The Rent.

Part 6   Groceries.

Nina woke up Monday morning feeling a little nervous.  Actually, being nervous was nothing new to the young woman, given her living conditions of the time, but this morning it wasn't because she would be spending another day without clothes on.  It was to be her first day of work.

She got out of bed and left it unmade to go use the bathroom.  She no longer bothered to make her bed, because the night she signed her unusual lease she discovered something additional added to it.  A lockable bar had been added to the foot of the bed, trapping the bedclothes so that they couldn't be removed.  Nina assumed it was so she couldn't take a sheet and wrap herself if she needed to.

'At least', she kept thinking, 'they let me HAVE blankets!'

She went downstairs as usual and did her laps in the pool, then she joined Mrs. Terry at the breakfast table, both women naked.  Nina tried to relax during this meal, but she still couldn't get over how odd it was to sit eating with nothing on.

She went up to shower and spent ten minutes under the hot air blower, then for the first time since she got there, sat down and put on a little make up.  Nina was determined to look good for her first day at work.  All through this Nina kept thinking that she would soon be getting dressed, and looked forward to that moment with increasing enjoyment.

Finally, she was ready, and she padded barefoot out of her room in search of her host, Brian Cook.  The old man was the only one with the key to the room her clothes were locked in.

She found him in the dining room, having his own breakfast.

"Ah," he said.  "You look lovely this morning!"

"Thank you," blushed Nina, aware that his gaze had taken in her entire body.

"I suppose you need to get to work!" he said with a smile.

Nina nodded.

Brian got up and led the way, walking slowly out the front of the house toward the detached garage at the end of the driveway.

Nina wished he would hurry up, anxious to be dressed and off, but found herself enjoying the walk.  The brick driveway felt cool beneath her feet, the sun not having risen enough to warm it yet, and the air had a certain crispness to it that made her more alert.  The only bad part of it all was the approach near the main gate.  At least a couple of cars passed by while she was in sight of the road, and Nina hoped that she hadn't been seen parading down the driveway in the all together.

Brian led her inside the garage and up the stairs, where he unlocked the door that held Nina's modesty.

As quickly as she could, she picked out the outfit she had been thinking of for two days, and put it on.  The clothes felt a little strange after so much time naked, but they also felt good to her.

Brian Cook, on the other hand, shook his head and sighed.

"Nina, my dear, you look so much better without those clothes on, but I think that if you have to wear clothes at all, we need to find you something more suitable."

Nina stopped and looked down at her suit.  It had served her very well at college, and she wondered what Brian was talking about.

"What's the matter with this?" she asked him.

"It's fine as it goes, but the atmosphere at the Firm is one of affluence, and if you need to meet with a client, it would serve you better if you dressed the part.  We'll have to go shopping soon for some better work clothes, young Nina."

"I'm sorry!" Nina said, a little put out by the insult to her clothing.

"That's quite alright; I know we'll get you sorted out."

Nina grumbled to herself as she finished, and walked down to the car she was going to use.  She was just beginning to perk up a bit with the knowledge that she was getting the use of such a nice vehicle, when she noticed the bag in the front passenger seat.  It wasn't hers.  A couple of days before she had put her ancient laptop, the one she used as a reference book for her work, and the bag it came in, in the car ready for today.  What greeted her was something brand new.

She turned to Brian who was smiling.

"I took the liberty," said the old man, "of picking up a gift for you, something to welcome you to the Firm.  I had everything on your old machine transferred, but this one I'm told is a much better model.  I'm too old to really know about such things, but my grand daughter swears by this brand."

Nina was delighted; her old machine had pretty much reached its limits.

"Oh THANK you, Brian.  It's a wonderful gift!"  She hugged the old man, and the couple danced about a bit before she got in the car.

"I'll see you tonight," Brian said, "just leave your clothes on the hooks by the door up there, and I'll lock them away once I know you're home.  You have a good first day!"

Nina's good mood faltered a little with the reminder that she would be stripping again, but it was soon out of her mind again as she drove the cute little Geo to work.

Brian was right, it WAS a good day.  She met her new boss, one of the senior partners, and after dealing with a senior secretary who doubled as the company personnel officer, Nina was placed in a large office that she was to share with three other Paralegals.

Two girls and one guy, they all greeted her in a friendly manner.  But Nina could tell looking in their eyes that they didn't think much of the quality of her suit.  All of them were very fashionably dressed, and Nina couldn't help admiring the cut of their outfits.  But the day got better as she was shown the ropes and introduced to her duties.

She lunched with the group, and after telling her new workmates where she was from, one of the women, Helen, promised to take Nina shopping herself.  "I'm a small town girl myself," Helen had told her, "and I know how it is not to fit in right away.  But believe me, if you dress the part that's most of the battle!"

Nina was glad to find a friend, and was happier that it was someone who understood her roots.

By the end of the day she was mentally tired from the on the job training, and physically keyed up for something more.  As she drove home, she focused on having a swim to ease the tension in her muscles, and she drove through the automatic gate and parked the car without thinking.

