The Rent.

Part 9, Buffalo Beach.

Nina West picked up another stack of files and carried them carefully to the desk she had been working at for the last three days.  No longer in the plush paralegal's office which she shared with three other co workers, Nina had been down in the basement doing estate research for one of the firm's many lawyers.  Paging through every file in the firm's large Real Estate section of cases had been dull but necessary, and the small book of notes she had put together concerning the concealed actions of one of their former clients was going to help the firm immensely.  Nina felt proud of her work, and glanced at the last pile happily.

She had been told that if she finished this task in four days, she could have a three-day weekend.  Nina had managed in just three.

Her haste had come at a price, though; it had meant burying herself in her work at the expense of the new friendships she had been trying to build with her work mates, especially Helen who had been so nice to her the night of the party.

Nina hadn't see her friend since that night but thought of her occasionally, or more accurately, thought of how in a moment of weakness she had told Helen about her arrangement with her host, Brian Cook.

To her credit, Helen hadn't acted shocked, and had stayed for a little while to comfort Nina who had just been through a rather shocking experience herself.  She had been asked, more like forced, to undress in a room of complete strangers.

But Helen left soon after, and there had been no calls, no sign of her since then.  Nina wondered if she had lost a friend.

But right now, she couldn't dwell on it.  There was still work to be done.

Nina sat at the desk, inhaling sharply as the cold, hard chair support touched her back.  Nina had taken her jacket off; the files and the room in general were dusty, and she didn't want to ruin it.  But that left her in just her silk blouse, a blouse so light and thin that only by looking down could Nina remember she was wearing it.  The material was also so sheer that all her bras showed clearly through it, so she was forced to go without.  With her jacket on that hadn't been a problem, but without it, Nina felt naked, despite the fact that the pattern in the silk concealed the more obvious signs of her condition, her nipples.  Walking around Nina could only barely feel that her breasts were covered, and was sure others noticed too.

In actual fact, many people did, despite the jacket, but none drew attention to it because they enjoyed seeing the young woman like that.  Besides, it was her choice, wasn't it?  No one had forced the girl to dress like that.  And as long as the clients didn't complain, the firm tolerated it.

Nina was sitting at her desk, leaning forward over a file, when she heard the door to the basement storage room open.  Out of habit Nina clenched her elbows to her sides in an attempt to hide what she felt were her obviously hanging breasts.  She looked up, and when she saw who it was, she smiled.  It was Helen.

"Hi," she said, sitting back.

"Hi, Nina," Helen replied.  Helen glanced back at the corridor for a second, and then stepped into the room, closing the door behind her.  She was smiling, but appeared a little nervous to Nina.  Nina also saw Helen's eyes flick briefly over her body, and Nina flushed, remembering that the last time they had been together, Nina had been nude.  To cover up her embarrassment, Nina spoke.

"So what brings you down here?" she said.

"You," Helen replied.  "I'm on a break and...well...I thought you could use a little company.  I've done my time down here myself, so I know how lonely it can get."

"It's pretty quiet," Nina agreed.

"I've been meaning to come down before, but it's been pretty busy up there without you," Helen said with a little laugh.

Nina laughed too, and the couple became still.

Helen stood, nervous, while Nina sat, feeling the same way.  Both had the same thing on their mind, and didn't know how to talk about it.

"Helen," Nina said eventually, "I want to apologize for the party, for what me."

"It's okay, you didn't do anything," Helen was quick to reply.

"It's not okay.  I got you involved in something private, something I'm not that comfortable with at times."

"Your deal with Brian Cook?" Helen asked.

Nina nodded.

Helen moved from the door and walked over to her friend.  "I have to say that I was shocked when you told me about it.  I mean, that day I first came over, you weren't swimming naked just for the exercise, were you?  It was because you had no choice but to BE naked."

"Oh, I have a choice," Nina said, looking up.  "I'm not forced into anything.  But if I break my lease by putting clothes on, then I lose a lot."

"Do you really want to live like that?" Helen asked, very curious about her friend's lifestyle.

Nina sat quietly for a moment before answering.  "Let's not talk about it right now."

Helen took a breath, letting it out slowly.  "Okay, I should be heading back anyway.  Maybe we can do something later."

"Yes, let's do something.  In fact...there is something I haven't done yet that I would like to," Nina said.

