My Very Own
by Lazerou

part 9

What goes on the web, stays on the web. Katie Thomas learns this the hard way when an afternoon of fun with a webcam turns her young life into something she had never imagined.

Chapter 18. Heels Head Over

Lauren looked down, the wan light of the false dawn slicing through the slim gaps in the curtains illuminated the pale form of the girl in her bed. There was a soft magnificence in the smooth, young body. Katie lay on her belly, right arm stretched under the pillow, left by her side, hand tucked into her armpit at an awkward and endearing angle. Lauren’s gaze roamed over the still slumbering teen, glorying in the gentle curve of her flattened breast, peeking from beneath the sheet. Her long black hair was spread across the pillow, a fan of delicate darkness, as if she was wearing shadow itself.

Lauren reached slowly for the sheet that covered the young girl’s lower body. She delicately lifted the edge and drew the thin material down Katie’s body, exposing her soft, white flesh, inch by inch. When the sheet passed over the enticing curve of the sleeping schoolgirl’s buttocks, Lauren’s lips twisted into a wicked grin.

She sized up the tender mounds and with one swift movement, brought her right hand crashing down onto the slumbering teen’s bare behind. Katie exploded into wakefulness, her body twisting away from the source of the pain. She rolled onto the other side of the bed, dazed by the sudden and unexpected jolt into consciousness. She frantically blinked away the sleep, her hands moving instinctively to her bottom.

She twisted, looking behind to see the sharp red outline of a handprint on her right buttock. It was only when she saw the evidence of her abrupt awakening that the young girl realised where she was. She looked for Lauren and saw the widely smiling girl standing on the far side of the bed. She was already dressed in a pair of small black panties and black sports bra, Katie’s sleep-befuddled brain finding the plain underwear the most sexually alluring clothing she had ever seen.

The sting in her backside was quickly forgotten as she scrambled towards her owner, eager to be close. As she made to stand, Lauren pushed her back down on the bed and pinned her there, leaning over the young girl, her face mere inches from her slave’s. Lauren, still smiling, leaned down and kissed Katie deeply. She had been awake barely a minute and already she could feel the soft tingling of her arousal deep in her belly. Katie almost groaned when Lauren broke the intimate contact, her fingers trailing along her owner’s lithe body as she stood up and stepped away.

“Up, Kitty,” Lauren commanded, fixing the leash to the young girl’s collar once she was out of bed.

The quiet thrill that had become such a part of her everyday life, surged through Katie as she was led down stairs and into the kitchen. She watched the sensual play of the muscles in Lauren’s legs and back, reveling in the movement of her shoulders, the Y-shaped sports bra framing them perfectly.

“Pancakes,” Lauren instructed, fixing the young girl’s leash to a hook on the wall usually reserved for pots and pans.

Katie remembered the lesson she had received and quickly went to work, first collecting the ingredients before moving straight into the preparation. She went over and over each step in her head, confident that she could do this. A few weeks ago she would never have thought it possible, she had just assumed she was a hopeless cook. Now here she was cooking pancakes for her owner and enjoying the ability to create something real.

As the first batch cooked in the pan, the young girl looked around the kitchen, a tiny frown of disappointment marring her pretty face as she realised that Lauren was not present. She tried to tell herself it didn’t matter, that she needed to focus, but she couldn’t deny that the absence of her lover made her just a little melancholy. Even the strict supervision of her owner was preferable to being left on her own.

It had been such a strange start to the day and she wasn’t even sure she was 100% awake just yet. She had become used to waking early but she most definitely was not used to be woken by a painful spank on the ass. She reached back and tentatively touched her right cheek, the slight sting of the smack still able to be felt.

“Would you like your other cheek to match?”

“No, Miss,“ Katie said, startled by Lauren’s sudden appearance. How the hell did she do that? Not having a band of bells fixed around her ankle was a start, she thought. The young girl wondered just how long it would take to become accustomed to the light tinkling that accompanied her every move. Every time she heard the tiny bells it made her feel her subjugation, her status as property, foremost in her mind.

“How many more?”

“These will be the last ones, Miss.”

“Good girl. Plate them and serve in the lounge,” Lauren ordered, removing the leash from the hook and draping it loosely around the young girl’s neck a number of times.

Katie felt Lauren leave, focused as she was on finishing the breakfast meal. She had cooked enough pancakes for one person only, she was sure. What her breakfast would be, she did not know. It wasn’t something she should worry about. Lauren would tell her what to do, she had only to obey. How could something be so easy and so difficult to accept all at the same time? It was far too early in the morning to be thinking about such things. She finished the pancakes, turned off the stove and cleaned the area a little, before carrying the plate into the lounge. Lauren was seated on the couch, reading what looked like schoolwork. Katie waited until Lauren motioned for her to place the plate on coffee table before hurrying to serve.

“Am I going to eat these with my fingers? Knife and fork, Kitty.” The chastened girl scurried to obey, marvelling at her own stupidity. “Syrup.” Once more she returned to the kitchen. “A scoop of ice cream too.”

Katie had barely stood at attention for a second before being sent to fetch yet another piece of her owner’s breakfast. When she returned for the third time, a little frustrated with the constant back and forth, she delicately placed the scoop of ice cream in the centre of the pancake stack. Her mouth was watering now, the delicious aromas wafting around the room. The anxious schoolgirl’s belly tightened as Lauren rose from the couch and stepped towards her. She had been standing at attention, waiting obediently to serve, but she straightened her shoulders under the attention of her owner.

Katie trembled as Lauren removed the clip and leash from her collar and reattached it behind her. She wondered why Lauren could not have simply spun her collar around but she no doubt had her reasons. She felt a slight tug on her collar and could feel the chain resting against the back of her head. She stumbled backwards as Lauren pulled her into the centre of the room, underneath the ropes that still dangled from the ceiling, a remnant of the previous night’s entertainment.

A moment later Lauren returned to the couch, leaving the naked schoolgirl standing at attention in the centre of the room, wondering just why she had been leashed in place. She could feel the light chain pulling gently on her collar though she was standing flat, something which she was thankful for. Katie’s gaze never left her owner, watching her every move as she settled back on the couch and pointed a remote into the corner.

The soft beat of music filled the room. The slow dance track was unfamiliar but she soon felt the music flow through her, the insistent melody and monotonous beat filling her body with its rhythm. Katie stood at attention, waiting for the command she knew would come, her hips swaying imperceptibly, anticipating the desire of her owner.


Katie began immediately, slim hips moving sensuously. Her legs parted enticingly, inviting Lauren to enjoy the pink mound between them. Her knees bent as her body swayed, hips grinding to the slow, sensual beat. She felt the chain attached to her collar with every movement, the natural flow of her body restricted by the tight leash.

The naked schoolgirl did her best to please, watching her owner intently as she danced. Lauren only looked her way occasionally, focusing more on her breakfast and the notepad still open on the table. A thrill trilled through the young girl each time Lauren looked her way, the smile she longed for appearing each time her owner’s gaze lingered over her for a few moments.

Katie felt like a mere sideshow, present only to provide a pleasurable distraction when her owner’s focus wandered. The sensation was not a pleasant one, reinforcing, as it did, the fact that she existed to serve. At the same time she could feel her arousal grow and she knew it had its root in the very same humiliation that had caused her cheeks to colour. The knowledge disturbed her, but she pushed it to the back of her mind, subjugating the unpleasant doubts, mirroring her own treatment at the hands of her owner.

Katie licked her lips as she watched Lauren finish the last of the pancakes. All that was left of the meal was a few smears of syrup and the young girl could feel her own empty stomach begging to be filled. Lauren sat back on the couch and spread the notebook in her lap, oblivious to her slave’s dilemma. Katie continued to dance, doing her best to please. The music had transitioned through three songs and she had tried to alter her movements subtly, feeling the music wash over her. She loved dancing, even the restricted movements she was allowed gave her pleasure, making her think of how she could move her body within her bondage.

Lauren finally put the notebook down on the table and turned to the gyrating teen, her eyes roving up and down her naked body, reveling in the way the sexy little slut moved. She could have watched the pretty young girl all morning but there was too much to do. She finally peeled herself from the couch and headed for the kitchen.

“Keep dancing,” Lauren ordered.

Katie kept her hips moving, her hand sliding suggestively over her belly. She had hesitated for just a moment and instantly felt the shame of her failure. Lauren had not seen, but the fact that she had needed the command made her feel unworthy and inadequate. She momentarily lost her confidence, her movements losing their fluidity.

Katie banished the thoughts of her near failure and continued dancing, doing her best to forget her lapse. It was strange, dancing so sexily to an empty room, but she could feel the dampness between her thighs and knew she did not need an audience, she was a slut even when alone. She was relieved, a smile curving her full lips, as Lauren strode back into the room.

The room was suddenly silent but Katie kept dancing, having learnt her lesson. The butterflies in her belly grew manic as her lover approached. She couldn’t help but feel silly, dancing to unheard music, but the look in her owner’s eyes made her pussy pulse with the power of her lust. Lauren rested her hands gently on Katie’s hips, glorying in the smoothness of the bare skin, moving in time with the sensual swirl of the young flesh. She smiled as she felt the young girl shudder under her touch.

Katie’s hips moved in slow circles to a beat only she could hear but her world had narrowed, focusing almost entirely on Lauren’s mesmerising blue eyes and the wetness she could feel in her sex. She could almost see the cream sneaking out of her pussy, coating the plump, pink lips. She was positive she could smell her sex. Something which she was sure she would never get used to. She felt the roseate centre of each breast harden at the thought, the response noticed by her owner.

Katie could not believe she could still blush at something so innocent. What kind of slut was she, blushing like a shy virgin as her arousal was noticed. She hated what she saw as weakness. Why did she have to be like this? Lauren never blushed. She wished, for the thousandth time, that she could be more like her lover.

“Hungry Kitty?”

“Yes Miss,” Katie replied, her voice a husky groan.

“You have danced so beautifully that you have more than deserved your breakfast. Come on,” Lauren said, removing the leash from Katie’s collar and leading the young girl, by the hand, into the kitchen.

A shallow bowl was set on the table, filled with chopped fruit. Katie licked her lips as she spotted strawberries, slices of peach and pear, grapes, both red and green, and small sections of melon chopped into tiny squares. It all looked so delicious, she couldn’t wait to taste her first bite.

“Up,” Lauren commanded, clicking her fingers and pointing to the table.

Katie was momentarily confused, looking at the empty chair, longing to be seated and eat a meal normally. She was still for barely a second before she obediently climbed onto the table and perched on all fours, her head over the bowl of fruit.

“You may eat, Kitty. One piece at a time, I’m not training a greedy slut. Alternate between fruits, I don’t want to check back and see all the strawberries gone, cheeky little slut.”

Katie sheepishly let the strawberry drop back into the bowl. They were her favourite fruit and she would have eaten every single one first if Lauren had not noticed. She jumped, her back arching, at the unexpected touch at her breast, but the young girl quickly lowered her body, settling the fleshy mound back into the waiting hand of her owner.

Lauren tenderly massaged her breast as Katie ate her breakfast, rolling the tiny pink nipple gently between thumb and forefinger. Katie responded, pressing her pendant bosom into the attention. She did not stop eating, choosing each morsel carefully. She focused on the meal Lauren had so lovingly prepared for her as Lauren’s hands moved down her body, sliding down her side, over her hip and across her buttock.

Katie knew she was being appraised, like a dog at a show and she felt a surge within her sex, a powerful reminder that she was a slave not only to her owner, but to her submission itself. Her body was responding as much to the soft caress of her lover as it was to the situation. She moaned quietly as the hands left her bare flesh, the delicate warmth an immediate loss.

Lauren stood behind the teenager, noticing the spread of the legs wider than she had expected. Katie had naturally adopted the position, exposing the seat of her desire to the attention of her owner. Lauren looked at the delicate cleft, the lips devoid of history. The full labia were parted slightly, their inner surface covered liberally in the thick glutinous cream that Katie produced so readily.

The schoolgirl’s pussy was a sight to behold. Lauren stood, just watching the subtle movements in Katie’s pussy, her body shifting as she lowered to retrieve each new bite. The slut was a marvel. Lauren loved the cream her slave produced, so different than her own, such a mark of a slut. She knew Katie had not come to terms with the sheer volume of discharge her sex was capable of and it was the icing on the cake for the dominant girl. She hadn’t even touched the little slut and she was oozing copiously, a thick blob forming at the opening of her sex.

Lauren reached out and pressed a finger against the tight sphincter above the creamy slit and grinned wickedly as it puckered tightly at her touch. The movement forced more cream from the young girl, a fresh surge of the pearlescent flow, pushed between the slightly parted lips. The growing dollop began to slide down her vulva, glacially slow, following the cleft of her labia. Lauren resisted the temptation to slide a finger up the glistening split and collect the slut-juice to flavour Katie’s meal. It was just too delicious a sight to interrupt and she remained behind the young girl, lazily tracing patterns up and down her thighs.

Katie moaned with each mouthful, the delicious distraction of her owner’s feather-light touch, making it difficult to think. Her body was working on instinct, her mind lost in the pleasurable feelings that enveloped her. She wanted the fingers to move higher, silently pleading for the touch to move to her sex, the anticipation building within her to an uncontrollable frustration. She wondered what Lauren was doing behind her, why she would not touch her pussy. She had been a good girl, she had danced like a good slut, Lauren had said so.

She almost choked on the small slice of pear when she felt the first tender touch on her clit. The rock-hard button yielded to the pressure and Katie almost came from that first, brief caress. Had she been good enough to deserve an orgasm? She thought so, but it wasn’t what she thought that counted. Did Lauren think she deserved one, would she allow her to come?

It was a moot point as the touch was not repeated and Katie finished her meal in peace, as much peace as the lack of climax would allow. She was familiar with the frustration of being unable to come, but no matter how often it occurred, it was not something she would ever become accustomed to. She was designed to come. She was a slut, her body was made for it. Her body told her what she needed but she had to ignore that insistent voice. There was only one voice that decided what she needed and that was her owner’s.

“Clean up the dishes and wait in my room,” Lauren ordered as she stepped away and left the room, parting with one final smack to Katie’s upturned buttocks.

There were still three pieces of fruit in her bowl and she was tempted to eat them all at once but could not bring herself to do it. She didn’t even know why she thought such silly things, she knew she would obey. These thoughts of rebellion, of laziness, were just plain foolish.

It didn’t take the schoolgirl long to finish her breakfast and clear and wash the dishes. She moved as fast as she could, wanting to be back with Lauren as soon as possible. She hurried up the stairs, aware of the wetness between her legs. She had quickly inspected her sex when she climbed down from the table, unsurprised at the thick coating of cream she saw.

