Tanj's Tales: The Green Eyed Monster

By Kittiara

Stardate 2399.60

Xylex looked at the burning groundcar and smiled. The die

was truly cast now. Motioning to the team of Red

Commandoes, he slipped off into the shadows, even as the

sirens of the approaching police cars made themselves heard

over the crackling of the flames. It had taken a while to

find a similar Wolverine, and longer still to substitute his

dental records for Xylex's. And what had taken longest of

all was to siphon off as much of Lord Xylex's personal

fortune as possible, without raising alarms. But now "Lord

Xylex" was well and truly dead. All that remained was for

"Xyloff" to take the Reds, and through subtle manipulations,

lead them to Victory. If he was clever, he could have the

whole planet. And if events turned against him, well, he

still had a small fortune hidden off-planet. He was young

enough to start over, if he had to. But he wouldn't have

to. He was sure of that…….

Tanj grumbled as she sipped the almost-cold coffee in her

mug. Things were nominally back to normal; the Brethren had

returned to their base, under the cover of the normal

comings and goings provided by the asteroid mining "cover"

operation. The Elysium forces had launched a general

offensive, after the debacle of Tanj's withdrawal from

Agricorp's facility 223, and over the past three weeks, the

Rebels had gradually halted the advances of the Elysium

forces, and for the most part, thrown them back. In a few

areas they'd even made some small gains. The Rebels now

actually held "liberated" territories, areas free of the

Elysium government….. And the Reds…… now there was

something that screamed out for further analysis. After the

Elysium forces had killed Trotskie, Tanj would have

thought that band of thugs and ne'er-do-wells would have

folded…. But something was up there. One of the few

remaining leaders, a furr by the name of "Quistling" had

emerged as the new strong-man. Preaching an eclectic mix of

socialism and fascism, touting the Reds as the "Peoples

Revolutionary Forces", he'd not only kept the Reds going,

but had even swelled their ranks with those attracted to

that kind of clap-trap. Something funny was going on there,

but Tanj just hadn't had time to look into it, because

the Imperials had attempted to stick their nose into things

again. She'd been busy foiling their attempts at sneaking

agents to Elysium, and the Brethren had beaten back one

Imperial attempt to run the blockade. They'd had a busy

three weeks. But now, as occasionally happened, there were

indications of a slow-down, of all sides pulling back to

lick their wounds….. Tanj smiled; if she could sell the

Command staff on that, they might just let her claim her

much-delayed week with the Lion……..

The Security officer frowned at his monitor, and then looked

up at the white mouse sitting quietly on the other side of

the desk. "Let me get this straight, Mark. Not only is

your background file full of obvious holes, but now you tell

me its not even YOUR background? Are you trying to suggest

somebody's been tampering with our files then?" Mark sighed

and nodded; "Must have been. Look here……" And with that he

reached out to turn the monitor half way around to indicate

what he meant. "Eight years on D'Guerro…. Chief Engineer on

the Lusitania… or here, again… just how old do you think I'd

have to be to have actually held all those positions?" The

Bobcat's frown only deepened…. "you have a point there, but

I don't like the implications one bit. IF somebody could

insert faulty data in your file like that and delete all

backups of the original, who knows what they could do to ALL

our OTHER files, given time…. You do understand that if

you're telling the truth, I'll have to launch a full-scale

investigation?" Mark nodded; "I know. It could just be

somebody who for some reason hates my guts and bribed a

buddy in security, but it COULD also be a full-fledged mole

in your department." The Bobcat sighed and nodded. "Well,

I won't go and bother the Boss with it right away; I think

we can handle this internally for now. In any case, I"ll

still have to suspend your security clearance and have you

transferred to the mining side of the operation until we can

draw up a new background file from scratch and verify it.

Which I'm afraid means I'll also have to ask you to stay

clear of our investigation, even though your telepathy might

come in handy… After all, we can't well afford to just take

your word at the moment….."

When the door had shut, the Bobcat turned to his comm panel.

After a moment Vandrosky's image coalesced. "Van?

Masterson here. I've just had a little discussion with that

Mouse from Engineering. You're right, his background is

literally full of holes… except he insists he's been framed

and that's not HIS background at all. Doesn't sound too

likely to me, but he's been pretty convincing, and I can't

ignore that possibility… For the time being, though I've

canceled his security clearance and sent him over to the

miners while I do some deeper digging.". Vandrosky scowled

and nodded; "Told you there was something wrong with that

one. By all means, keep digging…. And be careful. I

wouldn't put it past him to hack into your systems just to

insert a false background file HIMSELF and then frame

somebody else for it." The Bobcat nodded; "Oh, I'll keep

after it all right. If there's anything there to turn up,

I'll find it!"

Henley looked up as Vandrosky came through the door; "well,

it looks like we've solved THAT little problem." Henley

grinned; "Oh? And which problem is that?" Vandrosky

chuckled; "Security's revoked Mark's clearance and shifted

him over to the mining side of the operation. He's OUT of

our way. Henley smiled and nodded; "Good, but…….."

Vandrosky scowled at the look on the Beaver's face; "What?"

The Marmoset just shrugged; "well, the boss is insistent

that the Brou device is good for SOMETHING; he seems to

think there may be some truth to that cockamamie story Mark

told about him using it to "displace" a phantom attacker.

He wants us to keep working on it……… " Vandrosky grimaced;

"ooooooo, that is NOT good. No one ever could get that

thing to do anything, aside of course from that dang Mouse,

and I STILL don't believe he got it to do anything either.

But there may be a way out of this…… Tell ya what; we'll

tell them its too dangerous to run on the station, that if

there were an accident, it might…. Yeah, it might "Displace"

the whole station! Yeah, it needs to be put on a ship!

That way it won't take us all with it, if it does

something…. "strange." Henley chuckled; "Brilliant. If its

on a ship, it’s the problem of the ship's Engineering staff,

and NOT the Base Staff, i.e. you and me! But its going to

take a big ship to power that thing…… The Marmoset just

shrugged; "Hey, the boss is the majority stockholder in the

flagship; that's the biggest one we've got. If HE wants to

play with his useless toy, let him do it on HIS ship!"

Henley just grinned and nodded.

The conference room was filling up slowly, and the Lion

stood in the corridor by the door, talking to a few furrs

from Operations. From the corner of his eye he caught a

flash of distinctive white fur, and mumbling hurried

apologies, turned to stride in pursuit. Mark heard his name

called and turned to see the Lion moving through the crowded

corridor like an icebreaker moving through pack ice. "Mark,

Tanj's told me about your problems with the whisper

campaign, and the background check. To be perfectly frank,

there's nothing I can do about the former, except make my

opinion known that I don't believe ANY of that….. and the

latter, well, the Brethren DO have rules, and a security

check is one of them. I can't break that rule, Mark, as

much as I might want to." The Mouse shook his head with a

little smile. "I can work with the miners for a while; THAT

isn't the problem, honest. If you need something to worry

about, think instead about how this kind of in-fighting can

hurt the Brethren in the long run, and how to put a stop to

it. I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one around here that

people have tried mobbing tactics out on, over time….. Oh,

before I forget, how long do you think you can keep putting

off Tanj? She's not forgotten about your little promise,

you know." The Lion just grinned ruefully and shrugged;

"not a whole lot longer, to tell you the truth. In a

quieter time, it might even be fun….. but things right now

are so chaotic…." Mark just clucked in mock disapproval;

"That's not an excuse and you know it. Things are ALWAYS

chaotic around here….." The Lion took a deep breath to

reply, but was interrupted by a call back to the meeting,

before he could say anything.

Mala watched the retreating back of the Lion and shook her

head; "somehow I would've expected more of him than just a

"I'm sorry". He's the Boss, isn't he?" Mark shrugged

eloquently; "Bureaucracies will be bureaucracies. Even the

upper charges can get tangled in red tape…. And lets not

forget, for all they know I COULD be a security risk. A

telepathic engineer could make a great spy, able to ferret

out all kinds of secrets and then arrange for the

information to get out undetected. Heck, I've even run

around unsupervised on a number of missions that took us to

all kinds of ports of call." The Hyena growled softly; "All

true, but they should KNOW better by now..." The Mouse

chuckled quietly; "Thanks for the vote of confidence, love,

but don't forget, none of them know me nearly as well as you

do by now. And I don't feel particularly inclined to break

down and hand them all my little secrets on a silver platter

over a tiny bit of domestic trouble, either…. Well, come

on. We will have things to pack, and we don't have all

day." Mala still grumbled under her breath; "Well, I DO

hope those miners can put up with me too, 'cuz I am NOT

letting them take my Mouse away from me!" Mark smiled and

took her arm as the two started to move off down the


"…. And my agent in Gra'pha City says that the Imperial

Cruiser "Day of Judgement" is in the shipyards there for an

overhaul. Word on the street is that the Imperial Fleet is

in a holding pattern in this sector for the moment. In

short, I don't believe we have any "Imperial Complications"

to worry abut for a bit." Tanj's boss, the old Fox who

headed the Brethren's Intelligence department, nodded;

"Tanj's field intelligence matches well with our

intercepts. We believe that we should have about three

weeks before anyone's ready to mount another major

operation, either dirtside, or in space." Haverty chuckled;

"I'm delighted to hear that. Engineering could use three

weeks to try and catch up on all the battle damage we've got

to repair. Not to mention the preventative maintenance."

Ben looked from Haverty to the Head of Engineering and then

nodded; "Well, Operations has been pulling a lot of

overtime; we could use a bit of a break. Even so, there are

a few small operations that need to be done. Nothing major,

just things to keep the pressure on, keep the Elysium forces

off-balance…." The Lion nodded; "All right, then, we'll

take advantage of the lull to rest the troops and catch up

on repairs, as much as possible. I want to maintain a good

defensive posture though, just incase we've missed

something." With that, the meeting broke up……

Tanj leaned against the doorjam of the conference room,

watching, waiting until most of the staff had left. As

usual, the Lion and Ben were about the last to leave, this

furr and that taking a moment of their time for specific

problems…… As they moved towards the door, Tanj put out

an arm, braced against the opposite doorjam, one foot

lifting to press back against the side of the door she was

leaning on, her knee helping to block egress. Grinning, she

looked, not at the Lion, but at Ben; "Since things are going

to be "so quiet" around here for a while, I think its time I

got the Boss here to live up to that promise he made….."

Ben, predictably, scowled; "I don't know, Tanj, there's

still a lot going on, still a lot he's needed for…….."

Tanj chuckled; "Oh yeah? Name three things….." The

Wolf's mouth opened and closed, and then opened again….

"well, there's the……. No, Walsham can take care of that……

Then there's…… no, …….. If….. Oh Hell, just make sure he's

were we can contact him if we need him!" Tanj grinned

and straightened, her paw releasing the opposite doorjam.

With a growl, the Wolf pushed past her, and into the

corridor….. Grinning at her "Master," Tanj crooked a

finger in a classic "come here" gesture…….

Edith grinned as Tanj dragged the Lion from the

conference room, one paw holding a fistful of his mane…..

They'd talked about this, but somehow she'd just NEVER

dreamed it could come to pass…… Tanj grinned at the

Porcupine lass, and growled, in a sultry tone; "Edith, Dear,

would you be so kind as to take my new slave down to the

kennels and get him properly prepared for me? Do take your

time, and enjoy yourself……." Edith's shy smile transformed

itself, somewhat as her gaze shifted from Tanj, to the

Lion. Nodding, she reached out to take a fistful of his

mane, imitating Tanj; "Why Tanj, I'd be simply

DELIGHTED!" Tugging at the Lion's mane, she dragged him off

down the corridor with a "Come on, YOU!"

Tanj watched them go, the much larger Lion following the

Porcupine lass meekly; it was a rather comical sight. Long

ago, Edith had confessed to Tanj that she'd always had a

crush on the Lion, but could never bring herself to say

anything to him……. Figuring this'd be a good way to start

the week, Tanj turned and headed for the Intelligence

office; she still had some paperwork to go through before

she could take off for the week…. And maybe, just maybe,

after a prickly time with Edith, her new slave would

appreciate her a little more……

Parks looked from Henley to Vandrosky and then shook his

head; "Ain't NO WAY. Nope. I am NOT taking that alien

abortion. The boss may want it worked on, but that's YOUR

job, not mine!" Henley looked at the Chief Engineer of the

Intimidator, flagship of the Brethren's fleet and shrugged;

"Hey, I can empathize with your position, but the Base

Safety Authority says its too dangerous to monkey with on

the station. If it DOES perform like that Mouse said it

would, the whole station might vanish! This is the only

ship in the fleet with enough power to run the thing. If

its going to be tinkered with, its yours. Now, maybe YOU

can talk the Boss out of fiddling with it….. But as far as

we're concerned, its outta our paws." Vandrosky just nodded

and set a data crystal on Parks' desk; "that’s all we've

managed to learn about it. Ain't much." With a mumbled

"good luck," the two exited hurriedly. Parks picked up the

data crystal and groaned. Turning, he stabbed a finger at

the comm panel built into his desk…..

Tanj scowled. The news intercept from Elysium should

have been welcome news….. perhaps it was just too good to be

true….. According to all the major news services, Lord

Xylex had been traveling home from Parliament, when his car

was ambushed by a group of brigands. The report said that

after he'd been robbed, they'd cut his throat, and set fire

to his groundcar. The body'd been identified from Lord

Xylex's dental records……. Telling her computer to print out

the reports, Tanj wondered how she was going to tell


Parks shook his head "What do you MEAN he's Unavai……… oh.

That silly thing with Tanj, eh. No, I DON'T wish I was

in his shoes…….. well, maybe just a little…… Listen, I

really do have an urgent matter to discuss with him…….

Yeah, I'll see if I can catch Tanj. Thanks." Breaking

the connection, Parks sat back in his desk chair and tried

to picture it. He'd heard tales of the Lion's captivity

down on Elysium, and that had NOT sounded like fun. The

Lion had come back looking half-starved…… but a slave to

Tanj? That could have its high points. Grinning, Parks

reached for the comm panel again, convinced Tanj was

going to return one very sore Lion to them, in about a

week's time.

Tanj blinked at the image of the Ocelot on her screen;

"they did WHAT? Oh, that’s ridiculous! No, Parks, I think

they're embarrassed that only Mark can get the thing to do

anything at all, and they're trying to push their failure

off on you. ……….. No, I can't think of a reason why they'd

want you to look bad, unless its just "misery wants

company"…….. Oh, yes, I'll ask the boss, but in the

meantime, I'd talk to Mark about how to hook the thing up,

and then I'd just sit back and wait for clarification from

the boss. ……….. Yup, I'll tell him you said that…… Take

care." Sitting back, as the image faded from her monitor,

Tanj shook her head. Politics within the Brethren could

get Byzantine….. Picking up the printouts and making a

mental note to talk to her "new slave" about the Brou device

and the Intimidator, Tanj headed down to Medical.

