To Catch a Child Killer

Part 1

Author Note:   This is primarily a BDSM story, although this first chapter appears to have no BDSM in it what so ever. I write it as a BDSM story, and hope that lovers of BDSM fiction will stick with it long enough to get to the good bits. All the BDSM scenes I lovingly detail will involve adults only. In addition, those who have read my previous work know that I cant just write a simple tale. I need to tell a story that goes beyond the bondage and the sex that seems to be the sum of most of the BDSM fiction I have read lately. But I must warn you though that unlike my other works this story tackles a difficult subject that I hope wont get me shunned. This is a story containing crimes against children. Last year 359,000 children were kidnapped, a number that should horrify everyone. These aren't just stranger kidnappings either. In fact only 5% of those children were taken by people that were not their relatives.
While I write this story for the pleasure of BDSM enthusiasts, I include the monstrous crime of child-napping in the hopes that all who read this that have children become a little more aware of what COULD happen.  Be smart, get all your kids fingerprinted, get them a passport so others cannot, and never assume that YOUR child will never be taken.
I do not endorse or take pleasure in any way in what happens to the children in this story.  In fact, I would gladly take my gun and shoot any SOB that does!
While I do talk about the crimes from a Law Enforcement point of view, at no time during this story will I EVER write a "play by play" version of the crimes. So if you are some kind of sick pervert who gets his jollies off by reading about the victimization of children, well you're out of luck.  None of the characters, except the perpetrator, finds anything pleasurable about the crimes, and the perpetrator WILL be caught and WILL pay for their crimes.
Most of my regular fans will think I am nuts writing this story!  Maybe I am.  All I can say is that, as a Cop, I've seen worse things in real life than I will ever have the ability to write about. Just look in your Newspaper!
You have been warned.



It was a cool morning in Central Park, New York. The sun was up but had yet to make a real appearance, the city sky scrapers casted their long shadows across the green expanse that for some city dwellers became their only link to nature.
And yet the park like the rest of the city was alive, even at this early hour when most people were still hitting their snooze alarms.  For the most part the park was populated at this hour by joggers, Rhianna Summer was one of them.
Dressed in skin tight spandex shorts and a sports bra, Special Agent Rhianna Summer of the FBI made her way along her usual morning route at a steady pace. Every so often she would reach back and shift the fanny pack she wore to a more comfortable position. She had yet to find a pack that could comfortably hold the three items she always carried with her on her morning run, and would not run without.  Her cell phone, her ID, and her gun.  She made do with the inconvenience of having to readjust her pack every once and a while.
As she jogged she kept her mind on the task at hand, so many minutes to this landmark, so many minutes to the next. She kept her mind as clear as she could, a task that became a little easier each day. She passed and was passed by other men and women as she ran, but generally the numbers were small, the mass of early morning runners not yet at it's peak.
As the men passed her, most of them let their eyes linger on her spandex clad body, her short hair exposing a delicate neck, her bare midriff flat and well muscled.
Rhianna knew they looked, and did nothing to prevent them. She had been seen in a lot more revealing attire, and this time she felt more comfortable about it since some of the men wore less than she did.  Who said there was little to see while jogging through the park!
Running was usually easy for her, but today it seemed a little tougher. She had just gotten back into town after an assignment, an unprofitable stake out of an escaped convict's home, and was feeling stiff from several days without her morning run.
Consequently she wasn't surprised when she felt the first signs of a stitch in her side.  She slowed down to a walk and took a swig out of the bottle she carried in her left hand.
This was a quiet part of the park, part of the trail she normally ran without thinking about it. This may have been the first time she had actually taken the time to slow down and look around.
It was a relatively heavily wooded area, close to the edge of the park for she could see apartment buildings rise above the tree line. But it was peaceful none the less, the city traffic muted somewhat by the thick greenery.
As she took in the scenery, she saw a flash of yellow deep in the trees.  Rhianna assumed it was someone else enjoying the park and at first ignored it. But then she remembered that there were no paths in that section of the park, and it was pretty early for a picnic.
Curious, Rhianna left the path and made her way slowly toward that flash of yellow.  She moved quietly, not wanting to disturb anyone if it turned out to be something innocent, but as she walked deeper into the brush something made her uneasy.  There were no sounds coming from whoever it was, what ever they were doing they were doing silently.
She had traveled over half the distance between the path and the object before she was close enough to see what it was.
It was a little boy in a yellow rain slicker, sitting at the bottom of a tree.
Rhianna felt she had to say something to the kid.  Alone in Central Park at his age at this time of the morning was definitely strange, and possibly unsafe. He should have been at home eating his coco puffs.
Rhianna picked up the pace, making no effort at stealth now. She expected the kid to look up at her as she approached, but he didn't move, his head slumped forward.
"Must be asleep."  Rhianna said to herself, thinking that he might be a street kid.  He seemed very young though, she estimated him to be about 10 years old, if that.  Too young to be out on his own.
It wasn't until she had drawn to within ten feet of him that she noticed his hands. Instead of being tucked in on his lap as you would expect from someone sleeping against a tree, they were drawn back on either side of the massive trunk.
Rhianna slowed and stopped, her hand at her mouth. Close now she could see the black cord that bound the child's hands to the tree trunk, but more than that she could see the dark stain around the child, black in the dim light that filtered through the leaves, but unmistakable to anyone in her profession.
It was a large pool, the boy sitting square in the middle.
Rhianna crouched to get a look at the boy's face. The eyes and mouth were open, the face pale and very lifeless.
Rhianna knew the boy was dead, but she had to make sure.
She walked around the tree, never getting any closer than 10 feet until she was to the left of the boy. Then, taking careful steps, she crossed over to him and put her fingers on his neck.  The skin was cold, stiff.  Rhianna waited, hoping for a pulse, but got nothing.
Holding back her emotions with a forced professional calm, Rhianna stood up and walked carefully away from the tree the way she had come, and pulled out her phone.

"Was this a normal route for you?"  Lieutenant Lester Casberg of the NYPD asked.
Rhianna nodded, hugging herself with her arms.
The single call she had made had started the unstoppable process of a Homicide Investigation, unfortunately only one of several that would begin that day.  Surrounding her were dozens of men and women in uniform, each intent on their own jobs, scouring the woods for anything that might shed light on the death of the boy.  Closest to the tree were the more senior officers, and a forensics squad, the child hidden from Rhianna's view by the sheer number of bodies.
Not that she needed another look, the memory of the boy's body was branded in her mind.  While waiting for the first officer to show up, Rhianna did a slow circuit of the tree, looking at what she could from ten feet away.  She saw that apart from the slicker the boy appeared to be wearing shorts and a rough looking shirt, but no shoes.  His bare arms were criss crossed with rope burns, as was his legs.  She could see no wound however, and was wondering where all the blood came from when the first uniforms showed up.  Since then she stood at the sidelines getting interviewed while others more practiced in dealing with dead bodies did their work.
Rhianna wasn't cold, crossing her arms was an act of modesty.  Her jogging outfit made her feel almost naked next to all these fully dressed people, and she had caught the looks she had been getting from the appreciative crowd.
She also noticed that Lester Casberg himself kept glancing at her chest, although to give him credit he didn't let his eyes linger.
He had been interviewing her for the last half hour, going over things several times. He flipped his notebook closed.
"I think that's all we need then.  I'll have a statement typed up and you can come by and sign it later."
"Sure."  said Rhianna.
"Agent Summer.  I know in our job we get used to seeing unpleasant sights, but we usually get a chance to prepare ourselves first. I can see that coming across this one the way you have must have shaken you a bit.  Do you need a ride home?"  Casberg's voice was calm and soft.  He looked genuinely concerned and Rhianna wondered how much of that was training and how much was real?
"Yes I could, especially since I don't have any shoes!"
Rhianna wiggled her toes in the still damp grass.  Her shoes had been taken by forensics for elimination purposes, and Rhianna had taken off her socks too so she wouldn't have to stand in them in the wet grass.
"Oh!"  Casberg smiled sheepishly, dimples on his cheeks. Rhianna like his smile.  "Sorry, I guess they'll be a while with those, but I'll see they get returned."
"I'll get a uniform to drive you home."
"That would be great.  Look, I know this isn't FBI jurisdiction, but is there any way I can get a copy of the case file when it's put together?"
"Why do you need it?" Casberg asked warily.
"Wouldn't you?" Rhianna asked him honestly.
Casberg thought for a moment, and then nodded.  "I'll see what I can do. Come on, let's find you a ride."

It was eight days after she had signed her statement before Rhianna Summer heard any more about the boy, and the source was unexpected.
The phone on her desk rang and she picked it up automatically.  "Agent Summer? Assistant Director Vessor would like to see you in his office right away please." said Sandy, her boss's rather quiet secretary.
"Sure, I can be there in ten minutes."  Rhianna told her.
"That will be fine."
Rhianna straightened herself up a bit and left her desk. She arrived to find Sandy seated as usual at her computer.
Sandy waved the agent to a chair and continued what she was doing.  After a minute, Sandy turned and said "Go straight in, Agent Summer."  Rhianna handn't heard or seen any signal that she was aware of, even though she had been watching for one. Somehow, Sandy always knew when it was time to send her in. Rhianna had vowed a while back to figure out how, but so far she had no idea.
Rhianna stepped into the inner office and saw that she wasn't going to be alone with AD James Vessor.  Her immediate superior, Special Agent Wilson was there, recently promoted from his duties in the terrorist section to Vessor's own private staff. He looked as worried as ever. There was also another man, older, better dressed. Rhianna had no idea who he was, and waited for introductions. Instead Vessor asked her to take a seat.
"I had heard about your discovery in the park last week," James Vessor said to Rhianna without any preamble, "so I wasn't surprised to see this report from the NYPD cross my desk. We do try to keep a good relation with the city police, and they often keep us up to date on any cases that might for one reason or another involve us in some way."
Vessor picked up a rather bulky looking folder and looked at it for a moment before putting it down again.
"I would however, before we get started, like to hear from you your account of that morning."
"Is the NYPD turning the case over to us, Sir?"  Rhianna asked.
"Yes, they are.  I will tell you the reason shortly, but for now please relate to us what you saw."  Vessor gave her a stern look.  He was a man that always seemed to be in full control of himself and his surroundings, and today seemed no exception.
Rhianna related from memory the events of that morning, adding to it her thoughts and impressions now that she had had time to think about it.  It wasn't much more than was in the statement she had signed.  When done the men in the room sat in silence for a moment.
Vessor picked up a remote control and punched a few buttons. The drapes closed, the lights dimmed,  a screen dropped down from the ceiling, and a preloaded projector started up.
Rhianna held her breath. The picture was of the boy, as she had seen him at the tree.  The camera had caught him slightly to one side, one pale bound arm visible against the dark tree bark.
"This was the boy?"  asked Vessor in the darkness.
"Yes, Sir."  replied Rhianna hoarsely.
The picture changed, it showed a happy child on a bicycle, helmet on, a big smile on his face. It took Rhianna only a moment to see that it was the same boy.
"You identified him?"  she asked.
"Fingerprints.  His school is one of a growing number in the country that sponsors a child identification program to protect against tragedies like this.  His parents, like most of the parents at the school, allowed the school to take his fingerprints and send them to us to be put in the national database. Without them we may never have identified this boy.  His parents are lucky, they will get to bury their child instead of living their lives always wondering."
Rhianna tried to see her boss's face, but he kept it hidden.
"Who was he?" she asked.
Agent Wilson spoke up for the first time. "Alvin Zep.  Born 1992 in Cleveland, Ohio.  He lived there with his family until he disappeared six months ago.  Cause of death..."  Wilson looked uncertainly at his boss.
The picture changed. This one showed an object on a neutral back ground, a measuring stick along side for scale.  The object was highly polished and very strangely shaped.  It looked like a double ended spear about two feet long, made of metal, with a four edged blade that ran from it's tip to a flange in the middle to the other end.  At it's widest the blades spanned only three or four inches, although the flange itself was closer to 6 inches wide. Rhianna thought it looked horrible.
"What you're seeing here is the cause of the boy's death." Vessor told her.  "One end of this...thing...was inserted into the ground up to the flange in the middle directly where the boy was sitting.  The other end pierced the boy rectally, and his weight forced the end up into his body cavity. Tied to the tree he could not hope to get up, not that he would have had the strength to do so for very long."
Vessor's normally calm voice was evidently stressed by this, and Rhianna couldn't blame him. Who wouldn't be seeing this.
One part of her mind was glad that her boss was capable of being shaken, his reputation around the office was one of unflappable calm.
"I was...I was wondering, why I saw no visible wound for the blood to come from."  Rhianna said.
Vessor nodded and, using the remote, returned the room to it's former state.
"Because the boy was declared missing in Ohio and turned up here in New York, the NYPD felt that he could have been kidnapped and that means jurisdiction for the case is suddenly ours. As you know, all kidnappings are automatically deemed a Federal case. They also have another worry."  Vessor picked up a second file and held it up for Rhianna to see.  "Two months ago a young girl about the same age was found in Gramacy Park in Queens. She was found in the same state as this boy, but never identified."  He picked up more files, Rhianna counted at least three.  "We searched the national database and discovered five other similar cases spread out across the country.  All of them were children about the same age, all killed the same way. The cases go back four years."
"That's incredible." Rhianna whispered.
"That's not all."  Wilson said.  "An autopsy of both the children found here in the city showed that they had been kept for a long time in restraints before their death.  Abrasions of the skin, some fresh, some well healed, told a grizzly tale of a lot of rope being used on those kids.  We're still checking on the others, but have faith that their autopsy reports will show the same thing."
"Those kids were kept in bondage?"  Rhianna asked, realizing that she had been asked in here not just so she could be brought up to date on what she had found in the park.
"Yes, Agent Summer." said Vessor. "They had been kept, by person or persons unknown, for a minimum of six months before being killed.  Whoever is doing this has a very good hiding place if he can keep children there without being noticed. We have to find him. We have to stop him."
"What do you need me to do?"  asked Rhianna.
"I believe that is where I step in." said the unknown man, who up to now had said nothing. "Young woman. What I...what we, need you to do is investigate my son. For I believe it is possible that he is the one committing these atrocious acts."
All was silence for a moment.
"Your son."  Rhianna said to him.  "And you are...?"
"Paul Brey, Brey Industries."  Rhianna knew the name, few people didn't.  Brey Industries was a major government contractor. They didn't build the submarines, tanks, and missiles for the US Armed Forces, but they built many of the parts that went into them.  It was said that there wasn't a weapon in the free world that didn't have Brey's name somewhere inside it.
Rhianna leaned back in her chair.  "Can I ask why you suspect your son of being our murderer, Sir?"
Brey looked toward Vessor, before answering her question.
"My son has always been a hot head.  In high school he was repeatedly sent home for fighting.  I got him some counseling, and for a while things seemed to get better.
He got through college without any major upsets and I put him to work in one of my companies. Learning the family business from the ground up, let's say.  I will say one thing for him, that boy is a natural, and I am even more grateful that he enjoys the work. It's his...attitude however, that concerns me.  Since leaving college he has seemed to slip back into his old ways.  It doesn't take much to provoke him into loosing his temper, and the results usually don't benefit him.  Many times over the past few years I have had to bail him out of one jail or other and quietly settle  with the injured parties.  You could imagine what the press would make of his behavior should it become known."
"Sir, I don't see how this can lead to the death of the boy in the park!" Rhianna said earnestly.
Vessor spoke up.  "Agent Summer.  About three months ago Mr Brey approached me to seek my advice about his son. Mike Brey's encounters with the law were becoming more common.
I pulled his arrest records.  I won't go into details about the arrests right now, but it was a comprehensive list of every recorded arrest of this man from several States around the country as he traveled for his business.
Later, when I saw the files on these children, something about the dates of death, and the abduction dates of the ones that could be identified struck me.  I dug up the file I had built up on Mike Brey and discovered that he had been in the State in question during the times these children were taken, and when they were found dead."
Rhianna contemplated this for a second. "Is that it?  It seems awfully weak."
"It is, which is why we need more information. We need you to get close to Mike Brey and find out if he is guilty or not for the murders of all those children.  This isn't going to be our main thrust in this investigation, but I do need to check it out.  I don't care for the coincidences."
"Okay, but why me, Sir?"
"Because, young lady,"  said Paul Brey, "of the special circumstances of our household.  I am told that you are quite familiar with certain aspects of bondage and domination as regards to home life. Well, our household lives that lifestyle, and the only way anyone will be able to get close to Mike in any real way, is through BDSM."
Rhianna almost laughed, but Brey watched her with very serious eyes.  She turned to Vessor who also regarded her seriously.
"Are you asking me to go undercover as a submissive again?" she asked him.
"You are best suited for this role, I have no other agents who could do it as well as you could."
Rhianna hung her head a moment in thought.  "I don't know if I can do this again."  she said.
"We have a chance to stop a child killer here."  Vessor said flatly. He knew full well that Rhianna was aware of how important a case this was.  When it came to to the kidnapping of children, the FBI pretty much stops what ever else it might be doing to work the case.  Nothing caused more anger, or prompted more dedication from it's agents, than crimes against children.
"Perhaps,"  said Brey, "if I describe our household a little, it could help to ease any concerns Agent Summer might have."
Vessor nodded.
"My household consists of Mike, my wife Kathleen, and myself. We are served by a staff of nine women at the moment. They take care of the usual household duties as well as any special services that any of us need. Very few people outside our immediate household even know they exist, and none can use them. We don't attend the group functions that most of our community seem to thrive on, although we do involve ourselves in more private functions."
"If I were to agree, what would my duties involve?"  Rhianna asked him.
"As the new girl, you would be given a lot of the scutt work I'm afraid, but you will also be in a very good position to get to know Mike, he always seems drawn to the newest girl."
"Would my duties, involve things of a sexual nature?"
"Of course they would, but then I was told that would not be a problem?"  Brey cast a questioning expression at Vessor who stood up.
Rhianna found herself angry at her boss for assuming that simply because she had allowed herself to be used sexually for her job that she would do it again.
"Agent Summer,"  said Vessor, looking down at her, "You have already demonstrated to me that you are capable of doing this job, and doing it well. You also know that if I had any other way of getting to Mike Brey quickly I would use it. We have little time though, another child's life may be at stake here.  I can't order you to take this assignment, but I do hope you see the necessity!"
Rhianna sighed.  She did care about the children, but she didn't know if she was ready to immerse herself in a submissive lifestyle again, despite the pleasure she knew it had given her the last couple of times.
Perhaps that was it, she was scared of the pleasure. She was scared to acknowledge that she actually found parts of this lifestyle that she liked. She sighed once again.
"Hand me those files, Sir. I'll need to do some studying before I go undercover."
Paul Brey stood up and walked over to Rhianna.  He took one of her hands in both of his.  "Thank you Agent Summer. I hope to God that you find nothing, but I fear that I will be disappointed."