Lauren was not in the bedroom when she arrived so Katie immediately sank to her knees as she had been taught. She thought she could hear Lauren in the bathroom down the hall but she couldn’t be sure. Katie tried to think what the day would bring. She knew that Lauren had lacrosse practice that morning but beyond that she had no idea. She no longer had any control over her time, simply having to accept whatever happened.

“Kitty,” Lauren whispered, startling the daydreaming schoolgirl. Katie smiled at Lauren’s giggles, knowing she was an easy mark. “I have practice this morning. I have been wondering what to do with you. Would you like to come?”

“Yes Miss, please may I?” Katie gushed, joy surging within her at the thought. She had been a little worried that Lauren would tie her up and leave her on her own while she left for practice and had been working herself into a state as she waited.

“Only if you promise to be a good girl.”

“I promise.” “Get your fingers on that clit,” Lauren ordered, leaning down to kiss the young girl gently on the forehead before flopping down on the bed.

Katie’s fingers flew between her legs and began a slow circular grinding on the tiny button. Even as she watched Lauren put on her shoes she could still feel the pleasant heat from the brief kiss, the sensation filling her with happiness. Such a small gesture, so tender and intimate, affected her more than she could ever have imagined. She knew Lauren loved her and the knowledge created such an upwelling of emotion that tears threatened, even as she masturbated under the watchful eye of her owner. Lauren, now dressed for practice, leaned back and evaluated the young girl kneeling before her. She smiled at the pretty picture and felt a tingling in her belly as Katie’s fingers massaged the top of her slit, fingers undulating rhythmically as if she was playing a tune on the tiny red button. The sight of the full mound beneath drew her gaze, the combination of pink lips and white cream making her wish she was an artist, able to capture such delicate sensuality.

Lauren slid off the bed and hurried back with her camera, eager to capture the scene – the next best thing to being able to draw it herself. Katie’s shoulders slumped just a little as she realised her photo was to be taken yet again. It was a silly reaction, she knew, but she couldn’t help it. It passed in a moment, the pleasure cresting higher under the unrelenting attention of her own touch. She knew her face was flushed with arousal, the added colour from the shame of her situation lost like a match on a fire. Lauren framed the young girl, ensuring her whole body was visible. She didn’t want to miss one detail, from the widely splayed legs, the muscles in the smooth thighs pulled taut, the quivering belly, the stiffened pink bud at the centre of each breast, the cloud of jet-black hair, falling wildly onto the delicate shoulders. She would need to brush that before she was going anywhere, Lauren mused as she photographed the naked schoolgirl.

Katie did her best to smile for the camera, knowing it was what Lauren wished to see. She could only manage a half-smile, fighting for control of her trembling lips  as the ecstasy of the approaching orgasm dragged at her senses. It must have been enough, for Lauren soon discarded the camera and knelt between the naked schoolgirl’s legs. Katie’s fingers never missed a beat, her mouth parting eagerly as her owner leaned in and kissed her ferociously. The force pushed her head back and she moaned into the kiss, her passion rising to the occasion. Katie all but fell over when Lauren quickly stood up and stalked to the closet.

“Up, and get your hand off your cunt now Kitty.”

Katie obeyed, standing bashfully behind Lauren as she sorted through the clothes she had brought. She slid her fingers together, enjoying the sensation as the slick surfaces slipped across each other. She thought of her pussy and the bountiful spume that issued from her moist cleft. She had spied her sex as she scurried to her feet and knew a thick string of cream hung from her lips. It was small now, but it would grow and she hoped she would have a chance to clean it before she left the house. She was going with Lauren. That sudden realisation became her only thought. She wasn’t being left behind, she was being allowed to stay with her owner. She was going to see what lacrosse was all about, and how good Lauren was. Katie knew she would be great, the best on the team.

“Clean your teeth.”

Katie hurried to the bathroom to fulfil her owner’s command. She looked at herself in the mirror, noticing the gentle sway of her breasts as she brushed. Her eyes were drawn lower, caught by the sight of her sex, compelled to stare at the essence of her passion. This was why she was a slut. Her pussy was incorrigible. She smiled at the word, seeing again, Lauren’s teasing grin. She stepped up on her toes to bring her mound above the edge of the counter. She could see the dangling cream, the almost inch-long string spiralling in the space between her thighs. The young girl met her own gaze and blushed, still unable to deal with the overt evidence of her sexuality. She was dying to reach down and remove the offending ooze but dared not. Would Lauren be expecting to see her arousal when she returned? She couldn’t risk such a show of misbehaviour, desperate as she was to accompany her owner to practice.

“Kneel,” Lauren commanded, pointing to a spot in front of the bed, the moment Katie returned. “Facing away.”

The naked teen obeyed, twisting her body into the correct direction, accepting the correction without thought. Her excitement remained high as her owner brushed her hair. The smitten schoolgirl melted each time Lauren’s hand glanced across the sensitive skin of her neck as her owner steadied each long, smooth stroke of the brush. Before long her dark locks fell in a single glistening sheet, the silken cascade framing her pretty face providing her with the air of the exotic. Katie closed her eyes, relaxing into her owner as Lauren’s slim fingers worked through her hair before coming to rest around her neck. She nibbled her lower lip as the warm collar of flesh fanned the flames of her lust. She would never stop being surprised at how her body responded to such slight attention.

Katie looked at the dress Lauren held out for her, a pretty yellow sundress that she rarely wore. She didn’t really know why she didn’t wear it that often. It was lovely, the silken material falling straight from the ruffled bodice. It was a modest dress, the hemline covering almost to her knees, but as she smoothed the dress over her hips she looked down her body and was quickly reminded why she did not wear the dress more often. It was very pretty but every time she wore it, she could not shake the feeling that it was a little girl’s dress. She was convinced it made her look years younger and now especially, her sexuality blossoming so rapidly, she longed to appear as the adult she felt she was becoming.

The ensemble was completed with a pair of flat sandals, the straps covered in pretty curlicues and embossed flower patterns. Katie breathed a sigh of relief that she would not have to wear her heels. She was only accompanying Lauren to her lacrosse practice and she didn’t want to appear too out of place. She stood still while her makeup was done, closing her eyes for the mascara and eyeliner and pursing her lips for the gloss. She looked deeply into Lauren’s eyes as she intently applied the finishing touches to her face.

Katie looked at her owner, dressed in shorts and tight shirt, her hair tied back in a ponytail. Two teenage girls could not look more different. She was dressed like a fragile doll, and while she enjoyed looking pretty, especially for Lauren, she knew she would stand out like a sore thumb. A cute thumb though, Katie added, smirking at her own little joke. Her lack of underwear had not gone unnoticed though, and as Lauren moved away to collect the rest of her gear, she realised that it was not an oversight. The short summer shift would be her only piece of clothing. She knew what that would mean, but she forced the thoughts from her mind. There would be plenty of time for that later, she wanted to postpone the inevitable for as long as she could.

Lauren headed for the door, encumbered now by her sports bag and stick, leaving Katie to wonder if she should follow. The decision was made for her. A short sharp whip of a whistle came from the doorway, her signal to move. Katie obediently followed her owner down the stairs, her cheeks colouring softly. She still didn’t quite know how to deal with being commanded by whistles and the snapping of fingers. She felt like a pet and she knew it was the truth. She was Lauren’s now: her slave, her toy, her girl, her pet. Still, she could not prevent the rosy flush of colour each time she heard a whistle or a click, obeying each unspoken command without question.

They had barely reached the lounge when both girls heard the rumbling hum of a car pull up outside. Lauren looked Katie over one last time, a sudden thought popping into her head. She dropped her bag and stick and hurried into the kitchen. When she turned around Katie was not there. A small frown furrowed her brow until she realised what had happened. The cute little thing had stayed with the bag, feeling instinctively as if she was just another one of her possessions. Lauren clapped her hands and grinned wickedly as Katie came scurrying into the kitchen. She should have followed, but Lauren could not be mad at her – she was just too cute.

“Lift up your dress.”

Katie obeyed, grabbing the hem and lifting the front of the dainty yellow dress. She was a little anxious, knowing their ride was waiting for them, but not knowing who it was or what her owner was about to do. Her eyes widened as she saw the spoon Lauren was holding, watched as it swooped between her legs. She instinctively shuffled her legs wider, allowing easier access to her cream-covered sex. Realisation dawned with lightning quickness and she was both relieved and nervous. Katie tried to remain still, but squirmed slightly as she felt the cold spoon scraped across the soft, slick flesh of her vulva.

She opened her mouth obediently as Lauren brought the offering to her. She had glimpsed the pool of slimy white liquid filling the curved bowl of the spoon and was not surprised at the volume it contained. She accepted the mouthful, savouring her flavour, swirling the sticky liquid across her tongue. The taste was a little strange, tainted as it was by the minty remnant of her brushing. She swallowed and opened again to receive a second helping, this one taken from the entrance of her pussy, the hard metal spoon having pushed past her plump labia to collect the discharge from the source.

She knew it was a demeaning process, being fed the product of her own arousal, but Katie did not care. Her only concern was that the dangling string of cream was removed, glad at the relief she felt now that she could leave the house without that added worry. Of course, now her breath smelled of her sex but maybe no one would notice. The spoon clattered in the sink, the abrupt noise startling the young girl. Lauren kissed her quickly on the tip of her nose and gently slapped her hands. The dress fell and Katie scurried after her owner, Lauren now eager to be on her way.

Her belly twisted and turned as she followed Lauren out of the house and down the drive. She fidgeted nervously as they approached the waiting car, unsure what her reception would be. She didn’t know these girls and was worried what they would think of her. She smoothed out her dress as they reached the parked car, engine purring softly as it idled. Fiona was sitting in the front seat and Katie’s stomach flipped when she saw the look on the young girl’s face. Surprise was to be expected, but there was something else, something she couldn’t quite place but which unsettled her nontheless. Katie fought the urge to grasp Lauren’s hand and hide behind her, she yearned for the safety her lover would provide.

“Hey Fee,” Lauren said cheerily as she jumped in the back seat.

“Hey Lauren. Hi Katie,” the bewildered teen responded, turning in her seat to watch as Katie slid into the back seat, careful to keep her dress low. “Mom, this is Katie Thomas. She’s um… Lauren’s friend.”

“Hello Mrs Pearce,” Katie said timidly, looking to her owner for direction.

“Hello dear, come to give some moral support hey?”

“She’s thinking of trying out for the team, so I thought she should come along and see a practice.”

“Well good for you dear,” said Mrs Pearce, pulling the car away from the curb. She focused on driving, leaving the young girls to their chatter, remembering what it was like to be a teenager.

Katie sat, hands in lap, her head lowered demurely. She knew Fiona was staring at her and it was all she could do not to squirm under the scrutiny. When Lauren and her teammate began talking, she risked a glance at the girl in the front seat. She was caught, Fiona’s eyes flicking to her the moment she had moved. Katie smiled bashfully and looked away, the familiar flush of heat that she so despised slowly colouring her cheeks. Why did she feel this way? This girl had nothing on her. She was just some girl from school, but Katie knew she was more than that. She was a friend of Lauren’s, a girl with whom her owner spent a lot of time. Somehow that elevated her in some way she couldn’t quite understand. She held her hands tightly, wanting, with each passing moment, to reach out and touch her owner, seeking the reassurance she knew would make everything alright.

Katie tried to follow the conversation, tried not to look too out of place, but her mind was in turmoil and she struggled to unravel the exchange. She could sense Fiona’s curiosity as a tangible presence in the car. She knew it had more to do with how Katie came to be at Lauren’s house early on a Sunday morning, than it did with her interest in joining the team. Of course no one knew of her relationship with Lauren, she hoped no one would ever know she was the property of her classmate, but it would be a surprise to everyone that they were even friends. They spent almost all their time at school apart, Lauren with her friends and Katie with… The thought made her pause. She had been discarded by her so-called friends and now who did she have? Miranda?

Katie thought of the girl whose locker was next to hers. She had to work harder at her routine. If she could impress Lauren with her commitment she would be allowed to have Miranda as a friend. She desperately wanted this, not only to feel the closeness to another person but to help Miranda as a reward for her loyalty. Katie knew she had low self-esteem, knew that her flippant remarks about her appearance were a defensive mechanism, and she knew she could help. It would be amazing to work with Miranda, it would be like having her own beauty project. She knew she could do it, but she just needed her own behaviour to improve. Miranda was such a sweet girl, she deserved her help. Katie fantasised about having a new friend, the daydream helping to ease her mind, the journey passing without incident

* * *

Katie sat on the edge of the bench seat, her body tense as she watched the practice. Her initial unease at being present at what seemed such a private event had passed once the action began. The parents had drifted off, congregating at the far end of the field, uninterested in something they had no doubt experienced many times before. Katie sat alone in the stand, intrigued by the action on the field, her eyes glued to her owner. She hadn’t really known anything about lacrosse, just that they used big sticks to catch a small ball. In the short time she had watched the pack of teenage girls she had gained a new appreciation for the game. It was a lot more physical than she had ever imagined. Each time a girl bumped into Lauren, Katie edged forward, her protective instincts coming to the fore.

It was only practice but Lauren was ferocious, easily one of the best on the team. Her heart had almost burst when she had been gifted with a glowing smile as the team headed in for a rest. Lauren had looked to her, the only spectator in the stand, and smiled. Her face was red from exertion, glistening with sweat and framed by unkempt strings of hair that had come loose from her ponytail, but Katie was overwhelmed with her beauty. And she had smiled at her. Not at anyone else. She had remembered she was there, even amongst the distraction of her teammates and the intense practice. That her owner had even looked her way was enough to make her melt inside.

Katie’s heart skipped with each occasional glance from her owner. She was overwhelmed and just a little unsettled by her feelings for her classmate. She loved Lauren, with all her heart, but she still didn’t know if she should. Lauren was beautiful and kind, smart and funny. But she was also very demanding and she controlled her in ways that… Well if she was going to be totally honest, and Katie knew that this was a time for such honesty, she was controlled in ways that excited her. She couldn’t deny the way she felt, the way her own body responded to the treatment at the hands of her owner.

Her owner. Katie thought on those two small words she had used so casually. They were the root of her dilemma. She loved Lauren and she was owned by her. Katie knew she really could break away from Lauren. Her life would be ruined for she did not doubt that Lauren would release the video of her and Max. Her parents would disown her and she would probably even go to jail, but she could do it. What she had to face was the reality that she did not want to leave Lauren. No matter how it had all begun, she finally belonged. She had found something deeper than just friendship, more intense than anything she had ever imagined. The thought of it ending, of not being with Lauren, made her chest hurt. She looked down from the bleachers, at her lover running across the field, her vision blurred by the sudden tears.

