My Very Own
by Lazerou

part 2

What goes on the web, stays on the web. Katie Thomas learns this the hard way when an afternoon of fun with a webcam turns her young life into something she had never imagined.

Chapter 3. Smells Like Teen Spirit

Katie woke slowly from a dream as delicious as it was bizarre. She lay in bed, luxuriating in those soft hazy moments between dreams and reality. She slid her hands down her body, past the soft skin of her belly. It was not until her fingers brushed the tight curls above sex that she realised something was different. Her hands had moved down her body, down her bare flesh unimpeded. The discovery of her nudity brought what had happened last night back in a rush.

Katie sat up in bed, turning to look at the computer and the webcam which sat atop it. Was Lauren watching her now? She couldn’t become paranoid about it. She couldn’t possibly know, even if Lauren was logged in she would have no way of knowing if she was actually there or not. She hadn’t thought much about it last night but Lauren would be able to know everything she did, well as long as she was in view of the camera. What if she picked her nose? Or farted? She would have to watch what she said, and even more importantly, what she thought.

Well she couldn’t stay in bed all day, as much as she might want to. As she slid out of bed she noticed her inner thighs felt strange. Katie sat on the edge of the bed and spread her legs. Her thighs were sticky as if someone had poured juice on them and let it dry. Juice it had been Katie thought, without humour. She could see a few droplets of moisture beading in the curls around the entrance to her pussy. How could she still be wet? She tried to remember her dreams but as the clarity of the new day banished the haze of sleep from her, the contents of her dreams faded like wisps of smoke.

She had to move. She couldn’t sit here all day staring at the mess between her legs. She pushed herself up and decided that it was best if she did her exercises now. She decided against wearing her bra and shorts as she didn’t wish to explain away the cream stains in the crotch of the shorts. Minutes later Katie stood, out of breath and sweating, but feeling better for the exercise. She knew she had been ordered to do the drill each day but she had begun to enjoy it nonetheless. Maybe some good could come of this, she thought to herself.

She grabbed a robe from her closet, collected the still damp towel from her door – she would have to watch that from now on – and scurried to the bathroom, eager to get there before her parents. She had always woken early but usually she lay in bed and dozed, enjoying the quiet of the morning, easing herself out of sleep. Lately, well ever since Monday, she had been an earlier riser as well. Lying in bed allowed her thoughts to shift and twist along troubling tangents and besides, she told herself every morning, she had things to do now.

As she did every morning Katie stopped and stared in the mirror, captivated by the way she looked now, her collar standing out brightly at her neck. She tried not to spend too much time there, but often it was the sound of the downstairs toilet flushing or her father’s feigned indignation at not being able to get in his own bathroom that snapped her into action. This morning was no different.

The rest of her morning comprised the normal highs and lows of everyday school life: rushing to the bus, bored once she was there, rushing to class, bored once she was there. It was not until her second period that time began to have a meaning for the young girl. She had to excuse herself from this class. Not only that but she needed to get not only herself, but her bag to the restroom in record time.

As the class started she began to get nervous. Mrs Marsh was nattering on about Henry David Thoreau and some crap he had done in the forest one time but Katie heard it all as if she was underwater. Her hands were clammy and her stomach had tightened almost painfully. Each breath seemed harder and harder to take, as if she was breathing through an ever-shrinking straw. Finally she knew it was now or never. She clutched her bag to her side and raised her hand.

“Yes Katie?”


Katie went bright red in an instant. The entire class erupted into fits of laughter. She didn’t know what had happened. She had been all ready to speak but when it came down to it her voice just hadn’t come to the party, the words she had been trying to say died in her throat and instead that strangled squeak had popped out.

“Mrs Marsh, may I use the restroom?” Katie asked when the uproar had finally died down a little.

“Of course dear, grab a hall pass on the way out.”


Mrs Marsh always let you use the restroom. Katie was thankful for that at least. She had a whole spiel worked out about how she needed her bag, a pointed nod was, she had hoped, all the extra explanation she would need. If her recent performance was anything to go by she probably would have squeaked like a squirrel, tripped over her own feet on the way out and her dildo would have gone rolling down the aisle to rest at the teacher’s feet. Thoughts of her picking it up and holding it out to the class, a quizzical look on her face haunted Katie as she walked briskly to the restroom. “What is this dear?” she could almost hear Mrs Marsh saying, to the hoots and catcalls of the entire class.

Fucking get a grip Katie screamed at herself. That had not happened, why torture yourself over what might have been. You have five minutes to fuck yourself silly with that very dildo and then get back to class. Putting it all out there on the table, going through exactly what she had to do made her go pale and light-headed.

Katie closed the stall door, hung her bag on the door and whipped her dildo from its case in ten seconds flat. She had spent some time last night, lying in bed unable to fall asleep, planning just how she was going to do this. Now it was time to put it into action she hesitated for the briefest of moments. Was she really going to do this? How would Lauren know if she did not?

Well how would she know if you'd been doing your exercises or that you weren't touching your pussy. Katie knew she could not lie. She had been caught in every single lie she had ever told. There were many things she was not good at but telling lies was at the very top of the list. Honesty had become her policy even before Lauren had ordered it. How the fuck she was going to keep this... this situation secret she didn't know.

Katie hiked her skirt up and pulled her panties to one side. She had worn a g-string today, a little risky as she was once again in a skirt but she knew it would be easier to do this with a g-string. The anxious teen popped the dildo in her mouth and spat on the tip. She was a little wet but she couldn't tell exactly how much. Her nervousness may have affected her.

She lifted her left leg up and placed it on the toilet, spreading her legs to allow access to her pussy. The moment the glass dildo slid frictionlessly inside her tight pussy she knew how wet she was.  Ever since she had bated last night she had remained wet, insanely wet. She could feel the dampness in the crotch of her g-string but what she was about to do, what she was doing, was going to make her saturated.

Katie set the timer on her phone for four minutes and began to pump the glass dildo into her pussy. She didn't think anyone else was in the restroom but she bit her lip, determined to remain silent throughout. Each thrust went a little deeper and came a little faster. Katie was soon sawing her arm back and forth, the soft slurping sound as the ridged dildo slid past her lips not registering on the young girl’s consciousness.

Despite her best efforts, tiny moans and gasps of pleasure escaped her. Before she knew it, her phone beeped, her four minutes was up. Please no, Katie pleaded, pushing the dildo inside her twice more before remembering herself.

"Kitty wants to please," she whispered, as she cleaned the strings of slimy cream from the smooth shaft. She licked each ridge and each valley, cleaning her toy of all traces of her vaginal secretions. If pussy was an acquired taste, then she had acquired a taste for hers. She couldn't linger however, she had only one minute to get back to class.

Katie slipped the dildo in its felt bag and hid it at the bottom of her schoolbag. She reseated her g-string across the thick mat of, now soaked, curls and fixed her skirt.

As she exited the stall Katie froze. Standing in front of the mirror, checking her makeup was Karen Henderson. She was one of the beauties of the school, slim and full breasted, a cheerleader but nice. She was also a debater and not the typical jock's bitch. Karen just stared at Katie in the mirror and Katie stood frozen like a statue.

She had to do something. Her time was running out and she couldn't just run out of the room. "Hi Karen," Katie said, mustering the most cheerful, innocent voice she could, though it was now tempered with the husky timbre of arousal. She went to the basins and washed her hands. As the water washed over her trembling hands, she realised that she had not been told to wash her hands, in fact she had been told explicitly what to do. She had deviated from Lauren’s commands. She was in trouble.

Karen continued to stare at Katie as she washed and dried her hands. She gave Karen a last, feeble smile and rushed from the room. It was not until she sat back in her seat, carefully arranging her skirt to cover the most skin she could, that she realised she could smell her sex. She reeked of it.

Katie tried to focus on the lesson but each hushed whisper, each muted giggle was like a knife in her back. They could smell her, she knew it. They knew what she had been doing. Even if they didn't, Karen sure did. She had tried to be quiet but she must have heard. It was then that Katie realised that from the basins you could see under the stalls. Not a lot sure, but enough to see the feet of anyone in the stall. Enough to see whether a girl was seated, as she should be, or if she had one leg propped up on the toilet furiously jabbing her pussy.

Katie stared at the table in front of her, the feverish heat radiating from her face felt as if her skin was melting off. Karen knew! Half the school would know by lunchtime.

"Katie are you alright?" Mrs Marsh asked.

"Eeek," someone behind her squealed, to the delight of the rest of the class.

"Yes thank you Eric. Do you need to see the nurse Katie. Your colour looks a little off."

"Um, no thank you Mrs Marsh, I'll be ok."

"Right you are Katie. Now Thoreau, wawk wawk wawk."

Her teacher's voice trailed off into background noise as Katie sank into despair. Would anyone believe Karen? She was a nice girl and had a lot of friends, boys as well as girls. She was popular but not bitchy. Yes they would believe her. But she wasn't a gossip, well she didn't have a reputation as one. Maybe she wouldn't tell anyone? Maybe she was that nice! Yeah, but she was still a 16 year old girl, Katie reasoned. Keeping that a secret was a little too much to ask.

Katie latched onto the one ray of hope that she could come up with. Maybe Karen would want to blackmail her too. What would she do then? Have two 16 year old girls ordering her life? She was sure Lauren wouldn't like that. Lauren? Maybe her owner could help her. After all if this got around the school it would ruin her anyway wouldn't it.

Don't be so fucking dense. This was nothing compared to what Lauren had on her computer. Even if the whole school thought she had masturbated in the toilets, well so what. She would be teased, she would be a joke for a while but if she kept denying it then it would all blow over eventually. Everyone knew what teenage girls were like. But if they saw that webcam...

She just had to stay calm. Katie almost fell out of her seat when the bell went. She closed her book and left the room on autopilot. Her next class was a study period, which she usually spent doing anything but study. She heard her phone vibrate in her bag as she walked from the class. She would have to change that, put it totally on silent. Having vibrating noises coming from her bag was the last thing she needed right now. She would have to stop carrying her dildo too. Lauren would understand.

Katie went pale when she saw the caller id - My Owner. She quickly shaded the phone with her other hand and accessed the message. "Library, now." Katie paled at the terse message. It was notoriously hard to convey emotions in text but she could tell this was not a happy text.

Katie hurried to the library, anxious at what she would find and afraid that if she took too long she would anger Lauren even more. Her eyes flicked frantically around the quiet study room. The large hall was filled with tables, with smaller single cubicles around the walls. There were less than twenty students on the whole room, but Lauren sat a table by herself, well away from the other clusters.

"May I sit down Miss?"

"I am disappointed in you Kitty."

The words stung the apprehensive young girl. She had thought that if she was polite and contrite that Lauren would not be mad. It had not worked, but she still felt it was the right thing to do.

"I'm sorry Miss," Katie whispered meekly

"Sit down," commanded Lauren. "Don't cross your legs, slut. You will not sit with crossed legs again. Do you know why Kitty?"

"Yes Miss."

"Claiming knowledge is not evidence of owning knowledge," Lauren said cryptically. Katie understood the hint.

"I am not permitted to sit with crossed legs because a slave should always make sure her body is ready for her owner Miss," Katie replied demurely, once her eyes had quickly flicked over the nearby tables.

"Available Kitty. Having your body 'ready' is another matter entirely, but correct all the same. Now you have earned a punishment haven't you?

"Yes Miss," Katie replied, looking directly into those intimidating blue eyes. How the hell could she know?


"I am sorry Miss for being disobedient," Katie whispered, "I talked to a girl and washed my hands before I left the restroom."


"When I-"

"No Kitty, being again. A slave does not invest in half-measures."

"I am sorry Miss for my disobedience. When i was in the restroom masturbat-"

"Kitty that is such a yucky word. Again."

"Miss, I am sorry for my disobedience. When I was in the restroom playing with my pussy I talked to a girl and washed my hands when my instructions were clear that I should not."

"Correct, finally. You have lost the privilege of panties for the rest of the day. Take them off."

Katie pushed back her chair. She knew she had disobeyed, but this wasn't fair. What else could she have done? At least it wasn't the cane. She didn't know how long she would be given to get back but she planned to do the trip in record time. Anything short of actually running through the halls.

"Where do you think you are going Kitty? The only order I gave you was to take off your panties."

Katie pushed her chair back into the table and looked at Lauren in despair. There was no smile there. Her eyes were as cold as ice and her face seemed as if any movement would crack it in two. Still there was an elfin cuteness about her. Fuck, thought Katie unable to comprehend the thoughts that popped into her brain. Of all the things she should be thinking, she was admiring the cuteness of another girl. A girl whose power over her seemed to be growing daily.

Katie looked fearfully about the room, no one was watching them. They were two pretty girls, and most of the other people in the library looked like nerds. She couldn't understand why they were not the centre of attention. Not that she was complaining, she didn't think she could do this if she thought she was being watched.

Now Katie wished she had worn a different skirt. She knew she would be wearing a g-string so she had chosen a tight skirt of stiff material that would be sure to stay down in any breeze. Her choice haunted her now. She would have to lift the skirt up almost to her waist to get to her panties. Unless... She could reach up between her legs, grab the crotch and pull them down that way.

Katie quickly hunched forward over the table, sure that it would look as if she was resting her head for a nap. She reached up with her right hand, lifting her bottom off the chair at the same time. Her fingers slid up her thighs until she felt the damp crotch of her panties. She pushed one finger to the side and hooked it behind the elastic and pulled. There was resistance at first, too much. She didn't think her panties would move, and her finger was slipping on the cream-slick material.

The trembling teen persevered, knowing the alternative would be much worse. She hooked a second finger behind the panties and moved them down to where the crotch narrowed into a slimmer band. She pulled them with all her strength and was rewarded. The small g-string slipped down her legs, slowly at first, but once the grip was broken on her hips and buttocks the panties slid down her thighs with speed.

The deed was done. Katie sat back and pushed the g-string over her knees and felt them fall to the floor beneath the table. She stepped out of them and reached under the table for...

"Hey Lauren."

Katie bumped her head on the underside of the desk. There was another girl standing right next to the table. Katie balled the panties in one hand and slowly came up from under the desk. Both girls were staring at her when she emerged timidly. She shuffled her chair in until her belly was touching the table-edge, keeping her left hand under the table, while nonchalantly, she hoped, brushed the hair back from her face.


"Hi Linda," she mumbled. Fucking Linda Tennant what was- She was on the Lacrosse team with Lauren, of course.

"Yeah well, can I get a ride to practice on Monday. My Mom's away and my Dad won't be home from work in time."

"Sure Lin. My Mom can drop you home afterwards too."

"Sweet, thanks Lauren. Hey Katie, you should try out for Lacrosse. Stacey Cotter is leaving at the end of the semester and in Lacrosse it doesn't matter all that much if you're short."

"Thanks Linda, but I'm not real sporty," Katie said, desperate for her to fuck off.

"Come on Kitty, you're exercising now right?"

"Yes Miss," Katie replied meekly. Linda looked confused but she didn't want to pry.

"There you go then. Maybe not just yet, but if your fitness improves enough maybe at the end of semester..."

"Ok well see ya," said Linda a little quizzically.

"See ya on Monday," Lauren beamed.

"Panties," Lauren commanded once Linda was out of earshot.

Katie put her other hand under the table and folded the damp panties as best she could without being able to see. When she felt she was done she placed them on the table in front of her owner, desperate that no one would see and no one else would interrupt.

"These are soaked Kitty," Lauren said as picked up the sodden panties and transferred them to her bag. "I should have brought a plastic bag."

Katie hung her head, the shame of what she had done overriding her nervousness and fear. She had never not worn panties before, well apart from Monday. Her pussy was still terribly wet. Where would it all go now that her panties were not there to soak it up?

