The Rent.

Part 12, The Errand.

Nina West, dressed finally after a morning nude in her Boss's office, pulled her car into the driveway.  She parked and checked the house number against the address on the envelope she had been given by Sarah Wickland, otherwise know as the "Legallady" and Nina's new boss.  The address was right, so Nina got out of her little Geo and stared curiously at the house.

Nina had never seen a house without any windows before, but that wasn't the half of it.  The place hardly looked like a home what so ever.  Dominated by concrete and steel, it looked more like one of those government research facilities than a home.  Its only redeeming features were its muted lines and skillful landscaping.  If it wanted to look like a high tech research facility, at least it made the effort to be an unobtrusive high tech research facility.  But according to Sarah Wickland, it WAS a house.  Nina wondered what kind of person would want to live in a place like this.

Nina hadn't recognized the name on the envelope, but Sarah had told her that the client was a recluse and a bit eccentric.  Still, several million dollars worth of legal business each year passed through the firm from this one client alone, so Sarah and the other Senior Partners had learned to look the other way.  No one was willing to rock the boat here, something the Legallady had stressed strongly with Nina before she was allowed to get dressed.

"He's been with us for years because we don't comment on his lifestyle and accommodate his needs," she said.  "I don't expect you to be a doormat, but he's a grumpy bastard and no doubt you will be surprised by a few things when you get to his home.  But all you have to do is go there, give him these papers, which he'll sign and give back to you, then drop them off here.  I know you can do this, Nina."

Nina figured she could, after all, it sounded simple.  She was a little worried about what she was going to find when she reached the client's home, but the relief at getting her clothes back outweighed her worry and by the time she got there she had forgotten most of the warning.

Looking up at the house brought it all back.

'Oh well, here goes nothing,' she thought, and she made her way up the driveway to the front door.

At the door she pushed a button on what looked like an intercom, and waited.  She turned as she waited, looking at the flowers, the nearby houses, enjoying the warmth of the sun on her face, and the dusty smell of a hot day, and wondered why anyone would want to live in a house as sealed up as this one looked to be.  Even the front door looked like it belonged on a space ship rather than a home.

"Hello!" said a female voice over the intercom a moment later.

"Hello.  My name is Nina West; I have some legal papers here for Mr. Hargrave?  You're expecting me!"

"Yes, Miss West; he has been expecting you.  Please step inside and follow all instructions."

"Instructions?" Nina asked.  But instead of an answer, the door opened sideways with a hiss.

Nina stepped into a small entryway and blinked.  It all looked like it was made out of white fiberglass, something she was destined to see a lot more of as she progressed further into the house.  But at the moment, she just faced another door and a shelf to one side where several sets of shoes sat.  The front door closed behind her with a pneumatic thump.

"Please remove your shoes and place them on the shelf," said the same female voice.

"Er...I'll be barefoot without them," Nina said.  She hated wearing stocking or hose so rarely ever bothered.

"That will be fine," the voice replied.

Nina was glad she could still be heard and, setting her briefcase down she slipped off her work shoes and sat them on the shelf with the others.  The door in front of her then opened to reveal a slightly bigger room in the same decor.

Again there was another door, and more shelves, but there was also a horizontal slot in the wall.  Nina looked at it feeling rather nervous, and she jumped when the door behind her closed.  She looked at it, seeing if there was a way of opening it, and saw a button marked "Open" in plain view on the wall next to the door.  It calmed her down a little.

"Please remove the papers you wish Mr. Hargrave to see, and place them in the slot," said the voice.

"I can't do that," Nina said.  "I think I'm supposed to hand them to him myself."

"Miss West, your firm has accommodated Mr. Hargrave in the past over these matters.  Is it to be a problem now?"

Nina thought about what Sarah Wickland had said about not making waves with this client and sighed.  "No, it's not a problem, but I should at least witness his signatures."

"This is your first visit here, is it not?" said the voice.