She had almost reached the house when the world intruded on her thoughts with a loud crack.


Nina jumped and looked up.  It was Brian, standing in the front door looking rather disappointed in her.  It only dawned on Nina then that she had completely forgotten to get undressed back at the garage; she was still in her work suit.

"Oh God, I'm sorry!" she said.  "I'll go change at once!"

"Why?" Brian said.  "You've already broken your lease, and you've barely started!"

"But, I just forgot," said the young woman.

Brian frowned.  "Forgetting things is not good for someone in your line of work.  Especially something as important as this!"

"I'm sorry!"

Brian gave a deep sigh.  "Okay, well I guess there will be a few slip ups at the beginning, I can't expect miracles.  But just to remind you of the importance of what you are doing, I want you to undress right where you're standing, and take those clothes back to the garage before coming in the house.  I also think I'll have you go grocery shopping with Mrs. Terry later this evening, she could use the help."

"Yes, sir, I'll be happy to," said the young woman.

Brian nodded.  "Well, go ahead then!"

Nina stood blankly for a moment, then realized that he meant to stay where he was while she undressed.  Her heart thumping, Nina slowly pulled her clothes off, quite conscious of the fact that she was undressing for a man outside in the great outdoors.

It mortified her, but she did it anyway, and soon she was completely naked.  She crouched, flashing her pussy at Brian, to pick up her discarded clothing, and padded back the way she had come.

Watching her go, Brian smiled.


It was later that evening, the sun had gone down a while ago, and Nina was toying with her new laptop.  She was lying naked on the bed, one shapely foot up in the air behind her.

She was about to give up and get ready for bed, thinking that it was too late to go anywhere, especially grocery shopping.  But then there was a knock at her door.

"Come in!" Nina said, aware that she was inviting someone into her room while she had nothing on.

Mrs. Terry stepped in.  "I'm told you're supposed to come shopping with me tonight, Miss West," said the naked housekeeper.

"Yes, but isn't it a bit late now?" Nina asked.

"Not at all, I always go at this time on a Monday night.  Now come along!"

Nina slid off the bed and followed the older woman out of the house.  As they walked together to the garage, Nina looked about for Brian Cook.  He wasn't anywhere to be seen, so Nina assumed he was meeting them at the garage to give them their clothes.

She was wrong.

Inside the garage, Mrs. Terry headed for her Ford sedan while Nina looked up at the room where their clothes were.  Brian wasn't anywhere to be seen and the room was definitely locked.

"Err..." Nina began, fear closing her heart.

"Come on, Miss West, I want to get back in time for Conan!"

"Mrs. Terry, aren't we supposed to get dressed first?"

"It's really not necessary, Miss West."

"Not necessary?  Of course it's necessary to be dressed to go out; there are laws against nudity, aren't there?"

Mrs. Cook smiled.  "I suppose so, but then in this community the people make their own from time to time.  Now, no one is going to call the police on us, we're just going out for groceries.  Get in the car or stay here, I really don't care.  But Mr. Cook wanted you to come with me, and I'm sure he had his reasons."

'That was it wasn't it', she thought, 'THIS was the punishment for not getting undressed earlier'.  Nina had thought it was Brian's kindness that had let her keep her lease, but he was actually going to teach her a lesson.

Nina debated on what would happen if she stayed, and it didn't look pretty.  On the other hand, Mrs. Terry seemed perfectly at ease with driving out of here naked and going shopping, so maybe there wasn't any risk to it all?

Nina didn't have any longer to think of it as the housekeeper started her car.  Nina just had time to run over and climb in before they left.


The drive in the darkness wasn't quite as bad as Nina thought it would be at first, but then Nina thought that she would shrivel up and die.  The street lights lit up her body inside the car, and she was sure that each house they passed, each car they met on the street, had a direct view of her naked body.

She slouched down in the seat as much as she could, which wasn't much since Mrs. Terry had insisted the girl wear her seat belt, and tried to look invisible.

Mrs. Terry on the other hand, sat us straight and acted as if she drove naked every day.  Nina wondered if she did.

Mrs. Terry glanced over at Nina and her normally sour face smiled.  "It's okay, Miss West, you're quite safe, and I can prove it to you.  Look at the cars that go by, I'll give you ten dollars if you can tell me what anyone is wearing.

Nina looked puzzled for a moment, then focused on the cars going the other way on the street.  Try as she might, she couldn't quite see into them from a distance, and when they WERE close enough, they went by too fast to get a good look anyway.  She then realized that if she couldn't see them, then they couldn't see her, and she relaxed.

"Do you do this a lot?" Nina asked, "Do you leave the house naked a lot?"

"As much as I can, Miss West," replied the housekeeper.

"Why?" asked the girl.

Mrs. Terry paused, thinking.  "Since my husband died, there is very little in my life that truly engages me," she said slowly, "but after Mr. Cook asked me to be his model, I began to find that being nude all the time gave me a certain thrill.  It...filled me, if you understand what I mean.  But eventually just going about the house wasn't quite enough anymore, so I started venturing out a bit."

"Did you ever get in trouble?"