"Your pussy has such a strong scent Kitty. Better watch out or you'll have the neighbourhood dogs howling," Lauren laughed. "Linda was so funny. I could see her nose wrinkle before she even reached the table.

Katie could have died then and there. The humiliation was so intense that it actually made her nauseous. She knew she could be smelled, especially after that session in the restroom. She knew that when she mast-, that when she played with her pussy at home there was a smell that would linger unless she opened a window. It wasn't strong but she could smell it. And now she knew others could too.

She couldn't go back to class after this. She had to go home. She had to wash herself. Or, thought Katie, just spray some more perfume on. She had a tiny pack in her bag for situations just like this. Well not just like this she thought, but this was the best use it would ever be put to.

"This is my bag for tonight Kitty," Lauren said placing a small overnight bag on the table. "You can put it in your locker now. Once the bell rings you are to stay by your locker until I get there. Do you need to pee, Kitty?"

"No Miss."

"Whenever you are outside your house you are to ask permission to relieve yourself. You will text me with the request, 'May I pee please Miss.' You are then to wait for permission to be granted. Understand?"

"Yes Miss," Katie replied despondently, all hopes of this being a shortlived game were quickly evaporating.

"When you are at home you may pee once between the hours of 6 and 7 am, once between 4 and 5 pm and once between 1 and 2 am. Outside of those times you are to request permission. You will do this by waiting online. You will sit in your chair wearing the shirt that is now in your bag. Your arms will be behind your back and your legs are to be spread. Once in position you are not to move until permission is granted or denied. Is that clear Kitty?"

"Yes Miss."

If she was totally truthful Katie didn't really understand. Control of one of the most everyday things she did was now taken from her. She never even thought about going to the toilet and know she would not only have to think about it, ask permission to even do it, but she would now have to judge when she needed to. She had no idea how many times she went to the toilet but she was sure it was more than three times a day. Sure on schooldays she could ask permission and know that Lauren was there. What would she do on weekends?

Katie's life was spiraling out of control. If she thought about it, really thought about it, she would realise that it was already well beyond her reach. She was property now, she belonged to another, she didn't have any control, not unless it had been strictly permitted her. But Katie refused to think about it, really think about it.

"So who did you talk to in the restroom?"

Katie was completely bewildered by the quick, seemingly random change in topic. She had to ask permission to pee now, but who had she talked to? Who had been the girl in the restroom? A place she was not going to visit without another person first allowing it.

"Um, Karen Henderson Miss," Katie replied, still a little lost.

"What did that bitch want?"

"Uh nothing Miss, she was fixing her makeup."

"Yeah sounds about right. So why did you speak to her?"

"Um she was standing there when I, when I had finished playing with my pussy. I think she knew what I was doing Miss."

"Rowdy little slut were you Kitty?"

"Um no Miss, I don't think so Miss but, well, she might have heard and, she. Miss she just seemed to know."

"Well so now she knows you're a slut. Now there are three people in on your secret. I suggest next time you should be more careful."

Next time? Katie looked at her owner not sure if she was serious. Lauren said she would always be truthful with her, she knew better than to question what she said.

"What's wrong Kitty?"

"Um Miss, I don't, I mean. It's not nice in the restrooms."

"True Kitty. Very true. Never let it be said that I don't look after my property. No more bathroom breaks for now."

"Thank you Miss," Katie said with real gratitude.

And there it was Lauren thought, that smile. She could see the tiny dimples the smile created in each cheek and could not help but smile back.  This little slut was one in a million and she was hers. And their life together had only just begun.

"Hurry off to class now Kitty. We will be reviewing your grades this weekend. I won't own a dumb cunt.”

"Yes Miss," Katie replied forlornly. Her grades were not great. She was going to get in trouble for sure. They were good, not great, but she knew Lauren well enough by now to know that good would not be good enough.

Katie picked up Lauren's overnight bag and hurried to her locker. She needed to get this bag safe and get to class. And she needed to start paying attention. The state of her bottom may very well depend on it.

* * *

She had to do it. She had already left it too long. What if she didn’t get an answer back in time? She would have to wait another period and there was only one more before the end of class and after class she had to wait by her locker. She had been resisting the temptation to squirm in her seat all through Biology. Why had she waited so long? She knew the answer before the question was even asked. The very thought of having to ask permission to go to the toilet caused a strange fluttering tightness in her belly every time she thought of it. She needed to go to the restroom, and not only to pee.

Through three classes and lunch she had been worried about her pussy. She could feel the moisture between her legs and she had become increasingly worried that it would mark her skirt. The last thing she needed was to be walking around with a wet-spot on her skirt. She had tried to walk from class to class and take her seat as quickly as possible but after lunch she realised that was probably not the best thing to do. When she was standing up it wasn’t a problem, her juices would, if anything, just wet her thighs. It was when she sat down that her sex would come in contact with her skirt.

If she went to the toilet she could make sure she wiped her pussy of more than the stray drop of pee. She didn’t know why she hadn’t thought of this earlier. It could have saved her so much worrying, paranoia and humiliation. There was, however, the one remaining hurdle. She had to ask permission to pee. She really had no choice now. She either asked or she simply went without permission. She had asked herself a hundred times if Lauren had been serious and the answer was always the same: don’t be so fucking stupid, of course she was serious. Katie just didn’t know if she could actually do it. She didn’t know what the big sticking point was, it was just that every time she got out her phone to send the text, she couldn’t even begin to type the message.

She had allowed Lauren to inspect her naked body, she had played with her pussy at Lauren’s command, she exercised morning and afternoon because Lauren told her to. What was the big deal with asking permission to pee? What was next? Asking permission to talk or eat? The actual prospect made the pretty teen pale and she quickly dismissed that line of thought. Focus Katie, you have to do this. Now or never and if it’s never then you know what’s coming.

“May I pee please Miss.”

Katie stared at the text message for almost a minute before she hit send. A strange sensation washed over her when she realised it was done; the message was gone, there was nothing she could do about it now. Her fate was sealed. That was it wasn’t it? She felt like the sending of that text was somehow a turning point. All sorts of metaphors flickered through her mind but they all meant the same thing: she was committed. This wasn’t a game. It wasn’t some harmless fun so Lauren could get her kicks for a week or two. She was serious. She owned Katie now. That was the heart of it all. That one foolish afternoon had led her to this. All she could hope for now was that Lauren would have her fun and lose interest, eventually releasing her from this torment. What could she do until then? Be obedient and do what she was told, try and be good. What else could she do?

Katie stared at her phone until she sat down in her next class. No answer had come. She had turned her phone onto silent so unless she was vigilant she would not know if Lauren had replied with her permission. And now it was too late. This was her last class of the day. She would have to wait now until she got home. She had to try and pay attention in this last class. Her big claims of being a good student and paying attention had been scattered the moment that insistent little pressure on her bladder began. Her focus was shattered and the classes since had turned into one long monotonous blur.

Her last class was economics, the most boring of all subjects. Typical of the school to schedule it as the last class before the weekend. It was like they wanted to guarantee that half the students would be asleep and the other half were thinking about the weekend. All Katie could think about was relieving the growing pressure in her bladder.



“Wow, you’re jumpy,” laughed Louise.

Katie smiled weakly at her classmate. She had been miles away, amidst growing fears of disobedience if she could not wait until Lauren gave her permission and of thoughts of what the night would bring. She had been oblivious to what was going on around her. It wasn’t as if Louise was a ninja or anything, she had just not been paying attention. She needed to, she knew. She could get in trouble if she didn’t start staying focused.

“Sorry, just daydreaming I guess,” Katie recovered quickly.

“Yeah well, I think you sat in something.”

The comment was an innocent one. It was meant to be helpful. She had sat in something, sure. Remain calm. Act naturally. Say thank you and sit down, maybe even laugh, brush it off as nothing special. Katie frantically told herself all these things. She knew what she should do, her brain knew but her body had different ideas. Her face flushed a bright red so quickly it seemed as if someone had flicked a switch. She opened her mouth to speak but nothing came out, not even a strangled squeak. Do something! Say something, she pleaded with herself.

Louise stood there dumbfounded at the unexpected response. It looked as if Katie was choking or something. “Katie are you alright? You look weird.”

“No, I mean yes,” Katie gasped, finally finding her voice, though maybe she should not have bothered. Was babbling better than silence? “I mean I’m ok, I felt a bit funny for a second there, but I’m ok. Seriously. Thanks for letting me know though. I will, um, check it out after class. Thanks.”

Katie scurried to her seat, desperate to hide her shame. Louise was just being nice but she had brought Katie’s world crashing down upon her. Louise thought she had sat in something but what would others think. How long had it been there? How many other people had seen it and not told her? What did it look like? Could you tell it was from her sex? Of course not, she snapped, or Louise would have said ‘your cunt’s leaked on your skirt slut’. Louise may not have guessed but had Karen seen? She would know for sure.

The young girl’s mind spiraled down tangents of ever increasing humiliation. She tried frantically to rein in her frenetic thoughts but no matter what she thought of she could not calm herself. She was making it worse. That was the thought that kept spinning to the forefront of the maelstrom inside her head. Each second she was sitting down she made it worse. Her vagina was leaking more and more, soaking into her skirt and leaving an obvious mark. How big was it now? An inch across? Two inches?

Oh my god, the distraught teen, wailed, resting her feverish head in her hands. Had she left marks behind on the chairs? Had anyone noticed the little spot of dampness after she stood up? She had left little wet-spots behind, she knew she had. No doubt they had been seen too. Was Louise really being nice or was that a snide joke at her expense? Was she really just letting Katie know that she knew that her pussy was so wet it was leaking into her skirt? Had her bizarre reaction simply confirmed her guilt?

She couldn’t help it. The humiliation had slapped her like a blow from Lauren’s hand. Her face still burned, she could feel the heat pulsing from her face, neck and chest. It was making her sweaty; her palms were clammy and she could taste the salty beads of sweat on her upper lip. She was losing it. Correction, she was lost. Katie didn’t know what to do. She sat in her chair and stared at the teacher. His mouth was moving but she could not hear the words. She couldn’t ask to be excused, then everyone would watch her as she left, they would all see the mark on her skirt, the mark of her shameful arousal. She had to sit here until the class ended.

Katie heard the bell only as a distant clanging and didn’t quite realise until she noticed everyone else leaving. The dazed teen collected her bag and shuffled out the door, careful to stay facing her preoccupied teacher. She was the last to leave the classroom but the halls were full of people rushing to get home and begin their two days of freedom. How was she going to get to her locker? She had been walking around for god knows how long with this huge stain on her skirt but now she knew it was there everything had changed. She couldn’t walk sideways the whole way, that would be sure to get everyone looking at her. She couldn’t just wait until the halls emptied, she had to be waiting by her locker for Lauren and then she had to catch the bus home. The bus! That was something she could not think about right now.

Her schoolbag! She could walk with her bag slung really low so it covered her ass. It would look a little strange sure, but better than the alternative. Katie lengthened the strap of her bag to the maximum and slid it around until it covered her behind. It bounced with each step she took but it covered her. She wasn’t even sure where the mark was but it was the best she could do right now. The walk to her locker felt like it was five miles long. Laughter, at her? No just two girls giggling about something stupid. Last corner, a sigh of relief burst from her when she realised her locker was now only feet away.

Katie turned the corner and her heart sank. Lauren was already at her locker waiting. She had changed into a very cute exercise outfit, small shorts and a tight top with a Y-shaped back that showed off Lauren’s taut stomach and toned shoulders. She looked very sexy. She also looked unhappy. Katie scurried forward to face her owner.

“Take my schoolbag. I will be running to your place. You have a text with your orders.”

With that, Lauren left, stalking imperiously down the hall, her tight butt rippling attractively beneath the tiny shorts. Katie was left dazed and confused by the terse meeting. It must be six miles to my house, she thought. The bus would arrive long before Lauren did. The bus! Katie fumbled with the combination on her locker. She would have to hurry to the bus. She didn’t want to lose her seat, or worse, miss the bus altogether. She was soon scrambling to the bus, struggling with three bags. Where was she going to put it all anyway? What would she say if someone asked her what it all was?

It had waited. Katie breathed deeply, shuffling the last few steps to the waiting bus. When she stepped up and faced the interior, it seemed as if every conversation ended and everyone was staring at her. Holy shit, it’s like one of those old westerns, Katie thought, shocked as to what could have prompted this sudden interest. She could almost imagine the sound of the rickety old piano fading into the silence.

“Sit,” snapped the driver, Mrs Farrell. She always reminded Katie of that crazy bitch bus driver from South Park. Her hair even looked like a bird had been nesting in it half the time. “Lazy kids, how ‘bout you make sure you’re on time. Wadda ya got so many bags for? Going on a trip? You will if you don’t siddown. Sit!”

There were no other seats available except the one right behind the driver. Katie slumped despondently into the chair, shoving Laurens overnight bag at her feet. It was only then that she noticed who she was sitting next to. Pierre, fucking Pierre. He had to sit up the front of the bus because he was a fucking little perv. All the girls had slowly banished him forward until he was sitting on his own. He never actually did anything wrong exactly, he just stared at you: at your boobs, at your skirt, trying desperately to catch a glimpse of something underneath. Most guys looked and hoped, but in glances. Pierre just stared, he had no tact. He was two years younger but still.

“Hi Katie.”

“Hi Pierre,” Katie replied, trying her best to keep her tone non-committal, desperately hoping he would stop there.

“You’ve got a lot of bags today.”


Good one creep, I know you aren’t looking at the bags but my skirt isn’t that short. What if he did see though? Katie pressed her knees more tightly together and placed her bag across her lap. All that did was make Pierre shift his gaze to her breasts. Katie squirmed uncomfortably under his lascivious stare. Normally she would have told him to fuck off, but today she had too much at stake. She would have to suffer in silence.

“There’s a weird smell in the bus today.”

Katie’s heart began to beat so hard and fast it made her chest hurt. Please don’t blush, please, please. Fuck. The anxious teen felt the heat rise. All she could do was look away, out the front of the bus and count the stops until her house. Had she really forgotten the smell? Was she so used to it know that she no longer noticed it? No, there it was, still strong. Lauren wasn’t joking, other people could smell it. At least Pierre had no idea what it was. Surely it was not strong enough to be there constantly or for it to travel too far. It was a subtle scent surely.

“So you smell it Katie?”

“Uh no.”

“It smells a bit like sour milk or something. So what are you doing on the weekend?”

“Not much.” God will you shut the fuck up, Katie screamed. All she wanted to do was ride the bus in silence, get home, get out of her stained skirt and relax. Relax? She wasn’t sure relaxing would exactly be on the agenda for that night.

“I wonder if anyone else smells it, maybe it’s just on the window or something.”

Shit, why won’t he shut the fuck up about it. Katie started to panic. What if he started asking other people if they could smell it? What if someone came over and started sniffing around? They would be sure to trace it to her. The guys might not have a clue but one of the girls surely. Karen! Was Karen on her bus. Please God, no. Katie tried to remember if she had seen Karen, did she usually catch this bus. No, she drove, thank Christ. Disaster averted but she would have to do something if she didn’t want the whole bus to know her wet pussy was wafting her arousal around the bus.

“Um I think I do smell something. Maybe someone stepped in something. Best to keep the window open,” Katie said nervously, trying her best to keep the tremor from her voice. Genius, finally a cohesive thought.

“I can’t seem to get it open,” Pierre said innocently, his small hands fumbling at the window.

