My Very Own
by Lazerou

part 5

What goes on the web, stays on the web. Katie Thomas learns this the hard way when an afternoon of fun with a webcam turns her young life into something she had never imagined.

Chapter 10. A Day of Rest?

“Morning pussy-whistle.”

“Morning Miss,” Katie replied sleepily, the strange name not quite registering.

It was only as she opened her eyes to see the soft light of morning that she thought about what she had heard. The gentle morning sunlight shone through the red curtains across the window, bathing her room in a soothing ruby glow. Lauren was propped up on an elbow looking down at her.

Katie smiled contentedly, seeing the soft curve of her owner’s small breast peeking from the covers. Had she heard that right: pussy-whistle? She wasn’t entirely sure if there was a meaning behind it, or if it was just some pet name that Lauren liked the sound of. It did kind of run off the tongue. The sleepy teenager blushed, the thought of pussy and tongue reminding her of what had happened last night.

Katie noticed that her own breasts were uncovered, the sheet pulled well down her body. As she watched, Lauren reached out brushed her fingers lightly across the young girl’s exposed breast, drawing small circles around the nipple, smiling as she saw the pink bud stiffen under the gentle contact. Lauren continued stroking, her fingertips caressing the side of the firm breast, the skin so smooth and unblemished it made her heart ache. Katie wanted to squirm under the loving touch but she didn’t want to interrupt her owner. Her belly had tightened when her nipple became hard without even being touched and she nibbled her lip as she watched the face of her owner, eyes opening and closing, still trying to force away the last vestiges of sleep. She had never been a quick or early riser.

“Would you like to eat my pussy before breakfast Kitty?”

“Yes Miss.”

The question sounded so innocent that the words didn’t even register with Katie at first. It was only as Lauren’s mouth closed over hers and a hand slid down her belly and slipped inside her that she realised what her owner had asked. It wasn’t really a question, Katie knew. It was a command, but she did want to. She hadn’t known she had, content to lie here in the warm bed next to the lithe body of her owner but her pulse quickened and it was not because of the tantalising finger that lingered at the entrance to her sex. Lauren pulled away, leaving Katie eager for more, lips parted sensuously, glistening with the mixed saliva of both young girl’s.

Katie knew that was her cue, reluctantly stirring. She could have lain there all day, Lauren’s lips caressing hers, but she had a duty to perform. She forced herself to her knees, her growing excitement lending energy to her lazy movements, before scooting down the bed and climbing between her owner’s legs. Katie caressed Lauren’s taut thighs, enjoying the softness of the tender skin as she hunched her body and leaned in to begin her task. A thrill surged through her body when her tongue made contact with the silky smoothness of her owner’s slim labia.

“No Kitty, lie down. You will never reach where you need to like that,” Lauren ordered.

Katie stretched her legs out behind her and shuffled her body down the bed, her head now much lower, her face now able to be buried in the compact pussy of her owner. She had to bend her knees back, feet almost touching her bare buttocks, so she could fit under the sheets that were tightly tucked into the end of the bed. She leaned in again, feeling the heat in her own pussy as she started to lap her owner’s tight slit. She began with long, languid strokes covering the entire length of Lauren’s sweet cleft. She increased the pressure with each stroke, pushing the soft, malleable lips apart to reach the moist pink folds within, ending each time with a deft flick of her tongue across the growing hardness of Lauren’s clitoris.

It was over far too quickly for Katie. She had only started to find her rhythm when Lauren tensed beneath her. She sat back on her heels, sheets thrown back on the floor, gasping for breath, watching Lauren’s small breasts rise and fall as she panted in the aftermath of her orgasm. Her face was flushed and her mouth was open so invitingly. Katie could not resist. The emboldened teen crawled up the bed, straddling her owner’s limp form, and leaned in to cover her prettily parted mouth with her own. Lauren responded, tongue darting forward, fighting for dominance. Katie arched her back as her owner reached up and squeezed the hard nipple at the tip of each pendant breast, but she did not break the kiss. The squirming teen moaned into her owner’s open mouth as the pressure increased.

Before she knew it, Katie was on her back, her arms pinned to her side by Lauren’s knees. She could feel the full weight of her owner’s slim body resting on her chest. She had no idea how Lauren had managed it. Somehow she had completely reversed their positions, the speed at which it occurred making her head spin.

“Cheeky little Kitty,” Lauren teased, placing her hands on either side of Katie’s face. She gently smoothed the prone girl’s hair back, playing with the pretty fringe she had ordered. Katie squirmed as her owner smooshed her cheeks together, her lips pursing like some fleshy puffer fish. She pushed her nose back and peered up her nostrils, played with her eyebrows, pushing the tiny hairs against the grain and smoothing them back down again.

Lauren was enjoying playing with her pet, manipulating her body as the fancy took her. Katie lay back, trying not to move. She was doing her best to be compliant and allow her owner to play to her heart’s content, but it was difficult. Breathing was becoming increasingly hard as Lauren perched upon her. She could feel the heat from the her owner’s sex on her chest, her firm young breasts were squashed and uncomfortable, but she thought only of the hands at her face and the demeaning manipulations to which she was being subjected.

Lauren had her hands in her mouth now: fingers sliding along her teeth and gums, pulling her lips back or squeezing them together. Katie stared up at the obvious delight on Lauren’s face, unable to reconcile the feelings of happiness and humiliation that warred inside her. Lauren eventually tired of her game, slapping Katie’s face with each hand. The blows were not hard or malicious but they shocked the young girl out of her reverie and she writhed beneath her owner. She would no doubt be punished if she got free, but she didn’t think that likely – Lauren was so much stronger than her. Katie looked up at her owner, the wicked grin she had come to know so well gleamed down at her.

“Kiss me Kitty,” Lauren ordered, her eyes twinkling with mischief.

Katie stretched her head off the pillow, straining her body to reach the lips of her classmate. There was no way she could ever reach Lauren so far above her. She wriggled her arms but they were firmly pinned by her sides and Lauren increased the pressure of her thighs as she felt Katie’s struggles. “C’mon Kitty, I am waiting for my kiss,” Lauren teased, urging the writhing teen on. Katie wriggled from side to side, flexing every underused muscles in her body. Her stomach tensed as she tried to lift her owner up, but the slim teenager barely moved. Lauren giggled as Katie became frantic in her efforts to reach her.

“Well if you don’t want a kiss Kitty…” Lauren said with mock concern. Katie knew she wasn’t upset, she knew she was only being teased but she couldn’t help getting upset herself.

“Please Miss,” she pleaded. Katie couldn’t explain the tears that welled in her eyes but she looked at Lauren forlornly.

“How could I resist that, Kitty,” Lauren said, the sense of power and contentment she felt as she looked at her slave’s pretty green eyes fill with tears, infused her entire body.

Lauren relaxed her legs and released her grip on the now quiescent teen. She slid gracefully down Katie’s body, slipping between Katie’s legs, forcing them to accommodate her. She supported her body above her slave, leaning down, ignoring the eagerly opening lips, instead kissing each delicate eye, tasting the barely formed tears, exalting as the salty droplets soaked into her lips. Only then did she kiss the young, expectant mouth that parted so eagerly for her touch.

Lips barely touched before Lauren lifted up, smiling as Katie moaned at the tease. Lauren didn’t think she would ever tire of this little slut, so eager, so easy to arouse, even at this early stage. Lauren shifted her weight and presented her left breast to the girl beneath her, closing her eyes in ecstasy as Katie’s mouth closed dutifully around the tight pink bud, suckling like a calf at the teat. Right nipple followed left before Lauren relented and kissed her young possession, passionately and long.

“Come Kitty, you little minx. My Mom will be here to pick me up and you’ll still be latched to my breast like a little suckerfish.”

Katie pouted as Lauren pulled away, climbing out of bed, giving the young girl her last look at the nubile body that had brought her so much pleasure. She had been with Lauren for less than 48 hours but it felt like a lifetime.

"Exercises," Lauren commanded.

Katie jumped out of bed, fully awake now. She went to the centre of the room, oriented herself and began the exercise regime Lauren had set her. As she pushed herself through the sets she caught glimpses of her owner packing away her clothes and the rest of the equipment she had brought for the sleepover.

Lauren was quickly dressed in a small exercise outfit, no doubt what she was going to wear to her training. As she watched her classmate pack away her things she realised what it really meant. She would not be with Lauren. Lauren would not be with her. She would be on her own.

Katie couldn't really focus on the emotions that whirled inside her. She had to complete her exercises and she had to do it properly. Lauren was still there, glancing at her every now and then, supervising.

Lauren left the room mid-routine, leaving the door open. Katie looked fearfully at the door, though made no move to stop her set. She had to trust in Lauren. She had realised that last night. She had to trust her owner. Lauren would look after her. It wasn't easy, but what was.

Lauren returned from the bathroom and laid out Katie's clothes for the day. By the time the outfit was on her bed, the sweaty teen was standing at attention, panting for breath. Lauren was seated at the computer once more.

"Wipe yourself and dress." Lauren ordered brusquely.

Katie made the dash to the bathroom and back in record time. She didn't know what Lauren was doing but she had wiped the thin layer of sweat from her body and dressed and Lauren was still tapping away.

Her owner had chosen her nice red thong, khaki shorts and yellow singlet top. She hadn't been allowed a bra, but at least she was wearing panties. The shorts were very small and very tight, basically covering everything they needed to but little else. The singlet top was only a halter and left her midriff bare, something she had not previously been a fan of.

She had always had such grand ideas when she bought clothes, knowing they were sexy and cute and then unable to find the courage to wear them. Now they were all she had and Lauren made sure that she looked her best everyday. It was strange to have your clothes chosen for you. She hadn't wanted to admit it but it was a little liberating, not having to worry about what to wear. And yet knowing there was no choice, not even if she wanted one, if she wasn't in a thong mood, or a shorts mood, meant nothing to her now. Every day, in every way, she was reminded again and again that she belonged to someone else.

"Take all the bags downstairs Kitty, mine and all those piglet clothes."

Katie cringed, wondering why she hadn't moved past that demeaning term already. She wasn't a piglet, she knew Lauren was only teasing but she still hated it. She struggled downstairs with all the bags, dragging the heavy clothes bag behind her. She placed them all by the door, not entirely sure where they should go. She was still wondering if she should return upstairs or wait here when Lauren sidled up behind her.

"Come and keep me company until my Mom arrives," Lauren said, grabbing Katie's long black locks and pulling her into the lounge, not really giving the girl a choice.

Katie hurried behind her owner, her head pulled to one side, doing her best to keep Lauren from tugging too painfully on her hair. Ever since they left the bed, Lauren seemed to be in a different mood. She didn't seem upset, she was just very short with her and Katie wondered if she had done something wrong.

Lauren kept a hold of the young girl's hair as she sat down on the couch. Katie moved to sit down beside her owner tohelp alleviate the strain in her scalp.

"Kitty, what the fuck do you think you are doing? You were not given permission to sit," Lauren snapped, wrenching Katie's head from side to side. "Kneel."

Katie fell to her knees in front of the couch, her hair a dishevelled mess. She looked up at Lauren, tears in her eyes from the painful hair-pulling. She had done something wrong, she didn't know what it was but Lauren was going to leave upset with her.

"Now Kitty," Lauren began, gently smoothing down the confused teen's hair. "Are those legs wide enough Kitty? Are you getting lazy before I am even out the door?"

Katie's legs spread wider, the crotch of her tiny shorts now pulling into her pussy. It was too early in the morning for this. She was not a morning person and her brain wasn't working properly. A slave didn't have an option to be a morning person or not, she figured. A slave was ready for her owner at any time of the day. That definitely sounded like something Lauren would say in 'lecture mode', but it had come entirely from her.

Katie knew now that Lauren's 'lecturing' wasn't lecturing at all, it was training. She hadn't really understood before. The sleepover had changed all that. It was very clear to her now. She belonged to Lauren. She was her slave. Everything Lauren did was to train her to be better. Her owner wanted her to be trained to please her and to serve. She knew her life would be easier if she accepted her training. It was so easy to say.

"Kitty are you going to be a good girl for me today?"

"Yes Miss," Katie spat, the words not able to get out of her mouth quickly enough.

"A slave serves at all times Kitty, not only when she is with her owner. For breakfast you will have a bowl of bran. For lunch you will have a sandwich with chicken, lettuce, cucumber and tomato. You will have one glass of water at ten o'clock, another with your lunch at 12 o'clock and another at 2 o'clock. Do you understand Kitty?"

"Yes Miss."

"The glass you are to use is on your desk and that is where you will drink it. Now Kitty, come here and show me how much you will miss me."

Katie sniffed away the budding tears and leaned up on her knees, yearning forward for her owner's touch. Lauren shifted her weight and met the young girl at the edge of the couch, their lips locking in a kiss that neither girl would soon forget. Katie kept her hands behind her back, wanting to please her owner with the display of discipline. She desperately wanted to touch her owner, reach out and caress the toned body but something stopped her.

The kiss continued, tongue and lips dancing playfully, passionately as Lauren reinforced her dominance and Katie her submission. One was aware of the byplay of power in the innocent kiss, the other was oblivious to all but the pleasurable feelings that coursed through her young body.

The kiss lasted until Lauren heard the noise of a car. She bounced up off the couch and headed for the front door. "Come Kitty." Katie struggled to her feet, adjusted the small shorts she wore and followed her owner. Her breasts bounced as she hurried to the door. She blushed as she noticed her nipples were hard, rock hard. They created two tiny points under the tight material, each nipple a darker circle, clear, even from a distance, in the yellow singlet.

"Kitty," Lauren said, turning around to face her once they reached the door. "Who do you belong to Kitty?"

"You Miss," she whispered timidly, fighting the urge to look back into the house to make sure her parent were nowhere in sight.

"Good girl. Remember that Kitty. Remember it and you will please. You serve me Kitty."

Lauren kissed her one last time, ordered her to carry the bags and headed out the door to her waiting mother. Katie watched the retreating figure of her owner as she headed down the front path. She was still in a daze from the speed with which the morning had progressed and the emotions that roiled within her. Lauren's cute butt bounced with each step and Katie almost forgot what she had been told to do, mesmerised by the sight.

Katie came to as Lauren neared the car, snatched up the bags and ran through the front yard to catch her. She knew just what she would look like, her young breasts bouncing beneath the singlet that provided her with almost no support. Her breasts were firm, but they still moved amazingly when she did not wear a bra, something that never happened, not even around the house.

"Hi Katie. You look different today," Lauren's Mom called from the front seat.

"Hi Mrs Harper," Katie gasped as she hauled the bags onto the back seat.

"Kitty!" Lauren whispered in her ear as she leaned out of the car for another bag. "Where have your manners gone? You are awfully familiar for a slave."

"New haircut Ma'am," Katie answered, gaining a nod of approval from Lauren.

Too familiar? After Lauren had spent the weekend calling her parents by their first name, laughing and joking with them, she wasn't even allowed to call Lauren's mother by her proper name. She thought she had been respectful but she had failed yet again. It wasn't the way she had wanted to end her and Lauren's time together.

"Well you look very pretty dear. It really suits you."

"Thank you Ma'am."

"Bye Kitty," Lauren said, waving goodbye with a dainty undulation of her fingers.

"Bye Miss."

"Be good."

Those were the last words Katie heard as the car pulled away from the curb. She stood on the sidewalk watching the car disappear. Long after it had turned the corner and been lost to sight, the young teen remained standing in front of her house.

* * *

Katie sat on her bed, lost. She had an entire day now, a day without Lauren. It had only just turned 8 o'clock and she was already at a loss as to what to do with herself. She had tidied her room already, made the bed and cleaned her desk.

Breakfast. She had never had a bowl of bran in her life, always preferring the sugary cereals designed for kids. Her parents had begun to stir and she was relieved beyond belief that her nipples had gone down. She knew that both her parents had witnessed her arousal during the weekend but she did not want a repeat of those humiliating encounters.

"The butterfly emerges Em," her father joked as she entered the kitchen.

"Oh Greg, stop it. Lauren got off early."

"She had lacrosse practice early. Her Mom picked her up," Katie offered, feeling weird that her owner was still the focus of attention even when she wasn't here.

"Katie are you really thinking of trying out for the team?" her Mother asked.

"If my fitness improves and Lauren says I should."

Fly as close to the truth as you can, she urged, reinforcing the promise she had made to keep her lying to a minimum. She knew herself well enough to know her strengths and weaknesses and lying was right at the stop of the second list. Her entire idea of what the first list would constitute would have to drastically change. She didn't think watching TV and eating ice cream would be making the cut now that Lauren owned her.

"Bran?" Her parents chorused incredulously when she filled her bowl with the small brown flakes.

"Yeah, healthy remember," Katie sighed, worrying that everything she did would now be scrutinised and commented on by her parents. She really, really did not need that.

"Well good for you Kat. Your Mom and I couldn't be happier with your new friend. We might just be too old fogeys but, well... we think Lauren is great."

Any other time she would have teased her dad for sounding so lame but all she said now was a quiet thanks and commenced eating the small pieces of cardboard that masqueraded as a cereal. How did people eat this by choice? She looked at her parents bowls and saw the answer. She had forgotten her parents mixed other things in with their bran, small pieces of diced fruit and a dollop of youghurt on the top. Here she was eating straight bran! Lauren had not said anything else so she supposed it made no difference.

