The Rent.

Part 13, Kelly & Christopher.

A bead of sweat formed slowly on tanned skin.  It sat unnoticed, one among many, on a smooth shoulder.  Small movements kept it oscillating back and forth; and as it touched other drops, it absorbed them, growing in size.  Soon its own weight became its worst enemy, and it began to lose a grip on the silky skin of its host.  It started to slide, urged on by the slight movements that had created it.  Forward it ran, its speed increasing as it found a steeper decline.  But instead of slipping off the edge, surface tension kept a stern grip on it, and it continued to move upside down along the tanned flesh.  The path it traveled grew smoother yet after a couple of bumps, and it followed a course only a lover could trace, until it ended up at its lowest point.  Hanging off a coral tinted nub of flesh, the drop changed shape, pulled down by gravity yet held up by surface tension.  Its continuous movements across this sensitive spot were noticed.

Nina West wiped the sweat from her right nipple and settled back down to read.  She was lying face down in the sunroom at the top of the house, bathed in sweat and light, reading some material she had brought home from work.  She could have had the air conditioning on to cool the room, but Nina found she liked to sweat up here for a while, before running down to the pool for an invigorating swim.

She absentmindedly reached behind herself and wiped more sweat from her left ass cheek and rolled slightly onto one side, revealing more of her nude body to the room.  No tan lines could be seen, for she lived in the house on the condition that she always be nude there, a condition that promoted all over tanning very nicely.

Nina wasn't thinking of that, however; just the brief in her hands that she was trying to understand.  She was therefore startled when she heard Mrs. Terry.

"Miss West?"

Nina blinked and looked up from her papers.  Standing at the top of the spiral staircase that led up to this room was the housekeeper.  She too was nude as was her custom, and her being barefoot was why Nina didn't hear her come up.

"Hi," she said, unconsciously moving the paper she was holding up to cover her breasts.

"Mr. Cook would like you to come down; there is someone he would like you to meet," Mrs. Terry said with her normal dour expression.

Nina began to panic.  "Like this?" she asked, meaning her nudity.

"Of course, Miss West," said the housekeeper.  "But it's okay, nothing to worry about."

As the housekeeper went back down the stairs, Nina laid back and tried to calm down.  It was all well and good for Mrs. Terry to say not to worry, but Nina still did.  She had hoped she would have grown used to walking the house and grounds naked after all this time, but just when Nina seemed to find her feet, something unusual happened to knock her off balance again.

And now there was a visitor, a new person to expose herself to.  Nina sighed and closed her eyes.  A week before, after coming home from a particularly humiliating day, she sat down and calculated just how bad her monetary situation was.  The figures did not look good, and she saw that with the rent she owed right now, plus the bill from IO hanging over her head, there was no way she could buy her way out of her lease.  The only option open to her unless she came across a lot of money, was to continue her agreement.

Nina shook her head and got up.  She looked down at herself and grimaced.  She was covered in sweat, her hair a stringy mess, and she knew she stank.  Nina knew that if she had to show her naked body off to someone, she at least had to make it presentable or be even more humiliated.  There was no time for a swim; she decided to take a shower instead, so down she went to her room.


"Ah, there she is at last!" said the elderly Brian Cook, beaming at the arrival of the much cleaned up Nina.  "Come in, dear girl; I have a surprise for you!"

Nina paused in the doorway of the salon and looked around nervously.  At first she thought Brian was alone in the room, and then she saw the girl standing on the far side, dressed in a halter and denim shorts.

"Hi!" said the girl with a smile, her eyes looking Nina up and down.

"Er..." was all Nina could manage.

"Nina, dear," said Brian, "this is my granddaughter, Kelly.  I told you about her, remember?"

Nina did.  Kelly was the granddaughter in college, the one whose car Nina was now driving.  Nina stood stock-still, appalled that Brian Cook was showing her off to his family.  What must they think of her, standing there naked?

Nina shot him a dirty look, which he caught with a raised eyebrow.

"Hi Nina, I'm glad to meet you," said the girl.  She was still smiling, and didn't seem at all put out by the fact Nina was nude.  She walked forward to shake hands.

Nina was confused.  "Er...hi.  I'm sorry for the way I'm dressed..." was all she could think to say, still in shock.

"Oh don't worry about it," said Kelly, "it REALLY doesn't bother me."  Kelly gave Nina a foot to head look and the older girl started to blush.

Kelly giggled.  "Don't worry, you're not my type.  But you might be my brother's!"