Katie sighed knowing exactly the game that was being played. She couldn’t sit this out though. If Pierre got someone else to come over, then they would smell her and it would spread around the bus like wildfire. She knew what the boring bus rides were like. Anything that distracted the kids from the monotony of the bumpy ride was latched onto and blown out of all proportion. Katie took a deep breath, leaned in front of Pierre and opened the window, the pane of glass in its metal frame sliding smoothly. Little fucker, Katie thought, noticing Pierre’s eyes almost bulging from his head as her breasts flashed past his face. She saw his hands twitch, as if he was fighting the urge to reach out and squeeze her pert bosom. Katie quickly sat back in her seat, feeling dirty, soiled by the young perverts thoughts.

After that, Pierre seemed to be satisfied. He was happy enough to glance sidelong at Katie’s chest, watching mesmerised as her pert breasts bounced with each bump in the road. Katie’s discomfort grew with each stop. The fewer people there seemed left on the bus, the bolder Pierre became. By the time it was her turn to get off he was almost turned facing her, staring at her bosom with undisguised lust. She had fidgeted constantly, but had resigned herself to simply sitting still. She had crossed her arms but realised that simply pushed her breasts up, she had shifted her weight to one side but soon discovered this had pulled her blouse taut across her breasts creating an even more attractive view. Katie snuck one quick glance as she shifted her bags. He looked crazed, as if he was ready to pounce on her and bite her boobs off.

Finally, thankfully, the bus pulled to her stop. She gathered all her bags and made sure to slide across the seat, hoping the untainted parts of her skirt would soak up any moisture from the plastic seat. She had not forgotten the fountain between her legs. She could feel the slimy damp on her thighs and cringed at the thought of Pierre seeing any evidence of her arousal.  She waited until the bus stopped before scurrying out as fast as she could.

“Bye Katie,” Pierre called, but she was out of the bus and walking purposefully down the street. That was definitely not an experience she ever wanted to repeat.

Chapter 4. Sleepover

'Go straight to your room. Remove your shoes. Place my overnight bag on your bed, my schoolbag under your desk. Have a bottle of cold water on a coaster on your desk. Wait for my arrival.'

Those were her instructions. She had followed them to the letter. She was now standing at attention in her room, facing her door. She had let her mother know that Lauren would be along, that she was running from school. Her mother seemed to think that was admirable and had looked at Katie pointedly. There were two texts on her phone when she had checked. Her instructions were the second text. The other simply said ‘No’. She had not been given permission to go to the toilet, and anyway the chance had passed. Her bladder felt like it was going to burst if she didn’t do something about it soon.

Katie snuck a glance at the clock on her ipod dock. She had been waiting here for almost 10 minutes. Lauren was sure to be here any second. As the minutes had passed her anxiety had grown. She was home now, in the relative safety, peace and quiet of her room. No one was looking at her now, smelling her, judging her. Still she was not relaxed. She had twisted around, trying to see the mark on her skirt but she had not been told she could remove her skirt or go to the bathroom, Lauren was pretty clear. She needed to know how bad it was. She needed to know what she would be facing when she went back to school on Monday.

She was home and in her room. With the door closed, where no one could see. And she was standing at attention because a 16 year old girl had ordered her to, in a text. The absurdity of the situation was enough to make anyone laugh but Katie was not laughing. This was not a joke. It was real. Nothing in her life had ever been more real. She had felt it every second of every day since Lauren had sent that first text. She was trapped, as the property of another girl. She had spent countless hours attempting to concoct some way out. She had come up with nothing. This would end when Lauren wanted it to end, she held all the cards.

Katie unconsciously straightened her posture when she heard the doorbell ring. “Katie, your friend is here,” she heard her Mother yell a moment later. What should she do now? She had been told to wait. Should she go down and meet her owner, introduce her to her Mom? Would that be ok, or was she supposed to wait in her room at attention? The confused teen took one hesitant step forward then moved back into position. She hoped it was the right thing to do.

Moments later her door burst open and Lauren stepped into the room. She was red-faced and sweating profusely but Katie thought she had never seemed cuter. Her skin shone as if she was lathered in diamonds, even her eyes sparkled alluringly. Lauren closed the door, walked straight past Katie and broke the seal on the bottle of water. Katie dared not turn but she heard Lauren gulping the water down before gasping loudly.

“Your room is a mess Kitty. Maybe I should have called you piglet, hmmm.”

Katie could say nothing, she simply stood silently accepting the rebuke she knew she had deserved. She should have cleaned up her room. She had, a bit, but there was even still some clothes on the floor by the door, her security clothes. Katie could hear Lauren moving around behind her. It took a supreme effort of will not to twist her head to see what she was doing. She could still hear Lauren breathing hard from her run but she could tell it was beginning to come back to normal.

“You have pretty crap taste in music Kitty. Do you just listen to everything everyone else does?”

“Uh, yes Miss?”

“Kitty a slave answers the questions she is asked. She does not answer a question with a question unless she wants her ass smacked until it’s glowing like a rosy red apple.”

“Sorry Miss.”

“I don’t ever want to hear this… this noise. In fact we’ll delete them later. There are a couple here you can keep. You don’t read, Kitty?”

“Um no Miss, not really.”

“This isn’t a part of this whole ‘dumb cunt’ persona you are into is it?”

“No Miss,” replied Katie, exasperatedly. She didn’t hate reading, she just never found the time. She wasn’t dumb either, she just… She was… She was lazy, she knew.

“Time for your exercise now Kitty. Oh Kitty! Did you sit in something?”

“No Miss,” Katie said, her voice a humiliated whisper.

“Then what is that mark on your skirt?” “Miss, the mark is from my pussy.” Katie could have died as Lauren giggled behind her.

“Let’s have a closer look. Take it off.”

Katie undid the small zip at the side of the skirt that would allow it to slide over her hips. Had Lauren locked the door? She couldn’t remember seeing her do it. She was facing the doorway, naked from the waist down. If her mother came in now she would die. The half-naked teen handed her skirt to her owner worried at the reaction the evidence of her constant arousal would elicit. She was also curious herself to see the mark, she still did not know how bad it was.

“Kitty,” Lauren laughed, “how long was this there?”

“Um I don’t know Miss. It might have been after I was naughty and wasn’t allowed panties Miss.”

“No doubt, no doubt,” agreed the clearly amused girl. “Still wet?

“Y… yes Miss.”

Katie tensed as she felt Lauren’s hand slide passed her buttocks, seeking the heat between her legs. A short, sharp moan escaped her as two fingers parted her lips and slid inside her. Her body was no longer her own. Lauren treated her as the property she was, violating her at a whim, without a thought for the feelings of the young girl. Katie accepted the treatment obediently, remaining in position despite the urge to dance away from the questing fingers, or squirm down upon them.

“Welly welly welly welly well. Has your pussy been soaking like this all day?”

“Yes Miss,” Katie gasped as the twisting fingers slipped out of their warm sheath.

Lauren stepped in front of the trembling teen and smeared her slimy fingers across Katie’s upper lip and nose. She smiled as Katie’s mouth opened as the fingers approached. She wasn’t sure if it was her training or the sheer eagerness to taste herself. She rewarded the panting girl and slid her fingers past the plump lips, rubbing them along the soft, wriggling tongue. Katie looked directly in Lauren’s eyes, but the pale ghostly orbs intimidated her and she lowered her gaze demurely, suckling all the while on the other girl’s fingers.

“Clean your skirt as well. Your mother should not have to clean your cunt slime.”

Katie cringed at the term but dutifully took her skirt. Finally she had a chance to see what she been so worried about, it was probably no bigger than a dime. The young girl’s eyes grew wide as she saw the two inch wide stain. The rich magenta of the skirt had turned almost black as the moisture had well and truly soaked the material. How had she not felt this? She tried to position the stain and realised that it must have sat directly below her butt, where the fall off the skirt kept it away from her skin, and when she was sitting she thought that it was just her pussy.

Salty tears welled up in the pretty teen’s eyes as the humiliation fell in waves upon her. She had been walking around almost all day with a pussy stain on her skirt. No one had said anything, no one until Louise in the final period of the day. Did everyone hate her that much? Was it so funny they couldn’t bear to have it end? Two tiny tears ran down her cheeks as she turned the skirt inside out and saw the slimy discharge that had oozed from her pussy over the course of the day. She sniffed back a sob as she lifted the skirt to her mouth and tentatively licked the colourless goo from the skirt.

“Don’t tickle it with your tongue Kitty, lap it up. You made the mess, it is only right you should clean it.”

Katie extended her tongue and licked the wet-spot, forcing the entire width of her tongue to the material. The tears fell freely, the single track on each cheek becoming a stream of despair. She could not believe that she was being forced to lick her sexual discharge from her own clothing. Then again, she could not believe her pussy was capable of doing such a thing.

“Good girl, you are lapping that up like a proper little Kitty. You already know a thing or two about tongues lapping it would seem.”

Katie almost choked at the painful reminder of the reason for her bondage. If she could have just one wish she would turn back time to that afternoon and simply go to a movie instead. Katie was constantly off-balance, one moment Lauren would be so sweet to her, like a real best friend and the next she could be cold, harsh and even cruel. The poor teenager never knew what she could expect from one moment to the next.

“Enough Kitty, I am sure it is clean enough, though if you had your way I guess we would be here all night until you had worn a hole in that pretty skirt,” chuckled Lauren. “Time for your exercises Kitty. Blouse and bra off and begin.”

“Excuse me Miss, but did you-“ Katie began but stopped abruptly as Lauren’s face hardened and she stepped closer to her.

“Kitty,” began Lauren, squeezing her chin with one hand, pushing her cheeks together painfully. “You don’t just prattle on once you have been given a task to do. If I wanted to hear someone speak I would train a parrot. If you wish to speak, you ask permission. ‘Excuse me Miss’ was correct but you wait until you are acknowledged, you do not just go blundering on. Understand?”

“Yes Miss.”

“Now get undressed.”

“Yes Miss. Excuse me Miss,” Katie persisted as she lifted her blouse over her head.

“Yes Kitty?”

“Miss, is the door locked? My mom does come up here sometimes,” Katie gushed.

“Kitty I will worry about the door, its lock and your mother. You have only one concern and that is pleasing your owner. Now you were told what to do.”

Katie sighed, knowing she could do no more. She began her exercises, the same as she had done each afternoon that week. This time however she was naked and her owner was hovering over her, no doubt critiquing her performance. Katie hoped she could see the improvement. That would show her that she had been doing as she was told.

Lauren watched the naked girl like a hawk as she progressed through the basic regime she had set her. She smiled, unable to contain her joy, when Katie counted out her ‘creamy pussy’s’. As Katie stood breathlessly, all her requirements completed, Lauren knew she had been faithful. It was a slave’s duty to constantly improve however and it was high time that Katie did.

“Good girl Kitty. I have an extra set that you will integrate into your regime. Get that cute butt down on the floor. Scooch you knees up. Lie back, cross your hands over your chest. No Kitty, loop your arms around your boobs, you want to show them off not squash them. Good girl.”

Katie contorted her body into the desired position, knowing what would come next. She was surprised, however, when Lauren crouched down at her feet and deftly picked up each foot and spread her legs. She looked down the prostrate girl’s body: past her hairy sex, the delicate pink folds of her vagina peeking through the thick black bush, past the soft bulge of her belly and past the pert breasts cupped in the folds of her crossed arms. Katie met her gaze, keenly aware of the way her body was displayed.

“Ten sit-ups Kitty,” Lauren said as she pressed gently on each foot. “Bring your body up for each rep. Keep you back straight Kitty. Come on, you should not have to be told that.”

Katie grunted as she used her usually dormant muscles to curl her upper body towards her raised knees. The exercises she had been doing all week must have helped, she doubted she could have managed one otherwise.

“Don’t just flop back down like a dead fish. Though I do think I can smell one,” Lauren laughed at the distraught look that flashed across Katie’s face. “Only teasing Kitty, your pussy is lovely, shaggy but lovely. Nine more.”

What felt like a shock of electricity skittered up her body at her owner’s words. She knew her pussy was opening gently with each rep, she could feel it. Lauren was right down there, her face a foot away from her sex. No one had ever been that close. She tried to imagine the aroma that Lauren could smell. Katie could smell her sex and she was much farther away. Was it becoming more potent or was it just that the comments had brought it to the forefront of her mind once again.

Lauren followed Katie’ struggle, noting the movements of her body, the play of her muscles, the puckering of her pussy. She had counted each one for her girl, doing this small favour for her pretty slave. Each crunch became slower and more laboured. The tenth took so long that Lauren was sure Katie would fail. When she lay back panting, jubilant that she had completed the full set, Lauren called for one more. Katie’s eyes flicked open, she almost questioned Lauren, she had done ten, Lauren had even counted them, but she bit back her disobedience and struggled through one more.

“One more Kitty. Do this one for me.”

Katie took a deep, defeated breath and struggled once more to lift her body off the floor. Her arms were tensed, almost crushing her tender breasts within their embrace. Her feet were almost coming off the floor, despite Lauren leaning on them with all her strength. Her stomach quivered as she pushed herself one last time. She made it, she looked Lauren in the eyes, excited at the happiness and pride she saw there. She could not help herself this time, her muscles gave way and she flopped back onto the floor but a smile was on her lips. She had not failed.

“Come Kitty, you can bathe me.”

Lauren grabbed the stunned girl’s hand and pulled her to her feet. She opened the door, peered down the hall and led her charge to the bathroom. How she knew where it was Katie couldn’t guess but her mind was on other things. Bathe? Would they shower together? Did that mean she was going to see Lauren naked? Katie wasn’t sure how to feel about that. There was a nervous fluttering in her belly, or was that just her muscles twitching from her recent exertions. Seeing Lauren naked seemed like a step that she wasn’t ready for, not that her readiness meant anything in the scheme of things. She hadn’t been ready, or willing, for any of this to happen and yet it had.

“There aren’t enough towels Kitty. Fetch me another,” Lauren commanded.

Katie, still breathless from the exercises plodded gingerly back to the door. The linen cupboard was at the very end of the hall. A good six feet away. There and back in seconds. She listened carefully. How much time was there between starting up the stairs and being able to see along the landing. She should be able to make it even if she heard someone coming.

Katie jumped out the door, yelping at the stinging pain in her left buttock. She ran to the linen cupboard, grabbed a towel and dashed back, the whole time rubbing her smarting behind. Lauren must have really wound up for that one. She could see the handprint already formed large across her butt, like some prehistoric cave painting. It lay directly across the three fading bruises of the cane marks she had received on Monday. She never wanted to feel that cane again.

“Now Kitty. You asked to pee earlier this afternoon. Do you wish to do so now?”

“Yes Miss,” Katie said hurriedly, the desire to pee pounding her poor bladder like the violent surf after a storm.

“Kitty, see how I look after you. It seems that you found me at just the right time. You aren’t taking care of yourself. But you have me now. If you wish for permission you must ask, Kitty.”

“May I pee please Miss?”

“Yes Kitty, let’s have a look.”

Um, what? She had peed while her Mom had been in the shower once but no one had ever watched her. She couldn’t have meant what she thought she did. The naked girl stepped gingerly to the toilet, glancing back at Lauren as she did so. Lauren matched her pace and stood directly in front of the toilet as she reached down and lifted the lid. Katie sat meekly, looking up at her owner tower over her.

“Spread your legs Kitty. Sit up straight. Why are you always hunching over like Quasimodo. I swear the next time I tell you to straighten up you will be punished, severely.”

“Yes Miss,” Katie said despondently.

“And where do you think your hands should be?” Lauren asked, when she noticed Katie’s hands flopping listlessly at her side. Katie sheepishly slid her hands behind her back, looking down at her widely spread knees. “Good girl. Begin.”