Edith sat astride the Lion's chest and ran the brush through

his mane. She'd led him down to the Kennels, where the

staff watched with amusement as she stripped him and then

shoved him into the showers. She'd then stood there and

watched as he washed himself, instructing him to scrub

harder here, or there…… He'd turned it into something

sensual, watching her watch him, working the liquid soap

into a lather , spreading it over his body……. And Edith

hadn't been able to resist the temptation; the Lion had

complied almost willingly with her instructions, his big

paws stroking over his balls, working over his sheath, until

he'd teased himself erect. Breathlessly she'd ordered him

to stroke himself, to masturbate until his cock had

geyesered, splattering his cum on the floor of the shower

room. Edith had been embarrassed when the sound of applause

came from behind her and she'd turned to behold most of the

staff and half of the "residents" watching over her

shoulder. Hurriedly she'd gotten him rinsed off and pulled

him out to the dryer. As the wet Lion stood in the

artificial cyclone of warm air, one of the guards had come

over to tell her that she had a natural talent, that she'd

orchestrated a great impromptu scene, only causing the

Porcupine lass to blush again…….

When the Lion was dry, Edith had accepted a disposable

collar from one of the guards, and fastening it around the

Lion's neck, she'd clipped on a leash and dragged him into

one of the adjoining rooms. There, at least somewhat safe

from prying eyes, she'd set to work trying to untangle his


The Lion purrrred. The situation was both delightful and

unnerving; Edith sat astride his chest, worrying at his mane

with a hairbrush, and that felt quite nice….. but as she

moved, her quills rattled and swayed, just inches over his

sheath…… He felt tempted to reach up and caress her… but

where? They just hadn't covered Porcupine love (that he

could remember) at the Academy…….

Wanda looked at the printout and sighed; "well, maybe its

all for the best. After all, if I'd gotten my paws on him,

well, I probably would have accumulated a few thousand

year's bad Karma….." Looking up from the printout, Wanda

sighed; "But do you think he's really dead?" Tanj

grinned; "I know a sure fire way to find out….." Wanda

raised one eyebrow and crossed her arms, just waiting.

Tanj grinned; "you were his only child, right? His

closest living relative? All you have to do is let his

lawyers know you want your inheritance. If you actually get

it, then you know its for real. If they block you, or

there's nothing there, then obviously it’s a fake……"

Wanda's face broke into a wide grin and she grabbed the

Cheetah fem to hug her tight; "Tanj, that’s Beautiful! I

LOVE it! Now, how do we Do it?…." Tanj grunted in the

crushing embrace of the much larger Wolverine; "Well, first

you let me go, and I try to start breathing again….."

The bar was dingy, rough rock walls showing in several

places. And the asteroid station it was in was small, and

obscure. The perfect place for such a meeting……. But the

meeting with the pirate band known as the "Roughnecks"

wasn't going well…… "Xyloff" watched as Quistling tried

once again to explain the dialectic to their leader, a

Fennec fox by the name of Sanchez. The Lemming was trying,

but he just wasn't pulling it off. This group wasn't

interested in high-sounding ideals, or in political theory.

Still, Quistling had insisted on trying. Nodding to

Guevera, Quistling's Chief of the First Directorate,

"Xyloff" eased open his cloak, and slowly slid a paw inside.

The gunfire was sudden and surprising; the first fusillade

took down Sanchez and his Lieutenant, along with half a

dozen pirates. Before the survivors could even draw their

weapons, Guevera's commandos were advancing, exchanging

lethal weapons for shock sticks. The melee was as vicious

as it was short, and at the end, the Reds were


Onegin blinked and shook his head; that proved to be a

serious mistake. It felt as if someone were beating on it

with a hammer. Forcing his eyes open he groaned as he found

himself staring at the Wolverine…. Trying to move, he found

himself bound to a chair… and a quick look around, another

mistake, he realized, as his head pounded, showed Sanchez

and most of the Roughnecks dead…… Looking back at the

Wolverine he growled; "So why haven't you killed me too?

You realize of course, the crews will never let you on the

ships!" Xyloff just smiled; "no, I’m sure they won't. But

you will. You've heard our Chairman tell you about the

philosophy behind the Reds, and it was apparent that your

type cares little for the plight of the workers… but let me

tell you about some of the …. "other" benefits of joining

our cause……. The first one is that you would be the chief

of the Red's Space Navy….. and you and your…. "patriots"

would all share in the….. "resources" you help us liberate

for the workers……."

Quistling shook his head as they walked down the ship's

corridor. "Comrade Xyloff," he whispered: "I understand why

you did what you did, back in that bar…… and I admit the

addition of those pirate vessels to our cause will help

tremendously….. but don't you think, when the Revolution's

won, that those Pirates will be a liability?" "Xyloff"

chuckled and nodded, patting the Lemming on the shoulder;

"Comrade Chairman, by then, we will have filled the ranks of

the People's Space Navy with our own furrs, and the

elimination of a select few, those who don't exactly follow

our teachings, will be comparatively simple. Now come, Dear

Friend, lets check out the bridge of our new Flagship!"

Tanj smiled and called out "Enter" as the sound of the

door chime faded. As the door slid aside, Edith padded in,

pulling the Lion behind her on a leash. Tanj could tell

from the broad grin she wore that she'd definitely enjoyed

her time with the Lion; the Lion for his part, however had a

bit of a sour look on his face. "Here he is, Dear" Edith

purrrred, handing the leash to Tanj; "Scarcely the worse

for wear. I do believe I taught him a few things, as

well……. Oh, and I LIKE that negligee….." Tanj was

tempted to ask what those things she'd taught him might be,

but decided to hold that for later. "Thanks, Edith, I do

appreciate it." The Porcupine lass waved cheerily and

almost skipped out the door. When the door had closed,

Tanj turned to look at the Lion, one eyebrow raised. His

face shifted to an "oh… yeah" expression and slowly he knelt

at her feet, in the proper position for a slave. Tanj

shook her head and smiled crookedly; "I'm not going to have

any trouble with you, now, am I?" the Lion just shook his

head no, eyes downcast, but with a grin on his face.

Tanj mock-frowned and just nodded; "Uh Huh. Riiiight.

Well, let me tell you, Slave, if I DO, well, I know how to

obtain "obedience." The Lion nodded and rumbled "Yeth,

Mithtreth." Tanj frowned; "What's with the lisp?" The

Lion just shrugged; "Goth a qill in mi Tongueth from

Mithtreth Edithh….." Tanj just sighed and rolled her

eyes; "Open up, and let me see……." As the Lion complied,

Tanj thought that she'd never dreamed she'd let her new

slave get away with sticking his tongue out at her…..

Wanda peered at the Lion's tongue through thick stereoscopic

magnifiers as she worked with the tweezers and the probe.

Kath stood nearby, holding a tray of implements,

unsuccessfully masking a smirk. And Tanj growled by the

Comm console. "No, I'm sorry, he CAN'T come to the phone…..

No, he isn't "tied up" at the moment, he's having oral

surgery performed…. What? No, no, it seems he got several

porcupine quills stuck in his tongue….. WHAT? I DID NOT!……"

With a snarl that made Kath jump, Tanj brought her fist

down on the disconnect button……. "I don't believe this.

I've got him all to myself for a week, and first he gets

himself in a position where his tongue's….. unusable, and

NOW the Comm won't stop ringing!…." Wanda straightened,

looking at something in her tweezers through the magnifiers;

"Calm down, Tanj, I think I got it all. Couple of days

and he'll be able to use his tongue again……" Tanj just

crossed her arms over her chest and grumbled. Kath chuckled

and lifted the tray a foot, to peer beneath it; "Yeah, like

he doesn't have other useable…. Attributes…… Tanj was

just about to respond when her Comm console chimed again….

Tanj smiled; this was more like it. She'd tied the Lion

to his own bed, spreadeagled, and had gagged him with a roll

of gauze bandage (wrapped around and around his tongue as

punishment for letting himself get hurt), and had spent the

last few hours teasing him. The negligee was in a filmy

heap on the floor, and both his and her fur was disheveled.

Grinning, she slithered up his body again, letting his hard

cock rub between her tits, along her belly, to trap it

between her thighs……. She was flexing her legs, squeezing

his shaft rhythmically when the Comm went off again.

Growling, she reached across the bed to slap at it.

"Tanj? This is Ben; I hate to do this to you, but I've

GOT to talk to the Boss!" Tanj groaned; "Dammit, Ben,

he's had seventeen calls here since Edith dropped him off!

This is ridiculous! You know as well as I do that most

evenings he scarcely gets two calls! Some evenings he

doesn't get ANY! Now what in the HELL is going on here?"

Ben's image shrugged; "Look, I know he's indisposed, that

he's paying off a debt; Hell, the whole organization knows

what's going on! I don't know what's happening, or why…..

Must just be coincidence. But I DO need to talk to him……."

Tanj sighed and shook her head; "give me a minute……."

Shifting back on the bed, she started pulling sopping wet

gauze out of the Lion's mouth…… After a minute she sighed;

"Go ahead Ben, he can talk now……." "Boss, we've got a

problem with the bank on Parmla…. It seems that their

investment broker shifted a bunch of our investments without

consulting Financial, and now……..

Tanj sat on the end of the bed, alternatingly fluffing

and smoothing down the tuft of hair at the end of the Lion's

tail. The problem they were discussing was a real one, but

it still wasn't worth interrupting them…. At least not in

her opinion……. As their conversation wound down, Tanj

called out; "Ben?……" The Wolf's voice answered cautiously;

"Yes, Tanj?" "Ben, this isn't working. I don't know if

folks are calling to tease, or what, but its not working.

But I've got a solution……." Tanj could hear the

hesitation in Ben's voice…. "…. And that would be?" Tanj

growled; "the intelligence exchange with the Black Fleet is

due. I think I'm going to do this one in person. And I'm

taking him with me!" It took several seconds for the

explosion to build, but when it did, it was everything

Tanj expected; "DAMMIT, Tanj, you CAN NOT DO THAT! We

had a rough enough time while he was gone, down on Elysium!

You KNOW how needed he is around here!" Tanj waved a paw

in the general direction of the video pickup, waiting for

the Wolf to run down. "Forget it, Ben. A deal's a deal.

He's going. I'll let him have some time with the comm

console each day; he can keep in touch by E-mail. You know

we've got a secure system with the Black Fleet. And you

yourself agreed things would be quiet this week!" Ben's

face scowled; "you'd better give him ENOUGH time with the E-

mail, AND you'd better make the whole trip cloaked! If we

loose him again……." Tanj just shook her head and slapped

the disconnect button. For a moment she looked at the lion,

bound to the bed, and then she sighed. It would take a long

time to recapture the mood….. if the Comm console would even

let her. No, if it were to be done, it should be done now.

There'd be time on the trip….. Reaching over she punched up

Hinoki's number. As the Cheetah's sleepy face filled her

monitor, Tanj just grinned; "ROAD TRIP!"

Dahlia couldn't sleep. It seemed like since they'd been

rescued, time had weighed heavy on her hands. All there WAS

to do around here was eat, sleep and exercise, as her group

had waited for their new identities to be established, as

they waited for their transport to wherever they were to be

set free. And now, in the middle of the night, she'd found

she couldn't sleep any more, so she'd gone for a walk. And

there, up ahead at the intersection of the corridors, she'd

seen the most amazing sight; that Tanj fem leading the

Lion on a leash. At least she THOUGHT it was the same

Lion….. Speeding up, she tried to catch them; she STILL

wanted to talk to him, maybe spend some time with him……

Zassa looked sleepy, her jeans and crop-top rumpled as if

she'd slept in them. But she was there at the open airlock.

Hinoki, looking a bit too chipper for that hour of the

morning was behind her, and the smell of perking coffee was

coming through the open inner and outer airlock doors.

Tanj led the still nude Lion by his leash, as he carried

her luggage. She was just about to close the airlock when

she heard the call; "Hang on, wait for us!" Looking out the

lock she saw Wanda and Kath dashing across the docking bay.

And each carried a bag. "You don't think you could go on a

road trip without us, do you?" Wanda panted as they squeezed

past Tanj. "after all, you've told us how GOOD a

mistress Jenka is time and time again. If she's that good,

I want to pick up some pointers for Kath's training. Behind

the Wolverine, Kath just rolled her eyes. Tanj chuckled;

"well, if you want to come, that’s fine with me………. I


Tanj handed the Lion's leash to Hinoki and grinned; "Take

him down to the play area in the cargo bay. Lets see….. Why

don't you set him up for "the Swing." Be creative. And you

can… "play" with him until I get us undocked and on course

and then come down. Then we'll see what we can do with

him……." The Cheetah male just grinned and tugged on the

leash; "come on, you. I've got several things I've been

wanting to try……"

Dahlia watched as the airlock door closed. "Neat place to

play, I bet; no one would bother them in there……" Grinning

to herself she snuck across the open docking bay, moving as

quietly as she could to the airlock….. "I bet when they're

done with him, I can sneak in and have a few words…. And it

might be fun to watch, too. Now… how do I open this

thing….." she thought to herself.

Tanj was still in the galley, getting a cup of coffee

when on the flight deck, the airlock indicator light on the

Operations console winked on, and then off, unseen……

Dahlia looked first one way, and then the other; the ship's

corridor looked featureless in both directions…. "OK, Girl,

THINK…… Airlock was on the left side of the ship….. Bridge

would have to be forward…. But where would the staterooms

be? Aft? Or near the Bridge?" Flipping a mental coin, the

Clydesdale mare turned to the right and headed off down the

corridor as quietly as she could be……

Tanj settled into the pilot's seat, setting her coffee in

the holder within easy reach. "I wonder why it is, that

Hinoki, using the same ingredients and the same coffee

maker, always seems to be able to make a better cup than I

can…" she wondered to herself as she brought up main power.

Dahlia noted the flicker of the lights and wondered what

that was about. She hadn't seen that on the station; power

flow there had been rock-steady….. Shrugging to herself

she continued exploring…..

Tanj glanced over her console, switching displays from

engineering to navigation to operations to communications,

doublechecking. Finally, opening a channel to traffic

control, she requested departure clearance. The Otter

peering back at her from the monitor leered; "OK, Lost

Cause, you're cleared. Y'all have a safe and, ah, "Happy"

trip, and we'll see you in a week!" Tanj just chuckled

and nodded; "Oh, I'm SURE we will…. Most of us, anyways."

Breaking the connection, she throttled up on the repulsors a

bit, and hit the switch to retract the landing gear. Easing

the freighter out of its revetment, she turned it smoothly

and headed for the launch port…… The expected rumble as the

ship passed through the magnetic field and into the vacuum

of space brought a smile to Tanj's face. She did so love

to fly……..

Dahlia blinked as the ship quivered and then jumped beneath

her, wondering what THAT was….. She'd found the staterooms,

but all but one of them were empty….. A pretty red Vixen

was sound asleep in one of them. Someone had been in the

galley and she'd avoided that, even though the coffee

smelled good….. Now completely turned around, she moved

down yet another corridor, wondering where everyone was.……

Wanda grinned at Kath as she stowed her gear in the ship's

small sick bay; "From what I've heard, you're going to like

Jenka. At least if Tanj's stories are any indicator."

