I originally wrote this as a scene to be included in one of my "Valley" stories, but it never seemed to fit anywhere that satisfied me.  So, in an effort to clear my head while I sort out plot points in my current project, I dug this out and polished it a bit to present to you as an independent story.
Oh, and funnily enough, this whole scene is based on a dream I had.  Shows you what kind of a subconscious I have :)


The Parade

It was a cool September morning, Lisa and Melissa were in town picking up supplies.
"Oh look!"  cried Melissa, "There's going to be a parade!"
Lisa glanced over at the poster in the window of the hardware store they were passing. Sure enough it announced the town's annual Winter Parade and Celebration.
"Oh, that.  They do that every year."  Lisa said, wanting to go on with the shopping.
"Do you go?"  Melissa asked.
"I used to. At one time I even used to submit a float and take part. It's open to any business and organization and I thought it might be good advertising for the Diner."
"Why did you stop?"
"Ran out of time.  I got too busy and no one else wanted to spend the time to put a float together."
"Does it have to be something fancy?"
"Nope.  It just has to have a winter or Christmas theme, but you can't include Santa Claus, that's reserved for the Mayor."
"Hmmm."  Melissa said to herself.
Nothing more was said about it and Lisa soon forgot Melissa ever bringing it up.

"What do you think, Robert. Can you make the changes?"  Melissa asked.
The two of them stood in the barn, wrapped in winter clothing. The air froze as soon as it left their mouths.
Robert took a deep breath and contemplated Melissa's request. "Yeah, I guess so, although it might be easier just to build from scratch.  When do you want it?"
"The Parade is on December 8th, I'd like to have it done a week before so I get a chance to decorate it properly."
"Hmmm."  said Robert, deep in thought.
"If it's easier to build a new one, then go ahead. I can afford it."
"It's not that...look, since you have two I'll take this one and try to modify it.  It should work, but I hope we get snow by then."
"We should, we usually do."
Robert smiled and nodded slightly.  "You know, you come up with some crazy ideas sometimes.  What did Lisa say when you told her?"
"I haven't, yet.  I don't want her to know until the day of the Parade if I can manage it."  Melissa answered with a big grin.
Robert laughed, a big, deep, belly rumbling laugh.  "You guys!"  was all he said.
It was November.

"That should be all the measurements we'll need."  said the salesman on the phone.
"Are you sure you'll have them here on time?"  whispered Melissa. She was sitting in Lisa's office at the Diner.  The lunch crowd was in full swing and she had taken a few minutes off from working the counter.  Lately she had been helping Lisa with the place and doing actual work was something new to her.  Her trust fund had always been sufficient for her to live the life she wanted, but it felt good to help her lover out this way.
"Yes, Maam. We can get the order finished by tomorrow and will have both outfits shipped in a couple of days."
"That soon?  Great!  Here is the address I want you to send it to..."

"I'm so happy that Lisa is finally coming back to us,"  gushed Colleen O'May, the Business Association Director,  "I've been trying to get her to rejoin the Winter Parade for the last two years!"
"Well, she doesn't exactly know about this yet.  Robert, a couple of the other waitress's and I are putting this together for her as an early Christmas present."
Colleen's smile lit up the room.  "That's wonderful. You must all love her a lot!"  She looked down at the entry form that Melissa had filled out. "It's an interesting theme too. I don't think anyone has ever used this one before. But it certainly fits the theme of the Parade!"  she laughed. "Now, I just need the entry fee..."

"That looks good, Robert.  Very good."  Melissa said with a big smile.  They were in his welding shop, surrounded by other projects he was working on for other people.  The shop was his main source of income, he only worked the Diner because he had a crush on Lisa, although he would never tell anyone that.
"It was easier than I thought, and surprisingly balanced. As you can see it stands up by itself."
"Have you tried it on the snow yet?"  she asked.  More than two feet of snow had fallen in the area over the past month.
"Yep!  Smooth as silk."  was his reply.  "I figure I can keep it here if you want while you decorate it, that way Lisa wont see it. It will also be handy for the start of the Parade, it usually begins just down the block."
