My Very Own
by Lazerou

part 10

What goes on the web, stays on the web. Katie Thomas learns this the hard way when an afternoon of fun with a webcam turns her young life into something she had never imagined.

Chapter 19. Teenage Rebel of the Week

Katie nibbled her lip and looked furtively around the classroom. No one else had heard the muted chittering of vibration from her bag. The sudden tension relieved just a little but she couldn’t relax. It had to be Lauren. No one else would be texting her during class. She looked nervously to the front of the room. Mr Marinov was still writing on the board, she had time for a quick peek.

Katie was desperate to read the message. Her first day back at school had passed in a grey daze, devoid of memory – the Monday that never was. She knew she was silly, but the weekend had been so wonderful, so beautiful and surreal that she felt as if she had been on holiday in a foreign land, just her and her lover. And then nothing. She had not spoken to Lauren at all and had caught only the smallest glimpses of the pretty teen. Her heart pounded, threatening to buckle under the pressure of emotion, each time she had seen her owner. Absence could fuck right off. Katie wanted Lauren with a desperate, almost frenzied need.

Her phone was in her hand before she even remembered moving. ‘Library, lunch. I owe you one.’ Katie’s hand tightened around the phone and she almost squealed with excitement at the promise in the message. She knew what her owner meant and the thought of the library, their place, had made her belly buzz with excitement.

“That looks interesting Ms Thomas, care to share with the class.”

Katie thrust the phone into her lap, knowing as she did so that it was far too late. She looked at the teacher slowly walking towards her between the long rows of desks. She was trapped and the fear was evident on her startled face. Her eyes darted frantically around the room but there was nothing she could do.

“Well Ms Thomas? Hand it over.”

Katie’s brain finally kicked into gear and she hurriedly locked the phone. Even once her secret was secure she couldn’t bring herself to simply relinquish her only connection with her owner. It was as if she held a little part of Lauren and she could not part with it, not now, not to this teacher.

“You have already earned yourself a detention young lady. It’s no skin off my nose if you would like that tally to double.”

The mention of detention and what that would mean hit her like a physical blow. Reluctantly she handed her phone into the teacher’s waiting hand. She looked one last time at the screen, suddenly terrified that she hadn’t locked it properly, but it had gone dark. What if she had made a mistake? What if Mr Marinov saw what was on there? The video she had shot with Karen Henderson’s pen was still on there.

“You can have it back at the end of the day. For the disrespect you can make your way to the lectern for the duration.”

Katie paled at her teacher’s words. Detention was bad. She didn’t know how she was going to explain it to Lauren. Having her phone confiscated was worse, what if her owner contacted her again, she would have no idea what she might miss. But she dreaded going to the lectern. Mr Marinov was well known for his classroom discipline but she had never even come close to experiencing it.

“Now,” snapped the teacher, voice raised ever so slightly.

Katie jumped from her seat, grabbed her notebook and pen and walked the march of the condemned to the front of the class. The lectern was used for debates but during class, Mr Marinov placed it at the front of the room, turned towards the board. Katie stared at the wooden stand, reticent to finish her approach for she knew what it would mean.

At the start of the semester Eva had been made to stand at the lectern and she had seen the way the boys had looked at her. She had been wearing jeans and some boring shirt and still they had leered. Katie knew what would happen to her. Lauren had chosen her outfit for its sexiness, as had become the norm since Dressing Kitty had been started.

The short skirt showed off her beautifully pale legs and the blouse she wore was even more alluring despite it covering her completely. The stiff white material was pulled tightly across her chest, just a hint of bra able to be seen if she stood just the right way. She couldn’t be accused of showing off, seeing that every single button was closed, but it was this very modesty that made the outfit so tantalising.

Katie placed her notebook on the top of the platform with trembling hands. The classroom was anything but quiet but she couldn’t make out anything specific amongst the oceanic hiss of whispers that filled the room.

“Now as I was saying before we were so rudely interrupted…”

Katie barely heard anything else the teacher said. Her ears were burning but they weren’t the only part of her body afflicted with the feverish heat. Her face blazed with shame and she was glad that no one but the teacher could see. It was some kind of silver lining she guessed. The nervous schoolgirl dutifully copied down everything from the board but none of it really made any sense.

It was more important for her to make sense of the furious whispering from the class. She strained to make out individual words but was frustrated time and again. She was desperate to hear what was being said but at the same time she was afraid to have her fears confirmed.

Katie’s legs trembled as she felt something on the back of her knees.  The touch was so light that she was sure she was imagining it. The sensation did not stop, instead travelling up her legs and across the exposed skin of her thighs. It was like the gentle caress of a soft breeze, barely felt but too real to ignore. What if it was a fly? It was a dildo day and her pussy had been liberally smeared with cream when she had slipped the small red panties over her plump mound before school. What if the fly had been attracted to her scent and was slowly making its way up her skirt? She shuddered again, muscles rippling as she instinctively tried to dislodge the imagined fly.


Finally Katie had heard something that had been said and she sincerely wished she hadn’t. She was pretty sure that was Todd, who if she remembered correctly, would be sitting almost directly behind her. If she had heard it, who else had? She knew what had happened, how the gentle movement of her legs had made her thighs ripple and her ass quiver beneath her skirt.

She was sure she could start a fire with her cheeks, the image of the entire class staring at her burned into her brain. She stepped her feet together, slowly and as gently as she could, trying to draw the least amount of attention possible. She didn’t know if there had really been any fly or if it had been something else, or even just her imagination. What she did know was that she needed to protect her pussy from anything in the room, real or imagined. If someone saw a fly crawl up her skirt… the thought didn’t bear completing.

Katie was oblivious to the reaction to her shift in position. Her pale, slim legs were now pressed together, from ankle to thigh and they provided a most alluring sight. The room had quieted for a reason and it had nothing to do with the content of the lesson. The eyes of every boy were locked on the young girl’s body, devouring the luscious sight without remorse. It was not often they had the chance to stare, repercussion free, at such a sight. The girls tried studiously to reject the sensual schoolgirl stood in their midst, and equally ignored the boys’ reaction. The label of ‘slut’ reverberated around the room in a silent condemnation that would have brought tears to the young girl’s eyes if she was only to apprehend it.

She glanced at the clock, shoulders slumping when she realised there were still 20 minutes of class remaining. She noticed, suddenly, that the room had quieted, the only sound the drone of the teacher as he continued with the class, as if Katie’s new position meant nothing. She felt thoroughly humiliated, degraded by being placed at the front of the class as if she was on show. She knew it was meant to embarrass, which did not seem to work on the boys, but for her it was something much more.

Mr Marinov couldn’t know. Maybe the only one who could was Eva, but even then she wasn’t sure. Why had she checked her phone? It had been stupid, so fucking stupid. She couldn’t blame Mr Marinov for her current predicament. It was no-one’s fault but hers. Katie thought of Lauren and how she would react to the news of her detention.

Her owner would not be happy. Her routine would be thrown into chaos. She had been doing so well too. She hadn’t had to make up even one minute yesterday or this morning. She had been well on her way to earning permission to have Miranda as a friend and now she was sure that hope was dashed. And then there was the reward that Lauren had promised her at lunch, one of her remaining kisses.

She imagined meeting Lauren in the library, secreting themselves away in the back of ancient history and kissing passionately. She could almost feel the soft lips of her owner, her slippery tongue as it slid inside her mouth and battled with her own in a sensual war for domination, a war she was happy to lose.

Katie was jolted back to reality by a whispered exclamation from behind. She froze, fear etched on every line of her stricken face. She didn’t need to look down to know what she had done. Her nipples had begun to harden, though through her bra and blouse they would be hard to see, impossible for the class, but she had parted her legs, shuffling her feet apart instinctively as her erotic daydream had unfolded.

She gripped the side of the lectern, feeling the rough woodgrain beneath her whitening fingers, and daintily stepped her feet together, desperate to repair the damage her innate sensuality had caused. She didn’t think that was possible but it was a thought she did her best to banish.

Katie focused on the lesson at hand, hoping it would prevent a repeat of her waking fantasy. Being a slut was problematic at times. She revelled in the knowledge when she was with her owner, embracing the uncontrollable sensations that plagued her, but here in class they were nothing but a liability, something to be curbed at all costs. She was doing a very poor job, however.

Katie froze again. The tickling sensation on the back of her thighs was back. This time she was sure it wasn’t a fly. She tried to ignore it, but as the minutes ticked by the frustration grew to an unbearable level. She couldn’t ignore it for much longer. She tried to tell herself there was nothing there, but each moment she thought of the annoying itch the worse it became.

Her pen slipped in her sweat-slick hand and almost rolled to the floor. She breathed an audible sigh of relief as she caught the rolling cylinder before it reached the edge of the lectern. She couldn’t take it any longer. If she felt that maddening tickle one second longer she would scream like a lunatic. The muscles in her legs rippled as she rubbed her knees back and forth, attempting to remove the sensation that haunted her. She knew what it meant, what reaction it would cause, but what choice did she have?

She had to have another because it did not work. The anxious schoolgirl clenched her teeth, knowing what she had to do. Katie took a deep breath, reached delicately behind her and rubbed the back of her thigh. She knew the hem of her skirt had crept just a little higher as her forearm brushed it aside but the frustrating itch disappeared immediately.

She had only just straightened up when the bell rang. Katie closed her eyes in exasperation at her stupidity. If she had only waited a few seconds she could have avoided any further embarrassment. She heard the sudden chaos of activity behind her and closed her own notebook and started to head back to her seat.

“Remain where you are Ms Thomas. Chapters 11 and 12 by next period people.”

The nervous teen’s pulse quickened at the teacher’s command. How could her ordeal not be over? All she wanted was to be out from behind this damn lectern and out of this class. Lauren would be waiting in the library for her. If she was late to her rendezvous, on top of everything else, she wouldn’t know what to do.

Katie peeked at her classmates as they left, seeking understanding where she knew there would be none. She was sure that no one would even know what she had gone through. Her breath caught when she saw that every single boy that left the room had his bag held in front instead of draped casually across their shoulders as was the norm. She wasn’t such an innocent not to realise what it meant. She spun back round to the front of the room, cheeks blazing with fresh shame, determined not to look until the room was empty.

“What has gotten into you of late Katie?”

“Um nothing Sir,” the young girl answered meekly as she stared at the small black buttons on his shirt, unwilling to meet the tall man’s eye. She cursed her thoughts as a different response sprang to mind, one involving fingers, tongues and… other things.

“You were never the best student, but at least you weren’t a disruption. Collect your things and come to my desk.”

Katie hurried to her desk and threw her books in her bag. It felt good to be moving again after so long standing still. She could have moved as much as she liked, she knew that, but she also knew that it would simply attract more attention and she had already been able to feel the scrutiny of the class as if it was a tangible force pushing against her back.

The timid schoolgirl trotted to the front of the class and stood by the teacher’s desk as he wrote on a small notepad. After so long being the centre of attention for an entire class of teenagers it felt strange to be ignored now. She stood still, waiting obediently for Mr Marinov to finish, ensuring she did nothing to attract further punishment.

“There,” said Mr Marinov, handing her the small piece of paper. “You can collect your phone after the last period. Next time I see it in my class will mean a week of detentions. Are we clear?”

“Yes Sir,” Katie replied meekly. “Um Sir, what do I do with the note?”

“Have you not had a detention before?”

“No Sir,” the schoolgirl replied, feeling her shame more keenly at the admission.