The Mink crossed her arms over her chest and hmphed; "Oh,

great. More time spent all trussed up. Goodie….." Wanda

straightened and sighed. Shaking her head she fished in her

bag for a moment, her paw coming out with a set of cuffs and

a ball gag; "Dear, sometimes I think you mouth off like that

just so I WILL punish you… now come here like a good


Hinoki lead the Lion not towards the cargo bay, but towards

his own small cabin. There, he stopped only long enough to

recover a soft canvas bag, that bulged ominously with

unusual shapes. Grinning at the Lion, the male Cheetah

explained with a single word; "toys." Then he was tugging

at the leash, leading him back into the corridor, towards

the cargo bay.

Kath grumbled behind the ball gag as Wanda slipped the end

of her leash over a hook on the wall. Padded leather cuffs

now encircled her wrists, and they were clipped together

behind her back. If she struggled hard, she might find a

way to undo the roller buckles… in about a month. Still, at

least they weren't locked on…….

The Lion stood straight, as if at attention, paws clasped

behind his back. Before turning, to unpack his bag, Hinoki

had looped the end of the Lion's leash over a conduit

running along the wall of the cargo bay. Then he had hooked

its end over a lower-placed hook, making the Lion stand,

well, if not quite on tiptoes, then at least VERY straight

in order to keep the pressure off his neck. And the collar

had these little pointy nubbins around the inside; it wasn’t

exactly comfortable when it got tight…… As the Lion watched

the Cheetah from the corner of his eye, he reflected on the

order to merely hold his paws crossed behind his back; they

weren't fastened, but he had the suspicion that not obeying

perfectly would be unadvisable…..

Dahlia smiled as she heard a voice up ahead. Doing her best

to move quietly, something she wasn't exactly practiced at,

she edged towards the noise…..

Kath watched as Wanda put away their things in their

stateroom. Well, mostly Wanda's things. Kath wasn't

allowed to wear much these days, and as such, she traveled,

well, "light"….. After a few moments, the Wolverine lass

reclaimed the end of Kath's leash from the hook on the wall,

and giving her a gentle tug, led her back out into the

corridor; "Lets go on down to the Cargo Bay and see what

Hinoki's come up with, shall we? Kath mumbled something

into her gag, and whatever it was, Wanda ignored it

completely, leading the way down the corridor.

Hinoki smiled; he'd threaded four eye-bolts into the deck in

a rectangular pattern, and arranged the mats so the eyebolts

protruded through the gaps where the mats butted together.

In the center of the mat was a cargo brace; a variable

length pole with a screw adjustment in the middle, and

eight-inch square brace pads on either end. It was meant to

be used inside a shipping container to separate loads, to

keep stacks of boxes from falling over, but he had a

different use in mind…… Grinning up at the Lion, he

selected a set of padded ankle and wrist cuffs from the pile

of gear, and rose, to padd towards his captive……

Tanj cloaked the ship as they cleared the Mining

Operation's outer marker. Changing course, throttling up,

she settled the freighter on the first leg of the trip to

the Black Fleet's base. She'd have to wait a bit, to make

sure they were well clear of the system before she could go

down and see what Hinoki was doing….. Should she wait and

be surprised, or should she switch one of the displays to

the cargo bay monitor and watch. Grinning, feeling like a

voyeur, she started to reconfigure one of the displays…….

Hinoki grinned down at the Lion; he'd had him lie on his

back, and had shackled each wrist, each ankle to the

eyebolts in the floor. The Lion had obeyed stoically, an

almost resigned look on his face. When he was fastened to

Hinoki's satisfaction, the Cheetah rose and stood, looking

down; "you know what Tanj was asking for, weren't you?"

The Lion nodded; "the swing. I remember that one, although

I fear I'm not in as good a shape as I should be to do that

correctly; you've got to have a strong back, and very good

upper body strength for that….." Hinoki grinned evilly;

"That's what the cargo brace is for. Now be a good boy and

arch for me." The Lion looked at Hinoki for a moment, an

inscrutable look on his face, and then, with a grunt, he

tilted his head back and with hands and feet braced next to

the eyebolts he arched his mid-section off the floor.

Hinoki watched for a moment and then tisked; "All the way

up; get your head clear of the floor." Another grunt, and

the Lion heaved himself up further, until his body formed a

bow, only the padds of his feet and the palms of his hands

touching. Hinoki nodded, and slipping a small square of

foam pad over the end of the cargo brace, he placed one end

in the small of the Lion's back, and then started to turn

the adjustment screw……

"Xyloff" looked at the flyer and grinned. For the peasants

in Chubarra Province, hounded by government troops for

"supporting" his guerillas, this should push ALL Their

buttons. But then the Advertising firm he'd "hired" to do

the Red's propaganda was very good. It was amazing what

some folks would do for money…. And for the others, well,

holding one or two of their children hostage usually worked

to "inspire" them. Nodding to his aide, he handed the flyer

back. The propaganda campaign was working like clockwork,

even if he did have to engineer most of the Government

atrocities himself…….

Hinoki smiled at the scene; the pole in the small of his

back held the Lion aloft; surely his muscles would tire, but

he couldn't fall back to the mat. And he was so deliciously

exposed, so completely vulnerable…. Reaching into the toy

bag he selected just a few more things……… the weighted

collar, the one that matched, in style at least, the one

around his neck, was fastened around the Lion's pendulous

balls. The rubber coated ring gag filled his mouth, foam

pads filled his ears, and the blindfold went over his eyes.

As he finished strapping the blindfold in place, the Cheetah

snuck a look at his chronograph; "you know, I think we'll

have some time before Tanj arrives…. Since I've gotten

you all nice and comfy, I think I'll just……" Letting his

speech trail off, the Cheetah rose, and slipped off his

shorts. Setting them carefully aside, he resumed his former

kneeling position by the Lion's head; taking the Lion’s ears

in each paw, Hinoki purrred as he softly rubbed the Lion's

muzzle against his sheath.

Dahlia peered from between two large freight containers…. In

her limited field of view was a large mat, and a nude Male

Cheetah doing…. Just what WAS he doing to the curiously

bound Lion? Fascinated, she settled down to watch……

Hinoki purrrred. The Lion was an alumnus of the Academy,

and had been trained well; he knew just what Hinoki wanted,

his tongue flicking out to tease the Cheetah's balls before

stroking upwards along his sheath. For his part, the

Cheetah was already half-aroused, excited by his activities

in tying the Lion in his strained position. His cock

expanded smoothly from his sheath as he got hard, its tip

first tentatively probing its way through the ring in the

Lion's mouth, and then growing firmly, until it was wholly

encased in the Lion's mouth, its head pressed firmly against

the back of his throat. Hinoki paused, moving his paws over

the Lion's strained body, examining his musculature, running

his fingers through his mane…. But as he felt the Lion's

tongue start to work along his shaft, to stroke him, he

couldn't help but start to move…..

The Lion grunted softly as Hinoki started working his hard

shaft in and out through the ring holding his jaws agape.

The pressure made him strain at his bonds with each motion,

and despite the pad, the end of the cargo brace pressed

painfully into the small of his back. Still, he had a

reputation to live up to, and remembering his training, he

worked his tongue over and over the Cheetah's shaft,

memories of his lessons, and the skills and techniques

returning rapidly. His tongue wasn't fully healed from the

porcupine quills, and he could swear that every texture,

every contour of the Cheetah's cock was doubly reported to

his brain….

Kath's eyes went wide as she beheld the scene, as Wanda led

her into the Cargo Bay. The Wolverine lass, for her part,

just chuckled; "you know, I've always wondered about that…..

lets just sit down and watch, shall we?" Before Kath could

mumble anything into her gag, Wanda was pulling her down

into her lap……..

Hinoki came explosively, his cum rushing up his cock with a

speed that almost surprised him; pulling his hips back, he

made sure that his seed wound up in the Lion's mouth, just

behind the ring gag, where he was sure to taste it. When

he'd finished, he sat back with a sigh, to smile at the

Lion's upside-down face; "That was very good, slave. Very

good indeed. Now, Mistress has commanded I get you ready,

and Ready I shall get you." Crawling around, he settled

himself between the Lion's outstretched legs, and leaning

forward just a bit he gave the Lion's bound balls a long,

slow lick……

Kath squirmed as Wanda stroked her; it felt SO good to have

her mistress' paw between her thighs, her fingers working so

expertly over the wetness between her legs. Panting

lightly, she wished, for just a moment, that Wanda had put

her in the arm binder; it left her feeling so deliciously

helpless, a sensation that melded so well with the gentle


Hinoki had him just the way he liked him; the Lion's cock

was rock hard, standing proudly, swaying slightly with each

heartbeat. The Cheetah was teasing, licking just enough to

keep him hard, painfully aroused. Now, all they had to do

was to wait for Tanj. He hoped she'd be a while……

Tanj smiled in satisfaction as she finally found, and

canceled out that annoying little harmonic. She did still

love playing with the engines, when she got the chance.

Settling back in her seat and changing displays from

Engineering to Nav, she checked their position. They were

well beyond the Elysium system's OORT cloud, and on the very

fringes of Interstellar space. There didn't seem to be ANY

traffic in their area, but she figured, she'd wait a bit

more, before trusting the ship to the autopilot. Swapping

displays again, she peeked on the cargo bay…… As she

watched, once again Marveling at Hinoki, her eye was drawn

by a flicker of movement behind them……

Dahlia kneeled behind the crates, panting lightly as she

watched. One hand was under her dress, between her thighs,

the other lightly caressed a breast through the thin fabric.

Grinning, eyes fastened on the Cheetah and the Lion, she was

oblivious to the camera in the corner shifting a little, its

lens rotating…..

Tanj Blinked; "now who the Hell is tha…… wait a minute.

I remember her…. She was that Mare we picked up from that

AgriCorp facility…… the one who asked about the Lion….."

Watching for a moment, Tanj shook her head; "now what in

the heck is she doing HERE?…." Taking another quick look

around the flight deck, Tanj rose, to go investigate…….

In the shadows of the cargo bay, Tanj watched, trying to

sort out her emotions. What was that Mare doing here. What

did the Lion mean to her? More importantly, what did she

mean to the Lion? Was this a serious rival, or just someone

who'd blundered into the wrong place? What would be the

best way to handle the situation? If she came on too

strong, if the Lion did care for the Mare, she might merely

drive them closer together. And yet, it was obvious that

the Mare was a stowaway on her ship…… Watching, both the

Mare softly stroke herself, and Hinoki tease the Lion,

Tanj tried to sort out her emotions……

Wanda purrred in Kath's ear; "you like what you see, don't

you? You like the way one male teases another. I see how

you can't keep your eyes off of their cocks. I can tell you

like the Lion's better…. You'd like to take that for your

own, wouldn't you? To ride him, to pleasure him, to be

pleasured by him?" Swallowing, not trusting her voice, Kath

nodded. Wanda smiled, her fingers never stopping, never

ceasing their gentle stroking of the Mink's wet sex; "Well,

you can't have him. Not yet, not now, anyways. He's

Tanj's for the week, and maybe, just maybe, if you're

very good, she'll let you taste some of his marvelous

cock….. Maybe you'll get a taste of the Cheetah's too.

Maybe, if you're extra-special good, we'll find a way for

you to get both at once. Now wouldn't THAT be nice?" Kath

imagined herself between the two hard male bodies, their

shafts plumbing her depths and moaned softly, her head

nodding. Behind her, Wanda just chuckled. She knew that

Kath secretly loved her life, no matter how she grumbled.

After all, as a "former" Imperial agent, surely she could

have escaped by now, if she’d wanted to…."

Tanj had moved silently, until she was standing just

behind the Mare. It took a while, but eventually Dahlia

brought a hand around, to brush a stray lock of hair out of

her eyes; it was just what Tanj had been waiting for; as

she grabbed the Mare's wrist, twisting, pulling it up behind

her back, Tanj purrred "well, what Do we have here? A


Dahlia eeped as someone grabbed her from behind;

instinctively she rose to her feet, but the pressure against

her wrist behind her back kept her from doing more than

that. Twisting, turning her head left and right, she

struggled to see who'd grabbed her.

Hinoki heard the shuffle of feet, heard Tanj say

something, and lifted his head to see what was going on.

The Lion heard something, but blindfolded, and upside-down,

he didn't have a clue as to what was transpiring…….

Wanda smiled as Tanj emerged from behind some crates, a

much larger Clydesdale Mare in her grip. The Mare looked

wild-eyed and frightened… and as she watched, she wondered

if this was something Tanj had staged, or was something

unexpected really happening?

Kath let her eyes rove over the shapely Mare in the tight

dress, and smiled to herself. Completely unbidden, the

thought "the more the merrier" floated through her mind……

Tanj forced the Mare down to her knees at the edge of the

mat. Hinoki, having shifted from his position between the

Lion's thighs, handed her a pair of handcuffs with silent

aplomb. Moments later, Dahlia found herself cuffed, her

hands behind her back. Tanj padded around, to look down

at the Mare… well, not THAT far down; even on her knees, the

Mare was BIG. As big as her Lion…… "I suppose I should ask

you what you're doing here, not that it matters all that

much….." Dahlia blinked back; "I'm just here to….. I saw

you two cross the docking bay, and I thought I might find a

way to…. get a word with him….. I'm supposed to leave the

station in a couple of days, and…. Look, I didn't mean to

spoil your fun; just let me go, and I'll get back to the

station and not bother you anymore……" Tanj sighed and

shook her head; "The station's about three light-years away

right now. You're here for the duration." Turning, looking

over at Wanda, and Hinoki, Tanj flicked her eyes towards

Dahlia, and having confirmed the Mare couldn't see her eyes,

she winked ostentaciously; "Now, what do you think we should

do with Stowaways?" Behind her, Dahlia gulped.

Dahlia was surprised how fast it all happened; it was almost

as if they'd rehearsed it. The lady Wolverine had risen, to

grab her hands; the Cheetah fem had unlocked the cuffs, and

after the Wolverine had firmly moved her hands around in

front of her, the male Cheetah had replaced them with some

much larger, padded ones. Then the Cheetah fem had hooked

the cuffs together, and the link to a chain dangling from

the ceiling. As the Wolverine had pulled her up, the two

Cheetahs (were they a matched pair or something? Brother

and Sister?) had each taken an ankle, applying padded cuffs

held apart by some sort of pole…. and then, suddenly, she'd

found herself teetering on the tips of her hooves, her legs

WIDE apart. Somewhere in the whole affair, her dress had

vanished, leaving her as nude as the Mink who'd just knelt

there and watched….. the whole thing had been done with the

precision and measured haste of a race team servicing their


Wanda stepped forward and cupped the Mare's generous

breasts; "mmmmmmm, NICE. Kath, get over here; I want you to

kneel between her feet and lick at her until she tells us

just WHY she stowed away; I'm not sure I believe her story.

Keep licking until I tell you otherwise…… Releasing

Dahlia's breasts, Wanda turned and sashayed back to where

she'd been sitting, to resume her seat on the floor, a wide

smile on her face.

Dahlia’s eyes went WIDE open in surprise; "you want HER to

….. I mean another female? Hey, I’m not… I’ve never…..

NOOOOOO!" But her protestations only seemed to spur on the

Mink, who positively oozed across the mat, a predatory look

on her face…….