Katie didn’t really know what this was. She was a possession now, owned by another girl but she knew it was more than that. She knew Lauren loved her too. The heat from her lover’s remembered kiss warmed her pursed lips and she quickly wiped away the moisture in her eyes. She couldn’t shake the feeling that what they were doing was wrong, that her feelings for Lauren were wrong. She knew no one else would accept them. If her parents found out they would say she was just a silly little girl, what did she know of love. She knew what this was, her entire body tingled with the excitement she felt at her lover’s touch. This was powerful and it was real and no one was going to take it away from her. She belonged to Lauren, but Lauren was her owner. They were linked in ways no one could, or would, understand. Katie hugged herself tightly, longing to be close to her lover.

The practice was coming to an end now, the strategies had been played out and the girls were simply running a few warm-down laps. Katie looked over the rest of the team, but her eyes always came back to her owner. She moved with such grace, as if she was dancing around the field. She didn’t know if she could ever be good enough to be on the team. Was it only Lauren’s wishful thinking? Lauren was the smallest girl on the team and she was more petite than even her owner. She did not think it was a good idea, but if Lauren persisted she would do her best.

As the girls finished their last lap, and filed back into the dressing rooms, Lauren looked up and caught Katie’s eye, gesturing for her to join them. Her heart leapt as their eyes met. She had not moved from the bench during the entire practice, but now she had to fight the urge to sweep down the bleachers and embrace her lover, so strong was the sensation that washed through her during the brief moment in which her owner’s eyes held her mesmerised. Lauren looked away, laughing at a comment from a lanky teammate Katie did not know. Her heart ached to be a part of the easy camaraderie of a team, a team to which Lauren belonged.

Katie scurried down from the stand, eager to join her owner. She was all too aware of the wild bouncing of her unfettered breasts as she hurried down the stairs but she dared not slow down. She had been excited by the action on the field but there were times when she could not help but feel her loneliness. She had been with Lauren for little more than a day but it felt as if they had always been together and the time apart, as her owner practiced, had emphasised this more than the sensitive schoolgirl wished.

Katie joined the end of the line and entered the dressing room with trepidation. She didn’t know what to expect or even if she was allowed inside. What if it was strictly for team members and she got in trouble? Her bottom lip made its way between her teeth and she nibbled nervously as she stepped over the threshold.

The room was full of teenage girls in various states of undress, the noise almost deafening, the chatter and laughter reverberating around the sparsely furnished locker-room. Katie could hear the showers already running, the soft hiss to her left in soft counterpoint to the harsh sounds of the gaggle of girls undressing to her right.

“What do you want lezzo?”

Katie looked at the girl, eyes wide, unable to respond. Three girls stood in a small group facing her. The speaker was the tall girl with whom Lauren had joked during practice. Her giggling sidekicks were wrapped in long white towels, but the lanky teen was naked but for a tiny pair of white panties. Katie fidgeted nervously as her eyes moved up and down the girl’s exposed body, knowing this only played into the accusation.

She blushed as her eyes moved back to those of her accuser. The tall girl was staring at her breasts, making Katie aware of their stiffened tips pushing against the ruffled fabric of her dress. She knew her nipples had become hard watching Lauren’s body move with such strength and grace but to have her arousal acknowledged brought it to the forefront of her mind. She felt the heat in her cheeks as she realised what these girls would think of her.

Katie opened her mouth to stammer a rebuttal, to refute the claim. Her mouth worked silently, the message simply not translating from her brain. How could she be believed? She had looked over the girl’s body and was clearly aroused. Her secret was a secret no longer. If this girl had picked up on it so easily… What if she hadn’t? What if Lauren had said something to her?

“You must be Katie Thomas?”

“Yes Ma’am,” Katie responded instinctively, reacting to the sound of the older woman’s voice. She breathed a sigh of relief as the girl’s moved off into the showers, but she could not resist a final look at the tall teen. She felt her heart stop as she was caught, her glance at the departing buttocks noticed. Fuck!

“I hear you are thinking of trying out for the team?”

“Yes Ma’am,” Katie replied, looking at the coach for the first time. She had seen the strong woman as she coached the team during practice but had not realised how toned and muscular she truly was. She was a full foot taller than the young girl and the sheer size intimidated the diminutive teen.

“Well you are quite small so that will definitely work against you. We aren’t going to need anyone for a while but it couldn’t hurt to begin training. If you’re serious of course. Lauren has spoken for you and that means a lot in my book so we’ll see.”

“Thank you Ma’am,” was all Katie could muster.


“Thank you coach.”

“Better. Well, we’d love to have you along but grades must come first. Lauren has informed me of your situation and I couldn’t allow you a place until your grades and general behaviour improve. Lack of application in one aspect of your life indicates a character flaw that simply does not fit in with a team dynamic. Application, young lady, this is what you are lacking.”

“Yes coach,” whispered Katie, thoroughly cowed by the overbearing woman’s demeanour. She hadn’t expected to be berated over the grades.

“Lauren tells me she has the situation in hand though, and that’s good enough for me. Come and see me when you think you’re ready and we’ll see.”

With that the coach left the room, clipboard slapping sternly against her thigh. Katie watched her go, bewildered by the exchange that left her more apprehensive than ever. She looked about the room, desperate to catch sight of Lauren. The room was awash with naked bodies. Her eyes darted throughout the room, drinking in the sights of nubile teenagers. She had never seen such a collection of toned flesh and she felt giddy with the pleasure of such a display. Katie paused when she spotted her owner drying off her naked body. She had been taken by the sight of the other teenage girls, their lithe young bodies so soft and enticing, but she was mesmerised by the sight of her lover. The gentle upturned breasts held her like no other sight she had seen. She had to force herself to look away, afraid her interest would be interpreted correctly. Her pussy pulsed uncontrollably and she could feel her cream collecting along its length.

She tried not to think of the moisture she knew coated the soft folds of her pussy. There was nothing now to hold it back. She disliked the feeling of damp panties against the smooth skin of her vulva but it was preferable to the fear of her cream dangling from her lips, the danger of a drip a constant worry. She could not deny that not wearing panties made her feel risque, sexy and a little naughty but these feelings were tempered by a fear that twisted inside her belly. If she wasn’t so aroused it would not matter, but she was a slut and that option was not open to her.

Katie reluctantly forced her eyes from her owner. She felt terribly out of place in the room of half-naked girls. It was strange to be clothed so prettily and she could not help but blush as she thought about how Lauren’s teammates would view her. Did everyone think she was a lesbian? She tried to focus on the walls or the discarded piles of towels at the room’s edge but no matter how hard she tried, her gaze was drawn to the occasional glimpse of breast or buttock.

Her sex had grown slick from the thoughts she could not stop. The constant display of limber young flesh was tantalising, allowing her to constantly compare the forms with that of her owner. Only a few of the girls had completely smooth pussies and her eyes sought them out, almost as if they were controlled by another. None were as smooth and cute as her owner’s. A sharp pull of emotion swelled within her chest when she witnessed a near naked girl lean on her Lauren’s shoulder. The gesture was friendly, innocent, but Katie could not help the jealousy she felt.

She looked away, ashamed of herself, not quite believing her own emotions. She had no right to be jealous. Katie shuffled nervously and surveyed the room with a sheepish look. She looked instinctively to Lauren for guidance but could not catch her eye. What was she doing here? She stood against the wall, anxious at feeling so out of place. She had already been charged with being a lesbian once, and her very presence only leant weight to the accusation. The stiffened points of her breasts, pushing through her dress, tiny peaks between which the soft material stretched taut, would not help to convince the girls of the innocence of the claim.

Katie was conscious of the scrutiny from the room. She made sure she never looked in one place for too long, her eyes darting nervously. She stood at attention as she waited, aware of the whispered conversations that no doubt had her presence at their heart. She rubbed her sweat-slick palms against each other, her impatience clear for all to see. The girls dressed before her, the beautiful, lithe bodies rapidly disappearing beneath clothes. She caught glimpses of pretty patterned panties and bras and became all the more conscious of her own lack of underwear. There was but a thin layer of material covering her body, a flimsy layer that could all too easily be brushed aside to reveal her nakedness beneath.

Katie relaxed a little as the coach strode back into the room. Her body stiffened but she felt more at ease at the same time. She did not feel so out of place now, for some reason the older woman settled her. She waited patiently as the coach addressed the now silent group of girls. Katie kept her gaze on the blank walls to her left, too self-conscious to look out over the attentive team of teenagers. The coach had come to stand just in front of her and Katie knew, as the coach spoke, that she was just as much the focus of attention. She looked out over the crowd just once, a quick, nervous glance.

“Well girls, great practice overall. We know what we need to work on. Our first game is just around the corner. Tuesday’s practice will be devoted entirely to fitness. And now there will be an extra ten reps of every activity,” the coach added in response to the collective groan from the assembled girls. They dared not voice their disappointment again. Katie bit back a smile, knowing what it was like to be on the receiving end of such treatment. “Ok now, off you go. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.”

The room burst into activity as the girls rushed to finish dressing and collect their gear. Katie felt as if she was caught in some weird time-warp. She stood still as the gaggle of girls flowed around her, the frenetic pace of their movement made her feel as if she wasn’t even really there. She was somehow an invisible observer of a scene where time had been compressed. She searched forlornly for her owner, but she was a popular girl and was more often than not, surrounded by her teammates chatting and saying their farewells. Katie had never felt like more of an outsider. She was like a discarded sock, forgotten and unworthy of attention.

When the attention finally came, it was not that which she craved. The tall, skinny girl that had called her a lesbian strutted towards her, intended conflict clear in her every movement. Katie was unsure what to do, she was out of her element, caught in this room full of girls, a tightly-knit group of strangers. She stood, wide-eyed, and looked up at the tall girl with fear-filled curiosity.

“Well little lezzie, did you have fun? See anything you liked? No need to answer that, it’s pretty clear you did.”

Katie met the tall girl’s sneer with an air of infuriating innocence. She knew her cheeks were blazing but they had done so since the moment she had stepped into the room filled with half-naked teenage girls. She tried to look past the girl, desperate for the help of her owner but she could not see her among the swirling mass. Why was she being so meek? Lauren wasn’t here to help her, she would have to stand up for herself. She wasn’t a les… Okay so she was, but it was none of this bitch’s business what she was or what she did.

“Hey Sonya.”

“God, Harper, do you have to stick your nose in everything?”

“She’s with me,” Lauren said casually, the barest hint of menace clear to both girls. Katie felt a surge of love for her owner that made her breath catch in her throat.

“I didn’t know we were allowed to bring our girlfriends to practice.”

“Well what you don’t know could fill a warehouse.”

“Fucking smartass. Fuck off and eat a cunt Harper.”

“Oh Sonya, that’s what Kitty is going to do. Come on let’s get home so you can eat me out,” smiled Lauren, nodding her head towards the door. “She eats pussy like a champion.”

“Fuck you Harper.”

“Witty as ever.”

Katie stumbled along after Lauren in a daze. She had just been outed as a lesbian. Lauren had just told another girl how good she was at eating pussy. It would be all over the school on Monday. How could she go back? How could she-? Katie looked at Lauren walking ahead of her, bobbing happily as though nothing had happened. She was joking! Sonya wouldn’t think it was true. Lauren was giving her shit, she was playing with her. No one would think she was a lesbian. No one would know what she was. Katie’s step quickened as the weight of fear was lifted from her shoulders. She caught up to Lauren and smiled, wanting her owner to know that she understood. She should have known all along, she knew she had acted stupidly. It was just… She remembered the sudden shock she had felt, the terrible sinking feeling of exposure, her life spiralling away. Katie reached out to squeeze her owner’s hand without thinking. Lauren squeezed back, for just a second, and Katie was sure her heart would burst.

“I think I’ve left my hairband in my locker. Fetch it Kitty. Hurry.”

“Yes Miss.”

Katie hurried back to the locker-room, eager to complete her errand and please. She was thankful the room was deserted now, the floor and benches strewn with damp towels. She couldn’t help but wonder who was going to clean everything up. She stepped through the mess to the locker she had seen Lauren using. It was empty. The bench was empty, as was the floor around. There was nothing here. Would she get in trouble for returning without the band? She had to trust, to have faith in her owner. It was all she could do.

Katie ran from the room at full speed, not caring about the wild bouncing of her breasts. Her only thought was that her owner was waiting for her. She knew that was something a slave should always avoid. Lauren and Fiona were already in the car and she could see them all waiting for her. She scurried across the parking lot and threw herself into the back seat panting, hurriedly pushing her dress back down her legs. Her eyes flicked to Fiona, who was once again leaned over the front seat observing her. Katie blushed furiously, hoping the sly smile and raised eyebrow of Lauren’s teammate related to her mad dash across the parking lot and not any lewd flashing of her bare sex as she scrambled into the car.

Fiona turned to the front as the car pulled out of the lot and Katie stole a glance at Lauren and was rewarded with a smile. Her chest swelled with emotion at the simple gesture and she grinned madly back. She knew she must look like some lunatic but she could not help it. The merest gesture from her owner had power over her she did not understand. Her mood was tied so intimately to that of her lover’s that it almost felt as if her emotions were not her own. Lauren held up her hand and twirled the red, elastic band around her finger. Katie smiled with relief, glad that her owner had managed to find it after all.

Lauren slid her hand across the seat and Katie instinctively reached out to bridge the space between them. She sighed, almost audibly, as a sharp electric thrill coursed through her body as she made contact with the small, warm hand of her owner. The joyous teen looked back to the front, ready to snatch her hand back to avoid discovery. She wished with all her heart that Fiona would not turn around. She knew it was risky, this clandestine show of affection, but right now, there was nothing else in the world she wanted.

Katie grasped her lover’s hand tighter as she felt her pussy tense rhythmically in response to the contact. Her other hand crept towards her lap and she halted its progress before it delved too deep. There was nothing between her wet sex and the thin material of her sundress. She knew that her creamy pussy would stain the delicate material, her lust quickly clear to all. Now, in the confined space of the car, she could smell arousal. The heady aroma of her musk wafted to her and she hoped that the freshly soaped bodies of the other girls would mask her scent.

What the hell had happened to her in the locker room. She’d behaved like some… Well she had behaved like some lesbian slut, turned on by the smorgasbord of tight, young bodies, bared so innocently for her scrutiny. So she had behaved exactly like what she was. Then why was she blushing now at the very thought of it?

* * *


“Yes Miss?”

Lauren looked down at her feet and Katie fell instantly to her knees. She put her hands behind her back and leaned down to kiss the shoes of her owner. Thankfully they were not the pair Lauren had worn during practice. That mud-caked pair were bundled safely in a plastic bag. A sudden jolt of fear flashed in Katie’s mind. They were barely two paces inside the front door and here she was on her knees, kissing the feet of another girl. What if Lauren’s parents had come home while they were out.

