My Very Own
by Lazerou

part 3

What goes on the web, stays on the web. Katie Thomas learns this the hard way when an afternoon of fun with a webcam turns her young life into something she had never imagined.

Chapter 5. A Taste of Oblivion

The door opened and Katie prepared to spring. She relaxed when Lauren came through the door, unable to hide the happy relief she felt at seeing the girl.

"Attention. Put your wrists together Kitty, behind your back with palms facing each other. Kitty wants to please?"

"Yes Miss, Kitty wants to please."

"What does an owner find most pleasing in a slave, Kitty?"

"Um," Katie stalled, needing time to think. She sensed this was an important question that she needed to get right. "Um obedience Miss." Luckily she had been able to curb her tendency to turn her answers into questions, though she had once again just been about to.

"Good girl Kitty."

A tiny smile twitched at the corners of Katie's mouth. She was ashamed of her response and it quickly disappeared. She knew Lauren well enough by now to know this was leading somewhere. Her answer was the feel of rope at her wrists, tightly woven and smooth. Katie squirmed as the rope was pulled tighter and looped around the soft skin of her wrists, time and again. Lauren stepped away leaving the ends of the rope trail down to tickle Katie's thighs.

"On your stomach Kitty."

Katie sank dutifully to her knees, not quite sure what was happening. Her hands had been tied behind her back, actually tied, with rope. She wriggled her hands but there was very little movement and the rope dug in to the soft skin of her wrists. What was Lauren doing? She couldn't tie her up in her own house, in her own room. When she was naked, or modeling her new wardrobe, it had been a simple matter of throwing some extra clothes on if they were interrupted. But now?

She eased her body onto the carpet, turning onto her left hip before easing herself down to the floor. As she lay on her stomach, trembling with uncertainty, she thought about how much harder things were without the use of your hands. She shouldn't be doing this, she knew she should have told Lauren it was too dangerous, that she had to stop. She did nothing. She said nothing. She had simply obeyed and now her hands were trapped behind her back.

A rope was looped around her ankles and tied tightly as the young girl lay quietly on the floor, submitting to the bondage. With each new loop and each tightening of the smooth ropes against her skin she felt her life slipping away. She had felt it before, stronger in some moments, weaker in others, but now it consumed her. She was the property of another, a toy for them to play with as they saw fit.

Her ankles were soon secured as tightly as her wrists. It felt different from her hands and when she snuck a peek back down her body she saw that her feet had been crossed at the ankles before being tied. The rope had been looped around her ankles covering them in a thick band of twisted black cord.

Katie gasped as her hands were pulled sharply behind her, the first sound she had made since the rope slipped around her wrist. She had been a silent participant in her bondage but not a willing one. Her back arched as her wrists were pulled back and her legs were pulled forward until they almost touched.

Her breasts rose off the ground as she arched her body, trying to escape the pressure, but unwittingly assisting Lauren in securing her body.  Katie moaned as her legs were bent further, her arms stretched a little more. When Lauren had finished the hogtie, Katie was aching in a hundred different places. Her body was not made for this. She rested her forehead on the ground but discovered this only increased the pressure on her body.

Small tears welled as she struggled to keep her head off the ground. She could only manage it for a short time before surrendering to the strain and lowering her head once again to the floor, starting the whole frustrating process anew.

"Oh Kitty you are so gorgeous, " said Lauren as she knelt before the struggling teen. She shuffled her body in closer until her body was resting against that of the young, bound girl. "Let me help you."

Lauren lifted Katie's head by her pigtails and settled her slave's face in her lap. She could feel Katie's firm breasts squashed against her knees, the stiff nipples creating twin points of pressure she could sense even through the pants she wore. Lauren brushed the hair back from Katie's face, the tender motion confusing Katie even further. There was nothing she could do. She leaned into her owner receiving her attention gratefully.

Even as she did so, the tears intensified. She had felt helpless before, small and vulnerable and without control. It was not until now that she knew real helplessness. She couldn't move. She couldn't protect herself. Her body, her life, was no longer hers. The tears fell as the sensations dominated and devoured all others. She was nothing.

"Kitty, you are lazy, slovenly and you aren't the smartest of girls. These things you don't deny?"

"No Miss," Katie sobbed into her owner's lap, her tears marking the dark material with growing circles of moisture.

"But you have served me well, I must admit. A few hiccups but your training is only beginning so that is to be expected. When a slave pleases her owner, she can sometimes be rewarded. Would you like to be rewarded Kitty?"

"If it is your wish Miss," Katie replied demurely, still confused by the overwhleming sensations the restraints were causing in her body and mind. She couldn't understand what was happening. She wasn't in any real danger, was she? And yet being tied like this was having a profound effect on her. She couldn't seem to calm her whirling emotions and that frightened her as much as the intense vulnerability she felt each time she tried to move.

"I think my little Kitty has deserved a reward. What do you think would be the most fitting reward for a slut like you Kitty? Apart from the chance to serve your owner, that is a given."


What could she say? To be untied? She wanted that so badly. Every moment she felt the ropes tight against her skin she was on the verge of panic. Struggling would get her nowhere. The ropes were uncomfortably tight, though the rope was smooth against her skin, even where it dug almost painfully into her flesh.

"Well Kitty if you don't know then I am not sure you should be rewarded," Lauren teased, caressing the sides of the bound girl's breasts.

"Um," Katie said hesitantly. She had to think of something fast. She was disappointing her owner again. Lauren was laughing now, but Katie knew that could turn quickly and if it did, talk of reward could turn to talk of punishment. A fitting reward? A slut? It was almost as if a lightbulb pinged on above her head. She really wasn't the smartest of girls.

"Um, to come Miss."

"Kitty it may be a reward but a slave still asks for her rewards," Lauren said, pinching the firm meat of Katie's flattened breast.

"May I come please Miss."

"Kitty a slave always asks permission to come. You will never come without permission do you understand?"

"Yes Miss," Katie replied, sniffling back further tears.

"When you are ready to come, you request permission. Not five minutes before, not even one minute before. You request permission to come and do not do so until permission has been granted."

"Yes Miss."

"You're having trouble keeping your head up aren't you Kitty?"

"Yes Miss," the straining teen admitted, hoping that her plight would been lessened at last.

"Ok then," Lauren said as she slid out from underneath the pretty teen, allowing her head to rest gently against the carpeted floor. Katie could feel the smirk in Lauren's voice and a tiny shiver ran through her naked body.

Moments later her head was pulled slowly but inexorably backwards. Lauren had collected her pigtails and wound them into one thick strand. Seconds later a rope was tied around her hair, fixing her head high off the floor. The strain in her neck was instantly uncomfortable but she no longer had any trouble keeping her head off the ground.

Katie was unable to stop fresh tears rolling down her cheeks. She hated crying but she did not even have control of that. She was completely at Lauren's mercy, her body had been taken from her. She knew that she had signed it away, along with everything she was, but it was not until this moment that she really knew what that meant. What it meant to be a slave. It had never really been a game, not for Lauren. She had been stupid ever to think that. If it was not a game for Lauren, then it was not a game for her. Property was defined only by its owner. Shit, she was now beginning to sound like Lauren as well.

That was the thought that held her when she felt the first warm touch between her legs. Lauren's hands were on her thighs, their warm, insistent pressure pushing her legs apart.

"Oh Kitty," Lauren gasped, giggling as she looked thicket that sprouted between the teen's legs. The thick bush hid the silken folds of Katie's sex, the cleft from which oozed a river of cream. "You are so fucking wet Kitty.'

Katie would have hung her head in shame if she could. She knew her sex had moistened. Her arousal had begun with a kiss. She had been unable to control it and had soon surrendered, putting aside her foolish protestations. She yelped when Lauren slid two fingers across her slit, collecting the thick white cream.

Katie's mouth was already open and gasping as Lauren pushed her fingers inside. The taut teen had glimpsed the large blob of cream that coated the tips of the two fingers and she tasted it seconds later. The familiar musky scent, that hint of sourness, flushed her mouth. Her tongue swirled around the intruder as if it had a mind of its own.

"Kitty, you little slut," Lauren laughed as tears dripped from the suckling girl's chin. "When was the last time you had an orgasm?"

"Um," mumbled Katie around her owner's fingers. "Sunday Miss."

"How long do you usually leave between orgasms?"

"Miss, almost everyday Miss."

"Almost Kitty? Such a little slut."

Katie didn't want to say that sometimes she mastu-, played with her pussy more than once a day. Was that not normal? Why the fuck was she even thinking about that now? It was all this talk that she was a slut? Was she? Was her sexual appetite more than normal? Her pussy wasn't normal apparently, not from the way Lauren talked about it. Her owner seemed to know a lot more about this than she did.

Without warning, the pussy that she was so focused on, was penetrated. With one swift motion, half of her dildo was inside her. Katie groaned with a mixture of pain and pleasure. Her sex was slick and steamy and the dildo slid past her plump lips with almost no resistance but she had not been ready for the speed or depth to which the hard glass dildo had been thrust into her.

It was silly to think so but she felt as if the breath had been pushed out of her and she struggled to breathe in, deep breaths through her open mouth. Once the motion had begun, Lauren did not stop, thrusting the dildo in and out of the hogtied teen. She could offer no resistance even if she had been so inclined. Katie's body was responding to the fucking in ways that could not be denied.

With each thrust the dildo entered a little more deeply and her pussy opened to accomodate. Katie realised that the sound she could hear was the soft squelching sound of the dildo slipping through the copious creamy secretions she was producing. Her cheeks, flushed with arousal, could not burn any hotter as, even through the haze of ecstasy that had fallen over her, she wondered if the sound of her pussy being violated could be heard outside the room.

She had not wanted this to happen. Even as Lauren lectured her on what a slave must do for an orgasm she had known that it would not matter, she would not come. She had made a decision, Lauren would not make her come. Only five minutes later and the foolish vow she had made was in danger of being broken. She really had no choice, she...

Holy Fuck! Katie's world exploded as Lauren placed the small bullet vibrator against her hard clit. The dildo continued to saw in and out of her wet sex, its entire length coated in the slimy cream that she produced. Katie's body tensed and jerked in her bonds, she could not control herself. Each fresh wave of pleasure that crashed over her left her gasping for air as her struggles pulled the ropes tighter.

Katie could feel the strain on her body, the ache in her shoulders and thighs, the tension in her neck, but the overwhelming sensations from her pussy pushed all else into the background. She was panting uncontrollably, grunting in a sharp primal staccato.

"May I come please Miss," she whispered as the vibrator was pressed into the base of her clit.

"What? I can't hear you Kitty?" Lauren replied breathlessly, her own arousal and her efforts to pleasure her slave making her breathing shallow and ragged.

"May I... fuck, Miss may I... oh may I come please Miss."

Katie was almost past the point of being able to speak. Her cunt was pulsing uncontrollably, the overwhelming sensations almost completely subduing the other parts of her brain. Her arms and legs quivered uncontrollably, when they weren't stretched against the tight rope bonds that held her in place.

"Yes Kitty, come for me my little slut."

Katie needed nothing more. Every muscle in her body convulsed as her orgasm burst upon her. She couldn't move. She couldn't breath. She couldn't think. Her entire world had shattered into tiny pieces, each one a shard of vibrating ecstasy that smothered her senses. Every nerve ending felt as if it was on fire, the blaze in her pussy consuming her, burning her flesh away, leaving nothing but a smouldering pile of sizzling cuntcream.

Lauren gasped as the bound girl squirmed and shuddered, her own arousal making her movements jagged and slow. And then it all stopped. Katie went limp, the small delicate squeaks that had filled the room had ended. Lauren looked at her girl, bewildered.

She reacted quickly, untying the rope that bound her hair to the hogtie. She gently eased Katie's head to the floor before leaning in to check on the silent teen. Katie was breathing, slowly, her eyes were closed and her face was peaceful. She had blacked out, Lauren realised. The little slut had actually fainted from the power of the orgasm.

She had not come across this in her reading and she was unsure what she should do. Wake the little slut up or let it take it's natural course. She looked so pretty and serene that Lauren decided to see how it played out. She didn't seem to be in any danger and the idea excited her. Kitty was so highly wound, so much the natural slut that she could not even handle her own orgasms.

Lauren’s impatience got the better of her and the gentle caressing of Katie's breast intensified until she pinched the unconscious girl's left nipple cruelly. Katie came to, gasping and panting exhaustedly. The explosive climax that had wracked her body surged across her senses. It's power was muted but it was enough to send small aftershocks of a second orgasm rippling through her tightly bound body.

She was incapable of speech. Small, high-pitched yips escaped her lips as she panted frantically. She had no recollection of what had happened. Her mind was still fuzzy though she registered that Lauren was now kneeling by her face and the dildo was no longer inside her. Without thought she lamented the loss of the glass intruder wanting desperately for this pleasure to continue forever.

"My, my, Kitty. It's official. Cutest. Slut. In. The. World."

Katie didn't know what Lauren was saying, the words barely registering in her hazy brain. She knew she was tied up. The pain in her muscles had come rushing back into her body as the waves of pleasure slowly receded. She was tied, naked on her floor. Reality crashed upon her. She had just had an orgasm. She had just been forced to have an orgasm. She had asked, but that changed nothing, she had been forced, her body had responded but she had no choice.

"Kitty have you ever fainted after you have come?"

"Uh, wha? Uh no Miss," Katie replied dazedly, her brain still not working properly, thoughts of the tight, slick feeling in her pussy pushing all other thoughts aside.

"No I don't suppose you would have. Now Kitty, do have something to say?"

"Yes Miss, thank you for making me come Miss."

"No Kitty, I did not make you come. I allowed you to come. Nobody made you. That was all Kitty. Now try again."

"Thank you for allowing me to come Miss," Katie replied, the frustration at being corrected sneaking through in her exhausted state.

"Kitty you have just had the best orgasm in your entire, miserable life and you thank me like that? Well you won't be having another anytime soon, I can guarantee you that. Ungrateful little bitch."

"No Miss, sorry Miss. Thank you so much for allowing me to come."

"Shutup Kitty. Do you know why I allowed you to come?"

"No Miss."

"No, a selfish little slut like you wouldn't. You came because I wanted you to. It pleased me to see you squirm like a little slut. You came for me Kitty. Any pleasure, or any pain, that a slave experiences is because her owner wishes it."

Lauren grabbed the rope tied to Katie's pigtails and pulled her head back, securing it tightly, lifting Katie's head off the floor and causing the young girl to gasp in discomfort. Tears rolled down her pretty face as the emotional rollercoaster to which she had been strapped since Monday, took her into the lowest trough she had experienced. She was despondent and felt completely lost. She had gone from the ultimate of highs to the most terrifying of lows in the space of a few seconds and it had all been her fault.

Lauren had allowed her to come, allowed her to feel like she had never felt in her life before, the afterglow of which was still causing her to catch her breath from time to time. And what had she done? Instead of thanking her, showing some gratitude, she got cranky at being corrected. Lauren was right to be angry with her. Katie could not see what Lauren was doing but she could hear her typing. The strict hogtie would not even let her turn her head and she could not even see her owner in the blurry periphery of her vision.

"Well Kitty it is apparently uncommon but it seems that some sluts do indeed black out after intense orgasms. What do you think about that?"

"Um I don't know Miss." She didn't remember blacking out.

"Well, what do you think it says about you, hmmm?"

"Um that I am a slut Miss."

"Correct Kitty, but we both knew it already. But the kind of slut, well now. It has never happened to you before. Your cunt doesn't usually get as wet as that either does it?"

"No Miss," Katie had to agree, though she did so with some reluctance.

"I think you are responding to your new status Kitty. Being a slave suits you. It is what you were born for. Aren't you lucky I found you now?"

"Yes Miss, thank you Miss."

Katie found it odd having a conversation with someone she could not see, trussed up on the floor naked as the day she was born. Her pussy still pulsed every now and then, and her clit was so hard it was painful, but the aches in her back and legs and shoulders were what concerned her.

The naked teen continued to weep but they were no longer tears of despair and disappointment. The pain in her body was growing and the frustration she felt in her bondage was beginning to consume her thoughts once more. Being unable to move, to stretch her tired limbs was getting to her. She was used to relaxing, stretching languidly for a long time after she came, gently caressing her breasts and belly, luxuriating in the soft glow of pleasure that infused her body like a golden light. Now she was tied up like a prize pig, control of her body taken from her. She felt the loss deeply.

"Kitty I am very disappointed in your behaviour. You must be punished. You know that don't you?"