She finished her bowl in silence, rinsed it and left it in the sink. She would come down later to clear and wash the dishes and said as much to her parents. She was rewarded with those same surprised looks that made her feel terrible. She had no one to blame but herself. It really was a pretty drastic change.

Breakfast over, Katie trudged upstairs, reticent to face the day. She didn't exactly know what she was going to do. How had it come to this? She was a world-class time-waster. Sundays were usually her day. She could always find a million and one things to do and now, without Lauren there controlling her time, she was at a loss. She flopped down onto her bed and stared at the ceiling, lamenting the apparent loss of her ability for spending time.

Homework. She hadn’t had a chance to do any so far and she had maths and English and an assignment on the civil war that she really needed to do. She should do those, after all her grades were really important now. And she could do some housework too. Lauren would be happy to know that she vacuumed or did some washing or just generally did some work around the house. She set the alarm on her phone for 10:00, looking at the large empty glass on her desk as she did so. She didn’t need to pee right now, but that was all she could think of once she spotted the glass. She would have to go after drinking so much, of that there was no doubt. Without Lauren around to ask permission she would have to wait until her allotted times.

Katie sat down at her desk, dug out her schoolbooks and started in on those pesky trigonometry problems that had always troubled her so much. After ten minutes she got up, pulled the bottom drawer from her desk and checked the little stash of hidden objects that had grown substantially over the weekend. She just wanted to check it was all there, just to be sure. That’s all she was doing.

The little black felt bag was there, holding the glass dildo, her first online purchase. The tiny bullet vibrator was there as well, now accompanied by a coil of black rope and a folded yellow t-shirt. The inquisitive teen reached in and removed the shirt, holding it by the shoulders and shaking it out. It was a tiny t-shirt, barely a shirt at all. It would cover her breasts but she didn’t think it would do much more than that. It was the words stencilled across the chest that made her pause and blush -  ‘May i pee?’. This was the shirt she would have to wear to ask permission to go to the toilet outside of her allotted hours. But that only worked if she knew Lauren would be watching on the other end of the link.

Katie’s eyes shot to her computer, the screen was dark but the computer itself was on. She jumped back into her chair, turned the monitor on and shook the mouse. Her screen burst into life and there it was. Her webcam had been on all morning and she had one viewer. Lauren couldn’t be there watching but she was logged in, no doubt about it. What if it wasn’t her at all? What if there was someone else who was watching her from Lauren’s computer? Katie took two deep breaths as she watched her image in the small box. She had to get a grip. This whole paranoia thing was starting to really make her brain ache.

There was nothing she could do about it now. She was supposed to be logged in all the time anyway, so she should be grateful for Lauren having already done it for her. She was sure the punishment would have been bad for forgetting for so long. A shuffling outside her door threw her into frantic action. She grabbed the shirt from the floor, slung it back into the space beneath the drawer and scrabbled to fit the drawer to its runners. It wouldn’t fit! Calm down idiot, of course it fits. Just line it up. Her fingers slipped on the edge of the drawer and it fell to the floor. Panic was mounting inside her now. If her parents saw this drawer out, they would know about her hiding spot. She pushed and twisted the drawer, desperate to hide any evidence of her secrets.

With a sense of overwhelming relief, the drawer found the runners and slid bumpily back into its slot. Katie scrambled back to her desk and sat down quickly, sliding her maths books in front of her and peering at them intently. The numbers on the page were a blur to the young girl, chest heaving, face flushed with the fear-fuelled adrenalin that still coursed through her body. Katie’s knee began to bounce, the pent-up energy looking for an outlet.

Nothing. Minutes later she relaxed, leaning back on her chair and brushing her hair back from her face, hair that no longer existed. She flicked her head in annoyance, the reminder of her new hairstyle fuelling the frustration she was feeling. Had she imagined the noise? Was it just her parents walking past? The door was locked anyway idiot, she chastised, suddenly feeling very stupid and very foolish.

Katie looked sheepishly at the webcam, wondering what Lauren would make of that little episode. She smiled to think of it, but quickly looked back at her schoolwork. She was trapped in this relationship, this owner-slave dynamic that had taken over her life. Now that Lauren wasn’t here, even though she was constantly in her thoughts, she was feeling less and less comfortable with it. Lauren could be nice, there was no doubting that. She could be a really great friend, but she could also be terrible. Katie pulled the top of the singlet down a little, until she could see the highest of the thin red lines left by her shoelace. The line had faded, and would probably be gone tomorrow, but the fact that it was there at all spoke volumes.

Lauren didn’t like her, she only wanted to play with her, like a pet or a pretty toy. She used her, and abused her, she added feeling the keen sting of humiliation that her owner had seemed to derive such enjoyment from. It may be her fault that she was in the position she was in, so maybe it was up to her to get out of it. She liked Lauren she really did, her thoughts drifted to the graceful, toned body of her owner and the pleasure and satisfaction she had both given and received at that tender teenage temple. No, she said angrily, forcing her thoughts back on track. Focus: she liked Lauren she really did, but she didn’t want to be this way with her. She wanted her life back.

Katie’s cheeks burned at the memories of the last 48 hours; of what she had done, what she had been forced to do and those things she had not. She couldn’t deny now, in the cold light of day, that she had enjoyed some of what had happened, well a lot of what had happened. She had never thought she was a lesbian before, she still couldn’t really face that fact now but the way she had felt while doing some of those things had been… well it made her feel, celestial. Katie smiled at the word. She had loved the sound of that word ever since she was a little kid and heard it on some science show. She still liked boys, she was sure of it. Seeing John working on his bike, his muscles rippling, had still sent the same old thrill through her. So what did that mean? And how the hell had this turned back to sex again? She was getting a one-track mind. She was supposed to be thinking about how to escape her current situation and get her life back on track, not providing her pussy fuel for creaming.

It was the first time in she didn’t know how long, that her pussy was not slick and damp with her arousal. She could still feel a subtle throb, every now and then; the remnant of the constant frustration and attention her sex had received over the weekend. She thought of it now, the smooth, bare area between her legs, the pain that it had seen, and the pleasure.

Her eyes flicked to the webcam and she dove back into her books, needing the distraction. Every time she tried to think of Lauren, of her situation it always got turned around on her somehow. She didn’t even know how it happened but one moment she would be trying to think of some way to break Lauren’s hold over her, the next she would be thinking of her sweet smile, the mischievous sparkle in those captivating eyes or the tight pink lips of her pussy. Fuck, Katie snapped, throwing her pencil down on the desk. No more, she had to concentrate, stop these slu-, just stop these thoughts.

* * *

The musical tinkling of her phone made her look up from her books. The bright display flashed 10:00 at her. Katie marvelled at how quickly the time had passed once she had actually got stuck into her schoolwork. She was amazed at the progress she had made, actually starting to understand all the weird cosine and tangent stuff. What the hell she would ever do with it, she didn’t know, but she had felt a flush of pride when she had begun to get the right answer time after time.

She knew she wasn’t stupid, it was just that she had never really bothered before, stopping at the first sign of difficulty. Lauren was right, she just needed to apply herself. Thoughts of Lauren reminded her what she had set the alarm for in the first place. She glanced at the large glass sitting neatly on a coaster at the end of the desk. She had studiously ignored its presence as she worked but now it loomed large before her.

She hadn’t any time to waste, knowing she had been ordered to drink a glass of water at 10 o’clock and knowing how strict Lauren was with her commands. She gathered the glass, scurried downstairs to fill it from the jug in the fridge and hurried back upstairs. She sat down at her desk and looked at the webcam, knowing Lauren had wanted her to drink here so she could see that Katie was following orders. She took a deep breath and swallowed mouthful after mouthful of the clear liquid, stopping only long enough to take one gasping breath before continuing to scull the drink. Long before the glass was empty she felt full. She didn’t want anymore, she couldn’t drink anymore. Each mouthful came slower, but the glass did not leave her lips until it was empty.

Katie felt the weight of the water sitting in her belly, bloating her. It wasn’t that she had drunk so much, it was just that she had done it so fast. The young girl, instantly felt nervous, knowing that she would need to pee after such a large drink. The nearest time she was permitted to use the bathroom was hours away. She just hoped she could make it that long. She looked back at her school books but decided she couldn’t sit still at the desk now, not after what she had just done. It was time for some housework, maybe that would help get some of the water out of her system.

* * *

Her Sunday passed in a whirl of chores and homework, eating and drinking at her allotted times, using the bathroom during her allowed periods. Even without her being there, Lauren was controlling her actions. Not as closely, Katie mused more than once, but still, enough so that she could never really feel in control. After lunch she had contemplated just lying on the couch and watching some TV, just vegging out like she had done so often before. The mere thought left her bored and fidgety, almost able to hear Lauren calling her a ‘lazy little piglet’.

At one point she had removed the coil of rope and spent an hour trying to wrap it neatly, barely improving her technique but improving nonetheless. She hadn’t been able to resist the temptation and had tied the rope around her ankles, just to see if she could do it. Her effort was a feeble ghost of Lauren’s tight, immaculate ties and she quickly stripped the rope from her feet blushing at her temerity in applying the rope in the first place.

Katie almost jumped out of her seat when her phone vibrated across the desktop. The phone was in her hand and answered in a split second, her heart already beating fast.

“Hello Miss,” Katie opened, having seen the caller id and knowing it was her owner.

“Kitty, have you been a good girl for me today?”

“Yes Miss.”

“Tell me how you have been good for me?”

Katie launched into a litany of her daily activity, being sure to leave nothing out. She did her best to let Lauren know she had been busy, trying to subtly highlight that she was making good decisions, thinking about how to serve. She thrilled with excitement at the occasional word of praise, unable to understand how easy it was to slip back into the submissive way of thinking when Lauren was around, even if it was only her voice.

She had been fighting all day with the dilemma of the direction her life was heading, but at the first word from Lauren it was all forgotten. Her mood had veered wildly throughout the day: at times angry or sad, a deep melancholy falling over her as the afternoon had worn on, but now she was nothing but happy. Her chest swelled with the emotion, an irrepressible smile playing across her lips as she reported to her owner.

“What is your Mom cooking for dinner Kitty?”

“Pork sausages, mashed potato, peas, carrots and squash, Miss,” Katie replied, happy that she had already asked and planned to go down and help her mother prepare.

“Good Kitty, you will have one sausage, one spoon of mash, four carrots and nine peas.”

“Yes Miss.”

It was Lauren’s turn to feel the thrill of contact with her slave. She had seen a movie more than a year ago that had a profound effect upon her. She could still remember the way she felt when she watched, mesmerised, as a submissive girl had her meal chosen for her, right down to the number of peas. The chance to feel that again, to be a participant instead of witness, made her heart ache and her pussy pulse with excitement. She could have kissed Katie’s mother for choosing the meal.

She had watched Katie process the command through the webcam, almost able to see her storing away the exact amount of food for later. She was a good girl, she really was. She could have been a stroppy little bitch, fighting her every step of the way but she had really taken to her training. Lauren had been prepared for either eventuality, it would just have meant that Katie would have spent a lot more of her time feeling pain and a lot more of her body marked with the results of her rebellion if she hadn't been so naturally inclined to serve.

“You have an email Kitty. Read it now. Oh and Kitty?”

“Yes Miss?”

“Did you miss me today?”

“Yes Miss.”

She had felt lost without her. She hadn’t wanted to delve too deeply into those feelings, and did not wish to do so now. The thought of the email sent a spike of dread shooting up her spine. Why couldn’t Lauren simply talk with her now? She knew the conversation was coming to an end but she couldn’t think how she could prolong it. For so much of the day she had never wanted to see Lauren again, the anger at the degrading treatment she had received fuelling her rebellious thoughts. Now that she was actually talking to her owner, connected to her through even a tenuous link, she did not want to lose her.

“Bye Kitty.”

“Bye Miss, I…” Katie stammered but the connection was already broken.

The teenager looked at her phone in despair, she had wanted to express something to her owner but as she thought about it now, it was best that she had not. The realisation of what she was about to say made head hurt. Email! Yes check the email. She didn’t know if Lauren was watching her but she had a feeling that she was. Any hesitation or time-wasting was likely to be punished. She didn’t have time to wallow in the wash of her silly schoolgirl emotions.


Without structure a slave risks idleness. The following routine is to be followed each and every day unless you receive specific orders.


6:00am Wake and rise
6:01am Warm-up exercises
6:30am Morning run
7.00am Cooldown – Attention
7:10am Shower
7:15am Pussy - Clit
7:20am Dress
7:25am Breakfast
7:35am Ready for school
7:45am School Bus
8:10am Arrive at School
8:15am Report to locker
8:30am Begin school
3:00pm School Bus
3:30pm Warm-up exercises
4:00pm Pussy – Clit
4:05pm Walk Max
4:45pm Report dinner – School homework until dinner prep
7:00pm Blog
7:30pm Homework Task 1
8:30pm Homework Task 2
9:00pm Shower
9:05pm Bed

The rest of the email was more of the same, an almost minute by minute rundown of her life. How the hell could she keep up with all this? It was a strict routine, leaving her almost no time for anything else, especially early in the morning. Lauren had added at the end that if she had any questions, she would be allowed to ask them after dinner and once she had written her first blog entry. Well she certainly had a lot of questions, most of them starting with ‘why, what, how’! What worried her more than the punishing schedule was some of the activities themselves. She would require some clarification, even though she was pretty sure what ‘pussy-clit’ meant for her.

Tuesday's routine varied only slightly. 'Pussy-clit' was replaced with 'pussy-dildo' and everything past 3:30pm was replaced with 'Work'. Katie read through every day. Morning and afternoon every single day she had to play with her pussy for five minutes: Monday, Wednesday and Friday were marked 'clit', Tuesady and Thursday were 'dildo'. At no time would she be allowed to come she thought despondently.

Right so from all that, what she had focused on was that she wasn't allowed to come. The whole fact that her owner had planned her entire week in advance and had scheduled daily, no twice daily, masturbation sessions was nothing? Yeah, just run of the mill, everyday slave stuff huh.

Katie was trying to be strong and put on a brave face but the evidence of Lauren's control had got to her. She thought back on her day, the sense of loss and confusion she had felt without any structure but this was too much. She would have been able to snap out of feeling lost, she was sure. She would have been able to spend her time happily watching television, surfing the net and just generally bumming around, she just needed time away from Lauren's overwhelming influence. That would never happen now.

There was an asterisk next to  Friday's 'SCHOOL'. The fine print let her know that this weekend's sleepover was not going to be a one-off event. The added note had read '* routine to be followed if not with owner'. Saturday and Sunday were mysteries, though she was sure Lauren would enlighten her at some time. She could hope that maybe her weekend's would be a little more open and flexible. She just didn't know how she was going to be able to stick to this.

She didn't have any longer to contemplate the coming week. Her mother called her to let her know that she was beginning dinner, her first real cooking lesson was about to begin. Katie closed the email and headed downstairs in a state of bewilderment, unable to forget what she had just read.

* * *

My name is Kitty. I have been a slave for almost a week. I signed myself to my owner, Miss and I now belong to her. I don't know really much about what I am now but my owner has begun training me to be a better slave and she knows a lot about it and is teching me a lot. My owner says that a slave must always try and be better and I am trying. I am working on my schoolwork a lot more and today I did some good work on my trig and did all my equations. I started my assignment on General Lee to and it isn't due for two weeks. I have started doing more around the house to and I am learning to cook. Miss says that a slave must learn all about keeping a house clean and it is just one way that I can serve. I am exercising now to and I never did that before and I am eating healthier now to but I do miss ice cream and I have a job now to and that is another way I am serving my onwer. I have a new haircut and my sex is bare to and that is to look nice for my owner.

Katie sat back and looked at what she had written blazing on the screen before her. She had hit the 'post' button and she had made her first bog entry. That's all there was to it? It had been so easy, just login and write and post. Well the posting was easy but the writing was anything but.

It had taken her almost five minutes to get anything down at all. She had so many false starts that she had begun to get upset by her failure, thinking of what punishment Lauren would have for her if she failed to write her very first entry. Dear diary, dear blog, hi blog - all deleted, along with the worst start of all 'my name is Katie Thomas and I have been forced to become the slave of Lauren Harper'. That would have earned her the punishment of all punishments, she knew.

After that she had begun to panic and started to type any old thing that came into her head. She had not stopped typing until her phone beeped 7:30. She had written a lot. If she learned to use more than a couple of fingers she could do a lot more, though she didn't think she really wanted to. Writing about who she was and the way she was feeling was hard. She had quickly read back over her entry and it sounded stupid. There was nothing she could do now though, but it definitely did not make her sound like a particularly smart girl.

She hadn't strictly been told to finish at 7:30 but that is what her weekly routine called for so she figured she should get used to it. Katie had barely closed her blog when a message popped up on the screen.

"Questions Kitty?"

"Hello Miss, yes Miss," Katie replied, feeling strange talking to the computer when all she got in return was cold, unfeeling text


"Um Miss, with, uh, the pussy-clit and the pussy-dildo, um what do I have to do?"

"Really Kitty? You are to sit in your chair, naked and play with your pussy in the specified manner. Clit means you will use your fingers and vibrator and stimulate your clit, nothing is to enter your cunt. Dildo means that you fuck yourself with your dildo. You are to do so for four minutes. Not a second less, not a second more."