End of Part 1

To Catch a Child Killer   Part 2

Rhianna pulled her jacket a little closer in the evening air and looked up at the apartment building before her.  Seventeen stories high, it boasted a semi-gothic look, evidence of its early century construction.  The Brey family owned the entire building, its apartments rented only to employees of Brey's New York offices. But it was the penthouse that drew Rhianna's attention right now, for that was where the Brey's themselves lived when in the city.  It was where she was going now.
She glanced behind her. Only a block away was Central Park, where she had found the body of the boy. Another coincidence?
Rhianna took a deep breath.  Stepping through those doors meant once more placing herself at the mercy of strangers.
What kind of BDSM lifestyle would she encounter there?
Her first encounter had been physically painful, the second, painful in another way.  She knew she might discover joy and pleasure, or a chamber of horrors, and to her dismay she couldn't tell if that attracted her or not.
Rhianna pictured in her mind the small boy she had found bound to a tree, his life's blood a pool around him, sinking into the earth.  It was for him that Rhianna had decided to do this.
As instructed, she entered the private elevator on one side of the lobby, and saw that it had only three buttons on it's panel.  One for the lobby, one for the underground car park, and one for the penthouse. She pushed the penthouse button, the doors closed, but the elevator did not move.
Puzzled, Rhianna pushed the button again.
"Hello, my name is Dovey, may I ask the purpose of your visit?"  said a voice.
"Er...I'm Rhianna, I'm supposed to see Mr. Brey about a position here."  Rhianna answered, wondering if she could be seen as well as heard.
"Welcome, Rhianna.  You are expected. Someone will meet you when you reach the top.  I look forward to being with you."
"Thanks. Me too." Rhianna replied.
The elevator began to move upward, and as it climbed Rhianna once again wondered what she would encounter at the top of this building.  She was glad of one thing, that she wasn't going in nude.  She had been asked not to bring anything with her, but had been told she could dress any way she liked.
The elevator stopped and the doors opened.
Rhianna blinked.
Standing in the hallway outside the elevator was a nude woman, although it took Rhianna  a moment to be sure.
The woman looked like she had been body painted from head to toe in a swirl of colors that both hid her lines and emphasized her shape.  The paint missed nothing, not even the top of her head which was completely bald, not even the woman's face!  Then Rhianna saw it, the mask.  The woman wore a mask or hood that covered her head completely except for her eyes and mouth. The hood had been colored to match up exactly with the colors on her body.  Rhianna also saw that the woman also wore a pair of panties, also colored, and pair of high heels.
Rhianna took all this in during the time it took the doors to fully open, her training allowing her to see more than the average person could in the same amount of time.  It was a lot to see!
"Welcome Rhianna, my name is Dovey. We are all so glad to meet you!"  said the woman, who smiled and held out her multi colored hand.
Rhianna stepped out of the elevator and smiled back. Then she got another shock.
The lobby the elevator opened up on was fairly large with a high ceiling that extended to the floor above.  Around the edge of this second floor was a walkway that allowed people upstairs to look down into the lobby, but Rhianna didn't notice any direct way up to the second floor.  Her attention had instead been caught by the lobby's centerpiece.  On a raised dais was a statue of two women in an erotic pose, arms entwined, breasts together. The women looked exactly like Dovey, same multicolored skin and everything.
Then the statue moved and changed it's pose.  Rhianna put her hand to her mouth. It wasn't a statue, it was real!
Two real women were on the dais. They settled into a new pose, still touching each other in a suggestive way, and then froze.
Rhianna was quite speechless.
Dovey laughed.  "It is striking isn't it?  It always affects people the same way the first time they realize what they are really seeing.  Just wait until you get your turn to go on display. It's an amazing experience."
"!  I look forward to it!"  Rhianna said at last. She was undercover now, her true identity know only to Paul Brey. To all others here, she would just be a new submissive, so she felt she had better start acting like it.
"I like outfit!"  Rhianna told her new friend.  In actual fact Rhianna didn't know what to make of it.
"Of course you do."  said Dovey.  "Just wait until you try it yourself. Now, come along and we can get started."  Dovey turned and began to walk across the lobby and Rhianna saw that Dovey's panties were thongs, and that her buttocks, unlike the rest of her, were not painted at all!
Dovey's butt was plainly visible, completely bared for all to see, and to make matters worse it was also bright red. Rhianna realized that Dovey had recently been spanked and she hoped that such an event was going to be the exception rather than the rule.  She was only now beginning to think of her beatings aboard the 'Leta' in an abstract way. If spankings were common here Rhianna wondered if she was up to it. Looking at the "artwork" however dimmed those hopes. Each of the women on display also showed the same treatment of their butt cheeks.  Rhianna had a real sinking feeling about this assignment.
Rhianna followed Dovey as she strolled into a richly furnished hallway, her high heels making her buttocks sway from side to side.  It was quite a sight!
Dovey led her only a short way before entering a room, as she walked she talked.
"This floor isn't actually the penthouse floor, that's upstairs and it's reserved strictly for the family and us. Visitors are received on this floor. There are a couple of conference rooms, a big dining room, and several smaller sitting rooms.  Upstairs are the bedrooms, kitchen and other private rooms that the family actually live in.  The elevator serves both floors, but is controlled by one of us who monitors who comes up very carefully.  Apart from going in and out of the building however, we rarely use the elevator.  There are two sets of stairs between the floors, one for the family, one for us.
We live, here!"
Rhianna was led through a couple of doors into a large room that looked to her like a recreation room of some kind. She wasn't given any time to look around though as Dovey led her straight through another door into a dorm area.  Eight beds were spaced about the middle of the room, each with a closet placed behind it.  At the far end was an open plan bathroom with a very large shower, two toilets and three sinks.  On one side was a closed door that led off to another room, but Rhianna had eyes only for the dorm's two other occupants.
Both were painted as Dovey was, exactly as Dovey was. Right down to the hood and the blank space over the butt.  Rhianna blinked as both women looked up from their conversation to see who the newcomer was.
"Rhianna, meet Dovey, and Dovey."  said Dovey.
"What?" asked Rhianna, totally lost.
The other women laughed, and Dovey joined them. "It's okay, Rhianna, it always gets you the first time you hear it." said one of the other Doveys.  "My name is really Kristin, but while in uniform we are always called Dovey."
The others stopped laughing although they continued to smile at each other.  Rhianna smiled too, but still didn't get it.
"It's pretty simple, Rhianna."  one of them said.  "Outside our quarters we have to appear as we are in these hoods and we all have to answer to the name of Dovey, although none of us are really called that.  Mr Brey set it up like this a long time ago so that even though girls come and go things never change upstairs.  As long as he's been living this way there has been a slave named Dovey on duty, day or night, to serve his needs."
"Sounds weird."  Rhianna said honestly.
"It is!"  laughed the Dovey Rhianna thought was Kristin, "But is it any weirder than some of the other fetishes you've seen around?"
More laughter, and the painted women began comparing experiences, something they did a lot from what Rhianna could see.
"...and I had to bring the guy his newspaper, in my mouth, in the pouring rain!  It was the only time he would let me open my mouth, either to eat or to suck on his dick!"
Rhianna laughed with them, their happiness infectious.  Surely nothing bad was happening here if the moods of these three women were anything to go by.
"Oh God!"  cried out one of the Doveys, her original one Rhianna assumed. "I've got to get Rhianna up to see Mr Brey soon.  Rhianna, get out of those clothes and go take a quick shower.  Your bed is that one over there, you'll find towels in the closet. Be sure to dry yourself completely.  Doveys, can you help me get her ready?"
"Sure, Dovey!"  the others said.
Once more Rhianna began peeling off her clothing in front of strangers.  She concentrated on the reason for her assignment as she stripped down to nothing and padded over to the shower.
There were four shower heads but no curtains, you showered in full view of the entire room.  Rhianna supposed they were all very used to seeing each other naked, and a shower would definitely be needed  to wash off all that paint after wearing it all day.
She got done quickly, soaping herself from a dispenser on the shower wall, and padded back to her closet for a towel.
The other women had by this time raided her closet and had pulled out a latex hood and shoes exactly like their own.
Rhianna wondered what she would look like in them, she would soon find out.
"Can I ask what kind of paint that is on your skin?"  Rhianna asked.
"Paint?  Honey, didn't anyone tell you?  This isn't paint, it's ink!"
"Ink?  A tattoo?"
"Not exactly," said one of the Doveys, "It's painted on rather than stuck in with a needle, but it does sink into the skin pretty well.  Unlike tattoos however, it isn't permanent.  There's a special solution that you can use to wash most of it off, although it doesn't come completely clean that way. It will eventually fade away completely after a few weeks. We all get touched up once a week to keep the colors bright."
"And we wear the hoods so that our heads don't get colored." said another.
Rhianna was completely lost as to who was who now, she would have to concentrate on their voices to identify them.
"So, you're not stuck with it?"  asked the agent.
The women laughed.  "Well, we cant visit the beach anytime soon, but otherwise it's no big deal." said a Dovey.
"There was that one beach in Rio..." said another, prompting more laughter.
"I do have to get her ready!"  said a third, and the Doveys sprung into action.
The hood was pulled over Rhianna's head, with comments about how it was a good that Rhianna had short hair. The fit was very snug, and Rhianna wondered how quickly she would get used to it.  A pair of panties were produced and Rhianna saw that they were made of rubber, like the hood.  Her third shock of the day was when she looked inside.
She had been glad up until now that at least her crotch was going to be covered up, somewhat of a novelty for her on these assignments. But now she could see why she was going to be covered in that area.  Built into the crotch of the latex panties she was going to wear was a dildo, somewhat large, and modeled after a real penis.
"It's a copy of young Mr Brey's." said one of the Doveys who saw what Rhianna was looking at.  "Don't worry, you'll soon get used to it."
"Yeah, it's just like the real thing!"  laughed one of the other Doveys, and the rest joined in.
Rhianna felt a little revolted.  Having that inside her would be like having her murderer himself inside her. She tried to bolster her spirits by hoping that she was on nothing but a wild goose chase.
The three women helped Rhianna quickly into the panties, waiting patiently as the agent eased herself onto the rather large intruder of her feminine parts.
The tough part was putting on the shoes. The dildo inside her really made itself known as she bent to that task. Not that she could ignore it anyway!
"Can you walk?" she was asked.
Rhianna took a step, and instantly felt the dildo buried deep inside her shift around.
"Do you all have this monster inside you?"   Rhianna asked.
"Some of us, some enjoy the presence of the senior Mr Brey. You do get used to them, both of them, and you could say, like father like son!"  The others laughed. "Pretty soon you will be able to tell who is who just by how it feels!"
"Jesus!"  Rhianna said, taking careful steps.
"We should get going, we'll be late." said a Dovey, holding out a scarlet robe.  Rhianna reached out for it gratefully. Even though she knew she was no more dressed than her current companions, the fact that their bodies were painted made them at least SEEM like they were more dressed.  Pulling on the robe that fell to just below crotch height, Rhianna headed unsteadily to the door.
Since her assignment involving the smuggler, Rhianna had bought a pair of very high heels and had learned to walk in them quite well. But with the added distractions of the dildo she felt like she was back at the beginning again.
She was very troubled by the thought that she would be required to wear the body ink that the other women wore. From the sound of it she would be wearing it long after this case was over.
Dovey led her around to the stairway they were supposed to use and they ascended to the next floor.
Here the decor was even more lavish, and the floor plan seemed to follow a more conventional layout for a home.
As they walked Rhianna got used to the conflicting sensations she was being dealt and was beginning to walk almost normally, although it was an effort.  In contrast Dovey walked like she was strolling down the runway of a Paris fashion show.  Rhianna wondered if she had been lied to about everyone having a dildo inside them.
She didn't have any more time to think about it, they had arrived.
Dovey knocked on the door, and a voice yelled "Come!"
Dovey opened the door to reveal a sitting room with a single occupant, Paul Brey.  He was dressed a little more casually than when Rhianna had last seen him, but his clothes still seemed a bizarre contrast to the appearance of the women.
"I have with me the new girl, Mr Brey."  Dovey said to him, leading Rhianna into the room and kneeling. Rhianna knelt too, spreading her knees as she copied Dovey's position. It was a position she had learned to take before.
"You're late, Dovey. I've been waiting ten minutes for the two of you."
Dovey didn't say a word. She got up and walked over to the only non standard piece of furniture in the room, a padded horizontal bar set on legs about three feet above the floor.  She bent forward and gripped it with both hands, spreading her legs slightly and arching her back so her naked buttocks jutted out.
Paul Brey picked up a wide leather paddle that had been laying on a table and approached the bent over woman with a casual grace.
Rhianna watched in amazement as Brey used the paddle on the woman, expertly catching both of her ass cheeks with each swipe until he had completed ten hard strikes.
When he was done, he walked away, and Dovey, after a couple of breaths stood up and walked a little more gingerly back to where Rhianna was before kneeling again.  The whole thing had been done without a command issued. Rhianna wondered if all mistakes were dealt with that efficiently.
"You may continue."  Brey said.
"Her name is Rhianna, Mr Brey, you told us to expect her."
Brey nodded, his expression calm. "Was she on time?"
"Yes, Mr Brey."
"Good.  Leave us Dovey, wait outside."
"Yes, Mr Brey."  Dovey left the room, her butt still glowing, and closed the door.
"Agent Summer."  Brey said, once they were alone.
Rhianna nodded, so very aware of how she must look to him. When last they met she was dressed in the conservative pant suit she usually wore to the office. Now she was almost naked, a rubber hood on her head that very much hid her features, and he had to know that she was filled with a rubber replica of either him or his son.  She wondered what J. Edger Hoover would of thought about one of his agents being in this situation.  Then again, if the rumors about him were true, he might have tried this out himself.
"Agent Summer. I hope that you haven't been too...taken aback by what you have seen here so far."
"It''ve seen worse, Sir."
"I know you have. James was kind enough to tell me a little about your history. I knew Hiro Atamo and I can tell you that no one in this city is upset about his lack of presence."
Rhianna nodded, acknowledging the implied compliment.
Brey continued talking.  "I was deeply concerned when James suggested placing an undercover agent in my household, but when he told me of your experience, I found myself a lot more at ease about the matter."  Brey walked around the couch that had separated them, and moved around her, studying her.
Rhianna found her heart beating a little faster, but she remained stock still. A part of her wanted to bolt from the room, she had to steel herself against it.
"I have to admit, the Dovey hood fits well on you.  James said you had been professionally measured a little while ago?"
"Yes, Sir.  I was measured for...a wedding."
"Must have been some wedding.  Oh, it's Mr Brey, not Sir. Get used to it now, even when we are alone."
"Yes...Mr Brey."
"Very good."  Brey had walked over to the spanking bar. "How long will this...charade, last do you think?"
"I don't know, it all depends on how quickly your son opens up to me, what I see and hear as I work about the house. It could be several days, maybe weeks."
"Weeks."  said Brey thoughtfully. "The reason I ask is because I will expect you to act and obey just like all the other Doveys while you are here if you are to preserve your cover.  That means that you are also subject to the same punishments the other girls get, and the same...personal duties."
"I realize that Mr Brey."
"Do you?  What did you think of that little incident I just had with Dovey?"
"" Rhianna didn't know what to say. What could she say, that she felt each blow the other woman took, that the sound of leather on flesh made her flash back for a second to her own whippings?
Brey watched her kneeling there. She was unaware that she was shivering. Paul Brey was very good at reading body language and could see that she was scared.  Scared of the paddle.  Until she got over that, she would be useless to him.
"What you saw, was an everyday occurrence around here.  Spanking is used as a corrective tool, and an erotic one. A day wont go by without you being spanked for one reason or another, and you are most likely to get more than one! Being new here, you will be spanked more than most until you learn all there is to know about how to serve us.  Some of my Doveys have been with me for years and still get spanked at least once a day.  Do you think you are up to it?"
Rhianna swallowed, hard. "We'll have to see, wont we Mr Brey. But, is there any way I can avoid getting my skin colored?"
Brey raised his eyebrows.  "All the girls get colored their first day here, that's been standard practice for years. If I were to change that then it would really mark you as special, and how would that help you?"
"It wouldn't." said Rhianna, deflated.
"You will have to go through EVERYTHING the other girls do. I normally give all the new girls their first spanking, just to get them going you understand.  I don't see any reason why you shouldn't go through the same process, since you feel up to being one of my Doveys."
"Yes Mr Brey."
Brey walked back to where he had laid the paddle and picked it up again.  He looked at Rhianna, who still knelt.
"Dovey, if I have to give an order to spank someone, it usually means the punishment is doubled. To survive here you have to be able to anticipate the punishments, you must know when to assume a punishment posture without being told, and without any verbal comment."
Rhianna took as deep a breath as she could and made her way over to the spanking bar.  She bent forward, as she had seen Dovey do, and was very aware of how that changed the position of the dildo inside her.  The end deep inside her seemed to push down, thrusting deeper inside her, while it's base ground against her clitoris, rubbing it raw with energy.
"I don't normally spank someone with their clothes on."  Brey said to her.
Rhianna straightened up and slipped off the robe, hanging it over the bar. Rhianna was more aware than ever about how nude she was. She gripped the bar tightly, hoping she could hold on, her fear almost distracting her from the feelings in her loins.
She didn't see the first blow coming, or even hear it. Suddenly her butt was hot, a flash of feeling that flowed straight to the top of her head and back down to her feet.
It was still bouncing within her when the second blow landed. This one was hotter, but strangely there was no pain!
Instead this one seemed to center on her pussy where the movement of her hips made the dildo saw in an out of her just a little.
Again she was stuck, this time there was pain, just a little added to the mix.  Rhianna didn't know what she was supposed to be feeling. It was all too new, too unexpected!
A forth blow joined the rest. Definite pain, yet it was too mixed up in other feelings to really feel bad.
A fifth strike, and Rhianna almost collapsed against the bar.  The heat was incredible, no way would her butt feel cool to her again if this was to happen to her often.  The dildo rubbed at her clit so hard that she felt that with a few more hits she could actually cum.
What? Was she actually wanting more?  Get a grip on yourself, she thought to herself.
Rhianna stood braced for another strike, but none came. Instead she felt a delicate touch on the bare skin of her behind, skin so sensitive now that she could feel each of the very fine hairs on the back of Brey's hand as he lightly caressed her cheeks.
He moved away, and Rhianna waited a moment before standing. She was out of breath, and needed to compose herself. The ever present dildo made that very hard. She resisted the urge to rub her own butt cheeks, feeling that Brey would not have approved. She did however, reach for the robe, but Brey shook his head so she left it.
"You took that well."  was all Brey said about it. Then he yelled for Dovey to come back in.
"It's getting late, so just show her around the penthouse as she is. You can get her colored and assigned duties tomorrow."  Paul Brey told Dovey.
"Yes Mr Brey." said Dovey.
"She will be in the line up tonight."
"Of course, Mr Brey."
He dismissed them, reminding Rhianna that she, like the others, would always be called Dovey, and would be expected to serve no differently.
Outside the room again, Dovey turned Rhianna around to inspect her butt.  "My, what a lovely shade of red!  It was your first spanking wasn't it?"
"Er...yeah, how could you tell?"
"Are you kidding?  We could all see your virgin ass as soon as you undressed to shower!"  Dovey laughed and began to walk Rhianna back to the dorm room.  "Young Mr Brey will be mad!"
"Why?" asked Rhianna, remembering that this man's temper was one reason she was here.
"He missed a chance to take your virginity, Mr Brey got a real treat today!"  She laughed all the way back to the dorm.

