My Very Own
by Lazerou

part 8

What goes on the web, stays on the web. Katie Thomas learns this the hard way when an afternoon of fun with a webcam turns her young life into something she had never imagined.

Chapter 16. Silhouettes and Shadows

"Toothey peggling brushingtons."

Katie couldn't help but smile at the cuteness of her classmate. She had begun to notice that Lauren liked to make up words, adding extra syllables, making them sound childish and adorable. The smile faded a little as she was handed a toothbrush, a small pink plastic brush with a cartoon princess on the tiny handle.

She took the offered item, glad that her owner had thought enough about her to provide her very own toothbrush, but a little embarrassed at the childish style that had been chosen. She spread a small worm of bright white paste along the tiny bristles, leaned over the sink and brushed her teeth as Lauren watched her in the mirror.

She tried not to look at her owner, knowing that if she did so, the intense scrutiny of this mundane activity would have her blushing. She was tired of feeling her cheeks flush with the warmth of the emotions she could not control. The very thought of her owner's eyes upon her, the thought of the heat filling her flesh, burning from within, was like a self-fulfilling prophecy.

She closed her eyes as she felt the blaze begin. No, she chastised, stop it. But the process had progressed too far. She bit down on the bristles of the brush, angry at herself, at her body for working against her. Her nudity didn't help. She had thought that when Lauren had led her into the bedroom she would finally be allowed to dress, but her owner had simply sat her down and applied makeup to her face.

Katie usually did her own and it was a strange, and interesting, sensation to have someone else fuss over her face. Her body tingled at the intimacy of the act, her owner so close, her warm breath wafting across her face. She had not expected anything more than the standard mascara and eyeliner that she was allowed and was surprised when Lauren had her part her lips and delicately applied a shiny pink gloss.

Katie looked at herself in the mirror as she finished brushing, aware of how pretty she looked, drawing confidence from the knowledge that Lauren found her pleasing. She dabbed at her mouth with the handtowel, amazed that the lipgloss Lauren had applied had not completely been removed. She could still feel the shiny coating on her lips and pursed them now just to make sure.

"Attention, Kitty. You know better than that."

Katie stood up straight, ashamed by her owner's scolding. She did know better. She had been preoccupied by her thoughts - shallow, selfish thoughts - on her own appearance. She was supposed to look pretty for Lauren and yet she knew that was no excuse for forgetting her training. She accepted the reprimand silently and promised to do better.

Lauren was already dressed, and this time it was not simply in her underwear. She wore an adorable floral skirt that hung delicately almost to her knee, the soft material bouncing and swaying with each movement she made. The plain white blouse, that completed the outfit suited the skirt perfectly. It was a modest blouse buttoning almost all the way to her neck, though Lauren had teasingly left the top two buttons undone. Katie wasn't sure what her owner had on beneath the pretty ensemble but she longed to see. Her back had been turned while Lauren dressed, her focus on the slow prancing she had been ordered to perform. Katie stood still and watched as Lauren bushed her own teeth, using an adult-sized brush. She knew it was wrong to let the distinction bother her, but it had been made and she had learnt by now that she simply wasn't capable of ignoring the feelings that coursed, unbidden, through her young body.

"Pee," Lauren said, looking at Katie in the mirror, small drops of toothpaste dribbling down her lips.

Katie hurried to the toilet ashamed by her eagerness. Having her bodily functions controlled by another was disturbing, but the way in which she accepted, the way her body moved almost instinctively to obey, concerned her more. Obedience was one thing but such ready acquiescence was something she didn't quite understand and which made her just a little afraid.

"Ok, Kitty, as much as I know you like showing off that slutty little body, we need to get you dressed. Little tease," Lauren said smilingly, as she walked towards the door. "Come, Kitty."

At the snap casual snap of fingers, Katie scurried after her owner like a devoted puppy. Choice was a word that had no meaning for her now but still, when Lauren treated her this way, she felt her slavery, the reality of life as the property of another so intensely she could barely think or feel anything else.

"Panties, Kitty, pink."

Katie stepped into the closet and rifled through the small pile of clothes she had been instructed to bring. She had two pairs of pink panties, but she had only been ordered to bring one. She collected the small, sheer garment and slid it up her legs. This was the first time she had worn these since modelling them briefly for the photo to document them for her wardrobe. The tiny g-string felt delicious against her bare skin, the sheer material cupping her vulva, creating a pretty mound out of her plump labia. She could see the split of her lips through the translucent material and felt a sensual shiver of delight at the sight and feel of the sexy underwear.

"Oh, yes Kitty. Those are... Kitty come over here, let me feel."

Katie's belly flipped nervously as she stepped forward and presented her panty-clad pussy for her owner's inspection. She moaned softly, her thighs edging closer together, as Lauren's warm hand slid over her sex, caressing the sensitive flesh through the thin material.

"Heels. Now the black dress."

Katie had known it was coming, she didn't know how, but she knew. Even so, she paused for a moment at Lauren's command. She had worn the dress only once, for a special family dinner, and she had spent the entire night playing with it. How did Lauren know about all the items of clothing that had lain languishing in her closet, unworn and forgotten. They seemed to make up the majority of her wardrobe now. Maybe there was more truth in Lauren's words than she had thought. She had obviously bought them for a reason. Even though modesty had prevailed, had it been the slut in her that had been attracted to the revealing clothing in the first place?

Katie unhooked the dress from the hanger and slipped it over her head. It was a tight garment, the elastic material stretching over her body like a glove as she pulled it down over her breasts, past her fluttering belly and finally covering the smooth curves of her buttocks. The dress only came halfway to her knees but the young girl knew the battle she would have keeping it there. She adjusted the small sleeves that did little more cover her shoulders and turned to display her body for her owner.

"Well, well Kitty, don't you look classy. Ooh la la. Um, needs something more though," mused Lauren, absently tapping her lips with the index finger of her right hand. "Here we are."

Lauren came back from her dresser holding up a hairband triumphantly. It was a light shade of green that almost perfectly matched Katie's eyes, a delicate green bow attached to the plastic curve. Lauren slid it over the top of Katie's head, seating it to her desire as her classmate stood patiently, submitting to the intimate act of being dressed as if born to it. After the morning Katie had been through, she was finding her submission easier to accept, at times not even noticing her obedience until it was over.

"Just touch up your lips," said Lauren grabbing the lipgloss from her desk and painting the schoolgirl's parted lips with a fresh, shiny coating. "There, now grab your purse and we're off."

Katie's cheeks mottled as she thought about what she would be carrying for the rest of the day. Her dildo was like her American Express card, though all it ever bought for her was humiliation. She was back in the centre of the room in a matter of seconds, her hands once again behind her back, but this time clasping the small black purse through which she could feel the hard ridges of her glass dildo.

"Stand over by the wall Kitty, I just have to get you like this. You probably don't even know how adorable you are. Do you?" "No Miss," Katie replied demurely, though a tiny smile played upon her lips. She had some idea but she still wasn't comfortable with having her picture taken. She knew it was silly; no, beyond silly. She knew it was stupid, knowing the archive of material her owner already had, but she still felt incredibly self-conscious every time Lauren produced her camera.

Katie posed for more than just the one photo she had expected. Lauren wanted to see her at attention, standing casually, leaning against the door, standing by the window, seated on the bed, her purse resting daintily in her lap. She posed obediently, doing her best to make Lauren happy, marvelling, even during the midst of the cajoling, how easily her owner was able to get the pose and expression she wanted. Katie didn't think she had a talent for modelling, she was sure it was simply that Lauren had a power that radiated from her very words. It held such command and despite her remnant instincts of dignity and misplaced modesty, she found herself obeying.

"Come on pussywhistle. We don't want to miss our bus," Lauren said, throwing her camera on the bed and snatching her small shoulder bag.

Katie was led by the hand, out the door and down the stairs. She was already lamenting her owner's choice of clothes. The tight dress had ridden up her thighs as she hurried down the steps behind her. She adjusted it once, halfway down and again once they reached the bottom of the short flight of stairs. It stretched to accommodate her movements, hugging every curve of her young body, but not enough. It seemed to ride up an inch with each step.

She paused outside the front door to wait for Lauren to lock the house, sneaking quick peeks at the neighbourhood. It was barely past nine in the morning, but the street was buzzing with activity. She could see children playing, their squeals as they bounced on a trampoline making her smile at their innocent whimsy. Further down the block a group of young boys were playing hockey in the street, their game suffering interruptions from the occasional slow-moving car.

"Come on Kitty, we don't have time for daydreaming."

Lauren was halfway down the walk before Katie even moved. That was what you could do when you wore flat shoes, Katie thought as she struggled to catch the swiftly moving girl. She had almost closed the gap by the time she had reached the sidewalk, though Lauren was a good five feet in front of her still. She hadn't wanted to but she resorted to swift, mincing steps to try and catch her owner, instantly feeling her breasts bounce, knowing the display she was providing the neighbourhood.

She had not been allowed a bra and her young breasts bobbed and swayed with each snappy step. The tight, elastic material of her dress was her only protection and she may as well have been wearing nothing for all the support it provided to her pert young bosom. The low-cut dress showed off a tantalising amount of cleavage, the strained material stretching across her firm mounds, creating an empty space between, where, from the right angle, you could see past the firm young flesh and down into the shadowy cavern of her cleavage. There were so many things wrong with this dress she lamented as she once again pulled the rising hem down past her thighs.

They were half way down the block before she caught up with her owner. Lauren didn't slow down once Katie reached her side, continuing with the same swift gait that made the young girl struggle with each step. Every ten feet she leaned down and adjusted her dress, the action slowing her down, forcing her to, once again, trot faster to catch her classmate. The scurrying schoolgirl was startled by the loud blast of a car-horn from behind her. She turned to see a car stopped by four young hockey-playing boys standing in the middle of the road. She knew why the car had needed to sound its horn, the sheepish grins and continuing glances in her direction removing any doubt. She couldn't blame them, she knew how she looked, the slim black dress hugging her figure, accentuating her firm bosom that moved so enticingly without support.

"Come on Kitty, we don't have time for you to show off."

Katie hurried after Lauren, blushing at her owner's words. She knew she was only teasing but she couldn't help but feel that on some level Lauren believed it might have been part of her slut nature to try and show off her body. Even if that were the case, and she didn't think it was, she knew to whom she belonged. She didn't want anyone else to see her.

"Play with your dress once more and you will be punished. You may adjust your outfit once upon standing from a seated position, anything more is simply disrespectful."

Katie's hands snapped away from her dress like a child caught with a hand in the cookie jar. She cringed as she walked beside her owner, feeling the elastic material begin to creep up her thigh with each step. As they neared the bus stop she looked down her body to see far more white thigh than she wished. The little black dress had become littler, creeping up her legs until it seemed to reach a static point barely inches below her buttocks.

Lauren sat down on the end of the bench and took her phone from her bag, leaving Katie to stand beside her, looking forlornly down her body. She hadn't touched her dress for some time and it had somehow managed to reach a comfortable balance, a humiliatingly revealing one but a balance nonetheless. It was the nature of the material to never truly appear bunched but almost the entire length of her smooth young legs was on display, the black of the dress providing a stark line of contrast barely two inches below the curve of her buttocks.

She knew she was being naughty, but she dared not stand at attention. She was afraid of what the additional stretching would do, fearing that if the dress travelled any higher it would reveal the sheer pink panties underneath, and beneath that transparent material the full mound of her bare vulva. She envisioned it now, the softly curved lips of her pussy cupped delicately, as if covered by pretty pink fairy wings. Her lips parted subconsciously at the sensual thoughts. Katie saw movement out of the corner of her eye and turned towards it, worried at what fresh humiliation company could bring. Four young girls, much younger, thirteen at the oldest, had come to wait for the bus, happily chatting amongst themselves. Their conversation and light, musical laughter, paused when they saw the two girls already waiting at the bus stop.

"Hi Lauren," said the foremost girl, a pretty little blond girl in jeans and t-shirt.

"Hey Amber, how's it going?"


"How's your sis, she missed practice last week."

"Ha ha, she got caught with a boy and got grounded. He wasn't even from our school."

Katie stood silently as the conversation continued, all four girls now involved, laughing at a joke Lauren made. The young girl felt as if she didn't exist at all. No one had acknowledged her, no one had even commented on her presence. With a group of girls only feet away she felt incredibly alone. Her nose began to tingle and she bit her lip, trying to forestall the tears she knew were coming. The thought that her owner didn't care she was there was too much for the vulnerable schoolgirl. It was just then that she felt a touch on her calf. It was barely a touch at all and she shifted her leg imperceptibly, thinking only that an insect was crawling over her skin. Her leg quivered as it came again and it was only when she looked down to confirm her theory that she realised the truth.

Katie's heart burst with joy, all thoughts of self-pity dashed by the wave of pure happiness that flooded her entire body. One finger, one tiny, petite finger, gently caressed the bare skin of her calf. It was there and then it was gone, leaving the young girl wondering if it had really happened at all. But the overwhelming emotion that made her skin tingle reassured her. Lauren continued to talk to the young girls but Katie no longer minded the exclusion. It had been such a small gesture, the most meagre of contacts, but she could ask for no more. Her owner had not forgotten her. Her owner had thought enough of her to let her know she really did exist. She could still feel the touch on her leg, the ghost of sensation comforting her almost as much.

She waited patiently for the bus to arrive, smiling sweetly to herself as she listened to her owner's conversation. She wasn't really following what was being said, the sound of Lauren's voice enough to provide her the contentment she desired. When it finally came, Lauren allowed the young girls to get on the bus first, with Katie bringing up the rear. As she stepped up into the bus she felt her dress ride higher. It didn't have much to go, any higher and she would be revealing a part of her that was only for her owner. Lauren paid for both girls and as they moved down the aisle between the seats, Katie stuck to the body of her owner like a shadow.

Lauren found an empty seat and sat down, shuffling across to sit by the window. Katie remained standing, looking down at her owner pleadingly. Her dress had indeed moved higher, now barely covering her ass. She was sure if someone bent down they would be able to see up her dress, something could not bear to happen. Her hands twitched as she readied herself to misbehave. She knew she was being naughty but she couldn't stop herself, the compulsion to cover her body becoming unbearable.

Lauren patted the seat beside her and Katie was down in less time than it took to blink. She kept her legs an inch apart, as she had been taught and glanced down. There was a glimpse of pink beneath the edge of her dress, a deeper pink than that of her pussy. Her hands instantly moved to her lap, clutching the small dildo-filled purse and hiding her underwear from view. Katie breathed deeply, hoping Lauren wouldn't make her sit with her hands by her side. She knew her hands and small purse were all that was keeping any new passengers from glimpsing the pink treasure beneath her dress. Pain exploded in her leg. A small, startled yip escaped her shocked mouth and her head whipped towards Lauren.

"As I was saying Kitty, we have a few things to do today but was there anything you wanted to do first?"

Katie stared at Lauren, dumbfounded. She had slapped her leg, hard, leaving a glowing pink handprint high up on her thigh and she just continued as if nothing had happened. The loud slap had resounded around the bus, drawing the attention of more than half of her fellow passengers. The restless schoolgirl's cheeks blazed under the scrutiny. She couldn't help but wonder what they thought. Had they seen the slap or merely heard the impact? Did they know her for what she was or did they think she was just a naughty girl? But she had to answer Lauren's question, not paying attention was what put her in this humiliating position.

"No thank you Miss," Katie replied hurriedly, forcing herself to look out the window, trying desperately to ignore the continued interest of her fellow passengers. "Ok then. Mom gave me some money for the weekend so..." Lauren said, a conspiratorial twinkle in her eye. "First we'll pop in and see Jean and we'll take it from there."

Lauren chatted amiably with her girl as the bus took them closer to their destination. Katie quickly forgot the discipline she had received, though her thigh burned during the entire trip, a constant reminder of her place. Chatting with her owner about such everyday things was bliss for the young girl. She was reminded of how charming Lauren was, and how much she knew. Being with her was a constant education and not simply on how best to serve. When there was a slight pause, Katie took her chance.

"Miss was my cleaning acceptable?"

"Yes Kitty, your cleaning was, your boasting was not."

Katie looked at her lap, feeling her shame. Not knowing if the work she had done that morning had been good enough had been niggling at the young girl ever since. The fact that it had, that it had merely been her stupid statement that had caused her trouble, made her happy that she had pleased Lauren, but ashamed that she had almost ruined it by being stupid. Her reverie was as interrupted as she felt a sharp pinch at her right nipple and jumped at the unexpected touch. Lauren had leant over and with her hand reversed, quickly pinched her nipple between her thumb and the side of her finger. The fingers had more slid across the curve of her breast than truly pinched but her nipple had responded nonetheless. As her eyes flickered frantically around the bus, fearful that the casual use of her body had been witnessed, she heard Lauren's voice, blurred and distant, as if she was underwater.

"A little snip," her owner said, giggling as she did so. "A couple of snips, eh Kitty."

Again, Lauren's hand snaked out quickly and slipped across her now-hard nipple. Katie sat frozen, her face a blazing beacon of embarrassment. Lauren was playing a game and her body was the field. There was nothing she could do but sit quietly and submit. She belonged to Lauren and her owner could use her in any way she wished, wherever and whenever she desired. Katie kept her eyes lowered, only occasionally lifting them to confirm the scrutiny she knew was directed at her. She never caught anyone looking her way but she had no doubt she was the centre of attention. She was convinced that each furtive glance was just a moment too late, her fellow passengers sensing her scrutiny, looking away and feigning indifference, only to return their hungry inspection the moment she looked away. Her nipples had stiffened to their full extent from just the two brief snips of her owner and she felt as if they were almost bursting through the tightness of her dress, expecting, at any moment, to hear a soft ripping sound, two small pink tips of flesh suddenly visible, poking through the stretched black material.

Katie could sense Lauren's happiness, the emotion hovering about the pretty girl like an aura. If it made her owner happy then she should not complain. She was only having fun with her, just one of Lauren's little quirks. Still, Katie kept her eyes lowered, hoping the heat of humiliation would fade, knowing it drew the attention of the other passengers like a moth to a flame.

The apprehensive schoolgirl smiled then, a soft, secretive smile, her eyes still lowered, as she felt a touch at her side. Lauren drew her hand from the tight grip she had on her purse and pulled it down beside her trapping it between them. Katie’s body tingled with the thrill. They rode that way until the mall, hands clasped tightly together, the warm touch of her owner exciting the submissive schoolgirl. She could never have believed how delicious it would feel to simply hold hands with another person. It had never been like this with Pete. They were only holding hands, but it felt so much deeper, sensual and intense.

Katie looked at the looming mall, a petulant pout on her face, knowing that it would mean an end to the ride she had begun to enjoy so much. It had been a strange journey. Even though she had relaxed under the touch of her owner, she couldn't forget the too short dress and what it revealed, nor her hard nipples pushing against the tight black material of her dress, a dress that hugged her body like a stocking.

"Wait until everyone else has left the bus before standing . It is always good manners to let others go first. Sit up straight Kitty, you should know better than to slouch."

Katie did as she was told, remaining seated as the bus pulled up to the stop, doors opening with a hiss to allow the passengers to exit. She sat up as straight as she could, her shoulders pressed into the back of the seat. Her shoulders barely moved, she knew she had been sitting quite straight, but she also knew what her posture meant. Anyone passing, indeed anyone standing above her, could see down her dress. She knew what they would see: the soft flesh of her white breasts curving down into darkness, the tight dress stretching between her stiffened nipples, bridging the gap made by her cleavage. She clutched her purse tighter, pushing it down her legs, trying to cover as much of her exposed thigh as she could.

She sat this way as the bus emptied, her anxiety growing as each person walked past her. They were moving too slowly. People didn't walk that slow. She knew they were pausing above her, drinking in the sight of her young, firm breasts displayed so beautifully by the tight dress. Lauren appeared oblivious, playing happily with her phone as the bus emptied. While Katie sat there in a purgatory of paranoia, her owner was unconcerned, checking messages and flipping through pictures. Pictures! The restless schoolgirl focused on the small screen. It took her a few moments to figure out what she was seeing from this angle but she knew it was her, naked, knees up by her face. This was the photo Lauren had taken of her that morning. The detail was low on the tiny screen but the image was unmistakable.

Katie's mouth opened to protest, to remind her owner where they were. If someone should see it, and know it for what it was... How did it even get on her phone? She had taken it with a camera. What exactly did she have on her phone? Katie could not help but think about her own and what it contained. She had not removed the video of her in the chemistry lab. She had to remember to ask if she could.


Katie got smoothly to her feet, immediately pulling her dress far down her thighs. She was only permitted to adjust it once so she made the most of her singular allowance. The little black dress was now at full stretch, almost halfway down her thighs. Katie felt much better, comfortable in the knowledge that she was in no immediate danger of exposure. She hurried down the aisle of the bus, trying to keep ahead of Lauren. Her face went suddenly pale as she reached the door. She would have to step down out of the bus. She remembered what had happened on the step up, her one adjustment would be entirely wasted. Could she keep her legs together and jump? Not in these heels.

The moment had come to depart and inspiration struck the nervous teen. She grabbed the poles leading out  and half jumped, half slid out of the bus, trying to support as much of her weight as possible with her arms. She kept her legs together and almost yelled in triumph as she realised, once she was firmly on the sidewalk, that her dress had barely moved.

"Kitty, what are you doing?"

"Um, nothing Miss," Katie replied too quickly, blushing like a naughty young girl caught in a lie. "I was trying not to have my dress ride up too far."

"Come here."

Katie shuffled towards her owner, instantly regretting her attempt at deception. She hadn't meant to, it had just come out. She had tried to be good, clarifying the situation immediately, but she knew she had been wrong. The trepidation she felt as she faced Lauren was as nothing to the guilt that ate away at her.

"Kitty, a slave always tells the truth. Always. You have just earned yourself a spanking, but you're going to be good now right? No more naughtiness?"

"No Miss. Sorry, it just kind of came out," the young girl replied sheepishly.

"You were asked a question."

"Yes Miss, I promise to be good."

"Right then. Just remember Kitty, you are here to serve. All a slave can really ask for is a chance to serve her owner."

* * *

"Lauren, my dear."

"Hey Jean."

"And Katie, oh my. Don't you look nice. Out to snare yourself a boyfriend?"

"She's not allowed anything to do with boys, Jean."

"Oh, right. Well what brings you here?"

"Kitty, you can help serve while I talk to Jean," Lauren ordered as she turned her back on the young girl.

Katie sighed, resigned to her place. She dutifully moved into the store and began tidying the stock. She was still red-faced from Mrs Farrell's remark and her owner's response. Lauren had said she wasn't allowed. How could she say that in front of Mrs Farrell? She had seen the look on the older woman's face and had felt the sharp pulse of shame, afraid that her status as a possession could somehow be revealed. She threw herself into her work as her owner and employer talked. She enjoyed working, looking forward to each shift she was given. She even enjoyed the tidying and cleaning that was necessary, knowing that everything she did needed to be done and happy to be the one told to do it. Mrs Farrell was really good to her and she wanted to repay that kindness with the best service she could give. She had almost tidied one half of the store by the time Lauren collected her.

"Thanks Katie."

"It was my pleasure, Ma'am," Katie replied as she followed Lauren from the store, waving daintily over her shoulder.

"Do you like working there, Kitty?"

"Yes Miss," Katie replied, suddenly nervous. Had she done something wrong?

"I've talked with Jean and she is willing to give you a Sunday shift as well. Starting next week, you'll start at ten each Sunday morning."

