Author’s Note: The following chapter contains some sadistic violence.  I neither subscribe to nor endorse what happens here.  It is only here to advance the plot.



I lie in the dark, crying.

I don't know how long I’ve been here.  I’ve lost all track of time.  I know it’s been days, maybe more than a week.  My keeper has no interest in telling me how long I’ve been here, or anything else for that matter.  All I am to him is something to be used sexually.

The growling in my stomach reminds me that it has been a long time since I’ve eaten anything.  I hope he brings me food next time he comes.

The ring gag I wear hasn't been removed since I got here.  It was never meant to be worn for so long.  The ring pushes against sores behind my teeth, and my jaws are numb from being held open.

I pull uselessly at my bonds.  They too haven't changed since I was brought here.  My wrists, encased in leather cuffs, are locked together behind my back.  My ankles, also encased in leather, are held wide apart by the thick wooden pole between them.

The aches caused by my limbs being held in these positions have long since blended into the other pains I’ve had to endure.  My keeper delights in whipping me each time he comes down here, and finds my breasts and pussy to be especially pleasing targets.

I shift slightly on the sand that covers the floor of my domain, forever trying to find that one comfortable position that might give me relief from my agonies.  I know it is impossible though; the pain in my side makes sure of that.

I feel very weak from lack of real food, lack of water, and from the injuries inflicted upon me.  Even unbound, I doubt I could escape or get very far even if I did.

Now I have a very real understanding of what Melissa went through at the hands of Eric.  My crying is as much for her as it is for me.

God, I wish he would bring food this time.

You may wonder if I had made a big mistake coming to live with Alan, to have wound up like this.  But I have to tell you that Alan is innocent of the abuse I am now suffering.  I have a different keeper now.

I had been living with Alan for several weeks; several very happy weeks.

Alan proved to be a very caring “Master”.  He didn’t push me any faster than I could take it.  Admittedly, I was a little disappointed that I didn't spend as much time in strict bondage as I would have liked, but my time with him wasn't spent in idleness either.  He put me to work keeping his house clean, as well as taking over the care of his horse.  The daily tasks he set me served a dual purpose, he told me.  First, it kept things clean and tidy, something he admitted he wasn't good at; and second, it provided me with daily exercise I would not have gotten if all I did was sit around being tied up.  I had to concede his point.  Hauling around the hay and feed for Nelson had put me in good shape.  It was weight training and aerobic exercise in one.

There were also the daily walks Alan took on his horse, with yours truly following along behind on foot as usual.  Of course, during these outings I would be bound to the horse via a long rope or chain.

I’d also been pretty much nude since I got there, apart from one time when Alan gave me clothes on a trip into the city to see Melissa.  Even then I didn't get the clothing until we got there, and it was taken away from me when we left.

I would spend more time telling you of some of the fun things we had tried those first weeks, but I have to go on with my story.

It was a cool day.  Fall had come and it was getting a bit cold for me to spend much time outside naked, so more of my bondage time was spent in the house.  I was just getting into enjoying a good hogtie that Alan had put me in when he came back into the room after answering the phone.

Alan began untying the ropes that held me.  "Just got a call from the Sheriff's office," he told me.

At once I got nervous.  It had been so long since we had heard from anyone about Eric's death that I had thought the matter closed.  Evidently I was wrong.  I would have voiced the thought, but at the time I was still gagged.

"There's someone coming to talk to us: that deputy who was with the sheriff when he was here.  You may remember him.  Anyway, he wants to see both of us, so for a while we'll have to act like a normal couple."  Alan smiled his evil smile, "Except for this of course."  He had by now untied my legs, but my hands were still bound.  He showed me what he was talking about: a butt plug.

Only recently had he begun introducing me to the use of a butt plug and I was still uncertain as to whether I liked it or not.  He already had it lubricated, and slowly pushed it home.  The indescribable feeling of it going in always sent a shiver up my spine, and the pop as my sphincter closed over the narrow end made me jump as always.

"I want you to keep that in you while the deputy is here.  I'm not going to put a belt on you to help you hold it in, but I know you can do it, Beautiful!"

I loved it when he called me that!

He finished untying me and removed my gag.  Then he handed me some clothes: long but loose pants and a long sleeved shirt to hide the rope marks on my skin.  We both knew that they wouldn't fade for a while.

As I dressed, I asked Alan if he knew what the deputy wanted.

"He just wants to talk to us,” he said.  “Maybe he is going to let us know how the case stands."

I was understandably nervous about this.  What was going to happen?

We didn't have to wait long before the deputy showed up, briefcase in hand.  Palmer, I think his name was.  It was indeed the same one who had accompanied the sheriff in the past, and we received him in the living room.

As I preceded the men into the room, I tried to walk normally but the rubber intruder in my ass never let me forget it was there.  Sitting down was an action that always made me hold my breath, but I think I carried it off okay.  I looked up at the deputy, and noticed he was watching me closely.  I began to blush.  Had he noticed the way I was walking?  I know cops are trained observers, but still…

Alan offered him a drink, but he refused.  Instead he waited until we were all sitting before launching into his speech, for a speech it was.

"I'm not going to waste any time here," he said, digging into his case.  "I have here, in the forensic reports of the crime scene, all the proof I need to take you away Mr. Wells."

I gasped, and Alan stiffened.  Our visitor didn't give us time to react further.

"I have here the report on the tire that blew, and how it was cut open by a high speed projectile.  I have a report on the ground where the tire blew, and the recovery of a .22 caliber shell.  This was enough to prompt me to look in your truck one afternoon while you were in town.  Sure enough, through the window I saw a rifle that could have fired that shot.  I'm sure that ballistics would prove that it fired the bullet that caused the death of Eric Maximer.

"This is all I really need to bring you in and seize the weapon.  From that, and your statement, I think I could make things very uncomfortable for you as far as the law is concerned.  Who knows, I may even be able to get enough together to send you to trial."

"You can't prove anything," Alan said slowly.

"Maybe," said Palmer, "maybe not.  In any case its only part of what I found out about you.  You know its amazing the things people do when they think they are alone.  I know this guy that likes to walk around his home dressed in nothing but lace garter belts, stockings, and a fancy lace push-up bra.  What he doesn't know is that from a certain position on the road that runs past his home, you can see into his normally well-screened living room.  An unscrupulous man could take advantage of someone like that.  A man in his position should be more careful.  Oh yes, he is a pretty important man in this town.  Still, what a man or a woman does in their own home should be their business, don't you think?  Take this couple I know.  They live out of town, lots of private land around their home.  It gives them a certain privacy that few of us can afford, and they don't waste it.  One afternoon, while poking around a hillside looking for clues to a murder I'm investigating, I hear the sound of a horse and rider.  I duck down so I can see who it is without them seeing me, and am I surprised at what I see.  Running just behind the horse is this naked woman.  Now she is a looker, and I have to admit I took a moment to admire her curves before I notice that her mouth is gagged and her hands are tied.

"Now I did think for a moment, that maybe the rider was up to no good, but the way the woman ran, without struggling to get away, made me stop and think.  I started to follow.  Without them seeing me I eventually tracked them to their home, where the rider gets off his horse and the couple embraces.  He goes into the house and the woman leads the horse into the barn, coming out a little while later, still bound and gagged, but evidently not in any distress whatsoever.

"I visit them fairly often after that, with my camera of course."  Deputy Palmer reached into his briefcase once more and pulled out some large photos.  They clearly showed Alan and myself playing our bondage games.  In all those pictures I was nude, and some of them were so clear that even the more sexually explicit things we had tried were clearly visible.
I turned away from the pictures unable to look at either them or the deputy any more.

Alan was very stoic.  He glanced down at the photos, as if only to confirm they existed.  Otherwise he didn't take his eyes off Palmer.

"What do you want?" Alan asked his voice hard.

Palmer smiled.  His first since he came in the house.

"About a week after Eric Maximer's death Sheriff Bates handed me the case, telling me that if I found anything significant, I was to let him know about it.  It's been so long that I know he probably thinks this is a dead end case, but if I were to give him these files, I know that would open his eyes.  You haven't seen my boss in action.  If he believes you murdered Eric Maximer, he won’t stop until he puts you away for good."

"What do you want?" Alan repeated.

Palmer reached down and picked up some of the photos.  He paged through a few of them for a moment before continuing.  "These pictures of you and the lovely Maria…I wonder what the reaction around town would be if they suddenly started appearing everywhere.  I know you work alone Wells, but Miss Imus here has a job in the city.  At least she did have.  How would your coworkers react to seeing these pictures, Maria?"

Alan stood up.  He was as mad as I had ever seen him.  His face was red, and his fists were clenched.

Palmer wasn't moved.  He looked up calmly into Alan's face.

"Assaulting a police officer will get you nowhere.  All bets are off at that point.  The sheriff finds out about the files, and the photos become public knowledge.  You lose your only chance to deal."

I watched Alan stand there for what seemed like ages before he slowly sat back down.

Palmer waited a minute more, before going on.  "I told you I wasn't here to waste any time.  But I did want to make sure that you knew what was at stake.  Now that I think you do, I'll tell you what I want.  I want Maria."

Again I gasped.  Alan said a firm “No.”

"Oh, not to keep.  Just to borrow for a little while.  You guys are having so much fun that I think I might want to give it a try."

"Out of the question.  Pick something else," Alan said.

"There is nothing else.  Either I get Maria for a little while or you go to jail for murder and her reputation is ruined."

"No!"  Alan yelled.

"Yes," I whispered.

This of course, stopped the conversation.

"You can't.  I won't allow it," Alan said to me.

"We don't have a choice”, I pleaded.  I was almost crying, but I could see that going along with this horrendous plan was the only way out for us.  I looked at it as punishment for lying in the first place.

Alan, I saw, was confused.  He was still angry, but now some of that anger was directed at me for giving in so quickly.

"We need to talk about it for a while."  Alan said to Palmer.

"Sounds like she’s already made her decision," Palmer replied.

"We need time!"

"Time is something you don't have!  When I leave in a few minutes it will be either to take Maria home, or to go give the sheriff these files."

Alan sat frozen.  I could see the emotions struggling within him.  I stood up slowly and bent forward to kiss him on the cheek, before walking slowly to Palmer's side.

"Be a good girl," Palmer said to me, "and go collect some of your toys.  Meet me by my car."

I slowly left the room and went upstairs.  My mind was awash with second thoughts and regrets.  I don't really remember what I gathered together, but I had a bag full of stuff with me when I walked to Deputy Palmer's squad car.

Palmer was waiting for me, standing by the car.  Alan was on the porch.  He made a move to grab me as I passed him, but I pushed past.  I didn't want to use him as an excuse to do what I really wanted to do, which was run screaming into the trees.

Palmer took the bag, and put in on the front seat, and then he took out his police cuffs and turned me around so my back was to him.

"Might as well start right now," he said as he snapped the cuffs on me.

He opened the back door and helped me in as if I was a crook being arrested.  As we drove away, I looked out the back window, but Alan was gone.

I shift once more, the sharp pain on one side of my chest reminding me of the worst beating I ever had at my keeper's hands.

It happened the first night I was here.

As soon as we arrived at Palmer's home, he had me strip off all my clothes.  I’d hardly discarded my pants when he began running his hands all over me.  It seemed that after watching me through telephoto lenses for so long, now he had the chance to touch me he wasn't going to waste it.  I closed my eyes, and endured his touch, trying to find some pleasure in it by imagining it was Alan who was running his hands all over me, but a tug at my rear swiftly deepened my shame.

"What's this?" Palmer asked, smirking.

Another tug, and the butt plug Alan had put in me was pulled quickly from me.  Palmer started laughing.

"You mean the whole time you were sitting there you had this stuck up your ass?" he asked me.

I nodded eyes down.

He tossed the plug to one side and resumed his inspection of my body.  Then he left me and started digging in the bag I had brought.  He came up with the leather wrist and ankle cuffs and had me put them on.  His amusement turned to anger though, when he found out that while everything came with little padlocks, there were no keys.  Alan still had those.

Palmer dragged me over to a straight-backed chair and with a good deal of rope tied me to it.  He then popped a ball gag in my mouth and buckled it behind my head.  When he was done, he stormed out of the house, telling me he was going to buy some locks.

I struggled in my bonds.  The ropes were way too tight in many places.  I knew then that my keeper had no experience with this kind of thing whatsoever.  That scared me a lot.  An amateur like him could injure me without knowing it.  As it was I hoped he would be back before my hands grew too numb.

He was back fairly soon, and before long he had traded in the ropes for the locking cuffs.  At least now I was more comfortable.  My hands were locked behind me, and my feet were cuffed together and he carried me over to his couch and laid me flat.

Palmer started telling me how great it was that I was there; and how much fun we would have, all the time pinching and caressing me like he couldn't believe I was real.  He acted like a boy at Christmas, having gotten the present he had been bugging his parents for all year long.

I wish I could have shared his enthusiasm, but I was terrified.

Soon he settled down and began experimenting with some of the things in the bag.  For a while he would tie me to things and use his hands to sexually stimulate me.  He was pretty successful at this, for my body, so conditioned to respond in a sexual manner to this kind of stimulus, didn't care who was actually providing it.  My nipples hardened, my juices flowed.  I felt betrayed by my own body as he easily coaxed orgasm after orgasm out of me.

He thought he was hot shit, being able to make me respond to almost everything he tried.  It wasn't long before he got naked himself and began to fuck me.  By this time I was grateful for the blindfold he had put on me at some point.  At least I didn't have to look at that leering face as he huffed and puffed over me.

Hours later, I was eventually bound in the position that got me into trouble.  He had found the ring gag and had put in on me, taking full advantage of it by forcing his prick in my mouth over and over again.  Eventually he set us up with him sitting on the couch, and me kneeling between his legs.  My head was tied with rope to his crotch; his penis inserted though the ring gag and resting on my tongue.  There was no way I could pull back and get the disgusting thing out of my mouth.  Instead I was told to keep my tongue moving, making him hard in my mouth and eventually bringing him off, before starting the process all over again.

I don't know how much of his cum I’d swallowed, but I knew by this time I had quite literally milked him dry.  It was getting harder and harder to bring him to orgasm and I felt even he was getting bored with what we were doing.

I was then very surprised when he began to pee.

Suddenly my mouth and throat was filled with a hot burning fluid.  I started choking, and tried to pull back, to get away from him.  I struggled, my hands useless behind me.  It seemed the stream would never stop, and I remember Palmer laughing at my futile attempts to escape.

That's when my stomach rebelled.  Already queasy from the diet of straight cum it had to ingest, it suddenly contracted and I vomited.

I thought I was going to die.

Both my mouth and nose were plugged up with vomit and piss.

I began to struggle wildly, in a desperate attempt to find some air.

I could hear Palmer yelling and swearing, calling me a cunt and a whore.  He was hitting my back and head as he yelled.

I don't know if I managed to pull free by myself, or if he let me go, but just when I thought I might pass out, his dick was pulled out of my mouth and I could breathe.

I lay gasping on the floor, the contents of my stomach spraying everywhere as I coughed up everything I had swallowed.  All I was conscious of was that I could breath again.

Then the whipping started.

The stick he was using on me was thin and long, and it must have been something he had gotten himself, which meant he had already planned on whipping me at some point.

The pain as each strike landed was almost enough to make me forget about breathing.  I gasped and screamed as blow after blow rained down.  At one point he stopped whipping me and started to kick me, causing the pain in my side that worried me so much now.  Through it all he screamed at me and called me every name he could think off, until, his anger spent, he collapsed on the floor beside me.

We lay there side by side for a few minutes, both breathing heavily.  My skin felt hot from all the blows it had taken, and the pain in my side seemed to all but consume me.

Palmer stood up and walked over to one corner of the room.

I followed him with my eyes, terrified at what he might do next.

He kicked aside a rug that lay on the hard wood floor, and reached down to pull on a trap door that was hidden under it.  I cried out when he started dragging me over to the open trap door, and almost stopped breathing altogether due to the pain when he shoved me through to drop to the ground below.

I must have passed out, for the next thing I knew I was laying on my back, legs spread wide, with Palmer on top of me pumping away at my pussy.

From that moment on that's all I ever saw of him.

I was never untied, never moved from this room.

My cell is a 9x12 hole in the ground with sand for the floor.  The only light comes from the trap door when he opens it.

Palmer would come down a ladder he stuck through the hole, and fuck me in the ass or mouth until he came.  Then if I was lucky he would give me water, or mushed-up table scraps to eat.  If I was unlucky, which was most of the time, he would whip me instead, although he never kicked me again.  He would then climb back out and shut the trap door, plunging the room into total darkness.

At first, when alone, I tried to crawl around the room, in a vain effort to stay away from my own waste, but eventually I grew too weak to move and simply relieved myself where I lay.

Palmer didn't seem to mind.  He would fuck me anyway.

After a while I began to think I would die there.

I still think I may.  The pain in my side makes me wonder if I have a broken rib.  My breathing is labored and I feel fluid in my lungs.  My head is killing me from lack of water, and my skin has been rubbed so raw by the sand and the whipping that every move is agony.

As I lie here, I think about Alan, and how I wish he was here to help me.  How I wish I had listened to him.

I feel very alone.

Noises from above.  Footsteps.  Palmer must be home again.

My fear begins to rise.  Just knowing he is up there is more than I can stand.  I know he will be down soon, and that terrifies me.  Will it be another beating?  I really didn't care how he fucks me anymore.  I am even way past even worrying if my birth control is still effective.  All that matters to me is whether there will be more pain.  I find myself wishing that this time he will end it all.  That he will end my suffering by whipping me to...  That noise is the handle to the trapdoor being opened.

I begin to whimper as the door is raised and light from the room above blinds me.  I close my eyes, already screaming, pleading behind my gag.  I taste blood as the hard metal of the ring ground against the sensitive flesh behind my teeth, but that is pain I can ignore.

I hear a thump as he lands behind me.  He begins talking to me.

I cry out louder, not hearing his words.

My body begins shuddering, shaking, rebelling at his touch even though he hasn't touched me yet.  He always fucks me before whipping me but I prepare myself for the whipping in any case.

A hand at my shoulder and I jump and scream louder.

Oh please!  Please!

Two hands on either side of my face and a voice commanding me to open my eyes.

I close them tighter, but the voice doesn't let up.  A part of me wonders what he will do if I disobey him, so I wrench my eyes open.

It takes me a few moments to recognize the face in front of me.


I begin to hear his words, the tone of his voice, soothing, and gentle.  It calms me down, until I realize that Palmer must be close by somewhere and my fear rises again.  I feel Alan reach behind my head, unbuckling the strap that holds the ring gag in me.

His expression tries to remain natural as he pulls the blood-soaked ring from my mouth, but I can see how upsetting it is for him.  The muscles of my jaw, so long denied, add their pain to the agony I am already suffering.

Alan asks me questions I don't understand until I realize that he is asking how badly I am hurt.

I try to reply, but my mouth won’t obey me.

He calls out to someone.  Lisa?  No, Melissa?  I can't tell.

Someone else dropped through the hole and I feel a wet cloth being wiped over my face.  More water passes between my lips, but I choke on it.  Instead the wet cloth is pushed into my mouth, and my jaw is comfortably held open by it.

I feel many hands caressing my body.  I shudder again, remembering how such caresses are usually followed with pain.

Only this time there is no pain other than when they press upon a particularly sensitive spot.  My reaction when they push against my side makes them pause.

Voices discuss my injuries, but they begin to fade into the distance, and I hear them only faintly.

The pain in my side blossoms.  I feel a pull under my armpits.  I open my eyes to find myself hanging from the ceiling of my little room; what is Palmer doing to me now?  Then I remember that Alan is here somewhere.

I look up.  I am hanging from a rope that is pulling me toward the trap door.  Alan isn't there but a familiar face smiles down at me.  It’s Melissa.  The rope hauls me closer, and she reaches out to guide me.

The rope pulls again, and the pain in my side explodes, sending me into darkness.

I waken, aware I am moving.  Something is different.  My hands are at my sides instead of behind me.  My legs are together instead of wide apart.

I open my eyes and look down.

I am in the bed of a pickup, Melissa beside me, cradling my head.  I am covered with a blanket, but still attached to my feet I can see the two broken halves of the wooden bar that had held my legs so far apart for so long.

I lift my head, and Melissa tells me that I will be okay.

I smile and so does she; then she leans forward to kiss me.

I fall asleep once more, beginning to believe that maybe what she said was true.

"...dehydrated, but we have an I.V. putting fluids back into her, so that won't be a problem much longer.  My main concern is for her cracked ribs.  She was lucky that none of them actually broke and pierced her lung, but an infection has set in that we need to treat with antibiotics."

Who is speaking?  I can't see.  I think for a moment that I am blindfolded, but slowly realize that I am just very sleepy.  My body feels numb; I can hardly feel anything.  Even my mind seems to work only in slow motion.

It feels wonderful.

"What about her whip marks, Doctor?  How bad are they?"

Another voice.  This one seems familiar.  It takes a moment for me to figure out it is Melissa; by then the doctor was speaking again.

"The injuries are bad.  I haven't seen anything like them before.  She will have scarring over many areas of her body, but otherwise she will recover fully.  Look, she's been beaten terribly.  I have to report this to the authorities.  You have to tell them who did this."

"You do what you have to do, Doctor.  But first make sure that she's going to be okay."

Scars?  My evidently drugged mind mulls this over for a moment before it catches the second part of the doctor's statement.  I begin to panic.  Visions of Deputy Palmer coming in to take me away again flash through my mind.

I struggled to open my eyes and call out.

"She's stirring again Doctor," another voice says.

My eyes half-open, I catch a glimpse of Melissa standing at the foot of the bed, a tall bald man in a white coat standing with her.  She is looking at me, and moves around to stand beside me when she sees me open my eyes.

"Maria, Maria?  Can you hear me, Sweetie?" she asks me softly.

I open my mouth, and try to talk, but no sounds come out.

"She shouldn't be disturbed.  You'll have to go wait in the waiting room."  I hear the doctor say.

I was frantic, mouthing words I wished I could voice.  Whatever it was they had given me, it was strong.

Melissa leaned close, her ear to my mouth.  "Go on, Sweetie.  What are you trying to say?"

I manage a hoarse, almost silent whisper, “No police."

Melissa nods before being gently pulled away by the nurse.

The doctor leans over me, a small flashlight shining in my eyes for a moment, then I see the nurse inject something into my I.V. line, and everything goes black.

End of Part 1


I awoke with a tremendous urge to pee.

It was a hell of a thing to wake up with I know.  Kinda like waking up with a hangover, like the one I felt I had right now.  What had I been doing last night?

I opened my eyes and it all came back to me.

It took two nurses to finally calm me down from my screaming fit, and I don't even remember standing up on my bed.  They helped me down slowly, and helped me to the bathroom once I had calmed enough to indicate my need.

I felt terrible, like something the cat dragged out!

Every move brought forth a ripple of pain from all my muscles.

The nurse who helped me into the bathroom was a godsend. She didn't seem at all squeamish in helping me go through my absolutions, not even when I found it too painful to even wipe myself.  How I would hate to have her job!

She helped me back to bed while I apologized for my screaming; and after she left I was finally able to relax and look around.  It was a comfortable-looking hospital room, with a large window that showed only sky from my angle on the bed.  The bed was typical hospital issue, and I lay on it covered only in a sheet.  I’d noticed, on my trip to and from the bathroom, that I was wearing one of those open-backed hospital gowns, fastened only at the neck.

I pulled aside the sheet the nurse had so carefully tucked around me, and pulled away the gown to get a look at what was left of my body.

I shuddered at what I saw.  Almost everywhere I was a mass of color: black and blue and yellow and a very violent red.  My thighs had sterile pads taped to them in spots, and so did my buttocks.  Around my chest was wound a very tight bandage with some stiff supports along my left side.  This, I assumed, was taking care of my ribs.  I also had an I.V. stuck in one hand.

Every place I poked and prodded hurt.

I was just pulling the covers back over me in disgust when the door opened to allow who I assumed was my doctor to enter.

It was the same bald man I had seen earlier, but this time he was smiling.  It was a warm, gentle smile, and I found myself smiling in response.  He was followed by the nurse who had helped me use the bathroom.

"Hello," he said, "I'm Doctor Fargo.  I'm responsible for your care while you're here.  How are you feeling?"

"Painful," I answered honestly, working my jaw a little.  It hurt to talk too.  "Are either of my friends here?"

A small frown crossed the doctor's face.  "Before I answer any of your questions, would you mind if I examined you again?"
I nodded, wondering why he’d dodged the question.

The doctor proceeded to examine me, taking care not to manipulate me too much.  He asked what hurt and how much as he worked.  He also gave me what I thought of as a brief neurological exam, both in how I reacted to stimuli and through simple questions about my past.  He seemed satisfied with my progress, and told me basically what he had told Melissa before I’d blacked out.

What he said about the police though, was very different.

"Maria, outside your room I have a sheriff's deputy who would like to speak to you."

My blood chilled.

Palmer knew I was here and he had come to make sure I wouldn't talk.

I began to shake, my fear pumping me up.  "No.  I won't talk to him," I whispered.

"It's all right Maria," said the doctor.  He was evidently concerned about my reaction to what he’d said.  He and the nurse exchanged looks.

"No.  I want to see my boyfriend."

"The police only want to help you Maria.  You have nothing to fear from them, from anyone.  They want to protect you from whoever did this to you."

"They can't!"  I was beginning to raise my voice.  I knew that as soon as Palmer came into the room I would break down under his gaze.  I imagined that his buddies at the station house wouldn't do anything to punish him either.  They would all just have a big laugh about it.

"Maria.  Please, it's for your own good.  You have to see the deputy before I can let you have any other visitors.  It's the law."

"I don't want to see him, I want to see my boyfriend!"  I was getting rather frantic now.

The doctor made a motion to the nurse, who took a syringe out of a pocket and injected something into the I.V.  I immediately began to calm down, the drug making things a little foggy around the edges.

"The nurse just gave you something to help you relax," said the doctor unnecessarily.  "I can understand your feelings, but it doesn't do you any good to protect your boyfriend when he does things like this to you.  You have to talk about it to the police so that they can help you."

His words flowed through my groggy mind like molasses, but I caught his meaning.  He thought Alan was the one that had beaten me, since it was he who brought me in.  He must have seen a lot of this to have thought that way.

"Nooo," I had to make him understand.  "Please.  Don't leave me alone with him."

"It's okay," The doctor said, "should the sheriff allow it, a deputy will be in here with you when your boyfriend visits."

"No!  I mean don't leave me alone with the deputy.  Please!"  I tugged hard on the arm of a very puzzled-looking man.  I could see that he couldn't fathom my reasons for wanting him here, but he nodded and asked the nurse to show the deputy in.