"That's right, I've never been here before," Nina replied.

"Then I must inform you that the interior of this house is a clean room environment and is hermetically sealed.  You will have to go through a brief cleansing procedure before entry.

Do you agree to this?"

'Ah', Nina thought, 'this guy is a Clean Freak'.  It was actually a weight off her mind.  Her imagination had been running wild ever since getting out of the car.

"Sure," she said with a smile.

"Very well, then please place the proper papers in the slot, and your briefcase on the shelf.  You will not be bringing the case in with you."

Nina complied, digging out the envelope she had been given and laying it in the slot.  She saw a light come on inside, and guessed correctly that a high-powered ultraviolet light was being used to clean the paper.  The envelope disappeared into the slot, carried away by a little conveyor belt.

"Please remove all your garments and place them in the receptacle provided," continued the voice.  A locker sized door in the wall opened up.

"What?" Nina asked.

"You need to get undressed to go through the cleansing process.  Don't worry it's quite harmless.  It only kills germs."

"Why can't I stay dressed for it?"

"Your clothing makes it difficult to clean your skin.  Don't worry; you're not the only one who has to go through this.  Any visitors to Mr. Hargrave's home have to go through it and I go through every day I work here."

"Oh," Nina replied.  She blinked again, thinking about how she had already had to undress in front of a stranger today, and now she had to do it again.  She had not thought that nudity would ever been a job requirement.

Reluctantly, Nina took off her jacket and undid her skirt.  She hung both up in the locker and slowly removed her blouse, rendering herself topless.  Blushing, she slipped off her panties and placed them with the rest of her clothes before standing naked with her arms tight around her body.

She was nervous now.

"Rings and other jewelry too I'm afraid, and your watch."

Nina looked up, startled.  Evidently she could be seen, but she couldn't see a camera anywhere.  It made her feel vulnerable knowing that she was being watched as she stood there naked.  Nina wondered how many people could see her.  Could Mr. Hargrave?  Nina quickly removed her watch and jewelry and placed them with her clothes.

The next door opened.

Hesitantly, Nina stepped through it.

This room was smaller, about the size of the entryway.  There was yet another door on the other side, but instead of shelves there were two recesses about shoulder height with handles deep inside them.

The door behind her closed.

"Please hold the handles using both hands, and place your feet in the yellow circles," said the voice.

Nine did so, looking down to see the yellow circles that made her spread her feet about two feet apart.  She reached out and managed to grasp a handle in each hand.  She knew she was very spread out like this, not a portion of her anatomy covered by anything.  Angry, Nina hoped the cameras were getting some good shots, because she felt humiliated and scared.

"The next part may seem a bit disturbing, but it only lasts twenty seconds.  I'll need you to hold your breath during this time.  Can you do that for me?"

Nina nodded, not daring to speak.  What she really wanted to do was run back to her clothes.  But she had to witness the signatures and she knew the firm was counting on her not to screw up with this client.

"Ready?" asked the voice.

Nina nodded again.

"Take a deep breath...hold it!"

Nina took her breath, happy at least that she could do that easily enough, when she felt something grip her wrists and ankles.  She was about to let out her breath and look when suddenly the room was filled with water.  Unable to see, unable to breath, Nina stood stock still for a few seconds as multiple jets hit her with some kind of soapy cleaning solutions from all angles.  Then she tried to move, but found her wrists and ankles held fast in some clamps of some sort.  She wanted to call out, to ask what was going on, but she dared not open her mouth.  Every inch of her body was being pummeled by the sprays, and her hands and feet were especially saturated.  So was the area between her legs, and Nina kept shifting her hips trying to get away from the hard sprays from that direction.  But she was trapped, and the relentless onslaught began to have an effect on her.

Spread out as she was, the sprays were pounding her clitoris and her nipples, and poor Nina was being stimulated in a way that shocked her.  There was also a hard spray that was threatening to shoot water right up her ass.