"What's that?" Helen asked.

"Go to the beach.  I've been here a month and I haven't set foot on it yet.  I didn't want to go alone."

Helen nodded.  "Sure, I'll come by after work and we can get something to eat out there."

Nina smiled.  "That would be great.  See you later then."

Helen smiled and left the room.


Nina did get to leave early that day, an ecstatic boss giving her the three day weekend he had promised, and she drove home filled with pride at a job well done.  It was still only mid-afternoon, so Nina took a longer way home, driving past the long public beach she knew she would soon be visiting.  It looked so inviting, barely a soul on it except for a few families here and there, and the ocean beyond looked heavenly.

Nina sighed and headed for home.

Once there, Nina undressed as was her custom in the privacy of the garage, and made her way quickly up the driveway to the house.  She had hung her clothes on hangers outside the room the rest of her wardrobe was kept in, but to gain access to a swimsuit she needed to talk to Brian.

"He's in his studio, Miss West," Alison Terry, the housekeeper told her.

"Oh no, when is he coming out?" Nina asked.  Both women were in the kitchen, Mrs. Terry standing at a counter rolling out some pastry with a roller.  Nina watched from her perch near the door, still surprised after a month that the older woman did all these chores in the nude.  Nina could never quite get over the sight of Mrs. Terry baking with no clothes on, her front as it was now, sprinkled with flour and other minor stains.  Only rarely did the housekeeper wear an apron, usually only when she handled something hot.

"He didn't say, Miss West.  Only that he said not to wait supper on him."

"Dammit.  I needed to see him."

Mrs. Terry turned, her dour face decorated with a raised eyebrow.  "Is there anything I can help you with?"

"Well, I'm going out with Helen tonight, just a trip to the beach, and I needed to get a swimsuit out."

"Oh," said Mrs. Terry, and she turned back to her baking.

"Would he really mind if I knocked on his door?"

"For something as simple as that he would," the housekeeper answered.

"Well, could you let me in to get a suit?"

"It's not my place, Miss.  That's a decision for Mr. Cook."

"Well, that's just great; I can't go to the beach naked!"

Mrs. Terry inclined her head at that remark, but didn't say anything.

"I'll just have to tell Helen the trip is off.  We'll have to do something here," continued Nina.  It was only after she said it that Nina realized she was contemplating spending time with her friend here, in the nude.  Was she that desperate for company?

"Well," said Mrs. Terry, "Why not wait until your friend gets here, before making any alternate plans.  Perhaps Mr. Cook will have appeared by then."

Nina wasn't optimistic.  Her host had sometimes locked himself away with his sculpturing until late at night.

"Maybe," said the naked young woman, and she turned and went to her room.

Mrs. Terry smiled.


When Helen drove up to the house three hours later, she had mentally prepared herself to see Nina nude once more, but had completely forgotten about Mrs. Terry.  She was therefore a little stunned when the naked housekeeper opened the door.

"Hello, Miss Helen.  Miss West is in the kitchen."

"Er...thanks," said Helen.

Mrs. Terry led the way, and Helen found Nina seated at the kitchen table with a glass of milk at her elbow, her attention in the book in front of her.  She was leaning forward, her ankles crossed under the chair, and Helen was surprised at how casual she looked.

"Hi," she said.

Nina jumped and looked at her friend, and Helen noticed Nina close in a bit, shielding her nude body a little but trying not to be obvious about it.

"Hi, you look nice," Nina said, meaning it.

Helen had run home to change before coming over.  Prepared for the beach, she had on a dark blue bikini, rather modestly cut, flip flops, and a very short beach wrap.  She felt rather underdressed, but as she was going to the beach, that was okay.  It was not as if she was driving around naked.  Helen still thought about that mad trip with Nina a few weeks before.

"Thanks.  So, are you ready?" Helen said with a grin.

Helen expected Nina to smile at least, but instead the young woman shook her head.  "We can't go."

"Why not?" Helen asked.

Nina blushed.  "I don't have anything to wear."

"Well, that's pretty obvious from where I'm standing, Sweety," Helen said with a smirk, relaxing at last, "But surely you have a swimsuit someplace."

"I do, but they're all locked away."

"Locked away?" Helen asked.

Nina nodded.  "I told you, I gave up control over my clothes; and a part of that is having them locked away.  Only Brian can let me at them."

