My Very Own
by Lazerou

part 4

What goes on the web, stays on the web. Katie Thomas learns this the hard way when an afternoon of fun with a webcam turns her young life into something she had never imagined.

Chapter 8. Kitty Overcome

"That's my girl."

Katie squirmed as she felt her heart race at the praise. Lauren was stretched out comfortably across her bed, reading her new book. Her feet hung off the edge of the bed, dangling in space, providing the young girl with the access she needed.

Katie put her lips back against the soft flesh of Lauren's feet, covering them with kisses. She had been attending her owner for more than half an hour, kneeling on the floor of her room. The moment the door had closed, Lauren had ordered her to remove her dress and shoes, she had lain on the bed, piling up the pillows and getting comfortable before ordering Katie to remove her shoes.

It had felt strange to undress another person: to adopt a position of such submission, untie and remove the shoes with such care. The first touch of her lips had been tentative, unsure. Lauren's command had been simple: "kiss my feet". Katie had complied, eager to wash away the bad feelings her earlier failure at the mall had caused. The shadow of Lauren's disappointment had cast a pall over her the entire ride home. She had done her best to answer her father's questions and seem her usual perky self but her thoughts were dominated by Lauren.

She shifted her focus to Lauren's other foot, placing a series of gentle kisses from her toes to her ankle. She moved back down, kissed the tip of each toe. When Lauren's foot twitched, her toes pulling back towards her body, Katie knew instinctively what was required. She hunched her body lower, to reach under the hanging foot. She rested her shoulder on the floor and twisted her face to one side. It would be so much easier if she could use her hands but they had been tied behind her, the soft black ropes covering her wrists.

Lauren giggled when the teenager's soft lips made contact with the underside of her foot. Her feet were only a little ticklish and Katie's mouth felt so delicious she was determined to keep her foot still. She had read the first page of the book at least three times before she had settled down enough to focus. Having a cute young girl service her so attentively, kiss her feet with such tenderness, had been overwhelming at first.

Katie's enthusiasm had flagged once or twice but it had only taken a word to refresh her fervour. Lauren was impressed with her slave, the brief words of approval well deserved. She relaxed back into the pillows and continued to read. She could do this for hours, and she knew Katie could too. Of course what her property could and couldn't do was now safely within her domain.

Katie tasted the sweat on Lauren's feet as she continued to cover the arch with kisses. Without being told, simply feeling it was right, she switched to Lauren's other foot and continued her service. She knew what she was being forced to do was demeaning, she had fought with it for the first ten minutes, despising her own weakness. She had been allowed to keep her underwear on and for that she was grateful, though she knew it had nothing to do with her. If Lauren wanted her nude then she would be nude.

As time passed and she bathed her owner's feet in kisses, the degradation hadn't lessened exactly, it had just... She didn't really know what. It had changed. She still felt terrible but she.. She didn't want to admit it, but she seemed to have as little control over her thoughts as she did of her body. She felt small and unimportant still, but now it felt like it was where she belonged. She knew it was stupid and wrong and she knew with just a little time to herself she could get her head right. All that didn't change the fact of how she felt, right here, right now. She knew that if she had a choice she would not be here doing this and that realisation only made it worse, reinforcing that this was not of her choosing, that she was a possession.

Lauren had promised herself that she would only read the first chapter but she felt so content and satisfied that she continued reading for two more. When she had read her fill, she put the book down, closed her eyes and lay back to enjoy Katie's soft, attentive mouth. The little slut had grown bold, her tongue sneaking between her parted lips to caress Lauren's foot every now and then. She had definitely lost her initial misgivings, showing a spirit that Lauren had known was there.

"Katie honey." Katie froze for the briefest of moments but then pressed her lips once again to Lauren's flesh.

"Answer, Kitty," Lauren whispered.

"Yeah Dad?" Katie said loudly, kissing the side of Lauren's left foot.

"Don't forget you need to walk Max, it's getting late."

"Ok Dad."

Katie's voice trembled. She had totally forgotten the dog was her responsibility on the weekend. She had tried her hardest to block him out entirely. She didn't hold any ill will for him, it was just... No it wasn't just anything. It is your fault, no one else’s, Katie scolded as she switched feet again.

"Kitty, it seems you have chores. Do you only walk Max once a week?"

"Yes Miss."

"Well Kitty from now on, you will walk him every single day, unless I provide you with other duties. Put on that cute little exercise outfit and your sneakers."

Katie did as she was told, noting the stain her discharge had left on the crotch of her panties as she removed them. She folded them neatly, glad that Lauren had not seen them and told her to clean the mess she had made. She was still frustrated and she still needed to pee, badly. It had subsided for a while but kneeling on her floor for so long had brought the sensation back with a vengeance.

While she had been busy with her own outfit, Lauren had also dressed. She was coming with her. She didn't know quite how to feel about that. This would not be an ordinary walk. She had to do something about her painful bladder before they left. She couldn't stand it any longer. The danger of peeing her pants had become very real for the young girl.

"May I pee please Miss," Katie ventured meekly once she had resumed the attention position in the centre of her bedroom.

"Yes Kitty you may. You have been a good girl since we got home. If only you were this well behaved all the time."

Katie thanked her owner and hurried into the bathroom. Was her being allowed to pee now dependent on her behaviour? Was asking to go not enough? Was needing to go not enough? The yellow flow burst from her in a torrent, the sense of relief it brought a form of pleasure in itself. She watched through her widely spread legs as her bladder emptied. She hadn't even thought about opening her legs and putting her hands behind her back once she was seated. Had she really gone that far down the path? And what exactly did it mean if she had?

The confused teen stared at her collar as she washed her hands, wondering if she would ever again see her neck without the shiny metal band. Lauren was waiting for her downstairs, Max's lead in her hands. Katie looked at the long length of tightly-woven, brightly-coloured rope and could not help but imagine it attached to her own collar, Lauren walking her through the streets.

"Come on Kitty, we are going to have to move it if we're going to walk the six block circuit before it gets too dark," Lauren said handing her the leash.

Six blocks! It had been a long day and this walk was not going to be a leisurely stroll. She would have to be walking fast to get back in time. She only ever took Max two blocks and then came back, then again she was lazy. Max always wanted more. For once Katie took the lead, stepping out into the backyard. She didn't need to call Max, the dog came bounding over at the sound of the opening door.

Katie had strictly avoided the family pet all week. Ever since the first text Lauren had sent her she had been unable to face him. She knew it wasn't his fault, she knew her treatment wasn't fair but life wasn't fair. Look at her own life, fair was not a word that applied to her anymore. Max's tail wagged furiously as he danced around the two teenage girls.

"Hey Maxxy," Lauren said, squatting down and ruffling the neck of the excited dog. "Aren't you going to introduce us Kitty?"

"Miss this is Max, Max this is... my owner," Katie said, looking down at her shuffling feet.

"Nice to meet you Max," Lauren said. "We have a lot in common Max, we're both interested this pussy for a start," Lauren said smirking.

Katie almost died. She spun around, nervously checking to see if anyone else could have heard. This was exactly what she had feared. She had hoped Lauren’s visit would pass without her ever seeing the dog, knowing as she did so that her hope was futile.

“What kind of dog is he Kitty?”

“A Rhodesian Ridgeback Miss.”

“Cool, I have never heard of them before. Aren’t you a handsome one though Maxxy. No wonder this little slut couldn’t resist you.”

Katie shuffled her feet impatiently, eager to be away from the house. She had shut the door behind her but there was no telling who was around. Lauren seemed not to care what she said or who heard, talking about her and Max as if it wasn’t a big deal. Her humiliation warred only with the mind-numbing fear that blanketed the poor teen for complete supremacy of her mind. Why was Lauren being like this? She had been a good girl hadn’t she? She had kissed her owner’s feet lovingly, covering every inch of tender flesh.

"Let's go Kitty, we can get a little more acquainted as we walk."

"Come Max," Katie said, attaching the leash and pulling the dog toward the gate.

"Kitty, you do not tell anyone what to do. You are owned by me, Kitty. That means that everyone is your superior unless I tell you otherwise. Do you understand?"

"Yes Miss."

"Well Kitty that means that you ask Max, not tell him."

"Yes Miss. Let's go for a walk please Max," Katie tried again, tiny tears welling in her pretty green eyes. So now she was lower than a dog? How was that supposed to work? What was next asking squirrel's for permission to sit under a tree?

Max was a pet. How could she ask an animal to do things? Well wasn't she a pet too? Lauren treated her like one and she wore a collar.

Max ran along beside her until they reached the gate, eager for the exercise and excited not only by a new person but just to see Katie again after so long. When they stopped at the gate he edged forward and nuzzled the young girl's crotch, homing in on the strong musk that emanated from her moist sex. Mortified, Katie pushed his muzzle away, desperate to hide the act from Lauren.

"Kitty, did I just see what I thought I saw! After I had just explained your place. You said you understood Kitty, I see that was a lie."

Katie stood frozen, one hand on the gate latch, the other holding Max's leash. Surely Lauren couldn't be serious. It was one thing treating an animal like a person and asking instead of telling, but allowing it to... Yes she had started it all, but that wasn't the point. She couldn't just let the dog do what it wanted to her... to her sex.

As Lauren chastised her, Max zoned in on her pussy once again, unable to resist the lure of the scent of the young girl's arousal. He didn't know any better, he just knew it was an intriguing smell, one that he wanted more of. Katie's eyes darted manically around the backyard, the thought of someone seeing her allow a dog to sniff at her crotch, making her frantic. Every fibre of her being screamed at her to push the snuffling snout away. There was only one thin layer of material between her and Max's questing muzzle.

"Kitty, you will be punished later for your lies. If you don't understand something, that's ok. You can be a really dumb bitch sometimes Kitty. Max doesn't know any better, he only wants another taste of your goods. It's only natural. He cannot have it of course, not unless I give my permission. I own you now and your cunt is not something you can grant anyone access to. You understand that at least don't you Kitty?"

"Yes Miss," Katie spat, almost completely preoccupied by the insistent pushing of the wet dog nose into her crotch.

"You do not have access to that cunt unless I allow it. Forget that Kitty and you will make me unhappy. You don't want to do that now do you?"

"No Miss," Katie replied sincerely as the tears rolled down her face. Thankfully Max had finally lost interest in her pussy and was now pushing at the gate, eager to get out.

"You just think about what you are Kitty. Your behaviour has been all over the place lately. You need a few lessons in humility I think. Do you know what that word means Kitty?"

"No Miss."

"Well that can be something for you to research. A slave always seeks to improve herself so she can better serve her owner. That's what you should be thinking about, always. Walk."

They were out the gate and down the block before Katie snapped back to reality. Lauren's admonishment had left her in a daze. She was still having a hard time accepting her fate. It had been easier when it was just her and Lauren, serving another girl was hard, but she had been adjusting, doing her best to accommodate Lauren's moods and needs. But knowing that Lauren had decided she was lower than a dog was just not something she was able to assimilate.

Lauren set a cracking pace, one which Max had no trouble matching, but which left Katie lagging behind, her breathing already ragged. She was half walking, half jogging as she tried to keep up. Max was pulling at the leash, eager to keep up with Lauren and exert his dominance of this small pack. Lauren talked as she walked: of movies, books, school, her classmates, college. Katie was struggling even to breathe. All she could do was moan a non-committal response whenever she thought it was warranted. She could not banish the thoughts of serving a dog, allowing Max access to her pussy.

She knew it was not her choice but if Lauren wanted it, wanted to see in the flesh what she had seen online then she would be forced to comply. She was being hypocritical to think it was wrong, it was too late for that. But she had vowed that it would never happen again, it was wrong. In fact it was illegal, she was sure. That had been the attraction, the wickedness of the whole thing. Having it forced upon her now that she was the property of another girl seemed like the ultimate degradation. Despite the way she felt, she could never truly banish the memory of Max’s tongue - that long malleable tongue.

Katie kept her eyes focused on Lauren, her slim legs moving with such grace, her tight ass bouncing so enticingly beneath the skin-tight exercise shorts. She noticed that her nipples were hard and wondered just when exactly she had lost almost total control of her own body. It was from the exertion she was sure, not any of the thoughts that had preoccupied her as she jogged behind her owner.

Her breasts swayed and bounced with each step, the tight halter top providing excellent support, as it was designed to do, but her soft teenage breasts were irrepressible, providing anyone who looked a delicious, hypnotic visual feast. Her sigh of relief at seeing her house in the distance was replaced with a gasp of despair as she noticed John, her next door neighbour, was in his driveway working on his bike. John was 26 and handsome in a bad-boy kind of way. Katie had watched him, even incorporated him into a fantasy or two but had never really had the courage to talk to him. Saying hello was the extent of her contact.

"Hey Katie," he called as he noticed the two sweaty teens reach his house. He had seen them leave and had purposefully moved his bike out, waiting for them to return. He had noticed Katie, how could he not, but he had never seen her like this. He would never act on any of the thoughts he had, but who could pass up this opportunity.

"Hi... John," Katie gasped.

"Cool bike," Lauren said, stopping to admire the bike and its owner.

"Thanks, I'm John."

"Lauren. Kitty you'd better get Max a drink before he decides to find his own source of moisture."

Katie ran back to the house, knowing the exact smile that would be lighting up Lauren's face. She enjoyed teasing her and, Katie suspected, her enjoyment increased the more upset she knew Katie would be. She didn't know how to deal with that, not able to reconcile Lauren's moods. Would she ever be able to understand?

Once she had set out a bowl of water for Max, she didn't know what she should do. Lauren had not given her any orders. Should she go back and rejoin her owner? Should she head to her room and wait? Lauren might think she was intruding if she went back out the front so she decided to head for her room and await her there.

It was the safest course, and at least then she would be away from prying eyes. She had felt John's eyes upon her body, devouring her near naked form, noticing the stiff nipples creating tiny points on her chest. She was sure she could see the curtains twitch at every window, the whole neighbourhood witnessing her sluttishness.

Her mother was in the kitchen preparing dinner when she entered. She turned and looked at her young daughter, her eyebrows raising quizzically when she noticed the hardened nubs tipping each pert young breast. She quickly looked away, not wanting to embarrass her daughter, but Katie had seen the look. She ran up the stairs to her room, her chest feeling as if it was caught in a vice.

