The Package

by Kurt - edit by Suzi


"Are you Mr. Kristian Petersen, sir?"


"We have a package for you. Where do you want us to put it?"

"A package? Well, if its that big one there, you can put it in the

"We'll do that sir."

"That's it. I need your signature here sir."

"Yes... thank you."

"Have a nice day sir."

"Same to you, and thank you."

"You're welcome."

- - -

A cube of one and a half meters, made of wood, with a smeared label, but
it looks like my name and address.  I rarely ever get any mail, and one
thing I am sure of - I did not expect a package.

Curiosity killed the cat, and nearly me, when I opened the package.
Inside was a nude woman. She was bound in ways that seemed impossible;
gagged like something out of a cheap detective novel. Only her eyes told
me that she was alive... shocked... scared... but alive. It was only
Wednesday, it wasn't raining so the garage door was open for the world
to see me opening a package and staring with round eyes and open mouth
at a nude woman who was bound and stuffed like a turkey. So after an
eternity I closed the garage door.

Nobody has ever accused me of a quick mind, and it took me a while to
realise that it was possible that this package was not for me, but that
it had been delivered at the wrong address, and that some other person
was now waiting in vain on a delivery that would never take place, and
that the woman in the package was expecting to be delivered somewhere
else. Was that a good or a bad thing?

When I lifted her out of the package, I realized that it would be a
challenge to free her from her bondage.

- - -

Several days ago, I had a brainstorm.

It felt like a wonderful idea: me bound hand and foot, gagged and sent
by mail as a package to my friend Kristine's home. And I even got
someone to help pack me...

"I've seen and done a lot of strange things in my time. But never have I
participated in a foolish stunt like this. Are you sure you want to do

"Yes, I'm absolutely sure."

"You know, it looks like even a small mistake can have severe
consequences, and if the package gets delivered to the wrong address
only god knows where you'll end up."

"Nonsense. How many letters do you get that are delivered to the wrong
address? Don't worry so much, I have it all figured out."

"Well, I don't know..."

"I'm paying you to help me with this, so please help me."

"All right. It's your money and your life, but if someone asks, I don't
know anything."

"That's all right with me, just help me please."

"OK what do you want to do first?"

"First I have to get naked, then you will have to tie me up inside the
box using these iron shackles and ropes in such a way that I can't even
move my fingers; and you will have to close the box with this hammer and
these nails. Then your job is over, and you are free to leave, the
delivery service will be here in a hour to pick up the package."

"Are you comfortable?"

"Yes I'm as comfortable as can be. You really did a good job on getting
me tied down, I have full circulation and can't move at all. I'd say
that you have a hidden talent for this kind of thing."

"Well thank you, I think. I will be happier when this is all over and
done with, and you are safe. To tell you the truth, I don't like this
idea of yours one bit; all kind of things can go wrong."

"Oh, you worry too much. I'll arrive at my destination in no time,
without any harm done to me. Don't you worry."

"Well, if you insist. I'd better get on with it then, and put this gag
in you mouth, so I can close the box. I want to be out of here before
the delivery service arrives. Any last words?"


"Open wide then, please."

"Try to say something."


"Well this gag can be tighter... try to say something now."


"Great! I'm closing the box now..."

- - -

I decided that it was time to remove the gag from the bound girl.

"When I remove your gag, please try not to scream at me, after all, you
are just as big a surprise to me as I must be to you. But who are you?"

"I'm sorry, so sorry, I shouldn't be here at all! I'm sorry, but can you
set me free? Please, this is so embarrassing. I'm so sorry, please, can
you get me free?"

"Calm down. Of course I can get you free... I think. That's if I can
figure out how to get you out of your bondage. But first, who are you?"

"I'm so sorry, please help me to get out of this bondage, I shouldn't
have been delivered at this address. I'm sorry to involve you in this,
it's all a big mistake, please help me to get free, please."

"I told you to calm down, and tell me your name."

She stared at me with her big, tear-filling eyes, but spoke not a word.

"Look here, we're getting nowhere, please tell me your name."

Again, she just stared at me, silently.

