimming.

Nina laughed.  "Not at all.  But if you are, we can go back."

Jim looked over at the shoreline where the others were congregated.  Kelly was easy to pick out, laughing hysterically as she was picked up by a couple of the guys and thrown into the water.

"Tell you what; come with me," he said.

Jim began to swim toward the opposite shore and Nina followed.  He climbed out of the water and turned to watch as Nina did the same.  He admired her form as she stepped from the water; her hair a wet rope down her back, her skin glistening with the moisture, a Goddess.

Nina observed his very frank appraisal and blushed.  It was funny, but while other men looking at her sometimes made her angry, she could do nothing but get embarrassed when Jim did it...or was it embarrassed?  It was certainly something!

Jim smiled, noting how she blushed.  "This way," he said, holding out his hand.  Nina took it and they began to walk along a dirt path that wound among the trees.  At one point, Jim stopped and casually slipped out of his swim trunks.

"What are you doing?" Nina asked, quite startled at seeing him naked.

"I thought you might be more comfortable if we were both nude," Jim said with a smile.

"I'm not," Nina said, wondering what his intentions were and wondering if it was good or bad.

Jim laughed and draped his wet shorts over a bush.  He then continued down the path with Nina at his side.

It was a surreal moment for Nina, walking through the trees completely nude with a man who also was completely nude.  The feeling of being back to nature, of shedding all that she had come to know as normal, was very strong.  It was just her and him.  She couldn't help feeling some sexual tension in the air, though.  She wasn't used to spending time naked with a naked man without sex being a part of it, yet she also felt foolish in assuming that Jim's intentions were sexual.  She couldn't figure him out yet.  But there was also that hidden urge she didn't want to admit yet.

Nina also kept glancing over at Jim's naked body, her eyes drawn to what had been hidden under his swim trunks until now.  Her thoughts at this point were a jumble, and she blushed deeply when Jim caught her staring.

"Here we are," he said, pushing his way through some bushes, and Nina followed until her breath was taken away.  They had come out on one side of the slope, and before them was a wonderful view of the central valley that ran through these hills.  Far below them was the highway Nina and Kelly had driven along, but apart from the occasional car there was nothing man-made to be seen.

Jim smiled and sat down on a smooth log.  "Come," he said, and Nina went over to him.  She sat next to him, and he put his arm about her, holding her close.  Nina was aware of the skin-to-skin contact; the way their bare hips touched, the warmth of his body, and the firm grip of his arm about her.  She looked up into his face and was once more caught up in his eyes.

"This is one of my favorite spots in the world," he said, his voice barely above a whisper.  "I come here often to think, to relax.  I don't often bring people here, but I thought you might appreciate the beauty of it."

"It's lovely," she said, looking nowhere but at him.

"So are you," he replied, and he bent low and kissed her.

Nina almost pulled away, but didn't; and then moved into the kiss a little more.  Her arms snaked around him and she turned to hold him to her.  She had been afraid that a moment like this would come, especially once he removed his shorts, and wondered how she would react.  But the stiffening of her nipples and the heat between her legs was reaction enough, and Nina, frustrated over her exposure ever since coming to live with Brian Cook, went with it.

Very gently, a surprised and grateful Jim slid the couple off the log and onto the soft grass, and the two made slow, passionate love.


"Why do you do it?" Nina asked him a while later.

"What?" Jim said.

The couple was lying side by side on their backs, holding hands and staring at the sky.  They were both enjoying the afterglow from their lovemaking and had fallen into a companionable silence.  But Nina had finally broken it.

"Do what?" Jim asked.

Nina hesitated, wishing she hadn't voiced the thought that had popped into her head.

"Er...Kelly.  She's told me about some of the...things she has done.  The...dares, games, whatever you call them.  You seem to enjoy putting her in positions where know."

Nina turned her head to see Jim looking at her, his expression calm.

"And you want to know why I do it?" he asked.

Nina nodded.

"Have you ever asked Kelly why SHE does it?" he said to her, turning onto his side.

Nina glanced down his body, aware of him next to her on many different levels, the memory of him inside her near the top of her mind.

"Er...well.  Sometimes you don't really give her a choice, do you?  Like the time you wouldn't let us have our car keys back that night we first met."

"True, but I pick and choose those moments very carefully."

"But why?  What kind of kick do you get playing those games with her?" Nina asked, really wanting to know.

She watched Jim think about it for a moment, and wondered if he knew himself why he did it.