"Yes,"  said Melissa, unable to take her eyes of Robert's latest creation.  "We'll do that."

It was the morning of the Parade, and Lisa was in the shower.
Melissa dug a few of their bondage items out of a dresser drawer and put them in a bag, then she got dressed.
The two of them had breakfast together, Lisa still unaware of what was going on.  She was in fact happy that her other cook had "volunteered" to come in today, freeing her for the morning at least.  She planned on doing a few house chores.
"Say,"  said Melissa sweetly, "isn't the Parade today?"
"Uh huh."  Lisa replied, buttering the last of her toast.
"I want to go."
"Go ahead, I've got stuff to do here."
"Well, I don't want to go alone."  Melissa said, pouting.
Lisa looked up at her friend.  "I don't want to go stand in the cold watching four different school bands mangle "Jingle Bells".  We'll freeze!"
"Not if we keep moving. I promise, we'll cover the entire Parade route."
Lisa sighed. Melissa gave her the 'I'm going to get my way eventually' look she was so good at.
"Okay!  Let's go already."  Lisa said, giving in, again.
They were soon driving in Melissa's car and Lisa thought nothing of it when they parked outside Robert's shop. She knew the Parade started just down the block, and thought Melissa was just using it as a good place to park. She was surprised when they went inside.
"Ladies."  greeted Robert. "It's all waiting in the back. I'll see you out on the Parade route."  With a knowing grin he left the two of them alone and walked out of the building.
No fool, Lisa knew that something was going on.  "What's in the back?"
Melissa couldn't help smiling.  "I'll show you."
The back area of the shop had a garage door that opened up on a alley that ran behind the building.  Parked just inside the closed door was something that made Lisa's mouth drop open.  "You've got to be kidding."  she said slowly.
Melissa laughed.
It was a sled.  Well, actually it was one of their pony carts with a few modifications.  Robert had taken the wheels off it and fitted it instead with runners so that it could be used on the snow. The runners were long and the entire cart stood upright in a way that it could never do by itself on it's wheels.  The body of the cart itself had been partially enclosed, and Melissa had decorated it with Christmas decorations, made to look like they had been tossed into the cart without much thought.  Behind the seat was a large sack, filled with candy to be tossed out during the Parade.  The front of the spar had a new harness system attached to it.  Big straps could be seen and a bar was added right in front.
Lisa looked this all over in amazement. "You expect me to pull this thing?"  she asked. In their pony games, Lisa had always been the pony. It was a roll she enjoyed.
"Oh yes!"  her 'friend' laughed.
"I hope you expect me to wear more than I usually do when we do this!"  said Lisa. When being a pony, she was always nude except for her tack.  Whatever Melissa wanted, she was NOT going to do this nude in front of the town.
"Oh yes, our outfits are over here. We only just have time to get changed and out to the start. Now strip!"
Lisa recognized Melissa's command voice, and smiled.  She realized that Melissa had gone to a good deal of trouble to spring this on her, it had to be worth her while.  She began shedding her clothes while Melissa dug into a bag she had brought.
Once Lisa was standing naked, Melissa first cuffed her hands behind her so that she wouldn't interfere with her 'fitting'.  Then she strapped on the waist belt that was a standard part of her pony equipment, adding a crotch strap that split her sex in two.  There was a hole in the front of the strap that allowed Lisa's clit ring to be pulled through, which Melissa did, making Lisa squirm.  Then she popped a thick dildo into Lisa's sex before pulling the strap tight, making sure that her labia rings hung free on either side.  The rear of the strap had a larger hole into which was screwed a butt plug.  This was large and somewhat uncomfortable to wear for long periods, and Melissa knew that Lisa wouldn't forget it was there.  The beautiful thing about this plug was though, was that the visible end sprouted what looked like a tail.  This was a different tail than Lisa had used before. Instead of being thick and luxurious and the color of Lisa's own hair, this tail was thin and brown.  It also stood straight up and out rather than hanging loosely down the back of her legs.  Melissa gave her a few moments to get used to the full feeling.  After that, in went a bit gag that pulled back at the edges of Lisa's mouth.
