The Rent

Part 4,  It Begins.

Nina West had just signed away her right to wear clothes in her new home.  She could be exposed to anyone her host thought entitled, and she was also to be forcibly kept away from her clothing.  The realization of what she had done was only just beginning to sink in when her host, Brian Cook, decided to get things moving.

"Well done, young Nina!" he said with a smile, taking the papers she had signed from her.  He separated a few sheets and handed a few back to her.

"These are your copies, you can keep them in your room."

"Er...thanks," said the young woman, quite conscious of the bare wooden seat under her naked butt.

"Now on to business.  I just called Alison to let her know you signed, she'll meet us in your room."

"My room?" asked Nina, wondering why the housekeeper would be going there.

"Of course!  We have to remove your clothes from the house right away; we can't have you in violation of your lease now, can we!"

A small shudder passed through Nina, but she smiled anyway and stood.  Her nudity felt even more pronounced to her now, as if signing those papers had stripped away her final layer of protection.  She was now committed to two years of exposure.  At least, she thought, it would only be in the house and on its grounds.

Her elderly host gathered a few things and accompanied the young woman to the door, chatting about how much work he could get done now and how helpful she was.  Nina just nodded in the right places and walked with her arms across her chest.  She kept her eyes down, avoiding her own reflection in the hundreds of mirrors that scattered her image around the house, and the outside world that seemed so close through the huge windows the house seemed made of.

"I can do this," she said to herself, her host not hearing her.  They went upstairs to Nina's room and found the housekeeper, Alison Terry, already working on Nina's closet.  The housekeeper looked over her shoulder at the naked woman, again not showing any reaction to her nudity.  It was as if she saw this kind of thing all the time.

"I'm just packing your clothes, Miss West," said the very formal Mrs. Terry.  "Even your shoes.  Everything else can stay."

"I'll give you a hand," Nina said, nodding slowly.

Brian Cook watched the two women quickly pack up Nina's things, and couldn't help noticing the difference in their demeanor.  Mrs. Terry moved normally, reaching up for things or bending low without a thought to how she looked.  Nina on the other hand seemed determined to do things one handed, the other arm across her breasts.  Even then, she rarely reached above her chest and turned to one side before bending for anything.  This was exactly the sort of thing Brian wanted for his work, he needed to see her discomfort and humiliation up close so he could immortalize the emotions in his sculptures.  He was very pleased with Nina for volunteering to help.

Soon, Nina's bags were once again packed; it was time to take them to their new home.

"Very good, ladies," Brian said with a gentle smile.  "Grab those bags now, and we can show Nina exactly where her clothes will be for her stay."

The women obediently grabbed a couple of bags each, and Nina was now aware that she no longer had a hand to cover herself with.  A part of her felt stupid.  She had already been seen naked by both these people, yet it all seemed new to her again.  With a glance at the lease now lying on her bed, she meekly followed the housekeeper out of the room.

Stepping out of the house was a whole new experience for her as well.  Up to now she had just gone out in what she thought of as the relative safety of the back of the house.  But to get to the building where her clothes were going meant stepping out of the front.

She knew that she was as protected from casual view on this side of the house as she was anywhere on the property, but it was still a jolt to her system to be walking naked down the driveway with her suitcases in her hands.  It was as they closed in on the end of the curving driveway that Nina realized that there was one part of the property not so well screened.  The gate, now closed, that blocked entrance to the property, was not a solid structure but one of those ornamental iron monstrosities.  The road outside was clearly visible through the gate, and traffic passing by would be able to see the garage at the very least.  Nina did note however that the house across the street wasn't visible due to their OWN landscaping.

Still, it meant that for the brief walk down this part of the driveway she would be exposed to any passersby.  At least this neighborhood wasn't a high traffic one!

Brian led the way into the large garage, and once again Nina got to see the cute little car he said she could use.  Nina looked forward to it, especially since it meant she would be able to dress again.  She was so engrossed in this thought that she almost tripped on the stairs as Brian led them up.