The tour was unremarkable, except that Rhianna met three more Doveys working in the kitchen, all looking exactly alike.  Rhianna thought that with all the women looking so similar, she would have to rely on voices to identify them when the hoods were on.  Hopefully she would get the opportunity to put faces to the voices. The hoods had to come off some time!
They did come off, but not before one more event.
After the tour, Dovey led Rhianna back to the dorm where she was shown the other room that was a part of their quarters.
This room was set up as a recreation room, with soft chairs, a TV, tables, and other things to help the off duty Doveys pass the time.  There were also work out machines in one corner, and Rhianna was glad to see a treadmill. At least she wouldn't lose out on her exercise.  Dovey pointed out the door on the far side of the dorm room.
"Another bedroom."  Rhianna was told. "For the two girls on night shift.  We all take turns and do a month of night work."
A gong sounded and Dovey looked up.  "Come on, it's time for line up."
"Line up?"
"You'll see."
Rhianna was led back to the lobby, where all the Doveys were gathering.  Even the women who had up to now composed the statue came down and stood with the rest.  Rhianna counted ten women altogether including herself, all the Doveys at once. The painted women stood in small groups and kept glancing at Rhianna who, even though she was naturally colored, stuck out like a sore thumb.  She felt more than naked standing around with all these naked women, at least they wore their body paint.
As a clock chimed somewhere the women lined up and knelt and Rhianna was shown a place at the end.
Paul Brey came out with his paddle in his hand, and Rhianna wondered who was going to get spanked this time.
"You all did good work today, Doveys."  Brey said. "Dinner was wonderful, thank you.  Tomorrow is a quiet day, I am not expecting anyone so you can forgo the statue for the day.
We do have a new girl here, however. I expect you all to help her out and see that she gets up to speed quickly. You all know how painful it can be to be slow around here."
There was a murmur of laughter from the women.
"Very well."  Brey finished.
Without a word, all the women stood up, turned their backs on Brey and bent over, grasping their ankles.  Surprised, Rhianna was the only one left kneeling, but she quickly followed suit!
Breathing deeply, Rhianna waited and listened to the man's footsteps.  In this position the dildo once again really intruded on her consciousness, it's presence somewhat unwelcome, yet a part of what was going on.
The footsteps stopped behind Rhianna.
This time the count was ten.  Not too hard, but enough to really make her butt sting.  When done Rhianna let go of her ankles and was about to straighten up when she caught the eye of the Dovey next to her who shook her head.  Warned, Rhianna resumed her position as the girl got her ten spanks.
Down the line Brey went.  Ten spanks to each. All the while Rhianna wanted nothing more than to rub her sore ass.
Only when Brey was done did everyone stand up, the ceremony over.
"Now what?"  said Rhianna, letting her fingers glide over her bright red behind.
"Now our time is ours."  said a Dovey, and Rhianna followed the group back to the dorm.

End of Part 2.

To Catch a Child Killer   Part 3

It had taken a while for Rhianna to get to sleep.
First, she got involved with the Doveys as the majority of them went off duty.  Those that could began removing their hoods and rubber panties and Rhianna gratefully pulled hers off too.  She felt a mess, her hair matted with sweat and her pussy sore and stretched.  The pain up front was nothing compared to the pain in her ass. The sting had died but a dull throbbing remained to remind her of her first day in the Brey household.
She joined the other Doveys in the shower, thinking how not since high school had she had to shower with other women. Well, there was that one time on the island.
As she showered she noted that while the body painting stopped at the neck line where the hood started, it didn't stop where the rubber panties covered them.  The colors swirled over the women's smooth pubic mounds as well. Rhianna looked down at her bikini cut pubic hair, and realized that it would have to go.
The Doveys were all in animated conversation, and Rhianna was encouraged by all to join in. She soon was able to get names to go with all the faces she could now see, but she wondered if she could still keep track of them once the hoods went back on.  She thought about trying to remember their individual body shapes, but the swirl of colors painted on their skin helped to disguise lines that would have helped her in this task.  The women all seemed to have the same basic body anyway, even their heights weren't all that different.  Rhianna saw that her own body easily fell within the narrow range of types she saw.  She thought that rather convenient, too convenient.  Yet who else could they have sent on this assignment?  Rhianna tried to think of who among the other female agents she knew, would even begin to realize what this work entailed. Not that many of the female agents in the New York office were talking to her anyway.  Word of her unusual work was rumored to be circulating around the office, and while deep undercover agents were usually afforded a greater respect it seemed that for some the work she did was TOO different.
Rhianna couldn't help peoples prejudices.
After the shower some women put on scarlet robes after drying themselves, while the rest stayed naked. Rhianna opted for the robe, it made her stand out a little less from the other women.
Food was available in the rec room, and Rhianna ate with the others as they asked her about her life outside the penthouse and how she came to join them.  Rhianna found herself using the same cover story that she had used on the smuggler, and it seemed to satisfy the women who soon turned to other activities.
Rhianna stood around and observed for a while, absentmindedly rubbing her sore ass. The glow had dimmed to a comfortably warm feeling that did migrate somewhat to her more sexual regions. It also felt quite good rubbing her ass cheeks, the very sensitive skin amplifying the smoothness of the material of her robe.  It was only when one of the women caught her eye and winked did Rhianna realize that she had begun to let her mind drift with the after effects of the spanking.  Red faced, Rhianna turn to watch the women on the exercise machines.  One woman was running naked on the treadmill and Rhianna had second thoughts about using it after all.  There was a reason jogging bras were invented.  Rhianna took one last look about the room before heading to bed.

She slept about as well as she normally did, her dreamscape filled with images that both gave her pleasure and scared her.  She tossed and turned as she slept, and didn't notice until it was too late when she could no longer do so.
She opened her eyes in the dimly lit room to see the Doveys standing around her bed.  All were back in their hoods, but not their panties.
Rhianna tried to move but she realized that she had been bound to the bed, spread eagle.  A couple of the Doveys knelt, tying off the last of the straps that held her down.
"What's going on!" Rhianna called out, very afraid.
"It's okay Rhianna." said one of the Doveys. "It's just your initiation night. We've all had to go through this!"
Some of the Doveys laughed, agreeing with her.
Rhianna knew about initiations, she had gone through a few in her time. The Coast Guard one had been the wildest, but the most humiliating one had been in high school for the cheerleader squad.
"What are you planning on doing with me?" she asked, relaxing only slightly.
"Nothing painful," was the reply, "we aren't allowed to spank each other. But we are allowed to do other things."
All the women laughed and Rhianna watched one climb on the bed between her legs and kneel.  Another Dovey stood at the head of the bed.
"It's very simple Rhianna." said the kneeling Dovey. "All you have to do is give each of us an orgasm, and then you will get one in return."
"What?"  Rhianna had felt this coming.  This was something she had feared might be required of her at some point if she kept doing these kinds of assignments, but she had never imagined it happening like this. Up to now it had always been men that she had to serve, but she knew at some point that sex with a woman had to happen. She had come close often enough.
"It's okay Rhianna," said another Dovey, "we know you can do it. We're all Bi here, Mr Brey makes sure of that before he hires us."
He does?  Rhianna thought. He could have mentioned it!
Rhianna was torn between breaking her cover or taking a dive into the unknown.  Heck, even if she did break her cover, who would believe her, and even if they did would it stop what was happening anyway? She honestly did not know how she would react if she was ever presented with the possibility of having sex with a woman. Well now she was about to find out tenfold.
Taking a deep breath, Rhianna nodded and the women cheered.
"Just to keep you interested," said the Dovey between her legs, "We're going to work on you a bit too, but you don't get to cum until we all have first."
Rhianna felt her heart beating out of her chest as she watched the Dovey lean forward toward her crotch, tongue out.  She wanted to close her legs, yet found them frozen in place. The touch, when it came, was almost a disappointment after the build up her head had given her. But then the Dovey started to move her tongue.
Rhianna let out a small sob, so startled was she by this simple action.  She had been serviced that way before, so the sensation wasn't new. But the circumstances made it seem so very, very different.  Rhianna clenched her fists as the delicate touch between her legs made it's way slowly toward her clitoris.
That was when the Dovey at her head moved.  She climbed on the bed, straddling the bound woman's head, and lowered her self slowly.
Rhianna stared up at the buttocks of the decending woman. Her nose took in the familiar, yet different sent of another woman.  This was totally new to her, yet...
With her nose buried in soft flesh, Rhianna tenativly stuck out her own tongue.  She could feel the familiar territory of the Dovey's sex, and soon sought out that most delicate of prizes. As she began to manipulate her tongue around the clitoris of the other woman, she felt her own clit being intimately caressed and she groaned.  She pulled hard at her bonds, partly in an effort to get away and catch her breath, and partly to grab hold of the head between her legs and pull it in closer.  Rhianna felt her nipples being pinched and toyed with, further torment as she worked on the woman above her.  Her nose was filled completely with the sent of this woman, her face feeling wet and slick from the fluid that gushed past her. It's taste was unlike anything else she could think of. It both revolted her yet attracted her at the same time.  It became so hard to think clearly about anything as the women around Rhianna worked her up toward her sexual boiling point.
After what seemed like hours, Rhianna felt the gush of fluid increase as the woman above her obviously orgasmed. The movement of the woman as she shuddered through her pleasure almost suffocated the agent, but she was soon able to breath again as the woman got off her.
"Please," Rhianna gasped, "let me cum."
"Not yet, Honey. You have a way to go yet!"
With a groan that was quickly muffled by the next woman to sit on her face, Rhianna suffered her torments.

It took a long time for Rhianna to do all the women present, and her sex fogged mind could not keep track of how many that was.  It seemed that there was always a pussy in her face, each one bare and smooth to her tongue, each one wet and hungry for her attention.  All she could feel by the end was her tongue and her cunt, the rest fading away into the back ground.
"There you are Rhianna," someone said, "now for the best bit. Ladies!"
The last woman got off her face, as did the Dovey between her legs. For the first time since this all started she wasn't being touched by anyone.
"Please, don't stop!"  Rhianna begged.
"We're not stopping, Honey." one of them said, and a cloth was placed over her eyes.
Rhianna didn't care, she began humping air in desperation.
Then she felt a weight on the bed between her legs and thought to herself, finally! She lifted her hips in invitation.
She knew something was different, but even later she could never figure out how. Someone new was leaning over her.
She knew it was a man when he began to penetrate her.
A part of her mind rebelled, but the rest didn't care. She had been tormented for too long, her primal sex drives pushed too far. All she craved was some kind of sexual release, and she didn't care how she got it.
She lifted herself and took the man's full length, her vagina so well lubricated that it slid in almost without effort.
The man settled his weight on her naked body, and began to work his own hips, grunting slightly with each thrust.
Rhianna met his thrusts with her own, and found herself frustratingly unable to climax. She had been kept too long at the edge, something extraordinary was needed to push her over now.
Rhianna began to babble until someone passed a towel between her teeth, pulling it down on either side of her head.
Rhianna pulled hard at her bindings. She wanted to wrap herself around this man, and suck him into her.  A part of her mind wondered who it was. Was it the subject of her very distant inquiry, or was it the man who had brought her here. Could it be someone completely different?
With a final effort the man climaxed, pulling out at the last second he allowed his sperm to splash all over Rhianna's thighs and stomach.
Rhianna felt cheated. She was so, so close. She cried and tried to rub her wide spread thighs together, but could not generate any friction at all.
She felt hands at her feet, and her ankles were unbound.  Her legs were brought up and back and fastened  to her wrists. Now Rhianna was doubled up, her buttocks lifted slightly into the air, her intimate parts so very visible.
Rhianna groaned and struggled. Not to be free, but for her long denied release.
Then the world exploded as the paddle landed on her ass.
That one hit was the something extraordinary that she needed.  The shock of pain raced straight to her clit and it's vibration was enough to push Rhianna right over the edge.  She didn't remain conscious long enough to experience the full orgasm she had achieved. Her overloaded senses decided to check out until things were closer to normal.
The women and the one man in the room were treated to the rare spectacle of the unconscious orgasm as Rhianna's body reacted to all the physical stimuli it had been forced to take.  Her bound position let them clearly see her vaginal lips opening and closing like a tilted over mouth as they attempted to grasp the phallus nature designed them to milk.
Her athletic body clearly showed the various muscle groups needed for an orgasm, moving in synchronism.
It was a beautiful sight.
When Rhianna finally collapsed, her pussy still twitching with aftershocks.  The man left the room. The Dovey's untied Rhianna's legs and lay her down on her back. They left her hands bound but took off the blindfold and gag.
They did nothing to clean her, instead removing their own hoods and climbing into bed, whispering quietly about their new sister.

Rhianna woke feeling very thirsty, and she also had an ache in her shoulders.  She tried to open her eyes and roll over but found one difficult and the other impossible.
Her eyes, in fact her entire face seemed encrusted in something that smelled...oh God!
Finally getting her eyes open, Rhianna blinked in the bright light as she saw that all the other Doveys were already up.
Most were gone to their various duties, but three sat on a couple of the beds, already in their hoods, chatting.  One looked over and saw that Rhianna had woken.
"Good morning!  It's about time you got up!"  Rhianna was told.
Rhianna looked down at herself and groaned. She looked and felt like a complete slut. Dry cum covered her and she could smell the residue of the large number of women she had serviced the night before. She drew her legs up to hide herself.
"You okay?" she was asked as the women came over.
"Yeah," Rhianna said after a short pause, "I'm okay, just a little wasted...and pretty embarrassed."
The women laughed and undid Rhianna's wrists. When the agent was free she sat up and rubbed her face. It did not feel very good.
"I need to wash up."
"Go ahead, Honey.  You need to get completely clean anyway for your coloring. You had better shave this off too."  One of the hooded Doveys reached down and tugged on Rhianna's pubic hair.  Rhianna would have been shocked, but the memory of the past night seemed to make such a personal intrusion seem like nothing.  After all, in all probability she had had her tongue up this woman's pussy not too long ago.
"Sure. Is there anything I can use to shave it?"
"We laid out everything you need in the shower. Let us know if you need a hand, otherwise meet us in the common room with your hood on when you are done."
Rhianna nodded and the three Doveys left her alone.
Slightly unsteady, Rhianna walked over to the shower and took a long cleansing bath.  After a lot of scrubbing and a lot of soap and shampoo, she finally felt human again and settled down to the task of shaving her pussy.  She had been bare down there before, but quite honestly felt better with a little hair between her legs. When shaved she felt like a twelve year old with boobs.
The job done, Rhianna dried off and pulled on her hood. She was nervous because she knew that she was about to pass the point of no return, if she hadn't already.  Once the ink was applied to her skin it would mean a whole different set of problems for her until it all wore off.  The body painting she was about to get would last a lot longer than the assignment, she was sure!
With a deep breath, she padded out into the rec room.
The Doveys were waiting near the exercise machines.
"Come here, Dovey."  Rhianna was ordered. She walked over obediently.
She was guided into position under some hanging ropes, and soon the Doveys had her bound hand and foot in a standing spread eagle position.  This left most of her body very well exposed, which was the whole point she was sure.
One of the Doveys began rubbing her skin with a lotion of some kind.
"Hair remover." she was told. "We want to make sure we get all the last traces. All your body hair from the neck down. We'll keep applying this regularly to your skin over the next few weeks and soon it's effect will become almost permanent.  Very little hair will be able to come back."
"Great."  Rhianna said, meaning it sarcastically in her head.
Rhianna closed her eyes and waited for the lotion to be completely applied. The actions of the hands rubbing her down felt pretty good, and as they worked her breasts and pubic region Rhianna couldn't help thinking about all that had happened the night before.  She could not deny that she had enjoyed herself last night. But then she had hardly been in a position to really stop what was going on, had she?  Now, in the cold light of day, she felt a little stunned by what had happened.  Was it bad?  Was it good?
"Can I ask a question?"  Rhianna said to her attendants.
"Sure!" one of them said.
"Who was the man who...who was he?"
"What man?"
Rhianna looked in the face of the Dovey who had asked that.
"What do you mean, what man?  Last night, I was fucked by a man while tied to my bed, you were all there!"
"Dovey, no men were in here last night.  Our initiation is ours alone."
"You're lying. I just washed all his cum off my body!"
"Rhianna, last night you were about as sexually fucked up as anyone I had ever seen. In that state you hallucinate pretty easily, especially when blindfolded. In fact, that's why we blindfold you. The blindfold, combined with a dildo and some suggestive huffing and puffing has made others here go around believing that they were screwed by a guy. But it's all just an illusion."
"I cant believe that."  protested Rhianna.
"I know it's hard. When I went through it I felt the same way. But when we did the next new girl, and I saw for myself how it was done, then I realized the truth."
Rhianna wasn't sure. But she did know that she HAD been pretty far gone by that point.  It could be true that she had just imagined the whole thing. Hell, that was their intention after all!
"I'm sorry. I guess you did a better job on me than you thought."
The Doveys laughed and stepped away from Rhianna.
"I guess we did. Now, we have to let that stuff dry and soak in for a short while. We need to run off, but we'll be back soon."
"You're leaving me here?"  Rhianna said, pulling at the ropes that held her so wide open.
"You'll be fine. We wont be gone long."
Speechless, Rhianna watched the threesome leave, now all alone.

