The Rent.

Part 15,  Mrs.  Terry.

Nina West saw them for the first time whilst on her way home.  She was being given a ride home by her work mate, Helen, because her host's granddaughter, Kelly, had the car somewhere.  That Kelly was out during the day at all amazed Nina, for Kelly hadn't gotten dressed since her arrival at the house more than a week before, so wherever she was, she was definitely naked.

This made Nina wonder for a second if it was Kelly she was seeing, for what caught her attention on this drive home was a couple of nude young women selling flowers from the back of a pick up truck.  Not nearly nude, not dressed in tiny bikinis, but completely without clothing.

"Helen, do you see that?" Nina said.

Helen did see it.  "Oh, are they out again?"

"You know about them?" Nina asked.  As they drew closer Nina saw that neither of them was Kelly, which made it seem even weirder to her in some way.  The two nude flower sellers seemed to be doing a fair bit of trade; there were several cars parked around them in the store parking lot they were set up in, and a lot of men seemed to be buying.  Nina knew it wasn't the blooms that were attracting the business.  She also saw out in plain view a police car with two officers calmly watching over the situation.

"Yeah, some kind of religious group.  I don't know much else, except that from time to time they pull a stunt like this in a public place," Helen said, concentrating on her driving, which was more than she could say a lot of her fellow drivers were doing.

"How come they're not getting arrested?  There's a cop right there!" Nina asked.

"I don't know.  Maybe they have permission," Helen answered.

"Permission to be naked in public?" Nina asked, amazed that anyone would want such permission.  Then she remembered Kelly and figured that some people just might.

They drove past the flower stall and Nina swiveled round to get a last look.  In front of the stall was a sign, partially hidden by the bodies of the mostly male clientele.

"Church of Redemption..." was all she could see but she knew there was more.

"Wild," she said.

Helen only shrugged.

No more was said about it, and Helen dropped Nina off at the gate that barred the driveway of the house where Nina lived.  "See ya in the morning, and have fun being naked!" Helen said with a grin, and she drove off.

Nina smiled and waved, and then sighed.  She used a key to get through the gate and walked slowly into the freestanding garage building.  Inside, as she did every day, Nina removed every piece of clothing she had on and hung them up next to the locked door where the rest of her clothes were kept.  Inside she knew were all her pants, dresses, shirts...everything normal people wore the majority of their waking hours.  For Nina life was different, though.  Her "rent" was paid with service, not with money, and that service was that every hour she stayed on the property, she was to stay nude.

At first, as frightening as it was, it hadn't seemed too bad.  Her host, Brian Cook was a dear old man whose only designs on her naked body had to do with his art.  Brian, a retired lawyer, was a sculptor, and in many ways Nina was his current model.  Then there was the housekeeper, Mrs. Terry, who liked to be nude all the time for reasons of her own.

If it had just stayed like that, then Nina could have handled the constant home nudity a lot better, but it seemed she was always meeting people who had ways of either getting her clothes off and/or seeing her naked.

The most successful was her boss, Sarah Wickland.  Nina spent most of her workday in the senior partner's office now, which meant she spent most of her day nude as well.  It seemed to Nina lately, that she dressed only for the drive to and from work, and she wondered how long THAT would last.

Grabbing the carry case with her laptop computer inside, Nina stepped out of the building and quickly made her way up the driveway to the house.  She moved quickly because she was visible through the wrought iron gate for a least a short way up the drive, and Nina wanted to limit her visibility as much as she could from the traffic outside.  She was sure that the sight of a nude young woman would attract as much attention here as it did for those poor flower girls.


"Come on, Nina, you'll have fun!" said Kelly, standing on the patio in all her nude glory several hours later.  Over the past week, her pale skin had darkened a little, her all over tan developing nicely.  She still had the figure of a boy, very slim with smallish breasts, but she was also very pretty, and in her current state of undress, quite appealing to guys.