"Thank you Miss," Katie said meekly, having already guessed but requiring the clarification despite how difficult it had been to hear.

"Kitty what are you not to do?"

"I'm not to come Miss."

"Good girl. 2."

"Um Miss, does 'report dinner' mean to tell you what is for dinner?"

"Correct. You will ask your mother what is for dinner and report it to me so I can decide what you will eat."

"Miss, how do I do that?"

"Kitty, you open your mouth, put the food inside, chew and then you swallow."

"No, I mean sorry Miss. What I meant was how do I report to you," Katie replied sheepishly, knowing that Lauren was teasing her and knowing she had walked right into it.

"Come to your chair and say 'excuse me Miss'. Then you wait to be acknowledged."

"Yes Miss."


"Miss when I, um...

"Kitty, move your chair back a step. Open your legs. Wider. When you sit on this chair this is how you sit. Shoulders back. Yes Kitty, your hands behind your back too."

Katie was now sitting straight-backed with her legs spread widely, well past the legs of the chair - obscenely wide. As Lauren had instructed her, she had moved her hands behind her back, as surreptitiously as she could, hoping her owner wouldn't notice they were not already there. She had cringed sheepishly when she had been caught out.

"This is how a slut sits. When you are in that chair, no matter what you are doing, you are to be truly what you are. You know how to sit at other times don't you Kitty?"

"Yes Miss, with my legs straight and together but so my knees don't touch."

"Good girl."


"When I have to go for my run, where do I go?"

"You are to run the same circuit as walking Max.


"Uh, Miss when I play with my pussy should I clean after?" Katie asked hesitantly, once she had remembered her question. She had been a little thrown by the unexpected posture training she had received.

"Oh we're back to your pussy now are we Kitty? You are to clean your vibrator or dildo and your fingers. You may also clean the outside of your pussylips. Your fingers and tongue are the only things you will use to clean. That is a rule for you Kitty. Cleaning of all juices is to be done by mouth only. Anyone's juices and at any time."


"Uh, Miss, that's all the questions I think."

"Well Kitty, it seems that you aren't too sure about playing with your pussy. Of your entire schedule that was the most interesting huh? Only to be expected. Shorts and panties off. Get your dildo and vibrator."

Katie instantly regretted her questions now. She knew her pussy was a little wet, it had been when she went to the toilet but it wasn't much, no cream. Her panties weren't soaking wet and the now smooth lips of her pussy weren't all slick and smeared with white goo. It had been the first time in a long time and she had cherished it. Now, because she couldn't keep her mouth shut and her mind off sex, she was going to have to play with herself, humiliate herself again.

She was back in her chair, naked from the waste down in moments. Her dildo and vibrator resting on the desk in front of her. She was trembling in anticipation, knowing what was coming but still feeling the trepidation tighten her chest and belly.

"Four minutes of clit. Begin. Fingers first."

Katie's right hand quivered as it made its way between her legs. She didn't want to do this right now, and especially not on a webcam. What if her parents heard the buzzing. She only ever used her vibrator under the sheets and when she was sure her parents were nowhere near. Now she would be sitting out in the room with no cover. It wasn't loud but it was loud enough.

Katie tried to forget everything other than what she was doing. Her hands slipped across her clit, fingertips caressing the tiny pink bud. She rubbed up and down, slowly at first, her fingers parting to either side, not touching her little clit directly. She increased the tempo, fingers moving faster, pressing harder. The delicate fold of her hood began slipping over the suddenly stiffening nerve bundle.

The half-naked teen moaned as her arousal intensified. She could feel her entire body heat up, her face and chest flushing with passion. Only moments ago she had not been in the mood and now here she was moaning and panting like a bitch on heat. She changed her motion, her fingers together now, rubbing across her clit in frantic sideways swipes.


Katie's eyes had never left the monitor, mesmerised by the vision on her screen. She had been watching her fingers fly furiously across her pussy, unaware that her left hand had moved across her chest, pushing her breasts into her body and pinching her nipples gently.

The vibrator was in her hand and on her clit so quickly it seemed like magic. The small silver bullet-like device was buzzing frantically, pressed to the top of Katie's clit and moving in slow semi-circles above it. She had gasped as the humming length had touched her clit, lost now in the seething ocean of arousal into which she had submerged.

The young girl panted as her eyelids slowly closed and opened, fluttering halfway, her vision a desire-soaked blur. She had forgotten all thoughts of anyone hearing the noise the vibrator was making, never once giving a thought to the sounds of ecstasy that were escaping her own mouth. She almost missed her owner's next command.

"Four minutes. Clean. Dildo."

Katie groaned and pouted petulantly before bringing the small vibrator to her mouth and licking it clean. Its surface was barely marked and two deft licks saw it abandoned to the desk.

The hard, ridged shaft of her dildo slid inside her with almost no resistance. It wasn't until the second sphere that she had to push harder, her pussylips gripping the hard glass invader in a tight, inviting kiss. Katie lost track of time as the dildo slipped in and out of her. She was watching herself on the screen, feeling strangely detached, watching as she fucked herself.

"Four minutes. Clean."

Noooooooooooo, Katie wailed. She should ask permission to come. She needed to. Lauren would let her, she wanted her to be happy. She should ask her. What's the worst that could happen? Her pussy pulsed as she tried to reason with herself.

The half-naked girl, slid the dildo from her sex and lifted it to her mouth, smelling the heady musk of her sex long before it made contact with her tongue. Fucking chicken! Fucking chicken cunt, she spat at herself. She knew she was weak, she couldn't help it. She wanted to come, she wanted it so bad. What she wanted more was for Lauren to be happy with her and she knew, she just knew, that Lauren did not want her to come now.

Katie kept hoping to see those magical little words appear on her screen: 'you may come Kitty'. They did not. She licked her cream from her dildo before resting it on the desk by the vibrator, swirling her tongue around her mouth, running it across her teeth, relishing her taste. This was what she did now. She never simply tasted the juices from her sex, she savoured them. Was that what a slut did?

For the first time since she began to pleasure herself, Katie looked down her body: her nipples stood as two tight pink sentinels protruding from the centre of each breast, her belly tensed and sucked in and out as she panted with unsated lust. Her pussy was the destination of her enquiring gaze, the blazing hot cleft between her legs that caused her so much trouble.

She had seen the evidence on her screen but the detail was hard to see. Looking down had snapped everything into tight, crisp focus. Her newly bare labia were smeared with cream, thicker deposits clinging to the plump lips at the entrance to her vagina. She curled her fingers and scooped as much as she could, scraping three fingers across the smooth skin. She was about to slip her cream filled fingers in her mouth when a fresh message popped onto her screen.

"Time for your fix Kitty. Addiction can be a terrible thing and I always look after my property. I know that there is nothing we can do about the slut that you are, no one would have it any other way. So this is my concession to you.  A satisfied Kitty is a happy Kitty."

Katie looked at the large blob of creamy discharge that clung to her fingertips. There was not a lot there but it was substantial enough. She remembered the last time Lauren had forced her to do this and how weird it had felt. It definitely wasn't just like sniffing when you had a cold. It had felt... wrong somehow, as if it really was a drug.

The wide-eyed schoolgirl looked pleadingly into the webcam, batting her lashes cutely, knowing even as she did so that in mere moments the creamy secretions from her sex would be inside her nose. Do it quick, she pleaded. Swift and sure, just like the way the hair had been taken from her pussy. Yeah, that comparison really didn't help.

Her fingers were at her nose, pressed against her nostrils, before she knew it. She exhaled quickly through her mouth, closed her eyes and snorted violently. Her eyes watered and she pressed the sides of her nose with each hand to try and rid herself of the tingling, tickling sensation that surged up her nostrils and into her brain.

"Back in position Kitty."

Katie sat back, spreading her legs widely as she had been taught. It was one of the worst things that she had done since becoming Lauren's slave. Her training had not been easy but snorting her own cream was something she never wanted to do again. It felt wrong. It was wrong. If there was going to be one thing she could ask not to happen again that was it. It was a strange thing to admit, but she would rather be punished than do it again.

"Kitty when you prepare for school you are to use that time to make your lunch, among other things. Emma has really got behind your training and there are heaps of lovely ingredients for you waiting in the kitchen. They are all together in the fridge so you don't need to stress yourself. You are to mix a salad each day for school and you will drink a bottle of water from the cafeteria. Understand?"

"Yes Miss."

"I knew you would enjoy making your own meals. It's something you will need to learn and learn quickly."

"Yes Miss, thank you," Katie replied, feeling keenly aware of how strange it was to be holding a one way conversation with a computer screen. It made her feel a little disconnected and strange, it made her feel... in her place. She wasn't sure if that made sense, but so little of what was going on inside her did these days.

"Kitty go and shower now. All your showers will be taken in cold water only. Hot water is a privilege that you must earn and a  slave's body cleans just as well in cold water. You have five minutes."

Katie sprang from the chair and ran into the bathroom. She wasted precious moments watching the cold water fall into the empty shower before she had the courage to step under the freezing wall of water. She yelped as she forced herself inside and closed the door. Her breath was taken away by the shock of the water, shoulders hunching, her entire body acting as if it was trying to collapse in upon itself.

Her hands flew to the soap, desperate to wash her body as quickly as possible, not only to make it back within the time Lauren had specified but mainly to just get out of the torturously frigid rain.

Katie slid her hands down her body, assisting the cold water to wash away the lather of soap, doing everything she could to end the shower as quickly as possible. She stepped out and mercifully turned off the flow. The cold left her scurrying for a towel. As she wrapped her shivering body in the welcoming warmth she realised that at least she was able to use a dry towel.

Hooray for small miracles, she scoffed, shivering uncontrollably as she wiped her body. She was dry in moments, her frenzied movements removing every icy drop she could reach. Her hair remained a little damp but there was nothing she could do, she had no time. Why was it that she never had enough time?

The towel wrapped tightly around her body, Katie fled back to her room. The instant the door was closed and locked the young girl removed the damp towel and hung it on the door handle. She was back in her chair, naked and legs splayed as quickly as her young legs could carry her.

"Brush your hair Kitty. 60 strokes," flashed in the chat window the moment her bare buttocks touched the seat.

Katie began without delay, brushing her jet black hair in long smooth strokes. She watched herself in the tiny webcam window, watching as her breasts swayed and flounced as she brushed. Her breasts were never still, the soft, malleable flesh in constant movement. her nipples remained hard from the cold, the occasional shiver another remnant of the recent Arctic shower. Each time her arm was raised she could feel the stiff bud of her nipple pull at the soft flesh of her breast. It was a maddening feeling, the urge to squeeze the tight pink bud like a niggling itch that could not be scratched.

At the end of the allotted strokes Katie replaced the brush on her desk and waited for Lauren to give her further instructions. The plump lips of her pussy pressed against the hard plastic of her seat, everything visible on the cam due to the position that she adopted: legs widely spread and back rod-straight.

“Kitty, there are eight spelling and grammar mistakes in your blog. You have ten minutes to fix them, for each mistake that remains you will receive a strike. From now on you will check your writing at the end of each session.”

Katie paled. She hadn’t realised there were any mistakes but she had been writing pretty quick and, to be honest, she didn’t really think much at all about what she was writing. Her body continued to shiver occasionally as she opened her blog and read over her first entry in earnest. Her nipples were still extremely hard, poking out from her breasts as if they were about to launch themselves at her monitor. She desperately wanted to touch them, not in a sexual way, just to squeeze them a little and get some warmth into them. It was annoying having them so hard while she was trying to focus on other things, she simply could not ignore them.

Katie read her blog and found the mistakes that Lauren had counted. She breathed a sigh of relief when she finally hit post and it was done. She had dodged a punishment but she would have to be more careful in the future. She would need to really check what she had written because the young schoolgirl doubted that Lauren would give her the exact number of errors in the future.

Her task finished she was unsure exactly what she should do. She was naked, as she was supposed to be after her evening shower, but it definitely seemed too early for bed. She did want to- No she didn’t want to, she corrected. She would happily go to bed right now. Happy to have nothing else happen that night. She was contemplating whether or not to ask Lauren what to do, when a message popped up on her screen.

“Kitty, check the following address. This is the blog you will check each night before bed.”

Katie looked at the address and clicked on the highlighted text. A moment later she was staring at pictures of herself, seven pictures of herself. Lauren had created a blog to inform her of her outfit for the coming day. She had called it, appropriately enough, ‘Dressing Kitty’. She had even included a picture of the earrings that she was to wear.

Katie just stared at the photos, dumbfounded. These were on the internet. Pictures of her nude, or pretty much so, were on the internet. And these were no webcam that could only be seen by a few. These were there for everyone. This wasn’t right. Someone would see these, surely. She had to say something. Even if she got in trouble, she just had to.

“Um, thank you Miss. But Miss, someone will see these, it’s… they… can’t you email them to me?” “Oh little miss dumdum. This blog is private. You have earned yourself a punishment for questioning me, Kitty. Dressing Kitty has been amended. Get your a pencil and a ruled pad.”

Katie moved the mouse and refreshed the page before she reached for the writing equipment. There were only six images of her now – she would not be wearing panties to school tomorrow. This time she would not have the option of choosing a skirt that would make it impossible for anyone to see. Lauren had chosen her pretty cotton skirt, light blue and summery. She knew the skirt, it was short and swished with every movement, the material supple and flowing. All she could hope for was that it was not a windy day. She was such a dipshit. Why couldn’t she just shut her mouth? She should have trusted her owner. Lauren would look after her, she didn’t want anyone discovering the situation anymore than she did.

"Kitty you will write 100 times: I must trust my owner. My owner knows best. Once you have done this you will go to bed. No more lazy days, Kitty. You will bring your lines to school tomorrow."

Katie looked forlornly at the screen. As she placed pencil to paper to begin her lines she felt like a naughty little schoolgirl, which is exactly what she was. She hadn't written lines since grade school and she couldn't drive away the feeling that doing so now made her feel small and stupid.

I must trust my owner. My owner knows best. Katie stared at the words before she started her next line. It was exactly what she had said to herself. She knew what she had to do. She had already known. So why couldn't she just do it? She couldn't stop getting into trouble and making her owner work harder in training her.

I must trust my owner. My owner knows best. The page was half full now and the words were flying around her brain, round and round in a neverending cycle. She thought the words five times for each time she wrote them. Once the page was filled she counted. Only 42 lines per page. She would need another full page and then some.

Katie had no idea how long it had taken her to write the first page but she felt sure the second went faster. The third page, and it's final sixteen lines, were over before she knew it and yet, those words still resounded inside her. She said goodnight to her owner but received no response. Was Lauren still there? She couldn't wait for a reply, she had been told to go to bed once she was finished. Just a minute, she thought. I can stay for just a minute. No dumbass, now. Was she trying for more punishment?

Katie turned off her monitor with one last, melancholy look for anything new, any last words from Lauren. The screen remained blank and turned dark without giving the anxious teen what she wanted. She turned off the light and scrambled into bed, enjoying the feel of the covers sliding over her bare skin, enveloping her in their comforting layers. It did not take long for her body to warm now.

She lay in the darkness, curled on her right side, staring at the pale square of light that was her window, the wan illumination from the streetlamp shining through weakly. It was close to her normal bedtime, well not her usual bedtime, but the one that Lauren had set for her and which she had quickly adopted as the norm.

She was alone in her bed and it felt strange. Lauren had only been there for two nights, so why did her bed now feel so empty and cold? Katie shifted position, shuffling onto her back, her hands now resting by her sides, gently caressing the soft skin of her hips. It was a while before she realised that her fingers had slowly crept past her hipbones.

The despondent teen curled back on her side, and crossed her arms in front of her chest, removing them from temptation. She couldn't stop herself from sliding a thumb into her mouth, not wanting to but not able to stop the slow, inexorable journey. It wasn't the same, it didn't feel right and she felt stupid for doing it. She pulled the thumb from her mouth and curled her small hands into tight fists. What was wrong with her?

In the silence and the darkness, as she lay alone in her bed, waiting for sleep, those small words kept rolling over and over like a mantra. I must trust my owner. My owner knows best. The impressionable young girl fell asleep to the internal drone, lulled into the sweet release of oblivion by the comforting words.

Chapter 11. A New Dawn

Katie woke abruptly, the alarm blaring in her ear. God she was stupid. She had set the alarm wrong. She had only just gone to sleep. In a daze, she reached over to the table by her bed and fumbled for the alarm switch. Six o'clock! No fucking way.

The glimmer light that penetrated her curtain wasn't the streetlamps, it was the pale gleam of the dawn. She had to get up. Her day had started. Fucking hell, her day had started. The impact of that realisation hit her like a bucket of ice-water. Katie sprang from her bed and headed to her computer. She couldn't remember what she had to do first. It was either her exercises or a run.

She was wasting time. She was so stupid. The very first thing she had to do, the very first. She was already fucking up. The anxious schoolgirl opened her emails, scanning for her schedule. It wasn't too hard, it was almost the last email she had received. She would have to sort these emails out, make them easier to find in future.

Right. Six o'clock, exercises. Well 6:01 but it was already past that. She scrambled into the centre of the room and launched immediately into her exercise regime, counting out creamy pussy's as she pushed herself through the punishing routine. She didn't allow herself the pauses between exercises now. She was already behind and she couldn't afford any wasted time.