Then the water changed.  Slightly cooler, it seemed cleaner to Nina.  No soap, no chemicals; it seemed to Nina to be a rinse of some kind.  Then it stopped and the chamber filled with air, blowing all around her.  Nina realized that this was the same thing as the hot air blower in her own bathroom at home, so she stoically waited until the air blew her dry.

The rush of air stopped, the clamps released, and Nina was once again allowed to move.  She immediately began to rub her crotch in an attempt to calm her forced arousal, but stopped as the door in front of her opened.  She was not happy, but vowed to see it through for the sake of the firm.

This door opened up into a normal looking lobby, if normal meant that most everything in the room had to be made out of white plastic or fiberglass.  Nina had to blink under the harsh lighting as all that white reflected light everywhere.

A dark shape moved and took on the appearance of a head, hands and legs lot in a sea of white.  Nina blinked again and she saw it was a youngish woman in a white smock, and Nina immediately covered up.

"It's alright, I'm Sally, Mr. Hargrave's nurse and secretary.  Welcome."

"Er...hi!" Nina said.

Sally smiled and handed Nina a folded up package.  "You can put that on while you're here," she said, turning away, "you won't be here long enough for us to have to launder your clothes.  Come with me and you can see Mr. Hargrave sign those papers."

Nina was grateful for the covering although it felt rather strange.  As she unfolded it she discovered that it was made of paper, white of course.  It didn't appear to have any fasteners and looked very simple, basically just a jacket, and it didn't look big enough.

"Say, wait a minute!" Nina called out to the retreating nurse.

"No time, he's waiting for you, come on!"

Nina ground her teeth and slipped on the paper gown.  It was only just big enough to go around her bust and she had to hold it closed with one hand, and not quite long enough to cover her front and rear.  Nina pulled it down a bit to cover her pussy, and she heard a slight rip behind her.  Her hair was still wet and it was soaking the paper on her back, weakening it.

"Shit," she said, wondering what else was going to go wrong, and she hurried after the nurse, her bare feet thumping against the sterile floor.

She followed the nurse down a hallway until she stopped at a large window set in the wall.  Through this Nina saw a very sterile looking bedroom with an old man sitting on a bed.

Surprised, Nina pulled harder on her paper gown, and she felt it give behind her.

"Oh no!" she said, looking helplessly at the nurse.

"What's the matter?" Sally asked.

"It's coming apart, my gown's coming apart," Nina said, half panicking now.

"It's okay, it'll last.  Just stop pulling on it," Sally said helpfully.

Nina just stared at her until the occupant of the other room caught her attention.

"You there, girl!" said a voice over a speaker.  The old man waved some papers at her, the same ones Nina had brought by the look of them.  "You're new, aren't you?"

"Yes, Sir," Nina said, appalled at meeting such an influential and important client while naked under a rapidly disintegrating paper shirt.  She felt she should have been properly dressed in her designer suit and wondered what Mr. Hargrave must have thought of her.

Hargrave couldn't have cared less.  He simply put the papers down on a nearby table, signed them, popped them back in the envelope they came in, and slipped them into a slot in the wall.  "Give Brian my regards, will you?" were his last words, before turning to something else and ignoring the girls outside.

"What?" Nina asked.

"Come on, let's go," said Sally, "The papers will be waiting for you in the dressing room."

"Is that it?" Nina said.  "I got undressed, sprayed by God knows what, and made to stand here half naked, just for that!"

"Well, you did want to see him sign those papers, most usually wait in the entry.  Now come on, I'll take you back."

Nina was livid, but held her peace as she was escorted back the way she came.  As she stepped through the first door, she didn't see the amused smile on the nurse's face.

Thankfully, Nina didn't have to get washed again to leave, but she did have to wait until each door behind her closed before the next one opened.  She eventually peeled off what was left of her paper gown and got dressed.  Then, grabbing the papers and her briefcase she left the building without looking back.

It had not been a good day for Nina West.

End of Part 12.