"Thank you Miss."

"Okie doke, pussywhistle, let's go."

Katie obediently followed her owner around the mall. She wanted to walk next to her, to feel the tiny thrills as her hand accidentally bumped Lauren's, the gentle, glancing touches that sent quick shocks of sensation shooting up into her body. Lauren was just too quick, constant changes of direction leaving the flustered girl perpetually one step behind. It was not until Lauren entered one of the large department stores and slowed to browse, that Katie was able to catch up and be beside her. She knew it was strange but she recognised immediately the emotion that flooded her senses when she was able to stand at her owner's side. She felt comfortable and at ease, safe, as if nothing else in the world mattered. She smiled softly to herself as she shuffled beside her owner, content simply to be by her side.

"Kitty look at these," Lauren said with delight. "Aren't they gorgeous."

Katie took the item her owner offered, looking at the knee-high socks within. They were cute, no doubt about it. The pair she had been given were striped red and black while Lauren held a rainbow coloured pair. These Katie also received, followed by a third pair, a solid pink. She bunched the bundle in one hand, the other still firmly clutching her dildo-filled purse. Her grip on the object she was forced to carry, remained tight and strong. Lauren moved on, stopping before a mannequin modelling a dainty summer dress in palest yellow, small orange swirls enhancing the delicacy of the thin material. Lauren stared at the pretty dress, admiring the slender spaghetti straps that tied behind the neck of the pale plastic figure, leaving the shoulders smooth and bare.

"Kitty, find this dress in your size and meet me at the fitting rooms."

Katie had been admiring the dress as well, thinking it would look wonderful on Lauren. She looked captivating in anything she wore, even her lacrosse uniform, but she looked amazingly pretty in skirts, like the one she wore, and dresses like the one she had been sent to collect. She was less sure what it would look like on her. Her bust was a little too prominent for such dainty straps. She didn't even own a strapless bra. Stupid, the young girl admonished as she hurried to the dressing room with the beautiful summer dress. She wore no bra today and this dress could be no more revealing than the tight, low-cut garment that currently hugged her body like a glove. Even though her dress was black, her breasts stood out prominently from her chest, their soft contours followed perfectly by the tight, elastic material.

She knew it was sexy. She knew she looked sexy, the constant attention she received from both men and women could not be ignored. Katie imagined just what would happen if the dress was a lighter colour, anything but black. Could the scrutiny to which she was subjected possibly become any more intense?

"Here Kitty, Kitty."

Katie blushed at her owner's call as she hurried towards the fitting rooms. Lauren held open the door of a stall and ushered the nervous schoolgirl inside. When the door closed behind her, Lauren was still inside the stall, and Katie realised that at least this time, she would not have to find her owner to seek her approval. Lauren took the dress and hung it on a hook on the door. Katie's breath caught as Lauren stepped in close, slapped the socks from her right hand and gently eased the purse from her left. The subservient schoolgirl relinquished her dildo from the vice-like grip she had become accustomed to as she looked deeply into her owner's impossibly pale blue eyes. She heard the dull clink as the purse dropped to the carpeted floor.

Lauren was so close, their breasts brushing gently, her face mere inches away. Her lips parted at the mere hint of movement from her owner. She was panting softly, the warmth of her breath mingling with that of her owner. She longed to lean forward, to feel the soft touch of her owner's lips but she stayed in place, pressed up against the wall. She knew Lauren was teasing her but the anticipation was delicious. Lauren leaned forward, tantalising close and whispered, "Out of that dress." Lauren gave no ground and Katie was forced to reach down and slide the dress up over her buttocks, pushing her body only slightly away from the wall. She pushed against Lauren, feeling the strength in her owner's slim frame, knowing she would be given no room. The young girl squirmed against the wall, feeling trapped but doing her best to pull the dress up her body.

The tight black material scraped past her firm young breasts, the soft mounds bouncing free. Katie pulled the dress over her head and stood almost naked before her owner, immediately feeling Lauren's warm hands on her chest, each malleable globe massaged gently, nipple under thumb. Her owner's moist lips were tormentingly close. If she pursed her lips, maybe she would feel the moist, supple lips on hers, but she waited, submitting to the frustration she knew was her owner's pleasure.

"Kiss me," Lauren breathed, her husky voice exposing her desire.

Katie almost dove forward, her eagerness unable to be controlled. Their lips met, the heat of passion driving them together. The embrace was all too brief and left Katie panting for more. She leaned out from the wall, her open mouth questing for her owner but Lauren had stepped back too far for Katie to follow. Her arousal-fuelled enthusiasm was noted but she dare not press further.

"Let's see you in the summer dress my little sex kitten," Lauren said, adjusting her blouse.

Katie could see the tiny bumps pushing against her owner's blouse, the sight of Lauren's arousal almost making her forget the instruction, but she had been given an order and she was finding it increasingly easy to obey, as if her body responded without her input, moving effortlessly to comply with her owner’s demands. She slipped the flimsy dress over her head, luxuriating in the feel of the silken material against her skin. She adjusted the straps behind her neck, and smoothed the sleek material down her hips. The delicate fabric flowed around her young body, falling from her curves, shimmering and swaying with each movement, as if sunlight itself had been woven into the delicate strands of the dress. The hem of the dress reached almost to her knees and the gentle touch as it fell against her thighs was an enticing sensation.

"Kitty," Lauren said, her voice filled with delight. "Oh, wow. Turn around, slowly."

Katie did a slow twirl for her owner, using all the room the small stall afforded. She felt the flimsy material flow about her like a wisp in the wind. She beamed a joyous smile at Lauren. She had never worn anything like this, never felt anything like this against her skin. She oozed sensuality as she looked at herself in the mirror. Her cheeks darkened as she noticed the way flimsy dress clung to her breasts, her hard nipples creating two tiny peaks across which the light material stretched. Even this obvious evidence of her lust could not dampen the sensuous smile that curled her shining pink lips. She was safe in here, seen only by her owner, wearing it in public was for another day, another set of emotions she refused to allow in.

Katie watched, in the mirror, as Lauren stepped forward, her eyelids fluttering as she felt her owner's soft, warm hands caress her bare shoulders, gently tracing the petite girl's frame. Lauren delighted in the way Katie's muscles moved under her smooth skin. She would need to ensure this little slut had more clothing that displayed her beauty. It was a shame that these slim shoulders were hidden under fabric so often.

"Ok Kitty, out you get. I can't afford this one today sadly. Don't worry you cheeky little slut," Lauren said as she read the disappointment in the young girl's eyes, "you'll have it soon enough."

Katie blushed, embarrassed by her greed. Lauren had already bought her so much and she got nothing for herself. She should count herself lucky, not pout when she couldn't have every pretty thing she saw.

"Sorry Miss," Katie said sincerely, knowing an apology was required of her.

"You forget yourself too easily, Kitty. You're lucky you're just too damn cute. Come on, change now, you can't wear it all day."

Katie breathed a sigh of relief at her owner's understanding and took one last, quick look at herself in the mirror. She wanted the dress, felt it more strongly than she could have imagined a piece of clothing could make her feel and felt a strange emptiness when she drew the pretty dress above her head. As she moved to place it back on its hanger she saw movement from the corner of her eye. Lauren had opened the door to the stall and stepped back into the store. Katie almost dropped the dress in panic as she watched her owner disappear, leaving the door swinging slowly, but without enough force to close.

The terrified schoolgirl froze as she realised she could be seen by anyone passing. She was dressed only in the tiny pink g-string of sheer material, and her heels. It was only as she sensed movement outside the stall that she sprang into action, jumping to the door just as a couple stepped into view. Katie was aware of their shocked looks as she scurried to close the stall door. She didn't think she would ever forget the bewildered visage of the woman, or the quickly forming smile of her partner. It was only as she pressed her back against the closed door that she realised she could simply have covered her nudity with the dress in her hand. Instead she had held it to one side as if she was trying show off her nubile young body.

The moment passed but the trembling teenager was left flushed and fearful, her heart beating so hard she felt as if she would break a rib. Katie couldn't believe what had just happened. Two people had seen her naked, well almost naked, though the see-through panties hid almost nothing from view, two people who were not her owner. Had Lauren meant for the door not to close? Katie just didn't know what to think anymore. Her knees were quivering as the pulse of fear-fuelled adrenalin remained. She closed her eyes and hugged her arms across her chest trying to compose herself, to make sense of the humiliation that would not dissipate. She needed to get dressed, if they complained about her and security came she would need to be dressed at least.

The trembling schoolgirl hung the almost forgotten summer dress on the door and collected her own, pulling it quickly down her body until her nudity was covered. Even though the dress was revealing, accentuating all of her youthful curves, Katie felt safe now that she was covered, mostly. She was unsure just what she should do now. She couldn't just stand around in the dressing room, if she made Lauren wait who knew what trouble she would be in. What should she do with the dress? Lauren had said she would not be getting it today, so should she just put it back on the racks?

Katie glanced at herself in the mirror, turning to the side and admiring the way the tight dress highlighted her figure. She knew she was pretty, but in this dress she looked, and felt, sexy. She ran her hands down her sides, smoothing the tight black material, knowing that it was already sitting perfectly, but enjoying the sensation nonetheless. Her eyes roved across her body, drinking in her nubile form. It was only as her eyes roamed back to her face that she realised what she was doing.

As she looked herself in the eye, she could see the rising blush that she could feel mottling her cheeks. Just what the fuck was she doing? Only moments ago she had been scared half to death as two strangers witnessed her nudity and now here she was admiring herself like some... Say it, she scolded. Like some slut! She couldn't hide from it. Lauren approved. So why was she so hesitant, so fearful of saying it to herself.

"Slut," Katie whispered at herself, marvelling at the gentle thrill that trilled through her chest. It was not only Lauren's words that had power, but the excitement she felt was still deeply rooted in her owner. After all it was Lauren who had made her a slut. Maybe that wasn't entirely true but it was her owner who had provided the catalyst for her transformation. Had she always been a slut? Had she always been destined to be this way?

Katie tried to ignore the maelstrom of emotion that she had spun into motion with that one small word. She gathered the socks and her purse, collected the pretty dress and pushed open the door of the stall. She had only taken two steps when Lauren appeared around the corner, the instant frown telling Katie all she needed to know.

She had done the wrong thing, she hadn't known. She had tried to do the right thing, she only wanted to be good. Lauren carried two skirts and a blouse and Katie's heart sank as she realised the fitting was not over. She had jumped to the wrong conclusion, the assumption sure to cost her dearly. She felt the blood rush from her face as Lauren neared, ordering her back in the stall with a flick of her head. Katie scurried back, unsure what she should do. Her hands were full and she couldn't stand at attention this way. She did all she could, parting her legs until her feet were a shoulder-width apart, stretching her tight dress taught across her thighs. Her hands remained in front, clinging pitifully to the items with which she had been entrusted.

"Those on the floor, dress on the door. Undress and kneel in the corner."

Katie burst into activity, rushing to comply with Lauren's snapped orders. She couldn't help but obey, her body reacting on an almost genetic imperative. She had no choice but to follow the commands of her owner, the authority in Lauren's voice driving her into a spiral of subservience. Almost before she knew what had happened, the dazed schoolgirl was kneeling in a corner, the bare flesh of her naked thighs pressing against the smooth walls. She could feel the cool air of the store play across her vulva, drying the moisture that coated her sensitive lips.

She looked plaintively at her owner, her hands squirming nervously, pressed into the corner behind her. Lauren looked down imperiously upon the vulnerable teen, drinking in the trepidation and fear that oozed from her every pore. The little slut just could not behave. She couldn't be too hard upon her though. Lauren knew she was trying it was just that her instincts weren't fully developed. She had to keep reminding herself that Katie's training had only just begun. It was just easy to forget when the young girl was so obedient, her enthusiasm to serve so obvious. She hadn't expected it and there were times when it caught even her by surprise. She hadn't planned for the speed at which Katie was progressing.

Lauren hung up the garments she had collected and dropped to the floor in front of her slave, squatting down between her widely-spread legs, smiling at the confusion in the humbled schoolgirl. She leaned in and kissed her briefly on the lips.

"Were you told to dress?"

"No Miss."

"Were you told to leave the stall?"

"No Miss."

"Well then, Kitty.."

"I'm sorry, I just thought you might be waiting and I didn't want to make you angry if you were waiting because I know that a slave mustn't make her owner wait and I thought-"

"Hush, Kitty," interrupted Lauren, placing a finger across Katie's glossy lips. "Next time simply worry about doing as you were told. If I want you to dress, then you will. That is not something that concerns you. I own you Kitty, make sure that is what you think about next time that pretty little brain of yours needs to think."

"Yes Miss," replied the thoroughly subjugated schoolgirl, lowering her eyes sheepishly.

Lauren rose languidly to her feet and proceeded to try on the skirts and blouse she had chosen. Katie watched from her corner, content to be the audience for what she saw as a sensual striptease. Her eyes roamed over Lauren's body, drawn to the tight mound between her legs, cupped so enticingly by the small panties she wore. Each piece of clothing she tried on looked amazing, fitting her perfectly, accentuating her lithe form.

Katie was entranced as she watched her classmate twirl and turn, inspecting how the new skirts looked. It was not until Lauren lifted the blouse from the hanger that Katie noticed a blurry motion in the corner of her eye that she had studiously ignored as Lauren modelled the skirts. She glanced at the stall door and realised that she could see beneath the door. There was almost a foot of space between the floor and the door and she could see the feet of each passer-by. As she watched, she saw the woman in the stall opposite, step out of a pair of jeans, her delicate ankles and thighs clearly able to be seen.

Katie felt her cheeks flush with the familiar sensation that she had come to despise. Could anyone see into their stall? What if they dropped something and bent down to collect it. Her bare pussy was inches from the ground, easily able to be seen by anyone at the right angle. She begged for no one to bend down and look in her direction.  Her legs were spread obscenely wide, her sex exposed for all to see. She looked frantically back at her owner, but Lauren was not paying attention to the kneeling schoolgirl, completely absorbed, as she was, in the pretty blouse she had donned. Katie begged for her owner to look her way. She was desperate to be acknowledged, to somehow share the panic she felt. If only Lauren would look at her, she would see her distress.

Katie waited in vain for the feeling to subside. No one had seen her yet, but with each shadowy motion at the door, her heart leaped in her chest, sending another bust of adrenalin through her naked body. Each muscle was tense, longing to spring from the submissive position and put an end to her exposure and yet she stayed in position, her need to obey overcoming her compulsion to hide.

Katie’s heart skipped as she watched Lauren replace the blouse, afraid that now she has finished she would once again open the door of the stall, exposing her to view. Her eyes follow each small movement her owner made, chest tightening as the anticipation blossomed into fear.  She watched as Lauren took a small pad and pencil from her bag and scribbled casually, the action reminding her of the contents of her own purse. She felt her ownership, her status as property pressing upon her, almost able to feel its touch.


The naked schoolgirl breathed a sigh of relief as her owner turned and waited for her to rise. She realised that she had been holding her breath as she waited for exposure, her helplessness debilitating. She was restrained by nothing more than her owner’s desire, yet she had not moved until granted permission. Katie glanced at Lauren before looking away, her timid gaze falling to her feet, unable to bear the piercing scrutiny. She could never withstand those pale blue eyes for long, always surrendering before their authority.

"Get dressed," Lauren ordered as she headed for the stall entrance. "Oh, and pussywhistle?"

"Yes Miss," Katie replied, her eyes on Lauren's hand that rested on the door.

"Kiss me."

Katie stepped forward, excitement warring with fear, the sensations so similar she could not distinguish which was in ascendance. Her pussy pulsed as her lips met those of her owner, her knees quivering as arousal fluttered along the moist folds of her sex. Contact was broken and Lauren was gone, like a ghost, leaving nothing behind but the vague trace of her sweet perfume and the quivering desire that wracked the naked schoolgirl's body.

Katie's eyelids flickered, dazed by her lust. The hum of activity from the store snapped her back to reality, and she dived for the door, closing it softly behind her. She had reacted just a little too slowly, fearful that her lapse had exposed her nakedness. She had been caught off guard but what's done was done. She could not change it now. The door had only been open for a second but she could not ignore the terrible suspicion that she had been seen.

Her face blazed as she scrambled into her clothing. It did not take the young girl long to dress, Lauren having chosen such a meagre selection for her. She settled her small g-string between her buttocks, and slipped her tight black dress over her head, before finally stepping into her shiny black heels. Purse and socks were collected in two frantic grabs and she was out the door, eager to put some distance between herself and the site of her latest humiliation.

Her cheeks remained a deep crimson as she sought her owner, sure the other patrons knew of her lewd display. Katie wandered aimlessly, her anxiety growing into panic as she failed to locate her classmate. She wasn't just afraid of making Lauren wait, she felt lost without her. Palms slick with sweat she hurried through the store, her heart pounding in her chest, eyes darting dizzyingly from face to face.

Katie could not believe the relief that washed over her when she spotted Lauren by the jewellery. She had been transported back in time, her panicked feelings of loss those of a little girl alone and abandoned. She felt her nose tingle, the first sign of the tears that welled in her eyes moments later. She bit her lip, took one deep breath to compose herself and stepped meekly to her owner. She didn't want Lauren to see her upset. She didn't know why but she blinked and fought the tears as stood, safe by her owner's side.

"Here Kitty, buy those and meet me by the donut stand," Lauren said casually, as if Katie had been there all along.

She took the folded note and moved quickly to the counter, not quite sure how to feel. She was glad that her distress had not been noticed, ashamed as she was by her childish fears, but she had wished, secretly, if she was to be honest, that Lauren had noticed and made it all right. She knew she could not kiss her out here, but a kind word or a small gesture acknowledging that she was safe was all she wanted. She knew she was being silly but she couldn't help it. As she waited for the attendant to process her transaction she marvelled at just how much she now relied on Lauren. She drew comfort from her very presence. How was that even possible? What had she become?

As Katie took her change and hurried from the store, she supplied herself with an answer: property. She was a possession, owned completely by another person. The evidence was irrefutable and the acceptance she felt was like a gentle rain washing away layers of grime and sweat from her body, leaving her clean and fresh and new. She didn't know exactly what this was, her short, sheltered life providing her no frame of reference for the overwhelming feelings.

She beamed a joyous smile as she saw Lauren, standing nonchalantly, observing the people that passed by. She wanted to stand there and watch her owner watch the passage of shoppers. Lauren looked so pretty as she intently surveyed the passing crowd. She rarely had a chance to see her owner in these candid moments and she enjoyed every moment. But she knew she had to move. A slave should not keep her owner waiting. She heard the words in her head as if Lauren was reciting them.

"Ola pussywhistle." Katie's sweet smile was the perfect complement to her owner's wicked grin. She had cringed the first time Lauren had used the pet name, not knowing or understanding what it meant, but it had grown on her. She still didn't know what it meant but she smiled at the intimacy of the nonsense name. "Buy two cinnamon donuts," Lauren instructed, still not looking at the young girl, but holding out a folded note.

For once Katie did not mind, she was happy. Lauren had her add the warm donuts to the bag and bade her follow as they moved to their next destination. Katie followed like a puppy scurrying along behind its master, content just to keep up. She didn't want to get lost again, she never wanted to feel that way again. She clenched her hands around her packages as the ghost of the remembered sensation flickered through her, quickening her pulse with the mere shadow of the fear she had felt at her imagined abandonment.

Lauren led her to a jewellery store, one through which Katie had often browsed, and where some of her, now removed, jewellery had come. Lauren knew what she was after, striding confidently to one counter in particular. She chatted with the attendant as she had her pick an item from within the locked cabinet while Katie stood watching obediently.

"Kitty, pop those up here and put this on. We'll definitely need to have it resized."

Katie deposited her bag of socks and donuts on the counter and more gingerly placed her purse beside it. She looked from her purse to her owner and back again, hesitant about it being out of her reach. If someone moved it they would know, the feel of the hard glass shaft that filled the tiny bag was unmistakable. She reached for the piece of jewellery that Lauren had chosen. It was a delicate bracelet, each link a tiny curved bar that was no thicker than a few strands of hair. The links were joined by impossibly small rings from which also hung small silver globes. It was not until she lifted it from the warm glass counter that Katie realised they were tiny bells. The air was filled with a fragile tinkling, sweet and soft, that made her think of fairies dancing atop flower petals.

"No Kitty, on your left ankle."

Katie glanced meekly at the attendant, blushing at the correction. It had been a gentle scolding but the look on the woman's face deepened the submission she felt flow through her veins, like her lifeblood itself. She had thought it was ridiculously big for her petite wrist, but even for her ankle it was large. She bent at the waist, knowing she would be accentuating the tight dress that stretched across her buttocks but there was no alternative. She could only squat and that would not only expose her sex, covered only in a gossamer thin layer of translucent pink material, but her dress would slide up her thighs.

"Close it properly Kitty. That's a good girl, we need to see how many links need to be removed."

Katie was glad her face was hidden as she felt the searing heat that pulsed from her face. She could feel the stare of the attendant, the judging look that made the tiny hairs behind her neck tingle and stiffen. Even a compliment was different when it was not private. She longed for Lauren to call her a good girl but to have it witnessed made her feel vulnerable and incredibly self-conscious.

"One more link, Kitty," Lauren directed, as Katie fumbled with the anklet. She was distracted by the scrutiny of her owner and the attendant, by the way she was displaying her body but most of all by the soft tinkling that each movement brought. When Lauren was satisfied that the sizing was correct she had Katie relinquish the pretty anklet to the waiting attendant.

"So, all those links removed and the connection as well thanks."

"No problem, it will only take a few minutes. Do you mind waiting?"

"Yeah, that's ok. C'mon Kitty."

Katie dutifully followed her owner as she browsed through the jewellery store. There were so many beautiful things on display but all she could think of was the dainty anklet that Lauren had chosen for her. It was very pretty, but not something she would ever have chosen for herself. It was strange to be looking at so many lovely things that she knew she could never have unless they were chosen for her by another person. Was everything in her world now designed to reinforce her status or was this simply the way the world was for a possession? She was like the pretty things in the cabinet, empty potential unless owned.

"Excuse me Miss, your piece is ready."

"Thanks. Kitty you can wait on the bench by the bookstore."

She was not happy at being dismissed but Katie followed the order without pause. She reached her destination in almost no time at all. She had been told to wait on the bench and not beside it so now she would have to sit. She approached the low bench with trepidation, lowering her body gingerly to the smooth wooden surface, making sure to keep her legs together as she sat but even so, she could feel the tight material of her dress creep up her thighs.

Once her buttocks flattened against the seat she rested her purse and bag on her lap, thankful for the coverage the objects provided. Her legs were together, knees separated by the inch she was to maintain at all times and she knew, without a doubt, that if the bag containing the morning's purchases had not sat in her lap, the intimate secrets beneath her dress would no longer be hidden to the truly observant.

She was a pretty girl, clad in a revealing outfit, she attracted enough attention on her own. With every passing moment her gratitude grew, unable to express the relief she felt at not having to deal with the knowledge that her pussy would be seen. It was only for her owner but more than that, the thought of such exposure made her blood run cold.


Katie jumped at the whisper in her ear. How the fuck did she do that, Katie mused as her heart beat hummingbird-quick. She smiled, embarrassed by her momentary fear. She hated to be scared like that. Her brother had delighted in finding new ways to scare her. It had become his favourite pastime when they were younger, making a game out of hiding behind doors and in closets, just waiting for her to saunter by. She hadn't been scared like that since he had left for college.