Katie leaned against the closed door, her heart pounding in her chest. She could feel the pulsing rush of the blood through her veins, the fiery red liquid felt like it was burning her from within. Her own mother now thought she was a slut. The tears that had threatened since leaving the house, spurred by her frustration to keep up to Lauren coupled with the revelation of her true status, now fell down her cheeks, each one accompanied by a body-wracking sob as the exhausted teen finally succumbed to the maelstrom of emotion that roiled inside her.

She didn't know how long she stood against the door, weeping inconsolably. She sprang into action when she heard footsteps on the stairs. She was in the middle of the room, standing at attention in two seconds. She wiped her eyes before snapping her hands behind her back just as the door opened. Maybe she should have been in position long ago, but Lauren would never know.

“What’s all this about Kitty?” Lauren said with genuine concern.

“I… sorry Miss, I. It’s just, I don’t know. I just feel…”

“Come here Kitty, silly girl,” Lauren urged, opening her arms and enfolding the weeping teen within her warm embrace.

Katie leaned into her owner, resting her face on her shoulder, crying uncontrollably, the burst dam of her emotions unable to be held back any longer. She squeezed Lauren tightly, melting into her warm body, feeling the slick sheen of sweat mingling with her own but not caring, desperate for the comforting touch. Lauren stroked her hair tenderly, cooing softly to her, calming the young girl. It took a while for Katie to quiet. Her tears stopped and she sniffled back the mucus running out of her nose, but even then her shoulders tensed occasionally as a small sob rushed to the surface. Lauren took Katie’s face in her hands and leaned her head back, staring deeply into the young girl’s puffy red eyes.

“Now Kitty, no more babbling. What was that all about?”

“Miss I… I’m sorry Miss, it was just everything,” Katie said feebly.

“Everything hey. Well at least it wasn’t something small,” Lauren smiled.

Katie smiled back, then laughed through her sniffles. She felt so stupid, breaking down like that, seeking solace in the very arms of her tormentor. Lauren had such power over her and she didn't even understand a tenth of what was happening. The thought almost made her break down again. Lauren had the ability to hurt and frustrate her, humiliate and degrade her, make her feel like nothing, but she also made her feel so very special, she felt safe in her arms and she could even make her laugh. Katie was so confused that it was hurting her brain.

“Kitty focus now. Tell me why you were so upset. Try, at least try, to be a little coherent.”

“Miss, I just felt like it was all too much. I mean you own me now and I… I don’t really know what to do about that, I-“

“Kitty there is nothing for you to do. I own you and that is that. The only thing you need to worry about now is pleasing me. The only thing you need to do about your slavery is to make sure you are the best slave you can be.”

Katie hadn’t finished and it wasn’t what she meant, but she couldn’t blame Lauren, she wasn’t really making much sense. She had to try again.

“Thank you Miss, it’s not that though. It’s just that… I’m sorry Miss, I know I am not making a lot of sense but it’s just that I am really confused and it all just got too much. I am really frustrated and my pussy is wet all the time and my nipples are hard and I don’t even notice and sometimes I think that you really like me and sometimes I feel like that you don’t like me at all, even just a little bit and sometimes I like, feel like that you don’t even know I’m there and but sometimes I just want to be away by myself and sometimes I just want to be with… you. Miss.”

Lauren’s hands slid down to Katie’s neck as she spoke, the thoughts rushing out of the young girl without a break. She wrapped her fingers around Katie’s neck, her thumbs gently stroking the jawline of the pretty teen as she poured out her heart. It was a mess, Lauren thought, but there was great insight there. She didn’t think Katie even knew what she was saying, not until the very end when she hesitated. The confusion and frustration she knew, it had been so very clear. Katie was not particularly good at hiding her emotions, she would have no chance in a game of poker. It was the rest of the heartfelt confession that surprised her. Was Katie developing real feelings for her? She was fighting it, that was evident. She was fighting all of it, still not willing to just accept that this was her life now. Lauren simply needed to give the young girl a little push, guide her in the right direction.

“Kitty you are so adorable. I want you always to tell me the truth. Honesty and trust are very important for a slave. You find it a little hard to express yourself though don’t you?”

“Yes Miss,” Katie replied timidly. That was it exactly. She didn’t really know what to say. Whenever she tried it just all came out as mindless gobbledegook.

“Well Kitty, I will set up a blog for you. You can write in it each and every night, putting down your feelings or what you did that day or anything you want to get off your chest. How does that sound?”

“Good Miss,” Katie said hesitantly.

“You’ll find that writing something down is a great way of expressing things you didn’t even know you felt.”

Katie closed her eyes as she listened to Lauren, relaxed under the gentle touch of her warm hands. Lauren had continued to stroke her thumbs across Katie’s jawline, pressing her fingers closely around her neck, pressing her body close so she became Katie’s entire world. Lauren leaned in and kissed her gently, their lips joining passionately, mouths opening. Katie squeezed Lauren’s slim waist as she lost herself in her owner’s tender touch. This was just what she needed. She needed Lauren to be close to her, to comfort her, to make her safe.

“Kitty, we have a punishment we need to get out of the way now don’t we?”

“Yes Miss,” Katie replied, her bottom lip quivering, her emotions threatening to overwhelm her again.

“Bring me your black belt, the leather one with the weave sections. Take your clothes off and lie on your back on the floor.”

Katie obeyed, wiping away fresh tears, trying her best to keep her emotions in check. Lauren had comforted her, allayed her fears and made her feel so safe and special and she had ruined that with the punishment she had earned. She wanted to be with Lauren like she was before, she wanted to be her friend. If they could be friends maybe she would forget all this slave stuff and… Not that she was trying to be Lauren’s friend to get out of it, as a trick. She really wanted to be friends with Lauren, more than she ever had before in her life. All her other friends seemed paltry shadows, feeble, shallow girls with nothing to offer. Maybe if she was obedient, and behaved and made Lauren happy then Lauren would see it too. Maybe…

“Open your legs Kitty. Wider. Feet together Kitty, up closer to your butt. Keep those knees wide,” Lauren ordered once Katie was on her back. “Hands under the bed, either side of that leg.”

Katie did as she was told, trembling in anticipation. She had not been punished like this before. She had no idea what was going to happen. She tensed, then relaxed as Lauren tied her wrists together around the leg of her bed, trapping her hands, her arms outstretched above her head. The anxious teen watched as Lauren removed her own shorts and settled herself atop the young girl’s body. All Katie could see now was Lauren’s tight pussy, hovering inches above her face. She could feel her owner’s knees tucked tightly into her sides and jumped as Lauren let the belt unroll and fall onto her belly.

“Kitty, I want you to show me how good you are going to be. I want you to show me that you know who and what you are and what is important to you. I am going to smack that fat cunt of yours until I decide you have learnt not to tell lies. What are you going to do?”

“Eat your pussy Miss,” Katie breathed fearfully.

“Anything else?”

“Uh, show you how good I will be Miss,” Katie ventured.


Pain burst between her legs before she was ready. The moment she opened her mouth to scream, Lauren lowered her hips and Katie’s outburst was muffled by her owner’s pussy covering her mouth. The young girl quickly regained control and began lapping at Lauren’s pussy, flattening her tongue against the soft pink lips. Her face rested firmly between Lauren’s buttocks, her nose pressed hard into the tight pink bud of her owner’s asshole. There was nothing Katie could do. She tried to move her head but she was trapped. She worked her jaw feverishly, trying to find a more comfortable way of eating Lauren’s pussy.

A second flick of the belt and Katie’s legs closed involuntarily, protecting her delicate sex from further abuse. Lauren lowered her body resting her full weight on Katie’s face, cutting off her air, waiting patiently for the frantic teen’s legs to open. Katie never stopped attempting to pleasure the girl atop her. Her tongue squirmed for purchase, even as her lungs began to scream for oxygen. It took Katie a long time to realise her legs were closed and just maybe that was why Lauren was not allowing her to breathe. She drew her knees back to the floor exposing her pussy once more and Lauren eased her body up a fraction of an inch, barely enough to free Katie’s nose. Lauren smiled as she felt the intake of air whistle past her delicate sphincter.

The sensation as Katie screamed into her pussy once more was delicious. She had only hit Katie’s pussy three times but she could already see the lips growing a deep shade of pink and puffing up ever so slightly. Katie’s labia were a sight to behold. They were so different from her own, slim, almost compact lips. Like everything else about Katie, they were lush and plump and full, just begging for attention. Lauren quickly rested her hands on Katie’s legs as her slave found her clit. Katie grunted at the added pressure, that forced her legs painfully apart, increasing the incredible sensations that pulsed through Lauren’s sex.

A fourth stroke landed amidst the meaty lips of the teenager’s cunt, the hardest stroke so far. Katie’s entire body erupted, almost bucking Lauren off her prostrate form. Lauren laughed, feeling as if she was riding a bucking bronco, suppressing the urge to yell ‘yeeehaaaa’. Katie’s legs were closed once more and Lauren lowered her full weight, sitting on Katie, completely covering the struggling teen’s face. Katie had learnt her lesson and quickly opened her legs, returning to her original position. This time however, Lauren did not lift her weight from the prone girl.

Katie tried to keep her tongue moving, tried to continue pleasing Lauren, knowing that it was not only her duty to do it but knowing that it was the only way the torture would stop. She was becoming desperate for air, unsure what else she could do. She tried to flatten her legs even more, her pussylips parting prettily as she did so. Still Lauren's full weight rested on her face.

Katie began to squirm under her owner, thoughts of pleasing her, of continuing to lick and suck the wet pussy that covered her mouth were lost in her frantic need to fill her lungs. Her arms pulled tight against her bonds, actually moving the bed slightly, but still not dislodging the girl perched atop her face. Katie's eyes were open wide, her look manic as her vision began to narrow.

Just as she gave up hope, Lauren raised herself up a fraction of an inch, at the same time bringing the belt down in a stinging slap directly on Katie's exposed pussy. The frantic teen tried to breathe in and scream out at the same time, ending in a frenetic episode of coughing and spluttering that Lauren took full advantage of.

While Katie was fighting for breath Lauren gently lowered her pussy once more. Katie had nowhere to turn, coughing directly into Lauren's pussy, the jerky movements of her fight for air bringing her owner to orgasm.

Lauren collapsed atop her slave as the orgasm wracked her body. Katie's chest heaved, fighting for air as Lauren lay upon her, but her face was mercifully clear. Her owner was sprawled down her body, her head resting in Katie's lap. She could feel the girl's warm breath on her abused pussy.

Katie was glad the ordeal was over but Lauren's pussy remained a few inches from her face. The young girl raised her head and saw it pulsing, the small opening at the base of the thin lips opening and closing, as if inviting her in. Gasping still, Katie lifted her head and reached out her tongue, licking the twitching pussy.

Lauren moaned as Katie made contact, squeezing her arms around Lauren's legs, hugging the young girl in a passionate embrace. Her moans turned to giggles as Katie continued to stimulate her. She didn't know why, but after she had come any further stimulation always made her giggle, uncontrollably.

"Good... girl... Kitty," Lauren gasped as Katie continued her attention unabated. "Ok you cheeky little slut," Lauren giggled, "enough now."

She lifted her body from that of her slave and rolled onto her back next to her, one hand still in contact, her fingertips playing absently up and down Katie's right side. Lauren had not been able to take any more, though Katie had seemed ready to continue for hours. Yes, thought Lauren as she caught her breath, this girl was something special.

Katie lay back exhausted, her chest still heaving as she struggled to calm her breathing. For one frightening moment she had felt that Lauren was going to smother her. She had been unable to breathe for so long, her mouth and nose covered completely. As she lay on her floor, arms bound above her, she thought back on what had just happened.

Her nose had been pushed hard into Lauren's tight pink asshole. She had actually breathed her owner's ass. She could still remember the feel of it as it pressed against her nostrils, squashing her nose against her face. She was amazed to feel that it did not bother her as much as she expected. She had been given no choice, so there wasn't like there was anything she could do. It was not like she had licked it or anything. Still the encounter with another girl's ass left her feeling a little odd on top of the entire scenario of almost being smothered by a pussy.

Katie lay back and enjoyed the few moments of calm, luxuriating in the soft caresses of her owner. Lauren was still languishing in the high of her recent orgasm almost completely unaware of Katie's presence. She continued to brush her fingers lightly down the young girl's flank but it was an absentminded action, something she was taking no real conscious part in.

Lauren eventually crawled to her feet and flopped back onto Katie's bed, the final soft pulses of her orgasm surging up into her belly. She snuggled up at the head of the bed, resting her head on a pillow and quietly dozed off into a light sleep.

Katie lay on the floor, waiting patiently for something to happen. She felt good that she had made Lauren come but her happiness was coloured by the growing realisation that she had once again been forgotten - used and discarded. She had poured her heart out to her owner and she had felt a real connection, Lauren had known what she was going through. She knew and had comforted her. Katie wondered just where that might have gone if Lauren had not had to punish her. She had ruined a beautiful moment and now she would never know what could have been.

The young girl stretched her body despondently, trying to make the most of her abandonment. Even though Lauren had come, it had still been a punishment, the throbbing in her pussy was testament to that, and she was still required to apologise. So she spent her time thinking of an appropriate apology. She always seemed to lose her way when she knew Lauren was waiting for her to speak. All her plans fell apart when she looked into those pale haunting eyes and she felt stupid and useless. This time it would be different.

Lauren came gently awake, smiling as she remembered where she was and what had happened. She rolled over and stuck her head over the edge of the bed, looking down at her slave. Katie lay exactly as she had left her, arms stretched over her head and tied around a leg of the bed, her legs splayed widely, exposing her now red pussy.

Katie felt movement on the bed and looked up into her owner's face. Lauren smiled, her face upside down, and Katie smiled back, a sincere smile. Lauren had that power over her, she could make her happy with a smile. Lauren slid out of bed, landing on top of the tied teenager, eliciting a grunt from the young girl. She untied Katie's hands, finally releasing the exhausted teenager from her bonds.

"Kneel," Lauren commanded.

Katie scrambled to obey, flexing her arms as she did so. This was her chance. Lauren was in a good mood. She had just come, explosively, and she still seemed a little sleepy, back in bed resting her head peacefully as she watched her property.

"Excuse me Miss?"


"I am very sorry for lying to you Miss, I will never do it again. I promise that I will be a very good girl and try and please you with everything I do from now on. Thank you for punishing me and thank you for giving me the chance to eat your pussy. I hope you liked it."

Yes! She had managed to say what she wanted to say. It had only taken her practicing it in her head about fifty times. The lazy smile that played across Lauren's face caused her chest to swell with pride.