I gave out a big sigh of relief when I saw that it wasn't Palmer who was waiting outside.   Instead it was a man in uniform that I had never seen before.  He was young, and I must have been his first beating victim for he had a hard time not staring at the wounds that were visible to him.

He started by going over the usual information about who I was and where I lived, but when he started asking about the beating I had taken, I clammed up.  All I would tell him was that Alan wasn't the one who had beaten me.  After a half hour of fruitless questioning, that was all he got out of me.

All through this I had held onto the doctor's sleeve, and it was only when the deputy was gone that I looked down and noticed how white my knuckles were as they gripped the material of the doctor's coat.

Doctor Fargo was looking at me curiously.  I could tell that he was very puzzled about my reaction to the presence of the cop.  I could almost see wheels turning in his head.

"Can I see Alan now?"  I asked him.

He shook his head.  "Not until I speak to the sheriff.  But you do have another visitor waiting.  I'll send her in."

It had to be Melissa.  I thanked him and he and the nurse left.

A moment later the door opened to reveal not Melissa, but Lisa.

"Hey there," she said as she came in.  She was carrying some flowers that she put on a small table nearby, before giving me a gentle hug.

I asked her about Alan and Melissa.

"They're both at Alan's place.  I've already called then, but Alan has strict orders from the sheriff not to come up here.  Melissa is on her way though."

"Lisa, they think Alan did this!"

"I know.  But as long as you keep telling them that he didn't then there is nothing they can do.  It will all go away."

"No, it won't."  I shook my head.  "Palmer won't let it.  He will just use it as another way to get me back."  Even the thought scared me, but in my drugged state it didn't cause the panic attack I had suffered earlier.

Lisa paused, as if considering whether or not to tell me something.  She evidently came to a decision, for she stiffened up a bit.

"Maria, you won’t have to worry about Deputy Palmer anymore."

Now I was confused.  "What do you mean?  He has all those photographs and files.  He could put Alan away!"

“No.  He won't be able to do any of that," Lisa replied.  "He had an accident.  He rolled his car into a ditch last night.  He was killed instantly."

To say that I was shocked was an understatement.  Then I began to feel as though a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders.

I sat back and closed my eyes, my strength seeming to disappear with my fear.

"Maria, are you all right?" a rather concerned Lisa asked.

I nodded, and with a smile on my face gave in to the drug that had been trying to put me to sleep the last few minutes.

The drive to the valley wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.  The bruises on my body were still sore, but the three days of enforced bed rest I had gotten at the hospital had helped me to get used to it.  The drugs I’d been given were a big help too.

As we started down the driveway I glanced over at Alan who drove with a quiet determination.  I had been allowed to see him for the first time only yesterday, after the sheriff had finally relented and released the restriction.  He and his department had tried their best to either get me to admit that Alan had beaten me, or tell them who did.  They had to go away disappointed.

Alan hadn't said much yesterday, but then he didn't have to.  We spent our time together mostly in silence, just bathing in each others company, something we had learned to do during all the time I had spent gagged with him.  We didn't need to talk to know how we felt about each other.

Still, when Alan told me that he loved me, my heart did start beating faster.  With all the wonderful things he has said to me since I met him, this was the first time he had said those three little words.  Only then was I sure that I loved him too.

We pulled up to the house, and Melissa and Lisa came out to meet me.  They fussed over me as I got out of the truck and helped me up onto the porch.  They tried to lead me into the house, but I was tired of being indoors.  I’d spent a lot of time outside this past summer and was in no hurry to go in again.

"Please," I said, struggling to break free from my friends, "can we sit outside for a while?"

The air was cool, it was jacket weather for sure, but my friends relented and we all found seats on the porch.

We had a quiet moment together, before I broke the silence.  "I want the truth," I said to no one in particular.

"The truth about what?" Melissa responded, after a pause.

"About Deputy Palmer."

The three of them glanced at one another, none wishing to speak.

"Well?" I asked.

"You aren't in any condition to hear it," Alan said.  "You should be resting."

"I'm fine.  Just a little sore.  I can even take this rib brace off in a couple of weeks.  I need to know about Palmer.  Did he really accident?"

"What do you think?" Alan asked quietly.

I thought back to how Alan had saved my life once before, a well-placed shot removing what would have been a terrible problem from our lives.  At the time I was sure Eric's death had been an accident.  But after spending a few days in bed with nothing much to do but think...

"Just tell me this," I whispered after a long pause, "is there a chance that another 'Deputy Palmer' type will come along, with evidence that will force you to...well, with evidence?"

"There's no chance," he said evenly.

I looked up.  His face was very composed.  I glanced over at Melissa and Lisa.  They sat watching the both of us.  Melissa nodded slowly, and I knew then that she, and maybe even Lisa, had been in on this from the beginning.  They were all aware of what needed to be done to protect both Alan and me, and had gone ahead despite the risks.  I owed them all my life, and while I couldn't help but be shocked at what they did, I knew my payment to them would be my silence.

There was only one thing left to say.


The next three weeks I healed, the only significant injury being my ribs.  I returned to the hospital a couple of times for check ups, but otherwise spent my time with Alan in the valley.

I did get two surprises during that time however.  The first came the first night I was home.  When we went to bed that night, of course Alan and I were together.  What surprised me was that Melissa and Lisa took the spare bedroom together.  It was only then that I realized that the two of them were having an affair.

At first the concept of Melissa having an affair with another woman blew my mind.  But as I lay in the dark, listening to Alan sleep, I began to see the sense in it.  Ever since Eric tortured her, she had shied away from men; and I knew from personal experience that she had little problem making love to a woman.

While I healed, I managed to get Melissa to tell me about Lisa and her, and found out that they had been dating since I introduced them at my home oh so long ago.  It felt very weird, not having known anyone having this kind of relationship before.  But when I saw how the Melissa I knew before Eric had returned, I was happy for her.

Lisa was helping her to heal.

Me, I didn't seem to need healing, mentally speaking, and that was the second notable thing about those weeks.  After being not exactly functional right after my rescue, it seemed that hearing about my tormentor's death had given me a peace I might never have found otherwise.  I didn't even have bad dreams, in fact I hardly dreamed at all.  Alan told me I slept like a log, and in fact slept more than I did before Palmer showed up.

I also had no problems with Alan touching me, unlike Melissa who still shuddered when Alan was close.  Only a couple of nights after I got home, Alan and I made quiet, vanilla love, the both of us releasing pent-up emotions and fears.

Our physical affections had died down somewhat since that night, but I still looked forward to his touch.

I wondered how I could have come out of my ordeal so whole and unaffected.

It was after my rib brace came off that I began to feel restless.  I began taking over my former duties of cleaning the house and taking care of Nelson, although Alan did the heavy lifting for me.  He was very careful not to let me overexert myself, although I could see in his eyes that he was happy that I wasn't letting my injuries slow me down.  I also spent a lot of time exploring the surrounding area around the valley, something I had been unable to do before having been naked most of the time.  I got to know the town and some of the people in it, and found the place to be very nice indeed.  I could just picture little Alan running around here as a boy, while listening to the stories he told about growing up here.

However, after a while even the exploring got old, and it was while I was up in our room getting dressed one morning that I found myself playing with the cord of my dressing gown.  I’d wrapped it around one wrist and then the other, pulling my hands together in front of me.  I stood in front of the full-length mirror Alan had put in for me, and looked at what I had done.

There I stood, dressed only in panties and bra, a dark blue cord wrapped around my wrists.  Almost all my bruising was gone by now leaving my skin to its fading tan.  Only a few light marks on my thighs and butt that would take years to fade remained.  I was captivated by the image, unable to tear myself away.  That was why I didn't hear Alan come up behind me.

"You have got to be kidding…" he said quietly, breaking the spell.

I turned to face him, unable to say a word.  I couldn't explain how my heart was beating a thousand times a minute, how a throbbing I thought had been snuffed out had begun making itself known once more.

I knew what I was missing now; it was what had brought Alan and me together in the first place.  I didn't say a word.  Instead I dropped to my knees and extended my bound hands toward him.

Alan didn't respond at once, the look on his face was both questioning and one of concern.  "Are you sure?" he asked me.

"Please," was all I could choke out.

He stood still for a moment.  I could see him thinking, coming to a decision.  His expression gradually became lighter, an old smile I hadn't seen in a while made an appearance.

"Wait," he told me.

I held my position as he left the room, and didn't move a muscle until he returned.

He unwrapped the belt from my wrists and carefully replaced it with my leather cuffs.  He had me stand and knelt to put on my ankle cuffs.  From his pocket he produced the four tiny locks that would keep me from removing the cuffs.  He looked up into my eyes and I nodded.  He quickly locked on my ankle cuffs and stood to do the same with my wrist cuffs.

"Now," he said with a smile, "you know how I like my slave girls."

I smiled, a broad smile, my first in days also, and quickly removed my underwear, standing naked before him once more.

He moved to me and took two larger locks from his pocket and locked my ankles together with one and my wrists together with the other.  Taking my wrists in one hand, he raised them over my head and began to run his other hand over my body.

I felt a never-ending series of tremors rush through my body at his touch, and closed my eyes to savor them.

"Keep your eyes open," ordered Alan.

I did so as his fingers traced the outlines of my body.  They eventually came to rest over my pussy, now covered once more with hair since I had not shaved down there since the incident.

He tugged at the hair and I couldn't help gasping at the sharp, sudden pull.

"I want you to go now and take care of this," he said, pulling again at my pubic hair, "then come see me in my office."

I smiled and nodded, and was surprised with a kiss.

As he left the room I was happier than I had been in a long time, knowing that now we had a chance to really bring things back to normal.

End of Part 2


I remained perfectly still.

Not hard to do when you are wrapped in as much rope as I was.

I sat in a high backed chair, my arms resting on the arm rests, my legs spread to the width of the front legs.  Rope was wrapped around every limb, binding my arms and legs to the chair.  So much rope was used that my bindings were, in places, three layers deep.  I also had rope around my torso binding it tightly to the chair back.  The ropes went all the way from my hips to my neck, only avoiding my breasts but covering everything else.  My mouth was gagged with a penis gag long enough to almost touch the back of my throat.  It was locked on tightly, as was the blindfold.

Over the past few weeks, Alan had been increasing the time I spent blindfolded, until now it seemed I was only released from it when he had something specific for me to do such as cleaning or taking care of his horse.

Of all the things we had been doing lately, I think the blindfold was the most exciting.  It's hard to explain why, unless you've been there yourself.  To most people being blind would seem like a handicap; yet in the erotically-charged environment I lived in, it only added to the suspense.  Not knowing if I was being watched, not knowing what was coming next, not knowing what was being used on was like my skin had been electrified, overly-sensitive toward any touch, any contact at all!

I remained still.  Not just because of the ropes, but because Alan ordered it.  I’d changed since I met Alan.  I had it on good authority: Melissa.  She told me that I’d become a lot more submissive toward Alan.

I guessed it was true, but not because I gave in to the “Slave/Master” bullshit I read about in the stuff Alan downloaded from the web.  But because I found that doing what he asked of me usually was worth it for both him and for me.

Melissa didn't see it that way.  I could see her comment silently on the subject with a raised eyebrow whenever she came to visit and Alan asked me to do something.  She also remarked on how often Alan called me his little “Slave girl”.

Hey!  It's just a pet name okay?
Anyway, I was holding still like he asked me, and also because of the egg on my head.  Alan sat a raw egg on my head, and told me that if I moved the egg would fall off and break.  He didn't want raw egg on his rug, so I was to stay still.  The only problem was that I had a terrible urge to move, one that was getting stronger with each passing minute.  My bare pussy, unprotected by my widely bound legs, had company in the shape of an egg-shaped vibrator pressed against it.  It was only set on low at that moment, but from time to time Alan turned it up and I began to shudder.

I didn't want to break the egg.

I was determined not to.

I didn't know what he would do to me if I broke it, or what he would do if I didn't.

It was wonderful.

The vibrator started vibrating harder as I heard Alan's computer dial into his server.  My current session was taking place in Alan's office while he worked.  He told me once that seeing me in bondage during his self-imposed office hours inspired him to work harder and longer.  So most days were spent with him in his office, inspiring him with a multitude of different poses and tasks.

This time, I picked up on the fact that he always turned the vibrator up when he logged on, and left it on high until he logged off again.  I don't know what he was doing, but whatever it was, it meant his being connected to other computers all over the country.  I knew he was a software engineer, but beyond that he was reluctant to talk about his work.

I began moaning through my gagged mouth, I wanted nothing more than to give in to the sexual tension that had been building slowly for the past several hours.  But I knew that once I started cuming, I would not be able to prevent the egg on my head from falling.

Alan knew that too, the bastard!

I remained perfectly still.

At last he began untying me, first removing the vibrator, and then the egg on my head.  I moaned in need and Alan chuckled.  He knew quite well that I needed to cum.  Over time he had become very good at sensing just how far he could push me without crossing the line to orgasm.  Life with him was one big foreplay after another.

Most of the ropes were gone now, but I still didn't move.  Alan hadn't yet given permission.  My hands and feet were still tied to the chair; the rest of the rope that had been used on me was only there for effect.

I felt him move around in front of me, his hot breath on my pulsing clitoris.

I cried out behind the gag, aching for him.

I felt something touch my clit, something wet and soft; I recognized his tongue.  The shocks bounced around my body, and I gripped the armrests as tightly as I could in an effort not to cum.

All I needed was one word.

"Now."  Alan whispered.

I let go, my mind giving me the final push over the edge.  I must have come close to shaking the chair apart I came so hard.  Alan assisted me by placing a finger in me and manipulating my clit with his thumb.  I was in orgasmic heaven, and much too soon I came back to earth, tired, but smiling wildly behind my gag.

Alan soon released everything, including the blindfold, and gave me some water to drink before sending me off to the kitchen to start supper.

In bed that night, we made love quietly as usual, and afterwards, just before we fell asleep, Alan mentioned something about having a surprise for me tomorrow.

I lay, listening to his breathing becoming deep and regular, while pulling in an absentminded way at the shackles around my wrists that kept me in bed with him.  I wondered what kind of a surprise it was.

The next morning, after breakfast, I headed out to the barn as usual to take care of Nelson, Alan's horse.  Even though winter was starting and the air was quite cold, I was still naked.  I shuffled as quickly as I could the hundred feet or so between the house and the barn, my legs once more hobbled in only eight inches of chain.

This regular workout had helped my body come back from the beating I had suffered a couple of months back.  The only physical signs left were the tiny scars on my buttocks and thighs, and one very thin scar across my left breast.  I felt I had recovered very well from it all, although a couple of times I had just stopped what I was doing and sat down crying.  During those times, Alan just held me and we stopped playing bondage games for the day.

As I worked in the barn I wondered at the new orders I had been given.  Instead of the usual replacing of food and water, I was to clear out Nelson's stall and tie him up near the barn door with his saddle and other tack on.  Nothing else.

It didn't take me long, and soon I was shuffling back through the cold toward the house.  Alan met me at the door and locked on my blindfold, before guiding me into the house and sitting me on the couch.

In moments, I was hogtied, but left ungagged.

"I'm going to be gone for a little while, Beautiful," he said, caressing my bare skin, "only about an hour.  You be good while I'm gone, okay?"

"I'll be fine."

He kissed me and left the house.

I rested, wondering if this was a part of the surprise.

It must have been an hour later, when I heard a car pull into the driveway.  I stiffened, not recognizing the engine sound, and hoped that Alan had locked the front door.  The last thing I wanted was to be found by a complete stranger.

I heard male voices and only by straining did I eventually make out one to be Alan's.  I relaxed, and waited to see what would happen next.

I heard Alan's truck start up, and pull away.

Footsteps at the front door, and I heard it swing open.

Again I tensed up.

"It's only me, Slave girl," Alan said.

I let out a sigh.  This had scared me more than I’d thought.

"I heard your truck drive away."

"Yep!" was all he said as he went up the stairs.

I heard him make a few trips up the stairs and down again.  It seemed to me like he was carrying something outside each time.  Eventually he came over to me, and ran his hands over my body.  (He loves to do that, and I love him to do it.)

"You look good," he said.

"I know," I replied, smiling.

He laughed, and I smelled a strong leather scent under my nose.  I knew he held a gag there, and I opened my mouth to receive it.  Soon my mouth was filled almost to capacity with wet leather, and Alan untied my legs from the hogtie, but left my hands bound.  He helped me up, and led me out the door onto the porch, down the steps and into the yard.  The air was still cold; a light wind raised goose bumps on my naked skin.

"Right behind you is a car.  I'm going to put you in the back seat, on your front, and tie you down, okay?"

I nodded.  It was fine with me, although I wondered where he got the car.  Usually for rides out of town, he packed me in the tool chest on the bed of his truck.  This seemed a lot more comfortable.

He maneuvered me carefully until I was prone on the seat, and retied the hogtie.  He used the seat belts to make sure I wouldn't roll off the seat, and then left me alone for a minute.  I heard him climb into the car and soon we were off.

As we were moving, again I thought about how in the entire six months I had known him, I still hadn't seen how to get from the city to the valley.

I didn't think it would be that difficult now that I knew the name of the town the valley was close to, still he kept up the practice of not letting me know.

I pulled at the ropes that held me tightly, and moaned out loud to let Alan know I was still alive, and settled down for a long trip.

And long it was.

I must have fallen asleep, something I had been doing a lot of lately.  The sound of the door opening woke me up.

Alan began untying the ropes and I took advantage of the chance to stretch my limbs.  A hogtie is a hard one to hold, even for someone as practiced as I.

The blindfold was left on though, as was the gag, and I was guided out of the car until I was standing beside it.

Only then did Alan take of the blindfold and gag.

I was shocked.

Alan had me standing naked in a public parking structure.  There was no one around, but still…

I tried to cover my naughty bits until Alan passed me something to put on.  It looked like a dress, but it was loose and very baggy.  It was long enough to run from my neck to just above my ankles, and the long sleeves were wide and full of ruffles.  Worst of all it was bright orange and covered in a horrible flowered print.

"You can’t be serious," I said.

"Well, you could go naked," replied Alan, opening the trunk and handing me a pair of high-heeled shoes, "but I doubt you could get on the airplane like that."

"Airplane?"  Then I heard the low rumble of a plane taking off, and I knew we were at an airport.  This was one hell of a surprise!

Before putting on the horrible dress, I jumped him and kissed him hard.  "Mmmmm.  Are we going on a vacation?"  I asked him tenderly.

Alan just smiled that evil smile of his.  "I'll tell you on the plane.  Now get dressed."

I climbed down and pulled on the orange monstrosity.

"This thing makes me look like...well it makes me look fat!"

"Live with it.  I think it will do nicely."

"Say, what about Nelson?" I asked slipping on the 4" heels.

"I rode him over to a neighbor's.  He'll be fine."

He picked up the two bags he had gotten out of the trunk, and led the way toward the elevators.  I shrugged and followed him.

I soon realized why he had put me in this dress.  It was so big, and loose on me, that it felt like I wasn't wearing anything at all.

As we merged in with the other travelers coming out of the parking structure, I knew I was blushing.  How could anyone not see that I was naked under the dress?  I knew I was going to be stared at, the color of the dress was screaming for attention.  And looked at I was.  It made me feel even more naked, which I suspect is exactly why Alan chose it.

He left me standing in the middle of the terminal while he went to secure our tickets, and I had to endure the stares of the hundreds of people who passed by me.  I was nervous, and very embarrassed, but my body betrayed me by responding with that old familiar feeling between my legs, and I began to wonder why he hadn't tied me up under the dress.

Alan returned and led me at a fast walk through the building toward the gate.

"We're cutting it close," was all he said.

As we handed our boarding passes to the attendant, I saw that the flight we were getting on wasn't headed toward some exotic local, but to New York.

"New York?" I asked Alan.

"I'll tell you once we're airborne."

I got the window seat.  I was excited, I hardly ever got to fly; and Melissa had never gotten on a plane again after our parents died.

I watched out the window as the plane taxied and gathered speed on the runway, finally lifting off with a lurch I felt deep in my stomach.  Otherwise it was very smooth, and soon the ground was a long way below us.

"Tuck your feet up onto the seat inside your dress, then pull your hands into your dress and cross them behind your back," Alan whispered to me.

I smiled and nodded, undoing my seat belt to give me more room to comply.

Once my hands were in place, I heard a rip behind me, it sounded like Velcro, and a moment later Alan's cold hand found the small of my back.  There must have been a flap built into the back of the dress.  I felt a plastic cable tie being looped around my wrists, which was pulled tight.  My hands were now trapped.  A little digging on Alan's part and he found my feet.  Another tie locked them together; and a third connected them to my bound hands.  I was now hogtied.

While he did all this I kept a careful eye out for anyone who might have paid attention to what we were doing, but Alan's body and slow careful moves hid from sight our little game.  Once he was done, I felt him seal up the flap and settle into his seat.

A moment later he got up and dug a pillow and blanket from out of an overhead compartment.  He tucked the pillow under my head and spread the blanket over me.  Digging in his carry-on bag, he produced one of those drug store blindfolds for the sleepless, and put it over my eyes.  Again I was sightless.  He told me to pretend to sleep.  We had been in the air for a while before he decided to spill the beans.

"Okay," he said, "as you guessed, we're going to New York.  But it isn't a vacation for either of us."

"What do you mean?"

"Do you trust me?  Do you really trust me?"

"What kind of a question is that?  You know I trust you.  I trust you with my life everyday!"

"Well, we're going to test that trust on this trip."

I was getting a little scared, but it was a good kind of scared, such as you would get when climbing into a new roller coaster.

"Go on."

"I'm not supposed to tell you much, but we won't be together until we come home.  I'm going to be in the city on business, and I thought while I was there I would place you with a kenneling service I know that operates there."

"A kenneling service?"

"Yep.  It caters exclusively to submissives and those for whom bondage is a major part of their lives.  Believe me, you qualify," he said with a chuckle.

I didn't know what to think. He was planning on leaving me with strangers.  "I'm not sure about this," I said slowly.

"The place is run by a woman who has been in the business for years; her staff is entirely female.  The only men allowed in the building are either the...owners...of the kenneled pets, and even they only get to see a couple of the rooms in the place, or the male submissives that may be kenneled there.  The privacy of the 'Pets', as they like to call them, is completely assured.  Believe me, I've checked this place out, talked to a lot of people about it.  It has a great reputation."

"But you want to leave me with strangers."

"I think you’ll enjoy it."  He leaned toward me and gave me a kiss.  "Don't worry, you'll be perfectly safe there."

I said nothing else for the rest of the flight.  My mind was a whirl from what he’d said.  I found myself actually liking the idea of being “kenneled”.  Somehow it had an appeal.  I eventually went to sleep, and was wakened by Alan as he cut the ties that had held me in one position for so long.  We were close to landing and he thought it was time I woke up.

I stretched, and got out of the seat, walking stiffly toward the bathroom.

Splashing water on my face, I looked in the mirror and asked myself if I wanted to go to this place Alan had told me about.  With a smile I told myself yes.

After collecting our bags, we found a cab and Alan handed the driver a piece of paper with the address of the kennel on it.  Then he dug in his pocket and handed me a pair of sunglasses.

"Put these on, and don't take them off until you are told to."

I nodded and put on the wraparound sunglasses.  Of course, the insides had been blacked out.  I wouldn't get to see any of the city's sights this trip.  I was pretty disappointed.  The drive seemed to take a long time, but eventually we stopped for good and Alan helped me out of the car.

We were on a city street, I could tell that from the traffic, but other than that I had no idea what was around us.

Alan led me through a doorway and we were inside.  I stood obediently while Alan talked to the receptionist.

"Alan Wells.  I have an appointment."

"Certainly, Sir.  If you have a seat a technician will be with you shortly."

"Thank you."

I was guided a few steps away, but instead of standing, Alan had me kneel.

"Now I want you to listen carefully," Alan whispered in my ear, "this is your last chance to back out.  Do you want to?"

"No," I whispered back with a lump in my throat.

"Good.  In a moment someone will come to get you and take you away.  We won’t see each other again until I come get you.  I'm not going to say how long that will be because I don't really know.  But it will be at least a few days, maybe a week.  You have to promise me that you will do what they say.  They know about your likes and dislikes and will fit them in as best as they can; but you may find a lot of new things going on here that might unsettle you.  Also, I want you to know that everything they do to you here has my approval, in fact some of it is at my own request.  It's going to make me as horny as hell knowing what you're going through here, and I wish I could watch, but that's against the rules.  Anyway, you'll be okay, and I'll be back."

He gave me a deep kiss, and then released me.  I heard someone come up behind me.

"Hi, I'm Tonya, Mr. Wells.  Is this, Maria?"

"Yes.  Here is her packet."

"Thank you Sir.  We'll see you soon."

I listened for one more good-bye from Alan, but instead he walked away without a word.  My life was now in the hands of people I didn't know.

Could I do this?  I had to.

"Please put your hands inside the dress, Maria," Tonya said sweetly.

I did so and heard the jingle of metal as she opened the flap in the rear and cuffed my wrists behind me.  She then put a leather collar around my neck and clipped something to it.

"Come now," she said, and I felt a tug at the collar.  She led me by the leash, with me still blinded by the sunglasses, through a door and down a corridor and into another room.

"Now just relax, Maria, and I'll explain a few things since this is your first time here.  From now on you don't talk unless given permission, all right?"

I nodded.

"Good.  All you need to do is obey the rules and follow the schedule and you'll be fine.  You'll learn them as we go along.  But first we have to get you undressed."

Tonya lifted the dress up and pulled it over my head, and then she had me step out of my shoes so I was barefoot as well.  All that was left were my glasses.

"Stand with your feet apart," I was told.  So I did, growing very embarrassed at my nudity in front of this stranger.

The door opened and closed and I jumped.

"Is she ready yet?" a female voice asked.

"I just got started, Ma’am," replied Tonya.

There was a rustling of some paper and I stood stock-still, afraid to move.

"Maria, I need to confirm a few things about your medical history; you may talk when answering," said the unknown woman.

"Yes Ma’am."  Why had I said Ma’am?

She asked me first about my allergies and prior illnesses, then about any aches and pains I might have now, then she asked about the injuries I had suffered and took a moment to probe my ribs and examine the scars.

I began to get the impression that she was a doctor as the questioning continued, and when I was lifted onto an examining table and given a thorough checkup, including a pelvic exam and blood work, my suspicions seemed confirmed.  Both women left me on the table after a while, my ankles strapped into the stirrups that held them wide apart, and went out the door.  I wasn't uncomfortable, but being left so open, where anyone who stumbled into the room could see me, did make me flush.  Eventually they came back and the doctor announced that I was fit and ready to enter the kennel.

"All we have to do is get you outfitted," Tonya said.

I was let down off the table and stood silently again while Tonya took off the collar.  She replaced it with a bigger one.  It was very stiff and fitted right under my chin.  I recognized it as a posture collar.  Once it was on and tightened, I found it impossible to turn my head or tip it forward or back.  My head was locked in a straight-ahead pose.