"All right, if this is the way you want it. I think it's possible for me
to get you back in your box, and call the delivery service and tell them
that the package was delivered to the wrong address."

"You don't want to do that."

"Don't you test me. And why shouldn't I want to do that?"

"It's not the right thing to do."

"Oh its not the right thing to do!?! But it is the right thing to do...
showing up at my address, scaring the living daylights out of me,  being
naked as the day you where born, and in a box, bound like a turkey, but
not to tell me your name. All I know is that you could be the victim of
a crime, some fancy way to get rid of you, and if I help you, I will get
in way over my head, or you can even have done this to yourself, just to
see if its possible. So don't you come here telling me what's the right
thing to do."



"My name is Ingrid."


"You're right, I did this to myself, I thought it was possible. I... It
was my plan that I'd be delivered to a friend's address. But somewhere
something went wrong, and I was delivered here. And I want to apologize
and tell you that I'm sorry for any inconvenience that I may have caused
you, but I need your help to get out of this situation."

"Hi Ingrid, I'm Kristian," I grinned at her.

"Oh, that will explain a thing or two, is you last name Petersen by any


"And your address is Gronnegade 25?"


"But not Odense?"

"No, it's Aarhus."

"I see. It seems that they have mixed up Odense and Aarhus."

"But your friend's name, the one where you were supposed to go, is he
also named Kristian?"

"No. Kristine."

"I see, are you a lesbian?"


"Then why Kristine?"

"She's my best friend, and knows about my interest in BDSM, that's the
name for what I was trying to do."

"I know about BDSM. Does this Kristine person share your interest in

"No, but she knows about it, and accepts me for who I am and what I want
to do. But can you get me out of this bondage? I have been tied up since
the day before yesterday."

"I'll do my best, but it doesn't look like an easy job. You don't happen
to have the keys on hand, do you?"

"As a matter of fact, no, not exactly on hand. I'm sorry again, but you
will have to find a key ring with all the keys attached to my clit ring.
I can't reach them, and believe me I've tried, but I can't even get
close to them. I'm sorry you'll have to do this, but that's my only
chance of getting out of this bondage."

"Don't worry, I've seen that part of a woman's body before, so lets get
on with it then."

"Yes, please."

"Uh Oh! Houston... we have a problem."

"Problem, what do you mean by problem?"

"Let me put it this way, I can see the keys all right, but..."

"But what?"

"There's no key ring."

"What do you mean by no key ring?"

"All the keys are on a small padlock, and so is the ring through your

"Oh, are you sure? There must be a way, are you absolutely sure? Oh
damn! What are we going to do now?"

"I don't think you'll fancy me tearing you clit ring away from your
body. Where is the key to that padlock? Do you know?"

"I didn't know there was to be a padlock there in the first place, but
my spare keys must be at home."

"And where is home?"

- - -

I called Kristine.

"She did what?"

"Is this a bad connection, or are you on a cell-phone?"

"I'm in my car on my way to France to attend a business meeting in

"It sounds as if you won't be able to pick her up then?"

"When I'm finished in Nice, I have to go to Remini in Italy. I won't be
back in Odense until at least the end of next week. It would have been a
good idea if Ingrid had phoned me before she pulled this crazy stunt.
I'm sorry, but I can't help her out."

"I see. I'll just have a talk with her then, about what she wants to do

"Look, I really can't help her right now. But you sound like a nice guy,
why don't you just take her home to Esbjerg, get her spare keys and help
her out of her bondage?"

"Yes, I might do just that."

"Can I have your phone number, please. I really want to know how things
develop, so I would like to call back later, when my business meeting is

"My phone number is 555-5745 or try Ingrids phone number, about three
hours from now. I think we will be out of here and on our way to Esbjerg
in about an hour."

- - -

I returned to the garage.

"Look Ingrid, we will be out of here within the next hour, making our
way to Esbjerg. Kristine can't pick you up."

"Why not?"

"Well, she mentioned something about a business meeting in Nice."

"Nice, where's that?"



"Didn't you know?"