The odd thing about Kelly though, Nina sometimes thought, was how sexless the girl was.  Kelly was forever telling stories of stuff she had done while being naked, stories that made Nina shudder at times, but rarely had anything sexual been involved.  Kelly, it seemed, while she loved to show her body off to the men around her, rarely got intimate with any of them.  She was just their naked friend.

Now Kelly was trying to get Nina involved with her friends.  Kelly was off to a lake party someplace, nude of course, and wanted Nina to come with her, also nude.

"Kelly, I have all this work to finish doing," Nina said with a sigh, gesturing at her laptop and a bunch of scattered paperwork on the patio table.  Nina was working outside, or at least trying to, enjoying the warmth of the sun on her bare back.

"You can do all that tomorrow; you need to relax, you work too hard!" Kelly said.

"Well, I have to get this done, so I can't come."

Nina thought that would be the end of it, but then she felt two hands on her shoulders and two points touching her back.  As Kelly leaned over her, Nina knew that what she felt was the girl's bare nipples and she shivered at the shock.

"Jim's going to be there; he's been asking for you," Kelly whispered.

Nina held her breath, conscious of how close Kelly was to her.  Then she thought about Jim, the handsome college senior she had met on the beach the night of Kelly's arrival.  She would be lying if she said she had never thought about him, but he had seen her naked, and had even dared her to go for a run around a city block with nothing on.  Nina felt too embarrassed to see him again.


"I...can't.  I really have to get this done," she stammered.

"Hmmmm, well, if I can't even tempt you with Jim!"  Kelly moved away.  "Still, he's a nice guy and he likes you, and judging from the way you're blushing, you must like him.  You could do a lot worse!"  Kelly laughed.  "Don't wait up for me!"

Nina watched her leave and let out a breath.  Kelly seemed to have no concept of personal space, as well as no modesty.  Nina wished she knew how Kelly did it.

But what Nina said was true; there was work to be done, so she got started.  She worked quietly until after the sunset and the bugs started to get bad, before finally stopping for the day and packing up.  Looking up at the house, she saw that Brian's suite of rooms was dark, the old man having gone to bed early again, but there was a light in the housekeeper's rooms.

Nina took her stuff upstairs and was about to turn on her TV when she stopped and sighed.  She felt like company, and thought about calling Helen.  But for some reason, she didn't feel like calling her friend; she saw a lot of Helen at work, who in turn got to see a lot more of Nina.  No, Nina felt like spending time with someone else.  After a pause, she wondered what Mrs. Terry was doing.

Nina left her room and padded along the carpeted hallway toward the other side of the house.  She felt odd going calling in the nude, even though she and the housekeeper had spent countless hours naked with each other since Nina came to live there.  It just seemed different when you were going to someone's bedroom.

When she reached the door, she could hear the faint sounds of a television and thought that maybe Mrs. Terry was busy.  But she took a deep breath and knocked anyway.

The TV was turned down, and a moment later the door opened to reveal the nude housekeeper.  "Hello, Miss West, is there something you need?"  Her normal dour expression was tinged with a look of concern, Nina never having knocked on her door before.

"Er...actually...I was...well.  If you're busy I could go away," said Nina slowly.

Mrs. Terry looked at her for a moment then opened the door a little wider.  "I'm not that busy, dear.  Just watching the ice-skating.  Come in."

Nina stepped in and looked around, this her first visit to this part of the house.  Mrs. Terry didn't have just a bedroom but a small suite of rooms.  It looked well lived in and decorated in a style all its own.  There was a living room, a small kitchenette, and a couple of doors that led presumably to a bedroom and bathroom.  All very cozy except for the huge floor to ceiling windows that let in the great outdoors.  The TV was on, and Nina could indeed see that ice-skating was being shown.

Mrs. Terry headed over to the kitchenette.  "Go sit on the couch, dear; you look like you need to talk."