"Now, this is very important," Tonya told me, "I want you to close your eyes, and not open them until I tell you, okay?"

I nodded, and tightly clenched my eyes.  I had no intention of finding out what would happen if I disobeyed an order.

Tonya carefully pulled off my glasses, checking to make sure my eyes were shut before removing them completely, then she started fastening a harness around my head, pulling my hair through a ring in the back to form a ponytail.  I heard movement, and then was introduced to the strangest gag I had ever worn.  It was like a horse's bit, only without the bar across the middle.  A padded metal prong extended down each side of my mouth between my teeth and was wedged in the space between my back molars.  I was told to bite down and I did, pulling my mouth about half closed but that was all.  A chinstrap was fastened, and I was told to relax my jaw.

I found that I could move my jaw only a little bit, I couldn't close it, or open it all the way.  If I didn't fight it, it was quite comfortable.

"Stick out your tongue."

I did so, and found I had just enough room to do so.

"Good, put it back."

I felt more fumbling as the harness was tightened a little more, then I felt something brush my nose, the familiar smell of stiff leather.

"Okay, you can open your eyes now."

I opened them and was surprised.  All I could see was leather.  Looking around I could see that a large piece of leather was wrapped around the front of my head, blocking my vision, yet not blinding me completely.

Looking down, I could see through a gap between the bottom of the leather blinder and my cheeks.  I could see enough to walk without tripping, but that was all, my breasts hiding most of the floor from me.  Unable to move my head, I was limited to a few inches of what was directly in front of me.

"The gag and blinder will stay on you the whole time you are here," the doctor said.  "It's for your own protection and the protection of the other Pets.  Without exception, all the Pets here wear exactly the same thing."

I nodded, or at least tried to.  I ended up nodding my entire body, which embarrassed me further by making my breasts sway.

Tonya, I think, started putting more straps on me: a harness of some sort.  Straps went over my shoulders and around my body.  A wide belt was put around my waist, and the familiar feel of a chastity strap was passed between my legs.  I felt a strap go around my chest right under my breasts and was relieved to feel two cups attached to it to give me a little support.  About the only thing I worried about, being naked all the time, was the lack of support my breasts were getting.  I had tried to talk Alan into letting me wear at least half-cup bras, but so far with no luck.  This one felt like it was only a quarter cup bra, and Tonya didn't hesitate to shift my breasts around so that they sat comfortably.  Just another thing to add to my embarrassment.  The last thing she did was place leather wrist and ankle cuffs on me, unlocking the handcuffs that had held me all this time and locking each wrist to the belt I wore around my waist.  She hobbled the ankle cuffs, and then clipped a leash to the posture collar.

"We'll take it easy until you get used to walking with your blinder on, but you'll soon get the hang of it," Tonya said.  "I should know, I've worn it myself a few times."

She laughed, and I laughed with her.  She seemed determined to set me at ease.  I was grateful.

She led me out of the room and I watched the floor as we walked.  She was right, being able to see where I could put my feet made me more confident in my walking.

We came to a door that sounded like a huge cage rattling as it opened.  As we passed through, a voice called out to Tonya that it was exercise time and that I should be taken out to the yard.

I followed the tugs on the leash until we were standing in a larger room with a tile floor.

"This is the bathroom and shower area.  I know you can't see it, but all you need to know is on the floor.  I'll lead you around and you pay attention to the color of the floor.  We're now on a yellow area: this is where you will urinate, when you are told to.  Please do so now."

I was surprised.  She really expected me to go where I was standing?

"You have to do it now, you only get a few opportunities a day to relieve yourselves, and we frown on anyone messing their cages."

Feeling extremely embarrassed, I squatted a little and let out a small amount of pee.  I was glad she couldn't see my face.  When I was done, she guided me over to another part of the room.  "We're now in the brown area, here is where you defecate, please do so now."

I couldn't.  I really couldn't.

"If you fail to defecate more than three times in a row, we will enema you to clear your colon.  We can skip this now, but you had better be able to wait until you are next brought here."

Her voice was stern.  I didn't want to disobey her, but I couldn't do this now.

I just stood.

"Okay.  Usually, the entire group is brought here together for shower time once a day, you don't have to do anything but stand in here, the whole room gets sprayed.  You missed today’s so you'll get a shower tomorrow.  Now I'll take you out to the yard where you will meet the other Pets.  This is the only time of the day you will be with them; each cage is single occupancy only.  There is to be no physical interaction with any of them.  We know that the majority of you are highly sexually charged when you come here, but our job is to look after you as your owners instruct us, not to let you run free and get off with the other Pets.  Okay?"

A tug on my leash and we walked through a couple of doors and out into the open air.  It was cool, but the sun still had some warmth in it.  I felt goose bumps on my skin and wished I could flap my arms to get warm.  The leash was detached and Tonya had one last thing to say to me before walking away.

"When everyone is called in someone will show you to your cage.  Remember, someone is watching over all of you at all times.  You are perfectly safe."  She patted me on the shoulder and left me alone.  I stood for a moment, unsure of what to do.

"When out in the yard, you're supposed to keep moving," said another female voice.  I guessed it to be another technician, I figured anyone who could talk wasn't a Pet.

I began moving, watching where I put my feet.  As I moved I realized there were a lot of people out her with me – a lot of naked people.  I would bump into shoulders, backs and chests.  In the case of the other women out here, that meant rubbing nipples.  There was such a small field of view available to me that collisions were unavoidable.  What struck me as funny was the silence.  There was no "Oh sorry, excuse me," from any of us.  Instead there might have been a moan or two but that was all.

The yard must have been large though.  It took me a while to get to a wire fence that marked one of its boundaries.  I wondered what was beyond it, and if the whole city had a few of us naked and blind people, wondering around bumping into each other.  I was still thinking about it when a bell sounded and the woman's voice I heard earlier started calling us in.  She sounded like she was calling in the cows to be milked, and I expected that was how we were going to be treated, like livestock.  The bell kept going and I assumed that was to give us a direction to walk in, so I followed the sound into the crowd.

It was very strange being pressed together as we were, all naked and bound.  But I felt comfortable in my anonymity; it began to bother me less and less.

I jumped and yelped.  Someone had pinched me in the butt.

I laughed.

We were all led into the bathroom again, and the smell told me that everyone was taking advantage of it.  Again I was embarrassed, but peer pressure ruled.  I peed, and then was even brave enough to use the brown tiles.  I wondered about how I was going to wipe myself, when I felt a hand at my butt.

"It's okay, I'm just going to wipe you," said a new voice.

Another bell led us out of the room and I followed the crowd through a door.  I don't know what I was expecting.  All this talk of being in a kennel prepared me for the sound of barking and whining dogs, but of course, we were the dogs.

I stopped moving, unsure of where to go, until I felt a hand at my elbow.

"Look at the floor, see the numbers in front of each cage?"

I attempted to nod.

"Yours is 23.  Just walk along until you get to your number and then kneel down facing it and wait.  Do this every time you come in here."

I did as she told me, and watched for my number, kneeling on the concrete floor when I found it.

I heard a lot of chains jingling, and the sound of locks being closed.

The sounds were scattered around the room, but one set seemed to be getting closer.  I assumed that each Pet was having their bondage adjusted in some way.

Soon someone was behind me.

"A new girl, huh?" the woman said.  "Okay, I'll tell you how the cage works.  It's simple.  The floor is two colors.  Green on the half nearest the door, red on the other half.  This is so you can stay oriented.  The cage isn't high enough for you to stand, but that's okay for you won't be able to anyway.  Next to the door you will see a patch of floor colored blue.  This is the feeding area.  Just kneel upright at that spot and you will find water whenever you want it.  You will also find food there at meal times.  In the far corner in the red area, is an area marked in black.  About a foot above this area is a large panic button.  If, for some reason you have an emergency like bad pain, or cramps or something that needs immediate attention, you can press that and someone will come running.  But it had better be a real emergency, okay?  Now scoot in."

While she was talking, I felt her unlock my wrists from the belt and lock them together behind me.  She then passed a chain around my hobble and through my wrist cuffs.  I was now hogtied again, but very loosely.

I felt a pat on my rear and shuffled forward on my knees.  The floor that I could see changed color to green and became padded, a big improvement on the concrete.  I kept going until I heard the cage door close behind me.  The lock was turned, and I assumed that the woman moved on.

So, this was to be my new home for the next few days.  I shuffled around, to see how big it was.  It wasn't very.  I might have been able to lie out flat in it if I hadn't been hogtied, and it wasn't very wide.  I moved around the green area until I found the blue spot where I could eat.  I was getting thirsty, something that always happens when your mouth is kept open.

I knelt up straight, and moved my body around in an effort to find out how I was to get water, and bumped into a rubber projection coming out of the wall of the cage.  It was a dildo, a thin one.

I had to laugh.  I caught on right away that this was what I was supposed to use to drink.  I liked the touch.  I got it into my mouth, it was a tight fit the way my mouth was held open, and started to suck.  My tongue told me that its shape was very realistic, and so was its texture.  The only trouble was that I wasn't getting anything no matter how much I tried.  I pulled back, and repositioned myself for another try, and bumped into a second dildo, just like the first one.

Could there be water in this one?

I gave it a try, and after a few seconds I had something to drink.  Whoever designed this had a sense of humor.  Instead of just letting the water come out, my sucking must have activated a pump that shot the water out in small, quick, spurts; just like the real thing.  And just like the real thing it stopped before I was done drinking.  After sucking on it some more I found I could get nothing more out of it.  I decided to wait for a little bit and try again.  Maybe, like a real guy, it needed twenty minutes to recuperate.

While I waited I tried the other dildo again, but it remained stubbornly dry.  Perhaps that was how I was gong to be fed too.

After I’d managed to coax three drinks out of the water dildo, I heard voices.  At least three or four women were walking from cage to cage, talking to the Pets.  When one came up to me, she told me it was time to eat, so I got up and began sucking on the dry dildo.  Immediately I got a thick fluid in my mouth that had a salty taste to it.  I don't know how they did it, and I wish I had the recipe, but it tasted very similar to you know what.

This dildo didn't stop with just a short gusher.  There was enough there to fill my growling belly.

"There's a good girl," said the female tech, "you like that don't you?  You have to eat it all, no spilling.  Make sure the dildo is clean when you are done, and drink lots of water."

I would have nodded, but the dildo was still pumping out food, and I was swallowing it as best I could.  It finally finished and I licked it clean as best I could, before moving back to the water dildo for a brief drink.

I began to think, as I knelt there sucking, that I, and the other Pets here, must make an interesting picture, sucking at these dildos over and over again.  What a way to reinforce a behavior pattern.  I certainly was going to be well practiced by the time Alan came back for me.

After I quenched my thirst, I lay on my side, and drifted to sleep with a smile on my face.

End of Part 3


I was wakened during the night by the sound of someone crying.  As I listened to her, I began to reflect on where I was and what I was doing.  Here I was, naked, bound, blind, and trapped in a room with upwards of thirty other people in exactly the same shape I was, presided over by women I had never met, or even seen.

Perhaps the girl was crying because this kind of lifestyle was just too much for her, or maybe, like myself, she just missed her owner.

Listen to me.

When did I begin to think of Alan as my owner?  He was my lover, my friend, and my bondage pal.  To think of him owning me would mean I was nothing more than something to be owned.  But then, given my current situation, what else would anyone think of me?

I struggled to my knees and made my way over to where I thought the water was.  The floor was very visible, which meant they probably kept the lights on all the time.  Well, with these blindfolds on, it didn't make it hard to sleep.

I eventually found the water dildo and began sucking on it.  As I did, I wondered who the crying girl was.  Was she a submissive?  Or was she a sex slave with no mind of her own, who just existed to please her Master?  Or was she like me, someone who just got off big on bondage?

I wanted to meet her, to talk to her.  I was suddenly frustrated that here I was, surrounded by people who could understand my strange kink, yet I was unable to talk to them about it.  I was even cut off from the keepers here.  Instead I was just here to be fed and kept safe while my owner...while Alan did his thing, wherever he was.  It made me feel like crying also.

I lay back down, and listened to the crying until I fell asleep again.

I woke to the sound of a bell.

I lay wondering what was going to happen today.

"You!  Number twenty-three!  Up on your knees!" said a voice close by.

I quickly got up, and knelt in the direction I thought I heard the voice coming from.

"That's better.  You should know that when the bell rings in the morning that you are to present yourself in this position.  If you understand, shake your boobs!"

With a grimace, I did as she asked.

I could hear voices around the room; several women were making the rounds.  It seemed to be feeding time again.

Soon it was my turn, and I began swallowing the cum-like food that was being pumped into my mouth.  I wondered if it was real cum, but I doubted it.  Real cum wouldn't keep us alive for long.

After a drink of water, the cages were opened and we were ordered out.  Our hands were released, and we were ordered to stand and take the opportunity to stretch.  I did so gratefully, although I really wasn't that stiff.  My time with Alan had given me lots of practice sleeping bound and I was quite used to it.

The voice that had been issuing orders to us then started us on a series of bends and stretches, and I realized that our keepers were not taking any chances on our bondage causing any permanent problems.  They had an interest in keeping us fit, even if that meant freeing our limbs for a short while.  We weren't completely free though, our ankles were still hobbled, and we were still masked and gagged.  Even if we knew where to run to, I doubted we could get five feet without being caught.

So I bent, and twisted and reached with the rest of the Pets, again wondering what kind of a sight we made, and also wondering what the rest of the day would be like.  When we finished we had our hands fastened to our belts again, then the next item on our agenda gave me a shock.

"Now for the day’s punishments," said the voice.  "When you hear your number step forward."

Punishments?  I’d wondered what they would do if you disobeyed an order.  Now I was going to find out.

The voice called out three numbers, and I got another shock when one of them was mine.  I began to tremble as I stepped forward.  What had I done?  I had only just got here.  I heard the pad of bare feet and the jingle of chain as the first Pet was led a few feet somewhere.  I wished I wasn’t blindfolded, as I wanted to see what was in store for me.

"Number eight, you were caught rubbing up against number forty five.  Your count is twenty."

Number eight moaned loudly, and then there was the sound of flesh being hit.  Number eight yelped.  They were spanking her.  I listened with growing horror as she received twenty spanks.  From the sound of it, it wasn't a barehanded spanking, something wooden was being used.

The next up was forty-five.  She too was spanked the same number of times.  Then it was my turn.

Hands took both my arms and I was led a few feet forward and bent over a rail of some kind.

"Number twenty-three, we know that it is your first day here, but this is more to show you what happens if you don't follow instructions, than to punish you.  For not answering the morning bell, your count is five.”

I was about to cry out in protest, but before I had a chance the first blow landed.  I was stunned; the heat on my ass was such a surprise.  It was far different from what I’d expected.  It seemed to spread instantly to my nipples and groin.  The paddle they used was wide and smooth, doubtless from the smooth skin of the hundreds of backsides it had connected with before mine.  It made contact with a very wide area, spreading the impact.  The second blow landed, and the effect intensified.  How could I like this?  The third, and the pain finally reached a level where it was beginning to feel bad.  After the fourth and fifth, the pleasure was all gone.  I was glad that was all I got.  I was helped up, and led back to my place.

"One final thing," the voice said to all of us, "it's number thirty three's birthday today.  You may all wish him a happy birthday."

How were we to do that?

I found out that we each got a chance to do so.

He was brought to each of us and had his mouth guided to our nipples while he took a few seconds to tease us with his tongue.  I wondered what he did with the other male Pets.

Another bell sounded when he finished and we were all herded into the shower.  I won’t say much about it except that it was wet, and smelly.

We all took the opportunity to empty our bowels and then the water was turned on.  Everywhere I went I was assaulted with hot streams of water and naked skin.  Eventually it stopped, and as we were herded back to our cages we were stopped one by one and toweled off.  The only thing I liked about it was that the water helped cool the heat of the spanking I had gotten.

Time passed, I don't know how quickly.  I listened to the morning routine.  It seemed that Pets were taken from their cages from time to time for unknown reasons.  A technician would take a Pet from their cage, and return them some time later.

I was surprised when my cage was opened and I was ordered out.

It was Tonya.

"Hi," she said, "sleep well?"

I grunted, and she took it for a yes.

She clipped a leash to my collar and led me out of the kennel and into the hallways I had come through to get here.

Had Alan come for me already?  I hoped so.  I missed him.

I was led into a room, and directed toward an examination table.  For all I knew this was the same room I had been examined in when I first got here.  Tonya undid the chastity strap and removed it completely before helping me up onto the table then she proceeded to strap me into the stirrups.  She also passed additional straps over my body, trapping my arms at my sides and taking away what little movement I had left.

The combination of the bondage and the warm feeling on my butt was making me horny, and I hoped it wasn't showing.  In my very spread position however, I doubted it.

Tonya began busying herself at a counter on the other side of the room.  From my reclining position, I could make out her legs as she moved about the room.

I wanted to ask what I was doing here.  Was I to receive an exam each day I was here?

After what seemed to me to be a long wait, someone else came into the room.

"I see you have her ready."  I recognized the doctor's voice.

"Yes, Ma’am.  Everything's ready for you."

"Good.  Let’s get started.  I have a vasectomy to do after this."


I could see legs approaching and the doctor's body as she stood between my legs.

"I thought you said she was ready," she said.  "Her face hasn't been masked."

"Oh! I'm sorry, Ma’am.  I'll do that right now."

"Sorry isn't enough.  You know that!"

"Yes, Ma’am."

I was puzzling over this exchange when suddenly the rest of my vision was cut off.  Someone had spread a blue cloth over my head, taking away even the small amount that I could see.

I could hear the two women moving around and the sound of metal clinking.  Whatever was going to happen, it wasn't going to be just an exam.

"Maria, you're going to feel a small stick, but it's all right.  I'm just giving you a local anesthetic."  I was told.

Now that frightened me.  What on earth was going on?

I began to struggle and cry out.

"Stop that at once," the doctor ordered.  But I kept going.  I wanted to know what was going on.


"I've got it, Ma’am," Tonya replied, and a moment later the blue cloth was removed and a dildo was slipped into my mouth.  This one was soft and once it was in, it began to expand and fill my mouth up.  Soon I could hardly make a sound.

I stopped struggling.  Whatever it was they were about to do to me, I could do nothing about it.  It occurred to me that it might be better for me to stay still.

"That's better, Maria," the doctor said gently.

The cloth was put back, and a moment later I felt a prick of pain next to my left nipple.

I jumped, but otherwise held still.

It was a strange feeling as the local took effect.  It was like my sensitive nipple was slowly disappearing.  Soon I couldn't feel it at all.

After a few minutes I sensed the doctor leaning over me, and was aware of a tugging motion in that breast; but otherwise, nothing.  This was repeated with my other nipple, the local, and the strange feeling that the nipple was no longer there.

As the doctor worked on that breast, the thought occurred to me that maybe I was having nipple rings attached.  Alan and I had talked about it a long time ago, but I never thought I would actually get it done.  Now it seemed that decision had been taken away from me.  Was this standard procedure for all the Pets?  Or was this one of the things that Alan had asked for?

I was aware of hands pushing at my breasts, but what they were doing was beyond me.

Then I felt another prick, only lower down.  With a shock I realized that she was working around my pussy.  The doctor gave me three shots total, and minutes later it felt like there was nothing there.  It was like I was sexless.

I knew that they were going to pierce me down there, and I wasn't sure about how I felt about that.  This was beyond what Alan and I had discussed.  Yet, it made sense in a way.  Since I was getting the top done, why not the bottom?  I wished I had been in on the decision though.  The doctor hadn't even asked me if I was sure I wanted this.  It was as if it was going to happen whether I wanted it to or not.

Maybe they were just used to operating that way.

It wasn't long before the doctor was done.

"Finish dressing her, then take her back to her cage.  She is excused shower time for the next two days, and then the dressings can come off.  You know the drill."

"Yes, Ma’am."

The doctor left, and Tonya worked on me for a short while in silence.

I groaned behind my gag.  I wanted to talk to her.  It wasn't to be though.  Tonya removed the cloth and the inflatable gag, and unstrapped me from the table.  Helping me up, she asked if I felt any pain.  I shook no, and tried to get a look down to see what they had done to me.

I had been able to see my nipples below the blinder, but now there was nothing but white.  There must have been a bandage of some kind over each nipple.

Tonya checked my bondage but did not replace the chastity strap then she clipped a leash to the collar and led me back to my cage.

Lunch was much the same as breakfast, and after having my third meal of cum-flavored food, I considered how quickly I would get tired of this diet.

Lunch was followed by groups of us being led to the bathroom once more, and by now I had enough feeling down in my groin to control the flow, as it were.  The locals were wearing off, and I could feel a dull throb that told me I had indeed been pierced.  I wondered what they looked like, but I was in no position to find out.

I think I napped part of the afternoon away, for I was awakened by the call to exercise.  We were all taken from our cages and led out into the open again.  It felt good to be able walk around, but running into people wasn't as fun.  A bump to my front made the pain in my nipples flair, like a particularly tight nipple clamp.  I found the fence line and followed it around to avoid being hit.  We were out there a while before being led back in, and I come to the end of my first twenty-four hours at the kennel.

The next few days didn't change, the routine stayed the same.  The only exceptions were that I didn't visit the doctor’s room again, and that I didn't shower.

Oh yes.  One very interesting thing happened the second morning.  During the punishment session, no Pets were called, but someone else was: Tonya.  For not prepping me properly, she got twenty swipes and a day in a cage.

My only visitor during these days was someone who came and changed my dressings and wiped something cold and wet on my piercings.  I was glad of this.  The pain in my nipples and lips wasn't too bad, but evidently my clitoris had also been pierced, and that hurt!

After three days though, even the pain there had subsided to a dull throb, and soon the last of the dressings had been removed, my chastity strap replaced, and I was allowed to shower with the rest of the Pets.

I slept a lot, and spent a lot of time listening to the goings on around me.  I got incredibly lonely, even though I was always surrounded by people.  Not being able to see, not being able to talk, not having anyone talk to me was lonely.

I thought more about the relationship Alan and I had.  I knew I spent a lot of my time gagged and blindfolded with him, but we always talked when I was released from them.  And even when I couldn't reply he would often talk to me, keeping me up-to-date on what was going on.  I always felt connected when I was with him, and for that I was grateful.  I wondered how many of the Pets around me lived a life where they were never considered human beings at all.  I wondered what it would be like to always be treated like this.  I was afraid to go too far with that thought.  It seemed dangerously attractive, despite the way I felt right now.  I knew that I shouldn't allow myself to go there.  I had to draw the line somewhere.  Right?

I think it was my sixth day, when my routine was broken, and I was taken from my cage for something other than the usual Pet things.

I was taken out of the kennel area and led into what looked like a smaller version of the big Pet bathroom.

"Please stand in the brown area and relieve yourself totally," a female voice told me.

I did as I was told, no longer so embarrassed at doing this in front of people, and after being wiped, was led over to an examining table and laid on my back.  The chastity strap was then undone.

This could only have been another procedure.  What now?

I could hear water running, a hose washing away my waste?

I was strapped down just like before, and a cloth was placed over my face, I was once again denied all sight.

"Hi Maria."  It was Tonya.  "You're going to be here a while, so just relax."

I grunted a response, and felt several pairs of hands touching me at once.  It took me only a few moments to figure out what they were doing.  They were removing my body hair.  Inch by inch, from my neck down to my feet, they worked diligently to permanently pluck every hair from my body.  They used a device that was unfamiliar to me.  It seemed to take hold of a hair and then a moment later pulled it out with hardly any pain.  The whole thing was very relaxing, and I lay back and enjoyed the feeling of all those hands caressing me.

As they worked closer to my eager clitoris, I attempted to shift myself into the path of the working fingers.  But they would avoid contact and I started to become very frustrated.  The women worked on me in silence, deftly avoiding my attempts for some relief, until Tonya told me to stop.  Disappointed I lay there sulking while they finished.  It took a long time, but eventually they unstrapped me and led me over to another seat.

This one was more like a chair in a beauty shop, but before they went any further, Tonya had orders for me.  "We're going to remove the head harness.  I want you to close your eyes and not open them until we tell you.  I know it will be hard.  You haven't been able to see anything for a week now, but try.  Punishment for looking will severe.  Okay?"

I grunted, and closed my eyes.

The harness coming off was a relief, as was the gag coming out.  I worked my jaw and closed it for the first time in a week.  Something was pressed against my face around my eyes.

"You can open your eyes now, but remember, no talking."

I could see nothing.  It felt like a black plastic mask had been stuck to my face allowing no light to enter at all.

I was tipped back, and my hair was wet.  Hands began pulling and combing my hair and I realized they were washing it.  I was happy; it hadn't been washed in a week and must have looked a mess being trapped under the harness for so long.

I began to giggle.

It occurred to me that I was getting another kennel perk.  I was being groomed.

Once my hair was washed, it was carefully wrapped in a towel and I was stood up and led a few feet forward.  My hands were freed from the waist belt and lifted up level with my shoulders and attached to something on either side of me.  The hobble was released, and my legs were spread and similarly attached.  The body harness was removed completely and I was left wearing nothing but the blindfold and the towel on my head.

Even though the harness I wore could not exactly have been called clothing, it had been all I had for a week, and now I felt naked once more.

I was sure they could see me blush all the way to my toes, but a moment later it didn't matter.

Wet hands started rubbing me all over, followed by slippery hands that coated me in soap.  There must have been four or five people working on me there were so many hands.  They didn't miss a spot and I was getting incredibly turned on by all this, especially when they brushed over my more sensitive areas.

I still felt pain when they touched my piercings; but the pleasure of all this contact after so long more than made up for it.

After being well soaped up, I was rinsed and then oiled.  It felt heavenly!  I was disappointed when it was done, and very, very horny.  They’d worked me up to an erotic high and now they were stopping?

My hair was released and I was left standing, still spread and very open.  There was a fumbling at my mouth, and I opened it to accept a regular dildo gag.  It was strapped in, and then I was left alone.

I could hear the women clean the room around me, then leave.

I don't know how long I was left there, but eventually someone came in and released me.
They did my legs first, bringing them together, and hobbling them, then my arms which were locked behind me.

A hand took my arm, and I shuffled carefully in the direction indicated.  This was when I really appreciated the blinder I had been in all week.  In it I could see to place my feet, and had confidence in where I was stepping, now I had no idea and that made walking a lot slower.  My guide seemed to have patience though, and after a while we entered another room further down the hall.

My heart jumped as I entered.  I recognized Alan's voice.  "So I need to sign these to get her back?" he was asking someone.

"Just a formality.  For our records."  It sounded like the doctor.

"I'll have to inspect her first.  Just to make sure she isn't damaged."

"As you wish."

