The Rent.

Part 8, The Party.

Nina had been living in the Cook house for a month now.  A month of being always nude at home, of dressing only in the garage at the head of the driveway, of being seen by the gardeners when they came by once a week.  Nina had even continued to help the housekeeper, Mrs. Terry, with her weekly grocery run, done of course in the nude.

There were many times where Nina thought she would die of embarrassment, but she never did, and soon she began to grow used to her almost constant nudity, broken only when she dressed for work or the occasionally trip off the property.

It helped a lot that her fears of being found out at work were not realized.  Her new friend Helen didn't breath a word of that first trip to IO, or of any of the subsequent trips she insisted on coming along on for various fittings.

Nina had enjoyed her company, and was glad to have a friend along.  She was also very happy with her new clothes, and certainly turned heads at the firm where she worked; for while completely covering her, the new suits certainly showed off her figure.

So Nina adjusted, and after a while was really able to call the house she lived in...home.

Then, one Saturday afternoon, her host Brian Cook told her that he was having a party that night.

"It will be a large group," he said, "several partners from the firm will be in attendance, as well as a sampling of our neighbors.  I'd like them all to meet you."

"But I have nothing to wear!" said the naked girl, who suddenly blushed at the double meaning behind her words.  She had meant that she had nothing formal enough for such a party, but then of course, at that moment she had nothing at all!

Brian smiled, of course catching both meanings.  "That's not a problem," he said.

Nina looked worried.  He had told her at the beginning that there were going to be events at his home where he would expect her to show up naked.  She had to ask.  "Am to be...?"

Brian chuckled.  "No, Nina, not for this group.  IO is making you a formal gown, isn't he?"

"Yes, but it isn't ready yet.  I haven't even seen it!"

"Well, I'll call him.  I promise that you will have that dress tonight!"

Nina smiled, and gave Brian a hug.

The old man chuckled, enjoying the feel of the young nude woman against his tired body.  "You're welcome!"


It was early evening, and guests were already arriving, yet Nina couldn't see them yet.  She was pacing in her room because her dress had yet to arrive.  Trapped because she had nothing else to wear, Nina wondered if Brian would order her to come down anyway.

What if he did; would she go?  Her makeup was done, her hair pinned, she was ready in every respect except for her clothes.  Would she have the guts to walk downstairs like this in front of all those people?  Nina didn't know.

A knock at the door, and Nina went to open it.  She was relieved to see Mrs. Terry standing there, unusually dressed in a formal maid's uniform, considering the woman spent more time naked than Nina did.  She looked strange.  She also wasn't alone, and Nina was surprised to see IO himself standing in the hallway.

In reflex, Nina moved to cover herself, even though IO had had his fingers on more places of her body than even her last boyfriend.  Some things you didn't hide from your tailor.

"Are you going to let us in, Miss West?" Mrs. Terry said.

"Oh...yes, come in."

IO smiled as he entered, carrying a large box that just had to hold the gown Nina had been expecting.  "I bet you've been waiting for this!" he said, his eyes roaming all over the attractive young lady.

Nina blushed at his attention, but nodded.

"Good.  Well, let's get you dressed."

Nina nodded again, eager to put something on, and very eager to see what unique creation IO had made just for her.  She had certainly been impressed by what he did with her work clothes; his evening gowns must be spectacular.

The box was opened, and a lot of white paper was pulled out, so much in fact that Nina almost didn't see the dress as it was carefully lifted out by IO.

"Here it is!" he said with a smile, and both Nina and Mrs. Terry were captivated.

The dress was white, silk and gauze, with what looked like diamond bands crossing at the bust and waist.  It shone in the light and looked light as a feather.

"Well," IO said, happy at the response, "shall we?"

"Oh yes," Nina said, looking down for the underwear she would wear with the dress.  But except for a pair of white heels, there was nothing else.  Nina looked up at IO.

IO chuckled.  "You can't wear anything under this dress, but don't worry about it."

"Don't worry?" Nina said, very concerned.

"Trust me!"

Nina almost said no, but instead she nodded, feeling that whatever covering the dress gave her was better than being nude.

"Okay, arms up high," IO ordered.  "Mrs. Terry, a hand please!"

Mrs. Terry, under IO's direction, helped with the placement of the white dress on Nina's body, and Nina knew she had never put on a dress this way before.  Instead of her either stepping into it, or having it pulled over her head, it was actually bent around her from her left side.  Wire stays under and over the bust gripped her chest firmly yet comfortably, while another held on to her waist.  After some adjusting, IO was happy with the fit, and Nina was able to look in her mirror.

