Cherry Spirit Flies High
by Lacy and Nightguy

Author's note:

If you have read the first Cherry Spirit story, you will have the background now to follow the series. This story takes place during Cherry's active career before she retired. Enjoy!

The party was about as fancy as any Lacy had ever been to. Held in the fortieth floor atrium of the Nasisco Corporation building, a business where Lacy worked as a part time intern while attending college, it was a company celebration of the completion of a healthy, if mysterious, business deal that would secure the company fortunes for the next fifty years. All sorts of company bigwigs were attending, as well as common staff. And as Lacy was a part of one of the departments instrumental to the success of that deal, even she got an invite.

The atrium itself was a wonder to behold. A wide, open space with an artificial waterfall surrounded by a real garden with real trees, all provided with natural sunlight via the large glass skylights three floors above. It was thoroughly beautiful in there, but not half as lovely as Lacy, who had treated herself to a dress that left little to the imagination. A deep, deep red, it fell from one shoulder to her shapely hips, baring her back almost completely, while continuing to the floor in a manner suggesting that even the material itself was in love with her legs. Her other shoulder and side were bare almost down to her waist, her breasts not so much covered but instead shrouded in mystery.

And adding to the effect was Lacy’s new hair color, a golden blonde. She had dyed her hair not long before as a means to help hide her identity from those wanting to know who Cherry Spirit really was, and also as an experiment of sorts. She had wondered if her hair color would go back to brunette the next time she shimmered, but it didn’t. So Lacy was happy to spend time as a blonde for a while. And as the young woman drifted through the crowd, she got many admiring looks from those around her, at times making her blush almost as red as her outfit.

She felt happy. Happy that everyone else was happy, and happy that for at least one evening she could forget about Cherry Spirit for a while. Crime fighting and college were starting to take a toll on her, and the Amber City heroine needed a break. So she let herself relax, giggling and smiling as she enjoyed the party in the company of the people she had come to respect.

It seemed however that fate had other plans, for just as the party was at its height, there was a commotion from the direction of the elevators, and armed men barged in. Women began screaming, and men started yelling angrily. People were pushed and shoved, and Lacy strove to see what was going on.

“Oh Lordy!” she thought, and she knew that her night off was over, that Cherry Spirit would have to step in to save the day, again. But there was a problem. She had left her Cherry Spirit costume at home, and she knew that the moment she started to shimmer she would be naked for all to see. A very shy girl, Lacy was not very much in favor of being seen naked by so many people that knew her, not to mention revealing her secret identity as Cherry Spirit to the world. Besides, at the moment she didn’t see what she could do!

So she decided to bide her time, and obediently let herself be herded with the others to the large conference room just off the atrium, where the armed men seemed intent on holding everyone.

Once the room was filled and secured, Lacy made her way toward the back. Even though there were well over a hundred people locked in there with her, the room was large enough for her to find a quiet corner behind some potted shrubs. And with a great deal of regret, anger, and embarrassment, she began to rub her breasts through the thin material of her dress.

This was how Lacy triggered her powers, powers she still didn’t understand, but powers that she intended to use for the common good. For Lacy had the power to pass through any solid material that wasn’t too thick, without injury to her or anything she passed through. She called it her shimmer. Unfortunately, the trigger for her power was for her to sexually stimulate her breasts and nipples, until she reached a point where she felt a flush pass through her body that was almost, but not quite, orgasmic. That was when her body shed all earthly contacts, and that included any clothes she was wearing. The only clothing she could still wear when shimmering was her Cherry Spirit costume, the Halloween costume she had been wearing when she acquired her powers to begin with. But she didn’t have that with her now.

So when the flush flowed through Lacy in the conference room, her beautiful red dress fell to the floor, and Lacy quickly stepped through the wall into the next room before anyone saw her.

* * *

Lacy now stood naked and alone in a side office, her shimmer passing quickly as it usually did, leaving her just a little horny from the experience.

Lacy ignored the feeling, something she had learned to do in order to still function as Cherry Spirit, and instead concentrated on what she had to do next. It wasn’t as if she felt she had a plan. After all, she was now naked and weaponless, with an unknown number of armed men to deal with. At least with her costume on she had her stiletto boots. But Lacy did have skills. Not only was she pretty good at several martial arts, she also was a dab hand at electronics and engineering. Sort of a cross between Jackie Chan and MacGyver, some might say.

