The Rent.

Part 5  The Gardeners.

Nina lay out in the sun, enjoying the warm and silent Sunday while she could.  Back home at this time of year, it was colder, wetter, and not nearly as much fun outdoors.  But here, well here a girl could just stretch out and enjoy the rays!

She lay on an air mattress, the transparent kind with the reflective coating on the bottom that allowed you to tan all over at the same time without having to turn over a lot.  And tan all over she did!  Without even a tiny bathing suit to mar her perfect skin, her sun-starved body was getting the full treatment.  All that covered it was a thin layer of sunscreen, extra strong to protect those more delicate areas.

The last couple of days for Nina had been odd, but thankfully uneventful.  After getting over the shock of finding out that the housekeeper, Mrs. Terry, would also be spending all her time naked, Nina had attempted to settle into some sort of routine.

It had been hard, though.  Just when the young woman had thought she got a handle on things, she would come across Mrs. Terry doing housework in the buff, unsettling Nina all over again.  It looked very strange to Nina for someone to be vacuuming a carpet naked, yet acting as if it was all very normal.

So Nina escaped outside as much as she could, either swimming in the pool, which she had to admit, was a lot more fun to do naked, or wandering around the grounds working on her tan.

She had thought of visiting the nearby beach; by the smell of the air it was tantalizingly close.  But that would have meant approaching her host, Brian Cook, for the key to her locked away clothes.

That was something ELSE Nina was still trying to get her mind behind.  She had NOTHING to wear; nothing that she could reach easily, that is.  Her closets were bare, even her shoes were gone, and a check in the bathroom showed that all her towels had been taken away except for a few wash cloths.  Mounted on the wall of her bathroom instead was a large hot air dryer with a swivel nozzle.  When Nina had to use it for the first time, dripping wet from a shower, she felt kinda dumb pressing the big button on the side, but as she turned and posed in front of the outlet, the warm air felt very nice as it blew past her naked skin, and Nina had to admit that it did its job.

One bad side effect though was that she had to work moisturizer into her skin right afterwards, because the dryer did too GOOD a job.  But Nina soon found that to be a pleasure rather than a chore.  The act of spreading and rubbing the slick liquid all over her body was soothing and also a little arousing, especially when doing her breasts, which had always been sensitive for her.  When rubbing between her legs it was VERY distracting!

In fact, Nina thought this entire enterprise was distracting.  Now that she was getting over her initial shocks she was beginning to feel a little turned on by her constant nudity, at least when no one else was looking at her.

Her host looked at her a lot, and at times Nina found his gaze to be rather uncomfortable.  But then that IS what he wanted her to feel at times, as she understood her role.

While he was old enough to be her grandfather, Nina thought that sometimes Brian Cook looked at her like a younger man would have, not out of artistic appreciation, but out of lust.  Brian was a nice enough man, but Nina fervently hoped that he was too old to do anything BUT look.

Nina sighed and turned over, her naked body apparently floating in the air on the transparent mattress.

So many thoughts; her brain seemed way too full these days, as if to make up for how bare the rest of her was.

She thought about how the next day she WOULD get a chance to get dressed.  It was to be her first day at her new job, so she would be leaving early in the morning to get to the office.  She already had the outfit she wanted picked out in her mind, something nice and non-revealing!


The warm sun and the still air, worked slowly on her, and she began to dose.

Unknown to Nina, Sunday at the Cook household had a schedule all its own.  Sunday was the day Brian Cook had the gardeners in to keep up the fantastic landscaping that surrounded the house.

It was a crew of three, a family team of two brothers and their sister; Wesley, Annabel, and Will Clark.

The Clarks had arrived after lunch as usual, and began work out in front of the house as was their custom.  Nothing was said to Nina about their arrival, but the Clarks were briefed in on her deal by Brian Cook himself.  It was nothing new to them; the family had been working his property for years as well as many other properties in the neighborhood.  There wasn't much they hadn't seen already, and Cook wasn't the strangest of the lot by far!

So the crew went to work, doing their weekly maintenance efficiently and quietly, working their way around the house to where Nina lay sleeping in the back.

Will saw her first, and had to admit he was impressed.  The young woman was lying on her stomach, her arms up and draped over the sides of the mattress, her legs partially open so that her pussy was exposed.

Will waved his brother over, and the two men decided to take a closer look.  Will always enjoyed the sight of a beautiful woman, especially naked and especially when they didn't know he was looking.  He loved how vulnerable they appeared, how delicate, how...perfect they were.

This one he saw, hadn't been out in the sun all that much until lately.  Her skin was too pale for a regular sun worshiper.  In fact, looking a little closer, he could see a little red tinge to her buttocks and shoulders showing that she was getting a little TOO much sun.

Grinning at his brother, Will crouched down beside Nina.  He was close enough now to see the fine hairs on her butt, the drops of sweat on her skin, the way she partially revealed and covered one of her breasts with each breath.

Will was in high heaven.

This wasn't the first time they had encountered naked women on this property, but Cook had said that Nina was certainly not used to being looked at, so they weren't to disturb her.