"Aren't you a little sweety Kitty. Come up here and give me a kiss, you cute thing."

Katie scampered forward and kissed her owner, glad that the juices Lauren had left on her face had dried. They had made the skin on her face tight and sticky for a while but while she waited she had exercised her face, stretched her jaw and loosened the dried juices as best she could.

"Kitty, get dressed and go downstairs and find out what is for dinner. Then you can come back for the other half of your punishment."

Katie looked at Lauren incredulously. Second half? What for? All the soft, warm feelings that had filled her were now banished, replaced by the return of her feelings of injustice. She had done everything Lauren had asked, she had given her an amazing orgasm, she had even come up with what she knew was a good apology. And she was still to be punished? That wasn't fair.

"Kitty, are you disobeying another order?"

"No Miss, it's just..."

"Right. Attention," Lauren snapped as she got up from the bed. "You want to sass me? Well Kitty, you will soon see where that gets you. And here I was thinking you were finally starting to behave yourself."

Katie watched as Lauren dug in her bag and produced the two wicked clamps that had caused her so much anguish the night before. "Spread your legs."

Katie hesitated briefly before shuffling her legs sideways, giving Lauren access to her still aching pussy. Lauren squeezed her plump lips together and placed the first clamp around both her labia, crushing them together and making the young girl grunt in pain. The second clamp followed moments later, this time lower down, cruelly crushing her tender lips and closing off the entrance to her vagina.

Katie breathed deeply and slowly, doing her best to deal with the pain that shot through her pussy in sharp spikes. She had brought this on herself, ruined another moment, upset Lauren again. Why couldn't she just do the right thing?

"Black pleat skirt, red singlet. Now go and do what you were told," Lauren commanded brusquely.

Katie retrieved the items from her closet and dressed as quickly as she could, all the while trying to minimise her movements to prevent the clamps from causing her too much agony. Even if she stood perfectly still the vicious teeth of the clamps bit painfully into her tender flesh. She gave Lauren one last plaintive glance before she set off on her errand, but her owner wasn't even watching her, she had gone back to reading her book.

Feeling miserable and alone, Katie shuffled down the stairs, her gait more a waddle as she tried to keep the clamps still. The stairs were agony, no matter what she did, both clamps twisted with each step. She gasped and stopped two steps from the bottom. One of the clamps had twisted too far and would not right itself.

She couldn't go on like this. She had not been told she could touch the clamps but she had to. Otherwise she would fail her task. The young girl shuffled around, faced up the stairs and lifted her skirt. There it was, the first clamp had caught itself on her skirt and had twisted up, almost pointing horizontally. What could she do?

Return to Lauren and admit defeat, ask for the clamp to be reset so she could try again? The prospect left her shaking. The only other thing she could do was right it herself. She should go back to Lauren, but fuck that she thought. Lauren had just sent on her on way while she was trying to be so nice. She would do this herself, no one needed to know.

Katie looked back down the stairs, took a deep breath and pushed the clamp down. The young girl sank to her knees as the pain shot through her. She grit her teeth and managed not to make a sound but there was no way she could do that again. She would have to take it off and put it back on, it was the only way. And she had to be quick about it. If Lauren thought she was dawdling she would be in for more punishment.

Katie steeled herself, released the clamp, grunting once as the pain exploded in her pussy. Before she had time to think, time to chicken out, she quickly reapplied the clamp as close to the original spot as she could. There she gasped, clutching her knees as she bent forward, no one would ever know.


Katie spun around, wincing with the sudden agony that lanced into her sex and surrounds. Her father looked at her with concern, wondering what the hell was going on. Had he seen anything? God she had been bent forward and he was at the bottom of the stairs. Did he see that she was wearing no panties? Had he glimpsed the shiny metal clamps protruding from her bare pussy?

"You ok? You don't look so good."

"I'm ok Dad," Katie gasped, desperate to reassure her father, hoping against hope he had not seen anything. "Just a cramp that's all."

"Ok hon, well take it easy. Don't overdo all this exercise. Listen to Lauren, she sounds like she knows what she's doing."

"Thanks Dad, I will," Katie said, worrying once again about how much her parents knew.

"Did you want something?"

"Oh, just wondering what was for dinner."

"Roast chicken, but ask your Mom for the specifics."

"Ok," Katie replied crestfallen. She had hoped she could get away with not having to go any further.

Her father passed her on the stairs and she waited until he had gone to look back up. She had been all the way up there, bending forward. He must have seen something. The skirt was short, not too short, but still. The thought that her father had seen her ass horrified her. She could not even contemplate the idea that he had seen the clamps. If he had would he have known what they were.

Katie tried to ignore the slippery slope of humiliation that train of thought would lead her along and hurried into the kitchen where her mother was cooking.

"Hi Mom, what's for dinner?"

"Roast chicken."

"Yeah Dad said. What about everything though?"

"Oh well, roast potato, pumpkin and onion. Zucchini and corn and some crispy bread."

"Thanks Mom."

Her information gathered, Katie hurried back up the stairs pushing through the pain as the clamps bit into her delicate flesh. Lauren was dressed and surfing the net when Katie returned to her room. She locked the door behind her and stood at attention, waiting for her owner to acknowledge her.

This was one of the hardest things she had to do. It wasn't like she needed to be the centre of attention, far from it, but to be completely ignored, as if she didn't exist, was torture for the young girl. Lauren was just there and she couldn't reach out and touch her, couldn't even speak to her. She had to wait patiently, something she had never been good at.

Lauren looked to be researching blogs, no doubt preparing to setup  the one she had proposed for her. Katie had never kept a diary and didn't know about writing out her thoughts. No doubt Lauren would be reading it and that thought made her more apprehensive than ever.

"Well bitch, what is for dinner."

Katie cringed at the harshness of Lauren's words and tone. "Roast chicken Miss, with potatoes, pumpkin, zucchini, sweet corn and crispy bread."

"You will have one potato, one piece of pumpkin, three pieces of zuchhini and one piece of bread. You will also have a small serving of chicken. Your Mom sounds like she's a good cook Kitty."

"She is Miss."

"And how much have you learned from her?"

"Um, nothing Miss," Katie replied, wincing as she did so, knowing Lauren would be unimpressed.

"You really are a lazy little cunt you know that Kitty, just breezing through life expecting everyone to do everything for you. Well I won't have it, do you hear me?"

"Yes Miss," Katie shuddered. How had she managed to turn Lauren so much against her? Why was she such a fuckup?

"Is that all you have to say to me?"

"No Miss. I am very sorry for disappointing you Miss. I didn't mean to, I'm really sorry."

"If you didn't mean to Kitty then why did you?"

"Uh, because I am a dumb bitch Miss."

"Correct Kitty, a dumb bitch who should know better though. You still have a punishment due and for your latest disobedience you have earned another. I'm tired Kitty so let's do them now and I can relax. Remove the shoelaces from one of your sneakers, then stand at attention with it in your mouth."

Katie scurried to obey. Lauren had not even turned to look at her during the entire exchange. She had remained seated, working on the computer. It made her feel terrible though she could not blame Lauren. She seemed unable to do the right thing for more than five minutes at a time and the constant failure was starting to wear on her.

She quickly unlaced one shoe and scrambled to attention, the long lace dangling from either side of her mouth. She did not have long to wait as she heard Lauren stop typing and she was soon joined by her owner.

Lauren unceremoniously reached under the anxious teen's skirt, felt for the clamps and removed both in two quick movments. Katie's jaw clenched hard and she screamed through her closed mouth, the agonised sound coming through as a strangled gurgle of an animal caught in a trap. The pain was unimaginable, how the hell could this hurt so much when they were taken off!

The tortured girl had squeezed her legs together and dropped into a squat the moment her owner's hand, now holding the devilish clamps, slipped out from under her skirt. She looked up at Lauren, tears welling in her eyes, knowing she needed to get to her feet and back in position but pleading for one more moment to collect herself, to push the pain away and force her frozen limbs to move.

Slowly, achingly, Katie rose to her feet, taking long deep breaths through her mouth as she moved back to attention, the pain still throbbing in her pussy. Lauren ignored the young girl's plight and pulled the thin length of material from Katie's mouth and curled it around her hand.

"Top off. Hands behind your head, elbows back Kitty. Time those tits earnt their keep. If your hands drop, we start again. Fifteen strokes Kitty. Don't disappoint me again."

Katie obeyed, the threat in Lauren's words more than clear. Once her hands were behind her head, Lauren began. Katie watched as she stepped back and to the side and let the shoelace dangle from her hand. Lauren gripped both ends of the lace, the rest of the length hanging down in a long loop.

Katie wanted to close her eyes but she could not. Her eyes would not close and she watched as Lauren drew back her arm and let the first stroke fly. The pain from the lace shot across her breasts like a thousand wasps all stinging her at once. Lauren did not even pause to allow Katie to become accustomed to the pain. She drew back her arm again and again, the looped lace swishing across the soft breast meat.

In moments Katie's chest was covered in thin red lines. The slim lace curled around the young girl's body, the looped end impacting the far side of her breast creating a latticework of curved scarlet lines on the smooth white skin. Katie grit her teeth and winced each time the lace swung forward but she remained quiet, trying her best to impress Lauren.

Her whole world had fallen apart in the last few minutes. Everything had been going so well. Yes she had been used like a toy and then discarded once the game had ended, her face had been abused so Lauren could orgasm, her nose was still a little sore from the pounding it had received, but she had poured her heart out to Lauren and her classmate had understood, had comforted her and made everything feel right. The punishment had been something she knew was coming and she didn't begrudge her owner that.

Just how exactly had it gone all wrong? She knew she was to blame but she just couldn't understand how. As she stood still and accepted the whipping she tried to think about what had happened but the constant flurry of sharp stinging strokes prevented her from being able to organise her thoughts.

It wasn't fair, she pleaded as the lace landed directly across her nipples. It really wasn't fair, Katie decided more firmly, the pain that lanced through her chest giving her misgivings strength. The whole thing wasn't fair, all of it. Lauren had no right to treat her like this. If only she could be nice to her, like she had been when she had found her, upset and blubbering. She should never have let Lauren see her like that. Her anger crested and focused inward.

"Attention Kitty," gasped Lauren.

Katie threw her arms behind her back petulantly, her anger giving her movements more force than she had planned. She instantly regretted it and looked at the floor ashamed of herself and worried that her owner had noticed. She was definitely not doing herself any favours. She couldn't even remember why she had been angry, all thoughts of the injustice of her situation banished by the fear of disappointment.

The anxious teenager dared a glance up as she felt Lauren's warm hands touch her breasts. The caress was light as a feather, her owner's petite fingers tracing the bright pattern of whipmarks across the soft flesh. She traced the lines as if following a path in one of those children's maze games. Katie moaned softly at the delicate touch, the sting of the lace still fresh in her mind, was slowly being soothed by Lauren's loving contact.

Katie looked at her owner, biting her lip unconsciously as she saw the faraway smile that flickered across Lauren's pretty face. She wasn't a classic beauty Katie thought, but that elfin appeal, made her breath catch in her throat. And those eyes! When Lauren's gaze met hers, wrenched away from her patterned breasts by the young girl's strangled gasp,  Katie's legs went weak. She thought she was going to fall to the floor, but it was almost as if she was held still by the captivating blue eyes, those pale turquoise orbs that seemed to strip away all of her thoughts and bore right into her soul.

"I am very sorry Miss. I am, will try and be better I promise," gushed Katie, knowing that this apology was a feeble one but hoping that Lauren could see it was deeply heartfelt.

As she gazed into Lauren's eyes, she felt deeply ashamed of her recent feelings. Lauren wasn't being unfair really, she was just... Any way Katie phrased it made her feel strange but... She wasn't being unfair she was only treating her the way she deserved. She didn't like the way that sounded so she quickly tried to turn her thoughts to other things.

"Don't try Kitty, do. Be better. I know you can do it. Sometimes you are a really good girl and I am proud that I own you but other times..." She left the unspoken thought hang in the space between them.

An unexpected warmth had surged in Katie's chest as Lauren spoke, only to have it dampened by a queer chill at her classmate's unfinished statement. Her poor behaviour was truly making Lauren upset. She could feel the disappointment radiating from her body, see the distress in her face. Katie felt a pain in her heart more intense than anything the stinging shoelace had imparted.

"Miss please, I am so sorry," Katie pleaded, tears that had not come during her punishment now welled in her eyes. She yearned to reach out and touch Lauren, to hold her and comfort her as she had been comforted, but she dared not move, not wanting to disappoint her owner yet again.

"Oh I know you are Kitty, but sorry is just a word. Impress me with your actions not your words. A slave pleases her owner through obedience, submission and subservience, not by apologising constantly. Think about that Kitty as you help your mother prepare dinner. Your laziness is at an end Kitty. Each afternoon you will ask your Mom what is for dinner, report to me and then help her prepare it. You need to learn to cook Kitty, so you will pay attention and learn all you can."

"Yes Miss," Katie replied eagerly, more than happy to do so.

"Good girl," Lauren praised, picking up on Katie's enthusiasm and cheered by the change in attitude. She had sensed a definite vibe of defiance, an almost surly attitude from Katie and it was something she was determined to quash, hard if need be.

"First though Kitty you may lick my pussy for me. Just a little Kitty, I don't know if you deserve too much of a treat after this afternoon."

Licking her pussy was a treat? Katie could understand how from Lauren's point of view that was true. She did like it, she couldn't really deny that. Lauren tasted quite nice and she did enjoy the feelings that surged through her own body when she brought pleasure to another girl. It was strange how giving pleasure made her happy as well. She guessed this was what lovers felt.

Was that what they were, her and Lauren? Lovers? She guessed they had become lovers but she definitely didn't love Lauren. How could she? She felt something, she couldn't deny that but she couldn't love someone that treated her like Lauren did, like a slave, ordering her around, ignoring her, hurting her. She couldn't love someone who was like that. Exactly what she felt she didn't know but she thankfully abandoned those thoughts as Lauren was ready for her.

As she had contemplated their relationship, Katie had watched her owner remove her pants and lie back on the bed. Lauren patted her bare pussy and Katie scurried forward, falling to her knees between the languid girl's widespread legs. She could see a tiny droplet of moisture at the entrance to Lauren's pussy. The small clear dewdrop soaked into Katie's tongue as she made her first tentative contact. Once she had tasted Lauren, her hesitation faded as she forced her tongue against Lauren's smooth lips with greater force. She closed her mouth around her the teenager's sex, enveloping the sensitive labia.

