My Very Own
by Lazerou

part 1

What goes on the web, stays on the web. Katie Thomas learns this the hard way when an afternoon of fun with a webcam turns her young life into something she had never imagined.

Chapter 1. The Circle Closes

Katie stood at the back of the library, hidden between two tall shelves of dusty books. History of Sumeria and Mesopotamia, she read from one of the larger volumes on the shelf. She tried to conjure up some kind of idea what the book would be about, but the distraction was not working.

The young girl slid her phone from her pocket for what felt like the hundredth time in five minutes. It was still there, no doubt about it. The picture was her. She still could not believe it. That was almost three months ago. How could anyone possibly have known that was her? How could anyone have tracked her down? Wasn't this Stickam thing supposed to be totally anonymous?

She slipped her phone back in her pocket and fidgeted once more with the strap of her schoolbag. The text had come that morning between second and third periods. Its contents were clear: meet whoever it was here during lunch or everyone would soon know what she had done.

She had been waiting for at least 20 minutes now and was beginning to feel paniced. She checked the message again, just to make sure she was in the right spot; she was. Ancient history was where she was told to be and ancient history was where she was. She had not seen or heard another soul since entering the library and had scurried to the back as quickly as she could, confident she had not been seen.

Fucking hell, she thought as she became ever more anxious with each passing moment. How could she be so fucking stupid. She was only 16. She could never recover from the other girls at school knowing what she had done. What about Pete? What about her brother? What about her parents? The thought made her pale and she clutched the shelf as a wave of nausea swept over her.

"Hey Katie."

Katie dropped her phone at the sudden noise. It bounced towards the end of the row and she fell to her knees, scrambling to recover the phone that contained evidence of her indiscretion. She didn't think she had left the message or the image on the screen but she just could not be sure.

"Are you okay?" the other girl asked, genuine concern in her voice.

"Um, y...yeah. Thanks. Just dropped my phone," Katie replied nervously. Wow, fucking genius that, it’s not like she didn’t just see you drop it. At least

it was only Lauren Harper, a girl she knew next to nothing about, but who she had always regarded as kind of harmless.

"You look a little pale, you sure you don't need to sit down or something."

"No," Katie replied sharply. "Um I mean, that's okay. I'm fine here."

"Okay, what you doing back here? You don't do ancient history."

"Um. I was um... I was just checking out the Sumerians, gotta love the Sumerians," Katie gushed frantically. Smooth girl, real smooth, she chided.

"Oh. I thought you might be back here because you were told to be here."

Katie froze, looking at the other girl hard, really looking at her for the first time, sizing her up like a lion and its prey. She was a little taller than Katie, maybe five and a half feet, mousy brown hair gathered in a loose ponytail. Her heart-shaped face was cute, for sure, though the pale blue eyes, almost turqoise, were striking - they looked like a ghost's eyes. She was slim with a bosom that suited her frame. She was dressed very much like Katie, jeans and a t-shirt though somewhat more non-descript than the eminently more stylish Katie.

"Cat got your tongue? Or should I say dog got your tongue? Or have you got his?" Lauren said with wicked pleasure, a sly smile twisting her tiny mouth, creating two small dimples in her cheeks.

'You!" Katie spat. "How the fuck?... What the fuck do you want?"

Lauren stepped into the silent row and slapped Katie, hard. The shocked girl's head snapped to the right and her hand flew to her burning cheek. This bitch had just slapped her, this fucking bitch had just slapped her. The reason for the rendezvous was forgotten and pure anger overwhelmed her.

"You fucking little bitch," snarled Katie, as she dropped her bag to the floor.

"Ok, so you want me to send the video to the whole school. No problem," Lauren said nonchalantly, stopping the shorter girl in her tracks.

"No, no. Please don't, I didn't mean it. Please what do you want?" Katie babbled, the panic that had been her constant companion all morning now tightened its grip.

"I want you, Katie Thomas, that's all."

The bewildered teen didn't know what to do. She hadn't really known what to expect but she certainly had not expected Lauren Harper. She lifted her hand hesitantly to her still stinging cheek and wondered what exactly was happening. What the hell was she on about?

"If you agree to be mine, then as an act of faith, as your first task let's say, I want you to go to the toilet down the hall, remove your panties, and hand them to me. You have five minutes."

Katie stood there incredulous. Remove her panties? Just who the hell was Lauren Harper anyway? Katie realised she had absolutely no idea. Would she really go through with her threat of showing what she had to everyone? Katie could not take the chance, she had to know more about this. Was it all a bluff to humiliate her? To get money?

"Four and a half minutes," Lauren stated casually.

The anxious teen made a decision and scurried past her tormentor and out of the library. The girl's restrooms were at the other end of the hall. She would have to be quick to get there and back. She started walking briskly down the hall, trying her best to look inconspicuous. She dared not run, that was a surefire way to draw attention.

Katie kept her focus on the restroom sign as she walked past other students and teachers, chatting amiably, laughing and joking. She imagined what it would  be like to walk down a hallway if anyone saw that footage. She imagined the looks of disgust, the harsh whispers, the humiliation. The mere thought of it had Katie blushing.

She breathed a sigh of relief when she saw that the bathroom was mostly empty. It could be a nightmare sometimes, wall to wall with chatting girls, fixing their makeup or talking about boys. There were only two girls in here now, and both from a grade below so she would not even have to trade pleasantries.

Katie scurried into a stall and leaned against the back of the door as she flicked the lever to occupied. Was she really going to do this? Was this really happening? The bitch definitely knew what she had done, and definitely had evidence but would she really destroy her life. Could she be that cruel?

This was it, now or never. She had to decide whether to do what she had been told, remove her panties and give them over to a stranger, or she could march back and threaten the little cow with whatever she could think of and hope for the best. She took two long breaths as she tried to think of the repercussions of either decision but her brain just would not work.

She had been shocked almost into incoherence by the arrival of the text that morning but what had just happened in the library had almost shut her brain down entirely. There was nothing else for it, she stood back, unlaced her sneakers and stepped out of the trendy shoes that had cost her parents a pretty penny.

She unbuckled her jeans and slid them down her legs in one smooth motion before sliding them off each leg and draping them over her shoulder. The pretty young girl slid her thumbs in the tight waistband and slid the tiny pink panties down her slim legs. She stood for a second, unsure of what to do now. Whatever happened after this, she would never want these panties back, so she rested them on top of the cistern and hurriedly dressed.

It was only then that she realised that she had left her bag in the library where she had dropped it. She had left it with Lauren. Katie scrunched the panties into a tight ball and shoved them in the front pocket of her jeans. That would have to do, no one would see them there. She had no idea how long she had spent in the toilet and she did not want to miss the time by a few seconds. What if she returned and Lauren had gone?

The thought sent Katie scurrying frantically from the stall and out into the hall. The sight of other students slowed her down and she sped, as fast as she dared, back to the library. The young girl headed straight for the stacks at the back, being inconspicuous not so high a priority now.

There it was, Ancient History. She turned the corner and stepped into the row and...stopped. It was empty.  There was no one here. Lauren had gone and so had her bag. Tiny tears formed in Katie's pretty green eyes. She was ruined. She had to run away. Yes, that's what she would do: run away. With what money and to where, were her next thoughts. She didn't know, her brain wouldn't function, but she knew she could not face anyone she knew after today.

"There you are."

Katie jumped and spun around in one motion. Her heart had definitely skipped a beat, but there was Lauren, all smiles, Katie's bag slung over her right shoulder. She had never been so relieved in all her life, the panic she had felt when she found her tormentor gone had almost crushed her.

"Would you like to come and sit with me?" Lauren asked, an innocent, cherubic smile lighting her face.

"S...sure," Katie stammered, slowly gathering her wits.

Lauren led her to a table towards the back of the large room and indicated for the confused girl to sit opposite. Katie looked furtively around the room as she sat, grateful that the nearest people were three tables away, the library was not a popular destination during lunch.

"You have something for me?"

"Yes," Katie squeaked.

"Well?," Lauren prompted when the other girl sat unmoving.

"Um, yeah," Katie said, digging into her jeans pocket and retrieving the balled up panties. She leaned under the table and extended her arm towards Lauren, keen for the exchange to be kept well away from prying eyes.

"Well, do you or not?"

Katie grit her teeth and slowly lifted her arm above the table, the wad of pink material that had so recently covered her most intimate of places, almost hidden in her fist. She leaned across the table, waiting for Lauren to take the panties from her. When she made no move to take the item, Katie looked at Lauren, pleading silently with her eyes. She was met with stony indifference. Katie knew when she was beaten.

With a quick glance around the room she dropped her panties on the table, trying to get them as close to the other girl as possible. The moment they left her hand they began to unfurl. As the unrecognisable ball of material unfolded and grew, so did the humiliation she felt. Her cheeks flushed a deep crimson, the skin of her chest and neck mottling a lighter pink.  She kept her eyes focused on the table, unable to pry her gaze away as the small pink clump evolved into a pair of delicate pink panties.

"And what is this?" Lauren asked casually, delighting in the continued discomfort of the pretty young girl.

"Um, my... my panties," Katie squeaked.

"And why are you giving them to me?"

"You asked me to," Katie whispered, you dumb bitch she added silently.

"No I did not. I told you to. I will never ask you to do anything," said Lauren, a hint of ice creeping into her voice.

Katie watched hesitantly as the other girl reached out and flicked the panties back towards her. Was that it, she thought. Did the little bitch just want to humiliate her? The relief was palpable as she quickly snatched the small garment and hid it from view.

"Don't ever give me something like that again. Fold them up nicely and try again."

Katie's eyes flashed with anger, all too briefly. Her humiliation was not at an end. She looked at the crumpled pink panties in her lap, letting the order sink in. No one spoke to her like that. Her parents never did, and they would be the only people who would dare. She was a good girl, no one needed to speak to her like that.

Obediently she laid the panties in her lap and folded them neatly. She had to play this bitch's game, at least until she found out what it was all about, but she did not know how long she could keep it up. A thick, leaden weight sat in the pit of her belly, the humiliation making her nauseous.

Katie bit her bottom lip, in the way Pete said was ultra-cute, and handed the, now folded, panties back across the table. This time she looked Lauren directly in the eye, startled to see those hypnotic, pale blue eyes scrutinising her every move. She felt as if she was being stalked by some dangerous animal and quickly sat back in her seat, folding her arms tightly, trying to make herself small.

Lauren reached forward languidly, sweeping the small pink panties from the table and depositing them in her bag. Not for one moment did she look away from Katie, delighting in the trapped look of the huddling teen. Her pretty green eyes were as wide as a doe's, perfectly highlighted by her jet black hair, swept across ther forehead from right to left, constantly threatening to completely obscure one side of her face.

"You had sixteen dollars in your purse. That is now mine. I have also confiscated your iPod. Come to my house after school. I'll text you where and what time. Don't be late or you will be punished."

With that Lauren spun on her heel and disappeared from the library. Katie sat stunned, staring daggers at the back of the retreating girl. She had three hours until the end of school, three hours to figure out a way out of this mess. It had all happened so fast, she was still disorientated. One thing was clear however, that one day of fun, those few small hours of wickedness were going to cost her dearly. How could she ever have been so stupid?

* * *

Katie stood back and looked at the white door before her. She could still hear the musical tinkling of the doorbell from somewhere inside the house. She still could not believe she was doing this, but here she was. She had phoned her mother and said she would be late, that she would be studying with a friend. The call had not even elicited a question, her years of good behaviour had seen to that.

She had looked up Lauren's address on google, relieved to find she lived only a few blocks from the school. She had remained anxious throughout the entire afternoon, hoping that no text would come, hoping that her nightmare was over, dreading the sound of the tiny beeps that would herald further torment.

It had finally come during her last period. She had been given twenty minutes to reach Lauren's house. If she was late she would be punished, the final sentence of the text haunted her as she all but ran the three blocks to Lauren's. She had never worn jeans without panties, even for her low-riders she had a special g-string.

Katie stood uncomfortably as she waited for someone to answer the door. She had been aware of the thick seam of her jeans against her sex every time she moved but the hurried walk through the busy streets had rubbed her delicate lips with each frantic step. It had been a constant reminder of her situation.

The humiliation stung her keenly every time she walked past someone, sure that they knew she was not wearing any panties, quietly calling her a slut or a whore. The other feelings the thick denim seam was causing, she did her best to ignore, though the silent condemnation her paranoia saw fit to assign to each and every stranger was only reinforced by them.

Katie's stomach tightened as she heard movement from inside the house. She saw a shadow move in the frosted glass panel to the side of the door and she held her breath as the door opened, smooth and silent. Her heart was pounding so loudly she was sure it would give her fear away, and she did not want anyone to see her scared. She had to be strong. If she could show this jumped up little shit that she was strong then maybe they could make a deal. That was as far as her grand plan had progressed. Well what could she expect, she mused, with everything else that was going on.

"Hello dear, you must be Katie," said an older woman as she opened the door wide.

"Yes Mrs Harper. Um, is Lauren home?" Please let her be here and please let me be on time.

"Yes dear, she's expecting you. She's upstairs in her room, second door on the left. You can't miss it, if you know what a vampire looks like," Mrs Harper said smiling.

"Thanks Mrs Harper," Katie replied, attempting a weak smile that she knew was less than convincing.

Katie stepped inside the Harper home, feeling something indefinable slip away from her as she crossed the threshold. Don't be so stupid she admonished herself, it's just a house. Just a normal house, actually a very ordinary house. It was nothing special, not stylish like her own, not filled with nice modern, modular furniture like her own, but it had a cosiness to it nonetheless. What am I, some judge on Pimp My Crib? Focus on getting this over and done with.

"Um, these stairs Mrs Harper," Katie said, indicating the large set of directly in front of her.

"They're the only ones we have dear," Mrs Harper chuckled.

"Yeah thanks," Katie murmmered. Oh Sherlock Fucking Holmes you are, Katie berated. These stairs! Fucking hell, get it together or everyone will think you're a retard.

Katie hurried up the stairs, clenching her jaw as her bare sex felt the full effect of the rough denim seam of her jeans. By the time she reached the top, Katie had to stop and catch her breath, though it was not from exertion. She refused to acknowledge the feelings that swelled within her but the slow stiffening of her nipples made any such denials moot.

She could see Lauren's door a little way down the landing, a huge twilight poster covering most of the white surface. Well they had one thing in common, maybe she could use that to her advantage. Anything she could get she would use. She needed, desperately needed, to take control of this situation. Her whole life depended on it, and she knew that was not just the usual 16 year old girl melodrama.

Katie stepped quietly down the hallway. She had to fight the tendency to tiptoe on the soft cream carpet. She felt like an intruder, that getting caught here was a terrible thing. It was not far however and she soon found herself outside Lauren's door. She could hear soft noises from inside and before she lost her nerve and ran down the stairs and out of the house, she opened the door and stepped inside.

Lauren was lying on her stomach on the bed, a schoolbook open in front of her. She wore a tight blue t-shirt, a pair of small black shorts that barely covered her buttocks and kneehigh white socks. Her legs were bent at the knee and kicking girlishly back and forth. The stick of a lollipop danced between her lips. She was the very picture of an innocent teenage girl.

"You are very rude Katie Thomas. Rude and crude. Get out and use your manners," snapped Lauren, popping the lollipop back in her mouth and turning back to her book when she had finished speaking.

Katie stood for a second in a complete daze. She stepped back onto the landing and closed the door behind her. She stood in shock for a few moments, the harsh chastisement had sent her spiralling back ten years, making her feel like a little girl learning her please and thank-you’s. When the full realisation of just how she had been treated finally sunk in, a small tear threatened to fall down her cheek.