"Yes Miss, I am very sorry Miss. I deserve to be punished."

"You will have a chance to affect the type and severity of your punishment Kitty. If you are a good girl... well, we shall see."

"Yes Miss, thank you Miss. I promise to be good," Katie pleaded.

"Well then."

The pillows off her bed were thrown onto the floor in front of her. Katie stared at them in confusion. Was she going to be allowed out of this infernal rope and allowed to stretch on the floor. She heard music start behind her, a weird music that seemed all spacey guitars mixed with sounds like blowing of wind. Her confusion increased until Lauren stepped in front of her.

Katie watched, her eyebrows raised high to see off the floor, as Lauren slipped out of her tight black yoga pants in one swift downward motion. The small black thong that Lauren wore quickly followed and Katie drank in the smooth, toned legs of her owner.

Lauren eased herself to the floor, her movements lithe and liquid, reminding Katie of the graceful movements of a cat. Lauren lay back on the pillows and spread her legs, placing one on either side of the bound girl. Katie could not help but stare at the shaved pussy only inches from her face. She could smell Lauren's arousal and see the slick moisture coating the tight pink slit.

As Lauren's legs spread, her pussy opened but a little, the tight, wet hole, displaying the promise of what was to come. Her owner's juice was clear and viscous. She could see a thin string bridging the dark red hole, joining each slim lip with the sticky evidence of her desire.

"Come Kitty."

Katie continued to stare at the tight slit between her owner's legs. It smelled nothing like her own pussy, somehow crisper and less heavy. She wondered what it would taste like. She could see Lauren's tight pink asshole clenched beneath the slick opening of her pussy and stared as it clenched, making her owner's pussy appear as if it was beckoning to her.

Her face was still inches away from her goal but how was she to get there? Lauren lay back on her pillows and watched her, waiting. Katie had promised to be a good girl. She knew what was required of her. She knew this was her chance to please her owner. She had thought about eating pussy as every girl did, wondering what it would be like, how it would taste and feel beneath her tongue and lips. But faced with the reality it was much more frightening.

She wanted to, she knew it. Denying it would be stupid and she was done with being stupid. She wanted to eat Lauren's pussy to make her feel good, to make up for her poor behaviour, to show her she could be good. But most of all she desired it. Her own sex twitched and tightened at the thought.

She had to move. Lauren would start getting angry and question her commitment. Not five minutes ago she had promised to be good. A promise was only words. Katie was good at giving them but bad at keeping them. She knew she would have to improve. Lauren would not stand for it. She squirmed in her bonds, trying desperately to move forward, achieving little more than causing the ache in her body to intensify. How was she even supposed to do this? She couldn't move! Tears of frustration welled in her eyes as she tried to inch forward, her owner's wet pussy no closer for all her efforts.

Side to side you dumb bitch, a voice came out of nowhere. She tried not to think about it, how she was demeaning herself now. She didn't care right now, as she rocked her body from side to side she was able to move forward a fraction of an inch at a time. It was good advice. She was gasping and sweaty by the time she reached Lauren's glistening slit.

"Hmmm, that isn't going to work is it Kitty," mused Lauren as she realised that Katie’s head was a little too high off the ground. Her slave was the one who needed to do the work here, not her. She leaned forward, pressing her belly into Katie's face and untied the rope that held her head back at such a cruel angle.The relief as the tension in her neck eased caused Katie to cry out in anguish. When Lauren lay back and released her, Katie's head flopped into her owner's lap, her mouth falling directly over Lauren's moist sex. Her head was violently wrenched backwards and her left cheek stung at the sharp impact of the slap.

"Have some respect bitch. Each slave worships her owner's body and where is the seat of that worship Kitty?"

"The pussy Miss."

"Right first time slut. Now show me that you understand."

Katie eased her head onto the waiting pussy. She didn't really know what to do. She had never done this before, never really thought about it past the casual musings of what it would be like. What was she supposed to do? What if she was bad?

Her tongue pushed tentatively past her lips and snaked towards the smooth lips. She could smell her owner keenly. The young girl's pussy clenched as her tongue made contact sliding up the slick silken lips. She began lapping at Lauren's pussy, her tongue sliding between the tight lips caressing the soft pink folds, covering the cunt with her own warm hole.

She heard Lauren respond, a light, whispered gasp. Katie took heart from the reaction and increased the tempo, her tongue flicking into the opening of her owner's cunt. Her nose bumped Lauren's clit and the moan that resulted was like a balm to Katie's aching muscles. The discomfort was still there but her world was narrowing: her mouth on her owner's pussy was all that mattered.

She lifted her face a little higher and flicked her tongue across the hard bud of Lauren's clit. Quick, sideways motions caused faster, deeper moans of pleasure. Katie closed her mouth over the tender pink hood and the sensitive button beneath and suckled like a babe at the teat. Lauren thrashed beneath her as Katie intensified her attentions. It was not long before Lauren reached forward, grabbed Katie's pigtails and wrenched her head forward, mashing her face into her pussy. Katie's tongue was fully extended, dipping into the sensitive pink folds of her vagina, tasting her deeply.

Lauren came violently, thrusting her hips forward and forcing Katie's head down, sealing her face against her pulsing sex. Katie's nose was buried against Lauren's hard clit, each attempt at a breath driving Lauren wild with the subtle vibrations. As her climax crested she thrust her hips, fucking Katie's face violently.

The tightly bound teen began to fight for air. She tried pulling her head away but Lauren was too strong. Her mouth was filled with wet, pulsing cunt. Her body tensed and writhed within its bonds but she was unable to break away. She breathed in, inhaling the scent of Lauren's orgasm but getting precious little air. Her vision began to narrow, and then she was free.

Katie gasped in great lungfuls of air, ignoring the pain of each deep breath as it expanded her lungs and caused her body to arch cruelly in the hogtie. She looked up at Lauren, her head resting on her left side. The other girl still wore the small midriff-baring top but her nipples were threatening to break through the tight-fitting fabric. Her bare pussy was more open than before, the entire area between her legs glistening under the soft lights above.

"Good Kitty, good girl," Lauren gasped. "Clean me up Kitty. There's a good girl."

Katie ignored the pain in her body and the throbbing between her own legs and lifted her head from the ground and reached forward with her tongue. Lauren giggled as Katie's tongue made contact with the puffy lips of her sex. Katie almost stopped but remembered her lessons on obedience. She didn't know why her owner was giggling. Was she doing something wrong?

"Oh Kitty," Lauren giggled breathlessly. "Clean everywhere, nice and clean Kitty. A slave never leaves a mess."

Lauren was laughing almost uncontrollably now and rested a hand on Katie's head to push her away, but each time her tongue lost contact with the sensitive flesh between her owner's legs, Lauren pulled her back to continue her task.

"You girls ok for everything?"

Katie froze, her tongue resting lightly along the crease between Lauren's pussy and her left leg. Holy fuck. Holy fucking hell. She was dead. They both were. Her dad was outside her door. It was locked, but so what. How long had he been there? Could he smell the miasma of sex that exuded from two teenage pussies?

Katie could feel the sticky residue of her arousal oozing from her sex, clinging to the tight mat of black curls, drying on her taut thighs. Her face was no less coated with Lauren's sexual secretions from nose to chin. What if he wanted to come in?

"No one told you to stop Kitty," hissed Lauren. "Answer your father Kitty."

"No thanks Dad, everything's fine."

Lauren continued giggling when Katie immediately went back to licking the tender flesh of her owner's sex. "Thanks Greg," she laughed, we have everything we need." Lauren tapped the other side of her sex with a finger and Katie obediently shifted her focus to clean the indicated spot.

"Ok then, your Mother and I are off to bed, just try and keep the music low ok."

"Ok Dad," Katie responded, her mouth relinquishing contact with Lauren's pussy for only as long as it took to speak the words. Lauren's giggling was mercifully dissipating as Katie dutifully continued to clean her juices from her body.

"Night then."

"Night Dad."

"Night Greg."

Katie could not hear her father leave, over the music in the background, Lauren's soft, occasional laughter and the low slurping noise she made as she cleaned her owner's pussy with her tongue.

"Ok Kitty, you have enjoyed yourself enough. What did you think of my pussy Kitty?"

"I loved it Miss," Katie blurted out without thinking. It was a question that she was bound to fuck up if she thought about it for too long. She didn't want to anger Lauren, not now. Was it a truthful answer? It was truthful as only an instinctive answer could be. She really had enjoyed it.

"Loved it? Oh Kitty you are adorable. We had better get your cunt clean huh."

Lauren stood up slowly, moving over the top of the bound girl allowing Kitty one last look at the saliva slick pussy she had pleasured. So that was what it was like to lick a pussy. Well she did more than lick but she didn't quite know the terminology for what she had done. A wave of shame suddenly overcame her.

“You don’t remember blacking out, do you Kitty,” Lauren asked as she deftly untied the ropes that bound the young girl into the uncomfortable hogtie.

“No Miss,” Katie replied, still flustered by the concept. She was grateful that Lauren was finally releasing her from the painful bondage but all she could think of was what had happened when her body had reached the crest of that wave of ecstasy that Lauren forced her upon. She remembered the feeling. How could she forget? She still felt the occasional pulse deep inside her sex, a small flush of heat that spread throughout her belly. She remembered coming, the overwhelming sensations, the complete loss of control, but there were no gaps. As she convulsed in the throes of her climax, it was as if her body was not her own. She had never felt like that before. Was it the ropes that bound her so tightly and so uncomfortably, restricting her movement? Was it the sheer power of the orgasm, the fact that it was caused by another person? Or was it, as Lauren said, due to her new status as a slave? But she definitely did not remember blacking out. Does anyone?

“You were so cute Kitty. You were so peaceful but your pussy still throbbed, oozing out cream. Just gorgeous. You can put your legs down Kitty.”

Katie eased her legs to the floor. She heard the tiny crack as her knees straightened and for some unknown reason she blushed. Her wrists and ankles were quickly unbound. Katie lay exhausted on the floor, her arms flopped at her sides and her legs splayed out behind her. It felt as if the blood was flowing through her body for the first time in hours and she could feel every beat of her heart pushing the red liquid through her veins. Lauren traced the rope marks at her wrists and ankles, delighting in the indented patterns the tight restraints had left. She could feel the individual weave of each loop and a smile lit up her face as Katie quivered under her touch.

Katie clenched her hands slowly and wiggled her feet to help get some sensation back. She wasn’t sure if she should be just lying here on the floor but Lauren had said nothing, in fact she was kneeling beside her exploring her body with that gentle, loving touch. She could lie like this forever, she didn’t want to do anything wrong. She knew how quickly her owner could turn and she wanted to stay like this, contented, basking in the attention of another girl. She felt Lauren’s fingers slide through the small pool of sweat in the small of her back, running her slick fingers in tiny circles around the two small dimples above her buttocks.

The young girl groaned when she felt the warm, supple hands of her owner being to knead the knotted muscles in her shoulders and back. Katie lay there, absorbing the attention. Lauren’s forceful touch was uncomfortable, her insistent fingers sending shooting pains through her body, but it was a good pain. Katie enjoyed the feeling, never having had a massage before, and never needing one more than now. Before Lauren’s strong fingers reached the small of her back, Katie could feel her body stirring under the attention. She could sense the moistness in her sex and the growing warmth between her legs was doing as much to melt away the aches in her muscles as Lauren’s talented fingers.

“Okie doke Kitty, let’s get that pussy cleaned up. Stand at attention and you can use your fingers to scrape as much of that cunt slime as you can.”

Katie groaned as she gingerly pushed herself upright. She felt lightheaded and swayed a little as kaleidoscopic patterns of yellow and orange and red burst in her vision. Katie stood as straight as she could, her trembling knees threatening to buckle at any moment. It took her a few moments before she could orientate herself, but the moment her vision cleared and she saw the expectant, somewhat disapproving look on Lauren's face, her hand shot between her legs.

The naked young girl cupped her hand and scraped her curled fingers across her plump pussy. Her hand came away smeared in slime, white and clumpy. She knew what she had to do, and she had tasted herself many times, but there was something different about this time. Lauren was watching her, fully clothed once again, and the wrongness of what she was doing haunted her.

She did not want to clean her fingers but her hand continued to her mouth, her tongue came out to meet it and obediently licked the juice from her pussy from her fingers. She splayed them out, licking the sticky white strings that clung between her fingers like a wanton web spun by some sensual spider. Katie could look at Lauren no longer, her eyes downcast as she felt filthy and disgusting as she continued to taste her sex, cleaning the evidence of her own body's uncontrolled arousal.

As she cleaned her right hand, her left slid dutifully across her sex, removing any last remnants of her cream, and a few beads of something a little fresher. She swapped her clean right hand for her sloppy left, her attentive tongue not missing a beat.

"Enough slut. Attention," Lauren commanded before leaving the room.

Katie waited patiently for Lauren to return. She felt vulnerable and always somehow inadequate in Lauren's presence but she felt even more vulnerable when she was not with her. The door behind her was closed, she had heard it shut, but it was not locked. She could not even turn around, or shift her hands from behind her back as she feared Lauren's wrath if she did so.

When Lauren came back into the room she draped a cool, damp washcloth over Katie's shoulder. "You have not finished cleaning Kitty. I worked up a sweat on that cunt of yours."

Katie took the washcloth and immediately set to cleaning her owner's body. Lauren was now as naked as her property, her toned body shining under the thin sheen of sweat. Lauren had the kind of body that both boys and girls dreamed of. Her breasts were much smaller than Katie's but they just seemed perfect to her.

She had a petite, almost waifish frame and that, coupled with her athleticism and those haunting blue eyes made Katie think of some magical creature, she would have almost believed it if Lauren sprouted thin gossamer like wings and floated around the room. Katie wiped every inch of her, performing the duties expected of her. This wasn't so bad she thought, as she slid the damp cloth across Lauren's slim hips.

"Now clean yourself Kitty. Pay special attention to that fat cunt of yours," said Lauren as she dressed again.

Katie obeyed swiftly, the hint of menace in Lauren's voice spurring her on. She wondered if she had done something wrong. She didn't like it when Lauren referred to her vagina in that way. When she said pussy it felt naughty and cute, and there was always a hint of a smile in her words. Cunt was a harsh word and Katie could not help feeling filthy and bad, as if she had misbehaved.

"Get dressed Kitty and come to the bathroom. Bring that cute black thong with the pink edging, " Lauren ordered as she sauntered from the room.

Katie scrambled into her skirt and top and grabbed the underwear Lauren mentioned. When she reached the bathroom she found the other girl already brushing her teeth at the sink. "Clothes in the hamper and kneel." Ever compliant, Katie divested herself of the small outfit and placed it in the hamper. Naked, clothed, naked, clothed. It seemed to the tired teen, naked once again, that ever since she had arrived home from school that afternoon her entire existence could be reduced to a constant flux of dressing and undressing.

She kneeled on the cold tile floor beside her owner, sure to keep her legs spread as she had been trained. She watched Lauren brush her teeth without once looking in her direction. Katie waited patiently though a little despondently. She didn't like when she had to wait, when Lauren paid her no attention. She knew it was silly, and she was shamed by her feelings, but she could not help herself.

"Brush," was all Lauren said. Katie jumped to her feet and brushed her own teeth, acutely aware of her owner's scrutiny. She stayed at Katie's side and watched every small movement she made. The intensity of Lauren's gaze made her terribly insecure. She felt everything she was doing was wrong. She was only brushing her teeth for fucks sake, how wrong could she be?

"Long smooth strokes Kitty and not so hard. You'll wear those pretty gums away. It is a slave's duty to keep her body fit and healthy. It belongs to her owner and I expect a certain level of quality in everything I own. Now the bottom teeth again, you did not pay them sufficient attention."

Katie balked at being told how to brush her teeth. She was sixteen, she knew. She hated being treated like a child but being treated like property was even worse. Lauren was making sure that she knew that brushing her teeth, and staying healthy in general, was for someone else now as if she was talking about a car or something. But she had asked, she might have known that as soon as she questioned the situation Lauren would accommodate her. It was almost as if she was psychic.

"Now rinse Kitty. Tongue out. Brush your tongue now, long gentle strokes. Start at the back. We definitely need to look after that tongue Kitty," Lauren giggled.

Katie peered at herself in the mirror and saw the colour rise to her cheeks. Her tongue squirmed as the soft bristles of the brush tickled its sensitive pink length. She had just licked and sucked another girl's vagina, this very girl, and yet she was blushing furiously at a tiny joke.