"Bark."  Melissa ordered.
"Hmmu?"  Lisa responded, wondering if she had heard right.
Lisa managed a kind of muffled "Woof", and Melissa was happy.
She then picked up the reins they usually used and brought them over.  "These will have to go on differently this time I'm afraid." she said.
Starting with one rein, she passed the chain end through the ring at the end of the bit gag. She pulled it through and brought the end down to one of Lisa's nipple rings, threading it through carefully. Pulling some more, she continued down and connected the end to one of Lisa's labia rings.  Then she did the same with the other rein, only down the other side of her body.  This was backwards from the usual way, and Lisa wondered why.  From what was happening Lisa was still afraid that Melissa meant to take her outside naked.
Melissa added a couple of clips to the thin chain that made up the first six feet of each rein, then gave an experimental pull.
Lisa reacted by taking a step back, not an unreasonable reaction, for not only were the reins pulling on her pussy rings, but the clips connected her nipple rings as well.  A pull on both reins meant a stimulating tug on four sensitive areas.
Feeling as full as she did, the added stimulus sent a small wave through her body.
"Not done yet!"  Melissa said.
Lisa pulled at the cuffs on her wrists as Melissa bent low and began fiddling with Lisa's clit ring.  What Melissa did was tie a thin cord to it. This she ran up Lisa's front and hooked to the bit gag.
"Okay, now the part I know you will be glad to hear about, what you will be wearing."
Lisa nodded, aware of how her head movements now affected other parts of her body.
Melissa dug in a box and brought out a large brown bundle.
She let it unfold and Lisa saw it was a costume of some sort, open at the back.
Melissa brought it over and helped her friend step into the pants section.  The feet were enclosed and Lisa was glad to see that they fit well. The soles of the outfit were thick and another worry of Lisa's, that of her feet freezing, was put by the way side.
Melissa pulled the pants up and secured them with a belt that ran around the inside of the outfit.  Squirming a little, Lisa felt Melissa manipulate the tail through a hole in the back before doing it up. She couldn't see it, but the tail matched the costume exactly.
With the bottom half done, the top half hung down in front of her.  Lisa was starting to feel better about this.
Melissa uncuffed one of Lisa's hands, cuffing the other one directly to her waist belt.  The free hand was inserted into one of the costume's sleeves and the front pulled up to cover Lisa's bare chest.
As Melissa did up some kind of strap behind her shoulder, Lisa examined the paw that her hand had become.  The paw had no fingers and inside her hand was curled into a fist.  Lisa knew that once her other hand was put in the costume there was no way that she would be getting it off by herself.  She began wondering where Melissa had found it.
Lisa expected her other hand to be done next, but was surprised when instead Melissa dug one hand into the costume and began playing with her nipples.
Melissa's face was just inches from Lisa's and she couldn't resist giving the bound girl a quick kiss.
"Ah, there it is." she said a moment later and Lisa felt Melissa's fingers push her nipples into something in the front of the costume, something that gripped them just forward of her nipple rings.  She was okay with that until Melissa took her hand out and pinched her nipples from OUTSIDE the costume.
Melissa laughed.  "You can't see it, but there is a lot of long fur decorating the front of this outfit.  Enough to cover your nipples from everyone who doesn't know to look."
Lisa shook her head, but she knew she was past the point of no return. Besides, the idea excited her a bit. While going nude was a definite No-No, just having her nipples exposed, although concealed, was almost fun.
Melissa freed Lisa's other arm and repeated the process of strapping it into the outfit, before doing up the zipper in the back.
She then walked around in front and took hold of the cord attached to Lisa's clitoris, pulling it free of the gag. In her other hand she held up a large bell.
"Not exactly a part of the costume, but fun all the same."
Lisa watched wide eyed as Melissa tied the cord to the bell and let it hang down just below her neck.  She could feel the constant pull of the bell's weight, and knew that when she began walking that the bell would tug at her most sensitive spot continually.