Katie paused for but an instant, trusting in her owner, she could do little else. Her soft lips gently caressed the top of each of Lauren’s sneakers before she knelt back on her heels. Her dress had crept up her legs and with her thighs now widely spread, as she had been taught, she knew her cream-coated pussy would be visible to her owner.

“Turn around Kitty. I did not say to get up! Head on the ground. Get those titties on the floor, now arch your back, ass up. Good girl. This is a new position for you. This is ‘present’. Stand up. Present.”

Katie fell back to her knees, resting at attention for less than a second. She quickly adopted the position she had just been taught, presenting her exposed pussy to her owner.

“My, my Kitty. My little creamy pussy indeed. And what’s this from, hmmm?”

“Um, from, um… from the girls Miss.”

“Such a slut. Were you checking out all my teammates?”

“Yes Miss, but, um, I… only a bit. I, Miss, I wanted to look at… Miss you are the prettiest. I only just looked at the other girls a bit, I mean I couldn’t help it.”

Katie knew she was babbling now but she couldn’t stop. She had quickly realised what she had said and how that could make Lauren feel. Did she think she was looking at the other girls in a sexual way? She hadn’t been, it had just been the very sight of all those smooth bodies and sensual curves. She had thought of her time with Lauren. She had almost been able to taste her owner as she surveyed the flesh displayed before her.

“We both know what kind of slut you are Kitty. No need to get all flustered. Just remember who you belong to.”

Katie shivered under the gentle touch of her Mistress. Lauren’s hands caressed her inner thigh and she felt the effects deep inside her. She had hoped for this all morning. She wanted to remain still but her body moved on its own, raising her buttocks higher, presenting her sex for the attention she hoped would lead to release. Her pussy was on fire and she could not stop the gentle gyrations of her hips as she yearned for the soft touch to reach higher.

Katie moaned plaintively as Lauren stood up and moved away. Her achingly hard nipples were pressed into the floor and she swept her breasts back and forth, rubbing the stiffened tips against the rough weave of the carpet. It was the only thing she could do to sate her arousal. She could always move, slide her hands to her pussy and pleasure herself. She was sure it would not take much for her to come, but that required permission. Her hands stayed firmly in the small of her back as she waited for Lauren to return.

Katie jumped, startled by the sudden touch at her pussy. She had not heard Lauren soft step. Her owner moved like a cat, silent and graceful. She supposed it did not help that she was so easily distracted but still… There was no way she could sneak up on anyone now, not since those pretty bells had been locked around her ankle.

The touch was cold against her slick lips and the exposed teen quickly deduced its nature. The cool blade of the spoon pushed past her plump lips, collecting her cream. She sensed Lauren move up her body and raised her head, feeling it was the right thing to do. She opened her mouth wide and accepted the slimy spoon without thought.

“Good girl.”

The brief praise sent a tingling thrill through her chest as she savoured her own taste. Twice more her cream was collected and fed to her, each mouthful accompanied by the softly spoken words of encouragement. Katie smiled each time, proud that she was obviously pleasing her owner. She enjoyed the taste of her pussy. Lauren’s praise for her behaviour only sweetened the flavour.

“Time for something to eat Kitty. Before you make lunch you can have another snack. Come.”

Katie crawled into the lounge behind her owner, eager to get her mouth over that tight little slit. Lauren slid her shorts down her leg and lay back on the couch. She patted her panty-covered crotch and Katie launched herself forward. She pressed her lips against the white cotton panties, feeling the soft lips beneath, the gentle split between them and, most important of all, the tiny hard button that caused the familiar pulse in her own pussy each time her lips found it.

Katie pressed her face against Lauren’s pussy, trying her best to nudge the panties aside while also making it seem like an accident. She hadn’t been told to move them, but her lips yearned to touch flesh. She knew Lauren was teasing her and she was trying to remain patient but her blood was up. Her own arousal was only heightened by the proximity of her lover’s moist sex. She could smell the gentle scent, so much subtler than her own.

Katie became impatient with her inability to reach her goal. She pushed her tongue into the panties, doing her best to force her way past the thin material. She knew she could not pierce the barrier with her tongue but she was not thinking rationally. Her frustration was beginning to get the better of her and she moaned impatiently as she heard Lauren giggle.

“Ok pussywhistle, take my panties off. Did I say to use your hands! Kitty you really seem like you want to be caned, hmmm. Do you?”

“No Miss. I’m sorry, I didn’t think, it’s just…”


“Um, Miss I want to eat your pussy please. You’re teasing me.”

Lauren laughed at Katie’s pleading tone. “Ok Kitty. You have been a good girl so… Take your dress off, hang it up in the closet and bring down my dildo. Then you can have your reward.” Katie was on her feet, the flimsy sundress over her head in one swift motion. “Kitty! You weren’t told to stand up. Stay on your knees, now hurry, I’m hungry.”

Katie sank back to her knees and draped the dress around her neck. She crawled upstairs as fast as she could, taking the stairs awkwardly. She stretched up as high as she could and was just able to reach the hanger for her dress. She rifled through Lauren’s bottom drawer and found her owner’s dildo. It was so very different to her own. It was almost eight inches long and looked exactly like a cock with veins and everything. She couldn’t very well crawl back downstairs with it in her hand so she made a decision, one she hoped Lauren would approve.

Lauren smiled wondrously as Katie crawled into the room, the long flesh-coloured dildo bobbing from her mouth. The young girl almost lost her grip as she smiled, knowing her decision had pleased her owner. She was quickly kneeling before Lauren, naked now, her mouth filled with the thick sex toy. She sat back on her heels and waited, hoping her owner had finished playing with her.

“Come closer Kitty. Good girl. Now get that in your cunt and make sure it doesn’t come out. Now my little slut, get that mouth to work.”

The thick dildo slid inside her with almost no resistance. She moaned as it pushed past her lips, spreading the plump flesh and penetrating the sensitive folds of her vagina. Katie spread her legs pushing her sex flush against the floor, forcing the flexible cock deep inside her. She couldn’t believe how good it felt to be penetrated, to feel so full. Despite the ecstasy that surged within her, she did not lose sight of her true goal.

Lauren was still almost fully clothed. Her panties were still on, as was her bra and shirt. Katie wished that her owner had undressed, to gift her with the sight of her exquisite body, but it was not to be. She felt her own nudity all the more keenly being in the room with someone almost fully clothed. Had this been how the girls on the lacrosse team had felt with her in the room? She seriously doubted it.

Katie could wait no longer. She attacked her owner’s panties with the fervour of a wild thing. She was very careful to grasp just the panties with her teeth. The thought of nipping the tender flesh beneath caused a sudden surge of fear to shiver down her spine. It was a slow, frustrating process, switching back and forth from left to right, pulling the panties down inch by inch.

Katie felt the triumph well inside her when they finally slid past Lauren’s buttocks. She grasped the crotch of the panties in her mouth and pulled them down her owner’s slim legs in one long swift motion. The muted musk of Lauren’s sex filled her nostrils and she guiltily breathed deeply, savouring the scent. She looked up at her owner sheepishly, hoping she had not noticed the way she had lingered over the damp panties.

Katie hid her embarrassment by burying her face between Lauren’s legs, devouring the tight young pussy with a fanatic fervour. She still had trouble reconciling the way she felt with the way she thought she should feel. Only a few weeks ago she would have argued vehemently with anyone who called her a slut and even though she had accepted that she was, there were some things she just could not adjust to.

Even as she lapped at another girl’s pussy like a thirsty dog she could feel the heat building in her cheeks at the thought of what she did and of how natural and how wonderful it felt. She wished her brain would follow her body. Her own pussy stirred with a lust she could not contain. She knew the thick white cream she produced was, by now, coating the length of her cunt and was no doubt dripping from her full lips.

It was over far too quickly for Katie, her own arousal was still rising when she felt Lauren’s hips buck beneath her. She had been watching her lover intently, her eyes never once looking away. She revelled in the pleasure she saw on her owner’s face and had read the signs of the impending orgasm before the slim body had responded.

Katie gasped as her face was pressed firmly into Lauren’s crotch, her owner’s hands clutched wildly in her hair. The sudden pressure in her scalp hurt but she didn’t want it to stop. She felt her own pussy pulse rapidly as her long black locks were wrapped in her owner’s hands, increasing the intense sensation and sending a shiver down her spine.

Katie knew Lauren was winding down but she did not want this to stop. She would never have imagined that she would be like this, almost coming without being touched, approaching climax from serving another girl. Right now she didn’t care how she had come to be here, the property of a girl she went to school with. Right now, all she knew was that she loved this girl she belonged to and wanted nothing more than to make her happy.

Lauren breathed deeply, one last long inhalation of pleasure before letting the young girl go. Katie moaned as the pain in her scalp lessened, leaving behind a hot, burning sensation radiating down her neck and into the rest of her body. She continued to lick the glistening pussy, eager for the approval she now sought above all else. Her tongue moved slowly, savouring the soft, slick skin, wanting only to stay with her Mistress.

“Ah,” Lauren sighed, easing herself back onto the couch. Having her pussy eaten was the perfect way to finish a practice. “Good girl. You’re such a good girl, Kitty. You’re a bit cheeky aren’t you though? You’d be down there all day if I allowed it, wouldn’t you? No need to speak my little weasel, we both know the answer to that.

“Lunchtime now. I need to have a shower. Make me a yummy sandwich while I get cleaned up. When you finish the sandwich, take my shoes out back and clean them. There’s an old toothbrush in the laundry cupboard. But first we need to get you dressed, can’t have you outside looking like that now can we?”

Katie breathed a sigh of relief and felt her shoulders relax when she heard she would be allowed something to wear. The idea of being outside like this had instantly made her tense. Lauren’s yard was well screened with a high wooden fence and plenty of trees but that didn’t really mean much to her. She was thankful that Lauren was thinking of her.

“Ok cheeky, you’ve had enough of that for now. You’ve got work to do.”

Katie reluctantly pulled away, sat back on her heels and licked her lips. Her mouth and chin were coated in the juice from her owner’s cunt and she did her best to remove as much as she could with her tongue. She looked at Lauren one last time, the feelings that filled her every pore were overwhelming. She paused for a second longer as she met her owner’s eyes, willing her love to the girl who now controlled her: her life, her body and even her emotions.

“Ok, put on those lovely red and black socks I bought you and your heels. Off you go, don’t be lazy now that you’re not attached to my pussy like a limpet.”

The nervous schoolgirl scurried to her feet and hurried up the stairs to Lauren’s bedroom. She wasn’t being lazy, she was just waiting for the rest of the outfit to come. She knew now that this was not going to happen. Lauren had no intention of clothing her properly. She had assumed it and she was stupid for doing so. Katie glimpsed her pussy while she rolled the socks up her legs and slipped her feet into the shiny black heels. She hadn’t been wrong about the state of her sex though. A thick sheen of cream covered her puffy lips, coating the deep-pink flesh with a bright white gloss that seemed to shine with a light of its own. She wanted to reach down and slide her fingers along the smooth skin but dared not. Lauren would be sure to know and she didn’t want to think about how much trouble she could get into.

Dressed in the briefest of outfits she hurried into the kitchen. It was only as she stood looking at the refrigerator that she realised she had no idea what a ‘yummy sandwich’ entailed. She quickly began searching for ingredients, trying to think what Lauren liked and what worked well together on a sandwich.

Before long the bench was covered with food and the young girl surveyed what she had to work with. She could not help but look at her own body as she contemplated the sandwich she was to make. Her nipples remained hard, each tight pink bud of flesh standing rigidly from her breasts. Her pussy showed no ill effects of the treatment it had received the night before and she marvelled at the body’s ability to recover. She could still feel the dull ache deep in the tissue but it was nothing to the pleasure that still throbbed along the entire length of her sex.

She tried to forget her body and focus on the task at hand but her nudity was distracting. She needed to come and her unsated desire was making it hard for the young girl to focus. She put the sandwich together almost without thought, standing back to survey her first real sandwich with more than a little hint of triumph. She left the sandwich on a plate, cleaned up the mess she had made and moved quickly into the laundry.

She had been conscious, as she made Lauren’s sandwich, that she was making only one. She tried not to wonder what she would have for lunch, after all Lauren always made sure she ate, but she couldn’t help but think about it. Her belly had grumbled since the moment she had smelled the fresh bread, the sweet, doughy scent tantalising her, making her mouth water. She could still taste Lauren’s pussy and the mix of senses left her confused and excited.

Katie had no trouble finding the old toothbrush, its bristles frayed and discoloured, but she hesitated on the threshold. Outside that door was the open air, and people… possibly. The mere possibility had her trembling, her hand rattling the metal knob as she tried to overcome her fear and open the door. She looked out the small window and could see nothing. The yard was empty, but that didn’t mean a thing. There could be a whole crowd of people standing just out of sight, waiting for her to emerge. What if Lauren had organised the whole thing and the lacrosse team was out there, waiting to laugh at her.

She knew she was being stupid and paranoid but she couldn’t help it. Even after she scolded herself for being so silly her hand refused to turn the knob. It was only the thought of Lauren’s face upon noticing she had not done as she was told that spurred her into movement. The thought of her owner’s disappointment broke the dam of her fear and she flung the door open in one sudden jerk.

The yard was empty, the neighbourhood quiet. Katie leaned out of the door, doing her best to keep her body within the confines of the laundry, and peeked around the yard. She really had been terribly dumb. Lauren was not about to show her off to her friends. If she had wanted to do that, there had been plenty of time in the locker room. Get over yourself, she chastised fiercely, grasping Lauren’s shoes even tighter.

Katie decided it was time to be smart. Lauren had told her to clean her shoes outside, but had not specified where. She thought about sitting in the doorway and cleaning them there but quickly discounted that as it would only make a greater mess. She couldn’t take too long though, she didn’t know when Lauren would be down and she had to at least have started to clean by then.

A solution presented itself and Katie wasted no more time on thought. She ran out of the house, keeping as close as she could to the walls and crouched down between two large potted plants. She was well screened to either side, needing only to worry about being seen from the house directly behind. Without a further thought she dumped the shoes on the ground and started to clean. It was quickly evident that she would need water to loosen the already hardening mud that caked Lauren’s sneakers.

She would need to make another trip to the laundry and she cursed herself for not thinking. Each time she moved she exposed herself to discovery. She blushed at the mere thought of being spotted by a neighbour. She knew if that happened there was no way she could return to the yard. She would take her punishment and apologise as best she could but she knew she simply couldn’t face exposure again.

She was being stupid again, thinking about things that had not happened and probably wouldn’t. She ran as fast as she could back to the laundry, unfettered breasts bobbing with abandon. Her nipples would never go down if she kept bouncing them around like that and besides, was running really any better than slinking sneakily.