"Where is he?"

Nina told Helen about Brian and his 'do not disturb' policy when he was working.

Helen wasn't worried.  "Well, that's okay; I can run and buy you a suit, you'll be fine."

Nina perked up; that option hadn't occurred to her.  But Mrs. Terry, working across the room, put that notion to rest.

"Mr. Cook wouldn't care for that, Miss West," the housekeeper said.  "It says in your contract he has control over all your clothes; that includes any you purchase or borrow."

"How do you know he'll care?" Helen asked, wondering why the woman was also naked.

"Because I've already been down that road with Mr. Cook.  It was in my own contract."

Both young women stared at Mrs. Terry for a moment, and while the older woman didn't turn to face them, they could still see that she was blushing a little.

Nina sighed.  "Well, I guess we stay here tonight.  You'll stay for dinner, won't you, Helen?"

"Sure.  I don't mind.  We can go another time."

"There is another solution," said Mrs. Terry, now turning to face the two younger women.

"What is it?" Nina asked.

"Buffalo beach!"


"I can't believe I'm doing this," Nina said, trying to relax as they sped down the coastal highway.  They were eight miles out of town and still had another twenty to go, and Nina knew for sure she had never been this far away from her clothing before.  Naked, she sat in the passenger seat of her friend's car, slouched down as best she could so oncoming traffic couldn't see her.  Unlike the nighttime drives she had taken, there was no disguising her nude state in full daylight.

Nina looked over at Helen, envious of the other woman's brief attire, and said again, "I can't believe..."

"Yeah, yeah, yeah.  I get the idea," yelled Helen into the wind of her convertible.  "But you were the one who decided to come!"

"I was nuts.  Turn around!"

Helen laughed.  "Are you sure you don't want my wrap?"

Nina sighed.  Helen's wrap wasn't long enough to cover Nina's bottom, and it wasn't opaque enough to cover anything else.  "I'd rather have your suit."

"No way, girlfriend.  You made your deal; you live by it.  We could still pick up a suit for you; no one would be the wiser."

It was true; she could do it, they could dump the suit afterwards, and Brian would never know.  But Nina had been brought up with a respect for promises she had made, and her unusual lease was such a promise.  She knew that she would do her best to honor it.

"No," she said slowly, "I'm fine."

Helen nodded and kept driving, amazed at her friend's strength.  No way would she have allowed herself to be driven miles out into the country with no clothes on, and she admired Nina for her determination.  She also had to admit to herself more than a little excitement at being around her naked friend.  Certainly since meeting her, Helen found her own life a little more exciting.  Helen shared an apartment and a lease with three other young professional women, and peace in this household was only achieved when all were at work.  She liked her roommates, but still yearned for the spacious apartment she lived in back home.  The place she had before by herself was twice as big as the apartment she shared now, and one fourth the cost.

In a way, Helen envied the deal Nina had made, and she wondered how she would react given the same chance.

Probably not as well.

Twenty minutes later, they turned off the highway in the direction of the ocean.  They navigated a narrow gravel road, one they found only because it had a metal silhouette of a buffalo on a post at its head.  The road wound around a few hills, traveling well out of sight of the highway until it ended in a sandy parking lot.  There were several cars there, but it didn't look too crowded.

Helen shut the engine off after parking, and the two women sat and listened to the sudden silence.

"Well?" Helen asked.

"What do you know about this place, Helen?  You must have heard of it."

"No, I haven't.  I have heard of Buffalo Hills, the nudist resort about three miles east of here, but not the beach," Helen replied.

Nina looked around.  "Do you really think this beach is a nude one?"

"I don't know.  Would Mrs. Terry lie to you about something like this?"

Nina thought about that.  "No, I don't think she would.  But the only way to find out is to go out there.  Come on."

Nina opened her door and stepped out.  It was one of the hardest things she had ever done, yet once out it felt easy.  She was already used to the warm sun shining on her bare skin, and the feel of the sand under her feet was really good.  What was new was the ocean breeze caressing her skin, and the strong smell of the sea.  She could hear the roar of the waves, but couldn't see the beach.

Helen got out the other side, still in her bikini and wrap.  She left her shoes in the car, but grabbed a small pack and a beach towel.

Nina raised an eyebrow.  "You had a towel?"

Helen shrugged, an apologetic look on her face.  "Forgot."