"Thanks," Nina said.  The couch looked comfortable, and Nina walked around it and got a surprise.  Lying on it was a blanket, a loose blanket.  In Nina's room, none of the bedclothes was loose, so Nina couldn't be tempted to use them for clothing.  It had been a while since she saw a blanket that wasn't fastened down.  She was tempted to pick it up and wrap herself in it, but instead just sat down on the soft couch.  She enjoyed the feel of the material against her skin; it was very smooth.

Mrs. Terry came back with a mug in her hand.  "Here, some hot chocolate."

"Thank you!" Nina said, surprised.  She took the offered mug and got a smile from the housekeeper, who sat down next to her.  To Nina's further surprise, Mrs. Terry picked up the blanket, curled up on the couch, and covered herself with it.  Then she looked over at Nina and smiled.  "I know, why the blanket?  Well, young lady, just because I enjoy my nudity doesn't mean I can't be comfortable when I want to be.  I like watching TV under a blanket."  She reached out and held up one end.  "I suspect it's been a while since you were comfortable here, really comfortable.  Come on, scoot over, there's plenty of blanket.

Nina hesitated, then took up the invitation, moving over to get under the offered covering.  She wasn't close enough to touch the housekeeper, but the blanket held her warmth, and just the act of wrapping her naked body felt good to Nina.  She grinned, took a sip of her hot chocolate, and looked at the TV.

Mrs. Terry smiled as well.  "Feels good, doesn't it?  I know.  I was wondering when you were going to come by; most have when a certain point was reached."

"Most?" Nina asked.

"Most of Mr. Cook's former models.  You do know there were others before you, right?"

Nina nodded, she had sort of gathered that.

"I was the first; you are...I think...the eighth...ninth.  Hmmm," said the older woman.  "Yes, nine."

"Nine?" Nina said, not quite believing it.

"Oh yes.  They can never stay for long, you see.  Maybe a year, maybe two.  There were a couple that didn't work out at all, and Mr. Cook fired them after just a month.  Others were given the same options you were given, and earned quite a bit of money when they finished their lease, not to mention having a whole new outlook on their bodies and their life."  Mrs. Terry smiled.

"Why do they come to you?" Nina asked.

The housekeeper looked at her.  "Why did you?"

Nina looked down.

"Dear, I know all about it.  It's tough isn't it, having a part of you that you have kept private for so long being exposed for everyone to see.  It SEEMS like everyone, doesn't it?  I know that even when you're dressed, you feel that people can still see your body; that the clothes you put on just serve to enhance your nudity rather than cover it up.  It's a big adjustment, isn't it?"

Nina nodded.  "It has been tough.  It's like I rarely get to wear much anymore.  Even at work I have to strip."

"What?" Mrs. Terry said, not quite expecting that.

Nina clamped her mouth shut, not meaning to say anything about that.  "It's nothing."

"It's something, and I can see it upsets you.  You can tell me, trust me, I've been through what you're going through, and you would be surprised at what else I've been through.  I could even stun young Kelly with my stories, and that's no lie."

Nina smiled.  "You have stories that beat Kelly's?"

Mrs. Terry nodded.  "Oh yes.  Remember, I've been doing this on and off for twenty-five years, that's longer than that girl has been alive.  Tell you what.  You tell me what's upsetting you at work, and I'll tell you about the time I got into trouble with the police."

Nina thought about it for a moment, watching a couple of skaters on TV go through a difficult routine, then she began to speak.  She started to tell Mrs. Terry about Sarah Wickland.

As Nina talked, Mrs. Terry listened quietly, but a small smile showed on her face, and when Nina noticed, she thought that the housekeeper was enjoying the humiliation Nina had been through.  She even accused the older woman of such.

"Oh no, I'm smiling for a completely different reason, dear," said Mrs. Terry.

"Like what?" Nina challenged.

"Sarah Wickland.  I don't know if I'm at liberty to tell you this, but considering the lengths that woman has gone to have some power over you, I feel it only right to let you know more about her than she would probably want you to know."