"Kitty wants to please," she gasped for the last time, standing at attention and facing her computer, knowing that Lauren was watching. There was no way she could possibly tell, but she had a feeling, a sixth sense. She knew her owner was watching her right now.

Her chest heaved as she struggled for breath after the punishing exercises. She regretted allowing herself those breaks now, knowing that it had made her less able to handle what was now expected of her. Never again, not with the schedule Lauren had set. Katie grabbed her exercise shorts and top from her drawer and slipped them on. She was amazed at how quickly she could get dressed now. When she only wore two tiny pieces of material that barely covered the parts of her body she had to by law, well it was understandable that it actually took longer to tie her shoes.

Still breathing heavily, Katie ran from her room and out the back door. She couldn't take her keys so she had to go out the back, at least with the dog there she could leave the backdoor unlocked. Max danced around her, eager for attention but Katie had no time. She had glanced at the clock before she ran from her room. It was 6:34, four minutes after her scheduled start time.

Lauren had told her she must run the same circuit along which she walked Max. She knew she could not keep running that entire distance. She knew she would have to alternate between running, jogging and walking. Maybe slip some shambling in there too. She had only reached the end of the first block and she had already slowed.

Her heart beat machine-gun fast as she struggled to keep the pace she had set. She had no watch so all she could do was guess the time it was taking her. She just needed to move as fast as she could, trying desperately to make up some of the time she had lost. By the third block she was walking, panting heavily. Her nipples, much to her chagrin, were hard, the constant movement and the cool air of the morning doing their dastardly work.

Despite the way she felt and the way her body was suffering, she couldn't help but feel sexy. She knew the terribly brief outfit clung to her curves, accentuating the charms of her young body. She had passed a few other runners, out so early, and the two men she had seen had almost fallen over, so intent were they on watching her supple body as she approached.

Her face was already flushed with the exertion but she was sure the heat intensified under the gaze of her fellow joggers. She mumbled a feeble hello in response to their eager greetings, knowing where their eyes rested. Katie kept her gaze firmly on the sidewalk in front of her, unable to meet their gaze.

She felt small and vulnerable whenever they were near, the tight anxious fluttering filling her belly each time she saw a new stranger in the distance. If she felt so exposed, as if she was out here naked, why was she also feeling sexy. She couldn't understand it and her inability to know her own feelings worried her.

She knew she was pretty, it wasn't that. The tiny outfit, the incredibly short shorts and the halter top that only covered her breasts, was designed for exercise so why did she feel like such a slut wearing them?

When she rounded the halfway mark, knowing that each step brought her closer to home, she perked up and began running again. It only lasted a block but she vowed that there would be no more walking. She would run for a block and then jog, alternating between the two speeds as best she could.

She had been jogging slowly, her legs burning with each step when she noticed a man standing at the end of his drive, paper in hand, just staring at her. She was still two streets away from her house, and even though this was her neighbourhood, she knew almost no one in it. She had never seen this guy before, and she didn't like the look of him now.

He had to be old, late 40s at least, the grubby white singlet doing little to cover the large round belly that hung over the top of his striped boxers. Katie sped up to a full run as she neared his house, keeping her eyes to the ground but she sensed the man just standing there, unmoving, as she ran towards him. She knew the picture she presented, knowing the way her young body moved as she ran.

There was nothing she could do. Her breasts would bounce and sway no matter how fast she moved. The tight shorts would cup her sex and the curves of her buttocks whether she walked or sprinted. All she could do was move past as quickly as she could, knowing that she was providing the old pervert with a show he would not soon forget.

She feel dirty as she passed the end of his drive, seeing him there, still as a statue as she passed within feet of him. She kept running all out, her heart thumping in her chest until she was well down the street. She didn't dare glance back, knowing that if she did and she saw him still there, she wouldn't be able to slow down, and she desperately needed to slow down.

The exhausted teen slowly jogged the last block to her house. She had wanted to run the last part but the extra energy she expended to pass the pervert had taken all she had. The sensation that washed over her as she slipped through the side gate into her own backyard was like bliss. She bent over to catch her breath but scurried inside the moment she sensed Max sniffing at her.

She was upstairs in moments, safe within her room, standing at attention in front of her computer. She had filled her glass with water as she passed through the kitchen but she first needed to get her breath back. It was 7:03, three minutes past when she should have returned but she had made up a little time. She was thankful for that at least.

She took a small drink of her water, desperate to wet her parched mouth. The small drink turned into  a long one and before she knew it the glass was empty. Panting she placed it back on the coaster and resumed her position. 7:09, she had one more minute before she had to... What did she have to do next? It was either shower or play with her pussy. She would need to check.

Shower, she read once the clock had ticked over the last minute. A cold shower, she reminded herself when she stepped inside the bathroom. She had peeled off her exercise outfit before she left her room as she had been told. She was only allowed to dress or undress in her room and Katie knew why. The damp towel felt uncomfortable wrapped around her but she was glad for its protection nonetheless.

Right, 5 minutes to get this over and done with. She knew she wasn't going to spend 5 minutes in the shower, no fucking way. She would be in and out of that frigid rain as quickly as possible.

True to her word, Katie was in and out of the shower in record time. She washed herself thoroughly, the spectre of the inspections Lauren had mentioned still hovering in the back of her mind. She needed the shower, of that there was no doubt. Her lithe young body had been drenched in sweat from the exhausting run and it was only as she stepped from the shower and dried herself that her heartbeat was finally coming back to normal.

She was back in her room at 7:14, sat on her chair, vibrator in hand. This was the moment she had been dreading. The moment that would start her arousal afresh. She didn't want to be wet all day. She didn't want to have to think about her pussy constantly.

The moment the clock ticked 7:15, her fingers tentatively touched the top of her pussy, caressing the tiny clit, hidden beneath its hood of delicate skin. She moaned at the very first touch, the anticipation she had felt as she waited increasing the sensation. Her fingers moved faster and harder, sliding across the small button, tapping it gently.

She turned the vibrator on then, pressing it immediately to her flesh. She could not stifle the groan of pleasure that escaped her. It had been building ever since that very first touch. She closed her eyes as the ecstasy grew. She pressed the small silver bullet against her slit, sliding it around the hard bud before letting it come to rest above, pressing it against the base of her clit, losing herself in the tiny vibrations that pulsed along its length.

Katie opened her eyes, mortified at the sight before her. The clock on the computer read 7:21. She had gone over time. She had fucking gone over time. She was in trouble now. If there was one thing she couldn't afford to waste time on this was it. Lauren would definitely have something to say about this.

The frantic teen twisted the end of the vibrator, not realising until now just how noisy it had been. The room was deathly silent, the lack of sound heightened by how loud the tiny vibrator had been. Surely it could be heard outside her room. She had always used it under the covers for a reason.

She slid the vibrator across the desk as she jumped up from her chair. She couldn't waste any more time worrying now. If she had earned a punishment then there was nothing she could do. if someone had heard her pleasuring herself, then there was nothing she could do. The only thing she could do now was stick to her schedule as best she could.

Katie quickly referenced the blog that would tell her what to wear, not trusting her memory of the night before. Skirt, blouse, bra, shoes, socks, earrings. No panties, she lamented as she dressed hurriedly, berating herself yet again for being so stupid the night before. At least Lauren had chosen sensible shoes for her. She really didn't think she could have coped with wearing heels, this skirt and no panties. Not to school, well not anywhere but especially not school.

Dressed, hairbrushed, light touches of makeup on. She was ready to face the day, well as ready as she would ever be. She looked directly at the webcam before leaving the room, but not able to sense her owner this time. Was she watching or was she getting ready for school too.

Breakfast was a bland bowl of bran that she forced herself to eat, but at least it finally gave her the chance to catch up on the time she had wasted. She was back in her room two minutes early and hurriedly packed her bag, making sure to add the carefully folded pages of lines and her dildo to the bag.

She still had to make her lunch. The ingredients her mother had purchased at Lauren's behest were all in the fridge, all she had to do was add them all to the container and add it to her bag. Two different types of lettuce, grated carrot, avocado, pinenuts, cherry tomatoes and a drizzle of olive oil.

As she closed the lid on the small tupperware container, Katie realised she had actually quite enjoyed putting the salad together. She only hoped it would taste as nice as Lauren had said it would. She had never been a salad fan, preferring her food to be full of meat. She would be eating this very salad, or something very similar, each day at school. It had to be good.

7:47, time to catch the bus. She was a little late once again but it was her first day. That wouldn't cut it with her owner but the young girl told herself she would do better tomorrow. She knew what to expect now.

Katie was at her stop more than a minute before the school bus arrived. She was lucky the bus only picked up once every couple of blocks. She had been two minutes behind. Lauren had set her schedule extremely tight and if the bus had collected her from her house, she would have been late. Missing the bus would have been... She didn't want to think about it.

The ride to school was uneventful. She was able to sit towards the back, with the girls from her own grade, thankfully able to stay well away from Pierre. She could see him at the front of the bus, staring at her occasionally. He was such a creepy little fuck. Probably thinks we are best friends nowafter sitting next to him once, katie thought. Freak.

Karen Henderson was on the bus, sitting on the back seat, surrounded by her friends as if they were her entourage. Katie looked her way and smiled meekly, hoping that her worst fears were unfounded. Karen smiled sweetly back at her, giving Katie hope that she had simply been paranoid in thinking the popular girl had known what she had been doing in the restroom. The very memory made her blush.

The moment Katie had looked away, she heard furious whispering from the rear of the bus, followed immediately by the unmistakable sound of girlish laughter. The kind of laughter that was trying to be stifled: the hushed, furtive laughter of teenage girls. Girls who were laughing at her, Katie knew it. Karen had known what she had done and now her friends did too. How long was it before her entire grade knew, the entire school. Her day had not started out well, and it was only getting worse by the minute.

She couldn't wait to get off the bus, rushing out of her seat before it had even stopped. She was due at her locker in, 6 minutes or so her phone said. She didn't have any time to spare for worrying about her reputation. She hoped she was being paranoid, it wasn't like she didn't have a history of it, but the evidence was mounting against her. Denial was now all she had, that and the protection of her owner and Katie wasn't sure how useful that would be right now.

Didn't she have to trust her owner? Didn't her owner know best? She still carried the pieces of paper on which she had written those words so many times. She thought of them again now as she sped towards her locker. The thought of seeing Lauren again made her heart skip. Would she be waiting for her to report?

When she arrived, somewhat breathless from her headlong rush to make her time, Lauren was not there. Miranda was, packing her own books and miscellaneous paraphernalia into her locker.

"Hey Kat-, woah what did you do?"

"Oh hey Miranda. Um, oh I got my hair cut?" Katie blabbed, realising after a moment what she was talking about.

"Wow, it looks really different. I mean, don't get me wrong Katie, it looks amazing. It's just that you look like a different person. What made you do it?"

"Oh it was just time for a change," she said feebly, already struggling with the lies she would need to tell.

"You look really pretty, like y'know you were pretty before but now it's like the guys are really going to notice you. I already saw Tom Mason check you out before."

Tom Mason? Not quite star quarterback but one of those receiver guys that caught the ball a lot and made lots of touchdowns. He usually dated cheerleaders, girls like Karen. She wasn't in Karen's league, new haircut or not. It didn't matter anyway, she belonged to Lauren. It didn't matter who was interested in her.

"Yeah, believe it Katie. There's something different about you and it's not just the haircut. Oh my god, you and Pete didn't?

"No way. Miranda! Pete and I were just friends. He kissed me once but that's it. Nothing's ever gonna happen there."

"Ok, ok, well there's something," Miranda smiled wickedly, letting Katie know this was far from over.

If only you knew, Katie thought. Fucking Pete, as if. The very thought of it made Katie laugh. But what had Miranda picked up on? Was she different now? Had making love to Lauren changed her in some way? She had lost her virginity! The thought hadn't even crossed her mind before. It didn't matter that it was with a girl, she had sex with another person, more than once. Girl or no, she was not a virgin anymore. Could you really tell?

Or maybe it was the way she was dressed. This was definitely the sexiest she had ever dressed to school. Someone brushed past her, their bag causing her soft skirt to swish and billow as it was caught in the draft. The fact that underneath that thin garment she was naked, more naked than she had ever been now that her sex had been bared of all it's hair, came crashing back to her. She thought back to how she had all but run to reach her locker in time, how her skirt had moved then, brushing the back of her thighs with each hurried step.

She had to be more careful. The skirt was only short, coming barely halfway to her knees, the danger of exposing more than she cared to reveal, more than was decent, put her instantly on edge. She packed her books and lunch into her locker, keeping only the small bag she took to class, containing her dildo, as always, but now it also held the three pages of lines she had written out the night before. The things she had to worry about just kept increasing.

 The anxious schoolgirl looked around for Lauren, wondering finally if she was even supposed to see her before school. Maybe reporting to her locker was just how it sounded, she had to report to her locker, not to Lauren. It was time to get to class, with Lauren still not in sight, Katie headed off to her first class, a great many thoughts and concerns swirling around inside her brain, but foremost among them was when she would get to see her owner.

* * *

Her heart skipped a beat. Lauren was there, in her usual spot towards the front of the class. It had taken until third period to see her and the wait had been an anxious one, filled with worry and doubt. Katie visibly relaxed when she saw her owner. She hadn’t realised she was so tense but a great weight seemed to fall from her as she watched Lauren chat away to a small group of people sitting around her. Katie wanted desperately to go over to her, but she knew she couldn’t. She had thought long and hard during the two periods of that morning and she had come to a decision, an epiphany almost.

She had been a fugitive, these last few days. On the run from herself. She liked Lauren and she wanted to be her friend. More than that, she wanted to be Lauren’s best friend and she wanted the same in return. Katie knew that there was one great impediment in the way: her behaviour. Lauren was definitely set upon the course of making her a slave. She had come to terms with that too. She didn’t like it and didn’t accept that it was inevitable but she knew that this was the confinement within which she had to work. She needed to obey and be as good as she could, impress Lauren and get her to like her more and more. If only she would see how much they really did like each other, she would surely wish for the whole slave thing to dissolve, to stay in the past as an exciting chapter in their friendship but one that was over. All she needed to do was keep Lauren happy, make her smile and laugh and show her how much she cared and then… Then they could be together without the rest of it.

First though she needed to serve her owner. She needed to do what Lauren wanted, when she wanted and the way that she wanted. She was already doing it anyway, she didn’t have a choice. But if she really tried, really put herself into it, then she was sure she could make her owner happy. If she served really well, Lauren would come around eventually.

Katie almost didn’t notice that the lesson had started. Mr Kennedy had already called for the homework to be passed forward and Katie dug in her bag for her completed equations. It was the first time in a long time, maybe ever, that she would be handing in her maths homework actually completely done. She paused for a moment as she found the folded lines that she had written the night before, espousing the creed to which she knew she must adhere. My owner knows best, Katie mused as she dug further into her bag for her homework.

She sat up in surprise when the folded paper was wrenched from her hand. Marcus had been waiting for her to hand him her homework and the first piece of paper she produced from her bag was good enough for him. She sat dumbfounded for a moment, too dazed to move. Her lines, the lines she had written for Lauren. They were being passed forward to Mr Kennedy. She had to do something. Move, you fucking idiot. MOVE. Katie sprang from her chair as if propelled by a rocket. She was almost to the front of the class before she knew it. She snatched her lines from the girl holding them, not even noticing who it was. It was only once those lines, those three pages of incriminating text, were in her possession once again that the fog that had descended on her senses finally cleared.

“Katie Thomas, what do you think you are doing?” Mr Kennedy asked, staring at her, as was the entire class.

“Um, Mr Kennedy, um. It was Marcus, Sir. He just took the wrong stuff. It wasn’t my homework. See this is my homework but this isn’t and I was just, um getting it back. This is my homework,” Katie ended feebly, handing her actual homework to the teacher with her left hand while her right clenched tightly around the small square of folded paper. No one would be taking it from her again.

“Well Miss Thomas, you can wait here while I mark your homework first, seeing that you are so eager.”

Katie shuffled to the teacher’s desk and stood beside it while he sat down and marked her homework. She kept her eyes on the desk, unable to force herself to look anywhere else. She knew the whole class was watching her. The heat in her face let her know that she was almost glowing with the humiliating blush that she could not control. She was normally so quiet in class, especially in maths. She never wanted to get called on. Mr Kennedy was a good teacher but he liked students to come to the board and do equations and she had so far studiously avoided being one of his victims. She knew, she just fucking knew, that was about to change. She was already standing in front of the-

Shit! Katie began to tremble, her palms becoming clammy as the anxiety descended upon her. She was standing at attention. She hadn’t even thought about what she was doing. Her eyes almost flicked to Lauren, to gauge her reaction and to seek some comfort. But she could not. Her face burned with an intensity she could not fathom. She must be as red as a tomato now. She was actually standing at attention in front of the whole class, her legs spread to shoulder-width and her hands behind her back. How could she have just stood like that, automatically? The class was silent. That in itself told her that something was wrong.

Holy shit, what if it was something more than just her standing at attention? What if, no her nipples were not hard. Oh god, what if a tiny dribble of her cream had run down her leg, past her skirtline? Don’t be so stupid, you would have felt it. Besides, you aren’t that turned on. Wet, yes. But not enough to do that. The lack of panties was fuelling the growing paranoia, heightening it to a point where she almost felt nauseous. Please let this be over soon, please. God, what if Mr Kennedy wanted to see the other piece of paper. She would run from the room and hide before she would relinquish her lines to anyone but Lauren. Detention or not, punishment or not, no one would read those pages but her owner.

