My Very Own
by Lazerou

part 7

What goes on the web, stays on the web. Katie Thomas learns this the hard way when an afternoon of fun with a webcam turns her young life into something she had never imagined.

Chapter 14. Tossed in Slumbers

Katie could not believe how quickly time had passed, though she was sure she understood why. She remembered back to Wednesday when Lauren had told her what the coming weekend would hold. She ran now, her breathing coming in harsh gasps as she focused on keeping her speed, despite the distractions. She remembered the thrill that had electrified her entire body when her owner had explained there would be another sleepover, only this time it would be at Lauren's house. She would be with Lauren for two days and nights and the possibilities had raged within her. She hadn't thought too much about what would happen, about what indignities Lauren had planned, it was the knowledge that she would be with her owner again that excited and consumed her.

Every waking moment since the revelation had been made had increased the anticipation she felt. Time had seemed to fly for the young girl, the passing hours a blur of half-forgotten motion. She followed her schedule faithfully and did her best to stay out of trouble and be as inconspicuous as possible. She had succeeded more often than she had failed, but each night she had owed Lauren time that she had squandered throughout the day.

Katie ran her proscribed route, the crisp morning air causing a chill in her bare flesh despite the heat her body produced. Her nipples were hard, as they were every time she exercised, but her mornings were now worse. Lauren's present, that had so excited Katie, had been a new exercise outfit: small tight shorts and halter top. The pale, pastel blue colour was lovely, the highly elastic material of the halter top clung to her body, highlighting the schoolgirl's fine-boned delicacy that was only enhanced by the ample bosom. What she had realised after her first run in her new outfit, was the way the light-coloured material increased the visibility of her stiff nipples. There was no way, in this outfit, that the hard buds that tipped each breast could be missed, even at a distance.

It was the shorts, however, that had caused Katie the most distress. They were no more brief than the black pair she already owned, the waistband sitting well below her hips, exposing a wide band of bare flesh across her belly and chest, it was another feature that the young girl was so deeply humiliated by. The seam of the shorts ran directly through her crotch, placed so that when the tight garment was pulled snugly against her body, her labia were split, each plump lip separated and cupped by the baby-blue material.

She had not noticed until she returned from her run Thursday morning. It had only been as she peeled the small shorts from her body that she realised what had happened. She had confirmed it as she dressed that morning. The shape of her pussy was clear, each sensual curve visible as if the shorts had simply been painted on. She had tried to reposition the seam, but by the time she had reached the bottom of the stairs, it had once again slipped back between her lips. Katie remembered the nauseating flush of heat that burst in her body at the realisation of what she had shown the previous day, and of what she would display again today, and every morning until her owner decided otherwise.

The other joggers and walkers had looked at her before, she had felt their hungry glares, but now she was almost flashing her bare sex at them. She honestly hadn't known if she could leave the house the way she was. She had seriously contemplated removing the outfit and putting on her black set. Yet here she was. She was more desperate than ever to keep running, hoping that if she moved quickly enough it would be more difficult to see her lascivious display. She hadn't dared to look at anyone coming her way but she knew they devoured her barely covered young body. She couldn't bear to have her suspicions confirmed and continued to stare at the pavement until she reached the familiar patch near her house.

She had made it home from another run, another tiring, humiliating experience that she could only hope was making her better. She didn't mind the exercise now, the way her body felt was exciting, but she wished, with all her heart, that she could be allowed to wear something more substantial. Wearing what was, in essence, underwear didn't make her run any faster or better. She had felt sexy in her black shorts and top, even though they were so revealing, but her new outfit was too much.

Katie did not stop moving at speed until she was back in her room. She could not risk her parents seeing her this way, the shape of her most intimate part so clearly displayed by the clothing she wore. In a way it was worse than being naked. Her clothes were supposed to be her protection and yet she so often felt they were part of her torment. She felt sexy, but she also felt wrong and the confusion caused by the conflict of such opposite emotions was making her head ache.

The extremely short, cold shower, helped but she was immediately caught back in the emotional whirlwind as she brought herself so very close to orgasm using her fingers and vibrator, as her schedule demanded. She couldn't stop the feelings and she could not embrace them. She knew Lauren was right, she knew she was a slut but it was a hard thing to accept, even after she had her owner's approval. Everyone said it was so wrong and yet it felt so right, especially when Lauren was with her.

The morning passed like any other: Katie trying hard to focus on her schoolwork and her schedule, while a constant stream of sexual imagery flickered through her mind like a filthy film reel. Her classes passed, lunch passed. She talked with Miranda but remembered not a word. The bell ringing at the end of class was like a peal for freedom, heralding a weekend with her owner for which she had yearned, for what felt like an eternity. She wouldn't be catching the bus with Lauren, her owner was once again running home while Katie caught the bus. She had been given very specific instructions and she would need to follow them to the letter.

She wasn't used to Lauren's bus and she was forced to sit up the front with the younger students. She felt a little foolish but at least there was no Pierre. She had to count the stops to Lauren's as she didn't really know the streets, trying to block out the whispers of the young boys, who she knew were talking about her. Katie scurried off the bus and quickly made her way to her owner's house. She had to go around the back of the house and enter the laundry. Lauren had said the door would be unlocked and it was. She locked it behind her, placed her bag by the door and looked for the note she had been told would instruct her further.


Remove your clothes and fold them neatly. Place them through the cat-door. Remove your dildo and insert it in your pussy. Kneel and wait

Your Owner

Katie turned the small piece of paper over and then read the missive again, and then again. The instructions were nothing if not clear, but how could she do this? There was a window in the door behind her, through which she could be easily seen. The lock on the door really seemed like no protection at all. The suddenly anxious schoolgirl looked around the small room, though what she thought she would see she did not know. She listened intently though she could hear no sound from the house or the yard, only the faint sound of children playing in a far off street. She was sure Lauren's mother was not home, she would never have told her to do this if she was. She had to trust her owner, no matter how hard it may seem.

Her mind made up that obedience was her only option she quickly removed the small floral pattern blouse, bra, skirt and panties. Her shoes and socks followed and she soon had a neat and tidy little pile that she clung to desperately. This was the moment of no return. Well not really, if she heard someone coming she could always just reach through the tiny cat-door and retrieve her clothes, she would just have to be sure that she didn't push them too far in.

Her plan set, she pushed the small bundle through the little plastic door and watched as it flapped back into place. She heard a tiny click as it came back and rested in its frame. In a moment of overwhelming fear she pressed the little door, afraid of what she would find. She pushed gently at first, then harder as her fears were confirmed.

The door would not budge. Her plan was in tatters. She was now naked and helpless, with no way to retrieve her clothing. She pushed harder on the small cat door, before giving it up as a lost cause. Her hands flew in panic to the door handle but the cool metal knob simply rattled in her hand. She had no way of entering the house, no way of retrieving her only protection and no way to get more. She looked around the room, her eyes darting frantically for a way of escape. She trembled like a tiny animal caught in a cage, her eyes wide and shining with the first hint of tears as panic gripped her.

Trust! The word burst into her mind, like a huge neon sign, five feet long and luminous. She had to trust her owner. She wasn't in any danger. She was in a locked room, a tiny room but it was secure. No one could get in, but nor could she leave. She was caught in the room as securely as if she had been tied as tightly as she had been the last time she and Lauren had been together. It was only as her situation became clear, that she remembered the rest of the note. Her breathing began to calm, now that her predicament had been accepted. She retrieved her dildo from her bag, her ever-constant companion. It was only then that she realised that multiple sets of clothing had lain only inches away. The memory of the panic that had gripped her only moments before made her face flush with embarrassment. How could she be so stupid?

Her fate now sealed, she wasted no time in kneeling on the smooth, tiled floor, reaching back to slide the hard glass shaft inside her. She moaned softly as the ridged intruder slipped past her slick lips with almost no resistance. She lowered herself slowly to the floor, holding the dildo steady until she heard a soft clink that told her she was in position. Katie spread her legs a little wider and slowly lowered her body further, not stopping until her fleshy buttocks rested comfortably on the soles of her feet.

The naked schoolgirl moaned again as the next glassy globe was forced inside her. She placed her hands behind her back and slowly straightened her posture, pushing her shoulders back and looking forlornly at the door. Her worries were now over, all she had to do was wait. There was no need for her to do anything but wait obediently for her owner to arrive. Lauren had seen to everything. All Katie had to do was follow orders. The young girl's fear slowly evaporated as she thought of Lauren: how strong she was, how confident and sure of herself, how she looked after her possessions, of which Katie was now one, how pretty she was, how her lithe body moved with an almost feline grace, how her smooth pussy felt under her tongue.

Katie quickly realised her thoughts had reached their inevitable destination. No matter where they started, they always came back to one thing. Her breasts shuddered deliciously as she lowered her buttocks back to the floor. Wait! What the fuck, the young girl yelled silently. She had been gently fucking herself on her dildo as she daydreamed.

Katie paled at the thought. The humiliating discovery that she had actually been fucking her dildo as she thought of Lauren was quickly eclipsed by the sudden fear that flew up her spine like an icy chill. She had been masturbating without permission. Lauren liked that she was a slut, but not when it meant she misbehaved. When she told her owner she would be in trouble, and she had to tell her. This was big and if she kept it to herself, she knew it was like lying and that was wrong. Lauren would know anyway, she just seemed to always know when her slave had done wrong.

Katie vowed to remain still, staring at the shining silver doorknob, willing it to turn. How long had she been here? She realised she had no idea. Her legs were cold from the tiles on which she knelt and she tried to move slightly to alleviate the discomfort in her knees. She felt the unyielding shaft of the dildo move inside her and froze. She did not want those sensations to  begin again. Well she did, delicious as they were, but she could not afford to be distracted by them. She needed to focus on being good for her owner, not sating her arousal like some undisciplined slut.

A noise. Katie's eyes widened as she tilted her head to listen. Yes a definite noise, from inside the house. Every instinct screamed at her to move, to find someplace to hide. But there was nowhere for the anxious young girl to go. She stayed perfectly still, her eyes glued to the door in front of her.

More noises. Were those footsteps? A voice? The kitchen was on the other side of the door, that she knew, but she had no idea of the layout of the rest of the house. It had to be Lauren, home from her run. But what if it wasn't? What if it was Lauren's mother? Or her father? Katie paled at the thought of being caught in this position but stayed where she was. No, it had to be her owner and she had to be in position, waiting obediently.

Minutes passed and Katie began to wonder if she had imagined the sounds from inside the house. How long would she have to wait here, naked but for her collar. The shiny metal band that sat around her throat made her feel somehow even more naked and exposed. It was the only tangible evidence that she was the property of another person. Other changes had been made sure, her pussy had been denuded and her hairstyle changed drastically, but her collar was the only thing that she could not escape for even a second, the symbol that she was the possession of another.

She hadn't realised she had been so preoccupied by such thoughts, but she jumped when the door opened in front of her. She heard her dildo scrape against the hard tiles as she moved, feeling the movement deep inside her, and grunted softly as the hard shaft pushed against the delicate folds of her vagina.

Katie smiled, the joy at seeing her owner coursing through her entire body. The discomfort in her legs was forgotten as she looked up at Lauren. Her owner was framed in the doorway, wearing only a pair of pretty rainbow striped panties and a tight black singlet that looked two sizes too small for her. She marvelled at the way the shirt clung to the slim girl's small breasts and longed to run her hands across the soft skin of her belly, exposed between the low cut panties and the small shirt.

She said nothing and moved not a muscle as Lauren watched her, hoping that she would be found pleasing. Her heart ached as she saw the approving smile curl her owner's mouth. Katie longed to see that alluring smile, but knowing it was because of her, knowing that she had made her owner happy, made her want to burst. Her entire body tingled with the pent-up energy that the sight of her owner had generated.

"Hello pussywhistle," Lauren said, kneeling down and gently caressing the outer curve of Katie's left breast.

"Hello Miss."

"Been waiting long?"

"Oh no Miss," she replied as Lauren walked around the kneeling girl.

"Eyes forward Kitty. Straighten up. I think far too much of your mind is spent between your legs, too much time thinking about pleasing yourself and not enough on pleasing those who matter. Do you think that is accurate?"

"Yes Miss," Katie conceded, knowing, much to her dismay, that Lauren was right.

"It's something we will work on Kitty. I suppose it is a little too much to expect from such a slut so early in her training."

"Thank you Miss."

"For what?" Lauren asked, with genuine curiosity.

"Um, for being so understanding with me Miss."

This cute little cunt was a real piece of work, Lauren marvelled as she continued to survey the naked form of her slave. That sentiment had been completely sincere, there was no hyperbole, no humouring of a superior. She really was thankful that her shortcomings were, while not quite forgiven, at least accounted for.

"Well Kitty, let's get you inside," Lauren said stepping to one side to allow Katie access to the house. The young girl waited as Lauren attached a leash to her collar. The heavy-metal butterflies in her belly fluttered and flipped as the delicate chain fell against her breast. The intensity of the sudden emotion was too much for the young girl to process. Her entire body shook in a series of tiny shivers.

What the hell was that, she thought, bewildered by her response. She had felt a pulse in her pussy as the leash was attached but it wasn't just that, she had felt it through her entire body. Her skin tingled and itched as if she had been rolling naked in the grass. She just didn't understand and, right now, she didn’t really know if she wanted to.

'You'd better clean that little toy first. Can't have you making a mess of my house."

Katie eased herself up slowly, as her owner reached between her legs and slid the dildo from her pussy with a soft slurping sound. The naked schoolgirl moaned as her plump lips relinquished the glass intruder that had seemed to become a part of her as she waited. She kneeled obediently as Lauren brought the dildo to her mouth. Katie licked her cream from the dildo with relish, lapping the thick white smears as her owner twirled the glass shaft so the young girl could reach each and every part of its length.

"Oh my, Kitty. You have made a mess. Hurry up and clean it, you have duties to perform."

Katie turned around as Lauren tugged insistently on the leash, guiding the young girl around in a circle. She saw what her owner had mentioned and blushed at the sight. Her cream had trickled down her dildo and had left a tiny puddle of white on the dark-grey tiles of the laundry. She wasted no time, quickly lowering her face to the floor, her tongue stretching out to lap her sexual ooze. She only succeeded in pushing her cream around the smooth surface and quickly realised what she needed to do. She pursed her lips, pressed them into the tiny puddle and slurped.

Katie felt the familiar heat rise through her chest and neck and upwards into her face. The humiliation the sounds of her cleaning efforts produced did not slow her down. The floor was clean in a matter of moments and she quickly resumed her kneeling position, though now she was facing away from the house.

Lauren gave a short sharp whip of a whistle and walked into the house. Katie followed, spinning herself around as the leash tugged at her collar, crawling into the house behind her owner. The tiles were hard on her knees but she made no sound of complaint, accepting that it was her place and she was where Lauren wanted her to be.

"My parents are away for the weekend Kitty so we have the place to ourselves. So my little slut, what would you like to do first?"

Katie knelt in front of the couch on which Lauren reclined. The leash ran in a gentle curve from the young girl's collar to the hand of her lounging classmate. It was not pulled tight but she felt as safely secured as if restrained with the ropes she knew lurked somewhere in the house. The carpet was kinder to her knees, softer and warmer, and Katie was thankful for the small comfort.

"May I eat your pussy please Miss," Katie asked timidly, hoping she wasn't being too bold, hoping that it was what her owner wanted to hear. "You are a cheeky little slut but an afternoon snack sounds like a good idea. You mustn't be too greedy though Kitty. You must learn to put your owner first. You may kiss my feet."

Katie stifled the urge to correct Lauren. She had been thinking of her. Yes she did want to lick her owner, the thought not causing her the distress it would have done only days ago, but she wanted to do it to bring pleasure to her owner. She was trying really hard to please, knowing it was the only truly important thing in her life now. She put aside these thoughts and leaned down to kiss Lauren's feet. She pushed her soft lips gently against her owner's flesh, knowing how she liked her feet to be kissed. After a few delicate touches she felt a pull on her leash. Katie followed the pressure, kissing the delicate ankle then moving slowly up Lauren's leg as the leash was pulled tighter.

The young girl passed the knee and lingered at the soft flesh of Lauren's thigh, her owner's pussy tantalising close. She darted a glance at the panty-clad mound only inches from her face as she continued to kiss the tender skin of the thigh. She tried her best to focus on her kisses, but her destination was so teasingly close that she longed to just slide a few inches to her left and bring the pleasure to her owner that she knew she deserved. Katie enjoyed the game that she knew Lauren was playing with her. The anticipation made her chest tight, a spreading warmth quickly enveloping the young girl’s naked body, staving off the gooseflesh that had threatened to appear as the afternoon wore on and the cool air of twilight caressed her bare flesh.

"Panties off Kitty."

Katie reached up, slipped her fingers into the waistband of the colourful underwear and slowly slid them down her owner's sinuous legs. Lauren began the insistent pressure once again, shortening the leash and slowly pulling Katie up her leg, allowing her to rest on her left thigh once again, delighting in the gentle kisses that the young girl bestowed upon the smooth skin of her leg. Lauren increased the pressure on the leash and Katie's belly flipped as she realised her mouth would soon be on her owner's pussy. Just as her pursed lips were about to make contact with Lauren's slim labia, her head was jerked to the side, directed to the other thigh. Katie clenched her hands in frustration, pushing the tight fists into the small of her back.