“Take it to the office and give it to Mrs Bailey. She’ll give you a number that you take to detention and an official note is generated that we can send to your parents if your late return from school will cause any inconvenience.”

“Thank you Sir.”


Katie walked slowly from the room in a bewildered daze. Her parents could get told! Facing Lauren was bad enough but her parents would flip. She didn’t know anything about detention. The very idea filled her with fear.

The teacher leaned back in his chair to stare at the departing teen. He really wasn’t sure what had happened to this young girl over the last few weeks but he wasn’t complaining. He watched her firm buttocks shift under her short skirt, hips sashaying sensually with each step. These current fashions would never get old, he mused, smiling indulgently. He watched Katie leave the room with a lust that he would savour and take home for the benefit of his wife.

* * *

Where was she? Katie leaned against the shelves, fidgeting nervously. After receiving her number for detention she had come straight to the library, each step filled with the fear that she had made Lauren wait. She had felt an immediate relief when she had found their spot empty but it had not lasted long. Doubts began to surface, doubts that were worse than her fear. What if she hadn’t read the message right? She had only a second to view it. What if Lauren had already left, given up waiting for her unruly slave? What if she was waiting in the wrong place and Lauren was right this very minute standing impatiently, waiting for her to show up in some other part of the library?

She took a deep breath and tried to calm herself down. She had to have faith, that was all. Lauren would come. She was probably having her lunch with her friends. Once the thought had occurred, Katie was sure that was where she was. She probably should be there too, though right now she wasn’t really hungry. Her stomach was twisting with the nervous uncertainty of what her coming confrontation with her owner would bring. She had been naughty and she was sure to be punished. She could accept that, she deserved to be punished. But what she did not want to accept was her owner’s disapproval. She didn’t want to see the disappointment mar her lover’s pretty face.

She thought back to Mrs Bailey and the look she had given her when she handed over her detention note. Surprise was definitely the dominant emotion, but that terrible disappointment was there as well. She had always been a good girl, a little slack sure but well-behaved. She felt like she had let everyone down and it was a feeling that bored deep into her soul.

Katie looked up, fear etched on her face. She could hear footsteps now and she knew they belonged to her owner. The fact that she could hear the usually stealthy girl approaching make the colour drain from her face. She knew. Lauren knew and she was pissed. Now that the moment had come, her carefully cultivated composure slipped into panic. She tried to stand up straight but her bag slipped from her shoulder, causing her to fumble with the strap, knocking a book from the shelf which she hurriedly replaced. Her plan to greet her owner in position, meek and submissive had been dashed. Anxiety descended like a heavy miasma of dread. The air became thick and cloying, each breath a chore.

Lauren rounded the corner of the aisle and slapped the waiting girl, the sharp smack audible throughout the section. Katie felt the tears spring into her eyes as much from the pain of the blow as the terrible look on her lover’s face.

“Panties,” snapped Lauren, holding out her hand, her steely gaze locking onto the frightened young girl like a bird of prey.

Katie let her bag fall to the floor and immediately reached up under her skirt, face stinging. She slipped her panties down her legs and stepped quickly out of the tiny garment. She folded them neatly, covering the damp crotch, before handing them over. This was not how she wanted her first contact with Lauren to play out. She had envisioned a sweet smile, a recognition of the love they shared, a tender embrace, a passionate kiss. She had ruined everything. How could Lauren forgive her?

“What are you trying to do, Kitty? Are you trying to send me a message, hmmm? Are you trying to force my hand?”

“No Miss,” Katie mumbled meekly, shaking her head, perplexed by her owner’s comment. She didn’t understand what she was saying, but she knew she wasn’t doing those things.

“You march right back to Marinov and get him to change your detention. You have a routine to keep Kitty, not to mention work. What do you think Jean would say if she knew you couldn’t make your shift because you were a naughty little bitch?”

“I d-“

“Go to the teacher’s lounge, wait outside for Mr Marinov and beg him to change your detention. Ask him to change it to three lunchtime detentions instead. Well?”

“Sorry Miss, I…”

“Before you go, here is your bus fare for work.”

“Um Miss, my dad gave me five dollars this morning for-“

“Kitty! You know better, what has gotten into you? Hand it over.”

“Sorry Miss,” Katie stammered as she scratched in her bag for her purse. She pulled out the small bag, feeling the hard shaft of her dildo inside and meekly handed the money to her owner.”

“Well? Don’t tell me you’re waiting for a kiss! Kitty, really?

“No, it’s-“


It wasn’t fair. Lauren wasn’t giving her a chance to explain. She hadn’t really been naughty. She had been trying to be good and check the message from her owner quickly. Even as she trudged morosely through the library, she knew this wasn’t true. She had checked her phone because she couldn’t wait to hear from her owner. It had nothing to do with being good. She was actually really lucky she hadn’t been stupid enough to blurt that out. Lauren would have seen through it in a second.

She hadn’t received the kiss she had so desperately been waiting for but the reception had been even worse that she had expected. Lauren was mad, but the more Katie thought on the problem, fighting back the tears as she headed towards the teacher’s lounge, the more she thought she understood. Lauren wasn’t mad that she had misbehaved, after all checking her phone in class wasn’t really that bad, everyone did it. Lauren was mad because getting a detention meant that her training would be affected and more than that, Mrs Farrell might think differently towards her. Lauren had set up the job for her and her behaviour and performance reflected on her owner. She paled at the thought of letting her lover down, of making her look bad. Katie wiped the tears from her eyes as she walked through the library, resting her hand briefly against her smarting cheek, feeling the heat of the blow warm her cool hand.

The dazed teen reached the teacher’s lounge in no time, but the door was closed. Should she knock? The very idea made her shiver. The thought of the door opening, a room full of teachers staring at her, judging her, made her shrivel against the wall. She would wait. The teachers had to leave the lounge before the bell to reach their classes on time. She would have a few minutes to plead her case. She didn’t even want to think about what would happen if Mr Marinov wouldn’t budge.

The wait was interminable, her growling stomach becoming louder with each passing minute. She hadn’t eaten her lunch yet and now she wouldn’t get a chance. Should she tell Lauren? She would get in more trouble, she was sure, and she couldn’t bear to see that look on her owner’s face again. The door to the teacher’s lounge opened and Katie instantly stood up straight, looking expectantly for the appearance of Mr Marinov, but she couldn’t make him out in the crowd. The door closed again without the exodus that she had expected. It mustn’t be close enough to the end of lunch after all.

“Can I help you?”

“Um, could I. May I see Mr Marinov please Ma’am?”

“Wait here and I’ll see if he’s available.”

Yeah thanks for that, like I wasn’t already waiting. Why did people always tell you to do what you were already doing? Katie quickly checked herself, knowing she was just antsy with waiting and frustrated at the way her day had turned into a nightmare, all from one tiny mistake. She almost went back to lounging against the wall but thought twice about such laziness. She needed to be respectful and waiting patiently when the teacher emerged, not slouching like some dodgy skank on a street corner. She jumped a little as the door opened, eyes lighting up as Mr Marinov stepped through, eyebrow raised, puzzled by her presence.

“Hi Mr Marinov. May I speak to you for a moment please?”

“Katie, if it’s about your phone… You can have it back at the end of the day and not before. You really need to learn some responsibility. Actions have consequences young lady.”

“No Sir, not that. I, um, I wanted to talk ask about my detention.”

“It is set Ms Thomas. There will be no shirking and tardiness will simply earn you an additional detention.”

“No Sir, it’s just. I have work after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays and I was wondering if, um, if I could not have an afterschool detention but instead have one at lunchtime. Three at lunchtime instead,” Katie added in a rush, remembering her owner’s words. She hoped the prospect of asking for extra detentions and her willingness to do her time would work in her favour. She nervously nibbled her lip as she waited for the teacher’s response.

“That’s an unusual request. Why should I give up my lunchtime to oversee your detention when you can simply report to the official room at the appointed time?”

“Um, I’m just really sorry Mr Marinov. I won’t ever do it again. I don’t even know why I did it this time,” Katie said sheepishly, looking at her feet as she told the lie. “I don’t want to disappoint anyone Sir and I just know my boss would be upset if I can’t make my shift and I can’t call her because I don’t have my phone and I promise to be good in your class from now on, in all my classes. I promise.”

Katie stopped abruptly, aware she had started babbling, suddenly self-conscious. She shuffled nervously under the teacher’s stern gaze, acutely aware that she was being judged. She didn’t need to feign her meek obsequiousness, she felt it deeply. The seconds passed and the young girl began to squirm under the silent scrutiny. She finally looked up shyly.

“Starting tomorrow. Report to my classroom. Tell Mrs Bailey to rescind your detention but for the request to remain pending. Is that all?”

“Yes Sir, thank you Sir.”

Mr Marinov turned his back on the young girl and disappeared back into the teacher’s lounge. Katie didn’t know whether to jump up and down or slump against the wall. The tension she had lived with since meeting with her owner finally eased. Her routine would not be interrupted, though she would lose her lunchbreak for the next three days. That was ok though. Now that she had no real friends, she didn’t do much with it anyway. Lauren was off with her own group and even Miranda seemed to disappear somewhere with her own friends. What was wrong with her?

* * *

“Hi Katie.”

“Oh hey Todd.”

“I heard about what happened with Marinov, the guy’s a dick.”

“Um, he’s ok,” Katie replied diplomatically as she retrieved her book for the next class.

“You look really nice today.”

“Um, thanks,” Katie said, blushing, put a little off-balance by  the quick change of topic.

“I mean you always look pretty you know, but today you look even prettier.”

Katie realised that he hadn’t thought that compliment all the way through and she saw Todd hadn’t either. He grinned inanely at her and she couldn’t help but smile back. She self-consciously straightened out her skirt as she realised he had obviously been checking her out. She liked Todd. He was handsome in a studious kind of way and he had always seemed really smart and nice. She had spent more than one class imagining what it would be like to kiss him or feel his hands on her, but he had always had a girlfriend. A different one each time but she couldn’t remember a time when he had been single. How weird was that? How had she found boys attractive when she was a lesbian? She hadn’t known any better, she guessed. Did lesbians still find boys handsome? Lauren thought that the big blond vampire in True Blood was gorgeous so maybe it was normal.

“Would you like to see a movie sometime?”

“Oh. Um, sorry Todd, but I’m not allowed to date boys,” Katie said, sincere in her remorse. If he had asked her a few weeks ago she would have been giddy at the prospect, but her life was different now. She belonged to another and she was in love.

“Oh, well, if that, um, changes… See you round.”

“Well that was all a little sad.”

Katie spun around, smiling happily at Miranda. She needed to talk to someone so desperately. Lauren was angry with her and she felt so alone without her owner. Looking at Miranda now, her innocent smile without guile or ulterior motive, Katie vowed she would not miss one minute of her routine. She had a perfect record so far this week and she needed to earn permission for Miranda to be her friend. She needed it almost as much as she needed to see Lauren’s smile or hear a kind word from her. The first words she had heard from her owner since they parted on Sunday had been ones of anger. She would never forgive herself for that.

“Since when aren’t you allowed to date? Didn’t your parents know about Pete?”

“It’s a little more complicated than that,” Katie said truthfully, wanting to unburden herself, but knowing full well it could never be.

“I don’t know what’s worse, having all the boys after you and not being able to do anything or not even being noticed.”

“What do you mean? All the boys aren’t after me.”

“Oh, Katie Thomas. I see how they all look at you. I mean look at the way you’re dressed, how could anyone resist that.”