"Kitty, I said lick, not eat. Don't be greedy."

Katie blushed at the chastisement and leaned back a little, her tongue now the only point of contact with Lauren's now glistening lips. She caught a glimpse of the pink folds of Lauren's vagina before coming in once more and gently licking her classmate's pussy. She kept her strokes long and gentle, licking and kissing the delicate pink labia but not forcing her tongue inside.

Lauren had wanted to treat her not orgasm, Katie realised as she lapped between her owner's legs, bathing the delicate flesh with her tongue. Lauren may have wanted a relaxing, comforting experience but Katie could smell her owner's arousal, the heady scent that was already imprinted on her brain. It was so different from her own but then everything about Lauren's pussy was different.

Where her pussy was plump and full, Lauren's was slim and compact, the beautiful lips barely protruding from her body. Where her pussy produced thick white cream, copious amounts of thick white cream she added, knowing that her pussy was this very second coated in it, Lauren's was clear and liquid. And where her pussy emitted a strong musky scent, that could be noticed a mile away she added with chagrin, Lauren's aroma was more delicate, more petite, like everything else about her.

As her tongue continued to service the prostrate teen, Katie wondered what exactly was normal. From the way Lauren had reacted to her cream, she knew it couldn't be her. The way her own pussy secreted the thick ooze was a definite sign to the young girl. A sign that she was different from other girls. There was a word for it Katie knew, not wanting to say it but thinking that was more than a little stupid, seeing that her face was currently buried between the legs of another girl, her tongue dutifully servicing the pussy of her owner. Slut.

"Enough Kitty," Lauren moaned, knowing that if she did not stop now this could go on for hours. She may be inexperienced, Lauren thought, but the little slut was talented, there was no doubting that.

Katie licked Lauren's glistening sex twice more before she stopped. She didn't know why she risked the ire of her owner, but her lips twisted in a mischevious grin as she leaned away from the bed. She looked at the results of her spirited attention, gazing at Lauren's pussy, the tiny dark pink lips of her inner labia splayed delicately apart revealing the tiny pink clit. She wasn't aware that Lauren was looking at her grinning in satisfaction at the devastatingly cute teen.

That smile, thought Lauren, was one in a million. She had read the phrase 'a smile that lit up a room' but until now she had dismissed that as mere writer's cliche. The fact that the little slut was smiling that way, so cheekily, after having just licked her pussy so tenderly, well that was something she would need to think a little more about.

"That was very nice Kitty. How is your pussy?"

"Um goo-" Fuck, you dumbass, that's not what she meant. "My pussy is wet Miss."

"I guess you'd like a little attention too?"

"If it pleased you Miss," Katie gushed, a thrill rushing through her entire body at the prospect.

She had not expected it, the thought not even crossing her mind but she realised there was nothing she wanted more than for Lauren to lick her pussy. Just the thought made her pulse quicken.

"Get your dildo Kitty, and your nice new pink panties, you know the ones."

"Yes Miss," Katie replied, a little confused.

"Ok Kitty, panties on. Mmm, those are too cute. You know what they say don't you Kitty?"

"Eat me Miss," Katie replied, blushing, not quite believing it. Blushing still, after all she had done!

"No time for that now Kitty, pull them to one side. Good."

Katie groaned as Lauren slid the hard glass shaft inside her. She was so fucking wet, her dildo had slipped in with barely any resistance, her plump lips parting eagerly. She still could not quite believe how her freshly bare pussy felt. Even this brief touch left her marveling at the new fresh sensations.

Lauren pulled the dildo out, smiling as she watched the rounded bumps appear, giggling as Katie's thighs quivered as she thrust the transparent shaft back into her creaming pussy. Lauren didn't think she would ever get over Katie's ability to produce such thick, luscious white cream. It was fucking amazing and something she knew Katie didn't quite understand either.

Katie gasped as her dildo was thrust ever deeper, sure that its entire length was now snugly inside her, stretching her, filling her. The unyielding shaft felt amazing as the walls of her vagina squeezed and pulsed around it.

"Ok Kitty, put your panties on properly," Lauren commanded.

Katie looked at the kneeling girl pleadingly, but she did not hesitate, letting the crotch of her panties stretch back over her sex. She had to pull them down a little to move them past the end of the dildo that still protruded from her like some strange glass growth. As she let her panties go, she felt the dildo slide inside her just a little more. She gasped and hunched over as the tight pink panties forced the glass shaft inside her, trapping it there.

Once her panties were seated, as snugly as they could be with the dildo pushing against them, she returned her arms to their proper position, her skirt falling down to cover her now that it was no longer trapped by her arms. Her pussy pulsed, trying to squeeze the intruder out. She succeeded in moving the glass dildo half an inch before it was pushed back inside her by the tight panties. Katie could not believe how this felt, she had never thought, never imagined, never...

"Off you go Kitty. Remember to pay attention to what your mother says. You represent me now Kitty. As my property your behaviour reflects upon me, you understand that don't you Kitty?"

"Yes Miss," Katie breathed, her thoughts only partly focused on what Lauren was saying.

"Come straight back once you are dismissed. We have a lot to do."

Chapter 9. A Family Dinner

"Basting Katie, that's the key."

"What," Katie gasped, astounded at what her mother had said.

"Basting Katie, basting is the key to a succulent roast."

"Oh, Ok Mom."

A flash of overwhelming and uncontrollable fear had swept over her. She could have sworn her mother had said 'bating was the key'. The irrational paranoia that had plagued her all weekend had slammed into her with full force, leaving her heart pounding painfully in her chest. She was losing it, fucking losing it. But she had a reason. A very good, seven inch long reason.

"You okay? You look a little flushed hon."

Well you would be too if you had a- She couldn't believe she was thinking such things towards her mother. "I'm good thanks Mom."

"Well there's not a lot more you can do. The table does need setting though."

"Ok Mom," Katie replied, dutifully collecting the plates and cutlery they would need.

She placed the four plates on the table and leaned against it for a moment, desperate to collect her shattered emotions. Her pussy was on fire. Each step, each shift of weight, each movement was an agony of ecstasy. She was sure she would have come long ago if it had not been for the humiliation that constantly floated on the surface of her emotions, occupying her thoughts, never letting her truly enjoy the sensations pulsing between her legs.

She had spent the last ten minutes right next to her mother, talking to her, all the while her pussy was stuffed to capacity with the long glass hardness of her dildo. Her mother knew something was going on, she had to. Katie could feel the heat of arousal radiating from her chest, neck and face. She moaned softly as her pussy tightened involuntarily, forcing, for the hundredth time, the dildo out of her vagina, only to have the tight elasticity of her panties force it back in.

She was fucking herself! The thought made her moan once more, knowing now, without a doubt what a slut she was. She wasn't doing it, her pussy was. She didn't have any control, it was acting all by itself. She really didn't have any control of her life, not even her body. She had done her best to ignore her stiff nipples, knowing they were standing out prominently under the tight red shirt. She had tried to forget about them, as if by doing so everyone else would as well. She knew her mother had seen them, as if they could be missed, but she hoped she had proscribed it to something other than sexual arousal. She had almost convinced herself that was the way it was, almost.

Stop daydreaming bitch, get the table set and get back upstairs. That's the only way you will get this over with. Stairs she thought, grimacing at the memory of the harrowing journey down the short flight, the dildo forcing its way deep inside her, the soft, wet walls of her pussy choking the thick shaft in manic spasms.

It wasn't that it didn't feel good, it did. God did it feel good. It was just that, well if she was honest, she didn't want this happening. She didn't want to be teased in this way, especially not in her own home, around other people, even if they were only her parents. Fuck, what if Lauren tried to make her do this at school! No way, she couldn't. She would get no work done at all and Lauren wanted her to do good in class.

As Katie laid the plates and cutlery around the table, she realised with horror that she could smell her sex. She shouldn't have been surprised. The amount of cream that must be sloshing around in her panties, coating her dildo and oozing from her pussy, must be phenomenal.

Now that she was out of the kitchen, away from the delicious swirling aromas of roasting chicken, another odour was making itself known. She placed her hands flat on the table and tried to calm herself as the thick scent of her arousal assaulted her senses. It wasn’t as strong or as pungent as yesterday and for that she was grateful. God, yesterday. It was only yesterday that she had felt such an intense humiliation it had threatened to shatter her composure and send her running from the school.

She could just see herself, slamming through the wide double doors, arms flailing in the air above her head, hair streaming in tangled tatters, her face a contorted mask of insanity. She smiled at the image, surprised that she could still amuse herself. Don’t forget to add the big cream stain on the back of your skirt, she mused. The weak smile flickered and faded as the emotional pain became fresh again. Why did she have to think that? Why did she always have to ruin things?

Katie straightened the cutlery, wanting everything to be perfect when Lauren came down to dine. She collected the glasses and set them and looked one last time at the table, trying to spot any errors or untidiness. She knew Lauren would notice something and she knew that she would not be forgiven if anything was amiss. She was tired of being chastised for doing things wrong.

“Table’s set Mom, anything else I can do?”

“That’s ok hon, I have it from here. You run along back to Lauren.”

Yeah, no. Katie wouldn’t be running anywhere anytime soon but she was eager to get back to her room. And to Lauren she supposed. Her owner was the only one who was going to empty her pussy and as much as the shudders of pleasure that rocked her young body made her smile, the frustration of not being able to sate her desire had become maddening. She wanted the dildo out. The humiliation of being made to walk around her own house like this was equally as upsetting. She was supposed to feel safe and secure at home but even here she could not escape the degradation that Lauren seemed determined to visit upon her.

The journey up the stairs felt like an epic ordeal to the young girl. She had been determined to push through quickly, hurrying to her room to find some measure of solace, but she was only halfway up and had already stopped to catch her breath twice. The enjoyable feelings that pulsed through her young sex were starting to be overshadowed by the need to be free. The dildo was too far inside her, occasionally sending a tiny spike of pain up into her belly. She was sure it was further inside her now than when she had started. Had the constant movement stretched her vagina? Was that even possible?

Katie lifted her leg once more, feeling the tight material of her panties go taut. The pressure on her dildo increase, edging it further inside her. A quiet, barely audible, squishing sound reached Katie’s ears. She froze, straddling the stairs, unwilling to move and hear that sound again. The longer she stood there the easier it was to convince herself that she had heard nothing. The house was quiet, sure, but the noises from the kitchen and the muted hum of the television in the lounge could still be heard. It must have been something from the kitchen. So let’s go, she urged. Up the stairs. Come on.

Katie did not move. She couldn’t. She wanted to, she really did, it was just... She couldn't bear to hear that sound again. But it wasn't even anything. It was something from the kitchen. Her vaginal muscles clenched around the intruder, squeezing along the entire length of the bumpy glass shaft. That was it. She couldn't stand this any longer.

Katie lifted her left leg and brought herself level on the step above. See, nothing. She was so fucking stupid. Yes she was wet, ridiculously so. She could feel her cream smeared over her smooth lips, parted by the dildo. She was sure the entire length of the toy was inside her now. She had never pushed past the third bump and now she felt so full. As if on cue her muscles contracted around the unforgiving shaft and she moaned softly, more eager than ever to put an end to this pleasurable torment.

She stepped up determinedly, confident of making her room, getting back to Lauren and having the maddening object removed. No please, it wasn't, she cried, knowing full well that this time there was no doubt. A definite slurping sound, soft and susurrant came from between her legs. There was no one else to hear the noise now, yet she blushed furiously, the mere knowledge that such a noise had come from her, that she had become so aroused, her pussy creamed so intensely, that it was even possible was humiliation enough.

Now she knew it was true, she hurried up the stairs as fast as she could, masking the subtle sounds with the rustle of her movement. Lauren was at the computer once again and Katie stood at attention behind her, waiting to be acknowledged. At least she was standing still now, but that did not stop the random pulsing in her sex. She wished that she could be allowed to face into the room but Lauren had been clear in her instructions and she was left looking at the blank wall around her door. Katie could hear her owner type behind her and tried to imagine just what she was doing. After only a minute the fragile young girl was pleading silently with her owner, begging to be noticed.

Lauren made Katie wait more than five minutes before she turned from the computer and looked at the pretty young teen. Just seeing her like this, standing obediently as she had been instructed made her own pussy flutter with excitement. When she had been planning the capture of her classmate she had never imagined the actual training itself could be so exciting, so fulfilling. Just seeing her like this, meek and submissive made her heart beat faster.

"My, my Kitty you have been enjoying yourself haven't you?"

"Yes Miss," Katie replied, the joy at being acknowledged evident in her voice.

"I could smell you as soon as you came in Kitty. So delicious. How far away is dinner?"

"Just a few minutes Miss."

"Well I suppose we should put an end to your fun. I don't want to hear any complaints Kitty, I don't think you would be able to sit properly with that inside you. It isn't really designed for that. Skirt up."

Katie complied, lifting her black skirt up, revealing the pretty pink panties underneath. Lauren knelt down in front of her slave and looked at the sight before her. The dildo had penetrated almost completely into Katie's pussy but the final sphere, the biggest of them all still protruded from her vagina. It pushed the tiny pink panties away from her body creating a tent in the fabric, allowing Lauren to see the clear bulb from the side.

Katie's smooth pink labia bulged around the intruder, hugging the slick shaft tightly. It was a beautiful sight and Lauren was loathe to put an end to it, but she knew she must. She had other plans for that cunt. The moment Lauren slid the panties past Katie's hips the dildo popped out, liberally coated in the teenager's thick cream.

Lauren caught the dildo by the large globe at the end and handed it up to Katie. The teenager took it without complaint, immediately lifting it to her mouth to clean the white ooze from its length.

"Kitty," Lauren snapped, noticing the movement from the corner of her eye, her attention still focused on the delicious snatch before her. She had watched as Katie closed, once the shaft had been removed, though much more slowly than she had expected. The sight of her little clit peeking out past it's hood was something else she would have loved to inspect in more detail, but there was time enough for that later.

"Now Kitty," Lauren continued as she stood up and faced the frozen teen. Katie had remained immobile, paralysed by the harsh tone in her owner's voice, the dildo half way to her mouth, her lips already parted as if preparing for a kiss. "What do you think you are doing?"

"Um, cleaning the dildo Miss," she replied timidly, waiting for Lauren to tell her what she had done wrong now.