Her owner's teasing had raised the naked schoolgirl's anticipation to fever pitch. She could smell the object of her desire, she knew how close it was. She longed to close her mouth over Lauren's smooth pussy. She wanted nothing more than to slide her tongue across the soft folds of her owner's tight slit. She wanted to feel the wetness she knew waited for her, she wanted to taste the arousal of her classmate, knowing that she was the reason for it. She knew this meant she was a lesbian, something she had fought against but she no longer cared. A soft whine escaped the young girl's lips as Lauren once again teased her, pulling her close to her sex only to pull her head away at the last minute.

"What do you want?" Lauren asked, looking the panting schoolgirl in the eye as she held her eager face from her pussy.

"Please Miss," said Katie, her answer a breathy, passion-filled whisper, "please may I eat your pussy for you."

"How can I resist something so adorable," replied Lauren, a lascivious smile on her face as she tugged forcefully on the leash and pulled the young girl’s face onto her sex.

Katie's enthusiasm was matched only by her clumsy inexperience as she licked and sucked the tight teenage pussy of her owner. Despite the homework she had been set, her technique was no more refined than it had been the week before. What she lacked in skill, she made up for in sheer vivacity as she set her mouth to pleasuring her owner.

When she knew more about what she was doing, she would truly amazing, Lauren mused as her desire grew and crested under the attentions of the eager young girl that she owned. She had much training to do, but now was not the time. She had wanted this all week. She had sated her own lust many times, the knowledge that her slave had not, only heightening her own orgasms.

What Katie did to her, how she felt with that young tongue licking and lapping with such fervour, was something on another level entirely. Lauren clenched her hands around the leash, pulling as tight as she could, mashing Katie's face into her crotch as her hips bucked uncontrollably. Lauren's orgasm crashed upon her, a seemingly endless series of ecstasy-filled breakers filling her body until she was near exhaustion. Only when she began to giggle from the unceasing attentions of the young girl, did she release the pressure on the leash.

Katie eased herself back slightly, though continuing to slide her tongue over Lauren's slick labia. She slid her hands behind her back, blushing at the realisation that they had moved during her owner's orgasm. She had been jerked forward, her face crushed mercilessly into the sweet sex and her hands had moved forward, pushing against the edge of the couch to provide her with a little source of control. It had done nothing anyway, she had struggled to breathe, such was Lauren's strength.

She was panting heavily but she was happy, proud that she had provided her owner with such pleasure. She knew from Lauren's light giggling, that she had done her job and smiled to hear the infectious joy in her classmate’s uncontrollable laughter. She kept her tongue working slowly, lapping in long languid strokes from top to bottom. She could feel her own torrid pussy pulsing between her legs, the heat she produced a scalding pressure that she could just imagine was turning her cream to steam.

"Good girl, Kitty. I think you need some more homework though. A slave seeks always to improve and cuteness and instinct will only get you so far. Tomorrow we will work on your technique. Won't that be fun Kitty, learning to use that slutty little mouth properly?"

"Yes Miss," replied Katie, the happiness she felt at pleasing her owner, not entirely able to be dashed by the admonishment of her lack of skill.

"Go and get your bag and take it to my room. Remove your clothes, hang your blouses and skirts in the space provided and place the rest of your clothes underneath. Open."

Katie opened her mouth for Lauren to insert the handle of her leash. The chain now dangled down between her breasts and banged lightly against her soft globes as she hurried out to the laundry to fetch her bag. She glanced quickly at her owner as she scurried through the lounge on her way upstairs. Lauren had her panties back on and lay back on the couch as if asleep. She looked so beautiful and so peaceful that the young girl almost stopped to watch.

Katie found the small section of Lauren's closet that had been allocated to her and quickly hung up the clothes which needed it and placed the rest neatly folded underneath. Lauren had chosen each piece in a long list she had posted to Dressing Kitty. Katie had wondered at some of Lauren's choices but she had no idea what the weekend would hold so she had no right to question.

Her clothes put away, she placed her near-empty bag by the door, more conscious than ever of her nudity. She wore nothing but a collar and leash and handling her own clothes, being so near to Lauren's, made her feel incredibly vulnerable at not being allowed even the most meagre of coverings. She hurried back downstairs, wanting to be back by her owner's side, but also not wanting to dwell on such maudlin thoughts. She had tried to completely banish certain words from her mind, but every now and then one crept back in. Nothing that happened to her was unfair. What happened to her was what Lauren desired, which meant it was what she deserved. If she was not allowed clothing, it was just the way it was. Accepting it was all she could do.

"Fetch me a drink of water," Lauren commanded, once Katie had stood to attention beside the couch.

"Yes Miss," Katie replied around the leash in her mouth.

"Simple commands do not require you to open your mouth Kitty."

"Sorry Miss."

"Why are you still here?"

Katie scurried from the room, her emotions now in turmoil. She had done well, she had thought, bringing Lauren to orgasm so quickly. She knew she had a lot to learn but she had really tried and she knew Lauren had been happy with her. Had she somehow fucked up since then, or was this just part of being owned.

"Wrong glass, Kitty. When I want a drink of water, you are to fill a tall clear glass with cold water from the jug in the fridge."

Katie frowned, but turned back to the kitchen and searched for the type of glass Lauren had described. She soon found what she thought was right, a slim glass, tall and clear. She tipped the other water into the sink and filled the new glass afresh. The naked schoolgirl was quickly back in the lounge, stood by the couch and waited for her owner to acknowledge her. She held the glass in her right hand and kept her left behind her back in an attempt to stay as much in position as she could. Lauren was reading a magazine and had not even looked glanced at her. It was at least two minutes before her owner deigned to look her way.

"Kitty, from now on when you bring something to me you will kneel before presenting it to me."

Katie sank to her knees as gracefully as she could with the glass in one hand and the chain leash bobbing against the soft curves of her chest. Lauren looked her over, appraising her body and the position she had adopted. Katie felt the gaze like a physical force, the ethereal blue eyes of her owner piercing through her defences and laying bare her very soul. She wanted to look away, to lower her eyes for just a second, but she could not. She was held, mesmerised by the power of her classmate, captivated by the very sight of her. She felt tiny and insignificant, desperately wanting to do right, but knowing that she could not. The very thought of failing Lauren made her chest tighten in despair, but knowing that she had disappointed her owner, caused small, salty tears to well in the young girl's eyes.

Lauren accepted the offered drink, swallowing a mouthful before handing it back to the waiting teenager. So Katie was also to act as the table, holding her owner's drink until she required it. The thought made her belly flutter and she wondered again, just what it meant.

"Kitty, are you hungry?"

"Yes Miss," the kneeling girl replied, sure that this would lead to her mouth being used for something other than food.

"Third shelf in the pantry there are some crackers. Get them. Leave the glass on the coaster." Katie did as she was told and returned in moments with the small box of crackers.

"Get a plate Kitty, you aren't going to eat them straight from the box."

A little frustrated with the constant series of orders sending her back and forth to the kitchen, Katie located a small side-plate and returned, kneeling down next to the couch once more. She held out the plate, unsure of her next move, waiting for Lauren to tell her what to do.

"Put the plate down. I don't want it. It's for you. Take out five crackers and place them on the plate. Close the packet, Kitty. Do you want them to go stale?" Lauren said, a hint of exasperation creeping into her voice, causing Katie to cringe.

As Katie finished with the box of crackers, Lauren reached out and retrieved the handle of the leash, curling it around her body, securing the naked schoolgirl but leaving her hands free. Katie was glad to have the leash out of her mouth but the strange sensation in her belly did not leave her. The very act of being leashed affected her deeply.

"Your pussy is a bit of a mess Kitty. Look at how creamy you are and no one has even touched you. Clean your pussy with your crackers. I want that cunt nice and clean. Pick up the glass Kitty, don't be so lazy. You are here to serve."

Katie obediently picked up the glass and held it in her right hand, within easy reach should her owner want a drink. Even while demeaning herself by cleaning and eating the discharge from her sex, she must still serve: that was why she was here. The rapid fire commands had left the young girl reeling, her mind and body now on edge, expecting at any moment yet another snapped instruction. She had a sudden sinking sensation, brought on by thoughts of failure and she was desperate to arrest the dismal descent in any way she could.

She held the glass steady and picked up the first of the dry crackers and scraped it's curved edge along her wet vulva. The small, round cracker came away, liberally smeared with the clumpy white discharge produced so copiously by the aroused teen. Katie looked at Lauren and bit the cracker in half as her owner watched intently. Her cream had moistened the dry biscuit and provided the bland food with a flavour she enjoyed. She still wasn't completely sure that enjoying the taste of your own pussy wasn't an inherently bad thing. It's not like she had any choice: she enjoyed the taste and that was it but she couldn't help that niggling feeling that slunk around in the back of her mind every time she did so.

Katie continued the process until all the crackers were gone from the plate. She had scraped her pussy and thighs clean of her cream but she knew it was only a temporary fix. She had not come for so long. She knew she was a slut, but the fact that she had remained aroused, unable to sate her overwhelming desire had meant she had continued to cream. She wanted to come so badly. Her pussy had throbbed with an almost painful ache as she had pleasured her owner and it was not much better now. Being so close to Lauren, being able to drink in the sight of her owner lying on the couch, wearing almost nothing, the panties and singlet tantalising her by covering the most delectable parts of the pretty teenager.

Katie had run her eyes across Lauren's taut body as she ate the crackers spread with the juice from her own pussy. She couldn't help herself. Every moment they had spent apart had left the young girl yearning for this very closeness. Now that she had been rewarded, finally, she found herself unable to resist the lure of her owner's body.

"I think two more should do it Kitty. Go and wash your hands first, you're not putting those filthy little paws back in that box."

Katie coloured at the command and lowered her eyes in shame. She had been eating the ooze from her own vagina, devouring it eagerly like the slut she was, but Lauren was right to make her wash her hands. No one else wanted to be exposed to her wanton ways.

"Open," Lauren commanded as she placed the handle of the leash back into the waiting girl's mouth. "When you are leashed and you need to leave my side, you always open your mouth and wait obediently. And don't put any teethmarks into that strap. You mark my property, I mark you."

With that warning, Katie scampered into the kitchen to wash her hands, knowing that it was right but feeling dirty at the same time. She quickly returned to the lounge, offered the leash to her owner and removed two more crackers from the box.

"The water is no longer cold. Refill the glass," ordered Lauren.

Katie knew she shouldn't be feeling frustrated but Lauren was running her ragged, barely letting her settle before sending her on another errand. She wasn't sure if she was doing it on purpose, just to tease her, or if this was just how it was for a slave. Her owner's wants and needs were what was important, she needed to remember that. As long as Lauren was happy she should be satisfied. Once she was back, the naked teen made short work of the last two crackers, scraping up the last of her visible cream as she held Lauren's water. Katie was a little bewildered by the whole experience, but she tried to just focus on being obedient as she knew that was the way to Lauren's heart.

"Pussy clean?"

"I think so Miss."

"Yes well, that will do for now. You like your leash don't you Kitty?"

"Yes Miss," Katie replied, a little non-commitally.

"I can already see a little spot of cream again, you little slut. The leash suits you and your body definitely responds. We might go for a walk tomorrow. Would you like that Kitty, to be walked by your owner?"

"Um, yes Miss," Katie replied, a tingling thrill shooting up into her chest at the thought. She blushed at her response. The idea of being walked on a leash in public, like a household pet, both excited and frightened her. She could no longer even trust her own emotions. If she felt this way about something she knew was so obviously wrong, her judgement could no longer be relied upon.

"Ok Kitty, no complaining now, that leash has to come off. You have exercises to do. Over there at the end of the coffee table."

Katie waited as Lauren removed her leash before placing the half-empty glass of water on the table. Her restraint now gone, she threw herself into her exercises, wanting to impress Lauren with how she had improved. Her mind was focused intently between her legs as she counted out the 'creamy pussys' of her first set. Lauren had known what she was right from the start, long before Katie had realised it.

She thought of the slut cream that, even now, slowly leaked between her plump labia. Everything she seemed to do or say or think came, inevitably, back to her pussy. She had become obsessed by it, addicted to it. She tried, but she could not ignore the sensations that flooded her body, all originating in that wet, pink cleft below her belly.

"Kitty wants to please," Katie said, louder than she had all week. She had always tried to be quiet, afraid of being overheard while at home, and the opportunity to say it as loud as she pleased was liberating.

"Kitty, for every second count you will say 'Kitty wants to serve'."

"Yes Miss," Katie panted as she struggled to raise her body from the floor. "Kitty wants to serve."

A tiny squeak escaped her open mouth as she recited her new mantra for the first time. Seriously, what was happening to her? How could she feel such things, such intense, strange emotions, from mere words. She completed her exercises and stood at attention, breathless and sweaty yet exhilarated by what she had said and done.

Her fitness had improved, that was clear, but her routine was still a strenuous one. She hoped Lauren had watched her. She hoped her owner had been impressed by her commitment and obedience. Lauren's opinion was the only one that mattered to the young girl. She would do almost anything to gain her owner's approval.

She watched her now, seeking that gentle smile that would let her know she had done well. She didn't quite know what it meant to yearn so badly to be acknowledged. Who she was and what she wanted hinged so deeply on Lauren that Katie sometimes felt as if she was no longer a person in her own right. She did belong to Lauren now. She knew there were times when she questioned it, but right now she knew accepted she was a possession. She accepted it and did not want it to be any other way.

"You really should warm down a little Kitty. You have been a diligent little slut and I can see your fitness increasing. I'm very proud of you."

Katie became lightheaded at her owner's praise. That was all she wanted and it meant everything to hear those words. She could feel her heart almost stop beating as the intensity of the emotion almost overwhelmed her. A tiny tear formed in her eye but she blinked it away, not wanting Lauren to think she was silly.

"From now on with the time you have after your exercises you will prance slowly to help your body warm down. Knee up now, up to your hip. Keep your leg straight, toes pointed. Slowly Kitty, you're not going anywhere. You're supposed to be slowing your body down. Slowly, that's better. Head up, shoulders back. Posture Kitty, always remember your posture. A lazy body is evidence of a lazy mind."

Katie brought her leg high, slowly, until her knee reached her hip. She tried to keep everything straight, her leg forming a perfect right angle as it reached the apex of each step. She focused on her balance and her posture but knew, as she did so, exactly what she looked like as she pranced for her owner. She could feel her plump lips slide against each other as she stepped each leg high. The sensation of her slick labia rubbing against the smooth skin of her thigh, imparting a smear of her cream with each step, made her blush. She instantly became frustrated at the way her body behaved. Lauren never blushed at the things they did, why must she?

"How's that cunt of mine?"

"Wet Miss. It is very wet and creamy and it aches a little."

"Why Kitty, what have you been doing to it?"

"Nothing Miss, only what you told me to Miss, really. Only what I am allowed. It's just..."

"Yes," Lauren prompted when Katie fell silent, knowing the answer that the young prancing girl was hesitant to give.

"Miss, it's... I, um. I really need to come Miss. I'm not asking Miss, really, it's just that I really need to."

"I understand Kitty. A slut like you always wants to come. That's irrelevant. The only thing that matters is if you deserve to come. Do you think you deserve to come?"

"Um, I don't know. I have tried to be a good girl Miss, but I... If you think so Miss."

"We'll see Kitty. Go and get the phone."

Katie scurried out of the lounge at the sudden command, returning quickly and waiting obediently while Lauren ordered pizza. Katie remembered the last time she had eaten pizza and she hoped this time, she might be allowed more than the one, cool slice. She had to serve her owner first of course, but if she did well she might be rewarded.

"Right Kitty, we have twenty minutes, plenty of time for you to practice."

Katie watched as Lauren stood up and slid her panties down her legs. She couldn’t help but stare at the beautiful, tight pussy of her owner. Before becoming Lauren's property, she had never even thought about being a lesbian. Now, though, she had no doubt. You couldn't be so enchanted by the female form if you weren't a lesbian.

Lauren leaned back on the couch, legs spread, and gently tapped her smooth pussy. Katie obeyed the unspoken command, knelt down between her owner's thighs and immediately began lapping the bare mound.

"Slowly Kitty. When you eat a pussy you must remember that it is not for your pleasure that you perform. You are a slut, the pleasure you get from licking a pussy is a given. Now slow. Long and sensual, from top to bottom. No Kitty, don't dip inside, cheeky monkey. Now keep that up, nice and slow."

Katie lapped Lauren's slim labia with long, languid strokes of her tongue. She gently pushed the outer lips apart, feeling the delicate inner lips brush across her scalding tongue. The young girl tried to keep her movements slow as she had been told, knowing that her natural tendency was to go faster and deeper. She was learning, and that was good.

Katie continued to lick Lauren's pussy, the soft wet sounds of tongue on sex filling her ears. She could taste her owner's subtle scent and knew that the moisture that coated her lips and chin was only partly from her own mouth. The kneeling schoolgirl kept her tongue working diligently, waiting patiently for Lauren to instruct her further. She desperately wanted to reach out and caress the taut, toned thighs that framed her face, but she kept her hands obediently behind her back, her own frustrations meaning nothing in the grand scheme of her subservience.

"Good girl. You need to learn patience Kitty. What you are doing will never give me an orgasm but that is not always the goal. A slave must learn to please in every way she can. When we have more time, I will have you down there for hours and you must never be boring. A slave that bores her owner is one that yearns for punishment."

Katie listened to her owner speak, no longer tuning out the 'lecture mode' that she now knew was so important. She was disappointed that she had ever tried not to listen to what her owner had to say and she regretted each moment she had done so. Her tongue never stopped moving, even as her mind followed its own flight of fancy.

"Ok Kitty, inside now. Make that tongue a little slut spear and fuck me."