Melissa led her over to the sled, and had her duck and place herself at the head of the spar.  She used the thick harness to bind Lisa to the sled, and used a hidden set of clips to connect Lisa's hands to the bar.  To all outward appearances she just looked like she was holding the bar in front of her.
"I'll just get dressed so you can see it and then I'll finish you up."  Melissa told her.
Lisa watched Melissa strip completely, and then get out a costume of her own. This one green.
Before putting it on, Melissa put a dildo in herself, saying that Lisa wasn't going to be the only one having fun.  Then she quickly donned her costume.  This one was a lot more functional, with gloves over her hands that allowed her to do pretty much normal things, but Lisa couldn't figure out what costume it was until Melissa pulled on the head.
Staring back at her, was the Grinch!
Lisa immediately caught on.  She was the Grinch's dog Max!
The Grinch opened another box and took out another head.  This one was definitely a dogs head and even had the pretend antler tied to the top.
Melissa brought it over and took hold of both reins, threading them through a hole inside the head. Lisa saw the reins both come out of the end of the antler.
Pulling the slack out of the reins as she did so, Melissa lifted the head up and placed it snugly over Lisa's head.
Lisa was unprepared to have her sight cut off, for there were no eye holes open in the head.
"Can you breath okay in there?"  Melissa asked.
Lisa whinnied without thinking, and Melissa laughed.
"No, Sweetheart, you're a dog now, not a pony."
Lisa whined, as best she could and Melissa laughed again.
Lisa heard the garage door opening, and knew this was it, it was now time to go out in public.
"I'm going to walk until you pull the sled out onto the snow." said Melissa, which Lisa thought was big of her.
She waited until the reins gave her the signal to move and then hoped the pull of the rings attached to her private parts were showing her the right directions.
She knew it was cold outside when she felt her nipples chill.  The rest of her was snug and warm in the costume, for which Lisa was grateful, but her bare nipples felt the full effect of the cold air. She knew that her nipples really stood out when cold, and was fearful that the fur covering her chest might not be enough to cover the two bright red spots that she knew must be shining from it.  But there was nothing she could do about it.
The pull of the sled behind her suddenly got easier and she knew that they were on the snow.  The garage door closed, and Lisa felt Melissa get into the sled.
"Okay, Mush!"
The only time Lisa could remember being more nervous, was when she had walked through a Mall naked back in college, but this was almost as bad.  At least there she hadn't known anybody but the girls she had been with, here she knew EVERYBODY.
As she walked she could feel everything shifting and tugging at every intimate part of her. She could hear the bell jingle and feel the jerk of it's movement on her clit. It was something she couldn't ignore, just like the plug in her rear end.  In fact there were too many things happening to her that she couldn't ignore. Another was what was happening to her butt cheeks and breasts.  While the rest of the inside of the costume was silky smooth, the fabric over her butt cheeks and breasts seemed very rough. It rubbed her constantly, making the skin ever more sensitive as time passed.  Lisa wondered just how far she would have to walk in this outfit.
The noise of the people waiting for the Parade to start was more than Lisa had figured on. Despite the cold, there was a good turn out for this annual event.
"Hey!  It's the Grinch!"  she heard someone call out.
There was an immediate chorus of greetings form the people around her and Lisa felt very self conscious standing in the middle of the crowd, plugged front and rear, gagged, and with her nipples showing to anyone who cared to look.
She heard someone direct them to their place in line and suddenly became aware that as she walked, her tail was wagging.  The butt plug's presence almost made her turn and run. How many people were aware that the tail they saw didn't end at the costume but carried on deep inside her.
She kept going only because she couldn't see to escape anyway.
The Parade finally started and Melissa got Lisa walking at a steady pace.  She was having a ball, tossing candy to the kids that lined the Parade route and hearing the cat calls as people good naturedley jeered the Grinch.  She waved back to people and kept one eye on where they were going so she could steer her blind friend.  Melissa knew that without all the blind pony training they  had done that summer, they couldn't have pulled this off. Lisa reacted so well to the reins no one could tell she couldn't see a thing, even though she did walk with a bit of a waddle. Still, only another half mile to go.