"Oh, well, anyway. I'm taking you home, getting your spare keys and
getting you out of your bondage. But before we do all this, I think you
need a bath. You've got traces of one or two small accidents on your
body, and I think we'll both be happier when you smell better."

"Oh, but I can't wash myself all tied up."

"I know, but I can help you. And don't you look at me that way, I said

"I'm sorry, thank you."

"By the way, how did you manage to keep your box from leaking?"

"Kitty litter."

- - -

"How did you get yourself into BDSM?"

"Oh, it's a long story"

"Well, it will take us some time to get to Esbjerg, I think we have a
couple of hours to kill. And somehow I don't think you'll be doing much
running around."

"It started with a mistake."

"A mistake, how come?"

"I forgot to take out my nipple ring."

"That's interesting."

"That's about the same thing Lena said, when she looked at my right
nipple, 'That's an interesting place for a ring.'"

"Who is Lena?"

"A dear friend of mine..."

"Oh, I see."

"Well, anyway, she made me blush, like a full flowering red rose. I
could only try to giggle my way out of forgetting to remove the small
ring in my nipple before going into the sauna, and I hoped she would let
it pass. But I should have known Lena, she was not to be stopped. 'Are
you doing something naughty I don't know about? And who is he, somebody
I know?'"

"Well, were you seeing somebody?"

"No, the ring is just something I like to wear, it makes my nipple more

"Did you tell her that?"

"Yes I did."

"What did she say then?"

"She asked if it hurt when I had it put in."

"What did you say then?"

"I told her that yes it did."


"Look Kristian, I'm telling you about this, so please let me do it by
myself... ok?"

"Yes, sure, sorry."

"Its okay, you're a nice guy. Now, where was I? Oh yes. Then she asked,
'Can I touch it?' Lena always has to touch everything she sees. She has
to touch dresses and flowers. Even at museums she has to touch paintings
and statues to make them become more alive to her. It's a
surprise to her every time security comes rushing in to see if anything
is being stolen. So I told her, 'Yes, you may touch it - it won't fall

"Wow, I have never seen anything like it, the ring goes right through
your nipple. Look at how it makes your nipple stand out. I hope you
know, some people use nipple rings as a symbol of submission."

"I know about the use of rings as a symbol. But I just like to have a
ring in my nipple, it feels good."

"It's just a BIG surprise to see YOU with a nipple ring. I really like
it, I think it looks great."

"Thank you, and now you make me feel like I owe you an explanation.
First, there really is no secret lover in my life right now, and there
hasn't been for quit a while and somehow I don't miss it. So you see, my
nipple ring has nothing to do with a present or former lover. I had my
nipple ring put in, out of curiosity about what it would feel like to
have it put in, and what it would feel like to wear. I got the idea for
the ring from some news groups on the Internet, so I know that a nipple
ring is often connected with people who practise BDSM, S/M, D/s or
whatever label they put on themselves, but I don't have a lover, so I
have never done anything of that sort in real life; except for reading
the stories and getting the idea to have a ring put in my nipple."

"But what do you use your ring for?"

"What do you mean?"

"Well it not like a ring on your finger or something you can easily show
off in public, so what do you use the ring for?. I mean it is a ring
that only you, and now me, knows is there. Do you use your ring for
anything, besides being a ring in your nipple?"

"Not so far - and what can I possibly be doing with a nipple ring. After
all, I've only had it a month."

"I know how you can use your ring. You can fasten a leash to it, then
someone can lead you around. Isn't that a great idea?"

"Lena, you always have the ability to surprise me. Where on earth did
you get that idea from? And who would lead me around on a leash attached
to my nipple?"

"Me. Weren't the two of us talking about our mutual interest in BDSM?"

I interrupted her story again. "Wow, now I see why you say it was by
mistake that you got into BDSM. Did you and Lena do something about what
she called - your mutual interest?"

"Not at that time. Lena managed to hold her horses for nearly a month
before she just had to pursue the issue."

"What happened then?"

"I don't know if I should tell you, it will get rather personal from
here on."

"Please tell me, I really want to know. I'm a nice guy - you said so
yourself, and I'm helping you to get home and out of you bondage... when
we get there."