"Kitty were you given permission to lick your cream?"

"No Miss," Katie admitted despondently. She had only tried to do what she thought was right.

"You are an eager little slut I know, but that cream is not yours to eat now is it?"

"No Miss."

"You eat what I say, when I say. I am not training a greedy, selfish little slut. I know you would be happy as a pig in mud if you could slurp your cuntcream all day long but that's not up to you now is it?"

"No Miss," Katie agreed. She didn't want to eat it, she was only doing what she thought Lauren wanted. She wanted to let Lauren know, wanted her to know she had done the wrong thing only because she was trying to be good, not selfish or greedy, but she knew it did not matter. Lauren didn't care what she had to say, she had disappointed her again and that was all there was to it.

"Well Kitty go ahead and clean it, but make it quick."

Katie all but devoured the glass dildo in her haste to clean it of her cream. She was on the knife's edge of making Lauren unhappy and that was the last thing she wanted, the last thing in the world. She wanted her panties back up too but there was nothing she could do about that right now. Lauren had only pulled them halfway down her thigh and the small panties were pulled tightly against the soft flesh of her legs.

It was over in moments. Despite the amount of cream, she had cleaned each glass sphere immaculately, slurping the larger blobs of cream into her mouth and diligently licking the smaller smears with her tongue. Lauren watched her intently, confident that her enthusiasm was borne equally from a will to please and from the desire for the cream itself. She didn't mind the taste of herself, but Katie seemed to love it, the little slut.

Lauren took the clean dildo from her slave and threw it casually on the bed. Katie's eyes flickered to the glistening toy, anxious that Lauren planned to leave it there, in plain sight. She had always been very careful, ultra careful, to put it straight back into her hiding place when she was done.

Katie shuddered as Lauren slid two of her fingers along her labia, gently pressing on the bare lips, puffy with arousal. Each finger came away with a healthy blob of cream at its tip. Katie closed her lips when she noticed them parting of their own accord, desperate not to have Lauren think she was greedy for a second time.

Instead of popping the slime covered fingers into the young girl's eager mouth, she instead placed the tip of each finger against Katie's nostrils, sealing each tiny hole, the small measure of pussy cream pushed just inside each opening. Katie opened her mouth to breath, though this did nothing to lessen the aroma that now had a direct line into her brain.

"I don't approve of drugs Kitty. But you have an addiction of an entirely different sort, eh my little slut. Snort your fix Kitty."

Katie looked at her classmate incredulously. She could feel the slimy cream pressed inside her nostrils. It felt weird and yucky. She had stood still while Lauren toyed with her but to actually snort her cream, well it was something she just didn't think she could do. As she stood there, her owners fingers pressed against her nostrils she came to wonder just what limit Lauren could place on her degradation.

Peeing in front of another girl was bad. Drinking the spit of another person was worse. Having her body used as a sextoy was something entirely different but snorting the discharge from her pussy was disgusting. She couldn't do it. She wouldn't do it. Enough was enough.

Katie looked defiantly into Lauren's eyes and immediately snorted quickly and deeply. She stepped away from Lauren, shook her head and fluttered her hands in front of her face as if shooing a squadron of flies. Her eyes watered at the thought of what she had just done, but she had no choice.

Big tough girl eh, she chided. All it took was one look from her owner, the cold, hard disappointment she saw in those pale blue orbs spurring her into instant activity. How could she be so helpless with this girl? How could she be at the mercy of a girl her own age? How could she be controlled with a look?

"I know you would prefer to eat it Kitty, but a change is as good as a holiday as they say."

Lauren was beaming at her but Katie wasn't sure if it was because she had done something right, or just because Lauren enjoyed demeaning her, teasing her, knowing she could do nothing in return.

"Oh Kitty, you're so gorgeous. How could I ever resist you," Lauren said stepping in and kissing her classmate passionately.

Katie responded immediately, her own lips parting, her tongue darting out eagerly. Well if I'm getting called a slut, why not she told herself, knowing as she did so that such feeble deflections were not fooling anyone, least of all her. Katie leaned in to her owner, her hands sliding to her owner's hips, sneaking under her shirt to find the bare skin.

Just as she was beginning to lose herself in the warmth of Lauren's embrace, her father called them down to dinner. Fuck, no. These were the times Katie cherished, the times when she knew Lauren liked her, knew she was more than just a possession to her. And her father had ruined it. She wanted to stomp her feet and curse but all she did was pull up her panties, at Lauren's command, seating them snugly against her wet pussy, damp meeting damp. She had seen the wet spot in the crotch of the panties, darkening the thin, pink material, knowing that it would be larger by the end of the night.

Her pussy had not stopped pulsing, even once the dildo had been removed. It was almost as if she missed that hard shaft, even though she was glad it had been removed. When Lauren had kissed her she had felt her sex tighten and knew her juices continued to flow. She would have liked a break from the constant state of arousal she found herself in. The continued stimulation was creating a frustration that was beginning to be painful. Her clit was so hard it hurt and she wanted desperately to come, though she would never admit that to anyone.

Lauren had told her that no one would make her come, that she came because she wanted to. Katie didn't really believe that. She might have asked for permission, begged for permission if she was honest, but she had been given no choice. Lauren had made her come, had wrenched the powerful orgasm from her body as surely as she controlled everything else. Ah but if you had not asked, what would have happened then she questioned. She couldn't have lasted much longer, but still.

Katie was glad when Lauren left the room, pulling her along by her collar, one finger hooked under the tight metal band. She hated arguing with herself, especially when she was losing. She was glad of the distraction but dreaded what new humiliations the meal with her parents would bring.

* * *

"This chicken is delicious Emma."

"Thank you Lauren, there's a key to a good roast isn't there Katie?"

"Yes Mom, basting," replied Katie, taking extreme care to say the word correctly.

"Katie is interested in learning to cook," Katie's mother said looking poignantly at her husband.

"I think I see someone's influence at work here. You need to hire yourself out Lauren, you could make a mint as a domesticator of teenage girls. I know a hundred parents who would pay for that service," Greg chuckled, Lauren and her mother joining in the hilarity.

Katie didn't feel like laughing. Not only was she the butt of the joke but it hit a little too close to the mark for her liking. She focused on eating the meal on her plate though she needed to make sure she didn't eat too quickly. She had far less on her plate than anyone else, the small serving having already been set by her owner.

Watching Lauren and her parents eat the sweet corn was a torture in itself. She could see the succulent sweetness as Lauren bit into hers, juice popping with almost every bite. While she was stuck with zuchini. She had never liked zuchini. Everything else was delicious and she had to resist the temptation to scoff it all down in record time. She knew if she did so Lauren was sure to tease her and she did not want to be called a piglet again. It would also leave her with nothing to do as everyone else ate their full servings of the sumptuous meal.

As her father had carved the succulent bird, the heady aroma of the roast had wafted around the table. Katie smelt the mouth-watering aroma but her thoughts were on another scent. Her wet pussy was emitting its own pungent odour but it was the cream Lauren had forced her to snort that she could not dismiss. She was sure her sex was masked by the delicious aroma of the food but to the anxious young girl, it was hopelessly overshadowed.

"Katie I haven't said it before but I think you look absolutely darling with your new hairstyle," her mother said, reaching out to touch a stray lock. "It really suits you, I never liked it before, hiding that pretty face."

"Uh thanks Mom," Katie replied self-consciously. Her mother was right of course, but she had liked her old cut. She had liked being able to hide her face if she wanted. She knew Lauren wanted her to be pretty and look her best but she just knew that one of the reasons Lauren had chosen this style was for the very reason her mother had mentioned.

"You sure that's all you want Katie," her mother said with concern, "there's plenty more of everything."

"Thanks Mom, this is all I'm allowed."

Katie almost dropped her fork when she realised what she had said. Holy fucking hell, how dense could she be. Her mother and father were looking at her strangely. No fucking joke she thought, cursing herself and falling even further into despair when she felt the heat begin to rise in her chest and face, knowing her cheeks were flushing the deep shade of pink, the colour she was quickly learning to hate above all others.

"Exercising will really only get you half way to a healthy body," Lauren said, coming to the flustered teen's rescue. "A balanced diet is just as important."

Katie loved Lauren then, for that one moment her heart brimmed with adoration for her owner. Her brain had shut down and she would have stayed silent, sitting there like some statue, stunned by her stupidity, paralysed by the self-inflicted humiliation.

"Well she's lucky to have you guiding her Lauren. Now if only I had a friend like you," Katie's mother said, looking down poignantly at her own body.

Lauren laughed, along with everyone else, but Katie saw something more in those pale blue eyes as her owner looked at her mom. Katie flashed back to her mother. She was still attractive, her breasts high and firm. She was starting to get a little bit of a belly and she was definitely softer than she was in the photos of her youth, but Katie had to admit she was still really pretty.

The bewildered teen looked back at her owner, meeting her gaze now, noticing the wide smile that lit up Lauren's face. The conversation turned to the mundane but Katie had no ability to follow. Her mind whirled with unpleasant thoughts as she picked at her meal. The vision of her mother with a collar around her neck make her almost gag on the piece of potato she was attempting to swallow. What the fuck was wrong with her? What had Lauren done to her? Her thoughts were becoming warped!

She tried to listen to the conversation but she couldn't quite focus her thoughts. Lauren and her parents were getting on like a house on fire, laughing and joking as if they had known each other for years. Katie could not deny that Lauren was extremely charming and she was really smart and confident and pretty and her smile was infectious and her eyes... those pale ghostly eyes. She kept glancing at her owner throughout the meal, hoping to feel those eyes upon her. A jolt of electricity shot up her body from groin to throat each time their eyes met, but she sheepishly looked away, unable to deal with the sensation once it occurred, but unable to stop coming back for more.

"No you sit, we'll clear the table," Katie heard Lauren say, shocking her out of her reverie. The meal had ended? Katie immediately stood up to help clear the table.

"Lauren dear, you're a guest. We can't allow you to clear, you sit," Lauren's father said.

Katie paused for only a split-second before collecting the other dirty plates and cutlery, stacking them and taking them into the kitchen. She put the dirty dishes on the sink and leaned against the benchtop, closing her eyes and trying to gain her composure. The paranoia burst upon her with full force. Her parents were in on it! They knew! But why would Lauren have explained away her food if that was the case?

And yet here she was, alone in the kitchen, clearing the table by herself while her parents and her owner sat in the dining room, laughing at her. She could hear them. 'Thanks so much for making our daughter a slave Lauren', 'no problem Emma, she's not a bad little slut'. Her chest ached at the imagined conversation. And she called her Mom, Emma and her Dad, Greg. They were all so pally, it wasn't fair. It was sickening.

She had wanted her parents to be suspicous of Lauren. She had wanted them to see through the ruse and rescue her from the predicament she had landed herself in. Instead her parents seemed to love Lauren, treating her like one of the family. Katie took a deep breath, finally convinced that her parents knew nothing. Her slavery and the reason for it was was still her and Lauren's secret. If only she used her common sense she would have known it all along. She just didn't know why she acted, and felt, so foolish all the time.

Katie returned and removed the dishes of food from the table, balancing as many containers as she could, eager to have this humiliating service at an end. It wasn't that she was clearing the table, there was nothing wrong with that, it was just that she had been singled out for it. Ordinarily it would mean nothing but now it only highlighted the demeaning situation in which she was trapped. She was serving. It was what she was for.

As Katie was stacking the dishes beside the sink, collecting all the unfinished food together she was startled by the appearance of Lauren carrying the glasses from the table. She had come to help her afterall. She wasn't totally alone. She could have hugged Lauren then, the relief she felt at having company flushing her with warmth. Lauren put the glasses on the bench and stepped in close to her girl.

Lauren reached out and grabbed Katie's shirt, pulling the young girl's petite frame into her embrace. Their lips met in a brief, tender kiss. Katie's eyes flickered to the doorway, fearful of her parents seeing her kiss another girl.

"Kitty, I know you have no idea how cute you are when you serve. You really were meant to be a slave," Lauren said, running her hands along the smooth flesh under her shirt. "Your Mom has made an apple pie for dessert. Cut four slices and serve three with a scoop of ice cream. When everyone has received their dessert you may take your seat and have yours."

Before Katie even had a chance for a 'yes Miss', Lauren had turned and left the room, leaving Katie on her own, alone with her thoughts of submission. She could think of nothing else as she prepared the dessert, leaving one bowl, her bowl, bare of the sweet ice cream. She supposed she should count herself lucky that she was allowed any dessert at all but she didn't feel lucky.

She felt small and vulnerable and desperately wanted someone to comfort her. The people that were supposed to comfort her when things went wrong were only a room away and yet they were lost to her. There was one other who could comfort her and make her feel better and she too was mere feet away. It was to her owner that her throughts turned now. She wanted nothing more than for Lauren take her in her arms, squeeze her tightly and tell her everything would be alright. No kissing, nothing sexual, she just wanted, needed, the human touch. She wanted what Lauren had given her that afternoon, before she had ruined it.

Katie gathered up the three bowls of dessert, one in each hand and balanced a third on her left forearm, resting against her body. She placed the first bowl in front of Lauren, feeling a surge of emotion as she was rewarded with a smile from her owner. Once her parents had been served, she returned for her own bowl, still lamenting the absence of ice cream.

If she could live off one food for the rest of her life it was ice cream and its myriad flavours. She wondered just how often she would be allowed to indulge now that she belonged to Lauren. It was going to be hard, she knew. There were always three or four different flavours in the house and the temptation of knowing it was there, out of her reach, was already playing upon her mind. Surely it could not be more frustrating than not being able to touch herself or come.

She was already feeling that frustration. Her arousal had been peaked all day, from the very moment she had awoken, constantly renewed by herself or her owner. Her sex ached, actually ached, for release. Why did everything have to turn sexual now? She had tried to dismiss the thoughts but she felt her damp panties push into her pussy as she sat down at the table and all other thoughts were suddenly pushed to the periphery.


"Huh," she replied, still a little dazed. "I mean pardon," she added when she saw the frown on Lauren's face.

"I said, seeing you without ice cream is like seeing a car without wheels, " her father repeated, loving his automotive metaphors.

"Diet, Daddy," Katie replied, thankful that this time she hadn't blurted something retarded.

"Her training is going really well Greg. She has the ability to be really good, she just needs to behave and apply herself," Lauren interjected, looking pointedly at her property.

"Well stick with it Katie, we know you can do it," her father beamed as he encouraged his daughter.