"I have a present for you Kitty, though it won't be much of a surprise. Slide your left leg out a little," Lauren ordered as she squatted before the seated schoolgirl.

Katie obeyed, watching as Lauren retrieved the small silver anklet she had purchased. Her owner curled it around her slim ankle, holding the ends in place with one hand while she clipped something to it. The inquisitive teen watched intently as Lauren removed a tiny screwdriver, smaller than a pencil, from her bag and proceeded to tinker with the tiny clasp.

Katie looked around anxiously, aware of the weird scene they made, one pretty girl kneeling in front of the other in the middle of the mall. Her cheeks mottling the familiar shade of pink, she tried to ignore the rest of the world and focus entirely on her owner and the gift she was being given.

When Lauren was done Katie looked down to see the beautiful anklet fixed firmly around her leg. The dainty circle rested naturally above the bones of her ankle, the fitting perfect. She realised, after narrowing her focus to the clasp, that the anklet had been secured with a tiny silver padlock, a miniscule K etched into the side. It didn't look like a real padlock, it was far too small and delicate with no place for a key, but it served the same purpose. Somehow Lauren had secured the anklet to her body and to remove it she would need one of those baby screwdrivers. Katie's eyes followed Lauren as she stood up, her entire world now encompassed in the slim body of this young girl.

"Thank you, Miss."

"Oh Kitty, aren't you sweet. That pretty anklet is not to be removed without permission, but I didn't need to tell you that did I?"

"No Miss."

"No, good girl. Well, now that you have something pretty down there, we'll have to get you some nice shoes. Come on, I know just the place."

* * *

She had known what Lauren meant by shoes. She looked at the shoe her owner held out to her. It was gorgeous, there was no denying that. The shiny black shoe was sleek and sensual but it was a four inch heel, double what she currently wore. Katie liked the delicate strap that would close around her ankle and she wondered how it would look underneath her new jewellery.

She thought back on the walk to the shoestore and would have blushed if she had not already been flush with the heat of the memory. With every step she took, a musical tinkling had ushered from her, drawing the attention of the people she passed. She could not say this definitively, as she was determined, in her self-conscious way, not to look at anyone, fearful lest her suspicions were confirmed.

It was almost as if a tiny orchestra of fairies flitted about her, invisible, accompanying each soft footfall with a ringing of tiny bells. Her fantasy was a pleasant one, her only way of dealing with the increased scrutiny she knew was a result, as if she needed a reason to draw futher attention to her young, barely concealed body.

"My name's Alicia. Can I help you?"

"You sure can. Can we see these in a 5," Lauren replied to the pretty young girl who had sought them out.

"Just take a seat and I'll be right out."

"There you go Kitty, over here."

Katie sat where Lauren indicated, wondering what to do with her package and purse. Her dilemma was solved as Lauren collected first her purse and then the shopping bag from her, leaving only the young girl's tightly clasped hands resting in her lap, a meagre defence against discovery.

Lauren's heart beat faster in anticipation of what was to come. She had spotted these shoes some time ago, and had always planned them as a purchase, but what she had seen when fixing the anklet had pushed her schedule forward. She could afford them now, but her plans would have to change accordingly. This was just too delicious an opportunity to pass up. She smiled wickedly as she looked at the innocent young girl sat below her, oblivious to what was to come.

The attendant returned and knelt down in front of the nervous schoolgirl, opening the box and slipping out the beautiful new heels. Katie watched as the delicate rustle of the wrapping accompanied the unveiling of the shiny black shoes. They really were gorgeous. She nibbled on her lower lip, Lauren's eyes twinkling at the adorable quirk, as the pretty attendant removed her left shoe. The warm touch of another girl, almost her age, who was not her owner almost made the anxious teen gasp.

"So cute," said Alicia as she brushed the anklet, sending a fresh metallic jingle into the air. She looked up at Katie, expecting a response, but her eyes were halted before they reached the seated schoolgirl's face.

Katie saw her look up, saw her stop, distracted. Her face burned as she realised what had caused the young girl's gaze to halt. She couldn't look away, frozen in place by the weight of humiliation that threatened to crush her. She saw the young girl blush  and look down, fumbling with the buckle of the ankle strap. Katie continued to search the young girl's face, pleading for understanding, but the attendant refused to look up from her task.

"How," she began, her voice catching in her throat, coming out in a ragged whisper. "How does that feel?"

"Um good," Katie responded meekly, wanting nothing more than to be back in the fitting room. She may have been naked and exposed but she was seen only by her owner. Knowing that this pretty young girl, whose only role was to sell shoes, had seen her pussy made her mind reel. She reached her hands to her side and steadied herself on the chair, afraid the dizzying sensation she was feeling would lead her to faint.

She continued to watch Alicia, her slim hands fitting the second shoe, again fumbling with the buckle. It was only as the young girl finally looked up at her, that she realised she had been able to see down her blouse, the stiff material parting as she manipulated the shoes onto Katie's feet, displaying the tender curves of her bosom. She felt her pulse quicken at the sight, the soft slope of flesh affecting her in the most predictable of ways.

"Try walking in them."

Katie stood up, her hands flying with preternatural speed to the hem of her dress, pulling it down as far as she could before taking her first step. She was allowed one adjustment only, and she was going to be sure to make the most of it. She took a few hesitant steps around the store, knowing both Lauren and the attendant were watching her.

Her calves stretched to accomodate the height of the new heels but with each step she gained in confidence. If she concentrated, it wasn't that much different, though she knew walking properly and taking a few mincing steps around a store, were not the same thing. The apprehensive schoolgirl walked one circuit around the central bank of chairs and came back to her seat, looking to her owner for approval.

"Well Kitty, how did they feel?"

"Really nice, Miss."

"Can you give us a moment?"

"Sure," the still-blushing attendant said as she scrambled to her feet.

"Let's see another turn around. You have to be sure. I won't be returning them, so if they don't fit you'll be the one who pays the price."

"Yes Miss," Katie replied in a timid squeak. She walked around the store, slow and even movements, her musical accompaniment following her like a small chiming cloud.

As she passed the counter at the back of the store, she could see the pretty girl who had fitted her shoes, chatting madly away to the two other women in the store. Katie moaned, the vocalisation of her despair barely audible. She looked quickly away as her presence was noted, unwilling to see the judgement and disgust. She was sure she heard the word 'slut' as she scurried back to her owner, but whether it was in truth or merely a shame-inspired delusion she could not tell.

"Sit. Now how were they?"

"Really nice, Miss. Only..."


"Um Miss, in this dress, um the heels, um..."

"Spit it out Kitty," snapped Lauren, the mischievous twinkle in her eye at odds with her brusk tone.

"Um, my dress rides up, Miss. It does it anyway and that's why I pull it down, it's not from like, disrespect or anything but it just doesn't stay down and, but in these shoes it, um goes up more because, I guess I walk a bit different."

"You look so cute when you walk in those heels. We're definitely getting them. In fact, you can wear them out of the store."

"How were they?"

Katie looked up at the sudden appearance of the strange woman. She was a little older than Alicia, maybe early twenties, and she had a strange, almost bemused smirk on her face. Katie wanted desperately to look behind the counter, to see where Alicia was, but she dared not risk it. She knew what she would find, the young girl watching to see what would happen, wanting her vision verified.

"Really nice, thank you," mumbled Katie.

"What happened to Alicia?" Lauren asked. Katie stiffened at the question. She knew the answer but why couldn't Lauren leave it alone.

"Oh, she's just finishing something else off. With heels like these, I always like to make sure the fitting is perfect. It's really important when you go above a three in height, especially if you're not used to it."

"That's a shame, Kitty really liked Alicia. Didn't you Kitty?"

"Yes Miss," Katie replied, mortified at the turn the conversation had taken. Had Lauren noticed her glance down Alicia's blouse? Had her owner noticed her response?

"Well, let's just have a look at how these are fitting," the new attendant said, squatting down in front of Katie.

She fussed gently with the shoes, tested the heel and the toe, making sure the strap was not too tight. Katie felt she was generally checking the shoe for fit. Maybe her story was true. Maybe she really was the senior person in the store come to make sure the high heels would not cause her any problems. She had been so silly, suddenly ashamed at the paranoia that had caused her such stupid panic.

Katie watched her like a hawk, almost forgetting her owner stood beside her. The trepidation she felt at the woman's touch eased as she began to believe in the earnestness of her attention. The inevitable happened: a casual glance, held a little too long, a raised eyebrow, a shocked parting of the lips. She had not been wrong. That she was a slut was verified. Her pussy, covered by the flimsiest wisp of material, had been seen.

Katie looked away, her continued scrutiny no longer needed, the payoff for her diligence a bitter reward that left her breathless and off-balance. She looked to her owner for solace, wanting desperately to reach for her, to feel the soft touch of her hand. But Lauren simply smiled down upon the young girl, aloof and out of reach. If only she could let her know of her distress, she knew Lauren would comfort her. Was she destined to be discovered a slut in every store in the mall?

The revelation was almost too much for the young girl, and it was only the order from her owner to pack away her old shoes, that prevented the tiny tears of frustated humiliation to form. Lauren paid for the pretty new heels she wore, while Katie suffered under the intense weight of scrutiny from the staff. She could feel it upon her, smothering her like a thick blanket. She wanted to be out of this store, away from the scene of her humiliation, away from the sharp talk of the women, their condemnation, their labels.

But she was a slut. She knew it, Lauren approved, so why was it so hard to hear it from the mouths of strangers? Why was it so hard to have it known? They were questions Katie could not answer, her youth and naivety providing no insight into such complex emotions. She could accept a thing but not understand it, a discovery that only confused the young girl further.

"Come Kitty."

Katie followed her owner gratefully, glad of the safety provided by her obedience. Her submission came so naturally, it was something she had come to rely upon. She didn't understand why she felt this way, but it was easier to accept. It was a comforting feeling, a snug warmth that surged within her when she surrendered to her owner.

She had been right about the new heels. She was in constant danger of falling behind, but not being able to keep up with her owner was preferable to sprawling on the floor. She could imagine the way that would look, and she had no intention of anyone else bearing witness to the plump mound barely hidden beneath her dress.

Katie took no notice of their journey or their destination, focusing all her attention on walking in the high heels, trying her best to keep as close to Lauren as she could. They did not go far, and for that she was thankful. The tight stretching she felt in her calves was tempered by the knowledge that her legs would be all the more attractive for it. She had seen the models in their high heels, the way it elongated the leg. She kept thinking back to the glimpse she had in the full length mirror as she left the shoestore - the delicious way her muscles stood taut as her body accommodated the new stance she was forced to adopt.

She stopped beside Lauren, conscious of the sudden silence her stillness brought. How long would it take for her to get used to the constant ringing of the little bells? She would never be without it now, her presence always heralded by a tiny fanfare of dainty metallic jangling. She looked around and realised that Lauren had led them to the cinema.

She looked at her owner in delight. She hadn't been to the movies for ages and it was something she had dearly loved. She had no idea what was playing and didn't really care, whatever Lauren chose would satisfy. While her owner was deciding, Katie shuffled her feet, lifting first one and then the other, testing how the new high heels felt. She looked down her body and admired the way they looked, the shiny black surface of the heels, the tight buckles that wrapped around each ankle like a little collar and how the pretty silver anklet on her left foot contrasted so beautifully. She felt a flush of pride and not a little vanity at the way she looked.

"I'll get the tickets, you buy a large coke and some twizzlers. Our movie starts in 10 minutes and I don't want to miss the previews."

Katie took the money Lauren handed to her and hurried to do her owner's bidding, unable to stop smiling. She couldn't quite forget the unsettling emotions of the morning, the constant jingling of her anklet a ready reminder of the humiliation she had suffered, but her happiness at seeing a movie with Lauren shone above it all. She felt like she was on a date, a little thrill of excitement running through her body, making her belly tingle.

She hurried back to Lauren, handing back the change, her hands now dangerously full. She was trying to juggle the shopping bags, her purse and now a drink and candy as well. Lauren played absentmindedly with the small paper tickets, the only objects to occupy her hands. Katie wondered what they would see. She had spied some of the movie posters as went to the concession stand and her imagination had been fired.

"Oh popcorn, Kitty. That smell gets me every time," said Lauren looking wistfully at a couple walking past with a big tub. "Here, I'll hold your purse. You buy a medium."

Katie relinquished her purse, glad to have one less burden but wishing it could have been something other than the smallest and lightest object she had been struggling to hold. She had no place to complain, however, and headed back to the candy bar to fulfil her owner's desire.

She soon struggled back to Lauren, the cardboard box of popcorn wedged precariously between her already full hands. She had to use her bosom as a stabiliser, pressing the warm box against her firm breasts. Lauren ushered her towards their theatre with a gentle pressure in the small of her back. Katie hustled forward, doing all she could to keep the jumble of objects balanced. She could feel the warm, insistent touch of her owner and felt as if she would melt.

Katie shivered as Lauren caressed her tenderly, small, almost imperceptible movements of her fingers brushing across the tight black dress. Even as they paused for the attendant to take their tickets, Lauren maintained the contact. It was not until they were in the cinema and heading towards a row of seats that the girls were parted. Katie felt her body press backwards as Lauren's hand was removed, compelled to seek the comfort of her owner's warm touch.

"Right into the middle, Kitty," Lauren instructed, shuffling along behind the burdened schoolgirl. "One more. Sit."

Katie sank thankfully into the chair, finally able to rest her packages without the fear of spilling them everywhere. Lauren took the drink from her and the popcorn and directed her to place the bags on the seat beside her. Katie did as she was told, trying her best to ignore the niggling sensation as her dress sat higher than normal. Her white thighs were almost entirely exposed, the tight material having crept upwards as she shuffled awkwardly down the aisle.

"Your purse. Keep it close, Kitty. And get the donuts. I wants me a taste of that cinnamoney goodness," Lauren giggled.

Katie took her purse and slid it by her side, between her and Lauren's seat, not wanting it to be too far out of reach, its location constantly preying on her mind. The donuts were no longer warm, but the sweet scent of cinnamon wafted from the bag the moment she touched it.

Lauren took a donut and waved it once below her nose, savouring the heady aroma. Katie smiled as she watched her owner devour the donut in half a dozen bites. People were trickling into the theatre but as the lights went down the cinema was barely half full. They had their row almost to themselves, just the one couple a few seats down from Lauren.

The moment the lights went out, the only illumination now the flickering image on the screen, Katie sensed movement. She turned to Lauren just in time to meet her owner's fingers. Her lips parted, accepting the cinnamon coated fingers into her mouth. She slid and twirled her tongue around the slim fingers, enjoying the sensation, reveling in the chance to serve in so intimate a way. Her eyes flickered around the cinema, worried that her submission would be witnessed, glad that no one, not even her owner, could see the timid blush that coloured her cheeks.

Lauren withdrew her clean fingers and quickly proceeded to eat the second donut. Katie missed the ads as she watched the donut disappear. Her bottom lip dropped a little, as she realised she was not to be allowed any, but she quickly composed herself, her mouth opening obediently to clean her owner's fingers once more. She made sure to lick every last sweet crystal, knowing this was as close as she was to come to eating a donut that day.


"Yes Miss," Katie whispered, adhering to the decorum of the theatre.


Katie leaned over to reach the cup that Lauren held just above her lap. Her mouth closed over the straw and she sipped gently, enjoying the taste of the cola. It felt as if a year had passed since she had last tasted the sweet, fizzy soda. She relished every drop. Her eyelids fluttered as she felt her owner's hand stroke her head, moving all the way down to her neck. Lauren patted her again before tugging gently on the young girl's hair.

Katie obeyed the unspoken signal and straightened up into her own seat. She felt flushed, the submissive act of drinking from her owner's lap had affected her deeply, but it was the tender stroking of her hair, of being patted like a pet, that had caused her pulse to quicken. She hadn't even thought about the other patrons of the cinema but she did so now, wondering if the humiliating act had been witnessed.

She had thought nothing of demeaning herself at her owner's command, it was only now, after the fact, that the reality of what she had done came to her. More and more she was becoming lost in the moment, only fully realising her behaviour for what it was, once it was done.

"The popcorn is here, Kitty. You may have some."

"Thank you, Miss," Katie replied, her mouth watering at the permission. She loved popcorn, especially cinema popcorn, there was something about the dried, buttery taste that just wasn't the same when you made it at home.

"One at a time Kitty, don't be a gutz. Put it back. Now take one."

Katie opened her hand above the popcorn box, letting the handful drop. She blushed at the sudden scolding, sure that the other patrons had heard her getting into trouble. She picked up one tiny piece of popcorn and popped it in her mouth just as Lauren scraped a handful from the box and crunched multiple pieces at once.

All thoughts of being on a romantic date, maybe being able to hold Lauren's hand during the movie, evaporated. The swift admonishment of her greedy behaviour had put the young girl in her place, firmly reinforcing her status as a possession. She was silly to forget that she was owned, but the fantasy of two girlfriends out to enjoy a movie had been so strong. But that is all it had been, a fantasy. They weren't girlfriends, they were owner and slave. She had no right to expect anything. She obeyed and accepted what was given and she felt like slapping herself for forgetting.

"Miss,. may I have another piece," Katie whispered as the first trailer began.

"You may, Kitty, and you may continue to do so. How?"

"One at a time, Miss," Katie replied, the chagrin she felt coming through even in the muted whisper.

"Are you sulking?"

"No Miss," the young girl replied, shocked at the accusation. She really wasn't.

"I know a perfect way to stop a slut from sulking. It starts with 'C' and ends in 'ane'. Do you know what it is, Kitty?"

"The cane, Miss."

"Good girl. Do you want to be caned?"

"No Miss, I wasn't sulking, really," Katie pleaded.

"See that you don't. Hand me the twizzlers."

Katie obeyed, feeling as if she had dodged a bullet. She hadn't been sulking, it was just that she had been disappointed, but it was in herself. Well a little in that she hadn't been allowed any donut, and now it seemed that getting her share of the popcorn would be a chore. Her share? She was doing it again. Her 'share' was whatever Lauren decided. She had to stop acting like a spoiled princess, as if she was entitled to everything.

As the trailers ended and the movie began, Katie settled back into her chair, vowing to just enjoy being here with Lauren, making sure to behave. She would enjoy it so much more if Lauren was happy and all she had to do was be a good girl. No matter what, she would.

Every now and then, she reached over to the box of popcorn wedged in beside her owner, sure to take just one and only occasionally. She wanted more, she wanted the whole box, hungry as she was, but she didn't want Lauren to call her greedy again. The accusation had hurt and she was determined not to have her owner think that way about her.

Katie heard Lauren open the twizzlers, and smelt the strong cherry flavour moments later. She swore her mouth almost watered as her brain processed the candy aroma. She hoped Lauren would allow her to have one, maybe just one bite. She didn't want to overstep herself.

She watched the movie, enjoying the story, though it was a little too action-oriented for her liking. She almost gasped out loud when she felt Lauren's hand reach for hers, a broad smile splitting her face as she held hands with her owner. This was what she had wanted and her heart surged at the closeness she felt. She closed her eyes for just a moment, indulging in the sensation that surged through her.

Katie forgot all about the popcorn, not wanting anything to break the intimate hold she had on her lover. She was content right now. At the first tentative touch, she had felt the familiar tingle of arousal between her legs and she knew that by now there was bound to be a layer of cream coating the delicate pink folds of her vagina. Even so, she wanted nothing more than this. Well, that was a lie. She would given anything to feel the soft caress of her owner's lips but she shouldn't think like that. The contented teen sighed and snuggled back into her seat, unable to rid herself of the manic cheshire smile.

"Take off your panties," Lauren whispered in Katie's ear, the warm breath sending a ripple of gooseflesh down the young girl's side.

Nooo, Katie screamed even as she relinquished her grip on her lover's hand and bent to the order given. She didn't want to do this, she really didn't, but she could not fight the compelling authority of her owner's command. She shuffled her dress up over her thighs and snaked her hands underneath, thumbs catching in the waistband of her tiny panties. She tried to do it all without lifting off the seat too much, not wanting her movements to be discerned by those around her.

As her panties slid down her legs she felt the sweaty flush of humiliation rise. She bent low and stepped out of the sheer pink g-string, her anklet tinkling as she did so. She liked to take her shoes off in the cinema, the feeling of freedom always adding something a little extra to the experience, but with her new heels and their ankle straps, she could not just kick them off, even if she had permission. Why that thought popped into prominenece as she was removing one of only two pieces of clothing she wore was bizarre even to her.

"Fold neatly, Kitty. On top of the bags."

Katie followed the order, anxious that they would be so far out of reach and so exposed to even a casual glance. They sat on top of the white shopping bag, a tiny pink mound that was sure to draw attention. There was nothing she could do, but that didn't stop the tiny voice of fear that kept whispering in her ear, taunting her with thoughts of discovery.

"Knees, up. Scoot to the edge of the seat. Heels up."

Katie stifled the moan she felt coming as Lauren's fingers brushed across her tiny clitoris, already arousal-hardened despite the humiliation that held her almost frozen. Her new heels were pressed into the seat of the chair, her knees drawn up to her chest, opening her pussy to the attention of her owner, and any possible scrutiny from the seats in front. If anyone looked around they would get an eyeful of her young sex. Even in the shadowy cinema she knew she could be seen.

As the movie rolled, Lauren manipulated the pussy of her classmate with her right hand, deft fingers slipping over the slick labia and slipping inside the wet, inviting sex of the subservient schoolgirl. With her left she continued to shovel popcorn to her mouth, as if nothing untoward was happening in the seat next to her.

Katie gripped the armrests, knuckles whitening, as she fought to remain silent. Lauren knew what she was doing, having already learnt many of the secrets of her sex. She could feel her desire deepening. Lauren's fingers slid inside her with increasing ease, her pussy assisting the intrusion by producing the thick cream that she was sure she could already smell.

Lauren ate and drank as Katie sat silent and still, her chest heaving with ragged breaths as she fought against the rising lust that was quickly conquering all other considerations. She hadn't remained completely silent, a small moan of pleasure had escaped her lips as Lauren had squeezed, the cream-slick fingers sliding smoothly across the tiny clit. Katie bit her lip to stay silent, as Lauren tried again and again, unable to grasp the object of her desire, the hard, little bud as elusive as a watermelon seed.

Katie looked with lust-filled eyes at her owner, bewildered by how she could continue to watch the movie and eat popcorn as if she wasn't also bringing her property closer and closer to orgasm. Katie did not want to come. She fought the ecstasy building between her legs, knowing she would not be able to remain quiet if she did, but simply not wanting to come here, now, even if it was her owner's wish.

The panting schoolgirl's mouth opened almost involuntarily as Lauren's fingers came close. She could definitely smell her arousal now. Moments later she tasted it as well, her tongue sliding in and around her owner's fingers, dutifully cleaning them of her cream.

"Twizzler, Kitty?"

"Yes... Miss," Katie replied breathlessly, her pussy still pulsing with her unsated arousal.

"Fuck yourself with it."

She might have known she would not have simply been permitted to eat the long candy twirl. She should have seen it coming but her mind was fuddled by the near-climax that still affected her. The young girl accepted the long red candy swirl and lowered it to her pussy. sliding it up inside her without resistance. Katie held it between thumb and forefinger, slipping almost the entire length into her vagina.

"You may take a bite. Show it to me first. Oh yes, that creamy pussy just can't help but add its own flavour. Bite and fuck. When you want to take another bite, ring your bells."