She never said that herself though, and certainly didn’t feel it as she tiptoed silently across the darkened office toward the door. She wished she had something to wear, but knew it to be pointless. Anything she put on she would immediately lose the next time she shimmered, and she felt she would be shimmering a lot before the night was over.

She reached the door and cracked it open, careful not to be seen; she heard, rather than saw, two men talking in the hallway outside. They were the guards for the people trapped in the conference room, the only people in the entire building tonight except for security, which Lacy assumed had been compromised.

The guards were talking to someone on a radio, and when Lacy heard them mention the big vault on the top floor, she knew it had to be a robbery, and not a ransom situation. And a robbery this big and daring implicated only one man in Amber City: her nemesis, the Nightguy.

But, what to do? What could a nude young woman do to stop the situation and rescue all those people? A normal, naked young woman, probably very little. But this was Cherry Spirit!

And so Lacy became her alter ego as she started to formulate a plan of action. Leaving behind, hopefully, the scared and embarrassed little college coed, to become the superhero Amber City was counting on more and more! And it was Cherry Spirit who decided that she needed to get to the vault, if only to see if the robbers had gotten in yet. Before she did so though, she tried the phones. She needed to call the police to tell them what was happening. But the phones were dead, which wasn’t unexpected.

So, caressing and pinching her sensitive nipples, Cherry shimmered and passed from room to room, carefully making her way to the stairway where she could go up to the top floor. She had to concentrate though, because when she shimmered she could pass through floors as easily as walls. She had to keep in mind that what she was stepping on was solid enough to walk on, or she would fall all the way through the building to the basement.

Cherry did feel a little naughty though, passing from room to room completely naked. Some of these rooms were rooms she worked in, and the thought of being naked in them was still a little embarrassing. Not to mention that the more she shimmered, the hornier she got. But she made it to the stairs without being seen and once on the top floor she again passed from room to room until she was in the room next to the vault itself.

Here Cherry paused. If the robbers had made it into the vault, then walking right in was not a good idea. She knew she had to look first. Yet the vault, from what she had been told, was a very bare room, any place she poked her head through would be visible. So she just had to find a spot where someone inside would be least likely to be looking.

She decided on one of the top corners, but Cherry was not very tall. A handy stool solved that problem though, and perched on top, she tickled her now very sensitive nipples and immediately shimmered, concentrating on the stool she was balanced on so she wouldn’t fall through it.

The next part was harder though. The vault wall was very thick, and she didn’t even know if her shimmer could penetrate it. She leaned forward and stuck her head into the wall, a very disconcerting thing to do even now that she was used to it, and continued to bend forward at the waist, hoping that her head would pop out sooner than later.

It wasn’t that she was afraid of getting stuck; her shimmer would never allow that. But because she had nothing to hold on to but her own concentration, she was becoming increasingly unbalanced the further over she bent. She was also embarrassingly conscious of the fact that on one side of the room her bare butt was very much on display, her body visible from the waist down while the rest of her projected into the wall. If anyone came in now, what a sight they would see, a sight your narrator feels assured would be worth a few seconds of admiration.

But just when Cherry felt she could bend no more, she could suddenly see the inside of the vault. Unfortunately, she wasn’t alone. The big vault door was open, and a lone man stood in the middle of the room, working alongside a big black box connected by large cables to the floor.

Now, Cherry might have been able to pull back out without being seen, but the man chose that moment to glance upward, and their eyes met. The man was quite startled to see what he thought was the disembodied head of a pretty young woman floating in the corner of the room. While Cherry was simply startled! Startled to the point that she forgot about the stool she was standing on, which immediately stopped supporting her. Unbalanced, Cherry immediately began to fall, and she rolled ungracefully forward into the vault, her shimmer collapsing as she ended up against the other wall, legs spread wide, completely visible to the nervous man.

“Oh Lordy!” she exclaimed loudly, and her blush would have stopped traffic as she realized just how on display she was. But while Lacy dealt with that, Cherry took action. She jumped to her feet, and before the man could call for help, she took a flying leap toward him! She slammed his body against the wall, even though he must have outweighed her by a hundred pounds, but she had surprise on her side, and a couple of well placed chops rendered the man unconscious.

Afraid the fight might have been heard, Cherry held her nipples as she crept to the open door of the vault. But no one was in the room outside, and all she heard was the sound of the two way radio the man had on him.