Sighing, Will was about to get up and resume working when from behind the two men a voice called out "What the hell are you guys doing?"

Will and Wesley spun around to see their sister Annabel standing behind them, her hands on her hips.  She looked pissed.

What they didn't see was Nina's eyes snap open, revealing to her the two men standing not even a foot from her naked body.

They did hear her scream though, and they turned to see the startled girl leap off the mattress, her hands desperately trying to cover herself.  She would have used the mattress for this, but for some reason it was chained down at a couple of spots so it couldn't be moved.

Instead, Nina screamed again and headed for the nearest bush.

She had NOT expected to be seen by strangers like this, especially people as rough looking as those two men.  She wondered if they had wondered in off the street, not noticing their somewhat dirty uniforms.  Nina hadn't noticed Annabel at all!

Hiding behind a bush, Nina screamed once more and started yelling at the gardeners to go away.  She wondered where the hell Brian was, and hoped he would come right down to sort it all out.  Brian was actually at his studio window, watching all the action.  The humiliation shown by Nina fascinated him, and he sketched furiously on a pad so he wouldn't lose any of it.

The gardeners were in a different state of mind however.  It had not been their intention to scare her, and both men began waving their hands, asking Nina to calm down.

Annabel also tried to calm the frightened girl, but was having no luck.

It wasn't until Mrs. Terry descended from the house right on cue that Nina stopped panicking.

"What's all the yelling about out here?" she called out from the patio.

Everyone's eyes were drawn to the naked housekeeper, standing as Annabel had done with her hands on her hips.  She looked formidable, despite her nudity, and Nina took solace in her presence, although she was surprised Mrs. Terry would show herself like that in front of strangers.

The gardeners weren't strangers, they were quite used to seeing the housekeeper naked.

"What's going on?" she yelled once more.

"These people were staring at me!" Nina yelled back.

"Of course they were," answered Mrs. Terry.  "What do you expect them to do when you lie out here naked, avert their eyes?"

"What?" Nina asked, thoroughly confused.

Mrs. Terry walked out onto the lawn.  "Hello Annabel, Will, Wes; I'm sorry about all this!"

"That's quite alright, Mrs. Terry," said Annabel, the leader of the group, "I think we just scared her, that's all."

Nina was shocked.  "You mean you KNOW these people?" she asked.

"Of course I know them, they're our gardeners, Miss West.  Now come out and I'll introduce them."

Nina shook her head; she didn't want to expose herself again, although now that she actually looked at them she could see that they WERE wearing uniforms.

"You silly girl," said Mrs. Terry, "It's quite alright.  If Mr. Cook hadn't wanted them to see you, he would have told you stay inside.  Now come shake hands and apologize for scaring them!"

"ME apologize!" Nina said.

"Of course; don't you think you scared them as well, screaming like that?"

Nina had to think about it for a second.

Annabel stepped forward, her hand out.  "Hi, I'm sorry my brothers frightened you, but it's okay, they're harmless really," she said with a smile.

"Er..." Nina said, eyeing the outstretched hand while still cowering behind the bush.

"Miss West," said Mrs. Terry, sounding more like Nina's mother with every statement, "Do I have to come back there and get you?  May I remind you that anyone who Mr. Cook approves of seeing you, IS to see you?"

Nina swallowed, remembering the lease she had signed.  Her heart was going a mile a minute, but she took a deep breath and forced herself to step out from around the bush.

Big smiles all round, and Annabel stepped forward and took her hand.  "Hi, I'm Annabel."

"Pleased to meet you; I'm Nina West.  I'm...sorry...I scared you," Nina replied, looking the young gardener in the eye.

"Likewise," replied Annabel, taking in her body with a woman's critical eye.

Nina moved to take Will's hand next.

"I'm Will Clark," he said, his eyes traveling up and down the front of the nude young woman.

Nina nodded and shook his hand.

Wesley just smiled and mumbled his name.  He was the shy one of the family and didn't talk much.  He was also a little less obvious about his looks at Nina than his brother was, which the naked girl appreciated.

Mrs. Terry nodded and smiled.  "The Clarks are here every Sunday to work on the grounds, so you'll be seeing them at least once a week while you're here, Miss West."

"Okay."  Nina tried not to look at any of them; she was now surrounded by dressed people while she was naked, it was an odd feeling.

"Well, now that things are settled," continued Mrs. Terry, "I have coffee and sandwiches for you all in the dining room when you are done!"

"Thank you, Mrs. Terry," said Annabel, "You're too good to us!"

The housekeeper beamed, quite the change from her normal sour expression.  "That's quite alright dear.  Now back to work with you; and Miss West, you be nice to these people."

"Yes, Ma'am," said the young woman.

From up in his window, Brian Cook watched the group break up.  Mrs. Terry to her kitchen, the gardeners to their tasks.  All that was left was Nina, standing naked and alone in the middle of the lawn, looking shocked and rather vulnerable.  It was just the image he wanted, and before she moved again, he had captured it in charcoal.

'Yes', he thought, 'This one will work out nicely'.

End of Part 5