Katie wiped the tear away, angry at herself for getting upset. Angry at allowing this little cow to get to her. Fuck this, the young girl thought almost ready to walk away, knowing deep down that she could not. The degradation flushed through her body like a physical force starting deep in her chest and radiating out into the rest of her body. She bit her plump bottom lip and knocked timidly on the door.

"Who is it?"

"Katie," she replied, trying to keep the frustration she felt from her voice.

"What do you want?"

"Can I come in?"


"Can I come in?" Katie said louder.


"Can I come in please," she said after a few seconds pause, finally realising the game that was being played.

"You may."

"Close the door," Lauren ordered absently, after Katie had stepped inside, noting that Lauren had not moved from the bed and continued to read her book. When Lauren didn't move or even look at her, she slid her bag off her shoulder and rested it against the wall.

"Pick it up," Lauren mumbled around her lollipop. Katie obeyed without even thinking, pausing only when the bag was back on her shoulder. She looked venomously at the reclining girl, trying to sort out the confusion of emotions that were whirling inside her. After a minute of silence, Katie tried to get things moving.

"So what's it going to cost me?" she said as confidently as she could. She had decided it was best to be bold, even after her most recent humiliation and the demeaning way she had been treated.

"Hush," said Lauren, not lifting her eyes from the book.

Katie stood at the entrance to this strange girl's room, once again shocked into silence. Her mouth had opened to speak but for some reason she decided it was best not to. She had been told to hush as if she were a child, a child of no consequence too as Lauren would not even look at her.

Katie's cheeks burned with the shame of her treatment. She tried to take her mind of it by looking around the room. Almost every spare piece of space on the walls was filled with posters or pictures of some kind: movie posters, vampires and werewolves, bands she didn't know and strange pictures of people and weird shit she couldn't even begin to describe.

One wall was all bookshelves, filled to overflowing, the other had a large chest of drawers and a small study table on which was a computer, the computer that had been her downfall. The wall above the bed was dominated by a large window and the entire length of the final wall was taken up by the sliding doors of a built-in wardrobe.

Katie wasn't sure how long she was made to wait but she had taken to trying to read the titles of the books, sure that if she moved she would be admonished again. Why had she had to rush here if Lauren was going to ignore her? Had she been late? Is that what this was about? As the moments ticked by Katie's anxiety grew. Standing there silently while she watched a girl she knew nothing about, nonchalantly read a book as if she was alone was beginning to get to her. She was almost ready to snap and speak again when Lauren mercifully closed the book and slid around to sit crosslegged before her.

"You may put your bag down on the floor by the door. Stand up straight, shoulders back. You look like a slattern," Lauren barked.

What the fuck was a slattern, Katie thought as she did as she was told, straightening her back and shifting her shoulders back. Doing so pushed her breasts out, her still hard nipples instantly drawing the hungry gaze of the seated girl. Katie blushed anew. She was beginning to hate the burning feeling in her face that gave away so much of her inner turmoil.

"Now let's start out nice and clear, so we are all on the same page, okay? Go to the comp and hit enter. I want you to trust me, to know that I am serious and that I mean what I say. I will always be truthful with you, Katie."

She did not want to do this but she needed to. She had only seen one picture, no doubt this would show her a lot more. She didn't want to see, but she knew she had no choice. She sat down at the computer and hesitantly hit the enter button. The monitor came to life, centred in the middle of the wide screen was a small video window that began to play.

Katie's chest tightened as she saw herself kneeling on the floor of her bedroom. Thoughts of that day had never left her but almost every waking moment since she had received the first text that morning had been occupied by replaying that day over and over again. Seeing herself now, confronted with the reality that those few hours had not just been a brief, wicked interlude in her otherwise straightlaced life, but had been captured forever, made her stomach churn with overwhelming fear.

"I have the entire three hour stream but there are four smaller files that are the most interesting," Lauren said from behind her. "We don't really have time to watch the whole thing right now, but if you want you can go to the folder and open the file called 'Katie and Max', that's the one I think most people would find fascinating."

Katie shook her head as she watched herself laugh and type into the chat window. She could even remember some of the stuff she had typed. She didn't think she could look at the section that Lauren had mentioned. Even now she had no idea what had prompted her to do it. She knew it was wrong but up until this morning, the power it had to make her wet was so strong. The sheer wickedness of it had fuelled the fire of her desire ever since. It had been her secret, her naughty pleasure. That had all changed.

"No? Well it's all there if you ever want a walk down memory lane. Stand up and come here. Now, no doubt you are wondering just what is going on," Lauren said with a smile. "Stand up straight, I won't tell you again. I want you Katie Thomas. I want you to be my slave. I want to own you. That is what I want."

Katie looked at Lauren, incredulous. So it wasn't just money, this little bitch wanted to play some sick game with her. Carry her bag at school, do her assignments and crap like that. But for how long? That was the real question that Katie needed answering. If she did what Lauren wanted then how could she be sure that the files would be deleted and she would be safe.

"Gone all shy have we? You weren't shy the day you made that video," the young girl snickered. "I am going to ask you a question. All I want to hear is a yes or no. Do you consent to be my slave?"


It was all Katie could say. She didn't have to hear the threats again, she knew what would happen if she said no. This little bitch had sat on the evidence for three months, scheming her little schemes. She knew it wouldn't be as easy as just deleting the files she could see. No one would go to all this trouble just to have it ruined in one stroke. Even though it was a game, Katie felt like something big had just happened, something momentous.

"Great," Lauren said, bouncing up from the bed. "Wait here."

Katie stood bewildered as her captor bounded from the room, her pigtail bobbing jauntily behind her. Just what was going on now? Katie had been in a near constant state of confusion for most of the day. Now she was left alone in this strange girl's bedroom, the video of her still playing on the computer screen. She still had her singlet on but she was rubbing her breasts through the thin material. In a few minutes she knew she would be able to see herself remove the thin garment and her panties would follow soon after.

As she watched herself smile lasciviously into the camera, pinching a nipple as she typed with the other hand, she heard footsteps on the stairs. Not one pair, but two. She could hear voices as well, both Lauren and her mother. Katie was frozen in fear for precious seconds, it was not until the voices were right outside the door that she jumped forward and shut the video off.

"Yeah, you need to sign after us Mom, that's the way they would have done it in the old days."

"Okay honey, so who signs first?" Katie heard Mrs Harper say.

"I do, then Katie, then you. Okay?"

Katie watched as Lauren put a piece of paper down on the table in front of the monitor. The writing was small and spidery but across the top in larger letters she could read 'Contract of Indenture' in an old calligraphic script. For Katie, the game just became real. Even though she understood the gravity of her situation, and she knew her life was in the balance, she had been treating Lauren far too flippantly.

She watched as Lauren signed above the line marked 'Owner'. Katie numbly took the old fountain pen and leaned towards the paper to sign her name above the line marked 'Property'. Even though her hand shook, the hours she had spent practicing her signature served her well. Once her neat, flowery signature had joined that of her new owner's, she handed the pen to Mrs Harper who quickly signed as a witness.

"There you go dear, I hope the project goes well."

"Thanks Mom," said Lauren, looking at Katie expectantly.

"Thanks Mrs Harper," she said obediently, though feeling anything but thankful.

Once her mother had gone, Lauren closed the door and locked it.  She turned back to Katie with an evil glint in her eye that made the young girl shiver.

"Time to lay down some ground rules, my little Kat. Whenever you speak to me you will address me as Miss. Do you understand?"

"Yes Miss," Katie replied, the trepidation clear in her squeaky voice.

"You are my property now. You belong to me. You will do what you are told, when you are told. I expect nothing less than complete and immediate obedience. Do you understand?"

"Yes Miss."

"Very good little Kat. My little Kat. My little kitty Kat," smiled Lauren, enjoying the wordplay before the stunned teenager she now owned. "In fact, from now on your name is Kitty. To the world you can still be boring old Katie Thomas, but for me, your owner and the only person who counts, you will be my little Kitty. Isn't that just too cute?"

"Yes Miss," Katie replied. As Lauren spoke tears had been welling in her eyes, threatening with each passing moment to slip down her cheeks. She didn't want to cry in front of this girl, she wanted to be strong, it was just that she didn't know how. And now she was giving her a different name. This 'game' had turned out to be a very different proposition and one that Katie felt herself slipping deeper and deeper into with each passing moment.

"Okay Kitty let’s have a look at my new property. Take off your clothes. You may start with your shirt," Lauren ordered, as she made herself comfortable on the bed, leaning back against the wall, the wicked sparkle never leaving her eyes.

Katie looked at the eager girl, the salty tears cascading unbidden down her flushed cheeks. Everything had happened so fast, her mind was still reeling but this was something she knew was wrong. That piece of paper she had signed couldn't mean anything could it? It had been signed by a witness, and she had read a few rather disturbing sentences as she bent down to sign her own name. It wasnt really the 'contract' that worried her. It all came back to those few hours on a cold winter’s afternoon, a few hours where she was alone in the house, horny and feeling delightfully naughty. The video of those hours was what kept her here. That video was what made her grasp the bottom of her t-shirt and gingerly draw it over her head.

Lauren noted the momentary hesitation, but her interest was drawn to the tears that slid silently down the pretty teen's face. She was a pretty girl, her Kitty. Straight jet-black hair framed a sweet oval face, the most stunning feature of which were the high cheekbones that led into the cutest nose, straight but turning upwards ever so slightly at the tip. Full, delicate lips, currently pursed into a tight, grim line, that could so very easily be turned into the most devastating of smiles.

Lauren had been watching Katie for weeks, planning each move carefully and completely, then going over every step again and now she was finally here, in her room, obeying her commands. The pretty teen's tears were just the icing on the cake of her triumphant capture. The contract was signed and she knew that the frightened girl was hers - she could feel it.

"Remember to fold Kitty. Good girls have good manners and you are a good girl aren't you?"

"Yes Miss," Katie whimpered.

"You're going to be a good girl for me aren't you Kitty?"

"Yes Miss."

"Now the bra, Kitty. Of course I have seen all this before but that's hardly the same now is it?"

"No Miss," Katie replied, obediently reaching around and unclipping her bra.

Lauren smiled wide and hungry as Katie's breasts bounced free from their confinement.  In truth, the small cam screen did not do the young girl's body justice. Katie was slim, though far from athletic, something that Lauren planned to change, but there was a softness to her body that was only hinted at via the webcam.

Katie's breasts were a nice size, B-cup if Lauren was any judge. They were pert and sat high on her chest, the taut skin glistening under the soft lighting in the room.  She was still growing into her body and her breasts looked as if they were fit to burst. Lauren imagined pinching the tiny pink nipples and seeing the sweet mounds deflate like a balloon. The thought made her chuckle and she could not wait to get her hands on that delicate flesh. The fact that Katie's nipples had been hard when she came into the room had not been missed by Lauren. They were no longer hard but that was something she was going to have fun working on, of that she had no doubt.

Katie almost wrapped an arm around her chest to protect her bosom from the voracious gaze of the reclining girl. The instant the thought crept into her head she knew it would not play. The whole purpose of taking her clothes off was so she could be seen. She didn't want to make Lauren angry. She needed to get through this, get home and think. Think of some way out of this mess.

"Shoes and socks, then your jeans Kitty. In fact each time you come into my room, you will take off your shoes and place them neatly by the door."

Katie did as she was told, putting a sock inside each sneaker before slipping the thick denim jeans down her legs, folding them neatly and placing them over the back of the chair to join her shirt and bra.  She was naked now, her young body on show to her new owner. It sounded weird to think of it that way as she didn't really know what that meant. Her hands fell to her side and fidgeted, not knowing what she should do but desperate to cover the small triangle of curls between her legs.

The stick of the lollipop that protruded from Lauren's mouth stopped dancing. Her gaze swept over Katie's body, hungrily drinking in each and every inch of young, innocent flesh. She was not a tall girl, standing barely five foot tall, though only a few inches shorter than Lauren herself, but her petite frame suited her perfectly, keeping everything in proportion. The hips flared ever so slightly, giving Katie an attractive waistline that could only be enhanced by some toning up and some very minor weight loss. Her soft belly bulged a little but it was the soft triangle of black curls that drew Lauren's gaze.

She knew that Katie had not shaved her pussy, well she had not three months ago and it seemed she had kept true to her style. Well that would not do, thought Lauren, her plans already in place. Katie was not so slim that her thighs did not touch but there was a little space at the very entrance of her sex that showed only the midnight curls that hid the delicate pink folds of her pussy. The light was not the best but Lauren swore that she could see the faint shine of moisture clinging to the protective fringe.

Lauren sat for long moments doing nothing more than appraising her property. She could see the young girl's anxiety growing as the silence drew on. Her hands were clenching and relaxing at her side and the tears continued to trickle down the pretty girl's cheeks. She watched as a small drop of salty liquid dripped from her chin and fell onto the soft slope of Katie's left breast. Lauren's breath caught as she watched a trembling hand move to wipe away the fallen tear, only to be hastily retracted by the quivering teen.

The clear evidence of the control she had over this girl excited her more than she had ever imagined. She could feel the moisture in her own pussy and she longed to sate her desire. But first she had things to do. She had dreamed of this moment for weeks, Be disciplined, she told herself. She's yours now, no need to rush.

"Put your hands behind your back Kitty. That feels better now doesn't it?

"Yes Miss," Katie whispered dutifully.

"It is the natural position of a slave. Obedience is so important to you, I know. You can show your obedience with a word or a small gesture just as well as you can by doing what you are told. You are an obedient little slut aren't you Kitty?"

"Yes Miss," Katie replied tearfully, though balking at the use of the word 'slut'. You couldn't be a slut if you were a virgin. Everyone probably thinks I'm not, and if Pete had his way I wouldn't be, but then she thought of the video that sat on Lauren's computer and she hung her head in shame.

"Good girl. Now let's see what I have to work with."

Katie cringed and almost stepped back as Lauren bounced up from the bed and approached her. She had been naked in front of other girls before, but only very briefly in the showers at school and then all the other girls had been nude too, and focused on their own bodies, not scrutinising hers.

"Stand still for your inspection Kitty. You already have a punishment coming, don't make it any worse. I own this body now," Lauren explained, running a hand gently across Katie's cheek, wiping away the trail of tears. "It's mine to do with as I please and right now it's time for your inspection. A good owner always inspects her property."

Katie froze at Lauren's gentle, casually intimate touch. All the talk of ownership and property only frightened Katie further. Lauren had been smart to make her watch the video first, without that fresh reminder of what was at stake Katie wasn't sure she would still be here. Running down the street screaming is where she would be. Huddled up in a ball, safe in her own bed is where she wanted to be. But for now she was stood, naked in the bedroom of a strange girl who claimed ownership of her and was about to inspect her as if she was a new car or a cow bought at market.

Katie bit her lip and whimpered quietly when Lauren cupped first one breast and then the other. The soft flesh yielded under the insistent hands as Lauren felt the firmness of each sensual globe. Each breast was almost perfectly round, tipped in the centre by a tiny pink nipple no bigger than a nickel. Katie felt her nipples stiffen as Lauren rolled each pink bud between her fingers. No Katie screamed, her despair at her body's betrayal coming out as a soft moan that made Lauren's smile wider and pussy wetter.

Responsive little slut, Lauren thought to herself as she continued to caress the tender flesh of Katie's nipples. She had much to do and little time in which to do it so as much as she wanted to savour the feeling, linger on Katie's breasts, take each nipple into her mouth to suckle the hard buds, she slid her hands down to the young girl's waist.