I wanted to rush him, and hug him tightly, but not only did my bondage prevent it, but also the hold my guide had on my arm.

I felt Alan caress me all over, his fingers lingering over my piercings.

"Any problems with these?" he asked.

"None at all.  It was very routine.  Your care instructions are included in her packet."

He grunted and continued to examine me.  Why didn't he acknowledge me?  I began to moan.

"She seems glad that you are here," the doctor said.

"Yes.  She looks great.  Were there any problems with her behavior?"

"None at all, I wish all our Pets are as well behaved."

"Good.  Okay, I'll sign for her and we can get going."

I was going home.  I almost danced with joy.

"Take her to the departure lounge," my guide was ordered, and I was taken reluctantly from the room.

Once we stopped again, I was told to stand still and wait, which I found very difficult to do.  It seemed forever before the door opened and I felt a fumbling at the buckle that held the gag in place.  It was removed, as were the cuffs on my ankles and wrists, then the blindfold.

It was Alan.  Unable to restrain myself, I jumped him, squeezing him as hard as I could.  He returned the hug, and we kissed deeply.  Boy he was a sight for sore eyes, and sore they were, the light in the room seemed bright after being blindfolded for so long.  We finally came up for air.

"God, I missed you," I told him.

"I missed you too, Beautiful.  Did you have fun?"

"It was incredible."

"You will have to tell me later.  Why don't you get dressed and we can go."

I stepped back and looked at my man for a moment.  He looked good in a dark blue suit.  Very handsome.  I then looked down and got my first look at my new piercings.  I had been expecting rings, but instead I saw what looked like tiny barbells.  They ran through each nipple, but not through the middle, more toward the lower half.  Between my legs were three more barbells: one in each outer labia, and one through the base of my clit.  This one still hurt the most, but lately that pain had become part of something else, something different.  It all looked very strange.

"You like?" Alan asked me, an evil smile on his face.

"I like," I replied, and kissed him once more.

He had brought the same horrible orange dress that I had worn here and with the blacked out sunglasses on, he led me out of the building and into a waiting cab.

End of part 4


We sat in the hot tub behind the house, Lisa, Melissa and me.  All of us were naked, none of us were bound.  Alan was off for the weekend, and Melissa and Lisa had volunteered to “babysit” me.

Once he left they decided to give me some time off from bondage, so they released me from the cuffs and chains he had left on me.  This was the first time I had seen either of them after coming back from the Kennel a couple of weeks ago, and both of them listened wide-eyed as I told them of my experiences.

When I finished my tales we sat in silence for a moment as I watched the snowflakes fall around us.  It was the first snow of the year, and it was a surprisingly gentle one.  There was no wind to speak of; the flakes just seemed to drift lazily down before settling on the ground.  I watched flakes come down and evaporate on contact with the hot water we sat in.  We were quite comfortable in it, despite the below freezing temperature.

"That's a pretty wild story, Maria," Lisa said.

I nodded.  "I know.  I still dream about the place.  It's hard to believe that a place like that exists."

She reached out for my breast, and I lifted myself out of the water a little so she could examine my nipple again.  I no longer wore the little barbells; instead all my piercings had silver rings passed through them.

Soon, Alan promised, they would be healed enough for use in our bondage games.  I could hardly wait.

She tugged gently on the ring, and I moved slightly with her pull.  I felt an immediate response in my loins, but didn't remark on it.  The rings had made my nipples even more sensitive, and my clitoris seemed to always be at attention.  Even the moving air sent sexual vibrations flowing through my body.  I was in a low-grade sexual arousal twenty-four hours a day.

"They do good work," Lisa said, letting go.

I smiled, and sank back under the water.

"What was that about vasectomies?" Melissa asked.

"Oh," I replied, "Alan told me about that on the flight back.  It seems the Kennel does a lot of extra services, just like a vet’s office.  Not only do they board the Pets, but you can also have your Pet ‘fixed' as it were.  The doctor who did my piercings is the Manager of the place, and a fully qualified surgeon.  She has all the gear necessary to provide surgical birth control for both men and women."

"You mean you could have had your tubes tied?" Melissa asked, once again wide-eyed.

I nodded.  "Yep.  I was glad Alan didn't choose that option though.  That would have been too much.  It was enough to have had my piercings without any notice, but to have been rendered sterile like that.  Well, I wouldn't be here now if he had thrust that upon me."

Lisa spoke up, her voice low, "Have you guys talked about that?"

"No…not really…"

Again we paused, each of us deep in our own heads for a moment.

Melissa looked up at the falling snow.  "It's getting heavier.  Do you want to go in?"

"Sure," I said, and Lisa nodded.

We climbed out, and ran wet and naked to the back door of the house.  Inside were our towels and we dried off before wandering into the den.  By unspoken agreement, the three of us were going to stay nude, mainly because I had no clothes anyway.  Alan had locked them away in a large steamer trunk and had locked the door of our bedroom.  Apart from towels and bed linens, there was nothing I could use to wrap myself in.  I didn't mind, it was my normal attire anyway.

While Lisa fixed us some drinks at the bar, Melissa and I tried to settle on the couch, but the room was chilly and we weren't that comfortable.

"I have an idea," she said, and left the room.

A moment later she came back with a big blanket, and we were soon cuddled together under it.

Lisa handed us our drinks and dove in with us, and soon the three of us were warm and snuggly under the blanket while watching a bad movie on TV.  If you had told me six months ago, that I would have no problem with being naked under a blanket with two other women, I would have laughed in your face, but I had changed.  We’d been through a lot.  We were all very comfortable with our nudity.

As we watched and drank I became aware of a little movement under the blanket.  Lisa, who was sitting on the other side of Melissa, had her hands under it and appeared to be caressing Melissa's lap.

I watched, fascinated, as Melissa closed her eyes and slowly succumbed to Lisa's manipulations.  I wasn't aware that Lisa knew I was watching, until she looked up at me and winked.  It made me blush, but I held her gaze.

That my friends were having a very successful relationship made me happy; but up to now they had never been overly demonstrative in front of me before.
After a few minutes, Lisa whispered something into Melissa's ear, and she opened her eyes and looked at me.  I felt incredibly guilty for watching, but Melissa smiled.

"You know, I think we made a mistake taking you out of bondage.  I have an idea."

I had a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach.  It met a surge of sexual pleasure coming up.  The result left me a little confused.  Melissa asked Lisa to go get some string, and after looking around for ten minutes, Lisa came back with a big roll and some scissors.  Melissa took the roll, and threw back the blanket.

"Turn around, Maria," she ordered.

I turned slowly, so my back was to her.

"Cross your thumbs behind you."

I did so, and she bound them together with the string.  She passed the roll under me and had me sit back in the chair again.  At a signal from Melissa, Lisa took my feet and placed them together sole to sole, spreading my knees wide.  Melissa tied my big toes together, and then wrapped some string around my ankles so that my feet would stay bound together.  She cut the string.

Melissa took a moment to brush the back of her fingers over my hairless mound, and I shivered.  Neither Melissa nor Lisa were shaved, and they had both marveled at how good a job the Kennel had done in removing all the hair.  My silver rings were clearly visible without any hair to hide them.

"Now I know you said your rings weren't to be used yet for bondage, but I think you might like what I have planned."

I tried to smile, but instead glanced anxiously up at Lisa.

Lisa smiled back, but watched as Melissa threaded string through my clit ring, up through one nipple ring, then the other, and then back down through the clit ring.  She then made a loop in the long end of the string just beyond the clit ring, and tied the end she had threaded through the rings to it.  She had created a triangle of string, and a pull on the roll pulled simultaneously on my nipples and clit.

She did so, and I thought I would burst.  Already sexually charged from watching the two of them play, I was very close to cumming.  I looked down and could see clearly how aroused I was.  So could they.

"Lisa," Melissa said, "go get our bag."

Lisa, who up to now had been watching with interest what Melissa had done, suddenly paled a little and began to blush, but she scurried off without a word and went out the front door to her car.

She returned with a soft-sided leather case which appeared to be locked with a combination lock.

Melissa dialed it and opened the case.

With Lisa's help I was turned to my left so I faced down the couch instead of to the front.

"Now Lisa, on the couch with you."

Lisa paled once more, and sat down in front of me.  I watched as Melissa deftly bound Lisa's thumbs and feet so that she was a mirror image of my own bondage.  She maneuvered the bound girl so that we faced each other, our feet touching, and I could easily see how aroused Lisa was getting.

Melissa dug in her bag, and pulled out three clips.

"It's a shame you don't have beautiful rings like Maria has, Lisa.  We'll have to remedy that sometime."

Lisa nodded, and it hit me that Melissa was quite clearly the dominant one in their relationship, at least as far as games like this were concerned.  I’d had no idea they even played!

Melissa teased Lisa's nipples for a while and placed a clip on each one.  Not forgetting me, she pulled occasionally on the string, bringing me back to the edge time and again.  She then began teasing Lisa's clitoris, and I got a first hand look as Melissa's fingers pulled and squeezed that helpless nub of flesh.  Lisa had her eyes closed now, until Melissa ordered her to open them.  She sat, staring into my eyes, her face flushed not only from embarrassment.

Then her face scrunched up in pain, and I looked down to see that Melissa had applied the third clip.

Lisa's breathing was heavy, but settled down as she got used to the pressure.

Melissa then took the roll of string that was still attached to me, and cut off a long section which she used to thread through the clips the same way she had my rings.  A few knots later, and the two of us were connected together; the string between our clits tight and straight.

Melissa had a big smile on her face.

"Let’s try this out," she said.

She plucked at the string and both Lisa and I let out groans of pleasure.  The constant pull on my clit and the vibrations from the string were doing incredible things to me.

"I like it, but it's too noisy.  But don't worry; I have just the thing…" Melissa said smiling.  She dug through the bag again, and brought out a ball gag.  But there was something funny about it.  It was bigger than any I’d seen before, and had a lot of straps.  She popped it into Lisa's mouth first, and I saw that the poor girl couldn't even get half the monster into her.  It was buckled behind her head, and I saw when it was on that it had two extra straps hanging from it.

"Now lean close," we were instructed.

Melissa pushed our faces together until the other side of the ball gag was in my wide-open mouth.  Once the straps were buckled, my head was bound tightly to Lisa's mouth-to-mouth, the both of us almost locked in a kiss.

Lisa's wide eyes must have mirrored mine.  What was Melissa going to do now?

Melissa adjusted the string so that it was tight again, and spent a good deal of time strumming it while running her hands over both our bodies.  Lisa and I squirmed and groaned under her touch and the effect of the string, and I silently begged for Melissa to pluck hard enough for me to cum.  I bet Lisa did too.

Every so often, Melissa would stop what she was doing and turn around to watch TV, or fix herself another drink.  Once she went outside and scooped up a little snow to sprinkle on the two of us.  After what seemed like hours, she knelt on the couch behind me and placed her pussy in my hands.

I knew Lisa knew what was happening, but up so close I couldn't read her expression, what was she thinking?

Melissa leaned forward, her breasts pressing into my back, and whispered in my ear.  "If you want to cum, Sweetie, I will have to first."

I groaned, and began to move my fingers.

Melissa was already moist, and I was soon able to generate moans and groans from her.  This was the first time I had ever actively participated in making another woman cum.  I played her clitoris like I would my own, while wondering if I was doing the right thing.  Then Melissa would pluck the string and I wouldn't care.  I began forcing fingers into her, and her cries grew louder.  Her hips began to move over my hand, and soon I didn't have to do much more than caress her clit on the down stroke.

She began plucking the string in time with her own thrusts, and soon all three of us were crying out, just waiting for that explosive moment.

I'd like to say that we all came at the same time, but sadly we didn't.

I came first.  Already permanently aroused, my threshold was lower than my friends’ and my current situation was more than I could take.  My bucking as I came was all that Lisa needed and soon we were both jumping in our seats.  The pull at my clit was hurting badly, and so was Lisa's I bet.  The orgasm, while great, was kinda short due to the pain.

Melissa continued to ride my hand until she too came, and flopped against me.

We were all breathing pretty heavily when done.

Melissa climbed off me, and got her drink.  Lisa and I, alas, remained just as we were.

"That was great!  Pity you guys were ahead of me," she said, still a little breathless.  "I'm bushed, and hungry.  Tell you what, I'll go ahead and make supper.  You guys stay to get acquainted.”

Lisa and I both groaned in protest, but with a laugh Melissa disappeared into the kitchen.  With no other choice open to us, Lisa and I remained as we were.

Supper offered us no respite from our bondage.  Melissa untied only our feet for the trip into the kitchen.  Then she ungagged us and untied the string that held us together.  She sat us down in two chairs that had been placed back to back, and then connected our feet to each other.  My left ankle was bound to Lisa's right, and vice versa.  The string was threaded through my rings and Lisa's clips, so that now it came out at the top of the triangle instead of the bottom.

Connected together, this meant that if either of us leaned forward, we would both feel the pull on our sensitive regions.  And this was how she fed us.  She had made soup, and would hold the spoon in front of us so that we would have to lean forward to take it.  Of course the pulling was driving us crazy, and we told her that.  Melissa just laughed and told us we had to finish the soup before she would untie us, so we ate, and almost came again.

For dessert, Lisa got to tongue Melissa to another orgasm, leaning forward to reach her while we both suffered the pull of the string.

A little while later Melissa released us for a quick potty break, everything except our thumbs that is, and instructed us to meet her in the spare bedroom.

In the bathroom, I could see my piercings turning red and aching badly.  I didn't think they would take much more right now.

Melissa agreed, and Lisa was happy when Melissa took off the clips that had been on her for so long.  She sat on the floor and rocked back and forth for a few minutes as she got used to the pain of the blood rushing back into the pressed flesh.

By this time it was getting late, so Melissa said she would put us to bed for the night so we could get some sleep.

I asked her if she was going to keep us bound all night.

What a stupid question.

As sleep took Melissa, Lisa and I found ourselves lying on either side of her.  Our hands were bound to the headboard, our feet to the bottom of the bed.  Our eyes were covered, our mouths taped shut, and trapped in our pussies were vibrators set on low that buzzed most of the night.  We didn't get much sleep.

The next morning, things were very much back to normal.  Melissa released us from all our bondage when she got up, and let us both sleep.  When I woke up again, I found myself tucked spoon fashion with Lisa, her arm around my waist, her hand cupping one breast.  From her breathing she was still fast asleep, so I didn't disturb her.  Besides it was very comfortable.

I lay warm and snug, and again thought about my sexual orientation.  I was very unsure.
I had enjoyed last night immensely, there was no doubting that.  But was it the bondage that was responsible?  I wasn't in bondage now, and here I was in a very intimate embrace that wasn't bothering me in the slightest.

Was I Bi as Lisa told me she was?  The more I thought about it, the more I realized that I probably wasn't.  Instead, I thought that my current attitude towards the intimate contact the three of us were having was based more on the affection I had for both Melissa and Lisa than for a need to have a woman in general make love to me.  I was comfortable knowing that.  It seemed to make sense to me.

I began to lightly stroke the fingers that held me, and soon Lisa shifted position, rolling onto her back away from me.

I crawled out of bed and left the room without waking her.

In the bathroom, I took a long hot shower and completed my bathroom rituals, all the time thinking about Alan, and whether I should tell him everything that happened.  I thought maybe that we girls had to have some secrets!

Coming down to the kitchen, wrapped in nothing but a towel, I happened to glance out a window and got a pleasant surprise.  It must have snowed all night, for the landscape was white.  I figured we must have gotten at least four inches, and it had turned the landscape into a winter wonderland.  It also looked cold, and I hugged myself.

Melissa smiled as I came into the kitchen.  She was dressed in slacks and a sweater.  She looked snug, and for the first time that weekend I regretted not being able to get at my clothes.

"Hungry?" she asked, "I heard you were up, so I cut up some fruit."

"Thanks," I replied, "but I have a job to do first before I can eat."

"What job?"

"I have to go out and do Nelson's stall."

Melissa looked puzzled.  "Can't you eat first?  You must be famished."

"Alan wants me to take care of his horse first thing in the morning, before I can eat myself."

"Alan isn't here now, Sweetie," Melissa replied.

"I know.  But..."  This had been the way it was for a long time.  Alan expected me to do it this way.

"Do you do everything Alan tells you?" Melissa asked me.

"Of course!"

"And you still don't think you are a submissive," she almost laughed as she said that, annoying me.

"I have to go.  I'll be back," I said as I stormed out of the room and headed for the front door.  At the door, I dropped the towel, and stepped out onto the porch. I was right, it was cold, and I didn't look forward to stepping out onto the snow in my bare feet.  I debated going back in for the towel, but Alan always wanted me to do this naked.  But then again, I was usually bound in some way too.

I saw movement in the window: Melissa was watching me.  Something inside me didn't want to give her the satisfaction of watching me come back in for the towel, so I turned away and braved the snow-covered yard.

It was cold!  But it really wasn’t as bad as I feared.  I covered the distance quickly and stepped into the barn.

The inside felt warm after my run, but I knew it wasn't as warm in here as it was in the house.  Nelson eyed me as I entered, and curled his lip once.

"I know, I'm late," I said to him and opened the door to his stall.  I patted his huge head and fussed over him before leading him out and parking him in another stall, and then went about my usual duties.  Once finished I put him back, and braved the cold again for the run to the house.  What I heard when I get there made me wish I had stayed in the barn.

"You knew I had to get up early!" Lisa was shouting.

"You looked like you could use the sleep, Sweetie," said Melissa, her voice a lot calmer.

I crept into the house and tried to figure out where they were.

"I told you I had to be there to prep for the lunch trade.  God knows what Robert has done since I wasn't there!"

"I'm sure he'll do fine without you."

They were both upstairs.

I picked up the towel and dried my feet.  I needed another shower, but I was afraid to get in the middle of their argument.  Lisa sounded mad.

I heard steps above me, and slipped into the den.

"Where the hell is my uniform?"

I had no problems hearing Lisa, even from the den.

Someone came down the stairs, and barreled out the front door.  It was Lisa, dressed only in bra and panties.  Melissa followed a much slower pace.  As she reached the bottom, she saw me peeking around the den door.  She didn't look happy.  After a minute, Lisa stormed back in, carrying what looked like her uniform.  "Damn car is dead, you'll have to run me over."

"All right, but what about her?" Melissa said, gesturing toward me.

Lisa was half into her dress, but stopped to look at me.

"I didn't know you were there," she said a little more calmly.  "You'll be all right here won't you?"

"I'll be fine," I said quietly.  The tension in the hallway was very thick.

"We aren't supposed to leave her alone," Melissa said.

"Yeah, well Alan may like to have his fancy ideas, but I still have to get to work."  Lisa replied, pulling on the rest of her uniform.

"Maybe we should tie her up while we're gone," suggested Melissa.

"I'll be fine," I said a little louder.

"I don't have time for that!"  Lisa said, her voice rising again.

"It will only take a minute.  You go start my car, and I'll be right out.  It has to warm up anyway."  Melissa tossed Lisa her keys, and with a quick look at me, Lisa slipped on her shoes and left.

"You don't have to you know," I said to Melissa.

"Wouldn't Alan expect it?"

I shrugged.

Melissa took my hand and pulled me into the den.  Her bag of bondage toys was still lying open, and from it she grabbed a set of regular handcuffs and a ball gag.  Pulling me out of the room, she had me stand with my back against the banisters and put my hands over my head.  The steps behind me were at a level just above my head.  Melissa quickly cuffed my hands through the railings, and inserted the ball gag, strapping it tight.  My jaw was stretched over the larger than usual gag, and I could feel myself drooling from the get go.

"You'll be fine here while I run Lisa over to the diner.  I'll be back soon.  Maybe I'll have lunch first," she added with a smile.

I groaned, but she laughed and went out the door.

For the first time in a long time, I was alone in Alan's house.

End of Part 5


The next person through the front door wasn't whom I was expecting.

It was Alan.

He stepped in and saw me immediately, not that I could help it.  He smiled as he took his boots off, and then came over to me.

"Hi, Beautiful!  I see you've been busy," he said, kissing me softly on my left nipple.

I groaned behind my gag.  I was happy to see him, especially since I was sure that it had been a couple of hours since Melissa left.  The position I was now in, standing with my hands locked to the banisters above my head, wasn't the most comfortable for as long as I had been there.  That I was also nude, and the hallway was cold, also had added to my discomfort.

"Have you been here awhile?"  Alan was examining my wrists.  The hard metal cuffs had turned them red.

I nodded, and his smile faded a little.

"I'll be back."

A moment later he returned with a key to the cuffs, and I was grateful for at last being able to pull my arms down.

"Where are they?" he asked as he pulled out my gag.

"Melissa took Lisa to work, but it must have been a least a couple of hours," I replied, working the stiffness out of my jaw.

Alan nodded, and took me in his arms.  We spent a wonderful couple of minutes locked in a passionate embrace that warmed me up nicely.  Then, much to my surprise, he lifted me up into his arms, and carried me up the stairs.  Giggling, I held on until he deposited me in the bathroom.

"Take a shower, and I'll dig out your clothes.  I want to go find those friends of yours," he said smiling once more.

I nodded, and attacked the shower for the second time that day.

A half hour later, and I was dressed warmly in Alan's truck.  We followed his driveway to the end and turned toward the diner.  The snow was deep in spots, especially in the hollows of the closer hills, but the main road was clear.  A plow must have come by.

As we drove I asked him about his trip, but he didn't give me any details other than to say that he missed me while he was gone.

We eventually reached the diner, and it occurred to me that this was the first time I had ever seen it from the front, and for the first time I was going inside.  As we trudged through the snow, I saw Melissa's car sitting in the lot.

Inside, it was warm, and I undid my coat.  Underneath I was wearing a large, thick sweater and jeans but no underwear of course.

The diner was larger than I thought it might be, with booths around the edges and tables filling the floor.  It seemed mostly empty, but the number of dirty tables told me that it had been pretty full until just recently.  A counter ran down one side and it was to this that Alan led me.  Behind the counter was this heavy-looking guy unloading a tray full of dirty dishes.

He looked up as we approached and hailed Alan as a friend.

"Is this the lady we've heard so much about?" he asked Alan.  "You have good taste, man."

I smiled and blushed a little.  It was nice to receive a compliment every now and then.

"Maria," said Alan, "meet Robert.  He helps out Lisa on the weekends, but in real life runs a welding shop in town."

"Hi," I said.

Robert smiled a big toothy grin.  He reminded me of a big bear, and I could easily see him in the role of the village blacksmith.

"Any time you get bored with the computer nerd here, you come see me.  Okay?"

I was a little shocked until Alan laughed.  "Don't let him spook you, Maria.  All those fumes in his shop have destroyed what little gray matter he had between those ears."

Robert smiled, his eyes wrinkling with genuine mirth, and I relaxed.  It sounded like these two had done this before.

"I guess you want to see the boss huh?" he asked.

"That's why I'm here."

"Well, she's in back."

Alan nodded.  "Say, Maria, why don't you have a seat and Robert will dish up some apple pie for you."

"Sure!" I said enthusiastically.  It had been a long time since I had last eaten, and the food odors in the diner were making my tummy rumble.

"I'll put it on your tab," Robert said, turning toward a plastic-covered carousel with slices of pie on it.

"You do that," Alan replied, and he walked around the counter and into the kitchen.

Robert heated the pie in a microwave, and added a large dollop of cream before giving it to me.  I dug in.  I was famished.

"Doesn't that man feed you?" Robert asked, as he watched me wolf my food down.

"It's been a while since breakfast," I replied.

"Well, if you come stay with me, you won’t want for food," Robert said with a chuckle, as he picked up a tray and resumed his cleaning.

I quickly finished the pie and watched as Robert cleared tables.  He was almost done when Alan came back out.

"Let's go," he said.

I buttoned my coat and we both said goodbye to Robert as we walked toward the door.

"Oh, and I may have a job for you later this week, if you're free."  Alan said to him.

"Got my week full.  With this snow, people will want their plows put on.  But if it's a quick job, I could come by when I'm done here."

"I don't think it will be a quick job, but why don't you come by anyway and you can take a look."

"That's fine.  We got supper in a little while, but after that I could come.  I'll be done around nine."

"I'll expect you."

They said their goodbyes, and we left.

In the truck, I asked if Melissa was there.

"Oh yes," Alan said with a smile, "Lisa wasn't happy about being so late.  She had Melissa ball tied naked under the desk in her office.  You wouldn't see her just walking into the room, but if you knew to look there was no missing her."

I laughed.  "Does Robert..."

"Probably.  But he won’t tell.  Anyway, Lisa and Melissa shouldn't have left you alone like that.  Next time Melissa is in town, we'll have to see what we can do to punish them."

"It's okay, you don't have to," I said.

Alan smiled but said nothing.  During the rest of the drive back my head was filled with the image of Melissa under the desk.

I spent the remainder of the day dressed, much to my surprise, and helped Alan with snow removal.  I helped Alan mount a plow blade, which he kept in the barn, onto the front of his truck.  While he plowed his yard and the driveway, I swept snow off the porch and away from the entrances to all the buildings scattered around the place.  Once I was done, I went in and cooked supper.  Alan and I ate when he finally finished the plowing.

After supper, we went upstairs, and spent a little time getting to know each other again, in the biblical sense that is.

It was very dark outside, but as usual I had no idea what time it was.  Alan and I were lying side by side on the bed, the both of us naked.  I’d been a little surprised that Alan hadn't bound me yet, but I hadn't been disappointed.

"Remember back when you first asked me if you could come live here with me?" Alan asked staring at the ceiling.

"Yes," I replied.  I was on my side, turned toward him with my left arm across his chest, my left leg slightly over his left leg.

"I told you that I would expect to do anything I wanted with you, didn't I?"

"Sure."  I wondered where this was leading.  "Putting me in a kennel kinda falls under doing anything doesn't it?"

He smiled, but didn't take his eyes off the ceiling.

"There has been something I’ve been wanting to try for a while, but what you went through at the hands of Palmer has kinda gotten in the way."

Palmer's name no longer made me shake, but, unknown even to Alan, I dreamed about my time in his cellar.  It made for unpleasant nights.

"Go on," I urged him softly.

"I want to try some extended bondage with you.  Go a little beyond what we've been doing now.  I figure the time is right, what with it getting too cold for you to be outside anymore at least dressed as I like you to be."  He smiled again, and I blushed a little.  "I want to try something along the lines of the dungeon idea we played with this summer.  Also, I'd like to try some sensory deprivation stuff.  But what I'd like to know right now, is, well...are you up to it?"

Was I up to it?  My heart was beating a little faster.  I thought back to the time I spent in the Kennel.  It had been hard living in a cage and being blindfolded the whole time.  But since I had been back, a part of me wanted more.  I also looked back at the time I spent in the shed oh so many months ago.  That too had been quite an experience, but I had always regretted that we hadn't done more of it.