Now Nina was curious.  "You know her?  What can you tell me about her?"

"Oh yes, I know her...knew her.  I rarely see her anymore, but the two of you have much more in common than you might think.  For she used to be one of Mr. Cook's models."

Nina was stunned.  "You're kidding!"

Mrs. Terry chuckled, her eyes on the TV screen.  "I thought you would like that."

"When?  How?" Nina asked, thinking that her friend Helen would also love to know.

"I'd say maybe twenty years ago.  She was the model after me, when I left after marrying my husband.  She had just finished law school, I believe, and like you had been sponsored by Mr. Cook and the firm.  Back then, Mr. Cook was still an active partner, and he told me later that he saw in young Sarah the protégée he never thought he would ever find.

"He took personal care of her career and her training, and then when he retired, he passed all of his practice on to her, as well as his place with the senior partners.  But the first two years Sarah spent working at the firm, she spent living here, under the exact same conditions you live under, Nina.  All her time here was spent nude, and she inspired several pieces of artwork by Mr. Cook."

"I can't believe that!" Nina exclaimed, but then thinking about it, she could.  All the things Sarah had done to her and Helen, her fascination with nudity, and the casual way she remained naked with them in her home the weekend before.

"It's true; just ask her, and see what she says.  You could also ask her where she went to school."

"I don't understand," Nina said.

Mrs. Terry smiled.  "Let's just say, that when she came here, Sarah Wickland was already used to periods of enforced nudity."

Nina thought about this for a moment, watching the skaters do their thing, then the answer hit her.  "Cronenberg?"

Mrs. Terry only smiled.

Nina giggled, and let evil thoughts of her boss drift through her head for a while as she finished her hot chocolate.  She was almost done when she remembered something else.

"Mrs. Terry, you promised to tell me about when you got in trouble with the police?"

The housekeeper pulled her blanket a little closer around her and nodded slowly.  "Yes, I promised.  Alright then, but first a little background on me, or you won't understand it."

"Okay," said Nina.

"Like you, Nina, I'm from a small town, and after high school I struck out on my own to be anyplace else but with my parents.  Back then, I wanted nothing to do with them, although later on we went back and made our peace.  But at that time I traveled around, doing whatever work I could...before ending up here at this house taking on a job as assistant housekeeper.  I was hired on with the expectation of becoming the full time housekeeper after Mrs. Hedlum retired.  Mrs. Hedlum had been with the family for close to fifty years by then.  I hired on gladly; I loved the house, which looked quite different back then; I loved the community; and being young, I loved the wonderful weather and the closeness of the ocean.  I especially enjoyed working for Mr. Cook.  The poor man had recently been widowed, and his daughter was away full time becoming a doctor, so he lived here alone, but he was a cheerful man and a pleasure to be around.

"Then one day while I was admiring some paintings he had done, he asked me if I would consent to model for him.  I was pretty and vain back then, and also quite honored to be asked, so I said yes, and he used me quite often as an occasional model.  At first, it was nothing; I'd come in and he'd pose me, and that was all.  But soon he requested that I wear less and less, until it was natural for me to be posing nude.

By then, I had taken over the house full time, Mrs. Hedlum having retired and moved away.  And I thought all was good until my past started catching up with me.  During my travels after high school, I wracked up some pretty heavy debts, moving on when they became too much for me.  But now that I had begun to put down roots, my debtors began to find me.  I managed to keep it from Mr. Cook for a while, but he discovered my secret.  I thought I was going to be fired, but instead he had me confess all to him, and he went and paid everyone every dime I owed them.  He then gave me two options.  I could either pay him back out of my paycheck each month, or we would come to some other arrangement."  Mrs. Terry looked over at the spellbound Nina and blushed.  "When he told me that he didn't want me wearing clothes at all while at home, I almost left him right then and there.  But after he explained about what he needed for his art, his paintings and the sculpting he wanted to do, and that after two years I'd earn the same amount of money he paid to my debtors, I couldn't pass it up.  So, right there in his home office, I took off my clothes and handed them to him.  It was...scary...humiliating...yet my heart was thumping and I have to admit I was excited.  Locking up my clothing came later, after a few times when I felt I HAD to wear something, and we learned a few other things from those days of experimentation as well.  But I persevered, and the longer I went without clothes, the more used to it I got."