"I don't think there is any one reason," he said after a moment, and he reached out to trace her bare hip with one finger.  "I think it's partly giving Kelly what SHE wants, and partly knowing that she is bound to a course of action that I set for her with little choice on her part.  But I know she enjoys it; the thrill of doing what few others could do, the excitement of being stuck naked in a situation not of her own making.  It's what she gets off on, and I'm happy to help her out!"

Nina began to squirm a little as Jim's finger traveled further and further from her hip.  She closed her eyes.  "I can't see how she could enjoy it," she said.

Jim chuckled, not believing her, for Kelly had told him a few things about Nina and her adventures to date.

"Maybe you just have to give it a shot sometime," he suggested to see how she would react.

Nina opened her eyes.  "Oh no!  That run around the block was plenty for me!"

Jim laughed and moved closer, swinging a leg across her hips.  "Well, I guess we can talk about this later," he said, and his lips found hers.

Nina agreed, later would be a lot better.


They swam back to the group, Jim back in his shorts.  Nina took the opportunity while in the water to wash the more obvious remnants of their lovemaking from her body, but the knowing looks they got from most of the group showed her that what she and Jim had been doing was probably no secret.

By the time Nina walked out of the water, she was blushing furiously, and saw many a suggestive smile aimed at her and Jim.  She looked over at him, expecting to see a big "Yep, I laid her" smile on his face, but instead he was looking only at her, his expression supportive and a little embarrassed as well.  Nina was happy he wasn't the bragging type, or at least had the sense not to do it openly.

The couple rejoined the group, and Nina found herself shanghaied by Kelly, who wanted to know all the details.

Nina didn't give her any.

Eventually everyone drifted over to where a campfire had been lit, and conversation flowed.  But when it began to lag, that's when Nina felt the day turn.

Jim was watching Nina, and she could feel his gaze upon her even when she wasn't looking at him.  They were across the fire from each other, but Nina could feel him all the same.

Then she got a shock, for Jim had lifted his right hand a little.  Visibly dangling from one of his fingers were the keys to Kelly's car.

"Oh no," Nina said quietly, knowing that Jim had something planned and that SHE was to be a part of that plan.  If only she hadn't brought the subject up.  It didn't occur to Nina that maybe if she refused enough, then Jim wouldn't hold her to anything.

"What?" Kelly asked; she was sitting next to Nina.

Nina inclined her head toward Jim, and Kelly saw the car keys.  Instead of feeling dread like Nina, Kelly smiled.  "Good, I was hoping.  This will be fun!"

Nina looked at Kelly like she was mad.

Others in the group also began to notice the keys, and soon everyone fell silent, knowing what was coming.  A few suspected that maybe Nina would be a part of it as well.

"What shall we do with you this afternoon, Kelly?" Jim asked with a smile.

Kelly grinned back and a few of the others made a few suggestions, some of them a little lewd, which earned them a stuck out tongue from the intended victim.

Nina was the only one not in a happy mood, but she was relieved that Jim had singled out Kelly.

"Some good ideas there," Jim said with a nod or two, "but I was thinking something bigger."

"Walkabout," someone said, and Jim smiled.

"Yes, walkabout," he answered.

"What's walkabout?" Nina asked.

"It's a walk, a long one.  In public, no hiding," said Kelly with a grin.

"What?" Nina said.  "I don't believe that.  They want you to walk around in public?  You'll get arrested for sure!"

Jim stood up.  "It's not quite what you think, Nina," he said.  "In fact, if we do it right, no one will be able to tell that you and Kelly are nude.  They might suspect, but they won't know for sure."

Nina's heart almost stopped and she heard soft laughter coming from the others.  "What do you mean, me and Kelly?  I'm not going to do it!"

Jim just smiled.  "Don't you want to know how?"

"No..." Nina said.  But a part of her did want to know, curious in spite of herself.

"Well, I'm going to tell you anyway.  Body paint."

"Body paint?"

Kelly giggled and jumped to her feet, a few others standing as well.  "Oh COOL!  I haven't done that in a while.  Oh, Nina, you HAVE to try this!"

Kelly reached down and took Nina's hands, hauling the girl to her feet.

"I'm not sure I understand," Nina said.

"It's body paint," Kelly said enthusiastically.  "Instead of wearing clothes, you get an outfit painted directly on you.  You're still naked, but anyone looking at you won't be able to tell."

"Sure they could tell; how could they not?" Nina said slowly.

"Believe me.  It works.  I've done it before.  Marcia over there is really good at painting, and so is Arney," Kelly said, pointing at a couple who smiled back.