Nina chuckled, feeling more at ease the longer she stood there, wondering if her friend was telling the truth.  But it didn't really matter.

"I'm sorry, I only brought the one, I didn't know you didn't have any," Helen said, walking around the car.

"That's okay.  Come on, let's go."

The two women walked across the sand lot to what looked like a sign on the ocean side, beyond which a path led down what was obviously a cliff.  What it said confirmed Mrs. Terry's tale.


This beach has been designated as a private nudist facility for members and their guests only.  All others will be encouraged to leave, with incentives up to and including full prosecution for trespassing!

All visitors are STRONGLY encouraged to leave all clothing in their vehicles, or else face the wrath of the BEARD!


Below this was a set of rules, the same as you would find at any beach, with the inclusion that camera equipment was forbidden.

"The wrath of the Beard?  What's that?" Nina asked.

Helen didn't answer, she was looking rather pale.

"What's wrong?" Nina asked.

"I don't think I'll be wanted down there," she said, glancing down at her swimsuit.

"You could always take it off," suggested Nina.  "I really meant a lot to me that time we had to drive home naked together.  It didn't make me feel so much alone."

"I know.  Look, I'm sorry, I can't.  Not this time.  Okay?"

Nina nodded, disappointed.  "Okay.  I bet you'll be all right anyway.  What can they do, ask us to leave?"

Helen shrugged.  "Well, if you're sure you want to do this, lets go."

Nina led the way, and the couple walked the path, descending to the beach below.  It wasn't until they got almost to the bottom that they saw the beach itself, with a few dozen people sunning, swimming, or playing in the sand.

Nina and Helen both noticed that everyone there was nude, but both had different reactions.  Nina felt a little relieved, the reality of it all calming her.  She knew that she would still be exposing herself to strangers again, but at least she would get as good as she gave.  Rather than stand out, she would be one of the crowd.  Helen on the other hand looked about in vain for someone like herself in a swimsuit.  But the expanse of tanned skin showed her that she was alone in being covered up, and that made her more nervous.

They reached the bottom and walked out onto the beach proper.  The sand was hot but soft, and the sight of the ocean so close drove Nina wild with excitement.  The Midwestern girl had little contact with the ocean in her life, and was hungry for it.  But she was also very conscious of the others on the beach, her eyes drawn to them, the men in particular.  She held her arms across her breasts in an unconscious action.  She didn't notice Helen slowing down behind her, nor the friendly looking woman coming the other way.

"Hi, can I help you?" asked the woman.

Helen and Nina turned to see a fit looking older woman smiling at them.  She had a compact body, and her deep tan showed clearly that she spent a lot of time outside with nothing on.  She smiled at Nina and looked rather uncertainly at Helen.

"Hello, my name is Nina West," said Nina, holding out a hand.

The woman took it.  "Gabby Jackson."

"This is my friend, Helen," Nina continued.

Gabby politely shook hands, then turned back to Nina.  "Did you see the sign up on the cliff?  This is a private beach.  So I hope you understand when I ask who sent you?"

"Alison Terry sent us," Nina said.  Mrs. Terry had told them to give whoever asked her name.

"Oh Alison.  OH, you must be THAT Nina.  You're staying with Brian Cook, right?"

'THAT Nina' Nina thought.  "Yes.  I guess you've heard about me."

"Alison mentioned you, as did Beard.  I'm happy to have you here...and your friend."  Gabby glanced at Helen as if the other woman had two heads.

Nina noticed this, and Helen's discomfort.  "Er, Gabby.  Is it okay if Helen stays in her suit?"

Gabby smiled.  "Of course.  We don't FORCE anyone to undress down here.  But she might feel better if she did."  Gabby turned to Helen and smiled a stiff smile.

"Maybe later," was all Helen could think to say.

Nina suddenly wondered something.  "Who is Beard?"

Gabby laughed.  "I'm sure you'll recognize him when you see him.  In fact, I know he will want to say hi.  You can find him around the headland on the right.  You should go over before you leave."

"Sure, thanks," Nina replied, and Gabby moved off.

"What a bitch," Helen whispered, making Nina giggle.

"I don't think she liked your outfit," Nina replied.

"Screw her," Helen said, still feeling out of place.

