by Leisurely

Adrienne would have stomped her feet if they didnít hurt so much. Why she had agreed to play Truth or Dare she didnít know (one too many Amaretto sours a small voice whispered). So here she was walking along the creepiest loneliest road in the county late at night dressed in a short skirt, tall heels, and a see through blouse that displayed her lacy bra in ways she didnít like to think about. Adrienne blushed furiously at the thought of being seen like this. She was supposed to be hitchhiking but a) there were no cars and b) she hadnít been drunk enough to get in a strangerís car when she started never mind now after the chilly night air had sobered her.

Adrienneís friends were coming to retrieve her soon and if she werenít past the covered bridge there would be an additional penalty. Still it could have been worse. They had asked what was the strangest question she had ever been asked and she wasnít ready to reveal the existence of her online Master and his probing curiosity. She could do this dare (barely) then it would be someone elseís turn. The bridge was only a couple more miles and she had plenty of time left.

Lost in thought Adrienne was unprepared for the sudden glare of lights from a fast approaching vehicle. The van full of teen boys swerved around her and she was peppered with their drunken catcalls. Just as Adrienne sighed with relief the brake lights flared blood red and the van skidded to a halt. Glancing around she saw there were no escape routes and that bluff and bluster were her only options. Grinding into reverse the driver backed unsteadily until the van pulled up alongside her.

Sweaty faces and bleary eyes stared at her outfit. Adrienne was acutely aware of how she looked. With mock gallantry the driver acted as spokesman and offered a ride but his eyes never left the voluptuous curve of her breasts. Politely and firmly she declined. The vanís occupants began talking all at once and their individual words were lost. The sense of it was she should come with them and have a good time. Despite the chill air a trickle of sweat ran between Adrienneís shoulder blades. When the doors swung open she knew the time for words was over and turned and ran. Unfortunately no new escape routes had miraculously appeared and she could hear drunken laughter and the thunder of feet closing in. She was panting with fear and exertion when the first hand grabbed her.

The fastest boy jerked her to a halt and the others quickly surrounded her. Not touching her but standing very close Adrienne could feel the heat and smell the musky scent of their bodies. They pressed close and trapped her in a circle of big male shapes. Leering down at her, not touching her, it was as if they were waiting for some signal. Taking the pause as an opportunity Adrienne pushed toward a small gap in the ring and instantly their hands were on her.

A meaty pair of hands gripped her arms above the elbow and pulled her back against a growing erection. Adrienne could feel it engorge as the struggle rubbed her firm ass across her captorís groin. The frantic woman lashed out with the sharp toes and spike heels of her high heels. The satisfaction of the damage she inflicted was short lived as the attackers quickly used size and numbers to subdue her. Half suspended in the air Adrienne writhed and jerked wildly. The mob cheered at the sound of her flimsy blouse tearing. Sometimes a sweaty hand would slip and escape would seem possible but there were too many hands. Her last victory was a deep bite wound to a hand that had gotten carelessly near her face. In response a knotted t-shirt had been forced past her lips and tied behind her neck. Mocking voices calling her "wildcat" provoked one last burst of struggle but Adrienne was hopelessly caught.

Now they forced their lips on her, tasting her sweet flesh as more hands roamed over her body. The hands gripped her breasts cruelly and fingers pinched her sensitive nipples until she gave a scream angrily through the improvised gag. The cheeks of her ass were groped and spread. Clumsy fingers fumbled at the fastenings of her clothes. Her torn blouse fell open and the unzipped skirt slithered down her thighs. The sight of her wispy g-string elicited lustful hoots. Lifting Adrienne the group staggered toward the van. "Letís go someplace private for a real party," someone shouted. The half-naked womanís blood ran cold at the suggestion.

Adrienne was being shoved toward the gaping doors of the van when flashing blue lights lit the tableau. Adrienne and her captors strained their eyes against the glare as the flashes silhouetted an anonymous form. They all froze as a voice said, "I see you found her. She wonít escape again". "You", the menacing figure indicated one of the teens, "Bring her here!" Confused the boy obeyed and suddenly Adrienne found herself pressed face down on the hood of the police car. Smooth mechanical clicks announced the capture of her wrists by cold steel handcuffs. Disoriented all she could think about was how naked her ass looked as she bent over the idling car.