"Well I, all right then. Nearly a month went by, before Lena asked,
'Well, have you been thinking about it?'"

"Thinking about what?"

"Fastening a leash to your nipple ring... like I told you in the sauna."

"A leash needs a person to hold the other end, so...".

"How about me? I find the idea interesting. Look I'm no lesbian, you
know that, it's just until you find someone to fall in love with."

"You're my friend, and I don't want to do anything to risk our

"That's what makes it so perfect. You can experiment with your nipple
ring and BDSM safely with me, and then when you are ready to find
someone to love, you'll know if that kind of sexuality is really for

"Hold it, hold it, I never said anything about experimenting with my
nipple ring, BDSM or attaching a leash to my ring."

"You said that you found BDSM fascinating."

"Yes, but it's a long way from finding BDSM fascinating and to actually
doing it. I'd be risking all kind of things even if it was with my best

"You know me rather well, so you will be safe."

"Who says I feel that I know the dominant side of you?"


"Now you're pushing me."


"Don't you try doing this to me."


"Tell me first what kind of experiments you want me to take part in."

"And spoil the fun? No way. It'll have to be a surprise. That way it
will be more exciting... you know, not knowing what will happen. Your
imagination can run absolutely wild in anticipation."

"Oh, then I'm not sure. Besides that, you are my friend, what if I don't
like it, what if you don't like it, what will become of our friendship
then? I'm not sure it's a good idea, I don't want to risk our
friendship. What if we both like it and can't stop, what if just one of
us likes it and the other doesn't, what will become of our friendship

"Now you're being chicken again, and trying to talk yourself out of it."

"Don't push me. I'm plain scared about the whole thing. You scare me
with all that talk about experimenting with BDSM."

"Relax, you'll be with me, and I don't want to put you in harms way I
think. Look, you and I have been friends for a long time, don't you
think its about time we do something we both find interesting? What have
we got to lose, we are friends and our friendship is stronger than this,
besides that I like you, silly girl."


"You know what? I would like to hold that leash right now, how about it?
Then you'll know if you want to experiment any further. Do you have a
leash, a piece of string or a shoelace?"

"I still don't know..."

"There you go again. CHICKEN."

"OK, it may be the only thing to do, to get you to stop talking about my
nipple ring and BDSM. I don't have a leash, but I have some shoelaces."

"Then get them, and while you're at it, take all you clothes off, they
will just get in the way."

"Oh, do I have to?"

"Yes you do."

"All right then, I'll do it, just this once. But don't come to me and
say I didn't warn you, I might not like it at all."

"Oh I think you will."

Again, I interrupted her tale, "Well, did you like it?"

"I told you to let me tell you this by myself, so please let me do it my
own way. I'm coming around to that now."

I found some shoelaces, and got rid of my clothes. Naked as the day I
was born, I presented myself to Lena.

"Wow! Do you know this is the first time I've seen you without any
clothes on at all?"

"Don't mention it, I know. What do you think?"

"You sure look great. Now let me take a closer look at you, and fasten
this shoelace to your ring."

Lena did just that.

"OK then just one more thing, put your hands behind you, I want to tie
you up."

"Oh you didn't say anything about tying up... do you have to?"

"Yes it's part of the game."

Dutifully I put my hands behind me, and Lena tied my hands together at
my wrists and elbows.

"That makes your breasts look more impressive, and I'm sure of where
your hands are. Now that you are at my mercy, how does it feel?"

"Nothing much so far."

"We will see to that. I think you are in for a surprise. After all, as
you said, do you really know this side of me?  Hey, what's that?" Lena
had spun me around, and was now looking at my front, or more accurately
at my pubic hair. "My, my, you are a naughty girl. What do we have here?
I think it's a hidden ring that you didn't tell me about."


"Let me see, spread you legs a little, please. Wow, it looks like it
goes right through  your clit."

"Actually only through the skin over my clitoris. I'm sorry I should
have told you before. What must you not think of me now?"

"I don't know what I think of you right now, but I want to fasten the
shoelace to this little bugger instead of to your nipple ring, just wait
a minute... There you go, what do you think, isn't it more erotic to be
tied and led around by your clit than by your nipple?"