Katie instantly did as she was told, hardening her tongue into a long fleshy dagger. Her face thrust back and forth, tongue sliding into her owner's intimate opening. Lauren watched the teenager's nodding head and tried to stay objective. This was a training session and she was to evaluate her slave's technique. She steeled herself against the growing pleasure between her legs and focused instead on the sensation and execution.

"Faster. Now slow down. Good girl. Now get that tongue right up in there, show me how much you want to taste the source of my juice. Swirl it around, reach every surface, clean my pussy. Ah that's right, just like that Kitty."

Lauren squirmed on the couch as Katie's tongue swirled and wriggled inside her slick pink slit. The little slut followed instructions adroitly, instantly rising to each new challenge, her enthusiasm and need to obey finally complemented by technique to provide an experience that left Lauren gasping, her resolve all but dissolved.

"Enough. Clit now Kitty," Lauren instructed, tapping the top of her pussy with two fingers, showing the young girl the way.

Katie withdrew her tongue and gratefully moved up to Lauren's tight pink button. Her tongue and jaw had started to get a little tired from the previous activity, a dull ache setting in deep in the muscles of her jaw. She could have licked pussy for hours, gently running her tongue along Lauren's slim lips, but she could not have kept up the strenuous tongue-fucking for much longer. Extending her tongue so far for so long was not an easy thing. She had never known there were so many different ways to tend to a pussy and she suspected that Lauren had only shown her the very surface. The idea that there was so much more to learn, and that she would be learning on the beautiful, sweet sex before her, sent a gentle thrill through her young body.

"Just the tip, slut. Push back the hood, that's right. Just the tip."

Katie licked her lips before once again pushing her tongue forth to pleasure her classmate.  She wanted to mash her tongue against the smooth sex, she needed to close her mouth over Lauren's pussy and take those tight, slippery labia into her mouth, but she obeyed her owner's commands and limited herself to just the tip of her tongue. It was difficult but she had to remember that this wasn't for her, what she wanted didn't matter, not to her, not to her owner.

Katie knew she deserved this. Serving another person was what she deserved. She was able to see, now, that she had wasted her life before, not really knowing what to do or what she was.  Lauren had seen something in her that she had not even been aware of. What she had done, the reason she was now the property of another was just a symptom of her waywardness. She deserved this for what she had done and for what she had not done.

"I think that's our pizza, Kitty," Lauren said breathily as her clit was teased by Katie's eager tongue. "You can't go to the door like that."

Katie's tongue continued to flick her owner's tender button, not having received any orders to stop, but she breathed a sigh of relief that she would finally be clothed. She knew Lauren would not have made her pay for the pizza naked but then again, she really didn't know anything about what Lauren would have her do. She realised that she really had no idea what she could be made to do. Were there limits?

'Hurry upstairs and put on your red panties and black singlet," Lauren commanded, pushing Katie's head away from her pussy.

The young girl did as she was told, her mind reeling as she left Lauren languishing on the lounge. Yes, she was being allowed clothes, but only barely. Answering the door in panties was not something she had ever considered. The singlet was not much better. It was a tiny, tight garment that ended well above her bellybutton, the thin spaghetti straps providing only the barest coverage possible.

As she picked up the tiny red panties, the memory of the stomach-wrenching humiliation she had felt two days before came flooding back. That moment, when she had entered her room after school on Wednesday, when she had seen her bedpost empty, the panties she had forgotten to move, gone, came back with full force. The memory was so vivid it was as if she was reliving it once again.

She didn't have time for this, Lauren was waiting, the pizza-guy was waiting. Once again she had no time. She slid the small red panties up her legs, seating them snugly against her plump mound. As soon as she had pulled the singlet over her breasts she hurried back downstairs to stand at attention before her waiting owner. Her breasts bounced with each hurried step, the tight garment providing almost no support. Her pert, firm flesh needed little support but the small singlet did nothing but cover the soft mounds.

Lauren slid a folded twenty dollar bill into the waistband of the waiting teen's panties. Katie felt the note scratch the soft skin of her mons and blushed as she realised what she was about to do.

"This guy won't need any tip, Kitty. Seeing that little slut body is tip enough. When you take the change, it can go back into your panties. Now remember to be polite and thank him. And Kitty, remember to find out his name."

Katie jumped at the sudden knock on the door. She was really going to do this. She was going to answer the door in her underwear, with money in her panties as if she was a stripper. And she had to be polite and respectful, always respectful. She hesitated briefly but she knew Lauren was watching her and she could not be bad now. She had been good tonight, of that she was sure and if she stayed on her best behaviour she might be allowed to come. She knew she shouldn't be thinking like that, because it was a little selfish, but she couldn't help it. Even now, as she was about to humiliate herself, her pussy remained near the front of her thoughts.

The anxious schoolgirl hesitated once more as her hand rested on the doorknob. She could see the delivery-guy's blurry form through the frosted glass pane in the middle of the door. This was it. She felt the familiar flush of heat into her cheeks even before she opened the door.

The young man waiting on her doorstep almost fell over when he saw Katie's scantily-clad form, his eyes widening, the pizza in his hands forgotten. The fuck? He wanted to look around to find the hidden camera, his first thought being that this could not be real, but his eyes would not cooperate.

"Hello Sir," Katie began, her nervousness causing her words to come out in a shy squeak.

"Um hey. Pizza?"

"Yes, thank you. I'm Kitty," the anxious teen replied, her voice stronger now but the humiliation she felt at her exposure giving her demeanour a coquettish air.

"Nick," he responded distractedly. Katie could see his eyes dart around her body. He was doing his best to stay focused on her face but it was a battle he was losing. Each time his eyes rested on the tiny red panties she wore, the burn in her cheeks deepened. She wasn't stupid enough to think that he was looking at the money. It was the tight mound of her pussy that drew his attention, her plump lips cupped so prettily by the tight vermillion material.

"Uh, one pepperoni pizza," Nick finally managed, remembering why he was here. The sight of the gorgeous young girl, barely dressed, had driven everything else from his mind. He thought of his girlfriend fleetingly, the tight young body almost entirely exposed before him, putting his girl's to shame.

"Thank you very much," the quivering teen replied, delicately sliding the folded note from her panties. Her nipples had hardened as the cool evening air caressed her bare flesh. Great, she thought, as if he needed yet another part of her to stare at.

Nick absently took the money from her hand, his gaze lingering on the smooth red mound between her legs. He was having trouble processing exactly what was happening, more so than the young, half-naked girl that stood on the threshold of a house he would remember for a very long time. Katie was familiar with the humiliation that filled her, though she could never become accustomed to it. She took the pizza from him with one hand and waited while he dug the change from the small bag at his waist. She could see his reluctance to look away even for a minute, but guessed it was even more important to provide the right change. Katie knew all abount margin now, having had Mrs Farrell teach her more about retail and profit on her second shift at the store.

She took the change with a trembling hand and pushed it past the waistband of her panties. The coins felt cool against her skin and she fought back a grimace as a dime slid down to rest against her clit. The hard, cool metal felt amazing against the blazingly hot button and a shiver ran up her spine at the sensation.

"Thank you very much, Nick."

"Yeah, uh, yeah thanks."

He looked her young body over one more time before turning slowly and heading down the front path. Katie knew she had to wait until he left, but forced to stand there, her body on display, until he was ready to stop enjoying what she offered had made her keenly aware of the degrading position she put herself in. She closed the door, leaning against the heavy panel and breathing an audible sigh of relief that the ordeal was finally over. Who could ever have thought that buying pizza could be such a trial? She headed into the lounge room with the pizza, eager to be back with Lauren, the safety and comfort she felt from simply being in her presence made her knees go weak.

"In the kitchen, Kitty. One slice each on two plates. I will have a beer, Corona with a wedge of lime. You will have water. Don't dawdle."

Katie left and completed Lauren's instructions. She felt the coins in her panties shift as she walked and hoped that Lauren would allow her to remove them before too long. With each movement they slid further down, closing in on the damp snatch that would snare the tiny metal coins. She knew if they reached that area they would soon be coated white, and she did not want to have Lauren comment on her messing the money.

She took much longer than she knew she should, but finding the tool to take the lid off the beer and trying to figure out how to cut a lime wedge the right size to fit into the neck of the bottle were new things for the inexperienced teen. She told herself that it was good that she was learning the things that her owner liked. She would be much better, much faster, next time. Finally she had everything ready and headed back into the lounge with Lauren's pizza and beer.

"What'd you do? Brew the beer first?"

"Sorry Miss, I cou... Sorry," Katie replied, deciding that her excuses meant nothing. She would simply need to do better.

"You may get yours now and hurry back. I've got True Blood all ready. You haven't seen it have you Kitty?"

"No Miss."

"I can't watch it when my parents are home, you'll see why. They think Twilight is the kind of stuff I like, it's why I have that poster up, dummies."

Katie enjoyed the pizza she was allowed, overjoyed when she was given permission for a second slice, knowing it meant she had been a good girl. She enjoyed the show Lauren had introduced her to, she hadn't known there shows like this on TV. Most of all though, she enjoyed just being with her owner. She sat on the floor in front of Lauren and lost herself in the moment.

The occasional caress from her owner sent thrills through her young body. A gentle pat on her head, a soft touch on her neck, and she was happier than she had ever been. Katie was amazed at how she felt. She couldn't believe the strength of the emotions that rocked her. She didn't know it could be like this. This was something more than friendship, wasn't it? She had to admit that she had probably never really felt that true, deep friendship that she noticed and envied in others. Was this what it was like, or was it something else?

They watched two episodes of the supernatural show, time passing so quickly for the young girl. She was amazed by the raunchy action, the brilliant characters and the budding romance for which she felt such a natural affinity. Katie could have sat there all night but her owner had other ideas.

"Clear the dishes Kitty."

Katie obeyed without a second thought, happy to serve Lauren, eager to obey, knowing that it meant she could spend more time with her pretty classmate. She wasted no time in washing the plates and glass she had used. Katie wondered what beer tasted like. Katie had opened a second bottle for her owner and had been much quicker and had felt happy at her improvement. Learning these things about Lauren made her feel special. These were the little things friends knew about each other but she was learning more, being able to provide Lauren with the things she wanted was even better than friendship. The receptive schoolgirl knew it had to be from the way she felt as she served her owner.

Katie heard music from the lounge as she washed the dishes. It was a fast guitar driven song that she didn't know but that wasn't surprising. Lauren had told her she knew almost nothing about the world and Katie knew it was true. She had learnt more in the last two weeks than she could ever have imagined, especially about herself.  Not all of it had been pleasant to learn, but she wasn't that person anymore. No matter what happened, she would never be that person again.

When she came back to the lounge, Katie stopped in the doorway and stared. Lauren was dancing in the centre of the room, her tight, toned body moving when a sensuous grace. She was dressed only in panties and the small halter top, the tiny garments allowing the young girl to see the play of her muscles under her classmate's smooth skin. Katie was frozen in place, captivated by the lithe movements of her owner.

Lauren turned around and noticed her audience. Katie's knees turned to jelly at the smile that lit up Lauren's face, her eyes shining as if they radiated their own pale blue light. The mesmerised teen stepped forward hesitantly as Lauren beckoned to her with a sensual movement of one crooked finger.

Lauren put down her beer and took Katie's hands. She drew them back and placed them gently on her hips. The touch of her owner's warm flesh, sent a thrill up Katie's spine. She couldn't believe how wonderful the porcelain-smooth skin that covered the girl's hipbone felt under her hands. The already panting teen drew her breath in short gasps as Lauren's hands came together behind her neck, causing the hard metal band that encircled her throat to slide across her skin.

Lauren continued to dance, leading her dazed slave through a series of increasingly lascivious moves. Their bodies had almost come together when the song changed. Katie knew this one. It was one of the few songs Lauren had allowed her to keep on her iPod. It was the only Fifty Cent song she knew and she had often danced to it in the privacy of her own room.

Both girls reacted instinctively to the familiar beat, their barely clothed bodies swaying and bouncing in time to the infectious song. Before long Katie found herself grinding her hips into Lauren's, the smooth panty-clad buttocks rubbing sensuously against the thighs of her owner. Lauren's legs parted to allow her in, flesh sliding across flesh.

Before the song had ended, Katie found herself in the arms of her owner, her full breasts pushing against the small budding bosom of her classmate's chest. With a twinkle in her eye, Lauren grabbed the bottom of Katie's singlet and in one swift motion lifted it above her head, freeing the soft round mounds that bounced so beautifully once their meagre support had been removed.

Katie enjoyed the sensation and twirled seductively, showing her body to her owner, knowing that was what she wanted. For the first time she did not blush as her nudity was revealed, though she was too caught in the moment to notice. She dropped to a squat and slowly rose to her feet, rubbing her bared breasts against Lauren's body as she ascended. Her nipples were hard and the feeling as they brushed against the hot skin of her owner's hard body made her shiver in delight.

Katie loved to dance, she had been doing it for as long as she could remember, but always alone and always in her room, the door closed so no one could see. It had always been something so private. Now here she was, dancing with another girl, near naked and loving every minute, every movement, every sensual touch. This was better than anything she had dreamed of. This was what dancing was for.

As the song ended, Lauren caught Katie's face in her hands and kissed her, hard and deep. The breathless teen responded, her tongue darting forth to begin a lusty dance of its own. For some reason her hands were not on the body of her owner, instead they rested in the small of her back, her fingers rubbing the smooth material of the panties that covered her tight, teenage ass.

Katie did not notice her choice of posture but Lauren did, an intense pulse forming deep inside her, flowing down the moist pink channel and bursting between her moist lips like a tidal wave of pure pleasure. The little slut was standing at attention while she kissed her, passionately. Well, not quite at attention, her hips were grinding forward, pushing her panty clad pussy against Lauren's leg.

Lauren could feel the coins beneath the thin layer of material, and almost laughed. She had completely forgotten about the change from the pizza. It had sat in the young girl's panties for hours, slowly moving down to her crotch. No doubt it was covered in cream by now. This she had to see.

"Slide your panties down, Kitty. Nice and slow. You've been hanging on to my money haven't you?" "Yes Miss," Katie replied breathlessly, wanting nothing more than to keep dancing with her owner, but a little bewildered by the sudden change of topic.

Katie slid her thumbs under the waistband of the tiny red panties and slowly slipped them down over her full buttocks. She was careful to keep the crotch of her panties flat to prevent the money from falling to the floor. She risked a glance once they were halfway down her thighs and blushed at what she saw.

The material was soaked, a thick coating of white pussy-cream covering the material from side to side. Right in the centre were three small coins, completely coated in her ooze. The folded note sat at the top of the mess, caught in the sticky discharge as if it was glue. Katie knew she shouldn't feel bad about what her pussy produced, she had already been over this, she was a slut and Lauren approved, but she couldn't help feeling self-conscious about it anyway.

"My, my Kitty. You have been busy. Clean my money and put it on the kitchen counter."

Katie reached out and tentatively plucked the first of the coins from amidst the sea of clumpy white slime. The small metal circle slid between her fingers and she had to try twice before she managed to remove it. A small string of cream clung to the coin and her fingers as she drew the quarter upwards, as if her discharge was reluctant to relinquish its treasure.

The blushing schoolgirl popped the coin in her mouth and immediately moved back for the others, quickly slipping them into her mouth, where her tongue slid over and around the small metal objects. The intense taste of her pussy was cut through with the sharp tang of metal, but she found it an oddly pleasing combination of flavours.

She spat the coins out into her hand and quickly licked the note clean. She wasn't sure what she should do, and Lauren gave her no cue so she turned about and waddled into the kitchen, her legs wide in an attempt to keep her panties from falling down. It was a humiliating pose to adopt but it was all she could think of to do.

"And what will she do with Thursday's rags, when Monday comes around."

Katie looked at her owner as she waddled back into the lounge. Her voice was low, the sonorous sounds, round and Germanic. Lauren had been near pitch perfect with the slow, hypnotic voice of the singer and Katie started to giggle at her owner's performance, despite the demeaning position she was in. She couldn't help herself, the giggling fit took her and there was nothing she could do.

"A blackened shroud, a hand-me-down gown."

Katie's giggles continued at the sombre tones and serious face Lauren adopted as she sang the strange song. She tried to stifle her laugh, but as Lauren advanced slowly, her movements exaggerated and in time to the dirge-like beat of the music, she could not stop. Lauren stalked towards her slave, slow, solemn and sensual.

Katie thought for the briefest of moments that she might be in trouble, she was laughing at her owner after all. But the look on Lauren's face, the mischevious twinkle in her beautiful eyes reassured her. Lauren kissed the young girl, her lips still twitching as the last of her giggles subsided.

"Now your panties, Kitty. Then you can take them off and put them on the floor by the couch."

In moments the soaked underwear was in her mouth, her tongue slurping the cream-covered crotch as clean as she could. She continued to suck, her tongue sliding through the slime from her sex as Lauren sat back on the couch and drank the last of her beer.

"Time for you to taste my beer," Lauren instructed as Katie gently placed the neatly folded garment on the floor. "No Kitty, with your other lips."

Katie lowered the bottle, that now contained only the lime wedge and a dribble of yellow liquid. She blushed as she realised she should have known what she was being told to do. Lauren was still smiling though, the wickedly girlish smile curling her mouth so prettily, so her stupidity at least hadn't had any effect on her owner's mood, only hers.

"Up on the table. Put the bottle down. There you go."