Nina saw how uncomfortable her friend was, and wished she hadn't decided to take the plunge and come out here.  But now that she was here, Nina wanted to make the most of it.

"Come on, put your stuff down, and let's go for a swim."

Helen hesitated, then nodded.  They found a spot for the towel and bag, and Helen dropped her wrap.  Then the two friends headed for the ocean.

This was not a surfing beach by any means, the waves rolling gently onto the shore, but that made it all the more special to Nina, who was in her element.  She swam hard and far, letting the wave action carry her back to shore.  She dove and rose, moving like a fish through the clear water.

Helen watched her for a bit, then began to relax.  Soon the couple was chasing each other, trading tags and generally having a good time.  One clothed, one not, they behaved as any other swimmers might.

Soon they grew tired though, and Nina led Helen back up the beach to Helen's things.  It occurred to Nina while Helen dried her hair, that she had brought absolutely nothing with her.  Not only didn't Nina have any clothes, but also she had no jewelry, no ID, absolutely nothing.  She was like a newborn, with nothing to her name, and unable to do a thing about it.

For Nina, that was quite humbling, and it made her well aware that she was dependent on others to see her safely home.  Thirty miles away from any of your belongings was not the place to make trouble.  Watching Helen, Nina knew that at least her friend didn't have to worry about getting home.

"Here," Helen said, handing over her towel.  Nina smiled and took it, drying her own hair.  Surprisingly, she found her attempt a little clumsy, since she was now used to the hot air dryer at home.

Helen watched her friend comfortably standing there naked as she worked on her hair.  Nina looked to her to have no worries at all.  She was obviously perfectly at ease with her nudity now.  Helen wished she could feel as secure.  A part of her felt that she should do what peer pressure was trying to make her do, take off her swimsuit.  But a large part of her was mortified.  She lacked the courage she needed, the courage Nina had in spades from the look of things.

Nina dropped the towel.  "Let's go for a walk; I want to see who this Beard guy is."

"What if he doesn't like what I'm wearing?  The sign said beware his wrath!"

"Don't worry about it.  It's probably there to scare the tourists."  Nina held out her hand and the couple began the long walk.

Buffalo Beach was bigger than Helen expected, and she wondered who owned it.  As she walked, she thought about that, keeping her eyes off most of the men that cavorted around them in the all together.

They rounded a large section of rocks and were surprised to see a brightly colored canopy set up in a little cove.

Under the canopy were several people, all nude of course.

One man stood looking at a young woman reclined on the sand.  In his hand was a sketch book in which he was furiously drawing.  He rounded the far side of the girl and spied Nina and Helen watching from the edge of the group.

"I do believe that's Nina I see smiling at me!" he yelled, pointing directly at her.

Everybody turned, and Nina immediately blushed, aware that a dozen people were now staring at her naked body.

"Hi," she said softly.  Then she recognized the artist as one of the men at the party a few nights ago.

"Hello, Nina.  I don't know if you remember me.  We met at Brian's party.  I'm Boris Berednov, but my friends here call me Beard!" said the man with a light Russian accent.

Nina couldn't see why, the man was clean-shaven.  Then she looked down and realized with a blush that she had the answer.

Beard chuckled and walked around to meet her, the rest of the group breaking up.  "It's good to see you again.  Are you here to model for me?"

"  I just came to swim," Nina said.

"Well I insist that you model, just for one sketch.  I want to capture that beauty.  You and your...friend."  Beard's eyes locked on Helen for a moment, and he sighed.  "That will not do!"

Helen looked about nervously at the group.  "What won't?" she said.

Beard gave her a good look.  "Such a lovely lady, yet she hides herself.  I expect better from a friend of yours, Nina."

"She can wear a suit if she wants to!" Nina said in Helen's defense.

"Certainly, but why would she want to here?  In this place, we are free.  Not shackled to textile mores and values!  Come, I met you too at Nina's party.  Come, join us.  I will draw you and you shall see how beautiful you are."

"I can't," Helen said, looking around nervously.

"Why not?  You have nothing to be ashamed of, nothing that we haven't seen.  You should be proud, like your friend here, to be free!"

Helen glanced at the assembled group and blushed.  She didn't want to be the center of attention.

Beard paused, and moved closer.  "Tell me, Helen, have you not been free before?"

Nina stood, watching her friend, remembering the "wrath of Beard" and wondering if this were it.  She saw Helen shake her head, her eyes down.