"Good girl. Hurry up and pee and we can get to bed. We have a big day tomorrow."

Did she need to pee?” Once she was sat on the toilet she realised that she did need to go. Lauren continued to watch her and Katie continued to burn with the humiliation of having her most private actions watched and judged. Her legs were spread and she was sure Lauren could see the golden stream fall from her pussy. She felt disgusting. How could Lauren want anything to do with her after seeing her do this? She tried to put that thought out of her mind, wiggled her hips and patted the last few drops from her dark curls.

She dared a glance at her owner and could not believe that Lauren was smiling. Katie immediately dropped her eyes to the floor, unwilling or unable, to let Lauren see her anguish.

"Panties on Kitty," Lauren waited as Katie slid the small black thong lined with pink around the waist and legs, pulling it snugly against her bush and slipping it up between her buttocks. She smiled as Katie adjusted the waistband, a self-conscious movement, letting Lauren know she wanted to look her best. Yes, this little slut will do, Lauren mused wickedly.

Lauren reached out and grasped her hand. Katie came willingly, squeezing Lauren's hand gently as she was led from the room. Katie no longer knew right from wrong, she couldn't tell what she should be feeling, what she should accept and what she should resist. Her world had been turned upside down. No that wasn't quite right. Her world had been taken from her and what had been put in its place was so simple but so difficult to face: obedience and subservience.

It hadn't even dawned on her, until she was safely back in her room, once again standing at attention, that she had walked half-naked down the hall, being led by the hand by a 16 year old girl. A girl who owned her. It was enough to take her breath away.

"Hands in front Kitty. Make fists. Now, stay," Lauren commanded.

Katie cringed at the command but obeyed. Her eyebrows raised questioningly as she watched Lauren pull a roll of black tape from her bag. Katie's shoulders sagged a little, and she almost groaned aloud. She had thought that it was over for the night, that she would be allowed to rest and sleep. She was exhausted, the orgasm had taken more out of her than she realised. She knew she would be the one blowing up the mattress but she had thought after that she would surely be allowed some peace.

Katie stood still as a statue as Lauren wrapped the tape around her curled fingers, encasing each fist in a tight black casing that reached to the wrist. Once done, Katie was allowed to replace her hands behind her back. She slid her fists against each other, the smooth black tape providing no grip. It was a strange, maddening feeling being unable to feel or do anything with her hands. They rested impotently in the small of her back.

"Kneel." Once she was on her knees, Lauren clipped a leash to her collar. Katie's eyes bulged as she watched Lauren loop the other end around the leg of her bed. What did this mean? Surely she was not going to be left this way? To sleep this way, leashed like a dog. As Lauren undressed before her, Katie's stomach grumbled loudly. She had only had the one piece of pizza and she was still hungry.

"Kitty was that you?"

"Yes Miss, it was my tummy Miss," Katie added, desperate for Lauren not to think she had farted.

"Still hungry Kitty?"

"Yes Miss."

"Well Kitty, we really should be getting to bed, it's late, but never let it be said I don't take care of my property. Feeding a slave is just as important as disciplining a slave. You can eat my pussy Kitty."

"Thank you Miss, " Katie replied, careful to keep her voice light. She might have known it was some kind of trick. She had foolishly hoped for another slice of pizza.

Katie shuffled forward to the edge of the bed and Lauren's open legs. Her leash allowed only a very limited movement and it slid to the side of her collar as she leaned forward to begin her duty and start her late night snack.

"Don't muck about Kitty, I'm tired. Get in there and eat," Lauren scolded.

Katie dove forward covering Lauren's hot pink lips with her own. She lapped and suckled furiously, her tongue moving non-stop: darting here, licking there. As her owner writhed beneath her mouth, Katie could feel her own ardour rise. Her nipples stiffened and no doubt that electric sensation between her legs meant her own sex was moistening in response.

This time it was over much more quickly. Katie's vigorous, almost manic, enthusiasm provided Lauren with her second orgasm of the night. Katie was left unmolested by the much more subdued girl. Lauren lay back, one hand resting on her belly while the other gently stroked the tips of her hard nipples.

Katie continued to lick her owner's pussy, her tongue sliding along the thin pink lips. Lauren began to giggle at the attention but Katie cleaned the pussy, her tongue slowly and gently covering whatever she could reach.

"Down," Lauren ordered breathlessly, her muted laughter continuing even as Katie lay down on the floor. Lauren reached out and turned off the small bedside lamp that had illuminated their most recent lovemaking.

"Goodnight Kitty."

"Goodnight Miss."

Katie lay in darkness, her taped hands squirming constantly. The bizarre sensation of not being able to feel anything with her hands was something she could not put aside. She rubbed them against the rough carpet, against the smooth skin of her belly - nothing. She almost felt as if she had no fingers at all.

It was not until her eyes had adjusted to the darkness and the room became peopled with shadows cast by the pale white light from the street that her thoughts turned to the leash that secured her to the bed. The simple clasp that clamped around her collar could be opened by anyone; anyone with fingers. Trying to get comfortable, she learned that she had less than three feet of movement.

She would be spending the night on the floor, unable to move from the foot of the bed. Katie curled up into a ball, tucking her knees tight into her body. She could not find a comfortable spot and kept turning unable to stop some part of her body from quickly becoming a new source of pain and discomfort.

* * *

Lauren rose languidly to the surface of consciousness. It was still dark. She glanced at the small digital clock by the bed. She had only been asleep for two hours. It was unlike her to wake before dawn. She lay back, looking around the foreign room, realising how very different her room was from Katie's, but this room suited her - once it was clean.

"Kitty?" Lauren whispered.

"Yes Miss," came the immediate murmur from the end of the bed.

"Have you been to sleep?" Lauren asked, already knowing the answer.

"No Miss."

"Why not?"

"I don't know Miss," Katie replied despondently.

"Kitty if you promise to be good you may come sleep with me. Would you like that?"

"Yes please Miss, I promise to be good," Katie pleaded.

"Is your pussy wet my little slut?"

"Yes Miss, a little," Katie admitted, blushing in the darkness. She could feel the warmth creating the rosy glow in her cheeks. She hated that she blushed so easily and so frequently. After the week she had how could she blush at anything?

"Well you're wearing panties so I guess it's ok. I don't want you leaking all over me during the night. Come."

Katie squirmed to her hands and knees and crawled as far forward as she could. The leash pulled her up short but she strained forward a little more pulling her collar tight against her throat. Small tears of relief welled in her eyes as Lauren unclasped the leash and released her. She had not liked being tied to the foot of the bed like a pet. She didn't like feeling like an animal. If she was honest, it was the arousal that had kept her awake, not the discomfort of her position. She tried her best not to think about why her body was feeling this way but she had struggled since the moment the lights had gone out.

"Up," commanded Lauren, patting the bed beside her. She was smiling in the darkness. Once released Katie had waited on her knees for permission to enter the bed instead of just crawling straight in like a presumptious little bitch.

The compliant teen crawled into bed beside her owner, grateful for the chance at comfort. But what she felt as she lay down next to Lauren's warm form, her body matching the contours of the other girl's was a deep contentment. As she felt her cool asscheeks press against the warm flesh of Lauren's lap, absorbing the lovely heat, she recognised that the contentment she felt was a response to Lauren's body, the closeness of her touch and the comfort of simply being with her. She was worried by the feelings but it was so strong that her concern quickly faded into insignificance. All that mattered was that her owner wanted her close, wanted to touch her, wanted her with her.

Lauren nestled closely into Katie's body, running a hand over her smooth, soft belly running it up the trembling flesh to gently cup a breast. She felt the nipple stiffen under her touch and breathed into the tender flesh of her neck. She almost giggled as she felt a ripple of goosepimples rise along the young girl's flank.

"Are you going to sleep now Kitty?"

"Yes Miss," Katie said, unable to keep the smile out of her voice. Her hands, tightly taped into tiny fists, rested uselessly in her lap.

"I know what little sluts like you like Kitty," Lauren breathed, directly in Katie's ear, sending a shiver through the young girl's body.

Katie felt something touch her lips and she obediently opened her mouth. Smoothly and slowly, Lauren slid her thumb into her slave's accepting mouth. Katie immediately drew it inside, pressing it to the roof of her mouth with her tongue, suckling the intruder like a hungry babe. She could feel Lauren's breasts pushing into her back, the small hard nipples distinct points but as she suckled her owner's thumb the tension began to wash from her. Her body relaxed, squirming more closely into Lauren's, trying to press every inch of flesh into that of her owner.

"Sleep now pretty Kitty," Lauren murmured as she herself began drifting off to sleep.

Ever obedient, the young girl pressed her tongue against her owner's small, warm thumb and let the blessed oblivion of sleep take her.

Chapter 6. To the Mall

Katie lay back in the huge tub, luxuriating in the feel of the near-scalding water in which she was submerged. Small tendrils of steam rose from the calm surface of the water as she rested her head against the smooth wooden edge. She could feel something under the water, writhing between her legs but the sensation did not alarm her. She eased her legs apart, inviting the sinuous tentacles inside her.

She gasped as the thick snake-like appendages wormed against her tiny slit. The bare, pink lips of her sex opened, inviting the tentacles inside her. Katie gasped as she was entered. The tentacles squirmed and writhed within her, twisting and curling against the sensitive folds of her vagina.

Katie's eyes opened slowly, fluttering against the wan light that crept around the edges of her curtains. She was in her own bed but the tentacles were still inside her. She could feel them pushing and scraping deep within her, pushing her soft lips apart as they thrust in and out of her. She gasped as one of the tentacles flicked across her clit, a shudder of pleasure wracking her splayed body.

Tentacles? What the fuck! Katie opened her eyes. Her plain white ceiling was above her. She stared at the ceiling for long, precious seconds as the sensations between her legs continued. She did not want to look anywhere else. She knew she had to but there was a hint of fear hovering at the edges of the pleasure that was claiming her body.

The dream was completely gone now, the cold light of day banishing all thoughts of the surreal landscape of the night. Lauren was next to her, propped up on one elbow, smiling beatifically down at her. Lauren's other hand was thrust beneath her panties, two fingers buried inside her wetness.

Katie moaned softly as Lauren's thumb gently pushed back the small hood that hid her clit. Lauren had been fingering her while she was asleep! The thought rolled round and round her brain as the warm euphoria began to wash over her in irresistible waves. She had been asleep. Then she remembered how she had fallen asleep, suckling on Lauren's thumb like a baby with a dummy.

Her cheeks flushed a pretty pink at the humiliation of being treated like a child. But it was more than that. She had liked, well not liked, she had felt... She didn't know. She was so confused, and a little scared. She couldn't think straight with Lauren's talented fingers sliding in and out of her. She hadn't liked it exactly, but it had felt right. It was the last thing she could remember. She had actually fallen asleep like that. Katie looked sheepishly at Lauren, the expression changing to one of pleasure as the same thumb she had suckled as she slept, pressed insistently against her hard, slick button.


"Yes...Miss," Katie mumbled, her brain still dazed from waking to her pussy pulsing with pleasure.

"I am going for a run. When I return I want the bed made and you are to be kneeling awaiting me. It is a slave's duty to greet her owner appropriately when she returns home."

Katie moaned as Lauren's fingers withdrew, leaving the rising orgasm to fade into frustration. Her lips parted willingly as Lauren's fingers slipped inside her mouth. Katie dutifully cleaned the creamy discharge from her own pussy from her owner's petite fingers, sucking fiercely as they were removed from another of her holes.

She was rewarded with a quick kiss, a mere touching of lips, as Lauren rolled over her and quickly dressed in a fresh outfit from her bag. It was a cute pair of matching shorts and midriff top in baby blue. Katie admired her owner's body, marveling at the way the tight stretchy material looked as if it had been painted on. Lauren slipped her shoes on without socks and slipped out of the door without a backwards glance.

Katie lay back in bed and stared at the ceiling, more frustrated than she had ever been. Lauren had used her body, played with her most intimate parts before she was even awake, using her like a toy. It wasn't just that. She had been teased and then discarded without a thought. She was property and she had never felt this more keenly. What she wanted, what she needed, didn't matter. She was here for Lauren: to please her, to amuse her, to be used by her. She lay alone, her bed feeling empty without Lauren's warm body beside her, feeling ashamed, despondent and as horny as hell.

And these fucking hands, she screamed silently as she slammed her arms down by her sides. Her hands had been taped all night and Lauren had left her this way. She couldn't do anything with her hands like this. How was she supposed to make the bed? And what fucking time was it anyway? The sun looked as if it had barely risen.

Six o'clock! She didn't think she had got out of bed this early in her life and Lauren had gone for a run! All she wanted to do was curl back up under the covers and go back to sleep. Well after she had... After you've come, you can say it, she urged. After what she had done last night there was no point being coy. She was a slut and a slave and her pussy was soaking wet.

She had no idea how long it would take her to make the bed with her hands trussed up like this, if she even could. At least she could be fairly safe her parents would not be up yet. At least she didn't think they got up this early. There was no way she could explain this away.

Katie decided there was nothing for it, she had to get up. Lauren said they had a big day today and if it started off with Lauren angry and disappointed with her she didn't think she could take it. She slid out of bed and stood looking at the disheveled sheets. She had slept all night in the same bed as a naked girl. She had knelt right there and eaten Lauren's pussy, making her cum for the second time that night. She would never be able to look at her bed the same way again. It would forever be the bed of a slut.

Bed of a slut or not, how the fuck was she going to get it made? She knew it had to be done properly too. She couldn't just pull the cover over it, Lauren would check. And besides, that was what the lazy girl she used to be would have done. That was not who she was anymore. Katie leaned over the bed and tried to grab the sheet. The material slipped through the smooth tape that covered her hands. She tried again with the same result. Tiny tears welled in the frustrated teen's eyes. How was she ever going to do this? She was doomed to disappoint Lauren yet again.

She couldn't think like that. She couldn't just give up. It wasn't really an option anyway. She had been ordered to do something and she had to comply. Obedience was a part of who she was now. It was not a part she particularly relished but that was irrelevant. She grit her teeth in defiance and tried again.

After many frustrating minutes the bed was made. The sheets smoothed down, turned over and tucked in. The pretty pink quilt covering the bed and her pillows stacked up neatly. She had, after much frustration and a few tears, worked out that she could only move the sheets if she wrapped her hands in them. She had also used her elbows and even resorted to nuzzling the resistant material with her nose. For the final finessing however, she had used her teeth. Nothing else gave her enough grip to control the sheet with sufficient dexterity.

Salty tears had slipped down her cheeks the first time she had done so. She had felt the degradation acutely. That she had been forced to this had upset her more than she would have guessed. One task was now complete. It was time for the waiting to begin.

How soon should she get on her knees and be ready for her owner's return? Would she hear her coming? Could she take that risk? She meandered around her room for a few minutes, unsure of what to do, looking and touching things without really thinking about what she was doing.  She couldn't wait, she needed to be in position.

Katie eased herself to her knees and adopted the position expected of her. She checked herself every few minutes: making sure her knees were spread widely enough, her back was straight enough and keeping her arms behind her back at all times. The infernal tape that removed her hands from use became maddening. She was continually shuffling the two smooth stumps against each other, unable to keep them still.

She glanced at the clock beside her bed and knew it could not be much longer. She had been on her knees for more than ten minutes. Surely Lauren could not be running much longer than this. She was in the process of resettling herself, raising her butt off her feet to stretch her legs a little, when she heard a noise outside the door.

Katie immediately fell back to the floor, her buttocks bumping against her heels. She straightened her back and lifted her head up to look at the door expecting Lauren to walk through it at any moment and desperate to be found pleasing when she did. At that moment, the only thing  in the world that Katie wanted to see was a smile on Lauren's face as she walked through the door.


Fuck! Katie froze, fear gripping her, making her incapable of speech or movement. What the fuck was her father doing up? What was he doing at her door? What could he want? What could she do? Open your mouth you dumb bitch. If he thinks you are asleep he may just try and check. The door is not locked.

"Uh yeah Dad?" she croaked, her voice almost refusing to work. "Don't come in Dad, I'm not dressed," she almost screamed as she heard a hand on the doorknob. Why wasn't she getting up? Come on Katie, get up, get into the closet. Do something. Anything.

'What time will you need that lift to the mall?"

"Um I don't know dad. I'll have to wait until Lauren gets back to ask her."

"Okay hon, I'll start breakfast when I hear Lauren come back."

"Uh okay dad, thanks."

