She sat in the cab, naked under her coat, her heart thumping.  Stepping out of the house like this had been very hard to do; the closing of her front door sealing her fate as she had no key to get back in.  All she had with her other than the coat, were her shoes, some money, and nail scissors.  She squirmed in the cab's back seat at the thought of what lay ahead, what she had to do to get her key back.  It frightened her, yet excited her.
  She felt strange wearing nothing but her coat; never had she gone out like this before.  The coat's silk lining rubbed her bare skin, making her aware of it in a way she had never felt before.  It caressed her, teased her, and every movement was like a lover's touch, especially on her nipples which brushed back and forth against the lining.  She had a strong urge to push a hand inside the coat, to find that sweet spot where pleasure dwelled.  But she resisted.  It was not yet time and she had things to do.
  Instead she looked out of the cab, following its progress downtown into the theater district.  She tried to calm her nerves and she wondered if she could do as she was asked.  She knew she could always cheat, always just pretend to do what he had asked in order to make him happy, but deep down she knew he would see through her attempt at deception, and something loved would be spoiled.  Besides, she was as excited to go through this adventure as he was in giving it to her.  She had to go through with it.
  As the cab drew close to her first stop, she took the scissors out of her pocket and looked down.  Time to make a decision.  Carefully, she snipped off the lowermost button of her coat, and held it in one hand while she put the scissors away. 'Five more buttons,' she thought.
  When the cab stopped, she handed the driver enough money for the fare and a tip.  She also handed over the button.  The driver saw it and looked at her.  "What gives?" he asked.
  She smiled as she stepped out of the vehicle.  "Keep it," she said, and walked away.
  She was still two blocks away from where she had to go next, but her instructions said to walk them.  It was both torture and a pleasure, walking though this busy city at night in nothing but her coat and shoes.  Her body reacted to the constant rubbing of the coat lining and she felt her arousal rising to a par with her fear.  She looked down to see the gap at the bottom of her calf length coat, the gap created by the missing button.  Now a good portion of her legs were bare and it felt to her that if she walked too fast she might flash the unsuspecting public.  Yet she couldn't dally, for her schedule was set, and she couldn't be late.
  The bar was full of theater patrons, waiting patiently for the show across the street to be ready to receive them.  She made her way to the bar and asked for a particular bartender to help her.  The man showed up, and after she told him who she was he looked at his watch and smiled.  He got her a drink which she sipped, sitting on a stool.  She was careful when she crossed her legs, not wanting to show too much thigh.  She thought about what else was going to happen that night and knew her humility had yet to really be challenged.  Her heart thumped harder.
  Presently though, the crowd started to thin as the theater across the street opened its doors, and she knew it was decision time again.  She took out her scissors and looked down.
What button next?
  She chose to go with the top one, the one at her neck.  She made sure no one was watching her and quickly snipped it off, adding the button to the pile of money on the bar with which she was paying for her drink.  Four buttons left.
  The bartender moved to collect her cash.  He saw the button and nodded, a slight smile on his face.  He had no real idea what was going on, just that one of his regular customers was paying him to check the time this broad arrived and to make sure she left a button with her money.  But he had been around the block a few times, so he could guess.
  His smile made her blush and she finished her drink before stepping away from the bar.  As she walked she could sense the coat hanging differently on her, her chest now a little more exposed to the night air.  It sent a thrill through her as she crossed the street and entered the theater.
  She had been told a ticket was waiting for her and she went to the window where a particular red headed girl was working.  Most of the patrons had already gone in ahead of her, but there were still a few lines for those purchasing last minute tickets.  She was sure her heart was about to explode, and she had a strong urge to turn around and get out.  Yet, she was also perversely excited and knew that if she chickened out now she would never know such excitement again.  She wished He was here to share it with her, yet in a way He was for He was never out of her thoughts.
  Her turn came at the window and the redhead behind the glass smiled at her.  She identified herself and the red head's smile grew curious.  She pulled a little envelope from her stack of reserved tickets and looked once more at the instructions on it that she had been paid a little extra that night to follow.
  "You owe me something for these tickets," said the redhead.
  The woman nodded and took out her scissors.  Decision time.  She felt she would be safe taking another button off the top and she snipped one off.  Three buttons to go.  She handed it over and got her ticket.  The redhead smiled and sent her on her way.