“Well Katie, this is exceptional. Fifteen out of fifteen. Excellent work. I must say though, it is very different from the norm. What was your last score?”

“Urgh,” Katie gurgled, her throat dry and constricted by the panic that had risen inside her. She cleared her throat and tried again. “Um, eight Sir.”

“Yes, always enough just to pass but never enough effort to actually stand out. I think you have been foxing us all Katie. Take your seat. Class, there is an equation on the board. Solve it while I mark the rest of these. If you understood the homework, really understood it, you shouldn’t have any trouble.”

Katie scurried back to her seat, desperate not to be the focus of every pair of eyes in the room for one second longer. She flopped into her chair, cringing as the bare skin of her buttocks and thighs impacted on the hard plastic seat. The lack of panties was a constant concern for the young schoolgirl, buzzing around the edges of her consciousness like an annoying mosquito, every now and then coming into clearer focus. She felt it’s sting now as she shifted on her seat, wanting to adjust her position and flip her skirt up under her behind but unable to move. She needed people to stop looking at her, any movement would just draw their attention once again and she didn’t need anyone seeing she wasn’t wearing panties. All it would take is that momentary glimpse as she flipped the short skirt under her.

So she sat still, stuffed her lines back into her bag, deep into her bag, and copied down the equation on the board. This was something she could do. She needed a distraction, desperately. If people didn’t stop looking at her she felt she would go mad. Katie tried to forget the outside world and focus on the equation she had been set. The hours she had spent yesterday paid off and she was able to solve it, despite the distractions that threatened to overwhelm her.

“Huh?” Katie said dazedly.

“Well Miss Thomas you do seem to be struggling for vocalisation today,” Mr Kennedy said, smirking as the class tittered. “Not to worry, you won’t be needing it for a while.”

Mr Kennedy held out a small stick of chalk, motioning for Katie to come up to the front of the class and solve the equation. She knew it and she was right. The moment she had left her seat in pursuit of her lines, her fate had been set. There was nothing she could do. If she stayed seated, everyone would watch her and wonder why. If she got up, everyone would watch her as she solved the equation. Everyone was already watching her, she could feel their eyes, almost as if their gaze was pushing on her with a physical force. She felt a trickle of sweat roll down her side. Her heart beat in a manic staccato and each pulse of blood through her veins felt as if it would burst from her fingertips. She was losing it.

Almost without conscious thought Katie rose from her chair, all her focus concentrated on her skirt. Her hands smoothed the soft material past her buttocks as she peeled her bare flesh from the plastic seat. The trembling teen edged forward, each step resounding loudly in her brain.

She felt as if she was walking down death row, the piece of chalk bobbing with exaggerated slowness in the teacher’s hand, beckoning her to her end. She swallowed, her dry throat balking at the action. She sucked her tongue to try and moisten her mouth as she took the chalk and stepped to the blackboard. All she could think about was what she looked like from behind, her pert buttocks covered by the thin material of her short skirt, the long expanse of leg she was showing, from mid-thigh to ankle. Everyone would be looking at her, wondering if she was wearing panties. But Lauren would be looking at her as well. The thought gave her strength and she tried to focus on the equation on the board.

Once her dazed mind had something on which to hold, it gripped tightly and refused to let go. Katie tapped away at the board, filling the blank space with a jumble of letters, numbers and symbols, the gobbledegook actually making sense to her. And there is was, finally: - sin x. She looked at Mr Kennedy. The middle-age teacher gave her a soft clap and took the chalk back, motioning for her to sit. Katie risked a quick peek at Lauren as she hurried to regain her seat, her entire body thrilling as if shocked by static electricity when she saw the smile on her owner’s face. She was smiling at her, at how she had solved the equation. She was making Lauren happy by applying herself to her schoolwork.

Katie hid her own timid smile behind her hand as she moved to her seat, where she stopped dead in her tracks. After a moment of shocked paralysis, she slunk into her chair, making sure her skirt was pressed tightly to the back of her legs as she sat. Her breathing started to get ragged again and she could feel the fever burn inside her, lighting up her cheeks in a burst of shame. There was a mark on her seat. A small spot right in the middle, the dried remnant of a small droplet of liquid. She knew exactly what had happened. The humiliation consumed her and she hung her head, toying with the pages of her textbook as she tried to rally her tattered self-esteem.

Her pussy was wet, that she had known, but it wasn’t real bad. She had been forced to play with herself that morning but she had moved on, almost forgotten the episode. She knew she wasn’t creaming but her bare sex was wet, wet enough to leave evidence behind. It was only small and it had dried while she had been at the board but it had happened. It couldn’t have, but it did. Had anyone noticed? The people beside her could have but she couldn’t even think of their names now. She had sat next to them for so long but right now they were just faceless people-shaped blobs, witnesses to her sluttishness. Maybe it was not from her at all? Maybe, it had already been on the seat and she just hadn’t noticed before. And maybe a polar bear would fall from the sky and crush her. Fucking maybes.

The rest of the class passed without incident but Katie barely noticed. She listened as best she could to Mr Kennedy, praying that he would call on someone else, doubting that she could have stood up again. That small mark on her chair had slowly grown in proportion until it covered almost the whole seat, a veritable puddle of secretion needed to create it. She couldn’t help herself. She knew she was being silly, but every time she thought of that small stain, she made it bigger. If she didn’t stop now she would have the whole class drenched in her pussy cream. She would have giggled if she wasn’t still so upset. She imagined dollops of thick white cream, dropping from the lights, covering the windows, dripping from the noses of her classmates, their hair plastered to their scalps by the cascade from her cunt.

So it was official, Katie thought, her mouth twitching sporadically as she tried to stifle the manic smile that seemed so insistent. She had gone insane. Her vagina had taken over her brain and she was now a sex lunatic. This was Lauren’s fault. She had ruined her. She looked up at her owner, one row ahead and three seats over. She was so pretty, her hair pulled back into a ponytail, high on her head. Several strands had escaped from the tie and her owner played with one of them now, twirling it around her fingers as she puzzled through the classwork. She was wearing a cute pair of three-quarter length pants, chequered in soft shades of grey, perfectly complemented by a tight green t-shirt. From this angle she could just see the curve of Lauren’s small breast, the outline perfectly captured by the tight material of her shirt.

The bell rang, startling the young girl with its strident alarum. Katie sat in her chair, slowing packing up her books, hoping that she could be the last to leave the class. Mr Kennedy watched her, wondering what had come over the girl. She seemed a completely different person. She looked different, she was showing definite aptitude for the subject and yet, she seemed almost completely preoccupied. She was definitely one to keep an eye on.

“I’ll have my lines now Kitty.”

 Katie looked up at her owner, happiness and relief lighting up her face. 'Yes Miss," she responded automatically, scrabbling around in her bag for those three small pieces of folded paper. Lauren had come to see her, finally. She had been waiting all day for this. It had been hard enough not knowing what Lauren was doing, but having her in sight, only feet away, had been torture.

The seated schoolgirl smiled as she handed her owner the lines she had written as a punishment. Those pieces of paper held a truth that she was working hard to accept. Lauren took the paper from her and walked out of the room without a backward glance.

Katie packed her books in her bag in a bewildered daze. At least she had seen Lauren, and she did seem happy. Maybe she wanted to check the lines first, make sure that Katie had done the right thing, that all her lines were present and legible. Katie had made sure, double and triple checking that there were 100 lines. Once her owner saw she had been good and complied then maybe she would talk with her more.

Right now though she needed to get to lunch. Mr Kennedy was starting to look her way and the last thing she needed was to be stuck in here with a teacher during lunch. Her bag packed, she hurried from the room, smiling meekly at her teacher. She collected her salad from her locker and made her way to the cafeteria to get the small bottle of water she was allowed.

* * *

"Katie are you serious?"


"Salad? From home? You're not poor now are you?"

"No Dana, it's just healthy is all," Katie replied, unhappy that she had to answer these questions from her friends as well. Why did she even hang out with these girls?

"You're acting weird Katie. You get a new haircut, without telling anyone," Dana began, as if that was one of the worst crimes known to man, "then you are like some kind of teacher's pet in maths. And now this."

"Not weird really," Susan said, giving Dana a dirty look, "it's just like, you're acting different too."

"It's nothing," Katie pleaded, not wanting to get into this right now. She didn't want to be reminded of how different she seemed to everyone. She knew what they were talking about, but was so glad that they did not. She had realised she was a slut, and other people were starting to pick up on it too. She knew that was what it was, but there was no way in hell she would ever help anyone reach that conclusion.

Katie ate her salad in silence after that, not enganging in the shallow conversations her friends seemed to enjoy. She looked around the table at all the other kids, eating hotdogs and burgers and chips. She was eating a salad and would be every single day. It didn't taste too bad, a little bland, but the worst thing was that as she finished swallowing the last piece of lettuce, she was still hungry. She wanted a burger, something more substantial. Something meaty.

Katie watched as her friends got up from the table, looking at her and headed off to find a quiet place to spend the rest of the lunch period. She knew where they would go, but she didn't much feel like sitting near the sports field. She knew it would be foolish to sit on the low seats, the constant danger of her skirt moving and revealing her lack of underwear was something she could not even contemplate.

She didn't really want to spend time with her friends right now anyway. The fact that she had hung out with them out of convenience had been growing on her but the lunch today had solidified the feeling. She had always been the hanger-on of the group, always on the outside, the last to be invited, the first to be made fun of.

She had always wanted to make more of a connection, and she had tried. She had watched the effortless ease with which other people hung out, the strong bonds they made, the way they behaved with their best friends. She had known that she did not have that with her friends. She had always known, but Lauren had awakened something inside her. She couldn't fool herself anymore and maybe they knew that too.

She didn't know what she should do now. Lauren had left her no instructions on how to pass her lunch period. She wanted to be with Lauren. She wanted that easy comfort she felt when she was with her. Katie drifted past her locker, depositing her tupperware bowl before moving on.

The dazed schoolgirl found herself in the library. She had not meant to go anywhere in particular but her feet had led her here, back to where it had all began. Had she hoped to find her owner here? Lauren was probably off somewhere with her own friends, laughing and having fun.

Katie jumped when she heard the sms come through, frenziedly scrabbling through her bag. She was frantic to retrieve her phone, knowing that her owner wanted her. Her stupid fingers couldn't find the buttons and she wasted precious seconds fumbling with the small device.

"Room 9C."

It was from Lauren. Katie was out of the library before her phone was even in her bag. She slowed down once she was in the halls, not wanting her skirt too move too frenetically, knowing the potential danger if she did so. Room 9C, she knew where that was, almost on the other side of the building, near the chemistry labs.

Katie walked with a purpose, every step filled with trepidation but purposeful. Lauren was waiting for her and she mustn't keep her waiting. Lauren was waiting. The thought pushed her a little faster, her skirt swishing ever more violently. She adopted a speed that keep the soft material brushing the back of her thighs but still low enough not to reveal too much. The scurrying schoolgirl felt a flush of accomplishment at the realisation. She had managed to find the optimal speed to move in the short skirt. Yay, Katie thought, wondering what kind of medal she would receive for such a momentous discovery.

Her chest tightened as she reached her destination, room 9C. She took a deep breath and stepped inside, not wanting to waste anymore time. Lauren was waiting. The room was the typical lab, eight large square desks around which tall stools were clustered. Blackboard at one end, cabinets of apparatus at the other.

Lauren was hiding. The anxious teen stalked down the aisle between the tables but Lauren was not there. Her owner wasn't squatting down behind a bench, waiting to surprise her. The room was empty. Despair washed over the young girl, almost bringing her to tears. Was Lauren just playing with her, tricking her? Was she, this very minute, somewhere in the school, laughing at her. Giggling at the bewildered, hurt look upon her slave's face.

It was only then that Katie noticed the small piece of paper lying on the floor behind the very back desk. She reached down for it, knowing instinctively that it was meant for her. Lauren had sent her here for a reason. It wasn't just a cruel trick.

"Remove the green pen from your bag. Set your phone on the bench. Begin recording. Remove your skirt. Place the pen in your pussy until only the cap can be seen. Recite your name and the lesson that you learned. Remove the pen and leave it on the bench."

Katie looked at the note in disbelief. She had been worried about someone seeing under her skirt during the briefest of flashes as she walked. Now she would actually be without the skirt itself. She was in a classroom but the far wall was full of windows. There was even a small window in the door, though she doubted if she could be seen through that.

This wasn't her bedroom. There was no lock on the door. She couldn't do this here. This was a classroom. In her school. She looked at the note again, read it again and again. What if someone else had seen it first? What if they had read it and left it there, right now just waiting for her to comply only to bust in on her.

She read the note one more time before the real lesson finally dawned on her. She looked through her bag, finding the thick green marker that she was knew was not one of hers. It was thicker than her thumb and much longer. Lauren had planned this a long time ago. Katie had always been going to do this, always.

Her hands trembled as she set her phone on the bench, propped up on her bag and began the video recording function. It wouldn't be real great quality but that was not what Lauren wanted. This was part of her training, a lesson to be learned, a test to pass.

Katie took a deep breath and quickly removed her skirt, folding it and placing it on the very edge of the bench, picking up the thick pen in the same motion. She stood back, her eyes constantly darting back to the door, sure that at any moment, half the school would come marching in.

The pen slipped up inside her, smoothly and evenly in one long clean motion. Her pussy was much wetter than she had expected, she just hoped the pen would stay inside her. She pushed it one last inch with the tip of a finger, so only the cap was showing. Her plump pussylips gripped the smooth intruder holding on despite the slick coating that covered it.

"My name is Kitty. I must trust my owner. My owner knows best."

Katie flushed as she said the words aloud, thinking of the humiliation that would engulf her if they were heard by anyone but her owner. She had said them loud, knowing they had to be heard on the video but not knowing how loud that needed to be. They echoed around the silent classroom as if they had a life of their own, searching for a way out, as if her own voice wanted to humiliate her.

Katie couldn’t really believe this was actually happening. It was more like a dream than reality. She was half-naked at school, exposed from the waist down with a pen inside her. She could feel it’s slim length penetrate deeply, her soft lips hugging the ridged cap in a tight embrace. Her short video was over and she could feel the pen slipping out of her. She snapped out of her daze, grabbed the pen and slid it smoothly out, moaning slightly as she did so. Even that small noise reverberated around the empty classroom, making it sound like half a dozen young sluts were pleasuring themselves. Katie’s rosy cheeks burned as she dropped the slimy pen on the bench and reached for her skirt.

A loud bang from the front of the classroom sent Katie ducking for cover, her heart near bursting in her young chest. That was the door, she thought, her panicked brain working for once. The scene was crystal clear to her. Someone had come in, she was sure of it. She held her skirt in her hands, squatting down behind the wide bench. Her hands trembled as she tried to slip her skirt on without standing up past the top of the bench. It was an extremely awkward process and she was also doing her darnedest not to make any noise. She was fucked. Even if she got her skirt on in time, the fact she was in the room during lunch, hiding down the back would be enough to land her in trouble. The pen, covered in her juices and the video on her- Holy shit, her phone was on the bench and it was still recording. She hadn’t had time to switch it off.

She couldn’t worry about that, she had to get dressed. The terrified schoolgirl could feel the cool air on her bare buttocks and focused on getting into the short skirt. Nothing else would matter if she was found half-naked. Her nightmares had never prepared her for this. Katie scrunched up her skirt, making a thick ring of material. It was the only way she could see that this would work. She brought the skirt down low and stepped into it one foot at a time, barely lifting each off the ground. She could see her pussy during the entire process, the plump lips glistening and open. She really didn’t need that reminder, she had to focus. She slid the scrunched material up her legs and past her knees. How was she going to do the next part without straightening up?

The frightened schoolgirl leaned forward, resting her head on the floor, using it to balance her body so she could use both hands to slide the skirt past her buttocks. It was awkward and put her in the unenvious position of having her bare ass pointing into the air, even if it was only for a few seconds. Done, she shouted triumphantly to herself. She smoothed the skirt down, covering as much of her body as it would allow, a manic grin spreading over her face at the achievement. Yep, she was losing it alright. She had turned into a nutter for sure. How could she be smiling now?

Her skirt on, though twisted and unkempt, she took a deep breath and figured what she could do now. How long had it taken to put her skirt on? How much noise had she made? She listened intently but couldn’t hear any sound from the room. What if they were on the other side of the bench, just standing there? What if they knew she was there and were waiting her out? What if they had her phone? She had to look. She couldn’t stay crouched behind the bench all day. Holding her breath, Katie peeked above the top of the table, her head rising slowly until she could see over the edge.

Her eyes flittered about the room, frantically trying to spot the intruder. Nothing. There was no way she had imagined that noise. It was too loud and strident, she could still hear it, still feel the rush of panic she had felt before she dived behind the bench. What if it was just some kid banging on doors, just mucking around? She knew they did it, she had seen the boys walk down the halls, banging each locker and door, revelling in the noise. Boys! Well there was no one here now. Her heart was still pounding in her chest as she snatched her phone, turned off the recording and threw it in her bag.