It was said with a smile, and she knew that Miranda didn’t mean anything by it but she didn’t choose her clothes. She didn’t choose anything about the way she looked. She wasn’t complaining. She had never felt so attractive, so full of life and yet so self-conscious at the same time. She liked her new look, but it was often a little too sexy for her liking. And yet they were all her clothes, nice clothes. She had chosen them in the first place. It wasn’t like she was dressed like a slut.

“Well I think you’re the prettiest girl in school.”

“Thanks Miranda, I don’t know about that though,” Katie giggled, sure that Miranda was teasing her but she felt a sudden kinship with this homely girl, a deepening of the friendship she was so desperate to cultivate. She wouldn’t ask Lauren for permission to be friends with Miranda until she had proven herself, and especially not after the morning she had just had, but she was confident it would happen.

The next class was almost upon them and the two schoolgirls had to part ways. Katie wished she could be in more of Miranda’s classes, not only to be with her friend but she knew Lauren took them too. To be in all her owner’s classes… The mere thought was divine and it buoyed her spirits slightly as she headed to class.

She was only halfway down the hall when she saw Louise round the corner. They had been in the same school for years and she had barely seen her, let alone spoken to the athletic teen. She was one of the sporty girls, more so even than Lauren, playing lacrosse, soccer, tennis and who knew what other sports. She smiled meekly as she approached the tall schoolgirl, blushing as their eyes met, able now to think of her in only one way.

Katie remembered the slim teen as she had made her way into the showers, naked but for a towel draped over one shoulder. Her eyes had been drawn to the thick black triangle that peeked between the trimly toned legs, thoughts of the carefully manicured bush now flooding her mind.  Most of the girls had been favoured a more sparse grooming standard, some had small strips and a few had sparse patches of hair on their mons, but it had been Louise that had captivated her.

She remembered her own bush that she had been so proud of for so long. She loved her smooth look, loved the way it felt and she knew Lauren liked it, which was the most important thing, but there was a little lamentation at the knowledge that she may never experience this ever again. As she walked to class she daydreamed about how she used to watch TV and play with her curls, running her fingers along the skin, sliding through the thicket of silky hair, twirling the curls in her fingers. She smiled at the memory of how she would pass the time by pulling them away from her skin and letting them spring back into position. She did kind of miss them. But it was much nicer to have her lips clean, that was for sure. She couldn’t imagine what it would be like to have the amount of cream she produced always matting the sparse hair on her lips.

An entire period had passed before she realised she was still thinking about her pussy. What the fuck was wrong with her? She had vowed to pay attention, to make sure she didn’t get in trouble for the rest of the day and here she was daydreaming of pubic hair and how nice it was to have a clean, smooth pussy. She did have to admit though, the feeling of sliding her tongue over her owner’s bare sex was amazing. Once Lauren was a little wet the sensation as her fingers slid along the slim lips was so nice. The denuded labia were perfectly smooth, in a delicious contrast to the rougher ridges and folds that lay hidden between.

Fuck! She was still doing it. She had just scolded herself for thinking about sex and she was straight back at it. This time it was worse. When she had been thinking about her own puss, it had been ok, that was just a bit of fun, but as she had fantasised about her owner she knew her arousal had grown. She could feel the heat beneath her skirt, the realisation duplicating the rise in temperature in her face. She knew from experience that her cheeks would already be a mottled pink.

She couldn’t quite tell yet, but she knew, she just knew, that she was wet.  How wet she wasn’t sure just yet but anything was bad. Her only protection now was the thin material of her skirt and she was scared of marking it. She had the entire afternoon to go before she would be safe at home. She had to stop now before it was too late.

Katie thanked the stars when the bell rang. She sprang out of her chair, eager to be on the move. Sitting down was her enemy now, it placed her creamy pussy directly against her skirt. She had two classes to go and what was the alternative? As she walked to her next class she contemplated sitting directly on the seat, making sure her skirt wasn’t under her, but rather settled over the chair.

It might work, but it was terribly dangerous. Her pussy was leaking, she knew it now, maybe not too much but enough. What would happen when she had to get up and she had left some moisture on the seat? Maybe if she was the last to leave she could get away with quickly wiping it away. It was risky but the alternative was something she had already experienced. The memory of the moment she had realised she had spotted her skirt with her own juice decided her.

Despite her preoccupation she had made it quickly to her next class and was able to slip inside and grab a desk at the back. She was so thankful that few teachers stuck to the assigned seating. She did get a few weird looks, especially from those who usually sat at the back but the anxious schoolgirl buried her face in her text, feigning interest in the coming class. She was lucky she had the book the right way round as her mind was far from the lesson plan.

She had taken great care when she sat down, flipping her skirt out delicately behind her so it fanned out around the plastic seat. She had to smooth it out twice, forcing it through the tiny window in the back of the seat. She wasn’t satisfied with the way skirt sat and she began immediately to rethink her decision. The soft material bunched up around the thin pole that elevated the back from the seat revealing a little more skin that she had anticipated. She was sure no one could really see anything but she tried her best not to move at all.

Her legs were spread ever so slightly, as she had been taught, but for the wrong reasons she knew. Katie had contemplated keeping them together, confident that Lauren would never know, but she decided the worst thing she could do was to smother her sex. She needed air to move across her lips. She was confident that if she closed her legs, the heat in her crotch would intensify her scent and that would be yet another problem she had to deal with.

She could smell her pussy but it was very faint. She hoped and prayed that it was just her and that by airing her sex she could prevent the musky scent from being noticed by all. For the remainder of the class, she constantly checked the lie of her skirt, adjusting it slightly every few minutes. She would never do this again. It had been stupid. All she had done was opened herself up to even more scrutiny, as if she wasn’t self-conscious enough.

When the bell rang, after what felt like five hours, the apprehensive teen pretended to write a few more notes, while surreptitiously watching the rest of the class. She packed her books up as slowly as she possibly could, but even still two girls had stayed back to speak to the teacher. Leigh was fine, it was Audrey that was the problem. She was a friend of Dana’s though not in the immediate group. Katie was sure she had been told some stories about her by now.

She couldn’t wait any longer. Any further delay and she would achieve the opposite of her desire. The suddenly skittish teen stood up slowly, lifting herself off the seat with the least movement she could manage. She immediately looked down at the seat, mortified by what greeted her. A small dark smear was clearly visible in the centre of the chair. A thin line of moisture, two inches long, glistened in the bright lights of the classroom. Her cheeks were no longer a mottled pink, her vision was almost tinged red from the rosy glow radiating from her face. A great pressure compressed her chest, constricting her breathing  and making her heart pump madly. Katie was sure she could hear the blood rushing in her ears, the sound oceanic and deafening.

After a second of panicked indecision, she placed her bag on the chair in an attempt to wipe away the smear of pussyjuice. She couldn’t think of anything else to do and she could hear the next class ready to come in. She had to go, her last period was English and it was a class she had with Lauren. She needed to get there.

Katie lifted her bag from the seat and took one last look, desperate to see a clean, dry surface. The debilitating sinking feeling in her belly intensified but she was out of time. The seat was not dry or clean. All she had managed to do was make the mark larger. She was out of time and out of luck. She could hear the next class already pushing their way into the room. Katie turned to hurry out, but froze when she noticed Audrey standing in the doorway watching her. The terrified teen lowered her eyes guiltily and hurried from the room.

Audrey slipped away just before she reached the door and Katie risked one last glance back. It was a mistake. She saw a young girl standing next to her chair, looking down at the seat quizzically. No one in the next class could have known it was her sitting at that particular desk and besides they were two grades lower and none of them would know her. The feeble justifications didn’t even make an impression. Evidence of her arousal had been noticed. Anyone who saw that would know a slut had sat at that desk and who was the last to leave the room, slinking away like a thief in the night? Katie Thomas, the senior slut. She tried to focus on getting to class, almost running down the nearly deserted halls.

Mr Sinclair was already standing at the front of the room, getting ready to teach the class of already seated and silent students. She paused at the door for just a second, noticing the only desk available was one in the very middle of the room. She caught Lauren’s eye as she glanced around the room, paling at the stern visage that greeted her.

“Yes Ms Thomas?”

“Um,” Katie stammered, no clue as to what her response should be. “Yes.”


“Um…” Katie didn’t have a clue what was going on. All she wanted to do was slink into her seat.


Katie looked at the teacher pleadingly, begging to be let it on the rules of the game. She could hear the sniggers from the class. She knew she was being stupid but she still could not banish the sight of her juice smeared on the seat at her last class, nor the look on the young girl’s face that had witnessed her sluttishness.

“Let’s break it down shall we? Setting: highschool classroom. Players: a class of students, teacher and tardy student. Opening scene: tardy student enters the classroom. First line of dialogue…  Marissa.”

“Excuse me Sir. I apologise for my tardy arrival to your class.”

“And, action.”

Katie looked around the class at the leering faces, waiting expectantly for her to embarrass herself even further. She had compounded her lateness with disrespect and stupidity and now the whole class was laughing at her. She dared not look at Lauren, she couldn’t bear to see her owner laughing at her as well.

“Excuse me Sir, I apologise for my tardy arrival to your class.”

“A round of applause for the star player. A shaky start but see how much easier everything is with a script. Take a bow Ms Thomas and then take your seat.”

Katie blushed furiously as she bowed shallowly to the applause from the class. For a moment she forgot all about her previous troubles. Every instinct told her to run from the room and hide somewhere dark and safe. Instead she made her way to the only desk available and silently took her seat. Today had to be the worst of her young life. She glanced at her owner as she took her books from her bag but Lauren wasn’t looking her way. She was intent upon the teacher.  Katie knew that Lauren had chosen this elective specifically, and only partly because of the book.

Katie opened her book and tried to follow the lesson but her eyes were constantly drawn to her owner. She had sat two rows behind once removed, a position that ironically would give her the best view of her lover. She tried not to stare, but her eyes were drawn to her owner. The very presence of the girl to whom she had given herself undid all her good work in one fell swoop.

She felt the familiar tingling between her legs, the soft pulse along the walls of her vagina and she knew that she would not be able to prevent her full cream now. English was a class she usually enjoyed immensely, but she was enjoying it now for very different reasons. Her care evaporated as she watched Lauren play absently with her hair, twirling the ends around her fingers as she listened to Mr Sinclair.

Katie loved it when Lauren played with her hair. It was so intimate and yet so casual and she was sure the pretty teen had no idea how gorgeous she was. She could almost feel her owner’s hands on her, sliding through her straight black hair, remembering the sensual grooming she had received. She caught herself mimicking her lover’s motions and stopped abruptly. She looked nervously around the room but no one seemed to have noticed. Whether she had been seen or not, the result had been the same. Katie could feel the flow from her sex increase. She had quickly discovered that, apart from everything else, on dildo days she was always wetter, always more prone to producing her cream. The sensation of the hard glass shaft penetrating her pussy stayed with her for the entire day. She could almost feel it now, her vagina tensing as if she truly was filled.

“Oh, Ms Thomas.” Katie looked up at Mr Sinclair, staring at her. How many times had he called her name. She was sure she could recall it more than once, but she had been lost in a world where nothing existed but her owner.

“Yes Sir?”

“Oh glad of you to join us once again. Page 14, from the top. And stand up, project for the entire class.”

“Yes Sir.”

Katie scolded herself as she stood and flipped to page 14. This had to stop. She was losing it. She couldn’t stop thinking about sex. Everything turned to sex for her now. She was being so… Well she was being too much a slut now. She had to learn to control herself. She wasn’t usually like this. She wasn’t like this. This really wasn’t her.