Katie lifted the now red and white candy to her mouth and bit off the end. The cherry flavour mixed with the sour musk of her cream as she chewed and then swallowed. She was already thrusting the slightly smaller stick into her pussy as she ate, just glad she wouldn't come from this. Her arousal had plateaued and she fucked herself diligently, demeaning herself but unable to stop.

After a minute of slow fucking, she wiggled her left foot, sending a shower of tiny tinkling throughout the cinema. Lauren watched the screen and munched on her popcorn as if oblivious to the anxious teenager's signal. Katie wiggled her foot again, glancing sideways at her owner, hoping for acknowledgement this time. With every soft wave of chiming she risked drawing attention to herself.


Katie slipped the twizzler from her pussy and hurriedly brought it to her mouth, cupping her hand beneath it to prevent her cream from dripping onto her dress. She wanted this over, afraid that her degrading actions would be seen, so she took a large bite, removing almost half the length of the cherry twist. Her hand was back at her pussy before she had chewed the soft candy more than once, not wanting to give Lauren any cause for prolonging her humiliation.

With a sigh of relief, Katie finished off the last bite, licking her fingers as she did so. For the last minute she had been pushing barely an inch of candy into her cream-filled pussy and her fingers had slipped along the slick lips of her plump mound. She worried, more than once, that she might lose her grip on the slippery shaft and tried to grip it all the more tightly, her fingernails piercing the soft candy shaft.

She relished the final taste of cherry and cream and tried to focus once more on the screen. She was hopelessly lost and the continued pulsing along her moist cleft was not letting her regain her place in the story. Her legs were still spread, knees pushed up beside her chest, exposing her sex, her parted lips leaking thick white cream in a slow ooze.

If anyone did come, there was no chance to get her panties back on and it would take precious seconds to slide her dress back down over her buttocks, bunched as it now was across her belly. Her bare buttocks rested directly on the rough material of the cinema seat and she suddenly became terrbily aware of the thin line of discharge that slid out of her pussy and crept towards her asshole with the speed of cool honey.

Katie almost jumped from her seat as Lauren rested her hand casually on the exposed flesh above her mons. At any other time, the young girl would have relished the touch but now, as she felt her warm cream ooze between her buttocks and across her tight sphincter, she dreaded what was to come. If Lauren kept her hand there, it would be fine. She enjoyed the warm touch on her smooth flesh but she knew it wouldn't last.

As if her melancholy thoughts were a self-fulfilling prophecy, Lauren's fingers walked downwards, dallying along the top of her cleft, almost indifferently. Katie snuck a glance at her owner as the tantalising fingers brushed gently back and forth across her sensitive flesh. With a slow, gradual motion, the fingers slipped lower, towards their inevitable goal.

Katie could not suppress the soft moan that escaped her as her owner's fingers found the delicate hood, toying with the tender flesh before resting on the tiny, pink button beneath. It's protection stripped away, even this gentle touch had the young schoolgirl squirming in her seat, unable to keep still despite her desperate need to avoid detection.

"Knees down, Kitty. Keep those legs open," Lauren whispered, dashing any hopes the young girl had of regaining some of her modesty. "Drink."

Katie was grateful for the small sips of cool drink she was permitted. Her face burned with a heat that she felt was unnatural. She could feel the tiny beads of sweat forming on her upper lip and was sure it was not the only place the moisture was gathering. How could she be so hot in the air-conditioned cinema? She was no stranger to the flushing heat of humiliation but this was something different. She felt as if she was burning up, radiating heat. Surely Lauren could feel it?

Katie sat for the rest of the movie, her butt pushed to the edge of her seat, legs spread baring her smooth pussy. Every now and then Lauren would slide a hand along her leg, absently tracing tiny patterns from knee to groin. Each soft caress sent a shiver of anticipation through the young girl, reminding her of the tender lovemaking of the night before, and, she hoped, heralding the pleasure of the night to come.

"Pull your dress down Kitty, butt back in the seat. Legs open, don't be naughty now."

Katie cringed at the gentle castigation, the mere idea of being thought naughty in her owner's eyes causing her distress. She was thankful for finally being allowed to cover her nudity. It was a strange feeling, to have her body covered after being exposed for so long, but it was one which comforted her as it banished many of her fears.

She couldn't help but glance sideways at the small pink panties neatly folded on the packages beside her. The next step was to slide those up her legs, providing her with her last line of protection. She wouldn't feel truly comfortable until the sheer material was once again hugging her pussy.

The movie had come to an end, the thought of what was to come making the young girl shift nervously in her seat. As the credits started to roll up the screen, people started to leave and Katie had to fight the urge to reach out and collect her panties. Her dress covered her thighs and for that, at least, she was grateful.

Katie froze in her seat as the couple in their row got up and shuffled out of the cinema. She dared a glance behind her and saw an older couple off to her left, look her way. She snapped her head forward and tried to sink into her seat, deathly afraid they would recognise her for what she was. The heady musk of her arousal had not dissipated, instead settling around her like a miasma of sexual perversion.

"Well Kitty, stand up and put your panties on, I don't think there's any little easter eggs after the credits."

Katie's stomach was twisted in knots. This was the moment she had been dreading since the credits had begun to roll. She stood up hesitantly, looking around the theatre, desperate to confirm she was alone with her owner. The fact that she was not made her freeze, staring at the last couple, almost hidden in the back corner. She flashed a glance at Lauren, who was busy checking her phone.

Katie tried to delay the moment for as long as she could, trying to keep one eye on her owner and one on the couple in the back. She pleaded for them to leave. There was no way she could get her panties up her legs and under her dress without them noticing. The action would be obvious even in the shadowy cinema. Her silhouette alone was enough to betray her actions.

Lauren looked up, wondering at the lack of activity in her girl, and Katie flew into action. She grabbed her panties and held them low, to hide their unfolding. She bent over and stepped into the tansluscent underwear, risking one last glance at the couple. They were heading out, finally something was going her way. The agitated schoolgirl slid her tiny knickers up her legs as slowly as possible, never once taking her eyes off the slowly moving couple.

The second they disappeared around the corner, she whipped her panties up her legs, pulling her dress upwards to expose her pussy once more, the only way she could properly seat the tiny garment. As she pulled her dress back down, she sensed movement at the back of the theatre.

The girl was standing in the doorway, staring right at her, mouth wide in shock. She noticed Katie's look and scurried for her seat, coming away with her bag clutched tightly to her chest. She ran from the theatre without another look in the young girl's direction.

Katie stood, unable to move. She had tried so hard to stay silent and be on her best behaviour all through the movie and she had come undone right at the very end. Her vision blurred and her chest tightened, making it difficult to breath. She leaned against the seat in front as a nauseous, lightheaded feeling threatened to unbalance her.

"Attention, Kitty. What has gotten into you?" snapped Lauren, looking up at the palefaced teen. "Well?"

"Um, sorry Miss, it's... Um, I think someone saw me putting my panties on," the flustered teen finally managed.

"Well, slut, I guess the real question we should be asking is what has come out of you. Oh, Kitty, just look what you have done to your seat."

Katie glanced apprehensively at her seat, her breath catching as she saw the mess to which her owner had alluded. She nibbled her lip as she saw the white smear contrasting against the dark material, the irregular clumps of thickened cream visible in the pale half-light of the light on the screen. Her arousal could not be denied, even now, amid the whirlwind of humiliation and degradation that had swept her up, she could feel the soft, pulsing lust, lying barely dormant inside her. She looked back at Lauren nervously, unsure what she would be made to do. She knew she would not simply be allowed to walk away.

“Let’s go pussywhistle.”

Lauren emptied her drink, slurping the final mouthfuls noisily, before heading down the aisle and out of the cinema. Katie looked back at her seat despairingly, not wanting to hope that she would be allowed to forget it, but unable to stop the seed from being planted. She grabbed her packages and scurried from the theatre, the soft music from her anklet filling the now empty room. Lauren was waiting just outside the door, thumbs flying frantically across the screen of her phone. Katie waited patiently, not wanting to interrupt, though desperate to leave. Who knew what the girl who had seen her would do? For all she knew, security might be on their way right now to arrest her for indecent exposure.

“Kitty, did you see the mess that you made in there?”

“Yes, Miss,” the young girl replied meekly, her apprehension clear. She could almost feel the humiliation that was building in the long pause.

“Well, you had better let the management know so they can clean it thoroughly. It is the least you can do isn’t it?”

“Yes, Miss,” Katie whispered, eyes blurring with the tiny tears that she knew to be the prelude for a flood she could not control.

“Go over to the ticket guy and tell him you made a mess on seat J12 and apologise for being a nuisance. Off you go,” Lauren ordered, patting the nervous girl gently on the bum.

Katie looked plaintively at her owner, but Lauren, having given her orders, had already meandered into the lobby leaving the young girl alone. She very seriously contemplated simply walking out to meet Lauren, maybe lying to her and saying she had done it or maybe even just telling her that she could not. Her hands twisted around the handles of the plastic bags she carried, her indecision causing a fresh wave of nausea that made her want to rush to the restroom.

She fought back the urge to bring up the meagre food she had been allowed and instead grit her teeth and took her first, hesitant step towards the ticket attendant. After all she had done, this was just talking to someone, just a few words. She was fully clothed, though her nipples were still prominent beneath the tight, black material of her dress. Why was this so hard? She could say what she needed to, degrade herself before a stranger, and then just walk away, never to see him again. So why did it seem as if each step closer to her inevitable humiliation was like walking through a fire.

He glanced around at the soft tinkling that accompanied her every step and Katie stopped so suddenly she actually stumbled forward, almost running into the bewildered attendant. The blushing schoolgirl managed to right herself in time, not wanting to think what would have happened with one more step: his strong hands reaching out to catch her, sliding across her breasts as he searched for purchase on her young body. Katie’s glistening pink lips parted in surprise, her sudden fantasy throwing her off-balance far more than had the physical stumble.

“Um…” Katie began quietly, her voice barely audible above the background hum of the cinema foyer.

“Can I help you?”

“Um…” Katie nibbled her lip, her cheeks burning with an intense, scalding heat. “I, um…” Fucking hell just do it. Do it. Come on, please. Please Kitty, please.

Katie urged herself onwards, pleading with herself to find the courage to humiliate herself. She knew it had to be done. She had been such a dumb bitch to contemplate disobeying and now she was here and her body would not co-operate. She wanted to just blurt out the words she had been ordered to say and then run off as quickly as she could, losing herself in the crowd, once again becoming just another teenage girl. But she knew, even if that were so, even if she could find a crowd in which to hide, she would not be just another teenage girl.

“I made a mess of seat J12 in cinema three. I’m really sorry,” Katie finally blurted, the words gushing out once the dam had broken.

The attendant stood there as speechless as the nervous young girl had been only moments before. Katie looked around the lobby, searching for her owner, then back to the attendant, before scurrying away as fast as she could in her new heels. Her heart was pounding and she felt like a bank robber making the getaway from their latest crime. Her entire body was tense, as if waiting for the sudden keen of alarms to screech through the cinema accompanied by the sound of rushing feet closing in behind her.

Katie hurried to her owner, expecting, at any moment, to feel the firm grip of authority grasp her by the shoulder. She tried to ignore the wild bouncing of her breasts as she all but ran through the lobby. She didn’t care that she was making a scene, she just wanted to be with Lauren and leave as quickly as they could.

Katie was breathless by the time she reached her owner, heart hammering against her ribs, chest heaving as the unspent adrenalin coursed through her bloodstream. Her knees quivered as she stood at attention, silently begging for Lauren to lead her from the cinema. The tiny hairs on her neck rose as she felt the continued scrutiny of the ticket attendant. Her back was turned but she could see him call over another staff member and despatch them to cinema three. She could see the shocked faces turn towards her when the discovery of her sluttish discharge was communicated. She could see the security guard called over and move towards her, speaking sternly into a microphone at his lapel. Her breathing was ragged, her lungs fighting the tight restriction in her chest. She couldn’t stand it any longer, her panic had risen to a fever-pitch. If she didn’t do something soon she was going to scream, just to release the manic pressure that had built inside her.

“Miss, please, can we go.”

“Hey? Oh, Kitty. Did you tell them of your mess?”

“Yes Miss, can we go please.”

“They didn’t want you to clean it yourself?”

“Wha- Um, no Miss… I, I didn’t,” Katie stammered, the fear of being made to go back slamming into her like a physical force, her lip quivering in terror.

“Never mind, they pay people to clean up after grots, so why not a slut, hey? Come on pussywhistle.”

Katie followed her classmate out of the cinema lobby and through the mall. The journey was a daze for the schoolgirl, her thoughts focused only on trying to calm down: slow down her breathing, stop her heart pounding so painfully. Deep breath in, and out. In through the nose and out through the mouth, slowly. She remembered the lesson Lauren had given and used it to good effect. She was so preoccupied, the soft jangling of her anklet barely registered on her consciousness, nor did the slowly creeping hemline of her dress.

When the haze finally lifted, Katie found herself outside the mall, standing obediently beside Lauren, seated on the bench by the bus-stop. As her senses returned, so too did the sensations from her body. She still felt flushed, but she could feel the burning in her cheeks had subsided, sure that they had returned to their natural colour. Her chest ached, as if she had been gripped in the jaws of a gargantuan vice that had slowly crushed her delicate body. Her knees still trembled every now and then, a remnant of her frantic flight from the cinema. She was glad that her nipples had softened, finally, though it was a small victory for the restless teen. Thoughts of her breasts made her focus slide lower, to the very seat of her licentious affliction.

She could feel her damp panties below her dress and she wondered at the sight that would greet her when she was allowed to take them off. Her normal panties would absorb her secretions, soaking up her cream and other juices, but the tiny pink pair she wore were of a sheer material. She could see through them. How much moisture could they possibly take in? Where would it all go? The blood drained from her face as she imagined her cream oozing through the sheer material like yoghurt through a stocking, small beads of white discharge forming on the other side, pooling together and dripping from the sticky mound between her legs.

“Kitty, come and sit with me.” Katie moved automatically, her body responding as if on auto-pilot as the troubled schoolgirl’s mind wrestled with her own imagination. “What did you think of the movie?”

“Oh, um, it was ok I guess.”

“What’s that supposed to mean? You guess?”

“Well there was this whole period in the middle that is a bit of a blur,” Katie ventured, glad for the distraction of normality.

“Oh, Kitty,” Lauren said laughing, “cheeky little puss. You didn’t miss much. It was a bit of a disappointment really.”

“That’s good,” Katie said smiling at her owner’s laughter. “Well not good, I mean, good in that I would feel bad for missing a good movie but it wasn’t good so, because I missed it, then it’s not a big deal.”

“You’re so cute when you babble,” Lauren said, patting Katie’s bare thigh.

Her recent troubles were nearly forgotten at the gentle attention of her owner. The touch on her exposed flesh reminded her just how high her dress had risen, which in turn reminded her of what she had done in the cinema, but she did her best to hold the rushing flood of remembered humiliation at bay, basking instead in the light of Lauren’s happiness. She wanted it to always be like this. If she was good, she just knew it could be. They sat in silence for a while, Katie not knowing quite what to say to the compliment. She blushed a little, and stared at the sky, content.

“Let’s hope we get home before that hits,” Lauren said, breaking the comfortable silence. Katie had just seen the bank of dark clouds sliding in across the horizon and worried what would happen to her dress if she got wet. It was black so she should be ok, but it was stretched pretty tightly across her body so who could tell. “Kitty, you never said if you liked your anklet.”

“Oh yes Miss I do,” Katie rushed to answer, sensing the pout in her owner’s words. “I love it, it’s really pretty. And I love my new shoes too. My legs are a bit sore, but I know I’ll get used to it.”

“I think I ate too much popcorn,” Lauren said, rubbing her belly and giving Katie an exaggerated grimace. “It’s not the best of lunches.”

Lunch? Katie realised she was hungry and it had to be well past lunchtime. Was Lauren considering their movie snacks lunch? She had been allowed a twizzler, maybe ten pieces of popcorn and lick of cinnamon. Her stomach grumbled as if on cue, but the noise was lost in the rumble of the approaching bus. Was Lauren serious though? Katie knew she liked to tease her but somehow she had the feeling that this was not one of those times. She realised she would have to wait until Lauren wanted her fed, pining over it would not do any good.

The ride home was a blissful interlude for Katie. Lauren allowed her to sit by the window, not only providing her with the vista of the passing scenery but helping to shield her young body from view. When she had sat down her dress was barely hugging the underside of her buttocks and she relaxed into the seat as she was hidden by her packages and her owner's body.

Lauren held her hand the entire ride home, their fingers intertwined, and spoke excitedly of things both meaningul and mundane. Even though the constant bumping of the poor suspension kept Katie's young breasts bouncing within the meagre confines of her dress, she was able to forget the travails of the morning, as if they had happened to another. She was happy and content, safe in the presence of her lover.

She even shared a twizzler with Lauren, each girl taking their turn biting the twisted stick of candy. Katie couldn't help but think about truly sharing one with her owner, chewing playfully at one end, Lauren at the other, until they met in the middle, lips touching tenderly. She smiled at the silly fantasy, knowing it was from one of her favourite childhood movies but dearly wanting it to play out for real.

As they stepped down from the bus, Katie looked up at the bruised sky and wondered if they would make it home in time. Lauren seemed unconcerned, bouncing along gaily, chattering away to her girl. She didn't care if the walk home took the rest of the afternoon, spending the time with Lauren, as she laughed and bobbed along happily, was more than the smitten schoolgirl could ask for.

Katie smiled as she watched Lauren chase a leaf along the sidewalk, finally pouncing, landing feet together, crushing the particularly crunchy looking leaf with a satisfying crackle. The flaky brown remnants of her indulgent destruction blew away on the breeze, the sharp tang of ozone suddenly hanging in the air. Her smile broadened as Lauren looked at her, a little sheepish that her childish whimsy had been witnessed. Katie realised then that she was in love with this girl.

Chapter 17. And Mid This Tumult


"Yes Miss?"

"You forget yourself."

Katie sank to her knees and reached for her owner’s feet, chastising herself for forgetting her place. The epiphany that had rocked her had blinded her to her position. The realisation that the intensity of her emotions had moved well past mere friendship had made her forget that she was a possession. That she loved her possessor made her ecstatically happy, distractedly so, but it scared her a little as well.

"No Kitty, clean them first." Katie obeyed, lowering her body further to kiss the shiny black shoes that Lauren wore. "Right down, belly flat. Don't take an hour to get into position."

Lauren dug a hand into Katie's straight black hair and jerked her head to the side, pressing her face against the side of her shoe. The subservient schoolgirl immediately slid her tongue along the side of the shoe, tasting the dust of her travels. Lauren released her hair, patted the petite girl on the head, and settled back on the lounge.


Katie strained her neck and lifted her head to clean the top of her classmate's shoe. She had instinctively placed her hands behind her back the moment Lauren spoke her first command, her body acting without conscious input. She dutifully ran her tongue along the smooth top of her owner's shoe, removing anything not placed there by design. She continued to lick, in long slow motions, well past the point of cleanliness.

"Clean the rest, Kitty. Both shoes."

It was the permission for which the young girl had been waiting and diligently went to work on the remaining surfaces of both shoes, squirming her body into position to reach each untouched area. She rested her head against the ground as she licked the side of her owner's shoes, using the opportunity as a chance to rest. Her tongue was never still, curling out in long, sensuous undulations, tasting the street with every lick.

Lauren typed on her phone as her slave continued her service. Katie heard her laugh and her belly tightened in response. She loved to hear her owner laugh but was jealous that it had nothing to do with her. She was startled by the sudden conversation that Lauren began, taking a second to realise that the speech was not directed at her. She tried not to listen in, knowing that not only was it not her place, but that she would have no hope of following the one-sided conversation. She had been given a task and her only consideration was to complete it. Still, with each gentle laugh or surprised exclamation she felt her stomach twist at her exclusion. She blushed at being left to her servitude, kept apart from her owner's happiness, as if she did not matter. Lauren's shoes were well and truly clean by the time her conversation had ended and Katie was once again given the attention she craved.

"Good girl. Now best to be out of that dress. Fold it neatly, Kitty. Just because it is getting washed doesn't mean you can be rude."

Katie soon stood before her owner, naked but for her small pink panties and shiny new heels. She had glimpsed the crotch of her panties as she removed her dress and the colour of her cheeks showed the evidence of what she had found there. Her thick, white cream had oozed into the sheer material of her panties leaving a congealed mess of discoloured ooze gluing the thin garment to her still-slick sex. It was not a pretty sight, the soft mound formed by the tight cupping of her plump labia was unable to be seen, the sticky mess turning the see-through panties opaque.

"Yes Kitty, I saw it too," Lauren said as she noticed Katie's cheeks colour at the sight. "Take them off and clean them. Such pretty panties and that creamy pussy has made such a mess of them."

Katie gratefully slid the panties down her legs, the tight material peeling away from her pussy, seemingly reluctant to part from the tender flesh. She was careful to keep them at ankle height, raising each leg high to step through, ensuring there was no chance of marking the carpet. She could see the creamy smear glisten in the muted light from the window. Lauren had not as yet turned on any lights, and the storm clouds were rapidly approaching, making the afternoon much darker than it ought to have been.

The obedient teenager stretched the crotch of the panties between her fingers and lapped at her discharge. Katie's eyes never left those of her owner, seeking approval even as she demeaned herself before the pretty girl. She could see the lust in Lauren's eyes, sense the hunger that lay crouching beneath the surface of her careful control. Her eyes widened as she felt her nipples harden. She lowered her gaze at the wicked smile that curved Lauren's lips, suddenly bashful as her owner witnessed her arousal. She could not hide her sluttishness. Why did she even try? Why did she even care? It was Lauren, her owner, her lover. She should be proud of her response, but she had not, as yet, come that far.

When she lifted her eyes once more, peering coquettishly through fluttering eyelids, she saw Lauren's left hand resting on the arm of the couch, elbow crooked and palm up. She stepped forward until her pussy was above her owner's hand and slowly lowered her body until she felt the first warm touch against her skin. She bent her legs a little more, resting her slick mound in Lauren's hand. Katie immediately felt the strain in her thighs, having to bend further than normal due to the unnatural elevation from her high heels. She squirmed, pushing her sex harder into Lauren's hand as she felt two fingers slide effortlessly inside her.

"My, my Kitty. You are one insatiable little slut. This is fresh. You enjoyed cleaning my shoes, good girl. A slave gains pleasure from serving her owner. I don't think we could find a better example of that truth if we tried."

Katie knew Lauren was right. She had felt the familiar, tingling pulses in her sex as she had licked her owner's shoes clean of all the accumulated dust and dirt of the morning. She had ignored the sensations, though she knew they were there, choosing instead to focus on her task.

"Well, Kitty first things first. Let’s get some pics of your new clothes," Lauren said, her wriggling fingers continuing to slide across the soft ridges of the front wall of the young girl's vagina. "Upstairs, quick smart."

Lauren's fingers slid from the naked schoolgirl's pussy with a soft slurp as Katie straightened up and scurried up the stairs. She followed at a more leisurely pace, sliding a hand under her skirt and across her panties, feeling the hard button of her clitoris beneath, rubbing herself in tiny circles as she licked her classmate's moisture from her hand.