Rhianna had not been standing in her nude spread eagle for long by herself, when she heard the door to the corridor open. Thinking it was the Doveys returning, she breathed a sigh of relief. But it turned out to be someone else.
A man, about her age. Tall, and dressed in a conservative suit and tie.  Rhianna knew who it was, having seen his picture in the file she read before coming here.
Mike Brey.
She pulled again helplessly at the ropes that held her open, a little frightened at meeting him like this.
Mike smiled at her.  "Hi.  I'm Mike Brey. I know we haven't met yet and I wanted to come down and greet you."
He had a pleasant voice, very cultured like his dad.
"Hi...Mr Brey."  Rhianna said quietly.
Mike Brey let his eyes wonder slowly over Rhianna's exposed body.  Despite herself Rhianna began to blush as he walked around her, taking in every detail.  Again Rhianna wondered what it was about dominant men that made them seem like they could see thorough your skin to your very soul when ever they looked at you.  Rhianna felt completely unable to hide anything about herself. And this guy could be a murderer!
"You are a very beautiful woman, Dovey. I'm glad I got a chance to see you before Dad had you painted."  Mike said.
He was behind her now, and stepped close so that his next words were more felt by Rhianna than heard.  "I prefer my women in their natural colors."
His breath caressed her neck, sending shivers down her spine, and Rhianna felt his hand on her buttocks.
"I hear that Dad gave you your first spanking. Oh well, I'm sure we'll have some memorable spanking sessions of our own."
Mike walked around in front of her, and lightly pinched a nipple.  Rhianna gasped.
"You're a quiet one, aren't you."  he asked her.
Rhianna nodded, not trusting herself to speak.
Mike Brey reached out and undid her hood, pulling it off.
"I also like to see the face of the women I am with," he said, "and yours is quite lovely."  He smiled again, and then a frown crossed his features.  Rhianna saw a sudden shift in his temperament and was suddenly afraid again.
"Wait a minute. Don't I know you?"  he asked.  "Yes, I DO know who you are!"

End of Part 3.

To Catch a Child Killer   Part 4

"I DO know you."  Mike Brey said to Special Agent Rhianna Summer as she stood helplessly nude in a wide spread eagle.
Shit, thought Rhianna, I've only been with him for two minutes and I've already blown my cover.
"How, sir?"  Rhianna said, hoping her fast beating heart wasn't too visible in her stretched chest.
Brey stared at her face for a moment, then he turned and took a few steps away from her.  He stood in thought for a few seconds and then whirled around, giving Rhianna a start.
"Hale's party, a few months ago.  You were on one of his stages doing a scene with a man. He had you tied down and teased you to the point of exhaustion before making you cum.  Am I right?"
Rhianna's relief was almost visible.  "I don't know who's party it was, Mr Brey, but I did do front of a lot of people at a party a few months back." she said, recalling the way the smuggler had made her feel that night.
Another of her moments where her complete loss of control had made a serious impression on her.  She began to blush as the memory of that moment began to stir things inside her.
"Yes, it was you. I watched the end of that scene thinking how lucky that man was.  You responded to his touch like few women I had ever seen."  Brey came close and placed his fingers on Rhianna's hairless pussy.  As he rubbed them slowly back and forth along her sex, Rhianna couldn't help giving out a moan.  Her current position made it impossible for her to do anything but accept his touch.
Brey brought his fingers to his nose and smelled them.
"I can see that your response to such stimuli is very real." he said with a smile. "That's good. His loss, my gain!"
Rhianna smiled back, although she could feel herself shivering, and it wasn't from the cold. The man's presence, the man's touch, had affected her body in ways she couldn't control.
Brey moved his hand back down to her groin, but this time did not touch her.
Before Rhianna realized she was doing it, she arched her back as much as she could, her sex pushing itself toward his fingers. Get a grip, she thought, and winced at the double meaning.
Mike Brey laughed.  "I thought so."
The door opened and in walked the three Doveys. They saw Brey and instantly dropped to their knees.
He glanced at them and then looked back at Rhianna who was trying to breath evenly.
"I see that it is time for father's wishes to be filled again."  Brey said to her. "Pity."  He reached out and lightly caressed her left breast.  "Tonight, my rooms." he told her.  As he left the room he instructed the Doveys to make sure that she was there.
Alone again with the women, Rhianna felt herself relax a little.  She had never known such immediate sexual energy could exist.
The Doveys giggled as they approached her.  One took a good look between Rhianna's legs.  "I can see that you found young Mr Brey as exciting to talk to as we do!" she said to Rhianna.  The others laughed.
"Jeez, is he always like that?"  Rhianna asked honestly.
"He does have a certain aura about him, doesn't he."  was her reply.
Rhianna smiled, and started to chuckle. Her body was giving up all the tension it had generated, although Rhianna still had an urge to close her legs together over something that would help ease more than her tension.
"Someone get a rag, the ink is going to run!" another Dovey said, and all four women began to laugh some more.
Someone actually did wipe Rhianna down eventually, an intimate touch that Rhianna wondered if she would ever get used to.  Then the Doveys put her hood back on and began the dreaded task of putting on Rhianna's colors.
Rhianna thought she would be let out of the ropes that held her so obscenely open, but the Doveys had no intention of doing that.  They kept her bound as they worked, only freeing one limb at a time when they needed to paint where the ropes covered.
Only two of the Doveys did the actual inking, and they used airbrushes with a very focused spray to apply the different colors of ink. Rhianna felt a constant rubbing where ever the brushes were used, and depending on where the ink was being applied at the time found the process both irritating and...well...irritating.
The third Dovey helped out in the background, cleaning the brushes whenever a change in color was made, and feeding Rhianna when she got hungry or thirsty.
She also handled a bed pan for When Rhianna had to use the bathroom.  Surprisingly enough this wasn't as embarrassing to the agent as you might have thought.  She had suffered though a lot worse before as far as her toilet needs were concerned, and while she would have preferred going to the bathroom by herself, she was able to function in her stand up spread eagle without too much trauma.
Eventually, after many hours of careful detail work they pronounced her dry and finished and undid all the ropes at the same time.
Rhianna staggered a little, as her sore muscles adjusted to moving again, but was otherwise fine. She stood still a moment in her hood and rubber panties, the panties having been placed on her after her groin had been done so they could be painted too.  Then she went to find a mirror.
The others watched as Rhianna examined her reflection.
She couldn't believe it was her she was looking at. The person staring back at her from the mirror was so very different from the Rhianna who had woken up tied to her bed that morning. That Rhianna had been dirty and sticky and seemingly all hair after a night of intense sexual play.
This Rhianna was smooth and hairless and unrecognizable under the colors.  Rhianna passed her hand over her scalp. She could feel the rubber under her hand, but the image in the mirror looked like she wasn't wearing a hood at all!
Rhianna didn't like the look. It reminded her too much of when she had been shaved bald. She pulled the hood off.
That was even stranger.  Now her head and face stared back at her from the top of another person's body.
"I almost cried when I first saw myself like that." said a Dovey who had come up behind her.  "I wondered what the hell I was doing here."
Rhianna turned to face Dovey, who looked back at her with hooded (excuse the pun) eyes.  "Does it get any easier?"  Rhianna asked her.
"Sure, just don't look in any mirrors again."

The rest of that day and early evening, Rhianna was shown her duties. She found out that the elder Mr Brey had told her the truth about her becoming the low Dovey on the totem pole. Her tasks mainly involved cleaning bathrooms, floors, dishes. There wasn't time for her to cover all the various jobs she had to do that first day, but Rhianna quickly saw that she would be spending an awful lot of time on her knees. Not a joke when your underwear has a large built in phallus buried deep in you.  Even the short time Rhianna spent cleaning in the kitchen got Rhianna breathless as the dildo shifted inside her.  How she was supposed to go a whole day Rhianna did not know!
She did get a chance to meet the third and final member of the household, Mrs Kathleen Brey, Paul Brey's wife.
A striking woman, she carried herself in her expensive clothes very well, and without the usual superior attitude that most of the well heeled adopt around their help.  In fact Kathleen Brey almost bubbled with laughter as she worked among the Doveys in the kitchen preparing the evening meal.  Mrs Brey, apparently loved to cook, and wasn't afraid to get her hands dirty.
Rhianna watched from her place on the floor as Mrs Brey chatted with the other Doveys, and she couldn't help smiling at the contrast between them as the nearly nude Doveys worked around their well dressed employer.
As she peeled potatoes, her current job, Rhianna wondered what Paul Brey needed with nude female submissives with Kathleen around. She also wondered why Kathleen allowed it. She soon found out.
"Are you the new Dovey?" said a voice at Rhianna's side, interrupting her thoughts.
Rhianna looked up from the little stool they had given her to see Kathleen smiling down at her.
", Mrs Brey."  Rhianna said, unsure as to whether she should keel or not. While being painted the Doveys had told her that kneeling was required whenever you were addressed by any of the household. But Rhianna had observed that here in the kitchen no one had knelt to Kathleen Brey yet!
"Well stand up then, lets get a look at you!"  Kathleen said to her.  As she stood, Rhianna realized that Mrs Brey spoke with a slight English accent.
Kathleen looked Rhianna over for a second, then she reached out and cupped one of Rhianna's breasts.  Rhianna was so startled she almost stepped back and swiped the woman's hand away.
Kathleen caught the arrested attempt to pull away.
"That's going to cost you!" she said cheerfully, and she let go and walked over to a wall where a horizontal bar was mounted to the wall. She took a paddle off a hook on the wall where it had been hanging, and turned to look at Rhianna.
Her heart beating faster again, Rhianna stepped in her high heels toward the bar, gripping it reluctantly in both hands as she bent forward.
Kathleen gave her five very hard swipes, almost bringing tears to Rhianna's eyes.
The Lady of the house stepped to one side and waited a moment for Rhianna to compose herself before standing up straight.
"Aren't you going to thank me?"  Mrs Brey said to her.
Oh shit, Rhianna thought. The Doveys also told her that while Paul Brey liked silence after he spanked someone, Kathleen Brey demanded a thank you.
"Thank you, Mistress."  Rhianna said, itching to put her hands on her hot ass cheeks.
Instantly Kathleen took another swipe with the paddle, connecting squarely with Rhianna's abused butt cheeks and drawing a yelp from the surprised woman.
"That's Mrs Brey to you, Dovey. You had better learn that if you hope to get along with me!"  Kathleen said cheerfully.
Rhianna was a little lost. The woman's attitude was somewhat out of step with her actions. Rhianna expected the superior smirk of someone correcting her property, not the cheery arn't-we-having-fun look that Kathleen had on her face.
Once again Rhianna found her preconceptions of BDSM life to be a little off the mark.
People kept surprising her.
"Yes, Mrs Brey." Rhianna said.
Kathleen's smile got bigger and she hung the paddle on the wall. Then without a pause she reached out and again cupped one of Rhianna's breasts.  This time Rhianna forced herself not to react.
Kathleen examined the breast, turning it this way and that, lifting it so she could look underneath it. Then she let go and did the same with the other breast.
Rhianna stood quietly and endured this rather personal examination of her body, and she even kept still when Kathleen began flicking her nipple with her thumb.
"It's all right you know, I'm not going to punish you for reacting sexually to my touch. In fact I rather want you too!"  Kathleen said to her.
Rhianna smiled and shuddered. There was no denying that Kathleen's actions were having an affect on her.  Rhianna had never thought that a woman could have stirred her sexually. But her body certainly didn't care who was stimulating it. Rhianna allowed herself to relax a little and took a few deep breaths.  "Yes, Mrs Brey."  she said.
"Good!"  smiled Kathleen.  Rhianna's breast was dropped and she was ordered to pull down her panties.
Rhianna moved quickly to reach for the waistband of her only clothing, but hesitated to pull them down.  With a sigh Kathleen looked over at the paddle hanging on the wall and Rhianna began to draw the rubber panties down. With one hand she eased the dildo out of herself, a wet smacking sound plainly audible as the end popped out. Totally embarrassed Rhianna lowered her panties to her ankles and was then ordered to turn around and bend over.
From this undignified position Rhianna could look back on the room full of Doveys, all busy with various tasks, but looking over their shoulders from time to time.  Rhianna could hardly face them, and was so glad she wore a hood.
She suddenly felt five more quick, hard swipes on her buttocks from the paddle on her still stinging butt, and almost fell forward.
"That's for hesitating."  Kathleen Brey said to her.
Stifling a sob, Rhianna stood patiently while Kathleen took a careful look at Rhianna's butt crease and labia.
Rhianna felt fingers lightly touch her sensitive pussy lips, worn to a delicate state by the base of the dildo.
Then she was ordered to stand again.
She didn't know if she was supposed to pull her panties back up or not, but figured that if she hadn't been told directly that she could, then she couldn't.
"Someone tell the Dovey who painted this girl to redo her nipples."  Kathleen yelled over her shoulder. "I want it done tonight and the Dovey to report to me afterward."
There was a chorus of "Yes, Mrs Brey" from the assembled group.
Kathleen had walked a few steps away and opened one of the large cabinets that covered most of the kitchen walls.  She withdrew a large carrot and brought it back with her.
"Here you go, take this and ride it for a while, but don't orgasm on me or I'll be cross!"
"What?" Rhianna asked, thinking she had heard wrong.
"I said, stick this in your hole and use it until I tell you to stop!"  Now Kathleen's mood had changed, as had the volume of her voice. The entire kitchen staff froze and watched what was going on.
Rhianna felt her blood chill. If Mike Brey was subject to a violent temper, then this was who he had inherited it from.
Rhianna had no doubts that she was in danger of a much greater spanking than she had already had if she didn't do as she was told.
"I'm sorry Mrs Brey, I didn't hear you clearly over the kitchen noise."  Rhianna whispered. She took the offered vegetable and without looking, placed it where only the dildo had gone before.
"Yes," said Kathleen Brey, her expression slowly melting back into a smile, "it can get pretty noisy in here.  You keep that going and make sure you get it in nice and deep. I'll tell you when to stop!"
"Yes Mrs Brey."  said Rhianna.
As Kathleen Brey turned away, Rhianna stood and worked the carrot in and out of her, humiliated and almost crying. The rest of the Doveys went back to their tasks.
It wasn't until a half an hour later that Kathleen Brey once more paid attention to Rhianna.  In that time Rhianna twice had to slow down in order to stop a building orgasm. The rough surface of the wide vegetable rubbed at her insides and stimulated every nerve ending she had. She also found it increasingly hard to hold as her own fluids flowed down it to cover it completely.
When Kathleen approached her once more she was barely holding her own.
"Hows it going, Dovey."  Rhianna was asked.
" is hard...Mrs Brey."  Rhianna gasped.
"Here, let me."  Rhianna felt her fingers pushed aside as Kathleen took a hold of the carrot.  Rhianna could only stand there in mute horror as she was fucked by the vegetable in the other woman's hand.
My God, she thought, I've been bound and forced to make love to women, spanked, painted in ink that will be on me for weeks, and now I'm being raped by a madwoman with a carrot!  What kind of a job did my boss get me into?
She couldn't think much more beyond that point as the carrot did its unnatural deed and brought her to orgasm.  Rhianna almost couldn't stay on her feet, but her groin was still impaled on the vegetable in Kathleen Brey's hand, so falling was out of the question.  She kept her balance as the orgasm rolled through her and stood shakily as Kathleen pulled the very soggy carrot from out of her.
She carried the carrot over to a large pan were many vegetables were frying, and dropped it in.  Rhianna watched through her tears as the carrot soaked in her own juices was cooked with the rest of the vegetables, it's now unique flavor allowed to spread and mingle with the rest.
Rhianna almost felt sick.
"You can pull your panties up now, and get back to work."  Kathleen told her.
"Yes, Mrs Brey." Rhianna answered, and she bent low to reinsert the dildo she could not get away from.
A few minutes later, another Dovey came over to her and put her arm about her.  "Are you okay?"
Rhianna nodded. She had gained some control back as she finished the last of the potatoes, but she still felt like shit.
"I know that was rough, but that's the way she is.  Mrs Brey might humiliate you the point where you want to die, or spank you so much you wont be able to sit for a day, but she can also be your best friend. There isn't a person here that she hasn't helped in some way, done something special for. She helped me when my Mom was dying, made sure I had the time off to be with her and took care of the medical expenses that the insurance wouldn't cover. She was there for me and for a lot of us when we needed her. You just have to be able there for her. Do you understand?"
Rhianna stopped peeling and looked up at the Dovey. She saw a face that at that moment looked exactly like her own, and wondered about someone who went to the trouble of doing all this to women. But something in the eyes of the Dovey made her think twice. This wasn't being done TO them, it was being done WITH them.  None of these women were forced to be here, in fact out of all of them Rhianna was probably the only one who had little choice in being there.
This Dovey was genuinly concerned for her, and Rhianna was grateful. She reached up and took the other woman's hand.
"I'll be fine." she said.
The Dovey smiled. "That's great. Besides, just wait until you try the cucumbers!"
Rhianna burst out laughing, and the Dovey joined her.

