My Very Own
by Lazerou

Part 11

What goes on the web, stays on the web. Katie Thomas learns this the hard way when an afternoon of fun with a webcam turns her young life into something she had never imagined.

Chapter 20. Necessary for Her Learning

“Come in.”

Katie opened the door and hesitantly stepped into the room, her apprehension written clearly on her pretty face. She had never been alone in a classroom with a teacher, especially not during a lunch period, when every other student was supposed to be enjoying a break from lessons. She counted herself lucky though. Mr Marinov didn’t have to accept her proposal. Three lunchtime detentions in exchange for one after school may have sounded like a bad deal to someone else, but to her it was a lifesaver. The nervous schoolgirl paused just over the threshold and surveyed the deathly quiet classroom. Mr Marinov sat behind his desk at the front of the room, busily grading papers. Katie glanced at the empty desks, wondering if she should take her seat.

“Um, I’m here for my detention, Sir,” Katie said meekly, once she had worked up the courage to break the imposing silence. She watched in trepidation as the teacher looked at his watch before acknowledging her.

“First detention Miss Thomas. Now I have allowed these because of your extra-curricular activities and in the hope that this one-time display of leniency will be something which will spur a change in behaviour. I won’t have any student missing the midday meal so you have 30 minutes in which to fulfil your detention, after which time you will be able to have your lunch. Do you understand?”

“Yes Sir, thank you Sir.”

“The first line I have completed for you. One hundred lines are to be completed.  When you fill the board, alert me. You are to copy the line exactly. Hopefully this exercise will impart a sense of decorum, respect and focus. Begin.”

Katie had stood perfectly still during her instructions, hanging on the teacher’s every word. She looked up at the board now to see a line at the very top of the tall blackboard written in an immaculate script: I must learn to assess priorities. During class I have but one. One hundred times! The worried schoolgirl had no idea how long that would take to write, but she was sure there was no way it could be achieved during thirty minutes. She quickly dropped her bag by the door and walked to the board.

“No. At your desk.”

Katie blushed at the casual chastisement, knowing that Mr Marinov was right to scold her. Lauren had taught her that there was always a proper place for her things and it was rarely by a doorway. She gathered her bag and put it gently by her desk.

“Before we begin, bring your phone and place it on my desk. Until I am confident you have learned your lesson, I feel it best the object of temptation be removed.”

Katie paused for just a second before scrabbling in her bag for her phone. Before she pulled it free she checked to make sure it was locked. She still hadn’t been able to remove the offending material from it, something she must remember to ask Lauren the very next chance she had.

She stalked to the front of the class and hesitated a moment before she placed the phone on the paper-strewn surface. Her hand trembled as she held the small object above the desk, a shock of fear striking her heart when it finally left the safety her hand, hitting the table with a dull clunk that resounded ominously throughout the still classroom. She didn’t have the time to waste and now that her phone was beyond her reach, the apprehensive schoolgirl hurried to the board.

Katie picked up the piece of chalk in the metal gutter at the bottom of the board and looked up at the imposing black surface, it’s emptiness a challenge, a silent taunt that she was desperate to quell. The butterflies in her stomach fluttered frenetically as she placed chalk to board for the first time.

I must learn to assess my priorities. During class I have but one. With the first line completed she felt a little better, but a new worry plagued her already tortured mind. The skirt she wore wasn’t too short, it was actually one of the more modest Lauren had allowed her to keep, falling just a little over halfway down her thigh. She had to stand on tiptoes to reach the top of the board and her skirt moved a little, but it was the blouse she wore that made her face flush with the familiar, frustrating warmth.

Lauren had chosen a pretty blouse of plain white, the thick material was stiff and contoured in the slim-fit she had liked but often avoided. It hugged her curves, stiffening around her full bosom, but it was the length of the blouse that was the cause of her sudden concern. When she was standing still, she felt more than comfortable, she was glad of the modest cut of the top, the thick material completely opaque, never betraying a hint of the darker bra beneath.

Now however, she was obliged to reach above her, well above if she was to utilise the entire board. The short, tight sleeves pulled the blouse up as she stretched, lifting the hem above her skirt, baring her belly and side. She had tried to pull it down once but quickly realised how foolish a proposition that was. There wasn’t really anyone to see her. Mr Marinov was the only one in the room and he was busy grading papers. Still, she couldn’t help but feel as if she was somehow being watched by a crowd of thousands, their leering faces pressed against the windows, peering hungrily at the brief flash of flesh she exposed each time she wrote on the board.

“No Katie. I provided that line as a guide. You were instructed to copy it exactly. Clean that off and start again.”

Katie had jumped at the sudden correction. The chalk fell to the floor, bouncing noisily from the small metal shelf at the board’s base. She had been sure the teacher had not been watching her. She felt the heat of her humiliation spread across her chest and neck as she imagined the way her body was displayed each time she wrote on the board: her smooth belly, the soft skin of her hip and even the tiny dimples in the small of her back, visible just above the line of her low-slung skirt.

The blushing schoolgirl bent to pick up the fallen chalk, lowering her entire body in a demure squat, conscious now of the possible scrutiny and not willing to provide Mr Marinov with any further fuel with which to form a less than flattering opinion of her. She did like him, he was always fair, a little stern but she had never had any trouble with him before. She was adamant this would be a one-time experience.

Abashed by the failure of her very first try, Katie wiped away her line. She knew what she had done wrong: her text had only been half the size of the teacher’s example. She set to her task with renewed vigour, wanting to ensure no more wasted time or effort. There was nothing she could do about the flesh she bared, she just had to do her best to push it to the back of her mind and focus. It wasn’t as if she was showing anything really, more of her body could be seen during her morning run but alone in a classroom with a teacher, the few scant inches of skin made her feel as if she was doing the detention in her underwear.

The tension that wracked her body eased a little as she completed each line, progressing further down the board, allowing her to write each successive line closer to her own height. She knew she would have to start again at the top very soon, but for now, she would accept any minor victory, no matter how transient.

“Excuse me Sir, I have filled the board,” Katie ventured timidly, turning to the busy teacher for guidance. She watched as he turned and surveyed her work.

“Line six contains a spelling error, line eleven lacks punctuation. So that is only 18 lines. I suggest you quit daydreaming and focus. You are here to learn a lesson, not simply to occupy my time. I can assure you that I have better things to do with my lunch hours than to spend them in a classroom.”

“Sorry Sir,” Katie replied, intently studying her shoes.

“Well clean the board and continue,” the teacher said, his obvious exasperation creeping into his tone.

“Yes Sir.”

How could she have made those errors? And now she had made Mr Marinov angry. She risked a glance at the clock and realised almost ten minutes had passed. Eighteen lines in ten minutes. Even if she made no more mistakes she would only be just over halfway done in the time she had been given. Now she really began to worry. She had to forget everything else and just write, fast.

She had only completed four lines when she heard a familiar skittering sound to her left.  A cold void formed in the pit of her stomach as the terrible sound of her phone vibrating across the teacher’s desk filled the quiet room like the deafening peal of bells from a church. The terrified schoolgirl paused for just a moment, her trembling hand poised above the board in mid-sentence.

Write, Katie screamed at herself. If she reacted now, to the very same distraction that had placed her in this predicament, she would surely end up with further detentions. She forced her hand to move, sliding the chalk slowly across the rough black surface. She cringed as the white stick squealed on the board. Once she regained her rhythm she completed the line, shoulders slumping as the vibrating stopped. It had only been a text. Thank god for small mercies, Katie thought.

The tiny hairs on the back of her neck suddenly stood on end. She had to resist the urge to turn around, able to feel her teacher’s intense scrutiny as she worked. She imagined the frown of disapproval and tensed once again, more conscious than ever of the movement of her blouse, waiting for the reprimand she knew she deserved. She should have turned the phone off entirely. She was so stupid but she hadn’t even thought about it.

“Excuse me Sir, I have finished again.”

The young girl’s shoulders slumped as she turned to her see her teacher sat at his desk, reading a book. She had finished the last set of lines convinced that he had been staring at her, waiting for her to slip up. She had expected a correction at any moment, when the truth was that he wasn’t paying any attention to her at all. After a brief moment of scrutiny, Mr Marinov waved her on, giving her permission to continue.

Katie immediately set to cleaning the board before starting a third round. She had completed 41 lines and her time was almost up. She couldn’t really fit anymore in, not only due to time but also to space. She dared not try and write any smaller, she had been told to copy exactly and after those first few errors she had been determined not to waste a single line.

As Katie copied out what she knew would be her last set, she thought about what she was writing. She would make sure that she kept her priorities straight in future. She knew the lesson Mr Marinov wanted her to learn and she was determined not to let this opportunity go to waste. Her only priority in class was to listen and do well. This was what Lauren wanted her to do as well. She knew her grades weren’t good enough. She wasn’t as smart as Lauren so the only way she would improve was to pay attention and work hard.

Before she had become Lauren’s property she had been lazy and inattentive, they had been the reasons for her poor grades. She wanted to do well and she wasn’t lazy anymore, that was for sure, but she couldn’t deny she was still inattentive. It was just that her mind wandered, no matter how hard she tried to keep it focused on the lesson.  Her owner was in her thoughts, always. The smallest thing would start her thinking of her lover and she would soon find herself daydreaming of the time they had spent together.

It had been worse these last few days. She had spent a magical weekend with her owner, two days which she looked back upon as the happiest of her life. She imagined spending her life with Lauren, living together openly as a couple. She imagined waking up each morning next to her, gently exploring her soft body before they each had to get ready for work.

With a start, Katie realised she had been doing it again. The repetitive task had allowed her mind to wander. She could feel her nipples stiffening and tried desperately to fight her rising arousal. She needed to see Lauren and if she was going to be completely honest, she needed to come. She wasn’t designed for these prolonged periods without an orgasm. She was a slut, so Lauren had taught her, and she really needed the release. Her thoughts were haunted by sex, her ability to cope lessening with each passing day that climax was denied her.

“That will do Miss Thomas. Finish that line.”

Katie was startled by the sudden comment, wrapped up as she was in her own sensual torment. She quickly finished the line and glanced down at her chest as she placed the chalk on the shelf. Despite her best efforts, her nipples had hardened, the tiny buds just visible beneath her bra and blouse. She felt the heat between her legs but was sure she hadn’t begun to cream. For that at least she was grateful. Her pussy seemed almost perpetually wet these days. She had become used to peeling her panties off when she got home and licking her discharge from the crotch of the tiny garments so her mother did not discover her secret, when she was allowed panties that was.

“A rather poor showing Katie. You are only 60% complete. I would have expected much more from someone who was focused on their priorities. You will complete the task in your own time. One hundred lines which you will present to me tomorrow.”


“Yes Miss Thomas? You have something to say?”

“No Sir, I mean it’s just… I, well but I did 60,” Katie mumbled, quickly wishing she had never opened her mouth.

“You were set a task. You failed to complete it so you must begin again. If someone fails to finish a marathon, they don’t start halfway the next time do they?”

“No Sir.”

“One hundred lines to be presented at your second detention tomorrow. You may now take your seat and eat your lunch.”


“Yes, your detention is for the lunch period. A detention is not only to impart valuable lessons but it is also a punishment and part of that punishment is to be parted from your friends. Life is all about rules Katie. We all have rules to follow and they all have rewards and repercussions. You may feel very hard done by right now, but it is a lesson best learnt early. Once you have finished your lunch you may sit in silence and contemplate the reason for why you are here.”

“Yes Sir, thank you.”

Katie blushed as she thanked the teacher for her punishment. She didn’t know why she had said it, immediately feeling it was the wrong thing to say. She felt a nervous tightening in her chest as she sat at her desk and took her small salad from her bag. She glanced briefly at the teacher and looked quickly away when she saw his quizzical gaze. Did he think she was being a smartass? Having the teacher think she was making fun of him was the last thing in the world she wanted.

The anxious schoolgirl kept her head lowered as she quickly ate her meagre salad. She enjoyed her midday meal. She hadn’t at first, and she still missed the hot dogs and pizza and spaghetti the other students consumed so eagerly, but she had grown to like the salad she made for herself each morning. Her owner had set down the general ingredients for her to use but Katie took pleasure from subtly changing the mixture ever so slightly each day.

As she ate she thought about what Mr Marinov had said. She knew all about rules, she had far more to follow than the average teenager. How many other girls were property? How many other sixteen year olds belonged to someone else? Did her intimate knowledge of the importance of following rules it make her poor behaviour even worse? Lauren’s rules weren’t always easy to follow but the rewards for when she did were…

Stop, Katie screamed at herself as she started to think about Lauren’s hot mouth on her wet pussy. The seated schoolgirl felt her pussy spasm and she looked sheepishly towards the front of the room. Mr Marinov wasn’t watching her, luckily. Lauren was not here to see her, but she had automatically sat as she had been taught, legs straight, knees an inch apart. She didn’t know exactly what could be seen from the front of the class. She was sure she was fine, but the very possibility that the secrets that lay beneath her skirt could be seen made her belly flutter.

The last small leaf of lettuce now in her mouth, she packed up her lunch container and sat silently, awaiting the bell. She risked a glance at the clock on the side wall and smiled a short, relieved smile as she saw there was only five minutes to go. Sitting in the empty classroom was the perfect fuel for her daydreams. The muted sounds of the school felt as if they belonged to another world. Katie made a conscious effort to think about her detention, wondering just when she would be able to get all the extra lines finished.

The bell rang, finally, but Katie stayed in her seat, waiting for permission to leave. She felt strangely vulnerable, sitting alone at her desk at the end of her first detention. She knew she deserved the detention and she knew her owner probably wouldn’t let it end at that, but somehow she still felt bad about being here. She knew Mr Marinov was just a teacher and you had to respect them, but there was something else, something more. She didn’t want this teacher, or any teacher, to think badly of her. She wanted to impress them with her good behaviour and she knew so far she was failing. The realisation made her cringe inwardly, knowing she was letting everyone down.

“Tomorrow same time, same place Miss Thomas.”

“Yes Sir.”

“You may go.”

“Thank you Sir.” Katie grabbed her bag and scurried for the door eager to be out of the stifling classroom.

“Miss Thomas?”

Katie stopped in her tracks and turned to look at her teacher. He was still sat at his desk, holding up her phone. How could she have forgotten that? She walked back to the desk and meekly reached for her phone aware of the teacher’s judgemental look.

“Thank you Sir.”

Mr Marinov simply shook his head and Katie wasted no more time on her  exit. She had other classes to get to, each one as important as the next and each one requiring her full attention.

* * *

Finally she was home. The afternoon had been a difficult one. She had done her best to focus on her lessons, and she had managed to curb her erotic imaginings, but her shoulders had begun to ache and she couldn’t help but spend time thinking about the dull pain in her back instead of the lessons she was being taught.

She had her exercises and she had to walk Max, but soon she would have a little time to relax. She needed just a few minutes to wind down. She had been working so hard at her routine these last few days and it had paid off. She hadn’t lost a minute all week. She was so close to being allowed to have Miranda as a friend. The thought made her smile widely as she made her way into the house.