Katie was standing at attention in the centre of her bedroom when Lauren arrived, shopping bags twirling casually from her hand. She stopped in the doorway surveying her property standing there with nothing on. Her legs were spread perfectly, allowing Lauren to see the smooth bumps of her labia peeking out below her buttocks. Her hands rested in the small of her back, clasping each other delicately, the twin dimples above the soft curve of her ass visible on either side.

The new heels lengthened her slim calves so beautifully. She would definitely need another pair of these. Contrary to popular belief, black did not go with everything and she looked far too sweet to be restricted to the one pair. The cane marks from the morning were still visible, thin red lines crisscrossing her pretty, white bottom. Lauren wondered why Katie had chosen to stand with her back to the door to await her, but the thought lasted for only a moment, more important things occupying her mind. She stepped around the waiting girl and sat down on her bed, drinking in the more interesting side of her slave. Katie's pretty green eyes were wide and bright, and followed her classmate as she sat before her. She watched as her owner looked over her body, standing patiently as her nakedness was inspected.

Lauren's eyes roved across the full, firm mounds that graced the young girl's chest. They were exquisite: almost perfectly round, sitting high on her chest and with only the most minute drop, as if they were so bold as to defy gravity itself. The tiny pink nipples that tipped each breast were strikingly hard, standing at attention as if mimicking the schoolgirl's stance.

Her eyes sank lower, taking in the near flat stomach, sporting the gentlest of curves, before sliding into the smooth, unblemished flesh of her mons. Lauren spent long minutes admiring the pretty teen's pussy, marveling at how very different it was from her own. Plump where hers was slim, wet and oozing where hers was... well maybe not right now but the little slut became aroused at the drop of a hat, something which she enjoyed immensely and was doing her best to foster.

"Ok, Kitty, you may remove my shoes," Lauren commanded, once she had taken her fill of the young girl's body.

Katie sprang into action, falling to her knees, glad to be out from under the sight of her owner. She was helpless against those haunting blue eyes. She felt terribly exposed, her nudity not a factor, as if the pale, turqoise gaze stripped away her very being and peered deep into her soul. Lauren knew everything about her, her deepest secrets laid bare to the scrutiny of the girl that owned her. Katie reached out and gently removed Lauren's shoes, kissing the top of each bare foot. She was rewarded with a pat on the head and smiled that the initiative she had taken had been right.

"Stand up. Play with your clit. Now tell me pussywhistle, how do you like your new shoes?"

"I love them Miss," Katie replied, the fingers of her left hand playing across the top of her slit.

"How do they feel?"

"Very nice Miss, though my calves will probably be a little sore tomorrow."

"Your legs look gorgeous. Remember that the pain you might feel is only the price of your training. No pain, no gain you know. A lazy bitch like you used to be can expect to experience a great deal of pain during her training. It means you are learning to be a good slave. I only want what's best for you. You know that don't you Kitty?"

"Yes Miss," Katie replied breathlessly, her insistent attention on her clit making it hard to think straight.

"Good. Now pussywhistle," Lauren said, sitting up and becoming suddenly serious. "Were you a good girl for me on our outing?"

"I hope so Miss," Katie replied, unsure of herself and unable to compose her thoughts as the pleasure that soared through her body began to intensify.

"Kitty, you know that doing your best to be a good girl doesn't mean that you necessarily are, right?"

"Um, yes."

"You were a good girl, mostly, but your continued need to play with your dress was disappointing. Come," Lauren said, patting her lap.

Katie stepped forward, accepting her coming punishment as what she deserved. She had tried to leave her dress alone, she really had, but it was like a niggling itch that she found herself scratching despite her vow not to. She lay across Lauren's lap, offering her tender white buttocks for correction. She had initially placed her hands on the floor, to spare Lauren her full weight, but at her owner's command she clasped them behind her back, accepting her mistake. She felt Lauren's left hand rest lightly on top of her crossed wrists, a clear warning that they were not to move.

Katie's body was tense, expecting the first slap of her punishment to come at any moment. She was surprised when the first touch on her bottom was a gentle caress, making her feel foolish for jumping. Lauren continued to stroke the schoolgirl's soft mounds, enjoying the feel of the quivering flesh beneath her hand, smiling as the young body tensed each time her hand lifted from the pale skin. She could feel the young girl's frustration as the anticipated pain never came. When she felt the little slut was ripe, she landed her first blow without warning. The dam now burst, the deluge began. Slap after slap landed on the tender buttocks, quickly turning the white skin red. Lauren was sure to alternate between each bouncing mound and to ensure a good spread from top to bottom. Before long, Katie's buttocks were completely red and small moans escaped her as each hand fell afresh.

"Now, get your hand back on that clit and think about your behaviour. Think about how your butt feels and why."

Lauren gave her bottom one final smack and allowed Katie to rise. The young girl moved a hand hesitantly towards her pussy, looking sidelong at her owner to confirm she had heard the command correctly. She felt her pleasure rise the instant her fingers brushed her tight little clit, almost as if there had been no painful interlude. She thought about the ecstasy she could feel growing inside her but she was thinking of the throbbing heat in her behind and the reason why. Her behaviour had not been good enough and she had been punished. She knew she deserved it but she tried not to think too much along those lines or she knew what would happen. She could already feel the first hint of the tears she was trying so hard to fight.

Lauren left her to work through her conflicting emotions, disappearing from the room as Katie continued to pleasure herself. The panting schoolgirl's hips had started to rock back and forth as her deft fingers brought her closer to climax. She realised what was happening and slowed down her movements, not daring to stop but trying to work within the confines of her submission, to prevent the orgasm she was not permitted and knew she did not deserve.

"Ok Kitty, enough of that. Against the wall my little slut. Model those shoes for me. Legs a little further apart, honey."

Katie smiled unashamedly, her eyes twinkling as she displayed her body for the camera. Lauren had called her honey, a sweet, intimate name that she knew couples called each other. She could barely contain the happiness she felt, even as her photo was taken, something she still did not enjoy. Lauren took more than just the one photo. This time there was a whole series: hands behind the back, hands on hips, left leg a little in front, toe pointed, then the right. Lauren couldn't get enough of her slut in these shoes, especially with the small dollop of cream clinging to Katie's labia. She was sure the young girl had no idea it was there, a small white droplet dangling near half an inch from her slick lips. It could clearly be seen even on the small viewscreen of the camera, once she had it on her computer it could not fail to draw the eye.

"Shoes off pussywhistle. Socks now. And make sure they go underneath your anklet, always underneath."

"Yes Miss,” Katie replied, squatting down to unbuckle her high heels.

"No Kitty. Stand up. Now, when you remove your shoes you don't just squat down like some farmer scrabbling in the dirt. You bent at the waist, knees straight and remove them properly, like a girl with some manners."

Katie blushed as Lauren told her off, instantly realising her error. She thought back to the way she had squatted down and knew it had not looked pretty. As she bent from the waist and reached for the buckle of her left shoe, she glanced between her legs and saw what her owner had been enjoying for the last five minutes. She couldn't believe she had not known. A thick string of cream, lumpy and white, dangled from her pussy and she had not even known it was there. Her blush intensified as the true magnitude of her sluttishness was made clear. She finished removing her shoes and placed them neatly in the closet by the rest of her clothes. If only she could put some of them on, maybe she wouldn't burn so terribly.

Lauren was holding out the rainbow-coloured socks when she returned from the closet and Katie received them dutifully. She made sure to slide her left sock beneath her anklet, ensuring it had the freedom of movement so often denied her. She was photographed in all three pairs in quick succession and was left wearing the pink socks at the end of the session. She had to admit they were very cute, covering her from foot to knee. She had never owned anything like them. And she still did not if she thought about it. Could a possession own anything? Could something that was owned call anything truly theirs?

"Kitty, you look so adorable. Come here, sexy little minx," Lauren commanded, sinking backwards onto her bed as the naked schoolgirl padded seductively towards her, filling the room with the delicate tinkling of tiny bells.

* * *

Katie licked her lips as she carried the glass of water up the stairs, tasting her owner's sex and smiling at the memory of their recent lovemaking. She had left Lauren, lying in bed, emitting the occasional giggle as the results of Katie's increasingly talented mouth lingered. She had not come, but Lauren had and despite the frustration she felt, she was happy.

Her body felt electric, on fire, ready to explode and a myriad of chaotic, overwhelming sensations, each time her owner came. When she heard Lauren moan, the high-pitched squeals of ecstasy she knew were due to her attention, something happened to her she could not explain. Even if she was not being pleasured herself, she felt as if her own climax was close, needing the most meagre of touches to push her over the edge.

She had been servicing her owner, her own sex untouched, and though her heart still beat fast, it was from her efforts to please not her own arousal. She smiled as she entered the bedroom, Lauren lying exactly as she had left her, legs wide and almost half off the bed. Her eyes could not help but fall to the slender pink slit bared before her. She had cleaned it thoroughly, being sure to remove all evidence of her lover's arousal, lapping at the soft labia like a devoted dog.

Katie almost dropped the glass she was carrying as she blushed at the thought. Where the fuck had that come from? It had been innocent but it sent her back to the reason she was here, the property of another girl. She thought of it every now and then, though she tried to banish the thoughts as soon as she could, reticent to let the emotions that flooded through her take hold. She was ashamed by the memory of what she had done, but she was excited by it as well. Her afternoon walks with Max were the hardest.

Katie knelt between Lauren's legs and waited patiently. She stared at her owner's pussy, drinking in the sight, learning each delicate curve and gentle crease. This tiny area of flesh had become such a large part of her world now, consuming her thoughts and holding her hostage to her desires. If she was forced to wait here all afternoon she would count it time well spent. She was mesmerised by the way Lauren's pussy moved as her muscles flexed, her thin labia tightening and relaxing as if her owner's pussy was trying to communicate some carnal message.

"Glass on the bedside table Kitty. Now get your heels on."

Katie complied, this time making sure she stood straight and bent at the waist, dressing herself like a good girl, a girl with manners. She looked down her body as she did so, noticing the wetness of her lips, even in the dirty half-light that filtered into the room from the storm-darkened sky. Her cream was no longer dripping from her pussy, instead it had coated her lips and inner thighs, the slow-drying slime leaving sticky patches on her skin.

"Unaware that I am Shiva, Kitty. A playlist on my iPod. Song 6. Dance for me, my little sex kitten."

Katie hurried to the dock on Lauren's desk and shuffled through the playlists. Katie had only ever had just a big jumble of songs on hers, she was amazed at what Lauren had done. There were heaps of playlists: 'An Occasional Dream', 'Just in Case of Sunrise', 'Inside the Goldmine'. She had no idea what any of them meant but she wanted to know, to hear them, to share in one of Lauren's passions.

She soon found the playlist and the song she had been instructed to find and hit play, not knowing what to expect from a song called 'Justify My Love'. The moment the slow beat began she knew what to do, her body beginning to move, sinuous and sensual as she looked toward her owner.

Lauren had propped herself up against the pillows at the head of her bed, sipping from her glass of cool water, the very picture of indolence. She smiled languidly as she watched the pretty schoolgirl dance before her, her young body lithe and inviting. Katie's passion was high and she let her desire flow through her, informing her motion: hips grinding and swaying slowly, body turning to the beat. Her lips curled into a coquettish smile as she slid her hands down the outside of her breasts, lowering her hips and opening her legs in one smooth motion.

She used her lust to endowing her every move, each slow twirl of her head, each sensual turn of her thigh, inhabiting the song to which she danced. She listened to the breathy voice, feeling as if it spoke directly to her. She watched her owner in the shadows, dancing for her, feeling the submission in the act, her status as an owned thing sending tight waves of sensation through her belly. Katie wound down slowly as the song came to an end, not wanting the feelings that swirled within her to stop. Even in the growing twilight she could see the tiny bumps on Lauren's chest, her hard nipples standing above her small breasts, calling to her like beacons in the darkness. She wanted to go to her, to slide across her owner's supine body, kiss her, suckle those tight, tiny buds until she heard the girl gasp.

Instead the naked schoolgirl stood at attention, wearing nothing but her four inch heels and the pink knee-high socks. Katie could not see, but she knew the state of her pussy. She would not be surprised, this time, if she were to see a thick drop of her cuntcream dangling lewdly from her vagina.

"Well, well Kitty. Aren't you just my little private dancer. How could you ever doubt you are a slut?"

Katie smiled bashfully, hanging her head and looking at her owner through lidded lashes. After the way she had moved, so smoothly and so free, and the way that had made her feel, she too wondered how she had ever questioned who she was. All the signs had been there, even before she had become Lauren's property. Who but a slut invited a dog to lick their pussy?

"I think sometime we might just have to get you some lessons, harness that raw potential. How is your homework project coming along?"

"Really good, Miss. I could do it now," Katie replied eagerly, willing to please.

"No my little slut, maybe later. You have had your fun, now it is my turn. Don't you think it is time for me to enjoy what I own?"

"Oh, yes Miss," replied Katie, thoughts of her owner's mouth on her pussy, lapping at her cream, made her breath catch in her throat.

"Take all the ropes downstairs, place them neatly on the lounge. Then stand in the far corner."

Katie's hoped were dashed in an instant. She couldn't believe how dumb she had been to think that Lauren had meant she was going to give her pussy the same attention. She had serviced her owner, the duty of a slave and now she was to be played with as if she was a toy, Lauren taking whatever enjoyment she wished from her body. She chastised herself the entire time, a steady litany of self-recrimination as she carried the armful of coiled rope down the stairs. She placed them all neatly in a row on the lounge and hurried to the far corner, eager to be in position when Lauren came down the stairs.

"Facing the corner, Kitty," Lauren scolded when she appeared minutes later. Katie blushed and spun around, pressing her face into the corner, the cool plaster on her breasts making her nipples begin to harden. She couldn't even manage to get that right. "Hands behind your head. You know the corner posture, stop being naughty."

The young girl waited patiently as Lauren pottered around behind her. She wanted desperately to see what her owner was doing, the anticipation of what was to come driving her to distraction. Even though Lauren was only feet away, Katie felt alone and forgotten. Her nose was buried in the corner, barely an inch from the wall, and she had to resist the urge to lean against the cool surface, an act of laziness she was determined not to perform.

"Get over here slut."

Katie scurried from the corner, the harsh tones causing her anxiety to deepen. Her body remained loose and malleable as Lauren pushed and pulled her limbs into the configuration she desired. Her legs were spread past her shoulders, her arms tied tightly at the wrist behind her. Rolls of thunder rubmled across the sky, adding to the sense of foreboding that made the pretty schoolgirl's knees tremble. Before she quite knew what was happening her arms were wrenched upwards, her body folding forward to compensate for the painful posture. Moments later she felt Lauren's hand slide along her now horizontal body, a gentle caress from buttock to shoulder. Katie looked up as Lauren stood beside her and wondered how her arms could be pulled so high into the air with her owner next to her.

She gasped as her hair was pulled roughly into a tight ponytail, her head immediately jerked backwards and held in position. Katie shuffled in her high heels, trying to find a position in which her arms were not pulled so painfully high behind her. Nothing she tried alleviated the rigid posture, her body remaining almost parallel with the floor, her head pulled back, forcing her to look straight ahead. She tried to glance to the side, but could only move her eyes, any head movement causing a painful tug on her hair. Even as she tried to deal with the pain of the strict position she could not stop wondering how she was being secured.

"Don't strain that pretty little brain, Kitty. Exposed beams, my little slut, something every house just must have. Now, legs wider slut," Lauren ordered, nudging the young girl's feet with her own.

Katie took tiny steps, barely moving her feet at all, each small movement increasing the strain on her arms. Lauren continued her insistent instruction until the petite schoolgirl's legs were widely spread, the strain in her thighs almost as intense as the pain in her near-vertical arms. The sudden sensation between her legs was unexpected and she jumped in surprise, yelping as her muscles were jolted painfully. The sudden spike of pain was soon forgotten as the tongue of her owner scalded her wet pussy. Maybe she hadn't been wrong after all, Lauren just had to add her little touches. She knew how much her owner enjoyed tying her up, something that would heighten the pleasure she gained from using her. Katie had never enjoyed the tight restriction of her bondage, but she looked upon it in a new light, the helplessness of her position warring with her desire to make Lauren happy.

Soon after this minor epiphany, she almost lost the ability for coherent thought, the bewildering intensity of the ecstasy that surged through her causing the panting teenager to moan and squirm as much as her bondage allowed. Lauren's entire mouth now enveloped her plump pussy. She pushed her body back as her owner's tongue slid along the length of her slit, parting her full lips before slipping deep inside her, swirling along the delicate ridges and folds of her vagina. Katie could not control herself, using the restriction of the ropes around her wrists as leverage to push her hips backwards, desperate for the tongue to delve deeper.

"Delicious, Kitty," Lauren said, leaning back on her heels before crawling underneath the young girl. She came up in front of Katie, rested on her haunches and kissed the secured schoolgirl passionately, transferring the taste of her sex as their young tongues swirled their sinuous dance.

"Kitty, remember that pain is temporary, service is forever. I don't want to hear any silliness from you. Okay pussywhistle?"

"Yes Miss," Katie gasped, not sure what she meant.

"If I have to gag you, well then, let's say a zebra will envy that cute little ass of yours."

"I'll be good," Katie replied, dreading what the need for the warning meant for her immediate future.

Lauren disappeared, increasing the trepidation that gripped the young girl. While her owner was near she knew what to expect, but left to her own devices, a myriad of wicked fantasies blurred through her mind as she waited for Lauren to return. The first evidence she had was a burst of pain in her left nipple, a pain which she had felt before. She knew a second clamp would soon be attached to her right nipple and clenched her jaw in anticipation.

"There we go," Lauren exclaimed as Katie gasped with the painful application, "now you look so much prettier. But still not..."

As she panted forcefully, trying to expel some of the pain that radiated through her chest with each loud exhalation, she heard Lauren leave the room. She was left alone, her body wracked with pain both dull and sharp and tried her best to calm down. The longer Lauren was away the more intense her fear of abandonment became. She knew it was stupid, so fucking stupid, but despite her owner being the source of her pain, she could bear it more easily when she was there.

"Here we are slut. Those beautiful titties are going to get some exercise too. I bet it's the first weight session they've ever done. Well?"

"Yes Miss," Katie replied, unaware a question had been posed. She tried to look around to see what Lauren had brought and whined frustratedly at the sharp tug in her scalp. She hated not being able to see, having to wait until Lauren enacted her latest fantasy, her imagination running wild.

"I didn't give you permission to move your feet."

Katie hurriedly shuffled her feet back to their original position, but it was too late. She had demonstrated her inability to obey and felt ropes slide around her ankles. When she felt Lauren return to her side, she tested her new bonds, finding she could no longer move her legs either. Her final freedom had been removed because she could not seem to behave herself. The secure schoolgirl moaned as she felt a tug at her left breast, then another. The pressure in her nipple increased with each tug though it was not until the third when the pain in her breast spiked that she realised Lauren was adding weights to the clamps that pinched her nipples so cruelly. She squealed as yet another weight was added, her nipple now feeling as if it was being wrenched from her breast.

Now that she knew what was coming, Katie could not remain silent as her right nipple was distended by the addition of the small metal weights Lauren's father used in fishing. Individually they didn't weigh all that much but the weight did not take long to add up. Katie tried to stay calm, to keep her breathing slow and even, but the clamps were constantly moving, the gentle swaying of the weights that pulled her nipples to the floor refused to allow the young girl to become accustomed to the pain. This was not how the clamps had felt before.

For a second, just one second, Katie forgot the pain that gripped her nipples. Lauren was back between her legs, fingers sliding gently along her soft lips. The bent teen moaned as she was filled, the hard ridges of her dildo instantly familiar. Her pussy welcomed the glass intruder, opening and accepting the hard shaft until she felt full. Lauren began fucking her, slow movements at first, allowing her to feel the bulbous ridges of the dildo push past her plump labia and slide in and out of her wet opening. With each thrust the weights that hung from her nipples swayed and swirled never allowing the young girl a moment's relief. As the speed of the fucking increased, the gentle swaying of the weights turned into violent jerks, tugging on the vicious clamps, tiny metal teeth digging into the tender flesh of her nipple.

Katie's moans grew to match her owner's now frenzied speed. The pain in her breasts was agony but the ecstasy that had built almost to its peak was exquisite. The young girl did not know how to deal with the conflicting emotions, her mind a confusion of sensation. She could never have conceived of such feelings, nothing in her sheltered young life could have prepared her for such torment.

As suddenly as it began, the intense fucking stopped. Katie's hips continued to buck back and forth, her body unwilling to accept the reality of the loss. She groaned a sad lament as the orgasm she knew was only moments away was denied her. As if in answer to her bodies need for a hole to be filled, Katie felt something forced into her mouth. She responded on instinct, opening wider to accept the unknown object. Her lips closed over a large rubber ball, her tongue sliding over the smooth surface as Lauren tied the straps behind her head. She moved her lips, adjusting them around the ball, tasting the rubbery flavour that filled her mouth. She had been making too much noise, obviously. She hadn't even noticed, overwhelmed by the emotional turmoil that had raged inside her - the dichotomy of pleasure and pain, sister sensations she was only just beginning to comprehend.

Katie looked into Lauren's eyes as she squatted before her, the pale blue eyes catching and holding her gaze. "Noisy little cunt aren't you? You're making more noise than the storm. Smell that Kitty? Don't you just love the smell of rain? Oh, you wouldn't be able to smell anything but your cunt I guess. You were going to come then, hmmm." Katie tried to nod her head but her hair was pulled too tightly behind her. "You weren't going to be naughty though were you?"

Katie shook her head forcefully, desperate to make Lauren believe her. She groaned into the gag as she set the weights hanging from her nipples swinging violently. She tried to calm down, the soft touch of her owner's hand only able to do so much. She breathed through her nose, huffing loudly as she tried to fill her lungs with air.

"Those clamps hurting? Would you like me to take them off? Speak up, Kitty. No? Well then, I'm going to check that all the windows are closed before the rain really starts coming down."

Katie's eyes followed Lauren as she moved out of sight. She heard her leave the room and closed her eyes, trying not to let her fears control her. She could hear the sounds of windows closing, muted noises from around the house. It was in the moments of silence, when she did not know where Lauren was, when the terror of being alone consumed her, that she foolishly struggled in her bondage. She succeeded only in increasing her pain, but it took her mind temporarily from her loneliness. Her eyes roved continuously around the limited vista she could see, not daring to close them for fear of missing her owner's return.

After what felt like an age to the restless schoolgirl, Lauren returned, sauntering into view, a tall glass of juice in her hand. She sat down on the lounge, fixing her skirt daintily before taking a sip of her drink. Katie stared at her owner, strings of drool forced around her ballgag, dangling from her mouth, Lauren's beauty only making her feel more unattractive and unworthy. Even dressed all in black, in a simple skirt and t-shirt, Lauren was a vision.

"Well, my creamy little coconut, would you like those weights off now?"

Katie tried to move her head but failed. She needed to answer, she needed the clamps off her nipples, she could barely think through the pain that spiked constantly through her breasts. She tensed her body, pulling against her bonds and lifted her head, just enough to perform one small nod. She paid for the gesture with a pulse of pain in each of her breasts, as the weights jerked at the end of their tethers.

"I hope you understand what your poor behaviour cost you, Kitty," Lauren scolded as she unfastened the gag and slid it from the straining teenager's mouth.

"Thank you, Miss," Katie said breathlessly, the moment the gag was out of her mouth. She licked her lips, trying to collect as much of the unfallen drool as she could, not wanting to worsen the mess she was sure she had made.

"So you would like the clamps off?"