"I don't know.  I don't think I want to do this," Nina replied.

Jim stepped forward.  "Tell you what, Nina.  How about we paint up Kelly first so you can see how she looks?  Then you decide."  He put his hands on her shoulders, and the nude young woman was instantly captivated by his eyes.  She bit her lower lip and nodded.

Jim smiled an encouraging smile.  "Good girl.  Okay guys, let's get to it, daylight's burning!"

Kelly squealed in excitement and ran into the house, while Marcia and Arney went to their car for the paints.  The rest of the group either helped to clear an area for the painting to be done, or fetched themselves some more beer.

Marcia and Arney were ready first, and the reason for Kelly's tardiness was apparent the moment she reappeared on the back deck.  She had gone inside to shave her pubes.

"," Nina said, "I don't have to do that, do I?"

Jim looked down.  Nina kept herself well trimmed because of all the time she spent nude, but he knew that she had too much hair for it to work properly.  "Maybe, but let's see later," he whispered, not wanting to scare her off.

Kelly came forth, not embarrassed at all about the further lack of covering that she had, and positioned herself the way the two body artists wanted her.  Everyone settled back to watch the half hour process.

It was obvious to Nina that Marcia and Arney had done this before...a lot, and at one point Jim leaned in close to her and told her that the couple worked at the Buffalo resort and did body painting classes.  Nina just nodded and watched in amazement at what they were doing to Kelly.  Nina had expected them to just paint her body, covering up all the naughty bits.  But the couple went further.  They started with a basic foundation that reminded Nina of black bicycle shorts and a red tank top, but they didn't stop there.  On top of that, Marcia and Arney painted detail and a design.  What had been a plain black surface now sported seams and creases, making her pseudo pants look like real pants.  Her top was transformed from plain red to one decorated in vines and flowers.  All this detail hid the natural lines of Kelly's breasts and groin, and Nina had to admit that from only a few steps away, she had to look hard to see that it wasn't real.

"Isn't this great?" Kelly said, looking at herself and grinning.  "I wish I could do this for myself; I'd always wear clothes like this!"

The others laughed, and Jim took Nina's hand.  "Well?" he asked.

Nina took a deep breath.  She could feel the others watching her, expecting her to go ahead.  Few of them were strangers now, as if anyone who saw her naked could be considered a stranger.  But she had talked to most of them one on one and formed loose friendships.  She felt a part of the group, which made it even worse.  How could she say no, especially after seeing the job done on Kelly?

"Can you tell me where we're going first?" Nina asked, swallowing.

"There is a small town about twenty minutes away.  We'll just be walking through it, one end to the other.  You won't be alone; we'll be there with you both," Jim said softly.

Nina took a deep breath, then nodded, her heart thumping.

Jim smiled, and led her to Marcia.  But Marcia shook her head.  "She'll have to shave; she's the wrong shape for doing it with hair."

"No!" Nina said.

"You'll have to," Marcia said firmly.

Nina turned to Jim, who took her in his arms.  "It'll be okay, you can do this."

Nina sighed.  "Okay."

Kelly grinned and bounded up to Nina like a happy puppy.  "There's stuff inside you can use; come on, I'll show you."

Ten minutes later, Kelly, followed by a very red faced Nina, appeared at the back door of the cabin.  Nina could hardly step outside the door; she felt even more naked than before.  But the encouraging smiles of the group helped her get over her initial nervousness and she obediently took her place, ready to be painted.

"I'll have an overcoat and long pants, please," she said nervously, making everyone laugh.

Marcia grinned.  "Relax, you'll be fine."

Nina nodded and closed her eyes.  She didn't open them, but she knew where they were working all the same.  The feel of the paint being applied to her skin was unique, and at times a little ticklish.  She wondered what it was they were doing to her, and thought that they hadn't quite given her the coverage they had given Kelly.  But they certainly spent a lot of time on her breasts and groin, so Nina was sure the detail would be there.

"Okay, it's done," she heard Jim say, so she opened her eyes and looked down.

What she saw stunned her, and didn't look that real from so close up.  But the longer she looked at it, the more she could see how the details hid the fact that she was really naked.  What Marcia and Arney had done with her was to paint on shorts and a bikini top.  The shorts looked like denim, cut high on her hips, revealing the lower half of her butt cheeks.  The bikini top was done in a matching blue, with a large yellow flower centered over her nipples.  There were even straps for the top painted up around her neck and behind her back.

All in all, it was an outfit Nina would never have gone out with in reality, but considering the alternative, it was better than nothing at all.