Hinoki looked at the Mare, and Kath, and then turned to

Tanj; giving a low bow he purrred; "Mistress, your slave

awaits." Backing to one side, like a master showman, Hinoki

let Tanj see past him, to the arched Lion. Tanj let

her gaze rove over him, her eyes caressing each bulge of

muscle, every portion of his anatomy that she knew so well….

"Ah, but I see you've cheated; he's supposed to hold that

pose by himself! I think, Hinoki, that you'll have to be

"punished" for that…..

Dahlia blinked as the male Cheetah actually smiled at that.

The Mink's tongue was finishing what her own fingers had

started, as she watched from behind the crate; a climax was

approaching, and rapidly, too…. She’d never been so

embarrassed in her life, but that didn’t seem to matter to

her body, who was delighting in the sensations coming from

the Mink’s talented tongue……

Tanj bent, and slowly turned the adjustment screw on the

cargo brace; as she lowered it, she growled; "Don't collapse

on me; you WILL hold that pose until I'm done with you, or

else! Mistress commands it!" Tossing the brace to one

side, Tanj stripped off her overalls, a hurried strip-

tease, knowing that Wanda's, Hinoki's and the Mare's eyes

were on her……

Tanj purrred and ran her paws back and forth along the

tautness of the Lion's stomach; his muscles trembled beneath

her touch, and she knew he couldn't hold this pose forever.

Did she want to hurry, or did she want to make him fail, to

earn further "punishments?" Her gaze was drawn to his hard

shaft, bright pink against the tawniness of his stomach….

Looking up at Wanda she purrred; "Are you familiar with the

"Swing?" It takes tabletop dancing to a ridiculous extreme.

In the most basic version, as you see here, the supple male

forms a well-rounded table for his partner, who performs the

"dance of the swing" astride his star-gazing cock, until one

of them collapses. Turning and winking at Dahlia, Tanj

chuckled; "it’s a heck of a horsey ride, except the "horse"

is upside-down……" Smoothly throwing one leg across the

Lion, Tanj straddled his middle, facing his feet; her

paws found his hard shaft, and she stroked him gently. The

groan emerging from the Lion's gagged mouth might have been

from her touch, or merely from her weight…. After stroking

him for a moment she rose to tiptoes, and shifting a little,

centered his cock, and then, with a purrrrr of delight,

lowered herself onto him. For a long moment, she seemed not

to move, her eyes closed…. And then she opened them, to look

at Wanda; "When, like a Mare, cruelly gripping a Stallion,

you trap and milk your Lover's shaft, it is Vadavaka, or the

Mare's Trick, and it can only be perfected with long

practice. This is something from the Ancient Kama Sutra.

Kath, I think needs to learn to do this…… And I wonder if

our stowaway knows its secrets?" Unseen, Tanj's vaginal

muscles rippled, milking the Lion's shaft, caressing him

with her "inner hand." The only outward sign was the look

of concentration on the Cheetah Fem's face, and the

contortions of the Lion's face. And his rapid breathing……

Kath, still dutifully licking at the Mare, who was currently

lost in her third climax, grinned, thinking that was

training she'd love to undergo. The Homework must be

interesting……. Vadavaka… she'd have to remember that.

Tanj purrrred and slowly started to move, letting the

Lion's thick cock slither from within her, until only the

last few inches were within her… she could rise no further

without effort, and this was to be his test, not hers….

Just as slowly, just as teasingly, she settled back down,

savoring the sensation of slick surface moving against slick

surface. As she rose and fell, she again opened her eyes to

mere slits and regarded Wanda; "In the more advanced tantric

practices, the female will spin around and around on his

shaft……." Hinoki chuckled and rose, padding across the

Cargo Bay, to lower another chain, the mate to the one

holding a now rather limp Dahlia suspended. Reaching up, he

snapped a spreader bar to the hook, forming a trapeze for

Tanj. The Cheetah fem took it, one paw on either side of

the hook, and as if showing off her physical prowess, slowly

started doing chin-ups……

The Lion's groan was audible; the ring gag was designed to

hold his jaws open, to permit anyone or anything access to

his mouth. As Tanj (being blindfolded, he at least

THOUGHT it was Tanj) rose and fell on his shaft, he

thought he was going to go out of his mind. Only the

burning of his over-taxed muscles kept him from cumming on

the spot.

Tanj used all her experience to gauge his exhaustion, to

measure how close he was to cumming….. she didn't want him

dropping out from beneath her before she'd climaxed, and

yet, she wanted to enjoy this to the fullest…… Figuring the

time was close, she raised her legs as high as she could,

bringing her knees almost to her chest, and then, with a

twist, she set herself spinning……. The chain above her

twisted, and then she found herself twisting the other way;

the sensation was exquisite, and as the Lion's thick, veined

shaft turned within her, she felt the beginnings of her


Dahlia couldn't remember how many climaxes the Mink had

licked her to; she'd lost count, but even through the lust-

filled haze, she noted the Cheetah's maneuver; she made it

look so easy, so graceful….. One small part of Dahlia's mind

chided her that if she ever tried that, she'd prove to

either not be limber enough, or not strong enough to hold

herself up for that long. And if she fell, oh, the poor

male beneath her! As the Cheetah fem twisted one way and

then the other, as the Lion let out a strangled roar, the

sight and the sounds and the Mink's incessant tongue all

served to drive her to yet another body-wracking climax.

Somehow along the way, the embarrassment of such sexual

release in front of strangers had faded, and she could revel

in the pleasures coursing through her body.….

Tanj's climax was well underway when the Lion, spurting

hard, collapsed out from under her. His cum, still coming

in gobs, splatted his chest and belly, sticky white droplets

against the golden colored fur. Tanj, panting, slowly

let herself down from the ad-hoc trapeze, to stand astride

him. When she'd recovered her breath she sighed; "I TOLD

you not to loose that position. Now I'm going to have to

punish you……. Or perhaps I'll just HAVE you punished. This

one deserves some thought, though." Turning, she grinned at

Hinoki and winked again; "I'm going to head up to the Flight

Deck. I need to check on a few things. Clean him up, but

leave him in a suitable…. Position, should I decide to amuse

myself later." The Cheetah nodded; "Mind if I… make use of

him in your absence, Mistress?" Tanj thought for a

minute and then shrugged; "I suppose not, just so long as

he's ready for me….."

Hinoki stood and stared at the globs of cum on the Lion's

body, his cock slowly shrinking back into his sheath; "you

know, if you were flexible enough, I'd make YOU lick that

up; pity you're not an Otter." Behind him, Wanda chuckled;

"Oh, don't worry about that; I'll clean him up. He needs a

while to rest anyways…." The startled male Cheetah watched

as Wanda knelt by the Lion, bending to ruffle the fur of his

tummy with her tongue.

Hinoki yawned. The Lion had been retied in a more

comfortable position; his ankles had been locked together,

to a ring-bolt in the floor, and heavy belts had been

buckled around each of his thighs, just below his crotch.

His wrist cuffs had been buckled to the thigh bands, holding

his paws at his side, and a rope underneath him would insure

that he didn't raise them to play with himself. The D-ring

on the side of his collar had been locked to another

eyebolt, holding him in a prone position. The ring gag had

been replaced with a soft rubber ball gag, earplugs had been

retained, and the blindfold had been left in place.

Finally, a foam rubber pad had been slipped beneath his

head. "Nighty night, Slave; I'll see you in the morning….."

Turning, yawning again, Hinoki headed out to his cabin, to

catch a few Z's.

Wanda stretched and reached down to ruffle Kath's headfur;

"The Mare say anything yet, Slave? Kath groused; "Oh,

Plenty, Mistress; she's moaned and screamed and whinnyed….

But she hasn't said anything intelligent yet. My tongue's

getting sore; can I stop now?" Wanda smiled; "soon, Love.

Tell you what; I'll lick our friend here; you slide down,

and lick me to three climaxes, and then we'll go get some


Dahlia moaned; it just wouldn't stop. There comes a point

where pleasure blurrs with pain, and she was rapidly

approaching that point. She never thought she'd say it, but

she just wished they'd STOP and let her get some rest, but

now, the Wolverine had taken over, a fresh tongue against

her poor raw, abused sex……. Panting, shuddering, she howled

as yet another climax washed over her, making her body jerk

in its bonds.

Zassa yawned and stretched. Catching a glimpse of herself

in the mirror, she sighed; her hair was a mess, and her

clothes, well, they looked like she'd slept in them. Which

she had. Rising, stretching, she pulled her top off over

her head as she headed for the shower. At least, on this

ship, clothes were optional. VERY optional.

Wanda screamed into the Mare's dripping snatch as Kath

licked her to the third climax; she'd taught the Mink well,

and Kath obviously delighted in her skill at bringing her

Mistress to a screaming climax. Pulling away from the

Mink's clutching paws, rising unsteadily, Wanda looked into

the Mare's face. Dahlia was panting hard, her chest

heaving, her eyes open, but glazed and unseeing. Chuckling,

Wanda reached down to help Kath to her feet; "no point in

asking HER questions; not at the moment….." Kath just

licked her lips and nodded, her face plastered with her

Mistress' juices. At a call of "Hey, All, what's up" they

both turned to see Zassa padd nude into the Cargo Bay.

"Oh, not much" Wanda grinned; "Just "torturing" our stowaway

here. But Kath and I are all wore out; we're going to go

get some sleep. Care to take over?" The Vixen grinned as

she looked the Mare up and down; "Um, sure; what's the

drill?" Wanda smiled; "I don't believe this one stowed away

just to talk to the Lion. We're trying to lick the truth

out of her." Zassa's paw stroked over the wet fur of the

Mare's crotch; "I see. Get any results yet?" At Wanda's

shake of the head, the Vixen smiled; "Leave her to me; I'll

get her to talk." Wanda nodded; "she's all yours," and

gathering up the end of Kath's leash, the two headed out

from the Cargo Bay.

Dahlia's chest heaved, and gradually her vision cleared; but

what she saw was scarcely reassuring. The Vixen she'd

glimpsed earlier was nude, and had a tube of lubricant in

one hand…. And she was squeezing it into the palm of her

other hand. At first this confused the mare, but then as

the Vixen started to work at spreading the lubricant around,

covering every square millimeter of her hand, she started to

get concerned…. She wasn't….. was she? She COULDN'T be!

Tanj sighed and sipped her mug of coffee. The ship was

on course, the engineering department was all in the green,

the cloaking device was just humming along, and there wasn't

a single thing on the long range scanners. It was just the

way she liked it. Yawning, she settled back in her pilot's

chair and wondered how long Hinoki would sleep; she really

should get him to relieve her on the bridge before she

caught a few Z's…..

Zassa smiled and made herself comfortable between the Mare's

widespread feet. Reaching up with her right paw, she softly

massaged Dahlia's crotch, getting it liberally covered in

the lubricant. As she rubbed, the Mare groaned tiredly.

The horsie's chin was on her chest and her eyes were half

closed, at least until Zassa slid two fingers between her

labia, stroking upwards. As the Vixen moved her paw up and

down, up and down, with a languorous rhythm, Dahlia's eyes

widened, and she leaned forward a little in her restraints

to look down at what the vixen was doing to her crotch. As

she watched in amazement, the Vixen slowly worked at

spreading her fingers, gently stretching her, opening her

wider and wider, until a third finger, and then a fourth was

added. Aside from the liquid sounds of the slick fingers

moving, aside from the rasp of harsh panting, the Vixen

worked in silence……. It wasn't until the Vixen pulled all

her fingers together, folding her thumb flat against her

palm that the Horsie shudders and moaned; "nooooooo, no, not

thaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAH!", her voice rising as Zassa slowly

pushed her entire paw between her labia and into her sex.

The Vixen smiled to herself, enjoying the stowaway's

reaction, enjoying the warmth and the wetness of the Mare's

sex wrapping itself tightly around her paw. She grinned and

stroked her paw up and down for a moment or two, delighted

in the way the Horsie writhed and struggled against the

bonds holding her. Another shriek was elicited as Zassa

spread her fingers and formed a fist, deep within the Mare's

sex. Finally the Vixen spoke; "I get the impression you've

never been fisted before… now I can make this some of the

best sex you've ever had, or…. something else. Now; tell me

the truth, tell me convincingly just why you're here, and

I'll make this a delight………"

The Mare's response was a hoarse whisper; "N.. ne.. never

been Fi…. Never before….. Never been with another girl be…

before….. ne… never done ANY of this before……. Look…… I….

I just wanted to see your Lion; he… we…. We were….. ah, OH!

Ah, we may have… had something … back where… we were….."

Zassa smiled to herself, and shook her head; "Sounds good,

and I'm tempted to believe you, but I wonder….. we do have

enemies, so I guess I'd better make SURE you're telling me

the truth…. With that, the Vixen uncurled one finger, to

scritch lightly with a clawtip at the front wall of the

Mare's pussy…… The Mare did her very best to arch, throwing

her head back, and whinnying Loudly. On the floor, a dozen

feet distant, the Lion's body shifted; he'd heard that one

even through his earplugs. The Vixen chuckled; "Me,

personally, I've always found a little pain to be the spice

that makes sex great; but that’s just me; now that you know

what MIGHT come to pass, this is the OTHER side of the

coin…." Leaning forward, Zassa flicked her tonguetip over

the hard prominence that was the Mare's pearl as she tugged

her fist downward sharply…..

Dahlia's response was electric; her body shook hard, almost

convulsing as a sudden powerful climax tore through her; it

seemed like the harder she came, the more the Vixen did to

prolong it, to drive it to greater heights, to deeper

depths. Finally, inky blackness surrounded her, and she

passed out……

Consciousness returned slowly, to the Mare, soft tugging

sensations emanating from her crotch as the Vixen continued

to toy with her. Opening her eyes to slits, the Mare looked

down between her breasts, into the upturned face of the

Vixen; Zassa, for her part, seeing the Mare was back,

started to move her fist a little faster, a little harder,

and then, at the appropriate time, leaning forward to simply

blow on the Mare's clitty. Again she was rewarded with an

ear-splitting whinny, and the Mare once again sagging in her

bonds. "Ooooooh, Zassa chuckled to herself; "I LIKE the way

she does that…. Just GOTTA try that again……"

The Lion had been trying to sleep; there wasn't much else to

do when you were strapped down like this; but there was

obviously something happening in the Cargo Bay; occasionally

he'd feel vibrations through the floor or hear a muffled

something through the earplugs…. He wondered just what in

the heck was going on out there.

Dahlia mumbled, more to herself than anyone else. Over and

over she mumbled, or gasped "Just wanted to SEE him; talk

with him; that's ALL" or words to that effect. The Vixen

was relentless, and if she'd thought the licking was bad,

the fisting was truly driving her mad. The climaxes were so

powerful that again and again she lost consciousness, until

it all blended into a haze of pleasure and pain. Finally

blackness claimed her once again, as her mind overloaded on


Zassa sighed as the Mare refused to wake up again. Reaching

up she harshly twisted one of Dahlia's nipples, producing no

response. With a sigh, she carefully extricated her fist,

and with a grin, wiped it at least reasonably clean on the

Mare's thigh. Rising and stretching, she wondered how long

the Mare had been suspended like that.. and then looking

down at the prone and bound Lion, she had an idea…..