Rhianna stared at her plate at supper time in the Dovey rec room.  Someone had put on it a few more carrots than she would have liked.
She was sitting, somewhat uncomfortably, at a table with three other women. All their Dovey hoods were off, although the dildo filled panties remained on.  Those weren't allowed to come off, except for bathroom breaks, until after line up. There was another table nearby with a couple more women eating.
Rhianna sat staring as the others began their meals. With their masks off there was no missing the anxious expression on Rhianna's face, or the amused ones on her new friends.
One of them reached over with a fork and speared one of the pieces of carrot from Rhianna's plate. Rhianna watched as the woman popped the piece into her mouth and chewed on it.
"Hmmmmm!  Juicy!" she said with a smile, and the others started laughing.
Rhianna looked down again, and picked up a small piece of carrot with her fork. She placed it into her mouth and began to chew it slowly. Puzzled, she let it roll around her mouth as she chewed. It didn't taste any different to her.
She slowly became aware of the sniggering about the room as the other eating women watched her.
"It's alright Rhianna. Your carrots are normal." said the woman whom Rhianna remembered was named Kristin. "That batch was meant for the family, not us.  We have to taste you the old fashioned way!"
The sniggers turned to laughter, and a much relieved Rhianna Summer began to laugh with them.  Then someone yelled "Food Fight!" and suddenly there were carrots and other edibles flying everywhere.  Rhianna joined in laughing, and gave as good as she got.

The evening line up was much the same as last time, except now Rhianna was somewhere in the middle of the line.
After Paul Brey said his thanks and informed them that the statue would again be needed the next day, Rhianna waited for her evening spanking.  Her butt still hurt from the one Mrs Brey had given her earlier and it glowed a bright red. But that didn't make any difference to Paul Brey who spanked her just as hard as the other slaves. No, correct that, Rhianna thought, just as hard as his real slaves. I'm not one of his submissives, I'm just here undercover.
Undercover or not, she still rubbed her ass like a lot of the others as she followed them back to the rec room.
"Dovey!"  she heard someone say behind her. She turned to see another Dovey. "Rhianna?" she was asked.
"Yes." Rhianna said.
"I have to do your nipples again, and then you have to be upstairs. Did you forget that young Mr Brey asked you up there?"
Rhianna had in fact forgotten. Here was a perfect way to get close to her chief suspect and all she had been thinking about was that blasted carrot and how much her butt cheeks stung.
"Do you have to tie me up again?" Rhianna asked.
"No, we can just find a chair."
Rhianna groaned and the Dovey laughed.  Rhianna thought that everyone here certainly enjoyed a good laugh at her expense. If she was to be here a while she had to learn to get her own back.
In the rec room it only took a few minutes for Dovey to touch up Rhianna's nipples, a process that made Rhianna squirm and wish for the ropes.
Then she was told the way up to Mike Brey's rooms and with a little trepidation, made her way up to them.
She knocked on the door and was asked to come in.
Nervous, she stepped into the private room of the man she was sent here to investigate.

End of Part 4

To Catch a Child Killer   Part 5

Special Agent Rhianna Summer, undercover as a BDSM submissive, stepped into the room of her chief suspect.
She saw him standing on the far side of the room, a glass of something in his hand, watching her. The room itself wasn't a bedroom, but a living room of some kind with the usual furniture you would find in such a room. It was obviously where Mike Brey did his private entertaining. A door on the far side must have lead to his private bedroom. As she sank to her knees as she had been taught, Rhianna wondered if she was going to end up in that private bedroom.
"Hello, Dovey.  I was wondering when you were going to show up!"  Mike Brey said to her.
", my nipples needed to be repainted first, Mr Brey."  Rhianna said with a little difficulty. It was not an excuse she had ever thought she would be using in her life, and she idly wondered if it would work at the office.
"I see."  said Brey.  "Stand, please."
Rhianna stood, and for the second time that day endured Mike Brey's rather close examination of her body as he walked slowly around her.
"The Doveys did a good job." he said at last. "Was it my mother that had you get your nipples redone?"
"Yes Mr Brey."
"I thought so.  You got lucky. I remember one girl had to be totally redone. They had to soak her in the cleaning solution for an hour and then scrub off what ink they could before starting again. She wasn't a happy person for a while.  My mother was furious. She is very particular about how things should be around here.  Her standards are what have kept us going."
Rhianna thought that an odd statement, but held her tongue. Perhaps later he would explain it.
She suddenly stiffened as she felt his hand on her ass cheeks.  Still burning from the recent paddling, his prodding actually hurt and she found it hard to keep her place.
"Tender huh?"  Brey asked her.
"Yes, Mr Brey."
"It'll be fine soon, don't worry."  He stepped around in front of her and gave her a smile. "After a few weeks here you'll soon develop a thicker skin down there."  He laughed and Rhianna forced a smile.  Thicker butt skin was not something she wanted, she hoped she would be done long before that happened.
Brey padded back to the table he had been standing next to in his stocking feet. Rhianna saw that he was dressed as if to go out, all he needed was a jacket and shoes.
Brey topped up his drink from the collection of bottles on the table.
"Can I get you something?" he asked her.
"I don't need a drink, Mr Brey."
Brey looked back at her, his expression quizzical. He picked up his drink and sipped at it.
"Dovey, I'd like you to remove your hood please."
Rhianna reached up and peeled off the rubber hood that covered her head and neck. She shook her head to shake loose her hair which was plastered to her skull with sweat. She felt like she wanted to pull the hood back on rather than stand in front of this man with her hair in such a mess.
"You can just drop it on the floor over there. Pull off your panties and shoes and leave them there also."  Brey told her.
Nervous, Rhianna did as she was told, and soon all that stood between herself and total nudity was the ink on her skin.  Once more she thought about the boy under the tree, her reason for being here like this.
Brey pointed with his drink hand at the door across the room.  "Go through and shower will you?  You'll find make up and other toiletries you can use.  We'll be going out for a while and I would like you presentable."
Going out?  Rhianna wondered where he would take her, and had visions of visiting some BDSM club and getting assaulted by his buddies.  She almost refused but stole herself against it.  She had to see this through as far as she could.
"Yes Mr Brey." she said as she crossed the room.
The door led to his bedroom and in turn to his private bathroom. She crossed through quickly, but saw that the room was furnished fairly normally except for a spanking bar attached to one wall, and for this household that was normal too.
The shower felt great, and she washed her hair with the shampoo she found. She found it odd and rather disconcerting when she rubbed her skin that the coloring on it didn't come off. She wondered just how much work it was going to take to get back to normal.  Once dried off she saw make up on the counter and applied a minimal amount. Rhianna was one of those women blessed with the need for little make up.
Clean, and definitely "presentable", she left the bathroom to find Mike Brey standing in wait for her.
"You look ravishing."  he said to her with a smile. "Spin around, and let me have a good look."
Rhianna's smile was a lot more genuine as she did a pirouette for him. She felt better after the shower, even her butt hurt a lot less. She was willing to take the compliment.
"Beautiful."  Brey said.
"Thank you, Mr Brey." Rhianna replied.
"Oh, Mike please, at least when we're alone. And don't be afraid to talk to me. I'm not nearly as strict on protocol as my parents."
"Alright, Mike." said Rhianna.  She stood still and waited as Mike Brey stared. It suddenly occurred to her that his expression was a bit more glassy than it should be.  She realized that he was drunk.  Not falling down, but he had to have a buzz of some kind going.
This worried her a little, but then she thought that maybe this would make him talk more.
After a few moments he turned to the bed where Rhianna saw something white laid out.
"That's, Dovey...say, what is your real name anyway?"
"Rhianna, Mike."
"That's it, I was trying to remember.  I know someone mentioned it at the party I saw you at. Rhianna, a pretty name.  Anyway, the dress is yours for the night, why don't you put it on!"
Brey moved away and Rhianna padded forward. The dress was made out of many layers of an almost transparent material as fine as silk.  The cumulative layers made the whole outfit translucent rather than transparent. Lying next to the dress were a pair of white gloves, long enough to reach almost to her arm pits. There were also white stockings and a white garter belt.  No underwear though. Rhianna wondered why she was surprised. She reached for the garter belt, and started with that.
Mike Brey watched pleasantly as Rhianna dressed.  He always loved watching women do things, the way they moved, the grace in their actions. It was even better when they were nude, but even dressed they were a pleasure to behold.
As Rhianna placed one stocking foot on the bed to smooth out the stocking she had just put on, Brey felt himself grow hard. Was she aware of what she was doing to him?
She was.  Rhianna felt she had been reacting to things too long on this assignment. It was time to take charge a little.
She felt she couldn't do much, but one thing she could do was get this man's libido going. Just maybe it would make him vulnerable and allow him to give himself away.  The thing was, Rhianna wasn't sure he had anything to give away.
Nothing she had seen about the man so far indicated he was the kind of man that liked to abduct and torture children to death.  But then you wouldn't hold those feelings on your sleeve.
So Rhianna dressed slowly, and concentrated on flexing her trim body in ways she thought he might enjoy.  She actually smiled at the way she was teasing him.
Stockings and gloves on, Rhianna slipped on the dress and let it fall loosely about her.  It felt very light, almost like nothing at all. Rhianna looked down and was shocked to see that she could see herself in it. But then she saw that while the colors on her skin were visible, under the material they blended together.  She looked up and saw a full length mirror. Her reflection showed what others would see. A beautiful woman wearing a flowing white dress that seemed to have the inner liner of a rainbow. The many different colors that decorated her skin looked like they were a part of the dress, it's inner layers colored while it's outer ones were white.  Moving about she could tell that the colored portions were her, but the dress hid her lines rather well.  Only someone who knew the truth would see that she was visibly nude in this dress.  She realized that by going out in public she would be exposing her body to everyone that saw her, although they would know nothing about it.  It made her blush.
"Ravishing." Brey said once more.
He stepped forward and took Rhianna's gloved hand and held it out.  "Oh yes, I do think it suits you.  Come on now, the car is waiting downstairs. You can wear your Dovey shoes with this."
"Where are we going?"  Rhianna asked.
"No place special."

"No place special"  turned out to be an upscale restaurant in Manhattan.  The place was fairly well occupied and Rhianna walked self-consciously through the crowd as they made their way to a table.  Even though she was wearing a dress she felt more naked now than when she was at the party Brey saw her at. There she HAD walked completely nude, but at least that crowd expected it and in some strange way didn't judge her for it.   Here she was among people who were more likely to call out or stare if they discovered that what they were really seeing was actually her and not some clever stitch work.  It made her nervous.
They got to their table and sat down, a waiter appearing almost immediately.  Brey ordered drinks.
"I'm sure you ate already didn't you?" he asked her.
Rhianna nodded, she was gazing at the crowd, looking for signs that anyone was watching her. She saw at least a couple of men who had their eye on her, but she was used to that kind of attention.  No one was staring with a disbelieving look on their face.
Rhianna tore her eyes from the crowd.
"I may be casual about protocol, but I at least expect you to pay attention to me."
"I'm sorry, Sir."  Rhianna lowered her eyes.
"That's okay. I know that dress makes you nervous, it's supposed to."  Brey smiled and Rhianna joined in.  Even though he was a little drunk she could see that he missed nothing and took pleasure in her being there.  Rhianna found that she did too. So far nothing bad was happening, this wasn't the dungeon she had been expecting.
The drinks arrived and Rhianna found that she had been given a rather stiff Gin and Tonic, she sipped slowly at it.
"Dinner was very nice tonight, I hear you worked in the kitchen today?"  Brey asked innocently.
Rhianna first went pale and then began to blush furiously.
"The vegetables were excellent."  Brey took a draft of his drink and Rhianna almost choked on hers. He started laughing.  "One of my mother's little jokes.  You'll find her sense of humor to be somewhat strange. Now, tell me about yourself."
Rhianna once again told the story of the fictitious boyfriend who beat her badly, the fictitious second Master who eventually was too tame for her, and an abbreviated version of her first real owner, leaving out all the criminal parts.
Mike Brey listened politely, but then he surprised her. Instead of asking for details about her former BDSM life as she expected him too, he asked instead about her childhood, where she grew up.
For a moment Rhianna wondered what she should tell him. She had not prepared a cover story that detailed. She decided to tell him about her own childhood. If she was careful, that would be okay.
So she talked about growing up in Maine, the daughter of a fisherman, the third of five children.  How she was practically raised on the water and how she had always wanted something different from her brothers who were willing to join the family business, or her sister who just wanted to find someone decent to marry.
Brey listened attentively, asking the right questions and giving her the right prompts and before she knew it she mentioned leaving home right after her high school graduation to join the Coast Guard.  She had not planned on saying anything about that, but the words were out of her mouth before she could stop them.  It was not a part of her cover story, and she was worried about how she was going to cover that mistake.
Music started playing though, and a cheer went up in the crowd.  Startled, Rhianna looked around to see people getting up. She looked back at Mike, who was grinning. "Care to dance?" he asked her.
Rhianna laughed and took his hand.
The dance floor was quickly being cleared of tables by several waiters and surprisingly some customers, the couples and groups being displaced not minding a bit.  One corner of the room had a small orchestra which was playing some unidentified big band tune.
As space was cleared people began to dance, and Rhianna figured that this was a common thing to have happen here as no one seemed surprised.
Brey led her out into the middle of the dance floor and held her while they moved to the music. Rhianna wasn't much of a dancer, but she knew how to let a man lead and did so. Brey knew what he was doing and Rhianna allowed herself to be guided through several dance styles as they moved about the floor.
Rhianna was happy, and having a great time.  She found it harder and harder to believe this man to be her killer. She figured she could end this assignment a lot sooner than she thought.
The next song was a slow song, and Rhianna didn't mind when Mike pulled her close.  For a few moments they danced in silence.
"Tell me Rhianna, is your submission important to you?" Mike asked her quietly.
Rhianna wasn't sure how to answer that. It wasn't a question she thought had any meaning to her.  She decided to say what she thought he wanted to hear. "Of course it is, Mike."
"You try hard to give in don't you. To be the submissive you really are."
They danced for a few more bars.
"Your service to the family, to me, that's important too isn't it?"
"Yes. I signed on to be yours, in every way."  Rhianna wondered what he was up to.
Brey moved his hands up along her back to her neck and held them there, pressing Rhianna's head against his shoulder lightly.
"That's good." he whispered.
Rhianna felt his fingers move, and something shifted. Her dress didn't feel quite right.
"Be aware that I have just pulled a very crucial tag out of your collar. This tag holds, or held, several threads that your dress needs to stay together. All that is holding your dress on now is the pressure of your body against mine."
Rhianna heard this and went cold.  Her heart started beating faster at the prospect of suddenly being nude in a public restaurant.  Her fear rose when she realized that they would see her body paint.
"Why?" she asked him.
"When the song changes, you are to step back and let the dress fall."  said Brey.
"No." whispered Rhianna urgently. "This is a public place, I'll be arrested!"
"You will do as I ask, you did say you were mine."
No...I can't...not here!"
Brey leaned back slightly to look Rhianna in the face. even that small movement let Rhianna feel her dress slip a bit.
"You will do it." he said evenly.
Rhianna found it hard to look him in the eye, yet also hard to look away. Her heart was beating a thousand times a minute and for some strange reason she also felt a little aroused by the situation.
They had stopped dancing by this point and stood still in the center of the dance floor. The song ended and another began, not as slow as the one that just ended, but not fast either.
Brey let go of the girl, and Rhianna felt her dress slip some more.
Keeping a lock on his eyes, Rhianna took a deep breath and stepped back, urging her arms to her sides.
Brey took a step back himself and watched as the dress slowly unraveled, falling piece by piece as it glided down across Rhianna's smooth skin.
Rhianna felt it all go, and fought the urge to pick up the pieces and run.  She kept her eyes on Brey until the last piece fell, and she stood naked in front of the dozens of people that shared the crowded dance floor with them.
Rhianna expected the music to stop, and cries of surprise to start. She expected comments about her painted skin, and maybe someone taking off their jacket to cover her up with. She expected the people who ran the restaurant to come rushing in, to hustle her off the dance floor and out of sight of the customers, eventually calling the police on her.
None of those things happened.
The music kept on playing.
People kept on dancing.
Finally Rhianna looked away from Brey who just stood there with a smile on his face, to look at the crowd.  Many were watching her, mostly men but women too.
A lot more ignored her though, too intent on their own partners.  For a brief, very brief moment Rhianna was annoyed at that.  Then she saw the skin.
There was already a lot of skin showing in the restaurant, many of the dresses the women were wearing were very daring. But Rhianna suddenly saw one dancing couple where the woman was topless, her dress undone at the neck and hanging from her waist.
Rhianna glanced around and caught another woman stepping out of her dress, bra and panties her only clothing now.
Many men now had their shirts untucked, one was dancing with his pants around his ankles.  Soon Rhianna couldn't keep up with the amount of undressing going on and she saw that is wasn't confined to just those on the dance floor.
Everywhere in the restaurant people were getting undressed, some already as naked as she was.  The men and women were getting together, their affections for each other no longer restrained for public viewing.
Rhianna looked up as Mike Brey stepped in front of her. He took her into his arms and kissed her.
"What is this?"  Rhianna asked him when she could breath again.
"After a certain hour on a certain day of the week, this place becomes a private club."  Brey explained, his eyes roaming the room as did hers.  "We have a little tradition that everyone acts normally until the first person loses their clothes, and that person can not be a member. It has to be someone who has never been here before, someone who thinks that this is a real restaurant."
Rhianna looked up and slapped him on the face.  Brey took it without a reaction.  Rhianna was angry at being duped.  She was also angry at...she was...something.
Brey held her close and kissed her again, letting his hands roam her body.  Rhianna heard the crowd as passions were rising everywhere. The sounds and Mike's hands did nothing to still the reaction she was having to her surroundings.
She returned the kiss with not a little energy of her own.
Mike began to shed his own clothes and Rhianna felt herself bumped a few times by other people as the dance floor crowded still further.
As Mike continued his exploration of her body Rhianna could swear that she was being pinched and groped by those around her.  Someone reached around and began to massage her left breast, she felt a hand on her still slightly sore ass that rubbed the cheek in a circle.  She couldn't tell if it was Mike or not and at that point she didn't really care to find out.
A tall naked blond suddenly stepped up and Mike leaned over and began kissing her. Rhianna was shocked for only a second before she was turned and another man began to kiss her.
She felt many hands on her now, touching her intimately, pushing their way into places few had gone before.
Rhianna felt herself coming out of the spell, panicking in this tight crowd of naked people.  She tried to break free, to move, but she was being held.
A hand at her clitoris, pulling and squeezing it. The sexual attention was making it hard for Rhianna to think. She tried to move but couldn't, she tried to talk but the man kissing her made that hard.  A part of her mind noticed that the band was still playing!
Rhianna was suddenly lifted, then lowered again and she felt someone's penis gain entry.  She screamed out and was slapped.
"Don't!" ordered the man who was kissing her.
Rhianna was bent forward by whoever had entered her from behind and her face brought down to the level of that man's dick.  He guided her head forward and Rhianna took him into her mouth.  Many hands pulled and tugged at her, stimulating all her erogenous zones simultaneously as she was fucked from behind while giving a blow job.
She felt the man behind her climax and leave and she was lowered to the floor. Rhianna didn't know why she wasn't fighting it anymore.
She didn't know or she didn't care!