"Ah.  It is fine," Beard said.  He turned and clapped his hands, getting everyone's attention.  "Go!" he yelled.  "I must work!"

People smiled and chatted and began to leave.  Startled, Helen and Nina began to move too, but Beard asked them to stay.  Soon they were the only ones on this side of the rocks.  They were alone under the canopy.

"No one will come now, until you leave," Beard said to the two of them.  He walked back to where several crates were stacked among some pillows and stuff, and dug around for a minute before bringing back three bottles of soda.  He handed the ladies one each and drank from his own.

Nina and Helen were both thirsty, so they drank too, and the threesome spent a quiet few minutes simply sipping in silence.

"You feel better?" Beard asked Helen.

"Yes, thanks," said the young woman.  "I'm sorry I couldn't...well, you know."

"I don't give up so easily, young Helen," said Beard.  "We are now alone, and I am determined to draw you, today!  Your friend, as lovely as she is, I can draw another day.  But for you; your day is today, your time is now.  Are you going to disappoint me?"

"I really can't," Helen said, shaking her head.  She looked at Nina for support and Nina smiled.

"Helen, it isn't that bad," Nina said, not believing what she was saying.  Only a month ago she would have been the one mortified at the prospect of standing on a beach naked.  Now here she was encouraging someone else to try it.

Beard moved close to Helen.  "It is a good thing to be free.  I know.  You can do this.  It is within you to do this."

Helen stood silent, not wanting to go on, yet not running either.

"You wish some help?" Beard said, and he reached around for the clasp that held Helen's top together.

Nina moved to stop him but one look from Beard stopped her.  She saw he was just like IO, very confident in what he was doing and very much in control.  Nina didn't have the courage to stop him.

Neither did Helen, apparently.  She stood silent and unmoving as Beard removed her bikini top, exposing the young woman's breasts to the sea air, her nipples hardening.  Her body now showed a tan line, matching the area of the recently removed top.

Beard smiled and moved away.  "Do you not feel better now, Helen?  More free?"

Helen half shielded her breasts, but not completely.  She was experiencing the airflow across her sensitive nipples for the first time, and was surprised at how good it felt.  She looked once more at Nina, and her friend smiled in encouragement.

"See," Nina said, "It's okay."

Helen smiled.  It was a little strained, but it was there.

Beard had pulled another crate from the back and set it up under the canopy.  "Sit!" he ordered, and Helen moved across the sand, now dressed in just her bikini bottoms.

She sat, and Nina watched as Beard positioned her just so, her legs to one side, together and bent at the knees, her arms in her lap, her breasts half hidden by her hair.

Helen felt that she would bolt at any time, but Beard was professional and patient with her, and as she was posed, she began to relax a little.  She was still very aware that she was topless, but it didn't seem to be as big a fear as it was a little bit ago.

Beard eventually smiled and picked up his pad, and in only a few minutes he had dashed of a series of sketches from different angles.

"You are beautiful, Helen, like your friend there.  You should be proud.  Are you proud?"

Helen didn't answer.

"Helen, speak to me.  Are you proud?" demanded Beard.

"Yes," Helen said quietly.

Beard smiled.  "Next time, you will yell it from the rocks.  There, done."

Beard let her see one of the sketches and Helen was delighted.  It caught her fear in her eyes, but it also showed her pride and beauty in her body language.  To Helen's further delight, it also didn't exploit her nudity; just hinting at the fact she was topless by showing an angle that allowed her hair to conceal her.

"I will keep this, beautiful Helen," Beard said, "and will have it delivered to Nina later.  You go now, enjoy the beach and your new freedom.  Go!"

The girls thanked Beard and walked hand in hand back to the beach proper, Helen all the time shaking from the delayed adrenaline rush.  It was only when they were halfway back to Helen's stuff that they realized that Beard still had Helen's bikini top.  For a moment Helen thought about going back to get it.  But looking around, she decided to stay as she was.  She wasn't ready to strip down completely...yet, but being topless was a start, wasn't it?

Nina was proud of her friend, well remembering her first time nude in front of a stranger, and the young women chatted about Nina's experiences as they sat on Helen's towel.

It turned out to be a great evening, and when it was over, Nina got to wear the wrap on the drive home.  Helen got the towel.

End of Part 9.