Brother?  Nina remembered that Kelly was a twin with a brother named Christopher.  "Your brother, is he here?" Nina asked.

"Yes, said a male voice close behind her, and Nina jumped.  She quickly turned to see a young man standing not three feet behind her.  He was casually dressed in slacks and a loose fitting shirt, and was handsome the way Kelly was pretty.  Nina also wondered how long he had been standing there getting an uninterrupted look at her naked behind.

Nina flushed and moved to one side, placing the wall at her back.  Being the only naked person in the room tended to put her on the defensive.  Brian of course noticed this.

Christopher wasn't smiling, but he did nod in her direction before walking into the room.  "Again, Grandpa?" he said, shaking his head and gesturing at Nina.

"My art requires it, Christopher," Brian said slowly.

Christopher didn't answer, instead turning to his sister.  "I finished unloading the car; your makeup bag is in the lobby."

"Thanks, Bro," Kelly said, smiling at her brother.

Christopher nodded and headed for the door.  "I'd better get going."  He paused in front of Nina, his eyes glancing quickly across her body before locking on her face.  He held out his hand.  "I'm sorry I was rude.  I'm Christopher, pleased to meet you."

Nina took his hand, it was warm and dry, and she shook it.  "That's okay, you aren't the only one surprised today," she said.

Kelly looked at her grandfather.  "Don't tell us you didn't warn her we were coming!"

Brian chuckled.


Christopher shook his head again as the old man laughed.  "One of these days, old man, you're going to go too far," he said before turning back to Nina.  "My apologies for my grandfather.  I'm not sure why you're doing what you're doing for him, but be warned.  He thinks of his art more than he thinks of the people around him sometimes."

"Don't talk crap, Chris!" said Kelly.  "It was a good joke, lighten up."

Christopher sighed, then leaned in closer to Nina.  "Walk me to my car, will you?"

"Why?" Nina asked, still nervous.

"Just...walk with me."


Christopher turned to face his family.  "Don't worry, she'll be back.  I just want to warn her what she's gotten herself in to."

"It was good of you to drop Kelly off on your way south, Christopher," Brian said, walking over to give his grandson a quick embrace.

"Hey, it was the quickest way to get rid of her for a few weeks, and I know she likes staying here with you in this house of mirrors."

Brian chuckled, and the two men separated.

"Later, Bro," Kelly said, smiling at Christopher with a knowing look.

Christopher gave her a quick smile and left the room, taking Nina by the arm as he did so.

Nina felt very strange being led out of the house, naked as she was.  She looked up at Christopher's handsome young face and wondered what clouded it, for he seemed to be so serious, unlike his sister who never lost her smile.  There were family dynamics here that Nina would have loved to unravel.

Christopher led her out to his car, an older model Ford sedan.  He stopped before they reached it.

"Look, I'm sorry about all that.  Three days alone in a car with my sister, and I'm pretty much ready to kill.  Usually I'm a lot easier going."

"That's okay, I know how long trips can bite!" Nina replied.

Christopher looked her up and down again quickly before he turned away to look at the house.  ", you're doing for my grandfather.  Is it one of those 24/7 type deals, he won't let you dress at all?"

"Yes, it is; why?" Nina asked, concerned.

Christopher shook his head.  "It's nothing, it's just that we've seen him do that before, many times.  For the most part, it usually ends up okay, but a couple of his former models ended up quitting.  He tends to be a bit much sometimes.  But you're safe here, that's for certain."  He looked her up and down again, a slight flush to his own cheeks.  "You're also one of the better looking models he's had."

Nina blushed.  "Thank you."

Christopher looked uncomfortable, and to cover it up he checked his watch.  "I need to get going, I'm staying at a friend's for a while.  If you need anything; to talk, to decompress, I'm not too far away.  Ask Mrs. Terry; she knows where I'll be and how to get hold of me.  Okay?"

Nina nodded, finding herself captivated by his eyes.

"Okay, then; I hope to see more of you later, then!"

Nina suddenly giggled.  "That's hardly possible," she said.

Christopher blushed and climbed into his car.  With a wave he drove off, and Nina watched him go.

"You like him, don't you!" said a voice by the front door.

Nina turned; it was Kelly, still smiling.  She was looking right at Nina, and something about the look made Nina very aware of her nudity.

"He seemed like a nice guy," Nina replied, not wanting to say any more.

"Chris is a very nice guy.  Boring, but nice.  Still, the girls usually like him.  Me, I prefer a little more action."