Katie hurried up the stairs eager to get to grips with her afternoon routine. The tiny tinkling of her anklet filled the quiet house with a delicate music. She smiled, stepping a little heavier as she approached her room, revelling in the dainty sound. When she was alone like this she liked to think that the fairies were playing a march for her, the slave’s march. She knew it was a little silly, but she loved the sound while she was alone, or with her owner. It made her feel special and she constantly found her hands straying to her collar, touching the thin metal band that encircled her neck. The young girl shivered as she slid her fingers along the smooth circlet, her whole body quivering as if she was struck by an internal earthquake. She giggled as she dropped her bag by her desk and kicked off her shoes.

Despite the detention that had occupied her lunch, and the ache in her back, she was feeling good. She unclipped her skirt and spun around as she removed it, the material fanning out as she twirled happily, spinning all the way to her closet. She slipped the small blue panties down her legs, checking the crotch even though she knew what she would find.

Katie brought the panties to her mouth and began to lick the damp material, keen to remove any evidence of her arousal. She would lick the most recent moistness and then pop the garment in her mouth to suckle the tiny panties, further moistening the damp crotch to remove the earlier discharge. It was something she did every day, her own little addition to her routine. Her tongue spiralled around the panties, brushing across the rough seam, endeavouring to purge every trace of her cream.

Webcam! Katie scurried to her computer and turned it on, waiting patiently for it to boot up so she could start her cam. She contemplated putting her skirt back on, but that was just silly. Lauren wouldn’t be home yet anyway. She leant over the back of her chair, wiggling her bare bottom to an unheard tune as she waited for the computer to be ready. The moment it settled, she opened the cam program and logged in. Nothing, redvelvetlines was not available. It wouldn’t be long though.

She didn’t have a lot of time but Katie enjoyed the few moments alone, dancing unreservedly as she removed her blouse and bra. She had unconsciously begun to dance the routine for her homework, hearing the song that Lauren had chosen play in her head. As her breasts fell free of their confinement she shook them provocatively at the webcam, giggling at her precociousness and at the sheer joy she felt. She didn’t know why, and she didn’t want to analyse it, she was just in a good mood. She folded her blouse and bra neatly and popped them on the end of the bed, putting her damp, but now relatively clean, panties on top.

Right, Katie thought as she stretched her arms above her head, feeling the ache in her shoulders. Damn detention. She knew the ache was from reaching up and writing the lines on the board. It wasn’t really painful it was just a little annoying, hopefully her exercises would banish the feeling. She took a deep breath, and slid her hands gently down her body, fingertips brushing the side of her breasts as they moved down, coming to rest on her hips. She felt good, fit, powerful. The routine Lauren had set her had really made a difference. It wasn’t easy, and she didn’t always want to do it, but she couldn’t deny the results. She looked better, she felt better. The smiling schoolgirl waggled her hips sexily, thinking of her owner and began her exercises, losing herself in the sweaty movements that had helped to transform her into the girl her owner wished her to be.

“Hello Kitty.”

Katie fell to the floor with a strangled gurgle, one hand clutching her chest, the other thrust out before her as if to fend off an unwanted blow. Holy fuck! Her heart hammered in her chest with machine-gun haste. The young girl lay on the floor, slackjawed and wide-eyed, her nudity not even registering through the sudden shock. Lauren was here, in her room. How? Lauren was here. Her owner was here. The thought finally penetrated the haze of her fright: her owner was here.

Katie scrambled to her knees and crawled forward to kiss the top of Lauren’s sneakers. She moved back and knelt as she had been taught, a joyous smile brightening her pretty face. She still felt as if some giant hand had squeezed her heart but the initial scare was wearing off. Her owner was here. The realisation kept rolling around and around her brain like a huge snowball, absorbing any stray thought that got in its way. She couldn’t wipe the inane grin from her face but she still wondered just how Lauren had come to be in her room.

“Don’t just sit there pussywhistle, you have exercises to finish,” Lauren said, patting her on the head as she made her way past, to the teenager’s bed.

Katie sprang to her feet and threw herself into the remainder of her exercises. She made sure to count each rep out loud, sneaking looks at her owner just to make sure she was really there. Lauren had obviously run from school. She was dressed in the small shorts and t-shirt that she always ran in. But how had she got inside the house? Katie was sure she had locked the door behind her. Redvelvetlines had not been logged in when she turned on her computer and started her cam, but that happened every now and then. She now thought back to all those times and wondered if those absences meant anything.

She hurried through her final set eager to get to her owner. Lauren had laid across her bed, propped up on her elbows, legs dangling over the edge. She still had her shoes on and their presence haunted the young girl. She knew they needed to be removed. A slight twinge spiked between her shoulders as she raised herself from the floor, gasped out her ‘Kitty wants to please’ and plunged back into the final rep. The sharp pinch in her back was there again and she was glad her exercises were over. They hadn’t really made the ache feel any better, unfortunately, but that didn’t matter now. Her owner was here. The moment she finished her last exercise, Katie knelt as gracefully as she could before the pretty girl upon whom her very existence now relied.

“May I remove your shoes, Miss?”

“Good girl,” came the soft sigh of response from the reclining teen.

Katie took that as permission to proceed and gently unlaced each sneaker before tenderly slipping Lauren’s feet from the sweaty confines of each well-worn shoe. She removed the small ankle socks, rolling each one and placing it neatly in the discarded shoe before covering each moist foot in tiny kisses, her soft lips absorbing the radiating warmth as they pressed lovingly against her owner’s flesh. She could taste the sweat with each kiss, the salty flavour causing her lips to tingle. She was still short of breath from her exercises but she tried her best to control her breathing and serve her owner as she deserved. She was sure her lover didn’t want her puffing all over her.

Lauren lay back on the bed, settling in amongst the soft, downy coverlet. She smiled indulgently as Katie’s tongue snuck between her parted lips, tasting her skin. This girl was something special. The look on her face had been priceless, and she giggled again at the memory. She had stood in the doorway for more than a minute watching her girl diligently progress through her afternoon exercises. She had removed her school clothes and placed them carefully on the bed, folded even though they were destined for the washing basket. Lauren reached over and picked up the small baby-blue panties Katie had worn that day and inspected the crotch. She could see the evidence of the schoolgirl’s arousal, despite the young girl’s attempts to clean them. It wasn’t something she had specifically her to do and she was fascinated by her attempts to erase any sign of her sexual discharge. Lauren was sure that the fact that she seemed to love the taste of her own pussy played no small part.

Still, her fear of discovery was charming. Lauren knew Katie felt conflicted, she could see it in her body language, in the adorable blushes that coloured her cheeks at the slightest of provocations. They had talked about her being a slut, and she knew that her girl had been sincere in her acceptance, after all her own body reinforced what Lauren had guessed. She accepted and yet she couldn’t reconcile who she was with who she thought she was.

Katie was fascinating: her ready submission, her adorable ignorance of the world, her charming naivety, her passion, quick to rise and slow to fall. Most of all though, Lauren was taken by the look of utter devotion that she occasionally caught flashing across the young girl’s face. It was not something she had expected and she wasn’t sure how to feel about it. The thrill of excitement she felt each time she saw it sent a surge of warmth through her chest and between her legs.

Right now though the warmth she felt was for a different reason. Her gentle moan had been the only prompt Katie had needed and Lauren now fought to remain still as the naked schoolgirl’s tongue slid along the arch of her foot. Katie was bathing her feet, licking every surface, removing the sweat of her recent run. This was something she could so very easily get used to, and, if she had her way, she would. As much as she wanted to stay here all afternoon, languishing in the sensual attention of her slave, she had organised this surprise visit for a purpose. Her girl needed looking after too.

“Enough, my sexy little slut. You like licking my feet don’t you?”

“Yes Miss,” Katie said, still somewhat breathless.

“So how did your detention go today?”

“Um okay, I… um,” Katie said, struggling to string the words together. The carefully prepared speech she had devised on the bus ride home deserted her now.  Of course she had thought she would be giving it to her webcam, not to her owner in the flesh, in her own bedroom.

“Kitty,” Lauren said, leaning forward, a sudden menace in her tone.

Katie bit her lip and looked up at her owner, knowing that she needed to compose herself. She wasn’t doing it on purpose, she just got so flustered sometimes, especially when she had to talk about being naughty. She looked into Lauren’s eyes, the pale-blue orbs penetrating into the very depths  of her. She felt oddly calm as she braced for the slap she expected to come. Katie was surprised as, instead of the sharp sting in her cheek, she felt her lover’s lips press gently against her forehead.

“Kitty, tell me about your detention.”

“I had to write lines, one hundred lines, on the blackboard, in chalk,” Katie began, quickly realising she was sounding inane. She took a deep breath, focusing on the lingering caress of her lover’s lips. “I only wrote down 60 lines so I have to do them all again tonight. All one hundred.”

“And your shoulders are a little sore?”

“Yeah, how did…”

“Nevermind Kitty. Go and get a towel and lay it down on the bed. Hurry up now,” Lauren urged, sending the nude teen on her way with a playful smack on her bottom.

Katie hurried from the room in a state of confusion. She was ecstatic at seeing her owner, the joy she felt barely able to be contained in her petite frame, but why was she here? How was she here? She had run there, that much was obvious but still, Katie couldn’t understand the presence of the person she most wanted to see in the world. It was like a dream come true, as cliche as that sounded.

She hurried into the hall and retrieved a towel, oblivious to the reason. She was beyond thinking now. Lauren had told her what to do and she obeyed. She would do anything to please her owner, anything to keep her here. Towel in hand, Katie scurried back into her bedroom. She stopped in her tracks in the doorway, the white towel hugged to her chest.

Lauren was naked, her clothes strewn on the floor. Almost without thought, Katie moved to collect the discarded clothes but her need to be with her owner was stronger. She walked past the hastily strewn shorts and presented the towel, sinking to her knees as she had been taught. Lauren smiled at the gesture, proud of her slave for remembering her training.

Katie watched intently as Lauren took the towel and shook it out over the bed. Her hungry eyes roved across Lauren’s body, unwilling to miss a second of the beauty that mesmerised her. She yearned to reach out and cup those small breasts, longed to run her thumb across the tiny pink nipples.  So absorbed was the young girl in her visual feast that she almost missed Lauren’s cue.

Her owner had snapped her fingers and flicked her hand towards the bed. Katie moved forward obediently, crawling onto the bed and situating herself in the centre of the spread towel. She remained on her hands and knees, waiting for Lauren to tell her what to do. She was aware of her position and she silently begged to feel her lover’s caress.

“Lie down pussywhistle. On your front, I know what you want, cheeky. But I know what you need too. Now you hush and let your owner make it all better.”

Katie lay down as instructed, allowing Lauren to position her arms by her sides. She blushed a little as her legs were pushed together, a gentle smack on her bottom letting her know that her owner knew what she had been doing. Obviously her pussy wasn’t to be the focus of whatever it was that was about to happen. She couldn’t hide her disappointment, not from herself, and it seemed not from her owner. She was, however, simply glad that Lauren was here. She still couldn’t quite believe it but she wasn’t going to look a gift horse in the mouth.

“A little drink before we start. Head this way Kitty.”

Katie turned her head to face into the room and was greeted by her bottle inches from her face. She parted her lips and accepted the small plastic nipple into her mouth, wasting no time in drawing forth the liquid from her bottle. She looked into Lauren’s eyes as she drank, pressing down on the nipple with her lips to open the tiny break in the tip. She couldn’t help the surge of heat that blazed in her cheeks. She never could, but especially not now. There was something strangely comforting about being fed like this but at the same time it made her feel so small but she felt the gentle thrill in her belly as she saw Lauren’s crooked smile. She was pleasing her owner and Lauren’s happiness meant everything to her.

“Good girl,” Lauren said, pushing the young girl’s beautiful black hair behind her ear. Katie’s eyes sparkled at her owner’s words, her subservience keenly felt as she suckled at her lover’s hand. “Let’s see if we can’t work some of those kinks out, my little slut.”

Lauren removed the bottle from Katie’s mouth and climbed up on the bed, straddling the prone schoolgirl. Katie felt the heat of her lover’s sex press against her buttocks and sighed at the sensation. She tensed at the first, cool touch but immediately relaxed as Lauren’s hands began to slide across her back. She could smell the oil that coated her lover’s hands and moaned in delight as the massage commenced.

She was soon lost in a world of sensual relaxation, a world in which she was happy to lose herself, if only for a short while. Lauren’s hands worked deftly across her back, kneading the tired muscles in her shoulders. Katie was soon moaning at her lover’s touch, the aches caused by her detention slowly draining away. She had never had a massage before and had never imagined they could feel this way.

She could feel her muscles unknotting, relaxing a little more with each insistent motion. She groaned loudly when Lauren changed tack and began pressing her thumbs forcefully into the muscles. The young girl felt as if she was melting under her owner’s strong hands. She could feel her hard nipples pressed into the rough towel beneath, her body responding to the attention of her classmate.

Katie knew her pussy had started creaming long ago. She could feel the familiar pulsing deep inside, her pussy forcing her thick cream down her wet canal. Could she orgasm from a massage? She would have to make sure she didn’t get carried away. Lauren was here to look after her, to make sure her property was in good condition. Her owner wasn’t here so she could indulge herself.

Katie sighed into the bed and allowed every last remnant of the tension she felt, flow from her body. Lauren sensed it too, keenly aware of the reactions of the body beneath her. She raised herself to her knees and moved to one side, sliding her hands into the small of Katie’s back, pressing her thumbs along her spine, her fingers fanned out to either side, rubbing the soft skin of the young girl’s flank.

With each downward motion Lauren moved her hands a little lower, pressing all the way to Katie’s neck and back again. She had soon passed the tiny dimples in the small of the teenager’s back and was gently caressing the tops of her buttocks. Katie trapped her fingers under her body, doing what she could to resist the urges that her owner’s experienced hands created within her.

Her pussy felt as if it was on fire, the heat of her passion trapped by her tightly closed legs. A number of times Lauren had gently eased them closed after they had begun to slide apart. Katie was surprised each time, complying under her owner’s touch. She had not moved her legs on purpose, she couldn’t help it. Just as she couldn’t stop the lust she felt welling inside her, she could not stop her body from seeking the pleasure her nature demanded. Lauren’s hands slid lower, kneading the oiled schoolgirl’s firm buttocks as if they were two large mounds of dough. She pushed them together, marvelling at the way the slippery flesh moved at her touch.

“Oh my.”

Lauren pushed again, captivated by the surge of thick white liquid that pushed up between Katie’s malleable mounds. She slid her hands between each cheek and pulled them apart. Her oily fingers slipped but she had seen enough from the one brief glimpse. The slut was pumping out cream like a little dairy, the motion of her massage forcing the thick white ooze upwards between the tight cheeks. Lauren smiled as she continued to knead the bare buttocks, marvelling as more cream was drawn to the surface.

“Don’t move Kitty. You’re being a very good girl.”

Lauren did not have her camera but she had the next best thing, Katie’s phone. She quickly grabbed it from the schoolgirl’s bag and snapped off a few shots of the cream-filled buttocks. The bewildered schoolgirl lay still, wondering just what was going on. What had Lauren’s exclamation meant? What was going on back there that was so interesting?