Katie crawled up on the wooden table and placed the tall beer bottle on the table beneath her. She squatted over the clear glass container and slowly lowered her body. A soft moan escaped her as the smooth glass slid effortlessly past her lips. The long neck continued inside her as she eased hers body lower and lower, until she felt her plump labia push against the widening shaft.

The heat radiated from her crimson cheeks as she looked her owner in the eye, aware of the sight she presented. Lauren smiled sweetly and Katie knew what was expected. The squatting schoolgirl began to pump her body up and down on the long, slick shaft. Her breathing becoming ragged as she fucked herself on the tall Corona bottle.

Her thighs began to ache but all she could think of was the rising tide of ecstasy between her legs. She could not look away from Lauren, captivated by those pale blue eyes, as she thrust her pussy on the bottle in a slowly increasing rhythm. She tried to keep her hands behind her back but her balance suffered.

"Kneel Kitty, legs wider, there you go. See, a slut like you hardly needs any direction. Your body knows what to do, you just need a little discipline to keep your posture correct."

Katie continued to fuck the bottle, her weight now resting on her knees, her hands able to sit comfortably behind her. She knew what Lauren was talking about. The moment her knees had rested on the table-top, she had immediately thrust her pussy back onto the bottle, the long smooth shaft sliding into her creamy cunt with a soft, wet sound. The music had stopped now and all she could hear were the slurping, squishy sounds from below.

She could feel the trickles of sweat run down her back as she pumped herself up and down in a ceaseless rhythm. Her body felt fevered as her arousal continued to rise and rise. This was better than her scheduled pussyplay, it was more intense, each thrust of the smooth bottle inside her sending short waves of ecstasy flooding through her flesh. The simple presence of her owner heightened the sensation and Katie gasped with each ragged breath, sure that Lauren could see deep inside her, to the very bottom of the well from which sprang her near uncontrollable lust.

"Kitty, are you watching?"

"Yes... Miss," Katie replied between hot, lust-filled breaths.

"When you see my hand like this, you are to present your pussy."

Katie looked as her owner leaned her elbow on the arm of the couch and held her hand out, palm up, fingers curved very slightly back. Lauren looked so beautiful, relaxed and barely dressed, that wicked, mischevious smile lighting up her face.

"Do you want a spanking Kitty?"

"No Miss, sorry," the young girl said, raising herself off the beer bottle, blushing at the wet sound as the rounded mouth of the bottle slipped from her pussy. She was a little unsure what she was to do, but advanced slowly towards her owner on weak, trembling legs.

"You present your pussy Kitty. That means you rest that fat cunt on my hand."

Katie straddled the upturned hand and slowly lowered her body until she felt the warm touch of her owner's palm as it cupped her plump labia, slick with the cream of her arousal. She trembled at the touch, overwhelmed by the emotions that flowed through her. Her knees went weak and she pushed her dripping sex harder onto Lauren's fingers overcome by the mere touch of her classmate. Katie knew she had almost come as her pussy rested against Lauren's waiting hand. Her entire body quivered as Lauren's middle finger moved gently, the very tip slipping just inside her sex. With the barest of movements, Lauren teased the opening of the young girl's pussy, smiling knowingly at the squelching sound as a gentle suction was created at the entrance to the schoolgirl's moist pink passage.

"Every time Kitty, no matter the time, no matter the place. This is the signal for you to present your pussy, just as you have done."

"Yes Miss," Katie replied, a small uneasy sensation gripping her even as her body continued to be wracked with intense feelings of pleasure from the attentions of Lauren's fingers.

"Time to calm this storm," Lauren announced, patting her property's plump sex. "First you must clean your mess. Bottle and table."

Katie felt a jolt of excitement shock her from her lust-induced lethargy at Lauren's words. It hadn't been expressly said, but had Lauren meant that she was to be allowed to come? She scurried back to the table, able to think of little else.

The empty Corona sat in the middle of the dark wooden table, the clear glass neck smeared liberally with her cream. The sticky ooze from her sex had run down the sides of the bottle and lay puddled in a ring at its base. Katie delicately collected the slimy bottle, and hurriedly cleaned it, licking and lapping eagerly, savouring her sex, a taste that was more familiar to her now than most others.

In moments the bottle was clean and the young girl proceeded to the table, sucking up the small, sticky puddle of cuntcream. She knew she shouldn't be affected any longer, but she still blushed at what she was doing. Knowing you were a slut didn't really make it easier to accept at a time like this.

"There's a little left in there Kitty. Waste not want not."

Katie looked into the bottle and saw what her owner was talking about. At the bottom of the bottle lay the thin wedge of lime she had so inexpertly cut, lying in a thin layer of murky liquid. The juices of her arousal had slipped inside the bottle as the rounded mouth scraped the delicate folds of her vagina as she had so obediently fucked the bottle for the pleasure of her owner. The slimy white cream had mixed with the dregs of the beer to produce a cloudy, frothy substance that swirled around the lime wedge.

She had no idea what this would taste like but she felt a strange moment of trepidation as she brought the bottle to her lips. She had consumed her own cream on a daily basis, having only moments before slurped up a generous puddle of the ooze from the smooth surface of the coffee table, and yet here she was, apprehensive about drinking it from a bottle.

There wasn't much there, barely a mouthful but a sudden flush of humiliation made her pause. She looked from the Corona to Lauren and instantly lifted the bottle to her mouth, upending the murky contents in one swift movement. The look on her owner's face had frightened her, the disapproval she had read there causing a sinking feeling in the pit of her belly. The pout that had spurred Katie into action had been that of a young girl, spoilt and used to getting her own way. It made Katie feel so much closer to Lauren, making her realise that her owner was just a girl as well.

Katie grimaced at the unpleasant taste. She could make out the hint of lime, and the familiar musk of her sex was present but it was all overshadowed by a bitter tang that tainted the whole and made the mix an unenjoyable sensation as it slid slowly down her throat. The moment she swallowed, Lauren got up from the couch and attached the leash to her collar.

Katie followed obediently as she was led into the kitchen, where she deposited the now empty bottle, and then up to her owner's bedroom. Lauren had her crawl on all fours as they ascended the stairs, the degrading position sending a gentle thrill through her young body. She was so very tightly wound now, after a week of near-constant arousal, a night of further, intense teasing, all topped by the anticipation of her impending orgasm, that she was sure she would find almost anything exciting.  She could think of nothing else but her creamy pussy.

When they reached Lauren's room, Katie was pulled up by her leash and kissed passionately. Just as she was reaching for her classmate, she was thrown across the room, landing clumsily on the bed. Lauren had half-pushed, half-tossed the young girl and Katie was again surprised by the strength in her owner's petite young body.

She scrambled backwards as Lauren stalked towards her, casually dropping the leash, her hungry, predatory eyes never once leaving the body of her possession. Katie's breath caught in her throat at the sight, her owner's feline grace and primal sensuality captivating her into complete stillness. She quivered like a scared little rabbit, knowing flight was useless, simply waiting to be devoured.

Katie squealed when Lauren pounced, pinning the panting girl to the bed, trapping her with her body. She closed her eyes and sighed in ecstasy as Lauren's hot tongue licked her neck. Gooseflesh erupted down her side as the moist tongue slid from collar to jaw.

Lauren smiled as she tasted the salty skin of her slave, at the same time, feeling the tiny bumps form in the young girl's flesh. Her own arousal was growing, the spectacle of watching Katie fuck the bottle almost more than she could stand. She had wanted to throw her down right there and then and fuck the little slut's brains out but she was stronger than that, she had to be. Watching the pretty schoolgirl comply with each and every command, marveling as her natural obedience became more and more instinctive was as exciting as having her pussy eaten by this very same, eager young girl.

Now it was time for for Kitty to come. Despite a few lapses, Lauren had to admit that Katie had been a very good slave. She had progressed further than even she could have hoped and her training was far more advanced than she had planned. Katie wanted to serve, she was still fighting some aspects of her personality, but even that struggle excited Lauren, each demure blush and shy, hesitant look sending jolts of pleasure tingling through her. When Katie came it would be the final triumphant act of control she had planned for the week. She thought she was being given a treat, rewarded for her good behaviour. Lauren knew the naive young girl suspected nothing more and the thought overcame her self-control and sent her sliding down Katie's body.

Katie groaned loudly as Lauren sunk two fingers inside her, sliding them in until her hand bumped against her plump labia, in one swift motion. Her groans grew in volume and frequency as Lauren pumped her fingers in and out of the slippery teenage cunt. When her owner's mouth closed over her clit, Katie yipped loudly, the high-pitched noise almost making Lauren pause in her attentions.

"May I come Miss," Katie yelled breathily.

"Manners," Lauren replied, pausing only long enough to say the one, small word.

"Fu..." Katie screamed as Lauren sucked the young girl's clit into her mouth as she curled her fingers inside her vagina, her fingertips pushing forcefully against the folds of the front wall of the young girl's sex. "May I come please Miss, please. Please, please, Miss, oh..."

"Come for me Kitty. Come for me my little slut."

Katie could stand it no longer. She reached above her and drew Lauren's pillow quickly over her head. The moment it was pressed firmly across her face, the young girl screamed as the orgasm crashed upon her. The guttural sound was dampened by the pillow but Lauren smiled as the muffled wail filled the room.

Her entire body tensed, every muscle straining as if the ghost of electricity coursed through her. Lauren worked her pussy and clit without pause and Katie was transported into another level of reality. She felt suddenly lightheaded as if she was about to float out of her body, bright orange and red shapes danced and burst before her eyes, coalescing and dispersing in wondrous patterns. Just as she thought she could take no more, sure she was going to blackout as Lauren had described, a second orgasm exploded within her. Her renewed screams reverberated around the room, despite the pillow still held firmly to her face. Time seemed to stop as her entire world collapsed in upon itself.

The next thing Katie knew, the pillow was being removed from her face and the cool night air felt heavenly as it wafted across her feverish skin. Her eyelids fluttered open in time to see Lauren hover above her. Lips met, parting compliantly as her owner kissed her tenderly.

Katie wanted to reach out, to draw her lover down upon her, but her hands only twitched at her sides, all energy drained from the exhausted girl. It had been a long day and a longer week. Lauren collapsed beside her and the weak schoolgirl managed somehow to find the energy to turn on her side and reach across the heaving chest of her classmate.

Katie lay draped languidly across her owner, her head resting lightly on Lauren's chest as it rose and fell, the rhythm slowing over time. She snuggled closer to her lover, feeling Lauren's heartbeat pulse through her own body as her face lay pillowed on her owner's small, soft breasts.

The contented schoolgirl turned her face and kissed the nipple that lay close, the wan light of the night making the dusky circle look like a dark cherry atop an ice cream sundae. She loved the way Lauren's pale flesh seemed to glow in the weak light that filtered through the curtained window.

Katie desperately tried to stay awake, trying to make the night last just a few moments longer, but the gentle, rhythmic stroking of Lauren's thumb across her temple soon lulled the young girl into sleep, her body pressed firmly into that of her owner, as if yearning to be one. Her comfort was complete and, despite her determination, she soon drifted into the soft embrace of sleep.

* * *

Lauren awoke, her eyelids opening slowly into darkness. It took a moment for the young girl to orient herself, but the weight upon her chest, the warm soft body of her slave, gave her all the information she needed. She could feel the warm, moist breath across her breast, the sensation sending a shiver down her spine.

Lauren closed her eyes and listened to the peaceful schoolgirl breathing shallowly through barely parted lips. She gently traced elegant arabesques across the smooth skin of the sleeping girl's back.

Katie stirred and made a throaty contented sound, her lips pursing delicately together. Lauren looked down at her and smiled. She shifted her body gently out from beneath the slumbering girl and leaned closer, brushing her lips against Katie's cheek, the tip of her nose, those tender pink lips. She smiled in her sleep and Lauren contemplated just what she had in this young girl.

Lauren kissed her then, full on the mouth, disrupting the slow, even breaths of sleep. Katie woke with her owner's mouth pressed against hers and, with sleep still clinging to the young girl's mind, her body responded, to accept the smooth, wet tongue that crept sinuously past her parted lips. They embraced lying face to face, kissing sleepily and eventually making love, with slow, indolent grace.

Lauren drew the lethargic girl from the bed, pulling her gently by the hand. Katie followed obediently, the post-orgasmic haze obfuscating her movements, allowing her to function on the most instinctual of levels. She followed without thought, simply knowing it was right, content.


Even in her somnolent state, she still managed to blush at being ordered to go to the toilet like a pet. Nevertheless she sat on the toilet and emptied her bladder as Lauren leaned against the wall and watched her in the pale light that illuminated the room.

"Back to bed Kitty."

Katie flushed and scurried back to Lauren's bedroom, scooting under the covers, eager to snuggle back into the warmth she had reluctantly left behind. When Lauren joined her, she cuddled into her owner, sliding her right hand over her body and holding her tight. She let her hand rest against the small breast, before tentatively cupping the soft mound and gently running her thumb across the tiny nipple.

Lauren nestled her body into Katie, sighing softly as she felt her slave's firm young breasts flatten against her back. Lauren quickly drifted back into sleep, Katie's slow, hot breath caressing the back of her neck.

Chapter 15. Day Once Dawned

Katie purred like a well-fed cat as Lauren gently caressed her warm body, slim fingers tracing the soft curve of the young girl's breast, the delicate contact barely brushing the sensitive young flesh. The weak light of early morning filtered through the red curtains, filling the room with an orange haze.

She had awoken to the loving attention of her owner, stretching languidly as sleep left her slowly. Soft music was playing, filling the room with a mellow melody that Katie let flow over her body like a gentle river of sound. The sleepy schoolgirl looked at her owner lying beside her and felt such a sense of deep contentment it was as if her entire body would dissolve into the aether at the merest touch.

"Morning Kitty."

"Morning Miss," Katie responded, a little shiver trickling through her body at the sultry sound of her lover's voice.

"Are you going to lie in bed all day?" Lauren asked, her fingers continuing their absent caress of the tender teenage breast.

"Yes please, Miss," Katie replied, knowing Lauren was teasing her.

"Cheeky little slut," Lauren responded, her fingers creeping inwards to squeeze the young girl's nipple. She smiled as she felt it harden between her fingers, enjoying the power she had over the young girl.

Katie smiled, enjoying the playful teasing. She loved it when Lauren was this way. This was the kind of friendship that she had always longed for: the comfort, the contentment, the gentle teasing that only came with real understanding.

"I'm thirsty, Kitty."

"Water, Miss?"

"Mmmm," Lauren responded, cupping the young girl's breast as she lay back in bed.

Katie got to her hands and knees and crawled over the prostrate form of her owner, smiling at Lauren's giggles as she pinched the pendant breasts as they passed over her. As she reached the edge of the bed and stood up, Lauren reached out and smacked her ass to send her on her way.

It was meant playfully, Katie knew, but her left buttock stung as she hurried down the stairs to fetch her owner's refreshment. She twisted and caught a glimpse of her bottom, not surprised to see the bright pink hand-print blazing in the middle of her left cheek. She risked a squeeze of her nipples remembering the recent touch that had so quickly stirred her arousal. The day was not an hour old and her desire already gripped her.

She filled the tall glass with cold water, smiling shyly at the pride she felt in remembering the correct way to serve. She scurried upstairs, the nervous fluttering in her belly growing as she knelt by the side of the bed, spreading her legs widely and holding out the cool glass with one hand. She had only been gone a minute but Lauren looked as if she was already asleep again. The night had been an exhausting one. She felt like getting back into bed, snuggling up against Lauren's smooth body and falling back into sleep as well. Instead she remained on her knees, her hand slowly growing colder as she watched the sleeping girl.

Lauren looked so peaceful, her lips parted slightly, revealing the straight white teeth within. She could just see the moist, pink tongue lying dormant inside her owner's mouth and could not help but think of it in her own mouth, against her lips, darting into her wet slit, skimming the cream from the opening of pussy.

Katie shivered as she felt the familiar tight tingling between her legs, confident in the knowledge than soon the first dribbles of cream would make their way to the entrance of her sex, as if her vagina was some great river, her cream, the sexual silt being flushed downriver to the sea. The gentle movement of her body dislodged a drop of condensation from the glass and it trickled down her arm, mirroring the imagined movement of cream within her cunt.

Katie moaned softly and immediately blushed as she realised Lauren was watching her. Had she ever been truly asleep, she wondered, as she felt the heat of her embarrassment radiate from her body. With no provocation whatsoever, her thoughts had turned to the most wanton they could be. She was such a fucking slut. What would she ever have done without Lauren? But wasn't it Lauren that had brought these feelings out in her? She had not been like this before becoming her classmate’s property.

Lauren smacked her lips and smiled and Katie knew instinctively what to do. She raised her body, though not as high as she would have liked due to her widely spread legs, and tipped the tall glass to her owner's lips, putting her other hand under the glass to prevent any drips from reaching the bed. Lauren drank multiple mouthfuls from the offered glass, her eyes never leaving those of her slave.

"Are you thirsty, Kitty," Lauren enquired once she had drunk her fill.

"Yes Miss."

"You may drink."

"Not from my glass. How dare you," Lauren said, slapping the young girl's face.

Katie almost dropped the glass, so stunned was she by the suddenness of the unexpected action. Her cheek stung, but the disappointment she felt at her failure hurt far more than the single slap.

"And now you have made a mess as well. Clean it, Kitty. No, put the glass down here, always on a coaster. Hurry up, get a washcloth and wipe up what you spilled."