"Action?"  Nina was almost afraid to ask.

Kelly grinned, and Brian came to the doorway.  "Well," he said, "shall we?"

"Oh yes; come on, Grandpa, come on, Nina!"

"Where are we going?" Nina asked as the others moved by her.

"To start my vacation!" Kelly called out, raising her arms and spinning around.

Nina followed the dancing Kelly and the sedately paced Brian Cook down the driveway to the garage.  As always as she got near the main gate, Nina carefully watched the road outside for cars, not wanting to expose herself, and she followed the others inside.

As they went up the interior steps to the apartment where her clothes were locked up, Nina thought that they were letting her get dressed for a trip off the property.  But instead, she was surprised when Kelly picked up a couple of suitcases and carried them into the locked bedroom after Brian opened it.

She was even more surprised when Kelly immediately began undressing.

"What?" Nina asked.

"Nina, my dear.  While Kelly stays with me, she likes to live under the same rules I impose on you.  She does it because she wants to, and I can't bring myself to deny her!" Brian said with a smile.

" don't you use HER as a model?" Nina asked.

"Because unlike you, Nina, young Kelly is very comfortable with her nudity.  She presents the wrong image entirely.  Look!"  He pointed at his granddaughter, and Nina was shocked to see her naked.  Her tomboyish figure was slim and evenly tanned, and she stood quite unashamed in front of the mirror, giving her own body a critical examination.  She caught Nina's eye in the mirror and winked.

"I'm glad you're here, Nina.  This is always more fun with someone to share it with," Kelly said.

Nina didn't know how to reply.

"Grandpa, I'm going to go for my record this time.  I want to beat it."

"How long was it last time, Kelly?" Brian asked her politely.

"Three weeks, four days, eleven hours," she replied.

"How long was what?" Nina asked.

"How long without ever putting any clothes on," replied Kelly as she turned and walked over to Nina.  She took Nina's hands in her own.  "And you're going to help me break my record.  Wouldn't it be fun if we did it together!"

Nina almost fainted.


Nina lay half asleep in her bed, her mind awash in thought.  She was still trying to get her head around the sudden appearance of her host's energetic granddaughter, and the fact that she apparently enjoyed her nudity with a gusto that gave Nina pause.

All through dinner, the nude young woman didn't stop talking.  She told her grandfather all she had been doing at school, studying apparently not being one of them, and she quizzed Nina incessantly on her own college experience.  Nina knew that Kelly wasn't THAT much younger than she was, yet she felt ages older.

Then there was her brother, dark, calm...many things Kelly wasn't.  Nina felt herself flush as she thought about him, and smiled.

She thought about him now, in bed.

There was a knock at her bedroom door and it opened slightly.  Nina froze.

"Nina!" said a whispered voice.

Nina remained still, it sounded like Kelly.

"Nina!  Are you awake?"

Nina heard footfalls in the silent room and she knew Kelly had come in.  That made her nervous.

"Nina!" Kelly said a little louder and Nina couldn't pretend to be asleep anymore.

"What is it?" she said sitting up, holding the sheets across herself.

Kelly grinned.  "I didn't think you'd be asleep yet.  Come on, I want to go swimming!"

Nina glanced at her bedside clock, big red numbers glowing in the dark.  "It's two in the morning!" she protested.

"Early yet!  Come on, I know you don't have to go to work tomorrow."

"I just want to sleep," Nina said leaning back.

"Don't tell me you've gotten old already!" Kelly said, mocking her.  "Come on, a swim in the ocean will do you some good!"

"The ocean?" Nina asked.

"Sure, the ocean.  You wouldn't think I'd be making all this fuss over a dip in the pool.  Come on!"

Nina started to slide out of bed, wondering what the hell she was doing.  "What about your record to stay naked?"

"Who said anything about getting dressed first?  Come on!"

Browbeaten, Nina got out of bed and followed her new housemate.  As they padded quietly down the stairs, Nina began to think that a nighttime swim in the ocean might not be a bad idea after all.  It was only thirty minutes to the nude beach, and it was bound to be deserted.  It could be fun.

Nina was actually smiling by the time the girls reached the garage, and she and Kelly exchanged grins as they climbed into the Geo.

"Top down!" Kelly yelled, pushing the button that sent the soft top motoring back, and Nina looked back nervously as Kelly piloted the car out of the building and onto the street.