Katie gasped as gooseflesh pimpled her flanks as Lauren's gentle touch slid past her ribs. She was ticklish and she hoped Lauren did not discover that and use it against her. She hated to be tickled. The touch lasted but a second and she was able to resist the urge to squirm under Lauren's warm hands.

The naked teen tensed as Lauren rested her right hand on the soft curve of her belly, slowly sliding the hand lower, long fingers edging towards the tightly packed curls that grew between her legs. Lauren smiled as she felt the muscles of Katie's stomach, twitch and jump at her light touch. She was really standing there, letting her do this. Lauren marvelled at the pliability of her new toy. She had honestly expected more resistance, she had planned for Katie to put up a fight, but this submissiveness was even more attractive, exciting her more than she had imagined.

Lauren paused as the tips of her fingers made contact with the twisted black forest of hair that covered the trembling girl's mons. Katie had closed her eyes, and fresh tears ran down her cheeks. Lauren was captivated by the sight. Katie was a pretty girl, with a disarmingly cute smile, but right now, Lauren thought, she had never been prettier: the quivering lower lip, the cheeks mottled with the flush of humiliation, the delicate wet tracks of her tears. Focus, she told herself, there will be time, all the time in the world.

Lauren let her fingers play in the dense black growth, knowing that this would be the last time she ever would, maybe. She slipped her fingers through the short, dark hair, caressing the soft skin beneath before closing the gap between each finger, trapping the tiny hairs as she drew the hand away. Lauren had not guessed Katie's pubic hair was so smooth and thick. The cam did not show such detail.

Lauren's questing fingers slid lower, touching the top of Katie's intimate cleft. And there it was, the first sign of disobedience, a ripple of defiance. That first small contact with her sex had been too much for Katie. She stepped back and pushed Lauren's hand away, gently, hardly touching the other girl. It was a timid, defensive gesture, but one which Lauren could not permit.

"Please... don't," Katie whimpered, backing up with tiny hesitant steps until she bumped into the corner of the room.

Lauren's face hardened as she watched her girl cowering in the corner, her breasts and pussy now covered by the arms that were supposed to be behind her back. She couldn't be too hard on poor Kitty, to be honest she had expected the resistance much earlier. It was an excellent sign that it took contact with her sex for the bewildered teen to stand up to her. But disobedience must be punished, it was one of the founding principles of the budding relationship that she was building.

"Now Kitty, that is very naughty. Come over here," Lauren ordered as she sat down on the edge of her bed.

Katie took one tiny, hesitant step forward, not wanting to get closer to the source of her torment but knowing as she did so that she had no choice. She did not know what was going to happen but this girl really did have control over her. She didn't want it to happen but it was far too late for her to get what she wanted.

She knew she shouldn't have moved. She knew she should have stood still and let Lauren touch her, play with her. She knew that the sooner this degrading experience was over the sooner she could move on. It was just that when she touched her there, touched her where no one else had, something inside her had snapped. The fact that the brief contact had sent an intense, explosion of sensation running through her body, like fireworks going off under her skin, had nothing to do with it she told herself. It was just a reaction to being violated and humiliated.

"Move it Kitty," snapped Lauren, a hard, icy edge investing her voice with menace.

Katie scurried forward at the command as if compelled by an unseen force. She stopped short of the young girl seated on the bed and shuffled meekly on the spot, her charms still hidden by her disobedient arms.

"Over the knee little Kitty," Lauren ordered, her tone softer and reassuring.

Katie knew what was coming now. She had never been spanked in her life, but she could see where this was going. Sure she had been smacked on the bottom occasionally as a child but that had been so many years ago that she remembered it only as a fuzzy sidenote to her childhood.

The naked teen didn't know quite how to go about placing herself over Lauren's knee and she timidly fidgeted for a moment as she gazed at the soft flesh of the seated girl's legs. Pain stung her thigh and she danced back out of reach. She had not seen the hand coming but the sharp pain in her leg was all the evidence she needed. A bright red handprint was already visible on the white flesh of her thigh.

"Now Kitty! Or I will get the cane," snapped Lauren, the venom in each clipped word frightening Katie into obedience.

She almost threw herself over Lauren's bent legs, wiping away fresh tears as she felt her skin rest against the warm bare flesh of Lauren's legs. It was not cold in the room but the touch of skin on skin warmed Katie's trembling body.

"Hands behind your back Kitty."

Katie obeyed, slowly moving each hand into the small of her back, resting her bared breasts on the smooth bedcover. She laid her head to the side, facing away from her tormentor, not wanting Lauren to see the anguish on her face.

As soon as they were in place, Lauren grabbed each wrist, forced them together and pinned them to the small of Katie's back just above the cute twin dimples that dented the soft flesh above her buttocks. The naked, and now vulnerable, girl gasped quietly at the power Lauren possessed. She was only a girl, a small girl, barely taller than she was, slim and petite. Where did she get such strength? Katie wriggled in the powerful grip but her efforts had no result, other than to cause a wide smile to spread across her owner's face.

"Now Kitty, when a slave is being punished she submits to the punishment knowing that she does so because it is deserved. You know you deserve to be punished don't you Kitty?

"Yes Miss," Katie sobbed, wanting to bury her face into the soft surface of the bed.

"During your punishment you should reflect on your behaviour, preparing yourself for the apology you must make at its completion."

"Yes Miss," the whisper barely audible in the stillness of the room.

Katie jumped as Lauren's hand made contact with her upturned buttocks. Lauren giggled at the naked girl's response to the gentle caress with which she had begun. Katie's ass was a delicious sight to behold. Each soft mound was unblemished, the tender flesh covered in the smallest, palest of hairs, barely visible and unable to be felt as she gently slid her hand across each exposed buttock.

Time was ticking ever onwards and she had a lesson to impart. It was an essential part of the first session with her slave, something she knew was crucial to cementing her new status in the mind of the trapped teen. Without warning her hand whistled down to impact upon the tender flesh displayed so invitingly for her. She was pleased to hear the stifled yelp and feel the brief squirming as Katie reacted to the first smack of what was to be, in the general scheme of her new life, a mild spanking.

An ever too brief few minutes later, Lauren was breathing heavily from her efforts, but not as heavily as the object of her ferocious attention. Katie's bared bottom was glowing a bright red, exuding an intense heat that matched its colour. The naked girl was sobbing uncontrollably now, her eyes puffy and red, strings of mucus running from her nose and on to her upper lip.

Katie could not believe how much the spanking had hurt. The first few hits had been painful, a stinging pain that she felt she could deal with but as Lauren's hand continued to fall, with barely a break between each stinging slap the pain began to deepen and intensify. She could feel the agonising throb of each hit move from the tender flesh of her bottom and into her belly and up into her chest.

She had tried to stay as silent as she could, not wanting to draw the attention of Mrs Harper. It was bad enough being spanked by a girl her own age but to have an adult walk in would have been too much to bear. As the spanking kept going, each smack feeling harder than the last, she could hold back no longer. By the time Lauren had mercifully stopped beating the soft mounds of her behind Katie knew she had been moaning, once or twice even begging Lauren to stop, though her feeble pleading had fallen on deaf ears. She had even remembered to call her Miss, all to no avail.

"Up you get Kitty," Lauren said a little breathlessly. "I hope you used the time wisely and have an appropriate apology ready.”

Katie groped slowly to her feet, only now aware that Lauren was no longer pinning her wrists into the small of her back. She stood before her owner, rubbing her sore wrists and trying to choke back her sobs. By instinct she wiped her nose with her hand, only afterwards realising that she was stood naked in a stranger's room. She hoped Lauren had not seen, though she could not be sure. She had kept her eyes on the floor at her feet, unable to look at the girl who had just spanked her like a child.

"Kitty don't be disgusting. There are tissues on the desk. Wipe your nose and put the tissues in the bin," Lauren ordered, not once taking an eye from the weeping girl, her distress only fueling the fires of her dominant desires.

"Kitty, you were not told to wipe your eyes. What were you told to do?"

"Um, wipe my nose Miss," squeaked Katie, afraid of further punishment.

"You are a naughty girl, Kitty. You are to do as you are told are you not?"

"Yes Miss."

"Then why did you disobey an order directly after a punishment? Do you want to be punished?"

"No Miss, its just that... I didn't think, I'm sorry," Katie sobbed, her failure, Lauren's chastisement and the overwhelming confusion that threatened to engulf her sent the poor teenager into a fresh bout of body-wracking sobs.

"Well I think it is best that I impress upon you just how important obedience is for a slave. Go to the left hand door of the cupboard, open it. In the corner is the cane. Bring it to me."

Katie dropped the tissues into the bin, glad that at least she had removed the foul slime from her nose and mouth, and headed towards the cupboard. She had already taken two steps, following the command on instinct, before she realised what she was doing. A cane, she screamed in horror to herself. The thought to grab her clothes and run from the room burst into her bewildered brain, only to be shattered by the image of the whole school laughing at her, her parents looking on with disgust. Just get through this now and you can work out something else later, she told herself, without conviction.

She reached for the door, her shoulders still jerking with each sob, aware of how her breasts bounced gently each time. She slid back the cupboard door and immediately saw the instrument of her coming torture. It was a thin wooden rod, three feet in length, a black leather handle at one end, a small loop of leather flopping casually against the wall.

She looked at it for a moment, hardly believing what she was doing. She was actually going to fetch the very item that was going to be used to cause her pain. She was actually going to take it to the girl still seated nonchalantly on her bed, the girl who held her life in her hands. The girl who called herself her owner. Before she knew it Katie had picked up the cane, closed the cupboard and walked back to Lauren, each nervous step feeling as if she was moving one step closer to a gallows built especially for her.

"Kitty, when a slave presents something to her owner she does so in a way that not only shows her respect for her superior but also demonstrates that she knows her place, that she understands that she is property. An owned thing."

Katie stared at the floor as Lauren lectured her. She could feel the heat burning in her face, the shame of being treated in such a demeaning way, as if she was a stupid animal, making her face match her flaming behind. As she stood before her owner she could feel the throbbing pain from her abused buttocks and was dying to see the damage that had been done, or at least touch the tenderised flesh just to allay the fears that plagued her.

"That means that you should be on your knees Kitty," said Lauren, her tone clear that she thought Katie should already be in position.

The young girl sank to her knees, squeezing her legs together and sitting on her heels as demurely as she could, her nakedness making any show of modesty an exercise in futility. Katie kept her head bowed and her eyes lowered, unable to look at Lauren, fearful of what she would see if she looked into the captivating, pale blue eyes.

"No Kitty. A slave’s knees are to be wide, she must always be aware that her body is on display for her owner. Allowing her owner to see what she possesses."

Katie clenched her teeth and shuffled her knees apart a couple of inches. "Oh Kitty you are such a tease. I hope you are teasing me. You're not being naughty again are you Kitty?"

"No Miss," Katie replied hoping her frustration was not apparent in her voice. She spread her legs wider, stopped for a second but continued when she heard a soft tsk from the bed above her.

By the time Katie had stopped moving her knees were parted well past her shoulders. She could see a brief glimpse of pink of her nether lips amidst the dark bush that covered her sex. What caused her to bite her lip and squeeze her eyes tightly shut, however, was the glistening droplet of moisture that had matted the dark curls together around the entrance to her sex.

"Kitty a slave offers the object she has brought her owner in a respectful and obedient manner. Place the cane across your palms and present it to me like a good girl," Lauren ordered, enjoying each moment, revelling in the exercise of her control over the naked teen. The wetness of Katie's sex did not go unnoticed by her Mistress, it was yet another item she could use to train her. It would be extremely useful in convincing the clearly submissive girl of the rightness of her new status.

Katie did as she was told, following the instructions to the letter. She could imagine the picture that she presented and the thought made fresh tears of shame spill down her reddened cheeks. With an almost tender care, Lauren removed the cane from Katie's upturned palms and stood up from the bed. She swished the vicious wooden rod through the air, testing the spring.

Katie jumped as the cane whistled behind her. Lauren giggled girlishly, having imagined just such a reaction when she had played out this scene in her head. The little slut was everything she had dreamed of, and more.

"Stand up Kitty. Now bend forward, hands on the bed. If your hands move from the bed, the stroke will be repeated. Count each stroke aloud."

Each stroke thought Katie, her eyes widening as she bent forward exposing her still painful behind. Katie heard the first stroke coming but the sound did not properly register in her brain. Pain lanced through the flesh of each tender mound and the young girl squealed as her body jolted forward, the agony of the stroke searing up into her chest. She scrunched the bed cover as she tried to find some outlet for the pain. How she managed to keep her hands in position she would never know.

"One Miss," Katie gasped, still trying to deal with the pain that coursed through her. It felt as if she had been sliced by a knife. How many of these would she have to endure?

A few seconds later, the cane struck again, momentarily flattening the soft flesh of Katie's taut buttocks. A second red stripe instantly joined the first, quickly darkening, providing an attractive counterpoint to the soft scarlet patterning of the earlier spanking.

'Two Miss," Katie cried, through clenched teeth.

Lauren smiled, happy that Katie had remembered her training. The girl's docile nature and clear submissiveness had surprised and gratified her. She felt the training could progress at a much faster rate now that she knew Katie's true worth.

"Stand up Kitty. Now do you have something to say?"

"Y...yes Miss," Katie stammered. Um I am very sorry for... for being disobedient?"

"Was that an apology or a question? A good slave knows why she is being punished, apologises for her behaviour and expresses gratitude for the correction she has received so that she can become a better slave."

"Yes Miss."

"Well then Kitty, don't disappoint me. I had thought you were smarter than this but if you are truly just a pretty face then I may have to make sure your lessons are a little stronger to compensate."

"S...sorry Miss. I am very sorry for my disobedience. For moving when I was told not to and for wiping my eyes when I was not allowed. Thank you so much for punishing me so that I can learn to be better."

"Passable for a first try I guess," mused Lauren. "Now come give me a kiss."

Katie raised her head for the first time since her punishment began, what felt like hours ago. Lauren was standing in front of her, the cane hanging loosely in her right hand. She was a pretty girl, thought Katie, as her gaze studiously avoided those hypnotic blue eyes and fell instead on the glistening pink lips that were slightly parted in anticipation.

Katie moved forward, her feet moving almost without thought. Each timid step bringing her closer to her owner. She mustn't think of her like that she chided. She was just a girl, a girl with the ability to ruin her life for sure, but no one owned Katie Thomas. Her protestations didn't quite ring true, and as she leaned towards Lauren parting her own plump lips, preparing for the first kiss she had ever shared with a girl, she realised she had never felt so helpless and vulnerable, so less in control than she did right now.

The moment their lips touched, Lauren reached around and placed a very gentle pressure on the back of Katie's neck. It was a lover's gesture, demonstrating a tenderness that Katie found confusing. The naked teenager felt her nipples harden. Her heart pounded in her chest as her belly tightened and an intense sensation pulsed in her sex, like thousands of tiny static shocks bursting along the entire length of her moist silken cleft.

The kiss lasted only seconds but it left Katie breathless and bewildered. It had been Lauren who had broken the brief, yet passionate, embrace. A fact that made Katie lower her eyes in shame. She was being made to do these things. She hated this little bitch. Despised her for the things she had made her do and that had been done to her. She had to keep telling herself that. She had to forget these other things, these... feelings.

"I forgive you Kitty," Lauren said, the emotion in her voice causing a strange sensation deep in Katie's chest. A soft warmth spread through her body. It was something she could not explain and dared not dwell upon now.

"Now kiss the cane. It is always good for a slave to show that she respects everything that helps to improve her behaviour. A slave always seeks to improve herself, Kitty. It is a constant need that she has. She yearns to be better at everything she does so she can better please her owner."