  She clutched at her coat, knowing that now her top button was the one just below her cleavage.  She could feel her nudity even more now, even though she was just as covered as when she left the house.  She laughed as she made her way to her seat, thinking about how panicked she was when she started this adventure.  Her feeling of vulnerability then had been nothing compared to now.
  She sat down and discovered that she was surrounded by men on all sides.  It felt odd and a little overwhelming to her to be seated in such company while wearing nothing but her coat; and she could imagine their eyes boring into her, finding out her secret.  She felt a little slutty, imagining what they would do if they discovered her secret, the price they might extract from her for their silence.  As the lights dimmed and the play started, she entertained herself with fantasies about being discovered in the dark.
  She found herself smiling at such foolishness for fantasies like that were not her normal fare, at least as far as she would admit.  Yet, since meeting Him...
  The thought warmed her loins and in the dark she allowed her hands to slide deep under the material of her only covering.  One hand cupped a breast, a thumb rubbing back and forth over an excited nipple.  The other sought a deeper resting place, and made itself snug and warm.  Like this she watched the play, which was a romance, and thought about this romance of her own.  What was happening on stage was nothing compared to her own whirlwind life, and she was happy, very happy.  As she watched she continued to caress herself and was almost lost in the sensations until she caught the eye of the man sitting next to her.  He had been looking over at her chest and he glanced up, a guilty look on his face, a slight blush to his cheeks.
  She looked down and saw that her coat had opened up with her unaware, showing rather more than cleavage.  She blushed white hot and pulled both her hands from her body, closing up her coat and wanting to die.  She looked over at him again and was horrified to see him wink.  She didn't look at him again for the rest of the play.  And yet...the encounter excited her in a way she couldn't describe.  It was so unlike her normal behavior, so unlike the woman she had been a short month before.  What was He turning her into?
  When the play ended she got up as quickly as dignity would allow and joined the press of bodies moving toward the exit.  The man she had been sitting next to was right behind her and she could feel him pushing against her.  She was a little alarmed but put it down to the fact that she was so undressed.  She had been in close crowds like this before, yet not like this.  Again she wondered what the people she was pressed up against would do if they knew that what they saw her wearing was all she had.
  Then she felt a hand sneak through the front of her coat and cup a bare breast.  It was there for only an instant before being pulled out, but it shocked her immensely.  She turned to look at the man behind her, but he was talking to someone else.  She was sure it must have been him but now she wasn't so sure.  SOMEONE had copped a feel, of that she had no doubt, but whoever it was had gotten away scot free.  She started to giggle.
  Outside, she easily flagged down another cab, and told him her next address.  It was a restaurant uptown, and he was glad for the run.  Sitting in the back, she thought about the grope in the theater and about how she hadn't paid much attention to the play.  Even now she ached to return to her former occupation, but she resisted for the cab was not as private a place as a darkened theater.  Yet, she could smell her arousal on her fingers and as the long ride went on she could swear her scent was filling the cab.  But as the blocks went by she knew it was decision time once more.  Pulling out her scissors, she wondered what button would be next.
  Now it was nerve racking.  Take off a top one and the next button would be at her crotch.  Take off a bottom one and again the next button would be at her crotch.  What to do?  Time was against her and she knew she had to make a decision soon, yet she couldn't.  It was only as the cab pulled over at her destination that she took the plunge and snipped off a button.   Two buttons left.  She included it with her money but the driver didn't seem to notice.  He didn't even look at her as she gingerly got out of the car.  She stood and watched it disappear and wondered what the hell she was doing.  But, taking a deep breath she knew she had to go on, so go on she did.  Clutching the top of her coat and taking easy steps so that the now free bottom of her coat didn't swing open, she made her way inside.  There was a reservation for her, a single table in full view of the rest of the restaurant.
  Out on the darkened streets and in the privacy of a cab, her lack of attire hadn't been scrutinized too much.  But the restaurant was very well lighted and as she was led to her table she was very conscious of the eyes that followed her.  At least she imagined that they did, for she felt naked in front of them with only two buttons left on her coat.  She felt as if everyone could stare through her coat to her naked skin.  It gave her a nervous flush.  The waiter offered to take her coat and she rushed to say no, startling the man. But he bowed and held her chair while she sat, carefully holding her coat closed as she did so.  Only when he left to get her a menu did she worry about her seating.  If she let go of the bottom of her coat it would slide apart, the material too heavy to stay on her legs.  Yet the button protecting her lower decency was right at crotch level and a part in the coat up to that point would obviously show that she wore nothing below her waist.  She then got an idea and grabbed a napkin with her other hand, trusting that the top of her coat would stay closed.  She opened the napkin and spread it over her lap.  Now she was covered and the coat could fall apart and, as long as she kept her legs together, she was safe.