Katie knew now that Lauren was toying with her, it had finally tweaked in her oh-so-slow brain. She was just suggesting things, innocent sounding things, unless you were trapped as the slave of a young girl, then each little innuendo cut deep, humiliating and playing on your fears. Even now that she knew what was going on, finally, it didn't make it easier to accept. She felt stupid but with so many other things bombarding her fragile mind she couldn't really blame herself for being so slow.

"Thank you for a wonderful meal Emma. Everything was delicious," Lauren beamed, playing the dutiful guest but sincere nonetheless. "Oh, this," Emma said, waving at the table dismissively, "just something I threw together."

Everyone laughed. Even Katie smiled politely though she didn't really feel like joining in the general mirth. She should really be glad that her parents and her owner were getting along. It would make it so much easier for her. She was a terrible liar and at least this way she may not have to do so much. It also meant that her secret was safer but she still felt betrayed and alone. There was no one else to whom she could turn. All she had now was Lauren.

"You guys go and relax, we'll do the dishes and clear up. You deserve a rest."

"Thank you Lauren, you really are a sweet girl."

Katie watched her parents leave the table and head off to the lounge to relax, no doubt to watch some renovation or cooking show. Maybe she should start watching some of those cooking shows. Lauren wanted her to learn to cook. It was something a slave needed to know to please her owner. Well she could watch them if Lauren allowed it of course.

"Finish clearing away Kitty and then do the dishes. I will be back in twenty minutes to inspect your work."

Lauren came around to her side of the table, kissed her lightly on the side of the neck and disappeared, leaving the stunned teenager sitting alone at the dinner table. So this was how it was going to be. She was so fucking stupid to think that Lauren was going to stay and help. She would have loved the company but it was her place to do the cleaning, she guessed. Serving was what she seemed destined for now: whether it be domestically or sexually.

She had no time to sit and lament her predicament, fooling herself with thoughts of unfair treatment. But didn't she deserve a rest? No time idiot, she chastised, springing from the table and getting to work. She had less than twenty minutes and she knew if she didn't pass Lauren's inspection she would be punished. Not only did that mean pain but also that Lauren would be upset and disappointed with her and that was as bad, if not worse.

The next twenty minutes was a blur of activity for the forlorn teen. She had almost no chance to feel sorry for herself as she cleared and cleaned and scrubbed and dried. She was just drying the last dish as Lauren stepped into the kitchen.

"Attention," snapped Lauren.

Katie quickly dried the last dish, put it on the bench with the towel and stepped back and to attention. Lauren brushed a hand tenderly across her hip as she passed to inspect the dishes. Despite having never really washed dishes, Katie was confident in her ability to clean. Still, she stood nervously, her fingers fidgeting behind her back, praying that her owner would be satisfied.

Lauren looked over the clean, sparkling bowls and plates, inspecting the handles of the pots and between the tines of random forks. Kitty had done a good job. In a short time she had managed to complete the task and she had done well. She was proud of her. She knew Katie had been a typical lazy teen and never really helped around the house at all. Such an easy change to make but such an important one. A slave needed to learn how to serve in every way and keeping a clean house was one of the core duties that every slave must fulfill.

"Good girl. You've done a very good job. Come here and give me a kiss."

Katie flushed with pride at having pleased her owner. There was relief as well but it was overshadowed by the more unexpected emotion. She didn't really know what to think about the way she felt. It felt both wrong and right at the same time and it left her in a muddled state of confusion, off-balance and uncertain. One thing she was sure about: Lauren had asked for a kiss and Katie had no intention of denying her.

The moment their lips met Katie felt a pulse of electricity between her legs, that tingling fire that left her breathless. Her knees trembled at the sensation and her fingers fluttered against her owner's hips. It was only a kiss but it felt as if she was going to orgasm. Lauren sensed it and moved in close, crushing Katie's tender lips with her own. But this was not the time or the place.

"Put everything away and make sure the benches are clean Kitty. Then come upstairs, we have things to do." "Yes Miss," Katie replied breathily, the force of the strange sensation still surging through her.

She watched Lauren leave the kitchen, her graceful movements a beauty to behold, her tight ass bouncing underneath the skirt. Katie turned away, conscious of what she was doing. She wasn't a lesbian, she really wasn't. And even if she was, this was Lauren, the girl who had made her a slave, caned her, used her. Even with those thoughts now clear in her mind, she still could not dismiss her feelings.

The kitchen was clean in record time and she all but ran up the stairs to her room. She didn't know what Lauren had in mind for the night but such knowledge really didn't mean anything to her anyway. She had no choice in what was to happen so knowing in advance was as useful as knowing night followed day.

* * *

"Ok Kitty, everything off but the panties. We need to add your new clothes to the catalogue."

It hadn't occurred to Katie that she would need to perform the demeaning modelling every time something new was bought, but it made sense. She put her skirt and shirt on the end of the bed and stood against the wall as Lauren photographed her.

"Well that one will do I guess. You can see the creamstains, but for those panties I guess that is appropriate."

Katie blushed, thinking of the moisture darkened crotch of the small pink panties, the words 'EAT ME' printed just above. Appropriate? She guessed it was: photographic evidence of the fact she was a slut.

"Panties off Kitty and come here. Up," Lauren commanded patting the bed when Katie was close.

Katie crawled up on the bed and lay back as her owner indicated. With gentle touches, Lauren eased her legs apart, pushing her knees back towards her body. Katie could feel her sex open, feel the air waft across her juice covered pussy. The instant Lauren's hot tongue touched her puffy labia she moaned in ecstasy. Fucking hell. This was like... she didn't have the words, her brain wasn't working on those terms any longer. She lay back and moaned again as Lauren's tongue caressed her slit, cleaning away the accumulated cream.

"Panties in your mouth Kitty. You need to clean too."

Katie obeyed, unfolding the panties and turning the crotch inside out as she placed them in her mouth. The scent was strong, hours of arousal soaked into the thin material. She worked her saliva into the moist garment, dampening it further, suckling and licking her panties clean.

Lauren abandoned the gentle approach and instead attacked Katie's cunt with a fanatic fervour. She was no more experienced than Katie but she had seen quite a lot of movies that had allowed her to learn much about the art. That is how she saw it anyway: the art of pleasure. Some were flat-out exploitation pieces but there were a few of the more straight down-the-line style movies that were perfect, all close-up action.

It was funny how porn fell into different categories, well for her at least. She knew she was a little OCD, but she had organised all her favourite movies by genre and style. It had made it so very easy when it had come time to choose a few for Katie. She had done well enough before, rocking her with an orgasm the intensity of which was greater than anything she had felt, but that was more down to the thrill of the situation not the inexperienced girl’s technique. That left a lot to be desired and was something she would be working hard to improve.

As Lauren’s educated mouth devoured her sex, Katie lay back moaning. Her hands were wrapped in the bedcovers, the once smooth material twisted around each hand into a swirling vortex of abandon. This was nothing like Max. She felt like she was burning up, her skin itself on fire, on the cusp of being consumed by flame and yet she still felt the keen flush of humiliation as she compared her owner's tongue to that of a dog. But it was the only experience she had against which to measure what she was feeling.

Max had been sloppy, eager only to taste what she produced. Lauren was targeted and sure, confident of her ability to pleasure, assured in her intent: her tongue, lips and mouth controlled and seeking to impart the ecstasy she so desperately craved. The thought made her arch her back, her hands relinquishing their ecstasy fuelled grip on the twisted clumps of bedding. She massaged her breasts, pinching her painfully hard nipples, attempting anything to heighten the ecstasy that consumed her. Her breathing became laboured, heavy, panting. The air felt liquid, pressing down on her body, flowing into her lungs slowly, languidly. She heard her heart beat fast and loud in her ears. No, not her heart, music. The sound had barely registered, only coming through now as a muted buzz.

And then it ended. Katie lay panting, her face flushed, her pretty fringe plastered to her forehead. She looked down her body, her hands still cupping her breasts, desperate to see what had happened. Why had Lauren stopped.

“Ok Kitty, that pussy is as clean as I can make it. Let’s get all those other panties catalogued.”

Katie groaned and glared pleadingly at her owner. She could see Lauren was breathing hard and her eyes shone in the dim light. It was only as she looked at those pale blue orbs that she remembered who she was. It was as if her personality came flooding back to her. She blinked slowly, almost sleepily, as she realised where she was and what she was doing. It had been as if Katie Thomas had been pushed aside, slowly squeezed out of her own body by the rising ecstasy that had threatened to consume her entire body. She could still feel the residual heat radiating from her, causing sweat to glisten across her lithe young flesh.

Lauren stood with her hands on her hips gazing down at the overwhelmed teenager. Katie looked back, sheepishly, still trying to piece herself back together, realising her panties were still wedged inside her mouth and her legs were still spread obscenely wide as if unwilling to accept the pleasure was at an end, unconsciously inviting Lauren back in. She snatched her hands from her breasts, causing the soft flesh to undulate enticingly, as she finally managed to take control of her fragile pleasure-soaked mind.

Holy fucking Jesus fucking Christ. She hadn’t even come and yet she felt exhausted and spent. She still hadn’t come. The realisation that her frustration was not at an end, on the contrary it had just been dialled up a notch, caused two tiny tears to well in her wide, green eyes. She had no time for self-pity, her owner was waiting for her.

Katie slid from the bed like a sleepy lizard, unable to gain total control of her muscles. She raised herself slowly from the floor, reaching out a hand to steady herself on the edge of the bed. She felt light-headed and weak and smiled wanly at Lauren as she attempted to walk to her cupboard and retrieve her new panties. She moved on wobbly legs, taking a breath to steady herself once she reached her dresser. She felt her strength return slowly as she pulled out her new panties and arranged them along the top of the dresser. She chose the first pair, the mesh thong that she had been forced to wear into the store as she searched for Lauren’s approval. The memory of the humiliating experience made her blush and she felt stupid for doing so. Why couldn’t she stop feeling this way?

Katie took up her position against the wall and prepared for the demeaning process to begin. She would have to do this each time she got any new clothes. She needed new clothes, after Lauren had emptied out her closet, but she definitely didn’t need this. She felt like a piece of meat hung up for display. Instead of taking the picture Lauren came forward and kissed her on the lips, gently brushing her nipples as their mouths met briefly. She stepped away without a sound and snapped the picture of the flushed, half-naked teen. Lauren had sensed Katie’s lack of composure, the little steadying kiss was exactly what she needed. The shy little smile she was rewarded with made Lauren’s lust pulse between her legs. Later, she thought, pushing her desire to one side as she focused on the task at hand.

This cute little slut was testing her will more than she could have imagined. She could barely control her thoughts, of throwing Katie on the bed and fucking her until she was spent. She needed that strap-on, she needed to fuck her slave. It would have to wait until Katie’s first paycheck and that would test Lauren’s resolve, but that may be a good thing. She needed to be strong. She couldn’t let her lust for this young girl rule her, upset her plans. The night was only so long and she would be parted from her Kitty tomorrow. She wasn’t pleased by that but there were some things she couldn’t control, not yet.

“I think we had better do all your tops and bras again. Shoes and socks too,” Lauren said as Katie finished modelling the final pair of panties. “That lovely puss was hidden behind all that ugly hair before. Come on Kitty, shoes and socks first.”

Katie groaned inwardly at the thought of the degrading modelling needing to continue for even one more minute. Her mind was a chaotic jumble, disparate thoughts flashing to the front of her brain only to be sucked back into the maelstrom seconds later, replaced by another equally as disturbing.

She squirmed as she was forced to watch the flickering slideshow of sexual imagery her mind tormented her with. Her nipples remained hard and she cringed inwardly, knowing that in all of these pictures there would be two hard points visible beneath every blouse and tee. She tried taking deep breaths, calming herself down, forcing herself to focus on one thing but it did no good. Lauren would say something, make some remark about her pussy or nipples or some slight movement would bring something else to the fore: the wetness she could feel at the entrance to her pussy, the reminder of her nudity as her warm buttocks brushed the cold wall behind her, the bounce of her breasts as she removed yet another bra.

Finally her ordeal was at an end. She placed the final blouse back on its hanger and slid the cupboard door closed. She had no idea how long that had taken. She disliked every moment, still surprised that Lauren could get her to smile even as she felt the humiliation so keenly. It had, though, given her a chance to calm her frayed nerves.

Her arousal still hummed through her body like the background noise from some heavy machine but at least she could think and move. She was still a little wary of her earlier reaction. How could she have felt so… so lost. No that wasn’t right, it was more like… she felt as if she had fallen to the bottom of an ocean, looking up through the shimmering depths, seeing her body floating on the surface, knowing it was her but knowing she would never see it again. It had been overwhelming, frightening and yet calming at the same time. She had given in to it, succumbed completely, as if she had a choice, but she had struggled with the sensation ever since. And she had not come. She was not able to reconcile the powerful, all-consuming sensation with the fact that she had not achieved orgasm. How was that even possible?

Katie found herself in the middle of the room, standing at attention with no recollection of actually moving there. She had to get a grip. She was scattered, lost in a wilderness of desire, unable to function like a normal person, humiliated by her weakness. Would anyone but a slut be affected in this way?


“Yes Miss,” Katie mumbled, almost absently.

“I said what would you like to do now?”

“Um,” Katie hesitated. Why was she being asked? “Oh, I would like to come Miss.”

“Well Kitty, don’t beat around the bush,” Lauren teased, though she was smiling.

The words had simply tumbled out of her mouth. She hadn’t meant to be so bold, her brain wasn’t working right. She winced as she thought of Lauren’s possible reaction to her precociousness. She hung her head, looking pointedly at her shuffling feet, lamenting the loss of her long hair that would have usually hidden her face. She did like the new haircut that Lauren had chosen for her, as did everyone else apparently, but there were times when she longed for her body to be the way it used to be. Standing here naked only heightened the feeling, as that most intimate, most private of places had also lost its protection, now smooth and bare and highly visible to the scrutiny of all. She didn’t dare to look at Lauren, she couldn’t face her, not wanting to see the disappointment in those beautiful, hypnotic eyes.

“Ok you little slut, get that cute butt over here,” Lauren laughed, relishing the sight of the beautiful girl, her girl, gone all shy and demure. She had not expected it. She definitely hadn’t thought Katie had progressed that far past her modesty that seemed to have such a firm grip on the young girl. It wasn’t gone, her reaction to her own request made that clear, just maybe loosened just a little.

