Jenny's Strips Through Time... 2050
by Leviticus


For those of you who have forgotten, or are new, here are a few essential details. While working in a scientific laboratory, Ashley discovered this huge time machine that some scientists had built and were using for experiments. Seeing it as an opportunity for some fun, Ashley reprogrammed it and tricked Jenny into taking a ride, sending her tumbling uncontrolled through the timestreams. The scientists came back, horrified, and tried to get Jenny back, but Ashley rigged the machine so they couldn't aim Jenny at any particular time, including her own. All they could do was yank Jenny out of whatever time she was in, in the hope that her next jump would bring her home. But to add one more twist Ashley also programmed the time machine so that it wouldn't work unless Jenny was completely naked!

So now we rejoin one of the many of Jenny's strips through time.

There was a flash, and a bump and Jenny found herself sitting on the sidewalk of a residential area. Still dizzy after spending days, or minutes or months tumbling naked through the timestreams, all she could do was put a hand to her chest to check to see if she was finally dressed. With a sigh she discovered thick material, and she was finally able to focus and look around.

She was a bit confused because it looked so normal: houses, yards, sidewalks, a road; although she wondered how the cars floated in the air like that. She decided to get up and take stock and when she looked to see what she was wearing she almost sneered. Used to dressing in feminine things to please her husband, the one-piece bright red jumpsuit she was wearing was hardly her style, but at least it was clothing. As a bonus, it even looked too thick to be accidentally ripped off, something that happened to her far too often in her opinion.

Feeling a little better, she decided to find out where she was, and began walking down the street. A block away on the corner she saw what looked like a phone both with a couple of people waiting outside. As Jenny drew closer she saw one of the people go in, put some money in the slot, dial, and... vanish.

"My word!" said Jenny, not believing what had just seen, and she rushed to see if there was something wrong.

The second person, a very old woman by the look of her in a baggy red jumpsuit, was struggling with the door of the phone booth before whirling round, cane at the ready.

"Stay back!" yelled the old woman, glaring at Jenny.

"I'm sorry," said Jenny, skidding to a halt to avoid the waving cane, "but that man disappeared!"

"Stay back I said, don't come near me," said the old woman again. She stopped waving her cane and took a closer look at Jenny. "You haven't got any hooks on you have you?" she asked.

"What?" said Jenny, confused as usual.

"Hooks, any hooks? Or knives or claws or fabric-eating acid or anything of that nature?"

"No, I don't," Jenny replied.

The old woman nodded and turned to open the door of the booth. "Good. But you stay back anyway."

"Don't go in there," exclaimed Jenny, "a man vanished!"

"Of course a man vanished, this is a teleport booth! And I'm going to vanish too in a minute so I can go downtown to collect my social security check!"

"Teleport?" questioned Jenny. She knew what that was having dreamed that she had spent some time on the Starship Enterprise a couple of times... if those were dreams... sometimes she couldn't be sure.

The old woman closed the door behind her, fed some money into the slot, dialed a number and... didn't vanish. Her clothes did however, leaving her standing in the booth completely naked.

The old woman didn't panic, she simply hung her head and pounded softly on the window. "Why does this always happen to me?" she said sadly. But then she turned to look at a rather embarrassed Jenny.

"I want your jump suit!" the old woman exclaimed.

"You can't!" said Jenny, clutching it too herself.

"Yes I can, we're the same size and you wouldn't leave a poor old lady here with nothing to wear, would you?"

"But then I'll have nothing to wear!"

"You have your underwear! And unless they've changed the laws again in the last twenty years, you are perfectly fine walking around in your underwear. So hurry, I'm getting cold!"

Jenny couldn't believe this, but her heart went out to the old woman, so she reluctantly pulled down the zipper and started to undress.

Back in the present, the scientists running the time machine worked to fix the programming that Ashley had so completely redone, but they had been working on it for a long time and the end was not in sight. Some of them just sat and watched the holographic image of Jenny hanging in the entrance of the tunnel-like time machine, while others tried to narrow down just where she had landed this time.

"I think it's the future," one of them said.

"Duh... I thought it was Roman times," said another.

The head scientist shushed the both of them and wondered just what trouble Jenny was going to get into this time. It was bad enough that she was an unauthorized time traveler, but she also had a knack for getting into real trouble. Then there was the other one, and he turned to glare at Ashley who watched from the back of the room, giggling to herself.

Back in the future, Jenny had pulled her jumpsuit off and had handed it to the old woman. She stood huddled in her underwear, which honestly covered more of her than most of the swimsuits her husband kept buying for her, but still... it was underwear, and she felt very underdressed. To make matters worse, another old woman had just rounded the corner and stopped to stare at her.

"Oh Ashley," said the old woman in the teleport booth, "help me with this zipper will you?"

"What happened to you now, Jenny?" said old Ashley, trying to hide a grin. What old Jenny didn't know was that old Ashley knew one of the men that serviced the teleport booths, and had him program Jenny's DNA into all the local ones. Most of the time, old Jenny could use them normally, but at random times only her clothes would get sent someplace. Even after all these years, Ashley still liked to make Jenny suffer from time to time.

Young Jenny watched this exchange and immediately caught on to where she was and who she was with, which was quite a leap for her blonde head. What she saw scared her to death and she took off running.

Old Ashley watched her go and said, "You know, Jenny, that young lady reminded me of you at her age."

"It couldn't be, Ashley, I was never that brainless," replied old Jenny as she tried the teleport once again.

"Oh why does this always happen to me?" she said a moment later.

Young Jenny however kept running, going around a couple of turns until she came face to face with her worst enemies: Scouts... Astro Scouts to be more accurate, playing with their hoverboards and bragging about their Astro Badges.

They spotted Jenny at the same time she spotted them, and generations of Scout evolution let them recognize Jenny for who she was... prey.

"Can we help you, Miss?" one of them said, advancing on Jenny with a grin, and she screamed and turned right around. Back down the streets she ran, holding her large breasts in her sensible underwear with both hands as the Astro Scouts pursued her, asking if she needed their assistance and bragging about their handiness with knots.

She ran right back the way she had come, arriving back at the teleport booth that was now empty and alone, and seeing it as a haven she ran inside and closed the door. She was immediately surrounded by the Astro Scouts who asked her if she needed help crossing the street and if they could show her their skills at building a fire. If this wasn't enough, an electronic voice behind her started asking her to deposit money for the teleport.

"I don't have any money!" Jenny exclaimed, trying to keep the door closed with her feet while her hands tried to keep her modesty intact.

"Then please exit the booth" said the voice.

"Isn't there anyplace I can go for free? This is an emergency!" Jenny yelled.

"All transits to municipal police stations are free of charge," replied the voice.

"OKAY, I'll go there!"

"Please press the go/start button."

Jenny reached out for the big green button and pressed it, and in a flash... she was still in the booth, only now her underwear was missing.

"Why does this always happen to me!" she exclaimed, hitting the side of the booth.

"SHE'S NAKED!" yelled one of the scientists, and everyone paused for a moment to admire the being the universe regarded as naked Jenny, before they got back to work. Now that Jenny was nude, the mighty time machine could be started up; and just as the Astro Scouts figured out how to take off the door with their handy pocket knives, Jenny was snatched away from them and once again deposited naked in the timestreams, tumbling helplessly and giving all the scientists a complete view of her every detail... not to mention a few bulges in their pants.

And the journey continued.