Katie obediently kissed the cane that was offered to her. Lauren had kept it low, making Katie bend almost to the waist to purse her still tingling lips against the hard surface of the object that had so recently caused her such distress.

"Now Kitty, put the cane away and get back in position. We still have to finish your inspection," Lauren ordered.

Katie obeyed without hesitation. All thoughts of disobeying had been banished, not only by the punishment that had caused so much pain but by the words Lauren had spoken, words that seemed to come from someone who spoke with wisdom. The words Lauren spoke were at odds with her girlish innocence and the cute giggles that burst from her when she was excited. Katie did not understand, it seemed as if Lauren was two different people.

Katie was soon back in position, ready for Lauren to complete the inspection of her body. She stood up straight in the middle of the room, her arms behind her back, naked but for small diamond earrings that sparkled in each ear.

"Your legs should be a little wider Kitty. That's better. This position is called attention. A slave will adopt this pose if she is told to wait or if she is awaiting instruction. It's a comfortable position, isn't it, Kitty?"

"Yes Miss."

"Your arms feel good behind your back don't they?"

"Yes Miss," Katie answered quickly, eager for Lauren to finish her ordeal.

"That is because a slave always makes sure her body is on display for her owner. A slave hides nothing. She is owned, her body is no longer hers and she must make sure that the person who does own it has access to it at all times.

"Now where were we before you so rudely interrupted? Ah yes," said Lauren, a wicked glint appearing in her eyes.

Katie tensed as Lauren's hand rested on her mons, her petite fingers sliding through the silky black curls that covered the intimate area between Katie's legs. As Lauren's hand slid down, brushing the tiny bud, hidden beneath its protective hood, Katie clenched her hands but stood her ground.

The naked teen’s face and chest mottled with the telltale pink colouring of her humiliation as Lauren's fingers quested lower, a finger slipping past her moist lips and entering the warmth within. Katie gasped, her knees trembling with a sudden weakness as Lauren languidly withdrew her finger.

"Such a little slut," Lauren teased, showing the finger that had been inside her. White smears covered the delicate digit along its entire length. Katie didn't think she could feel any worse, she was sure that her humiliation had reached critical levels but the betrayal by her own body plunged her into untapped depths.

"Kitty, when your owner offers you something your mouth opens eagerly and instinctively. A slave accepts any gifts her owner deems appropriate. A slave is also thankful for anything she receives, knowing that as she herself is property, she deserves nothing."

Katie opened her mouth to allow Lauren to slide her finger inside. Katie tasted the musky cream from her pussy as Lauren twisted her finger inside the warm hole. Katie's lips closed around the intruder and her tongue swirled around it, cleaning the juice of her own sex from her owner's finger. She had tasted herself before, there was even a scene on the... No she mustn't think of that.

She had tasted herself before, but this was different. Her taste was stronger, more intense and she felt dirty and content at the same time. Katie had long ago stopped attempting to understand the conflicting feelings that warred inside her. She did her best not to dwell on any single sensation as the effort to do so simply made her head hurt.

"Such a little slut, creaming without being touched and lapping up that cream like a good Kitty. Okay, hands out in front, palms down. Spread your fingers Kitty. Good, nice and clean. Now open your mouth, wider. Good."

Lauren proceeded to pull at Katie's lips, pushing them back or down and inspecting her teeth. She stuck her fingers inside the trembling teen’s mouth and ran them along the surface of her teeth. Katie submitted to the humiliating inspection, not willing to move a muscle, knowing the repercussions for disobedient behaviour.

“Maybe I should call you little Miss Moist,” laughed Lauren. Katie swallowed back a retort, mortified that her body was responding against her wishes. How was she expected to break free from this cruel girl while her very body was playing into her captor’s hands. She could not control her arousal, she had never been able to, but it was never like this.  It was almost as if her body was conspiring against her. She was ever conscious of the small pink buds that tipped each breast, stiffened to an almost painful degree. Each hard nipple tingled with sensation each time Lauren touched her. It was all she could do to keep her hands still, the temptation to gently pinch the hardened points was almost overwhelming. If she could touch them just once, just the briefest of strokes, just enough to banish the niggling, frustrating need. But she knew she could not, should not.

“Little Miss Moist sat on a joist, playing with her creamy pussy. What about that? Now that’s a nursery rhyme I want to hear more about,” chuckled Lauren, revelling in the discomfort evident on Katie’s face. “Would you like to hear a story about Little Miss Moist before you went to sleep, Kitty?”

“Yes Miss,” Katie responded meekly, knowing by now the role she had to play in Lauren’s cruel game. Knowing did not make participating any easier. Each time she was forced to degrade herself, she felt a little piece of her self-respect fade away.

“Well that’s something we can work on together. Such a wet pussy, such a lovely little slut, but let’s clean that up a little so we can focus on what we need to,” said Lauren, suddenly all business.

Katie watched, horrified, as Lauren snatched the tiny pink panties she had been forced to remove at lunch. Had they always been sitting in plain view on the table? She had not seen them when she had been ordered to watch the video on the computer. She had not seen them when she signed her life away. Had she been that distracted as to not notice the panties? Had Mrs Harper seen them? Had she known they were not her daughters? The thought caused a fresh flush of embarrassment to mottle her cheeks a pretty pink.

Pink turned to red as Lauren reached between the naked girl’s legs and wiped her sopping pussy. Lauren made sure to press the panties up inside the trembling teen, the fabric scraping the delicate folds of her vagina, soaking up the precious cream of her arousal. Once she had absorbed most of the moisture, the matted curls springing free, she folded the panties and replaced them on the desk.

Katie had squirmed deliciously as her sex was penetrated for the second time. Lauren almost lost control, the thought of pumping her fingers in and out of Katie, making her wriggle and pant with desire was so strong she almost succumbed. She had planned this moment for too long, too much was at stake for her to just give in to each little fantasy. She set her jaw and continued forward.

“Kitty you are a very pretty girl, you know that don’t you?”

“Yes Miss,” said Katie hesitantly, not sure where this was leading.

“What is Pete Preston to you?”

“Pete? He…he’s a. I like him I guess,” Katie stammered, confused by the apparently random question.

Katie squealed in pain as her left nipple was pinched and cruelly twisted. Her shoulders began to hunch forward as she tried escape the agonising grip. Her hands had parted and she was seconds away moving, seemingly unable to stop herself breaking position and disobeying her owner again. “Stand up straight,” snapped Lauren. Katie instantly returned to attention, the pain that lanced through her left breast screwing up her face into a grotesque mask.

“Kitty? Did you forget something? Are you being naughty or are you just a dumb cunt? Hmmm?”

“M...M…Miss I…”

“Well which one is it Kitty?” Lauren snapped.

“Dumb cunt,” Katie hissed, “I’m a dumb cunt Miss.”

“Well I hope not Kitty. A cunt maybe, but I don’t think you are dumb. A little lazy, definitely a little stupid at times, but not dumb. You don’t really know what you are, do you?”

“No Miss,” Katie whimpered, the pain in her squashed nipple seemed to double every second.

“And that is why you are here Kitty. I do know what you are. You are mine, my very own. Ha ha, my precious,” Lauren giggled as she released Katie’s nipple to the accompanying gasp of the naked girl.

Katie watched Lauren, giggling uncontrollably at her own joke. Katie did not understand what was so funny, but then again she was still fighting to control the agony that pulsed through her abused breast, her small nipple throbbing as the blood rushed back into the stiff flesh. What had she done to deserve such treatment? Lauren’s anger was frightening to behold. It exploded with such speed and ferocity that Katie feared what would happen if she ever made her truly angry and yet, it seemed to melt away as quickly, leaving her wondering if it had ever really happened at all. The pain that pulsed in her abused nipple was, however, all the evidence she needed.

“Kitty how are you to address me at all times?”

“Miss, uh Miss.”

“Do not forget again. Now where were we? Ah yes Pete. So you like him you guess. He’s not your boyfriend?”

“No, Miss” Katie rushed to say. Pete was alright she guessed, but definitely not a boyfriend.

“You have kissed him, I know that much. You will never do that again. Has he touched your breasts?” Lauren asked, gently cupping each pert mound.

“Um, yes Miss, but only through my clothes,” Katie stammered, unsure why the qualification was important. Why had she said that?

“You can be friendly to Pete, a slave is always courteous and polite, but you are mine now. Understand?”

“Yes Miss.”

“Now as I was saying, you are a pretty girl Kitty, but you are lazy and undisciplined. That is all going to change now. You are my property and as such your life is to be devoted to pleasing me. The easiest way for a slave to make her owner happy is to be pleasing to the eye. Your body is very yummy,” chuckled Lauren as she walked around the naked teen, trailing a finger across her flesh as she circled, “but you have some work to do.”

“Here and here,” Lauren indicated, drawing on Katie’s body with a marker pen, “and here. All this area. This and here as well. These are the areas that you will work on first, Kitty.”

Katie was left bewildered. She had remained still while Lauren drew all over her body, marking her body with thick black lines. There were circles at each hip, a large oval encompassing her entire belly, the inside of each thigh had been marked with lines and even the backs of her arms had been marked with rough elliptical shapes. The pen had tickled as it ran smoothly across her bare skin but the horror of what was being done overshadowed any other feelings she had. She had been marked like some factory reject. She was no exercise nut but she watched what she ate and she was sexy, she knew. It was not only Pete that had asked her out. She knew the boys watched her as she walked down the halls at school. All that confidence had been shattered by a few dirty lines drawn by a girl her own age.

“This filth will also have to go,” Lauren said tugging viciously on Katie’s thick pubic hair. “Squeal all you like Kitty, I don’t want to own a piglet. We’ll deal with that later, right now we can start with some basic exercises. You are to do these every morning before school and each afternoon, when you come home. Lie down on the floor, belly down. Forearms along the floor, tight in to your body Kitty. First the plank, 30 seconds. Raise your body off the floor, keeping your forearms on the ground.”

Katie followed the directions dutifully, wanting nothing more than to be out of this room. It felt as if she had been here for hours and hours and now she was doing exercises. Piglet! How dare the little shit. Just because she was Miss Lacrosse.  Despite her bravado, she could not deny that Lauren’s evaluation had made her feel tiny and insignificant. She had never felt lower, never disliked herself more, than when Lauren had called her a piglet. The word had stung, causing her a pain that cut deeper than any slap on her ass or pinch of her nipple.

“Up Kitty. Ass up, your body has to be straight, it’s not called the plank for nothing. Right now, hold that for 30 seconds,” Lauren ordered. She walked around the straining girl, noticing the trembling of her body begin almost immediately. Lauren shook her head and tutted silently to herself, such a soft little slut. How could anyone let themselves be so out of shape? She walked down the quivering body but stopped when she reached Katie’s upturned ass. Each tight mound was a bright red in the middle, the colouring fading and becoming inconsistent as it radiated outwards. Across each red globe were two straight lines, raised welts that had already turned an ugly purplish red.

Lauren reached down absently and drew a finger along one of the raised markings, shivering with delight at the feel of the tender flesh. Katie dropped to the ground panting, more surprised at the touch that anything else. It had broken her concentration and she had been flagging anyway. Surely that had been 30 seconds. Small stabbing throbs of pain pulsed through her abused behind, what was it going to be like when she had to put her jeans on? Katie cringed at the very idea.

“Kitty, that was never 30 seconds. Again. You have one task to perform Kitty. Focus is crucial to a slave. Keep your mind on pleasing your owner through obedience. Anything else is not your business. If I wish to inspect or caress my property then it is no concern of yours.”

Katie breathed deeply and raised her body off the soft carpet once more. She hated when Lauren talked that way about her. She hated all this ‘slave’ talk. Where the fuck was she getting it all from anyway? Yes it all had an inner logic, no doubt it was all coming from the same source, but that didn’t make it any less like bullshit. She wasn’t a slave. She was caught in a trap and she might not know how to get out of it right now, but she would. She would. She had to keep telling herself that. She had to believe.

“Good Kitty,” said Lauren, gently patting the panting girl on the back of the head.

Katie flushed with the praise as she collapsed onto the floor with a grunt. Flushed with effort she told herself. She was exhausted. How much longer could she go on? She felt physically and emotionally drained. She needed to get home. She needed some peace and quiet. Most of all she needed to be away from Lauren. She couldn’t think with her hovering over her, ordering her to do this, judging her, lecturing her, calling her Kitty and slave. It was all becoming too much for the teenager.

Katie could no longer hold back her pent-up emotions. She started sobbing, fresh tears dripping onto the carpet, her breasts being mashed into the floor with each shudder of her petite shoulders.

"Oh Kitty, don't be a lazy little slut. Turn over, lie flat. Arms by your side, palms flat on the floor, good girl. Open your legs Kitty, a little more, lean your toes in towards each other. That's right, when they can barely touch you are good."

Katie followed the orders obediently, feeling like a little child being told how to walk. Lauren was encouraging but the very help she was giving only demeaned Katie further. Her stomach tightened as she waited for further instruction. Her breasts sat high on her chest, her tight young skin allowing the white mounds only the barest of sideways movement.

"Legs up Kitty. Keep them straight," Lauren admonished when Katie’s legs began to bend at the knee. "A little higher. Now hold there for a count of six. Aloud Kitty and count out the seconds and I think instead of Mississippi’s you can do something a little more appropriate. Hold those legs up there for six 'creamy pussies'."

Six? Katie had already kept her legs off the floor the entire time Lauren was talking and her legs were already trembling. Being forced to perform like a trained seal was degrading enough, but having to debase herself by counting time ensured the naked teen's tears would flow.

"One creamy pussy. Two creamy pussy."

Katie could hear Lauren giggling at her. She was only doing what she was told, only doing what she had to do. Why couldn't she just do the exercises in silence? Why did she have to do them at all? But that line of thought took her to a dark place and she did not want to be reminded yet again of her own stupidity.

"Six creamy pussy," Katie gasped, letting her legs crash to the floor.

"Kitty, you are a little too eager. It's never a good idea to rush. Well not unless you are told to. Now for this set I want those pussy's to be really creamy okay? Just think of your own. Up."

Katie raised her legs once more into the air. Her feet were only about a foot off the ground but they felt as if lead weughts were attached to each ankle. She could feel the muscle strain, right up through her belly and into her aching buttocks.

"One creeeamy pussy," she said, drawing out the first word as she had been told. Lauren could hear the strain in the young girl's voice, or was that the sweet sound of humiliaton. If it had a sound Lauren thought there could be nothing more apt.

"Two creeeamy pussy," Katie sobbed. Her legs began shuddering, which caused her breasts to jiggle enticingly. The despondent teen closed her eyes, unable to watch, and felt two warm tears squeeze out the side of each puffy eye.

"Kitty, don't talk like that. It makes me think you don't want to be doing your excercises. That would disappoint me, Kitty. These are for your own good. A slave lives to please her owner. A slave always strives to be better. So for the next set I want to hear some emotion. Let me hear some of that little sex kitten that we knoiw is trapped inside that little piglet's body."

"Six creeeamy pussy," Katie gasped as her legs banged into the floor. How the hell was she supposed to do that a third time. A thin sheen of sweat covered her young body and she was breathing hard.

"Kitty a slave that fails a task must be punished. You know that's right, don't you?"

"Yes Miss," Katie replied breathlessly.

"It's only fair. Be a good girl for me on this last set and you can have a little rest before the next exercise. Okay?"

"Yes Miss," said Katie, no hint of the panic she felt had seeped into her whispered reply. She was spent, and now she was being told that after this time she had more exercises! But if she was a good girl she could have a rest. She needed a rest and what she didn’t need was more punishment.