"Kate, you doing what Lauren says?"

"Uh yes Dad," Katie blurted, the paranoia rushing back at full force. If she hadn't already been kneeling she might have fallen to the floor.

"Good, we only want what's best for you honey. You're so lucky to have someone like Lauren."

"Lucky," Katie whispered, but her father had already gone. The frantic panic of almost being caught by her father, half-naked and kneeling lewdly on the floor of her room was squashed by the even greater fear that Lauren had somehow gotten her parents onside with her being Lauren's property. She knew it was stupid. She knew it went against all common sense but she couldn't shake it.

Just as the fear and shame reached their peak, Lauren sauntered through the door, sweating and still breathless from her run. All her worries and fears were banished the second she saw the smile that lit up her owner's face. Her small mouth curved upwards making her nose crinkle ever so slightly, and her eyes twinkled mischeviously. Katie couldn't believe the surge of emotion that seemed to fill her entire being as that smile beamed down upon her.

Lauren closed the door and Katie crawled forward to kiss her shoes. She could taste the sweat and the dew and dirt as she pressed her lips to each trainer. Lauren patted her on the head and sat in the chair by the desk. Katie followed obediently, unlaced each shoe using her teeth to pull the laces and lovingly slipped them from Lauren's feet.

"Good girl Kitty," Lauren praised, softly caressing the young girl's cheek. Katie pressed her face to the touch.

"How do you feel this morning?"

"Good thank you Miss."

"Kitty, when someone asks you how you are it is only polite to respond in kind."

"How are you Miss," Katie replied, shamed by her failure at basic courtesy.

"I am great Kitty. Running in the mornings is so fantastic. Is your pussy wet Kitty?"

"Yes Miss," Katie replied blushing, instantly annoyed at her response.

"Well Kitty, when I ask you how you are feeling you tell me how you are feeling. This is pretty basic stuff Kitty. Most people have it mastered pretty early. Shall we try again?"

"Yes Miss," Katie replied timidly, not quite believing how quickly things had turned against her.

"How are you feeling this morning Kitty?"

"I am good Miss. My bottom hurts a little bit and my pussy is wet. Thank you for asking Miss. How are you?"

"There you go Kitty, I knew you could do it," Lauren said clasping her hands together excitedly. "Shall we take that tape off?"

"If it pleases you Miss."

"You don't like it do you Kitty?"

"No Miss," Katie ventured hesitantly.

"It's ok Kitty. It's ok to say you don't like something. A slave must always be truthful. If I ever find you have told me something just because you thought it was what I wanted to hear you will be punished quite harshly. Understand?"

"Yes Miss."


Katie offered her tape-clad fists and breathed a sigh of relief as Lauren cut the tape away from her hands. "Fingers out straight Kitty, slowly. Now wiggle them slowly. Good girl. Now Kitty, what did you learn?"

"Um Miss, I learnt that... um that it's hard to make a bed without hands."

"Oh Kitty," Lauren laughed. "You're gorgeous. What did you really learn though."

"Miss I learned that my body belongs to you."

"Yes Kitty, that's true. I hope you also learnt that as your owner, everything you are belongs to me. You have only what I allow you. If I do not wish you to have hands you will not have hands. If I don't want you to have sight, you will not have sight. Do you understand that Kitty?"

"Yes Miss I do."

"Good girl. Your dad was going to start breakfast soon but I think you are hungry now aren't you Kitty?"

"Yes Miss," Katie replied, the familiar flutter beginning in her belly.

Lauren stood up and slid her shorts and g-string down her legs in one swift movement. She stepped out of the damp clothing and straddled the kneeling teen. Katie opened her mouth, her tongue flicking forward, as Lauren's bare pussy descended on her face.

Katie opened her mouth, enveloping the smooth bare lips of her owner's sex. Lauren grabbed her hair and forced the young girl's face against her hot slit. Katie opened her mouth wider, forcing her tongue into a point and thrusting it deep inside her classmate. Lauren wanted something different this morning. The run had got her blood up and she needed to use Katie hard, treat her body like sextoy.

Katie gasped as Lauren grasped her hair and wrenched her head viciously forward. She jerked Katie's head back and forth, sliding her face from nose to chin across her wet cunt. Katie's eyes watered as her nose was squashed against her owner's body, slipping across the slick lips, dipping inside the feverishly hot passage and bumping painfully against her mons.

Katie's tears soon joined the sexual secretions of her owner, moistening her face.

"Lick Kitty. Keep that tongue moving you lazy little bitch. All the way in. Faster Kitty. Eat. When I allow you my pussy you better show me how much you appreciate the privilege. That's it Kitty, as if you haven't eaten for a week."

Katie's tears continued to flow as she licked and sucked her owner's pussy. Her hands were resting on the floor know, the ferocity of Lauren's attack had left the young girl arched backwards painfully her face crushed between Lauren's legs as she straddled the struggling teen. Her mouth worked frantically as she worked hard to please the dominant girl.

"Clit slut. Get two fingers inside me. Yes Kitty. Oh good Kitty. Curl...them...forward. Kit-"

Lauren bucked her hips, her body thrusting in a primal surge of overwhelming rapture. Katie cried as her body was used to pleasure another girl, her face nothing more than a living machine whose only purpose was to provide an orgasm. She felt the degradation acutely, especially after the tender lovemaking that she had been forced to perform the previous night.

She was property and Lauren was using her as an object, with as much regard and concern as if she was a dildo. She felt worthless, demeaned to the point that she questioned if this was all she was good for. Even through the crisis of self that was wracking her psyche she never stopped working. Her mouth and tongue continued to lap and suckle the trembling teenage sex that was thrust forcefully upon her upturned face.

As the orgasm burst and faded, Lauren pushed Katie away, sending the young girl sprawling to the floor. Her face was a mess. Her eyes were red, her cheeks puffy and pink and her mouth felt as if she had been slapped again and again. Her lips throbbed from the rough treatment and the whole bottom half of her face glistened in the early morning light.

“Exercises. Now.”

Katie got to her feet and began her daily routine as Lauren sauntered to her closet and chose the clothing Katie would wear that day. Katie watched as a sleeveless pale green dress was selected first. It was one of her nicest dresses, with a stiffened bodice that hugged her body and pushed her boobs up. Next was her plain black bra and brief, black boy-short panties. Last were the only pair of heels she owned. They were slim and black and only two inch heels but she still wasn’t expert in wearing them. She much preferred flats.

Once she had laid out Katie’s outfit on the bed, bra and panties laid over the top of the dress as if she was providing Katie a guide to dressing, Lauren settled in to watch her girl perform the strenuous regime she had instituted. Katie was breathing heavily, her body shining under the sheen of sweat that had formed during the first three exercises. Lauren smiled as she watched the young girl continue. She was clearly struggling, but she had obviously improved over the week. She had been doing her exercises, the evidence was right before her. Katie had taken to her new life quicker and easier than Lauren had planned. She knew there was no going back for either of them now, even if she had wanted to. And she most definitely did not want to. The mere sight of the pretty teen exercising, stressing her body as she had been ordered, was enough to quicken Lauren’s pulse as she sat watching. She could feel the throb in her pussy, that telltale sign that her desire was beginning to rise. She had come only a few minutes ago and yet watching Katie gasp and move was exciting her terribly.

“Kitty wants to please.”

Lauren felt her nipples stiffen as she heard Katie recite the words. She wanted to stop Katie right there and then, throw her down on the floor and mash that pretty little face into her pussy.

She couldn’t though. There was too much to do, Katie’s father was cooking breakfast and besides she was the strong one here. Sure she could just indulge herself anytime she wished, in any way she wished, but she was the one in control here. Not only did she have to discipline her slave but she had to display self-discipline. She was discovering the realities of what she had read. Owning a slave was a responsibility. It was a responsibility to oneself and sometimes required sacrifice. She would have Katie for a long time, there was no need to rush anything now.

"Come here Kitty," Lauren urged, once Katie had finished her exercises and stood at attention, gasping for breath. "Kneel. Now Kitty, what's all this about."

"I don't know Miss," Katie said in a hushed whisper as Lauren gently wiped away a tear.


"Sorry Miss, I um. Miss I liked to um, eat your pussy. I did Miss, please. It was just that..."

"You didn't like the way you were used, is that it Kitty?"

"Yes Miss," mumbled Katie, amazed that Lauren had known how she had felt.

"You are just adjusting Kitty. You are so used to being selfish and lazy and thinking only of yourself. No one likes to be wrong but when your whole life is shown to be a waste of self-indulgence and you learn that you are rightfully the property of someone else it's bound to be hard. When you are used as you deserve, your body fulfilling the needs of another, that is when you feel it Kitty. It will be hard the first few times."

Lauren tenderly caressed the young girl's face, pushing a stray lock of hair back behind her ears. "You feel worthless because you are realising that your life has been worthless. You are defined only by your service to me Kitty. That's why you feel this way. Do you understand?"

"Yes Miss," said the still bewildered teen. Lauren eased her forward and Katie wrapped her arms around Lauren’s leg, hugging her, feeling the warmth from her body and needing it more than anything.

"You can talk to me about anything Kitty. I am always here for you. I own you Kitty and I always take very good care of all my possessions. You should only ever be sad when you disappoint me Kitty, and then you should be focusing on doing everything you can to make amends. Give my pussy a kiss Kitty, it will make you feel better."

Katie still didn't quite understand what Lauren had tried to tell her. She had seemed to know exactly what she was feeling but the confused teen still wasn't sure why. Lauren often lost her when she went into 'lecture mode'. It hadn't been the roughness exactly, it was just that she felt that she didn't matter. She tried to forget it as she leaned forward and tentatively kissed the seated girl's lips. Lauren's labia was still a little moist from the recent orgasm and Katie's lips momentarily stuck to the sticky discharge that coated the bare pink lips.

"It's ok Kitty, you can keep kissing until you feel better. Keep that tongue inside your mouth, naughty Kitty."

Katie was mortified that she blushed at the admonishment. Her lips had parted and her tongue had ever so gently peeked through to touch the soft flesh of Lauren's sex. She hadn't meant to do it, it just happened. She felt like such a slut, unable to control herself. She closed her mouth and kissed the soft, sticky lips again and again, small tender kisses, her lips pressing lightly against the hot moistness.

"Feel better?"

"Yes Miss."

"Ok get dressed. Red shorts and black t-shirt. Wash your face and then come down to breakfast."

Katie scurried to her feet to fulfill the commands, glad that she would be wearing clothes again. She had never quite gotten over the disconcerting feeling of being naked, or almost naked, while Lauren stayed clothed. It made her feel so very exposed, despite it only being one girl who could see her, and a girl that had seen all of her already.

When Katie trotted downstairs, the trepidation she felt with each step grew and grew. She could hear Lauren chatting amiably with her father, laughing as if they had known each other for ages. Katie felt terribly self-conscious. They were laughing at her, she was sure of it.

"Hey Katie," her father said as he noticed her hovering at the doorway to the kitchen. Bacon and eggs." He stood there, beaming at her, as if he hadn't just been laughing at her. "It's all there, I'll leave you girls to it."

Katie eased her way into the kitchen as her father left. Did he just wink at Lauren? Katie had felt much better when she had washed the sticky secretions from her face though she could still smell Lauren's sex, the aroma deeply ingrained upon her senses. She was sure that some of Lauren's juices had got up her nose during the frenzied assault. As yucky as that sounded she preferred that scenario to the one where everyone could smell the sexual musk on her, knowing what she had done. Her breath smelled like pussy, of that she had no doubt.

"Come Kitty. Your breakfast is here. One hardboiled egg, one slice of toast and some lovely grapefruit that your Dad was nice enough to cut into little cubes for you."

As she sat on the stool next to Lauren, she looked at the plate that had been set for her. The toast was only half a slice, a small triangle of lightly buttered brown bread. She had no cutlery so she guessed she would be eating with her hands. Lauren’s plate was everything hers was not. Two pieces of toast, liberally spread with butter, an omelette with onion and capsicum filling and four rashes of bacon.

"Oh Kitty you are priceless. You have the breakfast you deserve. Stop eyeing mine like a little piglet. If you are a good girl and do well in your training, you will achieve everything you deserve, okay?"

"Yes Miss, thank you," Katie said timidly, abashed at the telling off.

"You may eat Kitty."

Katie focused on her own meager breakfast, eating first the egg, toast and then the grapefruit. Her fingers and lips were coated in the sticky citrus juice by the time her plate was empty. She was finished long before Lauren, but that wasn't much of a surprise.

"Oh Kitty you do love your juices," joked Lauren, laughing softly at the shamed teen.

"Would you like some bacon?"

"Yes please Miss," Katie blurted, realising too late that it might not have been the best choice of words.

"Kneel Kitty, beside my stool."

Katie slid timidly from her own seat and knelt by her owner. She glanced nervously over her shoulder at the doorway, fearful that her parents would walk in on the scene, witnessing her degradation.

"Kitty," Lauren snapped, tapping Katie on the top of her head with the back of her fork. “A slave's focus is always on her owner. Eyes to the front. Now open your mouth, tongue out. This is your position for 'beg'."

Katie's stomach tightened at the word. How could words have so much power? Lauren was able to make her feels things, stir emotions deep inside her with a simple word. She knelt on the cool tiles and waited dutifully. Lauren continued to eat her breakfast casually, as if she was oblivious to the kneeling teen beside her.

After what felt, to Katie, like minutes had passed, Lauren's right hand approached. There was a small piece of bacon, less than an inch in length, clamped between her fingers. Katie's tongue quivered as the morsel neared. She could taste the bacon already. She leaned forward slightly in anticipation.

"Bad girl Kitty. You wait."

Lauren removed the piece of bacon and popped it in her own mouth. Katie almost cried then, but she grit her teeth and vowed that she would not. She had been stupid, fucking stupid. She swayed back and waited again. This time she would not move. It hadn't been the loss of the bacon that upset her, it was the disappointment in Lauren's voice. It was as if someone had kicked her in the chest when she heard it.

Katie waited and waited, sure that Lauren had finished her meal and she would not be given another chance to make up for letting her owner down. Just when she was about to give in to the despair, Lauren's hand wove into view, another tiny strip of bacon offered to her. Katie froze, determined to be good.

Lauren let the small morsel, much smaller than the first, hover in front of Katie's open mouth, watching the young girl like a hawk. Katie remained still, her eyes focused on Lauren's hand, her tongue trembling. She did not move. Lauren smiled and placed the small piece of food onto her waiting tongue and patted Katie on the head.

It was only then that her tongue retracted and she ate the offering, munching the tiny piece of bacon with relish. It was not until she was clearing away the dishes at Lauren's command that she realised what had just happened. She had been fed like an animal, fed tidbits from her owner's plate, hand to mouth while she waited on the floor. The fires in her cheeks blazed as the humiliation materialised. It was how she sometimes fed Max. That thought, was only fuel to the fires that were burning her delicate skin.

"Upstairs and get the shower ready Kitty. You know what to do."

"Yes Miss."

Katie closed the dishwasher and hurried up the stairs. The instant she closed the door of the bathroom she took off her t-shirt, shorts and panties, folding each item neatly and placing them on top of the hamper. Only then did she turn the shower on and regulate the flow until it was nice and warm.

When Lauren entered more than a minute later, Katie was waiting dutifully: naked, kneeling on the bathmat, facing the shower. Lauren's smile reached all the way to her eyes, lighting her face with unbound joy. Katie continued to surprise and please her. The girl had the instincts alright. Lauren had hoped. Hoped that her guess had been right. Katie had definite submissive tendencies.

Even if she hadn't, nothing would have changed, but this was so much better. She knew Katie was having a hard time with it right now: confused, not wanting to accept what she was forced to do, the constant threat of rebellion lurking under the surface of obedience. Lauren looked forward to watching it develop, it was as delicious as having the little slut lick her out.

Lauren undressed and slipped into the shower, aware of Katie's eyes following her every move. She closed the door to the shower, smiling as she glimpsed the forlorn expression on the young girl's face. Lauren turned under the warm shower, luxuriating in the feel of the sweat of the morning washing away. She cupped her breasts, pinching each nipple gently, smiling cheekily as she felt herself harden.

"Kitty. Come."

Katie threw back the door a split second later and scrambled into the shower beside her owner. She hated being left outside, alone. She hated that she hated it. She hated that she could not stop feeling this way. She was inside now, with Lauren. She was soon washing the toned, hairless body of her classmate; her hands sliding over curves and slipping into crevices.