"We had to go with the denim shorts," Marcia said, "because your pubic area is rather prominent.  The front fly we painted on you should hide that well enough, though."

Nina blushed furiously at being told that her pussy was very visible, as if she didn't know.  Without pubic hair, she felt completely bald and vulnerable, and almost decided to stop right there, but Kelly prevented her.

"You look great!" Kelly said, and the others echoed the sentiment.

Nina just nodded and tried to smile, but her eyes sought out Jim.  When she saw him, she saw he was staring at her in rapt fascination, which made her continue to blush quite strongly.

"Beautiful," he said.

"Let's go, let's go!" Kelly called out, and the group began to move.

Nina moved slowly, not believing what she was about to do.  Walk through a town completely naked except for a VERY thin layer of paint.  She thought herself crazy, and concocted a dozen reasons why she couldn't do it.  Yet not one of them made it to her lips.

Kelly and Nina rode with Jim in his truck, the others piling into other vehicles, some of them in Kelly's car, and the entire group headed out.  It really was only about a twenty-minute drive, and throughout it all, Nina was still very aware that, despite the way she looked, she was STILL naked.  Nina looked over at Kelly who was bouncing up and down like a two-year-old.  Nina wondered how Kelly could be so excited by all this.  Nina was terrified, herself.

Getting to the town, Nina had her next surprise.  She had envisioned a little hamlet, one main road with maybe one or two cars on it.  Well the town DID have one main road, but plunked down right on top of it was one of those traveling carnivals.  Apparently, according to the signs plastered all over the place, the town was celebrating its centennial, and it was crowded.

"No," Nina said, dismayed by the sight.

"It's okay, Nina," Jim told her.

Nina turned to look at him.  "How can you say it's okay?  Can you SEE the crowds?"

"It's better this way," he replied.  "Think about it.  If this were a quiet town, everyone would notice you walking down the street.  But look, right now there are so many people I doubt anyone would even look at you!"  Jim doubted that, considering how attractive Nina was, but he wanted to bolster her spirits.  "Beside, look at what they are wearing."

Nina looked, and slowly understood.  The crowd was dressed very casually, with lots of skin and half worn swimsuits mixing in with the regular clothing.  Nina saw that a number of people were showing even more skin than she was if her outfit had been real.  But Nina knew that despite the skimpy attire, what these people wore was REAL.

"I don't know," Nina said nervously.

"I'll be right with you.  All we do is get out of the car and walk through the crowd to the other side of town.  Okay?"

Nina took a deep breath, then nodded.

"YAY!" Kelly said.  "Let's GO!"

Kelly opened her door and jumped out of the truck, and with a silent prayer, Nina joined her.  Despite the fact that the other members of the group stood around them, Nina was very conscious of the fact that she was now standing in front of several hundred people without a stitch on.  She felt a hand touch her bare butt cheek and whirled to find Marcia looked at her.

"Just checking to make sure none of the paint rubbed off.  You're fine," she said.

"How does this stuff come off, anyway," Nina asked.

"Water will do it, so don't get wet."  Marcia grinned and went to check Kelly.

Nina swallowed.

"There will be a car waiting for us on the other side," Jim said and he took Nina's hand.  "Let's go."

They walked slowly, Nina and Jim in the center of the group while the more adventurous Kelly kept to the front.  Every step they took made Nina want to bolt, to run as fast as she could to safety, but she knew that would draw even more attention to herself than what she was doing now.  As it was, Nina was aware of very eye, every look the crowd gave her.  She knew that all these people were seeing her naked body, her breasts, her bare pussy, her butt, even though they did not realize it themselves.  Her heart thumped heavily in her chest and fear flowed through her veins.  Yet at the same time, she DID feel excited.  Her excitement growing the longer they walked, the longer they went without anyone yelling, "Hey, SHE'S NAKED!"  Maybe there was something to this after all!

At one point, while walking through the midway, Jim suggested stopping to play a few games, maybe do a few rides.  Nina just glared at him and he laughed, letting her know he was just teasing.  Someone else suggested that Nina or Kelly take a turn in the dunk tank, which made everyone laugh, before someone had to restrain Kelly from almost trying it.

It was the longest walk of Nina's life, she thought, but they eventually made it to the end.  Grateful, she climbed into Jim's truck, which someone had brought around.  She was exhausted from the tension.

"Have fun?" Jim asked, climbing in beside her.  In response, Nina leaned over and kissed him.

"That was very intense, but I'm glad it's over," she said to him.