With one deep breath, Katie began reading. She did her best to project her voice, to read clearly but not too slowly, not wanting anyone to think she was a slow reader. She knew from other classes that some of the guys didn’t read too well, often stopping after one paragraph. She didn’t think this would happen in this class though, Mr Sinclair had a reputation and you wouldn’t choose his class lightly. Katie’s voice grew in strength and confidence as she read, following the words and the story and forgetting, for just a little while, the horrible day she had been having.

“Here we see the satirical undertones that Huxley subtly weaves throughout the entire text. The seemingly dry scientific achievements being explained mask darker and deeper-ranging concepts. Can anyone tell me what the process being described reminds you of?”

Katie stopped reading abruptly at Mr Sinclair’s interruption. She looked up at the teacher as he walked casually about the classroom. Lauren had chosen this class as much for the teacher as the material being studied. Katie had never had Mr Sinclair before and this wasn’t the best introduction to his class. She knew she had made a poor first impression and would have to work hard to make it up to him. She needed to have one of Lauren’s favourite teacher’s like her. There simply wasn’t an alternative. Her time in the spotlight over, Katie closed her book and started to take her seat.

“No Miss Thomas, you can stay where you are. You’re doing a great job and we’ll have need of you again in a moment.”

Katie’s shoulders slumped as she straightened her body. She had been halfway to her seat and keenly felt every eye in the room boring into her. She knew she was still being punished for her tardiness but she really didn’t think it was fair. It was her fault, that wasn’t in question, but she had already been humiliated, wasn’t that enough? The young girl stood straight, legs solidly together, more aware than ever of her lack of panties. Her senses were heightened as she focused on the sounds of the room. She strained to hear the sound of a pen’s fall, knowing what that innocent rattle would mean. She knew she was being paranoid, but that didn’t mean she was wrong. She knew the boys had been known to do such things. She was relieved that Gavin was not in the class, but some of his friends were. She could not afford another slip.

“Not quite Troy. Anyone else? Yes, Lauren.”

“An assembly line in a factory,” she said with confidence.

“Correct Miss Harper, very good. An assembly line, mass production. But here we are talking about human beings, made to order and produced for a pre-destined role. Continue Miss Thomas.”

Katie was buoyed at the teacher’s praise for her owner. Lauren was so smart and she felt the joy for the recognition her lover had earned. She wanted to turn and smile at Lauren, to let her know that she knew she was smart too. The eyes of the class were on her however and all she could do was turn to the book once more and continue reading. She knew that her classmates were watching her instead of reading along in their own books. She couldn’t even check the time, having instead to focus on the pages before her. She tried to follow what she was reading, knowing that if she was asked a question and could not answer, she would not only look foolish but draw the ire of her teacher and the disappointment of her owner. She wanted Mr Sinclair to think she was smart too, but most of all she wanted Lauren to know she was a good girl.

She was interrupted twice more as Mr Sinclair sought to highlight a particular aspect of the story and Katie remained standing, awaiting permission to take her seat. Whatever anyone could say, Katie thought, she couldn’t be accused of being a slow learner. She thought back to the training her owner had put her through on the weekend. She had learnt all her positions really well, only having to be corrected over small things. She knew Lauren had been proud of her. Katie felt her cheeks redden at the sudden pulse between her legs. Focus, she silently screamed at herself. She couldn’t drift off like that, not here, not now.

It was the last class of the day. Just a few more minutes and she would be out of here. She couldn’t start creaming again. She wouldn’t. Mr Sinclair nodded at her to continue and she began to read once more, her eyes never leaving the page, following the tiny text with an intensity that bordered on the manic. Her uncovered sex was mere inches away from Tracy’s head. If she gave in to her lust, the girl was sure to know. Katie occasionally caught faint traces of her musk  and knew that while it stayed at this level, she would be safe, the smell of her arousal easily lost amongst the background odours of a full classroom. If she couldn’t stop thinking about… If she couldn’t control her thoughts and stop herself… She couldn’t finish the thoughts.

“Ok everyone, that’s it for today. For our next class, everyone should have read the first five chapters. We’ll discuss the tone of Huxley’s work and how technology, when written in an abstract, provides a timeless medium for social commentary. Thank you. Miss Thomas, I’d like to see you at my desk.”

At the teacher’s order Katie glanced quickly towards Lauren. The frown on her owner’s face made the anxious schoolgirl’s belly flip as if she had just looped-de-looped on the most ferocious of rollercoasters. Please let this be an end to her trouble. Maybe he just wanted to say she was a good reader and… Please don’t let him want me to read for every class. Katie pleaded over and over again as she walked slowly towards the teacher’s desk, this one tiny mistake couldn’t ruin this entire class for the rest of the semester. She begged whoever was listening for forgiveness. The class was empty by the time she stood silently in front of Mr Sinclair’s desk. She felt like a tiny baby animal, tied down and placed in front of a hungry lion. She slipped her slick palms across her bottom, terrified of what was to happen.

“Miss Thomas, I don’t care to know what trysts made you late for my class. What I do care about is what happens within these four walls when the bell rings. I have been allotted this time to teach, to try and impart some knowledge of the English language, of the world and of our part in it. Each and every one of us, Miss Thomas. Impact upon this time again and you will be studying another book during this elective. Are we clear?”

“Yes Sir,” Katie replied, voice quivering with emotion.

“Excellent. Oh Katie, before you go. Mind telling me why you chose this elective?”

“Um,” Katie hesitated. She could hardly tell him the real reason, that she chose it because her owner had. “Everyone says you’re an excellent teacher Sir and I haven’t had you before so…” Katie trailed off into silence, her cheeks flushing with heat as she realised what she had said. Now he would either think she was some kind of slutty tease or a complete idiot. She just really wanted to go home and try and forget about this Tuesday from hell.

“It’s just that you didn’t seem to be particularly interested in the material.”

“No Sir, it’s not that. I just don’t really know any of it is all.”

“Well Miss Thomas, it means we have a clean slate. I will be watching you over the coming weeks. I hope you will impress me.”

“Yes Sir I will, I promise,” Katie gushed, relieved the interrogation was finally over.

She rushed from the room at a nod from the teacher, frantic to get to the bus. It would be just perfect if she missed the bus and had to run home, which would mean she would miss the bus to the mall and be late for work. Such tiny things had such massive repercussions. The panting teen thought on how much easier everything was when she behaved. It was simple really and she knew Lauren had been trying to teach her that very lesson. Simple obedience just made everything easier. Lauren had set her rules, that was the hard part she knew. All she had to do was follow them.

Katie flew through the corridors, weaving in and out of the chaotic crush of students all eager to leave now that the school day had finished. She had to get to the bus but she had to collect her phone first. It would be tight, but the prospect of missing a call from her owner left her in a cold sweat. She needed the phone. She skipped around one last corner and stopped outside Mr Marinov’s door. Deep breath, she said to herself, straightening down her blouse that had twisted in her mad rush. She reached up and knocked politely on the door before opening it slowly. She knew the false air of serenity she tried to adopt was a feeble one, her heaving chest and flushed face giving away her true state.

“Um, Mr Marinov. I, um, may I have my phone please Sir?”

“Ah Miss Thomas, I was wondering if you were going to turn up at all. Here.”

Katie watched eagle-eyed as the teacher reached into the drawer of his desk and withdrew her phone. Katie reached out and almost cried when it was cruelly snatched away just as her fingers made contact.

“I see this again, you lose it for good. Through a gross lack of wisdom by the board, we can’t ban phones at school but special dispensation is always an avenue. I hope you understand because I shan’t warn you again. These devices are not meant for the classroom, a fact you so spectacularly proved this morning.”

“Yes Sir, I know.  I’m really sorry, I promise that you won’t ever see it again,” Katie said, her eyes following the waving phone like a kitten with a piece of string.

“Right, I’ll see you here at lunch tomorrow.”

“Yes Sir, thank you Sir.”

Her entire body sagged with relief as the phone finally rested in her hand. She allowed herself one brief moment of solace before she turned to leave. The moment the door closed behind her she was off, running through the nearly deserted corridors, praying the bus had not left. She skidded around a corner, smashed through a final set of doors and spotted the large yellow vehicle waiting by the curb. She jumped the small row of steps, conscious of the fact her skirt had flipped up at the sudden descent but ignoring it, focusing on the rumbling throb from the idling bus.

The driver had to have seen her, he couldn’t leave now. She sprinted the last few yards and jumped aboard, smiling wanly at the driver. She wanted to apologise but thought it best to allow him to do his job. Katie fell into the only seat available, her heart constricting at the smiling face that greeted her.

“Hi Katie.”

“Hello,” the young girl responded without a trace of the happiness the young boy exhibited. Could this day get any worse?

“Wow you almost missed the bus.”

No shit Sherlock, Katie hissed to herself, the kid was a deadset fuckwit but she couldn’t afford to be mean. “Yeah, almost.”

“I was hoping you’d make it. You didn’t have to run so hard though, he saw you come out.”


“I saw you too.”

The blood in her veins turned to ice-water. Katie looked at Pierre, shivering at the smarmy smile on his face. No it wasn’t a smile, it was a leer. Her skirt had flipped up as she jumped down the steps. She knew it had, but she’d hoped it had been only just a little. She shouldn’t have been so stupid. Just for a moment her focus had been only on one thing, making it to the bus on time. She had forgot she wasn’t wearing panties, something she couldn’t afford to do. But it was only Pierre right. He was a little perv anyway, everyone knew it. What could he even have seen from that distance? A split-second blur? He couldn’t really have known anything at all, his little pervert mind would be spinning a mile a minute, making up whatever stories he wanted to anyway. The real problem was who else on the bus had seen what Pierre saw. The thought haunted her as the bus bumped and shuddered , taking her ever closer to home and the end of her schoolday.

* * *

Katie stepped carefully from the bus, her small bag in one hand, the other pressed against her thigh, trapping her dress against her leg. The repercussions of her morning indiscretion had continued well into the afternoon. She had not been allowed panties to work and the nervous teen wondered how long she would be punished in this way. She knew some girls sometimes didn’t wear panties by choice, to be wicked and sexy, but they obviously didn’t have her pussy. Or, to be more accurate, her uncontrollable desires.

The dress Lauren had chosen for her was one of her favourites, and for once it was an outfit that she did wear regularly. A pretty one piece of deep-forest green, finished with a thick brown belt, an ivy pattern embossed along its length. It was her ‘Robin Hood’ outfit and she enjoyed wearing it. The addition of her heels only made her like the ensemble even more. She wore her pretty, black-lace bra which cupped her breasts beautifully, providing them with a support she was grateful to experience.

It was only the lack of panties that spoiled a perfect outfit. The thick belt did cinch the dress tightly around her waist, but it caused the material to stiffen a little and push away from her body. She didn’t usually worry, the hem wasn’t that short, coming half-way to her knee, but with the dress pushed away from her body, she could feel the air waft across her buttocks and smooth vulva. It made her feel far more exposed than she truly was and it worried her as she headed to work. The sensation of the cool air on the warm skin of her sex made her think of the sight that had greeted her when she arrived home that afternoon: her full, pink lips liberally smeared with cream. It had taken but a moment to wipe the thick discharge from her lips and a second more to clean her fingers. The flavour, however, had lingered even after she had brushed her teeth.