When she had finished Lauren gave her two minutes to wash her own body before she had to get out and wait, towel in hand, for Lauren to finish. As she stood, dripping on the tiles, Lauren's towel held aloft, away from her body, Katie realised that she now seemed to have only two speeds. Frantic, frenzied activity as she hurried to fulfill the commands Lauren gave and complete stillness as she waited for another.

Even the smallest aspects of her life were being ruled by another. What she ate, what she wore, when she spoke, how she spoke, how she stood. All things she had always taken for granted, all taken from her, resting in the hands of a girl her own age, but who sometimes seemed much, much older. She had heard people use the term 'old soul', is that what they meant? Lauren often seemed much older, but then she could smile or giggle or say something silly and Katie was reminded she was no older than she was. It was a devastating thing to learn.

Lauren stepped from the shower, refreshed, and stepped in to the waiting towel. Katie sank to her knees when while Lauren dried her body. She watched the athletic teen's every movement, looking up demurely at the girl who controlled her very life.

Lauren dropped the towel to the floor and blowdryed her hair, watching Katie in the mirror. Katie was turned to the side and she kept darting glances at Lauren out of the corner of her eye. She couldn't help herself, aware each time she did that she could get in trouble.

"Dry yourself Kitty. Clean your panties before putting them in the hamper then come to your room."

Lauren was out the door by the time Katie had scrambled to her feet and began drying her body with the wet towel. She looked at her panties as she dried her body, knowing what she had to do, knowing she had no choice but disliking it nonetheless.

She wrapped the towel around her, strode purposefully to the hamper and unfolded her panties. Do it quick, she told herself, the only encouragement she could muster. The crotch of the thong was coated in her creamy discharge. Katie put the material in her mouth and suckled the soaked garment, blushing as she heard the hiss as she drew air through the moist material. Her tongue lapped furiously at the ooze her pussy had secreted.

Katie's entire mouth was steeped in the taste of her own sex. She threw the small panties into the hamper as if they were something poisonous. Now she had a decision to make. Lauren had not told her to get dressed, nor had she said that she could cover herself with the towel. Her room was only a few feet away but it was getting later and her parents were bound to be around. Lauren was waiting, she had to decide.

Katie stepped into her room timidly, the wet towel wrapped around her body. Lauren was already dressed in a short, pleated skirt with a chequered design and a pretty white button-up blouse. Katie sheepishly closed the door behind her, almost holding her breath in anticipation of the reaction to her choice of covering.

"Get dressed, brush your teeth, and do your makeup."

Katie loosened the towel and draped it over the door handle, letting out her pent-up breath in relief. Lauren had not even mentioned it, she must have done the right thing. A strange elation flowed through the young girl and she all but skipped to the bed and her waiting outfit.

"No Kitty," Lauren said exasperatedly. "When a skirt or dress has been chosen for you the order in which you dress is shoes, panties, bra and then dress."

Katie put the panties back atop the dress. She looked down at her shuffling feet, her composure battered by Lauren's constant corrections. She bent over and slipped a foot into each heel, conscious of Lauren watching her nakedness. The timid teen looked shyly at Lauren, surreptitiously checking before she reached for the panties. When no correction came, she quickly stepped into her panties before shrugging into her bra and then finally her dress.

"What are you waiting for Kitty? Do you think you deserve praise for dressing yourself? Five year olds manage as much. You have your orders."

Katie blushed and scurried from the room. She stayed bent over the basin as she brushed her teeth, fearful of even the tiniest spatter of toothpaste on her dress. Lauren had chosen the outfit for her and if she ruined it now she knew she would be in trouble.

She looked at herself in the mirror before beginning to apply her makeup. She was very pretty, she had to admit it. The green dress accentuated her pale green eyes and the bodice pushed her breasts up creating a delicious vista of cleavage. She stepped back from the mirror and turned. The dress fell half-way to her knee, exposing a cheeky amount of leg, but still modest. Lauren had chosen her outfit perfectly.

No matter the sight the delicate dress made, she kept coming back to her collar. The shiny metal ring that encircled her throat was visible from every angle. Everyone had to know what it was. It was beautifully made but it screamed collar. Didn't it? Katie shook herself from the daydream and quickly applied the subtle touches of mascara and eyeliner that Lauren had shown her.

Lauren was not in her room when Katie returned. She was confused once again. Since meeting Lauren in the library she had been constantly off balance, never able to fully get a handle on the maelstrom of emotions that constantly and chaotically whirled inside her. Had she done something wrong? Had she taken too long in the bathroom. She cursed herself for spending so much time looking at herself in the mirror. Katie slunk out of the bedroom and crept down the hallway. She could hear Lauren downstairs, laughing and talking with her father. Why were they always laughing? She didn’t want to interrupt but every second she was unaccounted for could be used against her. She was already afraid she had taken too long.

“There she is, finally. Teenagers hey Greg,” Lauren said with mock indignation.

“Indeed,” replied Katie’s father, to fresh bursts of laughter from the pair.

Katie’s mouth flickered in the briefest and most tentative of smiles. She was unsure of what to do, her confidence had been shattered, even here in her own home with the people she was closest to in the world. The young girl stood self-consciously in the doorway, hands fidgeting at her sides. She no longer knew what to expect. Everyone else seemed to be in on some big secret that was kept from her. It made her nervous and she chewed her bottom lip without realising. Lauren watched the unease that practically radiated from her. She was so cute when she nibbled on her lip, the air of girlish innocence accentuated by the unconscious act.

“Well we had better be going, we have appointments to keep,” suggested Lauren as she stood up. Katie allowed herself to be led by the hand out to the garage. Her worries had multiplied at the statement. Appointments? She did not like the sound of that, not at all.

* * *

“Give me the $60 your father gave you.”

Katie dug in her small purse and handed the money over. Lauren had chosen a small black purse for her to carry. It carried very little but Katie knew why it had been chosen. It was just large enough to contain her dildo and she could feel the heavy glass shaft through the thin material. Lauren herself had a pretty shoulderbag, slung across her chest, into which she deposited the money.

She had been surprised when her father had slipped her $60 as he let them out at the mall. He had patted her hand and told her to have fun and then driven off and left her with Lauren. Katie felt silly now, but at that moment she felt her father had abandoned her, as if he had given his blessing to Lauren’s ownership of her and delivered her into Lauren’s care.

“This is gonna be great,” Lauren exclaimed, bouncing toward the mall, her ponytail bobbing exuberantly behind her. Katie followed, hurrying to keep up but not feeling the same excitement that infused Lauren’s every movement. The butterflies in her stomach felt as if they had just smoked crack, fluttering manically a million miles an hour. She couldn’t shake the feeling that she needed to pee even though she knew she did not. It was still extremely early in the morning, Katie didn’t think she had ever been to the mall when the shops were still opening, and yet it was already teeming with people.

 Katie took a deep breath as she stepped through the automatic doors and silently prayed that they would not see anyone from school. They had not gone far when Lauren suddenly rounded on the nervous teen, startling her. A mischevious smile twisted Lauren’s mouth as she watched Katie’s high breasts bounce as she jumped. The dress showed those pert mounds off perfectly, pushing them together, the profusion of soft flesh was like a siren’s song, inviting her caress. The urge was so strong she had to force herself to focus.

“Kitty. My mom knows the lady who runs this store. Mrs. Farrell is really cool. You are to be respectful at all times. She is Mrs. Farrell or Ma’am to you. You are going to be working here, well if you get the job. First impressions are important Kitty, so I want you to be the sweet and lovely. As if you wouldn’t be,” Lauren said laughing. She ran her hands down Katie’s arms and took her hands in her own. “This is important Kitty. If you are a good girl you can have a treat later.”

Katie was still in a state of shock and the mention of a treat didn’t excite her as much as she thought Lauren was hoping. Did her parents know about this? They must have. It had to be what Lauren had talked about with them last night. Of course, who wouldn’t be in favour of their teenage daughter getting off her ass and getting a job, bringing in some money and learning some responsibility. They didn’t know she was being forced into it though. They didn’t know anything. No one did. She was alone in this purgatory.

“Oh come on Kitty,” Lauren said with indignation. “A slave serves her owner through service and all slaves must work. It will be good for you to learn some responsibility and discipline. Being allowed to laze around the house all the time led you to broadcasting your little escapade with a-“

“Sorry Miss, I will work hard,” Katie blurted, knowing she was wrong to interrupt her owner but she could not let her finish. She couldn’t bear to hear Lauren refer to that incident, especially not in the middle of the mall. She cringed, waiting for Lauren’s reaction.

“Oh I know you will Kitty, I trust you,” Lauren said smiling. That was not what Katie had expected.

Lauren fussed with Katie’s hair and dress, making sure she looked perfect for her interview. Katie could do nothing but look embarrassed, watching the feet of the passersby, unable to lift her eyes, fearful of what she would see.

"Very cute. Now Kitty I want your best behaviour. If you embarrass me you will be punished."

"I will be good Miss," Katie whispered, afraid someone would hear her.


The shop that Lauren led her into was a small boutique clothing store, which, from what Katie could see, catered to the more discerning young fashionista. The store was split with men’s and women’s fashion on opposing sides. The clothing was gorgeous and Katie instantly spotted a half dozen outfits she would have loved to own.

"Hi Jean."

"Hey Lauren. Punctual as always," smiled the older woman. "And this must be Katie. Aren't you just as pretty as a picture."

Katie stood and stared, not sure what she should say. Mrs. Farrell looked to be in her late 30s but she was still attractive. She was slim waisted and full breasted and the skirt and blouse she wore were understated but stylish, accentuating her figure. Katie felt like such a girl in her presence.

"She is. Cutest girl in school," boasted Lauren.

"Well next to you," laughed Mrs. Farrell. "So Katie, you want a job."

"Yes please Ma'am," Katie replied shyly.

"She's a good girl Jean. She wants to work hard and make the shop successful, not that it's not now of course. She will do anything that is needed."

"She's not too shy to speak for herself is she. You will be dealing with customers, selling the clothes, suggesting outfits, ensembles and accessories and upselling where you can. Have you had a job before?"

"No Ma'am."

"Well, wander around, familiarise yourself with the store. Come back in ten minutes and the first customer that comes through the door will be your test. You will suggest two outfits for whoever it is and we will see how you do."

Katie walked away from the pair after Lauren waved her off. They continued chatting as Katie focused on the clothing set on racks and tables around the store. There seemed to be every conceivable type of clothing in the store, except maybe lingerie. Skirts and dresses, shorts and jeans, t-shirts and blouses and jackets and jeggings. There was one common theme that tied all the clothes together however, they were very high quality and very expensive.

There was one couple in the store browsing and she tried not to get in their way but kept her eyes on what the girl picked out. She seemed to have good taste, except for one pair of tight, denim shorts that Katie knew would not suit her body at all. When she felt the ten minutes was up she walked back to Lauren who was standing on her own behind the counter.

"Well Kitty, did you take it all in?"

"I think so Miss. I'll do my best."

"That's all anyone can ask Kitty. It will be a shame if your best is not good enough."

Katie looked at Lauren, her anguish etched on her pretty face. All she could do was try and hope for the best. Her hands were shaking when Mrs. Farrell returned.

"How'd you go Katie?"

"Good thank you Ma'am," the young girl replied, trying to sound more confident than she was. She had to be bolder and less like a little girl afraid to talk to strangers. She needed to get this job and when she did, she would be selling clothes. Something that required confidence. She hoped she would be up to the task.

"Ok Katie, you're up," said Jean, indicating the newest customer to the store.

Katie looked at the young girl who had entered with her mother. She was about the same age as her, maybe a little younger. She was dressed in a rather drab pair of jeans and a faded red t-shirt - everything in the store would be an improvement on that outfit.

"Collect two outfits that you think would suit her. Quickly now, seconds are like hours in retail."

Katie scurried off, eager to please both her owner and her prospective employer. She remembered a pretty pair of jeans that would suit the girl's slim shape and a nice plain white blouse, that would accentuate the dark blue of the denim. For the second outfit she chose a petite black skirt and a tight-fitting red top with spaghetti straps cut low in the front, perfect for showing off the cleavage that was in fashion right now. She hurried back to the counter with the outfit. Jean looked over the selections carefully, raising an eyebrow here and smiling there.

"Not bad. This one though," she indicated the red top Katie had chosen, "is a risk. Sure it might be something she would wear but with her mother hovering over her... She definitely looks like she would be more suited to the more understated outfit. You have to remember you are choosing not only what would suit the customer but what they are likely to wear, what suits their personality not just their body."

Katie was crestfallen at the criticism. Would Lauren be angry? She really had tried her best. Shit, if she didn't pass the test, if she failed to get the job what would Lauren do? She would be punished for sure but from what Lauren had said she would be getting a job one way or another. This would be much more preferable than some greasy fast food joint.

"And also remember that you are not choosing clothes for yourself. This top would look gorgeous on you, which you are no doubt aware. You have the bosom for it, but not all girls are as happy to flaunt it as you are."

Katie blushed, not knowing if it was praise or not, but having someone talk about her body in that way made her extremely self-conscious.

"You didn't do too badly though and Lauren assures me that you are well behaved and that you will do whatever jobs you are given without complaint. Is this true?"

"Yes Mrs Farrell, I will do anything," Katie replied sincerely. She had thought about the alternatives and she really did want to work here.

"She's very obedient Jean," Lauren added from the background.

Katie's blush intensified at the remark. She knew that she was, she had to be, but it was not something that you generally said about someone. She felt as if everyone must know she was a slave. Everyone! There is only one other person here, dummy. What if she did know? What if Lauren had told her?

"Ok Katie, you have the job," Jean said with a smile. "On a one month probation," she added as Lauren jumped up and down, squealing excitedly.

"Sure Jean," Lauren squealed.

"Thank you Ma'am," said Katie, smiling at the unbound excitement of her owner. She was happy for herself too. Now she would not be punished and she wouldn't have to work in some burger dive.

"Well what are you girls up to for the rest of the day?"

"We have a few things planned, but nothing for half an hour," answered Lauren.

"I've got some forms for Katie to fill out and she can spend some time in the store, learning the stock if you like."

"Sure Jean that sounds great."

Katie stood by, a spectator to the conversation. She now had a job, so why did she feel as if she was still only acting as Lauren's slave. Despite having chosen the outfits pretty well and being respectful and obedient, she still felt it was Lauren's words that got her the job. She knew she was only there because of Lauren, because Lauren wanted her to work. It was her duty to work. But she still felt she should be more excited at getting her first job.

"Fill out these forms Kitty," said Lauren handing her a bundle of forms. "Here's the details you put down for the account where your wages are to be deposited. When you're finished, keep working the store and learning all you can about what Jean offers."

Katie took the small slip of paper filled with numbers realising as she did so that all the money she would make would go straight to Lauren. It was that fact more than any other that made her truly feel like a slave. She had already realised she had no choice in the things she was doing but working, and working hard she knew, and not getting paid was a bitter pill to swallow. Katie grudgingly filled out the forms, unable to put her feelings aside. She knew she shouldn't be angry or even disappointed but she couldn't help it.

As she weaved her way around the tables to flick through rack upon rack of clothing, she wondered where Lauren had got to. She was no longer in the store, of that she was certain. Mrs. Farrell was helping some young girls and she was left to her own devices for the first time in a long time. She continued with what she had been told, the idea of slacking off not even occurring to the young girl. Lauren's conditioning was already having a strong effect on the impressionable teen.

"Ok Kitty."

Katie jumped, almost dropping her purse, as Lauren sidled up behind her. Lauren giggled. She was so easy to sneak up on, and the righteous indignation that came over her everytime she was scared was priceless.

"Time to go. Thank Jean for being so nice and lets go.'

"Thank you for giving me a chance Mrs. Farrell. I won't let you down," Katie said, her every word oozing with sincerity.

"I dare say you won't Katie. Your first shift is Tuesday night. Be here at 4.30 and I can show you around.

"Yes Ma'am."

Chapter 7. Transformation

"Kitty you were really good in there. Jean was impressed with your manners. I promised you a treat and I always keep my promises Kitty, but you'll have to wait until later."

"Thank you Miss, Kitty wants to please."

Why the fuck had she said that? She saw Lauren's eyes sparkle in response and knew the answer already. Seeing Lauren smile, seeing her happy in any way sent a flush of warmth through her body, spreading through her belly and up into her chest. She had never experienced anything like it before. She didn't know what it was, but she knew it made her feel good. And, apparently, she was willing to humiliate herself make it happen.