"Please be careful down there, it's much more sensitive that my nipple."

"I think it must be up to you, how careful I should be. Now let's take a
walk around the house." Lena took hold of the shoelace tied to my clit
and began to walk. As you can imagine I followed quickly, close behind.

We walked around the whole house, saw the bedroom, the kitchen, the
living room and even the basement, all the time with Lena fully dressed,
leading the way with the shoelace firmly in hand, and me naked, bound at
wrist and elbows, with that shoelace tied to my clit ring.

"That wasn't so bad, was it?" asked Lena.

"No, you are right it was kind of strange to walk around the house naked
and tied up this way. Will you set me free now, please?"

"Oh no, we're not finished yet. I think I want to make some improvements
to your looks."

"What do you mean?"

"I want to have your hair removed down there" said Lena, pointing at my
pubic hair.

"Oh no! You won't!"

"You are not in a position to argue."

"But I like my pubic hair. I will look completely foolish without hair
down there. I will look like a little girl. Please, please don't do this
to me."

"Hold your tongue, it won't help you a bit. That hair has to come off.
I'm in charge here, and I want you to have no hair on that little pussy
of yours. Like it or not, the hair has to go."

"But, but you can't..."

"I told you to be quiet. If you're not, I will gag you with your used


"I warned you, didn't I. Keep quiet now."

"Please... please, don't shave me down there."

Lena found some of my used panties in the wash bin, and stuffed my mouth
with two pairs and tied a scarf around my head to keep them in place.

"Well that should take care of your talking all the time, now where do
you keep your lady shaver and scissors?"

"Hold still or I might hurt you with this shaver. Now you're beginning
to look a lot more like a slave to me. I must say, you're soaking wet
down here. Do you find this treatment exciting? Hold still I said. Oh,
you are coming... Good for you... You are right, you do look much
younger down there without hair. It's cute. It looks more clean. Well, I
can see everything much clearer now that the hair is gone, even the ring
on your clitoris. Now come along, your shave is finished.

"And now I would like to have a cup of tea - and then we can have a
little talk about all this." Holding the shoelace firmly in hand, she
walked into my kitchen, and I had to follow her.

I felt strange standing nude in my own kitchen, hands tied behind me and
my mouth stuffed with my used panties - watching Lena make tea, and
drinking it while I stood next to the table on shaking legs."

"Oh, I forgot to take your panties from you mouth dear. Stuffed the way
you are, we can't have our little talk. So that's better. Shall I untie
your hands too, or aren't you ready for that?"

"That's up to you. But I really can use some tea, to take the taste of
those panties away."

"I'd better untie you then." So, what do you think of our first

"I think I like it. It feels strange being nude while you're dressed,
and it feels even stranger not being able to follow my own will, to give
you all that power over me. It's a strange but in ways funny feeling...
I like it. It made me so hot."

"Then you will do it again?"

"Anytime you want me to."

"Can I do whatever I want with you?"

"I didn't say that. Why do you ask?"

"Well, it gives me a kind of rush too, to have all that power over you.
To be able to make you do all sorts of things, and to do all sorts of
things to you. Not that I will ever do anything that can get you or me
in trouble or risk our friendship. How about you?"

"Yes, I have that feeling too. Well, I think you can practically do
anything you want."

"I can?"

I stopped her narration with a question of my own. "There's a gas
station coming up, do you want something to drink and eat?"

"Yes please."

"Will you be comfortable, sitting in the car naked and tied up, while I
get us something to drink and eat?"

"Do you have a blanket or something to cover me with, please?"

"I'm sorry, but no."

"Oh... Then I will have to manage, won't I?"

"I can put you in the trunk."

"You could. You promise to take me out of the trunk again after we leave
the gas station?"

"Yes, off course."

"Then I would very much like you to put me in the trunk."

"I just have to pull over."

"You want to do it now?"

- - -

I bought the food and was feeding my face as well as hers when I decided
to resume my questions.

"Why did you try to mail yourself to Kristine and not to Lena?"