Katie needed to pee. She really did. She had been wanting to go for hours. Now that she was here, there was nothing. She was being watched, that was part of it, but the humiliating position she had to adopt was the bigger impediment. Katie could not believe someone would actually want to watch someone else peeing. That was wrong. If she couldn’t go would she be punished? She had asked and she had been given permission, if she didn’t go now would that mean that she was disobeying an order?


Katie looked timidly at Lauren and her pee blasted from her like a firehose. She wanted to look away, she could feel her colour rise, her chest and face became uncomfortably hot, but she was caught by Lauren’s eyes. She couldn’t see what was in their depths, the paleness of the blue looked almost otherworldly in this light. Lauren’s face was lightly shadowed but her eyes seemed to blaze with an internal light. Katie could not look away. Her urine continued to flow, splashing noisily in the bowl below her. She felt so small and dirty, she felt worthless and ugly, yet she could not look away. How could Lauren stand to look at her like this?

Her flow began to slow, then stop. A last few drops plinked into the bowl before Katie could wrench her eyes from Lauren’s hypnotic gaze. “Give a little wiggle Kitty. It’s always best to get those last few drops away.” Katie did as she was told, wiggling her behind like a happy puppy. “One square Kitty. Fold once and dab, never wipe.”

The naked teen obediently dabbed at her pussy, dropped the paper in the toilet and stood up to flush. She had just had someone watch her pee for the first time. Not only that but she had been issued orders along the way, trained like an animal. She shivered at the thought, eager to leave the episode behind.

“Start the shower Kitty. When it is the right temperature, kneel by the shower door until you are needed.”

Katie rushed to the shower and turned the hot water tap on first, allowing the pipes to heat up. The shower was a little finicky but she knew all its tricks. A few moments later, she turned on the cold and fiddled with the flow until she had a nice steady stream of steaming hot water. Kneel until she was needed? She didn’t particularly like the sound of that but her likes and wants, and needs, she had come to realise, were not important. She knelt down on the mat outside the shower door, legs spread widely and waited.

Katie’s breath caught as Lauren walked confidently passed her and stepped into the shower. Her body was exquisite. Her slim, toned body was the lightest tan all over. The way her muscles tightened and stretched as she moved was intoxicating. Her breasts were small and round, half the size of her own but they suited Lauren. They were little pixie breasts, Katie smiled. It was when Lauren stepped under the water and turned to face Katie that her heart had skipped a beat.

Lauren’s pussy was completely bare. The smooth skin of her belly continued unbroken down to the delicate pink lips between her legs. As the water ran down Lauren’s lithe form, Katie could only stare at the enticing cleft between her mellow thighs. All she could see was the thinnest of lines between the rounded lips of her sex. She looked so tight Katie wondered if she could even fit a finger between those soft silky lips.

Katie looked down at her own body, disgusted at the thoughts that had come unbidden into her mind. She was not a lesbian. When she mast-, when she played with her pussy she thought of boys. She had kissed four boys and Pete had even touched her breasts, through her clothes. Lauren had a great body, like a movie star’s and she was just thinking that it was nice, that’s all. She liked to look at pretty outfits too that didn’t mean she didn’t want them. Well she did but not all of them. Well she did but… Just shut the fuck up, you are hopeless at metaphors. Lesbian!

God, she was even teasing herself now. She had to get a grip. She had been told to wait until she was needed and Lauren had said before that she was going to bathe her. She was soon going to have to get in the shower with another girl and wash her like… like a maid. Like a slave. Just say it, everyone else is thinking it. Everyone else, yeah one person. Yeah, one person who owns you. Why did she do this to herself? People said it was a sign of madness if you talked to yourself. What about if you argued with yourself?

“Come Kitty.”

Katie sprang to her feet, instantly ashamed of her enthusiasm. It was a little cold out of the shower, she could feel the cold of the tiles rising through the thin mat. She stepped in to the shower and closed the door behind her. She thought of what her parents would think if they knew what was going on. If they knew they were both in the bathroom at once they would no doubt just think that they were mucking around like normal 16 year old girls did. What would they really think if they knew that their daughter was a slave who was about to wash her owner?

“Wash my hair first Kitty. Then you may wash my body. Soap and hands Kitty.”

“Yes Miss,” Katie replied breathlessly.

Her breasts slid across Laurens back as she moved past for the shampoo. She felt her nipples stiffen at the touch. Fuck, this wasn’t happening. Katie’s mind was a blur as she lathered the taller girl’s hair, having to stand on her tiptoes to massage the top of Lauren’s head. Both girls were silent, Lauren luxuriating in the attentions of her slave. Katie however was in constant turmoil. She could feel a maddening pressure low in her belly, very low she corrected.

“Good girl Kitty, you have gentle hands,” Lauren sighed.

“Thank you Miss.”

“Have you ever washed another girl’s hair before Kitty?”

“No Miss.”

“Were you thinking of going to college Kitty?”

“Um, I… I don’t know Miss.”

“Kitty,” chided Lauren. Katie winced at the tone in her owner’s voice. How could she turn that one word into so many different feelings. With a small change in her voice Katie could be praised or chastised.

“Sorry Miss, I did want to go to college.”

“To do what?”

“I don’t know Miss.”

“Yes that seems about right for you Kitty. Lazy and listless. Well we will have a look at your grades later and see. Do you know how to wash a superior, Kitty?”

“Uh yes Miss,” Katie replied uncertainly. Well how hard could it be?

“We shall see.”

Once Katie had rinsed Lauren’s hair she took the soap and lathered it between her hands. Where should she start? Shoulders. Shoulders were a good place, nice and neutral.

“No Kitty,” Lauren said, quietly and gently but with a hint of admonishment. “First angle the water away. You want to keep that lather. Give the soap to me Kitty. Now hush Kitty. Hush and learn.”

Katie was transported into another world as Lauren lathered her young body. Small, but ever-increasing circles eased the tension from her shoulders and back. Lauren’s soapy hands slid down Katie’s soft body caressing her curves with long sensuous strokes. Katie leaned forward, pressing her hands against the frosted glass wall of the shower as Lauren reached from behind and massaged her pert breasts. Her agile fingers slipped and slid as they tried to grasp each hard nipple. Katie gasped at the maddening touch. She moaned, wondering at first where the sound was coming from, not realising it was from her own mouth.

Her knees trembled as the soapy hands slid down her belly and into the thick bush hiding her precious cave. Lauren’s fingers played a sensual symphony amidst the tight black curls, creating a white lather to cover the black. Katie was scrabbling for purchase on the glass-slick wall, moaning desperately for something to grasp, something to squeeze. She pushed her young face into the glass and panted uncontrollably as Lauren slid a hand between her buttocks and across the tightly puckered ripple that lay betwixt the cheeks. Her finger slid back and forth across the sensitive bud, threatening with each motion to slide inside her hot pussy that was creating a lather of its own.

Gooseflesh rippled her entire left side as Lauren breathed into her ear, her mouth brushing the sensitive skin, “Now you Kitty.”

Lauren stepped back from the panting girl, smiling with a sensual triumph. Katie was slumped against the frosted glass wall of the shower, her weak knees buckled inwards, her ass thrust out for attention. Her head was turned to the side, leaned against the glass as if exhausted. Her mouth was parted, each gasping breath coating the glass with a moist fog. Katie groaned as she realised that Lauren was waiting for her. Her owner had finished the demonstration, leaving her more frustrated than ever before. There was an almost overwhelming pressure between her legs. She could feel her clit, so hard it felt as it would burst like an overripe grape. But she had a duty to fulfill.

Katie tried to collect herself, rubbed the soap between her hands and took deep, calming breaths. It was all Lauren could do not to burst out laughing. The pent-up sexual frustration was oozing from every pore of the pretty teenager’s body. It was not her time to come, not yet. She would come when she decided and not before. She had a plan for the young girl that would guarantee she would never forget her first orgasm as a slave.

Katie tried to emulate Lauren’s performance but she knew she was not as good. She tried to be sensual but she felt as if she was simply workmanlike. When she washed Lauren’s breasts she almost forgot where she was and what she was doing. Lauren had taken hold of her hands and pressed them into her breasts, moving them in slow circles as she leaned down and kissed the breathless girl. Katie responded with a vigour born of frustration, pressing forward, her tongue pushing past Lauren’s lips searching for its partner. Lauren could feel the shorter girl’s hard nipples pressing into her chest. I’ll have to be careful, she could have my eye out, she chuckled to herself.

Katie would have stayed that way all day, her lips locked with her owner, breathing her breath, tasting her mouth, but Lauren pushed her away and gently, but insistently, moved her hands lower. Katie washed the thin hips and taut belly, hesitant to go lower. Her hands caressed Lauren’s hard stomach almost a dozen times before she worked up the courage to slide her soapy hand lower. The smoothness of the bare mons was delicious, but the feel of the silky smooth lips made Katie shudder. Lauren did not permit her to linger, turning around so Katie could finish her task. She did not want to deal with a similar frustration, her own time would come soon enough.

Katie felt terribly wicked when she slipped a hand hesitantly between the tight globes of Lauren’s ass. Her finger searched for the tight puckering and a shiver rippled through her body as she found it. She had just touched another girl’s asshole. She felt as wicked as she had when… Katie went cold, despite the steam rising from where the hot water fell behind her. Reality came crashing down so hard she almost collapsed to the floor of the shower. What the fuck was she doing? She was NOT A FUCKING LESBIAN. She didn’t even like this girl. She was blackmailing her, using her, abusing her. She didn’t care about her, she only wanted a toy for her perverted fantasies.

How could she have fallen for it? How could she have done those things? She felt dirty, not twenty minutes ago she had been forced to piss while another girl watched and commented, and told her what to do. Her fucking parents were downstairs for Christ’s sake. Katie quickly finished washing Lauren’s legs and stood up, surveying the soapy body she had washed.

"I have finished, Miss."

"So you have Kitty. Fetch my towel and wait."

Katie stepped out of the shower and danced over to the towel she had collected earlier. She hurried back to the mat on tiptoes, leaving small puddles with each step. So what was she supposed-

"Hold it out Kitty. A slave waits on the pleasure of her owner," instructed Lauren as she turned lazily under the warm water, rinsing off the last of the soap.

Katie spread the towel out in front of her body, ready for when her owner had finished in the shower. She watched Lauren as she enjoyed the steaming water. Katie was getting colder with each passing moment as the water cooled on her body. It must have been five minutes before Lauren decided she had had enough. She stepped out of the shower and into the waiting towel. Katie dutifully wrapped it around Lauren's dripping body.

"Dry, Kitty."

Katie obeyed, gently wiping Lauren's body with long soft strokes of the towel. Thankfully Lauren had squeezed most of the water out of her hair and it dripped only lightly. Katie soon found herself on her knees as she dabbed her owner's legs and feet. Lauren stood admiring herself in the mirror as Katie dried her body.

"I will dry my hair Kitty."

"Yes Miss."

Katie relinquished the towel, remaining on her knees as Lauren whipped the towel violently across her head. All she could do was watch and wait. Gooseflesh covered her entire body as the last of the cold water rolled down her naked body. The cold had quickly become uncomfortable but she said nothing. Once she was dry Lauren threw the towel on the floor and began to go through the cupboard under the sink. Katie watched her lithe movements, wondering what she was looking for.

"Kitty, you have wet the floor. Clean it."

"Yes Miss."

Katie almost scowled but caught herself in time. She wanted to get dry and warm but apparently her work was not yet down. She picked up the damp towel and crawled across the floor soaking up each tiny pool of water she had created. By the time she returned to the mat, cleaning the extra drips she had left while cleaning the first, the towel was soaked.

Lauren took the dry towel from atop the small basket in the corner and wrapped it around her body. "Dry yourself Kitty, then hang the towel up to dry. I will see you in your room in three minutes."

Katie watched despondently as Lauren walked out the door. She looked down at the wet towel in her hands and fought back the tears. She rose slowly and dried her body as best she could with the wet towel. She was eventually dry but not much warmer. With a last forlorn look, Katie draped the towel over the doorhandle and peered into the hall.

She could see no one so dashed to her bedroom door. Lauren had closed it so she twisted the handle, desperate to get inside. Her hand slipped on the knob. Her hand was dry, she had not slipped. The door was locked. Fuck. She knocked on the door as quietly as she could.

"Who is it?"


"Who is it?"

"Kitty Miss. May I come in please." She hadn't been thinking that first time, she was panicking. "Just a minute, I'm not decent."

Not fucking decent, Katie wanted to scream. She knew it was a game Lauren was playing and she knew she was probably giggling away behind the door but she was frantic to get inside. Her Dad could not see her like this. It seemed like an age before she finally heard the lock click and the door opened slowly.

"On your knees Kitty," Lauren said blocking the doorway. "From now on when you enter a room that I am in, you shall kneel and kiss my feet. The same will apply when I enter a room. Understand?"

"Yes Miss," Katie said from the floor, her head darting to the stairwell afraid that any minute her parents would investigate. Katie bent forward and gently kissed the top of Lauren's feet, looking plaintively up at her owner once she was done.

"Inside. No Kitty, crawl. To the centre of the room."

Katie followed her owner's command, kneeling when she reached the middle of the room. Her hair was still a little damp, occasionally releasing a cold drip of water that ran down her back and somehow always found its way into the crease between her buttocks.

"Knees wider Kitty. This is your second position Kitty. When you are commanded to kneel you will immediately adopt this position. Kneel here. Face away Kitty."

Katie knelt on the floor in front of her desk chair, upon which Lauren sat imperiously. She was facing away from the chair looking at her open cupboard doors. Her closet really was a mess. Her mother was fond of saying it looked like a tornado had swept through it, and she was not far wrong.

Katie knelt patiently, wondering what was to happen now. She was kneeling naked in her own room, while Lauren had already changed into a cute pair of yoga pants and a tight black singlet. She always somehow managed to look attractive no matter what she wore.

Katie suddenly felt something on top of her head. Her first instinct was to shy away from the touch but she had been expecting something and she stayed in place. For the next five minutes Lauren brushed Katie's lustrous black tresses, easing the last of the water from her hair and down her back. Katie shivered each time a new droplet cascaded down her bare skin.

Lauren brushed her hair, each stroke a gentle sensuous massage that started at her scalp and flushed the tension out of her classmate as the shower had failed to do. Katie leaned back into each stroke, pushing her head into Lauren's touch, seeking to increase the intimate pressure.

Such an easy-to-please little slut, mused Lauren. She enjoyed brushing the hair of another girl. She enjoyed running it through her fingers even more, but not when it was wet. She had never had much chance to indulge herself before, but she had Kitty now.

"You may now brush my hair Kitty."

Lauren handed her the brush over her shoulder and turned her chair around to face the computer. As Katie commenced brushing her owner's hair, she watched as Lauren surfed the internet. The naked teen blushed, thankful that her owner could not see, when she noticed Lauren had found the website from which she had purchased her dildo. She thought she had hidden that bookmark better than that.

Lauren spent a long time in the section that contained all the dildo's with suction cups on the bottom. They were all very realistic, or so Katie assumed. She was able to read a few descriptions that said they were moulded from real cocks. She was fascinated by that but the next section that held her owner's attention disturbed her.

It had been titled 'Anal Toys' and held a vast selection of buttplugs: silicon, glass, metal, even wood. She was disturbed and a little horrified to think that she would ever have anything to do with any of the stuff on these pages. There were almost as many pages of plugs as there were dildos.

"Kneel, away" commanded Lauren once she had enough of Katie's attention. She had felt Katie’s focus waver as she surfed particular pages and she had taken especial note. She really should have taken her to task for losing focus at all, but she was feeling frisky and forgiving.