Pictures were fine, but what she really needed was some video. She had countless hours of her slave on webcam but it wasn’t enough. She needed something more. She couldn’t wait to spend the money Katie was making for her.

“How do you feel now pussywhistle?”

“Wonderful Miss, I… I’m so relaxed. Thank you so much, you’re amazing.”

“Oh Kitty, you’re so adorable. Flattery will get you nowhere but don’t ever stop trying. Ok into the shower with you before your mother comes home.”

Katie oozed from the bed, glad to be led by the hand into the bathroom. Her movements were languid and liquid and she grinned merrily as she squeezed her owner’s hand. This had really happened. Lauren was really here and she had just received her first massage. She would have liked to return the favour but she knew she didn’t have the skill. She wanted to do something for Lauren though. She felt a little weird, her back was slippery from the oil and even though she knew it wasn’t happening, she felt as if the lustrous liquid was sliding down and across her buttocks. It was a delicious sensation, though a little strange, and she felt her pussy pulsing with the need the sensual attention of her owner had stirred in her.

“Kitty, hot water, silly.”

“Sorry Miss.”

Katie hadn’t been thinking, maybe she was a little too relaxed. She had only turned on the cold water, which was her normal routine. She was going to have a lovely hot shower. She couldn’t wait to feel that soft, warm rain fall upon her body. She wasn’t so relaxed that she forgot her place however. Once the temperature was right, she knelt on the floor outside the shower, waiting upon her owner’s pleasure. Lauren looked down at the girl she owned, shaking her head gently as she spied the dollop of cuntcream smeared between the glistening buttocks, the pearlescent sheen of the sexual discharge swirling in strange patterns as it interacted with the oil that covered the naked teenager’s back.

Lauren grabbed her slave’s hair as she walked past and led the crawling schoolgirl into the shower. It was a gentle, insistent pressure that sent a thrill down the young girl’s spine. Gooseflesh rippled across her body as the first drops fell upon her and she closed her eyes, luxuriating in the sensation. Katie remembered her training and took her position in the far corner, pressing her body against the still cool tiles and spreading her legs widely. She enjoyed watching Lauren turn under the falling water, her tight skin glistening as the water ran down her body in shining rivulets.

“Up Kitty. Now you know you have been a little naughty these last few days,” Lauren began softly, drawing the young girl towards her and embracing her tightly.

“Sorry Miss,” Katie breathed into her owner’s ear. She felt bad about her behaviour but right now all she could think about was the delicious feel of Lauren’s body. She couldn’t help herself, her owner’s presence was intoxicating.

“Sorry is just a word though pussywhistle. Actions are important. You haven’t missed a minute for almost a week now. Just tomorrow and you’ll be there.”

“Thank you Miss.”

“What for?”

“Um, for your training, I wouldn’t have been able to be so good without it.”

“You’re just the sweetest slave there ever was Kitty. The fact that you are right doesn’t change that. If you are a good girl tomorrow, what are you going to do?”

“Um, be friends with Miranda?”

“Aren’t you already her friend?”

“Yeah but…  I mean I’ll be a better friend and be allowed to help her with looking prettier and stuff.”

“Tomorrow night you can write a plan for me of what you would like to do for your new friend and we can go over it together.”

“Ok Miss.”

“I wasn’t asking for your agreement Kitty. Don’t go getting all uppity with me. I’m allowing this because I think it will be good for you. The moment I feel that it’s affecting your training, it ends,” Lauren said, squeezing the slim body tightly to emphasise her point.

“Sorry Miss, I didn’t m-“

“Wash me Kitty.”

Katie closed her mouth and set immediately to bathing her owner. She was gentle and attentive, washing the taut body with relish. When Lauren was satisfied she stood back and watched her slave wash herself, smiling as Katie tried to make the act as sensual as she could. Lauren knew what she was trying to do, the little minx still trying to get her pussy seen to. She was oblivious to the cream that had filled the crease between her buttocks and she imagined how the young girl would react when she saw the pictures.

“Ok my little sex kitten, time we were finished. You’ve still got your homework to do and your lines. If you manage to finish everything there might just be time for a different kind of homework.”

Katie felt a tingle in her belly at her owner’s innuendo. You didn’t have to be a genius to guess what that homework might be. She slipped from the shower and collected a towel for her owner, knelt on the floor and held it out as Lauren’s dripping form stepped into it. She diligently dried her lover, lingering on the most intimate parts of her body. She knew she should just be drying her, but she couldn’t help herself.

“Spend much more time there Kitty and you’ll only make it wetter.”

Katie blushed and slipped the towel from her lover’s trim and finished drying her legs and feet. She was incorrigible. The young girl smiled at the word she had learned from her owner. She didn’t know why she blushed, she wished she didn’t. She wanted to make Lauren wet, she wanted to know that her service, her touch, her kiss, made her lover happy. She wanted to feel her, taste her. She wanted Lauren.

* * *

“Feel better, Kitty?”

“Yes Miss, thanks. I feel great.”

“Well you’re a pleasure to work on,” Lauren smiled.

“Miss I, could you teach me to do that. To massage I mean.”

“I can and will pussywhistle. It is already part of your homework for tonight.”


The delicate spell spun by her time alone with her lover was suddenly broken. Katie looked wide-eyed at her classmate. Lauren was already dressed in skirt and shirt, but she was still naked, well not totally. Lauren had ordered her to put on the pair of knee-high pink socks she had bought for her. She thought they were super-cute but they somehow made her feel even more naked.

“Pink panties, black skirt, pink singlet.”

Katie flew into motion, finding the clothes and donning them in record time. The system that Lauren had devised for her wardrobe really was brilliant. There was no way she could have ever dressed this quickly in the chaos in which she had lived before. Lauren had changed her life in so many ways. Even before she had finished pulling her singlet over her head Lauren was out the door and down the stairs.

“Yeah she needed a hand with some stuff so I came over to help.”

“You’ve done amazing things with her dear. She’s like a different girl now. She’s the same old Katie but just, I don’t know, more.”

“It’s all a matter of training, Emma.”

Katie came into the kitchen as her mother and Lauren were laughing together. She had just caught the tail-end of their conversation and it made her belly twist and turn at the implications. She’d been over this a hundred times but she knew she was hopeless. She didn’t know if she would ever be able to shake those fearful shades of paranoia that occasionally clouded her judgement.

“Speak of the devil.”

“Hi Mom,” Katie smiled, forcing herself to forget about what she had just heard.

“You’ll stay for tea?”

“If it’s ok with you?”

“Of course dear, your parents had Katie all weekend, it’s the least we can do.”

“That’s something I wanted to talk to you about Emma. It’s my Auntie’s fiftieth this weekend and there’s a party at Lake Crawford. It’s not going to be huge or anything but most of my family will be there and I was wondering if Kitty could come.”

This was the first Katie had heard of it and she couldn’t really focus on it now. She was distracted by Lauren calling her Kitty right to her mother’s face. She knew her mother had heard the nickname before but never this openly. She was worried about what she would think. What if she questioned it right here and now? Lauren didn’t like lying, would she tell the truth? Would her life as a slave to this beautiful girl finally be spoken of?

“If it’s only going to be family…”

“Well mostly, but people will be bringing their partners and there won’t be many people my age so it would be really good if Kitty could come.”

“And this is alright with your parents?”

“Yeah, for sure. You can call them if you like.”

“Well I’ll see what Greg says,” Katie’s mom said with a conspiratorial wink.

Katie knew what that meant. She would be spending the weekend with Lauren at a lake. She couldn’t contain the joy she felt at the unexpected event, the paranoid thoughts that had been torturing her instantly forgotten. She bounced gently on her toes and looked at her owner. Lauren was looking at her, eyes twinkling, the crooked grin that Katie loved so much twisting her lips.

“You girls run along now, it’s time I started dinner.”

Katie followed her owner back up to her bedroom a little bewildered at what had just happened. She couldn’t get past the fact that she was going to be with Lauren on the weekend, for the whole weekend, at a lake. So much had changed since she had become Lauren’s but it hit her, as she walked up the stairs behind her owner, giddy at what she had just heard, that her weekends had morphed from two days of torpor and indolence that hardly changed from week to week, to the most amazing times of her life, filled with moments of beauty and love, a metamorphosis that mirrored the way she felt since becoming her classmate’s property.

“Happy Kitty?”

“Oh yes Miss,” Katie gushed, turning to face her owner, the joyous smile shining wide.

“I thought you might be, little minx. Off with that skirt now,” Lauren said as she closed the door quietly behind her.

Katie’s smile flickered, taking on a cheeky slant as she slid the black skirt down her legs. She folded it neatly and leaned backwards to place it on top of the bed. She turned slowly back to Lauren, using the opportunity to stand at attention, knowing it would please her owner. She had just been given such a gift, a gift she wasn’t sure she deserved, not after being so naughty. But that was just another reason why Lauren was so amazing. She knew she was just learning, trying hard to be good and she knew that she was bound to fail sometimes no matter how good a slave she tried to be. She looked at Lauren, eyes sparkling with the love she felt, the eagerness to make her owner happy filling her every pore.

Lauren smiled at her slave, fascinated by the sensual schoolgirl she was so lucky to own. She reached languorously to her waist and ran her fingers along the waistband of her shorts, smiling as she watched those pretty green eyes follow her every move, the hopeful anticipation clear. Lauren walked her fingers inward from each hip, until they came together in the centre of her belly. With teasingly slow motion she unhooked the button of her shorts and languidly forced the zip down.

Katie could not pull her eyes away from her owner’s waist. The glimpse of the panties through the splayed opening made her breath catch in her throat. How could such a simple thing affect her so terribly? The small strip of flesh she could see between panty and shirt kept her mesmerised, as if she was watching some hypnotist’s trick.

Lauren finished her game, wiggling out of the tight shorts and letting them fall to the floor. She stepped her left leg out and with her right, kicked the tiny garment at Katie. The young girl’s reaction was fast, her hands flying forward and catching the shorts as they struck her chest. She smiled shyly as Lauren applauded her. The shorts were folded in seconds and placed next to her skirt on the bed. She turned back as quickly as she could, eager not to miss a moment of her owner’s display.

Katie’s eyes roved over Lauren’s body, hungrily devouring every svelte inch. Her eyes could not help but stray to the area so recently revealed. She had never seen these panties before and once spotted she couldn’t take her eyes from them. Small, hipster briefs, barely covering the slim girl’s tight mound, pale yellow in colour and with a small cartoon monkey face right in the middle of her crotch. The little brown monkey had a cheeky grin that Katie found incredibly cute, loving how it suited her owner perfectly. The only problem was, it blocked her view of the treasure beneath, the shadow of the cleft that she so desired, visible only briefly beneath the cheeky monkey’s chin. Without the decal, the thin, yellow material appeared almost sheer.

“Kiss the monkey, Kitty.”

Katie looked at her smiling owner and fell to her knees before her. She crawled forward, sure that the subservient act would be found pleasing, and chuckled softly as the smile she hoped for came. She rose up and knelt at attention before leaning forward and planting a gentle kiss on the outside of Lauren’s panties. She felt the smoothness of the monkey’s face on her lips and breathed deeply, savouring her owner’s scent. It was subtle but delicious and made her pulse quicken as she thought of its source, so near and yet so far. If she had her way she would have torn those small panties apart and buried her face in the slim pussy, but she did not have her own way. She was property and had but to accept what she was permitted.

Katie looked up at Lauren, trying to communicate her need with her eyes. The look on her lover’s face required no explanation and she leaned forward once more, touching her parted lips again and again to the grinning monkey, pressing a little harder, feeling the soft flesh beneath compress under the force of her attention.

“Now little Miss Naughty, get that top off and sit at your desk. First thing we need done is your lines. Pop in to your little hidey hole,” Lauren said with a giggle, “and fetch me some pegs. I think you need a little aid to concentration.”

Katie looked at her owner, an unspoken question in her eyes. She knew she couldn’t change Lauren’s mind but she couldn’t see how pegs on her nipples would make it any easier to finish her lines. She didn’t think they would help her to concentrate but as she knelt down on the floor before her desk, she doubted that concentration was their real purpose. Her owner was adding her own punishment to that of the teacher and that was something she would not even attempt to deny. The drawer safely back in her desk, Katie knelt as she had been taught, the pegs offered in one of her upturned palms.

“How many pegs are in there Kitty?”

“Um eight Miss.”

“Then why are you only holding two?”

“I, ah, I thought that you wanted me-“

“Did I tell you to think, slave?”

“No Miss,” Katie said, hanging her head against the force of her owner’s disappointment.

Lauren reached down, her small breasts brushing the kneeling teen’s face and lifted the pink singlet up and over the young girl’s head. Katie raised her arms to allow the garment’s removal, complying with her owner’s wishes without a word needing to be said. Her top was thrown onto the bed and she used the time to quickly move her arms back into position, placing them perfectly along her spread thighs, each upturned palm resting above a knee. She tensed as Lauren retrieved the two small pegs from her hand, lined them up with the tiny, hard tips of each breast and simultaneously closed the small clamps. The submissive schoolgirl gazed into her lover’s eyes as the pain spiked into the delicate flesh around each pink bud.

“Now what are you going to do pussywhistle?”

“Get the other-“

“No slave, what are you going to do now?” Lauren reiterated, leaning close, her nose almost touching the confused teen’s. Katie tried to think but the closeness of her owner, the warm breath that caressed her lips, made her brain feel like mush. After a second that felt like an age, an epiphany struck.

“I’m going to do as I’m told Miss.”

“Good girl,” Lauren said happily, patting the kneeling schoolgirl on the head. “Now fetch all your pegs and present them to me. “

“Yes Miss.”

The rapid confusion of emotions that surged through the subservient teen flashed across her face. She was joyous at the praise but demeaned by the manner in which it was given. She cherished any touch of Lauren’s but the pat on the head, as if she was a dog, made her feel her submission all the keener. She knew Lauren was better than her in every way but at times like this she questioned why Lauren wanted her at all. She wasn’t worthy of her owner’s love, she simply wasn’t good enough for her. She tried hard, they both knew that, but trying wasn’t always enough.

Katie was back in position, pegs in hand, in no time. She looked meekly up at Lauren, basking in the slim teen’s beauty. The pain in her nipples had never left her but somehow the sight of her lover made it more bearable. Now that her ordeal was set, all she wanted was for it to be over. She wanted the pegs on her breasts, to be sat at her desk and writing her lines.

She did not have long to wait for her wish to be fulfilled. Without a word, Lauren took the offered pegs and, one by one, closed them over the soft meat of the young girl’s breasts. Katie grunted as the wooden teeth pinched her sensitive flesh. Her eyes never left the face of her owner, a spike of pleasure matching the pain each time Lauren deigned to look at her, an electric spark of joy flickering through her belly each time their eyes met. She counted as the pegs were applied, looking down only when all eight were firmly clasped on her tender mounds.

“Up,” Lauren commanded indicating the chair in front of her desk. Katie obeyed, moaning as the pegs shook and rattled as she moved. The clatter of the wooden clamps was loud in the quiet room, each noise heralding a fresh pinch of pain. The pegs were arrayed chaotically around her nipples, the lion’s share being reserved for the gentle curves underneath the small pink buds.