Katie eased her legs off the ground for the third time. She did not know if she could do this. Her feet had barely left the carpeted floor and already she was quivering.

"One creeamy pussy."

Lauren smiled, her entire face lighting up as she heard her girl count. She had done as she was told, investing each word with a smokey sensuality that made Lauren's mouth water. Sex kitten indeed. Was that sultry voice something she had been practicing? It made no difference, it belonged to her now.

Lauren glanced between Katie's legs as she continued to tremble and count each struggle filled second. No truer words were ever spoken, Lauren chuckled as she saw the white cream that matted the black curls at the entrance to the young girl's intimate passage. She had a regular little dairy down there. It would be much better when all that hair was cleaned away she mused.

"Six creamy pussy."

Katie lay panting on the floor, all energy gone. Had she been good? Would she get her rest now? She cringed waiting for the judgement of her tormentor. She had tried to keep her legs straight. She had tried to count nicely but she wasn't sure if she had done either properly, it took all her energy and focus just to keep her legs off the floor.

"See Kitty, it's not so hard to be a good girl is it? Lauren said, tenderly pushing strands of her sweat-soaked hair from her smooth forehead.

Katie opened her eyes when she felt the gentle touch, the briefest of smiles flickering across her lips before she remembered where she was and who was crouching over her.

"I think all that talk of creamy pussies got to you Kitty," Lauren giggled. "No point in wiping it now though. I'll just have to do it again in a few minutes."

Katie sobbed silently, knowing what Lauren said was true. She could feel the moisture between her legs. She had given up trying to fight it or reason it through, she had simply resigned herself to the fact that her body was doing things, feeling things, which she could not explain. Things she did not want explained.

"Ok Kitty, the final starter exercise is an easy one. Stand up. Straight Kitty, that is the last time you will be told. I won't have you being lazy and slouching like some common cunt."

Katie flinched as Lauren berated her, the hard iciness in her voice appeared so suddenly and with such coldness that it frightened the young girl. Even though, when Katie thought about it, she had not only been harmed when she did something wrong, at least under the perverted rules she had, she didn't know anything about Lauren. She was smart, she knew that but that was about the extent of her knowledge.

"This exercise has six steps. Now that might sound hard Kitty but trust me, it's all just one movement really. One, squat down, placing your hands flat on the floor. Two, jump your legs out behind you, full stretch. Three, do a pushup. Four, jump your legs back to the squatting position, five stand up. And six, you finish off the rep by saying 'Kitty wants to please.' Let's try one nice and slow."

"One." Katie lowered her body slowly to the floor, until she was squatting with her legs bent under her.

"Two." The naked teen jumped her legs out behind her, her breasts hanging pendant beneath her arched body.

"Three." Katie knew she would struggle with this part. She lowered herself as quickly as she could, bending her arms as little as she could, lowering her shoulders, but keeping her ass high. Lauren questioned whether she should correct her, but she let the tired teen get away with a less than perfect motion. Such a softy, she chuckled to herself.

"Four." Legs retracted.

"Five." Katie stood up straight.

"And six."

"Kitty wants to please," Katie sobbed, her hands clenched tightly at her side as the humiliation of having commands barked at her as if she was a dog assaulted her fragile psyche.

"Good Kitty, now once more a little faster. One, two, three, four, five, six."

"Kitty wants to please."

"Six as fast as you can now."

Katie looked at Lauren in despair, but all she saw in those pale blue eyes was a sadistic pleasure. The little bitch was enjoying this so much. Enjoy it while you can, fucking bitch. Anger flared within her for just a moment, the tiniest of flames quickly extinguished by the cold depths she found in her owner's eyes. She instantly regretted her silent outburst. False bravado would get her nowhere except punished if she wasn't careful.

She grit her teeth and started the last round of the degrading performance she was being forced to give. Yes, she was exercising, no doubt of that, the long unused muscles of her body screamed the evidence to her tired brain. But what she was really doing was performing like a trained animal on one of those inane talent shows. She only had an audience of one, but that was one too many.

"Kitty wants to please," Katie gasped as she finished her first repetition. She was already breathless and she had five more to go.

Lauren jumped on to her bed and bounced exuberantly in time to Katie's efforts. A small tingle shot through her belly each time Katie spoke. Kitty wants to please, and she is. Just how much Lauren was sure Katie would have no idea. She couldn't know how long she had dreamed of this or how intense the pleasure of domination truly was. In time she would. Today's trial had taught her that Katie was far more submissive than she had ever dared hope.

"Kitty wants to please."

Katie collapsed on the floor as she finished her final rep. Her mouth was dry and her arms and legs burned. Her chest heaved as she struggled for breath, her heart pounding inside her like a machine-gun.

"Kitty you ruined it. All that good work. Bring me the cane."

Katie looked at Lauren, eyes panic-wide. No, please, I was good. I was trying to be good. But the naked girl said not a word, lowering her head in defeat and retrieving the cane from the cupboard. She kneeled obediently before the bed, the cane offered as she had been taught.

And there it is, thought Lauren. Punishment was an integral part of a slave's training. You had to use the carrot and the stick, otherwise the little sluts would just shove the carrot up their cunts and discipline be damned.

Lauren smiled in spite of the seriousness she wished to show. This little slut was going to be so much fun. Lauren took the cane and ordered Katie into position. The moment her hands rested on the bed, the cane fell, the loud crack as it impacted the tender flesh of her buttocks echoed around the room. Katie grunted in pain, her knees buckling briefly as the pain flashed through her body, but she kept her hands on the bed.

“One M…Miss,” Katie stammered.

"For each repeated infraction your punishment will double. Stand up."

"Thank you Miss. I am very sorry for being disobedient and not standing straight like I am supposed to."

Lauren's eyes glistened as Katie made her unprompted apology. It was a little weak, but the fact she had done so of her own volition was more important. A slight nod of her head brought the panting girl in close for her kiss. The taste of her mouth as it opened under hers, sent Lauren into shivers of delight.

Lauren surrendered the cane to Katie's waiting palms. She watched as the pretty girl, her girl, raised the cane to her lips and kissed it tenderly. She returned the cane and moved back into the centre of the room without being told, her eagerness to please borne more from fear of punishment than from any great submissive desire. Lauren understood, but that desire was there, she knew it. She just had to coax it out, and she had all the time in the world.

"Kitty what do you do when you are told to wait?"

"I stand at attention Miss, until..." Katie hesitated unclear how to finish the sentence.

"Until you are released Kitty."

"Yes Miss, sorry Miss."

"That's ok, you are learning. You are not a bad little slut Kitty. A little rough around the edges and a bit lazy but we'll get there. Now you wait here."

Lauren turned to the door, watched every step of the way by Katie's roving eyes. "To the front Kitty, when you are waiting at attention you stay exactly as you are."

Katie turned away from the door, gazing straight ahead at the curtains drawn across the window above the bed. Her shoulders tensed as she heard the click of the lock and the door opening behind her. If someone came past now they would see her there, naked, ass red and striped from the punishment she had incurred.

Was anyone else home? Was Mrs Harper right outside that door? Was Mr Harper? Were they staring at her, laughing at her? Was the entire family in on this together? The hair on her neck rose. She was sure someone was there. Lauren had a brother didn't she? Had he come home? Was he going to rush in the room and rape her? Had Lauren had that in mind all along?

She should turn and see. She had to. But she couldn't. What if there was someone standing at the door watching her? What if that was Lauren, testing her to see if she broke position. She couldn't take any more of the cane. Her ass burned from the strokes she had received, each welt a separate hurt that still stung.

How long had the door been open. It had to be a good five minutes. She should have been counting. How long could it take to do whatever Lauren had to do? Should she start counting now. It couldn't hurt. One cre...One Mississippi. There went that idea. She couldn't keep counting after that. What the fuck was wrong with her.

"Ok Kitty."

Katie almost jumped out of her skin, squealing at the sudden voice at her ear. How the hell had she moved so quietly. It must be this thick carpet, Katie mused as her heart rate slowly lowered to normal.

"Ha ha, Kitty, you're so hilarious. Stand still while I wipe you down. You got all moist from those exercises. And I don't mean that sweet pussy either, though there isn't any doubt of that. I could smell it from the landing."

Katie flushed a deep crimson. She had been able to smell her arousal for some time, but she had hoped it was just her - she knew what she smelt like and noticed it more easily. She didn't know why she felt so terrible, knowing this other girl could smell her sex, she only wanted it to stop.

A warm wet cloth was pressed to her back. Katie tensed at the first touch but the slow caressing movement of the washcloth on her sweaty body felt so good she soon relaxed, sighing as the glistening sheen of salty moisture was removed with such tenderness. She tensed again as the rough cloth was drawn across the abused flesh of her buttocks, but the pain was brief and but a shadow of what she had felt as the marks had been applied.

Katie surrendered herself to the intimate cleansing, imagining herself at a trendy day-spa. The illusion was shattered as Lauren moved in front of her and began gently washing her breasts. As much as she wanted to she could not take her eyes off the other girl. She was not looking at Katie, instead focusing on the task at hand, so she timid teen did not have to contend with those hypnotic blue eyes.

Instead she looked at the shiny brown hair, collected in a neat ponytail, the small stud earrings that looked like tiny black pearls, the tight t-shirt that she wore, the way it stretched across her small breasts, a visible tenting of material between the rock hard nipples, the taut, flat belly, the tiny shorts that started only inches above her pubis and ended just below her buttocks, showing a vast expanse of toned thigh.

As Lauren crouched to better wash her legs, Katie realised what she was doing. She was being washed by another girl, made to stand still as she was subjected to having her body cleaned as if she was a mere object, a car or even a family pet. Her mind flew back to the everpresent reason for being in this predicament and she bit her lips in despair. She really was being treated like property and what was her response? To check out her tormentor.

It was then she realised that Lauren had not closed the door. She had been exposed this entire time. She was desperate to turn around and face the door, just to catch a glimpse, to see if anyone was watching this intimate and degrading scene. But she could not move. She couldn't even turn her head, Lauren was sure to see and she would be punished. She had to blink away fresh tears, telling herself there was no one there. The need to see had grown into a compulsion as she mulled over the consequences of just one little peek. But she simply could not do it.

"Last but not least," said Lauren, resting the washcloth across Katie's left shoulder and retrieving her panties from the desk.

The tears that had been threatening rolled down her cheeks as Lauren turned the panties inside out and wiped the rough material of the crotch against the sopping wet entrance to her vagina.

"Now Kitty, as lovely as your tears are I think you are just being silly now. Don't be such a poopy-pants."

Katie bit her lip at the chastisement. Her panties were folded neatly and replaced on the desk. Where did Lauren get the power to make her feel so small and helpless. She felt as if she was a little girl being told off for making a mess.

"Pop that back in the bathroom, to the left Kitty," Lauren ordered as she began pottering about at the desk.

Katie looked wide-eyed at Lauren's back. She couldn't go outside. What if someone saw her? What if she was trapped between the bathroom and the flimsy security of Lauren's room. She couldn't go out there naked as the day she was born, she couldn't but she knew she would. The sooner she obeyed the sooner she would be back, and safe. With each passing moment Mrs Harper could be coming up those stairs.

Her decision made, Katie rushed out of the room, her pert breasts bouncing as she ran. An open door a few feet down the hall beckoned to her. She breathed a sigh of relief as she entered the tiled bathroom, she didn't know what she would have done if it had been the wrong room. Her heart pounded with the fear of being caught, each quick pulse of blood through her veins made her feel as if she was on fire.

Katie was tempted to throw the washcloth in the sink and dash back to Lauren's room but the lesson of folding her panties had stayed with her. She flicked the small square of cloth and draped it carefully over a steel rung from which hung the Harper family's towels. Her task completed she scurried back to the bedroom, bouncing along on her tip toes like a thief in the night.

"Close the door, Kitty. Lock it as well."

At last, Katie thought, the tension that had kept her stomach in knots easing a little now that she knew her nudity would not be observed. Apart from Lauren of course, the 16 year old girl who styled herself Katie's new owner. From her there was no escape, at least not for now. Katie dutifully secured the little bedroom from the outside world, almost instinctively moving to the centre of the room to wait.

"I have a gift for you Kitty,” Lauren said.

Even with her head bowed, Katie could tell Lauren was smiling. In the short time she had been at her mercy, she had come to realise that Lauren’s emotions were clear for all to see. Her voice was so expressive, each tiny hint of anger, happiness, frustration and even desire was there for Katie to recognise. And now she could tell Lauren was not just smiling, she was barely able to control her excitement. Katie’s belly tightened as the fear of what could make the girl so happy weighed upon her. Humiliation and degradation had so far been Katie’s reward for her owner’s happiness.

“Kneel,” commanded Lauren. “Head up Kitty, I want to look at that pretty face. There we are,” cooed Lauren.

Katie looked warily at her owner. She almost flinched when she saw Lauren’s hand reach for her, but caught herself in time. She had nothing to fear, this time. The tenderness with which Lauren brushed her hair back over her left ear made the naked teen aware, more than ever, of her vulnerable position. Kneeling on the floor, naked, legs spread obscenely – she was completely at the mercy of the clearly perverted girl. She didn’t want to know what this gift was. It was bound to be something that was designed to humiliate her, maybe even hurt her. Lauren had so far gifted her with a painfully marked bottom, puffy red eyes and humiliating memories that would stay with her always.

“Now Kitty, it is always nice for a slave to bear the mark of her owner, to wear a symbol of her possession. This is your collar.”

Katie’s eyes widened as Lauren turned back to her, a thin circle of shiny silver metal resting on a small purple cushion held before her. It was almost like a coronation but this was no crown. A collar? She was going to wear a collar? Like a dog? To be fair the circle of metal looked more like some chunky alternative  necklace but the intent was more important than the appearance. Katie was deeply apprehensive, wanting desperately to scramble to her feet and huddle in a corner. She had suffered much at the hands of her classmate but the thought of having a collar forced around her neck was too much to bear. And yet she did nothing. She remained on her knees, staring at the shining circlet as Lauren lifted it from the cushion and split the collar open.

An almost invisible diagonal hinge allowed the collar to open wide enough to be slipped around her neck. Katie’s entire body shuddered, a full-body shiver, as the cool metal made contact with the delicate skin of her throat. Katie looked up timidly, daring to meet Lauren’s gaze. Those piercing turquoise eyes held the young girl, frightening yet strangely reassuring. The moment passed and Lauren moved behind her, already moving to close the collar, fastening it snugly about her. Katie swallowed nervously as the collar encircled her slender neck.

“Don’t you look gorgeous. Oh Kitty,” Lauren gushed, clasping her hands together in delight. “A tiny little locking pin will keep your collar secure so you don’t ever have to worry about it coming off. This itty bitty thing here is the key which I will always keep safe so you don’t have to worry about that either.”

Katie looked at the tiny object in Lauren’s hand. She caught only the briefest of glimpses and had no idea what it really looked like but she watched Lauren like a hawk until she placed the key in a drawer of her desk, though it was not as if it wasn’t getting moved the second Katie left the room. Lauren smiled as she spied Katie’s interest. The pin had only to be turned 90 degrees and then any ordinary magnet would be able to retract the tiny metal shaft, but this was knowledge she did not want to burden Katie with. As far as Katie was concerned the collar was unable to be removed by anyone but her owner, and that was exactly how Lauren wanted it.

“What do you think Kitty? Isn’t it beautiful?”

“Yes Miss,” Katie replied with a palpable lack of enthusiasm. The cool metal ring had already warmed  but the feel of it against her skin made her feel trapped and panicky.