Katie placed the brush on the desk and returned to her previous position. When would she be allowed to put something on? Surely they would be called for dinner soon and she couldn't be like this then.

She felt Lauren at her hair again but she couldn't tell exactly what she was doing. It was not until Lauren started work on the other side of her head that Katie realised. She was having her hair put in pigtails. She had not worn her hair like that since she was ten. Why? She looked so much nicer with her hair down, and swept across her face. That was why she had chosen that cut.

"Ok Kitty, let's see what we have to work with. Fetch what you normally wear at night."

Katie rose to her feet and padded to her wardrobe. She could feel the two pigtails bob at the side of her head as she walked.

Katie returned from her cupboard with a pair of long pants and matching top. They weren’t strictly what she wore about the house at night, but after a shower she did, it was just that she didn’t usually shower this early. Lauren took one look at them and wrinkled her nose in displeasure.

“No. Let’s see if we can’t find something better in this mess,” Lauren said, looking reprovingly at Katie as she did. Lauren flicked through clothes that Katie had hung in her closet but these were mostly school clothes and going out stuff. She wanted to suggest the drawers, which is where she kept her pants and everyday shirts but she didn’t want to interrupt, preferring to stand in the background as if forgotten.

Once she had exhausted the clothes on display, Lauren turned to the drawers. The top level of drawers in Katie’s dresser was split into two smaller drawers. In one she kept her socks and random bits and pieces, Lauren ignored that drawer. In the other were all Katie’s panties. This drawer, Lauren did not ignore. Katie watched as Lauren quickly and adroitly removed each folded pair of panties from the drawer. Some were placed on the top of the dresser, but many more were thrown on the floor at Lauren’s feet. It barely took her 2 minutes to completely sort her girl’s panties. Katie looked at the large pile of discarded garments on the floor and the small pile atop the dresser and this pile was very small.

"This I think," Lauren said, holding a skirt behind her, "and this."

Katie now held a short summer skirt and a sleeveless pink tee that had a small bear design on the front. It was a cute shirt, the bear was holding a little bear of its own but Katie hadn't worn it in like, forever. She couldn't go downstairs wearing this, her parents would think she was a slut. She balked at the very thought of even putting the outfit on.

"And these," Lauren said, finally turning back to the waiting teen. Katie sighed, visibly relieved when she saw that Lauren had chosen some underwear for her as well. Her delicate pink culotte panties seemed to have met with Lauren's approval. The bra she had chosen was a white balconette bra with pink straps and a motif of tiny pink flowers. The theme tonight was pink it seemed.

"Panties on first Kitty," Lauren commanded as she sat on the bed to observe.

Katie draped the rest of the outfit that had been chosen for her over the back of her chair. She kept the small pink panties and faced the girl who owned her. She unfolded the panties and slid them up her legs, seating them snugly. She rested her hands by her side and looked to Lauren for instructions. The instant her eyes met those of her owner, she sheepishly moved her hands behind her back.

"Turn around. Slowly Kitty, we don't want you to get dizzy."

Lauren was captivated as the young girl slowly turned, displaying how prettily the sheer material of the panties conformed to her body. The cut was low around the waist, barely cresting the curve of her behind with the seam sliding up between her buttocks, leaving the entire lower quarter of each soft mound bare. When she turned back to the front, Lauren could clearly see the thick bush pressing tightly against the thin material.


Katie reached for the skirt Lauren had chosen. It was a thin summer skirt, the soft cotton fell loosely and swayed freely with each movement. The white skirt had two small buttons in the back, each one a small pink daisy. Katie undid them, slid up her legs and over her hips and refastened the delicate buttons.

"Give me a little twirl Kitty," Lauren ordered once the skirt was seated. Katie obeyed, feeling the skirt swirl around her legs with the force of her movement. She knew that more of her thigh than was appropriate was able to be seen if she moved like that, much more than she cared to be seen by her parents.

"Walk to the door and back Kitty. Don't be stupid slut."

Katie cringed at the sudden harshness in Lauren's voice. She should have known better. She knew that Lauren had wanted to see her walk as if she was a model on a runway, the sexy sway of the hips, the playful bounce in each step. So why didn't you do it then, she chided. You have to give her what she wants. If you know what she wants, do it.

The timid teen instantly put a spring in her step, showing the enthusiasm that her owner had ordered. She bounced to the door her pigtails and pert breasts flouncing with each exaggerated step. When she turned her skirt flew around her, fanning out from her body, giving Lauren the briefest flash of pink panties.

"Good girl. See Kitty, you can't hide that you're a slut from me. Don't ever hide from me Kitty."

"No Miss, sorry Miss," Katie said contritely.

"We'll have a proper fashion show later. Bra, then shirt."

Katie finished dressing and stood before Lauren nervously. She could just imagine what she looked like. She had to be the very picture of the sex kitten that Lauren had labeled her. But these were her clothes, she never looked, or felt, like this in her own clothes. She felt so sexy just standing here. She wondered how her collar went with the outfit.

"Let's see what's for dinner."

Lauren kicked her legs and bounced up off the bed, grabbed Katie's hand and dragged her from the room. When she was like this, Katie could not help but notice she was just a girl her own age, sweet sixteen. It was when she gave orders, talked about what a slave should do and treated her like property that she sometimes forgot that she wasn't a woman grown. The soft sashaying of her skirt tickled the back of her thighs as they raced down the stairs. The short skirt didn't even reach halfway to her knees. They found Katie's parents sitting in the kitchen.

"Don't you look cute," her Mother said.

"You haven't worn your hair like that for a long time Katie," her father chimed in, still seeing his daughter as his little girl, despite the two large mounds filling out the tight pink shirt that screamed otherwise.

"Well Katie, are you going to introduce us?” Mr Thomas asked.

"Mom, Dad, this is Lauren Harper. She's a friend from school," Katie mumbled.

"Well we didn't think you had met her at astronaut training," her father chuckled.

"Nice to meet you Mr and Mrs Thomas. Thanks so much for letting me sleepover."

"That's ok dear, so what do you girls have planned tonight," Mr Thomas asked innocently.

Katie froze like a trapped animal. What could she say? Well she couldn't really say anything. She had no idea what Lauren had planned for her tonight. She was just there to do what she was told, she added forlornly.

"We have a little homework Sir. I am going to help Kitty with her grades because she isn't really applying herself and she has so much potential. And we're going to try on outfits and you know girl stuff," Lauren said coquettishly. "And of course I have to spank her bum."

Katie had flicked a desperately guilty look at Lauren when she had called her Kitty, but her jaw dropped at the mention of spanking. She couldn't have heard right she thought as she felt her blush rise.

"Come again," said her bewildered father.

"Well Sir, Kitty hasn't even offered me a drink."

"Katie that's a little rude, and you can forget the Sir, you can call me Greg."

"Thanks Greg."


The mortified teen sprang to life, "Would you like a drink Miss?" Oh God, had she just said that out loud. She could tell by the looks on her parents faces that she had. She was horrified that she had said it, but what if she hadn't? Would Lauren have punished her?

"I'll have a Coke thanks. Diet if you have it."

Katie scurried to the fridge, thankful that she would be out of the spotlight for even a brief time. The conversation continued without her, as if her parents now recognised she was property.

"So you said Katie's not applying herself?"

"Yes Sir, Greg," Lauren smiled disarmingly at the feigned mistake. "We haven't gone over her grades yet, but it's pretty clear she doesn't pay enough attention in class. She's just unmotivated is all but I hope to fix that."

"You're a good friend Lauren, if only there were more girls like you that looked out for their friends instead of just spending all day gossiping about boys."

"Greg," said Katie's mother, slapping her husband playfully on the shoulder. "Katie said you play Lacrosse?"

"Yes Ma'am."

"Emma, please."

"That's right Emma," Lauren smiled, "I play defense. Attack is more glamorous but defense wins a game just as much. A little bird told me that someone might be thinking of trying out themselves."

"Katie," both her parent's said incredulously, looking towards their daughter.

Katie stood beside Lauren, still holding the Coke she had collected. They had all been talking about her as if she wasn't even in the room. Her hand was freezing from holding the cold can but she had not dared to interrupt.

"Well," her father said clearly perplexed by the revelation. "We thought pizza might be nice for dinner, seeing you have a friend over. What's your favourite Lauren?"

"Pepperoni for sure," Lauren beamed.

"Katie's too. We'll order one for you girls and one with everything for us. Run along and watch some TV while we wait."

Lauren took Katie's hand and almost skipped from the room into the lounge. She threw herself down on the couch, lying along its entire length. She reached down and patted the floor in front of her, "Kneel."

Katie looked hesitantly back at the kitchen before padding silently into the lounge room to kneel in front of her owner. She pushed her arms behind her back and slid her knees apart as she had been told. She was trembling, intensely afraid that her parents would walk in at any moment and see the lewd position she was in.

Lauren switched on the television and began absently flicking around the channels as she sipped her Coke. She startled Katie when she placed a hand gently on the back of her neck, rolling the collar beneath her fingers.

"You're a good girl Kitty," Lauren cooed in her ear, sending shivers of gooseflesh down her body. "When the pizza comes you will get up and pay. You will be very respectful to the delivery boy. Make sure you call him Sir and thank him nicely. Make sure you ask him his name as well."

"Yes Miss," Katie whispered, still fearful that her parents would hear.

"You will bring me a slice of pizza on a plate. If I am satisfied with the slice you may return with a slice of your own and a glass of water. You will return to your position."

"Yes Miss," Katie replied, watching the random flickering images, Lauren not staying with any channel for more than a few seconds.

The next 20 minutes were tortuous for the young teen. She jumped at every little sound, fearful of being discovered kneeling with her legs spread so widely. She knew Lauren was using that jumpiness against her, making noises and giggling each time Katie jumped. These moments of panic were punctuated by confusingly tender moments, with Lauren stroking her hair or neck or the bare flesh of her arms trapped behind her back.

The moment she heard the doorbell Katie sprang to her feet, eager to fulfil Lauren's commands. She didn't want to find out what would happen if she wasn't the one to pay.

"I'll pay Dad, you just sit down," she said, snatching the money from her father's hand. She raced to the door before he could call her back.

She startled the delivery guy as she flung open the door. "Hi," she said breathlessly, noticing he was a young guy in his early twenties. "Um, what's your name, Sir." Smooth, real smooth.

"Two large pizzas," he stated quizzically, bewildered by the stunningly pretty girl. She looked like a little girl in that outfit and those pigtails but the firm breasts barely contained by the sleeveless pink top could not be missed.

"Yes Sir," said Katie, blushing furiously as she handed over the money, "um keep the change."

Was that right? Lauren had told her to be respectful and you were supposed to tip right? She noticed him sneaking quick peaks at her breasts and legs as he retrieved the pizzas from the heater bag. Knowing she was being checked out in the revealing outfit made the heat rise within in. It was not only her face, she felt a warmth between her legs that she wished away.

"Thank you Sir. Um may I have your name please Sir," Katie asked again, desperate to fulfil all the terms of Lauren's demands. He looked at her strangely, an offputting glint in his eye.

"John, what's yours?"

"Kitty," Katie replied demurely.

Holy fucking shit! This was like some fucking porno. She looked way too young, but she looked ready to fuck, that was sure. Those tight tits and those creamy little thighs. No one would believe this. He had to get a picture of this little slut. He fumbled with the money, drawing his phone from his pocket as he did so. He lifted the pizzas high as he held the phone low and snapped off a few pictures of the delicious girl. The tight shirt stretched across her chest even more as she reached for the pizzas and he couldn't believe his luck. He wondered how old she truly was.

Once Katie had the pizzas she thanked him and smiled shyly before sliding back around the door. She had seen how he had stared at her, devouring her body with his eyes. Towards the end he was like Pierre, just staring openly at her. It had made her uncomfortable, wary of what he might do.

Her parents took their pizza and went to the den to leave the girls to themselves. Katie was relieved though she wouldn't truly stop worrying until they were in her room with the door locked. She got two plates from the cupboard and a glass for herself, opened the pizza box and scrutinised its contents.

It was a standard pepperoni pizza. Which slice should she choose? Which one would be to Lauren's liking. She had no real idea so chose the piece that looked to have the most pepperoni on it and took it into the lounge. She almost handed the plate to Lauren as she lounged on the sofa but caught herself at the last moment. Instead she fell to her knees, spread them widely and presented the slice to the reclining girl.

Lauren changed a few more channels before she deigned to look at the plate. "It will do Kitty," she said, taking the plate from the kneeling girl. Katie hadn't realised she had been so tense, but as Lauren took the plate the knots in her stomach unwound. Lauren's power over her, upset the young girl but she was determined not to let it get to her.

She hurried back to collect her own slice of pizza and her glass of water. Katie was a little nonplussed with the water option, she always had Coke with pizza but there was nothing she could do so she trudged back into the lounge and knelt in front of the couch. Lauren was more than halfway through her slice by the time she had placed the glass on the ground and spread her legs.

"Pick the glass up Kitty. You were not told to place anything on the floor. If it's too much of a chore to hold it, you can drink it now and take it back into the kitchen."

Lauren slapped her on the back of the head as she hesitated. Tears welled in Katie's eyes as she drank the entire glass of water without stopping. She gasped when she had finished and took it back into the kitchen, looking longingly at the untouched piece of pizza on her plate. The moment she stepped back in front of the couch, Lauren handed up her empty plate and ordered another slice.

Tears of frustration slid down her cheeks as she made the trip for the fourth time. She could taste the pizza just by looking at it. The aroma was wafting up to her each time she moved. And she was hungry. She had hardly eaten anything for lunch, being too preoccupied.

"Do you think you can manage to hold on to your drink this time Kitty?" Lauren asked as Katie offered her the second slice from her knees.

"Yes Miss," Katie sobbed.

"Refill your glass and return."

The frustrated teen grit her teeth, determined not to cry anymore. She was just being played with, she just had to accept that. She was going to have to deal with a lot more than this and she was already blubbering.

"Face me Kitty. Do I have a hungry slut on my hands?"

"Yes Miss," Katie whimpered, the tantalising slice of pizza held in her right hand, the full glass of water in her left.

"Would you like some pizza?"

"Yes please Miss."

"Would you like some now, or would you like to wait until I have finished?"

"I would like to wait until you are finished Miss," Kitty replied, fresh tears rolling down her cheeks.

"You are a good girl."

Lauren proceeded to finish off her second slice of pizza, looking past the kneeling girl as she did so. She was never really interested in TV, there was rarely anything worth watching. She must have gone through every channel in the world and nothing. The real entertainment however was sat in front of her. She could see Katie out of the corner of her eye. Her frustration was clear but to her credit she didn't fidget.

Lauren finished her pizza, and drained the last few mouthfuls of her Coke before she turned to the kneeling girl. Katie was clearly in distress. She could see the water in the glass ripple and swirl as Katie struggled to hold still.

Finally, thought Katie, as Lauren reached for the pizza on the plate that she held. "Kitty, what does a slave deserve?"

"Um nothing Miss?"

"Telling me or asking me, hmmm?"

"Sorry Miss, a slave deserves nothing Miss."

"Kitty a slave deserves what her owner chooses," Lauren corrected. "And a slave receives what her owner decides, when she decides to give it. You have disappointed me Kitty. I have watched your frustration and impatience. I am not sure a cunt like you deserves anything at all. Well?"

"I am sorry Miss," Katie whimpered, struggling to hold the plate and glass as her shoulders shuddered with each sob.

"Kitty wants to please doesn't she?"

"Yes Miss. Yes Miss I do," said Katie meekly, her frustration replaced by contrition.

"Are you going to be a good girl or a cunt?"