“Pen. Paper,” Lauren said, placing each object on the table before her. “One hundred lines before dinner, if you haven’t completed them by then we will have to start over. Begin.”

Katie wasted no time, pen to paper and the first line finished without pause. She would need to keep up a good speed if she was to make the deadline she knew Lauren would enforce. She was writing fast, but she was being careful too. The pegs hurt a little more with each passing moment and she needed them to come off as soon as possible. It was much easier to write on paper than on the blackboard and she thought, as she completed her tenth line, that she was sure to please her owner.

Soon after, she was startled by a gentle touch. She had been conscious of the presence of her lover, it was not something she could ever forget, but she had been trying to focus all her attention on the task she had been set. Her mind had drifted once or twice, wondering what Lauren was doing but the start of a new sentence always brought her back.

Katie continued to write but leaned her head back into the touch, yearning for that gentle caress to deepen. Lauren gathered the young girl’s ebony locks and began to run her fingers through her hair, from scalp to tip. Katie nibbled her lip as the pleasure of her owner’s action flowed through her body. The sharp pain in her breasts continued to mount but she no longer thought about it, focusing instead on the wonderful sensation her lover provided.

The petite teen’s body and mind were under assault, pain and pleasure mingling as she tried desperately to keep her attention on the job at hand. She had to remember that the pain she was feeling was a punishment for her poor behaviour and the pleasure she was feeling was simply a by-product of an activity that Lauren enjoyed. She knew her owner loved to play with her hair and was not surprised when, after a momentary pause, she felt her brush scrape against her scalp. She couldn’t afford to sit back and enjoy the luxury of her owner’s attention, not with her lines to write and especially not with the constant bite of the clamps distracting her. She had filled a page but had lost track of what she had accomplished. A quick count revealed 32 lines to a page. A glance at the clock on the computer revealed that she was on track to make her owner happy.

“Up, Kitty.”

Katie put down the pen and stood up, unsure what Lauren had in mind. She had been doing so well, if she had kept going at the same pace she would have finished with time to spare. She couldn’t get frustrated though, this was her owner’s will. That was easier said than done though. She knew she shouldn’t but she couldn’t help the feeling from creeping in.

“Step out a little, now bend over. At the waist, that’s right, good girl. Keep those legs straight, a little wider. That’s my pretty Kitty. Now to your lines.”

Katie rested her left elbow on the table and picked up exactly where she had left off. Her hair cascaded to either side of her face like a thin black curtain, creating a border around the white page upon which she wrote. It was silly but she felt terribly vulnerable in this position. She was wearing panties but somehow that didn’t seem to matter. The pegs clung to her pendant breasts, the malleable flesh swaying gently as she moved, causing the vicious clamps to jiggle slightly as she wrote each line. She couldn’t wait until they were removed, even though she knew that would be terribly painful, more so than anything she was currently feeling.

Lauren sat back on Katie’s chair and looked between the young girl’s legs. A prominent line of darker material indicated the slut’s arousal. The panties hadn’t been on that long and she had already wet them, her sexual discharge always able to be relied upon. Lauren smiled, amazed by the sensual girl that stood before her. Even standing like this, her entire focus on writing her lines as quickly and accurately as she could, the pretty teen exuded sexuality.

She knew she should let the poor girl see to her task, but Lauren could not resist the delectable display on offer. She owned this girl, she was hers to do with as she pleased. If her slave failed it would be through no fault of hers, there were lessons to learn and they wouldn’t always be easy.

Katie’s fingers tensed around the pen at the sudden touch between her legs but she did not stop writing. Lauren pressed two fingers against the panty-clad mound, sliding them slowly along the dark pink line of dampness until she reached her goal. She pushed with her fingertips, smiling as the material sank inward, the wet mark deepening instantly. That was the cream the little slut produced in such copious amounts. Lauren would never tire of it, especially as it was a source for much of Katie’s sexual self-consciousness.

Lauren left her girl to complete the lines in silence, taking in the rest of the petite schoolgirl’s body. The position she was in made her thighs smooth and taut and Lauren ran her fingers slowly upwards from the knee, smiling widely as the young girl’s body quivered beneath her touch. She just couldn’t keep her hands off this little minx.

“How many lines Kitty?”

“Sixty-one, Miss,” Katie whispered, her voice breathy and filled with lust.

“Be good while I’m gone. If you finish before I get back, you can start your homework.”

“Yes Miss.”

Katie heard Lauren leave the room, closing the door behind her. A sickening sensation began to grow in the pit of her stomach. The door could not be locked from the outside. Lauren had left and now the door was unlocked while she was wearing nothing but socks,  a pair of small pink panties and eight pegs clamped to her breasts. She knew her mother was home, she would at least be busy with dinner, but her father was sure to have returned from work by now as well.

She had to stop writing for a moment, to collect herself and combat the fear that was threatening to debilitate her. No one was going to come in. Lauren would keep them busy, she wouldn’t let her be seen this way. There was nothing she could do but finish her lines. She was momentarily thankful for the pegs and the pain they brought her. It helped to get her mind back on track and her focus where it should be.

Ninety-nine. One hundred. The bent schoolgirl took a hurried minute to double-check her work, hunting for mistakes, those tiny missteps that could lead to disaster. Confident there were none, a tiny flush of pride at the discovery, Katie put the pages aside and wondered briefly what she should do. The pegs on her breasts had become terribly painful, each tiny movement sending fresh spikes of torment through her chest.

How long was Lauren going to be? Every second that passed left her more vulnerable. There was no way that she could do anything but be caught out if the door was opened. She was too far from any cover and there was no chance of her hiding the bondage in which her owner had placed her.

Lauren had instructed her to continue with her homework so that was all she could do. She walked carefully to her school bag and retrieved her notepad and texts. She tried to step with as little force as she could, stepping toe first, almost prancing to the other side of the room, trying desperately to keep her breasts as still as she could. She was mostly successful though the pegs still wobbled. She was sure even Lauren’s cat-like grace would not have helped.

Maths homework first, she thought. It was something she had to really think about and hopefully it would help take her mind off the pain in her breasts. It wasn’t all that bad, she admitted, it was just that it was constant. She wasn’t sure when it would end, but she knew that when it did the pain would only get worse before it got better. Maybe only for a moment, but she remembered the intense spike of agony the removal of any kind of clamp brought and winced in anticipation of the pain she knew was unavoidable.

Her next big decision: should she sit or remain standing, bent over her desk in the position Lauren had left her. Was it really a decision at all? Katie spread out her books on her desk and shuffled backwards, getting into position once more. She bent at the waist, shifting her legs a little wider, sticking her ass out into the room. It wasn’t the most comfortable of positions but it wasn’t too bad. She rested her elbow carefully on the desktop, making sure she didn’t accidentally brush against the pegs poking out from the tender mounds that hung like ripe fruit from her chest.

She had only completed two problems when she heard a noise at the door. Every muscle in her body tensed and her heart hammered in her chest. She looked back at the door, the rest of her body remaining in position. If it wasn’t her owner, she was finished anyway. She held her breath and squeezed her pen in a vice-like grip.

Lauren walked through the door and, without a word, Katie went back to her homework, the amazing, liberating sensation of relief flooding through her body. She had never been happier to see her owner and she smiled crazily as she worked on her next math problem. She pushed her bottom out a little more when she felt a warm caress slide teasingly across her panty covered mound. The spike of desire that shot into her belly made her weak at the knees and it was all she could do to stay standing.

“Finished your lines then Kitty?”

“Yes Miss.”

“Well, let’s see them. Keep working. Dinner will be ready soon and you have a lot to do and little time to do it.”

Lauren took the offered sheets of paper and sat down behind Katie, observing the growing patch of dark, damp material in the crotch of the young girl’s panties. Her lips twisted in an indulgent smile, revelling once more in the beauty of her toy. The girl was amazing, there wasn’t any other word for it. She was hard on her, she knew, but it was for her own good. And just look at the results!

Lines, she had her job to do as well. Owning a slave and keeping her in check was a lot of work, especially if you wanted to train her right. Lauren had no intention of taking Katie’s training anything less than 100% seriously. She only expected the same commitment from her property.

“Good girl, Kitty. One hundred lines completed. Would you like those pegs off those pretty titties now?

“Yes please Miss, if you think I deserve to,” Katie replied, her answer well prepared for the question she had expected.

“Ok cuteness, come over here. Kneel. Hands up and out, good girl.”

Katie lifted her hands high, keeping her palms up to receive each peg as it was removed. She tried not to tense but she knew what was coming. She winced, but did not close her eyes, as Lauren’s hand reached for the first peg. She switched her gaze from her lover’s hand to her face, wanting the distraction of her classmate’s beauty to help her deal with the coming pain.

The kneeling teen gasped as the first peg was removed, its sharp wooden teeth leaving behind a dark purple imprint on the white skin of her breast. She let out her breath slowly, a high-pitched squeal accompanying the exhalation. She hissed through clenched teeth as the second peg was removed. A peg was placed in each hand, allowing Lauren to begin removing the second pair. Katie had to fight to keep her palms flat, every instinct screaming at her to clench her fists around the tiny wooden devices and squeeze the pain away.

As the wicked clamps were removed, she found it harder and harder to curb the agony that radiated from her abused flesh. She was soon grunting with each removal, a deep, guttural sound. Katie looked intently at her owner, staring deeply into the incredibly pale-blue eyes. Her heart was already thudding against her ribs from the anticipation of the removal of the vicious clamps and each look seemed to increase the rhythm. Lauren’s eyes held such power, she could almost feel the connection like a static charge tickling her skin, sending the tiny hairs on her arms and neck rigid.

Soon all eight pegs rested in two neat lines on her upturned palms. She wanted desperately to touch her breasts, to gently knead the painful flesh. Instead she remained obediently in position, watching Lauren pleadingly, willing her silent wish to her owner.

“Kitty, you know why you wore the pegs, don’t you?”

“Yes Miss.”

“You know that you had to wear them don’t you?

“Yes Miss.”

“Good girl. You know I can’t have a misbehaving slave. I don’t want to punish you Kitty.”

“I know Miss, I’m sorry. I won’t do it again.”

“You know it’s not just that you have to be punished for being naughty, but it means that the rewards that a good girl might earn simply aren’t allowed. It would be nice for you to eat my pussy but you just haven’t earned that reward.”

Katie eyes widened. She hadn’t realised that her punishments could be like this. Her behaviour was affecting her owner in ways she hadn’t expected. She knew Lauren loved having her pussy eaten and because of her she had to be denied that pleasure. Katie understood but she found it hard to accept. She tried to blink away the tears, wanting to be strong, but she couldn’t stop the emotions that overwhelmed her.

“Now Kitty, it’s not a time for tears, as pretty as they are. You simply have to work harder to improve. That’s only right isn’t it?”

“Yes Miss, I’ll work harder.”

“I know you will. Now come and give me a kiss.”

Katie raised herself on her knees and tilted her face upwards, trembling as Lauren placed her hands around the young girl’s neck and kissed away her tears before finding her eagerly parted lips. Katie tasted the salty moisture on her lover’s lips, closed her eyes and lost herself in the tender kiss. This wasn’t a reward, she didn’t deserve one, it was just her owner showing her love, letting her know that she might be naughty but she was still Lauren’s.

“My, just look at that,” Lauren remarked, sitting back to look over the half-naked schoolgirl. “Let’s see if I can’t do something about those before you get back to work.”

Katie grimaced ever-so-slightly as her owner reached towards her chest. Each tender mound was gently cupped in one of her lover’s warm hands. Lauren began to knead the sensitive flesh of her breasts, slowly and tenderly, her fingers working over the tiny indentations left by the pegs. Katie moaned under the attention of her owner, the experienced hands knowing when and where to touch. This was exactly what she had wanted. Lauren was amazing. It was as if she had read her mind. Katie closed her eyes as the pain at first intensified but soon ebbed as her owner’s loving touch eased the hurt in her soft flesh.

“Ok my little sex kitten, singlet on and back to work. What did you start on?”

“Math Miss.”

“What else do you have?”

“The chapters for English are due tomorrow and I have an economics assignment but it isn’t due until next week.”

“If you finish your maths before dinner we’ll have a break. They all have to be right though Kitty. You know I won’t have a slave with poor grades. I know how smart you are, so if I see you working below your potential there’ll be trouble. Do you know why, my little slut?”

“Um, because it’s disrespectful for a slave not to do their best for their owner?”

“Good girl,” Lauren said, her face lighting up with a joy-filled smile.

Katie’s body felt charged with energy. She smiled back at her owner, the bliss that rushed through her making her feel as if she was about to float to the ceiling. She loved Lauren more in that moment than anything else in the world. The power of the emotion scared her a little, but the sparkle in those hauntingly pale eyes comforted her.  Lauren had so many smiles but it was this one, filled with unrestrained joy, that affected her the most. And it had been because of her. She had to do more, she had to make her owner smile like that again. She needed it like a drug.

“Move it, Kitty.”

Katie scrambled to her feet, still grinning madly. She quickly pulled the small singlet over her head and covered her breasts, still showing the aftereffects of her recent punishment. She hurriedly leant over the desk and resumed her maths homework, aware that her owner was sat behind her with a perfect view of her bottom and pussy.

Lauren sat and simply watched the plump mound that her slave presented. She had been about to order her to sit, knowing it would be easier to complete her homework if she was a little more comfortable, but this was a sight she simply could not pass up. She stared at the taut thighs, the firm buttocks and the prominent labia that filled out the tiny panties so enticingly.

Katie’s pussy was something incredibly special. She couldn’t have hoped for something so different, so perfect. Her slave’s pussy was everything hers was not and she wouldn’t change a thing. She ached to see those fat lips, the sticky white secretion she knew would be oozing between them. Even the delicate pink colour of the pretty schoolgirl’s vulva was perfect, a beautiful contrast to the alabaster surrounds. And now that crazy thicket had been removed… She couldn’t ask for anything more.

Right now, though, was not the time. She had no need to rush anything with this girl. She had no plans to relinquish her property. She had spent so long and so much effort to obtain her, even more to train her. She had only just begun.

“Miss I have finished.”

“Well aren’t you the fast worker. You read so beautifully the other day, you’ve got such a pretty voice you know. Get your book and come over here.”

Katie obeyed, trying not to show her disappointment. She was sure they were going to make love, but she should really have learnt by now that things happened whether she wanted them to or not. Maybe if she got all her homework done, maybe then. She didn’t know how long Lauren was able to stay, it being a schoolnight, but all she could do was obey and hope. She knelt where Lauren had pointed, on the floor at the side of the bed and opened the book to the place she had reached. She unfolded the corner of the book and settled in to read aloud.

“Kitty! Have you been folding the corners of the pages instead of using a bookmark?”

“Yes, Miss,” the young girl said meekly, suddenly worried at the hint of menace in her owner’s voice.

“Get up here.”

Katie scrambled to her feet and lay across Lauren’s lap, fully aware of what was to come. She hadn’t known it was wrong to fold corners, she had always done it. No one had ever said anything before. How was she to know? As her panties were pulled down past her buttocks, left to rest in a bunch at the crease with her thigh, she couldn’t help but think it wasn’t quite fair that she was being punished for something she couldn’t have known was bad.