Was I up to it?

I kissed Alan on the cheek, and hugged my body to him.

"As you say, Master.  You can do anything you want with me," I whispered.

"Master?  Since when have you started thinking that way?"

"Since I figured it was appropriate."

He chuckled.  "Well, Slave Girl, it isn't.  You can call me Sir!"

We both laughed, and snuggled some more before we heard a truck pull into the yard.

"That's Robert," Alan said.

He took my hands and locked them into my sleeping manacles, and then he got up and put on some clothes.

"I'll be up in a while," he said, as he left the room.

Now trapped on the bed, I listened for the sound of the men talking, but their voices faded to another part of the house, and soon the exhaustions of the day took over and I fell asleep.

The next week was different, in that I spent almost the entire time blindfolded.  This was not as bad as it sounded, for Alan had a surprise for me.  He now revealed what his trip had been for: to secure the materials for his “dungeon”.  He’d spent the weekend at my home in the city, taking delivery on a large amount of stuff he’d ordered from people all over the country.

One of these places was the supply house that supplied all the bondage equipment for the Kennel.  Among other things he was not going to tell me about, he had purchased a body harness and head harness set, complete with blinder and collar.  We put the body harness on first together; making sure it was snug, yet not too tight.  Alan told me I would be wearing it for a while, and he wanted it to be as comfortable as possible.  I was happy to have it for the support it gave my breasts, and once Alan saw how well they were presented with the quarter cup support, he grudgingly admitted that I was right about that all along.  After the stiff posture collar was locked on me, the head harness went on next, but without the gag.  Alan still wanted me able to talk for a while, and I was happy to hear it.  About the only thing that gave me pause was the thought of being silenced for such a long time.

He attached the blinder that wrapped around my face, and I spent the next week, learning how to get around the house guided only by the thin sliver of floor I could see out of the bottom of the blinder.  The amount of floor I could see was further reduced due to my breasts getting in the way.  The tops of them reduced my visibility considerably.  I also spent the week with my hands attached to my sides via the belt around my waist.  My fingers were also taken away from me due to a pair of very stiff mittens that bound them together tightly.  One nice thing about the mittens was that they were very well vented.  The skin on my hands was able to breathe. That was important for the length of time I would be wearing them.

All this made me very dependent on Alan, who had to feed me, bathe me, and help me use the toilet.  But by the end of the week, I had grown used to the lack of hands and sight, and was ready for the next stage.

I knew there was going to be one because of Robert – not that he ever saw me, or even knew my condition.  It was because every night that week, Alan would hustle me upstairs and lock me down to our bed, while Robert came in and worked on something.  During the day, I would wonder around the house, and try to figure out what he was doing.  But blind as I was, there was not much I could see to give me any clues, and a closed door was an obstacle I couldn't deal with.

At one time I attempted to open doors with my feet, but Alan quickly put a stop to that by hobbling me.  At least I could still talk.  I would spend the day with Alan in his office, chatting about this or that or he would turn on the speakerphone and let me talk to Melissa or Lisa.  I was cautioned, however, not to tell them anything about our plans, or to invite them over until Alan was ready for them.

At night, my bondage didn't change, except for the addition of a chain leading from my collar to the head of the bed.  Alan would indulge himself in my helplessness, playing my body like a piano.  The attention he gave me was almost too much to handle, but I always ended up begging him for more.

Then the day came when I found out what Robert had been doing.

Instead of letting me have the run of the house as usual, Alan brought me downstairs one morning and fitted me with the modified bit gag that went with the harness I was wearing.  Once again, my mouth was held open, but not too wide; just wide enough to let me stick my tongue all the way out.  He then led me over to the basement door, and unlocked it before leading me carefully down the stairs.

"We're going to do several things down here in the course of the next few weeks," Alan told me as we descended.


"We're going to start out relatively easily."  He led me forward, and I tried to get a look at where he was taking me.  All I could see though was the hard packed earth of the unfinished basement floor.  Coming to a stop, he commanded me to kneel, which I did, and then I was urged forward on my knees.  This had a familiar feel to it.  I was told to stop, and I heard the sound of a cage door being shut behind me.

He had caged me.  Just like at the Kennel.  Robert, being a welder, had the skills to build Alan a cage, and that was what was happening down here.

"I see you now understand what Robert was doing here night after night.  He didn't bat an eyelid when I told him what I wanted built down here.  In fact, he told me that it wouldn't be the first time, although he wouldn't tell me for whom he had last built a cage.  He was pretty helpful in helping me put together a few other items too; the cage you're in isn't going to be the only item in this room by a long shot.  Oh yes, he isn't finished yet.  He still has a couple of weeks more work to do, but as the cage was ready I figured why wait?"

I gasped.

Alan chuckled.

"I see you have grasped the fact that if he came down here now, he would see you in all your glory locked in your little cage.  Well, after I told him what I wanted, he told that I would have to supply the material, but his own payment was to have you down here sometime to provide him with something to look at once and a while.  It's okay; he won’t be touching you.  I don't want that, and he isn't expecting it.  The cage is locked, and he won’t be getting into it.  I told you he was a trustworthy guy, and I meant it.  I figure he knows a lot of things about a lot of people, but only once have I ever known him break a confidence."

I was breathing heavily now, not knowing if I liked what I was hearing or hated it.  The thought of someone I had just met, now seeing me like this confused the hell out of me.  It had been different in the Kennel.  There all this was expected.  But here?

"Have you ever wondered how I found out where Palmer had stashed you?"  Alan was close; he must have been crouching just on the other side of the bars.

"That hole that Palmer had you in was pretty well disguised.  How do you think I knew it was there?  How did I know you were there?  Robert told me.  I don't know how he found out; he has a way of learning things.  But this was something he couldn't keep to himself.  He told me what Palmer was doing to you and that if you were going to survive that I had better do something quickly.  Without him, you wouldn't be here now, and I would have lost...well, again I would be alone.  Anyway, I owe him a lot; I trust him with my life, and yours.  Just think about it."

I heard Alan get up and begin to move away.  I still hadn't moved from my position on my knees, what he had said to me was staggering.

"Oh.  Before I forget.  On the left side of the cage, as you go in, is a feeding station just like the one in your cage at the Kennel.  I'll see you later."

He trod up the stairs, the lights went out, and the door closed on the silence.

The hours went by slowly.  I spent them restlessly, testing out the limits of my prison, and trying to keep my mind away from what Alan had told me.  Robert, that big bear of a man, hadn't given me the slightest indication that he had played such a significant role in my life.  How was I supposed to react to that?

I didn't know what I was going to do when he showed up.  Was I supposed to ignore his presence?  Was I supposed to crawl to the front of the cage and kneel there so he could get a good look at my naked body?

Maybe he had already…  While suffering at Palmer's hands, I had no idea what was happening around me.  How was I supposed to know who was assaulting me during that time?  I mean, how did Robert know I was there?

Rather than being comforted by Alan's trust of the man, I found myself very scared.  I stumbled around in the dark, pushing at the sides of the cage.  It was very solid, I couldn't move it at all, despite the fact I was crawling on bare earth.  I wondered if I could dig my way out, but the lack of hands disabled me.

In my searching I did manage to find out what my bathroom privileges were.  In one corner was a bucket.  After a few hours, I found I had to use it.  The smell was added to the musty metallic flavor of the air.

I also found the feeding station.  Alan was right, it was exactly like the ones we had at the kennel.  The heat down here had to be turned up high as I was sweating a lot and I was very thirsty.  The water dildo behaved exactly the same way as at the Kennel, and I found myself slipping into the cycle of always waiting for it to recharge.

I remembered the Kennel.  After a few days of drinking like this I got pretty good at knowing just when it was ready to go again: a talent I found handy after I returned home.  I also found that the feel of the dildo in my mouth, coupled with the way it acted, stimulated my libido, as did the taste and texture of the food.  I was as horny as hell for the longest time while eating.  Now I was too scared, but I knew that if I ever did relax that feeling would return.

I tried the food dildo.  It was empty.

I think I had almost fallen asleep when the door at the top of the stairs opened and the lights came on.  To my surprise a bell also rang, and conditioned by the bell at the Kennel, I got up onto my knees without thinking.

I heard two people walking down the wooden stairs and curled up into a crouch.

"Hi, Beautiful," said Alan, "it’s okay, it's just me and Robert.  Why don't you kneel up so we can get a look at you?"

I would have shaken my head if I could, but the posture collar kept it straight and level.

"Come on now.  It's okay.  Honest it is."

Maybe Alan was right.  Just because Robert found out I was there, didn't mean that he had taken part.  After all, he did tell Alan about me.  God, I was confused.  I slowly resumed my place on my knees.

"I have to say that you do have good taste," Robert said.

Behind my blindfold, I began to blush.  I could imagine him standing there, eyes all over my exposed body.  My heart began to pound a little harder, and I straightened up a little.

The men noticed of course, and laughed.  "I could never understand how you have that effect on women," Alan said.

"They like the way I smile."

"Well, it's her suppertime, so I had better get to it."

"Hey, I got that extension finished, you want to try it?"


I had been trying to follow their conversation, but the last part had me lost.  Extension?  I heard a set of footsteps go up the stairs, and another approach the cage almost silently.

"Are you okay?  Is anything wrong?"  It was Alan.

In trying to shake my head, I ended up making my boobs sway.  I could never get used to that.  In the Kennel you were taught to basically talk with your breasts, by making them sway or bounce depending on whether you were saying yes or no.  I’d always wondered what the men were supposed to shake.

"That's good.  If everything goes well tonight, we can really get started tomorrow.  I'm proud of you.  A part of me thought you wouldn't be able to show yourself in front of Robert.  Believe me, he's a good guy.  How do you like his workmanship?  Is it up to your standards?"

Bounce, bounce.

Alan laughed.  "We should play twenty questions."

I groaned.

A heavy thumping told me that Robert was coming back down.

"Got it," he yelled.  "Now you want this mounted all the time?"

"Yes, so she can use it during feeding time," Alan replied.

"Okay.  Here's how it goes on."

I heard them banging on the side of the cage over by the food station, but kept my position.  I figured that whatever they were doing, I would find out sooner or later.

It turned out to be sooner.

"Okay, slave girl.  It's loaded, so come and get it!"

I shuffled over on my knees to where I thought the dildo was, and banged my knee on something.  Looking down through the gap between my breasts, I saw a dildo sticking up from a bar of metal that extended from the side of the cage.

"I didn't want to make it exactly like the Kennel," Alan said to me, I think.  "So I thought about it a bit and built that dildo.  Why don't you get on it first and I'll explain what you are to do."

Feeling extremely embarrassed, I lifted myself up, and proceeded to guide myself over the top of the rubber monster.  In my minds eye, I could picture the two men watching me squirm as the dildo slowly disappeared inside me.  It was a good thing all this had partially aroused me.  Without hands, it would have been very hard to get the thing into me dry.  After a little effort, I reached the base, and reveled in the full feeling the dildo gave me.  It sure was a large one, bigger than Alan I thought.  The muscles in my pussy began squeezing it without my needing to tell them.  I leaned forward slightly, and bumped against another dildo.

"That's the food side at your nose.  Take it into your mouth."

I took it in, leaning further forward.  My clit ring was pressed between the rubber phallus and me, pulling my clit upward.  I lifted slightly to relieve the tension and felt the dildo rise with me about a quarter of an inch before I could pull it out a little.

"Here's how it works," said Alan, "in addition to the switch in the feeding dildo (you know, the one that turns on when you start sucking) I've added a couple more switches in the one you're riding, as well as a circuit board to control them.  You may have noticed that the dildo is loose.  It moves up and down a little.  That is for a reason.  A small switch registers when the dildo is up, and when it is down.  There is another one inside the dildo.  If you aren't squeezing on it with those lovely muscles of yours, I suggest you start.  The switch registers each squeeze.  The circuit board they are both attached to counts every squeeze and bounce coming in within a half second of each other.  When it sees a pair like that, it fires off the pump that will feed you, if you are sucking on the dildo that is.  You stop sucking and it stops pumping.  Unlike the one at the kennel, this one won’t keep pumping once started; it will only do it when the conditions have been met.  So, to eat, you will have to keep on pumping and squeezing and sucking.  Why not give it a try?"

Was he serious?  I began to pump at the dildo between my legs, squeezing it with all my might.  I also started sucking hard on the food dildo in my mouth.  But after a minute or so nothing was happening.

"Don't stop.  I forgot to tell you that the pump waits until you have thirty good strokes before beginning to shoot.  Oh, and if you stop sucking, the count begins again."

Now I knew he was crazy.

At this rate, I would be near orgasm when the pump was finally ready to fire.  I didn't know if I could keep on sucking through one.

I began to lose track as I pumped away at the monster inside me, but found that as I worked it got easier as my juices started to really flow.  Where I felt trouble coming was from my clit ring.  With each bounce, it would pull on my clitoris, sending wonderful sensations all through me.  I knew that if I kept it up I would be cumming in no time, and sure enough, an orgasm came just as I felt the first few drops of food come though the feeding tube.  I broke suction, in an attempt to breath through the orgasm, and the food stopped coming.  Frustrated, I gathered my wits and began again.

The men had watched this in silence, but couldn't help commenting as I began once more to prime the pump.

"Man, that's something," Robert said.

"She's beautiful, isn't she?" said Alan.

"Really something.  I have got to get me one of these."

"What would you do with it?"

"Well, there's always Jess."

"You still seeing her?"

"On and off."

"I didn't think she would be into this stuff.  You either actually."

"We aren't."

Alan laughed.

I was only listening with half a mind, the other half trying to hold off the next orgasm so I could get fed.


End of Part 6


I lost track of time very quickly.  Without access to a clock, or the ability to see the sun, there was no way I could keep track of when it was.  I ate when I was hungry, I drank when I was thirsty, and I slept when I was tired.

At first I thought I might keep track by counting the number of times that Robert came to work on the devices that Alan had hired him to put together.  But the time between his visits seemed so long that I wasn't sure if he was coming every day, or every two days.  When he did come, or when anyone entered the cellar, a bell would ring and I would be required to present myself as I did at the Kennel.  A lot of the time I had no idea who was down here with me.  They would say nothing for a time and I would have to hold my pose until given permission to move again.

Often Robert would give me a big hello and ask me if I was doing okay.  Of course he expected an answer, which meant me bouncing my breasts up and down.  He would walk away laughing.  I looked forward to his time with me.  He would sometimes talk as he worked, telling amusing stories that would make me laugh.  His company helped break the monotony of my imprisonment.  I also began to trust him, for not once did he take advantage of me in my helplessness, even when he could.  I talk mainly about when I was feeding.  When riding the dildo for my meal, I was pretty much right up against one side of my cage.  I was well within the reach of anyone who had a fancy to reach in and grab me.  But Robert would just comment on how good I looked from wherever he was watching, making me flush with embarrassment as I humped the machine.

Speaking of the machine, I don't think it was going as well as Alan had hoped.  Not long after I was first brought down here, Alan made an adjustment to the machine.  Now it only took ten strokes to prime the pump instead of thirty.  Alan told me that I hadn't been eating enough.  The reduction helped.  I was able to suck down a lot of the cum-tasting fluid before working up to an orgasm, especially once I worked out just how much pressure was needed to work the dildo switches.  Once I got it figured out, I could usually control things until I was done feeding, giving myself an orgasm for dessert.  The cum-tasting fluid was exactly the same stuff I had been eating at the Kennel, and either Alan had been given the recipe, or he was buying the stuff in bulk and having it shipped over.  The only variety I got was when I sucked on Alan.  His cum was less sweet.

I didn't spend all my time in the cage, although for the longest time it felt like I never would be out.  But after a while Alan took me out and we played other bondage games.  As Robert finished each new piece I would be taken out and strapped to it for testing when Robert wasn't around.  I never saw them, but I remembered how they felt.

One device had me lying on my back with my arms and legs spread wide leaving me very open.  It would swivel, and tilt and it could almost stand me on my head.  In this, Alan would tease me, bringing me to the edge of orgasm again and again.  Almost all of my skin was available to him, and he used it to his full advantage.

After Robert left for the last time, Alan left me attached to this device for a long time, feeding me food and water from dildos attached to baby bottles.  Alan strapped them into my mouth and I would have to suck down the contents while he fucked me.  We had fun trying to see who could get done first.

Another device was a set of stocks.  They were set at waist height, forcing me to bend over.  My legs would be chained to the legs of the stocks, and a bucket placed under me to catch my waste.  This made my breasts hang down, and Alan would experiment with breast bondage, testing the sensitivity of different kinds of rope ties.  I spent a lot of time here too.

Yet another device was a simple metal pole set into the ground.  I was made to kneel with my back to it, and a short chain was connected to my clit ring.  My hands were locked behind me and attached to another chain that lifted them up a bit.  What was unusual about this was that the chains were so short that not only could I not stand up, but also when I had to lie down I had to press the pole right up against my pussy.  The clit chain wasn't long enough to let me get any farther away from it, and the chains on my arms lifted them high into the air.  This wasn't all.  Once I was in this position, the pole would begin to vibrate.  I found that the chain attached to my wrists pulled on a switch.  Lying down would turn it on.  I couldn't get any rest without the pole humming between my legs, sending all sorts of sensations through me.  I spent a lot of time here also.

We also used more conventional bondage devices, and I would spend a good deal of time bound tightly in one position or another for hours, or maybe days on end.  One time, shortly before Robert left, Alan had me strapped tightly inside this bondage body bag.  As I lay there all alone, I began to wonder how long I was going to stay like this, when I heard the voices of both Alan and Robert as they came down the stairs.  Now, this made my heart jump.  This was going to be the first time that I was out of the cage in Robert's presence.  I wondered what Alan had planned.  I was at least glad that my body was totally covered by the body bag.  Only my head trapped in the ever-present head harness was showing.

What happened caught me by surprise.

After saying hello, Robert and Alan stood me up and hooked me onto something that kept me on my feet.  Then I heard someone pounding on some metal, which they occasionally held against my body.  The men didn't talk much, they just worked quietly, placing metal against my body in different places until it seemed they had worked their way from my head to my toes both front and back.

Then came a period when they didn't touch me, instead they worked together on the other side of the basement.  The smells and sounds of welding were not uncommon to me now.  Hours later I had things pressed against me again, this time larger things.  I couldn't feel much through the body bag, but it seemed like they were making metal straps that hugged my every curve.

It was only after Robert left that I found out what it was.

Alan released me from the body bag, although I was still chained to my body harness, and led me over to their newest creation.  He told me to step up, and I did so, finding that what I was stepping into was very unstable.  But with his help I was able to climb up and was immediately brought to a stop by the cold metal straps I could now feel against my naked skin.  I heard a creak of hinges, and I felt more straps at my back.  It was a cage; only it was specifically built for me.  It wrapped around my entire body from my head to my feet, trapping every limb in metal.  My arms were clamped to my sides, my legs held tightly together.  The only things that escaped it were my breasts and my butt.  My breasts squeezed out of openings in the front, and my butt had straps crossing directly below and above it in the back.  As I heard Alan clicking home a padlock, I tried to move around, but I was very well held.  I also found out why it was so unstable.  It was hanging from the ceiling.

Alan gave me a push, and I swung back and forth.

"How do you like it?" he asked.

I actually liked it a lot.  The unforgiving grip of the metal around me, held me like nothing else.  I pushed and strained, but nothing would budge.  It was even comfortable as the straps were wide and smooth to the touch.  I let myself relax and found that I was held up straight with hardly a change in my position.

"You like?"

I tried to say yes, by bouncing my breasts.  But I couldn’t even do that.  So instead I groaned a hopefully pleasing sound.

"Good.  Me too," Alan replied, and he left me.

I spent a long time in that cage, a long, long time.  I was fed, watered, latrined, and aroused in that cage.  Alan would work on my anus, placing different sized objects in it, or he would play with my breasts, hanging weights or bells on my nipple rings.  My close pressed legs meant that entry into my pussy was restricted, but that didn't mean he couldn't slide vibrators between my legs so they were trapped against my pussy lips.  I spent many an hour enduring the torments of a never-dying vibrator.

Eventually though, even this game ended.

I was back in my much roomier cage when the door to the basement opened and the bell rang as usual.  I slowly got up on my knees, as I was supposed to, and waited for Alan.

I heard more than one person coming down the stairs though.

There was the heavy tread of Alan's, and the much lighter treads of at least a couple of other people.  I wondered who was with him, and had a big urge to curl up and hide my nakedness.  But I didn't dare move.  I didn't want to disappoint Alan.

I was surprised not to hear any talking, although I did hear a little jingling from some light chains.  What was going on?

Alan ordered me to shuffle back until I reached the back of the cage, not a great distance.  I did so and the cage door was unlocked.  He then ordered someone to kneel and shuffle forward.  Someone was coming into the cage with me!

My heart began pumping harder in anticipation.  I heard the shuffling of knees on dirt, and sensed that two people had come inside with me, before the cage door was once against closed and locked.  Alan left without another word.

There was silence for a few minutes.  No one moved.  Then there was a moan from one of my guests.  It sounded female.  Could it be Melissa?  Lisa?

I tried to lean back to see, and the brief glimpse I got showed me nothing but bare legs from either of them.  The other one groaned too, and she too was female.

It had to be Lisa and Melissa, but how could I be certain?

I moaned a greeting and got a reply, but still I couldn't identify them.  I began to move forward, and tried to touch them, just to see if anything was familiar, but bound as I was, with no hands to touch with, I was at a severe disadvantage.  The two girls, as I discovered after a while, seemed to be similarly bound as me, although none wore a body harness like I did.  Probing with my face, I discovered that they wore head harnesses and blinders exactly like mine, and as I passed one of their mouths, I got what I thought was a kiss.

It had to be Lisa and Melissa, but I had no way of knowing for sure for they had very similar bodies.  The only differences were in their breasts – that I could remember.

I was getting thirsty.  I managed to get past one of the girls and sucked on the water dildo until it stopped giving me water.  This got my hunger up, so I shifted over to eat.

I bet the girls wondered what the hell was going on when I started to grind away at the food machine.  The sounds of my riding the dildo were unmistakable, as was the smell of my sex as it became fully aroused.  I sucked hard on the food dildo, trying to stay quiet, but the thought of them being so close, listening to me, made me cum a lot faster, so I didn't eat as much as I would have liked.  I collapsed breathing hard, and eased myself off the dildo to lie on my side.

One of the girls crawled over, and lay beside me.  She rubbed her nipples against mine and whined softly.  Was this Melissa?  I thought it was, but I couldn't be sure.  If it wasn't Lisa and Melissa in here with me, there was nothing I could do about it anyway.  I decided to trust that it was, for my own peace of mind.

It did make me wonder what they were doing here.  Was this the punishment that Alan had spoken of when we visited the diner?  If it was, how long were they going to be here?  Time passed, and things became very frustrating.  Both girls spent their time either crawling around the cage, or huddling with each other.  I think they both found the water dildo and remembered enough of what I had told them about the kennel to know how to use it, but the food machine defeated them, and I could neither tell them how it worked nor show them.

One of them actually got on it, I could hear her working herself up and down the dildo, but she didn't eat.  Her locked-open mouth cried out quite loudly with her passion, so I knew she wasn't sucking on the food dildo.

As time passed, they would spend more and more time drinking water to quench the rumbles in their stomachs, while I rode the food machine in a vain effort to show them what they had to do to get fed.

In between these times, we sat together, bodily contact our only method of communicating.  We would huddle and take comfort in our closeness.

Finally Alan came back, and at the bell I presented myself as ordered.  The other two, not knowing, stayed where they were.

"Are you hungry?" I heard Alan say.

Moans came from both women.

"All right.  Here's the deal.  You know you're down here because you left Maria alone when I asked you to watch her.  And Maria, you might be interested to know that both of them expressed an interest in finding out what you had been doing all this time.  Well, Melissa and Lisa have agreed to spend a weekend here with you, no quarter given and no early release for any reason.  They are here because they want to be, and because I think they deserve to be.  But, ladies, I can't have you starving to death, so I am going to give you a few instructions as to how to feed yourselves, among other things."

Alan explained the food machine to them, having each one in turn climb on and use it properly.  I wasn't sure how I felt about Alan watching them ride the dildo naked and bound as they were, especially Lisa, but at the moment there was nothing I could do or say to stop him.

He also told them about the bucket in the corner and the proper way to say yes or no, which made both of them groan, and finished off with describing what to do when they heard the bell.

"That's about it ladies, although that isn't near what Maria has been through down here so far.  But I'll let her tell you about that herself when she gets out.  In the meantime, obey the rules and we'll get along fine.  If you don't, then I can always bring Robert down here.  I know he likes you Lisa, and I don't think he had a chance to see you naked yet," Alan added with a chuckle.

The girl on my left moaned a protest.  She must have been Lisa.

"I'll be by in a while to check on you," Alan said.  "I want you all to eat again soon."

Then he left.

Shuffling on our knees, we all came together and rubbed against each other, sort of a hello, now that we knew who we were.  I got quite a shock when I glanced down, and wondered how I’d missed it during all our other movements.  Looking down through the crack at the bottom of my blinders, I could see the nipples of both women, and they were pierced!  Each of them had gold rings embedded in their flesh.  They looked stunning, and I was quite taken aback.

Lisa moved back over to the food machine and we listened while she fed.  By now I had gotten used to being watched and listened to while I fucked myself silly on that thing, but I wondered what Lisa and Melissa thought about it.  I knew that it was extremely embarrassing to have to lay bare like this under such close scrutiny.  I doubted either of them would have done this normally, if it hadn't meant their only way of getting food.  While Lisa finished, I used the bucket in the corner without giving it a thought.  Once Lisa was done, I waited for Melissa to eat, her time on the machine almost silent compared to Lisa's.  It took her longer too, but I think she got well fed, for I could hear the soft sound of the pump, as it shot the 'food' into her mouth before she came.  In the other corner I heard the sound of the bucket being used.

Then it was my turn. I mounted the dildo, sliding easily down on its well-lubricated surface, and thought about how the pussy juices of Lisa and Melissa were now mixing with my own.  Talk about blood brothers – we were now juice sisters.

My laughing almost made me loose suction on the machine, but I kept it up, and soon had a belly full of the familiar liquid.  I was just getting finished when the bell rang again and I had to pull myself off the machine without cuming in order to kneel and present myself.

"Good," was all Alan said at the sight of all three of us kneeling up.  He opened the cage door, and guided one of my friends out.  I had lost track again of who was who.  I listened carefully as to what he was going to do with her, and was suddenly afraid.  Was he going to tease her and make love to her as he did me?

You may think me a little crazy to worry about such a thing.  After all, after seeing us all naked and bound and making ourselves cum on a rubber dildo, a little thing like actual sex has to be expected, right?

Wrong.  I could get by with what had happened so far, but the thought of him having sex with either Melissa or Lisa wrenched my heart.  The fact I had done so behind his back, added to my confusion and shame.