She simply could not shake the feeling that the secret of her lack of underwear was somehow evident to the people she passed. What if Mrs Farrell noticed? She worked in a clothing store. Would it be easier for her to tell she had come to work without panties? Could she get fired for that? She couldn’t, she knew she was being silly. Lauren would never have made her do that if it jeopardised her job.

Mrs Farrell was busy with a customer when Katie arrived at the store. She smiled sheepishly at her boss before hurrying to the back room, slid her bag into the drawer and wondered briefly if she should check her phone. Maybe Lauren had left a message? Katie knew she had not but she had a hard time banishing the thought. She didn’t have time to check anyway.

“Hello Ma’am, sorry I’m late,” Katie said, shuffling her feet nervously as she returned to the front of the store.

“Hi Katie. Late? Oh,” replied Mrs Farrell, checking her watch, “never mind that. You saw those boxes out back?”

“Um no Ma’am, sorry.”

“Well we got some new stock. It’s pretty exciting. Some of the same old stuff of course but there are some new styles that I was a little hesitant about at first, but they seem to be doing great in other boutiques so…” the older woman said with a little conspiratorial smile. “Sort them out into style and size and put them on the floor. I’ve marked the space.”

“Yes Ma’am,” Katie replied, eager to get to work and make up for her tardiness. She had only been a minute late but late was late. She owed it to Mrs Farrell to do better.

“Oh and Katie,” Mrs Farrell said, calling the young girl back, “you look absolutely adorable tonight.”

“Um, thank you Ma’am,” Katie said shyly, still not used to receiving compliments from her boss.

She hurried into the back room and began diligently sorting through the boxes of new stock. How she had missed the pile of brown boxes stacked against the wall she would never know. It would take her some time to sort everything into style and size and she set to her task without delay. As she worked Katie could not shake the uncomfortable feeling in the pit of her stomach. Mrs Farrell came in once to check on her and the apprehensive schoolgirl’s chest tightened under the scrutiny of her boss.

“I meant to ask you before about your new jewellery,” Mrs Farrell said smiling. “I can hear you all over the store.”

“Sorry if it’s bothering you Ma’am,” Katie said, real concern in her voice.

“Anything but,” the older woman laughed. “I think it’s quaint, cute and quaint. Let me have a look.” Katie put down the clothes she had been sorting and stepped to her boss. She slid her leg out to one side, feeling like a model. “Pop it up here Katie,” Mrs Farrell said indicating the chair by the desk.

Katie’s chest tightened in fear at what she was being asked to do. If she lifted her leg up high enough to put her foot on the seat of the chair there was no way Mrs Farrell could fail to see something Katie knew she should not. She wasn’t worried about getting in trouble for someone seeing something only her owner had a right to, she simply couldn’t fathom a world in which this woman knew what she was.

Her brain refused to work. She couldn’t think of a single reason why she shouldn’t do as her boss asked. The dread settling in her chest, Katie shuffled nervously forward and slowly lifted her leg. She raised her knee high, almost to her hip before she could slip her heeled foot onto the chair. The young girl made sure to push her skirt down, keeping as much of her flesh covered as she could. She was sure she looked silly, and not a little suspicious, but it was all she could think of. Katie held her breath as Mrs Farrell leaned in for a closer look. A gentle thrill skittered up her leg as the older woman reached for the anklet, brushing her soft skin in the process.

“Adorable,” Mrs Farrell said, dropping the dainty chain with a delicate tinkle. “It suits you perfectly Katie. Where ever did you get it?”

“Mi-, Lauren gave it to me,” Katie said, biting her lip at the near slip.

“I might have known, no one can deny the girl has taste.”

Katie breathed a sigh of relief and lowered her leg to the floor as Mrs Farrell collected some papers from the desk and headed back into the shop. It was an odd exchange, and Katie was left a little bewildered as she continued her work. She came to the quick conclusion that her boss was just being friendly. She hadn’t seen anything, thanks to Katie’s vigilance and she had complemented her, and her owner. She was a friend of Lauren’s and that meant a lot to the impressionable schoolgirl. She had given her a job without knowing anything about her and she had always been nice. She wanted to do right by her.

Thinking on how wonderful Mrs Farrell had been to her made the feelings she was trying her best to rein in, spiral out of control. Katie simply couldn’t hold it in any longer. When she took the first armful of clothes into the store, she couldn’t help but glance surreptitiously at her boss. The moment the last dress was on the rack, Katie steeled herself and went up to the main counter. Mrs Farrell was not her owner, but she was her boss and Katie was unsure if she should disturb her or simply wait to be acknowledged. She knew what she wanted to do, feeling the familiar tingling tightness in her belly, but she was being paid to work.

“Excuse me Ma’am?”

“Mmmm,” Mrs Farrell said, looking up from the papers she was reading.

“Ma’am, um, I had a detention at school today and I almost wasn’t able to come tonight.”

“Oh really? That doesn’t sound like you at all Katie. I thought something was bothering you. But you made it ok. How did you get out of that?”

“I didn’t really Ma’am, I asked if I could have lunch-time detentions instead of an afterschool one and Mr Sinclair said yes so…”

“Well that was good thinking, but why on earth did you get a detention in the first place?”

“I used my phone during class. I know I shouldn’t,” Katie gushed at the frown on the older woman’s face, “and I’ll never do it again and I’d never do it at work.”

“I’m glad to hear that. Now back to work, all that stock needs to be out tonight.”

“Yes Ma’am,” replied Katie, blushing at the unspoken admonishment. She had wasted enough time already.

“And Katie? You’re a good girl for telling me, most wouldn’t you know.”

Katie blushed at the praise and rushed into the backroom, not wanting her boss to see how her words had affected her. Mrs Farrell was so wonderful. Instead of being mad, she had been really nice and understanding. She felt immense relief at having unburdened herself. A soft thrill trilled through her, sending a little shiver into her chest as she remembered being called a good girl. She didn’t feel like one, in fact she felt the exact opposite, but hearing those words made her think of Lauren and reminded her what she was.

The pretty schoolgirl sang softly to herself as she organised the remaining new stock. Her mood had improved greatly since her confession and it was a lesson she would not forget. She would do everything she could to behave but when she was bad she would confess her failures. She just knew Lauren would be as impressed with her as Mrs Farrell had been. Katie smiled as she thought of her owner’s happiness. Sorting through the last box of stock, a garment caught her eye. It was a simple one-piece dress of a stretch material she knew would hug her every curve. It was very pretty, simple horizontal blue and white stripes, low cut to reveal her bosom. She lifted it up and draped it across her body, imagining how it would look and feel. Lauren would love her in it, she was sure.

“That would look darling on you, Katie. Go ahead and try it on.”

Katie almost dropped the dress in her fright. She spun around to face her boss, hiding the garment behind her. She knew the guilt blazed from her face and she felt like a little child, caught with her hand in the cookie jar. She nibbled her lower lip, feeling foolish. There was no point hiding the dress, Mrs Farrell had already seen what she was doing with it. She sheepishly brought the small dress from behind her back and looked shyly at her boss.

“Um…” Katie mumbled, biting her lip once she had finally found her voice.

“It’s ok dear, you don’t have to worry about taking up the dressing rooms, you can get changed here.”

“Um, really Ma’am, I should be working,” Katie said feebly, fearful of seeming odd by refusing to try on a dress she obviously liked. She couldn’t change here. Even if she had been wearing panties she would have felt wrong changing in the storeroom.

“Later then dear, on your break.”

Katie let out the breath she hadn’t realised she had been holding as Mrs Farrell left the room. She leaned against the wall, realising how close she had come to getting herself into a situation that could only have had terrible consequences for her. She hated to disappoint Mrs Farrell but she just couldn’t get changed out here. The trembling teenager threw herself into her work, whirling around the store like a dervish, her frenetic energy not going unnoticed.


“Yes Ma’am.”

Mrs Farrell smiled at the cute young girl stood before her. Every time she called her Ma’am, she couldn’t help but smile at her endearingly adorable manner. She was grateful to Lauren for bringing her in and she was proud to be a part of the teenager’s reformation. She just couldn’t imagine this pretty girl being a source of trouble to anyone, though obviously she hadn’t quite shaken her old habits. Lauren had been quite clear about Katie’s troubled past and lack of any motivating influences in her life. She was trying to praise the pretty young girl whenever the chance arose and she hoped she was playing some small part in the positive changes she could see.

“You liked that dress didn’t you?”

“Oh yes Ma’am, it was just that I didn’t want to take up time. I will try it on later I really will,” Katie said, trying hard to convince Mrs Farrell that this was the only reason she had denied her suggestion.

“Never mind that dear. Listen, you’re my best worker, the customers love you and I know you’re trying hard. I want you to take that dress home with you tonight.”

“Ma’am I… I couldn’t.”

“Nonsense, the nature of a gift is that you accept it in the spirit it was given.”

“I, um. Thank you Ma’am,” Katie said, her voice catching at the welling emotion. She didn’t deserve a present. Mrs Farrell was too good to her. She should offer to pay for the dress but she knew she couldn’t. She had to accept it.

Katie had no idea how much Mrs Farrell was actually paying her. Lauren received her wage and it was up to her owner to decide how it was spent. She thought of her purse, empty but for her phone and dildo, and wondered why her owner’s complete control over her finances didn’t seem to bother her. Lauren made sure she had everything she needed, she had been given her bus money to get her to work. What did she really need it for anyway? It was better that Lauren controlled their money, she was so much smarter and would make sure it was used properly.

The thought of her purse reminded Katie of the other item that shared the bag she had placed in the drawer. Her belly grumbled at the thought of the small container of salad she had brought with her. She glanced at the clock on the wall and realised it was much later than she had thought. She was hungry but maybe she should forget dinner and just keep working. She needed to somehow make it up to Mrs Farrell. The moment she had the thought, she knew it was wrong. She hadn’t had lunch and if she missed dinner Lauren would not be impressed. It was important to Lauren to keep all of her property in the best of conditions, and by not eating for almost a full day she would simply be undermining her owner’s will. The thought sent a surge of emotion through her that she wasn’t quite sure of. It was important but she didn’t really understand why just now. When she had a little more time later on that night she would have to think about it.

“Excuse me Ma’am, may I have a break for dinner? I won’t be long.”

“Oh, sure. You should have said something earlier. Be a dear and bring me back a coffee.”

“Yes Ma’am,” Katie replied as she made straight for the backroom. She was grateful for the break and wanted to make it as quick as possible.

* * *

Katie looked down at the open container and wrinkled her nose. She pushed the soggy contents absently around with the small plastic fork. She shouldn’t be wasting time, there was nothing wrong with the salad, it just looked more than a little unappetising. She stabbed the a piece of limp lettuce and began eating. She knew it would have looked yummy at lunch, but time had not been kind to the mix of lettuce, grated carrot, cucumber and other ingredients she had so happily thrown together that morning.

The forlorn teenager sat alone in the bustling food court, watching the mall patrons as she consumed her evening meal. Everywhere she looked she was reminded of her lover. Katie’s hand strayed to her neck, her fingers stroking the hard metal collar that circled her throat in a gentle, unconscious caress. Couples holding hands or sitting together laughing, made her all the more aware of her own solitary state. The lonely schoolgirl put down her fork and as secretively as she could opened her purse in her lap and took out her phone, quickly closing the zip to hide the bulbous glass shaft within. No messages. Katie’s heart ached but what had she expected. She hoped Lauren was not mad at her still and toyed with the idea of writing her an apology. Would that be alright or would it only make it worse?