Dahlia oofed as the floor rushed up and hit her; she moaned

incoherently as the Vixen grunted and struggled to drag her,

and then she was being tied down over something warm and

lumpy. Wrists were fastened to something, and then ankles,

and then waist… and then, exhausted, she drifted off to


The Lion grunted hard as something heavy landed on him; it

didn’t take him long to figure out it was a body.. and then

he felt someone tying something to his ankle restraints,

someone running a strap from one bound wrist to the other,

tying whomever was on top of him to him. The scent of wet

femininity assailed his nostrils… and then his ballgag was

being pulled from his mouth. For a moment one earplug was

pulled out and he heard Zassa's sultry voice coo; "Here's

an old friend to keep you company." Then the earplug was

replaced. He didn't know if Zassa was still there,

watching, or if she'd left the Cargo Bay. "Too heavy by far

for Tanj" he thought to himself. "Wanda wouldn't do

this, and besides, I don't think she's that heavy either.

Who could it be?" Tilting his head up, the Lion explored

what he could with his tongue; as his rough feline tongue

stroked over a very wet, literally dripping pussy, he

purrred, remembering that taste.

Dahlia woke up to a gentle lapping between her legs; it was

a slow, soothing stroke, with a pause between each lick.

She had no idea how long it had been going on, either. It

could have been minutes or hours. Squirming just a little,

she found that she was bound on top of someone, apparently

head to toe…. Or more accurately, head to crotch. Somewhere

along the line, someone had blindfolded her, and filled her

ears with some sort of earplugs; she could neither hear nor

see. Nuzzling downward, she inhaled, and then smiled; she

remembered that scent! Maybe the Vixen had believed her

after all….. With a grin, she opened her mouth to return

the licks…..

Tanj opened her eyes, and realized that she'd fallen

asleep on the flight deck; she was sprawled across the

Pilot's seat, one leg thrown over the armrest. Still nude,

she found herself with one paw instinctively stroking her

sex, and realized she'd been dreaming about her Master. Her

Lion. HER Lion. Wondering just what had transpired in the

Cargo Bay after she'd left, she rose and stretched, and then

padded over to switch one of the Operations monitors to the

camera in the Cargo Bay. What she saw made her blood boil;

the Mare was on top of HER Lion, face down, in the classic

"69," and they were both licking each other like crazy!

Turning, she strode towards the flight deck door, fully

intending to put a stop to THAT… and then she paused. It

was obvious they hadn't tied themselves like that. Someone

else had obviously done it. Someone had probably figured

that it was a good "scene" for two slaves….. and having set

up this situation, how could she object to one of her

crewmates using whatever resources were available to set up

an interesting scene? With a sigh, she slumped back in the

Pilot's chair, wondering how she SHOULD react to this


Tanj forced a smile as she entered the Cargo Bay. The

two bound forms had obviously licked themselves to

exhaustion; in fact, she wasn't even sure either of them

were awake. Bending, she started to unclip the Mare from

her Lion, and as she worked, they both stirred. Gently, she

pushed the Mare off the Lion to one side, pausing only to

lock an ankle cuff to an eyebolt in the floor. Then she was

unlocking the Lion's feet, and attaching a leash to his

collar. A gentle tug brought him stiffly, awkwardly to his

feet, and with a smile she led him off.

Dahlia found herself almost unrestrained; there were still

cuffs around her wrists, but they weren't attached to

anything. Straps still encircled her body, but again, the

ends just trailed off, loose. Only one ankle cuff seemed to

be fastened to anything. Collecting her thoughts, she

muttered; "Uh, um, whoever's there, I really need to pee…. I

don't suppose you could let me loose long enough to go to

the bathroom?"

Tanj smiled to herself; she didn't need to reply; with

the earplugs the Mare wore, she wouldn't be heard anyways.

Tugging on the Lion's leash, she led him from the Cargo Bay.

Hinoki yawned and stretched; rolling over he looked at his

chronometer and groaned. Flopping back on the bed, he

wondered if he could make a case for his sleep cycles being

all upset, that he didn't know how late it was….. But then,

he knew Tanj had probably gone, not to her quarters to

sleep, but back to the flight deck, to watch over the ship;

she was probably exhausted, and when that Cheetah got shy of

sleep, well, she got a bit grumpy. Okay, more than a "bit"

grumpy….. For a moment he looked at the pair of shorts

lying on the floor, and then, with a shrug and a grin,

strode nude from his cabin, headed for the wardroom, and

hopefully, a cup of coffee.

Tanj grinned at Hinoki as he entered the wardroom; she

was sitting with a steaming mug of coffee in both paws, her

chair tilted back, its back against the wall behind her, and

both feet, uncharacteristically, on the edge of the table.

For a moment Hinoki frowned, never having seen her put her

feet on any table, or desk, let alone the one they ate from…

and then he grinned. The telltale tip of the Lion's tail

was just visible at the other end of the table; it was

obvious he was crouched under the table, licking at his

"mistress." Drawing a cup of coffee, the male Cheetah

pulled out a chair and sat, to grin at Tanj; "When was

the last time you slept?" Tanj shrugged; "Its been a

while, I admit; I'll get to it in a bit. Thought I'd have a

shower first, and then I thought breakfast might be nice,

but then I had this stray thought…… Considering that I've

got a new slave, I figured I should make use of him…." For

a moment, Tanj closed her eyes and let out a long drawn

out purrrrr; one paw left her coffee cup and stroked

something under the table; "and this is making GOOD use of

him… when he's done, in a little bit, I'll let him make us

all breakfast. And then I'll get some sleep. OH, by the

way, that Mare was saying she needed to use the head; tell

you what; while I sleep, we should let our slave here have

that promised time with the comm system, so he can check up

on things back home. While he's busy with that, you, and

Zassa and Wanda and Kath can "entertain" our guest. Hinoki

just took a sip of his coffee and grinned; "Got anything

special in mind?"

Eddington instinctively took the flyer that was thrust into

his hand; before he could find a suitable trash can to toss

it into, his bus had pulled up to the stop, and with a dozen

other commuters he crowded on board. All the seats were

full, so he found himself hanging from an overhead handhold

as the vehicle lurched out of the city towards the suburbs.

Remembering the flyer he took a look at it and sighed;

another one of those dang "Reds" political diatribes. They

seemed to be everywhere, as numerous as they were pedantic

and annoying. Crumpling it with one hand, he threw it down

on the floor of the bus, heedless of the signs against

littering. The Elysium government couldn't possibly be as

evil, or as greedy, or as harsh as those rants made it out

to be. He had a comfortable job, lived in a comfortable

apartment, had a comfortable life… how could the things they

said possibly be true? The sudden slowing of the bus

brought him out of his reverie and he looked around in

confusion. There was a roadblock, armored, helmeted police

behind the barricade. He watched in confusion as several

dark-uniformed officers pushed their way onto the bus, their

faces hidden behind the faceshields of their helmets. "We

have been informed that there are Rebel Sympathizers on this

bus; you will all exit for a search!" Guiltily, Eddington

almost looked down at the crumpled flyer at his feet, but he

caught himself just in time, the motion hidden as he

shuffled off the bus with the others. Two policefurrs stood

back, weapons drawn as the third went down the line of

passengers, roughly searching them. With a cry of triumph,

the officer held up a flyer similar to the one Eddington had

discarded, snatched from a middle-aged lady's purse.

Stepping back, ignoring her feeble protests, he brought up

his side-arm, and shot her in the face. Eddington flinched

as her hot blood spattered his face, her body falling behind

the line of bus passengers. And then the officer was in

front of Eddington, running paws roughly through his

clothes, groping under his coat… and then he was gone down

the line. The policeman's sidearm spoke twice more, and

then they were being herded onto the bus, the bus driver

jerkily resuming his route as if deep in shock. Eddington

looked down at the crumpled piece of paper on the floor and

bending, gingerly retrieved it. If the police were doing

things like that, perhaps what the flyer had said was

true….. as he reread it, a teenaged girl ferret leaned over,

to read over his shoulder.

Xyloff smiled and lowered the binoculars. The Reds

Political Action Team, masquerading as policemen, had just

executed another brilliant "government atrocity." His plan

was working like a charm, new recruits flocking to his

banner. Daily, the power of the Reds, HIS power, grew.

Tanj smiled, curled up in her chair in the Wardroom; it

was SO nice to have someone else to cook for you, and even

nicer to have them do the dishes. It was almost better than

sex. Almost. Watching her "slave" drowsily, she wished

he'd hurry up, so she could get him to put her to bed…….

Hinoki grinned down at Dahlia; "so you say you have to pee?"

The Clydesdale mare looked at the male Cheetah; although she

was seated, her ankle still locked to the ring bolt in the

floor, she didn't have to look up very far. "Uh, well,

yeah; its been a while….. and my back teeth are kinda

floating…." Hinoki smiled, and making sure he was just out

of reach, he sat down on the mat, cross-legged. After a

moment, he purrred; "if I'm going to go to all the trouble

to find the key to unlock you, so you can use the

facilities, you're going to have to ask correctly. Just

say; "Master, may I please go to the bathroom." Dahlia

blinked and she shook her head; "You have GOT to be

kidding……." In return, Hinoki just smiled…… "You know, I

COULD just pee on your deck" Dahlia snorted. Hinoki

chuckled; "I think you’re MUCH too shy to do that in front

of a guy… and you know I’d just make you lick it up

afterwards……" Dahlia sighed and shook her head, trying to

figure out what to do, how to handle this strange male…..

The Lion waved a paw at Zassa as he entered the flight deck;

"Don't… just don't; I'm "off duty." Tanj's asleep

(finally) and I've got permission to tackle the e-mail until

she wakes up." The Vixen took a sip from her cup of coffee

and then grinned at the still nude, collared Lion; "She

wearing you out? Oh, and how's the tongue?" The Lion

sighed as he settled into the almost-too-small station chair

at the communications console; "No, not quite. I think I

can take anything she can dish out….. now Hinoki, him, I'm

not so sure about. Got a wild streak, that one does… But

Tanj I think I can handle." Grinning, the Lion looked

up; "Like I've got a choice at the moment. And the tongue's

coming along nicely. Almost to the point where I can lick,

or talk, or eat without pain." Turning back to the console,

the Lion groaned, and muttered to himself; "Geez, will you

LOOK at all the messages!"

Zantop sheathed his fighting knife and nodded to the Weasel.

The Reds commando team had encountered no significant

difficulties in breaking into the computer center…. After

all, it wasn't as if the facility was a MILITARY site… No,

it was lightly guarded, and that was insanely stupid. The

computer center merely handled the financial transactions of

the province's banks. That’s all. Oh, Zantop supposed it

had been adequately guarded against thieves, perhaps even

against the syndicate, but they weren't hardened soldiers,

thoroughly trained and lavishly equipped. Standing to one

side, watching as two of his furrs, dragged out the bodies,

as another started mopping the blood from the floor, he

stood guard as Ffolkes, the Weasel, accessed one of the

terminals. How the Reds had gotten the access codes he

didn't know, and didn't much care. He didn't "need to

know". It took the Weasel scant minutes to enter the

commands….. and then he turned to look at Zantop. Zantop

looked at his watch and then back out the door at where his

furrs were still cleaning up. Grinning back at the Weasel

he nodded; the financial computer expert could have some

time to play with the system, to create havoc, and to fill

the Red's financial accounts.

Tanj purrrrrred, and stirred sleepily. A broad, wet

tounge was licking so very delightfully between her toes…

her two big toes. As she stretched, arching her hips up off

the bed a little, she thought that it would be nice to be

awakened like this EVERY day…. She could definitely get used

to this. Looking down between her breasts, over her flat

tummy, she found the Lion watching her, his eyes smiling.

It was almost as if this was all HIS idea, and he was

enjoying it thoroughly…… Letting her head drop back to her

pillow, Tanj moaned; "quit teasing; I'm hungry… Finish

me, and then lets get along to breakfast. I've got a busy

day planned……."

Xyloff looked at the newsfax and smiled. It had gone JUST

as he planned. The Weasel had shifted money from Elysium

Government accounts, not to the Reds, but to the accounts of

prominent individuals, in industry, in labor, and in the

Government. And then he'd let leak word of payoffs and

bribes, of massive corruption in the Military Industrial

Complex and in the Government in the war against the

Rebels…… And now the most effective people in the

opposition were bellowing their innocence, screaming they'd

been framed. Of course they had been, but no one would EVER

believe that…. They were doomed, kangaroo courts and the

lightning-quick executions of an increasingly desperate

government in their future, and with their destruction,

Government resistance in this sector was just as dead.

Putting down the fax, he smiled and shook his head. When

he'd been a member of the government, it had been so easy to

get the codes, to squirrel them away for a rainy day… A

little foresight and this had all became So easy.

Dahlia grumbled as the male Cheetah led her through the

ship's corridor at the end of his leash. She'd been allowed

to use the bathroom, allowed to take a shower, if you could

call what the Cheetah had put her through a "shower," and

now they were headed for Breakfast… But each concession from

the Cheetah had been bought at the expense of her obedience,

of her submission….. There had been a few rewards too, but

overall, the experience had left her, well, mad. She'd been

held as a slave for years, near worked to death, and yet,

she'd never felt so helpless, so demeaned, so much

someone's…. "plaything"….. What WAS there about this guy?

Did he really get off on his power over her?

The omelet was surprisingly good, and the bacon done to

perfection. Tanj did her best to hide her surprise, to

take it all in stride, but a part of her still wondered

where the Lion had picked up his kitchen skills; he was

GOOD. The others seemed to think so too, as the food

disappeared almost as rapidly as the Lion served it up. At

the end of the table, Hinoki was taking great delight in

feeding the Mare forkfuls of his omelet, apparently reveling

in her growing resentment. Apparently the Lion didn't think

it was too unusual, however, as after he'd served Wanda and

Kath, he'd knelt by Tanj's side, and with a grin, she'd

fed HIM a forkful. Maybe he was trying to make a point to

Dahlia, to show that if it was expected of him, there wasn't

anything special in Hinoki doing it to her. Solidarity

among slaves? And that made Tanj once again wonder what

there might be between those two.

Feeding the Lion another forkful of his own delicious

omelet, Tanj purrred; "I've got plans for this one; I

suspect we'll be occupied most of the day. The rest of you

can amuse yourselves with the stowaway; do whatever you want

with her, given the standard rules." At the far end of the

table, Kath swallowed the forkful that Wanda had so

graciously allowed her to feed herself, and wondered aloud

if that included her? "Meaning no disrespect, Ma'am, but,

ah, does this mean I'm no longer at the bottom of the heap

here?" Wanda hurriedly brought up her napkin to cover her

mouth as she laughed with a full mouth; after taking a

moment to recover, swallowing hard, the Wolverine lass

turned to look at the Mink; "Why, Kath, Darling, are you

wanting to take out some of your frustrations on someone?"

Kath looked from Wanda, to Dahlia and back; "Um, well, I

hadn't really intended to thrash her, or anything….. I

guess, Mistress, the answer to that is no…… I think I just

thought it might be nice to feel "in charge" for a change…..