Rhianna Summer and Mike Brey carefully stepped across many naked bodies as they made their way to the exit. Most of the bodies were resting or sleeping, some were still actively making love, but the general energy level of the room was low.
As Rhianna walked she reflected that being taken to a surprise orgy hadn't been so bad after all.  It had certainly given her some insight into Mike Brey.
They reached the door and Rhianna resisted the urge to rub her sore pussy.  She was probably going to regret being here in the morning, but for now she was almost glad she came...and came...and came.  She giggled.
God I'm tired, she thought.
Brey finished tucking in his shirt and looked over at the naked woman with him.  She was still a bizarre sight with her body covered in a swirl of colors, but she looked so very sexy standing there nude, without even her gloves and stockings anymore, her hair all frizzled up, and her thighs glistening.  She looked so very well used, as indeed she had been. The new girl is always very popular.  He was going to enjoy bringing her here again, she hadn't resisted near as much as some of the other women he had pulled this surprise on. She looked like she had even enjoyed it.
"Mike, what am I going to wear?"  Rhianna asked him.
Mike looked down and spotted a tie.  He picked it up.
"Very funny." Rhianna said with a smile.
"A lot of places wont let you in without one of these." joked Mike.
"I'm more worried about being let out!"
"Turn around."  Mike ordered.
Surprised, Rhianna did so and felt her hands pulled behind her. She was being bound with the tie!  That really surprised Rhianna. So far the family hadn't shown much involvement in bondage, except for her initiation and her painting. But here was Mike Brey tying her hands behind her.
It didn't look like she was going to get anything to wear.
"I'm going to get arrested the moment I step out onto the street." she said.
"Don't be silly, this is New York!"
Rhianna almost laughed.
"I'm serious. Besides, no one will be sure that you're really naked anyway because of your body paint. Not for the few seconds we'll be outside."
"You sure?"
"Trust me!"
Oddly enough, Rhianna did.
Mike opened the door a crack and peered out. "The car is waiting just half a block down, we'll run for it."
"Like this!" squealed Rhianna.
"Sure, you can do it."
"Could you at least untie my hands so I can hold my breasts, they're going to bounce around like crazy if I have to run."
"Why do you think I bound your wrists in the first place!"
Rhianna almost kicked him. Men!
"Lets go!" and he slipped out the door.
Rhianna hesitated and then followed him. The door slammed shut behind her and Rhianna knew there was no way back as she began to run.  There was no one on the sidewalk, but even at this late hour the street was full of cars.
As she ran she heard people get on their horns or lean out of their cars and yell at her. She knew that they could tell she was naked the way she bounced around as she ran. She was getting pissed!
Mike Brey was up ahead, looking back at her as she ran. The car was a good deal farther than half a block, another lie.
Her bare feet slapped the cold sidewalk as she endured the cat calls and wolf whistles of the citizens of New York.
Mike got to the car and climbed in the back seat, shutting he door behind him.  Seconds later Rhianna got there too.
"Let me in!"
"What's the magic word?"  Brey asked through the cracked window.
"Please!"  Rhianna looked around at the traffic, and the smiling faces. She could see a cop car further down the block.
"What was that?"  Brey asked.
"Please, there's a cop car coming!"
"I still haven't heard the magic word!"
"Please, Master!"
"Close enough."  Brey opened the door and Rhianna dove in.
The door closed and the driver pulled the car into traffic.
Rhianna was lying face down across Brey's lap and was trying to move so she could sit, and it took her a moment to realize that Brey was holding her down that way.  When she got it, she stopped wiggling.
"That's better.  Did you have a good time in there?"
"I.. er..."  Rhianna didn't know what to say. She did have a good time, but was loath to admit it.
Brey began running his hand over her ass and between her legs. Still sensitive from the orgy, it didn't take much for Rhianna to be brought back up to a certain sexual level.
She began wriggling again as the sensations began to assert themselves again.
"From the feel of things it looks like you did, but I would prefer to hear it from your own mouth."
"It was...okay."
"Just okay huh?"  He spanked her, hard!
Rhianna screamed, more from surprise than from the pain.
"You telling me the truth?"
"It was good, great. I enjoyed it. Thank you."  Rhianna gushed, not wanting to be spanked again.
"Glad you liked it.  Now, there was that one little thing I have to clear up."
Brey held tightly to Rhianna's bound hands and began spanking her with his bare hand just as hard as that first spank.  He didn't stop until he counted thirty and Rhianna was screaming!
"That's for hitting me."  he said slowly.

End of Part 5

To Catch a Child Killer  Part 6

Rhianna woke with a headache rivaled only by the pain in her buttocks.  She groaned and opened her eyes slowly, confused by where she was.  The bed was unfamiliar, as was the room she was in, but it only stayed that way for a moment.
She recognized it as Mike Brey's room and remembered how she got there.
Shit, she thought, did we really have sex again?
Lying on her front, Rhianna pulled her arms out from under her pillow to the accompaniment of a jingling sound and something caught on her wrists.  She looked with bleary eyes at the bright silver handcuffs that adorned her wrists, and at the attached chain that snaked off the bed somewhere.
Mike had put them on her last night shortly after they stumbled, giggling into his suite, and shortly before he held her down for yet one more spanking session before throwing her on the bed and fucking her.
Making love to that man was literally a pain in the ass, she thought.
As her fussy mind sharpened she saw a note on the pillow next to her.

Some of us have to work (it read), but you don't, not today.
Relax, get some sleep, and when I get home we'll go out again.

Rhianna couldn't bear the thought of heading back out to that club again, if that was what his plan was. Even if it wasn't, what ever he had planned was liable to be too much.
As it was she was amazed that she had done what she did.
She didn't want to think about it.  What she wanted to do was pee.
She climbed out of bed gingerly, her cuffed wrists making it just a little more difficult, and padded to the bathroom.  She dragged the chain she was connected to behind her and pretty much ignored it until after she had sat on the pot and gotten some water to drink. She felt like she had been drinking a LOT the night before, but she couldn't figure that one out, she had only had one drink.
Rhianna knew she needed a shower but she staggered out of the bathroom, avoiding the mirror that was in there, and looked for the anchor point for her chain.
She found it under the bed out of her reach even without her hands cuffed. Even if she could reach it was still locked on.
Well, at least it was long enough to reach the bathroom.
Rhianna padded to the other door leading to the living room. The chain allowed her to reach the door but not go beyond it.
Stuck, Rhianna walked back to the bed and lay back until her headache subsided a bit.  She concentrated on the pain in her butt, it seemed to throb at a low level that was hard to ignore, especially when lying on it. She rolled over and that felt a little better.
That's when she saw the phone.
She lay thinking about it for a moment, wondering if it would connect her the outside. She felt she had to call her boss and give him an update, it had been a couple of days since they had last spoke.
She slithered up the bed a little in a way that would have had Mike's, hell ANY man's heart pumping a little faster just watching her.  She reached for the phone and picked it up.  Putting it to her ear she heard it was already ringing.
"This is Dovey, how may I serve you?" Rhianna heard.
"Hi Dovey, this, Dovey. I'm in Mike Brey's suite. I'm kinda trapped."
Rhianna heard laughter over the phone. "Oh, young Mr Brey has you in his love chains does he?  He must have been impressed with your performance last night, he doesn't do that with many girls!"
Rhianna blushed, remembering her shameless performance. "I...yeah, I guess." she stumbled, trying to think of what she could say to that.
More laughter.  "What do you need, Sweety?"
"I could use a couple of aspirin, and something to eat. It's comfortable here but rather sparse in edibles."
"There are snack foods in the bar refrigerator in the main room."  Dovey told her.
"I can't get to them."  Rhianna answered.
"Oh! You're on THAT chain!  He must have been VERY impressed!"
Rhianna was getting a little sick of all the laughter at her expense, especially since they were taking such a delight in her sex life.  With this group she figured that news of her evening with the son of the house would probably spread to everyone within minutes. She wasn't used to something so intimate being such common knowledge.  But, she thought, as a submissive I guess I would loose any privacy regarding sex.
"Yeah, it was fun." Rhianna finally said once the laughter died down.  "But I'm famished and I don't even know what time it is."
"It's almost lunch time, Sweety.  I'll have someone bring you some food real soon, and something for your headache."
"Thanks, you're a gem."
"My pleasure, Dovey.  You'll need to eat, got to keep your strength up!"
"Funny. Say, I was wondering. Are we allowed to make phone calls?"  Rhianna thought the question was worth the risk.
"Mr Brey would rather you didn't, unless it was a family emergency or something." Dovey replied.
"Well, it's not exactly an emergency. But I haven't had a chance to call my dad yet and tell him that I'm settled in.
He's in the city right now, and I just thought since I have the time now I could call."
There was silence on the line for a moment, and Rhianna wondered if Dovey was asking someone else if she could make the call.  She hoped it was Paul Brey, he would know that "dad" was actually her boss A.D. James Vessor of the FBI. It was a cover they had quickly put together in case Rhianna needed to call.
After a another minute, Dovey came back on line.  "Sure, Sweety. Give me the number and I'll dial it for you."
Rhianna gave her the special number Vessor had given her, and in a moment it was ringing. Rhianna hadn't heard Dovey hang up, she didn't know if someone was listening in.
"Hyatt Hilton, this is Sandy, how may I help you?"
Sandy, Vessor's secretary was so convincing that for a second Rhianna thought she had given the wrong number.
"Hi, I'm calling for Geoff Summer?" Rhianna asked.
"One moment, I'll transfer you."
After a few seconds she could hear more ringing and then the phone was picked up.
"Hello?"  It was Vessor.
"Hi Dad, it's Rhianna."
"Hello, Pumpkin, you get in okay?"
Pumpkin?  "Yeah, I'm fine, been taken care of real well. The people here are real nice."
"No problems then? Do you need help with anything?"
"I'm fine Dad, I've made a bunch of friends already. One guy has been very helpful."  Rhianna thought she heard a snigger on the line. The call WAS being monitored.
"That's good, but you be careful of strange men, Pumpkin. You know what's on a guy's mind when they meet a pretty girl like you."
"I know Dad."
"Does he look like he's going to be a problem?"  Vessor asked, the crucial question of the conversation.
"Not right now, he's been pretty nice to me and I think we're going to be good friends."  Rhianna figured he was clean, Vessor heard, but she wasn't 100% sure yet.
"Well if he or anyone becomes a problem, you just call and tell me, okay?"
"Sure Dad. I'll talk to you soon!"
"Bye Pumpkin."
Vessor hung up and Rhianna lay listening to a dead phone.
She put it down and pulled at her cuffed hands.  She hoped he got the message and that no one else did.

Assistant Director Vessor, head of the New York division of the FBI, hung up his private line and buzzed his secretary.
"Yes Sir?" she answered, using the intercom.
"Get me Paul Brey on the phone will you?"  Vessor asked her.
"At once, Sir."
A few minutes later he had the man himself on the phone.
"Paul?  This is James. I was just wondering how Rhianna was doing?"
"Rhianna?  Fine as far as I know, James. She has proved quite adaptable, more so than some of my own girls were when they joined me."
"That's good to hear. I just got a call from her, she seems to find your Son to be okay."
"I should hope so, James.  Using a coincidence in his schedule for an excuse to give this girl some training is an underhanded way of doing things.  Despite her apparent potential.  If she DOES find anything wrong with him even though we BOTH know of his innocence, it's you that will have to explain all this to her."
"I know, Paul. But I don't expect her to find anything while with you."
"Why you can't just tell her about your assessment of her and get her some formal training I don't know.  You could do it yourself you know."
"This girl is special, Paul. I want her to acknowledge this in her own way first."
"Well, it's underhanded. I hope this wipes out all the favors I owe you."
"Don't worry about that, Paul.  You just take good care of the girl."
"Like one of my own Doveys, James.  Oh, and James! You did say that she wasn't to be excluded anything right?"
"That's right."  confirmed Vessor.  "But remember, I want her back capable of doing her job as an Agent for the FBI, so don't go wild."
"I won't.  Good Bye James."
Brey hung up and James Vessor sat and thought about his special agent for a moment before getting back to the paperwork covering his desk.

Rhianna was in the shower when she heard someone come in through the door.  She had found it difficult to wash herself with her hands cuffed together, but relished the thought of being clean again.  Washing away last nights stains help her wash away last nights memories, or at least clean them up.
She peeked out of the shower to see a Dovey standing there waiting for her.
"Thank God! Food!" exclaimed Rhianna.
The Dovey smiled.  "Not quite, but soon. I have orders for you first."
Rhianna nodded and turned off the water.  She still had a cover to keep up here, which meant obeying the household until her assignment ended.
If that meant waiting to eat, well, so be it.
She stepped out of the shower and Dovey handed her a towel.
Rhianna dried herself as best she could and followed the Dovey out into the bedroom.
"Have a couple of things to do to you first, then we will take a walk." Dovey told her.
"Walk?  I thought I was supposed to wait here?"
"New orders."
"If you say so."
Rhianna was handed her hood, which she managed to get pulled on with her cuffed hands. Then the Dovey produced a key and undid the cuffs, relocking them behind Rhianna's back and disconnecting the chain.
Rhianna took this change in her bondage without a comment. She figured that it was expected of her.
The Dovey fussed a moment with Rhianna's hood, tightening it and then there was a click as a lock was added.  This surprised Rhianna, but she remained mute.
The next thing to happen DID make her speak up. Dovey produced a ball gag.
"Hey now, how am I supposed to eat with that in my mouth?"
"Trust me." said Dovey, smiling.
Rhianna took a deep breath and opened her mouth. She hoped she wouldn't be wearing the gag long for it was a big one. Her jaws were forced wide and she immediately started drooling around it.
Dovey picked up another item from the bed, and before Rhianna could see what it was, she found out what it did.
It was a blindfold, and it was strapped on over the hood and tightened down.
Now Rhianna felt a bit panicky. She could think of no reason she was being cut off from the world like this, and wondered if she had made a mistake making her phone call earlier.  Was she wrong about Mike Brey?  Of course it was also possible that this was just a part of Mike's sexual play.
Maybe the thought of a blind, dumb and hungry slave girl waiting on his bed was appealing to him.  After the orgy last night, Rhianna wouldn't put it past him. She decided to go along just in case.
She heard Dovey move about and felt her fiddling with the back of the hood. Something was attached and her head was pulled back a little.
Rhianna felt her wrists being pulled back and her arms stretched before the cuffs were attached to something. When they were let go, Rhianna couldn't pull her arms up, they were stuck to something that pushed at the back of her head.
Rhianna couldn't see it but a thin metal pole had been attached to the harness that held her blindfold on, and this pole was attached to her wrists, holding them out at an angle and pulling her shoulders back. This made Rhianna jut out her chest to take off the strain, pushing her breasts before her.
The Dovey stepped back for a moment to admire Rhianna's bondage. She smiled at how easy it had been to place her in this position. She almost laughed, Rhianna had no idea at all!
The Dovey reached out and took hold of a nipple, pinching and rolling it between her fingers.
Rhianna moaned behind her gag, and instinctively pulled back, but did not succeed in pulling away.
Dovey let go and picked up the last item she had brought with her.  A leash. She clipped this to the girl's cuffs and brought it between her legs.
"Come with me." she said.
Rhianna felt a painful jerk on her arms and something rubbing at her labia.  She had to take a step forward to take the additional strain off, and then another. She figured out quickly that this was going to be how she was led to where ever she was being taken.  She hoped it was worth it.
Rhianna was led out of the suite and down the corridor to the elevator.  It opened and she was led inside.  It wasn't until the elevator started dropping that Rhianna realized where she was, and that made her very nervous.  Having passed the main floor of the penthouse the elevator only had two other stops. The Lobby and the Parking garage.  Neither of which were places she wanted to be in her current state.  She couldn't be more exposed and vulnerable if she had tried!
The elevator finally stopped and without a word Rhianna was led out. Rhianna listened for sounds as she walked, but could hear nothing but the sound of Dovey's heels on the cold concrete floor.  Rhianna figured that they had gone down to the garage. Maybe she was being taken to where Mike was?
If she had been able to see, she would have seen that she wasn't in the Parking garage, but someplace altogether different.  The elevator had an unmarked stop below the garage. A set of basement storage rooms mostly forgotten by the residents of the building.
Rhianna was led silently along a corridor until they came to a big steel door. This used to be a vault door for when the building was used as a bank in it's early years.  The vault's valuable contents were now gone, but the vault itself remained, too big to remove.  Inside were several smaller rooms leading off a large central room. Almost like jail cells surrounding a common area.
Exactly like jail cells.
One of them stood open, ready, and Dovey led the unsuspecting agent right into it. She unclipped the leash but otherwise did nothing about the rest of the bondage.
The only clue Rhianna had that she was now alone was when the solid steel door of her cell crashed home.