"I will be a good girl Miss. I really will," the desolate teen pleaded.

"Would you like some pizza now Kitty?"

"If it please you Miss."

"Good girl, see I knew you weren't dumb. Open."

Katie opened her mouth obediently. She looked on expectantly as Lauren lifted the slice of pizza to her mouth. She bit off the tip and chewed her first bit of what was the most delicious pizza she had ever tasted. Lauren watched her, delighted at the progress Katie was making.

"What was the name of the person who delivered the pizza?"

"John, Miss," Katie replied between mouthfuls.

Katie hated being fed her food like an animal. Having to wait on the pleasure of another person for each bite but there was nothing she could do. Obedience was her only option no matter how small and worthless it made her feel. It did not take long for Katie to finish the slice of pizza. She was forced to eat at Lauren's pace and a few times had to take a second bite before she had finished the first. She learned to chew her food well but fast and open her mouth when she finished each morsel. She had never realised how much she had taken for granted before becoming property.

Eating was an everyday thing she thought nothing about. The ability to choose her food or even eat it herself had been taken away from her. The humiliation was almost too much to bear and small salty tears fell from her cheeks as she ate the last few bites of pizza. When she had finished the last bite, Lauren slid each greasy finger into her open mouth to be cleaned. Katie did so dutifully, tasting her tears as she did so.

"Drink Kitty. Then clear the plates away and go to your room."

Katie looked at the large glass of water. It would be the second for the evening and she did not want it. What she wanted didn't matter. Besides she was still hungry. She was accustomed to eating three slices and she was not satisfied with the one. Satisfied? She almost laughed at that.

Her second large glass of water finished, she collected Lauren's plate, put them in the sink and went to her room. As she hurried up the stairs she heard Lauren thanking her parents for the pizza. She could still hear the muted hum of conversation as she reached the landing and went into her room. She wasn't sure if she should close the door but she would be standing at attention and she didn't want her parents to see.

Katie was alone for five minutes. With each passing second her anxiety grew. What was Lauren talking about with her parents all this time? She visibly relaxed when she heard someone coming up the stairs. She had begun to fidget, the possible topics of conversation that Lauren would broach was preying on her mind. The young girl released the tension in her shoulders and arms but then stood up straighter, not wanting to displease Lauren with sloppy posture. It was strange how some of this stuff was getting to her. It had not taken long for some of Lauren’s rules to become almost instinctive. She still could not believe she had called her ‘Miss’ in front of her parents. That she had done it was bad enough, but that she hadn’t even thought about it was the real worry. She had simply blurted it out as if it was completely natural.

Lauren opened and closed her door but did not move from the doorway. She lifted one eyebrow questioningly as she looked at Katie, standing at attention in the centre of the room. She had to admit that the young girl was coming along nicely but she still had a lot of work to do. Katie was confused by the look and straightened her shoulders slightly for want of anything else to do.

“Here I have your last report card Kitty,” said Lauren, waving the document in the air. “It does not make for very good reading. It is disappointing for me to see my slave not working to her potential. A slave always strives to make herself better and that means her body and her mind. You will have to be punished for this Kitty. For each grade less than an A you will receive a smack. So with all these Bs and Cs you have earned yourself eleven smacks. Remove your skirt and panties and fetch your brush.”

Katie stared at Lauren, her large green eyes beginning to blur with tears. This wasn’t fair. She wasn’t owned by Lauren when those grades were done. Would it be any different now? Katie did not want to answer her own question but she had to admit that it would not. She was sure her grades had not improved, and over the last week she may have slid further. It still wasn’t fair, Katie mused as she brought her brush to Lauren.

“Over the knee Kitty.”

Katie slowly lowered herself across Lauren’s lap, mentally preparing herself for the coming ordeal. She knew this was going to hurt but would it hurt more or less than her previous punishments. Probably more than Lauren’s hand but less than the cane. She couldn’t imagine something hurting worse than that. As she dutifully placed her hands in the small of her back and settled herself she was amazed she was even thinking about ranking her punishments. She should be thinking about her apology. She had almost forgotten about having to apologise. What could she say? She hadn’t even known Lauren then. It wasn’t fair to be punished for something so long ago before this had even started.

When the first blow struck her bare buttocks Katie could not hold back the high-pitched yelp. She had been determined to remain quiet, deathly afraid of what her parents would do if they heard the commotion. Lauren marveled at the way Katie’s flesh flattened under the brush for just a moment before bouncing back into shape, a red mark appearing instantly. She decided to push through this correction quickly as there was so much to do. In less than a minute she had landed all eleven strokes across Katie’s upturned buttocks. Her arm swung furiously, alternating the strokes between the pretty cheeks.

At the end of the brief flurry Katie was left blubbering and breathless, two red marks centred in the middle of each sweet cheek. The colour was darkening as Lauren watched, fascinated by the reaction of the girl’s body. Katie had tried not to struggle, determined to accept the punishment despite feeling it unfair, but the unrelenting pain was too much. No sooner had the flat of the brush smashed into one buttock but the flesh of her other soft cheek was rebounding from a blow of its own. If there was some space between she felt she would have dealt with it better, but the pain built and built as each stroke quickly followed the last. It had been over quickly though, for that she was thankful. When Lauren released her grip on her wrists, the weeping teen stood at attention before her, doing her best to hold back her sobs.

“Miss I am very sorry for not applying myself and getting bad grades. I will do better, much better I promise,” Katie apologised, every other word punctuated by a sniffle or a little catch in her breath with each fresh sob. “I know you will Kitty,” Lauren smiled. She was so pretty when she cried like this, especially standing there naked from the waist down. “Go and stand in the corner and think about it.”

Katie sniffed despondently but took herself obediently into the corner. Was her apology not good enough or was this just a part of the punishment? She didn’t like being sent to the corner, and especially not with a burning bum as she had now. What more could she think about? She was going to do better, she was going to pay attention and do her homework and work hard. She knew she should be getting better grades and she knew she could but, and she hesitated to add anything further but her thoughts were a runaway train over which she had lost control. But she also wanted to please Lauren.

“Kitty go and fetch two garbage bags, while I look a little closer at this,” Lauren ordered. “You may put your skirt and panties back on.”

Katie breathed a sigh of relief when she heard that. She could not have gone downstairs without bottoms. She would have had no choice but to be disobedient and take the punishment she would earn, she couldn’t do that in her own house. She was sure Lauren wouldn’t do anything that would risk her exposure either, but she thought back to how she had been treated in the lounge. If either of her parents had seen her kneeling on the floor like a slut, being fed pizza like an animal, well she couldn’t even imagine what would have happened.

Katie went downstairs, wondering as she scurried into the kitchen just why she was hurrying everywhere. Lauren had not said to hurry but Katie had felt she should be completing each task as quickly as she could. It was a little disconcerting though, as she usually took her time with everything she did. Her mother loved to say she could dawdle for her country. It was yet another change in the pretty teen’s behaviour that she didn’t really wish to pursue in too much depth. There were beginning to be an awful lot of topics that she was hiding from, though she knew she would have to face them sooner or later. For now, however, later was fine.

“Pick up all those panties on the floor and put them in one bag. They are all going in the trash,” Lauren commanded. “Some of your socks had holes in them Kitty, they have joined the pile. You may enjoy dressing like a hobo but I will not have it. Still hungry Kitty, you trying to catch some flies for dessert?”

Katie quickly closed her mouth. All her panties were going in the garbage? What did that leave her? A few pairs of skimpy panties she wore on occasions where she wanted to feel sexy and a couple of g-strings. There wasn’t even enough to wear for a full week. Katie had a sudden sinking feeling. She nibbled her lower lip as she thought what not having enough panties to wear would mean. She quickly scooped up the pile of unsatisfactory underwear from the floor straight into the big black garbage bag. What would her mother say?

“Kneel. It seems that you aren’t doing too bad in English, Biology and Chemistry but even in those it seems pretty obvious that you are not fulfilling your  potential.  Ok slut, let’s clean up this mess a little bit hey?” “Yes Miss,” Katie responded dejectedly. She was still feeling the effects of the loss of all her panties. She had to admit that a lot of them weren’t that sexy, just ordinary briefs that her mother had bought in packs. They were fine for wearing to school and stuff because who ever saw them anyway. Apparently they weren’t fine though, as they were now all in a bag ready to be thrown in the garbage.

Lauren had come to stand next to Katie and they surveyed her wardrobe together. “Hold your arms out,” Lauren commanded. Katie just managed to get her arms in place before the first garment was thrown at her. Skirt after shirt after dress after pants were quickly strewn across her outstretched arms. The dazzled teen was soon struggling with the weight of the clothes that Lauren had removed from her wardrobe.

“Put them in a pile by the door. You will remove the hangers and fold them and place in the other bag. These clothes can be given to charity. You can do that later though. Try this skirt and this blouse.”

Lauren quickly dumped the clothes by the door, her mind still reeling. Lauren had removed almost a third of the clothes that had been hanging in her closet. Her mother wouldn’t allow this. She would be sure to find out and wonder where all the clothes had gone. What would she say? She was a hopeless liar but she couldn’t say that her owner had decided they were no longer suitable for her slave and had given them to charity.

“Get your skirt over there, it can go on the end of the bed. Put the top you have on with it. Panties and bra over here. Ok now put these on.”   In just a few moments Katie was standing in front of her owner wearing an entirely different outfit. Lauren twirled a finger in the air and Katie dutifully followed suit, slowly turning to display her charms to her owner. “Now this top. That one goes in the ‘keeper’ pile.”

The night became a whirl of fashion as Katie dressed and undressed at the whim of a 16 year old girl. She felt like a mannequin in a store, constantly being displayed in new combinations of skirts and dresses and shorts and jeans, only she was dressing herself. Lauren would inspect each ensemble, have her turn so she could be viewed from all angles and sometimes having her do a little catwalk show. The pile of clothes she was allowed to keep grew, though not as fast as the pile of discarded garments deemed unsatisfactory by her new owner. Every outfit had something in common: it was sexy and stylish and showed off her body, accentuating her charms and girlish curves. The skirts were short and swishy, the jeans tight and cut low. She was a little surprised that Lauren allowed her to keep any long pants but you couldn’t wear short skirts every day, she supposed.

Katie sighed when her cupboard was finally empty. The small pile of clothes that sat on the end of her bed looked paltry, far too little to comprise a teenage girl’s wardrobe.  Some of the stuff she didn’t mind losing, daggy crap her mother had bought but some of her favourite ‘comfort clothes’ had been the first to be thrown on the discard pile. She still wasn’t sure how she was going to get away with losing such a substantial amount of her clothing but the humiliation of being made to model clothes like a doll, dress and undress what felt like hundreds of times, was all she could think about.

It was only then that Lauren turned to her dresser and its four untouched drawers. Katie almost groaned aloud as she realised that all her casual t-shirts and shorts and her winter gear was all in those drawers. The first item that Lauren drew forth was her bathing suit. She had three different suits but more often than not she had worn her one piece, a plain black suit open in the back. Lauren looked at Katie as she threw it purposefully on the floor by the door.

Her yellow bikini went the same way, though Katie could not see what was wrong with it. Her red bikini was the only swimsuit that made the cut. It was a string bikini that she was not overly fond of. The bottoms were held together by two thin strings that were tied in a bow at each hip. She was always a little worried that someone would pull a strand and untie the bow. Once she had realised that, the last time she wore it, she could not seem to shake the fear and had not enjoyed the remainder of that day at the beach. It was no surprise really that Lauren had decided to keep that particular swimsuit.

Lauren emptied her drawers in a chaotic flurry of activity that seemed to be over in seconds. It was not that hard, Katie thought, when almost everything just got chucked on a pile on the floor. A few singlets, her smallest t-shirts and a few pairs of shorts were all that made the cut. Lauren turned next to her shoes. At least there, Katie was sure, Lauren would not be disappointed. Her flip-flops were unceremoniously spun across the room like weirdly shaped Frisbees but the rest of her shoes passed Lauren’s exacting scrutiny. That was something at least, Katie sighed, surveying the majority of the clothing that she owned lying in untidy piles on the floor.

The miserable teen watched aghast as Lauren turned to the jewellery box that sat atop the dresser. Katie had been left standing, forgotten and forlorn, wearing only a skirt as Lauren had finished her ‘clean out’ but now Lauren called her forward. She had Katie remove the small stud earrings that she wore and made her hold up every single one of her many pairs of earrings. More than half were dumped in a pile on the top of the dresser, while the others were replaced in the box.

“Kitty, fetch that lovely bag you keep your dildo in.”

Katie obeyed and watched tearfully as her jewellery was tipped into it. All the pretty bracelets, rings and necklaces that her parents or her relatives had bought her were thrown in the bag together. The box she had often spent hours arranging, trying each piece on and deciding which outfit it would look best with had been emptied, her entire collection now reduced to a feeble few pairs of earrings. She had a new piece of jewellery she supposed, one which she could not remove. It wasn’t fair though, most of that stuff was presents. She couldn’t just throw it away. Maybe it was just being removed for safekeeping, after all why put it all in that little bag if she was just going to throw it away. A little glimmer of hope helped her to fight back the tears that threatened to overwhelm her.

“Hurry up and fold these and get them in the bag. Some dag will appreciate them I am sure, there are so many people with no sense of fashion that they are bound to find a home. Once you have gotten rid of those piglet clothes, we will spend some time on your new wardrobe. If you are a slut you should dress like one. Don’t worry though Kitty, there is a big difference between a slut and a skank, I can guarantee you will never look skanky.”

Oh, that makes me feel so much better, Katie said snarkily. She looked at the large pile of clothes on the floor and was daunted by the sheer volume of items that she would be forced to either give away or throw away. She would have loved to put a shirt on, standing in front of a fully dressed girl wearing only a skirt made her feel even more naked than if she was fully undressed. It was strange how having her breasts bared made her feel so vulnerable. She could see and feel every little sway and bounce as she moved. Her breasts were firm and sat high on her chest and yet they seemed to have a life of their own, a life of subtle movement that was hidden beneath a bra or blouse.

Katie sank to her knees and began folding each garment before placing it in one of the large black garbage bags. Some of the clothes were, to her, just pieces of material but for others it was like saying goodbye to an old friend. A small solitary tear rolled down her cheek as she folded the oversized t-shirt she liked to wear when she was sick. It was almost like a dress, coming well past her buttocks and she loved to snuggle up in front of the TV with a box of tissues and watch the atrocious programs that comprised daytime TV. It was a guilty pleasure and something that made her feel better and this shirt was part of that. And now she was being forced to give it away.

Katie felt Lauren’s presence behind her but kept focused on her task. The warm hands that rested on her back made her jump. They slid slowly around her body to cup each breast as Lauren breathed into her ear. “Kitty, you are taking too long. Neatly, but the folds do not have to be geometrically exact,” Lauren said squeezing the young girl’s nipples for emphasis.

Katie gasped as each tiny pink bud was pinched mercilessly, sharp stabbing pains shooting deep into each breast. She began to fold faster. Lauren continued the pressure until she felt her charge was moving at the correct speed. Katie gasped when she was finally released. Lauren’s ability to touch her, to play with her body whenever she wanted unnerved the worried teen. Lauren saw it as a right. She was Lauren’s property now and she treated her body with such casual disregard for Katie’s feelings. It made her wonder just how far she could go.