“You may thank me Kitty.”

“Thank you Miss.”

“Oh Kitty, my little shy slut. You know how a slave thanks her owner when she receives a present, be it a shiny new collar or a lesson in being a better slave,” Lauren admonished, the mock seriousness obvious in her tone.

Katie sighed and rose to her feet, reticent to demean herself yet again and more than a little fearful of her body’s further betrayal.  Lauren waited patiently for the naked girl to come to her, eager to feel the soft lips against her own, breathless at the thought of the naked body pressed against her. The collar shone under the soft lights and Lauren knew she had never seen anything more beautiful. That slim sliver of metal, hard and intractable resting against the soft, delicate neck of her Kitty brought Lauren a pleasure that surely could never be equalled. It had taken weeks to narrow down her choice to two collars, but she had decided on this one because of the ingenious locking mechanism: so simple yet so devilishly complex for the uninitiated. She had used the very last of her birthday and Christmas money and the uncertainty of whether she had chosen the right sizing had gnawed at her for days. But right now all she could do was revel in the sight.

As Katie leaned in for her kiss, Lauren realised she had been holding her breath. She breathed out, into Katie’s mouth as they came together, each girl opening and accepting the other, the mutual passion evident to both. This time Lauren could hold her ardour in check no longer. Her left hand reached to caress the back of Katie’s neck, her little finger brushing the collar, sending a shock of pleasure through both girls. Her right hand slid down to cup a breast, the small nipple coming alive under the sensual touch. Lauren squeezed with both hands as she pushed her tongue tenderly forward. Her heart skipped a beat as Katie’s lips parted, granting her access to the moist warmth within. Just what had she managed to find in this girl?

As before it was Lauren who broke the embrace, leaving her charge breathing heavily, her pouting mouth still opened in a silent plea. Katie opened her eyes slowly, her arousal making her movements drowsy and languid. She came to with a start, blushing furiously as she realised what she had done. Was she destined to forever remained red faced and feverish?

Katie jumped and squealed aloud at the sudden knock on the door. She whipped her head around the room, looking for a way out or the nearest place to hide. She was naked in this girl’s room, a girl she really knew nothing about and who she had barely spoken to though they had many of the same classes together. Even the sight of Lauren, as calm as ever, could do nothing to assuage her panic.

“You need anything dear?” called Mrs Harper.

“No thanks Mom, Katie is going to be leaving soon, she has to get home. Could you give her a ride?”

“Sure hon, just let me know when.”

Katie listened intently, barely able to hear Mrs Harper’s receding footsteps. She would be going home soon! Her heart was beating so fast she thought it was about to burst from her chest. She couldn’t stop her knees from trembling, the unused adrenalin still coursing through her body. She had never been so scared in her life. Katie froze as Lauren’s almost uncontrollable laughter bounced around the room. Sure it was hilarious, but she wasn’t the one naked, collared and with a burning red bum.

“Oh Kitty, you are so funny,” Lauren barely managed between bursts of laughter. “You should have seen yourself.”

Katie watched as Lauren froze on the spot, throwing her arms out to the side, eyes wide, head darting back and forth in alarm. Her impression was uncannily accurate and Katie could not help but join in with the infectious laughter that was threatening Lauren’s very ability to breathe.

Lauren fell, laughing, to the bed. She clutched her sides and rolled around atop the bed, unable to stop. Katie watched her, laughing along softly. She was quite pretty, slim and athletic. As she laughed Katie could see her stomach muscles contract, fascinated by the play of muscle under taut, tanned skin. Her face was a little long, but her slim straight nose and sensuous, curving mouth complemented and somehow softened her features. Maybe not pretty actually, but definitely very cute in a pixielike way.

It was the eyes however, those sparkling turquoise eyes, so pale and captivating, that Katie could not ignore. They seemed to have a power hidden deep within. How had she never taken any notice of her before? They had four classes together, at least. Was it because Lauren was into sports and Katie was not? The only sport Katie ever participated in was shopping, but at that she figured she could set a world record.

Katie snapped back to reality so fast it was almost dizzying. What the fuck was she doing? How the fuck could she be laughing with this girl? She was naked, collared and frightened. She had been spanked, caned and forced to humiliate herself half a hundred times. Her body had been inspected like she was some prize cow ready to be put paraded at a show. All these things and more had been perpetrated by this girl. This slip of a girl, barely any bigger, though Katie had to admit, much stronger, than she was. But she was still just a girl her own age, how could she do this?

Sure girls could be cruel, Katie thought. She remembered Ashley Lauer. Her friends had turned on her when she kissed a boy one of them had a crush on. They humiliated her, bullied her so bad that she changed schools. She could do that. Maybe she should, cut her losses and change to a different school? That would not solve the problem. Lauren would probably just track her down, and ruin her there. And of course there was her parents, and her sister, and her grandma!  No one could see that video. No one.

Lauren finally got herself under control. The sight of Katie standing naked and forlorn in the middle of the room helped her focus. She wasn’t done with the girl yet. She had noticed her laughing, albeit somewhat reservedly. That was a good sign. She was sure to be upset, a million and one thoughts must be buzzing around that pretty head of hers but the fact she could laugh, especially at herself, made Lauren’s blood race. She could see, by Katie’s now hard demeanour, that she had quickly regretted her moment of joy. She could regret it all she liked, thought Lauren, but she could not deny it had happened. That must have been eating her inside. She could almost feel the doubt gnawing at the young girl.

“Ok Kitty, we better get ready to go. You may get dressed, socks first, then your bra, then jeans, then shoes then shirt. I have a few instructions that I want you to listen to carefully. No more jeans to school, Kitty. I want to see you in some pretty skirts, until I can see what is in your wardrobe, you may choose. Oh and you are to bring your dildo. Do you have more than that glass one?"

"No Miss," Katie replied, mortified at what she was being asked to do. This was something very different to what had happened this afternoon. That had been behind closed doors. She didn't know if she could deal with her torment spilling out into her time at school.

"That was a very pretty one Kitty. Where did you get it?"

"Online Miss," Katie murmured, unwilling to discuss her sex toy purchasing.

Katie had been dressing as she had been told, the order was weird but she didn't think too much of it. Her afternoon hadn't exactly been normal. She winced as she slid her jeans up over her buttocks, the tight denim pushed cruelly against her abused buttocks making each movement a fresh agony. She would have no trouble not wearing jeans to school she thought, though that didn't really help her accept the fact that she was even being told what to wear.

As the young girl slipped her t-shirt over her head she thought again of the collar that now encircled her neck. What would it look like? On the pillow and in Lauren's hands it had seemed such a small, delicate thing but as it had been fitted around her slender neck it had felt huge and heavy. What would her parents say about it? What if they told her to take it off? What would the other girls at school say?

"Kitty, take your shirt and bra off. Then you can put your shirt back on. Your bra can go in your bag. I think those boobs spend far too much time all cooped up. It’s not as if you even need a bra anyway. They are so tight, it's awesome," Lauren gushed.

Katie begged to differ, but dared say nothing. Her breasts were high and firm, but they were twice as big as Lauren's, what did she know? They still bounced and jiggled when she walked and a bra was her best line of defence in keeping her nipples from being a nuisance. She knew how the boys all talked when they saw the mere hint of a hard nipple. She obeyed nonetheless, folding her bra into her bag when she was once again dressed.

"Fetch me my green tee and my trainers," Lauren ordered.

Was she supposed to know where stuff was? Her wardrobe was a complete mess but she had her own system. She hoped Lauren's wardrobe was not the same. When she slid back one door all the way her eyebrow raised questioningly. The wardrobe was unfailingly neat. Fucking OCD. All the skirts were together, short and long separated, then jeans and pants, then shirts and blouses and then dresses. At the bottom of the wardrobe all Lauren's shoes were neatly lined up. She might have known she would be some OCD neat freak.

Katie was thankful there was only one green t-shirt hanging up but there were three different sets of trainers. She had no idea which ones she was to get, but like it made a difference. She snatched up the pair closest to the door and knelt before Lauren - shoes in one hand, shirt in the other.

Lauren smiled at her girl kneeling meekly before her. She was a quick learner and that was good for everyone. "Those are my lacrosse shoes, dummy. Get the cross-trainers."

Katie scurried back abashed at being called a dummy. She had never seen lacrosse shoes, how the hell was she to know. At least she wasn't being punished, she thought. Yeah what a consolation. She was running around fetching clothing for a girl her own age, faithfully playing the part of the dutiful slave - the part that Lauren had written so deftly for her.

"That's right Kitty. You can stand in the corner now, facing the wall. Hands behind your back. Off you go." Katie blushed as she moved into the corner. "In the corner Kitty, not near it."

Katie shuffled forward into the corner of the room, her breasts flattening against the walls. What was this all about now? She had done what she had been told. Why was she in the corner like a naughty girl sent to time-out? Had she done something wrong? The doubt ate away at her as Lauren dressed silently behind her.

"Ok Kitty. Come here and thank me for a lovely afternoon."

Katie eagerly turned to her owner. The few short moments she had spent pressed in the corner had been some of her most miserable. She couldn't say why, and that had only increased the despair she had felt. Now she would have to kiss Lauren again. She had never kissed a girl before today and she was still plagued by the same trepidation she had felt the first time.

"Thank you for a lovely afternoon Miss," Katie said dutifully before leaning in, her lips parting as they met the other girl's. Lauren kissed her three times, short sensuous kisses, the last a mere brushing of soft lips.

"I think we both learned a lot today, didn't we Kitty?"

"Yes Miss," Katie replied sincerely. Too fucking right we learned a lot today. I learned I am a fucking idiot and you are a freaked out pervert.

"We better get you home. First though," Lauren said as she stepped back from her girl. "You don't wear much makeup do you Kitty?"

"No Miss, I am not wearing any."

"That beautiful skin doesn't need it, but I think just a little eyeliner would make you look even cuter. Come on, I'll show you how."

Katie allowed herself to be led by the hand back to the bathroom. She immediately thought of the washcloth, had she put it back in the right place? That strange, inconsequential thought was blasted from her brain by a greater, more pressing concern. What would her collar look like? Lauren bounced along, excited to show her property another skill to make her a better, prettier slave. Her enthusiasm however, was not infectious. Katie had too much on her mind to take any part in the exuberance of her owner.

The instant she stepped into the bathroom she turned to the mirror. Katie halted as Lauren let go of her hand and opened a drawer beside the sink. It was unmistakable, unmissable. The circle of metal shined under the bright bathroom lights. The half-inch high metal band sat low on her neck, it felt snug, as if it hugged the soft flesh of her throat but she could see that she could easily fit at least one finger between metal and skin.

"Beautiful isn't it, Kitty? You look so awesome in it. You'll always be reminded that you belong to me. How great is that?"

Katie simply stared at herself in the mirror, the shining silver band all she could see. She was sure it would be all that anyone saw. There was no way to hide it, unless she wore a turtleneck. Would everyone know what she was? Don't be stupid, she chided herself. Who would even think that she was wearing this because a girl in the same grade, in the same class, was blackmailing her into being her slave.

That was the first time that Katie realised she was being blackmailed. That was exactly what was happening. She did know, it was just that there had been so much going on that she had never really put a name to it, never really found the right word. Blackmail was illegal right? Yeah but it's not as if you can go to the cops with this, she thought forlornly. There was no one to help her here.

"Now Kitty, a little eyeliner will make all the difference but you have to remember that less is more. I dont want you looking like one of that sad panda-eyed emo bitches. Face me Kitty. Eyes open silly, when you do this you are going to have to see. I will do one eye and you can do the other ok.

"Always use an eyeliner pencil. You start at the very inside of your eye and trace gently along the eyelash line. Like this, right. Then you go to the outside and move in until you have covered the whole length. Lots of small strokes, see.

"Then you take the smudger and go across the line. Like that, nice and gentle. See Kitty, so much prettier. You look awesome. Just a little work for such yummy results. Now you do the other one."

Katie took the proffered eyeliner pencil and turned to the mirror. She could see the deep pink blush that coloured her cheeks, the visual accompaniment to the heat she had been feeling. She would never have imagined that being told how to put makeup on would be so humiliating. She was sixteen, she knew how to put makeup on. She just didn't because she couldn’t be bothered. But now she had a reason to.

"Oh good girl," Lauren clapped when Katie smoothly applied the eyeliner to her right eye. "You are a quick learner. A slave listens to everything her owner says, constantly learning and improving."

Katie's blush intensified at the praise but she continued to smudge the neat lines she had made. How could everything, every simple little thing, be turned against her to make her feel humiliated, diminished somehow. The bizarre juxtaposition of emotions she felt when Lauren called her a 'good girl' made her head spin.

"There Kitty, don't you just look gorgeous. You look so delicious I could just eat you all up," Lauren giggled.

Katie looked at herself in the mirror, her attention resting only briefly on the admittedly attractive way the deep green of her eyes was accentuated by the makeup, it even managed to hide some of the red, puffiness caused by her crying. She could see nothing else but the collar. It had a hypnotic effect upon the pretty teenager.

"We have to go now Kitty. You can admire yourself more later, just remember that a slave always seeks to be pleasing to her owner. Come on."

Katie was led by the hand once more, back to Lauren's room, where she collected her bag, and then downstairs. She winced with each step, the rough material of her jeans chafing the tender flesh of her behind. First thing she was going to do when she got home was get these jeans off.

Mrs Harper chatted amiably to Katie on the short ride to her house. Katie put on a brave face, giving her best pretence of a happy teenage girl, keen for Mrs Harper to be completely oblivious to the turmoil that raged within her. Lauren was sweet and bubbly but she had no reason not to be. If she had been asked, later, to remember what had been said during that trip she could not have guessed one word. All her thoughts were on the collar that sat around her neck, the symbol that she was now someone's property, no matter how badly she wanted it not to be true. The marks on her ass would fade, but the collar would remain, a silent testament of her new status in life.

Chapter 2. Remote Control

"You have mail."

Those three tiny words had quickened her pulse and she had almost dropped her phone. Three days. Three damn days. Three long days of anxious waiting and nothing. She had been fearful the first day, frustrated the second and just plain angry on the third. Was Monday afternoon all that it would be? Was all Lauren's talk of being a slave, what a slave should do, blah blah blah, was all that just talk? It had sounded like she had read it from some perverted book. Katie was glad that it might all have ended, she could get on with her life, stop living in constant fear but she couldn’t know for sure. It was all just guesswork at the moment and the uncertainty was making her nervous and uneasy.

And now this. It was an innocent enough text, but the number it had come from had caused her eyes to widen in shock. Her phone had identified the caller as 'My Owner'. When the hell had Lauren managed to do that? Katie deleted the text  and threw the phone back in her bag. There were another two classes before she could get home and check her email.

As she sat in math class, she remembered back to that Monday afternoon, back to those nightmarish few hours. She had rushed upstairs, as soon as she got home, stripped off the painful jeans and lost herself in a shower. She huddled on the floor, letting the hot water fall on her like rain, willing it to wash away the pain and humiliation that seemed so deeply ingrained within her. She had scrubbed her body hard and spent almost two minutes looking at the collar in the mirror, trying to devise some way of getting it off. She had always thought that it was rather clichéd when she saw women in movies try to find solace in a shower after they had been defiled, but it had made her feel better. And that is exactly what had happened, Katie thought. She had been defiled.

Luckily her mother had been busy cooking dinner and her father had been engrossed in the news. She had yelled a hello but she would have to come down for dinner soon. She could not hide the collar, but nor had she needed to. Her mother had commented how pretty it looked and that was that. She had been frantic over nothing.