Her young heart constricted in her chest, as if a great chain was slowly tightening around the fragile organ. She couldn’t stand the idea of Lauren being mad at her. She gripped her phone tightly and made her decision. Katie dragged her fingers across the surface of her phone, transcribing the simple pattern that Lauren had set up for her. She took one deep breath, opened her contacts and touched the small envelope icon next to ‘My Owner’. She put the phone in her lap and looked at the tables around her. Should she be doing this?

She saw one of the guys from the donut shop watching her across the way. He quickly got up from his table and meandered back into the mall but the lonely teen knew he had been watching her. The reminder of the scrutiny that awaited her when she returned to work made her pine all the more for something, anything, from her owner.

Miss, I am very sorry for being naughty at school today. Please don’t be mad with me. I know I deserve to be punished. I know it will make me a better slave for you.  Kitty

Katie paused for a moment before hitting send. For the hundredth time she wondered if what she had just done was alright. Maybe Lauren would just find her annoying or worse, what if she got in trouble because she didn’t have permission to send that text. It was too late now. What’s done is done. She felt a little better, relieved, the way she had done after she had told Mrs Farrell about her detention. That made her feel as if she had done the right thing. Now she just had to wait, something she knew she would have to get used to. It was one of the things a slave just had to do.

Katie put her phone down on the table and returned to her meagre meal. Again and again her eyes were drawn to the dark screen of the phone, willing it to light up.  She was distracted from her distasteful repast by sudden laughter, a high-pitched giggle that made her heart leap. Lauren! Katie spun around in her chair, heart pounding in her chest. She slumped against the backrest at the sight, all energy draining from her. She felt suddenly thin and empty, like a deflated balloon. It was only some stupid girl, laughing at something stupid some stupid boy had said. She finished her meal without another pause, eating as quickly as she could. She hadn’t had the presence of mind to bring a bottle of water from home and she had no money to purchase a drink. No money to purchase a drink – why did that phrase suddenly resonate with her?

Mrs Farrell had asked her to bring back a coffee. How was she supposed to do that without any money? Mrs Farrell didn’t know that she was a slave whose behaviour was tightly controlled, including her access to money. She had no one to blame but herself. She was so stupid, too busy feeling sorry for herself and worrying about her owner being mad. If Lauren was angry or disappointed with her then there was nothing she could do. She had been naughty, that was already done. All she could do now was be good and not cause any more trouble. And yet here she was, failing again. So what was she going to do?

Her eyes strayed to the coffee stand where she had previously purchased Mrs Farrell’s coffee. Maybe they would remember her and know that she worked in a store and give her a credit and then she could… Well what? Mrs Farrell wouldn’t have expected her to buy it with her own money so she would just be able to ask her when she got back and then hurry back and pay it and everything would work out fine.

Katie chewed her lip nervously thinking over the flimsy plan. She was taking a lot for granted but she didn’t really have any options. What would happen if she went back without the piping hot beverage? She knew how much Mrs Farrell loved her coffee. The look on her face when she took that first sip was one of utter contentment. It was a little like Lauren when she danced for her. The memory of dancing in the lounge, her collar leashed to the ceiling, flashed into prominence and Katie felt an instant warmth between her legs. She tried to banish the thought, but the image of her owner’s face, the contented smile, was so strong and so comforting that she didn’t fight too hard.

Her pussy throbbed as she remembered dancing, the way the leash had pulled at her collar, pressing the hard metal band against her throat. She blushed as her nipples hardened at the memory of her sensual, writhing movement, her freedom restricted by the tight leash, the bondage informing the dance she had performed for the pleasure of her owner.

She had to stop this. She would be here all night if she didn’t get a hold of herself. She was supposed to be at work. She didn’t have time to indulge her fantasies. Apart from that she should be focusing on her immediate problem. She had been set a task and she was close to failing it. Steeling herself against the imminent feelings of failure she was sure would soon be hers, Katie closed her small lunch container and stood up from her table. She looked forlornly at her silent phone once more before popping it back into her purse. She couldn’t help but rub her fingers along the smooth bulbs of her dildo. It was a dildo day and it had not been too long ago that this hard, clear shaft had been in her pussy.

No, focus. She zipped the small purse closed with determination and headed to the coffee stand. This was going to be a real test but what had her life been since becoming Lauren’s property but a series of tests. She smiled meekly at the thought that so far she was sure she was passing. The weak smile slipped from her lips as she neared the stand and her nervousness once more took hold. She recognised the attendant, Tiffany. She could only hope that the girl would remember her.

“Um, hi,” Katie began softly. She had to stop being so timid or this would never work. “Um, I work at-“

“Yeah I know, Kitty right?”

“Yeah, hi,” Katie replied, smiling widely at the girl’s recognition. “Um I need to get a coffee for my boss, but um I don’t have any money right now. Could I, that is I was wondering, would it be possible for me to get one and come back later with the money. I promise I will.”

“Well…” Katie’s face dropped at the impending refusal. “I really shouldn’t. Ok, but you owe me one.”

“Sure,” gushed Katie, overwhelmed by the joy she felt at knowing that she was going to be able to do what Mrs Farrell had asked of her. She couldn’t stop her body from bouncing just a little, needing some kind of outlet for her happiness.

She gave Tiffany her order and waited patiently for it to be made, watching the young girl manipulate the complicated machine. She couldn’t be too much older than her, maybe eighteen and she seemed to work here a lot. She wasn’t exactly pretty but she had a cute smile and she seemed really friendly. She always wore a ponytail, a little too severe for Katie’s liking, but there were always stray wisps of the shiny brown hair floating around her face. Her cheeks were a pretty pink, though Katie knew it was from working at the hot machine, not from humiliation that all too often coloured her own cheeks. Katie smiled at the young barrista as she handed over the coffee.

“Thanks so much Tiffany, I owe you one.”

“No problem, just make sure you’re back before closing time otherwise I’ll be in real trouble.”

“I promise. I won’t let you down. I’ll be back as soon as I can. Thanks so much. I promise.”

Katie hurried back to work, balancing coffee, purse and lunch container. She had only just passed the food court when she realised just how thirsty she was. She hadn’t had a drink with her meal like she normally did and her mouth was really dry. It hadn’t helped that she had been terribly nervous talking to Tiffany. She knew she wasn’t allowed to borrow money for a drink from Mrs Farrell, the very idea made her feel wrong. The answer to her dilemma appeared as she rounded the corner. The shop was in sight but her new goal was the gleaming water fountain against the wall to her left. The water would be cool and it was free. She was sure the few seconds it would take to sate her thirst would be ok. She wanted to work as hard for Mrs Farrell as she could but looking after herself, her owner’s property, was the most important thing.

Katie juggled the coffee cup into her left hand, the one she would need to depress the button to start the flow of the delicious water. Now she was so close there was a true urgency to quench the terrible thirst she felt. Without another thought, the thirsty schoolgirl bent over the fountain and began to drink from the tiny jet of cool water that arced up from the shiny nozzle.

The first mouthful was heavenly and Katie soon forgot where she was, drinking mouthful after mouthful, filling her belly with the soothing liquid. It was not until her final swallow that she realised the position in which she had placed herself. Her dress was long enough, of that she was confident, but the angle at which she had bent over and the way her belt made the lower half of her dress puff away from her body, made her suddenly nervous of exactly what had been visible.

She turned around and instantly met the gaze of the two guys working the donut stand. Their hungry gaze filled her young cheeks with a scarlet flush, the time it took for them to look away telling her even more about the display she had given the passersby. It wasn’t fair. She was just a girl. It shouldn’t matter that she was pretty, or a slut, or that she was dressed sexily and wasn’t wearing panties. She couldn’t think of the way she looked every second of the day. She had just been thirsty and wanted a drink and now she was blushing furiously, wondering if anyone now knew her secret.

Katie tried to push away the humiliation and ignore everyone else in the mall, especially the donut pervs. It wasn’t fair. Why couldn’t they have been situated at the other end of the mall? Why couldn’t Tiffany’s coffee stand be outside her work? That would have been great. She might have even been able to be friends with her. She seemed really friendly. She was older though and probably wouldn’t want to be friends with a silly sixteen year old.

“Excuse me Ma’am, here is your coffee.”

“Oh, thank you Katie, you’re a lifesaver,” Mrs Farrell said, happily taking the steaming coffee from the young girl. Katie smiled as the older woman took a sip, that familiar, contented smile and slight glazing of the eyes making her happy to have been able to serve.

“Um Ma’am, could I, um please have some money for the coffee?” the timid schoolgirl ventured hesitantly.

“Sure, just grab it from the till and ring it up as a miscellaneous sale.”

“Um, could I go back straight away and pay for it?”

“What do you mean? How did you? Katie, you didn’t steal this coffee did you?”

“No Ma’am,” the mortified teen gushed, desperate to allay her boss’s fears. “Tiffany, she’s the girl who works at the coffee stand, let me have it if I promised to come back and pay because she knew that I worked here.”

“But why didn’t you just pay for it?”

“Um,” Katie said, looking down meekly at her shuffling feet, “I don’t have any money Ma’am.”

“Katie Thomas,” Mrs Farrell said sternly, Katie instantly recognising the tone that her mother used when rebuking her. “Next time make sure you get the money first. No one needs to get in trouble on my behalf. Do you understand?”

“Yes Ma’am, I’m sorry.”

“Oh Katie,” Jean said, seeing the distress on the young girl’s face. “I don’t mean to sound harsh but that was just silly. Here,” her boss said, ringing up the sale herself. “Run along and pay the poor girl. Give me your things and you can go right now.”

“Um,” Katie hesitated, not wanting to hand over her purse.

“Go,” Mrs Farrell ordered, taking the small purse and plastic container from the stunned teenager’s hands.

Despite not wanting to leave her purse in the possession of another woman, Katie obeyed, the authority in the older woman’s voice penetrating to her core. She felt the twisting in her belly as she ran from the store, eager not only to obey but to return as quickly as possible and rescue her dildo. What would she do if Mrs Farrell looked in her purse? If she wondered what the odd shape was that she could feel and couldn’t resist a peek. What would she think of her?

Well she’d think she was a slut, what else. Who else but a slut would carry a dildo around in her purse? A dildo but no money! She skipped through the mall, her small fist clenched around the change her boss had given her, every step wracked by worry and accompanied by the musical tinkling of her anklet.

It was a huge relief to finally see coffee stand. She could see Tiffany working, as well as an older woman, and she slowed down her frantic speed. She didn’t want to attract attention and get Tiffany in trouble. Katie straightened her dress, trying not to think of the sight she had made as she hurried through the mall, as if she needed to draw any more attention to herself.

Tiffany had seen her coming and surreptitiously motioned for her to come around the side. Katie nodded conspiratorially and made her way, as casually as she could, to meet her saviour. She saw Tiffany look around and quickly motion with an open palm. Katie handed over the money with a whispered thank you, feeling a strange connection with this girl. The sharing of a secret made her feel somehow close, as if she had known the young girl forever.

She looked back once and smiled at the tiny wave that Tiffany gave her, a brief undulation of her fingers before she bent back to her work. Katie really did owe her one and she hoped she would one day get the chance to return the favour. She looked forward to seeing Tiffany again, eager to give her thanks once more, she really couldn’t thank the girl enough.

Katie hurried back to work with a joyous buoyancy in her swift stride. Sure she had done the wrong thing, and Mrs Farrell had corrected her, but she would have been a lot worse if she had come back with nothing. Looking back now, she knew she had been stupid not to ask for the money before she left but thanks to Tiffany, and to her wonderful boss, everything had turned out ok. She might not be allowed to hold any money but that didn’t mean she could just forget about it altogether. She wasn’t like other people, she had to remember that always.