Wanda looked at Tanj, an eyebrow crooked upwards; "It

might be interesting to see what our dear little pet might

do, don't you think?" Tanj fed the Lion a piece of bacon

and then nodded slowly, her eyes still on him; "Could be

interesting….. I suspect that Hinoki feels that the Mare

needs a bit more training, but I suspect he could find a

moment in his busy schedule to let Kath have some fun……."

Hinoki just sipped his coffee and shrugged, and then after a

moment, nodded.

Dahlia chewed the forkful that the male Cheetah had given

her and sighed inwardly; it looked like she might wind up

being a slave to a slave, at least for a while, and somehow,

she didn't like the sound of that in the least.

Zassa smiled quietly to herself as she finished her coffee.

If Tanj was going to be busy all day with the Lion, and

the others were going to be off playing with the stowaway,

that might give her just the opportunity she’d been looking


As the Lion did the dishes, Tanj sipped her coffee, and

wondered; "Now that I've claimed him for the whole day, what

am I going to do? After so bold a statement, I'd better

come up with SOMETHING good……."

Tanj purrrrred soflty; somehow, she didn't quite know

just how, it had turned into a bit of a trivia contest.

She'd started off with the Lion, at the beginning of the

fifth chapter of the second section of the Kama Sutra,

slowly working through her repertoire of positions and

techniques. As expected, his knowledge matched her own, and

through the morning they had enjoyed each other's bodies…

But somewhere along the way, they'd fallen into trying to

work through the positions in each of the categories of

"congress" in alphabetical order, each wracking their brains

for the correct name for the technique, and for what, more

properly, came next. It was a challenge that was going to

be fun, even for the loser…..

Zassa listened at the door to the exercise room for a

moment; it sounded like those two were well occupied.

Turning, padding back towards the staterooms, the Vixen let

herself quietly into Tanj’s cabin. The door wasn’t even

latched, let alone locked. Looking around, paws on hips,

the Vixen wondered to herself "now, where’s she hidden it?"

The Lion's claws were sharp against her ass as he held her

up. Neither one of them could remember the name for this

particular variant of "supported congress" but they'd both

agreed it came next in the sequence. The Lion stood with

his feet spread, leaning back, shoulders braced against the

wall. Tanj had her arms around his neck, hanging on

tightly, her feet braced against the wall on either side of

his hips. As she pushed herself out from him, she moaned as

she felt his thick cock slide from her pussy…. Pausing with

only the head betwixt her labia, she watched his face, and

at the appropriate time, she slooowly let herself "down",

impaling herself on his shaft. She moved as if they were

both tireless, as if they had all the time in the world,

watching his face, stroking him just so, holding him on the

edge of frustration…….

Hinoki was working on Dalia's "posture" when Wanda led Kath

into the Cargo Bay at the end of her leash. The Mare was

kneeling, knees widespread, back straight, head up, but eyes

down, the backs of her hands resting on her thighs, palms

up. Hinoki was strolling around her, occasionally using the

business end of a riding crop to "touch up" her posture.

And Dahlia was fuming; from the look on her face, she was

barely under control. As if reading just how far he could

push her, the male Cheetah nodded and grumbled; "Very good.

Remember just exactly how you are right now; that is the

correct way to kneel. I will expect you to be able to repeat

it flawlessly in the future." Before Dahlia could snort the

reply that was obviously on her lips, Hinoki turned and

smiled at Wanda; "I see you've brought Kath by for a little

"stress relief." Do you two have a plan, or are you just

going to "wing it?" Wanda frowned a little at the Cheetah's

tone, but after a quick look at Kath, Wanda mumbled; "I

figured we'd just let Kath have her head and see what

developed." The Cheetah just smirked and nodded, and rather

imperiously, stalked across the Cargo bay, to find a seat on

some cushions against the wall, the riding crop still in his

left paw.

Zassa smiled with triumph. It hadn’t been hidden very well

at all. And in a moment, Tanj’s secret would be hers.

Well, at least for a while…. Smiling, she took the

container holding Tanj’s "living dress" down from the

overhead compartment. It surged weakly back and forth in

its dusty clear plastic container, an inky black pool.

Somehow, Zassa thought, it looked rather… "neglected"…..

Carefully opening the lid, the Vixen wondered how Tanj

controlled this thing? How did she make it flow over her

body, make it look first like one outfit, and then another?

As the thing suddenly surged against one wall of the

container, squeezing through the gap under the lid, and

flowing up the Vixen’s arm, Zassa let out a strangled "eep!"

and dropped the now empty container. Her paw wiped at the

oily black thing, but there was no stopping it as it spread

over her body. As a curtain of rubbery black descended over

her eyes, Zassa wondered just what she’d gotten herself into

this time?

Wanda watched the Cheetah withdraw, and then shrugged;

turning to her slave, she unhooked the lead from her collar

and made an off-handed gesture; "She's all yours, Kath; have

fun." The Mink nodded at Wanda, her face taking on a

resolute cast, as she turned to look at the still kneeling

Mare. Paws on hips, Kath walked around Dahlia, looking at

her as if seeing her for the first time. "All right, if I'm

in charge now, we're going to have to change a few things.

First off, I won't have a slave that looks so…… plain.

We're going to have to spruce her up some…. Turning, Kath

padded over to the locker at the far wall, leaving a

slightly bewildered Dahlia behind her……

Dahlia watched the Mink padd off, from lowered eyes; she'd

been real careful to hold the position the Cheetah male had

left her in… but as the Mink strode off, she couldn't help

but wonder what was wrong with the way she looked? She was

fit, and trim, if a bit big-boned, but that simply came with

the species…. She had curves in all the right places… didn't

she? She was still wondering what was wrong with her looks

when the Mink returned…. Keeping her head down, she lost

track as the Mink moved around behind her, a number of

things landing audibly on the floor behind her….. but when

the hairbrush stroked through her mane, she almost jumped a


Hinoki watched Kath work on the mare's hair and shook his

head. Females! Rising to his feet, he grinned at Wanda;

"not exactly my idea of what a top should do, but its her

show. I'm going to go get some sleep. Wake me if anything

interesting happens." Wanda smiled and nodded, and glancing

back at Kath, she scratched her head; what WAS that crazy

Mink up to, anyways?

Tanj sighed and stretched. Her muscles were sore, in the

way that follows a really good workout. Next to her, the

Lion snored softly; she'd plumb wore him out….. but then,

most of the "congresses" that they'd worked through had

required greater athletic feats from the male…. Maybe later

she'd work them into some forms where SHE had to do most of

the work, not that she'd mind in the least. Poking him

softly, she growled; "Come on, Lazy. If you're too tired to

continue, there's always your e-mail to attend to." The

Lion blinked and turned his head to look at her, a smirk on

his face; "Too tired to please YOU, Mistress? Never!"

Tanj chuckled and shook her head; "I think we'll skip to

chapter 9 of part two; Auparishtaka, or Mouth Congress… Lets

see if THAT will let you regain your stamina….." The Lion

smiled and nodded; "lets me stay flat on my back….."

reaching over he grabbed Tanj, pulling her over on top of

him, inverted. Lifting his head, driving his muzzle between

her thighs he alternated licks with "I believe (*lick*) that

it starts (*lick*) with the (*lick*) Congress of (*lick*)

the Crow (*lick*)……." Tanj purrrred and squirmed,

settling herself on top of him, both paws reaching to fondle

his sheath and balls as she soaked in his initial

ministrations; "Mmmmmm, yes, I think that's a good place to

start." And bending her head, she started to respond with

her own licks……

Zassa squirmed and moaned. The sound never reached her

ears. The crazy black thing in the container had flowed up

her arm, and over her head, one tendril pushing into her

mouth, gagging her. A portion had flowed over her eyes,

effectively blocking out sight, and as she’d brought her

paws up to try and peel the thing off her face, it had

somehow entrapped her paws, as if they’d been pushed into a

bucket of roofing tar. The creature had flowed down her

body, moving her paws down over her breasts, across her

tummy and then around behind her back, where they’d been

trapped ever since. But it hadn’t stopped there. It had

continued to spread over her, its substance thinning, but

becoming no less powerful for doing so. A thick tentacle

had pushed between her thighs, to meld with the portion

flowing down her back. THEN it had extruded two thick

plugs, flowing into vagina and ass, filling her as a lover

would. Somewhere in her struggles, Zassa had fallen to the

floor, and tendrils had encircled her ankles, pulling them

up, melding into the strands that held her wrists, until she

was held in a classic hog-tie. Helpless, the Vixen mewled

into her living gag as the creature started to work on her,

the plugs in pussy and ass starting to slither in and out of

her, even the plug in her mouth throbbing in time with their

motions. It was terrifying, and delightful, and incredibly

sexy, and it didn’t take long before Zassa was rocking her

body in time with the creature’s motions…..

Dahlia smiled, head back, eyes closed, as Kath brushed her

hair out. If this was what it was like to be a slave, this

was MUCH more like it. She almost regretted it when the

Mink put down the brush and started to braid her hair;

without being able to see what she was doing, Dahlia wasn't

certain just what the Mink was doing to her, but it felt

like she was weaving her hair into a French braid…. And it

felt like she was weaving ribbons into it as she worked…..

It took a while, but finally the Mink was done….. Dahlia

did her best to hold her kneeling position, but when the

Mink lifted one of her hands, she had to open her eyes.

Businesslike, Kath fastened a padded cuff around Dahlia's

right wrist, and then moved to put a similar one around her

left. Moving around behind the Mare, Kath urged her to

bring both wrists behind her back….. And then Dahlia felt

something being tied to the rings in the cuffs, pulling her

wrists together, and UP! As her wrists were pulled up into

the middle of her back, she realized that the ribbons woven

into her hair were what her cuffs were being tied to; the

result left her head pulled all the way back, with her

wrists crossed almost painfully high on her back.

Wanda smiled; this was more like it. "Dear, I'm going to go

catch up on some of my technical reading, but you be sure to

tell me ALL about it later. And don’t forget the ‘rules’"

With that, the Wolverine lass turned and padded from the

Cargo Bay.

Kath smiled as she padded around the kneeling Mare; "now,

that looks MUCH better….. Hmmmmm, what else can I come up

with?" Dahlia struggled, trying to find an equilibrium

between holding her wrists as high as she could to ease the

pressure on her neck, and letting her head be pulled back,

easing the strain on her arms…. It took a moment for it to

sink in that the Mink was placing cuffs around her upper

arms as well, and for a moment she wondered what the Mink

might tie off there. As it turned out, she wished she

"hadn't asked…."

"It’s a good thing your nipples were already pierced" Kath

muttered to the Mare. "Saves me having to use clips, and

I'm sure they would have been MUCH more painful……." A thin

strand of gold chain stretched from Dahlia's left nipple to

the armband around her left bicep; it was a short distance,

but there wasn't any slack in the chain…. A similar chain

was fastened from her right nipple ring to the armband

around her right bicep. Stepping back, Kath nodded; "that

looks much better. I like the way the gold of the chains

look against you." Dahlia bit her tongue to keep from

spitting out that she could have done without that

particular compliment. Bending, Kath fastened an ankle cuff

around each of the Mare's ankles and then clipped them

together. The brush reappeared, stroking along the Mare's

tail, and then the Mink was braiding again, ribbons being

woven into the braid. As Dahlia feared, the ribbons were

then tied off to the connected ankle cuffs. While her tail

was long enough that the tie was loose, Dahlia knew she’d

never be able to stand; "Its going to be real difficult to

get out of the kneeling position like this" Dahlia thought

to herself….. Kath picked up one more item and smiled; "one

last adornment before we move on to other things; but I

doubt you'll mind this one……" Dahlia's eyes opened wide as

she heard the harsh buzzing of the vibrator start behind

her, and then the Mink was fumbling between the Mare's


The climax hit Zassa hard, making her scream into her living

gag. The pleasure seemed to last forever, wave after

intense wave…. It almost seemed that as her body rocked back

and forth, that the creature was learning what she liked,

and concentrating on that…. The second climax came seconds

later and again she screamed into the tendril filling her

mouth. It was absolutely fantastic; it seemed like the

creature could almost read her mind. As the pressure built

towards a third, powerful climax, a stray thought passed

through the Vixen’s mind; it seemed as if with each of her

climaxes, the creature was gaining strength, gripping her

more tightly, its blackness covering more of her body….

Smiling, Kath stepped a few paces away, and then

luxuriously stretched out on the mat; "I think that's enough

for the moment. Crawl over here, Slave, and lick me, until I

tell you to stop. If you give me more climaxes than the

vibrator gives you, you'll be rewarded." Dahlia tried to

look towards the reclining Mink; due to the way her wrists

were bound to her hair, with her muzzle pointed at the

ceiling, she had to twist her head to look at her from the

corner of an eye. She was supposed to do WHAT? She’d never

done something like that in her entire life; never even

DREAMED of it… well, maybe she’d thought about it once or

twice, but never seriously. And how was she supposed to

crawl tied like THIS? Her first efforts at "walking" on her

knees only succeeded in her pulling at her tail, and then

with a whinny, she lost her balance, and fell face-forward

onto the mat. Groaning to herself, she winced as she

realized the diabolical effect of the chains between the

armbands and her nipples. As her body had fallen forward,

her breasts had tried to move forward, to hang down under

the effect of gravity, nipples pointing downward, until

brought up sharply by the chains. Now, as she lay on her

stomach, wincing as her bound arms tugged at her hair, as

her tail tugged at her ankles, she realized that the chains

were holding her breasts unnaturally to the sides of her

body. Squirming, grunting as she dragged and shoved herself

along the mat, wincing at the tugs at her nipples as she

moved, Dahila did her best to inchworm towards the grinning

Mink. Somehow, refusing to comply with the Mink’s order

never entered her mind; later, She’d wonder about that…..

It was time for another break; no matter how she might WANT

to continue, the Lion was just…. "spent." Well, they HAD

worked through several whole classifications of "congresses"

in the Kama Sutra…. Leaving him on his back, she squirmed

around to lie half on his chest, chin propped up on one paw

as she looked at the underside of his muzzle. He was

breathing deeply, not quite panting, and she rose and fell

on his chest as if he didn’t even know she was there.

Wondering if he’d fallen asleep again, she purrred; "Having

fun, Slave?" What she got back was a deep rumble, an "Um

Hmmmmmm" more felt through his chest than heard. After a

moment his head, muzzle still pointed at the ceiling,

nodded and he rumbled; "there are times, Mistress, when its

good to just let go control, to surrender to someone else,

to someone you trust implicitly, and live moment to moment,

pleasure to pleasure. To NOT have to worry about the

future. To not have any cares beyond the moment. I think

this was just what I needed, and I marvel at your…..

perception at knowing how to give me the "Vacation" that I

truly needed." Tanj thought for a moment, wondering if

that was really what she’d had in mind, or if she’d just

wanted to have him all to herself for a while? Had she

really been that altruistic? If he was ascribing such high

and lofty goals to her work, well, she wasn’t about to

correct him….. But a change of subject might just be in

order, before he decided to inquire further. Giving his

chest a gentle lick, Tanj purrrred; "I’m glad you’re

finding it so… relaxing. I do wonder, however, what your

plans are, when we’ve overthrown the Elysium government.

When the war’s over. When your geas is fulfilled……."