"Yes please Miss," Katie said hurriedly, not wanting to miss the opportunity. "If it would please you."

Lauren looked at the young girl and knew she was sincere. Even amidst the intense pain she felt, she still had the presence of mind to remember her place. Or was it remembrance? Was it, maybe, a result of the acceptance of her place. A shiver ran through Lauren's body at the thought, her nipples stiffening beneath her tiny tee.

"It would, Kitty. We have other things to do."

Lauren crawled beneath the bent girl and reached out delicately for the clamps that dug cruelly into Katie's breast. Without further warning the weighted clamp was removed from the young girl's left breast, the vicious metal teeth opening, allowing the blood to flow back into the tiny pink bud. Katie grunted, primal and deep, as agony slammed through her breast. She wanted to scream, wanted it desperately but she knew she should not, knew that she had to try and be as quiet as she could for her Mistress. She writhed within her tight bondage, yearning for some kind of outlet to help deal with the pain that filled her chest.

Her composure was shattered as Lauren's mouth closed over the abused nipple, her valiant attempt to remain obedient dashed as a scream burst from her. Katie quickly cut off the undisciplined scream and stamped her feet as her owner suckled, teasing with her lips and tongue. Her breathing was ragged, heart wild as Lauren continued to suckle until the squeals from the bound schoolgirl quieted into soft moans. She could feel the depressions in the tender flesh start to even out and knew it was time to complete the set. She reached down under her skirt and gently rubbed a hand over her panties, pressing upon her hard clitoris as she enveloped the freed right nipple, mouth working on the stiffened flesh as Katie groaned, the pain spiked once more.

How the fuck could it feel so much worse to have the clamps removed? The quivering schoolgirl simply could not understand, her brain able only to process the intense pain that seemed to have invaded every nerve in her young body. It took longer, this time, for the pain to subside, turning slowly and subtly into something she did not realise as pleasure until Lauren's mouth was removed, her nipple suddenly cool.

"See Kitty, good girls get rewarded."

Katie wanted to reply, she wanted to let Lauren know that she was good, she wanted to be good, but her only response was a low grumbling from her belly. The meagre food she had been allowed for lunch was making itself known and she blushed at the unsolicited sounds from her body. She had no idea why she felt embarrassed, she just did. Even now, naked and bound, pain still coursing through her body, she could still feel this way. She grit her teeth, determined to push aside the emotions she so detested in herself.

"I have a hungry slut on my hands it seems. I know what you want to eat Kitty, but I think you need something a little more substantial. But first," Lauren said, sliding her hand up the quivering thigh of the trussed teen, "we need to get you a little more comfortable."

Katie stayed completely still, moving only when Lauren gave her permission or directly manipulated her body into position. She silently thanked Lauren as she was slowly lowered to the ground, the relief she felt being able to lie on her side was heavenly. Her shoulders and thighs ached from the strenuous position she had been forced to hold for what felt like an hour.

Her sigh of relief turned into a grunt as the rope that still bound her wrists was wrapped tightly around her waist, again and again, forming the strict belt that she was coming to expect as part of Lauren's preferred restraints for her. She lay compliant as her bondage deepened, her left leg pulled towards the ceiling until it was stretched taut.

Katie looked up, her new position affording her the chance to see the rope stretched between two eyelets embedded in the exposed beams above. She tested her bonds, something to which she had become accustomed, and realised that by securing just the one leg, her movement was restricted almost entirely.

She lay on her side, resting as well as she could in the tight restraints, as Lauren left the room. A strange confusion of emotions surged within her as she waited for her owner to return. She didn't enjoy being used in this way, though she knew it was simply part of being owned. She was Lauren's possession to use as she pleased, but she could not come to like what Lauren did, or to enjoy her part in it. And yet she felt such a wave of feeling for her classmate that was at odds with her abuse. Lauren had seen her need and had responded immediately. She was looking after her, even during this... she wasn't sure what to call it, play? She could simply have ignored it and continued with whatever infernal plans she had for her body, but she had stopped and soon she would be fed.

Katie was still trying to reconcile the feelings when her owner returned, moving behind the bound girl and kneeling down, lifting her head and resting it gently in her lap. Katie looked up into the beautiful smiling face of her owner and could not help but smile back.


Katie opened obediently, eyes widening just a little as she felt a soft touch along the sensitive lips between her legs. She knew that she must have cream slathered across her vulva and very soon she would be tasting herself once again. She was not disappointed as, a moment later, a small plastic nipple was thrust into her open mouth.


She immediately began suckling on the small baby bottle that Lauren held to her mouth, the taste of her sex flavouring the cool water she managed to draw through the nipple with each gentle suck. She looked deep into her owner's eyes, entranced as she slowly emptied the bottle, her lips pursed around the tiny teat. Lauren stroked her hair gently, smiling down at her slave as she fed.

Katie knew this was wrong. She knew that being fed from a baby bottle by another girl was not something that should make her feel this way, but she could not help the deep sense of contentment that washed over her, filling her with a serenity she had never before experienced. Not even when she had lain with Lauren, their bodies entwined after making love, had she felt this way. She wanted to close her eyes, to break the mesmerising hold that Lauren had upon her, but she could not. She continued to suckle, the faint squelching as her mouth worked the tiny nipple making her blush. Even the familiar flush of warmth in her cheeks could not banish the feeling of tranquility that enveloped her.

"Mmmm, thirsty Kitty, hey."

Katie nodded imperceptibly, not stopping the gentle rhythm she had established until Lauren withdrew the bottle from her mouth. She could not believe the sense of loss she felt but the strange compulsion was broken and the young girl looked sheepishly away, suddenly shy, not wanting Lauren to see the depth of her feelings.

"These could do with a little flavour I think," said Lauren, thinking out loud.

Katie's head was gently lowered to the floor allowing Lauren to crawl between the young girl's open legs. She had known what was coming but she was still surprised by the first touch at her sex.

"One, two, three, hell Kitty, I think we can do all ten."

Katie could feel the gentle touch as something was slid inside her but she could not tell what was happening. She was dying to be able to see, but even if she strained her body, she knew that what was being done to her pussy was beyond her ability to see, or control.

"Ok, Kitty. Let's have them back. You can't eat them down there. That's my girl. Those cunt muscles definitely need some training."

Katie tensed her belly and bore down on her pussy, squeezing out the small objects Lauren had slipped within her. She could feel each one slide out, opening her vagina so very briefly. She counted only seven and as she squeezed and squirmed, doing everything she knew how, she finally felt her lips part an eighth time.

"Far too slow. Such a lazy pussy."

Katie was glad it was over, realising she must have pushed out multiple objects at once. It was not until her head was once again resting in Lauren's lap that she realised what had been done. She watched as Lauren lifted a grape from the bowl she held, the small oval held delicately between her fingers, the deep, wine-coloured surface streaked in white.

Katie opened obediently as the cream-covered fruit was lowered into her mouth. She first tasted her sex but the burst of rich flavour as she crushed the delicate oval soon overpowered the taste with which she had become so familiar. She ate all ten grapes, each one presented as tenderly as the first. Lauren stroked the hair back from her temple as she ate, calming the young girl into a near-trance. Once she had finished her first course, the process was repeated again and again. On Lauren's fourth trip between her legs, Katie jumped in surprise as something large and cool was thrust inside her. She had only been expecting more grapes, the small, smooth ovoids providing a gentle sensation that tantalised her.

Lauren stayed behind the supine teenager as she removed the object from one hole and presented it to the next. Katie complied dutifully, biting down and removing an inch of the moist-tipped carrot. As she crunched noisily, Lauren thrust the vegetable deep inside the captive schoolgirl. Katie moaned in pleasure as her classmate ran her hand along her left leg, caressing the taut muscles of the young girl's thigh. Her left leg stretched severely to the ceiling, opened the young pussy, each thrust of the edible intruder causing the entrance to her sex to widen, closing slowly as if craving to be filled.

The carrot continued between mouth and cunt until the final piece was popped into her mouth, the room filled with the loud crunching of the crisp vegetable. Lauren left her young slave to devour the last of her meal and stepped to the window, taking a deep breath of the cool air, heady and redolent of rain. The low rumble of still-distant thunder heralded the coming tumult and she shivered at the tempest to come.

Lauren stayed at the window, breathing deeply and enjoying the harsh tang of ozone as she watched lightning flash in the distance. She closed her eyes and let the excitement flow through her, feeling the tingle of arousal deep in her belly. She had never been able to deny a storm, locking herself away and seeking pleasure in the raw power that surrounded her. Until Kitty had become her property, the most powerful orgasms she had experienced had been within the depths of the most tumultuous of storms.

She looked back to the young girl, bound on the floor behind her, illuminated only by the pale twilight that seeped through the house. Katie was looking up at her, waiting obediently to be used once again. She did not have much choice, but that wasn't entirely true, Lauren admitted. She had no choice but to wait, but she could have been anything but obedient. The slim schoolgirl was not surly or impatient. She simply waited in the position into which she had been placed, anticipating her next service. Lauren smiled and returned to her young charge, cooing softly to her as she fed her the last of the water. As Katie suckled once more at the plastic nipple, the first drops of rain spattered against the windows. The bottle was pulled from her mouth and rolled casually aside.

"Time for dessert."

Lauren stood up and slid her panties smoothly down her legs. Katie's belly flipped nervously as she watched the crumpled black underwear thrown onto the floor beside her. She licked her lips, knowing what was to come next. Lauren still wore her skirt as she lowered her body over Katie's face, the young girl's mouth opening well before contact was made.

Darkness fell over the schoolgirl as Lauren's skirt draped around her face. Lips met, the groans of both girls mixing with the peals of thunder rolling ever closer. Katie had not received any specific orders but her instincts took over and she lapped the petite labia as if they held the key to her survival. Lauren slowly lowered her weight upon the schoolgirl, losing herself in the increasing speed and enthusiasm of the little slut’s mouth, the tamed tongue working the delicate folds with a feverish intensity.

Katie worked diligently, trying to ignore the discomfort her bondage caused and focus entirely upon her owner's pleasure. Her lips and tongue, mouth and nose all played their part in bringing the girl atop her to orgasm. Lauren ground her pussy into her slut's face as wave after wave of ecstasy pounded upon her. She raised her hips only when the first hint of a giggle, her uncontrollable post-orgasmic response, began to threaten. Her body had only moved an inch, just enough to break the contact, but the young girl beneath her followed the object of her desire, seeking to please as long as it was in her power.

Lauren giggled and rolled to the side, leaving Katie gasping and flushed at the first breath of fresh air she had been allowed in some time. She rolled her tongue around her mouth, sliding smoothly across her teeth, savouring the taste of her owner. She knew it was a terrible thing to admit, and she would never let Lauren know, but she preferred the taste of her own pussy. Only just, but even so... She knew she should like her owner's better but she had long ago discovered she could not deny her feelings. Maybe in time she would, she hoped she did, she knew it was only right.

Katie looked at her owner, smiling as the occasional, uncontrolled outburst shook her slim body. Lauren was so pretty and now, her face flushed with the glow of her climax, she looked preternaturally beautiful, more beautiful than anyone had a right to be. Katie longed to go to her, squirming in her bondage as she tried to reach the prostrate girl, unable to do more than wriggle her hands behind her. She could see Lauren's skirt lying askew, showing off a tantalising glimpse of toned thigh, the slim lips she had so recently tasted visible as little more than a shadowy curve.

Katie felt her own pussy tingle as she gazed at her lover, unable to stop the lascivious thoughts that flickered in her brain, teasing her with fantasies she could not fulfill, thoughts of a slut. Lauren finally gathered herself and reached fumblingly to realign her skirt. The bound schoolgirl sighed a soft lament at the loss of so beautiful a sight, but quickly cut off her whine, not wanting to displease the girl to whom she belonged, the girl to whom she was dedicated to serving.

"Well that should have taken the edge off my little slut's hunger, hmmm. That cunt needs some training but we'll leave that for your homework next week. Kitty, as cute as I find that creamy pussy, we can't have it spending all its energy on pumping out those juices. Look at it now, still oozing. You know it don't you? Little slut."

Katie had started to cringe, fearing a scolding, but she heard the smile in Lauren's voice and she smiled in turn, knowing that the wetness she could not control was not something to be ashamed of. Her owner wanted a slut, and a slut she had. She could no more stop her pussy from creaming than she could stop her hair from growing.

"Well slut, I think it's the turn for some attention to be paid to your pussy. After all, it has been waiting patiently, creaming up a storm. It's only fair."

Lauren disappeared once more, a shiver of anxious anticipation ran through Katie's body. She wasn't sure how to take that, it could be good or bad, but there was nothing she could do. Even if she had not been bound so securely she would have waited obediently for whatever was to come. A tiny part of her brain screamed at her to struggle, to break free from her bonds and run. She knew it wasn't a bad part of her telling her to do this, providing her with another compulsion that warred with her need to obey, but she wished it would go away. It did nothing but make it harder to accept her owner's treatment, made her second-guess her compliance with the situation she found herself in. She quieted the voice with thoughts of Lauren, her beauty, the way she made her feel when she gave her an order, the way her body responded to the authority in her voice. By the time her owner returned, the young girl had banished the tiny voice of dissent, her pussy pulsing with the thoughts that now occupied her mind. She could feel the slimy liquid slide down across her buttocks, tickling as it slipped slowly across her sensitive skin.

"Oh Kitty, just look at that puss. You are incorrigible."

Katie didn't know what that meant but it no doubt had something to do with being such a slut. It wasn't until Lauren stood directly above her that the secured schoolgirl noticed what dangled from her owner's right hand. The strange implement she had guessed was made from rope was gripped loosely in Lauren's petite hand, the multiple strands of unravelled rope swinging lazily.

"You have been a good girl, so you can make a little noise now. First though, we need to keep that leg out of the way."

Katie's right leg was soon stretched as taut as her left, only this time it lay along the floor, secured tightly to the leg of the couch. The muscles in her thigh strained at the severe position, her legs now forming a near perfect L. Even though she had tried to keep her eyes on Lauren, as much as her restraints would allow, she screamed in surprise as the small makeshift flogger landed on her vulnerable vulva.

Her scream was lost amidst the noise of the storm, the rain now battering against the house, the strident beat relentless. The flogger fell again, the thin strands flying with full force into the plump flesh of her young pussy. As Lauren continued to flick the homemade whip against the sensitive flesh of Katie's sex, the young girl could not keep still, her body a squirming, straining mass as she tried desperately to avoid the blows.

Her body barely moved, the frenzied writhing not allowing her to avoid even a single blow. The ache in her pussy increased with each strike, the dull, throbbing pain spiking with each stroke. Katie knew she was permitted to make noise but she tried her best to stifle her screams, thinking it would please Lauren to see some control. She did not do very well, simply unable to stay silent as the soft skin of her sex was struck mercilessly, the plump pudendum turning red under the ministrations of her owner.

As swiftly as it started, the blows stopped falling. She jumped as her throbbing pussy was gently caressed before something thick and long was thrust deeply into her. Katie simultaneously gasped and groaned as the intruder was pumped in and out of her slick sex. The young girl knew immediately that it was not her dildo. She marvelled that, bound and abused as she was, her slut brain still the ability to think about such things.

The muted hum began a moment before the vibrator was pressed against her clit, the tiny pink bud hidden beneath the hood that provided no protection at all. The pain from her whipping remained, the ecstasy that grew by the second barely dulling the pounding ache. In moments Katie knew it was too much. Her entire body felt as it was burning, filled with molten lava, pressure building, looking only for an avenue of escape.

"May I come please Mistress," Katie panted, barely able to form the words.

Her only response was the removal of the vibrator and the unceremonious withdrawal of the dildo from the slick pink folds of her vagina. The frustrated teenager groaned piteously, her climax denied her. Katie screamed, shocked from her reverie, as the small flogger landed mercilessly across the fat lips of her pussy. The swollen pink flesh flattened under the force of the multitude of strands and her body bucked as she tried, in vain, to escape the blows.

Her legs were held open, exposing her to the full attentions of her owner. She was helpless, completely unable to protect herself in any way. Her thighs constantly strained against her bonds, trying frantically to close, knowing even as she tried that it was not within her power. Lauren had total control, her only option was to accept her fate but she could not make her body listen. With each fresh stroke her body tensed in a feeble attempt to break her bonds. Again the beating stopped and her cunt was filled, her clit stimulated by the buzzing vibrator. This time it was only a matter of moments before she could not contain the ecstasy that threatened to rend her young body asunder. She tensed, every muscle fighting for release, wrenching against her strict bonds. She could not move, her body unable to find a way to alleviate the tension, focused instead on her sex, all her energy funneling into her pussy, the pressure becoming unbearable. She was panting, moaning, her head twisting in abandon as her body felt as if it was being shaken apart.

"Macumplems," Katie spat, her mind unable to form the question she so desperately wanted answered.

"Come slut, come for me. Come for your Mistress. Come because I allow it."

At the very moment that her orgasm burst upon her, she felt a pressure at her sphincter. It was small and momentary but as she watched the dizzying sunbursts form behind her eyelids, she felt fuller than ever before. Lauren smiled as Katie's body went limp. She had been waiting for the young girl to black out, but she had not counted on it. She had a theory, the evidence for which was definitely mounting and gently caressed her slave's soft belly as she held the dildo in her pussy and the thick marker pen in her anus with her right hand. She had sensed Katie's realisation the very moment her orgasm overtook her and she could not wait for the little slut to come to.

The vibrator continued to buzz impotently against the carpet. Lauren reached out for the small wand, wanting it close, waiting for the right moment. She had to resist the temptation to twist or thrust the objects in the young girl's holes, wanting the orgasm-induced blackout to run its course. She was intrigued by the behaviour, and though it caused some inconvenience, it was not something she would ever want to change.

It was almost a minute before Katie came gasping back to life. The moment she stirred, Lauren reapplied the vibrator to her clit, the delicate hood having retracted, exposing the hard button to her attention. Lauren thrust the both the dildo and pen further inside the young girl. Katie felt her muscles tighten around the invaders, her brain barely registering that something had been forced into her ass before her second orgasm rocked her slim body. This time there was no escape into blissful oblivion. The uncontrollable ecstasy continued to grow as the stimulation continued. Lauren held firm as she felt Katie's muscles attempt to force the invading shafts from her tender holes.

"Please Miss, please," Katie gasped, her voice barely above a whisper.

"No need to ask again kitty, you just keep coming like a good girl."

No, Katie screamed as her body bucked and writhed under the influence of yet another orgasm. She didn't want to come again, she wanted Lauren to stop. She couldn't take much more. Her pussy felt as if it would burn away, so intense was the heat between her legs. Her entire body felt as if it would simply melt into the carpet beneath her.

"No Miss, please... Please stop Miss, please stop."

Katie continued to plead plaintively with her owner, repeating her entreaty over and over. She did not quiet her mumblings until the haze cleared and she noticed her owner sitting cross-legged in front of her. She panted quietly as Lauren smiled down upon her. Katie could not believe she could react like this but she looked away sheepishly, blushing as she realised she had been babbling incoherently long after Lauren had stopped.

"Thank you Miss," she managed breathlessly, hoping to make up for her silliness. She had been completely lost in the ecstasy that spilled from every pore, but still, how could she have failed to notice. Katie breathed deep and slow, desperate to regain her composure. She knew she had blacked out this time, the power of her orgasm too much for her delicate young body to contain. But there was something else niggling her, something she could not quite put her finger on but tantalised her annoyingly, like a mosquito buzzing around her ear.

She finally pinned the elusive thought down, her mouth widening as awareness crept over her. Something had been in her bottom! Hadn't it? She tightened her sphincter but felt nothing. Had there really been something? Had Lauren violated her in that way? She was frustrated with herself for being unable to remember, her inability to control her orgasms a weakness that made her feel her sluttish nature more keenly than ever.

Katie tried to look around for whatever had been used to penetrate her asshole but her restrictive restraints prevented her from seeing more than a tiny section of the room. She needed to know what had happened but she could not ask Lauren. She couldn't feel anything, not even a remnant of the sensation that haunted her, but there was no way she could ask her owner what had happened. The mere thought had the young girl blushing in embarrassment.

There was nothing surprising in not being able to discover the truth from her body alone. Her vagina throbbed with both pain and pleasure. She felt her pussy pulse with each beat of her heart sending the blood flowing into her plump labia, filling the puffy lips with a fresh hurt. The beating her pussy had taken was not forgotten, the remaining pain eclipsed only momentarily by the occasional trembling aftershock.

Her pussy dominated her thoughts, even as she gazed at her owner, Lauren's sweet smile almost taking her breath away. It was hard to accept just how she felt about her classmate, especially after all that had happened. Even bound as she was, in the pain that she still experienced, not only from her flogging but from the strain the severe position still put on her body, she couldn't deny the emotions that filled her when she looked at the pretty young girl.

She knew now that she loved Lauren. She didn't understand it. She of all people, Katie Thomas, loved another girl. It wasn't just that, she loved a girl who owned her, who treated her like a possession, who was training her to be a slave. She loved a girl who humiliated her and caused her pain. How could she feel anything for someone who did those things? How could she possibly even begin to understand her feelings? She couldn't even understand her own body.

As she tried to come to terms with the confusing emotions that made her question everything she knew about herself and her world, Lauren began to release the strict bondage in which she had been trapped for what felt like hours. Her leg was slowly lowered to the floor, the sensation of being able to have her legs together was strange, almost as if having her legs spread and her pussy exposed was now the most natural of positions.

Her sex tingled as Lauren gently massaged her thighs, both legs now free from rope. Katie's legs parted involuntarily, as if her pussy was controlling her body, welcoming her owner's touch. The young girl flushed when she realised what she had done but did not move to close her legs, reveling under the soft caresses of her owner.

Lauren lifted her to her feet, a hand in her hair, the other on her still bound arms. Her slim legs trembled slightly with the unaccustomed weight but she stayed upright with the help of her owner. Katie wanted so badly to lean into her classmate, to feel the strength of her owner support her, but she stood straight, wanting to show Lauren how good she could be.

She breathed a soft sigh of relief as Lauren unraveled the rope belt that had cinched her waist so tightly for so long. She couldn't help but look down her body, mouth parting as she saw the harsh marks left by the ropes. Lauren ran her fingers along the twisting pattern, giggling lightly as Katie's entire body shivered at the touch.

She was finally free from restraint but she was not given long to enjoy the sensation. The rope was soon reapplied to her wrists, her hands once again trapped together, only this time they were to her front, something she was not used to. She stayed silent as Lauren stepped out of view and slowly drew her arms upwards.

In moments her arms were stretched above her head, as taut and secure as her leg had once been. If she pushed herself to her tiptoes she could gain some relief but she could not keep it up for long, soon adopting a constantly shifting position, from the tips of her toes to the balls of her feet and back again. Lauren watched the delicate dance and smiled as Katie tried to find a level that was more comfortable than the rest. It was soon to be the least of her worries. She stood back and looked the restless teen over. The young girl's body glistened under a sheen of sweat, her pale skin still flushed from her recent orgasms. The restless teen had recovered from the intensity of the ecstasy that had overwhelmed her and she was bright-eyed and ready for more.

The sexy little slut was a sight to behold. her small nipples stood at attention, the hard pink buds pointing out from her chest, accentuating the fullness of the slim schoolgirl's bosom. Her pussy was a deeper pink, darker lines crisscrossing the tender flesh where a particular strand of the flogger had fallen with greater force than its brethren. The memory of the way the small whip had felt as it landed against the tender flesh made Lauren’s pussy shiver in delight. She felt the sensation flow into her belly and could wait no longer to enact her next fantasy.