Katie stood up, her knees still trembling with the adrenalin-fuelled fear that had gripped her. She grabbed her bag and headed from the room, she needed to get outside. She had been scared once already and she needed to get into the hall, once she was out of the classroom she would feel better, she was sure. She looked back once, her eyes scouring the room quickly, resting on the goo-covered pen she had left behind. There was nothing else there, of that she was sure. She could almost laugh at the panic she had felt, at the mad scramble to cover her nudity. Maybe if the fear wasn’t still flowing through her, chilling her veins, maybe.

Careful now, Katie peeked through the window in the door and, seeing no one, stepped out into the corridor. There were a few people in the hall, but none seemed to take any real notice of her. She started to walk away, as nonchalantly as she could manage, but the instant she started a normal gait she could feel the twists in her skirt, knowing it was not sitting properly. What if it was riding up in the back, or caught? What if she was flashing her ass? The young girl’s hands flew to her behind, smoothing down the soft cotton material, assuaging her fears. Her body was covered, it was just that the skirt was twisted a little. She tried to right it as surreptitiously as she could without stopping. She needed to be far away from room 9C before she attracted any more attention.

The bell rang just as she was turning the corner, the loud noise making her jump, her already frayed nerves not able to handle the sudden jarring ring.

Where did she have to be? Economics, snore. At least it would give her a chance to calm down. Nothing better for calming the nerves than to sit through a class on economics. It wasn’t totally true, it was just that Mrs Osborn had one of those voices. One of those droney, monotonous voices that could make anything sound boring. It so reminded her of that guy from that movie. She could just imagine Mrs Osborn saying “Bueller, Bueller”. It wasn’t that funny she tried to convince herself, wiping the smirk from her face as she entered the classroom.

Before she had even sat down, her phone vibrated briefly, letting her know that she had received an sms. She had to check it, it might be from Lauren. Katie sat at her desk, glad that she had always tended to sit towards the back. She disliked having anyone behind her and had slowly been able to snare a back row seat in almost all of her classes. She smoothed her skirt behind her as she sat, determined to make sure there would be no further embarrassing splotches left behind on any of her chairs. The memory had her blushing and she hid her fiery face, bending down to dig her phone out of her bag.

“Where’s my movie?”

Katie could not believe she had been so stupid as to forget to send it. She fumbled with her touchscreen, naming the file ‘9C’ and sending it off immediately. She hoped that she wouldn’t be punished for her lapse, but felt sure that she would. Her day had started to unravel almost the moment she woke up and she had never quite been able to regroup. She tucked her phone back into her bag and slipped out a pad and pen, knowing, as she did so, that she probably wouldn’t write much this lesson. As she straightened up, Katie happened to glance forward.

The blood rushed from her face only to be replaced moments later with red hot magma straight from the centre of the earth. Gavin Preston was staring straight at her. Not at her exactly, at her pussy. The way she had twisted her body as she hunched over her bag on the floor, hiding her phone from view, had opened her legs wider than she had expected. Gavin’s eyes were so wide he looked as if they were about to pop out. Despite the incapacitating humiliation that smothered her, she imagined the young boy’s eyes exploding from his face and steam jetting from his ears, as if he was some cartoon character.

Katie couldn’t breathe. She felt as if a great weight had descended upon her, crushing her chest. She couldn’t think either. Her brain just whirled and whirled, images of Gavin’s goggle-eyes and her bare pussy were all that would come into focus.

The moment Katie moved, Gavin twisted forward so swiftly Katie wondered if he had been looking at all. She knew he had, her entire body tingled with the humiliation that coursed through her. She knew what he had seen. Her legs had parted enough to keep her skirt taut, providing him, and anyone who had cared to look, with a view along her smooth white thighs and onwards to her bare, pink pussy, nestled gently against the dark blue plastic of her seat. Her legs were together now, almost. She had left them slightly apart as she had been told, the current situation not enough to override her training.

Mrs Osborn had started the lesson but Katie wasn’t listening. She couldn’t stop staring at Gavin, as if she could somehow wipe away his memories, if only she tried hard enough. He was a geeky boy, thin as a rake, hair a dishevelled mess. The clothes he wore were always messy and always plastered with dragons and other weird shit. Katie had never really taken much notice of the guy, he had just been part of the school scenery, but now he had become a larger than life participant in the humiliating school play she felt like she was in: A Midsummer Night’s Slut, starring Katie Thomas as Kitty the Slut.

Stop fucking around and focus, the flustered schoolgirl chastised. You just got caught. Think. Gavin was a geek, not many friends, not well liked in general, but the friends he did have were a close-knit group, always together. They didn’t need anyone else, they had found their tribe, comfortable in the knowledge that they belonged. Well she belonged too, Katie countered petulantly. Realising only after the words had formed and solidified, exactly what they meant. The question was, would he tell anyone? If he did, would anyone believe him? If they did, what did that mean? If they didn’t, what did that mean?

She needed to talk to Lauren. She needed to tell her what had happened. She would know what to do. She would know what to say. She needed her owner so badly it hurt. The ringing of the bell intruded on her musing. The class was over already? Katie looked down at her open pad, the page completely blank, she hadn’t even heard a word that Ozzy had said. She looked in Gavin’s direction but he was already gone. The rest of the class was slowly moving out the door but Gavin was nowhere to be seen. He must have run out the door the second the bell rang.

Katie could feel the tight tingling in her nose that meant tears would start falling anytime soon. She fought them back, not wanting to let the situation get the better of her. Hadn’t it already? She had been trying so hard to keep her composure and make sure no one knew she was naked under the short skirt. All it had taken was a momentary loss. Had she been destined to fail right from the very start? She didn’t want to believe that. She couldn’t believe that. It wasn’t as if she was flashing her panties all day long every time she wore a skirt. So why now, when there was even more at stake?

She didn’t have time to follow that train of thought. A soft, prompting cough from the front of the room reminded her she was still sitting in a class that had already finished. She glanced at Mrs Osborn, her embarrassment unable to be hidden. Katie slid her pad off the desk and into her bag and scurried from the room as if it was on fire. She had another two classes before the end of the day and she desperately, oh so desperately, wanted them to go smoothly. English and History were all that remained to her. Two subjects she could breeze through with minimal effort. But she needed to be there on time. Lauren was in her English class and the thought of seeing her owner again buoyed her spirits, her feet gaining a girlish bounce as she hurried to her next class.

She couldn’t forget what had happened, not in room 9C and not during economics. The worried schoolgirl could not even forget what had happened at lunch, the apparent spurning by her friends had affected her as much as the humiliating incidents that followed. She felt more alone than ever. Despite the way she was feeling, she could not ignore her body.

She needed to pee. Her phone was in her hand before she had taken two steps. The sms sent, a few steps later. She needed to pee now, but she had learnt her lesson on Friday. She could not expect Lauren to answer straight away and she could not afford to miss out again. She had too much to do now, she had a schedule to keep.

Lauren was already in the classroom when Katie arrived. The agitated teen wanted desperately to go to her owner, to pour her heart out and seek comfort in her arms. All she could do was smile sweetly, hoping to convey all her feelings with that one small gesture. Katie took her own seat quietly. She looked at the girl Lauren was talking to.

As she looked away, unable to watch any longer, Katie realised she was jealous. The strange tightness she had felt in her chest, had eluded her at first. She had experienced so many strange sensations over the past week, but here was one she could identify once she had thought about it. She was actually jealous of another girl simply because they were talking to her owner.

She didn't feel anything bad towards her, she knew that. It was just that she wanted it to be her. After what had just happened, Katie needed Lauren to tell her what to do. She needed to know how to deal with it.

How had it come to this? Why was she having such trouble doing things for herself? She could if she wanted, it was just that... It was just that Lauren owned her now and it wasn't that she thought she should, it was just that she thought it was right. A slave trusted her owner and that meant for everything. She had to trust Lauren. She did trust Lauren.

"Ok everyone, take your seats," bellowed  Mr Sinclair as he closed the classroom door. "Today it's time to choose electives. There are four different books to choose from and the project will form the basis of 50% of the grade for the semester. Classes will be split for the rest of the semester. Tuesdays and Fridays you meet in your chosen class. Now the choices are..."

Mr Sinclair turned to the blackboard where the four titles had been written. Katie hadn't even noticed the writing before, but it didn't matter as none of it made sense to her anyway.

"Brave New World. Far From the Madding Crowd. Robinson Crusoe. Lord Jim. Those are the choices. There will be no others. You have five minutes to make a choice. Base your choice on the book you want to read, not on what your friends choose, or which teacher is taking which class. The assignments will not be easy so I suggest you choose wisely."

Katie had always liked Mr Sinclair. He had a strange syncopated way of speaking, emphasising what always seemed to be the wrong word in the sentence. It was a strange trait for an English teacher but he was definitely one of Katie's favourites. But this would mean for half of her lessons each week she might have a different teacher. She didn't want Miss Bolton, but it wasn't really up to her.

The moment the books had been read out, Katie watched Lauren for a sign, any clue as to what she should choose. She couldn't just stare at her owner, that would be noticed and all she wanted to do for the rest of the day was be as invisible as she could be. As the minutes ticked past the young girl became frantic, looking more and more often at her owner for direction.

What if this was a test? What if she had to choose the right book, the book that Lauren would choose. She might have been able to do it but she didn't know anything about the books themselves. She'd only even heard of one of them.

"All those for Brave New World, come and take a book. A couple of people got up but Katie ignored everything but her owner. At the last second, Lauren stood up and reached out for a book. It was easy for her, she only had to take two steps. Katie launched herself from her chair to grab a copy before Mr Sinclair moved on to the next book. She knew that everyone was looking at her now but there was nothing she could do.

She quickly took a book, aware of the teacher's inquisitive glare. She must have looked like an idiot jumping out of her chair like that but at least her skirt had stayed down. Her pussy, and it's lack of covering, was never far from her mind. She looked up meekly at her teacher, smiling apologetically, knowing she was being a distraction.

Katie was just glad that her face hadn't burst into a scarlet profusion as she was wont to do lately. Maybe she was getting over the maddening way she blushed whenever anyone looked her way. As she hurried back to her seat, a motion to her left caught her eye. She glanced that way, instantly wishing she hadn't. One of the geeks, one of Gavin's friends had quickly straightened up as she passed. That was the movement she had seen.

Katie knew exactly what he had been doing, the pen in his hand a dead giveaway. So Gavin had told. He had run out of the last class as fast as he could, eager to spread the tale to the rest of them. She didn't even know the guy's name but he knew hers, and he knew she wasn't wearing any panties. Surely his childish attempt to see up her dress had been a fruitless endeavour. He was a whole aisle away.

She felt the heat in her face as she sat down, her notions of some magical control she had gained over her own body, dashed in a second. What did it mean? How many of these guys knew? But what did they really know, they only had Gavin's word. Was that why they were trying to see? To confirm their friend's wild claim.

Katie almost missed what Mr Sinclair was saying, worrying too much about boys trying to look up her skirt. She would have to be even more vigilant now. If she could keep her pussy hidden, they would all think Gavin was a liar. She couldn't help the small tear that welled in her eye at the thought. She wasn't just a schoolgirl anymore. She wasn't just wearing clothes to school, able to walk around and be left in peace like everyone else. She actually had to consciously think of hiding her pussy, something that should never have even made it onto her radar.

Katie tried hard to pay attention to the class but it wasn't easy. Her legs were together, a good inch apart as her training demanded, but every time someone turned around she lost her place, worrying instead about if they could see anything, fighting the urge to press her legs firmly together. Lauren was only feet away and if she saw her out of position there would be trouble.

It just wasn't fair that this constant pall hung over her. Well, if you had behaved none of this would be happening. She wanted to tell herself to shut up but she knew she was right. She was still trying to cling to the outdated notion of fairness, despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary. If she wanted to think something wasn't fair, to blame someone for her current predicament, she need look no further than herself. She had rules to follow. She knew that and she was trying. She just hoped it would get easier.

It was at times like this that her collar began to loom large in her mind. She never truly forgot that it was there, the hard, unyielding ring always pressing on the delicate skin of her neck. But when she thought about Lauren, the rules she had been given and the way she needed to behave it began to consume her thoughts. She could almost feel the strong, metal band grow around her neck, hunging the tender flesh of her throat.

She reached up and touched it now, running her two fingers of her right hand absently across the smooth surface. She had worn her collar for almost a week now and she was still not really used to it. Would she ever stop noticing it was there? It wasn't like a normal necklace, there was a lot more meaning in that silver circlet than there had been in all the rest of her jewellery combined.

Thinking of her collar now only made her yearn for Lauren even more. She only wanted to talk to her owner. That was all. She wanted to tell her about Gavin and ask what she would do. She wanted her protection. She wanted to see her smile.

Katie looked down at the book she had chosen. It was a science fiction book, no wonder Lauren had chosen it. Something about the cover made her stare. Something about that shiny silver rocket. There was a niggling sensation, as of a memory trying hard to wriggle to the front of her consciousness. She clenched the book tightly, her knuckles turning white, as the memory wormed free, breaking to the surface.

Her fucking vibrator. Her goddam fucking vibrator. She hadn't put it away. She had just left it out on her desk. She could remember, in vivid technicolor glory, sliding it along her desk, desperate to stop pleasuring herself after she realised she had gone over time. She had been so flustered, so worried about her schedule that she had forgotten her cardinal rule: always put the toys away.

What if her mother had come in and seen it? What if her father had? She couldn't breathe. Her vision was clouding. Her belly roiled and clenched wildly. Her heart hurt with every beat. Droplets of sweat ran down her side before soaking into her shirt. Was she having a heartattack? She was going to die at 16 from the fear of her parents discovering she was a slut.

The bell rang, heralding the end of class. Katie jumped, startled by the sudden ringing. That fucking bell, she thought. It was starting to become the bane of her existence, but only because she was never paying attention. She had to snap herself back to reality, and at least the bell had helped with that. There was nothing she could do about her vibrator now. What's done is done. Knowing it was so was no comfort.

She packed her things away almost without thinking, her eyes tracking Lauren as she left the room. She would not see Lauren in her next period. If she wanted to see her, talk to her, now was her only chance.

Katie scrambled to her feet and dashed after her owner. She had not gone far and thankfully she was alone. Katie guessed she was heading to one of the advanced classes that she did, not the general direction her friends had taken. Katie caught up to her after only a few steps. Now what? This was as far as her plan had gone. How was she to get her owner's attention, without misbehaving.

"Excuse me Miss," Katie said timidly, her voice hushed, hopefully projecting only as far as her owner's ears.

"Yes?" Lauren said, stopping and turning to look at the suddenly shy young girl.

"Um Miss, in my last class, um Gavin Preston saw up my skirt Miss," Katie gushed, the shame burning freshly at the mention.

"How exciting for him," Lauren teased.

"Um Miss, yes, but I think he told all his friends and now I think they are all trying to see."

"Kitty, you mean to tell me that a bunch of boys are trying to catch a glimpse of your pussy?"

"Yes Miss," Katie whispered, her eyes darting around the corridor, deathly afraid that someone would hear. Lauren wasn't even trying to keep her voice down.

"Don't you want to let them see, bring a little thrill to their lives?" said Lauren, giving an exaggerated shiver as spoke.

"No Miss."

"Why not?"

"Miss, um because, um my pussy belongs to you and you should decide who sees it."

"Good girl Kitty. So that means..."

"Uh," Katie looked around her, as if searching for inspiration from her surroundings.

"It means that you must be punished for showing someone something that is not yours to show. Now get to class, you'll be late. Oh and Kitty, you may go."

Katie watched her walk away, dazed by the conversation. That had not gone the way she had wanted it to. Lauren didn't seem mad at her, but she wasn't happy. What did she expect? She hadn't really thought about what had happened in the same way Lauren did. Not until it had been spelt out for her. The humiliation of someone else seeing her most intimate body part wasn't enough. Now she would be punished for it. That ugly little F word was about to make itself known, but Katie forced it away.

She couldn't stay here and wallow in her despair any longer. She needed to get to class. At least she had been given permission to pee. Her owner couldn't have been mad with her if she had allowed that, just disappointed. As she hurried to class she realised that the upsetting effect her humiliating flash had caused her meant nothing to Lauren.

Her owner hadn't cared that she had been mortified by the experience, that she had struggled to breathe when she realised someone else knew she wasn't wearing panties. What was of importance to Lauren was that her property was seen without authorisation. She hadn't been joking and the punishment she would receive wouldn't be a laughing matter either.

Understanding Lauren's way of thinking was a shock to the young girl. Lauren did like her, she was sure of that. But only when she was being good. So that was how it was going to be? She didn't want it to be that way. She didn't wany anything to be this way. She wanted to be a normal girl, dressed in jeans and t-shirt, cruising through her teenage years like all the other girls she saw. That wasn't her life anymore. She had thought she had accepted that but she couldn't quite shake the feeling that this was all some big nightmare.

History passed without a hitch. She hadn't had time to make it to a restroom before class, only just making it before the bell rang. She would have to wait until after class, the end of school. She would have to be quick. She didn't notice anyone trying to look up her skirt during her final class, but she didn't recognise any of Gavin's friends either. Not that she knew all of them of course.

She had such little time and she needed to pee extremely badly now. It was torture sitting through the entire class not able to move. If she had been allowed to cross her legs, that would have worked but sitting with her legs apart made it feel as if her bladder was expanding into the space between them. The need to squirm, to move in any way to alleviate the pressure grew to almost unendurable porportions. She breathed an audible sigh of relief when the bell rang, ending not only the schoolday but the torment of her enforced stillness.