“Um it was all ok Ma’am.”

“Good girl, back to work now and no more silliness, ok.”

“Ok Ma’am,” Katie replied with genuine affection. Her boss had looked out for her, chastising her when she needed it but understanding that she did silly things.

Was it obvious to everyone that she was just beginning her training? Even if they knew nothing about her true life or what she truly was. She thought Mrs Farrell was just a really nice lady but still she couldn’t shake the feeling that just maybe she knew a little more. She was a smart lady, maybe she did know something, or maybe she was just perceptive. Or maybe her boss just thought she was a silly teenager who needed a little guidance.

Or maybe she had found the big glass dildo in her purse! She knew that had nothing to do with what she was thinking about but the thought made her blood run cold. She was dying to go into the back room and check her possessions, to confirm her fears. Was that look, that strange smile, that Mrs Farrell had given her because she had opened her purse and seen her dildo? Had she smelt her sex on it? Katie had cleaned it with her tongue as always, but she knew her scent lingered unless she washed it properly. Her thoughts were interrupted by the arrival of a customer. It was time to work, not think about dildos. She was immensely grateful for the distraction. She had needed something to derail that train of paranoia that had been threatening to make her dizzy at the very thought of the humiliating repercussions of such a discovery.

“Hi, can I help you with anything?” Katie said in her cutest, cheeriest voice.

“I sure hope so,” the young man said, staring deeply into the young girl’s eyes.

“Um,” Katie mumbled, taken aback by the deep, sonorous voice. She might be young and naïve, but she couldn’t fail to grasp the hidden meaning in the suggestive response.

He was a handsome man, in his twenties, with a carefully cultivated growth of dark stubble along his strong jaw. She could see his muscles beneath his tight t-shirt and wondered just how strong he was. Katie brushed her hair back, a nervous, self-conscious gesture, blushing slightly under the steady, almost predatory gaze. She looked up shyly at the tall youth, every unconscious movement deepening the pretty teenager’s air of seductive innocence. Mrs Farrell looked on, smiling at the tableau that played out before her. If she hadn’t known the girl, she would have been convinced, from this one display alone, that she was a world-class seductress. One day she would make someone very happy indeed. Right now though, the naïve young girl was in need of rescuing.

“Katie could you tidy up the receipts please.”

“Yes Ma’am.”

“Now, how can I help you?”

Katie scurried away, afraid to glance back. She wasn’t sure what had just happened. She had felt so nervous, silly nervous. As she counted the receipts she could feel his eyes still upon her, as surely as if she could see it herself. She studiously avoided looking up and focused completely upon her task. She had been hopeless all day today. She knew she had to do better but it was so difficult. She was constantly catching herself daydreaming, but could never quite manage to stop herself drifting off into the desire-filled world of memory and fantasy. She was hopeless. Maybe Lauren would be able to help.

It wasn’t until Mrs Farrell was ringing up the sale that Katie realised they were close. She tried to ignore the presence of her boss and the handsome youth, but her attention strayed for just a moment. She was caught in his gaze, smiling in response to his infectious grin. He wasn’t the kind of guy her friends, well the girls she used to hang out with, would have thought of as handsome but there was something about him that she found alluring. She looked quickly back at her receipts, confused by what she felt. She was a lesbian, she had a lover. Why did she feel like she was attracted to this guy? It didn’t really bother her, it was just that she didn’t understand. She felt nervous and small, like she did sometimes around Lauren, but there was no familiar pulse of heat between her legs that her owner’s mere presence brought to her. It was just a little strange was all.

Katie breathed a sigh of relief when he left the store. She was free to return to work without any further distractions. Well apart from those created by her own body. The pressure in her bladder had been growing for some time, but now she really needed to pee. There wasn’t that much time left of her shift though, she could hold it. She had wasted so much time already tonight. She knew Mrs Farrell would let her go but she just couldn’t.

Time passed interminably slowly, the sensation of fullness growing in her belly. She watched the clock intently, the tiny hand ticking lethargically, only making it harder to ignore the insistent sensation between her legs. Katie wanted to stay a little longer, for her boss, but she knew her dad would be waiting for her and as the hour approached, she began to prepare for the end of her shift, dreading the closing of the shutters and the scrutiny of the donut boys. It had been an eventful night but her thoughts continued to stray to the backroom, to her purse and the phone that lay within and the desperate need she had to connect with her owner.

* * *

Katie frantically pulled at the lowest draw of her desk. It shuddered noisily from its home and was unceremoniously dumped on the floor. She reached in and scrabbled around for the object of her desire. There was a lot more stuff in here now and she had to push aside the coil of rope, scattering the small pile of vicious wooden pegs, to reach what she wanted. Her hand closed around the shirt and pulled it free. She looked at the gaping space in the bottom of her desk and couldn’t bring herself to leave the draw out. It was lazy and dangerous, if she somehow forgot to replace it later…

Her dress was off in seconds, her bra quickly unclipped with the deftness that bewildered males of all ages. Katie flicked off her heels but thought twice about leaving them lying haphazardly on the floor. She picked them up and placed them neatly at the end of the bed, still not the proper place for them but she was desperate not to waste any more time than necessary. She shook out the impossibly small shirt and pulled it on over her head. The light yellow material stretched across her slim body, pulling her firm breasts tightly together. The shirt was at least a size too small and the fact that it had been cut across the chest made it even harder to manage. Katie tried to pull it down once but quickly realised she was simply wasting time. Any efforts to make the tiny garment cover her would be in vain.

The young girl breathed a resigned sigh and sat down on the chair and faced her computer. She quickly reached out and wiggled the mouse before settling back, sliding her arms behind her and spreading her legs widely as she had been taught. Katie looked at herself in the tiny box on the screen. She blushed at the sight but did not look away. The shirt that Lauren had made for her was something she had dreaded wearing. She regretted not going to the toilet during work but she had been so focused that she had tried to ignore the growing pressure as best she could. It had only been as she sat in the car on the ride home that her full bladder made itself known with an insistent urgency.

She had known that the shirt was small but wearing it now made her feel somehow more naked. The tight material squeezed her breasts together, her nipples clearly defined by the thin material. The cut hem of the shirt barely covered her, the soft curves of her bosom just visible beneath. If she raised her hands she was sure it would pop up, exposing her completely. As it was, she sat still, trying desperately not to squirm in her seat. She had to consciously peel her eyes away from her chest, stopping herself from repeatedly reading the brief message blazoned across her chest in bold, black text: May I Pee?

The request rolled around and around inside her mind, only making it harder to sit still and wait for her owner to acknowledge her need. She had dutifully spread her legs, the position making it impossible to ignore the pressure in her belly. Katie could feel her moist sex pressing against the hard surface of the chair and tried not to think wet thoughts. The slick feel of her smooth lips on the polished wood was delicious, one borne of the arousal that almost never left her, but right now it was a distraction that only heightened her awareness of her need for relief.

How long would she have to wait? Lauren knew what time she would be home from work but that didn’t really mean much. Redvelvetlines was logged in and watching but that didn’t mean much either. How long was it going to be before Lauren checked if she was there? How long would she be able to hold on? Was Lauren mad at her still? The very thought made her belly twitch and tighten, sending a strange tingle up into her chest. What if she was? What if Lauren was so mad that she didn’t want to even look at her right now? What if she never checked in on her? Katie bit her lip, fighting back the tears that threatened to blur her vision, frantic for this terrible thought not to be true.

* * *

Lauren leaned back in her chair, tongue lazily sliding around the cherry lollipop in her mouth. She had been sat at her desk absently surfing the net as she waited for Katie to get home. The moment her slave entered the room, she had sat forward, eager for a glimpse of her property. She looked forward to seeing her girl, even if it was only via webcam. It was a connection that calmed the storm inside her. When she watched the pretty schoolgirl sitting at her desk doing her homework she felt a deep sense of comfort, as if everything was in its right place. Replaying old recordings did not give her the same feeling.

She had watched, intrigued, at the young girl’s frenetic undressing, smiling at the appearance of her ‘pee shirt’, the reason for her manic urgency now clear. Once Katie had settled in to wait, the real game began. She had been naughty and Lauren still hadn’t quite forgiven her for the transgression. The act itself hadn’t meant anything to her, but the repercussions for the lapse would not be tolerated. Nothing would interfere with the routine she had set for her slave. She still couldn’t believe the precociousness of the little shit, expecting to be forgiven simply because she batted her eyelids and moistened those pretty green eyes. It was true though, Lauren simply couldn’t stay mad at her. She was so sweet, her naïvete and her innocent devotion so endearing, but it was the way she both accepted, and yet still fought against, her blossoming sexuality that made Lauren so captivated by her classmate.

Her smile broadened as the young girl on the screen moved ever so slightly: tiny motions of her hips, twitches of her arms. Lauren felt her nipples harden at the signs of the schoolgirl’s distress. She clearly needed to pee very badly and yet her training was holding true. There was nothing to stop her from rushing to the toilet and easing the terrible pressure she felt, but she remained in position, legs spread, back straight. The picture quality wasn’t quite good enough but Lauren fancied she could see a shine from between her girl’s legs. How this little slut was almost always wet was beyond her. She thought back to the weekend, how Katie’s pussy had literally dripped with her cream as she danced, her collar chained to the ceiling. Lauren closed her eyes and revelled in the memory, seeing again the way the thick white discharge clung so tenaciously to the petite young girl’s plump lips.

Her hands had crept to her own pussy now, nimble fingers sliding across the thin cotton panties that covered her slim mound. Her eyes glued to the screen, Lauren quickly lifted her butt off the seat and slid her panties off, leaving them to lie where they fell. She began to languidly play her fingers across her smooth lips, dipping the tip of her middle finger into her tight cleft, eyes closing ever so slightly as her pleasure spiked at the brief penetration. Her movements became more sure, the force she applied increasing as her need grew. Her teeth were clamped around the stick of her lollipop as she squeezed her fingers together, pressing her small labia together, creating a tight mound of flesh through which she dipped her middle finger, pushing past the sensitive vulva and delving deeper inside.

Lauren stared into Katie’s sparkling green eyes as she fucked herself, quickly finding a rhythm that she liked. As she surveyed the agitated girl she lifted the candied ball from her mouth. The red sphere glistened in the light from the monitor and a lascivious smile crept onto the teenager’s face as she thought of Katie and her penchant for the taste of her own pussy. Lauren propped the lollipop against the moist opening of her sex and twirled the small white stick between her fingers, sending the red sphere spinning as she pressed inwards. She gasped as the lollipop penetrated her tightness, its own sticky moistness mixing with her own. The small object only served to tease her with its promise of things to come and she slipped the lollipop back into her mouth, feeling wicked as she tasted the mingling of pussy and cherry.

Lauren peeled herself reluctantly from the monitor and hurried to her cupboard. She was back in seconds, her favourite dildo in her hands. The suction cup at the base of the synthetic cock would be useless on the soft material of her chair, but it would provide a more stable foundation which is exactly what she needed right now. Lauren glanced at the screen for a moment, checking that the delightful scene that Katie was providing remained unchanged, before squatting down before her chair. She quickly removed the lollipop from her mouth and replaced it with the thick plastic phallus. The half-naked teen slid forward, forcing the dildo into her mouth, pressing it all the way to the back of her throat. Lauren held it there for a count of three, before pulling back. She was getting better. A few quick pumps later, she had deposited enough saliva on the fake cock to allow her to proceed.