“I wonder what they wanted here?” she asked herself, and made her way to the huge black box in the center of the vault. It was big, slightly bigger than a coffin, and the thick cables plugged into it hummed with power. But it looked undisturbed until she checked the other side where the man was working. What she discovered was interesting. The man had been trying to hook something up to the box. Part of it was open, and a strange device that obviously didn’t belong was sitting inside.

Cherry’s expert eye could tell that the man hadn’t finished, and she wasn’t about to give him the chance, so she started pulling components out of the strange device, and used one of the robber’s shoes to smash them. She was about to pull out the device itself when she heard voices coming from the outer room, and Cherry knew her time was up. She just had to trust that she had foiled their plan, but now it was time for phase two, and she just managed to shimmer and pass through the wall before three armed men showed up, wondering why their colleague failed to answer his radio.

* * *

Cherry’s next plan was to free the hostages, but she needed to deal with the bad guys first, and the man she had just dealt with had given her an idea. It wasn’t an idea she was happy about, it was bound to be embarrassing, but it was the only weapon Cherry had at the moment. So with a sigh she scouted around until she found the right place where she could lay her ambush.

The gang was confused. No one else should have been in the building and there was no way out for the people trapped in the conference room. Yet someone had taken out their tech guy and smashed the hookup device. They thought whoever did it had to be a real tough guy, like Bruce Willis in that 'Die Hard' movie. They knew they had to track down whoever it was, but as they were standing in the main hallway on the top floor, deciding on a plan, one of them did a double take and stopped talking.

“What’s up, Frank?” one of the others asked him.

“Er…” replied Frank, “I could have sworn I just saw a naked chick walk across the hallway down at the other end!”

The others laughed, but that soon stopped when Frank didn’t laugh with them. Frank decided to go check it out, and the others continued to make plans as he slowly walked down the darkened hallway and carefully turned the corner.

There was nothing there but another hallway, with an ornamental fountain at the far end bubbling away. There were several of them about the building, and this one was the usual naked women in various poses type, water pouring from their jugs. (The ancient Greek type).

Only, one of the figures didn’t look quite right, and as Frank got closer he could see that the posed figure was a real woman. Quite naked, and very attractive.

At that moment the woman giggled and slipped to the floor, dashing down a side hallway with a glance over her beautiful bare shoulder. Frank almost raised his gun to fire, but like most men, the urge to chase, rather than kill, a beautiful naked woman, took hold. He just had to find out what was going on!

He rounded the corner and found nothing. Just some closed doors and potted plants. He moved carefully down the hallway, his eyes on the doors, expecting a trap. But he should have been watching the walls, for that was where the attack came from! He didn’t see the nude beauty step out, pause for a moment to allow her shimmer to stop, and then pick up one of the heftier potted plants and brain him with it!

Now Frank was a big man, and something like that wouldn’t take him completely down. But it did drop him to one knee, which was all Cherry needed, as she dove on his back and gave him two accurately placed blows to the head which did knock him senseless. Breathing hard, she then struggled to drag the big man into a janitor’s closet, where several rolls of duct tape lay waiting.

It was as she was heading back up the hallway to lay the same trap that she heard her next victim already coming down the hall.

“Hey, Frank!” the guy called out. “You there?”

Quickly, Cherry found her spot on one of the benches in front of the fountain, and turning to hide her face in her arms, she started crying, a soft, sad sobbing.

Frank’s buddy turned the corner seeing nothing at first in the darkened hallway, but he did hear the crying. And as he moved forward he quickly made out the nude figure on the bench.

He raised his gun, but again being the man he was, he was a little confused by the crying woman. It didn’t help that she was completely naked and beautiful to boot, she looked so sad and vulnerable that his gun actually wavered.

“Miss?” he said tentatively. “Miss… what are you doing here? You shouldn’t be here now.”

Cherry kept crying, her face still hidden, hoping the man would get closer, and he did.

“Miss…what’s wrong? Where are your clothes? Did one of my buddies take them from you? If they did, my boss will be real mad. He hates stuff like that. Miss, are you okay?”

Frank’s friend had by now slowly walked all the way up to Cherry, and was reaching out to touch a bare shoulder when she turned to look at him. It wasn’t the face of a sobbing woman, and the guy only had a second to realize he’d been had before a shapely foot kicked him in the balls.