Things didn't go that way though.  Alan led whomever it was out to the middle of the basement somewhere, and then came back for me.  Standing up for the first time in a long time, I hobbled after Alan on shaky feet until I was pushed against a wide wooden post.  I could hear breathing to my left, and assumed that the first girl taken out was standing there.  A minute later we were joined by the third.

Alan worked in silence, and I felt a tug at my left nipple ring.  Looking down I saw him pass a padlock through it and then through the ring of the girl next to me, locking it tight.  He then moved around and did the same to my other ring, before continuing and connecting my friends’ other nipples.  The three of us now stood face to face with a wooden post, connected all around it by our nipples.  The post was wide enough that my breasts were pulled slightly apart, my chest hard up against it.  I could only imagine that Lisa and Melissa were in the same position I was.

Alan didn't seem to be finished.  I could hear him move around us, and when he got to me, I felt him clip something to my clit and labia rings.  Whatever it was, it wasn't too heavy, yet it hung freely, and swung as I moved sending shocks through me.  Coupled with the pull on my nipples, and the somewhat erotic aspect of the whole situation, I felt myself growing extremely aroused.

Then the buzzing started.

What he had hung on me was a vibrator, connected to all three of my pussy rings in some way.  The vibrations were low, but there was no way I couldn't respond to them.  I began to moan and shift my hips, moving them around in a mindless attempt to find something to impale myself on.  The lack of something to fill me and let me cum was maddening.  I slowly began to realize that both Melissa and Lisa were doing the same thing.  I wondered if they had gotten pussy rings too, or was Alan using clips.  I didn't hear them yelp and in my mind that meant that they had rings.

After a little while I didn't care any more.

All I could think about was the increasing need I had to get fucked.  My need was so strong I started to cry.

I was vaguely aware of my feet being pulled back and moved apart, and of their being bound into that position.  I was more aware of the fingers that ran up the back of my calves and thighs, coming to rest on my butt, before sweeping forward to cup my breasts.  I was whimpering loudly by this time, thrusting my hips back toward the owner of those hands.

I felt a warm breath on my ear.  "I love you."  And then I cried out when my sex was suddenly filled.  This was no cold rubber dildo; this was the hot, blood-engorged representative of my lover's passion.  He pushed hard and deep before slowly withdrawing.  Again, and again he thrust against me, harder and faster each time.  Unable to control myself I began to cum, jerking hard at my bonds and at the nipple rings of my poor friends who could do nothing to help themselves.  The throes of my passion must have pulled hard at their nipples, sending them over the edge, for soon all of us were crying out in our own ways as orgasm after orgasm rippled over us.  A cry from behind me announced Alan's own release, and I could feel him gushing inside me.

For me and the other bound women, the orgasms kept coming, although the time between them kept increasing.  We lost our rhythm too, as we each reached our peaks at different times.  It seemed for a while that at least one of us was always cuming at one time or another.

Alan, however had pulled out of me, and I was dimly aware of him watching us before he turned off the vibrators that were driving us mad.  He let us rest for a few minutes before releasing my legs and our nipples, but he wasn't quite done yet.

Once we were all free standing, he took a thin silver chain and connected it to our clit rings.  Standing in a circle we could see the chain through the bottoms of our blinders.  It appeared to be three chains, each two feet long.  One end connected to us, the others connected together.  We were all connected by our clit rings.  He shepherded us back to the cage, and bid us goodnight before locking us in and leaving.  Tired, hungry and thirsty, we each took silent turns at the food machine and the water dildo, before falling asleep all snuggled together.

A tugging on my clitoris awakened me.  I moaned out loud, hoping whoever it was would stop so I could sleep.  They moaned back however, and kept pulling.  I thought maybe someone was hungry or thirsty; my mouth was rather dry itself.  I managed to get to my knees and moved in the direction of the tugging until whoever it was could reach the water dildo.  I waited patiently for my turn, before waking up the third member of our little trio, so I could drink.  Of course, she had to drink too, and as the water dildo never put out much water at a sitting, and took twenty minutes between each turn, we all had to stay up quite a while before we could go back to sleep again.  It was a restless night, if indeed it was nighttime.

We slept, we woke up, we ate, and we drank.  We attempted to bring ourselves off by pulling on the chain that held us together, but otherwise were undisturbed.  Alan came down once, but didn't say anything.  He just checked the food machine and left again.  It was almost relaxing, although I wish we could have talked, or at least seen each other.  It was as if we were connected only by our basic animal needs: food, water, sex.

We couldn't communicate in much more than grunts and moans, and I wasn't even sure who was who anymore.  The lack of sight and the lack of sounds, made time pass ever so slowly.  The only senses that were overwhelmed were our sense of taste, touch and smell.

Boy did we smell.  The aroma of sex hung heavily around us.  The constant pulling on our clits, not to mention the outright fuck sessions we had on the food machine, filled our noses with the smell of our juices, not to mention our sweat.  I know that I really smelled.  Not once since I came down here had I been washed with much more than a wet sponge.  I was filthy from crawling and lying on bare earth for weeks.

I was well used to it by now, but I doubted the others were so happy about it, especially Melissa.  I knew Alan was happy about it.  He has a fetish for dirty women.

Time passed slowly

It seemed we had been together a lot longer than two days before Alan came down to release Lisa and Melissa.

"Better say goodbye," he said through the open cage door.

We hugged, or at least huddled together for a moment, before Alan reached in and disconnected the chain attached to my clit ring.  Then he led my two friends away and up the stairs to freedom.

I wished I could go with them, but I knew I had to stay.  Only Alan could decide when I was to be free.

He came back down a little while later, and took me out of the cage, leading me over to the hanging body cage.  He locked me in, and left me alone to my thoughts.

The body cage was my final resting place until I was released.  My muscles complained terribly at the enforced immobility, but eventually got used to it.  I was fed and watered by Alan, unable to do so for myself, but otherwise left alone.

My thoughts during this time ranged from a yearning to be free to memories of my life, to nothing at all.  I don't know if I was depressed, or happy.  I just was.

When Alan eventually unlocked the cage, he had to help me out.  He unlocked the cuffs that held my hands and undid the straps of the harness I wore.  He methodically stripped me of every restraint, including my gag, but he left the head harness and blinder on me.  All through this he whispered softly to me, telling me it was all over, and that I was now free.

Naked, except for my head restraints, he picked me up and carried me up the stairs.  I was aware of feeling cold, the rest of the house not nearly a warm as the basement had been.  Alan carried me up to the bathroom where a warm tub of soapy water awaited me.  He lay me down in it carefully, getting himself wet in the process.  The warm water felt very good to my aching limbs, the support easing a lot of the stiffness.

The lights in the room were shut off, and he removed my blinder and head harness.  I was now completely unencumbered.

I could see his face for the first time in I don't know how long.  It was wonderful.  I opened my mouth to say so, but Alan put a finger to my lips.  Grabbing a sponge, he began to bathe me, washing off the weeks of dirt and grime that had embedded itself into my body.  He took special care to wash my hair, which had become a matted helmet on my head.  He had difficulty with it though, and several times I attempted to reach up and help him, but he pushed my hands back down.

So I lay there, enjoying the way he fussed over me, while exploring the novel feeling of being able to touch my body again.

Too soon he was done, and he lifted me out and dried me, before carrying me to our bed.  After pulling a blanket over me, he sat with me, stroking my hair and talking softly, as I slowly drifted off to sleep.

End of Part 7


I opened my eyes, and saw shadows.  They captivated me.  I followed their outlines across the ceiling of our bedroom, fully enjoying the ability to see them at all.

I stretched, and regretted it.  I felt very stiff, very sore; my mouth especially.  I closed it carefully; it seemed to want to stay open.

Turning my head felt like I was stretching every sinew with vise grips, but I worked at it for a moment, and the sharp pain dulled.  It felt better.

I was lying on my back in our bed, my hands at my sides as they had been conditioned.  Lying beside me was Alan, asleep, his breathing deep and regular.  It was very evident that it was night as the only light was coming from the yard light outside.  I had no idea what time it was.  I stretched again, and felt something attached to my left ankle.  Probing with my other foot, I found that an ankle cuff was locked there, a chain attached.

At first, I felt a surge of irritation.  I had just gotten out of weeks of tight bondage.  But then the feeling changed.  I was actually calmed by the fact that even though Alan had taken me from the basement, he still wanted to continue with our bondage games.  And, apparently, so did I.

I had a hard time coming to terms with that as my time lately hadn't exactly been fun.  I tried to put it out of my mind.

I tested my limbs, moving them around slowly so as to not wake Alan, and then pulled myself to a sitting position.  I was still naked under the covers, not a single strap or cuff on me except for my ankle.  Pulling back the covers, I inspected my body in the dim light.  It seemed flawless.  I doubted that.

Ducking down, I took a look at the chain: it was the long one, good.  That meant I could get to the bathroom, but not downstairs.

Slipping quietly from the bed, I hobbled slowly out the door and along to the bathroom.  I was unsteady on my feet, but stronger than I thought I would be.  Even though I had been in intense bondage, I had been able to keep the muscles from wasting away by moving around my small cage.  It was a good thing I hadn't spent the whole time in the body cage.

A part of me wondered what it would be like to do that.  I shuddered.

I got to the bathroom and turned on the light, blinking at the brightness.  Once my eyes adjusted, I again took stock of my body.  I was definitely thinner, and a check on Alan's bathroom scale confirmed that I had lost almost twenty pounds.  There were faint lines, crossing my body, a little sore to the touch.  These were where the straps of my body harness had been.  I was surprised that the marks weren't more vivid.  My wrists had wider, deeper marks, evidence of my continual fight against the restraints that had bound them.  I had dark shadows under my eyes, and my face was also marked by lines.  My hair was a mess.

Twenty minutes later I climbed out of the shower, feeling a lot better from the warm water but hating my hair.  It was beyond help, I wanted to cut it all off.

Once dry, I padded back to our room, dragging the chain behind me, and went to the window.  There was still snow outside; quite a lot more than was there when last I looked.  A lot of time had certainly passed.  How much?

How long had I been shut away from the world, with only my bondage for company, and sex the only use for my body?

My foot brushed something, and I looked down and saw the head harness lying on the floor.  I picked it up, curious.  Even though I had twice been in its embrace, I had never gotten a chance to look at it.  The straps were wide and thick, the locking hasp at the back quite large.  The gag attachment was missing, but the blinder was there.  It looked big and solid.  On the front, in big letters, was my name.  All that time, anyone who saw me knew who I was.  Actually, it answered a question I had about the Kennel.  I often wondered how they recognized us in our identical outfits.  Our blinders must have had our numbers on them.

Standing naked by the window, I closed my eyes and slipped the harness over my head.  Opening my eyes, seeing nothing but the dark leather blinder, I felt a little more normal.  I could feel the cage around me, the tightness around my arms, the helplessness.  I quickly pulled the harness off and dropped it on the floor.

The urge to wake Alan was strong.  Instead I crawled back into bed, and lay beside him until I fell asleep again.

"Hey!  Morning, Beautiful."

I opened my eyes and closed them again.  The room was bright with sunlight.

"Come on, lazy.  Time to join the real world again."

Glaring at him through one half-open eye, I said something nasty.

A smack on my rump was part of his reply.  "Keep talking like that, Slave Girl, and back into the dungeon you go."

That made me open my eyes, but when I saw Alan with a big grin on his face I relaxed.  For a moment I’d had a sudden fear that he meant what he was saying.

Alan pulled away the covers and unlocked my ankle cuff.  "Do you need help getting downstairs?" he asked me tenderly.

I started to shake my breasts, the action automatic, but stopped suddenly.

Alan had caught the movement, and under his smile was a look of concern.

"I'm okay," I told him, unused to talking.  "Could I have something to wear?"

He nodded.  "Your stuff’s in the closet.  If you're okay, I'll meet you in the kitchen."

I nodded, with my head this time, and waited for him to leave the room before climbing out of bed.  For some strange reason, I didn't want him to see me naked just now.

In a knee-length green silk shirt that I’d found on his side of the closet, I met Alan in the kitchen.  He had milk on the table and was scrambling eggs at the stove, a raised eyebrow his only reaction to my choice of attire.  The smells assaulted me, my stomach rumbling in its eagerness.  How long had it been since I’d eaten real food?

"I'm making something that should go easy on your stomach," he said from his place at the stove.  "Or would you rather have cereal?"

"Eggs are good."  Was it my imagination or was the tension in the room a little high right now?

Alan served the eggs and sat down across from me and watched me eat.

I managed two forkfuls of eggs before deciding that I had to know.  I looked him straight in the eye.  "How long?"

He didn't hesitate.  "Fifty-two days."

My heart jumped.  Almost two months.  It didn't sound right.  I would have guessed a lot longer.

"Wow," was all I managed to say.

"You were losing too much weight.  I had to pull you out.  You couldn't see it, but the mummy cage you were in was hanging from a scale so I could keep track.  The food you were being fed kept you alive, but that was about all.  Many times I was tempted to give you extra food, real food.  Many times I was tempted to pull you out of there.  But you never gave me a clear sign that you had reached the end of your rope.  You never broke down nor gave up.  At the end, I had to see just how far you would go, and who would break first.  It turned out to be me."  The look on his face pulled at my heart.  The confidant grin had been replaced with genuine sorrow.  "I'm so proud of you, surviving all I put you through, and horrified at myself, for making you do it.  I'm sorry, and can only hope you'll forgive me."

I was touched.  I reached out to hold his hand.  "There's nothing to forgive," I whispered to him, "I wanted this, remember?"

"This was too much," he responded.

"You did warn me, and gave me every chance to back out.  I went in there prepared to give myself completely to you; to take whatever was handed out.  Sure you scared me.  There were times I thought you had abandoned me, that you really didn't love me.  I thought you were going to give me casually to Robert, or whoever else you were going to invite over.  I even thought that with me out of the way you were going to start seeing Lisa again.  But you didn't.  You stuck with me.  You loved me.  You saw me through.  Maybe next time..."

"Next time!  Maria, there isn't going to be a next time!  Not like that!"

"There has to be!"  And I realized as I said it that it had to be true.  "I have to do it again, and again.  If I don't I'll always be wondering, always be craving for something I can't have.  It won't be soon, but sure as you're sitting there, I'm going to need to go back down there and stay until I can't stand it anymore!"

Alan was looking at me as if I was mad.  "Look, you're tired.  You haven't had time to recover, not by a long shot.  Why don't we wait a while before talking about you going back?”

"I'm not I?" I pleaded.

Alan got up and came over to me, putting his arms around me and holding me tightly.  I hugged him back, taking strength from his embrace.  "No," he whispered softly, "you aren't crazy.  You just need time to readjust.  So do I.  We'll cool it on the bondage for a while, okay?  Give you time to get your strength back?"

"No.  Not all of it.  I need something."  I pulled away a little so I could look into his face.

Reluctantly, Alan nodded.

Later that day I talked with Melissa.  Sitting in Alan's office we spoke on the phone.  I still wore the silk shirt, unable to overcome my reluctance to have him see me nude.  On my left ankle I wore the ankle cuff, the long chain attached to the heavy iron grill in front of the fireplace in the living room.  It gave me access to most of the first floor, but nothing beyond.  It was the only bondage Alan would allow me right now.

Alan himself was out riding Nelson.  He thought I should speak with Melissa in private.

"Ohmygod!  You're out," Melissa screamed.  "When did he let you out?"

"Last night," I replied quietly.

"And you didn't call me?"

"I wasn't in good enough shape to do any calling," I said truthfully.

"Oh, Sweetie, how are you?  Are you hurt?  Are you sick?"  The concern in her voice was overwhelming.  The sound of her voice reminded me how much I’d missed her.

"I’m just tired and sore.  I missed you, you know."

"I missed you too, Sweetie.  Alan wouldn't let us visit you, except in bondage.  He wouldn't even tell us where you were for the first couple of weeks.  For a while I thought he was turning into another Eric.  When we started to complain too much, he told us that the only way we would be able to see you was if we went in the same way you did.  I wouldn't do it without Lisa, but she was curious about what you were doing anyway."

"I'm happy you did."  Not to mention very surprised.

"I still don't know how you managed it.  Just one weekend was bad enough, but it’s been...what...six weeks?  Seven?  You can't have come out of there all right."

"I'll be okay.  Believe me.  It’s not as if I was being whipped or kicked around again."

There was silence on the other end of the phone for a moment.  I knew that Melissa was still haunted by her own assault, and the reference I had made to mine easily reminded her of her own torture.  "I'm coming down.  I'll leave as soon as I can.  I'm going to call Lisa, and have her go over."

"You don't have to rush," I said, "although I will be glad to see you."

"I'd rather someone was with you, Sweetie."

"I do have Alan."  I reminded her.

"No.  You need someone...someone who understands.  I'll call her now and will be there soon.  Bye Sweetie!"  She hung up.

I stared at the phone for a moment.  Understands what?

I could understand her not trusting Alan to properly take care of me.  Eric had destroyed her trust in men completely.  She trusted Alan to a point, but that was only because she respected my love for him.  They were friends, but only because of me.  Thinking about it, I realized that for Melissa to trust Alan enough to allow herself to be bound and put in the dungeon, meant that her care for my well being was very strong indeed.  It made me feel very special: a good feeling.

The phone rang a couple of minutes later, and I answered it without thinking.  "Hello?"

"Maria, it's Lisa.  It's good to know that Alan finally gave you parole.  You must have been on extra good behavior."

I smiled.  "Let's just say I wasn't in a position to misbehave."

"I'll bet.  You can tell me all about it later.  Melissa called and asked me to go see you, but I'm kinda tied up here at the diner."

"Who tied you up, Robert?"

I heard her laugh.  "Cute.  By the way, he's pretty impressed by you.  Asks if I know any dirty secrets about you."

"I think he knows just about enough of my dirty secrets," I replied.  "Besides, it's you he has the hots for."

"Please, I have to work with the man."  We both laughed, but I knew what I said was true.  He had told me so often enough while I was bound in the big cage.  He didn't work weekends at the diner because he needed the money.

"Anyway," Lisa continued, "it'll be a while before I can break free, at least a few hours.  Don't let Melissa browbeat you into anything while she's there.  She's been pretty hyper about you lately."

"I can handle her," I said with a smile, "I've had to for years."

"I'll see you later then.  Is there anything I can bring?"

I thought for a moment, and my tummy rumbled.  "Yes, apple pie, with lots of ice cream."

"You got it.  Bye!"

Now I felt really good.

I stood up and walked over to the den, the chain attached to my ankle scraping noisily across the hardwood floor.  In the den, Alan had removed one of the couches and a couple of tables, to make space for a treadmill and a weight machine.  He told me that I would begin using them everyday to build my strength up.  It would take the place of my daily walks bound behind Nelson until the weather improved.

I knew I wouldn't be starting this until tomorrow, but I wanted to see just how much my dungeon time had taken out of me.  Setting the treadmill on very slow, I held on and started walking.  The ache in my muscles wasn't bad and I figured that it would be gone in a few days.  But I felt tired all the time, and soon stopped walking.  Not only my strength but also my stamina needed work.  A good diet and plenty of exercise would fix that.

Melissa and Alan showed up about the same time, and were friendly enough, although Melissa refrained from making a comment when she saw my ankle chain.  Instead she fussed over me, treating me like more of an invalid than I was, while Alan looked on.  At one point I caught his eye and we both smiled.  Melissa is my dearest friend, but she does overdo things a bit.

Lisa showed up later, not only with pie, but with an entire meal for the four of us.  We spent dinner in lively conversation, avoiding any mention of the dungeon.

It wasn't until later that Alan left us to talk, although it was more like we left him.  He’d fired up the hot tub again and I wanted to take the opportunity to soak my aching body.  Melissa, Lisa and I sat quietly in the hot, bubbling water.  The night air was cool but calm and I had just finished talking about the various ways I had been bound while in the dungeon.

"So, Robert knows all about you and Alan?" Lisa asked me.

"I don't think he knows everything," I replied, "but he certainly knows about our games."

"I don't know how you can still call them games," interjected Melissa.  "It sounded like torture to me.  I mean its one thing to tie someone up for a little sexual play, but this was going way too far."

"Alan agrees," I said to her.

She looked rather surprised.  "If he agrees, then why the chain?"  She pointed at the chain snaking out of the water and over the side.  One end was connected to the ankle cuff I wore, the other to the base of the tub somewhere.  I could get out of the tub, but not leave it, not even to go inside.

"It was my idea.  I made him do it."

"Your idea?  Sweetie, after what you have been through how could you want to continue?"

"You still don't understand, do you?  I wasn't forced down there; I wasn't kidnapped or threatened.  I went downstairs knowing I would be tested more than I ever had before, and I wanted it."

Melissa looked away as if she couldn't trust herself to look at me.  Lisa watched us both from the far side of the tub, wondering if she should get in the middle of our “family squabble”.
I decided to change the subject.  "When did you guys get pierced?"

This made Lisa smile and Melissa groan.  "About a week after we found out you were," Lisa told me.  "We were going to surprise you once they were healed, but by then you had already been put away."

"I like them; they look good on both of you."  It was true.  As we’d climbed naked into the tub, I got a chance to see them properly for the first time.  The way the light reflected off the rings had emphasized their nudity like nothing else could.  I saw then what Alan saw in me when he first had me pierced.

"It would have been just her if she hadn't been so scared," Melissa said.  Lisa gave her a dirty look.

"Yeah, you came with me to hold my hand and then decided to get done too," Lisa added.

Melissa smiled and moved across to Lisa.  They kissed for a moment then parted again.

"Where did you get them done?" I asked, happily watching this tender moment.

"That place on Tenth Street.  You know the one," Melissa said without turning.  Both she and Lisa were watching each other.


Something was going to happen.

It did a moment later.  Like one cat pouncing on another, Melissa leapt at Lisa who ducked under the water and came up next to me.  In a moment she had climbed out of the tub, laughing with glee, and started running buck naked through the snow to the tree line.  Melissa jumped out after her, and without a word ran after her also laughing.

I watched, totally amazed as my two friends ran naked into the woods, oblivious to the cold.

I settled back in the water to await their return.  I didn't have to wait long.  Lisa came running back with Melissa right behind her.  They had cleared the tree line and were passing through smooth snow when Melissa leapt and brought Lisa down.  The two of them rolled about in the snow, screaming with the cold, and I felt a little pang of envy.  I wished that I was strong enough to join them.

Panting, they quickly got up and raced back to the hot tub, shivering as they climbed back in.

"Damn that's cold!" Lisa exclaimed, her nipples standing out and half covered in snow.  She immersed herself until only her head was above water, as did Melissa.

"What was all that about?"

Lisa and Melissa grinned at each other.  "Nothing…" Melissa said.

They started to laugh, and I felt left out of the joke.  They must have seen my reaction for they both took pity on me and stopped fooling around.  Instead they reached out and pulled me into the center of the tub.

"Just relax," Melissa said.

I was already relaxed, the hot moving water had done wonders for me, but it was nothing compared to the rubdown they gave me.  Both of them worked on me simultaneously, one on my front, one on my back.  They dug their fingers into every muscle I had, probing and rubbing the pains away.  I closed my eyes and drifted, thinking of nothing else but their hands as they made their way across my body.

I must have almost fallen asleep under their ministrations, for after what seemed like a long time, I noticed a change in their technique.  Fingers seemed to be concentrating on the more sexual parts of my body.  My nipples were being massaged and my clit ring tugged gently.  A couple of fingers found the entrance to my pussy and probed it lightly.  A hand centered under my back, and I floated in the water, my legs spreading on their own as the sensual massage continued.

The various fingers began to move with more determination and soon my arousal was nearing a peak.  I let them do their work, and began to quietly orgasm, the sweet sensations filling me again and again.  Eventually I was let go, and I opened my eyes to see Melissa's face.

"Thank you," I whispered.

Melissa bent low and kissed me on the lips. "You're welcome, Sweetie."

A few minutes later, Alan came out to take me inside.

The weeks passed with a gentle routine.  Alan, at first, was unsure about how far I wanted to go with our bondage games, but after I assured him that he couldn't go too far, he felt confident enough to take charge again.

But, rather than fall into a heavy bondage routine, he decided instead to develop the D/s side of our relationship.  That is to say, "Alan Master, me slave".

He put together a schedule for each day that I was supposed to follow.  In addition to the usual housework, I was also cook and serving girl too; fetching and carrying for him at every meal.

He also kept track of my exercise, making sure that I did the required miles and pulled the required weight.  Under his tutelage, I soon gained my weight back and added a few more pounds, all muscle I was told.  I felt fit and energetic.

We didn't ignore the more sexual side of our relationship either, although for a while it took a back seat to getting me well again.  Alan slowly added “standing orders” that I was supposed to remember and keep doing unless told otherwise.  The repetition of action this required soon became second nature.  For instance, he always liked the way I had to shake my breasts to say "yes" or "no" while in the cage, so he put that rule back into effect.  Any question I could answer simply was to be done with my boobs.  Of course this meant that I lost the shirt I wore the first couple of days.  I was nude again for the first couple of weeks until Alan got me a quarter cup bra and a body harness to wear when not sleeping.

I was also required to suck on him at any time of his choosing, and generally be available for his use whenever he felt the need.  He had me follow him around when I wasn't busy doing other jobs for him.  I wasn’t allowed to walk; instead I had to crawl on my hands and knees and kneel by his side when he stopped.  He loved to watch me crawl, and would offer compliments that made me blush.

I kept urging him for more and more ways to please him, and he would add more.  He began his “always plugged” rule.  At no time, day or night was I to be without something inserted inside me somewhere.  For a while, I was rarely gagged, most often I had a dildo locked into my pussy, or a butt plug trapped in my anus.  One was never taken out without another one put in first, and often I had to get around with both.

During dinner, I had to kneel between his legs, his penis in my mouth while he ate.  When he was done he would put my food on a plate on the floor and I would have to eat it there without my hands.  One night, he tried something he had read in a story he got off the net, and had me lick my food off his penis.  But he almost burned himself with the hot food, so that idea was scrapped.  To make sure I got fit, he always made sure I finished everything I was supposed to eat.
He attached bells to my rings, a different tone to each.  Every so often he would demand a concert and I would have to play a simple tune on the bells, making sure to use them all.  I would play by flicking them with a finger, stimulating myself in the process.  Alan also learned to play his “Maria organ”, matching the climax of the music to a climax of my own.  The bells were never taken off unless my rings were used for bondage, and the constant jingling from my private parts reminded me more than anything how open I was toward this man.

We practiced different slave positions, and many an evening would be spent with me going through my paces like a well-trained dog.  I even learned to dance, and delighted in teasing Alan with exotic movement.