Katie scurried from the room, a sense of dread filling her, constricting her chest and making her breath come in ragged gasps. She was so fucking stupid. How could she be such a fucking retard? As if she would have been allowed to drink from Lauren's glass. It was early in the morning, too early for a late-riser like her. She knew it wasn't much of an excuse and even as she thought it she knew it was bullshit and chastised herself for being even more stupid as to try and lie to herself.

She was back in the bedroom in moments, desperately dabbing at the small wet spot on the carpet, willing the darkened splotch to lighten. She didn't dare look at Lauren as she huddled on all fours and repeatedly tried to soak up the small stain. It was only water and it would dry, she knew, but that wasn't the point.

"Bring a bowl of water back with you Kitty."

Katie finished her cleaning and scrambled from the room, her brain still worrying at her failure like a dog with a bone. She made her way slowly back to her owner, careful not to spill a drop.

"Set it down Kitty. Now you may drink."

Katie flushed with humiliation as she lowered herself to all fours and began lapping the water from a bowl like the animal for which she was named. She could feel Lauren's eyes upon her and her blush deepened as she thought of the sight she must present. Only one thing could make it worse.

Just as the thought finished forming in her mind, she felt Lauren's fingers at her throat and, moments later, her leash dangled from her collar. How had she known? How was it possible that Lauren knew exactly what she was thinking? The young girl continued to lap the water from the bowl, drawing only meagre amounts of liquid into her mouth with each attempt. She could feel the gentle swing of the chain with each movement of her head and it made her feel her subservience all the more keenly.

"Enough, now come back to bed," Lauren commanded, punctuating her order with a sharp tug on the leash. "You were a naughty girl weren't you Kitty?"

"Yes Miss, I'm sorry. It won't happen again."

"Next time it will be the cane my little slut. Now come here, bring those nice big boobs up here."

Joy burst inside the young girl as she crawled up her owner's body. Lauren wasn't mad any more. She had forgiven her, though Katie did not think she deserved it. She still couldn't believe how stupid she had been to do such a thing, but Lauren knew better than she did what behaviour deserved punishing. She could barely contain the exuberance she felt at not having ruined the morning. It had begun so perfectly and she had almost destroyed it by misbehaving in such a foolish way.

Katie moaned as Lauren's mouth closed over her right nipple, drawing the suddenly hard bud inside her. The moist heat that enveloped her sensitive skin was delicious. She closed her eyes and lost herself to the sensation. The young girl groaned a soft lament as Lauren switched to her other nipple, a shiver quivering down her right side as the cool air blew across the moistened skin. Even that brief moment of loss made her yearn for her nipple to be covered once more.

Katie lowered her body little by little, wanting, needing, Lauren to take more of the tender meat inside her. The schoolgirl felt a pulse in her pussy as her owner suckled at her breast, the insistent, rhythmic pressure unlike anything she had ever felt. How was such pleasure possible? At that very moment she wanted nothing more than to feel her owner's mouth around her. She hadn't known there were so many forms of pleasure one body could feel. She realised she knew nothing. Every day with Lauren was an education.

"Mmmm Kitty, kiss me you gorgeous little slut."

She was reluctant to relinquish the ecstasy of the suckling but she obediently moved back down the bed and kissed Lauren's soft lips with an intensity both girl's found intoxicating. They remained this way, lying side by side, for what felt like hours. Katie moaned as the kisses evolved from gentle, tender touches, to a deeper, more passionate play of tongue and mouth as their ardour grew.

Lauren's hand slid down her slave's body and wormed its way between Katie's legs. The schoolgirl's thighs parted eagerly, not wanting to provide any impediment to the questing fingers of her owner. She groaned as two fingers slipped inside her. They were quickly removed and Katie groaned again at the loss.

She felt a different pressure at her mouth and dutifully opened wider. She tasted her pussy as her tongue swirled around her owner's fingers, the familiar flavour like nothing else she had ever encountered. Her mouth was emptied with a pop and a moment later her pussy was filled again. Lauren continued with the rhythm she had set, feeding the panting schoolgirl the cream from her cunt, sliding her fingers deeper inside both holes with each repetition.

Katie could not believe how turned on she had become. She was on the edge of orgasm, the sensation becoming harder to fight the deeper Lauren delved. Her own fingers had found her owner's clit and she knew her attention was having the desired effect. The small movement of her left hand was her only concession as she lay back, completely subservient to her classmate, accepting the feeding absolutely.

Her chest tightened and her stomach clenched as Lauren's fingers slipped all the way to the back of her throat. The fingers were back in her pussy before she could react, the momentary gagging sensation forgotten until a moment later when they returned as deeply as before. Katie gagged again, her whole body tensing for just an instant. She couldn't take much more of this. Her mind had no ability to understand what was happening to her but each time her owner's slim fingers slid deeply to the back of her mouth she was so close to orgasm she knew she could not last much longer.

The moment Lauren's left hand joined in, two fingers slipping past her plump labia to squirm intently against the soft folds of her vagina, as the fingers of her right hand filled her mouth, she managed to mumble a barely intelligible request to come. She knew, even as her muscles tensed for the reflex she could not control, that if Lauren denied her she would come anyway. She could not hold back any longer.

"Yes my little slut. Come now. Come for me," Lauren panted, her own lust reaching its peak.

Katie's body bucked in the uncontrollable throes of her orgasm. Her legs trembled and tensed. At the same time her stomach and chest heaved as Lauren pushed her fingers a little further into the orgasmic schoolgirl's mouth. Katie's brain all but shut down as the intensity of her orgasm rocked her young mind. Two of her holes were filled, her body accepting one and rebelling against the other, the confusion caused served only to increase the power of the ecstasy that coursed through her.

Finally, after what felt like an eternity, the slick fingers slid from her holes, allowing the young girl to finally come down from the peak of bliss at which she had teetered for what seemed like half the morning.

"Clean Kitty. Cleanliness is next to slutliness."

Katie opened her eyes and saw Lauren's right hand hovering above her mouth, long strings of ropey saliva tethering her owner's fingers to her still-parted lips. She raised her head slightly and noisily sucked the slimy strings back into her mouth. Once clean, Lauren switched hands, allowing Katie to taste her pussy once more.

She tried to think on what had just happened, but her mind was still lost in the entropic swirl of confusion, thoughts flashing one by one through her brain like a flickering film-reel out of control. Katie realised, out of nowhere, that her hand was still trapped between Lauren's tightly clenched thighs. She heard the tell-tale giggle as her fingers squirmed against her owner's hot pussy.

A bright smile burst across the young girl's face, her cheeks still flushed with arousal. Lauren had come too. The very thought had her laughing along with her owner, her girlish giggles creating an almost musical melody, an opera of pure joy as they joined those of her owner. The naked, sweating teenagers lay in each other's arms, their desires sated.

"Refresh my water Kitty," Lauren ordered, once their bodies had calmed and their breathing returned to normal.

Katie hesitated for just a fraction of a second, not wanting to get up, not wanting to leave Lauren. If they could have stayed in bed all day she knew it would be the best day of her young life. But the moment passed in the blink of an eye and she dutifully slid out of bed, her right hand trailing behind her, trying to stay connected to her owner until the last possible moment.

When she returned, music was once again playing, the same soft music as before. As she knelt beside the bed, offering the fresh glass of cool water to her owner, she listened to the music: the gentle strumming of an acoustic guitar, the haunting voice as it sang such beautiful, melancholy words. Katie didn't like all of Lauren's music, but this calmed her and made her feel safe, as if she was wrapped in a warm coat while snow fell, blanketing the world outside the window.

Lauren took the glass from the obedient schoolgirl and directed her to drink. Katie crawled to her bowl and leant down once more to lap the now tepid water. She still didn't understand why she felt so strange in this position. She should have felt humiliated by the demeaning act, and she was, but she could not ignore the fluttering in her belly, a sensation she knew to be anything but negative. She had an odd feeling that something was missing, as if something was not quite right. She thought about her leash, wondering when it had been removed, and blushed. Surely that was not it?

"Enough. Up," Lauren ordered, patting the empty space beside her, smoothing out the crumpled sheet as she waited for Katie to take her glass and put it on her desk.

"Miss?" Katie asked once she was safely snuggled into her owner.


"What is this music?

"Like it do you Kitty?"

"Yes Miss."

"It’s Nick Drake. He was one of the truly beautiful people, a really gentle soul. He left behind so little, but what we have is so gorgeous. Can you feel it deep inside you Kitty? Can you feel it touch the very heart of you?"

"Yes Miss, it’s beautiful," Katie replied sincerely. Lauren spoke so eloquently and with such fervour that the young girl was dazed momentarily, caught up in the moment and her owner's passion.

"Miss how do you know so much about music?" Katie asked, eager to gain insight into this captivating girl that owned her.

"Because I don't just sit back and wait for things to fall in my lap, like some lazy little sluts I know." Katie felt the admonishment, knowing it was true, but she could hear the smile in her owner's voice, even without being able to see her face. "I seek out what interests me Kitty. I search for it, follow the clues, piece together the story from a comment here, a glimpse there and I take what I want and make it mine. It's how I got you."

Katie felt a quiet thrill pulse within her. She realised the truth in Lauren's words and a strange mix of emotions whirled within her. For seconds she couldn't focus on any one thing, but it soon became clear to the young girl, that one feeling was more prominent than all the rest. Katie realised she felt lucky.

"Come on my little slut, we can't stay here all day no matter how nice that would be."

Lauren slapped Katie's ass until she scrambled out of bed and stood at attention in the middle of the room. Lauren smiled to see the naked schoolgirl so compliant, so ready to serve. She had thought about staying in bed with this gorgeous little slut, just enjoying the feel of her soft body next to hers. There was just too much to do. There would be other days. She had to remind herself again that Katie wasn't going anywhere. She had to curb her youthful exuberance, fight the feeling that she had to do everything right then and there. She was only sixteen and she often felt as if she was running out of time.


Katie immediately fell to the floor to begin her first set. She had secretly hoped that she might get out of having to do her exercises today but Lauren was having none of it. She could hear typing from behind her and couldn't help but wonder what her owner was doing. Whatever it was, it didn't matter. It wasn't her business and she had to focus on what she had been told to do.

Her routine was physically stressful but even as she counted the creamy pussys of each set, her mind wandered. She wondered what they would do today, wondered what Lauren would choose for her to wear, but what occupied most of her imaginings was her body. Her pussy almost never left her thoughts. It was kind of hard not to think of her pussy, its taste filled her mouth and the occasional tremble deep inside her, the remnant of her recent orgasm, let her know just how sexual a being she truly was.

"Kitty wants to serve." Katie stood panting, happy to have finished her morning exercises. Even though her muscles ached a little, it was a good ache. It let her know she was improving, she was becoming the girl Lauren wanted her to be. She looked at her classmate sitting at the computer, her back to her, and quickly started prancing.

She had almost forgotten to begin her warming down. She lifted each leg slowly, making sure the knee reached her hip and her toes remained pointed, flexing her slim calves in a way she knew was attractive. She continued to high-step on the spot as her breathing calmed and the sweat dried on her naked body. It was a demeaning action, to be sure, prancing on the spot like some animal being trained for display, but she couldn’t deny the lust-filled pulses that travelled down her vagina and burst upon her plump vulva in tiny tingling shocks. How was it possible that some of the humiliating tasks she was set were now also becoming a part of her arousal? She didn’t really want either feeling,  sometimes she just wanted to feel nothing. Things would be so much easier.

"Run a shower, Kitty."

"Yes Miss."

Katie hurried from the room and started the shower, testing the water to make sure it would be perfect for when her owner arrived. She shivered at the delicious warmth of the falling water. It felt like a year since she had felt the beautiful comfort of a hot shower. That dirty word reared its ugly word once more. She instantly dismissed it, chastising herself for even thinking it.

She didn't understand why she had to shower in cold water but it was fair. She had to stop being so stupid. She had thought she had already won this argument with herself and totally stopped thinking things were unfair. Lauren knew what was best. She rarely understood it and often had trouble accepting it but this was her life now. She belonged to Lauren, that at least was not in dispute, it was just that it was sometimes really hard, knowing that choice was not something that was part of her life anymore.

Katie jumped when Lauren patted her head. She had been kneeling patiently, listening to the water fall against the tiles, watching the pattern the steam made on the glass walls of the shower, and had not heard her owner arrive. She smiled at the momentary fear she had felt, feeling silly, and watched, captivated, as Lauren stepped into the shower. The water ran down her owner's toned body, cascading sensually over every curve. Lauren was so beautiful, her lithe athlete's body mesmerising the young schoolgirl as she turned slowly under the falling water.

"Come Kitty," Lauren said, patting her thigh gently.

Katie burst forward, beaming. This was all that she had wanted. She crawled over the raised step and into the shower, the tension visibly leaving her body as the deliciously warm water splashed on her skin. Once she was inside she began to rise, only to have Lauren grab her hair and twist her head viciously towards the floor. Katie fell back to her knees and quickly pushed her hands behind her back, wanting to show Lauren her obedience. She had obviously angered her owner by standing up without permission and she was desperate to make amends.

Her head was yanked to the right and she tried her best to shuffle her body to follow her owner's forceful movements. Lauren did not stop until she had maouevred the naked girl into the far corner, the back of her head pushed firmly into the tiled corner. Katie spread her legs but not quickly enough nor fast enough for her owner and each thigh was slapped repeatedly until they were flush with each wall. Her head was jerked back again, straining her neck and forcing her face to the ceiling.

"When you shower with me, this is where you go. Don't presume above your place, Kitty," Lauren said, emphasising her words with a sharp slap to the young girl's upturned face.

"Yes Miss," Katie replied meekly, shocked by the sudden violence of her correction. It was a lesson she would not soon forget. She stayed squatting in the corner, her buttocks resting on her ankles, her arms trapped behind her, pushing into the still cool tiles, legs spread obscenely wide, as Lauren washed her hair and body.

Katie's body slowly warmed up, receiving only the occasional wayward spray of water deflected from her owner's body. She was glad that the water masked the tears that had welled in her eyes, not wanting her owner to see her upset. Her cheek still stung but it was the knowledge that she had raised Lauren's ire that upset the young girl.

As Lauren finished rinsing her body she looked down at the young girl for the first time since placing her slave in position. Katie flashed her a timid, fearful smile and hoped desperately for it to be returned. She almost rose to her feet and embraced her owner when that familiar and oh-so-beautiful smile curved Lauren's mouth. It was the wicked grin that she had seen so often, and Katie knew it heralded something in which she would be involved, intimately. Lauren turned her back on Katie and stepped backwards, forcing her ass out until the tight curves rested only an inch from the squatting schoolgirl's face.

"Open. Now lick, Kitty. I didn't say move, slut. Lick what is presented. That's my girl, lick my asshole like a good slave."

At the first command Katie had instinctively tried to push her tongue against  her owner's pussy, the slim, bare lips just out of reach. It wasn't until Lauren spelled it out for her that she realised what she was being told to do. She had never thought she would ever do something like that. She had never really thought she would ever eat a pussy either, or be the possession of another person for that matter. Yet she had done all those things and more, and now she was expected to do perform yet another act that she couldn't help but feel was wrong.

She could just see Lauren's tightly puckered asshole, the delicate pink muscle clenching rhythmically as if inviting her attention. She remembered the homework Lauren had set her, took a deep breath and slid her tongue along the tight pink rosette. She knew her face had turned crimson the moment she realised the degrading act she had no choice but to perform, though no one would ever see with Lauren's buttocks pressing against her, smothering her scalding face.

Katie licked, long slow movements. She was hesitant at first but the pleasured moans of her owner, and her insistent commands soon had the young girl lapping eagerly, her tongue swirling over and around the pulsing muscle. She wanted to please her owner, but the thought of what she was doing, that her mouth was somewhere it ought not to be, never left her. She did her best to keep her thoughts under control, wanting to focus on pleasing Lauren instead of her captivity and lack of consent.

"Fuck it Kitty. Get that tongue right in there."

Katie clenched her hands behind her and obediently hardened her tongue into the little spear she had used to such effect on the pussy that lay only an inch away. She felt Lauren's sphincter move beneath her mouth as her tongue speared the centre of the tiny circle. Lauren clenched and moaned each time the tongue darted in. Water from Lauren's back slid down between her buttocks and splashed across Katie's face as her tongue diligently worked her owner's ass.

"Good girl. A slave reveres all of her owner's body, serving in any way she can."

Lauren broke off her lecture and groaned, her hands sliding across the slick glass walls of the shower. She had wanted to say more, so much more that Katie needed to hear but she was too aroused. Directing the young girl as she ate her asshole was too much for her. She changed the angle of her body and instantly felt Katie's tongue on her pussy.

"Clit. Lips over, Kitty. Now purr for me. Purr my little Kitty cat. Show me how happy your owner's pussy makes you."

Katie did as she was told, glad that her tongue was no longer trying to force its way past Lauren's tight sphincter, though now her nose had taken its place. She closed her lips obediently around the small, hard bud and purred, forcing air across her tongue and vibrating it against the roof of her mouth. She was instantly rewarded with a moan from Lauren, a deep, primal sound that was accompanied by a sudden tension in the young girl's body.

Katie kept purring, drawing breath quickly and letting it out, long and slow, transferring the delicious sensation of vibration to Lauren's clit. The orgasm hit hard and fast and Katie felt her owner's body quiver as she was overcome. She tried to keep purring, leaning out from her corner to follow, but Lauren stepped away, leaning against the wall before sliding to her knees.