"But what does that have to do with the police?" Nina asked.

"I'm coming to that.  Now, it was during this time that Mr. Cook hired a young gardener named Martin Terry..."

"Your husband?" Nina said suddenly.

"Yes, but not at that time.  Mr. Cook hired him to do two things.  To make a showcase of his property because it really hadn't been well cared for until then, and also to design a way to screen the house and the entire property using landscaping.  You see, back then this house was rather isolated.  The housing you see all around us wasn't here yet.  But the area had recently opened up, and Mr. Cook knew that soon we were to have neighbors.  If I was to continue spending time nude outdoors, then the place needed to be screened.  So Mr. Terry took the job, not knowing at the time just why Mr. Cook was so particular.  He found out soon enough, though.  At first, I avoided going out when the gardener was there.  But Mr. Cook insisted that I continue on as normal, so the first time my husband saw me, I was nude and serving him a glass of iced tea."  Mrs. Terry paused for a moment, reliving the memory in her head with a smile.  "You must have noticed, Nina, how men look at you when you're nude."

"Yes," Nina said, remembering the way most of them leered at her or couldn't seem to find her face.

Mrs. Terry saw what she was thinking.  "No, I mean...well...not the general class of men who can't think without their penis, but the men who see YOU, as well as your body.  You must have met one or two of them!"

Nina sat and thought about it for a moment, and for some reason her thoughts drifted to Jim, the guy Kelly introduced her to.  She nodded.

"Well, that was Mr. Terry.  Every time we saw each other, it was like he saw my soul, and soon we talked a little while he worked.  That man got in my head and didn't get out.  After a little while, I knew I was falling for him, but that wasn't all that was happening to me.  I was also enjoying my nudity to the point that I was taking risks I shouldn't.  The hills around here were still relatively free of homes and other buildings, so at night when I was off duty, I would take nude walks around the countryside, sometimes for miles.

"It was on one of those walks that I got into trouble.  I was walking around this brand new housing estate, not thinking that anybody was really living there yet.  But evidently someone was.  And unlike few other people who had caught glimpses of me in the past, whoever it was called the police.

"The first I knew of it was when I saw a police car turn a corner onto the street I was walking down.  I ran and hid, and they went past.  But as I tried to make my way home, I found that whichever way I went, I saw police cars moving slowly along with their search lights on.  Let me tell you, Nina, I was scared.  There I was, completely naked, at least a mile from my clothes and anywhere I considered safe, and the police were obviously looking for me.  I ran, hid, ran again, always trying to stay ahead of them, but they caught me in the end, and I never felt so vulnerable than when that searchlight lit me up in the middle of someone's front yard, and that voice yelled FREEZE!

The officers in the car ran out to me and made me stand spread-eagled; my hands on the hood of the car while one of them FRISKED me.  I mean, really, there I was naked to the world, and he had the nerve to frisk me as if I was carrying a concealed weapon on me.  Then, in full view of the few neighbors occupying the houses around us, who had evidently heard the noise and came out to investigate, the police handcuffed me and made me stand there while they read me my rights.  I had never been so humiliated; everyone could plainly see me.  Yet, to be honest, dear Nina, I was also getting a perverse pleasure from it.  Oh yes, it's true.  Now, I was never the exhibitionist Kelly is, but for some reason I was excited at my forced exposure.  Still, the reality of the situation was also sinking in, and I thought I would be going to jail for sure.  They asked me who I was and where I lived, because I obviously had no identification on me.  I told them my name, but I hesitated over where I lived.  Mr. Cook at that time was a prominent attorney, and I felt that if I told them I lived here with him, that HIS reputation would suffer, and that I didn't want to see happening.  So, I thought quickly and gave them the address of the only other person I trusted.  Mr. Terry.