"Lena got married."


"Her husband is an ass and besides that, he doesn't like me."

"Why? I think you're a nice person."

"Thank you, that's nice to hear after the shock I must have given you,
showing up at your home nude in a box, all tied up, looking and smelling
like I did."

"Well you gave me one hell of a shock, that's for sure. So your BDSM
relations with Lena ended when she got married? Because her husband is
an ass?"

"Tell me, have you ever been married?"

"Uuuhh, yes and divorced two years ago."

"Why did you get a divorce?"

"She found someone new."

"You see, three in a marriage is one too many."

"Even if the third is submissive?"

"Even then! You see, Lena was dominating me completely that summer, and
every time she looked away, her husband and his friends were trying to
fuck my brains out."

"What happened when she found out?"

"She blamed me for seducing her innocent husband."

"And then you just walked out?"

"No she whipped me, and when she got tired of whipping me, she let her
husband whip me some more. Then she gave me the key to my house and
kicked me out, naked as the day I was born, to find my own way home, for
the first time in four months."

- - -

"We'd better get this car rolling again, we're still a long way from

"The worst part was not the whipping, or being thrown out, it was the
blame for seducing her husband, and the friendship turning into hate,
and she really hates me now."

"I see why you think her husband is an ass."

"Oh well, that's in addition to the fact that they still have all my
money, and most of my things. Lena and I had a wonderful summer that
year, that is until she got married in the fall."

"Want to tell me about that summer?"

"You want to hear about it?"

"If you don't mind."

"No, not at all, but I think I will just tell you about how that summer
started. You know Kristian, I don't know why I like to tell you all
this, but it's like I've known you all my life."

"That's good, I was beginning to think it was just me feeling that way."

"Well that summer started with Lena asking me 'What do you feel about my
dominanting you?'"

"Oh it brings excitement into my life, that's for sure, I never know
what you might come up with. So yes, I feel good about it. Why are you

"Well I was thinking of a little game we can play this summer."

"Something you want to tell me about?"

"Do you trust me?"


"Do you really deep down trust me enough to put your life in my hands,
for a period of three months?"

"Yes I think so, but why does it have to be three months?"

"Because I have a vacation coming up, and work this summer is rather
slow, and I know yours is too, so I was thinking that my money and yours
put together could give us quite a summer - and all the time in the
world. Time I can use to play my game with you."


"So, do you really trust me?"

"Yes, you know that, don't you?"

"Do you want to play? I have to warn you - It will be a most serious
game this time, it will almost be for real!"

"Wow, you're scaring me talking like that, but yes I'm game, I want to

"OK. I will come around tomorrow morning with some papers you will have
to sign so our game can get started."

The next day she arrived and pressed some papers into my hands. "Hi, I'm
in a hurry so I just want you to sign these papers. Don't read them,
just sign them... That's fine... You really trust me, don't you?"

"Yes I told you so, but..."

"OK - that was the paperwork. Now you have to get all your underwear in
here on the floor, please remember the used ones, and what you're
wearing now. Run along girl, I told you I'm in a hurry."

"This is all the underwear and lingerie that I have."

"OK. Put everything in bags, and let's have a look at your wardrobe."

"But if I put all my underwear in a bag, I'll have nothing to wear at

"Don't worry about that. Get used to it. You won't be wearing any
underwear for the next three months."


"I think you should pack up your wardrobe too."

"But then I really won't have anything to wear. Do you expect me to walk
around nude?"

"Yes. It will be nice. It will be like going back to nature. And you
will look just lovely dear."

"Lena please, don't make me do it."

"All right. I will let you wear this short skirt and this white shirt
for today, but the rest must be packed. Do you have anything to pack
them in?"


"Do it then. I'll be back in half an hour. Don't get dressed, I like you
nude. The clothes I'm letting you use are only for when you absolutely
have to be dressed."

- - -

"Hi Ingrid, I'm back, have you packed everything?"

"Yes, everything, the only pieces of clothing left are the short skirt
and the white shirt."

"Good. Lets get a cup of coffee in the kitchen, we have to talk."