Katie redoubled her efforts, keen not only to please Lauren but eager not to have her body abused. Being punished was different to the casual interference that Lauren had just demonstrated. Her punishments were structured, she knew what to expect. The way Lauren touched her body with such confidence and with a total disregard for her feelings or wishes disturbed Katie more than she would care to admit. Lauren really did see her as just another possession, to do with as she pleased, when she pleased without any thought of repercussion. She thought no more about fondling Katie’s body than she did about touching a pair of shoes or her bag. Katie suddenly felt more exposed and vulnerable than she had ever been. Anything could happen to her at the whim of a 16 year old. How had she-? She cut herself off and angrily threw the dress she had just folded into the bag, mad at herself for dredging up the reason she was doing all this.

“Kitty, take that out of the bag and place it properly. Then come over here.”

Katie tensed as Lauren chastised her. She had been watching her and had witnessed her moment of temper. Was she in trouble now? She hadn’t been angry at Lauren, it was at herself. Should she say something, let her owner know it wasn’t directed at her? Katie decided it was best to play it out, see what Lauren wanted before she started babbling on, possibly getting herself in even more trouble. As she retrieved the item from the bag, refolded and replaced it she felt like a naughty little girl caught stamping her feet in a tantrum. The disapproval of her owner was keenly felt and it caused a terrible stomach-churning sensation that she wished to avoid at all costs. She hated feeling this way, hated that someone had this power over her.

“Kneel,” Lauren commanded once Katie stood before her. The moment her knees touched the ground the young girl head was wrenched to the right. Her hand flew to her face, cupping the stinging cheek that began immediately to burn with an inner heat. Tears of shock blurred her eyes as she looked despairingly at her tormentor. “Kitty, it is a slave’s duty to complete each and every task she is set with commitment and enthusiasm. If I tell you to clean the road with your tongue you fall to your knees and lick that tar like it was chocolate. Do you understand Kitty?”

“Yes Miss,” Katie sobbed, squealing lightly as Lauren grabbed her pigtails and wrenched her head back.

“I can see that you know you were wrong but this is a lesson that is really important and we can’t leave such things to chance now can we Kitty?”

“No Miss.”

“Remove your skirt and get your brush. Now Kitty you will smack your right buttock four times.”

Katie looked at Lauren, her deep green eyes wide as she contemplated what she had been told to do. She had to hit herself now? But she had only been angry at herself and it was only a little and… None of that mattered, she knew. She had just been lectured over showing enthusiasm and she knew this was her chance to demonstrate it.

“Stand up Kitty and face me. Look at me Kitty, do not look away. Keep your eyes open, I want to see those pretty eyes as that brush lands.”

Katie looked at her owner, those blue eyes captivating her with their ethereal beauty. She was trapped now, she wanted to look away but could not. She loved those eyes, the palest of blues, so delicate she felt they would shatter at any moment. But she hated those eyes too, afraid of the way they bored into her, as if Lauren could see right into her soul. She felt it now, standing naked before her, the brush in her hand poised to smash into her own soft flesh. Katie raised the brush and slammed it into her ass as hard as she could. Her jaw clenched at the pain. She could do this, only three more to go.

By the fourth stroke she was panting but she had not looked away. She wanted to, she desperately wanted to, but something held her there. As the last stroke fell her vision blurred by fresh tears and she finally looked away. It felt as if a weight had been lifted from her heart and her elation was tempered only by the fresh pain throbbing in her bottom. She had made sure each stroke was as hard as she could make it, refusing to flinch from the command she had been given. It had been a test and she knew, from the look on Lauren’s face, that she had passed.

“And just to remind you of your place Kitty, you can wear these until you are finished,” Lauren said, grinning wickedly. She held two small metal objects in her hand. Katie couldn’t see them too clearly but the moment one of them opened under Lauren’s fingers she knew where they would be going.

Katie squealed as the clamp closed over her left nipple, cruelly squashing the sensitive pink bud. Her hands flew to her breast, her instinct taking over, desperate to remove the source of pain. Lauren slapped her hands with the brush and tutted at the trembling teen. Katie’s knuckles stung from the blow and she hurriedly put them behind her back where they belonged. The agony in her breast intensified with each passing moment until the second clamp closed over her right nipple, the bite of its devilish teeth making her hunch her shoulders and gasp with the pain. Her hands moved gingerly to her sides before she caught herself and forced them slowly into the small of her back. Lauren cupped each soft mound, squeezing the meat of each plump breast, marveling at the way the clamps moved and smiling at the fresh groan from the wide-eyed teen.

“That should keep your mind on the job Kitty. Hurry up now, present yourself to me when you are finished.”

Katie stepped gingerly back to the pile of clothes on the floor. She tried to move slowly and carefully, hoping to keep the movement of her breasts to a minimum. Even small movements were painful. Each small sway or bounce of her full bosom seemed to make the clamps dig deeper, securing themselves even tighter around the delicate circles that tipped each breast. The clamps were small and silver and were very simple in design and looked almost like those things teachers used to keep paper together. Only they were clearly made for just this purpose, these were no paper clamps, they were designed for the soft meat of a nipple.

Katie breathed slowly through her nose, her pretty lips pursed and set into a grim line that told of her anguish. Each time she picked up a garment from the floor sharp stabs of pain shot into her breasts. The pile was much smaller but there was still a heap to go. She didn’t think she could stand these things, this pain, for as long as it would take. She could just reach up and take them off. That thought had been dancing at the front of her brain since the first agonising bite.

And what if she did? She would get punished and then Lauren would probably just put them back on anyway. No, she had to do this now. She had to show her owner that she could do this. She deserved what she got, Katie told herself, not quite believing it. She couldn’t shake the conviction that this just wasn’t fair. She was a 16 year old girl, surely she could be allowed momentary lapses, she had only been angry for a second and it was only with herself. She should have pleaded her case when she had the chance. Next time she would, for sure.

“At that rate you’ll be there all night Kitty. I had better see some effort or you’ll get a couple of those nice clamps on those fat cuntlips of yours as well.”

Katie shuddered at the thought, gasping  as her breasts jiggled and the clamps intensified their hold. She sped up as fast as she dared, the pain in her breasts increasing as her movements became more forced. She had been moving slowly, trying to minimise the pain she would cause herself. She had been wrong to do so. Not only did it mean she would wear the clamps for longer but she risked disappointing Lauren as well.

The plastic garbage bag filled in no time. She folded over the top when she decided she could get no more of her clothes in this bag. There was still a pile on the floor, mainly her dresses and jeans that Lauren had discarded first. What could she do now? The bag of her panties was still mostly empty, but they were getting thrown out, she couldn’t put good clothes in there. She sat, still as stone, while she tried to decide what to do.

“Excuse me Miss,” Katie began meekly, kneeling naked as Lauren lounged on her bed watching her with obvious amusement.

“Yes Kitty?”

“Um Miss, uh, the bag is full.”

“Yes Kitty, it sure looks full.”

“Um Miss, what, I mean… Do I? I mean, what do I do with the rest?”

“Seems to me Kitty that you need another bag to take the rest of those piglet clothes. You may go downstairs and get one. First though, you need to be dressed appropriately. We can’t have you running around like that can we?”

“No Miss,” Katie breathed, the relief evident despite the way the pain from the clamps tightened her face.

“You have not finished the task Kitty, so I really can’t take them off. What I can do however is move them down to your pussy. Now Kitty,” Lauren continued as she saw the look of horror on the young girl’s face. “That’s only fair. If you don’t muck around you can be back before you know it.”

Lauren did not wait for Katie’s compliance, she reached up and removed the clamp from her left nipple. Katie had not expected the pain to surge through her with such intensity. It felt like her nipples was being pulled off. How the fuck could this hurt more than while they were on.

“Fuck,” she screeched. Katie’s head snapped to the left with a suddenness that caused bright spots of yellow light to flash before her eyes.

“Kitty, a slave speaks with respect. You are not to curse. The next time I hear you swearing I will wash that mouth out with soap. Do you understand?”

“Yes Miss,” Katie said meekly, her voice barely above a whisper. The vicious waspish tone of her classmate was almost as shocking as the sudden slap.

Without another word, Lauren quickly removed the remaining clamp. Ignoring the agonised gasps of the squirming teen, she slapped each of Katie’s inner thighs, forcing the young girl to open her legs wider. Her ire aroused, Lauren leaned in, pinched a plump labia and pulled it down towards the floor. Satisfied, she let the jaws of the clamp close over the tender meat of Katie’s sex.

“Please don’t. No, please,” Katie pleaded as she backed away, hunching her body at the waist, wanting only to put distance between her tender sex and the wicked metal clamps. Her legs were trembling and her body twisting as the pain of the clamp pulsed through her. She had to get it off. She had to, she had no other choice. She looked down between her legs, horrified at the sight of the bright metal clamp protruding from the black thicket of curls. She could see the evil clamp pinch the soft meat of her pussy, the flesh turning white under the intense pressure. One trembling hand began to move slowly towards the scene.

“Kitty,” snapped Lauren, the harsh tone stopping the young girl’s hand in midair. “Get back to attention right now. How fucking dare you. Attention!”

Katie waddled back to attention, her movements slow and timid. She was in trouble. She shouldn’t have moved, but she couldn’t help it. The pain was too much. She shouldn’t have moved, she knew. Lauren’s face was impassive, which only scared her even more. She was usually so expressive, whether she was happy or disappointed or even a little exasperated with her inability to get things right. She knew she could be trying at times but she could tell that her owner was really angry now. Her nipples still ached and the agony that throbbed through the soft lip between her legs was almost more than she could stand but she straightened her body and stood at attention. She felt as if a hand was gripping her heart; a hand of iron squeezing her mercilessly. Her breath was coming in ragged gasps and tears were flowing unchecked down her pink cheeks.

Katie grit her teeth as Lauren reached between her trembling thighs and attached the second clamp, cruelly pinching Katie's remaining labia. She grunted in pain, her knuckles turning white as she clenched her hands tightly behind her back.

"Get dressed."

Katie reached tentatively for her skirt. Each movement she made was carefully orchestrated to keep her legs apart. She had to prevent any pressure from forcing the clamps even tighter. Her best efforts were in vain. She had to press her legs together to slide the tight skirt over her hips and she cried out in pain as her thighs came together and crushed the clamps into her sex. Her shirt slid easily over her breasts, though the tight material caused a momentary pulse of discomfort in her still throbbing nipples.


"Yes Miss," Katie gasped, doing her best to process the agony between her legs.

Lauren stepped close to Katie and took her head gently in her hands. Katie tensed, wondering what more torture she could be put through. Instead of another dose of pain, Lauren leaned in and tenderly kissed the tears from her eyes before moving gently to her mouth. Katie tasted the salty tang of her own tears as Lauren's tongue slipped past her lips and flicked inside her mouth.

"Be a good girl Kitty. We have a lot to do and we'll never get there if you are naughty. Poor behaviour must be punished Kitty, you know it as well as I do. But good behaviour may be rewarded. What do you want to be, good or bad?"

"I want to be good Miss."

"Right then, the sooner you do as you are told, the sooner we can get on to something fun."

"Yes Miss," mumbled Katie, unsure she wanted to know just what Lauren's idea of fun was.

Lauren gave her a playful smack on the bum as she left but the force of the blow jarred the clamps and made Katie wince with pain. She almost tiptoed out of the room, trying to ease each foot down as carefully as she could.

Once she was on the landing she had a decision to make. Move quickly and get it over and done with or move slowly and carefully to minimise the pain that was shooting through her pussy and into her belly. Lauren had pretty much told her to be quick, though not as directly as that, but if her owner implied something then that was as good as a command. It seemed there was no real decision after all. But what if she removed the clamps, ran downstairs and then put them on when she got back to her room? Katie chastised herself for such a stupid thought. Not only would be breaking Lauren’s rules but she would never be able to reapply the clamps to the tender lips of her sex. No fucking way.

Katie bit back pain and strode purposefully down the hall. After only two steps she realised she could hear the clamps clacking together as she walked. There was nothing for it, she was committed now. She kept walking, pausing for but a moment at the top of the stairs. The first step almost stopped her. The spike of agony that shot through her left her gasping. She couldn't stop now though, if she did she might never start again. It would be no good if Lauren came to look for her only to find her sobbing on the stairs. What if it was her parents that found her?

That was all the motivation she needed to keep going. She grunted softly with each step but she was soon at the bottom of the stairs. She kept moving, heading straight for the kitchen. Nothing could stop her now.

"Hey Katie, how's it going up there?"

Her father! Katie stopped in the doorway, frozen like a deer in the headlights. Her father was there, in the kitchen, between her and the garbage bags. What was he doing here? He lives here idiot, she screamed at herself. What was she going to do? What if he asked her what the bag was for? What if he heard the clamps knocking together? What if he noticed her hard nipples?

Hard nipples? Katie had not even noticed, until now, that her nipples were hard. They weren't superhard, not like they had been in the shower but without a bra they were still trying to poke through the thin material of her shirt. But she had been asked a question, she had to answer it or he would be suspicious and look at her more closely.

"Uh good Dad, you know," she said, cringing at how guilty she sounded.

"How come we have never heard you mention Lauren before. She must be a really good friend if she's helping you with your schoolwork. She's the first girl you have had over in a long time."


"Sorry honey, didn't mean to be nosey. I think it's great, both your Mom and I do. Lauren seems really nice and she obviously has your best interests at heart, like a true friend. She told us all about what she has planned and we think it's great. Don't let me keep you."

"Thanks Dad," Katie said, bewildered by what she had just heard.

At least he had hardly looked at her, being too busy with the coffee he was making. Her face must be red as a beetroot and she wondered if the clamps could be seen poking into the material of her skirt. Don't be stupid, they are right up between your legs, she chided, but thoughts of the clamps made her remember her purpose. She hurried forward, grabbed the bag, and moved as fast as she dared back up the stairs, the brush with her father improving her speed, afraid to get waylaid again.

Lauren didn't even look up from the computer as she entered the room. The young girl, her pussy on fire from the stabbing pains from the clamps, sank gingerly to her knees and continued packing up her clothes, the clothes she was no longer allowed to wear. She still hadn't quite come to terms with what Lauren had done, but the constant torture between her legs was all she could focus on.

"Excuse me Miss," Katie said meekly as she stood behind Lauren, having packed away the last of her rejected clothing.

"Have you finished, Kitty?"

"Yes Miss."

"About time too. Do you have anything to say to me?"

"Um yes Miss. I am very sorry for being disobedient and for behaving badly and I will try to be better Miss."

"Oh Kitty, come give me a kiss, silly girl."

Katie stepped into the embrace, bending at the waist to reach her owner's upturned mouth. The kiss was sensuous and passionate, though all too brief.

"Would you like those clamps to come off your pussy?"

"Yes Mi... If it pleases you Miss," Katie quickly corrected herself.

"Well Kitty the look on your face each time one moves, yes there it is," Lauren said smiling as her hand reached beneath Katie's skirt and jiggled the clamps together, "well Kitty that is priceless. You are such a pretty Kitty. But... I want your mind on the job so lift up your skirt.”

Katie stood demurely, lifting up the short white skirt and baring her clamped pussy for her owner. It was then that the full realisation of what was about to happen hit her. The clamps had hurt sooo much more when they had been removed from her nipples. What was going to happen to her now? Could she even stand the pain?

Katie felt nothing for a second but as the blood rushed back into the tender flesh of her soft lip, she could not help the high-pitched grunt that echoed around the room. The pain was too much, she was going to pass out. She went pale and looked to Lauren for support. Those pale blue eyes were watching her intently. She felt as if they were willing strength to her.

Her owner wanted this. Lauren wanted these clamps off. She had put them there in the first place of course but she had no choice, that was punishment. Katie clenched her delicate jaw and breathed out slowly, preparing herself for the removal of the other clamp. She felt Lauren's warm hands brush her thigh and tensed her entire body.