Mrs. Terry smiled.  "Only once, I'll have to tell you about it some time.  Here we are!"

They pulled into a parking lot in front of a brightly lit store.  It wasn't a large grocery store, but it was big enough, and to make it worse it was occupied.

Nina had hoped that maybe some special shopping hours had been arranged, so they could use the store in peace, but apparently not, it was still open for business.

"I can't go out there," Nina said, gripping the door in panic.

"Of course you can, Miss West, no one will harm you."

"But they'll see me!"

"Well, that's the whole point!" said the housekeeper with a smile.

Nina looked at her.  "But only Brian was supposed to see me like this!"

"Miss West...Nina...don't you want to enjoy this?  Think about it, when have you ever felt more alive than you do now?"

Nina felt alive, so alive she thought her heart was going to burst, it was beating so hard.  "I can't."

Mrs. Terry sighed.  "I'll be right back," she said and she opened the door and got out.

Nina watched her walk normally to the store, purse in hand.  She got a few looks from the other shoppers entering and leaving the store, but otherwise no one commented on her nudity.

Nina was puzzled, but she felt herself calming down now that she wasn't being asked to get out of the car.  Then she saw the housekeeper appear once more at the front of the store, and with her was an older man in an apron.  To Nina's horror they were coming right back to the car.

Nina looked around for something, anything to cover herself up with, but saw nothing she could use.  So she cringed and resigned herself to be seen naked by another stranger.

Mrs. Terry walked up to her car door and opened it, revealing the young woman's body to the man.  "Miss West, this is Mr. Diotelli, the owner of the store and a good friend of both myself and Mr. Cook.  Mr. Diotelli, this is Nina West, who is staying with us and acting as Mr. Cook's new model.

"Ah Nina, un nome cosi' bello, tipicamente italiano.  Parli italiano, bellissima Nina ?" said the old man, clearly pleased to see her, and enchanted by her Italian sounding name.

"Si, ma solo un po.  Mio nonno era italiano, e voleva che io parlassi un po di italiano" Nina replied slowly.  It had been years since she spoke much of her grandfather's first language, but the old man had insisted she learn and the lessons stuck.

Mr. Diotelli beamed and held out his hands.  "Lo parli benissimo, Nina, come la Madonna stessa!" he said, impressed with the young beauty in the car, and more for her language skills than her pretty young body.

Nina blushed at the compliment, enjoying the fact that while he was getting a good look at all she had he was more interested in talking about how well she spoke the language.

"Grazie, signor Diotelli, but I think I'll stick with English for now, my Italian is rusty."

The storeowner laughed.  "Si, that is fine.  English is more practical but not as beautiful for sure."

Nina couldn't help grinning.

"Alison here tells me that you no want to come inside?"

Nina paled.  "I can't, I'm not dressed!"

Diotelli through up his hands.  "It no matter, young Nina, not tonight.  You come, eh, see that it is okay.  You be fine, I promise.  Come, it is a nice store."

With Diotelli urging her on and Mrs. Terry watching, Nina found herself unbuckling her seat belt and climbing out of the car.  The storeowner beamed once more and led the two naked ladies across the parking lot and inside.

All the way there, Nina looked around to see who could see her and then avoided the eyes of those who could.  But as they started their shopping, she realized that no one was making a big deal out her being naked.  Eventually she had to ask the question that had been bothering her all night.

"How is it we can do this?" she asked Mrs. Terry, who was pushing the grocery cart.

"Mr. Diotelli has been here for years," said the housekeeper, "and has earned a certain trust from most of the community that has also been here for years.  He indulges some of us, every Monday night, by allowing some of the community to be a little freer than his usual customers.  Notice, no children here tonight; those who have them know not to bring them.  Also, no one is hassling us, anyone who does deals with him, and it's rumored he has connections.  I don't know if they're true, but people believe it anyway and it keeps the riffraff out.  Oh, and don't be fooled by his "Just off the boat" act.  That man is as smart and as shrewd as they come.  Also, we're not alone in here, look!"

The housekeeper pointed at a normal looking couple in the aisle ahead of them, and Nina wondered what was wrong with them.  Then she noticed the woman.  She was normally dressed, but both her hands were handcuffed to the cart she was pushing.

Nina looked about.  She saw a couple that had to be wearing each other's clothes, another that appeared to be in tight rubber.  Going around a corner, they almost bumped into a rotund middle-aged man who was also naked.  He smiled and nodded at Mrs. Terry who nodded back.

"Who are these people?" Nina asked.

"Some of them are our neighbors," replied the housekeeper.

They eventually went through the checkout, and Diotelli helped them load their groceries in the car himself.

"You come back next week, huh?" he said with a smile at Nina.

The young woman nodded without thinking.

"Good!"  He surprised her by giving her and Mrs. Terry a quick hug before hurrying back into his store.

The women climbed in the car and started back to the house.

"Miss West, tell me honestly.  Was there a moment there when you were able to relax and actually enjoy what happened to you tonight?"

Nina looked out the window.  Had she enjoyed it?

End of Part 6