"Give me your purse. Is this all the money you have in the house? And
are these all the credit cards you have? Good, now listen to what I have
just done. Everything you own in the bank has been transferred to a new
account that only I have access to. And I have arranged that all money
that comes your way in the bank will automatically be transferred to the
new account. In short, you don't have access to your money or credit
cards for the next three months."

"But how am I going to manage without money?"

"I will come to that dear, just listen. You're right, It will be hard
for you to manage without money or something to wear. That is one of the
reasons why I have rented your house to the department where I work. I
think they will let some of their guests stay here."

"But what about me? Where do I stay? How did you do all this?"

"Actually it's not me doing it, it's you... remember the papers you
signed this morning?"

"Oh no!"

"Oh yes. Well, you said you trusted me."

"Yes but..."

"You can stay at my place, some of the time. And who knows, maybe I can
rent you out as a maid or something..."


"You said you trusted me."


"Then you'd better start packing all you personal papers, photos and
everything else you don't want other people to look into. While you are
doing this I'll make a couple of phone calls.

- - -

"Are you finished Ingrid? We have to go now... oh just take the skirt
and shirt with you, don't put them on, there's no need for clothes where
you are going."

"You'll have to travel in the trunk, I don't want to be seen with you
today when you are nude. Come along - get in. And don't make a sound. I
have to wait awhile for someone to pick up all your things. After that I
have to go and deliver the keys to the department, so it may take a
while before I can let you out of there. I'm closing the lid now, be a
good girl, keep quiet."

I couldn't resist questioning her, "Did she really arrange with the bank
so that you had no access to your money?"

"Yes she did. It is quite easy to arrange. All you have to do is get
your subject sign a power of attorney, and put a security code on the
account, then only the person that knows the security code can have
access to that account. You can do it with all bank accounts. The bank
can't look behind the motive for such an action, you could have very
good reasons for making such arrangements."

"I see, very interesting. And did she rent your house to the department
where she works?"

"In those months while I was at her place, I was sure she had rented my
house to the department. Later, when I returned, after I have been
kicked out, I found that she had not rented it out at all, everything
was exactly as it was the day I left, she even kept the house clean, and
the garden was taken care of. And even my wardrobe was there exactly
where it should be, but not my underwear, not a trace of my panties were
to be found anywhere."

"So all she really did was the arrangement with the bank and locking up
your house."

"Yes, but at the time it felt so real."

"Making a session look and feel like the real thing is actually what
makes you excited. Feelings are all in the brain you know."

"Oh, so you are an expert on BDSM now."

"Sorry, but I just know a thing or two about... please go on, what
happened next?"

"Hmmm, who would have thought... Well, I was in the trunk of Lena's car,
for what I think was a very long time, when..."

"You may come out now, I hope the trunk was not too bad a place for

"Just give me a second, I'm cramped all over from trying not to bump
into things all the time. No, there is nothing wrong with the trunk, I'm
kind of used to it you know, but it sure took some time to get here. Do
you know how black it is in there?"

"No I have no idea, and I have no intention about finding out. I'm sorry
it took so long at the company. Lisa and Eva wanted to talk, and then my
boss wanted me to find something for him before leaving. But you were
all right?"

"Well there were people coming and going all the time. At times it was
like spying on people's private conversations, it was quite interesting,

"Oh you don't say, so what are you complaining about? You were
entertained all the time, what more can you ask for? Come along, I want
to show you where you'll sleep tonight."

"On nights when I feel you have behaved properly, and done everything I
asked you to do, you may sleep down here in the basement in this room."

"It sure looks small, and not very clean Lena, do I have to?"

"What else can you do - nude, without money or credit cards, and without
a home of your own?"

"The room sure looks fine when you put it that way. But what if I don't
meet your demands or you standards, where am I to sleep then?"

"Then I can't have you in the house, you understand that, don't you? So
I think you will have to sleep outside somewhere."

Again I had to ask, "I will say that you sure got more than you expected
that summer, it was rather intense, wasn't it? But now you have to tell
me, why you mailed yourself to Kristine?"