The bondage slowly increased too, but not very much.  The chain on my foot never went away, I was trapped either upstairs of downstairs until Alan moved the other end.  Sometimes I would have my hands bound during our play.  He also brought back the sleeping bondage that I had gotten used to before going into the dungeon, my hands shackled over my head to the headboard, one leg shackled to the foot of the bed.  All in all, as time went by, I was very happy about how things were going.  Melissa would remark about how degrading some of my actions were, but it didn't matter to me.  I found love in everything I was asked to do for Alan, and he never mistreated me.

I had just gotten done with my cleaning one day, and had come into Alan's office to kneel by his side, when to my surprise he told me to have a seat instead.  By this time, one of his standing orders was to never use a piece of furniture without being told, and it had been a while since I last sat in a chair.  This one was leather, and the surface felt cold to my naked skin.  It also pushed the butt plug I was wearing at that time further in to my rectum, and it filled me enough already!

"I want to try something," he said to me.  "Have you ever worn contacts?"

Puzzled, I shook my breasts, making the little bells jingle and Alan smile.

"Would you like to try?"

I wondered why, I didn't need them, but Alan evidently had something prepared, so again I let my breasts do my talking for me.

Alan had me scoot up to his desk and pulled out a package that had come in today’s mail.  He had me sit back and look at the ceiling and proceeded to fit me with the weirdest contacts I’d ever heard of.  He took his time, not unsure of the procedure, but unpracticed.  I gripped the armrests of the chair, wishing he’d tied me down first.  When he applied the first contact I thought something had gone wrong.  I couldn't see and it felt physically strange to have something in my eye.  I blinked furiously until I got used to it.

"I can't see, Sir," I told him.  Oh yes, I was to refer to him as “Sir”.

"Are you sure?  Close your other eye."

I did so, and was certain that the eye with the contact in it was blind.

"Good," he said.

"Good, Sir?"

"You're okay.  It's the contact.  It's completely impervious to light.  Let’s put in the other one."

If I couldn't see through it, what good was it?  Then it hit me.  This was just another blindfold.

The other contact went in and I blinked out the tears that formed for a moment.  I was completely blind.  It was a very weird feeling.  Putting my hands to my face, there was nothing across my eyes, yet no light got in at all.
"Where did you find these, Sir?"

"The Kennel has a list of reliable contacts for all kinds of things.  The guy who made those does makeup effects for a major studio in California.  He had to make a set of contacts for an actor that was supposed to be blind.  It worked so well that he shared the idea with a friend of his into BDSM, who shared it the rest of the world via the net.  They market them as the world’s smallest blindfolds, and customers can have them custom made.  How do they feel?"

"Okay for now, Sir, but it's very strange."

I don't know if Alan smiled or not, the blackness was complete.

"You should see it from this side."

"Why, Sir?"

"You look almost normal to me," he said with a laugh.  "This guy can put anything you want on the outside of the contact.  I had him make this set up with irises the same color as yours.  Anyone just looking at you wouldn't be able to tell that you couldn't see.  I have two more sets, one completely white, so it looks like you have no irises at all, and one with the word 'slave' written on each one."

Wow!  "Am I to wear these all the time now, Sir?"

"No.  These are for special occasions.  But you might need to wear them for hours at a time, and I'm told that someone who has never worn them before has to gradually work up to wearing them for extended periods.  I'll have you wear them a little longer each day from now on until you are used to them, then every once and a while from them on."

"All right, Sir."

"Now, off the chair, and keep Mr. Wiggly warm for a while."

"Yes, Sir."  I replied, bouncing my boobs.

I got back on the floor, and while Alan worked, felt for his penis and let it lie on my tongue, blinking my unseeing eyes.

The new contacts got their first official use a week later.  By that time I had gotten used to wearing them for several hours a day, and had grown quite comfortable with them.  Right after I finished my morning bathroom routine, Alan took me aside and popped the contacts in.  He then replaced the small dildo I wore in the bathroom, with a much larger one that also had a clit stimulator, locking it in place by passing a small padlock through my labia rings.  Then he gave me some shoes and a long coat to wear.  This excited me, for it meant I would be leaving the house with him, something I hadn't done in months (I don't count going out to the hot tub).  He led me down the stairs and outside, and I took a deep breath.  The air was cool, but not biting.  Spring was coming and I was looking forward to it.  Already the snow had begun melting; the sound of the melted water rushing down the surrounding hillsides was clearly audible.  Alan told me that the stream through the valley rose about five feet at this time of year as it absorbed the run off.  I could well believe it.

Alan led me to the truck and helped me inside.  A cold breeze blew under the coat and flowed over my naked skin making me shiver.  Wherever he was taking me I hoped he didn't expect me to take off my coat.

The truck started and soon we were driving.  The vibrations from the engine were muted by the seat springs, but they still made me very aware of the full feeling in my pussy and the little rubber extension that rubbed my already aroused clitoris.  I was glad we didn't go far.

I heard other vehicles and clutched my coat tightly around me as we got out.

"Try to look normal."  I was told.

"Yes, sir," I replied, wondering if I was walking bow-legged.

He took my arm and walked me a few yards, opening a door in front of us.  Stepping through I heard a lot of voices and the sounds of cutlery clinking against plates.  I thought I knew where we were.  The diner.

"Hey, Alan, Maria!" cried a familiar voice.

"Hi Robert," Alan said.

"Long time no see," Robert said from very close by.  "You still hanging around with this loser?"

I laughed until he suggested we hang up our coats.

"That's okay, we'll keep ours," Alan said to him.

"No matter to me.  There's a booth on the side you can use."

Alan took my arm again and attempted to guide me over, but I bumped into a couple of tables, one time hard enough to cause a bruise.  I felt another hand take my free arm.

"You okay, Maria?" Robert asked.

"I'm fine."

"She just has something in her eye," Alan told him.

There was silence for a few seconds.

"Well, I'll be!"  Robert had obviously spotted the contacts.  He let go and Alan and I made it to the booth without further incident.  I sat down, not knowing which way I was facing, or how many people could see me.  Not only that, but the clit stimulator had done a good job of really making me horny.

"You want your usual?" Robert said standing next to me.

"Sure, and the same for Maria, only give her milk instead of coffee."

"No problem.  Hey, Maria, do you hear bells?"

I blushed furiously as Robert walked away laughing.

Then, another thought chilled me.

"Sir, may I speak?"  I had to ask before starting a conversation.

"Go ahead," replied Alan.

"Are...are standing orders still in effect?"

"You'll find out if I have to punish you when we get home."

This chilled me even more.  We talked a lot about punishment a while back.  Alan had problems with it.  While he thought a light spanking could be quite erotic, to turn it into a punishment would mean his having to hit me a lot harder than he was comfortable with, so we needed to find something else.  We eventually decided upon using the body cage in conjunction with tight nipple clips and an oversized butt plug.  My time in the cage would be dependent on the offense, but any offense would bring a minimum of twelve hours; not something I was eager to try.  At least not yet.

That I had to decide whether to suffer at least a day like that, or get down under the table right now, almost made my heart stop.

Alan must have seen me pale, for he started laughing.  "Don't worry.  I'm only kidding.  You can take this as another standing order that you don't have to do anything that would get us noticed when we're in public."

I could have hit him, but relief made me smile, and soon we were both laughing about it.

Robert showed up with our food, and I spent the meal trying to remember where my glass was.  Eating without being able to see was difficult enough, but having to do it in a way that made people think I could see made it harder still.  It wasn't until we were done that I remembered the dildo inside me, so heavy was my concentration on the meal.

Halfway through the meal we were joined by Lisa.  She sat next to me and gave me a hug that I returned enthusiastically.

"It's about time you got out.  How have you been?"

"Good.  I'm feeling very good.  Just waiting for it to warm up a bit more so I can get outside."

"You could go out now if you wanted too."

"Well..." I said, a little lost for words.

"I know.  You'd be a little underdressed for the weather.  Alan, you have to let her out sometime."

"Soon," he said, "very soon."

"I'll bet," Lisa answered.  "Anyway, I can't stop.  We're busy in the kitchen but I had to say hi.  Maybe I'll stop by tonight."

"No.  Try tomorrow afternoon," Alan told her.

"Sure, tomorrow.  No problem."

"If we're not in, just wait for us."

"Okay.  See you then!"

I heard her get up and leave.  "Sir?"


"Was it my imagination, or didn't she notice I couldn't see?"

"I don't think she noticed."

Throughout the rest of the meal I wondered what Alan had planned for tomorrow afternoon that would mean us being out of the house for a while.

End of Part 8


The next day started just like all the others.  I woke up, my overnight butt plug exchanged for the thin bathroom dildo, and then Alan unchained me from the bed.

In the bathroom I bathed Alan before bathing myself, enjoying immensely this rare moment when I could run my hands all over his body.  I then scurried down to the kitchen to prepare breakfast, after which I began the daily cleaning while Alan retreated to his office.

Lunch was no different.  I spent it on my knees of course, Alan's manhood stiff in my mouth, and after he had finished both his meal and his orgasm I got to eat out of my bowl.

It was after I’d cleaned up after the meal when Alan broke the routine and showed me what he had planned.  "We're going to spend the afternoon outside," he told me.  "You won't be wearing much more than you have on now, but I hope that you will be active enough not to worry too much about the cold."

I jiggled my breasts up and down while wondering what was in store for me.  I hoped I wouldn't be too cold as all I was wearing was my harness with the quarter cup bra attachments and wide leather belt.

Alan took me into the living room and had me stand in the middle of the room.  "Just a few things I need to add.  Bend!"

Recognizing one of my slave position commands I bent low, spreading my legs and grabbing my ankles.  This position usually meant he was inserting a butt plug in me, and I wasn't wrong.  It turned out to be a big one; the widest part of it hurt going in despite the lubricant covering it.  But when it narrowed again it was very comfortable, and I figured that the wide shaft was so I wouldn't be able to push it out.  I felt something brush my thighs, and looked through my legs to see a thick tail hanging there.


I stood up straight, squirming a little as I adjusted to the intruder in my ass.

"You can take a look," Alan said smiling.

I did, and was amazed at what I saw.  It really looked like I had sprouted a tail, long and full, and it matched my hair color perfectly.  I wiggled my butt and it whipped back and forth.

"A pony tail, Sir?"

Alan smiled.  "You got it.  How does it feel?"

"Okay.  It hurt going in, but it feels fine now, Sir."

"Do you think you can wear it for a while?"

"It'll be fine, Sir," I said honestly.  Wow, I was going to be a ponygirl for a while!

Alan reached into a box and pulled out a bundle of black leather straps.  Wrapped inside them was something shiny.  When Alan untangled the straps I saw it was a bit.  This was a harness bit gag, my least favorite gag.  He fitted the harness over my head, pulling my hair through a ring in the back, and before inserting the bit, kissed me deeply on the mouth.  The bit was hard, and had a tongue depressor that took away my ability to speak.  I suffered in silence as Alan adjusted straps and locked the whole thing on me with a large padlock.

"Feel okay?"

Bounce bounce jingle jingle.

He dug in the box again, and pulled out a pair of shoes, and what strange shoes they were.  They were big and oddly shaped.  It took a moment to take it all in.  They looked like high heels without the heels.  Instead the soles had what looked like horse shoes attached to them.  The shoes were a lot more like boots, in the way the tops stopped not below the ankle, but above it.

"Let's try these on," he said, kneeling in front of me.

Alan produced a sock, which he slipped over my left foot, before sliding on the shoe.  I gripped his shoulder for balance as the tight fitting item slid up and past my ankle.  The inside was comfortable, but felt strange.  I had been barefoot for so long that my feet were not used to being shaped for heels.  Alan began tightening laces, and the shoe molded itself to me.  It too was locked on with a padlock.

Balancing on that foot while the other was shod came as a surprise.  The wide area covered by the horseshoe made it more stable than I expected.  Even though my heel wasn't visibly supported, the tight fit around my ankle kept my foot in a position that supported my weight well.  It was like walking on the balls of my feet.

With the other shoe on, the effect was magnified.  Looking down at my feet, they looked like real horses feet, if those feet were black and smooth.

"Can you walk?"

I took a few tentative steps and then started to walk more normally.  Both didn't feel right.  I lifted my knees a little more and felt my foot placement become a little more natural.  Something about the angle of my feet in the shoes required a more knees-up walking style.

"Be careful you don't scratch the floor," I was told.

I placed my feet carefully and made my way back to Alan.

The next step was to secure my hands.  This he did by crossing them behind my back, elbows bent, just below my shoulder blades.  Another padlock through D rings in my wrist cuffs locked them to my harness.  Not the most comfortable position, but as far as Alan was concerned, a very attractive one.  It made me arch my back slightly, pushing my breasts forward.

The final step was attaching a leash.  This he got out of the box, and once unwrapped I saw that there were actually two separate leashes.  He had me spread my legs and threaded a leash through my left labia ring.  The first six feet of the leash was made out of thin chain, and felt cold against my skin, but I didn't move.  Alan brought the end up my front, and threaded it through my left nipple ring, before attaching it to the left end of the bit gag.  Smiling, he threaded the other leash through my opposite rings and connected it the same way.  I now had two leashes attached to my bit gag, threaded through both my nipple and labia rings.  He wasn't quite done yet.  Alan had me tilt my head forward until my chin was close to my chest, then he took a couple of tiny locks and connected them to the leashes just below my nipple rings.  Whenever I lifted my head the locks pulled on my nipple rings, lifting my breasts up.  Looking straight ahead, my breasts were lifted almost out of the cups, my nipples centered almost perfectly.

"You look great!  You feel okay?"

Bounce bounce Ow!

Bouncing my breasts pulled hard at my nipples, but the little bells still rang true.  Standing behind me he took the leashes in hand, they now served the function of reins.

"I assume you know what I mean when I pull on these," he said, "but just to make sure we'll go through it now.  A flick against your ass means go."  He demonstrated by flicking the reins somehow, and I felt them strike me on the butt.  I began to walk slowly forward.

"Good, a pull to the left or right means turn that way."  He pulled on the right leash, tightening it against my pussy lips and breast.  My head pulled down to the right, so I obediently started turning.

"Don't stop to turn, keep moving."

I kept going until he released the tension and then turned left a little when he pulled that side.  In this manner we wondered around the living room, with me waiting for his signal before turning to avoid furniture.

"To stop, I do this."  He jerked hard on both reins, and my head went down.  The rubbing of the chain against my pussy lips sent a small wave of pleasure through me.  I stopped immediately.

"Good, that's the basics.  I'll teach you more in a while, but let’s go outside."

I started to move toward the door, but was brought to a stop with another pull.  "Hey!  You don't move until I give you the proper cue.  Understand?"

A little shocked at the hard pull, I did my best to signal a yes with my breasts, and stood waiting until he gave me the go signal.

We reached the door without further incident, and he reached around me to open it.  The air outside was crisp, but not too bad.  The sun was bright and felt warm on my skin, and thankfully there was little wind.

I was directed out onto the porch and into the yard.

"If I keep flicking your ass, it means speed up," Alan told me, doing so.  I picked up the pace, growing more confident in my strange footwear with each step.  Balanced as I was on the balls of my feet, it seemed my legs had a little more bounce to them, and made lifting my knees a little higher easier.

We headed toward the barn, and Alan stopped me at the hitching post outside.  Wrapping the reins as I have seen him do for Nelson, he left me alone for a moment by going in the barn.

I stomped a bit in my new shoes, and tried to get a bit more comfortable.  The butt plug was a constant reminder of the tail that hung down behind me, and the way my arms were bound was also something I couldn't forget.

At least the snow was gone; in the yard at any rate.  All of Alan's snow removal efforts had kept the yard fairly clear, and once the snow began to melt, the thin layer of ice over the yard had melted almost immediately.  It was muddy, but at least it wouldn't be slippery.

The big barn door opened, and Alan came out towing a pony cart.  I shouldn't have been surprised.

"How do you like it?  Robert put it together for me weeks ago and I've been dying to try it out!"

It looked very basic, not much more than a seat mounted between two large wheels.  The spar coming out the front was different though.  Instead of the usual two, there was just a single one coming straight out the middle.  The end where I assumed I would go ended in a square fork, just wide enough to fit me.

Alan backed me up into it and fussed a moment with the belt around my waist.  A moment later I felt the weight of the cart on my hips.  It wasn't too bad.

"Looks okay.  I'm going to tuck the reins into the belt for a few minutes; I want you to start walking around the yard with the cart empty to see how it feels."

I felt him puling on the belt a little more, then he smacked me on the rump and I took this as my cue to start walking.  The cart bumped up and down behind me, but rolled easily.  I had no problems walking around.

"Faster, see if you can trot," Alan called out.

Obediently I sped up, picking up to a slow jog.  It reminded me of the treadmill and I wondered if Alan hadn't had this in mind when he picked out that particular piece of equipment.

The cart bounced a lot more behind me and the effect was jarring.  My breasts bounced too, ringing the little bells and pulling at my bit gag.  I kept my head low to avoid the worst of the pulls on my nipples.  Otherwise I was having fun.  The plug in my butt felt huge, but not overwhelming, the tail hanging from it swished against my legs.  I circled the yard once more and stopped when told.

Alan walked up and pulled the reins out of the belt, then checked all my straps again.

"Okay?" he asked.


He laughed, knowing my discomfort, and walked back to the seat of the cart.  I didn't turn my head to follow him.  I knew if I did that I would pull more on my nipple rings.

I felt the weight change on the spars connected to my belt, but it wasn't as bad as I feared. Apparently the cart was well balanced enough that I carried only a small fraction of Alan's weight.  I felt the reins tighten a little, and then a flick.

Pulling was harder now, but not terribly so.  The cart seemed more stable, and didn't bounce around.  The effort to pull him made me breathe a little harder but it was still well within what I was used to on the treadmill.  He flicked again and I started to trot, going left or right depending on the tension I felt on the reins.  This time I was being aroused.  The rings on my pussy lips kept the reins brushing this most sensitive area, and soon I was getting quite hot.  I knew that I was getting wet down there from all the friction.  I liked it!

We trotted around the yard and up and down a short portion of the driveway before pulling up in front of the house.

Alan got out of the cart and went inside for a moment, coming out with a squeeze bottle of water, which he held to my mouth.  I thanked him with a smile as I drank the water down.  Despite the cold air I was sweating a little.

"Having fun?" he asked me, his evil grin in place.

I nodded and bounced my breasts, a combination that was less stressful.

"Good.  Then we can move on."

What now?

I got my answer.  He led me over to the barn and went inside.  When he came out one hand was behind his back, the other held a long thin pole with a whip on the end.  I backed up in alarm.

"It's okay," Alan said, taking hold of my reins and soothing me as he did Nelson when he was spooked.  "I'm not going to whip you.  This is just for striking you on the ass cheeks a little to help motivate you.  It will be all right."

I wasn't too convinced, but Alan continued to soothe me and soon I was calm enough to stand still again.  I knew that Alan wasn't into whips, and I doubted that he would have suddenly developed a taste for it.  I decided to trust him.

Then he revealed what he had been hiding: the blinder.  It fitted onto the head harness quickly; and once more I couldn't see, except for the gap below my nose.

"Now trust me.  I won't steer you wrong."

Alan walked around and sat in the cart again, and with a flick of the reins I started walking.

It was very disconcerting at first, but I could see enough to be able to put my feet down and that was really all I needed.  Going slowly at first, Alan steered me around the yard, and soon we were back up to trotting speed.  I don't know how long we played, but soon we were out of the yard and trotting down one of the trails.

It felt great.  I got a good rhythm going and figured out the best angle of attack for my body to be able to pull the cart.  The bells attached to my nipples and groin jingled loudly, making me feel more like a reindeer than a horse.  Alan would give me steering cues and every once and a while I would feel the sharp sting of the whip.  It wasn't bad, kinda like getting a rubber band snapped against me.  I could put up with it.

I only wished that I could see the countryside around us as we cruised along the path.  The melting snow must have been fabulous to see, but instead all I could see was the top of my breasts and the ground immediately in front of me.

When the track started to climb too much, Alan stopped us and I learned a new trick.

"When at a stop, and I do this," he said, pulling the reins hard twice, "that means back up."

I did so and moved to my left with a cue from Alan.  He stopped me again and then urged me forward.  I assumed we had just turned round.

Alan stopped us twice while we were out, and made sure I drank water.  I was grateful because the running made my mouth dry.  I was happy he thought to take care of his little ponygirl.

All too soon we got back to the yard, I could tell from the condition of the ground, and was surprised to hear a familiar voice.

"My God, Alan.  What have you done to her now?"  It was Lisa.  I had forgotten that she was coming over.

Alan brought us to a stop, and I could do nothing but stand as I was, my bondage too well done to allow me even the slightest hint of modesty.  I always felt my most vulnerable when surprised, I don't know why.  I always felt acutely aware of my bare pussy, open to the world.  It always made me blush.

"She looks great doesn't she?" Alan asked, getting out of the cart.

"Impressive.  So this is why you wanted me here.  Hi Maria, are you okay in there?"

I hesitated before answering, for all I could do was bounce my breasts, which is what I ended up doing.

"Doing that again are we?  Okay.  Are you having fun being a ponygirl?"

Bounce bounce jingle jingle.

"She looks okay.  Can I try it?"

"Go ahead," replied Alan.

A little horrified, yet excited, I waited as Alan taught Lisa the proper signals to control me.  Then she climbed into the cart while Alan gave her a final warning.

"Don't forget that she can't see where she's going.  Not only do you have to watch where you're going, you also have to watch where she'll be stepping.  Keep her away from potholes and big bumps.  I don't want her to trip and break her leg."

"You'd have to shoot her then wouldn't you?"  Lisa answered, and they both laughed.

I whined in protest, but it came out as more of a whinny.

"Just take her out for a short spin," continued Alan, "and don't tire her out."

"Yes Dad," Lisa said laughing.

I felt a sharp strike on my butt, and started forward.  Rather than use the reins she whipped me instead.

I at once began to trot and hoped that she knew what she was doing.  We went around in circles for a few minutes and then took off.  This time we headed up the driveway I thought, and I hoped we wouldn't meet anyone coming in.  The driveway had a slight upgrade so it was a little harder going this time despite Lisa's lighter weight, but I soon got my wind and we cruised along quite rapidly.

Lisa was a bit more enthusiastic with the whip, however, and I wondered what my butt would look like when we were done.  Right now it had that same warm feeling it had when I had been spanked in the Kennel, and we hadn't even turned around yet.  I would have thought that the tail would have helped protect my ass cheeks, but Lisa simply watched it swing and hit the cheek that wasn't covered.

As I ran, Lisa called out to me, telling me how good it felt and was I feeling the same.  What could I do to answer her?  Nothing.

I don't know how far we went, I was getting pretty nervous about reaching the end and getting on the road, but eventually Lisa turned us around and we walked, rather than trotted, back to the house.  By the time we got there, I had cooled down and was feeling a little chilled from the cold air.

"How was it?" Alan asked.

"Great!  I'm going to have to borrow her from time to time."

They laughed and I snorted.

"Want to try the other side of the coin now?" Alan asked.

That shut her up.  Lisa said nothing for a couple of minutes.

"All right."  Her voice was quieter, lower.

Someone took my reins, and led me over to the barn.  I was unhitched from the cart and tied to the hitching post, and then Alan took off the blinder.

"Hi," he said, smiling.  I smiled back.

"Come on," he said to Lisa, and the two of them left me alone outside.

It wasn't too long before Lisa and Alan came back out.  This time, instead of the jeans and sweater she had been wearing, Lisa was naked and in a body harness like mine.  She also wore a head harness and bit gag, and had her hands bound behind her like mine.  There were no reins on her yet, or hooves.

"Wait here." he told her, and she stood still, smiling at me and wriggling her ass.  Alan went into the barn and came out with a box.

"Bend low and spread your legs," he told her, holding up a butt plug identical to mine, except that the hair was colored to match hers.  I realized he had been planning to do more than just show me off; he was counting on her wanting to join me.

The look on her face when she saw the size of the plug was classic, but she bent low and closed her eyes as the lubricated plug was inserted.  I could see the relief in her eyes when it finally seated, and she stood up gingerly, shifting her hips to find a more comfortable position.

Next Alan fitted her with her shoes, these a dark brown to match her head harness.  He let her walk around for a few minutes to get used to them, and I marveled at how good she looked.  The shoes gave her calves more definition and taken with the way she arched her back due to her bound arms, produced a slight S curve to her body that was very beautiful.

Did I look like that?

When she was settled, he ran the reins through her rings, and I couldn't help feel a little pang of jealousy at the intimate contact they’d had.  I knew I could trust them both, but still...

He attached her nipple rings in exactly the same manner as mine and she was now ready.  Bound exactly as I was, she now knew what I was feeling.

I’d thought that Alan would next hitch Lisa to the cart while I watched, but instead he did something to the fork at the end of the spar, and it came loose in his hand.  He carried it into the barn, and returned with a wider, three pronged fork.  As he attached it to the cart, I silently complimented him on how well prepared he was for having two ponygirls.  In a matter of moments he was ready to hitch us both up and soon we stood shoulder to shoulder with Alan seated in the cart.

"We'll go without the blinders right now," he said, and flicked the reins.  It took us a moment to get synchronized, but together Lisa and I pulled Alan around the yard and a short way up and down the driveway.  I couldn't tell if Lisa liked this for neither of us could turn our heads much to look at each other.

When Alan was satisfied that Lisa knew her commands, he fitted us both with blinders.  I saw Lisa's as he did her first.  It had her name in large letters stitched into it, just like mine.

Before he got back on the cart, I felt Alan's hand on my butt, stroking the welts from the whip.

"A little hard on her weren't you?"

Lisa snorted.

He climbed back in, and with a flick we were off again.  This time he pushed us a little harder, and while I only occasionally got whipped, he laid it on a little harder on Lisa.  She would yelp every time he struck her and boost her speed a little.

He steered us back up the driveway and it was easier going than before, but as time passed I again wondered how close to the road we were going to get.

Boy was I surprised when we reached it.  The hard-packed gravel of the driveway gave way to the concrete road.

Lisa tried to stop, but Alan urged her on with a couple of quick whips.  We turned left and proceeded down the road, both Lisa and I panicking at the thought of a car coming.

We must have gone about a half a mile before turning again, this time onto a dirt road that seemed to wind around  a bit.  All I knew was that we were on the opposite side of the highway from the valley, beyond that I had no idea where we were.  After another mile, we were pulled to a stop.

"I won't be long," Alan said, climbing out of the cart and walking away.

Lisa and I wailed loudly at being left here, we weren't too happy about being exposed on the road as it was.  But what could we do?  We couldn't break our bondage, or find our way back home.  We were stuck.

"Here she is!"  I heard Alan say as he walked back.  From the sound of it he wasn't alone.  We both squirmed and tugged at our restraints, but to no avail.

"What a beautiful pair," said the other person.  Robert.