The pattern had continued at school the next day. She got a few looks but no one said a thing. Katie could not dismiss the thought that everyone knew, that they were laughing at her, calling her slut and slave behind her back. She knew she was being paranoid but she couldn't stop it. Innocent, whispering groups of girls in the hall, turned into packs of nasty bitches singling her out for torment with their harsh condemnations and cruel laughter. Boys looked at her as if she was on display in a shop window, ready for sale. She knew it was all imagined but knowing did not stop the feeling.

She had worn the skirts that Lauren had ordered. She was glad to do so, her ass still hurt when she sat down but this morning the pain had all but faded. She could still see the thin bruises left by the cane and they hurt if she touched them but it was a manageable pain. She had fulfilled her owner's other order as well. She kept her bag within reach at all times, ever fearful that it would spill open and her dildo would roll out. It was securely tied up in the little felt bag that it had arrived in but still, the irrational fear that it would be found hovered over her like a dark cloud, making her jumpy and anxious whenever someone approached her.

She checked her phone after every class, afraid of what she might find, but strangely disappointed when there was nothing. She caught herself stealing glances at Lauren in the classes they had together, but the other girl seemed not to even notice her. It was maddening. Had it all been a game after all, just some brief humiliation? But she was still collared, the bright metal band a constant reminder of her situation.

Lauren was sat two rows behind her and it was all Katie could do not to look back at her, hoping to catch her eye and know where they stood. The uncertainty was killing her. She should go up and talk to her, find out herself, but each time she made to approach her owner, her courage failed her and she kept walking, clutching her bag like some crazy lady.

She couldn't focus on her schoolwork, knowing Lauren was so close and yet not knowing what to do. She found her hands straying to her collar without thinking. When she realised what she was doing, she snatched her hand away like a child caught raiding a cookie jar.

The last two periods passed in a daze. Katie soon found herself in her room, the end of school, the bus ride, saying hello to her Mother, it was all somehow blurred together, as if she was dreaming, unable to focus on the details of the world around her. She could think of nothing but getting to her computer. This was what she had been waiting for, dreading, for three days.

She pounced on her computer with an almost manic fervour, tapping the desk frantically as it booted up, her knee bouncing anxiously in time. Was this going to be the end of it? Had Lauren regretted what she had done? Was that why she had not said anything to her, or even acknowledged her for three days? Was it guilt? It had to be. The little bitch had realised how nasty she had been and how wrong it was and she couldn’t even face her, she had to email her apology.

Katie's fingers flew across the keyboard as she logged in and opened her email. She glanced through her unread messages until she saw one that she instantly recognised. The sender was some obscure hotmail address she had never heard of but the subject line was so very clear: For Kitty.

Katie's breath caught in her throat and she could feel her heart pounding in her chest. Her hands were clammy as she moved the mouse slowly to open the email.


A new account has been created for you. The account name is OwnedKitty. The password is creamypussy. You will be online at 7 PM tonight.


That was it? That was enough. She had to go live on a webcam, back to where it all started. What would she be made to do? What did it matter, it was not like she needed any stronger evidence to be used against her. Katie sat back, the apprehension she had felt for three days melting away as she read the anticlimactic message again. At least now she knew it was not over. Was that knowledge a relief? Katie honestly could not tell how she felt. She would not be resuming her normal life. She couldn’t slip back into her old routine. What had she ever done to deserve this? Well she knew what she had done, brushed the unsettling thought from her mind, but that only explained why she was caught in this harrowing web it didn’t mean she deserved it. She had never hurt anyone, never teased anyone. She was a nice girl. This should have happened to Natasha Chambers, now she was a slut.

Seven o'clock was so far away. How was she going to keep busy until then? The waiting would be too much if she did not keep herself occupied. She knew of one thing she had to do, the sooner it was done the better. She retrieved her bag from where she had unceremoniously dumped it in her haste to check her email.

This was usually the first thing she did each day after school. She reached in and removed the black felt bag that contained her dildo. She shuffled to her desk, knelt down and removed the bottom draw. She popped the dildo in the empty cavity between the drawer above and the floor. The tiny bullet vibrator also rested within her hiding spot. That task completed, the fear of her parents unexpectedly stumbling across the sextoy in her schoolbag was removed for another day.

Katie quickly changed out of her schoolclothes, donning a cute bra and shorts set that she had bought at a little store she had found online. When she saw them she had to have them, but they had sat unused in her drawer for months. The shorts hugged her body tightly and only just came past her buttocks. The bra was tight too, hugging her young breasts like a second skin. She had tried them on once and then been too self-conscious to wear them again, but it wasn't like she did any exercise anyway. She had no idea why she had even bought them.

Yet now here she was. She locked the door but Katie never felt that was enough, always making sure to throw some clothes against the door to give her a few moments if she was surprised and somehow the lock failed. She did so now before lying down on the carpet, raising her body up onto her elbows and beginning the set of exercises Lauren had proscribed for her three days before.

She had not missed a day, both morning and afternoon. She didn't know if Lauren would have a way to know if she had not being doing as she was told but she could not take the risk. Each day with no word had made it harder and harder to make the effort to change and actually do what she had been set but still she had not missed a turn.

One creamy pussy, she counted as her muscles strained to hold the position. Tuesday morning, she had started counting without the lewd addition Lauren had ordered but it had felt wrong to Katie. She assigned that feeling to fear, fear that somehow she would slip up if asked, fear that she would be punished. She wasn't even really sure if it had been an order or just some humiliating joke that Lauren had dreamed up on the spot but she felt it best to take no chances.

The plank was the easiest exercise of the three but it still taxed her young body. She was trembling before she had counted ten and shaking uncontrollably by the time the thirtieth creamy pussy had been silently counted. Katie always gave herself a rest between exercises. She needed it. She could feel a thin sheen of sweat had already formed over her bare skin. Did Lauren sweat like this when she exercised? Katie thought. No doubt she did but Lauren had a slim, toned athlete’s body. She would surely be able to do a lot more before she started breaking a sweat.

Katie wondered, as she always did when performing her morning and afternoon drill, if the exercises were getting any easier. Was she getting any fitter? She thought she could feel an improvement but what did she know. Lauren would judge that.

She had ached that first morning. Her ass of course, after the punishment it had taken the day before it was a wonder she had been able to sleep at all. But it was the rest of her body that surprised her. She could feel muscles she had never known she had. They were a little painful, but it was a good pain. She couldn't quite explain that, it just felt good to stretch and move and feel the tightness in her muscles. She had felt it the entire day: a twinge in her belly when she leaned over to pick up her schoolbag, a stretch in her thighs when she hurried to catch the bus. And when she did the exercises that afternoon, she felt it intensely, as a real pain, not the transient discomfort she had experienced during the day.

And yet now, as she lifted her legs off the floor and counted the six creamy pussies of the first rep of her leg lifts, it was a different sensation altogether. She had looked it up on the net and knew all about endorphins and the exercise high but to experience it was nothing like what she had read. It was still hard work and she blushed throughout, acutely aware of what she was doing and why, but she could not deny that it felt good.

Katie rested again between the second and third set of leg lifts. She was breathless and her muscles burned. Lauren had not permitted her this time to rest but Katie knew she needed it, just for a few moments. A few deep breaths later and she lifted her legs for the third time, grunting softly as she did so. She was panting and moaning when her legs dropped to the floor. She lay there for a few seconds to gather her breath. The final exercise was the hardest by far. She knew she would be huffing and puffing once it was complete, her heart pounding for minutes after she had finished.

Just a few moments more, she told herself. Then I'll do it. She did this every time, delaying what she knew she had to do for just a few seconds more as if that would make it any easier. She finally dragged herself to her feet and stood at attention. She always started this exercise like that.

Down and up. "Kitty wants to please." Down and up. "Kitty wants to please."

Katie spoke in a breathy whisper that she hoped could not be heard even if someone was waiting at her door. She knew that saying the words under her breath was not good enough, not like the counts she had to keep, but she made sure she was as quiet as possible. She was sure her parents didn't even know she was exercising. She was adept at keeping things from her parents and she knew she would have to make use of that skill extensively if her predicament was to remain undetected.

"Kitty wants to please," she gasped for the final time. She remained standing at attention, chest heaving wildly as she struggled for breath. She always made sure that she kept to her feet for at least a few seconds after her exercises had ended. She keenly remembered what had happened when she had not.

Her task complete, her obligation fulfilled, Katie collapsed on the ground and lay panting, letting the adrenalin rush wash over her. She ignored her hard nipples and thought instead of how she would spend the next few hours. The tiny pink buds had stiffened the very first time she had exercised on her own. It had disturbed her then, but now it seemed to be part of the drill. Though the reasons why, she was still not willing to face.

Homework. She should do her homework. First though she needed to wash away the sweat. She wet a small washcloth and hurried back to her room, stripped off her clothes, folding them neatly, which was a definite break with tradition for her, and wiped her body. She knew she was imitating the humiliating experience of that afternoon, but she couldn't very well have a shower every time and she hated staying sweaty.

She stood naked in the middle of her room as she dried. Her hands drifted to the collar as they seemed to do so often. She ran her fingers along the hard metal circle, feeling the almost invisible join and the tiny pinlike depression of the lock. She pushed it up her neck until it bumped against her jaw before she let it fall.

There were some moments when she almost forgot she was wearing it, almost, but it was times like this, whenever she was naked or when her thoughts turned to Lauren, that the collar made itself known. It was times like this that she could think of nothing else. Last night she had lost almost an hour staring at herself in the mirror, mesmerised by the band at her throat.

Once she was dry Katie put her schoolclothes back on: skirt, panties, bra and blouse. No one would ever know what she had just done. No one but her and her owner. The thought caused sparks to burst under her skin, as if sudden pins and needles had erupted throughout her entire body. No one but her and Lauren she corrected, blushing at the lapse, and would Lauren even know? Should she come right out and tell her? Would that seem like boasting? Why did she care if Lauren knew or not? If the bitch wanted to know she could ask, decided Katie, dismissing all further thoughts on the matter. She hated these mental gymnastics she had been engaged in ever since Monday afternoon. Her mind seemed to jump chaotically, go sliding off on tangents, all of which seemed designed to upset her. She tried to control it, but it wasn’t until she was well immersed in a particular scenario that she realised and put a stop to it. Exactly what had happened to her during those few hours?

Katie took the homework assignments out of her bag. She had to start work on these, anything to occupy her mind. She had been anxious for contact to be made and she thought she would be calm when it did but her mind was racing: heading down roads that she did not want to travel. She needed occupying. She lost herself in her schoolwork until she was called to dinner. The meal passed in a dreamlike blur for the young girl, hardly tasting the food. She asked to be excused and scurried back to her room as soon as she could, though not so quickly as to arouse suspicion.

For the next hour Katie could not sit still. She changed her clothes three times, though why she could not say. She tried to answer a few emails but could not focus, each time coming back to the short missive from her owner. She had checked her webcam a hundred times and was on the site and ready to log in well before seven o'clock rolled around, her body tense, her stomach tight and fluttery.

At five to seven she logged in. There it was, her new account - OwnedKitty. Katie had felt her cheeks burn when she had entered the details, especially the password. She checked the webcam again, centred it and checked out the profile details that had been set up for her. Her mood had been set to happy and her profile picture was a pretty little black cat that seemed awfully familiar to her. That was all she had time for. She was streaming live and someone was viewing. It felt as if molten lava was flowing through her veins and she realised that she was holding her breath. She breathed in deeply and checked the chat.

"Hello Kitty."

Katie went to type but was stopped by the next message.

"No typing Kitty."

"Hello Miss," Katie said softly into the microphone that sat on the desk in front of her.

"Show me what you are wearing."

Katie stood up and turned around slowly, showing Lauren the short pleated tartan skirt she wore and the white singlet top. "Everything Kitty," was the message waiting for her when she turned back to the screen.

Katie swallowed and lifted up her skirt, exposing the plain white cotton panties that she wore underneath. She dropped the skirt and lifted her tight top to display the plain white bra she wore. Katie could see the bright pink colour of her cheeks as she sat back down. The memories of Monday crashed back upon her. She had almost forgotten the terrible humiliation she had experienced as she had been tormented and treated at times like an animal and at others like an object.

"Panties off Kitty, they are hideous. You are not to wear them again."

Katie cringed at the comment but stood up and obediently removed her undergarments, hooking her thumbs in the waistband and sliding them down her legs. She folded them neatly and placed them on the desk.

"Throw them in the bin Kitty. You won't be wearing them again and the sight of something so ugly offends me."

Katie did not know what was so wrong with her panties. They were just ordinary white cotton panties. She did as she was told and dutifully threw them in the bin, already thrown off-balance by the very first exchange of the session.

"Show me your dildo Kitty."

Katie flew off her chair and retrieved the dildo from her hiding place. She fumbled with the drawstring but soon had the seven inch glass dildo free. She lay the glass shaft on her upturned palms, offering it the camera. The dildo was a series of small spheres, joined together creating a shaft of transparent ridges that had served the teenager well. The curved glass warped her vision, creating weird shapes when she looked through it, like some strange fairground attraction.

“Tuck your skirt into your top Kitty. Shuffle that cute butt to the edge of the chair and show me how you like to use that dildo.”

Katie did as she was told, hesitating only when the tip of the dildo, the smallest glass sphere, pushed past her thick bush of black curls and touched her lips. She was following the orders almost without thought. They were only words on a screen, typed by someone called Redvelvetlines. How did she even know it was Lauren? She knew. How she knew she couldn’t say, but she knew. The young girl had never been more sure of anything in her life.

Before Lauren had a chance to berate her for hesitating, Katie plunged the dildo inside her. She sighed as the smooth glass shaft bumped past her plump lips, each inch growing wider and wider. The clear shaft slid inside her sleek tunnel, teasing the silky folds of her sex. Katie had guessed she was wet even before the dildo had entered her, but the ease with which her intimate cleft was penetrated removed all doubt. With each gentle stroke the panting teenager forced more of the dildo inside her, moaning as the glassy intruder slithered ever deeper.

Katie kept her eyes glued to the screen as she pleasured herself at her owner’s command. She could see the picture that Lauren would see: her skirt tucked roughly into her top, exposing her belly and the intimate space between her thighs, her face flushed with arousal, the glass dildo sliding in and out of her pussy. She watched and waited for Lauren to write. Without a visual cue Katie felt lost. She could feel the pleasure mounting, her hand thrusting faster to match the speed of her pounding heart. She couldn’t close her eyes, though she desperately wanted to. If she missed a command she would be in trouble.

“Show me the dildo.”

Katie moaned as she slid the glass shaft from her wet pussy and held it close to the camera, adjusting the distance so the image was crisp and clear. She could see the juices from her pussy smeared along the ridged length of the sex-toy, the thick white cream gathered in the valleys between the ridged spheres. How was she so wet so fast? If she had been given a little more time, a few more thrusts, she would have been unable to control her orgasm.

“Clean it.”

Katie lifted the dildo to her mouth, instantly popping the end of the shaft past her other lips. She tasted herself, the deep musky cream sending a wave of pleasure rushing down her neck as if someone had breathed in her ear. The tiny bumps of gooseflesh rippled her entire left side as she worked the dildo in and out of her mouth, savouring the flavour of her own arousal. Once the tip was clean, Katie took it out of her mouth and licked the shaft with her outstretched tongue, eagerly cleaning her cream as she twisted the glass rod.

“Put the dildo on your chair and go downstairs. Make sure your parents agree to me sleeping over your house tomorrow night. You have five minutes.”