This wasn't Nina's first time naked in a car, and not the first time with another naked woman.  It was the first time however with a naked woman singing at the top of her lungs with the radio cranked up.  Nina kept a sharp eye out for cops, nervous they were going to be picked up for disturbing the peace and arrested for indecent exposure.  In the end, she had enough and turned the music down.

"Hey, what gives?" Kelly said at the sudden silence.

"Don't you think we should be a little discreet as we are driving?  Neither of us is wearing a stitch!" Nina told the slightly younger woman.

"Yeah, I guess you have a point.  I don't want to get picked up again this early into my visit," Kelly replied.

"You mean you've been picked up by the police before?" Nina asked, eyes wide.

"Sure," Kelly said with a big grin, "how else did you think my streaking records got stopped?"

Kelly started laughing and Nina groaned.  Then she noticed that they were not on the way out of town.  "Where are we going?"

"To the beach, like I said!"

"But Buffalo Beach is the other way."

"Oh, we don't want to go all the way out there!"

"What?  We can't go to a public beach like this!" Nina exclaimed.

"Sure we can!  I do it all the time."

"Well I'm not going.  Take me back!" Nina demanded.

Kelly smiled and pulled the car over next to the curb.  "I'm not going to take you back, but you're welcome to get out right here and walk."

Nina gasped, it was at least a couple of miles.  "You wouldn't put me out here!"

Kelly lost her smile.  "Wouldn't I?"

There was a pregnant pause as Nina realized that under Kelly's bubbly exterior was someone as hard as stone, who got what she wanted, when she wanted.  Nina paled.

Kelly's smile slowly returned.  "We're almost there anyway."

True enough, a couple of minutes later they reached the public parking lot next to the beach, and they pulled in.

Kelly immediately jumped out of the car and ran screaming onto the sand.  Nina silently watched her, then she turned and scanned all the beachfront stores and homes across the highway.  All looked dark.

"COME ON, NINA!" yelled Kelly, making Nina wince.

"Quiet down!" Nina called back in a softer voice.


Nina climbed out of the car just to shut her up.  She covered her breasts with her arms and ran quickly out of the parking lot lights and onto the darker sand.  It felt cool to her bare feet.

"That's a girl.  Come on, let's have that swim!" Kelly said, and she led the way into the water.

The water did feel good, and once again Nina felt that she could leave her troubles on the shore.  It felt weird being out there in the darkness, so the two girls didn't stray far from shore.  They swam in the shallows and enjoyed the illicit feel of swimming on a public beach completely naked.

Nina was actually having a good time when she spotted lights sweeping into the parking lot.

"Look!" she said, standing up in the water.

Kelly turned and the young women watched as two cars parked on either side of the little Geo.  Kelly broke into a smile and began to wade to shore, but Nina was scared.

"Wait, where are you going?" Nina cried out.

"Come on, Nina!" Kelly yelled over her shoulder as she made her way to shore.

Nina stood her ground, bracing herself against the swells that tried to push her to the beach, and watched as eight guys in jeans and jackets climbed from the cars.  They milled around the Geo for a few moments, then one of them spotted Kelly mounting the beach.  To Nina's dismay, he waved; and to her horror, Kelly waved back.

"Hey, it IS Kelly's car," Nina heard one of the guys say, and the others all looked at the naked young woman as she strutted across the sand to meet them.

There was a general atmosphere of greeting, with all the guys stepping onto the sand, and soon Kelly was surrounded by eight college age guys who were all laughing and getting a good look at the smaller girl's nude form.

"When did you get back into town, Kel'?" one of them asked her.

"Just today," she replied, acting as if these guys were old friends, which it looked like they were.  She seemed totally unconcerned that she was the only one in the group without any clothes, and Nina wondered how she could be so cavalier about something like this.  It was when Kelly started pointing her way, making the guys search the water line, that Nina's blood really turned cold.  Kelly was telling them she was out here!

"Nina!" Kelly called out.  "Come on, Nina, it's okay.  These guys won't hurt you; they're friends of mine!  Come on, I want to introduce you to them!"

Nina felt like dying, anything but walking out there completely naked to meet eight men.  Yet she figured she was without a choice at that point.  Miles from home with no way of getting there; she was stuck.  And the water was too cold in the dark to hide in for much longer.

"NINA!" yelled Kelly, and a few of the guys joined in.

Screwing up her courage, Nina stood up and began to wade ashore.  She began to blush when she was greeted by cheers and wolf whistles from the guys, who appreciated her Venus act.  Not looking at them, Nina walked up the beach until she stood just outside the group, very aware of all the eyes on her body.