Rhianna wondered about her cell for several hours in increasing pain. Unused to strict bondage her shoulders and jaws ached terribly.  It also didn't help that she couldn't see and could barely breath.  She quickly got exhausted trying to struggle and the only thing she gained was bruised wrists from the cuffs.  Despite it all she still didn't know for sure if this just wasn't some kind of sexual game.  At any other time she would have known for sure that such treatment was being given her because her cover had been blown. But with this household she just didn't know.
As time went on though, she began to care less and less about why she was there, she just wanted out. It wasn't funny anymore.
Shortly after she had been left alone Rhianna stumbled blindly about the cell in an effort to figure out what was in it.  Even though she had managed to navigate all four walls and cross the floor area she found nothing but bare concrete. The room was empty, and very small.
Now she lay on her side on the cold floor, her extended arms making it very difficult to sit.  She had been crying with the pain for a little while, but was now still. She wanted to sleep, the bondage taking a lot out of her.
As she lay there she thought she heard something outside the door.
Whatever it was it gave her something to focus on, and she used the opportunity to try to take her mind off the painful bondage.
The sound seemed far away, but not too far.  The concrete walls echoed and distorted the sound, but Rhianna was able to place it.
It was a voice, a singing voice.
The tune seemed familiar, but Rhianna had a hard time making it out. It reminded her of something she last heard years before as a little girl, a children's song.
That was it. It was the "Itsy Bitsy Spider" song, and a child was singing it.
A child!
Suddenly, all the thoughts of this being a game left Rhianna, and she once again began to scream and struggle in her bonds as she realized that she was caught by the murderer after all!

End of Part 6

To Catch a Child Killer   Part 7

For a while Rhianna Summer slept, her panic attack long over.  She needed sleep, her struggles exhausting the resources that a lack of food had been unable to contribute to.
She was unaware then of the small scratching sound at the door of her tiny cell, a scratching that continued for many minutes before ceasing quickly.
Rhianna only woke up when a key was inserted in the lock of her door and it swung wide open.
Rhianna began struggling again, afraid of who it might be. She had no doubts now that she was in deep trouble.  She began moaning behind her gag to be set free, the pain in her shoulders pushing her to a point she had only been before at one other time in her life.
Aboard the 'Leta', the ocean going yacht owned by Hiro Atamo, she had once been bound tightly by the crew, her legs splayed wide for their use. The complete immobility and lack of proper circulation had almost driven her mad as massive cramps set in on all her limbs.  No amount of begging on her part moved the crew to change her position. In the end it was only the intervention of Atamo himself that prompted her release from that particular hell, just so he could put her in another.
Now aware of her present situation, Rhianna's fear added to her painful bondage, making it seem a lot worse.
Rhianna kept struggling until she felt someone working on the strap that held her gag on. It was released and the large ball gag was pulled roughly from her mouth.
Panting, Rhianna slowly closed her mouth, wincing at the pain in he jaws.
"Water." she croaked.
"Here you go, Sweety." said her rescuer.
Rhianna felt a plastic straw being put in her mouth, and she sucked on it hungrily.  The water helped fill her empty stomach, but did nothing for her hunger. She drank until it was pulled away from her, far too soon.
"Please, let my arms go, it hurts!"  Rhianna croaked.
"No can do, I don't have the key. Besides, it isn't really that bad, I've taken worse.  I'm only here to give you water."
"You have too, please. Dovey, it is a Dovey isn't it?  You can't keep me here, they'll be looking for me. You have to let me go, and the child, the children.  Please!"
Dovey laughed. "Sure we can keep you here, as long as we want. There's no way anyone will find you."
"How can you do this?  Are you just obeying him? He can't make you help him!"
Dovey laughed again, she knew Rhianna had no idea what was going on here. Instead of freeing her, Dovey put the straw of the water bottle back in the agent's mouth and squeezed some more water into her. When she thought Rhianna had drunk enough, she picked up the gag and moved to put it in.
Rhianna must have sensed the movement, she certainly couldn't see it. "No, please, not the gag. You don't have to put in the gag. I'm...MmmMmmmph!"
"Got to do it, Sweety. Under orders!" said the Dovey.  She buckled the gag in tightly and then stepped out of the cell and closed the door.  Rhianna was once more plunged into darkness although for her it was already dark under her blindfold.

Rhianna really didn't have much idea about how much time had passed.  In an effort to relieve the pain in her arms and shoulders she had struggled to her knees and carefully examined the room again.  As she had discovered the first time, the room was completely empty, although she did find a small floor drain in the center of her small cell.  She used it to pee in.
For a while she tried sitting, but with nothing to lean back against this quickly grew uncomfortable, so she went back to lying down.
Then she heard the scratching.
It sounded to Rhianna like something scratching at the door.
Rats!  It had to be rats, as if things weren't bad enough!
Rhianna got to her feet as quickly as she could and stepped backward until she was as far away from the noise as she could get.
Was the rat outside trying to get in, or inside trying to get out?  Rhianna had no idea. She kept cocking her head, trying to localize the sound. She knew that in her present condition she would be defenseless against a hungry rat. She wouldn't even see it coming.
The scratching continued, then there was a click.
Since when do rats open locked doors?
Rhianna's fear was up again. Completely blind, her arms locked to a metal bar behind her back, she felt worse than helpless.
"Hello."  said a small voice.
Rhianna made a noise behind her gag. It sounded like a child!
"Don't be afraid." said the voice from close up.
Rhianna stood still. What was going on here?
"If you sit down, I think I can get your gag off for you."
Rhianna needed no second prompt. She crouched down and felt fingers behind her head and moments later the hard wide ball was pulled from her aching mouth.
"Would you like some water?"  the polite little voice asked.
"Yes, please." Rhianna gasped.  She heard quick little footsteps run out of the room.
The door had been left open. Could she...?
The footsteps came back and Rhianna felt a cup being placed against her lips. She drank, greedily, but again too soon her water was taken away.
"I don't have very much."  said the voice apologetically.  "I want to save what I can."
"That's all right." said Rhianna in what she hoped was a calm manner. "I need food more than water now anyway."
"Oh. I managed to save a little. Hang on."  Again the footsteps and Rhianna thought about that open door, and about her little Samaritan.  Was this the child she heard singing?
The child returned and Rhianna felt some bread pushed into her mouth. She chewed it slowly and swallowed. It wasn't great, but it was better than nothing.
"You look just like her, but you're not her. I can tell." said the voice.
"Just like who?" Rhianna asked.
"Just like Dovey. I can tell you're not her 'cos she has a black spot right here."  Rhianna felt a poke in her left side, just beside her breast.  Rhianna wondered what the child was thinking, seeing her sitting here naked. More than ever Rhianna wanted something to put on.
"My name is Rhianna, what's yours?"  Rhianna asked nicely.
"Samantha." was her reply.
"Samantha, a nice name. How old are you Samantha?"
"Nine.  You don't look very comfortable, Rhianna."
Rhianna had been shifting slightly, her sitting position not the best in her current bondage.  "To be honest I'm not. Is there any way you can get my blindfold off?"
"Sure, it just unbuckles."  The girl set to work. Rhianna remembered that Dovey said it needed a key. She obviously lied.
"Are there any other children here?" Rhianna asked.
"Nope! I'm all alone now."
"But there were others?"
Samantha didn't answer.  Rhianna got the impression she didn't want to.
"Tell me Samantha, how did you get in here?"
"I picked the lock."
"Daddy showed me, at home.  Daddy's really good with locks, and says I have a natural talent."
"What does your dad do?"
"Nothing much. He goes out at night a lot though. Sometimes he brings back neat stuff.  I got a nice little TV last time. It wasn't new, but it was for me alone."
Rhianna figured she knew what line of work this kid's father was in.  The blindfold was suddenly released and with it the pole that had been attached to the back of her head. She was now able to pull her arms from their straight back position and flex them. The relief of the strain on her shoulders was almost painful in itself. She groaned in relief.
"Are you alright?"  asked the girl.
Rhianna could now see her.  The girl was thin, but otherwise looked clean and healthy. She wore pants and a shirt that looked like they could have used a good wash ages ago.  Otherwise she was barefoot.  She had a concerned look on her face that also seemed to hold a seriousness beyond her years.
"I'm fine, how about you. How long have you been here?"
Samantha looked at the floor and then out the door. "I don't know.  It's been a long time. Weeks I think. They wont tell me."
"Who is they. You said Dovey came down here. Is it always the same Dovey?"
"Yes. I didn't know there were two of you. There was also the other woman. She's the one in charge, she's the one..."
The girl swallowed and looked like she was about to tear up. But Rhianna got the impression this girl was beyond tears. Something about her attitude reminded Rhianna of herself when she was held by Atamo.  This girl was a fighter.
"Does she hurt you?" Rhianna asked.
Samantha nodded.
"Does the man hurt you too?"  Rhianna felt sick asking these questions, but she had to know.
"There's no man.  Just the women."
"Just the women?"  Rhianna wondered if Mike Brey was innocent after all!  Who could the other woman be, his mother?
Samantha nodded again. "I'm going to have to tie you up again now. I can't stay out for long I might get caught."
"Wait. Isn't there any way out of here? Cant you pick the lock to get free?"
"Uh uh.  The big door doesn't have a keyhole. I don't know how to work it. I have to tie you up, please?"
"Sure, sure Samantha. Go ahead."
Rhianna steeled herself against the pain as she stretched her arms out behind her once more.  The blindfold harness was strapped back on and Samantha reached for the ball gag.
"Sammy?  Take a look at my cuffs, do you think you could pick the lock on those too?" Rhianna asked.
"Sure, that's easy. But I have to make a different pick for that. Do you want me too?"
"Yes Samantha. I need you to do that. With my hands free, we may be able to escape."
Rhianna didn't see the girl nod, but she did feel the gag as it was placed against her mouth.  With a sign Rhianna accepted it, and soon she was back where she started.
"I'll come again, soon."  the little girl promised, and Rhianna heard the door close.
Rolling on to her side, Rhianna began to cry. Not for herself, but for the brave little girl that had just risked so much to come see her.

Rhianna woke to the sound of someone screaming. The high pitched sound of a young voice echoed in her cell. Rhianna lay there listening to the girl crying, her sobs occasionally interrupted by a scream.
Once in a while she caught the sound of adult laughter, but most of all it was the girl, her crying evidence of her youth and innocence...and pain.
Rhianna lay there with tears in her eyes and anger in her heart.  She couldn't believe how helpless she was to stop what was going on. She felt like a failure, a loser that allowed herself to be taken because she was hoping for more of some sick sexual game.
Rhianna wondered if this child going to lose her life because of Rhianna's libido?
Another scream echoed through the rooms and Rhianna turned her head. But what ever she did she could not escape the torment.

After a while the screaming stopped, and the crying died down to a gentle sobbing.
Rhianna heard movement somewhere in this place and a door slamming.  There was muted conversation and the sound of heels coming closer and Rhianna braced herself. Maybe she was about to receive the same treatment.
There was a banging at her door.  "You awake in there?" a voice called out.
Rhianna knew that voice, knew that accent.  It was Kathleen Brey.  So, now she knew who was responsible for torturing the children. Rhianna found it hard to imagine any woman hurting a child, but she had seen enough case files in her short career to convince her that women were just as capable as men of committing atrocious acts, and were even a little more vicious.  Men preferred, on the average, short term heavy duty crimes of this sort. The average victim's life span only a few days.   Women tended to drag it out more, less punishment but over a longer period.  Thank goodness there were so few women doing it.
Her cell door opened.
Rhianna began trembling. She was well aware now what a sadist Kathleen Brey was now.  She had been completely convinced by the screaming poor Samantha had done.  Now she lay there, helpless, and she was scared for her life!
"I'd stay and chat love,"  said Kathleen, "but I'm just here for a quicky. I'm all tired out!"  Both Kathleen and the Dovey laughed.
Without warning Rhianna felt a hard swipe across her unprotected ass. Rhianna screamed behind her gag!
"What a cry baby. At least the girl gives me the satisfaction of holding her tears until she can't anymore!"
Rhianna rolled onto her side in an effort to get away from Kathleen Brey and her whip. She did NOT want to get hit on her already sore behind again.
Instead Kathleen attacked her breasts, giving them five quick swipes before Rhianna managed to roll over to protect them.
Kathleen began hitting Rhianna where ever, but she quickly got tired.  Samantha really had worn her out.
"I'm sure we can chat later, dear. You'd like that wouldn't you?"
Without waiting for a reply, not that Rhianna could have given one anyway, Kathleen Brey and her Dovey accomplice left the cell and all was quiet again.  Quiet that is apart from the steady sobbing of nine year old Samantha.
Rhianna pulled at her bonds. She wanted nothing more than to go to the girl and comfort her. But instead she was stuck in a concrete cell and unable to comfort even herself in her own pain.
She added her tears to the silence.

"Paul Brey is on the line for you Sir?"  Sandy said over the intercom.
"Put him through, Sandy." said Vessor, absorbed in one last report before going home. It was dark outside and late, and he was ready to quit for the day. By the sound of her voice he was also sure that Sandy was ready to leave. He'd let her go soon.
"James? About that girl of yours."  Paul Brey said over the speakerphone.
"What about her?"
"One of my girls just told me that she just decided to up and leave this morning.  No explanation except to say she had changed her mind about becoming a Dovey.  Has she said anything to you?"
"Rhianna isn't there?"  Thoughts about his last piece of paperwork left him as he considered this piece of information.
"That is what I said, James.  Hasn't been here most of the day I'm told."
"Could she leave that easily?"
"I may sometimes keep my girls in chains, but I never keep them against their will. Any of them are free to go anytime they want.   I've had girls run out on me before, but your agent was supposed to stick around because of her supposed case. I would have thought that if she had cleared my son she would have at least waited until she could report it to me before leaving.  Then I could have sent her off with a bottle of solvent for her body ink."
"She was still inked?"
"Are you deaf tonight, James?"
"Sorry.  I just want to get things straight. Tell you what, let me check on a few things and I'll get back to you."
"Fine, James.  When you find her send her back. I'll put her over my knee for her insolence."
"I'm sure you would, Paul."  Vessor hung up with the image of Rhianna over Paul Brey's knees in his mind, and then buzzed his secretary.
"Yes Sir?" said Sandy over the intercom.
"See if you can raise Agent Summer for me, try her home as well as her cell phone."
"At once Sir."
Vessor waited patiently while his secretary worked.
"I'm sorry Sir, Agent Summer isn't answering at any of her numbers."
"Is Agent Wilson in the building?"
"No Sir, he left several hours ago, a family engagement."
"Okay, thank you."
James Vessor rarely did much field work anymore, but he still had the old policeman's hunch that had treated him well in his younger years. But he didn't need that to tell him that something was wrong.  Seeing that he had basically created a false trail for Rhianna to follow he suddenly felt like he had to take it seriously.  It had seemed so unlikely, but had he actually been right in suggesting that Mike Brey be the child killer they were looking for?
James Vessor felt he owed it to Rhianna to go check it out himself.
On the way out to his car he let Sandy finally go home.

The crying had stopped after a little while, and then there was nothing.  Rhianna wanted to call out to the girl, but she could managed nothing more than a muffled grunt.
Then she heard a familiar scratching sound at her door and Rhianna waited as Samantha worked on the lock.
The door sung open and Samantha ran in. She dropped down and hugged the bound woman, still sniffling a little. She stayed that way for the longest time, taking comfort while she could.
Rhianna wanted to hug her back, but could do nothing about it. Actually Samantha had wrapped her arms around Rhianna's arms, pulling them toward her body. This added tremendously to the strain Rhianna's shoulders were under, not to mention all the welts she had jut been given and after a few moments Rhianna had to cry out in pain.
Samantha jumped back, and brushed away her tears long enough to ungag the older woman.
"Thanks."  gasped Rhianna.  "Are you hurt badly?  What did they do to you?"
"I'm okay." was all the nine year old said as she began undoing the buckles that held Rhianna's head harness on. "It looks like they hurt you too!"
"I'll be alright, I wish I could have helped you."  Rhianna said.
"I wish you could have too. But there's a chance for us now."
"What?  What chance?"
The harness came loose and Rhianna pulled her arms up. The release from the pain felt so good!  Samantha began working on the hand cuffs.
"What chance?"  Rhianna asked again.
"The older lady. She always comes back a little while after she...she comes back, alone.  I figure if I get you out of this then when she comes you can fight her or something, and we can get away."
The cuffs came free and for the first time in a long time Rhianna was able to bring her hands around in front of her.
She first rubbed her wrists and then the sides of her mouth, all sore spots. "I don't suppose you can get this hood off too huh?"
Samantha looked at the little padlock. "Sorry, I don't have anything that small."
"That's okay."  Rhianna got up and hugged the young girl, who hugged back tightly.  Rhianna knew what it was to be tortured for a long period of time, and she marvelled at the girl's strength. She was also grateful for the support the girl gave her, they both needed each other now.
As they hugged Rhianna became conscious of her nudity, but was more concerned about the girl.  How long had she been here, starved for love as she obviously was. Had she known the boy in the park who started this whole affair?
Rhianna considered the girl's plan.  As plans go it was pretty basic, but she did know the schedule of their captors, and one of her instructors at Quantico did say that the best plans were the simplest.
Maybe the element of surprise would be all they needed.
"We have to hurry."  Samantha said, breaking the hug.
Rhianna nodded and looked around for the metal pole that had caused her so much pain.  She felt it was time some of that pain was returned.
Stiff and very sore, Rhianna followed the girl out of the cell.

The outer area was large, about the size of a two car garage, but almost as bare as the cell Rhianna had been kept in.  Rhianna padded over to the vault door. She could see why Samantha hadn't been able to open it. It was huge and it's locking mechanism was very complicated. Maybe after a few more lessons from her father she might have been able to do it, Rhianna thought wryly.
Rhianna felt a tap on her shoulder and turned to see Samantha with a blanket.  Grateful Rhianna took the blanket and wrapped it around herself.  It wasn't much but the fact that she was now covered lifted her spirits.
"Tell you what," said Rhianna, assessing the situation, "How about you hide in my cell, while I hide behind the door. When she opens it and comes in I hit her from behind and we run. Okay?"
Samantha tried to smile, but Rhianna could see that she was very tired and sore. Under the bright lights of the room Rhianna could see fresh rope burns on the girl's wrists and she walked with a limp. Rhianna wondered how far the girl could run if pressed. No doubt she would give it her all.
The vault door made a small noise, and the visible mechanisms began to turn.
Rhianna pointed at the open cell door and Samantha made a bee line for it.  Rhianna moved so that she would be behind the vault door when it opened. The blanket, as comfortable as it was, was going to get in the way, she shed it.
The door swung open, and Rhianna raised the pole in anticipation.