Without thinking, Katie left her corner and wrapped Lauren in a loving embrace. She pulled her still quivering owner to her, comforting and caressing her body as her climax faded. Only as Lauren turned to kiss her neck did Katie realise she had broken position. Her vision was blurred by the constant falling water but she was sure Lauren was not upset. She accepted the tender kiss and slowly unwrapped her body from that of her owner's and slid back into the corner, trapping her arms behind her and spreading her legs wide once more.

She would have stayed with her owner until the water ran out, until night fell once more, until the very end of time itself, but she knew she should be back in position. She felt it like some invisible force gently tugging her back into the corner. She had wanted to stay, but she knew where she should be.

Lauren sat on the floor of the shower and stared at the squatting girl. She was too dazed even to smile, but the sense of joy, the suffusion of power through her body caused every inch of her skin to tingle. Katie, her slut, had risked punishment to comfort her, but, knowing her place, had crept back into position without being told. Lauren ran through the thought again, slowly, before finally accepting the beauty of what she had seen.

"Up, Kitty," Lauren ordered.

Katie gratefully scrambled to her feet. She had been worried that Lauren would punish her but it seemed as if her indiscretion had been forgiven, though not forgotten, of that she was sure. Her owner didn't seem to forget anything. Katie allowed herself to be manipulated into position, her body relaxed and compliant as Lauren moved her arms up and across one corner, pushing her legs wide until the young girl was spreadeagled, facing into a corner of the shower.

Katie squirmed under her owner's touch, but revelled in the sensuous caresses as Lauren bathed her. Her hair was washed, her head bouncing back and forth on her loose neck as Lauren lathered the shampoo with a youthful vigour. Katie realised she was moaning softly through barely parted lips as her body was soaped and scrubbed by her owner. It was such a heavenly feeling that Katie desperately wished she was dirtier and dirtier, stained deeply so Lauren would continue to clean her petite teenage body.

She bit her lip as soapy fingers slipped between her legs, sliding smoothly over her labia and on past her tightly clenched asshole. She could not help but think of what she had so recently done, but right now she didn't care. She had licked the ass of her owner. So what? She had been ordered to do it and obedience was all that mattered.

Too soon, her body was rinsed and Lauren turned her around to survey her glistening, clean property. Nothing in the world could be more exciting than possessing another person, and especially one as delectable as the little slut that stood before her, naked in all her glory. She had planned for so long, twisting every angle of every scenario.

She had spent many a sleepless night contemplating the plan she knew she had to enact. Once she had passed those initial stages she had no choice, it had become a compulsion that only became stronger as each piece of the puzzle fell into place. And now here she was, the owner of a slave, a girl her own age and one of the cutest things she had ever laid eyes on. Lauren was so happy she thought she would burst.

Instead she twisted the young girl's long wet locks in her hands and forced Katie back against the wall, forcing her head back and kissing her forcefully, mashing her lips against those of the startled teen. Almost instantly the subjugated schoolgirl responded, pushing back against her owner, opening her mouth to allow the intimate intrusion. Katie was excited by Lauren's passion. She made her owner feel this way, she knew Lauren liked her and wanted her and she knew it was more than just wanting to own her, she really liked her for who she was. All she had to do was be good, behave herself and keep Lauren happy.

"Enough, you little slut," Lauren panted, pushing herself away from the eager schoolgirl. "Get my towel."

Katie licked her lips, feeling the loss of her owner's attention. Lauren had an unbelievable power over her. It was almost as if she was addicted to the very touch of her classmate. She dutifully fetched a clean towel and held it out, waiting patiently as Lauren turned off the shower and stepped out. Katie immediately wrapped the towel around the naked, dripping body of her lover and spent the next few minutes drying her diligently, ignoring the cooling of her own body.

Once she had finished Lauren allowed Katie to dry her body before she cleaned the small puddles from the floor and the young girl was thankful that she had been given such a concession. The morning was going so well, Lauren was happy, which made her happy. She had made a couple of mistakes but she had been good, she knew she had, and Lauren was rewarding her. They were only little things but they meant a lot to the submissive teenager.

Lauren had left the room the moment she was dry and Katie hurried now to find her. She was already dressed in panties and t-shirt by the time Katie joined her. The young girl moved into the centre of the room and stood at attention, waiting for her owner’s acknowledgement. This was one of the hardest things she had to do now. Waiting patiently for Lauren to pay her any attention, when she was mere feet away, was torture. Katie felt small and lost as she lingered while Lauren busied herself at the desk.


Katie was in the chair in two quick steps, her feelings of loneliness banished in an instant. She sat on the hard wooden chair and spread her legs wide, more instinct than intent. Lauren smiled down at the pretty young girl and began brushing her damp hair in long, slow motions. She loved Katie's hair: straight, jet-black and silky. It shined in the light, the brush sliding easily through the long, thick locks.

"Play with yourself Kitty. Just showing that fat cunt off is a bit of a waste."

Katie's hands moved tremblingly between her legs, her breath catching as they made contact with the sensitive flesh she had chosen to display. Her arousal grew as Lauren brushed her hair and her fingers moved faster, pressing harder with each stroke. She felt her cream trickle from her vagina long before she had a chance to see. She thought she could smell the first traces from her pussy but she wasn't sure if it was just her imagination or maybe just the lingering remnant of their lovemaking.

"Good Kitty. Are you hungry?"

"Yes Miss," Katie replied a little hesitantly, wondering, this time, just what Lauren meant. She really was hungry, for food, and the very mention of it only increased the rumble in her belly.

"Ok then, breakfast time," Lauren said, putting down the brush and fixing the leash to Katie's collar. Lauren looked at the young girl, her hair combed out to a glistening black curtain that draped past her slim shoulders. She couldn’t wait for it to grow until it cascaded down her back and brushed the top of the sweet curves of her buttocks. She would not allow a cut until her vision was fulfilled.

Katie followed Lauren obediently down the stairs, feeling her own lack of clothing with every step. She watched Lauren's bottom move as she walked, her tight buttocks shifting so beautifully beneath the tight black panties. Lauren was not wearing much but she was covered enough to make Katie feel more exposed than when she was alone. Being naked around someone who was clothed made her feel strangely small and vulnerable.

"Pancakes. You like pancakes, Kitty?"

"Oh yes Miss."

"Well if you are good you might just be allowed some. Now come and watch, next time you will be making them." Lauren led her young charge into the kitchen. "Actually, hurry upstairs and get my brown belt, the wide one with the gold clasp."

Katie opened her mouth to take the handle of the leash even before it was offered. Lauren smiled as she traced the line of the young girl's jaw, happy to see her slave taking to her lessons so quickly. She popped the leash between the young girl's parted lips and gave each nipple a quick pinch to send her on her way.

When she returned, her nipples still hard, Katie dropped to her knees next to Lauren and offered her the belt, hoping it was the right one. There were two that looked similar but this was slightly wider and she had made her choice quickly. Lauren took the belt from the young girl and fastened it around her waist, cinching in the small yellow t-shirt, pulling the material tighter, accentuating her small budding bosom.

"Actually Kitty, I think you would look pretty with a belt too. Bottom drawer of the dresser in my room. Bring down one coil of rope."

Katie had wondered for but a moment what kind of belt she would wear, if she would also be allowed to put on some other clothes. It had been stupid of her to think that but she hadn't been able to help it. Despite knowing her current state of undress was how Lauren wanted her, she really did want some clothing. Just a bra and panties would have made her happy and put her at ease. Now it would be worse, she was going to be tied up somehow. Maybe Lauren would just make a belt from the rope, just like she had said, but Katie thought that hope a slim one.

The bottom drawer of Lauren's dresser was covered with a sheet, but once she had drawn that back she was met with a plethora of instruments that made her pause. She could see the rope neatly coiled, something she had as yet been unable to master, the cane, the pain of which she still remembered and a number of other items that she didn't quite understand the usage of. Her tiny stash was hidden as best she could, somewhere she was sure no one could ever find it and here was all this... stuff, just covered with a sheet.

She picked up one coil of rope and hurried downstairs, not wanting to be accused of dawdling. What was the other stuff in the drawer for? When would she find out? She was sure that she would find out, and not by having it described to her. The thought gave her pause.

As much as she loved spending time with Lauren, making love to her and enjoying their blossoming friendship, the realisation that she was the property of another girl, a toy to be played with, came back to her with full force. She never truly forgot, but when the time she spent with Lauren was so nice and she could make her so happy just by behaving, it was easy to bury that truth deep inside her.

She sank to her knees and presented the rope to Lauren, who was busy fussing over the ingredients for the pancakes. She had to wait a minute until Lauren had everything just right before she turned to the young girl and bade her stand.

Katie stood still, her body ever-compliant, as Lauren tied her hands behind her, before looping the rope round and around her waist, creating a tight belt  that dramatically cinched the delicate skin of her belly. Lauren finished the young girl's restraint by securing her hands in the small of her back, tying the rope so tightly that each minor tug or struggle pulled viciously on the belt around her tiny waist.

Only then did Lauren remove the handle of the leash from Katie's mouth, first holding it out for the tied teenager to remove the dribble of saliva that coated it. Lauren unclasped the leash, looped it through the belt at her own waist, before threading the leash through the handle and reattaching it to her slave's collar. She slid the leash around her belt until it rested in the small of her back, tugging it gently to be sure it was sitting correctly.

Katie was now not only tightly secured, her own hands tied behind her back, but she was also tethered to her owner. Lauren was free to cook while still keeping her slut close-by and out of trouble. Everything was set, now breakfast could begin.

"Watch and listen, Kitty. A slave needs to know how to cook to please her owner. How many times do you think a slave should be shown something before she learns it?"

"Um, once Miss?"

"Good girl."

Katie watched and listened intently as Lauren proceeded to cook pancakes. It was an easy recipe and she was sure that when it came time for her to step up and make them for her owner she would be ready. She followed Lauren around the kitchen like a shadow, never letting the pretty girl get more than a few feet away. Early on, she had been a little too slow to react and her leash had grown taut, tugging gently on the belt that encircled Lauren's waist.  The look she had received had made her blood run cold and she had been extra diligent from that moment forward.

"Down and wait," Lauren ordered, indicating a spot next to the kitchen table before unclipping the leash from the young girl's collar.

Katie knelt obediently, spreading her legs widely as she had been taught. She was joined a moment later as Lauren placed a large plate of pancakes, a bottle of maple syrup and a tall glass of orange juice on the table. Katie could smell the beautiful aroma of freshly cooked pancakes and when Lauren drizzled the maple syrup over the tall stack, smothering the delicate, fluffy circles in a river of rich, dark liquid, her mouth began to water. She loved pancakes and it would be a huge difference from the bland bran that she had been forced to eat that week.

Katie watched every movement Lauren made as she cut into the stack and began devouring the piping hot pancakes. She closed her mouth, pursing her lips together, afraid that she would start drooling on herself. She thought of Max, and how he reacted when he was anywhere around food. He licked his lips, long strings of drool hanging from his mouth, as she waited patiently for a morsel to be snuck to him or for something to fall to the ground where he could quietly slink in and snatch it up before he was noticed. Katie felt a gentle flush of shame, her cheeks mottling a delicate pink as she compared herself to a dog. But she was sitting by the side of her owner, waiting patiently to be fed what more apt comparison was there?

Katie waited and watched, her eyes following Lauren’s hand from plate to mouth. She licked her lips each time a juicy forkful disappeared inside Lauren’s mouth. The young girl didn’t realise what she was doing, so focused was she on the quickly vanishing food, her only distraction the bite of the rope around her waist that intruded upon her thoughts from time to time.

She had initially squirmed against the discomfort, twisting her hands at the frustrating lack of movement and the painful constriction of the rope, but each petulant pull against her bonds only served to increase the uncomfortable sensation around her waist. She wished she didn’t have to be tied so tightly, but there was nothing she could do. What was worse ws that her elbows pointed out behind her, forcing her chest forward. As if her breasts weren’t exposed enough.

The stack of pancakes was almost half gone before Lauren turned towards her patient slave. Katie opened her mouth eagerly, watching the dripping food-filled fork slowly make its way towards her. She had to fight the urge to lean forward, knowing that such eagerness was naughty. She had to wait until her owner decided she would be fed, but it was hard to watch the plump slice of pancake hover before her, the mouth-watering aroma wafting into her flared nostrils. Finally, after what felt like an hour of teasing, Lauren pushed the fork forward and Katie’s mouth closed gratefully around the tiny morsel of food.

The pancakes were soft and amazingly sweet, syrup squishing between her teeth each time she chewed. Katie finished the mouthful in moments, relishing the taste of the brief delight. Her second mouthful followed soon after but the greedy young girl yearned for more. A wash of excitement swept over her at the tantalising anticipation of being fed like a pet, shame mottling her pretty cheeks at the feelings she could not control.

Her obedience came easily, as if she had been bred for it. She no longer understood herself, her body reacting in ways she could never have imagined, her mind accepting things, finding pleasure in places she would never have expected. She didn’t know what had happened to her but she had changed, fundamentally. She no longer knew who Katie Thomas was. She didn’t even feel like she knew that girl.

Lost in her daydreams, Katie opened her mouth a fraction too late. Her lips dislodged the small piece of pancake perched precariously on the incoming fork. The syrup-drenched bite bounced off her breast and landed on the floor between her legs. Katie paled at the thought of what she had done, her wide, frightened eyes sought out those of her owner, trying desperately to apologise for her failure.

“Right," Lauren snapped.  "You don’t want what I have to offer, Kitty? Ok. You can have a special breakfast.”

Lauren slid her chair out from the table, the high-pitched squealing as it scraped along the tiles making Katie wince. Her face burned with the shame of her deficiency and her eyes followed her owner as the stalked into the kitchen. She was in trouble. She could tell from Lauren’s body language that she was annoyed, her movements short and sharp, the normal lithe motion now clipped and stilted by the intense emotions that surged, barely restrained, within her.

Tears welled in Katie’s eyes as she hung her head, not wanting to watch her owner any longer. She couldn’t bear to see Lauren this way, especially knowing that she was the cause. Why couldn’t she just behave for one day? Why couldn’t she just be good? She pulled against her restraints, her lack of freedom suddenly galling the young girl, and instantly regretted her moment of ill-temper, gasping as the tight rope pinched her waist. Tiny tears dropped onto the smooth skin of her breasts. Katie lifted her head and tried to blink back the salty tears, not wanting Lauren to see such weakness. It was silly, she knew. Lauren had seen her at her most vulnerable, she had seen her blubbering like a baby, but still she felt she needed to be strong.

The naked schoolgirl jumped, startled by the sudden loud, whirring noise from the kitchen. She gasped as the jarring movement tugged against her strict restraints. She looked to see what Lauren was doing but could see nothing but her owner’s back, her soft brown hair resting daintily on her shoulders. Lauren had such pretty hair, it was such a rich brown and moved with such vivacity, as if it had a life of its own. Katie loved to see it bobbing gently in a ponytail or hanging free, framing Lauren’s pretty face.

She remembered seeing Lauren just that morning, her shining hair lying gently across her bare shoulders, the slight wave towards the tip seemingly caressing the smooth teenage skin. She had wanted that to be her hands. She remembered the feeling, the almost uncontrollable urge, she had felt to slide her hands up under the delicate curtain and stroke the soft skin.

Katie shook her head to banish her dreamy imaginings, wondering why she could never keep her thoughts straight when she was around Lauren. She could have been thinking about sixteenth century glass-blowing techniques and without fail, her thoughts would turn to her owner’s body, or her own or some combination thereof. She had barely gone five minutes without thinking something sexual and it was beginning to get to her.

She didn’t want to be constantly focusing on her pussy, wondering on its wetness or contemplating her owner’s cute body, the way her cheeky smile sent her belly aflutter or the way her pale-blue eyes seemed to strip away all of her defences and make her feel vulnerable and exposed as if Lauren knew everything about her. She had seemingly lost control of even her thoughts and she was more than a little disturbed by the development.

"Ok Kitty,come over here. Breakfast is served."

Katie waddled on her knees to the spot Lauren indicated. She didn't have far to go but her movement was badly hampered by her bondage and the uncomfortable journey made her knees ache. She looked up pleadingly at her owner, her eyes briefly flickering to the large jug she held.

"Too late for that Kitty. Next time don't be such a little cunt. Now eat."

Katie watched, fresh tears trickling down her cheeks, as Lauren tipped the contents of the jug directly onto the tiled floor. The thick gloop that slopped onto the cool white tiles looked like it had already been eaten once. It was a lumpy, gruel-like mixture that plopped onto the floor with the most unappetising of sounds. The kneeling teen grimaced at each wet squelch as yet another blob of the brown mass joined the growing pile.

"Get that look off your face, it's all good for you. You've got bran, banana, a handful of boysenberries, yoghurt and a few squirts of fish-oil to kickstart that sluggish brain of yours."

The description of the contents of the brownish goop did not make the young girl feel any better about it. Katie knelt looking from the small pile on the floor then up at her owner, her eyes wide, glistening with tears. She didn't trust herself to speak, but her distress was evident in every muscle of her face.

Lauren was unmoved. She grabbed a fistful of Katie's hair, close in to her scalp and kicked her knees none too gently. The naked schoolgirl shuffled back as best she could, stopping only when Lauren finished nudging her. She could do little else with her hands secured so tightly behind her back. Once she was in position, Lauren pushed her head forward gently until her centre of gravity shifted and she began to topple forward.

Katie panicked, her arms flexing frantically, each not-so-gentle tug causing the naked teen to moan in her self-induced pain. As she overbalanced, Lauren took up the slack and supported her slim body by the hand clasped firmly in her hair. Katie's body arched and flexed, doing her best to right herself, or at the very least to alleviate the growing pain in her scalp. She yelped as she neared the floor and even more weight was supported by her hair as her body arched, her back bowing as she searched for the floor.