Jim smiled.  "Er...not quite."

Kelly climbed in and Jim started the truck and pulled away.

"What do you mean, not quite.  I did what you asked!" Nina said, feeling a little betrayed.

"I know, Nina, and you did great, better than I thought you would.  Had you run into problems, I wouldn't go on, but there is a traditional end to a body painting dare, right Kel'?"

"Right," Kelly said with a smile.  "Don't worry Nina, it'll be fun, and over in a flash!"

Nina sat back, wondering if it would ever end.  "This is it right?  No more games after this?"

Jim nodded.  "No more.  My word on that."

"Okay," Nina sighed, figuring she might as well go along.  She couldn't be more embarrassed than she was right now anyway.

They drove for about fifteen minutes, and Nina saw they were heading for the coast.  They pulled into a small coastal town and parked in a public lot next to the beach.  Nina noticed that someone had followed them in Kelly's car, while the rest of the group had probably gone back to the lake or gone home.  Nina looked around and saw that while the beach didn't have near the crowds of the carnival, there were still many people about.

"Okay, here's the deal," Jim said.  "You guys get out and head for the water.  Go for a swim and wash off the paint on your bodies.  Once I see you swimming, I drive off, leaving your car keys in the ignition of your car.  You then have to run back to your car."

"You're kidding!" Nina said.

"He isn't," Kelly answered.

Jim nodded.  "If you don't go in the water, then I take off with your keys, leaving you both here.  Those paint jobs might last to get you both home without a car, but do you want to take the risk?"

Nina just stared at him.

"Come on, Nina," Kelly said.  "Like I said, it'll be quick and easy.  Just a run up the beach to the car and we're off.  Nothing to it."

Nina just looked at Jim a moment longer, before turning and sighing.  "Okay."

Kelly grinned and again climbed out of the truck.  Nina turned to look at Jim again, who gave her an encouraging smile, but without a word, she slipped out.

She followed Kelly onto the sand, again very aware of the fact that she was nude around all these dressed people, but not really caring at the moment.  She was thinking about Jim, and his perverse sense of fun.  Would knowing him be nothing but a continuous string of these games?  As she wandered into the water, Nina thought about the lovemaking she and Jim had enjoyed.  THAT Jim had seemed tender, loving, and concerned about her, but THIS Jim seemed like a completely different guy.

Again, Nina found solace in the water, and she struck out in powerful strokes, leaving the land and all its troubles behind.  The feel of water flowing over her naked skin was so familiar to her now that she almost forgot her nudity, but when she turned and looked down at herself, she could see that already most of the paint that had been delicately placed on her had washed away.

Nina looked at the beach and saw Jim and his friend standing next to their vehicles.  Jim waved, and the two guys climbed into the truck, leaving Kelly's little Geo all alone.  Nina wondered if Jim had done what he promised to do, leave the keys behind.  Somehow, Nina wouldn't put it past him to strand him and Kelly here naked with no way of getting home.

"You ready?"  Kelly asked, swimming up to her.

Nina waited a beat, then nodded, her face set.

The two women swam for shore, staying in the water as long as they could.  Then with a yell, Kelly jumped up and waded the last few feet to shore.

Nina was hard pressed to keep up, but she managed to stay right behind the nude nymph, yelling as SHE ran as well.  People around them got the surprise of their lives as they watched these two naked women run screaming across the beach.  No one had noticed where they came from, but most appreciated the sight, for whistles and shouts of encouragements followed them all the way to their car.

Like the "Duke Boys," Kelly and Nina leapt into the Geo without opening the doors, and with a roar, Kelly got the car started.  The last thing the beach people saw was the two of them driving away, both laughing their heads off.

"I can't believe I just did that!" yelled Nina, still laughing and surprised she was doing so.  Up until the point she left the water, she thought she could do anything but laugh.  But the exposure and the run had been a rush, washing through her and purging her of her tension and worry.  It was amazing.

"Don't tell me you didn't like THAT!" Kelly said to her.

Nina blushed.  "Well..."

Kelly laughed again.  "We'll make a streaker out of you yet.  Now, where are we going?"

"What do you mean?" Nina asked.

"I can either drive us home, or back to Jim and the group at the lake.  It's going to be an all night party.  You game?"

Nina thought about it for just a minute.  Home and safety, or yet more hours nude with Jim and his friends.

"The lake," she said firmly after a moment, thinking of the possibility of a late night walk with Jim.

Kelly grinned, and the two nude young women went back to the hills.

End of Part 16.