She looked stunning.  The shoulderless gown seemed to begin at her breasts, creating a decent amount of cleavage displayed prominently in a diamond shaped hole, before curling down to her waist and falling to the floor.  The material was sheer enough that in the light of her room Nina could almost see her body, but her breasts and groin were hidden by the diamond like bands that almost wound around her.  Nina also felt some hidden support for her breasts, support that created the cleavage and also presented her outwards.  It was still obvious though that she wore nothing underneath it, because her right side, a three-inch band from her armpit to her thigh, was completely bare.  Below that, the dress moved like any high slit dress, exposing and hiding her legs.  The built in stays held the dress to her, hugging her body and bringing out her curves, and all would know it was the only covering she had.

But its beauty mesmerized Nina; she HAD to wear it, but it also scared the hell out of her.

"Beautiful," IO said, with Mrs. Terry nodding slowly in agreement.  "But it needs one adjustment."  IO stood behind Nina and pulled the pins from her hair, allowing it to fall and cascade around her shoulders.  It made a difference, a very erotic one.

"I've never seen anything like this," Nina said.

"Not many women could wear a dress like this," IO responded, "but there is no denying that you can.  Come now, I'll take you downstairs."

Nina nodded and obediently took his arm.  Gracefully, IO led her to the party.


It was now fairly late in the evening, and Nina was tired, for she had barely had a chance to sit down for hours.  It seemed that everyone that Brian Cook had invited to the party had wanted to meet her, and Nina had felt quite the center of attention.  She had also felt the eyes of most of the men in the room, some trying to make out the faint shadows under the material of the dress, almost all examining closely the band of bare skin that told all she didn't have on any underwear.  Nina also had to take care walking around so she didn't flash the guests.  With her right hip bare, it didn't take much movement for the front of the dress to swing far enough to one side to expose her.

What got her through the party were the manners of the gentlemen she talked to, and the presence of her new best friend, Helen, whom Brian had also invited.

But now the party seemed to be winding down, and after impressing the firm's partners, who had all gone home by now, Nina was ready for a bit of a rest.

The group that remained was still rather active.  A small group, but a friendly one at least.  There was Helen, of course, and Brian; and IO had stayed, dressed in a suit of his own creation.  Besides them were several other neighbors, who all lived in various high priced houses in the immediate area.

The party was in the coffee stage now, and Nina was just going to take an empty seat when Brian walked slowly to the middle of the lounge they happened to be gathered in, tapping his cup with a spoon.

"Ladies and gentlemen, if you please?" he said, smiling generously.

The group settled and Nina waited to see what her host was up to.  She didn't have to wait long.

"Thank you, thank you all for coming here tonight.  I know it has been longer than usual since we have last been together, but I thought it wise to take a little time to let my new guest settle in for a bit."  Brian smiled at Nina and the girl blushed a little at the renewed attention.

Helen grinned too, but she was not sure what was going on.  Like Nina, this was her first party at the Cook house.

"But now that you are all here, I would like to reveal to you all what I have been working on this past month.  It's still a work in progress, but I feel it has come along enough to give you all a peek."

There were murmurs of appreciation and Brian turned to Nina.

For a second, Nina thought he was going to ask her to undress, but he didn't.  Instead he said, "Nina, dear, these folk are all artists and friends, and we like to show off our work in front of each other."

Nina smiled and nodded, relieved.

Brian turned to the doorway.  "Alison!"

The double doors were already open, and a moment later Mrs. Terry appeared, pushing a low table on wheels.  On the table was a cloth colored object about four feet high, and Nina knew it was the sculpture Brian had been working on since she got here.  She was eager to see it, Brian having kept it a secret even from her.

But that wasn't the first thought in her mind, and she was only slightly aware of Helen gasping next to her.  What caught Nina's attention was that while the sculpture was covered, the housekeeper wasn't.  Mrs. Terry had reverted back to her nudist status, and seemed quite unconcerned about appearing before this group naked.

Nina looked around, watching for signs of surprise, but apart from Helen, who looked like she was about to start laughing, no one else even seemed to notice.  It was as if seeing the nude housekeeper was old news to them.

That made Nina think.

Brian glanced at Nina with an amused expression and then nodded at Mrs. Terry.  The housekeeper with little flourish pulled the cloth from the sculpture, and everyone in the room made an appreciative noise.

Nina was too distracted to notice at first; it took Helen to bring her to Earth.  "Nina, is that you?"

Nina stared at the statue and realized with a start that the figure in stone WAS her.  It certainly wasn't finished, but the head carried her features and her body down to her waist had been carefully carved out of the stone.  Her nude body, that is.  Nina's image seemed to be caught in a moment of indecision, one arm raised as if to cover her naked breasts but not quite getting there.  The other disappeared into the uncut stone below the figure's waist.  The expression on the face of the statue was one of insecurity and embarrassment, something Nina had felt a lot over the past month.  Nina began to blush.