Dahlia had to chuckle to herself; it was awkward, trying to

maintain a decent contact with the Mink; she seemed to be

incredibly sensitive, and even her amateurish lickings

caused her to writhe, usually away from her. It wasn’t easy

to squirm forward, to "keep up the pressure," but it was

turning out to be worth the discomfort, the embarrassment,

and the humiliation. Her erstwhile "Mistress" was moaning,

begging for more, pleading for more. And the Mare was

tempted to withhold her tongue, a little, just to see what

concessions she might get out of her….. "On the other

hand," Dahlia thought to herself; "If I can get her to pass

out, maybe, just maybe I can get a break…." Squirming her

broad tongue into the Mink’s tight snatch, Dahlia went

looking for that one place that had made the Mink scream a

few minutes before…..

The form squirmed on the floor of Tanj’s cabin, almost

completely covered, head to toe, in shiny black, that seemed

to pulsate with energy. Within the black cocoon, Zassa

howled through yet another climax. The creature had learned

that she enjoyed a little pain with her pleasure, and now,

the blackness had grown teeth within its mass. Teeth

nipping at her nipples, tugging at her clitty. Phantom

claws raking her ass, or her flanks. Even sudden electrical

shocks making her body convulse, timed at just the right

moment to drive her over the edge into another massive

climax. Completely encased, the Vixen squirmed and panted,

taken to sexual heights like she’d never even contemplated


The Lion shrugged; "I'm sorry, I can't say as I've ever

really allowed myself to look further than the establishment

of Freedom on Elysium…. Somehow it just seemed….

"counterproductive."" Tanj Lay, with her head in his

lap, looking up at him. Their rest break had stretched far

beyond what she'd anticipated, as their conversation had

wandered….. And at the moment she had no desire to change

things. "But we're getting so close. It won't be long

before the Elysium government falls, and the Blues take

over. I know Cromwell has promised free elections and a

referendum to choose the form of government the planet will

have. You ought to have a plan… if not for yourself, then

at least for the Brethren.…. I doubt we'll be able to

conduct "business as usual"…… Do you plan to relocate them

to some more… "profitable" location, or are you going to

disband them? Sell out your shares and retire?" To her

amazement, the Lion just looked down at her and smiled

whisfully and shrugged again. As he toyed with a lock of

her hair, he whispered; "when my Mistress laid this geas on

me, I never really thought I'd pull it off; never thought

I'd get this far. Never thought I'd live to see the day the

planet was free. I guess I've always thought that to plan

for "later" would jinx the whole thing…. No, I really don't

have a clue."

Dahlia knelt on the mat, a self-satisfied smirk on her face.

Along with the juices of her erstwhile "Mistress." The Mink

had finally ordered, and then demanded, and then begged, and

then pleaded for her to stop, and after a while, the Mare

had. Her reward had been the hasty untying of her hair from

her still bound wrists, and her ankles from her tail. Now

the Mink lay panting on the mat, obviously trying to recover

from the whole situation, and Dahlia patiently waited to see

what would come next. While she waited, the buzzing of the

dildo buried between her legs was a pleasant distraction.

Pity its size hadn't been more suited to that of an equine,

instead of the much smaller Mink…… Still, it was nice……

Tanj sighed. The conversation had run down, leaving her

with a disturbingly uneasy feeling. Somehow she'd

expected…… what? That the Lion would say that after the

war, he'd gather her into his arms and carry her off? Well,

that at least he'd have a plan. Didn't he ALWAYS have a

plan? He was the Boss; he was her Master; he should KNOW

what to do……. As she looked up at him, she was tempted to

ask him about the Mare; about what she meant to him, about

what his thoughts were about her, but somehow she just

couldn't make herself ask the questions that burned so

within her. Perhaps she was afraid of what he might say…..

Covering her unease by sliding from his lap, rising to her

feet, she looked down into his upturned face and sighed; "I

need to check in on the flight deck; lets get cleaned up,

and you can get some time in on your e-mail, while I check

our course." The Lion just nodded and smoothly rose to his

feet, to follow her.

Kath smiled at the kneeling Mare; "that really was very

good; I think when you learn a few more things, you'll be

something special…. But right now, there's something else I

want of you. I don't know if it falls into the

classification of a "reward" for doing me so well, but

still, well, what's the point in being a Mistress if you

can't get what you want?" As the Mink turned and walked (a

little bowlegged) over to the storage locker, Dahlia smiled

to herself again; the Mink's tone was a lot less harsh, a

lot less demanding… Her words still seemed to imply that she

thought she was the boss, but the tone was more that of

someone asking a favor….. Dahlia was just about to try and

turn the tables some, to ask the Mink what was in it for

her, when the Cheetah Male entered the cargo bay again. One

look from him, and Dahlia found herself checking her

kneeling position, and lowering her eyes. What WAS it about

that one that made her behave so?

The harness was a tangle of black leather straps, and thick

latex. Dahlia stood, while the Mink all but swarmed around

her, sliding the maze of straps and buckles around her and

then tightening it here and there, until it encased the

Mare's body from crotch to neck. Looking down between her

breasts, now at least partially supported, and molded by the

straps, Dahlia blinked in amazement at the lifelike phallus

that seemed to grow from her mons. A hard rubber finger,

studded with little bumps hooked into her sex, and she could

tell that with each movement it was going to rub rather

nicely against her tender bits… but the phallus, that made

her blush in a way she'd never experienced before; it looked

so very "obscene" sticking out there……. A quick glance at

the Cheetah showed him leaning against the wall, a smirk on

his face as if he were thoroughly enjoying her discomfiture.

Kath, for her part, dropped to her knees to lick the head of

the dong, until it glistened with her saliva, a wanton,

lascivious act Dahlia was sure she could NEVER mimic… and

then with a grin, the Mink turned, to crouch on the mat,

facing the Cheetah; looking over her shoulder she growled

sensually; "Come on, my pretty slave; FUCK ME!" Dahlia

glanced at the male, as if to say; "What, with HIM here?"

but then, in response to his glare, and doing her best to

conquer her shyness, she walked forward on her knees, the

head of the dong swaying obscenely before her, as if

questing for the Mink's snatch on its own.

Kath moaned and clawed at the mat; the Mare was everything

she'd thought she'd be; powerful, and tireless. The Mare's

hips rocked back and forth, slamming the latex dong into

Kath's hungry sex with sufficient force to slowly drive her

across the mat. And from the pants and grunts and whinnys

coming from behind her, the Mare was being rubbed the right

way by the harness as well. Doing what she could to brace

herself against the surface of the mat, Kath stuck her ass

up a bit, making the dong saw at the front of her pussy; the

friction produced an almost immediate climax, in an

uncounted string of climaxes……

Hinoki watched with a critical eye, as the Mink panted and

moaned, barely able to vocalize what she wanted the Mare to

do. Mostly it was just screams for "more" and "harder"……

Shaking his head at the pitiful display of "topping," the

Cheetah shifted from a sitting position, to his knees, and

moving over in front of the Mink, he wrapped his hand in her

hair, pulling her head up; "its obvious you need something

to keep you from sliding across the floor, Kath. And I'm


Kath sensed the head of the Cheetah's shaft rubbing at her

lips, and instinctively opened her mouth to admit it; then

another of the Mare's powerful thrusts, bounced her forward,

driving Hinoki's shaft all the way into her mouth, until its

head pressed against the back of her throat. And then, as

the Mare pulled back, the Cheetah drove forward, thrusting

hard at her face; back and forth, the Mink surged, between

the two, her perception of the world gradually fading in a

lust-filled haze to the two thrusting shafts.

Hinoki kept a tight grip on the Mink's hair, as he thrust

his cock into her muzzle. She sucked at him eagerly,

instinctively, as he growled; "What ever made you think that

you could be dominant? That you could be a "top?" Even

when you're in charge, you're shameless, begging for it,

putting yourself at the mercy, at the CONTROL of a slave!

Pitiful, that's what you are!" As he growled, his hips

driving forward, his cock thrusting into her mouth, the

Cheetah raised his eyes to the Mare; "and YOU; you're just

as bad. I can see it in your face; you think you can top

her, think you can turn the tables on a weak mistress, but

you haven't the guts to even try! You're WAY too timid to

ever be anything but a Slave!" Giving a final thrust, the

Cheetah pulled his hips back, and taking his shaft in his

right paw, he stroked himself as he came, his cum

splattering over Kath's face, pearly white drops clinging to

her dark brown fur. Wiping his shaft off on the Mink's

cheek, Hinoki rose, to padd over to the storage locker.

Returning with a pawfull of leather straps, he growled at

Dahlia; "don't stop, but quit thrusting so hard; at least

until I tell you to resume." With that, he started

fastening a similar harness around the Mink.

Dahlia watched as the Cheetah gave them a final smirk, and

then departed from the cargo bay. The Mink was now as

securely trussed as Dahlia was, with straps criss-crossing

her from her collar to her crotch. Except now her ankles

were hooked to the harness by her thighs, forcing her to

support the weight of her hips on her knees. And those

straps were interlaced with Dahlia's harness, the strap-on

driven deep into the Mink. Any motion either of them might

make would only work the dong in and out of the Mink.

Kath's arms were bound behind her back, her torso resting on

her breasts, her head pulled back with her hair tied to a

strap crossing Dahlia's belly… and the Mink's mouth was

filled with a ring gag, just in case the Cheetah wanted to

come back later for some more…… And on the far side of the

Cargo Bay, glittered a small pair of scissors, supposedly

their only hope of getting loose. All they had to do was

move over there, and somehow pick them up. Getting over

there was going to be fun, though.……..

Wanda looked up as Hinoki padded into the mess. She'd made

it through three of her medical journals, with an even dozen

to go. She'd also made it through an entire pot of coffee.

"So how go things with our slaves?" the Wolverine lass

asked. Hinoki just grinned as he dumped out the grounds and

started a fresh pot. "Those two are HOPELESS. Kath was

practically begging the Mare to fuck her with a strap-on;

disgusting behavior for a Mistress. And the Mare was doing

everything she was told, even though she looked as if she

hated it. Truly two completely submissive personalities."

After filling his cup, Hinoki paused and looked at the

Wolverine; "you know, its just not any FUN breaking in a new

slave when they're that submissive. No challenge to your

skills at all."

Wanda stared at the door the Cheetah had passed out of a

moment before, and wondered where a comment like THAT had

come from. After all, hadn't he been Tanj's slave, until

just recently? Most curious!

Zassa’s eyes opened, and she wondered muzzily at what point

she’d passed out. Then she noticed she could see and it all

came flooding back. Sitting up rapidly, she felt the puddle

of blackness slide down her tummy, to land in her lap.

Letting out a gasp of "Oh no you don’t! Not Again!" she

scooped up a double handful of the black goo, and dropped it

in its container. The lid slammed down, and Zassa sighed in

relief; "Whatever you are, that was fantastic, but I don’t

think I’d survive another round!". Frowning, the Vixen bent

to look at the pool of black inside the transparent

container; it looked shiny black, and "healthy" compared to

what it had looked like when she’d opened the container a

few… hours? Days? Before. But now, well, it just didn’t

look like there was as much of it as there had been.

Shrugging, the Vixen turned and standing on tiptoe, she rose

to put the container back where she’d found it. "Nothing I

can do about the dust, but I bet Tanj never notices" she

mumbled to herself. After taking a look around to make sure

the rest of Tanj’s quarters looked undisturbed, she

turned and padded out.

As the Vixen left the stateroom, three small, separate

puddles of blackness oozed across the floor, flowing out of

her path, hiding themselves under furniture, or in


Tanj nodded in satisfaction; "Last course correction's

been made. One more jump and we should be at Jenka's base.

Um, lets say about six hours." The Lion looked up from the

Comm console and nodded; "That gives us some time. I'm

almost done here…. Mistress, what would you say to Kung Pao

Chicken for dinner, followed by a "correctly attended" bath,

and a massage. I'm a little rusty in the latter, and I'm

sure you'd enjoy my…. working the kinks out." Tanj

smiled and rose from the pilot's seat; "that’s what I like;

a slave with imagination. Come on, You!"

Wanda yawned and put down the last journal as Zassa

staggered into the wardroom. "Girl, you look like Hell!

Looks like every Pirate in the Brethren’s had their way with

you!" The Vixen just smiled weekly and waved a paw

dismissively; "naw, nothin’ like that. Just had some really

great erotic dreams, ‘s all. Strictly a solo performance."

Wanda chuckled; "wish I could get some dreams that good!"

Rising, stretching, the Wolverine looked at the Chronograph

in the mess and blinked; was it really that late? Turning,

she headed for the door, thinking she should check on Kath.

"Hey, Wanda" Tanj purrred. The Cheetah fem was nude, as

was the Lion-on-a-leash behind her, but they both looked

fairly happy. Smug, almost. Wanda nodded; "Hey, Tanj;

just on my way to check on Kath; she's been down in the

Cargo Bay a LONG time." Tanj nodded; "well, get her

cleaned up and bring her on back here; my Slave here is

going to make dinner." Wanda nodded and waved, as she

turned to head down the corridor.

Kath grunted and tried to shift to the left. It'd been a

long, bumpy ride as the Mare had basically humped her across

the cargo bay, towards the pair of scissors. In fact, a

while back, it had stopped behing pleasurable, and started

being painful; she was afraid she'd never walk right

again….. and it felt as if her nipples had been rubbed raw

from her torso sliding across the mat, and then across the

steel floor. still, they were almost there. Behind her,

Dahlia grunted, shoving her another few inches forward, and

then another thrust, and then the Mare was toppling to the

right, falling, dragging Kath over with her. They hit the

deck hard, both of them grunting. And then the Mare was

squirming, as she tried to get her hands, bound behind her

back, on the scissors…..

"Are these what you're looking for?" Dahlia blinked, a

"huh?" escaping from her mouth. Twisting, turning her head

back and up, she caught sight of a leg, and following it

upwards, she sighed, as she saw the Wolverine lady holding

the pair of scissors, turning them back and forth in her

hands. Wanda laughed at the dismayed look on the Mare's

face; "Oh, don't feel so bad. It wouldn't have helped

anyways. These are Hinoki's trick scissors. See, they've

been welded together. Useless. You poor dears have

struggled for hours thinking freedom was at hand, (as if

there was anywhere to go on this ship), and now that you've

gotten here, well, it’s a shame is all. Now let me unhitch

you two. We've got to get cleaned up for dinner!"

Tanj leaned back in her chair, sipping a mug of coffee as

she watched the Lion cook. Across the table, Zassa had

rested her head on her crossed arms on the table and seemed

to have fallen asleep. The Vixen looked sweaty, her fur all

spiky and unkempt, and there was no denying the scent coming

from her. Regarding her over the rim of her mug, Tanj

wondered just what she’d been up to. Something told her

that the Vixen had had a wild time……. And somewhere deep in

her heart, she felt a pang of jealousy, or at least regret,

for not having been there to share it with her. If Zassa

looked that bad, and was too tired to care how she looked,

she must have had a helluva time.

Dahlia stood at the entrance to the shower and looked from

the Mink to the Wolverine and back; "you want me to WHAT?"