Katie, trembling with anticipation, pounced the few feet between her and Lauren. She could feel the familiar tightening between her legs, imagined the flicker of sparks that coursed through her sex and up into her belly. She nibbled on her lower lip as she waited for Lauren to attend to her.

Oh no, why did it have to be like that. Katie’s knees trembled as she watched Lauren produce the long coil of black rope from her bag. Why did she have to be tied up again? She hadn’t hated the ropes the last time, not exactly, but she hadn’t liked it. Not the ropes themselves, but the restriction and the helplessness. Not being able to move, feeling so vulnerable, was not something she relished feeling again.

She turned around at Lauren’s touch and offered her hands to be tied. Once again the smooth rope was looped around her wrists, pulled tight and wrapped again and again around her wrists. Lauren smiled as she tied the double-looped rope, ensuring the knot was tied high and on the inside of the tie. The young girl could not reach the knot no matter how much she squirmed. She was getting better, being able to do this for real, not just practicing on two poles she had rigged up. There was so much she wanted to try and to finally have a compliant girl on which to work meant she could satisfy any fantasy she wished. Lauren had wanted to say ‘willing girl’ but compliant would do, willing would come, of that she was sure.

Lauren spun Katie around and pushed her down on the bed, laughing at the stricken look on the young girl’s face when she felt herself falling through empty air, unable to stop herself now her hands were tied firmly behind her back. Katie’s eyes were wide in panic as she fell. Even when she landed on the soft mattress, she didn’t think it was particularly funny. She had been genuinely scared and Lauren’s laughter only served to make her feel foolish, knowing she should have trusted her owner. She felt her breasts bounce and ripple as her body rebounded off the bed from the force of her fall. The pretty round mounds of flesh came to rest finally each one tipped by a tight pink nipple, standing up straight from her chest as if at attention. Lauren marvelled at the teenager’s beautiful breasts, so pert and firm that they flattened hardly at all.

Lauren could not resist the sight, crawling atop Katie’s prone form, supporting herself with an arm either side of the young girl's chest, and taking her left nipple in her mouth. Katie moaned as the heat from Lauren’s mouth enveloped the hard pink bud. The panting teen yelped as Lauren's teeth closed around the nipple, nibbling it tenderly. Katie writhed under Lauren's mouth, grunting softly as her owner switched to her other breast, her mouth opened wide, sucking the firm flesh into her mouth before biting down hard.

Katie's scream was cutoff as Lauren's hand closed over her mouth, pressing down firmly, her soft lips mashed into her teeth. Lauren eased herself off the gasping teen, surveying the wide bitemark that surrounded the teen's right nipple. She smiled, musing at how it looked like a second wider nipple.

Katie breathed loudly through her nose until Lauren removed her hand and got up from the bed. The young girl lay back, her arms pinned under her, unable to do anything but watch as Lauren retrieved more rope. She allowed Lauren to manipulate her body, moving obediently for her owner. She was soon tied more elaborately and comprehensively than she had ever been.

Lauren had quickly tied her ankles to her thighs, forcing her to keep her knees bent. Lauren beamed at the ties she had accomplished. They looked exactly like the tutorial she had read: each turn of the rope placed neatly next to the last creating a wide black band six turns wide. She could do better but it was excellent for her first try. Katie looked amazing, her legs turned back on themselves, forcing her to keep them wide if she was to have any comfort as she lay on her back.

Lauren grabbed the young girls tightly restrained legs and pulled her towards the end of the bed. Katie could do nothing to stop her, so instead she shuffled sideways, helping her owner move her body. She didn't think Lauren needed it though, she was deceptively strong. How could such a slim, petite body hold so much strength?

When Lauren had her situated, her ass at the very end of the bed, she retrived a final piece of rope. Katie closed her eyes when she saw yet Lauren with yet more rope. Did she have a fucking hardware store in her bag? She closed her eyes as Lauren forced the rope behind her knee and tied it off. She wasn't sure what was happening now but her body rolled to her left as Lauren tugged on the rope.

Katie had no control over her body now. Her arms were tied and pinioned behind her back, pushed into the matress by the weight of her body. She had lost sight of Lauren and was surprised to see her emerge from the other side of the bed. The process was repeated, the final rope slipping behind her other knee.

A moment later Katie understood what was happening. Lauren pulled the rope tight and Katie's legs were pulled open. She could offer no resistance and in seconds she lay on her back, her legs spread widely in an obscene split, the outside of each leg sitting flush against the mattress. The strain the strict position placed on her thighs made her gasp in pain.

As Lauren looked down at the securely restrained teenager, Katie looked fearfully at the door. This was too much. There was no way Lauren could free her if her parents came in. No fucking way. It had taken 20 minutes to tie her, it would have to take at least half that time to untie. This wasn't a good idea, but she could say nothing. Lauren owned her, it wasn't her place to question her no matter how badly she wanted to.

Katie forgot about all such thoughts the instant Lauren's tongue flicked across her wet labia. Her entire world narrowed, nothing else existed other than what was between her painfully splayed legs.

Now that her little slut was safe and secure, Lauren decided it was time to enjoy herself. Her own pussy twitched as she began to force her tongue inside the wet teen. Lauren let herself go, venting all her pentup frustration at having to remain disciplined, eating the young girl's pussy hard and fast. Her jaw worked against Katie's soft slit, her tongue pushing deeply into the creamy opening. Katie could do nothing but lay back and moan, transported on a wave of ecstasy, as her owner ate her pussy with a frantic passion.

"May I come please Miss," Katie moaned, after barely two minutes of her owner's manic attention.

Lauren ignored the young girl's plea, pushing her face harder against Katie's slick sex, sucking and biting the tiny clit that had come out of hiding, gorged with blood and almost painfully hard.

The next time Katie asked, a desperate, pleading tone in her voice, Lauren leant back and slapped Katie's pussy with full force. The young girl grunted loudly, even on the cusp of a devastating climax she had the presence of mind not to cry out, alerting her parents to the situation. She was proud of herself for that, but it meant nothing, she needed to come. Even through the stinging agony that swept through her pussy she was still desperate to come. Nothing could stop her now.

"Miss please, please may I come. Mistress please," Katie begged, tears in her eyes.

"Yes Kitty, come for me. Come for me my little slut."

Lauren dived back onto Katie's pussy, her mouth covering the entire creamy cleft. She sucked the grunting teen's labia into her mouth, her tongue pressing down on Katie's hard clit, squirming as the pressure increased. She could feel the teenager's orgasm arrive, felt her entire body tense in her tight bonds. Lauren kept her tongue writhing over Katie's clit as she forced her teeth into the soft flesh surrounding the plump labia that were cushioned safely in her mouth.

Katie's hips bucked as much as she could in the strict bondage, forcing Lauren's teeth harder into her skin. She didn't care, her owner's tongue was pushed harder against her clit as the pulse of the orgasm struck her again and again. She had lost control now, everything she was, everything she knew, was gone. Nothing existed for her now but the ecstasy that consumed her, she was nothing but her orgasm.

Katie's mouth opened wide and her eyes flickered wildly. Her entire body was wrenching against it's bonds, muscles straining to break free, desperate to expend the sexual energy that infused them. She could barely move, the energy had nowhere to go but inwards. Her body gave one final push, her back arched off the bed, her neck straining as she threw her head back, lifting her weight upon it.

Then she went limp. Lauren had been waiting and was ready this time. She instantly moved off the unconscious teen, looking at her phone stashed at the end of the bed. She looked at Katie's pussy, the impression of her teeth surrounding the puffed pink labia. A tiny drop of cream was evident at the entrance to her vagina, but it was the clit that fascinated Lauren.

That tiny red bud that stuck out prominently between Katie's lips, topping her slit like a little spire. The delicate hood had retracted leaving the pretty clit exposed for all to see. The temptation to blow across it almost got the better of Lauren, but she had a higher purpose.

Katie's entire body went rigid and a strange strangled gurgle came from her throat. Twenty-seven seconds. Would the little slut black out each time she came? She hadn't on the webcam and that had seemed, to Lauren, like a particularly intense one. This would require a great deal more experimentation but Kitty wasn't going anywhere.

Lauren swiftly removed her own clothes and climbed atop her slave, straddling Katie's head and leaning down her body. She gently kissed the young girl's mons before lapping, upside down, at the hot, wet sex. Katie was still dealing with her first orgasm and the renewed attention sent her sliding down into another overwhelming climax.

Katie had come, that was what she had requested and that was all Lauren was interested in providing. She heard the young girl gasp and lowered her pussy onto Katie's face. Through the haze that covered her mind, Katie felt the touch at her face, she could smell Lauren's sex, a scent she had come to know. Her head twisted instinctively, her mouth questing for, and finding, the moist, pulsing pussy of her owner.

It was Lauren's turn to gasp as Katie's young, untrained tongue found her pussy and immediately set to work. Katie was still lost in her own pleasure, her body acting on instinct, lapping desperately at Lauren's tight slit, pushing her tongue past the firm lips to quest inside, licking along the delicate pink folds.

Lauren lowered herself further, resting her weight on Katie's face. Her entire body rested atop the young girl, her hands slowly caressing the taut skin of the teen's stretched thighs. Katie was matching Lauren lick for lick, each driving the other to climax, Lauren's first of the night, Katie's third.

As Lauren came, her pussy grinding atop Katie's captive face, the near oblivious teen became aware of her owner's orgasm, her dazed mind picking up on some primal queue. Katie's body writhed under the weight of her owner, wracked by the third orgasm of the night.

Even Lauren lost track of time as her orgasm took her. Minutes later she rolled off her slave, exhausted by the intensity of the experience. Both girls lay gasping, covered in sweat. Astoundingly Katie was the first to rouse.

"Thank you Miss," she breathed between long deep breaths. It was all she could do to breath, even if she hadn't been restrained so securely she doubted she would be able to move. She had nothing left; she had nothing, she was nothing. She hadn't even thought about the words, they had been sitting on her tongue, waiting for enough energy to be able to form.

"Welcome, Kitty. Just look at the mess you made of my pussy though. Time to cleanup Kitty and then its bedtime. I have lacrosse practice early tomorrow and I need my sleep."

Lauren crawled back atop Katie, resting her head in her lap, breathing in the strong musk of the young girl's arousal as the exhausted teen dutifully licked her owner's pussy clean. Lauren twitched and jerked as Katie's obedient tongue sent pleasurable aftershocks through her body. She could have fallen asleep like this, and one day she would, but not tonight.

"Good girl Kitty. Would you like me to untie you?" "Yes Miss," Katie replied sleepily, still not fully cognisant of her surroundings. Lauren had already loosened the rope that held her legs spread so painfully wide before she added, "if it please you Miss."

Lauren smiled languidly as she untied Katie's legs. She knew how out of it the young girl was, her submissiveness coming naturally now. Maybe she was further along than Lauren had thought. She was too tired to contemplate what that meant right now, but she filed it away, to be revisited at a time when her own brain was working at full capacity.

Katie simply flopped limply when Lauren had removed the final section of rope from her wrists. She knew she should get up, move even a little bit. She needed to make an effort, to let Lauren know she was trying, that she wasn't being lazy. She finally struggled to her feet, desperately thirsty but knowing she first had things to do.

"When everything is neat and tidy you can have a shower Kitty."

"Thank you Miss," Katie replied meekly. Those were the rewards she could look forward to now. If she did as she was told, was a good girl and behaved she would be allowed those mundane, everyday things that other girls took for granted. It was a difficult thing to come to terms with.

Katie started tidying up by smoothing out the rumpled bedsheets as well as she could with Lauren still lying naked across the bed. Lauren's clothes lay strewn on the floor and Katie dutifully collected them, folded them neatly and placed them on top of her owner's bag. As she cleaned she had a chance to look over her body. The ropes had left clear patterns across her white skin, the rippled weave of the rope indented into her flesh. It felt strange as she ran her fingers across the ridges.

Katie thought of the rope now, the various lengths strewn across the floor like sleeping snakes. She wasn't sure what to do with them, other than knowing they had to be tidied up. She collected the four lengths together and looked at the pile. This was what had kept her helpless and immobile as Lauren ate her pussy. She had nothing on which to base her assumption, she knew, but Lauren was brilliant. Her knees were still trembling from the power of the orgasm Lauren had given her.

"Miss, what should I do with the ropes."

"Tidy them Kitty. Then put them away."

"Miss I don't know how. They looked so nice and neat before. I don't know how to make them like that."

"Oh Kitty, bring one here. Now take one end in your hand, then loop it around your elbow, now back to your hand. There you go Kitty. Good girl."

Lauren had simply rolled onto her side to supervise Katie's efforts. Watching her pretty, young slave do anything was a pastime Lauren could get used to enjoying. Watching her obey, seeing her serve, infused Lauren's entire body with a sense of deep contentment. Her efforts to coil the rope were poor, but she enjoyed watching the young girl struggle to please.

"Now Kitty, take the loose end and wrap it around the middle, again, once more. Now tie it off. That looks pitiful Kitty. Unroll it and do it again."

Katie cringed at her failure but obeyed the command and uncoiled the rope, letting it drape to the floor.She tried to pay more attention and coil the rope more neatly, resting each loop evenly next to the last but when she tied off the ends it looked as bad and as unkempt as the first.

"Pathetic. Hurry up and finish the rest, otherwise we'll be here all night. Put one coil in your little hiding spot, you can use it to practice. Kitty you are so adorable with your little hiding place. You wouldn't hide anything from me though would you Kitty."

"No Miss, I would never do that," Katie said, desperate for her plea to be accepted.

"Do you know what would happen if you did?"

"Yes Miss. It would make you unhappy."

"Correct my little slut," said Lauren, surprised at the response Katie had chosen. "You would also be punished Kitty, severely."

"Yes Miss."

Katie finished coiling the ropes, confident in the fact that by the end she had really not improved. The last coil looked just as untidy and hopeless as her first. As she bent down to place the ropes back into Lauren's bag she felt it. She froze for just a second, then continued as if nothing had happened. Moments later her world collapsed.

“Phoo, Kitty,” Lauren gasped, waving her hand in front of her nose, wrinkled in disgust. “Go and stand in the corner. Don’t lean against the wall, it doesn’t need you to hold it up.”

Katie burned with humiliation. She hadn’t been able to control it. She was still recovering from the overwhelming sensations of the night, her body was so relaxed it had just happened, she hadn’t even thought about it. Her sphincter had opened just a little, just barely, but enough to let out a silent emission. The moment she had smelt herself she had tensed, knowing that her owner would sense it in moments. Should she confess, get in first with an apology? As she had been deliberating, the choice became moot. Lauren had smelt her and Katie’s shame had filled her entire being.