She was still feeling sorry for herself when the first blow landed, the heavy smack resounding throughout the quiet bedroom. As each successive spank crashed against her supple flesh, her bottom quickly turning a bright red, she soon stopped thinking of what was fair and instead thought only of the pain and the disappointment she knew accompanied any punishment she received. She couldn’t help but make tiny mewling sounds as her owner’s hard hand crashed into her firm buttocks, left then right then left.

As suddenly as the spanking had begun, Lauren pushed her hip away and Katie stood timidly before her, panties bunched around her thighs and her bottom stinging intensely. She sniffled, fighting back the tears that were pooling in her pretty green eyes. She looked at her owner’s stern visage, bottom lip quivering as she struggled to rein in her emotions.

“It’s very naughty to treat a book in such a way Kitty. Books are the repositories of knowledge and should be treated with respect. You’ll never deface a book in such a way again, will you pussywhistle?”

“No Miss, I promise I never will. I didn’t know-“

“Ignorance is never a defence. I should punish you again for such impertinence.”

“I’m sorry Miss,” Katie replied, unbalanced by her inability to do anything right. If she hadn’t been so upset she would have smiled at her owner’s words. She always enjoyed when Lauren spoke so formally.

“I know that you are Kitty but I would rather you be good than sorry.”

“Sor- I’ll try,” Katie sniffled, catching herself before she potentially made Lauren any angrier.

“Panties up. Down and read. You’ve wasted enough time.”

Katie pulled her bunched panties back over her stinging buttocks, wincing as the seam of the small garment brushed the sensitive skin. She sank to the floor and picked up her book, looking forlornly at the offending crease before she commenced reading. She had only reached the end of the first sentence when she felt Lauren’s legs close around her, the warmth of the bare flesh of her thighs pressing against her arms. She calmed immediately, her voice strengthening with each word. She paused for the briefest of moments as she felt Lauren gather her hair, fingers running languorously through the long ebon locks.

Katie relaxed as she read, the intimate attention of her owner soothing her frayed nerves. She was still a little unsettled by the punishment she had received but she was starting to understand and accept her owner’s methods. Lauren wasn’t angry when she punished her, she was just punished because she must be.  It was like she learnt in science – action and reaction. If she was naughty she was punished. Lauren didn’t hate her, she just wanted her to be good. Lauren didn’t want to hurt her but it was just what had to happen. It wasn’t the easiest thing to come to terms with but, as with everything in her life since she had become a possession, she was learning to readjust her outlook on the world.

The half-naked teenager leaned into her lover as she read, pressing against Lauren’s hand, revelling in the sensual attention. She could sit like this for hours accepting everything her owner was willing to give. She felt so close to Lauren when she played with her hair like this, loving each slow motion, from scalp to tip. She pushed her head up and back as her owner’s fingers ran along her scalp, eager for the pressure to intensify.

Lauren giggled, but took the cue, feeling her girl’s body respond to the extra pressure. Her pussy pulsed as the young girl between her legs squirmed slightly, trying to shuffle backwards to get closer to her. This gorgeous little slut was too much. She could play with her hair for hours and she knew the little minx would never tire of it. Her nipples had long since hardened and from the peek she had snuck when she had begun, she knew Katie’s had as well.

“Chapter 4.”

“That’s enough Kitty. You must be thirsty after all that reading. Where’s your bottle?”

“Um, in my drawer Miss.”

“Kitty, what’s it doing in there? You’re to keep it on your desk. Get it now and don’t let me hear of such silliness again.”

Katie crawled to her desk and took the small baby bottle from her middle drawer. She had put it there to keep it safe, not daring to leave it anywhere her parents would find it. She had reflexively secreted it in her drawer after Lauren had fed her that afternoon. Even for such a brief period she could not bear to have it on display. She had even thought about hiding it under the bottom drawer, but worried about dust and other things getting on the rubber nipple. She couldn’t keep it on her desk, Lauren didn’t understand. If her mother saw it she’d ask questions. Not only that but she’d be sure to take it away. She knew her mother, she wouldn’t stand for any silliness. It was something she would have to deal with later, for now pleasing Lauren was her only concern.

Katie crawled back to the bed and knelt between her owner’s legs, holding out the bottle as she had been taught. It was a little over half full of tepid water that she had placed in there that morning. She watched anxiously as Lauren took the bottle from her open palm and spun it around in the air. Katie knew what she wanted and complied, turning her body to the side and shuffling in closer until she was pressed against the bed, nuzzled in the warm triangle of her lover’s legs. Was this to be the way she would drink forevermore? Lauren seemed to like it and she couldn’t really say that she didn’t, it just made her feel…

Katie gasped as her lover’s legs closed around her neck, the hard muscles of Lauren’s thigh pressing tightly against her throat. Her head was tilted back, chin forced up towards the waiting bottle. Lauren squeezed a little more tightly, locking her ankles, smiling as she felt the hard metal band of her girl’s collar dig into the soft skin of her thigh. She looked into Katie’s eyes and lowered the bottle.

The schoolgirl’s lips parted instinctively, allowing the rubber nipple to slide into her mouth. She waited for permission to drink, but the soft caress of her owner’s hand across her forehead was the only order she needed. Katie suckled at the bottle, drawing the warm liquid inside her. She was thirsty after the reading, though how Lauren had known she wasn’t sure. The bottle confused her still. She couldn’t help but feel humiliated by the demeaning act of drinking like a baby but having Lauren feed her like this was truly comforting. The very contentment she derived only made her feel smaller and more vulnerable, the strange humiliation she felt all the keener. She could breathe easily, but the pressure on her throat made her work harder for something she had always taken for granted.

She continued to drink, conflict raging inside her as her lover tenderly patted her head, smoothing her fringe to the side and calming the young girl with her gentle touch. Katie drank slowly, timing her intake with each caress, lulling herself into an almost trancelike state. She looked into Lauren’s incredibly blue eyes, losing herself in their pale depths. She forgot the soft burn in her cheeks and thought only of the beautiful girl who owned her and made her so happy.

“Good girl. Almost all your homework done, naughtiness dealt with, I think it’s time we had some fun.”

Katie took one last sip before the bottle was removed. Lauren released the tight lock she had on the teenager’s throat, lifted her leg over the kneeling girl and walked to the desk. Katie watched her owner, eyelids heavy, still in a slight daze. She smiled at Lauren’s sensual grace, completely relaxed. She was aware of what had happened but right now she didn’t care. She felt a little detached, as if she was in a vivid daydream, it almost felt as if she had been hypnotised.

Lauren stood before the mp3 dock and music began to play. Katie closed her eyes and listened, the song slow and melodic, perfectly matching her state of contentment. She opened her eyes to see her owner standing before her, the tiny yellow panties filling her vision, the cheeky monkey smiling invitingly at her. She reached up and took the hand that was offered and got to her feet with her lover’s help.

Katie sighed softly as Lauren drew her in. Both girls were soon swaying to the music, leaning closer, bodies melding into one. Katie wrapped her arms around Lauren’s neck, her owner’s strong hands around her waist, pulling her forward, pressing their young bodies together belly to belly, hip to hip. Lauren smiled and sighed, the soft sound lost in the music, the sensation of her slave’s full breasts pushed against her own, too delicious to contain.

The slow song ended but Katie did not care. She continued to sway her body, grinding her hips across her owner’s body. She knew she was creaming, the familiar sensation deep in her pussy letting her know the thick white discharge would already be dampening the tiny pink panties she wore. She had experience enough now to know that the front of her panties would soon be an even darker shade.

The next song had been playing for only a few seconds when Lauren broke away and jumped to the stereo. The music was suddenly louder, filling the room like an ocean of sound. Katie didn’t know this song either but Lauren was already bouncing around the room, the strident beat and sawing guitars filling her owner with a manic energy. Lauren’s excitement was contagious and Katie was soon jumping crazily around the room with her classmate. She didn’t know the words that Lauren was singing, but somehow it didn’t matter. She was with the girl she loved and all her inhibitions had been discarded. She jumped and spun, playing off her lover’s energy. Lauren laughed joyously at Katie’s cavorting and the young girl soon found herself giggling uncontrollably though she wasn’t entirely sure why. As she spun her hair whipped across her face, long black strands falling in a chaotic curtain obscuring her vision before flipping free with each frenzied change of direction.

As she turned on the spot, quickly flicking her attention back to the pretty schoolgirl dancing beside her, Katie noticed something at the doorway, a movement that should not have been there. She wiped her hair from her face and glanced back over her shoulder, mouth falling open in horror. Her father was standing in the doorway frowning deeply. Shit! Fuck! She dove at the dock and instantly muted the music. The room fell silent and Katie turned, finding instinctual solace in the indignation natural to all teenage girls.


“Katie!” he whined in response, matching her tone perfectly. “The music’s way too loud, and anyway, dinner’s ready.”

Katie looked at her father, suddenly realising that she had moved to cover her body without thought, a pillow from her bed now hugged tightly to her chest. She was glad of her instincts, the damp patch in her panties successfully hidden from view. It was bad enough for her father to see her in her underwear but to see the evidence of her arousal was something she did not want to face. Katie looked to Lauren and was aghast at what she saw.

Lauren had not moved, she stood still in the centre of the room, hip pushed coquettishly to one side, hands resting demurely on her belly. Her owner was looking directly at her father, making no move to cover the beauteous charms that she yearned for so intently. She looked at her father and saw him glance away as he left the room, but she knew he had seen. She didn’t want that, not from anyone. She didn’t want anyone to see Lauren like this, but especially not her father. Lauren was her owner, her lover.

The worry she had felt at her father seeing her in her underwear was driven from her mind by the all-consuming jealousy that swept over her. She stood with her hands on her hips and looked at Lauren, unable to keep her emotions hidden. Lauren simply smiled cheekily at her and reached for her shorts.

“Well dinner is ready Kitty. Do you want to go to dinner as you are?”

“No,” Katie said a little sulkily, throwing the pillow forcefully on her bed and moving to collect her skirt.

“Kitty? That better not be sass I hear. What has gotten into you? Do you need another spanking?”

“No Miss,” the confused teen replied, instantly contrite.

“Then what?”

“Miss it’s… I, um I don’t want my dad to see us like this.”

“Kitty,” Lauren wheedled, knowing the schoolgirl was keeping something back.

“Miss I don’t want anyone to see you. I… it’s just,” Katie hesitated, not knowing quite how to phrase her feelings without sounding possessive, something she knew she had no right to feel. “Miss, it’s, um, you know how you own me right?” Katie continued, a sudden rush of inspiration taking her. She looked at Lauren and hurried on, the quizzical look she saw holding the beginnings of impatience. “Yeah, um, well it’s just that I belong to you and, like, I just sometimes feel that when I’m with you and you’re with me that, like…”

Katie hated the way she babbled when she got nervous. It was only ever around Lauren. She sounded like such a girl. She wanted to sound witty and confident, the way Lauren was, but every time she tried, even when it all came together in her head, something happened on the way to her mouth and it came out in some kind of garbled rubbish that sounded like the ravings of some vacuous idiot. How did her owner put up with her? The confused teen looked at her classmate forlornly, her glistening green eyes begging silently for help. Katie watched as Lauren slipped her hand between her legs, the petite fingers disappearing beneath the band of her shorts.  She stepped forward, bringing her fingers to Katie’s lips, allowing the young girl to lick the tip of the glistening digits.

“I know Kitty, but never you mind that nonsense,” Lauren said, smiling as she watched the young girl savour the taste of her. “Dinnertime.”

Katie felt the frustration of being unable to express herself properly. She pressed her tongue against the back of her front teeth, consoling herself with  the flavour of her owner, a surge of warmth filling her chest as she thought of the intimate gesture. Lauren knew, somehow she knew and she had comforted her in the most perfect of ways. But she shouldn’t have to just know. Katie desperately wanted to be able to explain herself, to let Lauren know how she was feeling, how hard she was trying and how much she wanted this. She wanted to tell her lover how she felt, of the love that made her body ache in ways no physical pain ever had. Instead she tasted the sharp musk of her owner’s sex and happily allowed herself to be led by the hand, out of the room and down to dinner, knowing herself for a coward, knowing that she couldn’t hide forever. Lauren deserved more, she deserved better.

* * *

“Hey sub.”

Katie stopped dead in her tracks. Brad and Ray sat at the bench beaming idiotically at her, but she was quite definite about what she had heard. They knew Lauren, they weren’t a part of her group but they often sat with her at lunch. She wasn’t silly enough to think Lauren had confided anything in them, at least she was spared that particular bout of paranoia, but had they somehow picked up on her submissive relationship with their friend.

“Um, what did you say?’

“Hey sub.”

“But…” Katie said, making her way slowly to the bench to sit in the space they had left between them.

“Well you’re our subject aren’t you?”

“I guess,” she said hesitantly, a little off-balance but comforted by the realisation that it had nothing to do with her owner. She placed her bag on the floor beneath her stool and took especial care to fold her skirt beneath her as she placed her bottom on the round seat. Her lack of panties weighed heavily upon her. The high stool meant she was just a little more vulnerable than usual.

“After all, I’m the brains and well I guess that makes you the looks of our little group?” Brad said to Ray, who tossed his head exaggeratedly as if showing off the long locks he did not have.

Katie was never entirely sure how to take these two. They never seemed to take anything seriously and yet they always managed to get good grades. She remembered how they had taken control in the last class and the role she had played in their group project. She guessed it was true. She was the subject, a position she wasn’t entirely comfortable with but one she had accepted without challenge.

“We need to get together and talk about our project. Meet us in the library at lunch today and we’ll go over everything.”

“Um I can’t.”

“What do you mean,” Ray said, his indignation sincere.

“I have a detention at lunch.”

“Shit Brad, what have we been lumped with?”

“Tomorrow then.”

“Um, I have a detention then too,” Katie said quietly, feeling worse by the second. Her heart began to hammer in her chest and she dreaded the response to her latest revelation.

“What the fuck for?”

“I checked my phone in Mr Marinov’s class,” she replied, hunching over her notepad, unwilling to meet their judgemental gaze.

“I don’t know. What do you reckon?”

“It’s a little too late to have her out. The whole experiment’s already designed.”

“I don’t know, we could always…”

“Please don’t kick me out. I’ll be good,” Katie burst out, the fear that she would be forced out on her own sending icy fingers up her spine. She hadn’t thought about what she was saying and she blushed furiously at the words she had chosen. She couldn’t be on her own for this project, she just knew her grade would be terrible. She had to make sure of this, for Lauren.

“Fine, then the weekend. We’ll all meet at my house tomorrow.”

“I can’t I am going away for the weekend. Sorry,” Katie hurried on, knowing how it sounded, “it’s a family thing.”

“Christ on the cross Katie. Monday lunchtime then. We won’t really have many more chances after that.”

“Monday, sure. Monday lunchtime. In the library?”

“Monday. But not in the library. We’ll meet here. We’ll get the room no problem. We are very trustworthy.”

At this both boys laughed out loud. Katie smiled nervously, though she wasn’t sharing in the joke. She was just relieved that she was still allowed in their group. She rolled her pen back and forth across her open notepad, only now realising what they had just said. They had such an infuriating manner of talking, at times leaving her out of the conversation entirely, even though she was sat between them.