Bucket of water found and filled, Katie headed back outside, this time walking slowly. This was much better, her heels did not make as much noise on the paved path and she could survey the yard as she walked. It did not take her long to reach her spot and squat down between the pots. To keep her shoes and socks clean she had to squat with her feet and knees wide apart. She knew what this meant but she had no option, if she returned with mud-spattered clothing she was sure to be in trouble.

Her eyes were drawn to her pussy like a moth to a flame and she felt her cheeks warm as she looked at her plump lips, splayed by her position and slathered in cream. She was such a fucking slut. Why did Lauren like her? She knew why, it was a silly question, but seeing herself like this, her sluttish nature never more apparent, she still questioned it.

Her gaze kept flicking back to her obscenely exposed sex as she scoured her owner’s shoes as clean as she could. She was consumed by what she saw, unable to think of anything else, her hands moving as if on autopilot. Katie was oblivious to the passage of time, lost among the chaotic sea of sensation, emotions both new and confusing filling her consciousness.

Katie squealed and threw the shoe she had been cleaning into the yard. A sudden noise had startled her, instantly bringing back every paranoid, fearful thought with full force. She looked to her left, heart beating with machine-gun pace, her every muscle poised to flee. Even after she realised the noise had been made by Lauren, gently leaning against the large wooden table, she could not relax. Her body was tensed, like a gazelle ready for flight.

Her owner simply smiled at her, delighting in the shocked look on the face of the panic-stricken young girl. Lauren pulled a chair out from the table and sat down facing Katie and proceeded to eat the lunch that had been made for her. Katie stayed frozen for what felt like an hour, but she knew, from her owner still chewing the first mouthful of sandwich, that it had been mere seconds. She looked at the shoe she had thrown and hurriedly crawled to collect it.

“Knees off the ground Kitty. Don’t you dare ruin those socks.”

Katie immediately rose from her knees and awkwardly duck walked into the yard to retrieve her owner’s shoe. She tried to focus on her task and get back to the safety of her pots but she could not help but look nervously towards the neighbouring properties. There was still no sign of anyone but it almost seemed too quiet. There was a sombre hush over the neighbourhood, the silence heavy with expectation.

The tension that twisted her body eased but a little as she hid herself between the two large pots. She darted a sidelong glance at her owner but quickly turned to cleaning the muddy shoe when she noticed Lauren’s continued scrutiny. She dared not look again but she was dying to know if her sandwich was satisfactory. Lauren was eating and that had to mean something, she just hoped she was enjoying it as well.

“Kitty come sit by me.”

Katie had known, she had just known, that command had been coming. It had been almost like a premonition, she knew that once Lauren had joined her, she would not be left alone to finish her task the way she had chosen. She did want to be closer to her owner but she was reticent to leave the feeble security she had chosen. Reluctantly, Katie stood up and walked towards the table.

“Stand up straight. You’re heading for a spanking pussywhistle.”

Katie immediately straightened her body, thrusting her young breasts forward for the world to see. She knew she shouldn’t have hunched over and she hadn’t really achieved anything. If anyone had been watching, her body was on display no matter how she stood. Even as she had done it she had known how ungraceful she had looked and she had known it was wrong. Lauren liked her to be pretty and she had deliberately done the opposite.

“Now sit. Pop that little ass on the ground. No Kitty, shuffle around towards me. That’s a good girl.”

As she had turned towards her owner, Katie had spread her legs wide, not only to keep her socks from becoming dirty but she knew her owner wanted to see her pussy and the evidence of her insatiable desire. She knew by now that it was a slave’s place to make sure her owner could see her property but she also knew it was a slut’s nature to display her body. She couldn’t really take the credit though, her legs had seemed to spread themselves, a thought that both excited and troubled her.

Katie cleaned in silence, stealing glances at her owner as she removed the dried mud from each sneaker. She scrubbed hard and intently, constantly dipping the frayed old toothbrush in the increasingly dirty water. Katie enjoyed the sensation of the sun on her skin and soon forgot that she was exposed to view.

“Finished Kitty?”

“Almost Miss, I just have this last bit on the heel.”

“Did you like the practice?

“Yes Miss, it was a lot of fun. You’re the best on the team.”

“Oh, Kitty, you’re adorable. I could just eat you up sometimes.”

“I wish you would.”

Katie froze the moment the words were out of her mouth. Had she seriously said that aloud? She could tell by the sly grin on Lauren’s face that she had indeed. What the fuck was wrong with her? She had been thinking it, she couldn’t help it. And there wasn’t anything wrong with that anyway. She was so turned on she felt she would burst. How could she have lost control so completely as to just blurt out something like that?

“Oh really? If you weren’t so cute I might just have to punish that kind of sass.”

“I’m sorry Miss, I didn’t mean-“

“Kitty? Are you telling me you lied?”

“No Miss. I…”

“Well, tell me truly. You know a slave must always be open and honest with her owner.”

“Yes Miss, it’s just…”

“Well then, let’s hear some honesty from my little slut.”

“Miss I wish you would eat me,” Katie admitted, her head hung low, unable to meet her owner’s gaze.


“Um…” Katie searched for the right words but her brain wasn’t working. “Miss I would love it to have my pussy eaten by you, but it’s not like I would ever tell-“

“Don’t be shy my little slut,” Lauren said, stretching out her feet and wiggling her bared toes against the glistening softness between the young girl’s legs. “Tell me what you would like.”

“I… would like… your mouth on my pussy and your tongue inside me and your lips on my clit and I would like to come like that.”

Katie squirmed as her owner’s toes bumped against her tiny clit but she was relieved to have unburdened herself. Telling her lover how she felt had been like the confessional, as if a tightness in her chest had suddenly been removed. She was blushing furiously, giving the impression she had already been in the sun too long, but she smiled sheepishly at the grin on Lauren’s face. She wasn’t mad. Nothing else mattered: not her nudity, not the submissive position she was in, not even the throb she felt between her legs.

“Come here Kitty, your hair’s a mess.”

Katie shuffled closer, turning around at her owner’s insistence, nestling herself between Lauren’s legs. The slim thighs closed around her shoulders and Katie relaxed into the embrace as her owner ran her hands slowly through her luxuriant, ebon tresses. She hadn’t realised just how messy she had been, but as the deft fingers of her lover removed the tangled knots created during her forceful pussyeating, she was thankful for the gentle grooming. She could still feel the slight tenderness in her scalp, the remnant of the violent attention she had received as she pleasured her owner.

Katie almost forgot her nudity as the tender motion of Lauren’s hands through her hair, calmed her frayed nerves. She could feel her body respond, her pussy moistening with fresh cream, her squirming, forcing the soft flesh of her buttocks against the rough bricks. Her solace was interrupted as her body’s reaction reminded her of what she was and where she was.

Katie opened her eyes and glanced frantically around the yard. The trees screening the fence were swaying gently in the breeze, the soft rustling a susurrant whisper that helped to calm her. A distant radio played music she could hear only as a faint melody, barely discerned. The sun beat down upon her bare skin and she once again closed her eyes, breathing languidly, the air like warm honey.

She tried her best to banish thoughts of discovery. She tried not to worry about her body exposed: her full breasts, nipples standing rigidly at attention, her pussy spread and dripping. She was not successful and her failure to focus completely, to enjoy the attention of her owner, something she cherished above all else, annoyed her, making it even harder to relax. She was lost in a spiral of frustration, the realisation of which only caused her more distress. She was a slut, the property of another, she knew these things. So why was she still plagued by these niggling doubts.

“Ok pussywhistle, all play and no work makes Kitty a dull slave. Inside, put those pretty shoes back and collect the cane while you are there, then present yourself in the lounge.”

Lauren’s hands had slid down her head and closed around Katie’s neck as she spoke. They tightened as Katie made to rise, the petite fingers twining across her throat. She did not know what to do so she lowered her body to the ground, confused but yielding to the other girl’s control. She tilted her head back as her gathered hair was pulled down.

Katie breathed out huskily as Lauren leaned down and kissed her. The breathless teen closed her eyes as their lips met. She had never been kissed like this and she didn’t know what to do. She didn’t want Lauren to think she was foolish so she simply followed her lead, knowing it was the right thing for her to do anyway. She turned her head a little to the left and opened wider, allowing her owner’s tongue to slide inside her mouth. The sweating schoolgirl moaned as Lauren’s tongue slid across hers, pushing down and pinning it to the bottom of her mouth. Katie could still feel her pussy pulsing when the kiss was broken. Her hair remained trapped in Lauren’s hand and she looked up at the pale blue sky, her mouth open invitingly.

“Tell me what you are Kitty?”

“I’m yours Miss.”

“So you are, but you are more than that.”

“Um, I’m a slut. Your slut,” she added quickly.

“That’s right little weasel. But first you are a slave. You are my property. You belong to me. Now Kitty, what are you?”

“I’m a slave, Miss,” Katie answered breathily, affected by the small hand trailing gently down her exposed throat. Lauren’s fingers found the rigid collar around the young girl’s neck, the metal warm from the sun.

“And this?”

“My collar, Miss.”

“Good girl. This marks you as mine. You feel it always don’t you?”

“Yes Miss.”

“And how does it make you feel, Kitty?”

“Um,” Katie hesitated, closing her eyes against the brilliance of the clear sky. “It makes me think of you, Miss. It makes… I feel like you are with me and I always try to be good.”

“It reminds you that you are owned doesn’t it Kitty? You’re a possession and your purpose is to serve.”

“Yes Miss it does,” Katie replied, feeling the truth of Lauren’s words deep inside her.

“I take very good care of my possessions Kitty, you know that. But I always make sure what I own works the way I want it to, otherwise what’s the point. You aren’t any different. If you’re a good girl and behave, you may earn a treat. If you are naughty or don’t follow your rules, you get punished. That’s only fair and right isn’t it?”

“Yes Miss,” Katie said eagerly, worrying about where this speech was going. She used to tune out a little when Lauren was like this and she was ashamed of that now. Had she done something wrong? Was she going to be punished? Was that why Lauren had ordered her to collect the cane?

“A slave accepts her punishment because it is helping her to learn to be a better slave. Understand?”

“Yes Miss,” the young girl replied, her worry intensifying.

“Now hurry and do as you’re told.”

The moment her hair was released, Katie scrambled to her feet to do her owner’s bidding, spurred on by the talk of punishment that had unsettled her.

“Wait. Come back here. No back up, slowly.” Katie walked carefully backwards, her heels clicking on the bricks. “Stop.”

Katie tensed, unsure what was happening. She soon relaxed when she realised Lauren was simply brushing the dirt and grit that had stuck to her bottom. She stood still, submitting herself to the cleaning, trying her best to ignore the sensations flowing from her pussy. She squealed at the sudden slap on her ass but did not move.

“Don’t go into my house dirty like that again. Now move.”

Katie accepted the scolding with good grace. She hadn’t even thought her bottom might have been dirty, but she should have. She had let Lauren down, it was just she wasn’t used to being naked like this. She didn’t know to think of those kind of things, but she was learning. She wouldn’t make the mistake again.

“Miss, may I take the dishes?”

“Good girl,” beamed Lauren, looking at the empty plate and glass that sat on the table. “Finally starting to think correctly. I knew you were meant for this.”

Katie smiled at the compliment and cleared away the lunch dishes. The praise she had received made her bold, giving her the confidence to ask a question that had been playing upon her mind.

“Um, Miss, was the sandwich satisfactory?”

“Are you fishing for compliments Kitty? You know that a slave serves because that is who she is, not so she can have her ego stroked.”

“No Miss, I wasn’t, I didn’t. I just meant… I wanted,” Katie took a deep breath, looking around the open yard with wild eyes. Why didn’t she just keep her mouth shut. Every second she was out here she increased the chance she would be seen. She needed to get back inside the house. “Miss, I only meant that if I could make a good sandwich then I would know how to please you and that is what I want, honest. I just want to be good for you.”

Lauren looked at the naked girl, small tears welling in her pretty green eyes. She could tell she was sincere which made her even more satisfied with her acquisition. The sexy little thing was flustered and it fuelled Lauren’s desire for her. She felt her nipples stiffen under her shirt and looked over the schoolgirl’s naked body with greedy eyes. She really did want to please and that was the most effective aphrodisiac there was.

“Yes Kitty, the sandwich was delicious. Next time, don’t bother with butter. If you have avocado, use that as a spread.”

“Oh, Miss, I’ll remember.”

“Now get, you’ve been out here far too long. If you get sunburnt I’ll make sure your ass is red for a different reason.”

* * *

Katie knelt on the carpet in front of the lounge, quietly waiting for her owner to join her. She had scurried inside and collected the cane as fast as she could. Her pretty heels were now stashed neatly in Lauren’s cupboard. She liked them, she really did, she couldn’t help but feel sexy when she was walking around the mall, but at home, especially when she wasn’t permitted any other clothing, they made her feel, well… slutty. Not that there was anything wrong with that, it was just she liked them better as part of an outfit.

The naked schoolgirl’s body stiffened as she heard movement behind her. For once she heard Lauren coming and was able to prepare, making sure she was in the best position she could be. Her arms were raised in front of her, the cane resting loosely on her upturned palms. She hadn’t been taught to sit this way exactly, but it felt right and she hoped Lauren liked it. Her knees were spread widely and her butt rested on her feet. Her pussy was only inches above the carpet, the thick cream that clung to her lips posing a constant danger.

Katie wasn’t sure if she should ask to clean her pussy. She was a little worried that she would get in trouble if she made a mess of the carpet. On the other hand, she knew Lauren liked her creamy pussy. Would she want it cleaned? That was the important thing but if she asked, then maybe Lauren would call her a good girl for thinking correctly. She still remembered the thrill that had run through her at her owner’s praise.

Katie watched as Lauren sat on the couch before her, a vision of languid grace. Her mouth opened to ask her question, when she noticed the way her classmate was sitting. Katie rose to her feet, trying her best to emulate the smooth movements of her owner. She kept her hands straight, balancing the cane, as she stepped forward and placed her pussy over the upturned palm. She couldn’t hold back the soft moan at the touch, the petite fingers sliding effortlessly inside her.

“Good girl. We’re going to do some position training Kitty, see how well you have learned your lessons. I’m happy that you’ve remembered your pussy presentation. Such a creamy pussy. Why’s this little cunt so wet hmmm, you were almost about to drip all over the place.”

“Um, I’m wet for you Miss.”

“Oh I know Kitty, but it’s nice to hear you say it. You like letting me know how much of a slut you are don’t you?”

“Yes Miss.”

“Back on your knees. Clean. Sweet sixteen indeed. Such sweet cream, hey Kitty?”