She straightened up at Lauren’s command, pushing her shoulders back and holding her head high. She hadn’t meant to be lazy it was just that she felt so terrible, she couldn’t help but hang her head in shame. She could feel her breasts brushing against the cool wall as she wedged herself in as close as she could. She wanted to melt away, become invisible, hide somehow.  She couldn’t believe she had done that with Lauren only feet away. The disgust she felt burned inside her, tears threatening to fall as she imagined Lauren’s disgust.

“Kitty?” Katie jumped as Lauren spoke into her ear, startled by how silently her owner could move.

“Yes Miss,” she replied gingerly, dreading the coming chastisement.

“Who do you belong to?”

“You Miss.”

“And what does that mean?”

“Uh, Miss, it um. I…” Katie stammered, panic beginning to rise as her brain whirled, unable to form a coherent thought.

“Kitty!” Lauren snapped.

Katie took a deep breath and calmed herself, trying to focus. The presence of her owner, standing so close, made the task more difficult than it should have been. She needed to answer. She needed to find the words. How could someone so petite, barely two inches taller than her, be so imposing, make her feel so flustered and stupid? Breathe. Again. Now answer the question.

“Miss being owned by you means that you control my body, what goes in and what comes out and when.”

“There you go Kitty, good girl. I knew there was more going on in there than pussy-thoughts. Now what did you do wrong?”

“I, something came out without permission Miss,” Katie replied timidly, dancing around the issue, unwilling to say the words she knew were inevitable.

“Yes?” Lauren prompted, knowing the game the young girl was playing.

“I’m sorry Miss, I farted without permission.”

The admission was accompanied by the falling of tiny teardrops onto Katie’s pretty pink cheeks. She hadn’t wanted to cry, she had wanted to be strong. Knowing she had done something wrong, knowing she would be punished, she had thought, would shelter her from the full force of her emotions, but knowing she had disappointed, knowing she had failed yet again, was too much for the young girl’s fragile self-esteem. Her shoulders jerked as small sobs escaped her, no matter how hard she bit her lip in an attempt to prevent them.

Pain exploded in her left buttock and her entire body jerked forward, her head bumping the wall before she had a chance to brace herself. Again and again the sobbing teenager’s behind seared with pain as Lauren rained blows upon each soft cheek. The furious flurry of blows was over in moments, leaving both girls panting.

Katie was hunched up in the corner, her arms curled across her chest, protecting her breasts from contact with the wall and bracing her trembling body against further impacts. She could still feel the bump on her forehead from the first surprising smack. Once she realised Lauren had finished she slowly moved her arms behind her back, her movements hesitant, any moment expecting another blow to land.

“Stand up straight,” Lauren snapped.

Katie sniffed and stiffened, acknowledging, as she did so, that her posture was awfully hunched and unattractive. She had been forced into the corner during the frantic punishment and the timid huddle she had adopted had been her feeble attempt to protect herself, realising early on that she still had not developed the super power that would allow her to walk through walls.

“Do you need to go to the toilet Kitty, or was that you simply being a rude little shit,” Lauren hissed, the icy tone causing Katie’s knees to quiver in fear.

“No Miss.”

“No you don’t want to go to the toilet? You’re just letting loose because you thought it would be funny?”

“No Miss, I do want to go I meant that no Miss I wasn’t being rude. I’m sorry Miss, I didn’t mean to.”

“So you have such little control that you just stink up rooms without a thought?”

“No Miss,” Katie stammered pleadingly.

“Got a big loose anus, is that it Kitty? Should we get you some nappies in case you can’t control yourself and poo your pants?”

“NO!” Katie blurted. “Miss.”

"I don't know Kitty, maybe you should buy some diapers tomorrow and wear one to school each day, just to be sure."

"No Miss please, no. I will be good Miss, I didn't mean, I didn't mean it. I mean I knew but I didn't mean for..." Katie trailed off, knowing she was babbling, afraid now that Lauren would punish her being so stupid and incoherent.

"Kitty, hush. I don't want to hear another word out of you tonight. It seems the only hole that doesn't get you into trouble is that plump little pussy of yours. The only thing it seems capable of is dribbling."

Katie flushed with humiliation as Lauren laughed, knowing it was true. She could feel the moist slickness covering her bare lips, dripping from the entrance of her pussy and smearing over her thighs. She couldn't help it. She had been in a state of arousal every waking moment she had spent with Lauren, she was amazed she wasn't completely dehydrated, but maybe that was why she was so thirsty.

Holy shit, she thought, could that actually be true? She had creamed so much she was dehydrated? It sounded like complete nonsense but who knew?

"Get into the bathroom and on the toilet. Make sure you are clean Kitty. A slave has a duty to her owner to keep her body clean and pleasing at all times. If you ever fail an inspection Kitty, you won't be able to sit down for a week."

Katie hurried to the door, checked that the coast was clear and scurried into the bathroom. She couldn't lock the door. What if Lauren wanted to come in? As she sat on the toilet and waited for her bowels to move she thought about what she should be doing. Should her hands be behind her back? She had been given no instructions but maybe she didn't need them, maybe there was just the one procedure for using the toilet.

She put her hands behind her back but she didn't think she could go with her legs spread. She made as much of a concession as she could, keeping her knees about a foot apart. She tried to hurry herself, scared that Lauren would come in and supervise. She didn't know if she could go with another person watching and if she did... she didn't want to think about that right now. She simply couldn't face that idea.

Katie kept an eye on the door the entire time, praying that no one, especially not her parents, would come in. The nervousness that wracked her body was not conducive to what she was trying to do but eventually she relaxed enough to go. Katie hurriedly wiped until she thought she would run out of paper. She didn't know exactly what an inspection would entail, she could guess, but with Lauren it could mean anything. It was sure not to be enjoyable, even if she passed.

Just as she was about to leave the bathroom Lauren came in and ordered a shower to be run. This time Katie was forced to wait outside, kneeling on the cold tiles, while her owner washed herself, softly humming a tune Katie didn't know. When she had finished, Katie fetched a towel and wrapped it around the lithe body of her owner. She was finally permitted to use the shower now Lauren had satisfied herself.

Katie yelped and immediately jumped out of the shower. The water was freezing cold and goosebumps instantly prickled her entire body, her nipples hardening, for once at something other than arousal. Had the hot water run out? Impossible. There was only one other explanation.

"You have until I finish brushing my teeth Kitty. Stop mucking around."

Katie grit her teeth and tentatively stepped back in the shower. "Door open Kitty, never place a barrier between us that is not of my choosing." Katie pushed the door back the few inches it had moved and moved around the shower to the soap, trying to avoid the cold water as much as she could. She knew it was stupid, knew that she needed to get wet, and quick, but she had always hated cold water.

She glanced over at her owner, seeing her drop the towel to the floor after drying her hair and step to the basin. She didn't have much time. She couldn't afford to be a wuss any longer. Katie took a deep breath, held it and stepped under the shower, the icy water hitting her full force, the breath she was holding exploding from her gasping mouth.

The cold water hitting her body was like someone slapping her. She moaned pitifully as her body was cooled down. Her teeth began chattering uncontrollably and she closed her mouth to try and stop it. She looked at Lauren the entire time, but her owner never once looked back at her. Katie forlornly washed her body, her every movement unconsciously seeking approval from her owner. She was only feet away but she refused to acknowledge her.

Katie was extra careful to wash herself well. She paid special attention to her ass and pussy. She needed her ass clean after what she had just done and her pussy had been smeared in her own cream for so long that the chance to be clean, truly clean, was something she was going to take full advantage of.

The shivering teen didn't waste a single moment of her allotted time, scrubbing her entire body, rinsing and stepping from the shower while Lauren was still brushing her teeth. She turned off the cold tap, her hand shaking as she reached for the shiny metal lever. She was absolutely freezing, the cold water still soaking her bumpy skin. She wasn't entirely sure what she should do so she knelt on the bathmat and waited patiently, shiveringly, for her owner to command her.

Lauren finished brushing her teeth, brushed her hair and only then turned to the despondent teen. She picked the damp towel from the floor, rapped it around Katie's head and, without a word, roughly dried her hair. Katie held herself still as best she could but her head was wrenched violently and it was all she could do to stay on her knees.

"Brush your teeth and no dawdling," Lauren snapped.

Katie scrambled to her feet and brushed her teeth as if possessed by the demon of dental hygiene. Lauren stood at her side and watched her every movement. The young girl was acutely aware of the attention she was now receiving, attention that she had, only moments ago, craved more than anything. This wasn't what she had wanted, fearful that at any moment Lauren would snap at her for some actual, or imagined, shortcoming.

The cold water still dripped from her body, the small droplets drying interminably slowly. In the mirror, she eyed the damp towel on the floor behind her, never imagining she could want a damp, used towel so badly.

"Ok Kitty, go and wait outside the door. I didn't bring my clothes inside so you will indicate to me, with a nod that the hall is clear. Unlike you Kitty, I decide who sees my body."

Katie stepped to the door, opened it and gingerly stuck her head out. Seeing no one, she stepped outside, turned back to the door and nodded to her owner. She kept glancing both ways down the corridor, the fear that she would get caught making her knees tremble with something other than cold. Lauren strode purposefully from the bathroom and back into Katie's room, followed one step behind by her slave.

"Go back and hang up the towel you used. And hurry Kitty, I am tired."

Katie ran back to the bathroom, hung up the soaked towel and ran back, crashing through the door and almost slamming it behind her. She was sure she had heard footsteps on the stairs as she entered her room. She hesitated against the door for just a moment, flipping the lock as quietly as she could.

Lauren was just getting into bed as Katie stood at attention in the centre of the room. It had become second nature to her now, standing in the middle of her room, her hands behind her back, legs spread shoulder-width apart, head held high. She didn't even give the position a thought, simply adopted it, understanding that it was her place.

She just caught a glimpse of Lauren's cute butt sliding under the covers before her owner was totally hidden. Katie wanted to be in there too, snuggled in the warmth. She was still not totally dry and her skin was cold to the touch. Her teeth had stopped chattering but it was only through a supreme force of will.

"Turn off the light," Lauren commanded.

Katie obeyed and returned to her position as best she could in the sudden darkness. Katie tried counting the seconds but lost track once three minutes had passed. How long was Lauren going to leave her like this? What if Lauren fell asleep? The darkness fueled her fears. Wasn't that Lauren's snoring now?

“Kitty when you are dry you may come to bed,” Lauren ordered.

Katie’s shoulders slumped in resignation. She was freezing out here, only steps away from warmth, and she had to stay here until she was completely dry. She knew that if Lauren found one tiny droplet of water on her she would be in trouble. Her eyes were slowly adjusting to the darkness but she was still almost blind. That meant that her owner could not see her either.

Katie nibbled nervously on her lip and moved her arms slowly, shaking them out, hoping to detach any errant drops that still clung to her bumpy flesh. She strained her ears for sound, worried Lauren would hear that she was out of position. She froze as she heard a rustle from the bed, but it was only Lauren turning over. The fear of being caught was too much, she despondently replaced her arms behind her back and waited impatiently for her skin to dry.

How would she know for sure? She could be here all night if she wasn’t allowed to break position. She wasn’t allowed to talk either so she couldn’t ask if she could check. Why was she so fucking stupid? Why couldn’t she just do the right thing for just one day? Lauren would be happy and like her and that meant she could be happy. No punishments, no harsh words or disappointed looks from her owner. She had a new goal now, her resolve strengthened in the lonely darkness of her room. She would not disappoint Lauren again, not for the whole time she was with her next time, whenever that was. She knew there would be a next time. All those naïve, foolish thoughts of this ending quickly had been banished over the course of the weekend.

Time passed slowly for the exhausted teen. Or was it fast? Katie had no idea but the longer she stood in the middle of the room the more agitated she became. She had to be dry by now, she had to. Even if she wasn’t she would rather Lauren find a drop of water on her than the alternative. She couldn’t imagine how upset her owner would be if Katie went to get into bed beside her and woke her up. Lauren had already dozed off once tonight and Katie was beginning to know her owner: she seemed to be able to drift off to sleep very quickly. Maybe she should just lie on the floor. That way she couldn’t get in trouble for being wet, or for annoying Lauren. But then she could get in trouble for not sleeping with her owner, and she was pretty sure that was what Lauren wanted.

Katie was in a quandary but decided there was really only one course of action open to her. She stepped towards the bed, tentatively at first, but growing bolder with each step. She tried to shuffle her feet, make some noise to let Lauren know she was coming, hoping that her owner would take the initiative and provide her with some direction.

Katie was surprised by how much she needed that direction now, how much she had begun to rely on her owner to tell her what to do. She smiled in relief as Lauren pulled back the covers when she reached the bed. Her owner had been watching her in the pale light of the night that seeped around the edges of the closed curtains, her own mouth twisted into a satisfied smile, enjoying her property’s discomfort.

“In you hop Kitty,” Lauren murmured, scooting back to make room for the timid young girl.

Katie slid in behind Lauren, the sudden warmth making her shiver anew. She pulled the covers over her body but dared not move to close to her owner, not wanting to annoy the sleepy girl with her cold body. She was content to lie under the covers, curled up into a little ball, her own body heat slowly, oh so slowly, warming up her little piece of her bed. Lauren reached out behind her, feeling for the shivering teen. She smiled when her hand touched the cold, bumpy flesh of her thigh, feeling Katie almost melt under the warm touch. Lauren forced the young girl’s knees down from her chest and shuffled backwards.

As she snuggled her body back into Katie’s, fitting her lithe form into that of her slave’s, she thought back on what had happened that night. Reliving the memory as Katie’s cool skin slowly leeched the warmth from her owner’s flesh. She could feel the tight buds of Katie’s nipples poke into her back and smiled contentedly. One memory stood out above all others: Katie begging to come, tied so neatly and so tightly, but it was her words that stirred something inside Lauren now.

She had pleaded, and Lauren smiled, remembering how desperate, how frantic, she had become when permission was not given first time. But it was what she said: Mistress. She liked that. Just where would an innocent little thing like Katie Thomas have picked that up? Lauren didn’t ponder for too long, just thinking of the word made her belly flutter with anticipation: Mistress.

Yes, she liked the sound of that very much indeed.

End of part 4

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