  She spent the entire meal sitting like this, hardly tasting the food.  She forever looked about the room, searching for that one pair of eyes that knew what she was doing, that knew that she was practically naked in front of them.  She thought about HIM and how He had led her to this, how He had made her sit nude under her coat in front of all these people.  What was He doing to her?  Why was she doing this to herself?
  But she felt so alive, so aware of what was around her.  The whole experience was intoxicating and she knew she could get drunk on such excitement if she wasn't careful.  How had she thought that life before Him had been living?
  Decision time was approaching once more though.  It was time to pay for her meal which meant using more than money.  Which button next?  It was hardly a choice.  She took out her scissors and snipped off the button just below her breasts and set it on the table with her money.  One button left.
  She almost couldn't get up to make the walk back through the restaurant.  Surely someone would notice that only one button remained on her coat, that only a few flimsy threads protected her nakedness.  How could they not?
  Yet stand she did, and like in a dream she walked out, forcing her hands to relax, knowing that if she clutched at her coat it would be obvious why she did so.  She didn't know how she made it out of the restaurant without causing a riot, but she was back on the street.  She had to find another cab.
  This time it wasn't as easy, but she got one and gave the driver her final address for the night.  It was a short trip for which she was glad.  She was having a hard time not thinking about what was to come and she didn't want time to think.
  While she rode she snipped off the last button, no decision needed, no buttons left.  It, and the last of her money, paid the cab's fare and she was left alone on the street once more.  Now it was her hands that held her coat closed against a cold wind that threatened to expose her adventure to the world.  The cold air reminded her in yet another way of her predicament and she shivered.
  She was standing in front of a high rise apartment building, a security building.  She entered the glass enclosed vestibule and pushed the buzzer next to his name.  She could go no further into the building until He let her through, by remotely opening the lock.  A camera above the door allowed Him to see who it was.
  "Hello!" she heard.  It was Him.
  "Hi," she replied, only now aware of how breathless she was, how nervous and excited.
  "Did you have a good evening?" He questioned through the intercom.
  She nodded.
  "Let me see," He replied.
  She paused and then let her hands drop.  Her coat fell slightly open, its lack of buttons obvious.  She was very aware that from the street she was still visible.  He let her stand that way for a moment before talking once more.  "You did very well, I hope you found it exciting."
  "Yes...I did," she replied with a smile.
  "Then just one more thing before you get your house key back.  Drop your coat."
  She gasped.  "Here?"
  "Yes, here...Of course, you could always walk back home like you are, and that would be another adventure!"
  She thought about that.  It would be a long walk naked in a coat with no buttons.  She could do it but where would that leave them?  She couldn't end it now.  Besides, she would still be locked out and trying to find a locksmith in her present condition would be more than she could handle.  Taking a deep breath she moved her arms and let the coat slide off her shoulders.  A second later, it was a pool of material about her feet.
  She stood, for what seemed like hours, in the glass vestibule; visible to the street from behind, and visible to Him and whoever might suddenly appear in the lobby of this building from the front.  But it was only a few seconds before the door buzzed and she pushed it open.
  She reached down to pick up her coat but He told her to leave it, so she did.  Inside, she forced herself to walk across the wide lobby to the elevators.  She felt slutty, sexy, vulnerable, aroused, ashamed, petrified...a whole host of feelings that she didn't know could be experienced all at once.  She could not believe what was happening to her, yet she wouldn't stop it for the world.
  The ride in the elevator was no less nerve racking, but it was the walk from the elevator to His apartment that really made her aware that all she had for covering were her shoes.  The hallway was richly decorated and she thought that it probably had never seen a woman walk naked through it before.  Each door she passed she knew would open, a shocked tenant revealed, but she made it to the proper door and knocked.
  She swore later that He must have kept her waiting, but in a moment the door opened and He was able to see her for real.
  She smiled.  "Can I have my key now?" she asked.
  He looked her over for a moment before smiling back.  "You'll get it in the morning," was His reply as He took her by the hand and led her inside.
  The door closed, and another adventure began.