It had only been once the lesson started and their attention had been focused elsewhere that she realised she would be in a room, alone, with these two boys during a lunch period. First a teacher and now students, boys. Maybe they wouldn’t be allowed, but they had appeared very confident. It seemed that her lunchtime would not be her own for a while to come. She began to think of lunch today, when she would have to spend another of her free periods in a classroom, writing lines. Once it took hold it was all she could think of for the rest of the class.

* * *

“Um excuse me Sir?”

“Ah Miss Thomas. Right, phone.”

Katie rummaged in her bag and placed her phone in the teacher’s outstretched hand.  She had already turned it off this time, having learnt from the previous day’s detention. She didn’t know why it was necessary but she couldn’t really fault Mr Marinov. Everything that had led her to this had come from her and her alone.

“Bag at your desk.”

Katie obeyed. As she headed to her desk she heard her phone being placed in the drawer of the teacher’s desk and wondered why that extra step was necessary. She had made sure it was off, it wouldn’t be making any sounds today, in a drawer or out. It didn’t really matter though, she just had to focus on her lines for the day. The apprehensive schoolgirl turned back to the front of the classroom, the paper on which she had completed her first detention clutched in her hands. Lauren had checked them so she was confident there would be no mistakes for Mr Marinov to find.

She stepped back to the desk and mutely handed over the sheets of paper, unfolding them to display her work. The seated teacher took the paper, glanced at it briefly before putting it in a drawer. Katie looked on in dismay. He hadn’t even checked the lines. She could have written anything! But she really couldn’t have. Even if Lauren had not been there to check, she wouldn’t have dared, and besides, what if he checked them later. She was stupid to even think about trying to cheat her way out of a punishment. She thought she had moved past that kind of behaviour.

“Ok young lady, take these and follow me.”

Katie stared in confusion at the items Mr Marinov placed on his desk. She knew what they were, she just couldn’t fathom what they were for. She looked at the blank blackboard and the pieces of chalk lying dormant in the metal gutter. She wasn’t writing lines? Why wasn’t she writing lines? Isn’t that what you did in detention? What about her lines? The bewildered schoolgirl looked from blackboard to desk and reluctantly moved to pick up the bright pink rubber gloves and the thick black garbage bag that sat ominously on the desk. The teacher was already at the door and she couldn’t afford to be tardy.

Katie ran across the room and out into the corridor to catch Mr Marinov. She glanced back into the room as she reached the doorway, a sudden shudder of panic gripping her. Her bag was sitting on one of the small plastic desks. Her dildo was inside, unprotected. She closed the door firmly but the thought haunted her as she hurried after the teacher. He was walking fast and she had to almost run to keep up. She still didn’t know what was going on. Was she going to be doing dishes in the cafeteria? Well that wouldn’t be so bad, but what was the garbage bag for? The young girl followed silently, wanting desperately to know what was going on, hoping that the slow-dawning realisation that was creeping upon her was wrong.

She followed the teacher down the long corridor, through the large double doors and out into the sunshine. She had studiously avoided the looks of the few students they had passed along the way, but now she had no choice. As she trotted along behind the teacher, gloves and bag in hand, she felt the glances of her fellow students like a physical force. The tiny hairs on the back of her neck prickled intensely and her cheeks pinked with the first touch of humiliation.

“Now then Miss Thomas. Gloves on please, student welfare is paramount. I want to see both bags full. Once you have filled the first, place it here and collect the second. Well, the clock is ticking.”

“Yes Sir,” Katie mumbled timidly.

She didn’t want to do this, but what choice did she have. All she wanted now was to be back in the safety of the classroom, writing out line after boring line. She had hated the monotonous task but right at this moment she would have given anything to have all three of her detentions play out exactly the same.

Katie looked down and demurely slipped the thick pink gloves onto each hand. They were clearly too large, her petite hands lost in the voluminous interior. The meek schoolgirl looked at the teacher, hoping for a last minute reprieve, hoping that he could see she had learnt her lesson, but it was evident, from the look on his face, that Mr Marinov cared nothing for her sensibilities.

She picked up the large black plastic bag, shook it open and began searching the ground of the schoolyard for garbage with which to fill it. She did not have far to look. She had never really noticed before, but the grounds seemed to be full of litter. Didn’t the school employ janitors? She had never really spent much time in the schoolyard, tending to eat her lunch in the cafeteria. The girls she used to hang with preferred to spend their time inside, almost never venturing into one of the courtyards or the rest of the grounds.

There were plenty of students who did though, which she was now learning. She could hear them laughing and she knew it was at her. Her face flushed crimson, as she bent for her first piece of litter, the heat of the degradation she felt burning in her cheeks the equal of that produced by the warm sunshine. Katie tried to ignore the laughter, and the jokes at her expense, spying the next piece of garbage even as she put her first into the bag. She wished, for the hundredth time that day, that Lauren had allowed her to wear panties. The pleated skirt she wore, was a pretty pastel pink, and while it was wasn’t terribly short, coming half-way to her knees, she would still have to be careful each and every time she bent to collect a piece of garbage.

At least her top was better, a nice dark red shirt that covered her nicely. Her bosom was cushioned comfortably by her favourite bra and she remembered the sigh of relief she had uttered when she saw that picture on Dressing Kitty that morning. No panties and no bra would have been too much for her.

She still couldn’t quite get used to seeing all those pictures of herself each day. The succession of images of her wearing just a single piece of clothing was  still a little unnerving. The shoes were the strangest. Lauren only really needed to show the picture just of her feet, knees down at most, and yet each morning she looked at herself, posing naked, that sensual smile on her face and only shoes on her feet. The tops weren’t much better, there was something strange about having her upper body clothed and her pussy exposed, but it was still much better than her shoes. And now there was her hairstyle too.

She was dragged back to reality as she heard a familiar voice. She looked up at Dana, the full complement of her former friends arrayed around the haughty girl. Katie had been too lost in her daydream to appreciate the snide remark, but she felt it’s sting nonetheless. She dropped a crumpled piece of paper into her bag and bent for another, trying to avoid her classmates, hoping they would simply go away.

Katie sprang upright, startled by the can that had struck her hand as she reached for a dank sliver of muddy paper. She looked up into the sneering face of her former friend and wished for Lauren. She wanted her owner there with her so badly. The stricken schoolgirl’s body ached for her, yearning for the safety and comfort of her presence. She didn’t know where Lauren was and knew she could not rely on her appearing to save her every time she needed it. She looked back to Mr Marinov, hoping he would see what the girls were doing and put an end to it, but he had his face buried in a book, not even looking her way.

“Awww, little bitch looking for teacher to save her. What you gonna do? Tattle on us? Oh Sir, Sir, the naughty girls littered. What’s the matter? Blowjob not good enough to get you out of detention? Dressing like a slut doesn’t make you a good one.”

Katie stood dumbfounded in the face of the venomous tirade from the girl she had once called her best friend. She hadn’t done anything to deserve this. She hadn’t done anything wrong. She didn’t dress like a slut, Lauren dressed her and it was sexy but it wasn’t slutty. The fact that she was a slut, just for her owner, had nothing to do with anything. She simply couldn’t understand why Dana hated her so much now. She already knew that she hadn’t ever really liked her, that epiphany had come when she had thought back upon their relationship and realised how truly one-sided it had been.

“Yeah, the bitch got nothing. Hope you do a better job as a janitor ‘cause the only other job you’re suited for is a hooker and it sounds like you’re shit at that too.”

“Miss Thomas, you’re here to work not chat. If you wish for yet another detention I will oblige,” Mr Marinov called from his perch by the courtyard door.

“Oooh yeah, he sounds angry. That must have been one crappy hummer.”

The girls giggled once more, taking Dana’s lead, as Katie stayed silent and simply bent to collect the can that had been thrown at her. As she straightened demurely, always conscious of keeping her body hidden, she sensed the rain of paper and other litter that fell around her.

“You know, girls, I think she’s really in her element. Empty what ya got but don’t go crazy, no point letting her have too much fun,” laughed Dana, revelling in the power she was experiencing over the silent girl. The fact that she wasn’t fighting back made it all the sweeter. She could see the burning in the schoolgirl’s cheeks and smiled knowing little Miss Priss was getting what she deserved. She scowled, hating that the rosy blush of humiliation only made the little bitch even prettier. The little cow definitely needed to be taught a lesson.

Katie cringed as she bent to pick up a dirty tissue, freshly thrown onto the ground at her feet. She was fighting back the tears, not wanting Dana to have the satisfaction, but knowing it was a losing battle. If they didn’t leave soon she knew the tears would fall.

“We really can’t stay any longer Katie, sorry. Hi Mr Marinov, we were just leaving.”

Katie shuddered at the evil smile on Dana’s face as she turned and led her group across the schoolyard. She knew what she had done with her parting salvo and the young girl clenched her teeth as she sensed the teacher approach her from behind.

“Well Miss Thomas, it seems you are a slow learner. We will extend your detentions through until Monday. If you cannot learn to prioritise and focus your efforts I’m afraid you are going to be at it for quite a while. At least the school will benefit. You now have only 20 minutes to fill both bags.”

Katie wanted to set the record straight, to tell Mr Marinov she hadn’t been slacking or talking but she knew he would not listen. The girls had been really smart, having the added benefit of being able to see when the teacher had been looking and when his attention had been elsewhere. There was little she could say anyway. The bag she was holding held almost nothing and she was running out of time. She had to look on the bright side, at least there was plenty of litter close at hand.

Katie couldn’t help but feel sorry for herself as she bent to retrieve another piece of trash from the ground, her lame attempt to buoy her own spirits not cheering her in the slightest. Her gloved fingers closed around the small piece of transparent plastic, a solitary tear darkening the pavement below as she collected the tampon wrapper and added it to her bag. She knew that it was something that she would never normally have seen in the schoolyard. It was a special present from her former friends.

She had never realised they hadn’t liked her, but how could she have been so blind? Was the same thing happening all over again? Did Lauren care nothing for her either? Was she just being used, was she just the butt of yet another series of jokes as she had been once before? The very thought, though quickly banished, made her feel empty inside, lifeless and cold. She knew it wasn’t true. This wasn’t a mistake this time, she wasn’t wrong. This was real, she knew it was. Nothing in her life had ever been as real as the love she had for her owner and the love she felt in return.

She had been fooled once, but she was a different person then, still, she was a nice person wasn’t she? She tried to be. She had always been good to Dana and the other girls, always listened, always helped with their problems. Besides, Miranda liked her too. She tried to be nice, well she didn’t really try it was just who she was. She liked helping people. What she tried to do was never be not nice. She knew she wasn’t really making much sense, even she was having trouble following her chaotic thoughts.

Even through the confusion, the thought of the friends she now had made the brief bout of tears fade. She may only have two, but they were real and true and she wouldn’t trade them for anything. She sniffled once and forged on, collecting the rest of the fresh garbage the girls had dropped. She didn’t know why the tampon wrapper had upset her so much. It was different than the rest of the trash she had collected, she didn’t know why and she didn’t really want to think about it but it made her feel the degradation of her situation more keenly than before.

The constant care she needed to take when collecting each piece of litter was wearing on her as well. She couldn’t just bend over and she couldn’t squat right down so with each piece she was performing a half-squat, making sure her skirt never moved more than an inch from her skin. She knew it looked awkward, it felt awkward, but she didn’t really have any other options. It made her appear like some delicate princess, not wanting to soil her dainty hands. She had overheard a comment that had said as much as she collected a crumpled candy wrapper.

Finally the small pile of trash was in her bag and the ground around her was clear. It hadn’t taken long, though it had sure felt like it, but it had been all little things. Her bag was barely a quarter full and if she failed this detention, she didn’t know what she would have to do. Would Mr Marinov make her collect garbage in her own time and bring two full bags to school? It was a stupid thought, but right now she just didn’t know what to expect. A few days ago she would never in her wildest dreams have thought she would even be in a detention. Yet here she was, collecting garbage with half the school watching her.

Katie glanced quickly around the schoolyard, hoping against hope to catch a glimpse of her owner. All she saw were staring faces, wearing one of two expressions: delight and interest, sometimes both. She didn’t spot a single sympathetic face in the sea of students. She understood the interest of the boys, she wasn’t the prettiest girl in school but she knew that since becoming Lauren’s she had become a woman, sensual and alluring. Her lover had not only trained her in being a slave but she had somehow made her sexuality flower. She felt it deep inside her each time she thought of her owner and even each time she glimpsed the transformation in her own form, from her beautifully smooth pussy to her newly toned body and even the hairstyle that had been chosen for her. She was so different now, better.

The solid band of metal that sat around her neck was a constant reminder of her new life and she thought of it now, the way it pressed against the soft flesh of her throat, the way it moved slightly each time she bent for a new piece of garbage. Even the light tinkling of her anklet made her aware of what she was, every step reminding her that she was a possession, owned by the most beautiful and caring girl in the world. A girl who loved her and had shown her that love last night. She smiled as she remembered the sensual massage that Lauren had given her, remembered the feeling of her muscles melting under her owner’s intimate touch, though it was to the after-dinner activity that her mind turned to now.

She hadn’t been allowed to eat Lauren’s pussy, a punishment whose ache still sat heavily on her heart, but she had been allowed to caress her lover’s body, peppering her luscious form with a thousand tiny kisses. She had only been allowed to use her lips to give Lauren her own massage and she had kept her panties on as a reminder that the most delicious part of her owner was denied to her.

She had nuzzled in close between her legs, giggling as they had parted in response, giving her access to the sensitive crease where thigh met body. She had pushed with her lips, forcing the material aside, trying to sneak her way to her desire. Lauren had smacked her but they had both laughed, knowing she was only being cheeky. She smiled wickedly at the memory of the way her tongue had dipped into the small curve of Lauren’s bellybutton and the girlish giggle of delight that had erupted from the supine girl. She could almost feel again the caress of the rope tight around her wrists, the sensual tightness that kept her hands behind her back, a reminder of her lover’s dominance.

Crap, Katie exclaimed silently, throwing a crumpled can into her bag. How could she be wet while picking up trash? She could feel it, the familiar tingling along the walls of her sex, the sensation of the moistness forming inside her. She wasn’t wearing panties, she had to remember that. She couldn’t afford this now. Fuck being a slut! It was great when she was with her owner, Lauren loved how she was, but it was a liability almost every other moment of her life.

Focus, she chastised herself, no more. There’s an empty juicebox, there’s a straw and after that a… No that wasn’t right. Even though she had never seen one before she wasn’t that innocent. There was no way that was supposed to be there though. Katie looked around and instantly saw the group of young boys giggling uncontrollably as they watched her. How had they even got a hold of one? They were two grades below her.

She sighed resignedly and bent to pick up the condom, doing her best to ignore the slimy skin and throwing it into the bag as quickly as she could. There was something inside it, a liquid that made it squelch between her gloved fingers. She balked at the thought of what it could be and discarded it hurriedly as if the filthy item was burning through her gloves. There was no way that it was that, but she couldn’t help think it anyway.