Katie had left the class without a backward glance, knowing she had to get to the restroom relieve herself and be on the bus in a few short minutes. Why did she never have enough time? She ignored everything as she dashed to the nearest toilets, ignored the other girls inside and ignored them again as she washed her hands and exited. Yes, she had made it. Bus, here I come she said triumphantly.

A strange noise attracted her attention. Out of the end of school cacophony there was one sound that had jarred. She looked towards it. Gavin and one of his friends were standing right near her looking at a phone. They were that stupid? Or desperate. They had taken a photo of her in this busy hall and she could tell from their lust-filled amazement that they had got the shot they wanted. How, she wasn’t exactly sure but there was no doubt they were staring at a photo of her, pantyless. Katie didn’t know what to do now. What could she do, other than blubber like a little girl? She could already feel the tears brimming. Now they had proof, her secret was out, but she would have to tell Lauren and…

The nightmarish train of thought was stopped in its tracks by the appearance of her owner. Lauren stepped in, snatched the phone and smashed it against the edge of a locker. The speed and fury with which she moved startled everyone, the whole corridor stopping to watch. Where only moments before there was a riot of noise and movement, stillness reigned. Katie looked at her owner, then at Gavin and his friend, then around her at the amazed and bewildered faces of the other students.

“You need to be more careful. Those phones are worth a lot of money,” Lauren sneered, breaking the silence.

“You can’t do that. Fuck, you owe me a phone.”

“Yeah you can’t do that!” Gavin piped in, adding his reedy voice in solidarity with his friend.

“Do what?

“You… You, you broke my phone,” he stammered, picking up the cracked pieces of his phone, cradling them lovingly in his cupped hands.

“Nah, you must have been mucking around when you two were fighting over it. Must’ve slipped out. What were you looking at that was so interesting?”


Both boys hesitated, looking at each other and then at Katie. The trembling teen was still standing in the middle of the corridor, frozen in place, the tears that had threatened to fall, still pooling but their progress halted by the shocked turn the situation had taken. They both looked back at Lauren, then back at each other and decided that a smashed phone, and being the focus of the attention of so many people, was the best they could hope for from the current altercation. The sudden violence from Lauren was so casual that it left the boys, flustered and a little scared of her. She was only a slim girl, shorter than both of them, and yet the confidence that radiated from her intimidated them into silence. They looked at each other one last time before moving away, pushing through the crowd of confused onlookers.

Lauren smiled at their capitulation, assured of the outcome from the moment she had seized the phone. The little fuckers, fucking little fuckers. Trying to take a photo of her property. She wasn’t done with those little pricks, not by a long shot. Now if they had asked her, maybe she would have allowed them a better photographic opportunity. Lauren toyed with the thought, wondering if that was a possibility, turning it over in her head as she stalked through the halls, investigating every angle of the new scheme. There were pros and cons but she would have to weigh them very carefully and see how she felt about each. She had planned so carefully so far, now was not the time to slip.

Katie stared despondently at her owner as she walked away without the smallest of acknowledgements. As far as anyone else knew, Katie was just another bystander, witnessing some weird confrontation between Lauren and the two boys.  That was it, she thought with sudden inspiration. Lauren had not acknowledged her because then everyone would have seen and known she was involved. The flush of emotion that swept through her was overwhelming. She felt as if she had been lifted off her feet and was floating along the hallway, her feet barely touching the ground. Lauren had come to her rescue, she had protected her when she needed it the most. She had looked after her and made sure she wasn’t involved in the scene that was sure to be the talk of the school tomorrow. It had all been for her.

The ebullient teenager floated all the way to the bus. She was early enough, getting her usual spot a few seats from the back. It was funny how she managed to have a locker next to Miranda, and they sat together on the bus. In some ways the girl was more a friend to her than her so-called ‘real friends’. She wasn’t a pretty girl - carrying a little too much weight, hair just a little too thin and limp, pimples marring the soft skin of her face - but she was nice and she had always been friendly to Katie.

“What’s wrong with Karen,” Katie asked, having noticed the gaggle of girls huddled around Karen Henderson at the back of the bus. “Ha, you know her. She’s got some deal with pens, you’ve seen em. One for every colour of the rainbow and then some,” replied Miranda, before leaning in closer to Katie and lowering her voice to a conspiratorial whisper. “It seems, that someone took one of them and spat on it or peed on it or pushed it in dogdoo or something. There’s quite a few versions. But get this, they left it in the lab, right where she sits for her to find, all gooey with whatever it was. Someone even reckons it was, boy-stuff, you know, when they…” Katie looked at Miranda, making short jerking movements with her hand. “So now they’re all trying to figure out what it all means. The popular theory is that she has a stalker!”

Katie heard the barely suppressed excitement in the bouncy schoolgirl’s voice, but it didn’t quite register. It was all Katie could do to keep breathing. It was Karen Henderson’s pen. She had stuck Karen Henderson’s pen into her pussy and left it on the desk for her to find. And now the hunt was on for the culprit. If anyone had seen her anywhere near that room she would be- She didn’t want to think about it. No one had seen her. No one could prove anything. No one but Lauren, and the video that she had sent her. The video that was still on her phone. She needed to delete it. She would have to ask Lauren if she could, plead with her if she had to. That was evidence that could be used against her, not only connecting her with the room but with the pen too, intimately.

“Katie you ok?”

“Yeah, just um, just got a little lightheaded for a second.”

“You know Katie, I gotta say, I really like your hair. It must have taken a lot of guts to do that. I wish I had hair like yours instead of…” She flicked the stringy brown hair that hung limply by her face.

“You could do a lot more with it. You need a good conditioner, something that repairs and strengthens. Maybe a hot oil treatment,” Katie replied, thankful for the distraction. She had been slowly sinking into despair, stricken by the realisation that she was now the Phantom Pen Defiler and she had a whole squad of teenage girls on her trail.

“You think? I don’t know anything about that stuff. Could um, could you? Uh do you think you could help me. I mean not do it or anything just, um tell me or give me hints or something.”

Katie looked at the girl sitting beside her. The drab jeans she wore, loose and baggy, the shirt and jacket equally as bland, equally as baggy. She looked like one of those girls from those make-over movies. All she needed was a pair of nerdy glasses, maybe some braces and she would be perfect, well and a little prettier. Those movies were so lame, but they definitely struck a chord in the teenage zeitgeist. Miranda had a lot to work with. She had a lot of areas in which she could improve. It would be a fun project, but she would have to ask Lauren. She couldn’t believe that Miranda was actually nervous about asking for her help, but she could definitely relate. She knew what it was like to have that nervous tension twisting and writhing in your belly, coiling upwards into your throat each time you tried to speak.

“Uh, I’ll have to see Miranda. I’d like to but I don’t have a lot of time. I have a job now and my schedule is pretty tight,” Katie tried to sound light and non-committal but she could see Miranda deflate, the light going out of her big doe eyes. “But I’m sure I can work something out.” “Thanks so much Katie,” Miranda gushed. It was almost like a dimmer switch had been slowly turned down as Katie watched, but was now flicked back to full. “No problem.”

She was a fucking idiot. How could she promise such a thing? She would be punished for sure. She had way overstepped the mark on this one, but she had felt so bad for Miranda. She had almost felt her pain, the terrible feeling of not being good enough, not being wanted. She hadn’t been able to do that to someone else. She would tell Lauren everything, she had to. If she was going to do anything with Miranda she needed her owner’s permission. If Lauren said no, what would she do? She would have to crush Miranda then. The very thought made her chest tighten, the frightening grip on her heart making her grimace.

Miranda lived only one street away from Katie and decided that today, with her new-found solidarity, she wouldn’t mind getting off a stop early and walking with Katie for a bit. Katie was happy enough for the company, she couldn’t get in trouble for that, but she had a schedule to keep and she was walking fast to ensure she made no more mistakes that afternoon. Miranda struggled to keep up, but never once complained about the pace Katie had set. She kept up a near constant stream of breathless babble, but Katie was content to walk quietly, listening to the happy schoolgirl talk. It was a pleasant enough way to try and forget about the horrors of the day. She was desperate to ensure that the afternoon and night would be hassle-free. It would be just her and her owner, so she was sure it would be ok.

“Thanks for walking with me Miranda. This is me. I’ll see you tomorrow.” “Yeah thanks for walking with me too,” Miranda replied weakly, knowing it sounded dumb, but happier than she had been in a long time.

Katie headed into her house, but turned to watch Miranda skip down the sidewalk, her hands clenched excitedly across her chest. She wondered just what she had done, but there wasn’t time to worry about it now. She had a schedule to keep and she needed to focus. As she made her way to her room, she thought about her day, cutting it into quarters: morning, school, afternoon and night. If she thought about it like that it made it a little easier to try and remember everything she had to do. She wasn’t sure what was first, but she thought it was her exercises. She would need to check, and that was the first thing she did once she made it to her room.

Her morning had not been too bad, though she had been behind schedule. School had been a nightmare but it was just one line on the list and she tried to block it out entirely. Afternoon, this was what she needed to know, eager for at least one part of her day to go smoothly, adamant that this was going to be it. She was going to start taking control of her day now. Stick to her schedule without fail. The vow made, she read her first task: exercises.

Katie looked at the clock, she had four minutes before she needed to start. She quickly undressed in front of her computer putting her bra away and hurrying next door to dump the rest of her clothes in the hamper. She was glad no one else was home. She didn't have to worry about being seen naked.

There were still two minutes before she had to start exercising. She wasn't sure if she was allowed to start early. She would need to ask Lauren the next time she had a chance. Unsure of what else to do, Katie faced her computer, looking directly at the webcam, and stood at attention.

The first time she had been forced to stand this way it had felt strange and alien. It still felt a little odd, to be standing naked in her own room, hands resting obediently in the small of her back. Odd, but not uncomfortable. She had spent enough time like this over the last few days that her body seemed to have adapted.

Two minutes wasn't long to wait. She filled the time with thoughts of the coming tasks. Next she would have to play with her pussy. "Fuck." The word was out of her mouth before she knew it. She had totally forgotten about her vibrator. She looked now, searching her desk. It was there, lying against the coaster. Was that really where she had left it?

She remembered the panic she had felt that day at school when she realised she had forgotten to put it away. That had never happened before, never. She was always so careful to hide her dildo and vibrator. She had been so flustered that morning, so pressed for time. Yeah so pressed for time that she actually spent longer pleasuring herself than she was allowed.

Katie was glad there was no more time for recriminations. The clock ticked over to 3:30 and she dived into her exercises. It was nice to be moving again. Being still wasn't bad, but it reminded her of those times Lauren paid her no attention. She was soon sweating with the exertion as she counted the creamy pussy's of her first plank. It had become second nature to her now. She had done this so many times that she performed wihout fault. She still blushed the first time she vocalised her exercise mantra: Kitty wants to please. She wished she didn't but she could not help it. Her body no longer listened to anything she had to say.

Panting and gasping she stood at attention after the final set, her eyes moving immediately to the clock. 3:56. Yes, she was on schedule. She could take a little time getting dressed before she had to walk... No that wasn't what was next. She remembered the order of activity now. She had to play with her clit first. Now she had to stand here, panting for breath, and wait to play with herself. She could have taken a little break between sets, just a little one to get her breath.

Katie looked once again at her vibrator, the paranoia returning as she waited quietly. Had her parents seen the shiny silver bullet sitting openly on her desk? The very thought caused her throat to tighten. 4:00, pussy time. She tried to make light of what she had to do but it didn't work. She was still nervous, still not quite able to accept that she had to spend four minutes stimulating herself, whether she wanted to or not. More than anything else, it was this loss of control over her desire that reinforced her status. She was owned by someone else: all of her, all the time.

Four minutes passed in a hazey whirl of pleasure. She made sure she watched the time, her eyes never leaving the digital display, each minute ticking over with interminable slowness. Katie took right up where she had left off that morning. It had been so long ago, but to her pussy it was as if no time at all had passed. She was incredibly wet, her pussy pulsing as she focused all her energy on her clit. The moaning schoolgirl could feel the walls of her sex convulse, yearning to be filled. That would not happen until the morning and she joined her pussy in lamenting it's emptiness.

4:04. Stop. Stop. Vibrator down. Stop, she urged herself again, finally throwing the vibrator across the table where it skittered around as if alive, the vibrations amplified by the desk, her entire room now reverberating with the juddering sound of the tiny device. She reached out, shame colouring her face, and twisted it off. She wasted no time in stuffing it back in her hidey-hole and scrambling for her exercise outfit. She would need to get some more outfits now that she was exercising so often. She couldn't wear the same tiny shorts and top every day. They would reek before too long.

And once again she was behind schedule. It was seven past four by the time she headed downstairs to walk the dog. Her mother would be home when she returned so she would be able to lock the house when she left. She hadn't been told she was allowed to take keys and she had nowhere to put them anyway. She grabbed Max's leash from the cupboard, instantly imagining it attached to her own collar. The thought had burst unbidden upon her, exactly as it had done the last time she held the leash. She didn't want to imagine herself being led around like a dog but her thoughts were no longer hers to command.

Max came bounding over, tail wagging furiously, the moment he heard the door open. He was so happy to see Katie, so unburdened in his joy, that she smiled as she attached the leash to his collar, ruffling the thick skin at his neck the way he liked. She had just come from playing with her pussy and her scent was strong. It was only moments before the inevitable occurred. She felt his wet, insistent nose push into her crotch and did her best to ignore the sensation as his hot breath tickled the tender skin of her inner thigh.

"Would you come for a walk with me please Max," Katie said meekly, sounding stupid but knowing it was what she had to do. She took his persistent snuffling as a sign of agreement and headed to the gate. Katie looked furtively at the fences and neighbouring houses as she crossed the yard, worried that her submissive display had been witnessed. Dogs sniffed things all the time, but to see a young girl stand still and allow a dog to bury its nose in her crotch was not something you saw everyday. It would be noticed and it would be talked about.

The instant Max knew the walk was on, he pulled ahead, straining to get out of the yard and see the streets. He knew who the superior was here, confident in his status, even if Katie was not.

The path she tread, or on which she as led, was familiar and would become more so as she was to travel it at least once a day. She tried walking as fast as she could, but Max had other ideas. She had barely gone two houses before she was jogging behind the eager canine. He only stopped when he caught wind of a particularly interesting scent and Katie waited dutifully, each time, for him to sate his curiosity. She was glad fror the brief breaks, as they gave her a chance to catch her breath.

As she had that morning, the panting schoolgirl had to deal with the curious looks of passersby, only this time the number was greater and there were new additions to her audience. Kids were home from school and playing in their yards, lawns were being tended, gardens watered. The entire neighbourhood was buzzing with activity.

A strange force seemed to follow Katie, an aura of stillness of which she was the centre. She knew people were stopping to watch her, she could feel their scrutiny as she passed, their normal acitivities ceasing as they tuned in to the young slut parading her body along the sidewalk. She could sense normality snap back once she had passed. It heightened every movement her body made, both voluntary and otherwise.

She could feel her nipples start to harden under the tight material of her top, knowing they would be visible before too long. The swaying, hypnotic bouncing of her breasts consumed her thoughts, pushed aside only by images of the way her soft buttocks moved beneath her curve-hugging shorts, the gentle swish of her hair as it flounced with each step. She could even feel her shorts cup her plump pussy, knowing the slick smoothness of her lips was imparting its moisture to the elastic material.

She was incredibly grateful the strange man from the morning was nowhere to be seen. She made it home, panting and exhausted but knowing she had done her best. Her face was flushed but no one would be able to tell it was not from exertion alone. Knowing she was being scrutinised so intensely, eyes watching her every move, devouring her young body and its sensual movements, was not something she was dealing with very well. She had tried to focus on Max but that had worked for all of six seconds.

She knew what they were all thinking for she was thinking it too. With every bounce of breast, every rub of material on moist lip or tight nipple, it had pounded on her fragile psyche like the beat of a wanton drum - slut.

She needed to get inside now, not only because she had a schedule to keep, or to prevent Max from exploring between her legs. She needed to get inside simply so she could be away from prying eyes and the judgement they brought.

The moment she had let Max off the leash he had run around the yard, happily peeing on any standing structure he could cock his leg against. Katie used this time to get inside. The door was locked so she had to knock, looking backwards often, hoping Max would stay occupied until her mother came. She hoped she wasn't in the toilet or shower, or somewhere out of earshot. Katie's shoulders slumped in relief when she saw her mother through the glass.

"Hi Katie, taken Max for a walk?"

"Yeah Mom," Katie replied easing past her mother and closing the door just as Max came bounding up.

"I know you don't want to hear this from your Mom, and I know your Dad and I joke about it, but we are really happy and really proud of you. We know you'll do your best and that's all we can ask."

"Thanks Mom," Katie replied, not knowing quite how to deal with the heartfelt comment. "Uh Mom, what's for dinner?"

"Spaghetti and meatballs, hon."

"Thanks Mom."

4:48. Late. Katie rushed to her desk, shuffled her mouse to activate her monitor and stood at attention, the tension in her chest growing each moment the chat window stayed empty. She was still breathing heavily as she stood at attention. The sweating schoolgirl watched the minutes pass, keeping time by the slowing beat of her heart and the increasing nervousness that gripped her. It was almost five o'clock before her wait was over.