"Well keep it up Kitty, that is what you are for. Here we are."

Katie had barely been paying attention to her surroundings as she followed Lauren through the mall. She was beginning to feel the effects in her legs of wearing the heels that she almost never wore. She glanced into the store as they entered, wondering what they would be doing here. The beauty salon had rows of reclining chairs out the front, two of which were already occupied with women having their hair washed or cut.

"Hey Gloria," Lauren called to a woman at the back of the salon.

"Lauren," Gloria called out, dropping the brush and scissors back onto the bench. "So this is Katie huh. Has anyone ever told you, you look like that chick from Scott Pilgrim?"

"Hey wow she so does. I hadn't really noticed it before Gloria."

"Minus the blue hair of course," Gloria smiled cheekily.

Katie had never heard of whatever they were talking about, which only made her feel more an outsider. Lauren knew all these people, she had never seen them before in her life, but they all seemed to know her. The word buxom was just made to describe Gloria. Her breasts were huge, protruding from her chest like two zeppelins. She was wearing a purple corset that made her waist smaller and only served to make her breasts appear even bigger. She was wearing a long black skirt and black stockings underneath, her hair spiked at the front but long and layered at the back. Definitely someone who would stand out in a crowd.

"Quiet one isn't she?" Gloria said jokingly.

"She's a good girl Gloria, just a little lazy and needs a little more confidence. And that's why we're here," Lauren was all smiles as she talked about Katie as if she was deaf and dumb.

"Come on back and we can get started. I can't wait to get stuck in to those luscious black locks."

"You remember what we talked about right?" asked Lauren.

"Yep. You are so right, it will look perfect. I know you're gonna love it Katie."

Katie sat down in the chair at Gloria's direction dreading what was about to happen. Her hair was going to be cut, she knew that much, but what had Lauren chosen for her new look? She hoped it wasn't something stupid, or something short. Lauren wouldn't make her look ugly surely. It was a slave's duty to be pleasing for her owner and Lauren would not be pleased with a stupid haircut. Unless laughing at her all the time was the goal. Katie felt even worse after that little thought popped into her head.

She clenched tightly to her purse as the shiny cape was draped over her shoulders, covering her body. She could feel each and every bump of the glass dildo inside her purse and she watched in the mirror as her cheeks blazed red as she thought about what people would say if someone found that in her purse.

Lauren and Gloria chatted as Katie's hair was cut. Not once throughout the whole process did either one speak to Katie. It was as if she was just a mannequin wearing a wig. Katie couldn't believe how demeaning it was to be ignored so blatantly and so completely. Every now and then Gloria's prominent breasts bumped into her head, making her blush with embarrassment at each touch. Gloria didn't seem to notice, even when she brushed across Katie's nose, she didn't stop or even acknowledge that anything untoward had happened.

Katie watched her red cheeks in the mirror, feeling more self-conscious the more obvious her discomfort became which only made her feel worse. She was caught in a downward spiral of humiliation as she sat silently, subjecting herself to the unwanted haircut. It took almost an hour but Gloria finally stepped back, finished. It would have taken a lot less time if she hadn't stopped every five minutes to chat with Lauren, the young girl pouted. Katie looked at herself in the mirror, surveying the look Lauren had chosen for her.

Her fringe had been cut straight across her forehead. She had never had a fringe before. She had always liked to brush all her hair to one side, or pull it all back into a ponytail. The hair around her face had been feathered and layered so it was shorter at the front, lengthening as it went to the back. It was a strange look, not bad, just really different than anything she had ever had, and definitely not something she would have ever chosen.

"Perfect. You're a genius Gloria," enthused Lauren, giving the woman a hug, though how she managed to maneuver around those massive boobs Katie would never know.

"It's a fairly simple cut and Katie was such a good little model."

"Simple or not it looks great. It looks just how I imagined it would."

"Time to get started on the other hair then," Gloria winked at Katie in the mirror.

Other hair! The blood rushed from Katie's face leaving her as white as a sheet where only moments before she had been blushing like the young girl she was. Don't act so stupid, she told herself. You know what she means, there is only one possible thing she could be talking about. Katie didn't want to think about it but as Gloria removed the cape and Lauren took her hand and led her through a doorway into the back of the salon, she had no real alternative.

Katie was trembling as she was ushered into the back room, tiled in a sterile white motif that reminded her of a hospital. Lauren had to pull her through the doorway, stumbling like a reluctant child. Katie could see a long padded table in the middle of the room with cupboards lining most of the outside walls. She was gripping Lauren's hand tightly, afraid to let go, seeking comfort the only place that she could.

"See that Kitty?" said Lauren, pointing to a large sign on one wall that said 'No Whining'.

"Yes Miss."

"You have been doing so well today and you look so pretty now, but you are going to look so much cuter after this."

"So right," said Gloria, following the two young girls into the room. "There's nothing like being smooth down there. You can hang your dress up here. You can keep your underwear on, we'll just move it out of the way when we need to."

"Up you hop," Lauren urged, patting the padded table top.

Katie stared at Lauren and Gloria as they watched her expectantly. It was alright for them, Katie thought indignantly as she shuffled out of her dress and hung it on the hook by the door. She was the one who was going to be half-naked showing off her sex to a stranger. Gloria might do this kind of thing every day but it didn’t make her feel any better. A complete stranger was going to be looking at her, touching her most intimate of places.

Shit, the young girl realised, she wouldn’t just be touching her she would be hurting her. She had heard about how much waxing hurt and this was her pussy they were talking about. She had to resist the urge to touch herself, to run her fingers through the thick bush of black curls, feeling, for what could be the last time, what she had always felt was part of the essence of her womanhood. She trimmed it into a nice bikini line sure, she wasn’t a fugly slag, but this was way different.

Katie stepped hesitantly forward and eased herself up onto the table. She sat, her bum barely on the edge, her hands shifting nervously in her lap. She looked at the door, locked by Gloria after she entered, and all Katie could think of was making a run for it: to the door, out into the salon, through into the mall and all the way home. Of course she would be doing it in her underwear. She knew nothing of the sort was going to happen, but she couldn’t help the daydream. She knew she was going to lie back and have her pussy denuded, each hair wrenched out tortuously by the root and she knew she would lie there compliant, submitting herself to the humiliation but never accepting it.

“Lie back Katie. You can pull your underwear down while the wax heats,” Gloria instructed.

Katie looked at Lauren, her watery eyes pleading silently with her owner. Lauren looked back impassively waiting for her to obey, she would find no solace there. They both knew this was going to happen, but Katie couldn’t help trying to wheedle her way out of it one last time. She was Lauren’s now, hers to do with as she pleased. What she wanted didn’t matter to the girl, of that Katie was now sure. As she looked into those pale blue eyes the last vestige of her independence faded away like a wisp of fog in a breeze. Katie lifted her bottom and pushed her panties down her legs, aware that her bushy sex was thrust into the air as she did so, as if she was inviting the ordeal to come.

“You may as well just take them off Kitty. Just put them on the end of the table,” Lauren decided.

Katie sat up and kicked the small boy-shorts over her ankles, folded them neatly and placed them in a corner at the end of the table. She lay back, breathing heavily, her palms sweating, unconsciously nibbling her lower lip as she waited for the process to begin, waited for her body to be prodded and poked by a strange woman. She couldn’t quite believe that she was sitting here, naked from the waist down while two women stared at her, evaluating and critiquing her nude form. Katie stared at the ceiling, unwilling to make eye contact with either Lauren or Gloria, each as complicit as the other in the coming ordeal.

"Well, you are a, um, you have quite prolific growth," said Gloria as she peered at Katie's groin.

"What Gloria means is that you have one hairy bush Kitty," giggled Lauren.

"Well that's certainly one way of putting it," said Gloria, joining the laughter. "It will have to be trimmed first. The hair needs to be a little shorter for the wax to have its full effect."

Katie was not laughing. She did not see the funny side of what was going on. Her thick covering of soft black curls, the very marker that helped make her feel a woman, was a joke now? Katie watched in trepidation as Gloria walked towards her, a small pair of scissors in her hand.

"Don't worry honey, I'll only cut above the comb, see," explained Gloria as she swept a small plastic comb through the profusion of hair on her mons.

"Oh. Well... that’s alright."

"What?" enquired Lauren.

"Um, well. It's nothing to be ashamed of," Gloria reassured the young girl, patting Katie gently on the leg.

"Oh," Lauren said, giggling uncontrollably.

Katie looked down her body, just in time to see the comb rise from her curls, moisture glistening along its length. Her face felt as if it was being held to a flame. She was wet. Her fucking pussy was wet. It looked like just a little, but a little or a lot made no difference. She gripped the edge of the table as if the world was spinning and she was about to fall, her fingers whitening as her grip intensified. She closed her eyes, unable to face Gloria.

Lauren was still giggling but Gloria had gone silent, continuing to trim the long hairs covering the young girl's mound. She was disgusted by her, Katie knew. Gloria knew she was a slut, what else could she think. Oh God, what if Gloria thought she was getting turned on by what she was doing. What could she do? Her mouth was pressed firmly closed, not trusting herself to speak. Anyway what could she possibly say that would make any difference.

Katie lay back on the table wearing only her bra and heels, cringing each time she felt the comb slide through her pubic hair, wincing every time she heard the snick of the scissors. How could she be wet? This wasn't happening. It just wasn't happening. Lauren's incessant giggling told her otherwise, never letting her forget for a second what was happening. Gloria had said not to be ashamed but what she really meant was the opposite. She was a filthy slut and she should be ashamed of herself. Katie could not argue.

"Will that affect the waxing Gloria?"

Trust Lauren to find a way to make her feel even worse, Katie moaned as she imagined herself melting into the soft, padded table.

"No, the wax will bond to the hairs themselves. Of course it would be better if it didn't but..."

"No harm done then, eh Kitty. It might even take the edge off."

Katie could hear the smile in Lauren's voice. Her eyes remained tightly shut but she could imagine the twinkle in Lauren's eyes as she humiliated her with her innocent sounding comments. Katie knew Lauren was enjoying this, she seemed to find a perverse pleasure in demeaning her. The degraded teen wanted ever so much to hide her feelings, to deny Lauren the satisfaction of seeing how much the humiliation upset her, but she wasn't strong enough. All she could think of was Gloria, what she thought about her, what she would tell others. Would the story about the teenage slut whose pussy leaked all through her waxing become legendary at the salon? At the mall? She would be working here as well now. What if Mrs Farrell found out?

Katie was startled into activity by the loud burr of a machine. Her eyes flicked open in alarm, only to see a small hand-held vacuum hovering over her trimmed bush. The muted hum of the machine sounded deafeningly loud in the small room. She could not help but watch as Gloria played the machine over her sex, clearing away all the trimmed hair. Katie was horrified to see her legs splayed apart. When had that happened? She realised now that as Gloria had moved to trim the hair lower, she had instinctively parted her thighs allowing the strange woman access. It wasn't sexual in any way, it wasn't. She was just making Gloria's job easier. It was bad enough she had to deal with the sexual discharge of which Katie remained mortified but for her to think Katie was inviting any advances of any kind made the petrified teenager want to die.

"Ok, now this will hurt. I don't know what you have heard or read but anyone who says it doesn't is lying to you. Don't worry though, each time it hurts less and less as the hair grows back weaker. You've been so great so far."

"Yes Kitty, you have been a good girl," Lauren chimed in.

Katie remembered the next few minutes as filled with moments of blinding pain, juxtaposed with moments of unbearable tension as she anticipated the next torturous removal of hair. Gloria's movements were swift and graceful. She had vowed not to watch, she couldn't watch, but when she felt the cloth strip pressed into the hot wax that had been poured on her pussy, her eyes remained glued to the scene.

She remembered the sign and Lauren's expectations and she was proud that the only sound she made was a tiny yelp each time Gloria's arm arced away from her body. Her eyes watered at the very first application and her pussy had stung more than anything she had ever felt. The pain shot up into her belly but receded as quickly as it came, not like the lingering ache that the cane had left. Katie was still anticipating the next agonising sting when Gloria wiped the area between her legs with a cool, moist cloth.

"Just turn over and up on your knees for the last part. You can ease down on your elbows sweetie, it opens it up better."

Katie obeyed without even thinking. She was in such a daze that she was taking orders from the strange woman as if she was Lauren. It was only as she rested her weight onto her elbows that she realised what position she was in, realised exactly what this 'last part' was. She rested her head on the table and clenched her jaw as the wax was applied between her buttocks.

Four swift motions later and the procedure was over. She was completely smooth from front to back, her soft teenage skin bearing no trace of the verdant black curls she had coveted. She suffered in silence as Gloria wiped the last traces of wax from around her asshole, feeling filthy as she wondered if her sex was still moist.

"Look Gloria, she's blowing kisses to me," Lauren laughed.

"Lauren you are so wicked," chuckled Gloria as she tidied away the apparatus used to denude the teenager, still perched on all fours. "Stop it, you're embarrassing the poor girl."

Katie froze knowing to what Lauren was referring. The position itself was lewd and revealing, one sluts adopted to be fucked from behind, she knew all about 'doggy style', but she had been tightening the muscles around her sphincter as an instinctive reaction to the waxing. She might have known Lauren was watching, but for her to comment was too much for the young girl. Her shoulders shuddered with the first choking sobs but she was adamant she would not cry in front of Gloria.

She just wanted to get dressed and leave. Right now she didn't even want to see what she looked like. In fact that was the last thing she wanted to see right now. It had been many years since she had grown hair down there and she dreaded seeing herself now. She had seen Lauren's bare sex of course and at the time she had found it exciting and sexy, but she was not Lauren. This was her body, her pussy. The changes Lauren was making had rammed home for the bewildered teen that it no longer belonged to her. What else had Lauren planned?

"You can get dressed now Katie, we're all finished. You were fantastic, one of the best. You should hear some of the women we get in here. And some of them have had babies! I'll leave you to it."

Katie breathed deeply when Gloria walked from the room. She was still on all fours, high up on the table. For some reason she felt she required Lauren's permission to move. She felt as if a huge weight had been lifted from her chest when she saw the beautician's black clad form, silently sweep through the door.

"Don't you look delicious," Lauren purred, sliding a finger along Katie's smooth slit, pressing gently along the join of her delicate lips, now free of all obstructions. Katie shivered at the touch, though still fearful that they would be interrupted. She bit her lip as Lauren slid a finger inside her, testing her moistness. A moment later the finger was at her other lips, her mouth parting and inviting the slimy digit inside. There was her answer, Katie mused as she tasted the cream of her arousal as she cleaned her owner's finger. Would she ever stop? Would Lauren want that?

"C'mon Kitty, you can't stay like that all day. Gloria's running a salon not a brothel. Get those panties back over that sweet little cunt, you have shown it off quite enough for now."

Katie slipped from the table, her movements far from graceful. She collected her panties and slid them on, marveling at the sensation they produced as they rested against her now smooth flesh.

"I'll take care of the bill. Meet me out front, and make sure you thank Gloria. I am sure she doesn't deal with too many sluts like you Kitty, you should have seen her face when she saw you were creaming up a storm."

Katie wanted to curl up in a corner as Lauren confirmed her worst fears. She knew it, how could anyone possibly feel any different. She was disgusted, anyone else was bound to feel it more strongly. She couldn't help it, she really couldn't. She hadn't even known. What she could or couldn't do was irrelevant, she knew. A complete stranger had seen her arousal, that was all that mattered. She didn't know if she could face Gloria again with that knowledge bouncing around inside her mind.

She felt strangely safe, protected, when she was back inside her dress. It felt so good to be clothed again. How the hell did people be nudists? They must be mental, she thought, as she took one last look around the small room where she had become a girl again.

When she stepped back into the main room of the salon, a strange atmosphere descended around her. She looked from woman to woman. They all knew! Had Gloria already told her tale or had it been Lauren? The furtive looks the other patrons darted towards her were filled with revulsion. Weren't they? Katie's cheeks bore the telltale scarlet mottling that told of her shame. She spotted Gloria at the counter and hurried up to her, desperate to get out of the salon, away from the judgment she felt weighing her down.

"Thank you very much Ma'am."

"You're welcome Katie, any friend of Lauren's is welcome here. We'll see you in three weeks."

Katie didn't know what to make of that so she smiled timidly and scurried from the store. Three weeks? For what? She couldn't need another haircut so soon? Did waxing only last three weeks? Where was Lauren?