Katie tried to ignore the hoots of laughter but she felt her cheeks redden with the fresh humiliation. Why was she always the source of the joke and never in on it? It wasn’t fair. She had just made one small mistake, why did she have to endure this? There was no way in hell she would ever be looking at her phone in any class again, no way, no how. She tried to ignore the fresh laughter but it cut through her, striking at her core.

Where were her friends? She needed them now, desperately. She almost cried at the very thought of Lauren or Miranda striding into the courtyard and just standing by her as she continued to fill the bag with trash. They didn’t need to say anything, or do anything, just to be there was enough. But she was alone, they had their own lives, important things to do, other friends to be with.

Her increased pace had paid dividends and she hurried back to Mr Marinov with one bag almost full. How there was so much garbage in the schoolyard she didn’t know. There were trash cans all over the place and there had to be janitors. Was everyone so lazy? Was that why Mr Marinov had chosen this task for her second detention? Not only as a lesson to her, but also to the other students. Right now she didn’t really care about the other students, but she had definitely learnt her lesson.

“Excuse me Sir, I have filled a bag,” Katie announced meekly, not really wanting to interrupt the teacher’s reading.

“Open.” Katie obeyed, widening the mouth of the bag and displaying the contents for the teacher to verify her work. She looked in as well, breathing a sigh of relief when she could not see the condom. The idea of Mr Marinov seeing that, knowing she had touched it, made her feel decidedly icky. “Here’s the second bag. I hope you are beginning to take this seriously.”

“Yes Sir,” the schoolgirl replied timidly, not wanting to argue. The evidence was against her and arguing with a superior never did any good, that much at least she had learnt.

How much time was left to her she didn’t know, but she did her best to complete the task. She had to roam further and further afield to find the trash now. Katie looked up, the hushed conversation drawing her attention like the rest of the raucous schoolyard noise had not. The colour drained from her face as she saw Gavin and his cronies sitting on the ground against the wall of a building. They all had their phones out and pointed in her direction. She was confident she had been ultra-careful but the scene reminded her that this boy would not so easily give up his crusade to be proved right and this was a day on which he could.

She quickly changed direction, not caring that the majority of the remaining garbage lay that way. There was no way she was exposing herself to that frightful gauntlet. She had avoided the creep as much as she could and Lauren was not here to stand up for her now. Her stomach tightened in apprehension as Gavin got to his feet, his obviously brand new phone still in his hand.

Katie walked quickly away, heading back to Mr Marinov and the relative safety that the teacher provided. She didn’t know for sure what Gavin’s intentions were but she didn’t have to be a genius to guess. Two people knew what he had seen that day in class, she was determined it would never be repeated and he was just as determined that it would. She needed panties. She had been truly surprised when she had been allowed them yesterday. Lauren had been so angry when she had taken them from her in the library that she thought it would be the last she would see of them for quite some time. But this morning there had been one less picture on Dressing Kitty. All she could do was hope that Lauren had made a mistake.

She was pretty confident that Lauren wouldn’t allow her to wear any tomorrow and when she heard she had another detention on Monday, she was pretty certain it would be yet another schoolday without protection. She so needed to be good. Could she hide a pair of panties in her bag and sneak them on out of view of the webcam? She could, she knew it was possible, but the thought made her cringe. If Lauren found out she would be so angry and disappointed. The thought of her owner’s anger was not something upon which she wished to dwell, but the thought of the disappointment made her feel truly awful.

She wouldn’t disobey. She would be good. She would deal with the consequences of her actions and accept her punishment like a slave should. The thought of her owner calling her a good girl, of receiving a rewarding kiss or a gentle pat on the head, banished the dreadful feelings that sat like a leaden weight in the pit of her stomach. She would do anything to see Lauren smile. She had never really thought it possible but her happiness truly was dependant on another.

Katie glanced behind her, breathing a sigh of relief that Gavin was no longer following her. Now all she had to worry about was not being able to fill the bag with garbage and failing to complete yet another detention. The thought of failing again, upset her. She knew what she needed to do, the instructions she was given were always clear enough, so why couldn’t she fulfil these assignments? They didn’t come directly from her owner, but it was important to Lauren that she was obedient and successful. It wasn’t enough for a slave to pick and choose when she behaved, it was an all-the-time thing.

“Miss Thomas?”

Katie placed the last piece of litter in her bag and came at the teacher’s call. She closed the bag, worrying at how empty it felt. She resigned herself to the fact that she would probably be getting yet another detention now, her only real thought that of how she would explain it to her owner. She stopped in front of the seated teacher, the sagging black bag hanging limply by her side. Her belly flipped as she looked demurely at her feet, awaiting the sentence of her failure to be pronounced.

“Right, take the bags to the dumpsters behind the gymnasium. The gloves you can wash and return to the janitor’s closet and then report for your lunch.”

“Yes Sir,” Katie replied deflatedly, knowing that this journey would take her to almost the far side of the school. She would have to move if she was going to get everything done in time.

“And Miss Thomas?”

“Yes Sir?”

“Don’t forget to wash your hands after returning the gloves.”

“Yes Sir,” the young girl replied, trying to keep the attitude out of her voice. Of course she would wash her own hands. She didn’t need to be told to do that. She was proud of herself though. She knew that her instinct of just a few weeks ago would have been to sass the teacher, not out loud of course, but Lauren’s training had taught her the importance of respect. She still didn’t like being told things she already knew, but at least she hadn’t let her owner down with a disrespectful quip, silent as it may have been.

“Dismissed, Miss Thomas.”

Katie picked up the full bag and hurried off across the schoolyard, desperate to have this demeaning chore a mere memory. She held the bags away from her body, not wanting them to bump against her even once. She knew that the garbage was on the inside of the bag but the thought of what was inside made her nose wrinkle in disgust. She just wanted them gone.

“Hey Katie.” For fuck’s sake, what had she done to deserve this?

“Hi Pierre.”

“Whatcha doin?”

“Taking some garbage to the dumpsters.” Captain Obvious, she added, silently wishing the annoyingly creepy boy would disappear.

“A pretty girl like you shouldn’t be carrying garbage. If you were my girlfriend, I’d make sure you never had to take out the garbage.”

“Uh, thanks Pierre, that’s really… sweet.” It was, she supposed, but he was still a creepy little pervert. Even now she could see him glancing at her breasts when he thought she wasn’t looking. She quickened her pace, hoping he would get the message and leave her be.

“So do you like movies. Going to movies I mean, not just watching movies you know, but going to the movies, you know, popcorn and all that stuff.”

“Yeah sure I guess,” Katie replied. The question made her think of Lauren and the time her owner had taken her to the movies. She had been so close to coming that day. Her lips twitched, a tiny smile playing on her lips as she tried and failed to remember the name of the movie they had seen.

“Would you um, do you think-“

They had already rounded the corner of the gymnasium, the dumpsters only a few yards ahead, and she hadn’t been paying complete attention to what the young boy was saying but she had already been cringing at the thought of the proposition she knew was coming, but she turned, intrigued by Pierre’s sudden silence. Instead of Pierre’s leering face hungrily eyeing her body, she found him making a hasty retreat, all thoughts of asking her out clearly forgotton. What could have...?

Gavin was standing at the corner of the building, leaning casually against the rough white wall. Katie backed towards the dumpsters, the garbage bags forgotten and bumping against her legs. It wasn’t until a sharp piece of garbage pressing through the thin plastic scraped the bare skin above her knee that she truly realised what was happening.

“What do you want?”

“Just the truth,” the young boy responded, tapping his phone against his thigh. You can’t handle the truth! It was the first thing that sprang into her mind. She was crazed, no other explanation. She even had to fight back the panic-induced grin of the mentally ill at her poorly-timed joke.

“Just leave me alone Gavin. You’ll get in trouble, I’ll tell Mr Marinov,” she finally managed.

“Tell him what? That I thought to help you carry the bags to the dumpsters? Oooh, I’ll get detention for sure,” he said, smirking. She knew he was right, but the snide inference to her own detention made her blood boil. “Just say it Katie? Just say you weren’t wearing panties. Just say, ‘I’m a slut that loves flashing my cunt’. That’s all I want.”

“Fuck you Gavin,” Katie said, her anger giving her courage.

“Yeah fuck you Gavin.”

Katie jumped in fright at the third voice and she could see it had startled Gavin as well. Her first thought wasn’t that she had been saved, that the confrontation with Gavin was over, instead she worried exactly how much of the conversation had been overheard. She looked past the clearly shaken boy to see the newcomer on the other side of the secluded alleyway. He was tall, dressed entirely in black, his long hair straight and black as her own. Dean something, she had seen him around but they didn’t exactly run in the same circles. He was a goth and he’d always seemed just a little too inaccessible, a little too different.

“Hey, look I…”

“Are you lefthanded or righthanded?”

“W…what?” stammered Gavin, clearly unsettled not only by the black-clad teenager’s presence but by the unexpected question.”

“It’s a pretty simple question. Are you lefthanded or righthanded?”

“Um, righthanded.”

“Ok then, you have three seconds to fuck off or I’ll break every finger on your right hand. There’s not much I do enjoy so I’m really going to relish hearing those stubby little bones snap.”

That was enough for Gavin. He rounded the corner without another word or backwards glance. Katie fancied she could almost see a puff of smoke, like in the cartoons. So Gavin was gone, but now that left her in a secluded part of the school with someone who, quite frankly, scared her almost as much as Gavin.

“Um, thanks,” she squeaked, not quite sure what else to do, but needing to give voice to the genuine relief she felt.

“My pleasure. That guy’s a little shitlicker. I’m gonna have fun with him for the next few weeks. You’d be surprised how much mileage you can get out of a blank stare when you look like me.”

He smiled then, with such genuine warmth that Katie couldn’t help smile too. He wasn’t here to do anything to her. She was safe. She instantly worried about what he’d heard and the concern, so soon after the smile, must have shown.

“Don’t worry. I think you’re pretty cool Katie Thomas.”

“Thanks Dean,” she said with a self-conscious smile.

“Now I like you even more. I would have bet money you didn’t even know my name. Nice collar.”

“You too,” Katie replied quickly, the blood instantly rushing from her face as she realised what she had said. Her response should have been ‘what collar, this is a necklace’ but she’d just blurted out the first thing that came into her head. She just wasn’t thinking and he was wearing a collar, a big thick black thing with small spikes. She knew it was nothing like hers, one a statement of fashion, the other of ownership.

Katie stood still as he came towards her, the long black jacket flowing around him like an extra shadow. She let him take the two garbage bags from her and watched shyly as he threw them into the dumpsters behind her. All she could think was that her colourful outfit was so different from his funereal aspect. She cursed herself for the thought, terribly shallow, more deserving of her old friends. She would never have looked to Dean for help, but it just proved you couldn’t judge a book by its cover. A lesson she only hoped more people would learn.

“Uh, thanks.”

“It’s cool,” he said, walking casually to the side of the building, his loping stroll distinctive.

“Thanks, for everything.”

“No problem, though if you ever want to flash me, I won’t say no.”

Katie’s mouth hung open as she watched him saunter around the side of the building but she caught a brief glimpse of the sly smile on his face, wide and bright without a hint of malice. She couldn’t help but smile in return, his teasing somehow comforting. The young girl stood in the silence, bewildered by the strange turn of events. She still wasn’t quite sure exactly what had happened, but she knew one thing. She didn’t have time to stand around mulling it over. Her thoughts turned to detentions, present and future. She needed to get back if she didn’t want yet another. Already the thoughts of what she would have to do tomorrow were spinning through her mind.

* * *

“Um, excuse me, ah Ma’am. I’m looking for Mr Marinov,” Katie enquired hesitantly. She was taken aback at not finding Mr Marinov seated at his desk as usual. She had never seen this woman before and she was instantly worried by the change in routine.

“Mr Marinov is unavoidably absent today. You must be… Katie Thomas,” the bespectacled woman said as she flipped through the folder that was open before her. “Mr Marinov has been very thorough. You won’t be sneaking out of your detention. I have a note here for you to take to room B6 and you are to present it to a Mrs Clark.”

A heavy weight filled the young girl’s belly as she heard the name. She was a bitch, there wasn’t really any other way to describe her. She had taught her history for two years and she had hated every single minute of it. She hadn’t liked the boys in her class, but she had hated the girls. Katie had done her best to remain anonymous, always sitting in the middle of the class, always quiet and still there had been times when she had been the subject of the terrible teacher’s attention.

The apprehensive schoolgirl crept forward and meekly accepted the sealed note. She glanced briefly at the envelope, clearly able to read the writing on the front: Mrs Clark, A CASE. Why was that all in capitals? She knew it had to do with her but what did being a CASE mean?

“I wouldn’t dawdle if I were you my dear.”

“No Ma’am, sorry,” Katie replied, knowing it was good advice.

She wasted no more time, hurrying from the room and through the partially deserted corridors, moving unerringly in the direction of her doom. What a drama queen, Katie thought, smiling at her own turn of phrase. It couldn’t be any worse than collecting garbage in front of the school. She had still heard the odd joke about that today. It was an episode she knew she would not soon be allowed to forget. That’s all the last few days felt like, hazy grey blurs of nothingness highlighted by the sharp humiliation of the detentions she was forced to be a part of. Well those and the delicious hours she had spent with her owner. She still couldn’t quite believe that had even happened.

She walked as fast as she could, the plain white envelope heavy in her hand. She was dying to know what was inside, but she dared not look. It was sealed anyway, but she knew that even if it had not been she would not have had the courage to look inside. The swift journey, as all the walking she had done today, left her in a state of arousal that she fervently wished she could deny.

The small denim shorts that Lauren had chosen for her today were certainly not suited to a lack of panties. Or maybe they were, depending on your point of view. She had always liked the dark blue jean-shorts and they fit her even better now that her body had begun to tone under her owner’s strict training. She remembered turning to admire herself in the mirror before she left for school, liking the way the small shorts hugged the firm mounds of her bottom. Her legs weren’t all that long, but they had taken on such a lovely shape and the soft white skin of her thighs contrasted beautifully with the dark denim.

It wasn’t the look of the shorts that was causing her distress, it was the seam that lay directly across her clit, pressing on the tiny button with every step she took. She had been creaming by the time she reached the bus, it was a clit-day after all and she had already been close to her peak before she had even left the house. She had already been to the toilet once that day, spending precious moments licking her thick white discharge from the rough material. At least it was dark and would not show any dampness that may occur.

It wasn’t just the look and the feel however, she was sure, utterly sure, that she could smell her musk. She had not been haunted by the strong scent of her sex for days but she knew that smell and she knew it would not go away, no matter how hard she licked the crotch of her shorts. She needed to come. She needed Lauren. The magical night they had spent together on Wednesday was still fresh in her memory and she longed for its repeat. The weekend was so close, her dream would soon be reality. She would just have to control herself until then.

Well there it was, Mrs Clark’s room. She had done her best to move as quickly as she could, trying to find the balance between speed and comfort, but she knew it had taken a minute or two to reach the classroom. Katie only hoped that whatever was in store for her, being a couple of minutes late would not affect it greatly.

The door was closed so before she knocked, she took a quick peak through the square of glass set into the wooden door. The room looked empty, but the supply room door at the back of the class was open. Katie knocked hesitantly on the door, opened it and stepped anxiously inside.