“Yes Miss,” Katie mumbled, her mouth filled with her owner’s fingers, diligently removing all trace of her sexual discharge.

“That’s your reward for being a good girl today. Now let’s see if you can earn another treat.”

Lauren stood up and took the cane the young girl offered to her. Katie cringed, her whole body tensing as the thick length of wood swished viciously through the air in front of her. She remembered that sound and the pain it brought. She had been good, Lauren had just said so. She tried not to jump to conclusions but the very existence of the cane worried her.

“Kneel.” Katie was already on her knees so she simply straightened her body, pushing her shoulders back, forcing her breasts forward, her nipples hard points. “Up. No Kitty,” Lauren said, tapping the young girl’s chin for emphasis, “chin up. Little more, eyes forward. Good girl.”

Katie could not help but smile, despite the demeaning position she was in. She tried not to look at Lauren but it was difficult. The compliment excited her but she longed to see the smile on her owner’s face.

“Now Kitty, I have come home, you are waiting at the door like a good slave. Let me see how a slave greets her owner.”

Katie thought for a moment, trying hard to make sure she did the right thing. She tried to think back on what Lauren had taught her and hoped she was right. She raised her body and leant forward.

“No Kitty,” Lauren chided, the cane flicking the naked teen’s breast. “Hands behind your back. Use your body for control, it is why you are being trained. Again, slowly. I said slowly not like a geriatric tortoise. An owner wants to be greeted by her slave when she comes home, not an hour afterwards.”

Katie cringed at the chastisement but accepted the instruction. She leaned forward again, slowly and gracefully but faster than before. She kept her hands firmly behind her back and bent her body, reaching her face towards Lauren’s feet. She could feel the strain in her stomach but knew Lauren was right, this was why she was exercising. It wasn’t just for fitness, it was for her training as well.

The young girl pursed her lips and kissed the top of each bare foot, letting her soft lips linger for but a moment against her lover’s skin. She moved back into her kneeling position, her body tensed, waiting for the approval she so desperately sought.

“Good girl. Attention.” Katie’s heart fluttered at her owner’s recognition and hurried to a standing position. “No Kitty. Kneel. Now take a moment to think about what you are doing. Just because you are a slave doesn’t mean you stop thinking. Now stand at attention. Think about your body. Make sure your movements are pleasing to the eye. Don’t just scramble as fast as you can like some untrained skank rushing to collect her tips.”

Katie blushed, watching the cane swinging loosely from Lauren’s hand. She had been eager to please but in doing so, she had achieved the opposite. There weren’t any shortcuts for a slave. Her rules were clear and all she had to do was remember them. She tried again, this time rising first to her knees, then pushing to her feet, her hands clasped firmly behind her back throughout.

“That’s my good girl. Just look at that fat puss. It knows what you are.”

Katie knew what she meant. The entire length of her vagina was tingling and she knew she was once again oozing the thick white liquid that marked her arousal. She could no longer avoid the truth that had been hiding in the back of her brain for some time. Being trained, being told what to do and obeying, turned her on. She hadn’t wanted it to be true, until now. Right now, being trained by her owner, she did not care. She knew it was futile to ignore it or resist the way she felt. What was the point? Lauren knew already, she was only fooling herself. The evidence was clear, her body had responded whether she had wanted it to or not. She couldn’t fight her nature and she vowed that no longer would she try.

“Kneel.” Katie settled on her knees, as fast and as smoothly as she could, hands upturned obediently. “Now when you are told to present you will do the following. Turn around so that pretty cunt is facing me and lean forward, arms on the floor, palms up. Keep those knees wide at all times Kitty, you are presenting my property to me. Now arch your back, a little more, belly down, ass up. That’s right, there’s my good girl.”

Katie’s face was pressed into the rough carpet as she exposed her pussy to her owner. It was an incredibly vulnerable position, more so than any other she had experienced. Her forearms lay flat along the floor, her palms turned upwards beside her head. She waited, breathing in the stale, dusty scent of the carpet as she imagined Lauren inspecting her sex.

“Now Kitty, there are times when a slave should be seen and not heard. At times like this if a slave wants something she lets her owner know. On your knees. Up, this time your body,” smiled Lauren as Kitty raised her chin just a little bit. “Arms by your side, elbows in, hands up.” Katie knew what Lauren wanted and quickly adopted the position, her hands flopping loosely from the wrist. “Mouth open, tongue out. That’s a good girl. This is beg. Don’t pant Kitty, you’re not a dog. You wait like this until you are acknowledged, then you ask your question, respectfully.”

Katie had quickly stopped panting, her face flushing from the embarrassment of her stupid assumption. She felt helpless and small in this position, something she knew she might have to hold for some time. She would have to wait for Lauren to decide she was worth noticing and she knew from past experience that it could take some time. She knew Lauren didn’t do it on purpose, it was just that she had a lot to think about and she was there to serve after all. She didn’t like it when Lauren failed to notice her, she yearned for her lover’s attention and it was torture for it to be denied.

For the next twenty minutes Katie was put through her paces. Switching between positions, accepting Lauren’s constant small adjustments. She did her best to bury the frustration she felt when she made a mistake or if Lauren pushed her without praise. Those two small words came to mean the world to her. They banished the frustration she felt at her inadequacies. Katie began to push herself, striving for perfection, contorting her body in search of the approval that now motivated her very existence.

“Ok Kitty. If you give me one flawless set, we’ll see about doing something with that puss.”

Katie’s eyes sparkled at the challenge. She would to her best. No, she would do better than that. She remembered everything she had been taught, remembering the small tap of the cane that accompanied each correction: chin not high enough, legs not wide enough, shoulders not straight enough. She had been trained and she had obeyed. This was the test. She wanted to come, but she wanted to please Lauren and for once the road to all her goals was the same.

Kneeling, attention, greeting, presentation and begging. She held the last position and looked plaintively at her owner. Her mouth was open, tongue displayed as she had been taught and she begged, with her eyes, with every part of her body. She knew that her performance was all that mattered but it couldn’t hurt to let Lauren know just how hard she had tried.

Katie almost slumped her shoulders in despair when Lauren walked past her and out of the room. She caught herself quickly, scolding herself at her stupidity. She was being tested still. A slave held a position until she was released, especially this one. She was begging to receive something that only her owner could decide if she deserved. All she had to do was wait, it was such a simple thing to do.  Nothing should be easier than simply waiting in position.

Lauren leaned against the doorjamb, arms crossed casually. She smiled as she surveyed her property, sitting beautifully straight in the centre of the room. The sensual curves of the young girl were a sight to behold. Lauren found her eyes drawn to the two small dimples just above those firm buttocks. She loved those tiny indentations that seemed somehow to complement the smooth contours of the fleshy mounds below. She was a seductive little slut, even when she was sitting still.

The white cream oozing from her sex could easily be seen between her widespread legs. Even after all the time she had spent with Katie, Lauren was still amazed by the copious flow of cream from the young girl. The internet had let her know that it wasn’t all that rare, but Katie had to be at the far end of the scale. She could see a long droplet hanging from the slick lips and thought about the reward she had promised her slave.

She had been a good girl, there was no denying that, but a slave served because it was their nature. Receiving a reward shouldn’t be something Katie should start to expect just for good behaviour. She shouldn’t expect praise for simply doing as she should. She shouldn’t set a precedent now, but she had promised and that little cunt was so very hard to ignore. The idea of her lips on those glistening between the naked teen’s legs made her heart race. That decided it. Lauren strode forward quietly, padding softly like a predatory cat. She felt Katie stiffen slightly as she felt her presence and was impressed that she had not turned around. She leaned down and kissed each dimple, barely pressing her lips against the warm skin, but able to feel the gentle quivering of the flesh beneath. Lauren laid a hand on Katie’s hip and leaned in, her lips hovering by the delicate, pixie-like ear of her young charge.

“Well pussywhistle, that fat little puss of yours looks pretty ripe. What should we do about it?

“Um, could I… Anything that you want Miss,” replied Katie, thinking twice about her response, deciding her initial thought was selfish.

“Oh, Kitty, you are being good, but I want to hear what you would like done.”

“Ah, please Miss, could I come please?”

“I want you to come, Kitty. It’s natural for you after all, always wanting to come. I can see that cunt of yours, I can smell the slut that you are. I want to know how want to come.”

“Um, Miss, could I, um,” Katie hesitated. She knew what she wanted, she knew exactly what she wanted, and even though she had already let the cat out of the bag, she still worried that Lauren would think she was cheeky. She had asked and it was important for a slave to tell the truth so… “Miss, please could you eat my pussy?”

Her eyes narrowed as she awaited her owner’s response. Her mouth had opened, resuming her begging position as she hoped Lauren would accept that she had told the truth and be flattered by her need. She wanted Lauren’s mouth on her, she wanted it but there was more than that. She needed it. She was lucky to be allowed to come, she knew that, but anything less than her lover’s mouth on her pussy, her tongue inside her, would leave her wanting. She couldn’t think of anything else. The thought had quickly become an obsession and it would not leave her.

“Have you been a good girl?”

“Yes Miss, I really have,” Katie replied plaintively.

“You have Kitty, but I think you can just play with your pussy until you come.”

Katie’s shoulders sagged imperceptibly and her bottom lip protruded in a pout too quick for her to prevent. The instant she noticed what she had done, she trapped the offending lip between her teeth and nibbled upon it nervously, hoping her owner had not seen. She didn’t have to think too hard to imagine how ungrateful and disrespectful she would have seemed and she did not want to anger Lauren now.

“Just teasing little weasel,” Lauren said, smiling widely. She had seen the young girl’s reaction, but she could not be mad. The little slut had looked so cute, the disappointment truly adorable. She would eat this little slut’s pussy and she would enjoy it almost as much.

“On your back,” Lauren whispered into Katie’s ear, sending a shiver through the naked teen’s body. Lauren closed her mouth around the delicate lobe, sucking it into her mouth.

Katie’s body convulsed and she found herself on the floor. She had been unable to control her body, the sensation as Lauren nibbled her ear had been overwhelming. It had been almost like an orgasm, an uncontrollable feeling, as if her whole body had been tickled all at the same time. She looked up at Lauren and smiled, seeing her owner giggling down at her.

“Welly, welly, well. Get back up here,” Lauren ordered, watching Katie scramble back into position, relishing what was to come. She leaned in once more and closed her lips gently around the tiny lobe of flesh. Katie pulled away, unable to stop her body from curling into a ball to escape the debilitating sensation. “You are so gorgeous Kitty. Now down you go, puss time.”

Katie lay down on her back, still amazed at what had just happened. She had never felt anything like that before, her ears had never been so sensitive. The slightest touch had left her weak and helpless and now Lauren knew it. She didn’t have long to contemplate her newfound weakness as her lover’s mouth was soon covering her wet pussy, transporting her into another world, one in which she was happy to lose herself for as long as her owner allowed. She grasped the leg of the coffee table with a frantic energy as her world burned with a passion she could not contain.

* * *

Katie kicked her legs lazily, engrossed in the comic that lay open on the bed before her. Lauren had chosen it for her and she was surprised at her own enjoyment. Comics had never been her thing, they were for geeks, but this Tank Girl was something she had never expected. She hadn’t known comics were like this. She lay on her belly on Lauren’s bed, legs drawn up behind her, the long black and red striped socks still reaching to her knees. She rested comfortably on her elbows, intent on the slim volume, the second she had been given. Lauren had styled her hair into two tight pigtails that she knew made her look awfully young, cute but young.

After the orgasm that Lauren had given her, something she was sure she would never forget, she had been led upstairs. Lauren had spent ages playing with her hair, choosing a style and taking a picture that would all be added to the growing portfolio. Katie was sure that the next time she looked, Dressing Kitty would feature the hairstyle she was to wear for the day, something she was surprised to realise she did not mind. Her life was not her own anymore, she belonged to Lauren, it was no different than having every other aspect of her appearance chosen for her. She actually found it strangely comforting, something she accepted now, without thought.

Katie felt a gentle touch on her inner thigh and smiled languidly at the loving touch. “You know better Kitty.” Her legs slid apart slightly, knowing her owner was right. She stuck out her tongue cheekily and continued reading.

“I saw that,” Lauren said, emphasising her point with a sharp slap to the bared buttock. Katie could hear the smile in her owner’s voice and giggled softly at being caught, though how Lauren had known she could not tell. “I hope this hasn’t made you cheeky,” said Lauren, pushing a finger against the young girl’s panty-clad mound. The thin material of the tiny black g-string, hugged the curve of her plump vulva, showing each full lip and the sensual split between.

“No Miss,” smiled Katie, knowing her lover was only teasing. She longed to be touched and sighed quietly as Lauren obliged her, slowly running her fingers along the opened thighs, her touch feather-light and tantalising.

Katie returned to her comic as Lauren settled back to read her own book, one hand reaching out to rest against her slave’s smooth thigh. The young girl felt her pussy pulse in response to the casual, yet intimate, caress and was reminded once again of what she was. Less than an hour ago her body had been wracked by an orgasm so intense she felt herself as a melting melange of sensation, as if her entire body had turned to liquid, heated by a passion so powerful she was in danger of losing hold on her identity. She had become nothing but the ecstasy she felt. She had screamed, she knew, and cringed a little at the memory. And yet here she was, ready again. Before too long she knew her pussy would begin to produce the cream that had quickly become a part of her everyday life.

Katie squirmed gently, enjoying the comforting feeling of her lover’s touch, though trying not to move too much, fearing to disturb her classmate. She was lost in the moment and silently begged for it never to end. The music Lauren had chosen filled the room, the long rambling melody making it feel as if time had slowed to the speed of the motes of dust swirling in the golden shafts of sunlight that penetrated the high window. She would be happy now, to freeze time, to live in this moment forever. Katie paused in her reading and willed it to happen. She felt a little foolish when time did not stop but she smiled, happy to have tried.

Lauren traced the crease between buttock and thigh, her middle finger sliding absently back and forth, both girls enjoying the soft sensation. Katie settled back down to read the comic but was unable to stop thinking about her body. Her owner’s tender caress had awakened her body once more and she felt the delicate skin around her nipples tighten. The tiny buds pressed against the soft material of the bedspread and she imagined small fingers pinching them, rolling each pink tip with increasing pressure. Katie closed her eyes and breathed deeply, attempting to banish the erotic thoughts so she could focus on the crazy adventures of the foul-mouthed heroine. It was something she had to learn to deal with. Her thoughts were increasingly turning to the sensual, no matter where she was or how hard she fought against the inevitable tide.