"Actually it goes back a couple of months, on a car ride up to North
Jutland, to look at some property Kristine inherited from some dead
relative. I offered myself to be her slave, if she would have me. I
needed to feel alive again after Lena."

"Did she take you up on your offer?"

"No she didn't, mainly because she didn't think she had what it would
take. And because she thought that there would be too many obstructions,
like please do that, or don't do that, and please stop I can't take it
anymore. And that was not the way she felt it should work. She thought
that whatever adult people agree to do to each other is fine, as long as
it doesn't harm others in any way. She think of BDSM, power-exchange,
D/s or whatever it is called, not as a game with limits, no-no's, and
safe words. If she was involved in anything like what I was offering
her, it had to be the real thing. I told her I agreed, she then said:
'Haven't you listened to one thing I just said? I don't think of what
you want us to do as a game!'"

"I hear you, but slavery is forbidden in this country."

"Be sure that if I take you as my slave, I will seek a way to legally
make your slavery the real thing. And if you really want to be my slave,
there will be no limits or safe words, I will have all the power and you
will have absolutely none. I will start it and I will tell you when it's
over. What we do I will decide, without any regard to you."

I told her I agreed to everything she said.

"Lets make this absolutely clear. You want me to do whatever I want to
do to you, without reservations or limits?"


"Even when you know that I can keep you from living a normal life? Even
if I choose to sell you, lend you out, have you operated on to remove
your tits? Even if I choose to kill you?"

Again I told her that I agreed to everything she said.

"Did she make you her slave then?"

"Yes for a couple of weeks, then she set me free. She said she still
didn't have it in her. Now we are friends, we see each other from time
to time. We play around a little, and still have a lot of fun whenever
we get together."

"And your package thing?"

"Oh that. That was just an idea I got, I don't know from where. I'd
figured it all out, nothing could go wrong. But we both know it did, and
I'm grateful for that, otherwise I would not be sitting in this car,
with a nice guy like you."

"Hey, now it's you who's making me blush."

"Can I ask you something?"

"Yes, go ahead."

"How come you haven't taken advantage of my situation?"

"What do you mean?"

"Well, here I am nude, tied up, helpless to defend myself - and I even
brought myself in this position, and yet you have not made any attempt
to have sex with me. Why?"

"First of all, I wasn't invited. I don't think it gives me any right to
take sexual advantage of your situation: that you are nude, tied up and

"Oh, I see."

"I'm sorry if I have ruined you opinion of the male gender."

"No, no you have not ruined anything, it's just that when you lifted me
out of my box, I sort of expected all hell to break loose - you know,
rape, abuse and murder. Instead, you do everything you can to help me
out of this situation. I  realize how lucky I've been, I don't think all
men would have reacted the same way you did."

"I'm sorry to say that you're right. Probably most men would have taken
your nakedness and the fact that you are tied, as an open invitation to
rape you - and your screams would only have made them believe that you
liked it. So I think that what you did was a fantastic idea and one of
the stupidest ideas I have ever... You are very lucky to be alive.
Besides the male factor, if your package was delivered to the correct
address, I don't think you could have survived ten days in that box
without drink or food."

"I know you have been married, but are you gay?"

"No. I'm not."

"Don't you find me attractive?"

"Very much so. You sure are a sight for sore eyes. And you're a nice
person to talk to."

"Wouldn't you want to do what most men would have done?"

"I sure do. But as I said, I wasn't invited. It's the invitation that
makes all the difference."

"You said you knew about BDSM, do you like it?"

"Oh yes, very much."

"Are you submissive?"

"I'm usually dominant."

"Then you have been submissive?"

"Yes, once in a while I'm very submissive, but it's not often. It's
important for me to be able to be both. By being submissive I know how
to be dominant. It's something like a battery, when power is low I have
to be submissive to gain power to become dominant. Why are you asking me

"Because I want to invite you."

"Oh, I see. Thank you, but let's get you home and out of this trouble
before you start on another journey. Let's see if you still want to
invite me, when you are less dependent on... shall we say, my help to
correct your problem."

"I think I like you Kristian Petersen. I think I like you a lot."