So they put in the back of the car and took me over to his home."  Mrs. Terry started to blush again, evidently affected by the memory of the story she was telling.

"When they brought him out of the house to identify me, I almost died in shame.  They had me standing next to the car, and while he had seen me nude many times, it seemed worse to be seen out there in the street with my hands cuffed behind me.  Mr. Terry took his time too, and I knew he was angry with me.  Bless him, though, he backed me up, said I lived with him, and that I was his girlfriend.  He and one of the policemen talked for a long time away where I couldn't hear them, all the while with me standing naked by the police car with some of Mr. Terry's neighbors now getting a good look at me, even though they should all have been in bed at that hour.

Then the policeman came over to me and took off the cuffs, telling me that he was releasing me in Mr. Terry's custody, but that if I were ever caught again, he'd throw the book at me.  I was immensely relieved, and was dying to go inside out of view of the neighbors.  But Mr. Terry had me wait right next to him while we watched the police car drive away, before he took me inside his home."  Mrs. Terry paused, and didn't appear to want to say anymore.

"Then what happened, did he take you home?" Nina asked gently, amazed at the story this dour looking woman had just told her.

Mrs. Terry nodded.  "Eventually," she whispered.

"Eventually?" Nina asked.

Mrs. Terry blushed even more, and then looked at her.  The look said it all and Nina sat back.

"I'll get you some more chocolate," the housekeeper said and she got up.

"He saved you, then; he must have been quite a man," Nina said.

"He was," said Mrs. Terry from the kitchenette.  "That night was the start of our life together, although he was pretty mad at me getting caught like that.  He, er..." the housekeeper clammed up.

"He what?"

Mrs. Terry came back to the couch and handed Nina a fresh mug of hot chocolate.  "Never mind, it's personal.  Still, the ride home afterward was fun, and scary."

"Oh yes?" Nina said, wishing she knew what the housekeeper almost confessed.

"Oh yes.  Mr. Terry didn't have a car; he rode around on a motorcycle, a Harley Davidson.  When it came time for me to be taken back, I of course didn't have any clothes on me, and he hadn't let me put on any of his.  He told me that he was going to take me back as I was, and he did.  It was really frightening, hanging on the back of him as we cruised down city streets.  The dawn breaking, and me not wearing a thing.  I huddled close to him, using his body for cover, but it was still pretty obvious I was nude to anyone who saw us, and a few drivers did.  I was beet red and shaking by the time I climbed uncomfortably off his motorcycle, but at that point I knew I wouldn't have traded that night for anything."  Mrs. Terry smiled and Nina did too.  The young women felt closer now to the housekeeper, and she wouldn't have traded THIS evening for anything either.  She yawned.

"You look tired, dear, and it's almost my bed time.  What say we talk again another time," said Mrs. Terry.

Nina nodded.  "Sure.  It was wonderful spending the time with you."

The two women said their goodnights, and Mrs. Terry gently herded the younger girl out the door.  She felt exhausted telling the story of that night, a story she rarely told anyone, and she smiled at the memories of that first night with her then future husband.  Out of habit she rubbed her ass cheeks, thinking about how she almost told Nina of how being taken home naked was not the only punishment she received.  Martin had also given her a sound spanking, and repeated it just before the ride back on the motorcycle.  It was a sexual pattern they followed the rest of their marriage, and Mrs. Terry never quite got used to the added humiliation of having her obviously recently spanked butt on display when she was naked.  But those spankings were missed now; it was hard being a widow.

With a smile, Mrs. Terry went to bed, her ass cheeks tingling at the memory.

End of Part 15.