"Report." Not the nicest of greetings but what could she expect.

"Hello Miss. Dinner tonight is spaghetti and meatballs," Katie reported obediently.

"You will have a serving of spaghetti equal to what you can cup in your hands and two meatballs."

"Yes Miss, thank you Miss."

Katie had been worried that she would not be allowed any meatballs at all. They were the favourite part of one of her favourite meals and she smiled now, grateful to her owner for allowing her any.

"Kitty, get a glass of water and collect a damp washcloth."

Katie knew the glass she was to drink from and hurried immediately to fulfill her owner's command, returning via the barthroom. Once she was back in front of her computer she received the command to drink, undress and wash. The large glass of water was gone in moments. Katie could feel the cold  liquid running down her throat, through her chest and into her belly, cooling her from the inside.

Setting the empty glass down, the sweating teenager peeled the small outfit from her body. The cool washcloth felt blissful as she wiped away the sweat, both fresh and dried. It was amazing how refreshed she felt after the simple cleansing.

"Get dressed and begin your homework.  I will see you at 7:30."

That was it? She would be able to talk to her owner again that night, yes, but she had wanted to tell her so much. She had wanted to thank her for looking after her that afternoon. She had wanted to talk to her about her day. She had wanted to apologise for being late, those few times that she was. She had wanted to say so much and had the chance to say none of it. It was not the afternoon greeting she had been looking forward to.

She had to get dressed. As much as she wanted to talk to her owner she had been given a command. Hers was to obey, that was how she would make Lauren happy. What was she supposed to put on? She couldn't put her exercise outfit back on could she? But Lauren hadn't told her what to put on. What was she supposed to do?

God she was dumb. Katie leant over her desk and checked Dressing Kitty. Lauren had chosen an outfit for her to wear that night: black thong, denim shorts and navy-blue singlet top. It was a modest outfit, perhaps the least revealing she had, but there was no bra. her breasts were pert, she knew and enjoyed that fact, but without a bra she knew how they would move, knew what they would look like under the thin material of the singlet. This was how it would be now, she guessed. One outfit to wear to school and another to wear at night.

Katie searched for the clothes Lauren had chosen and dressed quickly in front of her computer. She sat, grabbed her schoolbooks and sat down to begin her homework. She didn't know how long she had to get everything done. Her mother would call when she started dinner so she could go down and help. As she began her maths she realised she wasn't sitting properly.

Katie glanced sheepishly at her webcam and spread her legs widely. She banished thoughts of punishment for the momentary lapse and set to work on her studies. She was finding that applying herself was providing her with insights she had not known she could achieve. Not everything was easy, but she found that if she kept at it; tried after an initial failure instead of just giving in, she would succeed eventually.

The call came  and the young schoolgirl learned how to cook spaghetti and meatballs, listening to what her mother said, following the recipe and finding that she enjoyed herself. She liked cooking. Making something with her own hands, bringing together a jumble of ingredients and making a meal. It was something wondrous and she regretted not learning before now.

She hurried back upstairs when it was all done, announcing to her owner that she was having dinner now, not knowing whether she was there or not but feeling better once she had. The meal was delicious, if she did say so herself. She offered to clean up and do the dishes, surprising her parents but, to their credit, they said nothing. They accepted that this was a new Katie.

The young girl made it back to her room a few minutes before seven. She had almost forgotten that, despite her owner saying she they would talk again at 7:30, she had a blog to write. The thought filled her with dread. Her first blog was stupid. What she had written sounded dumb and made her sound dumb. She had just been so flustered and even paniced toward the end. She had wanted to do so well for Lauren.

Katie sat down at her computer, this time remembering to open her legs the moment she sat down. She opened her blog ready to write. She had a minute or so before she had to begin and she tried to compose her thoughts and think about what she would write this time. She had thought about what the blog should be, about what Lauren had told her about it and she planned to make her posts more diary like, talking about her day. Seven o'clock, her fingers began to move.

Today was the first day of my new schedule. My owner set me a daily routine that I am to follow so I always know what I need to do and it keeps me from being idle, which is not a good thing. I think I did ok, I hope so but it is really for my owner to say. I was late for a few things I know but I will be better tomorrow i know. I know what to do now and I know what to expect. My run was hard but it was good, I really felt good after it. I know I will get better at that. I know I am getting fitter, I can feel it when I do my exercises. I had to walk Max this afternoon and that wasn't really a walk, it was more of a run. I know I am supposed to serve Max too so I asked him to come for a walk and I know he enjoyed it. I feel bad about how I treated him last week. It isn't his fault and with the walks everyday I am going to make it up to him. I let him stop everytime he wanted to and tried to go as fast as he wanted. I cooked spaghetti and meatballs tonight and it was great and it was really yummy. I can't wait till I can cook it for my owner.

Katie quickly read back over the entry for mistakes and then hit the post button. She found a few and hoped that there weren't more. She finished with less than a minute to go and sat back to wait for her owner. She still wasn't happy with her blog but she really didn't know what she was doing. She only hoped she wasn't disappointing Lauren too much with her dribble.

"Did you do all your homework Kitty?"

"Yes Miss, I got it all done."

"Good girl. You were thirteen minutes behind schedule today."

"Sorry Miss," Katie replied sincerely, a note of pleading in her voice. She wanted Lauren to know how sorry she was, that she wasn't just saying what she thought she should.

"You will make up those thirteen minutes before you go to bed. You need to learn that a slave must be where she is told, when she is told and must do what she is told when she is told."

"Yes Miss," Katie said resignedly, having already known what her owner would say.

"Kitty the homework your teachers set is important. Good grades will mean I don't own a dumb slave. The homework I set you is even more important. Completing my homework will make you better able to serve."

"Your first homework task is to to watch two movies: HW1 and HW2. These are on your computer in a folder called 'Kitty's Homework'. Watch them now and we will talk again afterwards."

"Yes Miss," Katie replied obediently, keen to discover just what these movies were, yet dreading it all the same. What was she going to learn now? How to iron?

The young girl, found the folder and opened the first movie. This was not going to be about ironing. Katie blushed as she watched two very pretty women lean towards each other on the couch and begin kissing. Lauren had put porn on her computer and it was her homework to watch it! Her eyes flickered to her webcam, what for she didn't know. It wasn't as if she could see Lauren.

The women were undressing each other now, kissing passionately. The blond looked very young, soft and gentle with a cute baby-face and tiny pert breasts that were even smaller than Lauren's. The brunette was so different. Her body was toned, tanned, tattooed and hard, her face angular, beautiful rather than cute; a classic beauty. She was also older, mid-twenties, if Katie was any judge.

She watched, mesmerised, as they undressed and moved from the couch to the floor. Nipples were sucked and breasts were caressed as flesh pressed against flesh. Katie leaned forward, unknowlingly closing on the action as the tiny young blonde moved between the open legs of the other woman and began to eat her pussy.

The hypnotised teen learned a great many things over the course of the next 30 minutes. She watched, captivated, as each woman brought the other to orgasm multiple times, using fingers, mouths and tongues. She wanted to look away when the pretty blond began to lick the older woman's asshole, but her eyes would not obey. The tight circle of muscle was licked tenderly, then with more passion before she finally closed her entire mouth over it and pushed her head back and forth as if to the beat of some unheard music.

Katie was flushed and flustered as the movie ended, the two women lying in each other's arms on the floor. Holy shit. H.O.L.Y shit. The young girl realised she had just watched her first porno. She also realised, with shame, that her nipples were hard and her pussy was tingling. She knew she was not only wet but creaming and she still had another movie to watch.

Her hand trembled on the mouse as she started the second homework video. The second movie was more of the same, yet very very different. Katie barely even saw one girl's face. Almost the entire movie was focused close in on a pussy, a slim-lipped pussy just like Lauren's. For more than twenty minutes that pussy was licked and eaten and tongue-fucked, the clit flicked and the lips sucked. She saw nothing of the cuntlicker but her face and mouth.

Katie knew why she was watching these movies, feeling terrible when the thought had first occurred. Lauren wanted her to learn how to eat pussy better. Had she been that bad? The thought that she was, that she was a failure at yet another thing, had almost distracted her from the action on her screen.

She watched the woman continue to lick and suck even as the second woman came, violently, and Katie caught herself panting. Her arousal had deepened almost without her knowledge. The screen faded to black and the dazed teen sat there watching the blank screen, taking a few moments to regain her composure. The moment she closed the window a message popped on the screen.

"Did you find your homework informative Kitty?"

"Yes Miss," Katie replied, her voice breathy and sensuous.

"Your second homework task is marked HW3. You will choreograph a dance to this song. Your second homework period will be devoted to this task for the remainder of this week. We can have a chat afterward."

"Yes Miss."

Katie tried desperately to forget the sexual imagery that she had just watched, snippets replaying again and again in her brain. She tried and failed but succeeded at least in turning to her next task. She played the song once first, to get used to the music. It was a song she had never heard, latin beats and the words in both English and Spanish.

She had to actually come up with her own moves to the song? It wasn't that she found that particularly daunting, she had done it on her own for a lot of songs, just for fun. It was just that she only did this by herself. No one had ever watched her come up with a routine. Before two days ago no one had ever even seen her dance either.

Now that she knew the song, Katie stood up, pushed her chair out of the way and started the song again. She stood in front of her computer and listened, really listened to the music, letting it fill her. She moved her body slowly at first, remembering when the tempo changed, her movements slowly speeding up as her body became more familiar with the music.

She played the song five times, refining her moves, adding new twists and sinuous hip-thrusts with each repeat. She was puffing as if she had just returned from her run when she finally sat down in front of the computer after the final play. She had a basic routine, really unpolished and pretty sloppy but she knew it would work. She smiled at the thought, knowing that she may have a looked a little silly as she came up with the routine but she just knew it would work out. She had a long way to go but she could feel she had it.

"Very entertaining Kitty."

"Thank you Miss," the panting girl replied, not sure if her owner was teasing or sincere.

"It's time for your shower. Hurry up."

Katie reluctantly headed into the bathroom. She was warm now, a little too warm after the strenuous dancing, but the mere thought of that icy shower into which she was about to plunge made her shiver. She had five minutes but she needed only three. Her hands were a blur under the freezing water. Despite the vigorous brushing of the towel against her goosebumped skin, she was still shivering when she sat down in front of her computer, naked and pale.

"You owe me thirteen minutes. Get your pink skirt, hanger and all."

"Yes Miss," Katie replied, out of the seat before she had finished speaking. She quickly sat back down, holding the skirt up in front of her. "Remove the skirt and lay it on the bed. Put the hanger against your breasts. Slide the clips in until they match your nipples. Good girl. Now put them on."

Katie had followed her owner's orders, her fear increasing with each command. She hadn't fully comprehended what was to happen until Lauren had her line the wicked metal clips to her nipples. She had never even thought a hanger could be used in such a way. Then again why would she?

She didn't know if she could do this. Lauren clamping her was one thing; a terrible thing that she did not want to experience again. But doing it herself? She didn't think she could. She opened the clip over her left nipple and hesitated. Doing this would make her a party to her own torment. Hurting herself like this was something more than obedience.

Katie looked at the screen, small tears begining to blur her vision. A single word was waiting for her in the chat. "Kitty." The distraught teen quivered, reading a world of meaning into those five letters. She took a deep breath and closed the stil open clip over her cold-hardened nipple. The grunt of pain that exploded from her reverberated around her bedroom. She panted, breath shallow, as she tried to deal with the pain spiking into her breast.

Katie dared not let go of the hanger, knowing the terrible pressure it would put on her nipple if she did. Her hands slid across to the other end of the hanger, frantic for some way out, knowing there was none. She looked desperately at the webcam before slowly opening the remaining clip. There was no escape. She had this coming. The sooner she made up the thirteen minutes the sooner this would end.

The young girl grit her teeth, the muscles clenching at the side of her jaw, and closed the second clip over her right nipple. Not only had the icy shower left her nipples hard and ripe for the clamps but her flesh felt overly sensitive. Katie released her breath in a slow, guttural moan, the throbbing agony in her breast almost more than she could stand.

"At 9:18 you may remove the clamps. Now Kitty, exactly what was going on after school today?"

"It was Gavin Miss," Katie began, each word an effort. "Him and his friend took a photo of me. It was up my skirt Miss. I didn't mean to let them Miss, really I didn't. I promise. I didn't want them to and I was trying to be good and not let anyone see. I'm sorry. I know I should be punished for letting someone see what is yours but I didn't know. I wouldn't have let them Miss, I didn't know."

"Hush Kitty. You are right. You will be punished. You are a good girl for knowing that but you should have taken more care of my property. Don't worry about that now. Why did you need to be reminded to send your movie to me. Did you not want to show me your obedience?"

"No Miss, I forgot. I'm sorry. I thought someone came in and I... got scared Miss. I," a particularly shape spike of pain surged into her chest, taking her breath away. The hanger had moved slightly, twisting her nipples down. She lost her train of thought, completely forgetting what she had planned to say. "I'm sorry Miss."

"So what you are telling me Kitty is that you were thinking more of yourself than of your owner?"

"Yes Miss, I'm sorry, it was just that, um I didn't want anyone to see your property without your permission."

"Oh Kitty, you're a funny little slut. Get some inspiration did we?"

"Yes Miss," Katie smiled briefly, her lips twitching in chagrin. Unable to do more with the pain still surging from her nipples like waves on an ocean of torment.

"How was your run?"

"Good Miss. I felt really good and tried to go as fast as I could and do my best for you. I had to walk sometimes but I jogged almost all the time."

"Good girl. And your pussyplay?"

"Um good Miss."

"Kitty, don't get all coy on me now."

"My pussyplay was really good Miss. My pussy was really wet and I really wanted to come, " Katie said, looking up into the cam, the unspoken plea clear in her wide green eyes.

"Would you like to come Kitty?"

"Yes please Miss," the naked teen replied, a spark of hope flaring inside her.

"Do you deserve to come?"

"No Miss," she said after a moments hesitation, knowing there could be no other answer.

"That's right Kitty. Greedy sluts don't get to come."

"Sorry Miss, I don't know what happened. I didn't mean to go over time, I really-"

"Enough. I am not interested in excuses for bad behaviour. I would have liked to see my pretty little pet come tonight but that can't happen now."

Katie hung her head in shame, the pain of disappointing Lauren competing with that pulsing in her breasts. She didn't think she could bear feeling this way. She imagined the look on Lauren's face, that small frown, those haunting blue eyes boring holes into her soul. Holes which she filled only with failure.

The distraught young girl composed herself, forcing herself to look back at the screen, fearful that she would miss anything that Lauren had to say. She didn't deserve to come? She didn't deserve anything. She had made Lauren feel bad, had forced her to miss out on something she had looked forward to. She wanted to say sorry. Something more than sorry. Her mouth was dry and she couldn't find the words. Tears fell, leaving shining tracks on her delicate pink cheeks, testament to the powerful emotions that coursed through her.

"Kitty, you had best be off to bed. We can talk tomorrow. Come to me in study period." "Goodnight Miss." Katie said tearfully,

She blew a silent kiss to the webcam, not entirely sure why but wanting desperately to show her owner some affection. Hoping in her small way to assuage some of the pain she had caused. She looked at the time on the computer: 9:22.

Shit. She had worn these agonising clips on her nipples for longer than she needed to. She hadn't been paying attention, too wrapped up in the maelstrom of emotion that the revelation of her failure had caused. Without thinking, desperate to put an end to the pain gone too long, Katie reached up and simultaneously released a clamp with each hand.

The pain that shot into her tender nipples was excruciating. She threw her body backwards, tipping over the chair and writhing on the floor of her bedroom. Her face buried in the musty carpet: sharp, shallow breaths in, long pain-filled moans out. When she finally calmed, she was on her side, legs drawn up to her chest. The soft skin of her knees barely brushed her nipples, the small motion painful but the touch comforting.

Katie stood up gingerly, face flushed with shame. She wondered what she had looked like, flailing about on the carpet like some manic fish. The humiliation filled her, but the tears were from her pain. Her nipples still throbbed and she looked at them now, her courage finally up to the task.

There was a thin, dark line along the top of her nipple where the delicate pink circle met the pale skin of her breast. She couldn't see, but she imagined a matching line underneath. That was it? Her nipples had felt as if they had been squashed flat, almost pinched off and the only evidence of the near unbearable pain was a few small lines.

Katie scurried to turn the light off, replace her skirt and hanger in her cupboard and hop into bed. She was well past her bedtime and she didn't want to end the day with yet another punishment. Safe under the covers, she thought back over her day as the throbbing pain in her nipples slowly ebbed. Tomorrow she would do better. She had to do better. She needed to be on time, every time. She couldn't put that hanger on her nipples again. She knew what it was like now. Knew the pain it would bring. She didn't think she could do that to herself again.

She lay in bed, snuggling into her own heat, ever conscious of Lauren's absence. The empty space in her bed, the missing warmth like a ghost of her owner's presence, made her feel lonely and incomplete. She would have been allowed to come tonight, if she had behaved throughout the day. The thought haunted her and it was the last thing she had wanted to face as she tried to go to sleep, but her pussy had become ever more prominent in her thoughts of late. Katie could only attribute that to one thing. That one word rolling around her brain as the exhaustion of her body finally overcame her.

End of part 5

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