She spotted her owner by a lingerie store, windowshopping. Katie hurried to her, not wanting to keep her waiting but not looking forward to the next part of the day Lauren had planned, though what could be worse than having all the hair ripped out of her pussy by the roots?

"You let Gloria know how much you appreciated her work?"

"Yes Miss," replied Katie, hoping she had.

"Good, I'm starving. Time for lunch. Do you like sushi?"

"Um, I have never had it before Miss."

"You've never had sushi but you had to think about your answer? What's with all this 'um' shit Kitty? It makes you sound stupid or that you're trying to hide something? Well?"

"U- I don't know Miss," Katie said plaintively. Lauren had been in a good mood all morning, she didn't want to upset her now.

"The next time you say 'um', you will be punished."

"Yes Miss," the teenager replied despondently and followed her owner through the mall to their next destination.

* * *

"Four prawn nagiri, two egg nagiri, six salmon and cucumber rolls, a bottle of coke and a bottle of water. Got all that Kitty?"

"Yes Miss."

"Here's some money, off you go."

She took the money from Lauren as her classmate sat comfortably at the table. Katie had not been allowed to sit, instead she had stood by her owner's side as she decided what to order. She knew that she would only be getting up a few moments later anyway, but being denied a seat had affected her more than she would have thought. She was serving her owner, that was all she could tell herself, though it did nothing to ease the humiliation she felt.

She tried to ignore the feeling as she ordered the sushi, focusing on the strange looking food Lauren had chosen. Raw fish? She knew it was popular, it was just that she had never really even thought of trying it. She had to admit that she wasn't very adventurous, with anything really, but especially food.

She carried the tray back to the table and placed it in front of Lauren. She placed the change in Lauren's outstretched hand and took up her position of attendance by her side.

"Sit." Katie obeyed. "No Kitty. You do not cross your legs. You should know this. Legs straight in front, without your knees touching. That's better."

Katie changed her position as Lauren leaned to one side to look under the table and supervise. She doubted anyone could see up her skirt, after all her legs were almost together, her knees only an inch apart but the possibility was there. Her eyes flicked nervously at each passerby, wondering just exactly what could be seen.

Lauren placed the bottle of water in front of Katie and took the coke for herself, taking a swig and enjoying the sensation of the bubbles fizzing against her teeth. Katie's plate soon held two prawn and one egg nagiri and two of the rolls. Lauren had taken more but Katie didn't mind, as if it would have mattered if she had felt differently.

Lauren began eating, devouring almost half her food before giving Katie the command to begin her own meal. Lauren indicated a roll first, then one each of the nagiri. Katie ate dutifully, taking small hesitant bites at first, but quickly discovering that she liked sushi.

"Well Kitty, do you like it?"

"Yes Miss I do, very much," replied Katie with a smile, knowing that her answer would please Lauren.

"Which one did you like the best?"

"The salmon roll Miss."

"I knew it, I could see you enjoying the taste almost as much as your pussycream."

Katie looked down at the table, her cheeks instantly developing two small patches of mottled scarlet. She hadn't even lowered her voice, the teen marvelled. She was sure some of the people at the other tables had heard.

"Drink half your water now Kitty."

Katie reached for the bottle without looking up, knowing that when she drank she would have no choice. As she tilted her head back she glanced at the people around her. None of them were looking her way. Was it because they were disgusted? Katie swallowed mouthful after mouthful until half the bottle had gone. She was almost past the point of being annoyed by having every tiny part of her life controlled, even down to the order in which she ate her food, but something small and unsettling still niggled at the back of her consciousness.

Katie finished her meal as Lauren nattered away about school and music. Katie was only half listening, unable to devote all her attention to the one-sided conversation. So much had happened that morning, she felt so different. She had a straight fringe now but she caught herself once or twice moving to brush the hair back from her face. It was a weird sensation.

"Anything wrong Kitty?"

"No Miss," Katie replied, instantly worried.

"I feel like I am talking to a statue instead of my pretty Kitty."

"Sorry Miss," Katie said, with real remorse. She hadn't realised she was allowed to speak, but she must have missed some unspoken cue. She had disappointed Lauren again. She had to break that habit, and quick, before Lauren had enough and was forced to punish her.

For the rest of the lunch Katie almost forget they were owner and slave. Lauren was so great to talk to, smart and witty and her laughter was infectious. Katie had rarely talked with her other friends like this. It was not until the end of the meal that Katie was reminded of her status.

Lauren reached over and grabbed Katie's bottle of water. She placed it on the edge of the table and leaned over it, her mouth almost touching the rim. Her hair was draped down either side of her face, hiding the bottle from the view of anyone not directly in front. Katie watched in horror as Lauren pursed her lips and sent a long string of saliva into the half-filled bottle. Lauren kept going, the ropey cascade, tinged with brown from the coke, dropping into her bottle. After what felt like five minutes Lauren handed the bottle back, a thick film of bubbly saliva swirling on top of the water.

"Drink up Kitty. We have things to do."

Katie reached gingerly for the bottle, unable to take her eyes off the frothy mass that was settling through the clear liquid of the still untainted spring water. Lauren had spat in her drink. She had just sat there and dribbled string after string of spit into her bottle. And now she was going to drink it. The thought made her gag. She couldn't. She looked at the slimy mess that was slowly coming apart inside the bottle, knowing this was too much.

She couldn't drink someone else's spit. She risked a glance at Lauren. Her owner was sitting there, face blank, maybe the merest hint of a frown. Katie knew she had no choice. If it was a decision between making Lauren angry and swallowing another person's spit, she knew there was no real choice at all. Besides, she told herself, she had licked Lauren's pussy, surely that was worse. Yeah that was no help, she thought. She could just slap herself for thinking of that.

Katie brought the bottle to her lips and tipped the first mouthful of her spit spritzer into her mouth. She gagged, almost spitting the water all over herself but she recovered just in time, swallowing the mouthful reluctantly.

"Kitty, a slave not only reveres the body of her owner but anything that comes from it. I am a little hurt and disappointed by this display. I had thought you had made more progress than this. I guess I shall just have to be a little harder with your training."

Katie could do nothing but swallow and swallow and swallow. She finished the bottle without stopping, her owner's words churning her emotions, spurring deep-seated feelings of inadequacy to the surface.

"If I pee in a glass, Kitty, you will drink it and smack your lips to show me it was the most delicious drink you have ever had."

"Yes Miss."

That was a joke. Katie knew she was joking, she was just making a point. She had been silly to become upset by the spit. It was no different than what was in her own mouth. It was the same, she told herself. It wasn’t.

She had risked upsetting Lauren over that! She could be so fucking stupid sometimes. She was getting a little tired of promising herself to do better, she couldn't imagine how frustrated Lauren must be with her.

"Good girl Kitty, but next time I tell you to eat or drink you obey without pause. I decide what goes in and when and what comes out and when. Got it?"

"Yes Miss," Katie agreed, eager for Lauren to believe her.

"Come Kitty."

Katie hurried after Lauren who was already walking purposefully away from the table. Katie knew where they were headed. She remembered the lingerie store that Lauren had been interested in and she guessed that Lauren would not be buying for herself. It couldn't be too bad, Katie reasoned. At least she might get some more clothes to replace part of her heavily depleted wardrobe.

This time Lauren did not wait outside but instead strode boldly into the store, moving straight to the section devoted to panties. Katie stood mutely by as Lauren browsed, choosing only the smallest, sexiest designs. When she had a handful she took Katie's hand and led her to the change rooms.

"Take these Kitty, and these. You're only allowed to try underwear on over your own panties so wear these. It's especially necessary for you Kitty," Lauren added pointedly. "I'll take your purse, you won't be needing that in there. I think I have chosen your size but you never know Kitty."

Lauren put the pile of panties in one hand and exchanged her small purse for a tiny, weird g-string. Katie entered one of the small change cubicles and shut the door behind her. She was a little surprised that Lauren waited outside, but as Katie hung all the panties on a hook she looked around her, realising that two in the cubicle would have been a very tight squeeze.

She removed her dress and panties, stopping when she caught a glimpse of her freshly denuded pussy in the mirror. She couldn't help but stop. She had guessed what she would look like, using Lauren's smooth sex as a guide. It was not the same, not at all. Her lips were much fuller, plumper, forming a prominent pink mound that had a sheen like satin.

Compared to Lauren she had a fat pussy and she wondered if it was normal. It was so weird to see herself like this, she felt like a little girl again. On Lauren it looked sexy and right, so right. On her, well her breasts were now the only thing that showed she had blossomed into a woman, but right now they did not feel like enough. She felt little, vulnerable, wanting more than anything for someone to look after her.

She unfolded the tiny crumple of material that Lauren had given her to wear. It was the smallest g-string she had ever seen. The crotch was a small triangle of flesh coloured material that would barely cover her sex and the straps were made from a clear plastic. Once she had them on she glanced at herself in the mirror. It appeared as if she wasn't wearing anything at all, which was obviously the whole idea.

Katie selected the first garment Lauren had chosen for her, a small pair of full briefs in a striking red and black stripe pattern. It felt a little strange wearing two pairs of panties but the under-panties, as she had termed them, didn't really feel like much at all. The young girl looked at herself in the mirror. They fit, she guessed. They were really small, barely coming up past the top of her sex, the waistband sitting well below her hipbones. The full brief covered her ass but the pair was a little tight, though the material felt a little stretchy so maybe that was the style.

"Kitty, what are you doing in there?"

"The first pair fits Miss," Katie said through the slats of the closed door.

"I will be the judge of that Kitty, come out here."

Katie glared at herself in the mirror. So that's what I look like when I'm scared. There had only been one other woman in the store when they came in, but that meant nothing. The store could be full of hundreds now, though admittedly she couldn't hear them. Surely she wouldn't be allowed to go out there into the store, wearing only her underwear. The staff wouldn't let her, she would get in trouble for sure.

She couldn't keep Lauren waiting much longer. If she tried to fight it she would get in trouble with her owner and she would be made to do it eventually anyway. She had to get it through her thick skull that whether she wanted to do something or not no longer mattered. Everybody had to do things they didn't want to do right. She just had to think of it like that. Yeah but other girls had to do the dishes or take out the garbage, not eat another girl's pussy or parade around a public place half naked. She was nothing like other girls,  not anymore.

Her hand rested on the doorhandle for what felt like an eternity before she edged it open slightly. She poked her head out of the cubicle but could not see Lauren anywhere. The change rooms were at the very back of the store and off to one side but Lauren was not in sight. She edged out further, babystepping her way into the store, craning her neck to spot her owner. It was only when her entire body was out of the safety of her cubicle that she whispered for Lauren.

"Miss," Katie said a little louder, one hand still touching the door, holding on for all the world to her lifeline to safety. Katie almost fainted with relief when Lauren came sauntering in to view.

"I thought you were never coming out Kitty. It was very naughty to keep me waiting."

"Sorry Miss."

Katie's cheeks grew pink as she was chastised openly. Her hands fidgeted nervously in front of her body until she noticed Laurens' frown and shyly moved them to her side. When the frown remained she self-consciously moved her hands behind her back, glancing furtively around the store to see if her humiliation was being witnessed. One of the staff, a middle aged woman, was looking her way inquisitively. Please don't come over, please don't come over, Katie chanted looking away timidly.

"Cute much!" Lauren exclaimed. "Turn around. Oh they are a definite yes. Let's see the others. And Kitty?"

"Yes Miss," Katie replied anxiously.

"If I have to wait again I just might be on the other side of the shop."

Katie scurried back into her cubicle and removed the panties in one swift motion, hanging them from a spare hook. The next pair were similar in style but they were a delicate pastel pink with the words 'EAT ME' in an elaborate calligraphic font across the front. These were cute but they also screamed 'slut' to the demure teen. She really didn't want to go out into the store wearing these but she had no time to deliberate.

Thankfully Lauren was there when she opened the door. She exited the small stall, twirled for her owner's appreciation and was given another 'yes'. The next two changes went smoothly, one pair meeting with Lauren's approval and the other deemed unsatisfactory. Katie's composure came tumbling down the next time she exited the cubicle. She was modelling a pair of culottes, almost all lace. She really, really didn't want to leave the stall wearing these. When she did, instead of Lauren, a man stared back at her.

Katie froze, dumbfounded. The man, in his late thirties, was as surprised as Katie, but not too stunned to realise what he had been offered. His eyes flicked up and down Katie's soft teenage body, a smile creeping unconsciously across his face. He quickly remembered where he was and who he was with and his attention snapped back to a closed cubicle which no doubt held his wife or girlfriend.

Katie looked frantically for Lauren. She spotted her at the end of the row of changing rooms, looking through small babydoll nighties. When she saw Katie had reappeared, she casually made her way back to the stalls.

"Very nice Kitty. Turn around." Katie turned smoothly, pivoting on the ball of her left foot. Her arms shifted as she twirled, moving from behind her back and flaring out daintily at her sides, her hands bending out horizontally at the wrist. She was the perfect picture of girlish innocence and she did not even realise what she was doing. "I say yes to those."

Lauren noticed the guy sneaking surreptitious glances at Katie as he waited. She smiled, knowing he would cop a ton of crap if he was caught, but she couldn't blame him. Who could resist such a sexy little slut.

Katie closed the door behind her and rested her head against the wall. She pressed her hands against the wall beside her head when she discovered them trembling. Her face burned with the shame and she knew what she would see if she looked in the mirror: her cheeks two blazing vermillion spots. She may as well have been naked out there, she could still feel the hungry eyes scouring her young body.

She had no time, she never had enough time. She quickly stripped the lacey underwear and put the next pair on; a small pair of light blue boy-shorts. These looked incredibly tiny, more like little-girl shorts than anything that could be made for her body. She removed them from the hanger and eased them up her legs. When she pulled them tight up against her crotch, the material stretched to accomodate her curves. The impossibly small garment covered her body like a second skin, barely covering the top of her buttocks and allowing the soft flesh to peek out underneath.

Katie was thankful that Lauren was waiting directly outside her cubicle. The man was still there but as she modelled the new pair of panties for her owner his wife came out of her own stall and glared at Katie. She quickly looked away but the malevolent stare was burned into her memory. She could read every emotion in that short look and they all said the same thing 'slut'. She tried to ignore the feeling and focus on Lauren.

"Q...T...Pie, Kitty. It's so pretty how those ones show off your lips. Look in the big mirror," Lauren ordered.

Katie turned and faced the large full length mirror that covered the wall at the end of the change room corridor. Even from five feet away she could see the seam of the shorts had slipped up between her pussylips, separating and cupping each plump labia. Despite wearing the small g-string underneath, the outline of her entire pussy could be seen as if the panties were merely painted on.

"Not leaving much to the imagination Kitty," Lauren chuckled.

As Katie snuck back into her dressing room she noticed three young girls headed her way. Two of them looked familiar, but they definitely weren't in her grade. She hoped they would be gone, or all changing when she had to model the final pair that Lauren had chosen. She looked at the tiny triangle of material and paled. The last pair was a small, sheer pink thong. Even with the material hanging on the wall she could see through it.

Katie looked at herself in the mirror before she stepped out to gain Lauren's approval for the final time. If she didn't know better she would have sworn she could see her sex through the translucent material. The only thing preventing it was the small triangle of flesh coloured material. This needed to happen quickly. She couldn't be exposed in this for too long, she just couldn't.

Lauren wasn't there. She fucking knew it. She knew it would not end easily. But had she taken too long?  Or was Lauren just playing with her. Did it really matter? The result was the same, she would have to go looking for her, wearing almost nothing.


Katie spun around to see one of the teenagers, a girl maybe her age, maybe a year older, staring at her. Her stomach tightened and her cheeks became painfully hot. She hurried out to the end of the corridor looking frantically for any sign of Lauren. The words 'little slut' did not get missed as Katie stepped into the main part of the store. If she went much further she was in danger of being seen through the glass windows that fronted of the store. She spotted Lauren in the middle of the shop, browsing through bras, her back turned to the desperate teen.

"Miss," Katie whispered. "Miss," she said louder, growing frantic as Lauren failed to acknowledge her. She could hear giggles and whispers from behind her but she dared not turn to see. There was nothing else she could do, she had to get to Lauren.

Katie looked quickly left to right, then hurried out to her owner. She could be seen by anyone passing by the store now and the fear of being caught by someone she knew was palpable. She was breathing heavily by the time she reached Lauren's side.

"This is the last pair Miss," the young girl mumbled, the panic that was rising inside her, seeping into her voice.

"Yes very nice Kitty. Pink really suits-"

"Excuse me. You can't be out here like that. We have change rooms for a reason."