Firmly but carefully the cop steered her toward his car. "I know what you boys had in mind but I donít have time for you now. Beat it and donít let me see you again." He slid into the driverís seat and threw the car in gear. As they roared away from the scene of the assault Adrienne tried to speak through the gag and explain what had really happened. She was not notably successful and groaned in frustration. The driver glanced from the road and tugged the gag from her lips one handed. The car squealed around a curve and threw her against him as she began to explain. Interrupting her he said, "Relax. I know what was going on back there but Iím not really a cop and arresting you was the only way I could think of to get you out of there. Iíll take the cuffs off as soon as we put some distance between them and us."

Adrienneís jaw dropped but she was soon too busy bracing against vehicleís wild motion to object. As they tore down the narrow road suddenly the car skidded to a halt. Throwing it in reverse her rescuer backed deftly in an abandoned barn a few feet from the road. In less than 30 seconds the engine was off, the doors were shut and they were straining their ears to detect any sounds of pursuit.

Adrienne was intensely aware of the man standing next to her. After the roar of their escape the night now seemed silent. Her heart pounded from reaction and relief and something more. The heat of his body and scent of his cologne surrounded her in the dark. She leaned toward him.

"Why do you have handcuffs if youíre not an officer?"

"I just like them. Hang on, Iíll get the key."

Adrienne could hear the smile in his voice and shivered as his lips whispered against her ear. She replied inaudibly. She repeated herself more loudly as he moved toward the car. "Leave them on," she asked in a shaky tone. His body went still in surprise. Stepping carefully on the uneven floor Adrienne pressed her firm breasts to him and caressed his mouth with her soft lips. Her eyes sparkled with desire in the dark. A long shuddering sigh came from him as he wrapped his arms around her. He held her steady as his lips kissed along the elegant curve of her neck. Adrienne moaned as knowing hands explored her succulent form.

The ruined blouse fell from her shoulder and only stopped when it reached the cuffs binding her wrists. Nibbles and kisses tasted her smooth bare shoulders. The clasp on her bra clicked open to expose the firm full breasts inside. Feather light fingers circled on the sensitive flesh. Teasingly the wandering lips drifted downward. Reflexively, Adrienne thrust them forward to be suckled. Her moans were louder when a flicking tongue tantalized the erect nipples.

The tall man stepped back and peeled out his shirt. Adrienne leaned on the carís hood and watched the dark form undress. Her hands lay flat balancing her on the warm metal. Kisses rained on her face as the naked body loomed over her. A throbbing erection bumped her toned thighs. Eagerly, she spread herself for the blunt tip and it slipped easily along her dripping slit. Strong hands lifted the panting woman to the hood. The straps of her thong briefly bit into her hips as he tore them apart. Her long legs wrapped around the friendly strangerís waist. They moaned in unison as the hard tool burrowed deep inside her tight canal. His mouth ravaged hers in time to their frantic motion then abruptly the powerful thrusts stopped.

Adrienne groaned with unfulfilled need and began a question, "Whatís the matÖ" but just that quickly she was gagged again. Callused hands rolled her face down on the car. Mumbled confusion gave way to a muffled shriek of pleasure when the rigid tool entered her from behind. Soft flesh rubbed on the unyielding metal with each driving thrust. She could hear her dark loverís ragged breathing and knew he was close. Her own excitement neared a powerful orgasm. Too quickly he filled her with hot juices and withdrew from her trembling body. She grunted pleadingly into the soaked gag but quick fingers had already found the swollen clit and were tantalizing the delicate flesh.

ĎAlmost there,í she thought. ĎPlease donít stop,í she begged silently. Without warning a smack landed on Adrienneís defenseless ass. Blow after blow landed turning the round firm rump fiery red while the dancing fingers continued to play between the writhing womanís legs. Adrienneís climax rolled over her like an ocean wave. Her body shuddered with release as her wail of pleasure leaked around the cloth filling her mouth.

Adrienne lay quiet as the handcuffs opened and her eccentric lover gathered her trembling body in his arms. Tender kisses touched her lips before he guided her to the rear door of the car. A suspiciously convenient ring accepted the cuffs and the slim wrists were captured again. A dozen seat belts snugged her naked body to the long bench seat. A soft blanket covered her and warmed her chilled skin. Her captor disappeared for a few minutes and reappeared fully dressed. Adrienne drowsed, heavy eyed and oddly comfortable in her bondage. The car rolled from the garage. Destination unknown.