"It's a fine start," was the general consensus, and people moved to examine the statue more closely.  Some looked from Nina to the statue and back again, making Nina blush further.

"So you really DO model for him," Helen whispered with a giggle, "but you didn't say you did it nude!"

"Well, I..." Nina began, but one of the guests, who had been talking composition with Brian, suddenly spoke out loud.

"What we need, Brian, is a comparison.  Is it possible to see your model against the statue?"

Brian smiled.  "Of course!  Nina, if you would please?"

Startled, Nina moved closer to the statue, but the guest shook his head.  "You look lovely in that dress, Sweetheart, but the statue hasn't got one on.  Do you mind?"

Nina realized that she was expected to strip, and she looked at Brian for help.  Instead of help though, he said, "Nina, this is one of those groups I mentioned to you.  You are quite safe reverting to our agreement now.  So I would like you to remove that delightful dress."

"What?" Nina said, stunned.  Beside her, Helen began coughing up her drink, very surprised herself.

"Remove the dress now, Nina.  It's quite alright."

This was it; the moment Nina had been dreading for a month.  He was finally asking her to get naked in front of a crowd, even though the crowd was only a dozen strong.  Nina didn't know if she had the strength, but unfortunately IO came to her aid.

"I'll help her off with the dress, I don't want it ruined," he said.

Too stunned to speak, Nina numbly allowed the tailor to bend the stays that had gripped her all night, and reveal her body to all.

"Exquisite," said one of the women immediately.  "Brian, how do you get so lucky with all your models?"

Another said, "Damn good musculature; do you work out girl?"

Another voice said, "Yes, I can see now why you chose that slope to the breasts; unsupported they do fall into that position.  But then, Old Man, you always had a good eye for female anatomy."

More voices added their praise and/or criticism, and for several minutes Nina stood and allowed herself to be visually dissected.  It was only then that she realized that none of the comments she heard was aimed at degrading or sexually exploiting her.  All seemed to reference the statue or art in general.  There were even a couple of offers for her to come model.

Brian stepped close to her and whispered in her ear.  "I told you these people would be more interested in your body for its artistic value than anything else.  Surprised?"

Nina nodded.  "Yes, I am."

"You have to learn to trust me more," Brian replied, and he began to move away.

"Brian," Nina said, still trying to deal with the shock of the moment.

"Yes, dear?"

"Are you...done with me tonight?  I'd like to go up to my room now."

"Of course, I understand.  Go right ahead."

Nina nodded again and said her goodnights.  She hesitated in front of IO, who looked at her with anything but an artist's eye, and as she left, she didn't even notice that Helen was no longer in the room.

Naked, she padded up the stairs to the top floor, paused at her own door, and then continued up the spiral staircase to the sunroom.

It was night now, and the room was lit only by the stars and reflected light from the few streetlights that dotted the neighborhood.  Nina crossed over to one of the couches and collapsed on it, releasing the tension of the moment in a few heartfelt sobs.  She didn't know what to think about what had happened downstairs, whether to feel humiliated or not.  Nina was very confused.

She didn't know anyone was in the room with her until she felt a hand on her shoulder.  She jumped and screamed.  Startled, Helen jumped back and screamed too.

"Oh, I'm sorry!" Helen said, "I'm sorry.  I didn't mean to scare you."  Helen had stepped out into the entryway to compose herself, and Nina had walked right by her without seeing her.  Helen wondered what really was happening in this house, and decided to follow her friend.

"I didn't know it was you, Helen," Nina said, unconsciously trying to hide her body, even though Helen had seen her naked several times.  But the events of the evening had heightened her sensitivity a little.

"It's okay, I should have knocked.  Are you okay?"

Nina paused, and shook her head.

Now Helen was truly concerned.  "What happened downstairs, is that...normal?"

"I guess it is now!" Nina replied.

"What do you mean?"

Nina slowly began to explain the strange deal she had made to live in this house, how in return for food and lodging she was to remain naked at all times while on the property.

Helen was amazed, never having heard such a thing in her life.  "I had no idea Brian Cook was into that!" she said.

"Oh no," Nina replied, "It's nothing sordid.  I am actually modeling for Brian, but what he is looking for in his art is something that can only be captured in candid moments.  You saw the statue, surely you see that!"

Helen did see.  The four-foot figure of Nina certainly looked like she wanted to be anything but naked, something a professional model would be hard put to fake.

"Did you know he was going to expose you in front of all those people?" Helen asked her.

Nina nodded.  "He warned me, told me it was going to happen sometimes, but the reality of it all was a bit overwhelming.  But I'm glad you're here, I need a friend right now."

Helen smiled and the two women, one dressed in a formal gown, the other completely naked, hugged.

Helen was also glad to be there, and knew being friends with Nina could prove very interesting indeed.

Helen smiled.

End of Part 8.