Katie almost died when the woman spoke. She kept her eyes on the floor, unwilling and unable, to look at her. Her knees trembled as the adrenalin coursed through her. She was ready to run. She wanted nothing more than to get back to the safety of the change room and get back into her dress. She could see other people in the store had stopped to look, her degradation finding an audience. She couldn't leave without Lauren's permission, no matter how much she desired it.

"Don't just stand there Kitty, apologise to the nice lady. Then hurry up, I still want to get to the bookstore, we can't spend the whole day getting stuff for you."

"Sorry Ma'am," Katie mumbled to the indignant woman before running back to the change rooms.

She collapsed into the corner of the cubicle, the humiliation blocking all her other thoughts, sending the young girl into a state of numbed shock. How many people had watched that? How many had seen her parade her young body half-naked through the store. It was a lingerie store but still, you didn't expect to see some slut actually walking around in her underwear. She was so stunned it took her a few moments to realise she was still half-naked and her dress was mere inches away.

She dressed in record time, her dress felt like a shield that would protect her. It was strange how her perspective on clothing had changed. When your life was no longer your own, when your state of undress was controlled by another, no matter the circumstance, being allowed to clothe yourself like a normal person, like a 16 year old girl instead of some horny slut, felt like an amazing privilege.

"Kitty, go and pay for those and thank the staff for being so understanding with you."

Katie took the money and carried the pile of panties to the counter. She had to wait as one of the other young girls purchased a bra. She shuffled nervously as her two friends looked at Katie, studying her.

"You're Katie Thomas right?"

"Y... yes," Katie stammered after quickly discarding silence as an option. The girl looked familiar but Katie could still not place her.

"Told you Tanya, wait till I tell Bobby."

That was it, Bobby Preston. This was his sister, Melinda. Holy shit, she was going to tell Bobby Preston what she had seen. Preston was a bastard, a smarmy little shit that all the girls hated. He thought he was he was some kind of alpha dog but he was really just a pathetic little creep. But now that pathetic little creep would know she was a slut. She quickly searched her brain for some way out, but there was nothing. The girls had turned their back on her once her identity had been confirmed, whispering quietly to each other. Katie could imagine what they were saying. She was sure she could make out the words 'slut' and 'tease' often. They mercifully moved away once their transaction was completed and Katie stepped to the counter with her selection of sexy underwear.

The anxious teenager shuffled demurely as the woman scanned each pair of panties and removed them from the hangers. She had been chatting with the other girls before her but with Katie she remained silent. Katie knew she didn't want to have anything to do with her, and she didn't blame her. Still, it wasn't a nice feeling, and small tears welled in her eyes as she thought about what she had done and what people must have thought of her, but she couldn't blame them, any of them. She would have done exactly the same. That was what made it so hard to bear the humiliation.

She paid and collected the small bag without a word from the attendant but Katie could not leave without thanking the staff. She didn't want to say anything, she just wanted to leave and forget she had ever been here. She had been ordered to thank them and they deserved it, she knew.

"Thank you for being so patient and understanding with me Ma'am."

"Just consider yourself lucky I didn't call security."

It was the response she had expected and the words echoed in her brain as she hurried from the store to meet Lauren. No one knew that it wasn't really her doing these things. No one knew she was being forced. She understood though. It didn't look like anyone was controlling her. It just looked like she was a little slut that’s all. It just looked like it. She repeated it over and over as she hurried over to her owner.

Lauren was browsing the science fiction section of the bookstore, picking up a book every now and then and reading the back. Katie stood beside her quietly, waiting to be acknowledged. She glanced furtively around the store looking at the rows of books and the people browsing. She only dared peek as she knew that she needed to be ready in case Lauren wanted her.

It was one of the hardest things to cope with she mused, being ignored as if she was of no consequence - as if she was a piece of furniture. It was one of the hardest things, though with everything that had happened to her, everything she had been forced to do, it wasn't the hardest. It hurt, but in different ways. She could still feel the dull ache from the abuse her buttocks had endured. The emotional pain of being treated like she was nothing would pass, though right now it made her feel terribly small.

She couldn't shake the feeling that she really didn't matter. She knew it was stupid but it was hard to feel anything else when Lauren was standing a foot away, ignoring her as if she was invisible. There were times when she thought Lauren really liked her and then there were times like this.

Katie followed her owner around the bookstore, taking tiny babysteps to keep close as Lauren browsed. She tried to take an interest in what Lauren was selecting but it all looked so foreign. She trailed obediently behind her classmate, following all the way to the counter where Lauren purchased a book with sinuous, curving octopus tentacles on the cover. Her purchase made, she handed the book out absently for Katie to collect. That was her acknowledgement? She took the package sulkily and hastened out of the store.

"Well Kitty, haven't you done well for yourself today? You are spoiled aren't you?"

"Yes Miss, thank you for spoiling me."

"Oh Kitty, aren't you sweet. I promised you a treat didn't I?

"Yes Miss," Katie said  excitedly, though a slight cloud of misgiving tinged her hesitant joy.

Would it really be a treat or would it simply be something that Lauren would enjoy, no doubt at her expense. The candy store into which Lauren led her was filled with shelf upon shelf of brightly coloured confectionary. The store was full of people filling their own bags from the myriad containers, scooping out a cornucopia of candy tailored to their taste.

Katie had been in here once before. Her friends had filled their bags with everything they could, while she had stuck to two varieties. She just liked what she liked was all. She didn't think she was boring, though her friends had teased her. Lauren bypassed the multicoloured wall of temptation and chose two lollipops from the counter. She handed them both to Katie while she paid. Lollipops weren't her favourite type of candy but she remembered something her grandma used to say, 'beggars can't be choosers'. She was a slave, so she guessed that was even lower than a beggar. She should be grateful for anything she was given. Lauren seemed keen to change her body shape and from the evidence so far, a strict diet was going to be part of that.

"Unwrap them Kitty," Lauren ordered once they were out of the store. Katie obeyed, struggling to juggle the bags she was carrying and remove the plastic wrapping around the head of each lollipop.

"Mine is watermelon flavoured Kitty. Yours is cherry. The colour goes with the beautiful shade of red of your cheeks," Lauren smiled.

Katie blushed as if on cue, cursing herself as she felt the warmth spread into her face. Lauren laughed softly as Katie obliged her with the exact response she had wanted. Why was she like this? Katie hated that she was so predictable, hated that her body was so out of her control. It was at times like this that it seemed as if Lauren really did have some kind of strange power over her, much more than just telling her what to do.

Lauren took the dark red lollipop from Katie and popped it in her mouth. "Mmm, that cherry is delicious," she said after she pulled it slowly from her mouth, the red candy globe forcing it's way sensuously passed her shining pink lips. Katie took back the glistening lollipop and relinquished the remaining stick to her owner. Katie had quickly caught the petulant look that crept over her face when Lauren tasted her lollipop first, caught it before Lauren saw, or so she hoped.

"You may have your treat Kitty."

"Thank you Miss," replied Katie, wasting no time in getting the shiny red orb into her mouth.

The sugary sweetness was heavenly. She couldn't believe how good it tasted. She didn't eat candy all that often but she had to admit that it was rare for too many days to pass without her having something after dinner, not a lot just something nice and sweet. She knew she couldn't be too wrong in guessing that those days were over. All the more reason to savour the opportunity she was being given now.

"Come Kitty, I need to go."

The moment the words were out of Lauren's mouth, Katie realised that she also needed to pee. She hadn't gone since early that morning and that large bottle of water at lunch was way more than she usually drank. She didn't want to ask, but she knew she had to. It brought home to her just how her life had changed, as if she needed reminding.

"May I pee please Miss," Katie said, endeavouring to be as quiet as she could, her words coming out in a demure hush that sent a thrill through Lauren.

"Have you been a good girl today Kitty?"

"Yes Miss," Katie replied sincerely, though a little too quick for her own liking.

"I agree Kitty and you have been rewarded," Lauren said, swirling her tongue around her own lollipop. "Tell you what, you have permission to play with your pussy in a stall. When you have a nice little dollop of cream, you come and show me. Then you may pee. How does that sound?"

"Good Miss," the stunned teen replied almost robotically.

Lauren smirked at the obvious lack of enthusiasm in her young charge. She should be grateful and eager to please but Lauren couldn't fault her too deeply. She was at such an early stage in her training that Lauren was constantly amazed at how malleable she had already become. She was still fighting it, still not convinced of her place. She had to be patient. All good things come to those who wait.

The restroom was almost empty as the two teenagers pushed through the inner door. Lauren had chosen the restroom near the boutique clothing stores and it was much nicer, especially when compared to those of the cinema. Katie didn't care about the décor though, her thoughts focused entirely on what she had to do.

The butterflies in her belly had gone hyperactive when she heard a group of girls come in the door behind her. Katie rushed into a stall and closed the door before any of the girls had a chance to see her. She stood in the stall, looking forlornly at the white tiles of the back wall, trying to build up the courage to masturbate in this strange, public place.

She heard movement in the stall next to hers and realised that Lauren was not wasting any time. It spurred her into action. She hung the shopping from a hook on the door, hiked her dress up over her hips and slid her panties off hanging them on the hook as well. She took a deep breath, opened her purse and removed her glass dildo and looked at it for a few seconds. She marvelled at how the thick curved glass distorted whatever was on the other side.

She thought back to when she had first bought it and had watched it slide into her pussy through a small hand mirror, the decadence of it almost making her come then and there. She banished the wanton thoughts and  lifted her leg, placing one heeled shoe on top of the toilet.

Katie slid the cool glass shaft along her newly smooth lips, reveling in the feel of the sensation despite her predicament. She tried to block out all other thoughts and focus on what she had to do. The inane chattering of the other girls didn't help but as the bumps along the shaft slipped across her clit, hidden safely behind it's delicate hood, she felt herself moisten.

She dipped the tip inside her, the smallest globe pushing through the silken lips with ease. Katie bit back a moan, desperate to stay silent. Once the initial penetration had been made, the young girl plunged ahead, thrusting the unforgiving shaft with increasing speed. Small, muted moans escaped, in spite of her best efforts to remain silent. Her eyes had closed at the first intrusion into her intimate cleft but when she heard the toilet in Lauren's stall flush they snapped open.

She was wet, yes, but she was nowhere near being able to produce enough cream to satisfy her owner. She wasn't entirely sure how big a 'dollop' was but it was more than the tiny smear of white ooze that had collected in the ridges of the dildo. Katie brought her other hand down and began massaging her clit; small, tender strokes at first but quickly becoming faster and more insistent as her need grew.

She heard Lauren's stall door open and tried not to panic. She took the dildo out of her sex and put it in her mouth, tasting herself, her nostrils filling with the pungent aroma of her musk. She closed her lips around the third bump and speared two fingers into the heat between her legs. She curled her fingers, teasing the delicate folds along the front wall of her vagina, her passion growing with each practiced stroke.

She watched, caught in the moment, as her fingers thrust in and out of her puffy pink lips. Even in her heightened state of arousal she couldn't help but think about how different she looked, how amazing the smoothness of her bared lips felt under her fingers. Katie slid her fingers out and looked at the accumulated cream that coated each one.

It was enough. Was it enough? It had to be. She reached down and scraped the tips of her fingers inside her pussy, the prominent lips, her arousal turning them a dark shade of pink and highly sensitive to her touch. Her fingers came away with even more white slime coating them, a large blob of which sat along the crease of her first knuckle.

Katie took her foot down from toilet and straightened her dress with her left hand. Her right was unusable. How was she supposed to dress and get out to Lauren? First things first. She quickly cleaned the dildo, licking off all trace of her arousal and placing it back in her small purse. It still smelt of her sex and she cringed to think that her purse would now be forever tainted.

It was a frustrating struggle to get her panties back on, inching them up her legs, tugging one side at a time while she held her right hand out, well away from her body not wanting to lose the cream that she needed to show her owner. After what seemed an age her panties were on, not comfortably, turned a little sideways and crumpled, but it was all she could manage. She scooped up the shopping bags and flung back the door.

Katie stopped. She was confronted by a goggle-eyed trio of young girls, much younger than her, 14 at the most. They stared at Katie as if the abominable snowman had just emerged from a stall, juggling three midgets and wearing a tutu. Katie's right hand flew behind her back, attempting to hide her shame. The guilty movement broke the moment and the three young girls dashed from the room, their excited whispers like needles in Katie's ears.

It was only then that she noticed that Lauren was not there. She had taken too long. She had taken too fucking long. She checked the stalls in despair but only one was occupied and a middle aged woman emerged from that moments later, shooting a quizzical look Katie's way. The flustered teen could not meet the eyes of the older woman, keenly aware that from her very posture it was obvious what she had done.

Katie almost ran from the restroom, keeping her right hand by her side, her fingers curled inward to protect the creamy secretions of her cunt. She slowed once she reached the outside, striding purposefully down the small corridor that led to the main thoroughfare of the mall. She brushed passed a handsome guy whose eyes slid up and down her body.

Katie's face almost burst into flame. She looked away, unable to bear the humiliation, convinced that he could see some evidence of her arousal, smell her musk, know the degrading act she had performed in the toilet. When she reached the mall she looked around desperately for Lauren. She couldn't bear this. She was tempted, oh so tempted, to wipe her fingers and accept whatever punishment that was coming.

Somehow she did not. She continued scanning the mall for her owner, shuffling absently sideways, trying to melt into the wall and become inconspicuous. People were staring at her now and she became ever more frantic with each passing moment. Security was going to come any minute and take her away, she was sure of it. The humiliation she felt was a physical pain that constricted her chest, making her breathing ragged.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. Fucking thank you, she chanted once she had spotted Lauren far down on her left, at least four shops away. The relief brought small salty tears to her eyes and she walked slowly and purposefully towards her, not wanting to attract any more attention, as if that were possible.

"Enjoy yourself did you Kitty?"

"Yes Miss," Katie mumbled.

"Well?" Katie held out her hand shyly, keeping it low and unfurling her fingers at the last moment. "What are you showing me Kitty?"

"Ah my... ah my pussy cream Miss," Katie whispered hesitantly.

"Well show me Kitty, don't hide it down there."

Katie lifted her hand slowly until it was breast height between the two girls. Lauren looked at it critically, judging whether Katie had satisfied the strictures of the task. The quivering young girl held her breath, daring a glance around the mall as she waited. A few people looked at the strange tableaux presented by the two teenage girls and she quickly lowered her gaze, desperate not to add to her humiliation by seeing the bright light of clarity behind any of the passing stranger's eyes.

"Well Kitty, I suppose that's a dollop. You may eat it and then we probably should be going."

Katie's eyes widened at what she heard. Going? She needed to pee now more than ever. She had done what she was told. She was sure she had pleased Lauren. It wasn't fair.

"Kitty," Lauren said sharply. Katie popped her fingers into her mouth and began cleaning the thick cream with her tongue. The lollipop still protruded from her mouth, the candied head now shrunk to a nub, barely coating the stick. "You seriously didn't think your request would be granted, did you? You made me wait Kitty. Not acceptable. If you can't get something done in an appropriate time, you accept your failure and remember your priorities. Now get moving. Your Dad'll be waiting."

It wasn’t fair. How was she supposed to know? She had half a mind to turn right around and just go. Of course that was just a childish outburst of petulance, she would do nothing of the sort. She would do as she was told though the frustration she felt was making it hard for her to focus on anything else.

She needed to pee, badly, and the more she thought about it the worse it got. It was not only that need that was making her fidget and frustrated. Her arousal remained high, tapering off only slightly after her pleasure-filled foray in the toilet had ended. The combination, all seated in the plump mound between her legs left her breathing shallow and a deep sense of injustice impinging on her thoughts.

It wasn’t fair. It wasn’t right. She had never done anything so bad that would warrant this kind of treatment. She didn’t deserve this kind of life. Katie trudged along behind Lauren, her feet landing heavily with each step, her mood manifesting itself in subtle ways that not even she was aware of. At least they were going home. But did that really mean much? She would be alone with Lauren again. She ignored the thrill that pulsed through her at the thought, pushing it deep down, focusing instead on the throb of her bladder and the liquid feel of her panties rubbing across her smooth, cream-slick sex.

She could feel the heat in her cheeks, more from arousal now the humiliation had lessened. She still did not dare to look at the face of any of the passing strangers. She kept her eyes downcast, not wanting to have her fears confirmed. She hoped and prayed she could calm down enough before her father arrived.

End of part 3

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