Katie watched with trepidation as her owner left the room once more. She knew this did not bode well for her. Lauren had returned each time with yet more implements with which to torment her. How much longer could this continue? How much more could Lauren want to do to her? All she wanted to do was to lie in Lauren's arms, to feel the comfort she knew was there in her lover's embrace.

When she saw Lauren return, she realised she had been holding her breath. What was happening to her, she mused, exhaling noisily, embarrassed by her inability to stay in control of even the most simple of things. She stared wide-eyed at the bag in her owner's hand. It was filled with wooden pegs, the very same pegs with which she was already familiar. The next few minutes of her young life were filled with pain, constant sharp spikes of agony set as counterpoint to the growing ache the actions of her owner caused. When Lauren stepped back, Katie looked down at her body, small tears that had been welling in her eyes trickling down her cheeks.

Her breasts looked like two quivering hedgehogs clinging to her chest, the tender flesh studded with pegs, the small wooden clips cruelly pinching the soft meat. Lauren had started by surrounding the nipples, creating a perfect circle of pegs around each tiny bud. Even through the mounting agony, Katie wondered why her nipples had been spared. Once this pattern had been set, Lauren had begun to place the pegs randomly, covering her malleable mounds and the delicate skin surrounding them.

Katie had lost count at the thirtieth peg, or had it been before that? She had watched Lauren's face, not willing to witness the application of each tiny torturous clamp. Her owner had been so intent, the look of concentration complete. Sarah marveled at how pretty she looked but willed her to smile. She could do nothing but submit, accept her owner's desires for her body. She tried her best to make the pain a part of her, to accept it as something that made Lauren happy, but it was difficult. She could not quite reconcile the pain as a part of her submission, her tears a testament to her failure to accept this part of her life. She suffered it for her owner but it was all she could do.

Lauren stepped back to admire her handiwork and smiled at the young girl's bristling chest. Katie felt her own lips twitch into the ghost of a smile as she felt the quiet thrill flutter in her belly. How could it be right for a simple smile to make someone feel such intense emotions. She blinked away her tears, her spirit buoyed despite the continued pain in her chest.

Lauren moved back to the stretched schoolgirl and laid down a line of pegs from breast to belly, the line curving from her flank as it neared her sex. Katie groaned with each new application, amazed that the pain she was feeling could actually get worse. She begged and pleaded, silently, that Lauren would run out of pegs before she made it to her pussy. The soft lips still throbbed from their recent abuse and she knew there was no way she could stay quiet if her labia felt the bite of the rough wooden pegs.

Katie profusely thanked her owner as she stepped back once more, apparently happy with her handiwork this time. She wished she could thank Lauren out loud but she had tried her best to be quiet, hoping her silence would please her classmate. She only hoped the tiny whimpers that she could not hold back were okay. How much longer was this going to continue? She was tired and her body ached as it never had before but, as Lauren left the room once again, something strange happened to the securely restrained schoolgirl.

The pain had plateaued, consistent with each fresh pulse of blood around her body, sending back a tiny spike of agony as it passed each tightly clamped peg. She did not enjoy the pain, but it had become manageable. It was the strange new sensation sweeping over her that occupied her mind. She had never felt this way before and she didn't quite understand what was happening.

She felt... alive. She had never felt so alive. She couldn't explain it in any other way. She didn't welcome the pain, she didn't want it or like it, but... Her chest tightened as it often did when Lauren gave her a command. She knew, now, that this was the thrill she felt in her submission. It had been a discovery that had upset her at the time, but which had now become a part of her. The acceptance of her subservient nature was what had allowed her to acknowledge her feelings for Lauren. She was young, she knew what people would say, but she knew what love was. But this...

Lauren came back into the room with a long strand of rope dangling from her right hand. it didn't quite look like that with which she had been bound. It was thinner and much more flexible. Katie didn't know what it was, but it looked wicked and she knew it was not something she would enjoy. Lauren draped the strand around her neck and stepped in close to the straining teenager. She ran a finger along her jawline, lifting the young girl's bowed head to meet her gaze.

"Open, tongue out."

Katie opened and obediently thrust her tongue towards her owner. It glistened in the light, trembling as she waited. She watched anxiously as an open peg closed in upon her quivering tongue. She had to fight the urge to draw it back inside her, hiding it from the pain she knew would soon be hers. She yelped as the peg closed over the very tip of her tongue. She withdrew it now, too late, and quickly realised she could no longer close her mouth.

"Kitty, don't be naughty, get that tongue back out here."

Katie complied, pushing her tongue as far out of her mouth as she could, sending a long string of saliva down upon her breasts. In as many seconds, two more pegs were added, her tongue now sporting a torturous trident of tiny wooden clamps. Lauren had set each new peg at an angle, preventing her from drawing her tongue into her mouth. Katie tried once and felt the level of pain increase tenfold as the vicious bite of the wooden teeth pinched the soft flesh.

"Ok Kitty, I need to cook dinner soon but I should take these pegs off first, yes?"

Katie nodded her agreement, a fresh string of drool cascading from her open mouth. She knew they would hurt when they were taken off, but she wanted it so much. She knew she had no real say in what was to happen but she desperately wanted her owner to know how she felt. The young girl squealed as Lauren ran a hand casually along the line of pegs, rattling them against one another, causing each one to pull at her skin, pinching her cruelly.

Lauren stood back and slipped the wispy rope from her neck and let it dangle from her right hand. Katie watched with trepidation, unable to tell what was about to happen but bracing herself for an experience she was sure she would not enjoy. Reality dawned on the tired schoolgirl when her owner began flicking the rope back and forth. This was no rope, it was a whip. It did not look as she had expected but what did she truly know about any of this. She had no experience with perversion, for all she knew whips were six feet long and were used to swing across chasms while being chased by massive boulders.

Katie screamed as the whip descended, crashing into one of the pegs on her left side. The peg was sent spinning across the room, the pain from its removal surging through her. Fucking hell. FUCKING HELL. Was Lauren going to whip each peg from her body? She didn't think she could take that. She began mumbling, pleading unintelligibly with her owner to stop, saliva dribbling from her mouth.

A second peg went flashing across the room, this one dislodged from her breast. Katie danced in agony, trying to find some way to alleviate the pain. The whip was a blur in Lauren's hands as each flick of the wrist sent the supple length of leather snapping towards the squirming schoolgirl.

Not every stroke landed cleanly. More than once the whip hit her flesh, sending the young girl hopping from foot to foot to relieve the pain. Often the whip merely twisted the peg, leaving it hanging, the small wooden teeth barely gripping the delicate skin. Katie was far from silent during her ordeal, whimpering between each fresh scream the whip caused. The pegs on her tongue kept her from vocalising her desperate pleas for her owner to stop but it did not prevent her sounds of agony from filling the room.

Lauren smiled wickedly as she watched Katie dance under the whip. She hadn't had the money to pay for it, but she had conned her father into lending her the money to purchase some new shoes for training. She would make it up to him with Katie's first pay. She had practiced only a little but there was nothing like learning from doing she mused as the whip flicked yet another peg from the naked body of the young girl.

Katie was a mess, eyes red and puffy from crying, tears still falling with almost every blow. Her nose ran constantly, sending long trails of sticky mucus down her lips and into her open mouth, where it mingled with the continuous cascade of drool that fell onto her breasts as they were slowly denuded. The remaining pegs shuddered as the sobs wracked her pretty body, her breathing ragged and stuttering.

She jerked backward in her bonds as Lauren ran a hand across her belly, quickly removing the last two pegs that clung stubbornly to her young flesh. Was it over? Was it finally over? Katie had lost track not only of time but of sensation. Her world had condensed to the three feet of thin braided leather that flicked mercilessly toward her body. She could never have believed she could feel such things, never believed that such a depth of sensation existed.

Katie squealed as Lauren removed all three pegs from her tongue, one at a time with slow deliberation. She immediately slid it back inside her mouth, pushing her slime-covered lips together in a feeble attempt at protection. Both girls knew that if the order was given, the moist pink tongue would once again snake between the tightly pursed lips, but for now the illusion of control gave the weeping schoolgirl some degree of comfort.

Lauren scraped a towel roughly across the young girl's face, jerking her head back and forth with the forceful attention. Katie was glad of the cleaning but it made her feel so helpless. Even bound as she was, fresh from abuse that had rocked her fragile world, such an intimate gesture could still heighten her loss of control and reinforce her status as a possession, an owned thing. Lauren threw the towel to the floor and loosened the ropes keeping the young girl's arms above her head. She was only given a little slack, just enough to stand flat on the floor, the sharp ache in her calves finally alleviated.

Her owner stepped forward and caressed the still sniffling schoolgirl's face, gently pushing the long black tresses back behind her ears. Katie sagged into Lauren as the strong arms of her classmate wrapped around her. She lay her head on her owner's shoulder and softly kissed her neck. She lost herself in her owner's embrace, in the shelter of her arms everything felt right. She was safe, she was loved.

Katie's knees buckled slightly but she quickly recovered, not wanting this moment to end. She drew strength from her owner, the pain that continued to surge around her body, submerged beneath the solace she felt in the  press of lover's warm flesh. She nuzzled into Lauren, her soft lips pursing against her owner's neck in a near continuous stream of fleeting kisses.

Lauren ran her fingers across the sweat-slick buttocks of the young girl, smiling blissfully as they trembled under her touch. She listened to the storm crash outside, the rolling rumble of thunder distant now, replaced by the incessant drumming of the heavy rain. She could feel Katie's heart beat beneath her breast, the rapid pace slowing as she was comforted. Lauren could feel her own arousal surge once more. She would have to get this little slut between her legs again before the night was over.

"You've been a good girl, Kitty. I'm proud of you." Lauren smiled as she felt the young girl's pulse race at the praise, gratified by the effect of her words. "You didn't like the pegs did you?"

"No, Miss," Katie admitted, knowing honesty was merely a facet of her obedience.

"It's good to know but irrelevant. What matters is that I enjoyed it. Ready for some dinner?"

"Yes please Miss," Katie said anxiously, the emptiness in her belly, despite her light snack, a constant companion.

"While I make dinner, you will collect all the pegs. There are 42. Once you have finished, come into the kitchen and stand in the corner by the table."

Katie groaned as Lauren stepped away and began removing her bondage. Her arms were lowered from the ceiling, the long rope falling beside her once released from the bolts in the ceiling. She played the puppet once more, allowing Lauren to control her body, limbs loose and malleable. Her shoulders sagged as she realised her bondage was not to end. The rope about her wrists was left in place and Lauren simply collected the loose ends and pulled them up between her legs. Katie gasped as the rough rope was yanked against her vulva. She edged her legs wider as she felt Lauren reach from behind, dutifully providing her owner full access to her body. The young girl winced, grunting as the rope was slid between her labia and jerked tight.

Moments later she, yet again, wore a belt of rope, her waist cinched in a strict embrace. She wriggled her arms and found some movement remained to her, but it simply rubbed the rope across the delicate inner surface of her lips. She would be trying to keep her arms as still as she could, her pussy hurt enough, the ache from her flogging still very much a part the myriad sensations that filled her.

"The bag's over there, hop to it."

Lauren gave her a swift smack on the butt and left the room, leaving Katie to her task. The tired schoolgirl wasted no time springing to her search, the sting of the slap still tingling in her buttock. She supposed she could use her hands, they were tied tightly together but at least they were in front of her, but it was not very practical. She wriggled her fingers and felt them brush across the moist lips of her sex. If she was to collect any pegs that way she would basically have to squat extremely low and feel around for them. The prospect was instantly discarded, her mouth the only logical option.

The young girl worked systematically, collecting first those closest to her and spreading out in ever increasing circles. The sound of the rain filled the room, accompanied occasionally by a muted whimper as her hands moved and she pulled the rope through her slit. She could hear nothing from the kitchen as she scurried about the room, kneeling down to collect each small wooden peg.

She had vowed not to waste a second, knowing that she would need to be in position in the kitchen before Lauren finished cooking. Her main motivation, however, was to be back with her owner. Being separated from her, knowing she was only feet away was a torment that rivaled any she had endured that night.

She felt so weak and silly, her thoughts consumed by her owner: hearing her voice, seeing her face, feeling her loving touch. Even sensing her presence, knowing she was near, was something Katie ached for. She didn't want to feel this way, to be so utterly reliant on another person, to have their very existence be the focus of her own, but this was the way she felt now. This was her life.

* * *

Forty-one: all but one peg had been collected. She had searched almost the entire room and one small peg still eluded her. As time ticked by she became ever more frantic in her efforts to locate the errant object. She was on her knees now, scrambling behind the couch, desperate to fulfill her task. She'd been a good girl. Lauren was proud of her. The young girl blinked back tears at the memory, emotions too intense for her youthful sensibilities to deal with. She had been a good girl and now... And now, she was going to fail. She was going to displease her owner by failing at such a simple task.

Katie rested her head on the ground, chest tightening as her shoulders jerked with her first full sob. It was then that she saw the object of her desire, wedged on its side underneath the cabinet in the corner of the room. How the hell had it managed to travel so far? She scurried across the room, tears quickly forgotten.

The peg rested against the wall, over a foot away. The cabinet was only a few inches above the floor, there was no way she could slide her foot under there as she had done with the coffee table. Her hands were tied. She had found the peg and yet it was still beyond her ability to finish her task. She had to admit defeat. She had to crawl into the kitchen and apologise for being so useless. The thought of how Lauren would react made her despair. She couldn't face it. She couldn't bear to see the disappointment on her owner's face. Katie sat back on her heels, worrying her lip, trying to think of something, anything.

She looked around the room, heart beating faster with every passing moment. There was almost nothing in the room she could use to help her reach the peg. It was just a normal lounge room, what did she expect to find. She could maybe use the whip, but it was Lauren's and she shivered at the very thought of touching it, using it for something so mundane.

Of course! Inspiration struck the distraught teen like a bolt of lightning from the storm that continued to rage outside. She hurried to the bag of pegs on the table and tipped it over, spilling the small wooden clamps. She worked feverishly, opening and closing peg after peg, until she had created a fragile string of pegs almost a foot long. The moment she picked it up, the construction wobbled and threatened to break but it held together and she was able to walk, slowly but surely, back to the cabinet.

As she carefully lowered herself to her knees, Katie reflected on the discomfort between her legs, something her desperate scramble to create the peg-pole had more than doubled. There had been nothing else she could do, and if this worked, the pain would have been well worth it. Inch by delicate inch, she pushed the flimsy construction under the cabinet.

She was performing almost blind, her tightly bound hands feeding the pegs with tiny flicks of her fingers. She didn't want to look at her hands, the normal soft pink skin turned an unsightly purple. She just needed to finish this, get in the kitchen and soon enough Lauren would let her out of the severe bondage. She had been a good girl. Her concentration was focused and complete as she felt the string of clumsily joined pegs bump against the back wall. She bent down to peer under the cabinet, unaware she was being watched. Lauren had stood quietly observing her girl construct her little peg contraption, smiling at the slut's ingenuity. She loved to watch the pretty schoolgirl work, her desire to please radiating from her in an almost tangible aura. Lauren left her to it, returning to the kitchen, her presence unnoticed.

It took her four frustrating attempts, accompanied by the whimpers and groans of a young girl desperate to succeed. Each failed attempt to remove the peg made each subsequent try all the harder, her hands shaking, her body threatening to succumb to her fears and send her sobbing into the kitchen to admit defeat. Small tears of joy ran down her cheeks when she finally saw the edge of the errant peg poke out from the side of the cabinet. Her persistence had paid off, but she couldn't waste any time celebrating, time was ticking away. She slowly drew her chain of pegs from under the cabinet, the last thing she needed now was for it to break, leaving half its length out of reach.

Katie could barely contain her happiness as she filled the bag with the pegs she had spilt. She was grinning madly, which only made it harder to pick up each peg in her mouth. At last the task was complete, each peg safely deposited in the bag. At last she could rejoin Lauren. Katie all but ran to the kitchen, stopping short, suddenly apprehensive. She tentatively stepped around the corner and saw Lauren busily cooking at the stove. She looked towards the corner where she had been told to wait and stepped softly towards it. The delicate silver anklet tinkled, heralding her presence in the room. Lauren was sure to have heard her entrance, there was nothing for it now but to get to the corner and wait.

It was difficult, bypassing her owner, she wanted nothing more than to cross the room and slip her arms around the slim girl's waist, press her body against Lauren's and shower the smooth skin of her neck in kisses. Instead she walked to the corner, each step slow and deliberate. She glanced at her owner one last time before facing into the corner, pressing her body as far into the crook of the wall as she could manage. She listened to the sounds behind her, eager for her exile to end. It was hard to be so close and yet so far. The corner felt like a punishment, but she knew it was not the case. Not being able to see Lauren, knowing she was there, busy while she stood still, was preying on her mind. She tried not to think too much about the loneliness she felt, the sense of inadequacy that plagued her. If only Lauren would-

"Kitty?" Katie jumped, yanking the rough rope between her labia.

"Yes Miss?"

"Are you going to be a good girl during dinner?"

"Yes, Miss, I will be very good," Katie pleaded sincerely.

"Ok then, let's get these ropes off. How's that puss?"

"It's a little sore Miss."


"And it's wet too."

"Always wet, hey pussywhistle. We might just have to bottle that cream someday."

A shiver flew down Katie's spine at the prospect. Lauren was so close, she could feel her breath on her neck, the intimate warmth sending a wave of gooseflesh down her right side. Lauren was so close but she still had not touched her. Katie knew that if she leaned back, ever so slightly, contact would be made, but she knew that was wrong. She had been a good girl and she would not be naughty now.

Finally, after what felt like an eternity of teasing, the anticipation was finally relieved as Lauren untied the rope from around the young girl's waist. Katie's knees trembled as her owner's hands brushed across her skin, sticky with dried sweat. She was spun around and the ropes loosened from her wrist, the first time in hours she was completely unfettered.

Katie was momentarily at a loss with her unaccustomed freedom. Her instincts took over and her hands slipped behind her back, flexing slowly to alleviate the ache from their extended bondage. She faced Lauren now and that was all she had wanted. She lost herself in the hauntingly blue eyes, the high cheekbones, the wicked smile that curled the soft, pink lips.

She remained still, content, as her owner dropped the rope to the floor and slid a small rubber clip around the front of her collar. Lauren took her by the hand and led her to the table. There was only one place set, a leash looped around the back of the chair. Lauren clicked her fingers and pointed at the floor and Katie sank to her knees.

"Legs wider. Back straight, hands on your thighs, palms up. Fingers straight, Kitty, don't curl them up like some ugly claw." Katie cringed at the correction, wanting only to please. "When you are told to kneel, this is the position you will adopt."

Katie felt the exposure of the position, her legs spread widely, opening her pussy. It felt strange to kneel and not have her hands behind her. Somehow she felt more vulnerable, as if this position was one of welcome, inviting not only scrutiny but access as well, her open palms offering her body for use.

Lauren clipped the leash to the small rubber ring she had looped around Katie's collar, feeding it back through itself. She didn't want her slave's pretty collar to get scratched, the small loop the perfect solution. She stepped back and looked at the kneeling schoolgirl, delighting in the soft young body displayed for her. The little slut had not been touched for some time and yet a patina of moisture still covered her vulva, the dim sheen able to be seen even at a distance.

Katie rested as Lauren served the meal. She could see from the plate set upon the table, that her owner had cooked a succulent chicken breast, broccoli, carrots, sweet potato and beans. The chicken was marked with the enticing black stripes from the grill, something Katie had only ever seen in a restaurant. Lauren finished the setting with a bottle of her favourite beer before serving Katie's meal.

A plate was placed on the floor, the meal identical to her owner's, with only one difference: her entire meal had been chopped into bite-size chunks. Katie stared at the plate of food, her stomach grumbled and her mouth filled with saliva. She was jerked forward as Lauren moved her chair to the table. The young girl recovered quickly, shuffling her knees forward just a little, not wanting to move too much without permission. Katie watched from the floor as Lauren started her meal.

"Did you have fun tonight kitty?" Lauren asked between mouthfuls.

"Um, sometimes Miss."

"What did you like, hmmm. And don't say coming, that's a given for a slut like you."

"Um, I liked eating your pussy, Miss," Katie replied, preoccupied by the meal on the floor before her. Watching her owner eat was torturous.

"Kitty, you're not taking this seriously," Lauren chastised with mock concern.

"Sorry Miss, um... I don't think I really liked much."

"Good girl for being honest, but I'm not sure that's the whole truth. I mean, just look at your pussy. Slip some fingers in there. Show. There you see, I think you liked more than you know. But you were a good girl, you may eat."

Katie was instantly on her hands and knees, her face lowered to the plate, the first bite of chicken in her mouth. She rejoiced in the spicy flavours that Lauren had sprinkled over the meat and could barely chew for the huge smile that split her face. She strained at her collar each time she leant down to collect the next bite. There was barely enough give in the leash to allow her to reach the plate but she continued to eat, almost without pause.

She blushed as she sensed the familiar tingling between her legs as the flames of her arousal were fanned by her situation. She felt every movement of her leash: as it swung freely beneath her or pulled tight at her collar. She really shouldn't be surprised by the reactions of her body, but she still had not come to terms with the slut that she was. She had accepted the fact, and her status, but she still did not fully understand. The young girl tried to blot out her confusion as she enjoyed the meal her owner had cooked for her.

"Sit up. Head back, right back Kitty. Open."

Katie watched wide-eyed, her head tilted back, mouth open wide, as Lauren took a swig of her beer and leant over the anxious teen. Katie knew what was going to happen, but she was still startled by the first splash of cool beer that fell into her open mouth. She fought the urge to sit up, watching instead as the long stream of yellow liquid cascaded from her owner’s mouth into her own.

"Drink." Katie swallowed the mouthful, not particularly enjoying the slightly bitter taste. "Eat."

Once again she was back on all fours, finishing the delicious meal. Lauren talked as she ate, Katie listened. She knew that whether or not she liked what had been done to her didn't matter, but to have Lauren tell her, casually as part of a larger lecture on sluts and slaves was still difficult to hear.

She knew Lauren had feelings for her, you couldn't do these things for someone if you didn't, surely. Lauren's will was what mattered: her needs and wants and desires, her pleasure and her wellbeing were what was important. Katie mattered only in how she could serve, how she could fulfill the wishes of her owner. It was not an easy concept to grasp, it was even harder to accept. She was cognisant of the way her body reacted to her submission, the quiet thrill that shot through her when she received instruction, but it went only partway towards sublimating her own sense of self to ensure her owner was happy.

Katie wrestled with the concept as she ate, wishing only for a break from the warfare that raged within her. She wanted her reticence, that tiny voice of dissent, to fade away and surrender her to her service. She just wanted it to fuck off and leave her in peace. Everything would be so much easier if she could just do this one small thing. It had grown quieter, often a mere background buzz inside her head, but it came to the fore at the most unlikely of times, when she wanted it the least. She knew the reason she was so quick to feel the flush of humiliation and shame was due to this tiresome voice of reason, the monotony of its insistence galling, causing the hateful rosiness found so often in her cheeks.

Katie tried to calm herself and focus on the meal Lauren had prepared so lovingly. She tried to push away the anxious tightness that had started to constrict her chest, her heart beating rapidly as the upsetting frustration of her situation began to grow. Why couldn't she just leave it well enough alone. She was no longer tied up, no longer a pain-infused toy for her owner. Lauren sat beside her, chatting merrily away, it was a time for happiness not self-recrimination.