"You sure have a beautiful friend, Kel'," one of the guys said, and the others murmured their agreements, making Nina blush all the more.

Kelly, grinning as always, introduced them all.  "Guys, this is Nina; she's staying at my Grandpa's for a while.  Nina, these are the guys."  She rattled off their names, all of which Nina failed to catch.

"Are you going for a record too, Nina?" one of them asked.

"Record?" Nina said, confused.

"You know, like Kelly.  A record for being naked?"

Nina shook her head, embarrassed as hell.  Kelly spoke for her.  "Nah, not Nina; not yet, anyway.  I just dragged her out of bed to come swimming!"

The men laughed, and one of them suggested they dig out the beer.  So a few minutes later Nina found herself sitting on the sand with a beer in her hand, with eight dressed guys and another naked woman.  It was very surreal.

Nina sat directly on the sand, her knees to one side hiding her pussy, and one arm across her breasts.  She still felt completely on display, but it was the best she could do.  Kelly on the other hand sat across the circle from her, cross-legged, talking in a very animated fashion with her arms waving, her small breasts jiggling with her movements.  She acted just like she wasn't naked, and Nina wondered if the girl had any modesty what so ever!

Kelly would have drawn the rapt attention of every guy there with her display, but Nina couldn't help noticing them all giving her looks as well.  In one way, Nina wasn't surprised.  Put eight healthy guys together with a couple of naked women, and there was bound to be looking.  It didn't make it any easier, though.  What did help was the conversation.  As it flowed around her, Nina could see that Kelly really was a friend with all these guys, old friends; and that they were very used to Kelly being nude around them.  They made the usual jokes and sexual innuendoes that guys would make in theses situations, but Nina didn't get any bad vibes from any of them.  Her fears of her and Kelly getting gang raped on the beach rapidly faded.

As the seawater evaporated from her skin, the night air felt colder to Nina, and she began shivering.  Someone else noticed too, and Nina felt a jacket placed over her shoulders.  Startled, she looked at the guy sitting next to her, who regarded her with a concerned expression.

"You looked cold, I hope that helps," he said.

"It does, thanks," Nina said quietly, enjoying the warmth the jacket gave her and the covering.  She gave him a smile and got one in return, a handsome smile on a good-looking face.

"I'm Jim," he said, holding out his hand.

Nina shook it, parting the jacket as she did so.  "Hi Jim, thanks."  Nina noticed his eyes dip to the gap she opened up for just a second or so, and she smiled.  She had already been completely exposed to these guys for a while now, yet this guy still took a brief look when he could.

Jim leaned over a little.  "Tell me the truth, you're not into being naked near as much as our Kelly is," he said quietly.

"How could you tell?" Nina asked wryly, taking a sip of her beer.

Jim chuckled.  "I doubt anyone is as unconcerned about clothes as Kelly.  She'd go everywhere like that if it were legal.  How did she get you to come out here like this, anyway?  We looked in the car; you didn't leave any clothes there."

"Like she said, she got me out of bed," replied Nina, enjoying how his face moved.

Jim chuckled again.  "Yeah, and she just managed to convince you to drive all the way out here naked for a swim.  I think you enjoy this more than you let on."

Nina giggled, and was surprised at how relaxed she was.  Not a real drinker, Nina put it down to the beer and vowed not to have anymore.  She and Jim continued to whisper together though, and their conversation didn't go unnoticed by several of the guys, and of course Kelly, who watched them closely for a minute.

Then Kelly stood, brushing the sand from her bare body.

"Well, guys," she said, patting the sand from her ass cheeks, "we'll have to get together later.  But now I need my beauty sleep.  Come on, Nina, let's go."

"Sure," Nina replied and she stood up as well.  She brushed the sand from herself and politely refused offers of help from a few of the guys, then reluctantly surrendered Jim's jacket back to him so she was once more nude.

"Bye, guys!" Kelly said as she started back to the car.  She and Nina only got a few yards though, when the guys fell silent.

One of them coughed, and in the still night air could be heard a tiny jingle, jingle.

Nina's blood ran cold and she and Kelly turned to see one of the guys holding up a set of keys, the keys to the Geo that Kelly had left behind in the car.  "I think you'll need these," he said with a smile and the other guys laughed.

"Come on guys, not again!" Kelly said.