The garage had an apartment above it, no doubt for the chauffeur when there used to be one.  It was here that her clothes were to be kept.  The apartment was small but well maintained; the kind of place Nina might have gotten if this chance to live with Brian Cook hadn't happened.  But Nina figured that even a place like this would probably have been out of her price range.  Still, it looked cozy, and was even furnished.

Her host led them to what should have been a bedroom and undid a heavy looking door lock.

"I have one key," he said with a smile.  "Nina, your boss, Clayton St. John-Smythe, has another, although he doesn't know what it is for.  He is only allowed to give up the key to Alison here in the event I'm incapacitated in some way.  I'll call him and let him know that he can release the key to you too.  It's just a precaution."

"A wise one, I hope," Nina replied, staring through the now open door.  It was not quite what she had expected.  What she thought she would see was a bedroom furnished like the main room they just walked through.  She expected a closet somewhere where she could hang her stuff, and that was it.

Instead, what she saw was a lot more.

The room HAD been a bedroom at one point, but all signs of its former use had been erased.  Now the place looked like one huge walk in closet, with racks and dressers and shelves for every type of clothing imaginable; far more space by a couple of powers of magnitude than Nina needed for her minuscule wardrobe.  But that was not the last of it.  Some of the space was already being used with clothing already on the hangers and on the shelves.  Nina stared at them, not knowing what was going one.  Whose clothes were they?

She got her answer almost immediately.

At a nod from Brian, Mrs. Terry, the housekeeper, began to undress.  Nina watched as she calmly undid the buttons on her simple housedress and stepped out of it.

"What's going on?" Nina asked, finding her voice.

Mrs. Terry looked over at her, but didn't stop undressing.  "Miss West, you seem surprised.  Didn't you realize that I was Mr. Cook's FIRST model?"

"But why are you getting undressed now?" asked the confused young woman.

"Well Miss, I too have to earn my living here," she said, then she almost smiled, "besides, I've been doing this so long it feels odd now to go around wearing clothes.  The four days you've been here have been the longest I've worn clothes since I came to stay here.  That was a few years ago."

"Er..." was all Nina could say in reply.

Mrs. Terry finished undressing and began to hang her clothes up neatly.

"Miss West, why don't you begin unpacking," she said, "I'll help you in a moment."


Standing at the door, Brian Cook watched both women, seeing things neither of them saw.  He could tell from her body language that Nina was completely stunned by this revelation, yet also relieved in a way that she wasn't going to be alone in her nudity.  He could also see that the situation wasn't as routine as his housekeeper pretended it was.  He could see the faint blush creep down her still well built body at the thought of being naked in front of the girl.

He watched quietly as the two women quickly hung up Nina's clothes, their eyes both avoiding and drawn to each other's bodies.  Yes, he thought, this was going to revitalize his work no end!

Eventually the women were done, and they stood with nothing in their hands, nothing on their bodies, waiting for his next instructions.

"Very good," Brian said, stepping back from the door.  "Let's go up to the house, and have some lunch!"

"I'll get started on that right away, Mr. Cook," said the housekeeper.

"Thank you, Alison," replied the old man.  He stood aside to let her pass and then looked back into the room.

Nina was just standing there, taking one last look at her clothes.  She knew she would be in here often to get dressed for various trips, and when she started work, then she would be dressed for the better part of the day almost every day.

It wasn't as if she wasn't going to see them again, but it was still hard to leave, knowing that as soon as the door closed she would not be able to get at them when SHE wanted.

"Second thoughts?"  Brian asked her.

Nina stood silent for a moment, then shook her head.  "No," she said as she walked out the door.

"Good," was his reply as he closed the door behind them, the click of the lock sending another shudder down Nina's spine.

Without looking back, she left the building and began the long walk back up to the house, the warm sun caressing her naked skin.  It was only then that she realized that the huge closet was still half empty, even with hers and Mrs. Terry's clothes in there.  She wondered why her host had built such a huge closet, which made her think about who else might be locking their clothes in there!

End of Part 4