Several more kicks had the guy senseless and helpless on the floor, and with some effort Cherry managed to drag him over to where she had stashed Frank. After playing with more duct tape, she headed back once more to her hunting ground, but that was when things started going sideways.

Two more men had come looking, and Cherry almost bumped right into them. They immediately raised their guns and commanded her to halt, a little amazed at finding the naked girl Frank had been talking about. But Cherry was already running, her fingers dancing across her nipples. And once her shimmer began she dove for the floor, expecting to fall to the floor below. But, there was something about the floor here, something that made it too thick for her to pass through, and she felt she had fallen only a foot or two into the floor, which was hopefully enough to be invisible to the men she had been running from.

She quickly rolled on her back to check, and sure enough she couldn’t see anything, her head was completely covered. What she didn’t realize though was that her head wasn’t her high point. As the men caught up with her, they were startled to see two lovely pink and healthy looking nipples, mounted on the tips of what looked like very smooth and soft breasts, sticking up out of the floor!

“What the hell?” one of the men said, as they approached this wonder, he dropped to one knee and reached out to pinch one of those nipples. Of course his hand passed right through it. But that was when Cherry decided to poke her head up to see what was going on, and she almost screamed seeing the guy kneeling right on top of her.

He did scream though, and jumped up, giving Cherry room to leap to her feet and pass right through the wall into the next room. She was on the run now, and didn’t like it. Her plan had been to take them out one by one, but like most plans it didn’t survive contact with the enemy. Not to mention that all this shimmering and running around naked was pumping her libido something fierce, a distraction she wouldn’t be able to ignore for much longer. She had to stop shimmering for awhile! So instead of passing through to another room, she leapt up on a table, turned and threw herself in a flying kick toward the doorway which was just that moment bursting open.

Her foot was the last thing the first man through the door expected to see as he came in, but that was okay because with all of Cherry’s weight behind it, it was also the last thing he saw until the police woke him up later. He went down fast, tripping up his partner behind him. And that gave Cherry the opening she needed to deliver more karate chops, knocking them both out.

Almost running out of duct tape, she took care of them both and once more made her way back toward the vault area of the building. She didn’t think there could be too many of them left, and she was right. Watching carefully, the naked girl could only see one man standing outside the vault, shaking his head slowly. He had his back to her, but after a moment he stiffened and slowly turned to look at her, a menacing smile darkening his face.

“Cherry Spirit,” he said quietly, “I knew it had to be you spoiling my plans.”

Cherry knew that voice. It was the Nightguy. “I don’t know who you mean!” she replied, suddenly realizing her nudity once more. She put an arm across her ample breasts and another lower down.

Nightguy laughed. “Don’t be coy with me, little girl. No one else has your powers, although I will say that I like the new… costume!”

Cherry blushed furiously, very self conscious now, and still very horny from all the shimmering. Suddenly she didn’t feel like the budding super heroine that she was, just a naked girl. “You’ll never get away with it,” she said awkwardly.

Nightguy sighed. “Oh, I’ll get away, but you did cause me a great deal of inconvenience tonight.” He gestured toward the big black box in the vault. “Do you know what that is?”

Cherry shook her head, trying to get her courage back as she looked for a way to take the man down. He held a gun in one hand, and she knew she was too far away to rush him…but maybe if she used her feminine wiles. It had worked on the others. She began to drop her arms, forcing herself to so expose herself to him.

“I’ll tell you.” continued the Nightguy. “That, dear girl, is the Internet!”

“What?” Cherry asked, not believing him.

“It’s true. The Internet isn’t spread out, as you might think. That’s just false information, passed around to stop people like me from thinking they can take it over. But I know better. That box is the entire Internet, and to control it means to control the world! Why do you think this company was having a party? It was really celebrating getting the contract to house the Internet for a while. They keep moving it, you see. Most of its security isn’t active yet, so tonight was the only night it was vulnerable to being taken.” Nightguy looked at her once more, noting her naked beauty and the fact that she wasn’t covering up anymore. He also noted that while he’d been talking, she had edged closer to him, and he laughed.

“That really won't work, you know,” he said, and he looked to the doorways. “Boys?”

Two more men appeared, and Cherry recognized them as the men that had been guarding the hostages. She hoped that this was the last of the Nightguy’s force, that her friends were now unguarded. Still, she couldn’t help blushing as the three men now in the room all looked over her naked body with smiles on their faces.