"Sure, again; we want to welcome you back!" replied the guy with the keys.

"It's a bit late for games, isn't it?" Kelly said, and Nina wondered what games she was talking about.  She was about to find out.

"This is an easy one, just to get you back into the swing of things.  You and Nina get your keys back only if you take a dare."

"What dare?" Nina said.

"Go across the street and go completely round the block.  Make it back here, and you win your keys!"

"Are you INSANE!" Nina yelled, but Kelly started giggling.

"It's okay, Nina, it is a pretty easy one.  We can do it."

"YOU can do it if you want," Nina said angrily, "but I'm not going."

"You both have to do it," said Jim, standing up.  "Whoever doesn't has to walk back.  We'll make sure you get home safe, but you still walk."

Nina couldn't believe that the nice guy she had just been talking to could have come up with something like that.

"You're not serious!" she said to him.

"Oh, he IS!" Kelly said.  "These guys have made me walk back a number of times.  But this is an easy one.  We can do this, Nina.  Come on!"

The other guys started urging them on, and again Nina felt like her choices were being taken away from her.  She looked at Jim, who shrugged and gave her an encouraging smile, before mouthing the words "Trust me," in her direction.

Swallowing, Nina eventually nodded and she and Kelly made their way across the well-lit parking lot.

While all this had been going on, the occasional car had driven by on the highway, but otherwise the beachfront looked quiet and deserted.  Trembling with fear, Nina followed Kelly across the street to the stores on the other side.  Kelly grinned and the two naked girls crept along the sidewalk until they reached the corner.  They had to duck and hide behind a low wall as some traffic passed.

"These guys have done this to you before?" Nina whispered to Kelly.

"Oh sure.  It's all in fun.  They can be pretty creative sometimes, especially Jim.  He's a sneaky bastard."

"How can you let them do this to you?" Nina asked.

Kelly turned to her new friend.  "Because it's fun.  Don't you think so?"

Nina didn't know what to think.

Traffic quieted down, and Kelly jumped up and started running.  Nina lost no time in scrambling after her, and the thump of bare feet on sidewalk accompanied the two nude beauties as they raced to the next corner.  They made it easily, and rounding it, headed for the next one.

It was halfway down this side of the block that they were spotted.  A group of maybe three or four street bums was congregated near a storefront right in their path.  In the darkness, neither Kelly nor Nina had spotted them until they were almost up to them.  They spotted the girls though, and amid hoots and hollering that threatened to waken the entire neighborhood, Nina and Kelly ran right through them.

Kelly was laughing her head off, the exhibitionist in her reveling at the exposure.  Nina ducked her head in shame as she tried to concentrate on keeping her boobs from bouncing too much.  It came as a real surprise to her when one of the bums gave her ass a well-timed swat with his bare hand.  The powerful strike made her yelp, and the smack was loud enough to be heard by all.  This made the rest of the bums laugh, and Nina felt the sore handprint on her right cheek all the way around the rest of the block.

Getting back to their car, Kelly was more out of breath from laughing than from running, while Nina stood to one side rubbing her sore ass.

"Thanks guys!" Kelly said to all as she started hugging each of them, "I really needed that!  It's good to be back!"

"You're welcome, Kel'," said the guy with the keys and he tossed them back into Kelly's hands.

Jim had walked around the car to where Nina stood alone.  "You okay?" he asked her.

"Not really, we found some bums and one of them hit me," Nina replied, glaring at him.

"Let me see.  Turn around.  Come on."

Nina turned, not knowing why she was doing so, and showed her bare butt to him.

"It's just a bit red, you'll be fine," Jim said with a smile.

"No thanks to you!" Nina said.

"You mean you didn't have fun?" Jim said to her, a knowing smile on his face.

"You just made me streak around a city block!"

Jim chuckled.  "Yes, and it was a rush, wasn't it?  I think you liked it, but just don't know it yourself yet."

Nina was about to offer him a biting reply when the car horn tooted.  "Come on, Nina, I'm ready for bed.  You can talk to Jim another time.  Night guys!"

As the rest of the men said their goodbyes, Nina slipped into the passenger seat.  She stared at Jim, who looked back at her until Kelly drove them out of the parking lot.

On the drive home, Nina thought about Jim, about Christopher, about Kelly and her wild friends, and about that humiliating run around the block and why the hot handprint on her ass had melted into a deeper heat within her.

Had she liked it after all?  More to the point, was every day with Kelly around going to be like today?

End of Part 13.