"Kitty?" Katie looked up at her owner, sure she had been called more than once. "What's wrong?"

"Noth- Um..." Katie hesitated, knowing she had been headed for a punishment with her noncommittal answer. "Miss, I... I just want to be good and make you happy."

Well it was true, she could not be accused of lying. She didn't really want to tell Lauren of the turmoil inside her. She couldn't bear the disappointment on her face. It was her burden to carry, Lauren had enough to think about.

"Good, Kitty, but why can I see tears, hmmm. Tell me," Lauren ordered, twisting on her chair and pulling Katie towards her by the leash. The moment she was between her legs, their soft warmth brushing against her bared arms, the tears flowed, the young girl's shoulders shuddering as she sobbed before her Mistress.

Katie allowed herself to be drawn into the safe embrace. She leaned forward and threw her arms around Lauren, burying her face in the black skirt, unable to stop once the release had begun. Her hair was stroked, the soft flesh beneath her collar caressed ever so gently and she felt suddenly foolish at her girlish weakness. She was about to draw back but she could not suffer the loss of the blissful embrace. Under the tender ministrations of her owner, she calmed down enough that her tears stopped, her shoulders once again still.

"Well now Kitty," Lauren began, gently pushing the young girl's head from her lap. She cupped Katie's face, cheeks glistening with the tracks of her fresh tears, and lifted it towards her. "What's this all about?"

"Um," sniffed Katie, "Miss it's just that, like what I said before that I want to make you happy. I lo... Um, Miss I, I'm just really confused. I want to be good and I know it's not easy and I know that I'm a slut and I know that I don't really mean anything and I know-"

"You know an awful lot, Kitty," said Lauren cutting her off. "We both know these things, some of them though are not quite as you say. You don't mean nothing. You are my property and that is something very special. Don't ever let anyone say you're nothing. You belong to me and it is your duty to make sure I have what I want, to please me. That is very important, Kitty, very important.

"Listen," Lauren said, wiping the salty moistness from the trembling schoolgirl's cheek. "Give me your plate. Now listen, being a slave isn't easy, but what in life is? The best things in life are the most difficult," Lauren explained as she fed Katie the remains of her meal, bite by bite.

"You are here because I want you here. Your life is now dedicated to serving me. I know how you feel, I've seen the way your body reacts. You were born for this. It's not a coincidence that drew us together. It was fate that made you let Max lick your pussy that day. It was fate that made you stream it on the net. It was fate that had me watching at just the right time. These things don't happen by mistake. You were meant to be mine. That is what you know."

Katie ate each bite that was placed in her mouth, listening obediently to her owner's speech. She had cringed when Lauren mentioned Max but what she said was true. It didn't really make it any easier, the torment she caused herself still present, but she was happy that Lauren cared for her. She felt the rightness of Lauren's words and wanted desperately to believe.

It was difficult, kneeling naked before another girl, collared and leashed, pussy moist with arousal, but it was her place now. Lauren wanted what was best for her and that was to serve faithfully and completely. That was how she would find her own happiness and hopefully quell that frustrating voice of dissent, that even now urged her to cover her nudity.

Her legs were spread widely, her pussy displayed for her owner. It was how she sat now, the right position for a slut. It was part of her service, to keep her pussy always available. She was still not used to the exposure but at least it was becoming more natural, she only blushed most of the time now.

"Feel better now, Kitty?"

"Yes Miss," Katie replied around a mouthful of broccoli.

"Manners! I thought you were trained better than that. Do you want to be caned, is that it?"

"No Miss. I'm sorry, I didn't think," Katie pleaded.

"I'm sure you didn't. Is that an excuse now is it? Sorry officer, I did rob that bank, I wasn't thinking."

Katie hung her head in shame, unable to believe her stupidity. She knew better than that. Lauren was being so understanding and she had just been dumb. She could feel the tears blur her vision once more. She was tired of crying, tired of being stupid and failing to do the right thing.


"Sorry Miss, I didn't mean it like that. I'm sorry for my bad manners. I promise not to do it again."

"You can go and run me a bath while I finish my dinner," Lauren commanded, removing the leash and clip from her collar.

Katie was on her feet and halfway from the room before being called back. A heavy dread settled upon her as she stopped and turned, stepping slowly back to her owner. She had done yet another thing wrong and this time, she just knew she would be punished.

"Aren't you forgetting something Kitty?"

"Um, may I leave the room Miss?" Katie replied unsurely.

Lauren's only response was to tap her cheek with a finger as she continued to eat. Katie stood straighter, a great weight lifting from her shoulders. She leaned in and kissed her owner tenderly on the cheek, feeling the muscles of her jaw work beneath her lips, before scurrying from the room.

* * *

The bath was almost full, the water at the perfect temperature, hot but not scalding. She had the shampoo, soap and puffball by the side of the bath, ready to serve. All that was left now was to wait. She turned to the mirror and looked at the pretty young girl that stared back at her. She had changed so much in so short a time.

She ignored the puffy red eyes that were but a temporary inconvenience, instead focusing on her body. The slight pudginess had all but gone, her petite form even slimmer, more toned. She would never be quite like Lauren but she was happy as she was. She had changed for Lauren, as a result of the training she had instituted. She looked good, she thought as she turned to view her body from different angles.

Katie looked at the pink mound between her legs, her intimate cleft glistening. She looked down her body, pushing her hips forward to view the darker stripes that Lauren's makeshift flogger had left. She touched them and felt the slight sting, more discomfort than pain. Fuck, but that had hurt.


Shit, had she said that out loud? Lauren was standing in the doorway watching her. The young girl froze like a startled deer. She was out position, caught admiring herself in a mirror. Her buttocks tensed, almost able to feel the harsh sting of the cane.

"Your manners really do leave a lot to be desired tonight. Come. Open."

Katie was dragged to the sink by her hair, hips bumping painfully into the edge of the counter. She opened her mouth to receive the block of soap Lauren had picked up from somewhere. It was forced into her mouth, instantly making her gag. Lauren held her head steady with one hand, the soap in her mouth with the other. Katie pushed against the counter, desperate to alleviate the painful pressure digging into her hipbone.

"I don't want to hear that kind of talk from you, Kitty. Next time it will be five strokes of the cane. Do you understand," Lauren hissed, punctuating her words with sharp slaps upon the schoolgirl's full breasts.

"Eth ith," Katie mumbled around the slimy square.

Her saliva had begun to lather the soap, her tongue quickly coated with a frothy layer of suds. She gagged again, her body heaving, wanting nothing more than to expel the vile-tasting intruder. Her eyes were watering as her body heaved, muscles tensing in a rhythmic pulse.

"Come, Kitty. Kneel by the bath."

Lauren let the young girl go and padded over to the bath, trailing her fingers through the water to test the temperature. Katie stepped behind her and knelt by the bath as Lauren quickly shed her clothes. Despite the discomfort, Katie still enjoyed the sight of her owner's naked body, the smooth, lithe form like a soothing balm for the frantic teenager's tattered composure.

"Is that how you have been taught to kneel?"

Katie immediately shifted position, her arms quickly sliding to her front, hands resting palm up on her thighs, which she spread a little wider for good measure. Lauren lowered herself slowly into the bath a look of contented bliss on her face as her body was submerged into the water.

Katie pushed her tongue to the front of her mouth, sliding it along the surface of the soap, forcing a cascade of frothy soap-infused saliva down her chin and onto her chest. The slimy trail continued to ooze from her mouth, her lips pulled back from the cake of soap in a distasteful grimace. Lauren had forced her teeth into the soap, making it easier for the young girl to keep the slippery square in her mouth. She would never swear again, never fucking swear again. This was no time for jokes, she chastised. She marvelled at her ability to make light of the situation. Was it because of everything she had gone through or was she just a bit of a nut?

Lauren eased herself low in the water, only her head above the surface. She looked over at the silently suffering schoolgirl, her face and chest a mess. Long strings of bubbly drool dripped from her chin, onto her breasts, coating the smooth mounds with the discoloured slime.

"Kitty, are you going to be a good girl?" Katie nodded her head plaintively, not trusting herself to speak. "Ok then, you may put the soap in the sink."

Katie did as she was instructed, easing her jaws apart and sliding the soap from her mouth. She slid her tongue forward the moment the block was out, pushing a large quantity of liquid down her chin. She dropped the soap into the sink and scurried back to the bath, her lips drawn back from her teeth, not wanting to close her mouth around the slimy residue.

"Kitty, do you think it is cool to swear, hmmm? You've heard the cool kids say 'fuck this' and 'shit that'."

"No Miss," Katie pleaded, grimacing as her tongue swilled the foul taste of soap around her mouth.

"You know what will happen if I hear those words again. I won't tolerate that disrespect. Understand?"

"Yes Miss. I'm sorry, I won't do it anymore. I promise."

"So full of promises tonight, Kitty. Would you like to hop in here with me?"

"Yes please, Miss," Katie gushed, her heart leaping at the thought.

"First fetch some candles, bottom drawer in the kitchen. And don't dawdle," Lauren added as Katie scurried from the bathroom.

Her tongue worked tirelessly as she hurried down the stairs. The soapy residue coated her mouth, the vile taste overpowering, saliva pooling inside her. Katie looked at the sink, daring to entertain the thought of spitting out the frothy mouthful. She didn't want to swallow the foul-tasting brew but she could not bring herself to spit it out. It felt wrong. She gathered all the candles she could find and the small box of matches that she found in the draw. She piled the candles, tall and short, thin and squat, in the crook of her left arm, pressing them against her breast. She didn't know how many she should bring, not having been told a specific number. She hoped she was doing the right thing as she scurried back up the stairs.

Lauren had settled into the bath, lying back, eyes closed, her pretty face calm and content. Katie was unsure what to do next, looking to Lauren for instruction. She didn't know how long she could hold the candles, feeling one already start to slip from her grasp.

"Place them around the room. Nicely, Kitty," ordered Lauren without opening her eyes. Katie may not have made a sound but the anklet that was now a part of the uniform Lauren had set her, tinkled with each footfall. Even naked, Katie still wore the badges of her status: her collar and now her anklet. She wondered what else would be added as her training progressed.

Once she had placed all the candles around the room, and lit them at her owner's instruction, Katie knelt down beside the bath, eager to be acknowledged. The room was bathed in a soft orange glow, the young girl submerged in the bath seemed to radiate her own light. Katie could not take her eyes from her lover, but the mouthful of suds had become unbearable.

"Excuse me Miss," Katie ventured, careful not to allow any liquid to escape.

"Yes pussywhistle?"

"May I rinse my mouth please?"

"Have you learnt your lesson?"

"Yes Miss, I really have."

"Brush your teeth. Then pee. Then you may join me."

Katie jumped to her feet and rushed to the sink, spitting the mouthful of slime into the porcelain bowl. She rinsed once before pushing a tiny worm of white paste onto her brush, the small pink princess toothbrush that Lauren had assigned her. She knew it was silly but she felt so... she wasn't sure exactly what she felt but cleaning her teeth with the childish brush made her blush.

Her rosy cheeks reddened further as she sat on the toilet and noticed Lauren watching her, chin resting on the side of the bath, the sweet smile that Katie longed for, curling her pretty pink lips. She looked deep into her owner's eyes as she released her flow. As the steady stream of yellow liquid splashed beneath her, she felt her chest warm, knowing without seeing, that it was now a mottled pink, her body once again betraying her inner turmoil.

Katie flushed, looking sheepishly away, not wanting to deal with the confusing emotions brought about by her owner's gaze. She rushed to the bath, hesitated, but at a nod from Lauren, slowly lowered herself into the soothing water, her bottom settling between her owner's feet. The young girl shuffled forward, beckoned onwards by a tiny crooked finger. She did not stop until she was nestled between Lauren's legs, her own sliding past her lover's petite waist.

Lauren leaned forward and kissed her then, Katie's mouth parted, her pulse quickening at the tender touch. She felt her hand grasped gently, guided slowly, sensuously to her owner's sex. Her fingers slid inside and received her Lauren's lust-filled moan as they continued to kiss, tongues dancing delicately, dominant and submissive; a reflection of each girl's place in the world.

Katie's pussy pulsed, yearning for a similar touch, but Lauren's hands remained aloof. The young girl’s fingers squirmed inside her owner, stroking the ridges and folds of her delicate inner walls. She curled her fingers towards her, pressing against the front of her owner's cunt, as if beckoning the orgasm forth. Her thumb pressed against the tiny clit, rubbing the tight button in slow, deliberate circles.

Katie could feel Lauren's hips pushing forward, sliding along the slippery floor of the bath. She felt her own body responding in kind, though there was no satisfaction to be provided for her. Katie squealed as her tongue was captured between hard white teeth. Lauren bit down, securing the wriggling member as the orgasm broke upon her.

Her slut's mouth needed a lot more training but her fingers were already experienced. She knew her way around a pussy, no doubting that, Lauren thought as she came. It was not intense but she was content, happy with her slave's performance. She would think of a suitable reward, something other than an orgasm, the cheeky little slut had been allowed quite enough of those.

Lauren leaned back, relinquishing the trembling schoolgirl's tongue, the eager fingers sliding from her submerged sex. Katie edged forward, slipping her fingers back between her owner's slim lips. Lauren gasped, her heavy-lidded eyes finding those of her slave, wide and glassy with lust. The candlelight shone upon Katie's face, her hair shimmering in the diffused light.

She lay back, enjoying the attention of her slave, knowing she would not orgasm again, not from these gentle caresses. Lauren closed her eyes and allowed herself to drift away. Katie watched her owner relax, making sure to keep her movements steady, unsure what Lauren was feeling but needing to keep her just the way she was. She had never looked so beautiful and the young girl wanted the moment to last forever. Her shoulders slumped just a little as Lauren eventually pushed her hand away. Katie resisted for the briefest of moments, her fingers curling one last time inside the warm folds. Lauren's eyes fluttered open and Katie quickly looked away, aware of her naughtiness but not wanting to face the possible recrimination she may see in her lover's eyes.


Katie's blush was accompanied by a wicked grin. She could hear the smile in Lauren's voice and gloried in the happiness that filled her. She slid forward, eager to feel her owner's embrace, wanting to have her lips locked once again, remembering the delicious thrill she had felt as her classmate had bitten her tongue.

Lauren allowed the enthusiastic teen to creep forwards, sliding her body atop her own, inviting the kiss, deeming it her reward for her good behaviour. She was trying, that was clear. It was also clear that she was struggling with her new life. Her body had clearly accepted who she was: that pussy, almost always wet, insatiable. She was still coming to terms with the inevitable surrender, but that was natural. She had come so much further than Lauren had predicted, which only made her decision to take her all the more right.

The teenagers stayed in the bath until the water became tepid, washing each other, Katie never missing an opportunity to sample the delights of her owner's body. As Lauren stepped from the bath, she spread her legs, placing her calves flush against the edge of the bath. She leaned forward, watching in the mirror, delighting in the way the soft candlelight caught her glistening skin. Katie surged to her knees, reading the signal Lauren was sending, her eager tongue sliding across the slim labia exposed to her.


Katie obeyed, her tongue slipping higher, sliding across the tight sphincter. She lapped eagerly, creeping lower occasionally, to dip between her owner's tight lips. "Uh uh," Lauren scolded gently, sending Katie back to her anus. The young girl licked the asshole, her tongue in constant motion, feeling the tight ring of muscle relax under her insistent service. She hardened herself, spearing the puckered rosette as she had been taught.

She was rewarded with a soft groan as her owner pressed her hips back, melting into the slow rhythm of tongue-fucking Katie had established. Lauren could not believe how different this was to the young girl's first hesitant outing. There was no hesitation, no tentative flicking, just pure enthusiasm, her tongue darting and squirming against her pulsing muscle. She reached back, grabbing Katie’s hair and pulled the young girl forward, driving her face between her buttocks. Katie steadied herself but kept lapping her owner’s asshole, head bobbing rhythmically, her own arousal rising once again. Could she bring Lauren to orgasm? This was the only thought that occupied the submissive schoolgirl’s mind as her face was buried between the tight cheeks of another girl’s bottom.

Lauren eventually released her hold and stepped away, her body shuddering at the pleasurable sensation that made her weak at the knees. Katie almost fell from the bath as she attempted to follow the object of her desire, eager to have her question answered. She sat back in the water and pouted, her momentary sulk only partly feigned. Lauren caught the look in the mirror and smiled, the depths of Katie’s lust causing a shiver in her loins. The girl truly was insatiable, so eager. It was definitely time to progress her training. She was well off schedule and she’d need time to rethink her approach, but that could wait. For now she was alone with her slave and she would enjoy the opportunity.

“Out you get, Kitty. You like my little asshole, hmmm?”

“Yes Miss,” Katie replied breathlessly, stepping out of the bath towards her owner, her movements carefully casual but allowing her to brush against Lauren’s slippery skin.

“Dry me off. I have practice in the morning so it’s time for bed.”

Katie obeyed, drying Lauren’s body with gentle caresses. She was allowed to dry her own hair before being instructed to kneel behind her owner as she brushed her teeth. She licked the tight pussy, pushing her face up between Lauren’s legs, tongue lapping slow and hard, tasting the muted musk. She could no longer keep her hands to herself, moving them hesitantly from behind her, placing each one tentatively on a smooth thigh, anxious that her audacity not be punished. Lauren allowed the touch, smiling to herself in the mirror as the naked schoolgirl’s hands tickled the inside of her thigh. Katie almost fell over when Lauren bent down to rinse her mouth, but she compensated quickly, steadying herself with her hands.

“You weren’t told to stop.”

Katie dove forward her mouth covering the moist sex a second later. She hadn’t known, she could only hope Lauren understood. She could feel her owner’s body quiver as she leaned forward, following the tight cleft as Lauren straightened up. Katie slid herself directly under her lover, shoulders pressed back, neck stretched to reach up between the closed thighs, eager to stay in contact. She nuzzled forward, pressing between the thighs, forcing them gently apart until her questing tongue reached her glistening goal. She moaned as her tongue slipped between the slim labia, the faintly sour taste of her owner’s wetness coating her tongue.

Katie’s body boiled with a sudden fever as the scene came unbidden to her mind, as if she was watching the lascivious tableau from a distance. She could not shake the thought that threatened to break her concentration. She had burrowed between Lauren’s thighs, desperately seeking the soft pink mound that held such delight, just as Max had done to her. She was no different, pushing forward, insistent, craving the cunt, her heated desire driving her onwards, unthinkingly, selfishly.

“Enough pussywhistle. Hurry up and dry yourself. Then to bed.” Lauren stalked from the room, leaving Katie scrambling for the damp towel she had used to dry her owner.

* * *

Katie knelt by the bed, suckling the baby bottle Lauren held for her. She didn’t like being forced to drink from such a container, mouth working to eke out such small amounts of liquid. She felt odd with the plastic nipple in her mouth, it felt… She didn’t want to think about it. The flushed schoolgirl looked into the eyes of her lover, seeking solace, anything that would help her deal with the strange thoughts that swirled within her.

“You look so cute like that, Kitty. I love your collar so much,” Lauren said tracing a finger across the smooth metal band.

“I love you,” Katie thought, glad that her mouth was filled by the small rubber nipple. Her emotions were so intense, colouring her every thought, close to the surface, threatening to overwhelm her at any moment. She was such a coward. She had tried, and failed, to let her owner know how she felt. It was just that… What if Lauren laughed at her? What if she said she was just a silly girl? Her heart would shatter into a million jagged pieces, she knew. She could almost see it happening, almost feel the pain she knew it would bring.

“Thirsty little slut. This bottle is yours now. You are to keep it by your bed and drink from it whenever you are at home. Only during dinner are you allowed to drink from a glass.”

Katie’s eyes widened as Lauren removed the bottle and placed it on the nightstand. She couldn’t have that bottle in her room. Her mother would see it. There was no way she could explain it away. She looked up into the ethereal eyes of palest blue and knew she had to speak.

“Miss, um, I ca- Miss what if someone sees it.”

“Kitty,” Lauren began, leaning forward to kiss the tender young lips. “You’ll do as you’re told.”

“Yes Miss,” Katie replied, unable to decide between disappointment and elation.

“Put on ‘An Occasional Dream’ and hop in here.”

Katie obeyed, finding the playlist and scurrying into bed once the music began to fill the room, the soft melody complemented by the muted thrum of rain.  Lauren lay on her back and Katie slid under the sheet, pulling it over her body as she snuggled into her owner. Lauren drew her close, the young girl sighing as she rested her head on the small breast, the soft flesh the only pillow she ever desired. Her arm slid across the smooth belly, hugging her close, melting into her owner’s tender embrace.

The teenagers stayed this way, Katie's entire body relaxing as she listened to her owner's heart, the slow pulsing beat a counterpoint to the music that filled the room. Lauren's music was so very different from anything she was used to. It was deeper, the words more than the simple odes to partying and boys that were her familiar fare. She listened, falling for her lover's music as she had for the girl herself.

Not everything was to her taste, one singer with a voice like gargled gravel was just too strange, but the beauty in the music, the poetry of the lyrics, touched her in ways she had not understood were possible. She knew the band playing now, but she did not know the song.

She listened intently, her own heart beating faster as she felt as if it had been written just for her, expressing how she was feeling right now. She listened as the story was told, a litany of wants from one lover to another: diamonds, empty highways and riches beyond measure. Her heart was wrenched asunder as she felt the pain, the impassioned treaty of the singer. It was her wish, her only wish. She had never felt anything more, her entire body aching with the truth that soared around her.

"Kitty. All I want is you," Lauren whispered as she stroked the young girl's hair.

Small tears rolled onto the warm skin beneath her as Katie's heart beat as if for the first time. The heavy weight inside her chest bore down upon her frailty, threatening to crush her from within.

"Hey, what's wrong? Pussywhistle?" Lauren questioned, gently raising the weeping schoolgirl's face from her breast.

"Miss," Katie sniffed, unable to hold back her tears, her delicate emotions unready for the feelings that consumed her. "I... It's...I want you too, Miss. I just want, so much... And when you..." Katie could not finish, her lips quivering with emotion.

"Oh, Kitty. You are so adorable," Lauren whispered, her satisfied smile tinged with just a little awe at the gorgeous girl that lay by her side, the girl that she owned. She kissed the tears from Katie's eyes, the salty taste making her shiver.

Lauren kissed her then, full and passionate, covering the trembling lips with her own, calming the young girl with her understanding touch. Katie lay back down once the kiss was broken, a mess of confusion, only one thing burning clear and bright through the turmoil of emotion. Lauren loved her too, she was sure of it.

They lay entwined, lovers, owner and possession, as the music slowly faded away leaving only the gentle hiss of rain, the storm having all but played itself out. The fury of the afternoon had passed, the tumult all but forgotten replaced only by the soft, comforting rain.

Katie felt the body beneath her relax into sleep. She was safe, content, the warmth of her owner filling her. She wanted nothing more than this, not right now. Not ever. There was no love without pain, she knew that now. The turmoil that kept her awake slowly subsided, calming as she came to terms with what she was and how she felt.

The whisper was barely audible, but it was the most important four words she had ever spoken. No one heard them, no one but her. Her body relaxed as the last word fell away into silence, the thrill that rippled along her spine not affecting the calm that lay upon her like a soothing blanket.

"I love you... Lauren."

End of part 8

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