“Excuse me Mrs Clark. I’m, um, it’s Katie Thomas. I’m here for my detention.”

“Sit down child,” came the dry, crackly voice from the rear of the room. Even those three simple words held such a depth of judgement that Katie could not help but shudder in response.

“Um I have something for you Ma’am, an envelope from Mr Marinov.”

“You were told to sit, not speak.”

Katie found it unsettling having a conversation with an unseen person and sat in the nearest seat, strangely upset at the stern scolding. She clutched the letter in both hands, her schoolbag still across her shoulders. It had pulled her white blouse to one side and she quickly readjusted the strap, freeing the trapped material and allowing it to once again cover her completely. All bar the top button were closed and it was usually enough to keep her bosom from sight, the one open button allowing only a teasing glimpse of the soft flesh above the full, firm mounds beneath.

She remembered Dana’s words from the day before and knew with a certainty that she was wrong. She looked sexy, sure, she knew it, she felt it in the way she moved. It didn’t hurt that she was constantly aroused but she was sure that wouldn’t show. The tip of each young breast was doing its best to pierce her bra and blouse but so far the material was thwarting all efforts. Katie couldn’t help but smile. She had to see the humour in her situation, there was no way of escaping it, she was a slut, the overwhelming sexual drive she felt marked her as such.

“Well where is this envelope young lady?”

“Here Ma’am,” Katie said, startled by the sudden question. Mrs Clark seemed to have the same ninja skills as Lauren. The seated schoolgirl watched apprehensively as the teacher open the envelope and began to read.

Mrs Clark was tall and whip-thin, her face long and sharp. She was one of the older teachers at the school and her reputation was second to none. Katie had been sure she had seen the last of the old witch, yet here she was thrust back into the old stick’s lair once more. Katie suppressed a giggle, thinking how apt the description really was. She really did look like an old stick that had fallen from a tree: long and sharp and desiccated.

Katie watched as the teacher’s angular features pinched together in a frown. How much was written in this letter? What could it say other than she was here for a detention? She clutched her bag more tightly to her shoulder, unsettled by the stretching silence.

“Well then young lady, where is this offending piece of technology?”

“Um here Ma’am,” Katie squeaked producing her phone.

“Spoiled. You children don’t appreciate the boons modern life provides. Such devices are changing the face of society and what do you do with them? Squander them, using them to sow the seeds of discontent and disrespect.”

Mrs Clark took the phone and stalked to her desk. She threw the slim phone onto the hard wooden desktop, making Katie cringe as it bounced and slid before finally coming to rest against an old book. It wasn’t on, she had made sure of that, but didn’t Mrs Clark realise how easy they were to damage? She had seen Lauren destroy just such a device. If anything happened to her phone, she would not be able to replace it as easily.

“Move to the far desk. Leave your bag,” the willowy teacher added as Katie made to move across the room. She made sure her bag was closed before placing it on the seat she had just vacated and hurried across the room to the desk Mrs Clark had indicated. It was the desk in the far back corner, the furthest from the door and directly in line with the teacher’s desk.

“Turn it to the corner. Into the corner. Sit.”

Katie obeyed each instruction without hesitation, her anxiety deepening as she did so. She was now seated at the back of the class, facing the wall, the hard, bare surface the only thing she could see without turning around. She placed her hands on the desk, fidgeting absently as she unconsciously adopted the sitting position in which she had been trained. She sat quietly, waiting for further instruction.

She could hear movement behind her, the shuffling of paper and a myriad of miscellaneous sounds she could not place. The small hairs on the back of her neck stood erect as she strained to hear any evidence that her bag was being tampered with. As always, her dildo was in there, protected only by the small felt bag that was its home. Well its home away from home, Katie thought, instantly suppressing the smile that crept onto her lips. This was no time for joking. She had to be ready for anything.

The minutes ticked past, each one feeling like an hour to the patient teen. Lauren had taught her patience, it was something a slave just had to have and it was just so useful in every aspect of her life. This however was stretching even the limits of what she could stand. She was just staring at the walls, waiting. At least there was no one to make fun of her here.

More time passed and Katie shuffled nervously in her seat, wondering what was happening behind her. She hated having her back to a room and this was even worse. The only other person here was Mrs Clark, but somehow that just made it worse. She could just imagine the beady eyes of the teacher boring into her, judging her, finding her wanting, inadequate. She didn’t want to be here any longer. She almost wished she was in the schoolyard once more, preferring the leers and jibes of the other students to this silent condemnation.

Katie wanted to turn around, she wanted to ask for something to do, anything, but she couldn’t quite work up the courage to do either. She had lost all track of time, unable to see the clock or a window, nothing but the two walls in front of her. Out of nowhere she felt an itch in her pussy, in her left labia to be precise. She had no idea where it came from, she had been sitting still and yet as the quiet minutes passed the sensation grew to an obsession.

She could feel everything, the seam of her shorts pressing along the very centre of her sex, perfectly splitting her vulva, each plump lip sitting to one side of the ridge of material. She could feel the pressure on her clitoris and she could feel how the cream she could not stop producing, made the denim of her shorts slick against her skin. But now, most of all, she could feel the itch, that terrible itch that had begun to dominate her thoughts.

If she didn’t do something about it she would go mental. For all she knew only five minutes had passed, her ability to tell time in these situations was notoriously bad. She simply couldn’t sit here like this for that long. If only Mrs Clark would give her something to do. Her mind would be occupied and she wouldn’t be focusing on these silly inconsequential things.

She could not divert her thoughts so she had to take action. There was no way she was reaching her hand down there, that was a sure recipe for disaster. Instead the anxious schoolgirl started to slowly move her butt on the hard plastic seat, rubbing back and forth, oh so slowly to avoid detection. Katie was confident that with her back to the teacher, the movement would not even be seen. Emboldened by her initial success, but with the itch unaffected, she squirmed on her chair, adding a slight sideways movement to try and brush the side-seam against her fleshy lip.

“What’s the matter young lady, do you have ants in your pants?”

“No Ma’am,” the schoolgirl squeaked, instantly frozen.

“Then sit still.”

Katie’s face blazed, heat radiating from every pore. Had Mrs Clark simply been sitting there watching her? Had she seen every move she had made? Paranoia hit her with full force, almost taking her breath away. The scalding heat radiating from her skin made her want to bury her face deep in a freezer. At least she was facing into a corner. What a bonus, she thought sarcastically to herself.

And the itch had gone nowhere. She would have to live with it, unless… If she asked to go to the toilet she could check the time, get out of this stifling room for just a minute and attend to the maddening sensation in her sex. The more she turned the thought over in her mind the more she was convinced it was genius. Mrs Clark was a woman too, she knew girls had smaller bladders. Kate swore some of the guys only went once a week. The male teachers always looked at you as if you were trying to cheat on a test if you just asked for a hall pass during class. Decision made, she cleared her throat quietly.

“Excuse me M-“

“If you wish to ask a question, raise your hand. You should know the etiquette by now young lady.”

Blushing even more heavily, Katie closed her eyes and raised her hand, sure that this was unnecessary. She was the only one here and making her do this was just petty. Easily more than a minute passed before she heard another word from the teacher.


“Excuse me Ma’am, may I go to the toilet please?”


Katie sat, stunned. That was it: no. No word of explanation, just no. That wasn’t fair and she was sure it wasn’t right. Didn’t a teacher have to let you go if you asked? What if you were absolutely busting? She wasn’t, she didn’t even need to go but Mrs Clark didn’t know that. Mrs Clark also didn’t know that she required permission from her owner to pee, something a lot more critical than any teacher could provide. But that was just it. Mrs Clark hadn’t provided, she had said no.

“Reaching for the stars is an admirable goal but I don’t think it is particularly applicable here.”

Katie quickly lowered her hand to the desk. She hadn’t even been aware that she had left it raised so shocked had she been at the response. She had been so sure. What was left to her now? Sit here and go slowly insane or take the plunge and reach down and scratch the itch like she should have done. Her arm had just begun to slide across the desk when she heard the door to the classroom open.


“Never mind, she’s one of Marinov’s.”


“Disobedience. The third of her four… so far.”


Katie swallowed nervously, her cheeks ablaze at being talked about as if she didn’t matter. And it wasn’t really four, it was one main one, plus one that she still didn’t think she should have. She wanted to yell that she had asked for three instead of one but she knew she simply could not. She did nothing but sit quietly as the two teachers talked about her as if she was some arch criminal.

“Playing with a phone during class, during mind you. I wouldn’t be surprised if it had been used during an exam.”

“I know what you mean Stella. These kids seem to think the world exists to serve them. I’m glad to see Marinov has taken a stand at least.”

“The fourth was given actually during a detention don’t you know.”

“How so?”

“Gross disbodience, and when that was the very reason she was there.”

“The cheek!”

Katie hung her head, small tears fighting to be born. She pushed them back, not wanting to show any sign that the demeaning treatment was getting to her. She didn’t remember Mrs Clark being this cruel, but then she hadn’t ever got a detention in her class. She wished more than ever that she could be back in the schoolyard with her pink gloves, plastic bags and garbage.

“I’m sure you didn’t visit to talk about these distasteful topics.”

“You’re right,” the second lady said laughing. A terrible surge of remorse and self-pity washed over Katie at the sound of that laugh. It was dismissive and demeaning and made her want to meld into the walls in front of her. “The gallery on Wednesday still on? “

“Most definitely. Oh and Liz…”

The teacher’s voice faded out of her hearing. The next thing she heard was that same laughter, though this time joined by a dry, rasping crackle that she knew was Mrs Clark. She had made a joke about her, Katie knew it. The other woman was still laughing as she left the room. Katie surreptitiously wiped away the one tiny tear rolled down her left cheek.

She wanted Lauren. She wanted to run from the room and seek her out, to throw herself into her arms and beg to stay with her forever. She needed her owner. One word from Lauren, one gentle touch, that’s all she wanted.

Katie sat up straighter as she heard Mrs Clark’s heavy black shoes click and clack on the hard floor. She wiped her eyes once more and sniffled , willing herself to regain her composure before the teacher reached her. Even though she knew Mrs Clark was right there, the seated schoolgirl still jumped when a piece of paper was placed on the desk in front of her.

“Your detention, to be handed to Mr Marinov on Monday.”

Katie looked at the paper as she listened to the teacher walk away. There was just one sentence on the paper but its contents left her confused and unbalanced, wondering just what she had done to deserve this. She had to write a thousand word essay on respect. Respect? She had never been disrespectful to Mr Marinov, but it took her only a second to know from what incident the request for this essay stemmed.

As she reached for the paper, her movements dulled by the bewilderment she felt, the raspy needle-like voice of the teacher pierced the fog that had enveloped her. “Dismissed young lady. I need that desk for a student who deserves it. Replace it before you leave.” She had been in here for the entire lunch period and all she had done was stare at the walls. Why hadn’t she been given the essay at the start? She could have been writing it already. She could have…

Katie stood quickly, pushing the desk back to its original position. She glanced at the front of the class once, but looked hurriedly away. Mrs Clark was watching her intently, a cold, predatory look on her face. Katie just wanted to be gone from this room. She would forever see Mrs Clarke in a different way, but she sincerely hoped that she would never see her again. She hoped that whatever had kept Mr Marinov away today had cleared up by Monday. The thought of another session with this witch made her entire body shiver. Katie collected her bag and hurried from the room, not willing to stay a moment longer.


“Well what?” Katie replied instinctually, startled by the sudden question. She paled immediately, realising a split second after her response that it was Lauren who had asked. She was bewildered by her presence outside Mrs Clark’s room and the question had taken her by surprise. She looked timidly at her owner, waiting for the slap she knew she deserved.


“Sorry Miss, I didn’t know it was you and you surprised me and I didn’t mean anything by it and…”

“And what? And one punishment for the day wasn’t enough? And you’re a sassy slut seeking a slap? Maybe we could write a book together. We could call it ‘The Sassy Slut and Her Slick Snatch’. What do you think Kitty? We could give Dr Seuss a run for his money.”

“Um,” Katie mumbled, completely lost by Lauren’s rapid-fire response. She looked around uncertainly but the corridor was thankfully empty. The fear that had gripped her started to ebb. Her owner was clearly happy though she had no idea what she was talking about.

“That pretty little head all muddled up by your pussy, all wet and aching for some attention, hmmm?”

“No, I mean…”

“Now Kitty, I can smell you from here, such a pretty scent,” said Lauren, taking an exaggeratedly deep breath in through her nose.

“Yes, I mean…” She was even more confused now and she could feel the flush of heat to her cheeks, forcing her to lower her head timidly.

“Stop worrying about that fat puss. How did the detention go?”

“Oh, um good I guess. I have an essay to write to show Mr Marinov on Monday. It’s not long but I couldn’t start on it because Clark only told me about it just then. I just spent the whole time just sitting there doing nothing.”

“I know. I peeked a few times. Looks like that puss got the better of you more than once.”

“I had an-“

“Oh I know what you had Kitty,” Lauren interrupted, her pretty mouth twisted into a sly grin. “Well you’d better get cracking on that essay because it needs to be done tonight. Plus you’ve got to pack. Right now though, you can go to your stall and take a picture of that puss of mine and send it to me.”

“Yes Miss,” Katie replied meekly.

“And then you can fuck that pretty pink pussy with your dildo for three minutes. Nice and slow Kitty, I don’t want any of this crazy jabbing I saw this morning.”

“Yes Miss,” Katie said, blushing furiously at her owner’s remark. It wasn’t ‘crazy jabbing’. It was just that this morning, she was, well she was just really… Fuck she wanted to come so badly. The day had done nothing but increase her need and the proximity of her lover was only adding to her sexual distress.

“I’m really looking forward to the weekend Kitty.”

“Me too,” Katie gushed, looking up at her owner, her excitement overcoming her bashfulness. Ever since she had known of the impending trip to the lake she had been able to think of little else. Her life consisted now of the time she spent with Lauren and the time she spent yearning to be with her. She needed Lauren like she needed air to breath. She knew she sounded like some cheap romance novel but she couldn’t help it. Katie smiled as she thought about heaving bosoms, unable to stop her eyes drifting to her owner’s chest.

She looked sheepishly upwards, knowing Lauren had seen her looking. Could she have been any more obvious? She couldn’t help herself though. Her owner’s body was intoxicating. She loved the small, pert breasts with their tiny nipples, the minute pink buds becoming incredibly hard when Lauren was aroused. There was almost no aureola, so different from her own. She even loved the miniscule fine, blonde hairs, almost like a golden down, that covered Lauren’s body. Everything about her owner was lovely, right down to her shapely toes, including the knobbly little toe on her left foot.

“Before you go Kitty,” Lauren said, the promise in her voice almost stopping Katie’s heart. “No helping with dinner tonight. You have packing and work to do. I want you in your room. You’re going to be mine all weekend and the weekend starts as soon as you get home. Got me?”

“Yes Miss,” she replied, a quick thrill trilling through her chest at her owner’s words. She had hoped, stupidly she knew, for a kiss, but she would get her fill of those very soon. Of that she was sure.

End of part 11

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