Katie opened her eyes as she felt the smooth warmth of Lauren’s belly press into the small of her back, pert breasts pushed against the strong curve of her shoulders. She held her breath, waiting for her owner to declare her intentions. The widely spread legs were brought together, guided by the toned limbs of her owner as they closed around her. Katie squirmed beneath her lover’s weight, her body responding to the soft lips nibbling at her left ear, teasing the sensitive flesh with her tongue.

 Lauren rolled off the panting schoolgirl, giggling uncontrollably. Katie’s body shuddered for the final time as she too joined in the laughter, rolling on to her side and daring to snatch a quick kiss from the girl to who she had given her life and her heart.

“Outside timington,” Lauren said between kisses. She teasingly squeezed one stiff nipple and jumped out of bed, leaving her slave breathing heavily, yearning for more. “Grey skirt, black shirt and… sneakers.”

Katie obeyed, gathering the items and dressing distractedly. She giggled as she almost put her shirt on backwards, engrossed as she was in watching Lauren cover her own nudity. It felt as if it had been days since she had been properly clothed.  She looked down her body, smoothing out the figure-hugging t-shirt, grateful for the dark colour. Her nipples were hard, though not as full as they could be, causing the tight material to tent slightly between her stiffened tips.

Lauren left the room without a word but snapped her fingers as she disappeared around the door. Katie stopped worrying about her outfit, at least she was wearing panties this time, and hurried after her owner.

* * *

Katie looked around nervously. She had enjoyed the walk here along the elm-shadowed avenues, chatting with her owner about the weekend, her training, their schoolwork. Her pulse quickened each time her hand accidentally brushed her owner’s and she was sure that Lauren suspected, after the first few times, that it was no longer simply happening by chance. She longed to walk hand in hand with her owner, like any other lovers, but for now the fantasy was enough to make her happy.

She had barely thought of the Frisbee that Lauren carried, but now they had reached the park, her apprehension began to grow. She had never thrown a Frisbee in her life and she was desperate not to look foolish in front of her owner. She had seen them of course, and even seen them thrown, but even that had not prepared her. Lauren’s Frisbee was merely a ring, not the disc she had expected. How was she supposed to throw that?

Lauren was also dressed for the occasion, having chosen small track shorts and a slim tee with a pretty floral pattern. Her outfit was far less suited for running in the park. The skirt Lauren had chosen for her wasn’t too short but she was only wearing the tiny black g-string underneath. She had been terribly conscious of the movement of her breasts as they had strolled to the park. The shirt she wore was tight but it was no substitute for a bra.

She briefly glanced down her body, wishing for the hundredth time that her nipples would soften. The tight fabric was stretched between them, making each hard point even more prominent. She had seen the looks they had received as they walked: first to her, then to Lauren and then back to her, always. She knew the stiffened nubs that threatened to push through the material of her shirt were the reason.

There were far more people in the park than she had expected. A number of couples had staked out their little patch of grass with tartan rugs, enjoying a lazy afternoon picnic, a family or two were sprawled out around the gazebo, children running wildly, and one large group of young guys was deeply engrossed in a competitive game of soccer. Katie was well aware of the attention they received as they made their way casually onto the smooth green grass. She focused on Lauren beside her, drawing strength from her comforting presence. She felt incredibly self-conscious as she felt the hungry eyes rove across her young body.

“You go out there Kitty,” said Lauren, indicating deeper into the park, towards the soccer players. “Each one you catch, you get a kiss,” Lauren explained, smiling as she saw Katie’s eyes light up at the prospect, “but each one you drop earns a smack.”

That put things a little more in perspective and Katie’s nervous smile faltered. It was all up to her she guessed as she trotted out into the park, looking back to see how far her owner wanted her to go.


“Yes Miss,” Katie replied hurrying back.

“Couple of snips,” Lauren giggled, reaching out to quickly pinch each prominent nipple. “Out you go.”

Katie’s face flushed with embarrassment. She glanced uneasily around the park, but could not tell if anyone had witnessed her owner playing with her body as if it were a toy. She had no say in how her body was used or what was done to it and it was at times like this that it was really driven home. All she could do was submit. The fact that she was sure her nipples stiffened just a little more at the touch, only made her status easier to accept, though the heat that blazed in her face and neck remained a constant frustration.

Katie jogged out into the park. Lauren held up a hand and the uneasy teen stopped and turned to face her, ready to catch the first throw. Well, attempt to catch, Katie qualified. Her ability was untested but she knew she was crap at sports. She would do her best, the reward that would await her was so tempting, but she just assumed she would have a rather red bottom at the end of all the fun.

She watched Lauren like a hawk as the pretty young girl pulled back her arm and spun the plastic ring through the air. Her eyes never left the bright orange object as it flew unerringly towards her. Hands flew high but her timing was off and the Frisbee hit her in the stomach. Katie blushed as she bent to retrieve the fallen ring, glancing toward her owner as she did so. Lauren’s left eyebrow was raised in question, something Katie had expected, but her embarrassment deepened nonetheless.

She picked up the Frisbee and prepared to return it. This was the moment of truth. All she had to do was copy exactly what Lauren had done. Hold the plastic ring just so, stretch her arm across her body and… release.

Katie’s heart sank as the plastic ring flew all of four feet in what could only be described as a chaotic wobble. She wasn’t sure if anyone had ever died of embarrassment but the way her heart beat so frantically made her think that maybe she was about to find out. Her cheeks burned as if she had been slapped and she refused to look at any of the parks other patrons, including her owner. She couldn’t bear to face Lauren’s look of disappointment.

The Frisbee once again firmly in her grasp, she tried again. She died a little more as the orange ring once again wobbled to the ground mere feet away. It actually rolled further than it travelled in the air. She was useless. Lauren must think she was complete waste of time. She wanted to impress her owner but she knew she had done the exact opposite. She was so stupid. Tiny tears formed in her eyes as she chastised herself for such an epic failure.

Katie heard a short, sharp whistle and looked up. Lauren whistled again and patted her thigh, calling her in. The young girl felt her chest tighten but obeyed, jogging back forlornly to her owner. The gentle bounce of her firm breasts beneath the thin tee wasn’t even enough to distract her from the disapproval she imagined radiating from her classmate. She planted herself in front of Lauren and stood quietly, staring at her lover’s feet.

”Kitty, we both know that was horrible. Have you never thrown a Frisbee?”

“No Miss.”

“Don’t you have a brother?”

“Yes Miss, but we… um we never really did stuff together.”

“OK then pussywhistle, don’t worry,” Lauren said softly, lifting Katie’s chin, “it’ll just be another part of your training.”

Katie looked into her lover’s eyes, her gaze held by the impossibly pale blue orbs that peered deep inside her. She sniffed and tried to fight back the tears, happy and amazed, that her owner was so understanding. She wasn’t disappointed. She didn’t think she was useless. She only wanted to help her, to teach her. She felt her love for this young girl like a great wave, an oceanic force crashing upon her, raising her up and bearing her down at the same time.

“Come stand over here. Now watch,” Lauren explained as she showed her young charge, slowly and carefully how to throw a Frisbee. Katie watched intently, focusing with a single-minded fervour on learning the simple activity that five year olds had mastered. “Then at the very last, you flick your wrist, that’s what gives it the spin, which makes it fly fast and straight. See.”

Lauren let the Frisbee fly, sending it across the park, thirty, almost forty yards. Katie did see. She understood the principle, she had not flicked her wrist, no doubt the reason why her attempts had been so abysmal.


Katie looked at her owner very briefly, before jogging out after the Frisbee. She knew what Lauren was doing. Even so, the soft pulse between her legs surprised her. She felt it flow up into her belly and continue into her chest, flushing her stiffened nipples with a sensation that warmed her entire body. Was this wrong, to feel this way? She belonged to Lauren, yes, but this was different. This was… she was, well she was Lauren’s pet she guessed. She was her slave, her toy, her pet, or anything else she wanted. And she loved her.

“Good girl,” Lauren said as Katie handed over the Frisbee. “Watch once more, fetch.”

Katie watched the Frisbee fly across the park, this time travelling much further. She ran after the orange ring, aware now of the people watching. One young couple had forgotten their books and were watching Katie fetch the Frisbee for her owner. She tried to ignore them, but the movement of her breasts, the hard tips brushing against her shirt with each step and the soft swish of her skirt as she ran, the musical tinkling of her anklet, all made her ever conscious of the picture of sensual submission she portrayed. If Lauren had walked her here on a leash the picture would have been perfect. The thought sent a thrill up her spine and she hugged the Frisbee to her chest as she ran dutifully back to her owner.

“Ok Kitty, now out you go and we’ll try it again. And Kitty?”

“Yes Miss?”

“You look so cute. Everyone agrees, you have quite the audience.”

Katie blushed again, the heat in her cheeks refreshing, knowing that Lauren spoke the truth. She saw the constant glances as she jogged back out into the park. The soccer game must have been badly affected by her presence, half the guys had simply turned to look at her, not even disguising their interest. She tried to ignore them, as her focus needed to be on her owner and the Frisbee that would be coming her way. Kisses and smacks were riding on her performance, she couldn’t afford to let her self-consciousness get in the way.

The first throw came at her, hard and fast, but she was ready and managed, after a brief fumble, to hold on to the Frisbee. The swell of triumph she felt at this minor victory amazed her but she enjoyed every fleeting second. She was immediately nervous, as her turn to throw had now arrived. There was a lot more riding on this now. This was not simply her ineptitude on display, Lauren had trained her and failure now would mean a lot more.

Katie gripped the plastic ring, biting her lip in concentration. She drew back and let fly, flicking her wrist as she had been taught. The Frisbee flew towards Lauren, wobbly and to the right, but she had done it. Katie smiled joyously and clapped her hands excitedly as she watched Lauren run to catch the spinning ring Her throw was too weak and did not carry, falling to the ground well short. It had been a poor throw, but it was a massive improvement, due to her owner’s instruction.

This time Lauren’s throw was wide, sending Katie scurrying after the orange Frisbee, desperate to reach it before it touched the ground. She ran as fast as she could, aware of her skirt flashing high on her thighs, but she was just short. One smack, one kiss. She would need to do better.

With each return she got better and better, sending the Frisbee closer and closer to her target. Katie knew that her owner had almost complete control over the ring and knew that she was set running first to the right and then the left. Lauren was making her work, sending her after the Frisbee, each throw just a little further apart. Katie knew she was being exercised and as much as she wanted to feel ok with it, something deep inside her fought against the acceptance.

The young girl was aware of the scrutiny she was under, unable to stop glancing at the people in the park, watching her every move. The guys were enjoying the show immensely, her unsupported breasts bouncing as she chased the Frisbee, her skirt swishing wildly as she ran. Katie was sure that her buttocks could be glimpsed each time she stretched for the Frisbee. There was nothing she could do but continue the game.

She heard the whistle and saw Lauren pat her thigh once more, calling her to heel. Katie hurried in to stand breathlessly before her owner. Lauren had kept her moving the entire time and she felt as if she had just run her morning circuit.

“Good girl, Kitty. Now how many kisses did you earn?”

“Um seven Miss.”

“And how many smacks?”

“Eleven,” Katie replied a little despondently.

“Tell you what pussywhistle. We could always take the kisses away from the smacks. That would leave you with just four.”

“Please Miss, may I have the smacks,” Katie asked sheepishly, nibbling her lip once finished.

“Adorable. Of course we can. Shall we do the smacks on that bench over there?”

Katie’s heart almost stopped. She looked at the bench Lauren indicated, eyes wide in apprehension. Lauren wasn’t serious. She couldn’t be. Katie looked at her owner, desperate to see that wicked grin twist her lover’s soft lips. She let out the breath she had been holding with an audible sigh. Her prayers were answered, Lauren was smirking crazily, eyes sparkling with mischief.

“Miss!” Katie exclaimed, relieved but still affected by the remnant of the fear that had gripped her.

“Ah Kitty, you are just the cutest thing ever. Those pretty little nips are still hard I see. Come here for a couple of snips. I just can’t resist.”

Katie looked nervously around the park before stepping gingerly forward. The snips didn’t really hurt, her reticence came from the casual use of her body, especially in a public place. Lauren seemed to delight in using her this way, the quick pinching motion lasted only a second, but it was something over which she had no control, and something that highlighted the fact that the evidence of her arousal was clear for all to see.

Lauren snapped her fingers behind her as she headed to the drinking fountain, signalling to her pet to follow. Katie bounced along behind her owner like an obedient puppy, eager to be led to refreshment after her exercise. She thought again of the leash that had been attached to her collar and felt the familiar tightening in her belly. This was really who she was. She really needed no more evidence than her body supplied.

“Hold my hair Kitty.”

Katie gently gathered Lauren’s wavy brown locks and waited patiently while her owner drank her fill. The splashing of the water made her acutely aware of how dry her own mouth was. Not only that but she needed to pee, a sensation that increased by the second as the trickling liquid continued to fall.


“Thank you Miss.”

“Hands behind your back Kitty, that’s a good girl.”

Katie obeyed, trying not to think of what the people she knew were watching would think. Lauren kept the water flowing, allowing her to drink freely. She was glad for the chance to quench her thirst but she was soon sated and straightened up, ready to thank her owner.

“No Kitty. You drink until I tell you to stop. Don’t start being naughty now.”

Katie blushed at the scolding and bent once again to the fountain and began to drink. Each small mouthful made her feel more and more full, increasing the pressure on her bladder. By the time Lauren allowed her to finish she felt as if she was ready to burst. The first thing she would do when they got home was ask permission to pee.

“Okay my little slut, I guess it’s time we should be heading back. You hurry on ahead. When I return you are to have a cold drink of water ready for me. Refill your bottle with cold water too.”

“Yes Miss,” Katie said preparing to head to the house as fast as she could.

“And Kitty, I don’t have to remind you that position is important, do I?”

“No Miss,” the submissive schoolgirl replied sincerely.

“Off you go then pussywhistle.”

Lauren smiled as Katie ran through the park, eager to fulfil her task. She was such a gorgeous little thing, and she belonged to her. She had fantasised and planned for so long about this very situation, but her imagination still had not been able to prepare her for the reality of owning a slave. A shiver ran down her spine as she caught a glimpse of the pink mounds of the young girl’s bottom as she ran, the soft grey skirt providing the briefest tease of what lay beneath. She would enjoy turning those pink mounds red when she finally joined her slut.

* * *

Katie straightened her back and widened her knees when she heard the muted sounds of a key in the door. She was kneeling in the hallway only feet from the front door. The frantic sprint to the house and the manic scurry to prepare everything Lauren had commanded had kept her mind occupied, but the moment she had slowed down, removing her clothes and folding them neatly, the driving urge to pee came back with full force.