The lollipop was back in her mouth, freeing up her hands. She reached between her legs, steadying the dildo against the seat of her chair as she lined up her sticky pink slit with the glistening upright shaft. Easing herself down, Lauren watched Katie’s struggle as she felt the rounded head of the dildo push past her slim labia and penetrate her ripe sex. She gasped as her young pussy was stretched and filled, a sensation that Katie, no matter how talented her tongue became, could not replicate. Lauren paused halfway down the hard shaft, struck by a thought that instantly took hold. She smiled wickedly as she forced her body down, leaning back to rest, gasping, against her chair. She reached forward, grabbed her keyboard and rested it in her lap, her legs now propped up on her desk. She pulled herself forward, the chair rolling closer to her desk. Now she could see and reach everything.

* * *

“Hello Kitty.”

Katie blinked, sending the salty tears that had pooled in her eyes running down her cheeks to drip onto the tightly stretched material of her half-shirt. Her frayed emotions had been ready to disintegrate entirely. She had convinced herself that her owner had abandoned her, disgusted by her lack of discipline. She wasn’t coming. She could sit here forever, her bladder bursting like a balloon, unnoticed and unwanted. Her lip quivered as she remembered how close she had come to breaking position, sure that the pain of knowing Lauren had discarded her could never be overcome. But she hadn’t. She had just been busy with her own things. She had to learn to be patient and trust in her owner. Lauren loved her, she knew that, and even if she was naughty, Lauren wouldn’t abandon her. She took care of her property.

“Hello Miss,” Katie croaked, her lower lip quivering as she responded to the silent text on the screen. She wished she could hear her lover, but Lauren never spoke on cam.

“I see you have a request for me?”

“Yes Miss, may I pee please?”

“You may Kitty, but first I want to see a peg on each nipple. Special requests come with special consequences.”

Katie’s whole body had relaxed at those first few words, only to tense once more as the extra instructions were added. At least she was being allowed to pee. That was what mattered. If she hadn’t left it so long, been so stupid, she would have been allowed to go during work. Mrs Farrell would have given her permission, she was really good like that. Lauren took good care of her property and she was going to have to make sure she paid as much attention to her welfare as her owner.

“May I get them now, Miss?”

“Of course. Take off that cute shirt and put on your pink pleated skirt and black singlet and then you may pee. I want you back here in two minutes.”

Katie was a blur of motion, diving to open the bottom drawer of her desk. Despite knowing she was about to cause herself pain, she was eager to get everything done. Lauren had given her two minutes; she was confident she would not need it. The tiny sliver of material that barely covered her breasts slipped over her head and was thrown into the dark cavity in one smooth motion. Petite hands snaked into the darkness and emerged with a peg apiece.

The frantic schoolgirl wasted no time, remembering the way her owner had applied the wooden clamps, and closed one over each tight pink tip simultaneously. Pain immediately shot into her chest, twin lances of a sensation with which she was becoming all too familiar. That done, she quickly grabbed the skirt and singlet her owner had instructed and dressed rapidly, being sure to stay directly in front of the tiny camera perched atop her monitor. She knew Lauren was watching and the idea that her owner was so close, though not in the room, excited her.

The skirt was wrapped around her waist and clipped in seconds. It wasn’t until she picked up the singlet to slip it over her head that she realised her error. She had placed the pegs pointing directly out from her chest, the tiny buds of blood-engorged flesh pinched cruelly in the sharp teeth. What could she do now? Katie looked to her monitor for help.

“Reseat them.”

“Yes Miss,” Katie whispered thankfully. She gasped at the sudden sharp stab of pain that shot into each breast as the blood rushed temporarily back into the recently compressed flesh. And now she would have to do it all over again.

The half-dressed schoolgirl took a deep breath, clenched her jaw and closed the pegs around her nipples once more, this time seating them vertically. She flashed a single sheepish smile at the camera, knowing how silly Lauren must think she was, and reached once again for her singlet. She winced as the tight garment closed over her breasts, crushing the hard peg against her breast, sending a flash of pain through her already throbbing nipples. Katie looked down and blanched at what she saw. The tight singlet hugged her body, the shape of each peg clearly defined in the middle of each rounded mound. She would have to be quick: move quick and pee quick. With that thought she was off.

Katie cracked the door open and peered through the slivered gap. The coast was clear. She threw the door open and ran to the bathroom, those few short yards feeling like a hundred. Her breasts bounced frenetically, the material of her singlet tugging the pegs, sending fresh spikes of pain into her chest with each step. To try and move past the pain, the stricken schoolgirl broke her movements down, working through each one as its own unit: close door, sit, pee, wipe, flush, stand, open door, step, step, step, close door, sit. She hadn’t bothered checking to see if the hall was clear for her return. Her desperate need to get back made her careless, but she had been lucky.

Placing her hands obediently behind her and straightening her posture pushed her breasts forward, the firm flesh straining against the tight singlet. Her eyes watered at the pain of the clamps bite, but she remained silent, wanting to be good for her owner. This was her chance to make Lauren happy and to assuage the guilt she felt at her poor behaviour. It had not been an easy day for her. She wanted it to end, to slip into the blissful oblivion of sleep and wake up tomorrow, refreshed and with a newfound determination to make her owner proud. She couldn’t do it without something from Lauren. She didn’t want to press her lover, but she needed to be forgiven. She needed to know that Lauren wasn’t mad with her, that she was to be punished for her disappointment but that was all.


“Yes Miss,” Katie replied, sitting up just a little at being addressed by her owner.

“Were you good or bad today?”

“Miss I was bad and I’m really sor-“

“Hush.” Katie complied, worrying her lower lip as she wondered if she had made yet another mistake. “When a slave is bad she must be punished. Yes?”

“Oh, yes I know. I need to be punished,” Katie blurted, desperate for her feelings to be known.

“You will be Kitty but that is not for you to decide, or for you to worry about.”

“No Miss, I only meant-“

“KITTY!” Katie’s eyes sparkled and tears rolled down her pretty cheeks at the silent rebuke. It was only a word on a screen but she felt as if she had been punched in the stomach. “Speak out of turn again and the discipline will be severe.”

Katie sat deathly still, afraid even to breathe. She wanted so badly to make things right but she was just making it worse. Lauren was right to be mad at her, she was an idiot. All she had to do was keep her mouth shut and listen and she couldn’t even do that. She set her jaw and pursed her lips. It was a gesture designed not only to prevent her angering her owner further but also to stop her bottom lip quivering uncontrollably as she fought back the despair that threatened to burst the dam of her fragile composure.


At that moment her phone rang. Katie jumped to grab it, answering it before the first ring had completed. She wanted so badly to talk to her lover, to let her know how sorry she was and how much she loved her and wouldn’t ever do anything to hurt her on purpose. Instead she stayed silent, listening intently for her owner’s sweet voice. At the first word, she broke, unable to keep her feelings at bay any longer. She didn’t know how to deal with the potent emotions that were part of her life now. She felt like a tiny boat on the sea, set adrift and surrounded by dark, foam-crested waves that threatened to swamp her at every turn. Lauren’s voice was like a beacon for the tormented girl, something safe, her only source of solace.

“Kitty. Sit down. Now, put the phone down and get a tissue and wipe away those pretty tears.” Katie reluctantly obeyed, not wanting to lose this contact she had yearned for so long to achieve. She grabbed a tissue and did as she was told, immediately gathering her phone and cradling it gently to her ear, as if was a true extension of her lover, something more than an inanimate piece of hard plastic. “Now blow your nose. Good girl. In the bin, pussywhistle. Right, listen my sweet little slut, you deserve to be punished but this isn’t something for you to be upset about. I will determine when, where and what your punishment is, you are not part of this equation until I say so.

“I’m not mad at you Kitty. Of course I’m disappointed in your behaviour but I know that it’s just a blip. You’re a good girl and you’re doing so well in your training. It’s not your place to second-guess things though. You are my slave. You accept and obey. Ok?”

“Yes Miss,” Katie sniffled, managing a weak smile as she listened to her owner’s explanation. She wasn’t mad. And she had called her a good girl. She wanted so much to hold Lauren right now, to melt into her lover’s embrace. She ached to feel those strong arms around her, the small, soft breasts pressing against her own, the warm breath on her neck, sending a shiver through her body. She wanted all this and more but had to be content with a voice from a box and words on a screen.

“Well then, give me a kiss and you can take the pegs off those little nips.”

Katie blew a kiss to the camera, smiling self-consciously as she did so. Her eyes were red and her cheeks were wet but she knew that Lauren didn’t mind. That’s what love was, she knew. She knew it in her heart. The emotional schoolgirl gripped the phone tightly, refusing to relinquish her only connection to her owner, and awkwardly slipped the small singlet over her head. It snagged on the jutting pegs, more than once sending sharp stabbing pains into her breast, but that was the price she paid to keep a hold of her lover. She threw the top onto the bed and took a single steadying breath before slipping both clamps from the pinched tip of each breast. The topless teen gasped into the phone, agony sweeping through her chest as the blood rushed back into the small red buds.

Katie’s breathing was shallow and rapid as she tried and failed to deal with the pain. There wasn’t anything she could do but accept it. This was what she had to do: obey and accept. No one said it would be easy or quick, the best things in life never were. And this was her life now, a life she would not trade for all the rice in China. She couldn’t repress the small giggle that broke through the pain. It was such a strange saying and she had no idea where she had heard it, or why it had come to her just then. She felt a little better now that the wooden clamps were no longer cruelly pinching her sensitive flesh and she waited, pain still radiating through her body, for Lauren to speak once more.

“Better now pussywhistle? Finished with all that silliness?”

“Yes Miss,” Katie said, wanting desperately to expand on how she felt, but she had learnt her lesson and kept her answer succinct. There would be other times when she could pour her heart out to her owner. She just had to be patient.

“Good girl. Now brush your teeth and then its beddy byes timington. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Goodnight Miss. Sweet dreams.”

Katie was smiling unabashedly as she wished her owner goodnight. She loved Lauren’s nonsense words, they never failed to make her smile. She found herself saying them to herself when she was alone, referring to things the way Lauren did and chuckling quietly. She loved this girl. The word was so small. How could it ever encompass the depth and intensity of the feelings that swirled and surged inside her? She needed to tell Lauren the way she felt. She was sure her owner felt the same way. She just needed the right time that was all. The moment had to be perfect.

* * *

Lauren threw the phone onto her bed and collapsed back into her chair. She smiled ecstatically as she watched Katie blow a silent kiss directly into the camera. The exhausted teen giggled as the thick dildo slid from her pussy and fell to the floor with a dull thud.

It wasn’t her best orgasm, those without Katie’s involvement never were, but it left her tired and satisfied and she staggered to her bed, crawling under the sheets with what energy was left her. She stretched languidly, a hand straying between her legs to play casually across her pussy. She was terribly wet, as only she could be after using a dildo. She knew her lips and thighs would be tacky in the morning but she didn’t care.

The thought brought Katie to her mind, though her property was never far from the surface. If her slave was here it wouldn’t matter, she would be cleaned, eagerly and thoroughly. Not having access to her girl whenever she wished was frustrating. It made the time she managed to get with Katie more precious, but it wasn’t enough. Weekends weren’t enough. The strong-willed teenager fell asleep, half-formed plans coalescing lazily in her tired mind, and a sly smile on her pretty lips.

End of part 10

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