Nightguy made a gesture with his gun. “Take her and tie her up, we’ll bring her with us when we leave. Spoils of war. But, dear boys, don’t let her touch her nipples!” He laughed again when Cherry’s eyes grew wider. “Yes, Cherry, I have figured out how you work your power, it wasn’t that hard.”

The two men grinned even more at the prospect of getting their hands on such a beautiful naked young woman, but none of the men expected Cherry to attack first. With all her strength she jumped sideways in a perfect flying kick, directly at one of the henchmen, who only barely had time to bring his arms up. It was no use though as he was knocked back into the door frame and rendered unconscious. She rolled through the doorway and to one side as bullets started to fly behind her. She caressed her breasts and pinched her nipples just in time to shimmer as the second henchman came charging through the door.

He didn’t see her as she passed back into the vault’s antechamber, and couldn’t turn around fast enough to stop Cherry from becoming solid again and closing the thick security door. She locked it fast and turned around to deal with Nightguy, only to find him standing by the big window, his gun pointed at her.

“I should shoot you now,” he said, his voice dark and angry. “But that would spoil… your beauty too much. Besides, I think I will enjoy our next battle just as much as this one.”

“You can’t get away, Nightguy,” Cherry said, not caring anymore what he saw of her. She started walking toward him. “You’re trapped, and even naked I’m going to make sure you pay for everything you’ve done!”

He just grinned. “Trapped, am I?” he said, before turning to shoot the thick window. It shattered immediately, and with a smile Nightguy jumped through, seemingly oblivious that they were forty three floors up. Cherry screamed in shock and purely on instinct she jumped after him. She knew she could survive the fall as long as she was shimmering when she hit the ground, but the Nightguy? She couldn’t let him get away, not now!

She needn’t have worried about the Nightguy, for as she passed out into the open air high above the ground, she saw that a parachute was already beginning to explode from a small pack on the man’s back. In seconds he would be out of her reach, drifting far away to some getaway vehicle. But, he hadn’t counted on Cherry leaping out the window right behind him, and to his surprise the naked girl was close enough to make a mad grab for his ankles!

The chute opened above him as he plummeted to earth, and the heavy tug on his legs told him that she’d been able to hang on. He looked down to see a somewhat impressive sight, the beautiful naked crime fighter all stretched out and unable to hide a thing. He actually managed a grin and a leer as he struggled to gain control of the chute, a look that Cherry caught instantly.

Cherry knew that this was probably the most exposed position she had ever been in, and couldn’t help blushing with embarrassment when he looked at her. But she still hung on.

She guessed that his tiny, custom made parachute had been designed strictly for his two hundred pound frame, and probably couldn’t handle her additional, (and here your narrator plays it safe), extra one hundred and a little bit pounds.

So the couple, flying high above the city, drifted down toward the ground a lot faster than Nightguy had planned, and while he did his best to try to shake loose the wriggling female hanging on to his ankles, he also searched for another way out. He found it in a roof top garden, and was able to steer them both in that direction. Cherry didn’t even see it coming as her legs were smashed against a hedge that had no reason being fifteen stories above ground, and she lost her grip.

It might have spelled disaster for her, but the rooftop garden also featured an open air swimming pool, and she plunged right into it. Gasping for breath, she surfaced and struggled for the edge of the pool, only to realize then that she had crashed into a party of some sort. Again she blushed at all the attention she got, and then sighed before asking for a towel and a phone.

* * *

The next day Lacy, in her secret lab under her dorm, (actually an abandoned maintenance shop), found out the results of her night’s work. The henchman she had locked out of the antechamber had escaped as well, unable to find the rest of his buddies. They had been picked up by the police Lacy had called from the pool party, and everyone else had been rescued. But there was no mention on the news of what the robbers had been doing there, and Lacy wondered if the Nightguy had been telling the truth about the Internet.

Still, it was safe now, and with all the safeguards fully in place, the Nightguy wouldn’t try again. So a good job well done, Lacy thought, except that the Nightguy had gotten away again. She had no doubt that they would meet again, but at who's expense?

But, there was still one thing left to do. She had to return the clothes she borrowed the night before to the host of the pool party she’d landed in, a very elegant woman who found Lacy quite fascinating. And Lacy, with a sly smile on her face, looked forward to going back that night.

She had been promised some private pool time.


The End