Katie moaned in relief as first her thighs and then her belly finally rested on the floor. Lauren continued to lower the grunting girl slowly, her breasts eventually coming into contact with the cool tiles. Even once her body was down, Lauren held her head off the floor, her hand twisted in Katie's beautiful black hair. The frightened teen was glad that her body was finally down but tears fell freely as Lauren refused to relinquish her hold, her pretty neck straining as her owner pulled her forward.

"Come on, Kitty. Forward. A little more, there. You will eat every last drop. That floor will be pristine before you are allowed to move. You're going to need your energy today."

Katie had wormed her way forward, her owner's insistent tugging on her hair showing her the way. Despite the strenuous movement, her body had grown cold, the cool tiles sucking the warmth from her. She had felt her nipples harden even as the weight of her body mashed her soft breasts into the hard flooring. Her face was now directly over the pile of blended food and she could see the mixture congealing into large lumps.

"Hmm, keep your head out of your food until I come back Kitty. I don't want your hair getting messed up."

Katie flexed the muscles in her neck to keep her face out of the small pyramid of pulped food. Lauren gathered her hair together and laid it smoothly down her back before disappearing from the room. The young girl took the chance to look down at the mess below her. She knew it was food, it was just that in it's current state it looked more like something that might come out the other end. She could see small pieces of banana and the odd dark smear left by a mashed boysenberry. It smelt ok, the banana overriding the dry bran smell, but her swift evaluation made it no more appetizing than before.

Katie was thankful when she heard her owner return, unsure how much longer she could have kept her face out of the mess. Her hair was gathered once more and then tied tightly, close to her scalp in a severe ponytail. She felt something at her fingers and tensed them instinctively, her reward a series of sharp slaps to each buttock.

The distressed teen yelped as her ass stung but her lesson was learnt and she kept her fingers still as Lauren tied the cord from her ponytail around them, securing her hair. There was a slight tension in both her fingers and scalp and as she lowered herself slightly she felt it grow in both areas.

"Eat," Lauren commanded, returning to her own breakfast.

She watched Katie's first, tentative attempt as she chewed on a large mouthful of her delicious, syrup-soaked pancakes. She was sure the little slut was learning her lesson now. The nude teen's face lowered gently towards the clumpy gruel, her mouth parting slightly, lips drawing back from her teeth as she closed in on the topmost clump.

Katie bit off a small mouthful and began to chew. She had raised her head after retrieving the tiny bite, relieving the tension in her fingers. She ground the sodden mass between her teeth, eventually swallowing without relish. The taste wasn't too bad. It was the consistency, and the fact that she was eating directly from the floor that upset her. Even Max got to eat from a bowl.

Her body ached as she continued to eat bite after bite of the cold mess. Her unyielding restraints had been bad enough when she was kneeling, but now, with her body pressed into the smooth floor, unable to support herself in any way, the tight rope was an ever-present frustration. The moment her body had lain to rest on the floor, the loops that cinched her waist so wickedly, had moved from mere discomfort to intense pain.

"Spread your legs Kitty. Now draw your feet back. Good, now you don't look so lazy."

Her new position was even more painful as it increased the pressure on her arched back. Her feet now resting close to her thighs. The humiliation of showing off her pussy in this degrading position barely registered. It was the comment about her laziness that had cut the young girl so deeply but at least she was allowed to hold the position on her own. If she failed she knew her feet would be tied, severely and tightly to her thighs, something she wished to avoid at all costs.

Tears rolled down her cheeks to join the small smears of lumpy gruel that had stuck to her face. More than half the puddle had disappeared and she was soon down to only the small lumps that rested directly on the tiles. Each time she lowered her head was a little harder than the last. The tie that kept her hair from becoming dirty had been tied too tight. Her fingers were pulled painfully each time she retrieved a mouthful and now that she was down to the floor itself, even sliding her fingers towards forward, as much as her restraints would allow, gave her no relief.

She tried not to think of how she had come to be in this position, for each time she did, her tears began anew. Katie was still licking the last dregs from the floor when the phone rang, startling the young girl. She almost choked on the mouthful of slop she had just sucked into her mouth. She had been able to reach and devour all the drier, thicker clumps of the mixture and what was left was a thin, lumpy slime that tended to defy her attempts at collection. She had resorted to noisily suckling the mess through pursed lips, cringing inwardly each time she did so, waiting to hear her owner admonish her for making too much noise.

"Hey," Lauren said into the phone.

"Just having breakfast"


"Yeah you wish, cow."

"Since when?"

"Oh come on, you..."

'That's stu... That's just plain retarded."

"What do you think I can do about it?"

"Oh really?"


"Really, really?"


"Ok, pick me up."

Katie had listened to the one-sided conversation, knowing she shouldn't, it was none of her business, but not being able to help herself. She wondered what it was all about and what Lauren had meant by her last statement. She shouldn't really have been wasting her time thinking such things, she knew. The hardest part of her ordeal was yet to come and she should have been focusing on that. The only part of her breakfast that was left was the watery slime that she had been, so far, unable to collect. She knew she would have to lick the floor intently to be able to collect what remained.

"Stop mucking around Kitty. If you aren't finished by the time I get back, those plump buttocks will be reacquainted with the cane."

Katie increased her pace, lapping the smooth tiles feverishly. She had to clean everything, she just had to. Everything had gone so wrong and it had all been her fault. If she was going to get this day back on track, she needed to start now. She moaned as she pushed her head all the way to the floor, pain spiking in her scalp and her tortured fingers. The movement also caused the bindings at her wrist and waist to bite into her tender flesh and she was soon moaning continuously.

Her world had contracted down to the one square tile in front of her. She painfully squirmed forward to reach the last tiny remnant of her breakfast. Her tongue had cleaned the last traces of liquid but in doing so had pushed a small wave of viscous substance ahead of her. She heard movement on the stairs behind her and wiggled her shoulders frantically, drawing her body slowly forward to eat the last tiny slurp before her owner returned.

"Feet down Kitty."

Nooooo, Katie screamed to herself. She was so close, her tongue was so close, there was just one last brown smear on the tiles. It was right there. She contemplated ignoring her owner's command, reaching out to lap up the final trickle of her breakfast as if she didn't hear but she couldn't bring herself to do it. She was trying to make Lauren happy and if that meant taking some cane strokes on her ass then she would do it.

The moment she lowered her feet to the ground, pain exploded across her exposed buttocks. The agonising sting was like nothing she remembered. She screamed as her body jerked, tightening her restraints. The cane fell again, flattening her tender white mounds with the force of the blow, a thin red welt instantly forming across the young flesh. Katie grunted and yelped as a third and forth stroke landed in quick succession.

The sobbing teenager was still absorbing the punishment as Lauren unravelled the tie around her fingers. For a brief second the wicked tension in her hair was gone, though Katie barely noticed through the pulsing pain that radiated from her abused buttocks. The young girl grunted once more, low and guttural as Lauren pulled her forward by her ponytail and pushed her face to the floor.

Katie's open mouth closed over the last small smear of watery food and finally cleaned the tile of all traces of her breakfast. Nothing was left but the thin, glistening sheen of her saliva. The floor was much cleaner than when she had started, and thought of what she had potentially licked from the heavy-traffic area made her balk.

"To your feet Kitty," Lauren ordered, dragging the young girl scrambling upwards by her hair. "I have to go out for a bit. Are you going to be a good girl while I am gone?"

"Yes Miss, I will," sobbed the helpless schoolgirl. She felt wretched for what she had done, for how she had ruined the morning and even when given a chance, had been unable to redeem herself.

"Good. I want the ground floor vacuumed and tidy by the time I come home. When you finish that you can start dusting the lounge. Everything you will need is in the cupboard in the laundry. You are not allowed upstairs, Kitty. Now give me your hands."

Katie turned around obediently, her shoulders heaving with fresh sobs. Lauren swiftly untied the ropes from her hands and waist and pain rushed back into her extremities. She flexed her fingers, gasping as the movement brought sharp spikes of discomfort. Almost immediately she lifted her tingling hands towards her face, eager to clean off the food that had stuck to her face like glue. She could feel it drying on her face, small lumps tightening the skin around her mouth and chin. It was a maddening sensation and the inability to clean it as she ate had been yet another annoyance. Lauren’s hand whipped out and slapped Katie left breast, the tender flesh whipping sideways with the force of the blow. She staggered backwards, stunned as much by the pain in her breast as by the shock of the violence.

“And just what do you think you are doing, Kitty?”

“Um,” sniffed the young girl, too dazed to think straight.

“Well, what were you about to do?”

“Clean my face Miss.”

“I see. My memory mustn’t be working properly this morning. When did I give you permission to do that?”

“Um, sorry Miss. I didn’t, you didn’t… sorry,” replied the dejected young girl, hanging her head in shame, not wanting to see the sight of her owner’s stern face judging her and finding her wanting.

“Well, we’ll just have to make sure you stick to what you are told. I don’t know what has gotten into you this morning. Hands out.”

The sniffling schoolgirl dejectedly offered her hands in front of her body and stood weeping silently as Lauren tied them once again. Katie paid little attention, too preoccupied with wallowing in self-pity. At a particularly sharp tug she looked down at what her owner had done and wondered at the very different restraints that enveloped her wrists. Lauren had somehow tied her hands and then contrived a sort of rope pole between her wrists, keeping them a good eight inches apart. The rope had been coiled round and round a central core providing her with some movement, but she could not bring her hands together. The rope connection flexed as she moved her hands but she could do no more than bow it slightly.

Lauren was far from finished. A second rope was once again tied devilishly tight around her waist, tightening the tender flesh of her belly and providing the young girl with a rather severe hourglass figure. Even as she gasped with the sharp tugs as the belt was secured, all Katie could think on was ‘where did the second rope come from’.  She marvelled at the way her brain worked, not very well if the evidence of the last half hour was anything to go by. Thinking her bondage was complete, the young girl tossed back her head, and sniffed deeply, trying to clear her nose of the blockage her crying had caused.

“Stop snivelling, Kitty. It sounds disgusting.”

Fresh tears trickled from Katie’s red eyes as she tried to blink away the obfuscating blur that prevented her from seeing her surroundings. She couldn’t do anything right. She could feel the trickle of mucus tickling her nostrils. She couldn’t quite see it, but she knew something was hanging from her nose. She could feel the sticky string dangling from the tip of her nose, feel it swinging freely as she moved. Her melancholy musings were interrupted by a sharp jerk on the rope enveloping her waist. Lauren had still not finished securing her for the coming ordeal.

Katie obediently shuffled her legs apart as she felt Lauren’s hands slide between them. She shivered at the delicious warmth as her thighs were brushed but could not enjoy it, knowing that it was but a passing touch, not meant for comfort or enjoyment. She kept her eyes in front, staring at the other side of the kitchen, desperately wanting to know what Lauren was doing but not wanting gravity to work against her and force more of the ropey slime from her nose. She felt movement at her pussy and nibbled at her lower lip, anxious at what was to be done to her now.

Lauren ignored the young girl’s plight and pushed onward with her work. She didn’t have very long before her ride was here and she needed this little slut tied and secure before that. She hadn’t planned on tying her at all but the little shit's behaviour had taken a tumble that she would have to think about when she got back. Did it have anything to do with the fact that her lust had been sated? Lauren had allowed her to come a number of times. Had that had an effect on her behaviour? Was her willingness to please and her obedience affected so much by her arousal? She really didn’t have time to think about it now. She pulled the two loose ends of the rope between Katie’s legs, sliding one length on either side of the plump lips of her pussy. Once past, she twisted the rope twice and then brought it up to the tight belt she had tied around the young girl’s waist, and forced the twin strands between the tightly tied lengths.

Katie grunted and moaned as the rope was pulled tight, squeezing her labia together as each strand was pulled towards the other by the cruel twists. Her pussy was pinched, each tender lip squashed into the other. Lauren finished by tying her hands to the dangling strands at her waist. She stood back and admired her handiwork. It wasn’t the neatest, she could see a number of places where the ties could be improved but it would hold this little slut until she got back. As if on cue, two short beeps sounded from the front of the house.

“Be good,” Lauren said as she left the kitchen, sending a gentle caress down the side of Katie’s left breast as she turned to go.

The soft flesh still stung from the vicious slap she had received but her owner’s tender caress was like a balm, cooling the burning skin. That one, small touch lifted Katie’s spirits more than she could have ever imagined. Was Lauren really mad with her? Would she have touched her like that if she was? Had she been bound so severely, not because Lauren was angry at her, but because her recent behaviour had made her owner think it would be necessary? She knew it was her fault, and hers alone, that she was in her current predicament. If she had behaved maybe Lauren would have taken her along to wherever it was she was going. Or maybe, at the very least, she would have been left unrestrained.

“Bye Miss,” Katie whispered as she leaned her head against the wall, knowing Lauren could not possibly have heard her, instantly feeling such an incredible sense of loss at the absence of her owner. She tried to fight back the tears but realised it was a battle she could not win and soon gave in to her emotions. She stood, sobbing against the wall until no more tears would come. She straightened, finally, realising she couldn’t afford to stand here feeling sorry for herself any longer. She just had to do better and she had to start now.

She blinked away her tears, and straightened her body, her resolve strengthening. She had work to do and she vowed she would do it so well that Lauren would be happy once more. All she wanted was to see her owner smile again. She sniffed, and sniffed again, trying to clear her nose of the maddening build-up of slimy mucus. She realised, to her horror, that the long string of frothy goo that hung from her nose was beyond her ability to remove. She unconsciously licked her lips, instantly regretting her action as she felt her tongue slide over the slick slime that trickled from her nose.

Katie’s tongue darted back inside her mouth as she cringed at the strange sensation. There was an odd taste in her mouth, but it was almost as if it was no taste at all. She hurried over to the oven and looked at herself in the shiny surface. She wasn’t allowed upstairs and that was the only mirror she knew of. The young girl looked at her strangely distorted visage and felt fresh tears well in her puffy eyes. A thick, glutinous rope of translucent slime hung from the tip of her nose. There was no way her hands could reach her face to clean it and she had tried and failed to sniff it back into her nose, though once she had seen the bubbly mess, she was glad she had not succeeded.

She had work to do, four rooms to vacuum at the very least and she had no idea how long Lauren would be gone. If she didn't get a move on now, she would only be in more trouble. The thought of displeasing her owner once more caused her chest to tighten as if a thousand tonnes of heavy metal suddenly crashed upon her. But she couldn't go strolling around the house with this sticky muck dangling from her nose. It was disgusting, she was disgusting.

Katie looked around the kitchen, careful to keep the movements of her head slow and gentle, not wanting the clear ooze to swing any closer to her mouth. How the fuck was she going to get this filth off her face? She just couldn't walk around like this. The terrible thought, that she should leave it there because she did not have permission to clean it, flashed briefly. She didn't care if it was even true, she just couldn't stay like this.

Her gaze rested on the wide stainless-steel sink as her only option. She stepped carefully forward and leaned down over the sink, the ropes on either side of her pussy, pinching the sensitive skin uncomfortably. Katie tried to ignore the distress of her body and focused on cleaning her nose. She pushed her face down close to the edge of the sink and scraped her nose across the smooth metal edge.

The young girl straightened up and almost began to cry again as all she had accomplished was to leave a small moist smear on the shiny silver metal. The tenacious discharge still clung to her nose. Katie choked back the fresh tears, knowing she could not afford to cry anymore, after all it was the reason she was here at the sink in the first place.

She bent once more and wiped her nose across the edge of the sink, again and again, back and forth, trying frantically to dislodge the mucilagenous mess. She snuffled and jerked and twisted her nose and stood finally to see the large, clear blob slide slowly down the side of the stainless steel sink.

The naked schoolgirl's face coloured with the shame of what she had done and she reached for the tap, stepping high on her toes,  desperate to wash away the evidence of her humiliation. She could still feel a small remnant of the gluey material clinging to her nose and upper lip but that she could live with. The tap turned on finally and she splashed the vertical stream with her right hand until enough water had reached the slow-moving ooze and loosened the mucus-grip. She breathed a sigh of relief as she watched the ropey mass slide down the sink and out of sight. Now she could get to work.

Katie scurried into the laundry and opened the cupboard. Inside she saw the vacuum, an ironing board, brooms and mops: all the cleaning apparatus she would no doubt one day need to use. Right now, she needed the vacuum. Luckily, it was right in front and she quickly reached in and drew it out.

It was difficult for her to bend down and manouevre the small round unit so instead she dragged it along by the handle, letting the corrugated plastic hose, that joined handle and unit, take up the slack. She walked backwards into the kitchen and on into the lounge, contemplating just how in the hell she was going to manipulate this machine.

She managed to get the cord extended and plugged in with a minimum of fuss but it was as she lifted the long steel pole that she would need to push across the floor, that she realised this would be no simple task. She had previously vacuumed on exactly one occasion and then it had only been her bedroom. Well, there was no time like the present, she thought, stepping on the switch with her foot, the vacuum instantly humming into life.

She couldn't hold the pole in both hands so she took it in her right and slid it back and forth across the carpeted floor of the loungeroom. Katie grew more frustrated with each ineffectual motion. She couldn't exert enough downward force with her hands tied so awkwardly. The head of the vacuum simply skidded across the floor.