It was all she could do not to squirm as she knelt in position, awaiting her owner. Kneeling like this, legs so widely spread, only exacerbated the yearning she felt. Lauren could not be long, the park was only a few blocks away, but the wait, pressure building second by second, was interminable. Relief was at hand, and Katie could not help but smile when she saw her lover step through the door.

The moment the door was closed Katie moved forward and kissed each foot, with a delicate tenderness. Her greeting performed, she rested back on her heels, checking her position, lifting her chin slightly. She looked up at Lauren, basking in the radiant warmth of her owner’s smile. Her love for this girl, who had such a hold on her, swelled in her chest. Katie’s breath caught in her throat and she forced herself to breathe deep and slow.

“Come,” ordered Lauren as she headed into the lounge. “No Kitty, on your knees.” Lauren reached down and gathered Katie’s hair, pulling viciously on the pigtails collected in her right hand. “Now Kitty, you stay close to the ground. Get right down there where you belong. Kitty, I said down. Now come.”

Lauren maintained a constant pressure on her pigtails, pulling her upwards forcing Katie to fight against her owner’s strength. She tried to keep her body low to the ground as she crawled into the lounge, pulling constantly against her lover. Katie was hurting herself, forcing her body to the floor, desperate to obey the command.

Katie was glad when they reached the lounge and Lauren relinquished her tight hold. She could still feel the strain in her scalp long after Lauren had let go. She hadn’t expected that treatment, not after Lauren had smiled so sweetly at her. It was a reminder that she couldn’t just take something for granted. No matter what she had done, or how good she had been, her behaviour in the present was always the most important thing.

But she needed to pee. She could barely think of anything else now. She simply could not hold it in any longer. Katie was just about to open her mouth when she remembered her lessons. The naked teenager rose up on her knees, lifted her hands and opened her mouth. This was the way a slave asked for something. They didn’t ask she supposed, the position was called beg and Katie guessed it was more appropriate. She could only hope that Lauren did not wait too long to acknowledge her.


“Um Miss, may I pee please?”

“Remove my shoes and put them away. Then get back in those pretty socks. Then you may pee.”

“Thank you Miss.”

Katie leaned forward and gently removed her owner’s shoes. She kissed each bared foot, conscious that she had not been ordered to do so but sensing the rightness of the submissive act. She rose gracefully to her feet and walked slowly from the room. She wanted to run up the stairs as fast as she could but she sensed that would have not only looked, but felt wrong. She was sure Lauren would not have appreciated it.

She hurriedly pulled the socks up her legs and ran to the bathroom to relieve the terrible pressure in her belly. The pleasure that washed over her as she emptied her bladder, soothed her jangled nerves. She couldn’t read Lauren’s mood and she worried that she had done something wrong. She tried to think over her behaviour but couldn’t see how she could have made Lauren mad. Maybe she wasn’t mad. Maybe it was just her way, the way a slave was treated. Maybe all she needed to do was accept it, go with the flow. Katie grinned inanely at the unintended pun and quickly finished in the bathroom.

Lauren was punching the last few digits of a number into her phone when Katie entered the lounge, immediately kneeling by her owner’s knee. She settled down comfortably, ready to obey now that her distraction had been tended to.

“Over my knee. Count for me, Kitty. We wouldn’t want to lose our place.”

“No Miss,” Katie replied, her voice trembling. She had received worse than this, the cane was far more painful than Lauren’s hand, but it was the intimacy of the punishment she was to receive that caused her to worry.

“Hey Mom, sorry I missed your call. Yeah, we were at the park.”

Katie lay over Lauren’s knees, her bare bottom high in the air, listening to the conversation. She could just make out Lauren’s mother, her voice faint and tinny. She determined not to listen, it was rude and she knew it was not her place. She had just finished settling in a little more comfortably when pain exploded in her right buttock. Katie opened her mouth in surprise, a high-pitched yelp escaping before she could stop it. She hadn’t expected Lauren to begin while she was on the phone.

“Hey, oh that was just Kitty being silly. Yeah if you want.” Katie looked up at her owner as the phone was thrust against her ear. “We will have to do that one again Kitty, I know you can count past one.”

“Hi Mrs Harper,” Katie managed before Lauren’s hand smacked against her bottom once more. “One. Oh nothing, Mrs Harper. Yes, thank you. No, two. No, not no too. Just no.”

Lauren brought her hand down a third time, smiling as the soft mounds undulated under the force of her hand. Katie was having a hard time of it and she was intrigued to see just how she was going to manage to end this conversation without her mother thinking she was an idiot. Her answer came when the young girl continued to talk, ignoring the count.

Katie had a pleasant conversation with Mrs Harper, doing her best to focus on the words and not the steady rhythm of the spanking she was receiving. She couldn’t keep blurting out numbers, the conversation would have been never-ending. As it was she tried everything she could to wrap things up. Why was Lauren’s mother so interested in what she had to say?

“Yes Mrs Harper, I’m sure it was lovely. Yep,” Katie grunted as Lauren brought her hand down as hard as she could on the unprotected bottom, both cheeks already turning a solid red from the repeated blows. “No just, no it’s nothing.”

Katie was becoming exasperated with every tiny noise she made being questioned. She needed to end this now.

“That’s great Mrs Harper. Would you like to speak to Lauren now? I’ll put her on.”

Katie grunted as Lauren removed the phone from her ear and slammed her open palm across her blazing behind. Now she could start counting again.


“Hang on Mom. No Kitty, we started again. Count properly.”


“No Kitty, you got it wrong. Count properly or I’ll stop using my hand.”

Katie waited quietly, tears of frustration welling in her eyes. This wasn’t fair. Holy shit, was she back to this crap now. Was that all it took for her to forget her place? Fucking fair. Calm down, start again. Behave.


Katie calmly counted each spank, breathing slowly through clenched teeth. Her bottom was awash with pain, the sharp snap of each fresh smack quickly fading to join the dull throb of pain that now filled her bottom.

“Yeah she’s still here. No Mom. Yes Mom. Listen Mom, she just likes to count ok. Wow, obsess much.”

Katie cringed at the knowledge that Mrs Harper could still hear her counting. She was at eight now and she couldn’t afford to make a mistake. She hadn’t a clue how many hits she had taken during her own conversation but her buttocks blazed with the pain of her extended spanking.

“Ok, see ya. Now what were we up to pussywhistle?”

“Eight Miss,” Katie replied meekly, finally able to see an end to her correction.

“My parents are about 20 minutes away so we’d better finish this up.”

“Nine, ten, eleven.”

“Ok Kitty, clean-up time,” Lauren stated as she pushed the naked schoolgirl from her lap. “Start with this room, then the kitchen, bathroom and then my room. Everything neat and tidy, toys away then you need to pack your bag. Mom and Dad will drop you home. Oh and Kitty,” added Lauren, calling the young girl back with a curled finger. “First kiss.”

Katie received the tender kiss, welcoming the slippery tongue inside her. The pleasure of the kiss warred with the pain in her ass making it almost impossible for the young girl to know which to focus upon. It was over all too quickly and she was left with only with the memory of the kiss but the pulse of pain in her abused buttocks was still fresh.

Taking the end of her first reward kiss as a dismissal, Katie hurried to clean the lounge. There was little to do here but tidy up the cushions, that and putting away the dildo that had filled her pussy as she serviced her owner. It had been left under the coffee table, her drying cream causing hairs and fibres to stick to its veined girth.

How could she have just left it there, forgotten? What would have happened if Lauren’s parents had come home early? The thought filled her with terror, her palms suddenly sweating as she thought of the repercussions of such a discovery. Thankfully she didn’t have too long to spend on such disturbing thoughts. She had to hurry. She was naked and she knew Lauren would not clothe her until her task was complete. If she didn’t finish, she knew what would happen.

The frantic teen snatched up the dirty dildo and hurried upstairs to the bathroom. There was no way she was going to clean it with her mouth, something she should have done as soon as she had finished with it. She washed it with soap and left it to dry on the counter. She wouldn’t forget it, she still had the bathroom to clean.

As she cleared the kitchen, tidying all the plates and wiping the benches, she never once forgot about the dildo on the bathroom counter. She could see the shining shaft, leaning against the wall, no matter what she did. It was still there waiting for her when she hurried back upstairs. The bathroom was tidy in a matter of moments and as she cleaned, Katie wondered what her owner was doing.

She had only to go next door to have her question answered. Lauren lay back on her bed absently playing with her phone. Katie looked at her briefly before replacing the dildo in the bottom draw with the rest of the toys her owner had collected. Next was packing her bag. It did not take long. She could suddenly see the value of always folding her clothing neatly when it was removed.

The sundress she had worn to lacrosse practice was laid out on the bed and Katie looked to Lauren for permission before she removed the black and white socks. She knew they would not go with the dress but had been a good girl, waiting for approval before she acted. Her bottom throbbed without pause and she thought back to the glimpse she had caught in the bathroom mirror.

The centre of each buttock was a bright red, the colour fading toward the edges of each pale mound. She had even been able to make out individual prints at the very edge. She hadn’t been spanked liked this before. She wondered how long it would take for the marks to fade. She knew they would, but the bright patterning would stay with her for a day at least.

“Ah Kitty, you forgot something.”

“Thank you Miss,” Katie said as she took the baby bottle that Lauren held to her. She had forgotten it but it was something she would not have been sad to leave behind. She packed it into her bag, trying not to think of how she would use it once she was home.

“Sandals on Kitty. Finished tidying up?”

“Um, yes Miss.”

“Well it looks like we have a little time to spare. What better way to spend it than with your favourite pastime.”

Katie watched, her sex tingling as Lauren removed her shorts. The tight pink slit filled her vision and she sank obediently to her knees, her mouth covering the moist cleft in seconds. Katie tried to keep an ear out for Lauren’s parents, for the sound of a car or the slam of a door, but the eager teen soon lost herself in the pleasure of her owner’s pussy.

She had all but forgotten the imminent arrival of the adults when Lauren pulled her head away and ordered her to dress. With the taste of her owner’s arousal still fresh on her lips, the young girl hurriedly slipped the yellow dress over her head. She heard movement downstairs and looked to Lauren for guidance. Her lover was dressed and already moving out the door, dragging Katie along by the hand.

“Hi girls.”

“Hi Mom.”

“Hi Mrs Harper.”

“Mom if you can take Kitty home now, I can start dinner and you can take your time unpacking.”

“That sounds fine. Your father’s still out at the car, so I guess let’s go.”

“She just needs to get her bag.”

“Right you are.”

“Don’t dawdle Kitty.”

Katie was up and down the stairs in no time, her mind a whirl of stray thoughts. Lauren met her at the bottom of the stairs and stopped her with a gentle push against her breast.

“I’m not going with you Kitty, so this is farewell for now. You’re going to be a good girl for me aren’t you?”

“Yes Miss,” Katie replied, finally realising what this meant. She was leaving, parting from her owner for who knew how long. She would see her at school but it wasn’t the same. Why was Lauren in such a hurry for her to go? She could feel her eyes moisten and bit her lip to fight back the tears. She couldn’t cry now. Lauren took the trembling teens face in her hands and stared deeply into her eyes.

“You have three more kisses Kitty, but I think we’ll save those for another time. How’s that pussy of mine?”

“Wet Miss,” Katie whispered, worried about keeping Lauren’s parents waiting but unwilling to leave her owner’s side until she was forced to.

“Show me quickly.”

Her hand dipped under her dress and sought the cream she knew waited there. Her fingers came away sticky and she dutifully showed them to her owner.

“Clean. Now remember what you are. Off you go my little sex kitten. Don’t forget that cam goes on the moment you get home.”

Lauren patted her slave gently on the bottom, smiling as the petite body squirmed under the touch, the reddened mounds still tender from her spanking. Katie knew she was dismissed but she didn’t want to leave. Why couldn’t she stay here with her lover? It wasn’t fair that they had to be apart. This was one time that she would not chastise herself for using the F word.

Lauren smacked her hesitant girl more forcefully, satisfied with the quiet grunt that came from the still teen. Katie could delay it no longer. She had been given an order, it wasn’t up to her now. She had to go. She had to leave Lauren. She looked pleadingly at her owner but knew it was useless to.

With one last, forlorn look, Katie marched slowly out to the waiting car. She felt wrong. She was supposed to be with her owner. She belonged to her. She belonged with her. But she had no choice. She sat down in the backseat, conscious of the tears that continued to threaten. Her tears weren’t the only moisture on her face. She could still taste Lauren’s juice and knew that her chin still showed the evidence. It was drying but it was there.

The Harpers didn’t know anything was wrong. They didn’t know she was on the verge of losing it or that she had their daughter’s sexual discharge on her face. They did not know and Katie vowed to keep it that way. She put on a brave face and prepared for the journey home.

* * *


Her shoulders slumped in defeat at her mother’s voice. She had hoped to slip past and make it to her room but instead trotted back down the stairs and into the kitchen. She just wanted to be alone now. Adults just didn’t understand.

“Hey, did you miss me?”

“Um,” Katie hesitated.

“Oh, I only brought you into this world, raised you from a baby, changed your diapers, fed and clothed you and you didn’t even miss me!”

“Don’t be such a goon Mom.”

“Oh and I’m a goon now.”

Katie couldn’t help but smile at the feigned indignance on her mother’s face.

“Well did you have fun?”


“Wow, it really sounds like it,” her father chimed in with his usual laconic style. “What’s that tinkling?”

“Um, oh it’s an anklet.”

“Katie, that is lovely.”

“You mispronounced annoying, Emma.”


“Oh yes, it’s lovely,” her father agreed, rolling his eyes.

Katie felt her heart swell as her parents laughed together, seeing their love and really sensing the deep connection for the first time. This was how she felt about Lauren. Maybe they would understand, but it didn’t matter. There was no way she was going to let her secret out. She hadn’t even told Lauren. The thought made her chest tighten and she knew she couldn’t hold back the tears any longer. Katie excused herself and ran up the stairs to her bedroom.

The night passed in a haze. She had sat in front of her computer, staring at the empty chat log, pleading to see something, anything, appear. She had finally given up and slunk into bed, willing herself to sleep. She would see Lauren tomorrow and she tried everything she could to hasten the coming day. And yet still she lay awake, her mind a swirling confusion with the image of her owner as the only solid feature in the chaotic landscape.

Her entire body was suffused with the love she felt for the slim girl who controlled her world. She was her world now. Every thought she had brought her to Lauren, with every breath she took her love for her owner deepened, but it was a love with claws.

Katie curled her body upon itself, alone in a bed that felt far too large. She missed Lauren, the outline of her back, the soft, warmth of her breath on her neck. Was this what love was like? Why did she have to feel this way? She didn’t know what to do, how to feel, how to cease the pain.  She thought of Lauren, her cheeky smile, her tender caress and burrowed into her pillow, crying a little in the dark.

End of part 9

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