Recognizing his voice, Lisa squealed and tried to pull away, boy was she mad.

"They are a good match aren't they?  It's a pity to break them up," Alan replied.  "Still, business is business."

"That's right.  How much do I owe you for her?  Ten dollars isn't it?"

"Right on the nose."

Lisa was tugging furiously and squealed even louder.  I couldn't tell if she was mad at being sold or mad that it was for a lousy ten dollars.  Me, I couldn't believe what was happening.  What was Alan doing?

"I'll unhitch her and you can take her up to your house.  You can send me the gear later," said Alan.


I sensed Alan freeing Lisa and heard her protest as she was led away.  I stood stunned while Alan unhitched me and did something to the cart, before hitching me back up.

When eventually he got me going back the way we came, it was a very unhappy and subdued ponygirl who was pulling him.

It wasn't my last surprise.

"I guess you thought that was pretty barbaric," Alan said as we trotted down the road.  "It's not what you think.  You'll be happy to know that Melissa was there a little further up the road, watching everything that was happening.  She asked my help in getting back at Lisa for tying her up naked in her office one to many times, and I figured that as Robert had seen Melissa naked that it was about time he saw Lisa.  So, we set up this little sale; and as we speak, Melissa is probably letting Lisa in on it.  Although I wouldn't blame her if she strung Lisa along for a little bit longer."

He laughed, but I couldn't.  The relief that washed over me was too great.  This sounded exactly like something Melissa would do; having been on the butt end of a few of her tricks myself over the years.  Knowing that Alan wasn't a white slaver was music to my ears.  All I had to worry about now was getting spotted by a car.

It never happened, we made it back to the driveway and down to the house without being seen that I knew about, and Alan unhitched me and put the cart away before leading me up onto the porch to undo my bonds.  The minute he undid my hands I reached around to hug him, ignoring the pain and stiffness.  He held me close, and we stayed that way a good long time.

"You had me scared, you know," I told him once the gag came out.

"I know, but I couldn't tell you before hand, I needed your reaction to be real."

"You beast...Sir," I said, and kissed him.

About an hour later, we heard a clip of hooves, and looking out the window we saw Lisa and Melissa.  Lisa was still in her pony gear, pulling another cart with Melissa riding.  They pulled to a stop and Lisa stood breathing deeply while Melissa dismounted.  She didn't look as happy as someone who had just gotten her revenge.

She stepped onto the porch and held out her hand to Alan, who had opened the door.  With a look of pure innocence, Alan dug out a set of keys and handed it to her.  I realized that without them, Lisa had been trapped in her bondage the whole time.  She couldn't be ungagged or anything.  Melissa turned without a word, and walked back to the obviously tired Lisa.

Alan came back in, and guided me away from the window.  From the look on his face, I could see that it was Alan who had gotten the last laugh.

End of Part 9


As spring came, a new order of things seemed to bloom.  Alan, more confident than ever in his role as my Master, was happier than I had ever seen him before.  He lavished a good deal of attention on me whenever he could and was always ready to slip into Master Mode when necessary.

Melissa and Lisa also saw their relationship flourish, especially where bondage was concerned, but they never approached anything like the full-time relationship that Alan and I had.  For one thing, Lisa had a business to run that took up a lot of her time, and for another Melissa still lived in the city.  Still, she came down a lot to spend time with us, and a routine of sorts developed among the four of us.

When we next saw Lisa after the “Sale”, she forgave us for taking part in Melissa's revenge, even though it meant being seen naked by one of her employees.  She also expressed a desire to do the pony thing again which was a good thing, for both Alan and Melissa had counted on her liking it to the point of having Robert build two carts.

Pretty soon both she and Melissa were coming by every week to play ponygirl, and Thursday quickly became ponygirl day, with both Lisa and me done up in our pony gear.  We would have pony races up and down the driveway, or Lisa and I would be hitched together to pull one cart along some of the steeper trails along the valley.  As the ground dried we would be taken farther and farther along the trails until only the hilliest were out of our reach.  Not that we were able to see where we were anyway.  We were always masked with our blinders on these trips with the view reserved for whoever was driving us.  I remember one time Alan had us both in harness and expressed a desire to go all the way to the diner and back.  You should have heard the protest Lisa put up, almost as bad as when she was sold, but Alan was just teasing us and didn't really take us there.

When not in harness, we were put in a small paddock next to the barn and allowed to “graze”.  This was how we relaxed between runs, either sitting or lying down on the new grass, or drinking water out a large dish set on the ground for us.

This was the only time Melissa would let Lisa fully immerse herself in her submissive role playing.  At any other time the two of them played more as equals although it was always Lisa who was bound.  Melissa never cared for the way I submitted to Alan and was determined not to do the same with Lisa.  I think sometimes Lisa wished she would.  I had a feeling that Lisa's submissive streak ran almost as deep as mine.  Ponygirl day was special to Lisa.

Alan had other days with activities specific to each one.

Saturday was the day he always went to breakfast at the diner, and like in the fall, he began taking me as well.  Usually I was taken naked like before, my hands bound to a rope tied to Nelson's saddle.  I would have to walk or run the whole way there and back, and spend my time tied up outside the rear of the building while Alan was inside eating.  There was something new added though.  I always wore my blinder when we did this.  Again, it was tough trying to run without seeing much of where I was going, but as we always went the same way I learned the route and felt confident about it.  The only hairy part was once we left the valley.  I was always anxious about being seen, especially since I wasn’t able to tell if I had been seen.  The other way he took me was with those special contacts.  I would go naked under my coat, as we did the first time, and Alan would have me act normal for the people inside the diner.  Again, I was nervous at first, not knowing what was going on around me, but eventually I stopped caring so much and was able to enjoy it more.

It's kind of funny.  It took me a while to realize that Alan took great pains to make sure I couldn't see anything when we went out.  I never got to see anything beyond the yard area of the house and barn.  I was either in my blinder, or had my eyes covered up with the contacts or other more conventional blindfolds.  This went all the way back to my first trip to the diner (when I met Robert).  That was a long time.

I asked Alan about it once.  He told me it was to focus my attention on home.  I didn't need to see anything beyond it.

I wasn't too sure about that, but I held my peace.

Sunday was play day, and I mean play.  We would spend the day doing very conventional bondage, rope ties etc.  We experimented with different positions, different methods, with a lot of fooling around in between.  It was a day full of laughter and fun, and I enjoyed it immensely.

Tuesday was heavy bondage day.  At my urging to get back to some of the stuff I had done in the dungeon, Alan set up this one day a week to put me in very heavy and tight bondage.  Most often it would feature one of the devices in the dungeon, and this was another place I wasn't allowed to see.  I was always blindfolded in one way or another before being led down there.  Alan would strap, or tie, or chain, or lock me into whatever device he had chosen for the day, and there I stayed.  It almost always featured tight immovable bondage, with nothing but water to still my hunger pangs.  There was one device that wasn't in the basement.  This was another cage that Robert had built.  This one was very small, and the bars were thin and closely spaced.  It was shaped somewhat like a birdcage with a solid bottom.  To get me inside, Alan would undo four clasps around the floor of the cage, and using a small pulley, would lift the cage up away from its base.  I would then have to sit, curled into a ball, on the cage floor, while Alan lowered the cage around me.  Once the clasps were done up again, he would pull on the pulley once more, lifting the cage and myself high into the air.

Where was this cage kept?  In a tree outside the house.

High into the canopy I would be hauled, and that was where I would stay until released.  The cage was so small that I could not uncurl from my ball, so it was a very tight bondage indeed.  I couldn't even reach to scratch any bugs that landed on me.  I had to suffer their tiny legs having their way with my bare skin.

Whether in the birdcage or in the basement dungeon, my time bound was always twenty-four hours.  No exceptions.

Wednesday was my day off.

That might seem strange to you, a day off.  Believe me, after my heavy bondage day, I needed it.  Alan insisted on it.  On Wednesday I wasn't expected to do any of my normal duties, and we even cut out the Master/slave stuff.  I could even get dressed in normal clothing, which I did just to stay in practice.  I could lounge around and read, watch TV or sleep.  My only restrictions were that I wasn't to leave the confines of the yard, and I still had to deal with the “always plugged” rule by having a thin dildo locked into my pussy.  I could live with that.  The day gave me time to relax and review what I had been going through, and it also gave Alan and me a chance to act like a normal couple for a while.  It was nice.

The rest of the week was spent as I have already described, and I wouldn't change a minute of it.

Alan did, twice.

Both times it was for a trip to New York, and I spent each trip boarded once again at the Kennel.  This time I went with the contacts in my eyes, and never saw a thing after leaving the house until I returned.  The contacts were only taken out in the examining room at the Kennel and replaced by a blinder until it was time to go home.

Tonya always greeted me, and seemed genuinely glad to see me.  I wished I could have talked to her, but each time I was gagged immediately and sent into the kennel area after my medical exam.  I got used to the routine pretty quickly while there, it was easy after my time in the dungeon.

As summer began I started to feel that I had a good handle on what it would be like to spend the rest of my life with Alan.  A foolish thought I know, but then I was very happy.  Would Alan keep me after the year was up?  I hoped so.

But then the future has a way of being totally unpredictable.

It was a warm day, the sun high in the sky, a warm breeze drifting down the valley.  I was at the swimming hole enjoying my day off.  A few hours before I had just been released from the stocks in the basement, and I felt the need to relax and catch up on my tan.  So here I was, floating out in the middle of the little swimming hole on an air mattress, naked as the day I was born.  Naked of course, except for the rings and bells that decorated my private parts.  I was naked by my own choice, so I could reclaim the all over tan I had built up last summer.  That was the whole point of my day off.  Everything was my choice.  Well, almost.  I couldn't help squeezing occasionally on the thin dildo locked into my pussy via a padlock through my labia rings.

Alan had joined me for a while, and I enjoyed a luxurious rubdown as he applied huge amounts of sunblock to my skin.  I told him that with all that sunscreen he had applied, it would take hours for me to get anywhere with my tan.  He replied that that was the idea!

I was glad to get a joke out of him.  It seemed that over the last few days something had been bothering him.  When I had an opportunity to ask, he always shrugged it off, but I found him one morning standing in the doorway of his father's old bedroom.  He was just standing there, staring into the room.  He didn't even hear me come up behind him until I was almost on top of him.

I still had no idea what happened to his dad, and I vowed to ask Lisa the next time I saw her.

Anyway, back to the swimming hole.

Once he left I lay back and let my mind go blank, enjoying the warmth of the sun as it soaked into my bones.

It all felt pretty good.

I fell asleep.

That was a mistake.

The stream that flowed through the valley was still high from the spring rains, and as it passed the swimming hole it set up a current that turned the water around and around in the confined area.  So far that hadn't been a problem, I had just floated around the area, sometimes near the beach, sometimes far away.

But as I slept, the air mattress slipped into a faster current that carried me a big circle and out into the center of the fast-moving stream.  Still asleep, I was unaware of the current carrying me away from the swimming hole.  I must not have touched the bank at all, for that surely would have wakened me.  Instead I went at least two miles down the twisting stream, which soon became a small river.
I was carried out, beyond the fence line that marked Alan's property, and I don't know how much farther before I woke up.

What a wake up it was!  I felt a splash of water which jerked me awake.  I was about to yell at Alan for splashing me, when I heard the laughter of a large group of people.

Startled, I opened my eyes and looked around, totally lost.  Then I saw them.  A group of about six or seven teenage boys was on the bank looking at me.

"Nice tits," one of them yelled, reminding me of my nudity.

I quickly rolled off the mattress and into the water, placing it between them and me.  Not that it did much good.  The mattress was transparent except for a few printed flowers.  Still the water helped to hide me from view.

"I like your bells," another one yelled, and the group burst out laughing again, while I felt a hot flush coming on.

I gripped the mattress tightly, and began shivering violently.  The water was freezing!  I wondered how the sun could be so warm today, yet the water was so cold. I reached down with my foot for the bottom of the river, but it must have been pretty deep by then.  I couldn't think what to do!

The current swept me away from the boys, which was a good thing, but the banks on either side were high and steep.  With no idea where I was or how to get back, I was quite literally out of my depth.

I passed small shacks built on the sides of the river, and was seen again by a couple of people before I was finally rescued.

As I passed a flat but lonely looking stretch of ground, a rope landed near me and a voice told me to grab it.  I reached for the rope, and looked up at whoever threw it.  It was a cop.  My heart sank.

I wondered if I should let go of the rope, but I had no way of knowing where I would end up if I tried to get out on my own, or how I would get home.

I decided to risk being picked up by this cop.

He told me to hold on tightly as he pulled me to shore, and gave me a hand as I tried to climb the bank.

"You had better drop the mattress, Ma’am," he said.

I didn't want to; it was all I had to hide behind.  But I couldn't climb with one hand, so eventually I had to let it go.  It continued its journey down the river as I scrambled to the top of the bank.

I rolled over onto the flat earth, and lay on my front, staring up at the young officer who had rescued me.  I recognized him as the cop who had interviewed me in the hospital after Palmer almost killed me.

He evidently recognized me too.  "Miss Imus?" he asked, eyes wide open.  I could see his eyes flick up and down my shivering body, and blushed further.

"Ma’am, we had a couple of calls about you floating down the river naked.  I'm going to have to take you in.  You can't be doing that kind of thing here."

"Oh please," I cried, "don't do that.  Can't you just take me home?  I didn't mean to be out here, it was an accident.  I fell asleep and floated away from home.  I can't be taken to jail."

"Ma’am, this is indecent exposure.  I have to take you."

"Please.  I'll do anything.  Just don't take me in!"  Would I?  Alan would be mad if he had to come get me from jail, but then he would be mad when he found out about this anyway!  I had to avoid going, I had no choice.

The young cop looked confused; his eyes kept glancing down my body.  I swallowed my pride and slowly got up on my hands and knees.

"Please, I'll do anything if you just take me home," I pleaded.  I let my breasts sway a little before getting upon my feet.  I had to play to his male ego.  I felt it was my only chance.  I felt like a whore as I drew my hands up my sides, wriggling my hips.

The look on his face as he saw my pierced nipples and clitoris was priceless.  His jaw dropped.  I stood, hands at my sides, and waited.

We stood for a moment like that, before he turned and walked to his patrol car a few feet away.  He opened the trunk and took out a blanket.

"Put this on, Miss Imus," he said, handing it to me.

I reluctantly did so, feeling my chance at avoiding jail slipping away.

He waited until I was wrapped up before opening he back door of the car, motioning me inside.

As I climbed in, he stopped me.  "What's this?" he asked.  He gestured to my wrist, which still bore an ugly red mark from the stocks.

Not knowing what to say, I said nothing.  He took my other hand and saw the same mark there.

"Are you in trouble?"

"Just take me home.  Please."

He looked into my eyes for a moment, and maybe saw the desperation in them.  Then he let me climb in before climbing in himself.

He drove without a word through areas that were unfamiliar to me.  I didn't know if he was taking me home or to jail.  I was as helpless as if I was in one of Alan's bondage devices.  I clutched the blanket tightly around me, feeling foolish for attempting to bribe the cop with my own body.  How could I have been so stupid?  What would Alan say?

Having not seen it for so long, I didn't recognize our driveway until we were almost at the house.

In the yard was Alan, sitting high on Nelson.  He seemed startled to see a police car drive in on him.  He didn't look happy.

The cop got out and walked over to him.

I tried the door, but it was locked.  All I could do was watch while the men talked, too far away for me to hear.  It seemed they were arguing a little, but even with their voices raised I couldn't hear them.  The young cop had left the engine running and it masked the outside noises very well.

Eventually the cop came back and opened my door.  "I shouldn't do this, but something tells me you'll be in worse trouble if I take you in," he said to me.

I could only nod dumbly.

"Please.  Don't hesitate to call if you need us.  My name is Brown, Peter Brown.  You can ask for me if you like."  The expression in his eyes showed he was fighting a battle in himself.  He didn't want to let me go, but I think he felt like he had no choice.  I felt sorry for him
He helped me out, and I stood still wrapped in the blanket as he drove off.

"What happened?  I've been looking for you everywhere."  Alan had gotten down off the horse.  I was right, he wasn't happy.

I told him that I had fallen asleep, and what had followed.

"That was a pretty stupid thing to do," was all he said when I finished.  Then he took me by the arm and led me inside, pulling off the blanket as we entered.  Somewhat afraid at how unexpected his reaction was, I allowed him to lead me upstairs.  He directed me into the bathroom, with orders to use it, and when I came out he took me into the bedroom and pushed me face down on the bed.

What followed was a good deal of rope work that bound my arms tightly to my back and my legs tightly together.  He finished it off by bringing my ankles up and fastening them to my hands.  A ball gag and a blindfold, and my bondage was complete.  He left me without a word, and I lay wondering if this was my punishment, or was this just a warm up.

I lay for a long time getting stiff and tired, wondering when Alan was going to let me up.

When I finally heard steps coming up the stairs, I prepared myself for whatever mood Alan was in.

However, when the blindfold came off, it was Lisa's face that greeted me.

"Don't struggle," she said, "I'm going to untie you now."

"Where's Alan?" I asked, once the gag came out.

"He went out.  Asked me to come over and baby-sit."  Lisa didn't seem to be her normal smiling self.  She finished untying me without another word and then began rubbing my wrists for the ropes had been tight.

"Are you okay?" I asked, her mood prompting my concern.

She nodded, but didn't say anything.

"You and Melissa have a row?" I asked.

"No, not Melissa," she said evenly.


Lisa nodded.

I got off the bed, and picked up a shirt to put on.  "I need to use the bathroom, but when I get back let's talk about it."

"Fine.  I'll meet you in the den," Lisa responded and left the room.

When I came downstairs, she was curled up on the couch, a drink in one hand.  I sat on the floor at her feet, unable to bring myself to break another rule and use the couch.

"It can't be that bad," I said smiling.

Her expression said otherwise.

"What is it?" I asked again.

"Did Alan ever tell you about his dad's death?" she asked me.

"No."  I had to concentrate not to shake my breasts, so used to doing it was I.

"It happened a year ago today."

Ah, now I saw why Alan was in such a bad mood.  I could understand very well, remembering the date of my own parents’ accident.  It wasn't something you forgot.

"He died in a hospital," Lisa continued, "it was only supposed to be a simple surgery.  Gall bladder I think.  He threw a blood clot in the recovery room and it lodged in his heart.  The doctors worked on him for almost an hour, but couldn't do anything."

Lisa's eyes began to water; I moved closer and put an arm around her legs.

"I knew Tony well, heck, he was like a favorite uncle, and a real rock to lean on when my pop died.  Alan was devastated."

"It's okay," I said softly as Lisa began to cry.  She put a hand down and started to caress my hair.  I snuggled a bit closer and we sat like that for a little while until she gathered herself up again.

"Anyway," she said, wiping at her wet cheeks, "Alan said you needed babysitting, so here I am."

"Where is he?"

Lisa shook her head.  "I don't know."

I tried to coax further conversation out of her, but she was in no mood to talk.  I wanted to ask her what she and Alan had argued about, but she wouldn't be drawn.  So we ended up turning on the TV and stared blankly at whatever was playing.

It was getting very late when we heard a car pull up out front.  I went to the window, but didn't recognize the car.  Lisa joined me and told me it was Robert's.  I watched Robert climb out and walk around to the other side.  He opened the door and helped out another man: Alan.

He didn't seem very steady on his feet, and shook off Robert's help.  He made his way to the house unaided.

Coming through the front door, he looked at me in just the T-shirt I wore, then at Lisa.

"I thought I told you she was to be kept tied up," Alan said to Lisa.  His voice was slow, but still clear.  His eyes were pretty bloodshot however.  He had definitely been drinking.  Robert was close behind him, a concerned expression on his face.

"She’d already been tied up for hours, Alan.  That hog tie you had her in was pretty severe."

"I don't expect my orders questioned, Lisa."

"I'm not your slave, Alan."

"No, but she is."  He looked over at me, as if for the first time.

"Hi," I said quietly.

"Take that off," he ordered softly.

I glanced at Robert, who still stood behind Alan.  He shifted his eyes away from me, but otherwise didn't move.

"Do I need to repeat myself?" Alan asked me.

"You're drunk, Alan," Lisa said, walking toward him.  "Why don't you just head to bed and I'll take care of Maria for you?"

Alan ignored her.

"Maria. I said take that off!"

Afraid, I quickly pulled off the T-shirt, standing naked before them all.

"Go get your leather cuffs."  His voice was a little quieter this time.

As I went upstairs, I heard Lisa again try to get Alan to settle.  By the time I came back down, Lisa wasn't in the room anymore, but the two men were.  Robert was standing in one corner of the room.  Alan met me at the door.

"Sit down, Rob, I'll just put my slave girl to bed and then we'll have another drink."

"You've had enough already I think," Robert said, clearly not wanting to be there.

Alan gave him the eye and then took the cuffs from me.  "Turn around," he told me.

I did so, and he placed the cuffs around my wrists, locking my hands behind me, my ankles were then hobbled.  He produced a penis gag, which he placed in my mouth, buckling it in tightly.  It was the long one, the one that almost touched the back of my throat.  I really had to be careful not to gag on this one.  It definitely wasn't a sleeping gag.  I moaned to get his attention, but he just swiped me on the butt and told me to shut up.

"Sit tight, Rob, we'll be back."

Picking up a large dildo he had gotten from somewhere, he led me out the front door, waiting impatiently as I shuffled forward in my eight-inch hobble.  I looked around for Lisa's car, but evidently she had driven off for some reason.  I wished she was here.

As we crossed the porch, Alan hit me on the back lightly with the dildo.

"Come on, Slave Girl.  I'm sorry, but you're spending the night in the shed.  I'm not going to be very good company tonight, I'll explain in the morning."

I turned and stumbled, and Alan managed to catch me before I fell down the porch steps.

That was when the light came on.

"POLICE!  FREEZE!"  We were pinned under a spotlight.

I screamed, surprised beyond belief.  It was Deputy Brown!

Alan turned toward the voice, holding the dildo out.

A shot rang out.

Alan grabbed his stomach and pitched over.

And through my gag, I started screaming.

Four Months Later:

The gray-haired man walked at an unhurried pace through the door into the viewing gallery.

"We don't have a great selection this month, Sir," said his guide, a small, yet lovely young woman who had been his contact ever since he first started coming six months ago.

"That's fine," he replied honestly, "I'm in no rush."

The young woman smiled, and then with a hand held remote, dimmed the lights in the room.  Once reduced, she pointed it at a section of wall, which immediately slid away.

The gray-haired man found himself looking at the first of this month’s prospects.  Alone in her cell, the Pet lay curled asleep, oblivious to the fact that she was now being shown.  All she was aware of was that she was no longer kept in the main kennel with the others, but in this special room where she had been trained to perform a couple of special tricks.  Behind the glass that separated them, the gray-haired man looked through the thin booklet that hung next to the window, noting all the physical facts and training record of the Pet.

"And what's her story?" he asked.

The young woman squirmed a little.  She was not supposed to tell anyone what she knew about the Pets under her care, but over time she had built up a good relationship with this man.  "Such a tragedy," she said.

Watching the Pet breathe, he gently urged the young woman on, knowing that if he pressed too much she would not tell him anything.

"She came to us about three weeks ago.  A wreck.  Just wondered in the front door off the street.  Said that she’d been kept here a few times.  We checked our records and found her story to be true, so she was allowed to stay in a guest room while we interviewed her.  She told us that her owner had been shot by the police and killed.  Apparently they thought she was being kidnapped and the officer who pulled the trigger thought a weapon was being drawn on him.  It's so sad."  The young guide rubbed an eye.  She had been one of the interviewers, and well remembered how distraught the woman had been.

"Unable to find any peace in herself, she tracked us down and just showed up hoping we could help her."

"So, she's a stray?" the gray haired man said, not unkindly.

"Yes.  We talked to her about what she wanted from us, and you know now what she chose."

He nodded, and watched the Pet curled up on the mat that was her bed.  He had always had a thing for sleeping women, in his opinion it was when they looked their best; it was something about how truly vulnerable and trusting they were in this state.  And this girl looked lovely, even though her blinder masked most of her face.

"Shall I wake her?"

He nodded, and his guide pushed a button on her remote.

Inside, he was told, although he couldn't hear it through the glass, a bell sounded, waking the Pet who slept so beautifully.

She uncurled herself, allowing herself one cat-like stretch, before getting up on her knees and presenting herself to the bell.

He knew she had no idea what was happening, she was merely responding to her training.

On her knees, he admired the flow of her muscles, and how even in the stretch she hadn't pulled too much at the leather cuffs that held her arms to her sides.  She remained at attention the whole time he watched her, not showing any indication of being uncomfortable at all.

The gray-haired man nodded at the young woman, who pushed another button.

A different bell sounded, and the Pet started crawling over to the left of the cell.  Despite being blind, she had no problem locating the two dildos coming out of the wall, and began sucking on one immediately.

This gave the gray-haired man, and anyone else who cared to view her, a chance to see the Pet in a very erotic position.  The height of the dildo forced the Pet inside to get up on her knees rather than sit back on her heels, yet it was low enough that the Pet had to lean forward to make the connection.  The position made her breasts swing clear, and put a delightful curve in her back.

The young woman watched the gray haired man, noting privately that it was mostly the men that came here that wanted to see the female Pets do this.  She watched him because in the six months she had been his guide, this was the most interest he had ever shown.  She wondered if this would be the day he was satisfied.

"I'd like to see her face," he asked presently.

She pushed another button, and the Pet let go of the dildo and crawled right up to the window, again having no real problem finding it.  She bent low, and seemed to push her head into the wall below it.

Meanwhile, the young woman handed the man a silk mask, which he put on.

When ready, the guide opened a small door set in the wall below the window, revealing the masked face of the pet.  She attached a couple of clips to the head harness, to prevent the Pet from pulling back, and took off the blinder.

For a brief moment, the Pet's eyes blinked at the light, and then stared straight ahead as she had been trained.

The gray-haired man nodded with admiration, he liked what he saw.

For a second, the Pet glanced up, and their eyes met.  It was a total break in training, but the man didn't mind.  He saw more in that second than in all the time he had been here.

He gestured to the young woman, who replaced the blinder and let the Pet go, watching as the Pet crawled back into the center of the room.

"Was there anything else you wanted to see?" she asked.  A lot of people wanted to see how well trained the Pets were, and a series of tricks had been prepared and drummed into each Pet before being presented in the viewing gallery.

The gray-haired man shook his head.  He had been thinking of her eyes.  They had been filled with so much pain, and he knew he had to help her.  He knew he had to be the one to take the pain away.

"There are two other Pets up for adoption that fit your compatibility codes," urged the guide.

He shook his head, watching the girl that used to be Maria, kneeling straight and tall.  "I'll take her."

The End of More Tales from the Valley.