Melissa squeezed on the dildo inside her and tossed some more candy.
Lisa too squeezed on her dildo. The pulls on her nipples, lips and clitoris were driving her nuts.  Her nipples were like ice and yet felt so hot they burned. The dildo in her ass shifted back and forth with each step and the one in her pussy seemed to slide about generating a good deal of friction, not to mention the constant rubbing of her breasts and buttocks. She was quickly approaching sensory overload.
She was tempted to let herself orgasm, yet she couldn't do it in front of the whole town.  Social conditioning was playing havoc with her sexual responses. She pulled helplessly at her restraints
Up ahead she could hear an amplified voice, and as she got closer she began to make out the words.  It was a local DJ acting as MC.  He was announcing the names of the group or business's that passed in front of him, adding a few comments of his own if he liked what he saw.
When it came to be their turn, Lisa almost died.
"Hey folks!"  said the DJ "Here's a new one, the Grinch that stole Christmas.  Doesn't that Grinch look mean folks.  And look, he's got his dog with him too!  You'll be happy to know that Max the dog is none other than our own Lisa Russel from Russel's Diner.  The Grinch is played by Melissa Hunt.  Let's give a big jeer, I mean a big cheer to the Grinch and hope he leaves our Christmas alone this year!"
The crowed cheered and Melissa tossed candy at them, then she flipped the reins and Lisa was allowed to continue.
Another block walked and Lisa was about to scream in frustration, but thankfully this was the end of the Parade route.  Melissa directed Lisa off to one side and got off the sled.
"Okay, I have to do this quickly. I'm going to take off your mask, disconnect the reins and take off your gag, okay?"
Lisa moaned.
"Good, now, no ones watching."
She did as she said she would. After lifting the head off she unclipped the thin chain sections of the reins from the longer leather sections and pulled them free of the mask, dropping them down the neck of Lisa's suit.
Lisa shuddered as the cold links slid down her naked skin.
Melissa swiftly undid the gag and pulled it free of the reins.
Lisa stood blinking and looked around her, working the feeling back into her mouth.  "Yow!" she said.
Melissa looked a little concerned. "You're not mad at me are you?"
Lisa gave Melissa a warm smile.  "How could I be?"  she asked.
"Good."  laughed Melissa.
They stood silently together, although Lisa would much rather have been doing something else, such as cumming as hard as she could.  They watched as the last of the Parade floats went by, the Mayor dressed as Santa coming last, before being approached by one of the Parade organizers.
"Hi!  Guess what guys, you won a prize."  he said. "You're needed right away at the Parade stand."
Melissa squealed in delight and said they'd be there, Lisa was less thrilled.
"I'd like a chance to get out of some of this stuff first." she said. Her loins were still on fire she was constantly squeezing on the dildo.
"Uh uh, I want our prize.  You can take it a little longer. I'll unhitch you from the cart, but that's it.
With a sigh, Lisa nodded, and her friend quickly undid all the buckles and clips that held her to the sled.
Now at least her hands were free, but without fingers they were still almost useless.  She lifted them up and covered her cold nipples.
"Don't do that."  she was ordered.
The two women walked as fast as they were able, which wasn't very considering they both had large dildo's stuck in them, and climbed up on the Parade stand with several of the other prize winners.
Lisa again felt self-conscious being up in front of everybody, but stepped forward with Melissa when called to collect their prize.
Theirs was most original float, and Melissa took the plaque while the DJ shook their hands.  As he took Lisa's paw he glanced down at her chest as most men did, and Lisa saw his eyes widen a little.  He looked up into her eyes to see that she was watching him. He blushed, and with a bravery she wished she really had Lisa smiled at him and turned and left.
It took a lot of will power not to cover her chest as they walked back to the sled, and as she walked Lisa began planning what she could do to Melissa in return.