Katie felt as if a bucket of cold water had been thrown over her. She carefully rested the glass shaft on her chair, wrenched her skirt down before flattening it carefully, and headed towards the door. How had she let herself get so carried away? Was it because Lauren was not there, not in person? Had she been able to trick herself into thinking she was on her own, pleasuring herself because of her own desire? Or was it because…

Holy shit, what if they smell my pussy? Katie stopped just outside her door. She had been almost about to come, she hadn’t even touched her clit. The young girl could feel the wetness seeping from her sex, sopping the black curls that covered her nether lips. Was the smell of her sex on her breath? Did she have time to get some toothpaste? Would it make any difference with her pussy still juicing so heavily? Was that a squelching sound she had heard as she walked to the door? Could her pussy really make that sound?

Now you are just being stupid, she chided. And now you have only four minutes to convince Mom and Dad to let Lauren stay overnight. She hadn’t had a sleepover since she was twelve. Surely she was long overdue, her parents could not deny her. But what if they wanted to ask her a million questions? They had never heard of Lauren. She had told them she had been studying at Ayla’s on Monday afternoon. She had to have a strategy. She couldn’t just go blundering in and hope for the best. Why did she always feel stupid and frantic when performing a task? That question would take a lot more time to answer than she had, if she could answer it at all. Katie straightened her skirt once more.

Fuck. Fuck, fuck, fuck. The tight singlet top she had chosen for the night’s event clung tightly to her body. Even with the bra underneath, her hard nipples could clearly be seen as two stiff circles in the tight white material. She couldn’t go back in her room and get a top, Lauren would see her and besides she had no time. And besides, she had not been told she could. And besides- shut the fuck up and move, she all but screamed. She would have to hope for the best, maybe she could just pop her head around the corner.

Katie rushed down the stairs, her breasts bouncing with each hurried step. Great, like that is going to help them go down, she thought. She squeezed her hands across her breasts in a feeble attempt to keep them in place as she descended the twisting stair. She paused for a moment at the bottom, took a deep breath, pulled her skirt down once more, straightening the pleats and sauntered into the lounge room where her parents sat together on the couch, watching some insanely boring renovation show on TV.

“Mom? Dad? Can I have a friend sleepover tomorrow night? Her name is Lauren. Lauren Harper. She’s really lovely and she’s on the lacrosse team and she gets really good grades.”

And how about you shut the fuck up for a minute, your babbling. Katie stood in the doorway, breathless after her outburst. Once the words had started flowing, she couldn’t get them to stop. She must have sounded mental.

Her parents looked at each other quizzically, then looked back at their young daughter. Katie was instantly self-conscious. She crossed her arms across her chest, but instantly flung them back at her sides when she realised all she had done was accentuate her young breasts, pushing her stiff nipples even tighter against her top, pointing them at her parents like tiny, sensual missiles. Katie blushed furiously, shuffling her feet and fidgeting with the pleats of her skirt as her parents looked on in bewilderment. They were staring at her nipples, she knew it. They knew what she had been doing. Could they smell her arousal from the couch? Please don’t ask me to come closer, she pleaded silently. She pulled her skirt down a little, irrationally afraid that somehow the act of not wearing any panties made her skirt unable to cover her intimate areas.

“Sure hon,” her mother said, the amused confusion evident even to the apprehensive teen.

“Thanks Mom,” Katie said, spinning on her heel and rushing back up the stairs. She flew into her room, threw the door shut and locked it. She leaned against the closed panel for a moment to collect her wits. She was panting as if she had run a mile, though whether that was from masturbating, the confrontation with her parents or the rush up the stairs she could not tell.

When she scurried back to her seat she noticed that Lauren had counted out the minutes she had been gone. She was down to thirty seconds. “They said yes Miss,” Katie said breathlessly as she sat down on the chair. She gripped the dildo tightly as she waited for Lauren’s response, the surface still slick and a little warm. She stared at the screen, waiting attentively for a word, anything to tell her that she had made it back in time, that she hadn’t failed, that Lauren wasn’t mad with her.

“Show me how wet your cunt is.”

Katie hesitated, unsure what to do with the dildo. Should she use the dildo or her fingers? Surely she couldn’t just shove her pussy right up to the camera. Or could she? If she angled the camera right and she spread her lips, maybe Lauren could see. She hated that word: cunt. It sounded so harsh and aggressive. Why was Lauren using it now? Was she upset with her? Had she done something wrong?

“Put the dildo in your mouth Kitty. Then get some of those petite little fingers in that slit and show me how wet you are.”

Katie did as she was told, sliding the glass dildo three ridges in. Her tongue pushed the ridged shaft against the roof of her mouth to keep it in place as she lifted up her skirt and plunged two fingers of her left hand inside her. She moaned softly as her fingers wriggled within her moistness, her fingertips playing across the sensitive folds she was still discovering.

The gasping teen withdrew her fingers, her plump wet lips staying open long after the questing fingers had been extracted. She lifted her cream smeared fingers to the camera. Katie parted the two glistening fingers, showing thin slimy ropes of cream slung between them, stretching to breaking point as the gap grew. Had she ever been this wet? Had she even been this wet when…

“Clean them Kitty. Tell me how your cunt tastes.”

Katie removed the dildo and obediently slipped her fingers inside her mouth. Her tongue flickered and swirled over her cream covered fingers, cleaning them of all trace of her arousal in a matter of seconds. The second part of the order was harder for the young girl to face. She had tasted herself a few times, even before Lauren had ordered her to. She had always felt so rebellious, sexy and naughty when she did so. But to describe her taste? It was something she hadn’t thought of until now.

“My pussy tastes a little bit sour, a little bit musky and a little but sweet Miss,” Katie blurted out in a rush. She hadn’t really known what to say and even when she started speaking she wasn’t entirely sure what would come out.

“I do like the taste of my own pussy Miss,” Katie said in answer to Lauren’s next typed question.

“You may dip again Kitty, slut’s don’t need to worry about double-dipping.”

Katie could almost see the smile on Lauren’s face as she made the joke. A small grin fluttered on Katie’s lips, threatening to bloom into one of her devastating smiles but held back by the uncertainty and confusion the meek teen felt so keenly. Her fingers slid back inside the warmth of her pussy all too eagerly. Katie kept them together, curling them forwards to press on the front of her vagina as she withdrew them languidly.

In one swift motion her wet fingers were once again in her mouth, then in her pussy once more. Katie lost track of the number of times she licked her cream from her fingers, but with each plunge into her hot, moist depths she came closer and closer to climax.

“Enough. Sit up straight.”

Katie almost missed the command. She was moaning and panting like an animal as she felt her orgasm grow, all inhibitions destroyed by the imminent climax. Her hand paused halfway to her pussy before she let it fall shyly to her side. The sudden awareness of where she was and what she was doing made her feel like a slut, a huge slut. A massive, gargantuan mammoth sized slut. A… God stop it please, she pleaded with herself, trying to rein in her unruly brain. She had never felt like this. She had never come without paying a lot of attention to her clit. She had felt her knees begin to go weak, the first sign that she was losing control and yet her tiny button had remained untapped.

“Kitty. You will never touch your pussy without permission, except for ablutions. Do you understand?”

“Yes Miss,” Katie whimpered, knowing that meant she would not be permitted to finish off this high on which she was currently coasting. “Um Miss, what are ablutions?”

“When you clean yourself Kitty, you know how to clean yourself don’t you?”

“Yes Miss,” Katie mumbled, mortified at her stupidity. She hadn’t heard the word before but it didn’t stop her from feeling dumb.

“I will be the judge of that Kitty. You are so severely lacking in so many areas. It is part of a slave’s duty to keep herself clean and healthy for her owner.”

“Yes Miss,” Katie whispered, deeply regretting asking the question. Why couldn’t she have just shut up?

“Tomorrow, during second period you will excuse yourself to go to use the restroom. You will enter the third stall from the door. You will take out your dildo and you will pleasure yourself for four minutes exactly. You will clean the dildo and return to class. You will be gone no more than six minutes. You are to follow these instructions exactly. Any deviation will punished.”

“Yes Miss,” Katie said meekly.

“Kitty, you are to remain logged in to this account until you leave for school each morning. Each afternoon your first task after entering your house will be to log in. Indicate your understanding.”

“Yes Miss, I understand.”

“You will now shower, floss and brush your teeth. You will then return and brush your hair. Sixty-six strokes exactly Kitty. From this day forward you will remain naked after your evening shower. If you are called downstairs you are permitted to wear an outfit I shall choose for you. That is all.”

Katie sat in front of her computer, staring at the screen for long moments after the last word appeared in the chat box. Was that it? How would she know if Lauren was still there, on the other end of the connection, watching her. Katie jumped, her hand clutching her heart when another message popped onto the screen. She could just imagine Lauren laughing at her skittishness.

“You have nothing to say Kitty?”

What was she supposed to say? Katie’s brain whirled into action. She had been sitting there like a rabbit in the headlights, unable, or unwilling, to move and begin fulfilling the orders she had been given. She had just pleasured herself at the remote command of her owner, a 16 year old girl. That was enough to leave anyone a little flustered. What was she suppose- You are so fucking dumb!

“Thank you Miss,” Katie said sincerely, relieved that her brain had not entirely failed her. She leaned in close to the cam and blew a kiss to her unseen owner.

“Goodnight Kitty.”

“Goodnight Miss.”

With that Katie scurried to the bathroom and stripped. She turned the water on and looked at herself in the large mirror as the water heated up. She could still see the signs of her arousal on her body. Her nipples were rock hard, Katie smiled wryly at the way they had popped free when she removed her bra, as if they were trying to launch themselves from her chest. Her face was flushed, arousal or shame? Her eyes sparkled as they always did when she bated. It was her pussy, however, that drew her attention. She could see the small dollop of cream that hovered in the tight bush of curls between her legs. It shined in the bright lights, like a rich jewel that begged to be plucked.

She had been forbidden to touch her pussy without permission. She could still feel the desire deep within her. She could feel it pulsing down her vagina, bursting at the entrance like a shower of sexual electricity. Her intimate lips tingled, begging to be touched, begging for release. She dared not. Would Lauren know? Was it possible to tell? What if she asked? Katie had always been a horrid liar and now that there was something real, something serious, at stake she knew she would be instantly discovered.

The naked teen reached for her collar, sliding a finger along its smooth flat edge. It was rounded at the top and bottom, for comfort she supposed. Katie shifted the collar up her neck as she leaned her chin in towards her throat. She knew she could not slip the collar over her chin, she had tried many times, but it was a game she played with herself. She had done the same thing with every necklace she had ever worn, sometimes even taking the thin metal links in her mouth and sucking on them, revelling in their metallic tang. But not with this collar. The young girl sighed and turned to the shower. She could touch her pussy while she washed, but that was hardly the same. She sighed again and stepped into the hot shower and let the soothing rain wash away her frustrations.

* * *

Katie eased herself into the chair. She looked inquisitively at the computer. She still had one viewer – Redvelvetlines. Was Lauren there? Had she waited patiently for Katie to return? Or had she found something more important to do. What had she been doing while Katie had been plunging the dildo into her pussy? What had her owner been doing when she had been thrusting her fingers deep inside her and tasting the cream she found within? Had she been pleasuring herself as well? Katie blushed at the thought and flashed a guilty look at the webcam.

She had a task to complete though, so she had better get on with it. If Lauren was watching she didn’t want to disappoint her or be accused of laziness or disobedience. Katie reached for her brush, aware of how her breasts moved with each movement. Being naked caused such a jumble of emotions for the young girl, feelings she had never before contemplated. Each time she was without clothes, she now felt exposed and vulnerable yet strangely liberated as well. Even when she was alone she often felt herself blushing. She laid the blame firmly on the rigid band of metal that encircled her throat.

As she brushed her long black hair, long slow sinuous strokes, she watched herself on the screen using it as a mirror to follow her actions. Her collar provided a sparkling counterpoint to her jet black hair. In the soft light of her bedroom it looked as if it was almost radiating its own light, like a tiny sliver of the moon itself. She watched her breasts move, flattening slightly each time she reached up with the brush to begin a new stroke, swaying gently as the brush left her hair at the end of the downward movement. She was more aware of her body than she had ever been. She had never realised how much her pert breasts moved, how the hard pink nipples tightened the skin, the tiny bumps of her areola raised like sensuous gooseflesh. She looked at herself on the cam, surprised to see that her nipples were hard once again. How the hell had that happened? When had that happened? How could she possibly have been turned on by simply brushing her hair.

She knew of course, but she shied away from the truth. Try as she might she could not deny it.  She was still feeling horny from her earlier dalliance. She didn’t think her pussy was creaming exactly but she knew she was a little wet. If only she had been allowed to come. The frustration was always there in the background, like some annoying hum from some unseen machine. She could fix all that so quickly. She knew it would not take long, two or three minutes.

Before she knew it her task was complete. Her hair shone and fell in smooth cascades about her pretty face, like a very slice of midnight itself. Her hair had once been much longer, almost halfway down her back, but she had it cut on a whim. She liked the shorter look, though it still hung well past her shoulders. Katie reached down and pinched her nipples. It was just a gentle squeeze but it sent jolts of pleasure shooting into her chest, radiating out through her breasts and sinking deeper into her body. Holy fuck, she thought, what is happening to me? What is this? Katie pushed her chair away from the table and threw herself down on her bed. She lay there for a long time, breathing heavily, doing her best to figure out just what was going on with her body.

Katie was frustrated and tired and she needed sleep. She dragged herself out of bed, turned off the light and scooched under the covers. She lay in the darkness for a long time. She stared at the ceiling of her room, her mind a whirling maelstrom from which she was unable to pluck a single cohesive thought.

* * *

Lauren lay back in her bed, unable to see anything more from the live feed of Katie’s bedroom. Her Kitty had gone to bed and darkness would be her only reward for continued vigilance. She knew her girl had to be frustrated, it was clear to see: her face and her body betrayed her equally. Lauren slipped a hand under the sheets. The soft warm hand slid under the band of the pink panties she wore and delved between her smooth bare lips into the moist warmth that waited for her.

Lauren thought back to the first night, to the primal uncontrollable orgasm that overwhelmed her as she held those same pink panties tight to her face and she rubbed her hard clit with an almost animal ferocity. The taste of Katie’s pussy, the intoxicating aroma of the young girl’s sweet snatch had elevated her orgasm to a level she had not imagined possible. She had lost control, barely able to hold on to her identity as orgasm after orgasm crashed through her body. She had felt weak after that, so weak. And thirsty. She had fallen out of bed the first time she tried to get a drink.

She had laughed then, an exhausted, contented laugh. Her little Kitty was going to make her life a living nirvana. Katie’s panties had been washed and Lauren wore them to bed each night. They were almost the right size, a little too small, but the way they cupped her bare pussy was so delicious it made her shiver each time she thought about it.

Tonight had gone better than she had hoped. She thought about Katie as she pleasured herself with long even strokes. Her girl had been prepared to do anything, there didn’t seem a hint of resistance. The control she had, even at a distance, conversing through text, had left her breathless. There was no doubt left in Lauren’s mind: Kitty was a truly submissive slut. She didn’t know it of course, she still thought she had some choice in the matter, her delightful flushes of modesty were proof enough of that.

The little slut had almost come, there and then. She would have if she had not been stopped. Lauren would have to lay that law down the next time they met. The thought of what was going to happen tomorrow caused her own orgasm to crest and Lauren was carried away on a wave of bliss that rose and fell twice more before she was sated.

Lauren stretched languidly, pulled Katie’s panties tighter and drifted off into a deep, contented sleep.

End of part 1

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