End of Part 7

To Catch a Child Killer   Part 8

Rhianna Summer stood waiting, pole in hand, for Kathleen Brey to step through the vault door.
She waited, but nothing happened.
"You don't really expect me to come in there do you?"  said Kathleen Brey from outside the door.
Stunned, Rhianna waited, not sure what to do.
"I can see you, you know!  There's a camera mounted behind the vent in the corner of the room.  You're standing behind the door right now with your armbinder pole in your hands.
I'm not stupid you know!"
Rhianna lowered the pole and looked for the vent. There it was over her left shoulder. She couldn't tell if a camera was in there, but Kathleen had been right so far!
"Good girl. Now come around the door, I have something to show you."
That something was a hand gun, held by Kathleen. She was alone, but the weapon more than made up for her lack of numbers. Rhianna expected her to have a smile on her face, but it was very neutral.
"Drop the pole."  Kathleen ordered, and Rhianna complied.
"You can't keep us here."  Rhianna said.
"Why not?  I've done pretty well so far. It will be very interesting having you here as a witness to my little hobby."
"How could you do things like this to children?"
That's when Kathleen smiled, a smile that chilled Rhianna to the bone.
She waved the gun.  "Back up, into the corner."
Rhianna did so, slowly. She never took her eyes off the woman with the gun.
"Samantha!  Come out here!"  Kathleen yelled.
Samantha stepped out from the cell where Rhianna had been kept. She looked scared, but wasn't crying.
"You have been a busy little girl these past few weeks, haven't you. I've been watching you work on all these locks. It was entertaining watching you try to break out!"  Kathleen laughed.
"Why are you doing this?"  Rhianna asked.
"Why?  I don't have to tell you anything.  I know you're some kind of police woman, but that doesn't mean I have to spit out my life story. This isn't the movies."
"Why do you think I'm a police woman?"
Kathleen smiled. "It was my son who gave me the clue. He's really quite smitten with you. He told me that he recognized you from a few months ago. Then this morning at breakfast he mentioned that you used to belong to Matthew Anderson.  Poor Matthew is in jail now, and rumor has it that his sweet little slave put him there. Rumor also has it that she was a cop sent to take him down.  When Paul told me that he was bringing a new submissive in, I didn't realize you were THAT Rhianna."
"But I'm not a police woman!" Technically, she wasn't.
"Aren't you?  Well, maybe, maybe not.  It's too bad for you either way.  Samantha, go get all of Rhianna's bondage and put it all back on her. We have to return her to her cell."
"Please, no. Don't make me do that!" pleaded the girl.
Anger flared in Kathleen's eyes. "Don't cross me Samantha!"
Young Samantha jumped and then without looking at Rhianna went and picked up all the bondage equipment.
As she approached the agent Rhianna told her that it was alright.  "It was a good try." she said, trying to bolster the girl's spirits.
Samantha just nodded and in a few minutes had Rhianna bound, blindfolded and gagged once more.  She guided the agent into the dark cell and then hugged her.
Rhianna, helpless once more wondered what the hell she was going to do now. Then she felt Samantha move her hand around to her buttocks.  Samantha's tiny fingers pushed something hard and thin into Rhianna's butt crease and Rhianna clenched to hold it there.
"Get away from her, step back to the back of the cell."  Kathleen ordered Samantha.
Once the girl had moved, Kathleen came close and checked the cuffs on the now bound FBI agent. They were good and Kathleen was satisfied that Rhianna wasn't going anywhere.
"Okay girl, lets go back to your cell." Rhianna heard, and soon she was alone again.
She immediately reached for the item Samantha had smuggled to her. It was the lock pick.
Rhianna knew how to pick the lock on her hand cuffs, but she had never worn them like this and tried it.  She wondered if she was going to be able to do it.  She twisted her wrists in an effort to reach the keyholes and managed to work the pick into one of the holes.
As she worked she could hear Kathleen yelling at the child and the occasional scream from Samantha.
Rhianna's blood boiled, but she patiently worked on the cuffs that held her wrists.
The screaming got louder and Rhianna heard Kathleen yell "That's it. I've had enough of you!  Your disobedience has cost you this time. Let's go, we're heading to the park!"
The park!  Rhianna knew only too well what would happen to Samantha at the park. She double her efforts and risked breaking the lock pick, but a moment later the cuff opened and Rhianna was free.
She made short work of the second cuff and practically ripped off the blindfold and gag as she heard Kathleen drag the girl across the outer room toward the vault door.
Rhianna knew she had one problem. She was still locked in her cell, and she had no idea how to pick one of those locks.
She found her way to her cell door, pole once more in her hands as the only weapon she had and pulled at the door in frustration.
It came open.
Rhianna quickly closed it and then opened it just a crack.
Kathleen and Samantha were at the vault door, Kathleen still had the gun in her hand.
Rhianna glanced down at the lock and saw that it was jammed open with a small bit of metal.
Clever girl Samantha, Rhianna thought.
Rhianna watched as Kathleen dragged a screaming Samantha out of the room and the vault door began to close.
Rhianna bolted out of the room, she could not be trapped now! She was too late though, the gap was already too small for her when she got there.  As the big door slammed home, Rhianna did the only thing she could think off. She jammed the metal pole she had been bound to into the visible works of the door's locking mechanism.  A couple of gears moved a tiny amount, then stuck.  Rhianna hoped it was enough.
She tugged hard on the vault door, but it wouldn't move.
Had the lock worked well enough to trap her?
Rhianna examined the gears. A couple had turned slightly, but if she pulled this way with the pole, she might be able to turn them back. Or, she would pull the pole free and enable the lock to close completely.
Time was wasting, she had to do something.
Rhianna carefully pulled the pole over a little, levering the gear it had jammed backwards.  It took her several minutes of frustrating work to make the gears move even a tiny fraction, but she finally made it happen.
She tried the door again and this time it worked. She pulled it open.
She saw a corridor outside, empty.
Grabbing the blanket that lay on the floor where she had tossed it, Rhianna ran down the corridor. She found the elevator and a set of emergency stairs.
Rhianna made a decision and took the stairs. The park was only a block away, they either drove or walked.
Up one level was the Parking garage, but that door was locked. Rhianna headed for the street level.
That door opened up on the lobby, and Rhianna took a moment to tied the ends of the blanket around her neck like a cloak.  She was about to go out in public dressed in nothing but a blanket and a painted rubber hood. But a child's life was at stake. She had no time to do better.
She burst out into the lobby, startling the doorman who was the only one there.
"Jesus!" he yelled, seeing the strange apparition in front of him.
"Did Mrs Brey and a young girl just come through here?"  Rhianna asked the man.
"Who the hell are you, lady?"
Rhianna reached out with one hand and grabbed the guy by the neck. She was in no mood for chit chat.
"Did they come through?" she yelled into the guy's face.
"Yeah, just a little while ago. The kid was screaming her head off. They headed out toward the park!" said the now frightened man.
Rhianna let go and went out onto the street. Heads immediately began to turn but she didn't care, she was after bigger game than her modesty.
She spotted her quarry almost a block away at the entrance to the park, she began to run.  As she ran the blanket billowed out behind her and she lost her cover.  People on the sidewalk and in traffic stopped and stared at this painted woman as she ran barefoot, well bare everything, down a New York sidewalk.
A couple of tourists even got pictures.  Many yelled out to her but no one got in her way.
She had to cross two streets to get to the park entrance and she almost caused accidents on both of them with her display.  She ran right by one driver without seeing him.
James Vessor watched as the multicolored woman ran past. Unlike everyone else on the street he knew where she had come from. He also had a fair idea who it was.  He began to look for a way to turn around.
Rhianna stopped running when she entered the park, the path led off in three directions.  Even this late at night there were people there, and they all stopped and stared.
"Did anyone see a woman with a young girl just come through here!" Rhianna yelled.
One guy with a grin on his face pointed down one of the pathways and Rhianna took off.
She ran as fast as she could in her bare feet and rounded a corner to be confronted with more people.
A young woman with a small boy stood immobile on the path. With them was an older man with a gun in his hand. Rhianna had interrupted a robbery.
All three of them looked over at Rhianna as she ran up to them. Rhianna ran straight at the mugger and bowled him over, the two of them going down to the ground.  Rhianna was up first and she grabbed his gun and took off. Now she was armed and felt a lot better about her chances.
The mugger lay on the ground, still shocked at what he had seen.
"Mommy, I didn't know there were real Super Heroes in the city!"  said the boy.
"I guess there are when you really need them." said his mother.
"She was naked! I just got a face full of tit!" the mugger added before he was stunned by the tazer the woman managed to dig out of her purse.
"Bastard." she said.
Rhianna kept going, scanning the area around her. They couldn't be that far ahead!
She spotted a flash of color off the path in the trees and headed toward it.
"Rhianna!" she heard a young voice yell.  Rhianna picked up the pace and quickly came up on Kathleen and the girl.
Kathleen was struggling, Samantha putting up a fight. Behind them, already stuck in the ground, was one of the same metal spears that had killed the other children, it's lethal point ready for it's victim.
"Freeze, FBI!" Rhianna yelled. She stopped and took her stance. Both hands on the weapon, legs apart, a stable platform for the gun in her hand.
Kathleen looked up and swung the nine year old in front of her. She had the gun pointed at Samantha's head.
"How did you get out?" Kathleen said.
"Let her go, now!"
"You're kidding. You're going to drop YOUR gun and go right back to your cell.  I'm the one giving the orders here."
"Let her go!"  Rhianna would have given anything for some back up, but there was nothing she could do about it. She hoped that in her mad dash that someone would have called the police. She could stand to be arrested for indecent exposure if it meant saving Samantha's life.
Samantha screamed as Kathleen twisted the gun into the side of her head.  "Drop it or I WILL shoot her!"
"You shoot her and I drop you!"
"You can't let that happen.  You can't let an innocent girl die just to catch me. I've got you!"
Rhianna knew she was right. But she could do nothing else. This stand off was going to end in the girl's death, and if she gave up her weapon it would end up in her death too.
While Rhianna had her gun there was still a tiny chance that Samantha would live, without it they were both lost.
"Put down your weapon and let her go, you can't win." Rhianna yelled.
"Neither can you!" replied Kathleen Brey, and she shifted slightly to take her shot.
"Freeze, FBI!" shouted a voice behind Kathleen.
Startled, she turned to see an older man in a suit pointing a gun at her. It was the last thing she saw.
Her turn had pulled her own weapon away from Samantha's head, and Rhianna took the shot.
The gun she had stolen from the mugger was a well balanced nine millimeter semi-automatic, very much like the one she normally carried. At the distance she had from her target, Rhianna was able to place her shot within an inch of her aim point. The only thing was the weapon had not been taken care of, and the rifleing in the short barrel was not as sharp as it should have been.  The bullet left the gun on target and spireled down a little farther than Rhianna was aiming.  Instead of a head shot, it took Kathleen in the neck.  Surprised, Kathleen Brey stepped backwards, her gun arm wildly waving for purchase. There was none though and, still clutching Samantha, she tripped and fell back, right onto the metal spear she had placed for her own victim.
The spear went straight though her chest, erupting from her front like some kind of movie monster.  Blood sprayed from her for just a moment, and them she was still.
Samantha pulled away screaming, the spear missing her own body by inches. She got to her feet and ran to Rhianna who picked up the young girl and held her.
James Vessor advanced on the body, his weapon still extended. He didn't relax until he had kicked Kathleen's gun away from her.  He then pointed it at Rhianna.
"Drop it!" he ordered.
"It's me Sir, Agent Summer."
"I just wanted to be sure, but drop the gun all the same. You don't need it now."
"Yes, Sir."
Vessor walked over and picked up Rhianna's weapon, then he put away his own gun and took out his cell phone.
As he called the NYPD and got things going, he watched the half naked woman  comfort the young girl. He had to get her away from here.
"Agent Summer, Rhianna. You can't stay. In a couple of minutes this place is going to be crawling with NYPD."
"I can't leave the girl."
"You have to.  My car is parked through the trees there, go and hide in it. Don't get out until I come get you."
"But Sir..."
"No buts, go!"
Rhianna looked down at Samantha.  "He's right, I need to get going. No one can see me like this.  This is my boss, you'll be safe with him."
Samantha looked over at Vessor who was on the phone again.
"If you say so." she said doubtfully.
Rhianna gave her one last hug and ran to Vessor's car.

It seemed like a long time to Rhianna as she knelt on the floor of the back seat of Vessor's car. She was covered completely in the blanket and she hoped that none of the dozens of cops walking around decided to investigate the car belonging to the head of he FBI in New York.
She was beginning to get cramped from the immobility when the car moved and the door opened. She had locked the car once she had gotten in, this could only be one person.
"Stay down." Vessor said as he got in.
"Where's Samantha?"
"Social Services Crisis Management.  I'm taking you home."
"No, not yet. It isn't done yet."
"More children?"
"No, one more killer."
"Mike Brey."  said Vessor with a sigh.
"No, not Mike, just take me there."
"Don't you want some clothes first?"
"No time, we may already be too late. Besides, what can I hide that they already haven't seen?"
Vessor started the car and drove them to the apartment building where Paul Brey and his family lived.
There were no NYPD there yet, too busy at the crime scene in the park. Vessor had left them giving them a statement that he had spotted a woman dragging a screaming child into the park and had stopped to investigate. No mention of Rhianna.
Kathleen Brey had yet to be identified and until then the NYPD would know nothing about the Breys.  Samantha never knew who Kathleen Brey was.
Vessor drove straight into the underground Parking garage, his FBI ID getting him past the garage attendant.  He parked in front of the elevator.
Rhianna got out, stiff and sore from her crouched position. She wrapped the blanket around herself.
"Come on, Sir." she said and headed for the private elevator.
Inside she pushed the button for the penthouse.
"Hello, this is Dovey, the family is not taking visitors at this hour."  said a voice once the doors closed.
"Can it Dovey, this is Rhianna, bring me up."
"Rhianna?  I was told you had left us!  Are you coming back?"
"Just bring us up and tell Paul Brey to meet us in the lobby."
"Yes, Maam."
If the situation hadn't been so serious, Vessor would have been amused at the way Rhianna had asserted herself over the other woman. She really was a remarkable person, Vessor thought.
"You okay, about the shooting?" he asked her.
Rhianna nodded without looking at him. She didn't want think about the shooting at the moment.
The elevator stopped and the pair got out.  Unlike when she first arrived there was no living statue on the dais. Instead Paul Brey stood in his robe, waiting.  His angry expression softened when he saw that Vessor was with Rhianna.
"What's going on, James?"  Brey asked him.
Vessor nodded at Rhianna, he was willing to let the young agent take charge. She evidently knew what she was doing.
"Sir, please have all the Doveys assemble here at once. All of them. Do it now."  Rhianna said.  "And have one of them bring a key to this hood, I've been wearing it all day!"
"James?" Brey appealed to his friend.
"Do what she says Paul."  Vessor said, verbally supporting his agent.
Rhianna was glad for the support. She was tired, achy, hungry, her ass and breasts were especially tender, and she felt like she was about to collapse. But it would be over real soon.
Brey left the room for a moment, and then came back. In his hand he had a key ring.  He used one of the keys on it to undo the lock holding Rhianna's hood on.
She peeled it off gratefully, the cool air reviving her a little.
They waited a few minutes as the Doveys came in.
Some of them stretched as though just woken up, others were in whispered conversation as they spotted Rhianna wrapped up in her blanket.  All were in uniform though, rubber hood, rubber panties and high heels.
Brey had them line up.  "Now what?" he asked.
Rhianna padded in her dirty bare feet to the end of the line. She casually walked the line, examining each Dovey in turn. She went all the way to the end and then came back to the fifth in line.
"I'm arresting you for six counts of murder, one count of attempted murder..." the Dovey stood without reaction as Rhianna recited a whole list of charges she had come up with while waiting for Vessor in his car.
"This is outrageous!"  Brey said.  "What are you talking about?"
"Sir, this morning I was taken down to the basement..." Rhianna explained to him and to the other Doveys what she had just been through. Vessor kept his eye on the Dovey Rhianna had accused, but she acted like all the others.
Was she sure, Vessor thought?
"My wife?"  Brey said, when Rhianna told him what had happened in the park. She had pulled no punches, and told him of her death without any comforting words.
Brey looked deflated, and he moved away.
"But how can you tell it was this Dovey?" said a voice from across the room.  Mike Brey stood there, in his own robe, a little white faced at the news.
To tired to talk much more, Rhianna simply pointed. The Dovey she had charged had a mole right where Samantha said she would.

It was three days later, in New Mexico.  It was a small house that looked like it had seen better days, but it looked cared for.
Rhianna parked the car and looked at her companion.
Nine year old Samantha's eyes were excited as she saw her home.
"Ready?" Rhianna asked her.
The girl nodded.
As they opened the car doors a thin man stepped out of the house. At the sight of his daughter he ran out to meet her.
Samantha ran too and they met in the middle in a big hug.
Rhianna watched from the car, smiling. She had traded a lot for the privilege of bringing Samantha home, but it had been worth it.
A woman appeared at the door after a moment and Samantha yelled "Mom!" and ran to greet her.  Rhianna ambled over to where Samantha's father stood watching his two favorite women.
"She's a strong little girl." Rhianna said to him.
"Thank you. Thank you for bringing her back to us."  the man said, tears in his eyes.
"I had to, she may have saved my life, she certainly saved her own."
"Come inside, let's celebrate."
"No, I can't stay. I just wanted to tell you that I was happy to meet your daughter, and that she is a very special person. That includes her special talents?"
Samantha's father began to get a little red in the face.
"I would suggest you not let this girl waste her talents on anything petty.  You will see that she lives up to her potential wont you?" Rhianna asked him.
He knew when he was licked. This FBI agent knew things about him that he rather she not know.
"Isn't that what a father always wants for his child?" he said.
Rhianna nodded.  "I may drop by from time to time, just to say hi."
"You do that, Maam. You're always welcome here."
Rhianna smiled and walked back to the car.
As she pulled away from the house she slipped her white gloves off and examined her hands.  Most of the ink had come off her easily enough, but enough remained to last for a while.  It would be high collars and white gloves for a week or two yet.
Small price to pay to catch a child killer.

The End of this Story.