Katie threw the handle to the floor and stomped her feet, her frustration and anger getting the better of her. She instantly regretted the petulant outburst and bent down to collect the shiny steel pole. Her childish tantrum did her no credit, doing nothing but wasting precious time and causing her only more pain. It hurt to bend down, the rope bound so severely around her waist, pinching with each movement.

Katie spent the next thirty minutes grunting and sweating as she slowly moved from room to room, cleaning the floors as her owner had commanded. The stringy mucus had long since dried into cracking crystal, joining the lumpy remains of her breakfast in making a mess of her pretty young face. Sweat ran down her body in rivulets, moistening the tight rope at her waist.

Vacuuming the lower floor of Lauren's house was one of the hardest things she had ever done. She was out of breath and fever-hot as she finally returned the vacuum to the laundry cupboard. The rope at her wrists and waist had surpassed uncomfortable long ago, each movement increasing the pain she felt, but it was the twin strands that framed her pussy that caused her the most distress.

The twisted rope had tightened as she had vacuumed, moving closer together, squeezing her plump labia. The tender skin felt as if it was being rubbed raw and there was nothing she could do. She had tried walking with her legs apart in an exaggerated waddle but that had only seemed to tighten the infernal rope's grip on her delicate flesh.

By the time she had completed the first room she had given up on any kind of comfort, simply accepted the reality of her bondage and set to her task, focusing only on pleasing Lauren. Her first job completed, she removed the small dusting cloth from the shelf in the cupboard and hurried back to the lounge.

She needed to make up some time. She had wasted so much time crying like an idiot, something she regretted each moment she had spent cleaning. She couldn't afford to displease Lauren again and what had she done instead of throwing herself into her task, she had felt sorry for herself and bawled like a little girl.

She tried to push such negative thoughts aside and focus on the dusting. She wasn't entirely sure what she was doing so she simply wiped every surface she could reach. She had soon finished wiping down the TV, the last part of the room to which she needed to attend, when she heard a car door slam from the front of the house.

Lauren was home. She could barely contain her excitement, the joyous nervousness in her belly tempered only by the anxious feeling that hovered about her. Had she done enough? Had she cleaned well enough? Would Lauren be satisfied with her work?

The naked schoolgirl hurried into the laundry to replace the dusting cloth, suddenly worried that Lauren would not be alone when she came back to the house. Was she just being silly? She wasn't sure, but standing in the front door, naked and trussed like a prize pig, wasn't the best idea. She hovered in the laundry, straining her ears to listen for the sounds that would let her know if it was safe or not.

Katie heard the door open and close, the nervous tension that gripped her rising in intensity with each passing moment. The wait was maddening. She felt as if she needed to scream, or do something to give herself away. She had to fight the urge, wondering what the hell was wrong with her that she couldn't just stay silent for a few seconds.

"Where's my pussywhistle?"

Katie scurried from her hiding place, her fears forgotten, totally buried by the overwhelming sense of unbridled joy that burst within her. She walked as quickly as she could into the front hall, eager to be reunited with her owner. She would have run but the cruelly tight ropes that bound her made it impossible.

She beamed a smile at Lauren as she saw her standing inside the front door. Her owner's fresh-faced beauty dazzled the young girl and the mere sight of her lover made her almost lose control of her bladder in excitement.

"Now Kitty, is that the correct way a slave greets her owner?"

Katie fell to her knees and kissed the tops of Lauren's sneakers. She gasped at the painful position but the obedient schoolgirl ignored the sharp spikes of pain that shot through her body, eager to please, finding comfort in her subservience now her owner had returned. She rested her body back on her heels and looked up at Lauren.

Katie's heart almost burst when she saw Lauren's small, approving smile. Everything she had gone through was suddenly worthwhile: the pain of her tight bonds, the frustration of her first pitiful attempts to vacuum, the still-fresh memory of the humiliation she had felt as she had tried to wipe her runny nose.

"Have you been a good Kitty?"

Katie couldn't breathe. She wanted to reply but she just couldn't make the words come, her only answer the small, salty tears that welled in her tight, sore eyes. Lauren saw the young girl's distress, keenly aware of her eagerness to answer and also of her inability to do so.

"Fetch your leash and we'll see what you got up to while I was away."

Katie scrambled to her feet and rushed into the kitchen desperate to prolong Lauren's current mood. Her leash had been put on top of the kitchen counter, pushed right to the back. There was no way she could reach it with her bound hands, so, without wasting a moment, she leaned over the counter and secured the chain in her mouth. She dragged the leash across the counter, the metal links scraping noisily on the hard plastic surface.

Katie hurried back to the front door, the dangling leash bumping against her bared breasts with each step. She sank to her knees and presented the leash as best she could. Lauren retrieved the leash and fixed it to the young girl's collar. Katie followed obediently as her owner led her on a tour of the ground-floor rooms, checking the carpet at random points. Despite the murmurs of approval, Katie couldn't dispel the growing anxiety she felt. There was nothing she could do now, but she silently wished she had done more, worked harder.

"Did you finish in time to dust?"

"Yes Miss," Katie gushed, a little too keen to impress.

"How much did you get done?

"I dusted the entire lounge Miss," the young girl replied, a little hint of pride creeping into her timid speech.

"Oh really." The note of challenge in Lauren's voice filled Katie with dread. She hadn't been boasting, she had just wanted to please.

"Miss, I-"

"Uh-uh Kitty, let's see first shall we."

Katie followed her owner like a little puppy, each step feeling like it was one closer to the gallows of her own making. Lauren sauntered around the room, her slave in tow, sliding her finger across a surface here, leaning down to inspect the top of the TV cabinet in another light. Katie inspected her owner as intently as Lauren inspected the room, absently nibbling her lower lip as she did so.

It was not until Lauren stepped up to the lamp, reached down the top of the shade and slid her finger across the top of the bulb that Katie knew she had come unstuck. The thought to dust the lightbulbs had never even entered her brain. She knew she would be punished, she could only hope that Lauren wasn't mad as well.

"Now Kitty," Lauren said, displaying her dust-coated finger to the forlorn girl, "What did you say you did?"

"I'm sor-"

"I won't ask you again. A slave answers each and every question she is asked. Do so."

"I dusted the entire lounge, Miss."

"Telling lies is not something I will tolerate, Kitty." Katie opened her mouth to speak but quickly closed it again when she saw Lauren cock her head to one side, left eyebrow raised, an unspoken warning to think carefully about her actions. "However," Lauren said stressing the word, making Katie cringe, knowing she should have trusted her owner, "I think your claim was one of stupidity and not a lie. Is that right, hmmm?

"Yes Miss," Katie whispered meekly.

"Yes what?"

"Yes Miss, I was stupid."

"Yes, Kitty, you were."

Lauren dragged the captive teenager to the couch and pushed her over the arm, bending her at the waist and forcing her firm, white buttocks into the air. Lauren rained blows down upon the tender mounds, already striped from the earlier caning. Katie writhed underneath the punishing spanking, her movements only adding to the pain that filled her young body, but she couldn't do anything else, she simply could not remain still under the flurry of strikes that impacted her soft buttocks. As suddenly as it began, the spanking stopped and she was dragged to her feet by her leash.

"Now Kitty, do you have anythign to say?"

"Sorry Miss," the sobbing teen managed beneath gasps. "Sorry for being stupid."

"There you go," Lauren said placatingly. "Feel better now?"

"Yes Miss," Katie admitted, a little amazed at the relief she felt after having apologised.

"Ok then, let's get you cleaned up. We have things to do today you know."

Katie followed her owner upstairs to the bathroom constantly aware of the leash at her neck, wondering again, how the sensation of wearing the short length of chain could override the other feelings that roiled inside her.

"You are such a mess. What have you been doing Kitty?" Lauren asked as she stood beside Katie, both young girls looking into the bathroom mirror. "This is your breakfast," Lauren said, pointing to a small brown smear on her cheek, "but what's all this around your mouth?"

Katie blushed instantly and deeply. She would have given anything for her humiliation to have remained a secret, but she should have known better than to attempt to keep anything from Lauren.

"Um. Ah, Miss that's from my nose. I... Miss when you had left I couldn't help it, I cried and my nose got all runny and there was so much and I couldn't stop it and I couldn't hardly breathe and there was so much and I put it in the sink Miss, I scraped my nose on the sink and washed it away."

"Ok Kitty, don't start crying again. I'm glad I didn't see the disgusting display and I don't particularly want a repeat performance. Kitty," Lauren said, resting a hand in the small of her back, just below the tied lengths of rope wrapped around her waist, "I said no more crying. We're going out and you want to look pretty for me don't you?"

"Yes Miss," Katie replied, sniffing back her tears and biting her lip to stop it trembling.

“Then hush.”

Lauren stepped past the upset girl and began to run the taps in the sink, first placing the tiny white plug in the drain. The sink filled quickly, Katie using the time to calm her wild emotions, the soft caresses of her owner’s hand across the smooth skin of her lower back helping. Lauren wouldn’t do that if she was mad. She’d just smack her again, or worse, just leave her by herself until she calmed down. Katie tried to ignore the heat that radiated from her buttocks but the recent spanking had left her red-bottomed and in pain. She knew it would pass, just as she knew the sting from the cane would be with her much longer, eventually turning into a deep ache that would spike whenever her bottom was touched. She had no one to blame but herself. She had learnt though and that was the important thing.

Once the small sink was full, Lauren gathered Katie’s hair together and tidied up her dishevelled ponytail. Even with the unsightly brown smears and the disgusting dried crust of mucus marring her face, Lauren still found the schoolgirl unfailingly cute. Her eyes were red and puffy and Lauren could see a tiny dribble of the clear liquid that had troubled her earlier forming in her nostrils and still she was attractive. Her jet-black hair framed her face, cutting across her forehead in a sharp line, a style not of her choosing but one that suited the young girl perfectly.

Lauren unleashed the teenager’s collar and put the short chain to one side, no longer needing the extra control. She took a firm grip at the base of Katie’s freshly bound ponytail and pulled the young girl’s body a few steps back from the counter. Katie followed her owner’s directions obediently, bending at the waist and lowering her body, feeling the pinch of the ropes as her face closed in on the smooth surface of the full sink. She realised what was going to happen only moments before her face was plunged into the cool water, her entire face quickly submerged. She tried to remain calm, trusting in her owner, but the mere fact that she couldn’t move, couldn’t prevent this in any way, caused the panic to rise, her body tensing as she lost her composure.

Just as she was about to begin thrashing, Lauren pulled her head from the sink, allowing her one gasping breath, before forcing her back beneath the surface of the disturbed water. Katie’s hands scrabbled for purchase at the edge of the counter, but only her fingertips could reach and they were worse than useless, giving her constant false hope that she could in some way affect her circumstance. Her face was suddenly yanked from the water once more and she quickly sucked in some shallow breaths.

“That should be loosened up enough,” Lauren commented absently, more to herself than for the gasping teen’s benefit.

Once again, Katie found herself under the water, panic beginning immediately. She had been mid-breath when Lauren had forced her under for the third time. She couldn’t last too long this time. Her left hand holding the young girl secure, Lauren’s right slid in under the water and began rubbing the congealed mess from Katie’s face. The distressed teen jumped at the first touch but quickly settled herself, knowing that the quicker Lauren could finish the sooner she would be released, free to breathe fresh air once more.

She tried to remain still as her owner’s hand rubbed and scrubbed her dirty face. She submitted to the indignity of having her face cleaned in such a cursory way but there was nothing she could do, even if she had chosen to. She winced as her lips were mashed roughly against her teeth as Lauren scraped the dried crystalline goo from her face. She was almost out of breath, her chest heaving, feet stamping futilely against the tiled floor, when Lauren finally pulled her, gasping, from the water.

She was allowed to stand upright, cold water cascading from her face to fall onto her pert breasts only to run down her body and soak the already damp rope at waist and wrist. Katie coughed once to clear the trickle of cool water that had entered her open mouth and glanced morosely at her owner, looking for all the world like a bedraggled cat. Lauren couldn’t help but laugh at the sorry sight of the young girl, water dripping down her naked body, bottom lip pouting sullenly. Katie’s eyes brightened slightly at the wonderful sound of her owner’s laughter, but she couldn’t find it in her to smile.

“Ok, Kitty, let’s get you out of those ropes.”

At that, Katie did manage a feeble smile, glad that she would finally be free of the frustrating and painful bondage. It took Lauren almost ten minutes to unravel the myriad layers of restraint. Katie stood as still as she could, her body tugged from side to side as the ropes were untied and eventually removed. Her dripping face contorted with grimace after gasping grimace as the blood flowed back into her extremities and the tender flesh of belly and pudenda was finally free of the cruel pinching restraints. Lauren had not wanted to stop the process, once it had begun, but she had noticed something as she slid the rope through the young girl’s legs that bore further investigation.

“Bend over Kitty. No, just at the waist. Good girl,” Lauren said, patting her red buttocks gently.

Katie bent at the waist, keeping her hands behind her back, knowing that was where they should be and comforted by the knowledge. She resisted the urge to step forward when she felt a touch at her pussy, the sensitive flesh still tender from the recent bindings. Her lips were clasped and pulled apart gently by her owner's warm fingers.

"Oh Kitty," Lauren exclaimed. Katie blushed, having some idea what Lauren had found so enticing. "Wait."

Lauren disappeared, leaving the shivering young girl standing at attention in the middle of the bathroom. Katie glanced at herself in the mirror, her face wet and flushed, looking desolate and bereft of dignity. How could Lauren think she was pretty? How could she want to look at her like this. Even from this distance she could see the red marks from the rope on her white flesh, an imparted remnant of the discomfort she had suffered.

"Ok, down on the floor, no up on the counter. Hop up, just on the edge, good girl. Now spread your legs, heels up on the edge too. Now pull that fat cunt apart Kitty, gently."

Katie followed Lauren's instructions, her shame intensifying along with the shade of scarlet that coloured her cheeks. Lauren had her camera in hand and Katie dreaded what was to come.

"Soft and creamy. You're so cute, Kitty, I could just eat you up."

Katie's lips twitched at Lauren's words and the visions they forged in the crucible of her malleable young mind. The timid smile disappeared as if it had never been when she heard the click of the camera, knowing her humiliation was captured forever.

"Stay just like that. We can't have that go to waste, Kitty. I could eat you up, but instead you are going to."

Katie's narrowed eyes followed Lauren like a hawk, widening to reveal their pretty green depths when she saw the two spoons that were drawn from the back pocket of her owner's shorts. Any ambiguity in Lauren's last statement was washed away as the shiny silver cutlery dipped towards her salaciously spread sex.

The young girl felt the savage bite of her degradation tempered by a frail excitement as she felt the cool weight of the smaller spoon penetrate her slick cleft. Katie could not help but watch, her eyes drawn to the spectacle between her widespread legs. She perched precariously on the edge of the counter as she watched her owner spoon thick blobs of cream from her pussy, scraping the sexual secretion into the concave scoop of the larger dessert spoon that Lauren had positioned beneath her vagina.

Katie breathed out slowly, a barely audible, sensual sigh, as she watched the silver surface disappear. She knew she would soon be tasting what she could already smell, the strong, heady musk carried directly to her brain on unseen currents. The humiliation of the revealing position, of being made to open her most intimate region, of the realisation that her arousal had lingered and swelled while her owner was gone, was almost completely drowned by the fresh desire she felt as Lauren stepped between her legs, slid one hand gently around her neck and leaned in towards her, feeding the young girl the full spoon of cream.

Katie's mouth opened obediently, her eyes never leaving the hauntingly pale orbs of her owner. Lauren was only inches away and the nude girl could feel the warmth of her body. The spoon entered her waiting mouth and she closed her lips around it, hugging the smooth surface as it was tipped upwards and slowly removed.

Katie felt the glutinous ooze slide across her tongue, drowning her tastebuds in the intoxicating flavour of her sex. She relished the taste, savouring it for a brief instant before swallowing. She opened her mouth to show her owner what she had done, her eyes sparkling with a momentary mischief, the genesis of which she could not explain.

Lauren's pulse quickened at Katie's repsonse. She drew her body closer, abandoning the now empty spoon, sliding her hands along the young girl's damp skin, eventually resting on the ridged indentations at her waist. She traced the marks left by the rope as she kissed the expectantly parted lips, quieting the schoolgirl's soft panting.

The pain and frustration of the morning was washed away with that one tender caress. Katie lost herself in the delicate meeting of lips. The moment stretched, time slowing to the speed of the motes of dust that floated in the shaft of muted light from the bathroom window.

The kiss left Katie gulping for air, as if she had forgotten how to breathe. She looked at her lover, her lust battling with the sudden embarrassment she felt at the astonishing strength of her feelings, the irresistable passion that all but overwhelmed her. She could see from Lauren's eyes, the widely dilated pupils pushing back the achingly clear-blue irises until they were but a pale sliver of colour, that her owner felt it too.

"Come, Kitty," Lauren breathed huskily, before gathering her frayed emotions, "we have to get you ready."

Lauren took the young girl's hand and helped her down from the counter before leading her to the centre of the room. Katie stood still, happy for her owner to take control, and surrendered her body to the attentions of her classmate. Lauren soothingly dried her body, wiping away the remaining water, moving the compliant limbs as if posing a mannequin.

Katie stood in a daze of contentment, the rigours of the morning forgotten. Once dry, Lauren discarded the towel and gently caressed the soft mounds on the teenager's chest. Her nipples hardened instantly, as if a tightly wound spring was suddenly released within the tender meat of her breast, pushing the tight pink buds to attention. Katie trotted devotedly behind her owner as she was led from the bathroom to be prepared for the remainder of the day.

End of part 7

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