It was off... and there was the pain. A surging wave of agony surfed up her body, crashing deep in her chest. She wondered what that high-pitched wail was a moment before realising the noise was coming from her. She immediately cut it off remembering just where she was.

"Right Kitty, go into the bathroom and do your makeup like you were shown. The time for tears is over, ok? I want that pretty face nice and fresh. Understand?"

"Yes Miss."

The pain of the clamps did not leave her, though it diminished during the time it took for her to make herself presentable. She dabbed at her eyes with cold water before putting the eyeliner on as Lauren had showed her. She even dared a peek under her skirt, just to make sure there was no real damage done to her tender parts. Two small marks were all she could see through the curls.

"At last Kitty, I hope you weren't just standing there admiring yourself in the mirror?"

"No Miss," Katie hurried to defend herself.

"Right then, we need to catalogue your clothes. You will take each piece of clothing, stand up against this wall and smile," Lauren explained, brandishing a camera.

Katie looked at the object she held not wanting to be a part of this. She didn't want any pictures taken of her. Like it matters she told herself. It matters, she countered, arguing with herself yet again. She knew what Lauren already had but somehow it didn't make a difference. She didn't want any more photos taken of her, especially not closeup hi-res photos that this camera would no doubt take.

As in everything though, she had no choice. She could rant and rave to herself all she liked, shed a tear or drop her lip. It made no difference to Lauren. She was a slave now and if Lauren ordered her to do something, she knew she should do it. Would do it, bitch. Don't sugarcoat it. You will do it, whether you like it or not doesn't matter, not to Lauren, not to anyone. The only thing that mattered was what she would do, and she would do as she was told.

"Chop chop Kitty. Start with your panties. Once I have the shot you will remove that item and put it away. Neatly Kitty. Your wardrobe will not become the mess that it was before."

Katie dutifully removed the shirt and skirt and placed them on the bed, after first neatly folding them. She turned to her dresser and picked up the first pair of panties on the tiny pile. She slipped them quickly up her legs and pulled them snug against her pussy. A moment later she found herself against the wall, facing Lauren who looked at her down the viewfinder of the camera.

"Oh Kitty, you are so cute. You are such a good girl."

Katie smiled shyly at the compliment, the exact response that Lauren desired. These pictures were, in truth, for choosing the outfits that Katie would wear each day, but she was sure to find other uses for them. When Lauren lowered the camera Katie removed the panties, folded them and put them in her drawer before reaching for the next pair.

For what seemed like an hour Katie dressed and undressed, one piece of clothing at a time. She felt helpless and hopeless as she performed the demeaning task. Strangely it was when she wore just a bra, or a blouse, her body bare from the waist down, that she felt the most vulnerable.

Somehow she managed to smile or give just the right expression for Lauren as she never failed to take a picture. Sometimes it took a little longer, but she was never angry and never became frustrated. Katie was very thankful for that. This was hard enough as it was, degrading herself like this. She knew she wasn't much of a model but Lauren had such patience with her.

As Katie hung the last dress up in the closet she breathed a sigh of relief, a genuine smile of joy transforming her face from the usual mask of despair. She was, however, naked once again. Since Lauren came into her room that afternoon, red and panting from her run, Katie's life had been a constant swing between naked and clothed.

It felt weird, discomforting, to be naked with another person in the room. The fact the other person was clothed made it worse and the fact that it was Lauren, a girl from school, her own age who had claimed her as property, turned it into an almost overwhelming shame. Without clothing she felt exposed and vulnerable, unable to ever feel truly comfortable.

"Ok Kitty. You did a good job modelling for me. You wear those clothes like a real little slut but Kitty, you must always remember who you belong to. Whose slut are you?

"Yours Miss."

"Excuse me?"

"I am your slut Miss," said Kitty, her head hung modestly.

"If you ever forget that Kitty, if I ever catch you flaunting that little slut body to anyone but me, you will regret that lapse of behaviour more than you could know right now."

"Miss I won't, I promise I won't," Katie pleaded, not sure why it was so important to make Lauren believe her.

"We will see Kitty. You are untrained both as a slut and as a slave. You have an obvious natural talent for both and when you have fully blossomed into the slut you are, then we shall see. You don't like that word Kitty?"

"Um, Miss it's, not really, it's just that..."

"You're a virgin, yes I know Kitty. Being a slut has nothing to do with having sex with heaps of boys. It has everything to do with giving yourself over to sexual desire. Letting passion and desire rule your body, letting the power in your cunt inform who you are. We both know how wet you get and I see the way you move. Your instincts are there Kitty, you just don't really understand them. You are so lucky Kitty, because I do. I could see you were a slut even before I saw you that day on the internet."

Katie blushed at the memory, keen for Lauren to talk about something else. She had moved into her lecture mode, as Katie called it, and the things she was saying, the way they made her feel, was disturbing.

"Now Kitty, this is all wrong," Lauren said, turning her by the shoulders to look at her closet. "Dresses, skirts, pants, shorts," her owner said, pointing to different areas of the closet. "Fix that up now. Once you receive the catalogue you can finesse it a little more. You need some order in your life Kitty. Laziness and sloppiness will not be tolerated."

"Yes Miss."

"No wonder you are not doing well at school. But we have already said goodbye to that little piglet haven't we Kitty?"

"Yes Miss," Katie said emphatically, though the jibe still hurt.

"Get dressed."

'Um, excuse me Miss," Katie hazarded hesitantly once she was clothed in the skirt and shirt that Lauren had chosen earlier that night.


"Miss would you like a drink or a snack?"

"You know Kitty I would. You have chocolate?"

"Yes Miss, there is some dark chocolate."

"Oooh, my favourite Kitty. Glass of milk and some chocolate. By the way, what did your parents think of the sleeping arrangements?"

"Um, I don't know Miss. It was all a bit sudden, I haven't asked."

"Do so now."

Katie left the room, pleased with herself. She hadn't been sure if Lauren would appreciate her showing some initiative but if her owner was happy then there was a much better chance that she would be happy.

"Excuse me Dad? Where is Lauren going to sleep tonight?" It felt weird saying the name, her owner's name. It had been the first time she had said it since... well since that first meeting in the library.

"I thought you girls might like to sleep together," her father said when Katie confronted her parents in the den. Katie blushed at her father's words. What had Lauren told him? Her paranoia was starting to come back with full force.

"We could bust out the old camping mattress though you girls are going to have to blow it up yourselves. And no using it as a trampoline!"

"Sure Dad, that sounds great. I'll get it out. I'm getting a snack now if that's ok. Do you want anything?"

"You're a sweet girl Kat," said her mother. "We're fine. You girls have fun, don't worry about us. And honey, don't worry about us annoying you, we'll give you some privacy."

Now Katie really was worried. She knew Lauren would never have said anything about her being a slave or about what they had done, and she knew her parents could not possibly be talking about anything sexual but there was a small niggling feeling at the back of her brain that kept whispering that they knew, that Lauren had accomplished the impossible and somehow gotten them onside with their daughter being the slave of another girl.

What could it have been? The lure of ensuring Katie got good grades? That her behaviour would improve and she would be a good respectful girl who helped with chores and applied herself? She knew she was being stupid. She tried to shake it off, but as she collected the food for Lauren it stayed with her, persistent and annoying.

"Miss? I have-"

"Kitty, hush. You will wait until you are acknowledged. A slave does not force her presence on anyone, especially not her owner."

Katie stood contritely, the glass of milk in one hand, a small white plate with a few small squares of chocolate placed in the middle. She didn't hold out any hope of actually getting to taste any of the chocolate, especially not after being chastised for her poor behaviour. But how was she supposed to know all this stuff? She seemed to be a constant disappointment.


Katie dutifully opened her mouth, stretching her jaws wider as Lauren pushed something large and round between past her teeth. Katie gagged on the intruder trying to force it out of her mouth with her tongue. She wanted the rubber ball out of her mouth, the plastic taste not something she was particularly fond of.

"Kitty what were you told? A slave accepts whatever her owner gives to her. You open your mouth and take what you are given. That goes for any of your holes Kitty," instructed Lauren, fastening the strap tightly behind the bewildered teen's head. "A slave who does not know when to speak, loses the privilege of speech. What you have is a ballgag. I hope it will help you to learn this lesson. Milk here, snack there. Do you use anything other than your dildo to orgasm?"

Katie was taken offguard by the abrupt change in topic, but she nodded obediently. The gag in her mouth felt strange and uncomfortable, her jaws already beginning to ache from the unnatural position.

"Get it."

Katie kneeled down, removed the drawer from the desk revealing her secret hiding place to Lauren. She retrieved the small bullet vibrator and presented it to her owner as she had been taught.

"Kitty you sneaky little slut. Do you have any more secrets?"

Katie shook her head gently from side to side, frustrated by the presence of the gag. If she knew she couldn't speak, why was she being asked questions? Well you answered them didn't you? That was logic with which she could not argue it was just that she hated the gag in her mouth. It made her feel so helpless, even though she could reach up and remove it at any time.

"Kitty your Mom tells me that you like to dance, is that right?" Katie nodded apprehensively. "Dance for me Kitty. I have deleted all the crap stuff from your ipod so choose a song and let that sex kitten out to play."

Katie looked at Lauren, pleading with her eyes for the gag to be removed. She did like dancing and often danced in her bedroom, working out routines to music, though she had never dared dance for anyone else. Well there was that time online, her first time using the site that put her in this predicament.

She didn't know if she could dance with the gag in, of course it wouldn't stop her body from moving but it made her feel uncomfortable and she didn't know if she could feel the music and put on a good show. She had been failing in so many things that she didn't want to be a disappointment yet again.

Lauren jumped on the bed and settled in to watch the performance. The music started to fill the room. It was an old pop track, but one that had been popular in its day. Katie stood uncertain of what to do at first. She looked to Lauren and the unhappy frown that she saw on her owner's face almost made her heart stop. The desolate teen immediately burst into action, desperate to change Lauren's expression. She knew the song, loved it, and remembered the routine she had worked out, her body slipping into the movements like a hand into an old glove.

She danced for Lauren, undulating and twisting her body, using the curves that she had been blessed with. Her hips gyrated slowly as she twisted her body languidly. She lost her way a little as the gag broke her concentration. She was mouthing the words along with the song and the large obstruction in her mouth made it impossible to do.

Lauren was impressed. The slut could dance, who would have known? Little Kitty was just full of surprises. It just went to prove the age-old adage, you really couldn't judge a book by its cover. She could see the discomfort the gag caused, especially as a thick string of drool slid down to dangle from her chin. With a choreographed swish of her body, the long sticky saliva strand flicked up onto her face. Lauren giggled as Katie cringed but did not miss a step.

When the song ended, Katie was breathless. She stood at attention, her chest heaving beneath the pretty pink top, embarrassed at having to perform for another girl, yet secretly hoping her performance had not been found wanting. The panting teen waited patiently as Lauren got up from the bed and came to her.

"You dance beautifully Kitty. If ever there was proof you were a slut, you just displayed it. When you perform like that for your owner you are to finish each time with a dainty curtsey. This let's your owner know that it was a slave performing for her owner, not just a slut indulging herself."

Katie looked at the ground as she did a little curtsey for her owner. You curtseyed when you met the queen, not when you danced like a slut for a 16 year old girl. But what did she know, Lauren had commanded it and she must comply.

"Let's have this off shall we, that deserved a kiss." Lauren turned Katie around, with a gentle push on her shoulders, and unstrapped the gag. "Clean Kitty."

Katie looked at the black ball of the gag that Lauren held in front of her face. It glistened with her saliva, thick frothy strings hanging from the bottom of the rubber sphere. Katie balked at the demeaning order but she pushed out her tongue and licked the gag clean, hating the feel of the ropey spit as it slid around her mouth. It was only spit she tried to tell herself but it did not make the degradation any easier to accept.

"My, my Kitty. It seems your pussy isn't the only one of your holes that gets crazy-wet."

Katie blushed, sure that Lauren thought that was a compliment, though Katie felt only shame. The flustered teen had little time to think about it, as Lauren's mouth closed over hers. For the first time, the kiss was not brief. Lauren had decided it was time to explore a little more of her slave and she launched into a sensual, erotic embrace that aroused both young girls.

Soft, moist tongues, slid over and around each other in a fierce, lusty battle. Lauren reached out and pulled Katie closer, one hand clamped firmly on the back of Katie's neck. Lauren felt her slave come alive under her amorous attentions. Without conscious thought Katie's hands found Lauren's waist, tenderly massaging the warm bare flesh of her waist.

Lauren could feel the juices flowing between her legs, so she knew Katie would be soaked, no doubt her cream oozing through the black bush that hid her intimate cleft. When Lauren finally pushed her away, Katie held on to the taller girl's waist and eased herself forward, unwilling for the kiss to end. Lauren was insistent and Katie did not press her luck a second time.

"Do you have something to say now Kitty?

"Yes Miss," Katie began, breathless. "I am very sorry for speaking out of turn. I promise to be better and Miss thank you so much for, um... kissing me," Katie ended lamely. She had started out so well, why had she added that at the end? It was a dumb thing to say. She had been forced to kiss Lauren, it was for Lauren's pleasure not hers. She was property, used by her owner as she saw fit. She was not doing her any favours, especially not by turning her into some lesbian slut!

"It was my pleasure Kitty, though not as much as you I guess. What I meant was, what about the sleeping arrangements. You were ordered to find out."

"Yes Miss, sorry Miss," Katie said, admonishing herself for her stupidity. She had babbled on about being disobedient and kissing when all Lauren wanted to know was what she had been told to find out. "We can have the camping mattress that we will have to blow up, it's an air mattress."

"Different from those water mattresses you blow up hey Kitty," Lauren laughed. "And?"

"Miss I said that I would get it."

"Do so. One minute Kitty, you have wasted too much time tonight."

Katie ran from the room, frantic at the short time she had been given. She thought she knew where the mattress was, but she wasn't sure. She couldn't afford to waste any time. She flew down the stairs and into the garage her skirt flying up, flashing her pantyless ass. It was in the cupboard at the back wasn’t it?. Please, please, yes! Katie grabbed the mattress and the pump and ran back upstairs as fast as she could.

Was she back in time? Katie stood in the centre of the room, this time waiting to be acknowledged. Lauren was going through the drawers of her desk and it took her a few minutes to turn toward the waiting teen.

"Put it by the door. Bathroom." Katie did as she was told, placing the mattress and pump by the door and moving back out onto the landing and into the bathroom, feeling Lauren marching close behind her. "Pee Kitty."

Katie sat on the toilet, the heat of her humiliation burning her cheeks. Not only did she have to ask permission to use the toilet but now she was being ordered to relieve herself like a dog. She did need to go but that didn't make her feel any better. She had never felt smaller than when she heard the yellow liquid splash into the bowl, urine that she had been ordered to release.

"Now wait for me in your room. Naked and kneeling."

Katie left the bathroom, fear etched across her pretty face. She could not lock the door, Lauren would need to get in. Her mother may have said they wouldn't be bothered but since when could you trust parents? She had to have a plan. What she came up with was feeble at best, but it was all she could manage. As she removed her skirt and top she folded them and placed each one on the very edge of the bed, within reach. If someone came in she could quickly scramble to her clothes and pretend she was just changing. How she would explain not wearing panties or a bra or the fact that she was changing into the same clothes she had been wearing she didn't know.

The young girl had a feeling that the entire night had simply been a warmup for what was to come. Some necessary housekeeping issues that Lauren wanted seen to before the real plans could be play out. Katie shivered at the thought of what was to come, though she wasn’t quite sure if it was from fear or anticipation. She knew which she would rather it be, but she felt equally certain that the truth behind that shiver was something she did not want to face.

End of part 2

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