Wanda just chuckled, and taking a big paw full of liquid

soap, smeared it over the Mare’s ample chest; "its simple;

you wash by rubbing up against each other, scrubbing each

other clean." As Dahlia shook her head in consternation,

Wanda chuckled and shoved the Mare under the running water.

Kath, a grin on her face, stepped in after her, purrring

"here, you do it like this……."

Tanj looked up as Wanda led Kath and Dahlia into the

Wardroom, at the end of two leashes. Both Kath and Dahlia

still looked damp, and while Kath had a grin on her face,

the Mare looked curiously disgruntled. Returning Tanj’s

look, Wanda just chuckled; "nothin’ but good clean fun……"

Dahlia looked around the room and relaxed a bit; the male

Cheetah wasn’t present. Yet. Tugging at the leash held by

the Wolverine, she moved to the side opposite the Mink and

knelt by her chair. The side away from the door. Somehow,

being fed by the Wolverine seemed less objectionable than

taking it from that Cheetah….

Dinner had been delicious. Wanda had left with a still damp

Kath, to try and get some sleep before they arrived at

Jenka’s. Hinoki had finally shown up, and after eating, had

collected the Mare’s leash from Wanda, and departed, saying

that the Mare would spend the night chained to the foot of

his bed, as befitted a proper slave. Zassa had yawned

widely through the meal, and had departed shortly

thereafter, saying she needed some sleep too. And Tanj

had left the Lion to do the dishes, heading back for the

flight deck. She had her own e-mail to check on, her field

agents to keep track of, and the intelligence estimates to

go over. And there was the little issue of Wanda’s

inheritance to check up on too…….

Dahlia knelt by the foot of the Cheetah's bed, in an

incredibly tiny compartment. The Cheetah had told her to

assume the kneeling position, and to STAY there, no matter

what he did. And what he'd done had brought a blush to the

Mare's face; laying down on his back, the Cheetah had

squirmed between her thighs, thrusting his short muzzle up

between her legs. With her knees well spread, her eyes

downcast, she found that she had a very good view down the

length of her body, at the Cheetah licking at her own much-

abused sex… And as the Cheetah's tongue moved, she found it

increasingly difficult to stay still………

Tanj leaned back in the comm console station chair and

sighed. Things back on Elysium were mostly quiet, and

things on the Imperial front quieter still. It seemed like

the only action was in the sector dominated by the Reds, and

all the news there, well, it was uncharacteristically good,

for the Reds. They were making quiet, but steady gains

there, helped on by unusually severe governmental actions

and responses….. Still, Tanj supposed, it all helped the

cause. But given the Red's previous track record, it was

all just a little… "unbelievable."

Dahlia couldn't help it; the whinny escaped her lips almost

before she knew it was coming. And who could blame her?

The Cheetah's tongue, and teeth were tormenting her so,

grazing over her most sensitive places. The temptation to

howl, to scream, to MOVE was incredible. It was simply too

much to expect ANYONE to remain motionless through something

like this…….. Finally, as she came so very close to her

climax, as the Cheetah's tongue withdrew, as it slithered to

less sensitive areas she groaned and shifted, pressing her

mound down on the Cheetah's muzzle, as if DEMANDING that he

grant her her release!

Beneath her, Hinoki chuckled; "Naughty Slave! I TOLD you to

stay still! Now I'm going to have to punish you……."

Tanj's eyes narrowed as she ran down the column of

figures. It would seem that Wanda had inherited a

considerable amount of money. The mansion alone was worth

almost eight figures. And there were stocks, and

properties….. but no bonds. And NO off-planet investments.

Nothing. Nada. Nichts. Zilch. Casting a critical eye

over the TYPES of inheritance Wanda was due made the Cheetah

frown. They were all long-term investments, things that

could not be easily (or discretely) liquidated. And while

the total was a considerable fortune, it in no way matched

up with what someone of Xylex's stature SHOULD have been

worth. Why even the planet's premier financial magazine had

listed him, in its previous year's issue, as one of the top

forty wealthiest individuals on the planet. "The Bastard's

still alive" Tanj muttered to herself; "I can't prove it.

Yet, but I KNOW he's still alive."

"What was that, Mistress?" Tanj's head snapped around,

to see the Lion standing in the doorway to the flight deck.

Frowning, Tanj waved him over; "take a look at this.

This is supposedly Wanda's inheritance from her late,

unlamented Father, Lord Xylex. Anything catch your eye?"

The Lion reached over her shoulder to page down a few times,

and then to open the other documents. After a while, he

growled; "Its not enough. Its not enough by an order of

magnitude. We KNOW he had resources stashed off-planet, and

that isn't shown at all." Tanj nodded; "I'm beginning to

suspect the bastard faked his own death." The Lion nodded;

"skip out while the getting's good?" Tanj shook her

head; "No, that doesn't fit the psychological profile. He'd

fight to the bitter end, if for no other reason than to

spoil as much as he could for the victors. No, if he's

gone, its for another reason. I just don't know what it is

yet." The Lion nodded and nuzzled at the back of her neck;

"Sleep on it. You were going to take a luxurious bath, and

then I was going to give you a massage…. And we're only

about four hours out from Jenka's….." Tanj nodded and

tilted her head way back; catching the Lion's dangling leash

she pulled him down into a kiss; "you're right. Time's


Dahlia jerked as the paw came crashing down on her

posterior, but somehow she managed to bite back her shout.

In all her years as a slave, she'd been whipped and beaten,

but she'd never been … spanked. Now she lay across the

Cheetah's lap, his bed groaning under her weight. And he

was alternating hard slaps against her ass, with more

delightful strokes of his fingers between her legs. "This

is a punishment?" she wondered to herself, jerking again as

once again his paw came down on her right asscheek. As the

Cheetah's fingers again grazed over the lips of her sex, she

stifled a moan and wondered about that…….

Tanj purrrred with delight as she sank into the tub. The

ship's head was communal, and comparatively small, but it

did boast an oversized shower, one that could contain

several furrs at one time…. And if you removed certain

sections of the floor, there was a tub, again one that could

hold several at one time. But with the floor up, there was

VERY little room in the head. The Lion knelt behind her,

shampoos at the ready, waiting quietly to wash her hair…….

Hinoki looked down at the figure of the Mare, laying by the

foot of his bed, hands bound loosely behind her back, almost

occupying all the available floorspace in his tiny

compartment. Despite the hard (well, it WAS carpeted) floor

and the chain from her collar to the footboard, she was

sleeping soundly, obviously exhausted. Well, that was to be

understood, she'd had a busy day. A very busy day. As he

watched her breath, Hinoki grinned to himself. It'd been

obvious that she'd had some sexual experiences, but since

she'd come on board, they'd broadened those experiences

significantly, taking her beyond what she'd thought her

limits were. And her training was coming along nicely.

"Oh, she may never be as great a "bottom" as Zassa" Hinoki

thought to himself; "but you can't be a good "top" unless

you know how to be a good "bottom."" "Yes," the Cheetah

thought to himself; "we've had a good start; now lets see if

I can take her the rest of the way to where I think she can

go… to where she WANTS to go….."

The Lion pushed her head down under the water again, his

paws stroking through her long hair, trying to get as much

of the soap as possible out. After a moment or two, he

allowed her to resurface into a shower of water from the

hand-held sprayer. Rising like Venus, Tanj slowly got to

her feet, and the Lion dutifully rinsed the soap off of her

fur, and out of her hair. It was just a short step to the

dryer grid, and while the tub drained, while the cyclone of

hot air swirled around her, Tanj closed her eyes and

reveled in the sensation of the Lion running a brush through

her hair and over her body.

Dahlia's eyes opened to slits as the door to Hinoki's

compartment slid open just a crack. The light in the

corridor had been dimmed, and in the faint light she could

barely make out someone crouching there. Behind her, on the

bed, she could hear the Cheetah's steady breathing; he

hadn't woken up. Yet. "Pssst. Its me. Kath. Just wanted

to make sure you were OK." Dahlia blinked, and then

whispered; "Um, well, I guess….. I mean how "OK" can I be

after having been spanked and chained to some guy's bed?"

Outside the door, Kath giggled quietly; "sounds like fun;

but that's just me…. Listen, I just wanted to thank you for

playing along earlier. I guess it was something I just had

to get out of my system; something that I had to prove to

myself." Dahlia shook her head sleepily; "howzat? Not sure

I follow….." Kath smiled in the near darkness; "Long story;

I'll tell you sometime. Lets just say that I had to

convince myself that…. I had to try and be dominant for a

bit; but they're right. Wanda's right. I really am happier

as a submissive. At least with THIS crowd." Dahlia shook

her head in amazement; "you mean you LIKE being a slave?"

Kath nodded; "well, at least being WANDA's slave. I think

I've had more fun with her than I have in the rest of my

life put together… but don't EVER tell HER that….. Tell me

true; have your experiences since you boarded this ship been

THAT bad? Have you REALLY hated it?" Dahlia opened her

mouth to reply, but behind her, the Cheetah made a snorting

sound and rolled over in bed. When she turned back, she

found the door had been slid closed, Kath retreated. As she

lay there, trying to get back to sleep, Dahlia wondered to

herself if it had really been that bad? Heck, there WERE

parts that had been kinda fun……

It was about an hour later, when an inky pool of blackness

seeped under the door to Hinoki's quarters. The pool paused

for a moment, and then oozed across the floor, advancing on

the helpless Clydesdale Mare……

Tanj smiled and seemed to melt into the covers on her

bed; the Lion sat astride her prone body, working some sort

of scented oils into the fur of her back. It was Heaven.

Purring contentedly, the Cheetah slowly fell asleep, as the

Lion rubbed her the right way……..

Dahlia's eyes went open wide, and she jerked against the

chain holding her to the foot of the Cheetah's bed.

SOMETHING was moving between her thighs…. But her ears told

her that the Cheetah was still softly snoring on his bed!

Looking down, in the dark, she failed to see anything…. And

of course, with her hands bound behind her she couldn't use

them to investigate. Panting she considered screaming as

something softly caressed her sex…. But in the dim light of

the darkened compartment, she couldn't see anything there!

"Gotta be a Nightmare" she thought to herself, as she rolled

onto one side, one knee held up in the air, hoof flat on the

floor. "Gotta b…..Oh, that’s NICE"……. From there her

thoughts became much more jumbled as she faded into an

exhausted, drowsy half-dream state, something very nice

happening between her thighs………

The Lion shook Tanj's shoulder softly; "Mistress…. We're

less than an hour out from Jenka's; you should head up to

the flight deck….. Tanj opened her eyes sleepily and

nodded. Rolling out of bed, she stretched and reached for a

kimono; pulling it on as she padded out the door. "Slave,

fetch me a cup of coffee, and then see to yourself. I want

you to look presentable when we meet Jenka!" Behind her,

the Lion just grinned.

Hinoki heard the alarm go off and groaned. Never enough

sleep. On the floor, a spot of inky black, now somewhat

larger than it had been before, flowed hurriedly down the

leg of the Mare, disappearing into the shadow under the bed.

Sitting up on his bed, Hinoki called for the cabin lights

and then, turning his head, he grinned down at the Mare.

She was sprawled on her back at the foot of his bed, legs

splayed wide, her chest heaving…. And the fur of her crotch

was matted and glistening…… "Find a way to play with

yourself during the night, Slave?" he chuckled. "Come on,

time to get up; you can pleasure yourself later." Untying

the Mare's leash, he tugged, urging her to her feet.

As Dahlia followed the Cheetah down the corridor towards the

Head, she wondered just exactly what HAD happened to her

last night. It had felt like a dream, but if it was, it was

the most erotic, fulfilling dream she'd ever had…….. She

could almost still feel that thick, phantom cock driving in

and out of her…….

"Black Fleet Station, this is the Brethren's "Lost Cause."

We are approaching your outer marker, at 137 mark 73."

"Roger that, Lost Cause; we have you on our screens. 'bout

time you folks got here. You take the long way, or

somethin'?" Tanj scowled at the face on the monitor; how

did they know they were coming at all? How would they know

how long it should have taken us? How could they have a

cloaked ship on their sensors??? "Uh, well, we were in no

hurry, Black Fleet Station. I'll explain to your Mistress

when I see her." "Roger That, Lost Cause. Mistress Jenka

will be waiting for you at docking port 23 on the upper

level. You're Expected. Contact approach control on

334.17. Black Fleet Station Out."

Tanj shook her head to try and bring some order to her

mane of hair, and ran her paws over her kimono, trying to

straighten it, to smooth the wrinkles out as the airlock

cycled. The approach to the station had been routine, the

docking had been smooth, but it seemed the closer they got,

the more nervous Tanj became. Was this REALLY a good

idea? And then the door was opening, and it was too late

for second thoughts.

Jenka smiled as she saw her pet, but it was the one standing

behind her, at the end of her leash that made her eyes

widen; "So you DID bring him!" she purrrred. Tanj smiled

and padded forward to kiss Jenka hello; "Um, yes, I thought

he might amuse you, while he works off his time……" Tanj

mumbled, all the while wondering how Jenka knew that a) she

was coming, and b) that she was bringing the Lion. She MUST

have spies among the Brethren… but who? And how were they

communicating? Forcing her mind back to the here-and-now

Tanj grinned at Jenka and then turned to Hinoki, to hand

him the Lion's leash; "Love, you did such a good job with

him last time; why don't you take the Slave somewhere, and

"prepare" him for Jenka's amusement. Do that voodoo that

you do so well!" With an absolutely feral grin, she looked

into the Lion’s eyes.. "And don’t worry about being gentle.

He’s been with boys before. Me, I think it’s been far too

long since he was reamed."

Behind her, Jenka chuckled; "That’s a good idea; Tanj and

I have some… "business" to attend to first. Shouldn't take

us more than, um, four hours or so. Six at the most. John

here will help you with what you need, and show you where

you can, ah, "set up." Turning, Tanj noticed for the

first time the Stallion standing behind and to one side of

the Pantheress. Like Jenka, he was coal-black, his fur

shiny and well brushed. And he was HUGE. A Morgan, or a

Shire, towering a good head above the Pantheress….. While

he wore a rather standard outfit, there was a thin, almost

symbolic collar around his neck…..

Shifting her gaze to the rest of Tanj's crew, Jenka

smiled; "I've arranged for temporary quarters for the rest

of you. Deck seven, in the VIP section. Again, John will

see to anything you need." Hinoki grinned at the Stallion,

and handing the leash to a surprised Kath, he growled; "Hold

him here; I'll be RIGHT back. Then, taking the Stallion's

elbow, leading him several paces down the corridor, the

grinning Cheetah started to outline just exactly what he


The Lion watched, frowning slightly, hackles rising up.

Granted, Tanj was right.. it had been a very long time

since he’d been required to actively service another male in

any particular form. He didn’t have anything against furs

who enjoyed same sex encounters, but the situation wasn’t

really his cup of tea, so to speak. Still, a deal was a

deal. Tanj had his services for an entire week, and he’d

see it through to the end. Of course, once he was OUT of

this collar.. he’d have to see about exacting some revenge

from both Tanj and Hinoki… After a long moment, he

mumbled to Kath; "I got a bad feeling about this……"

Hinoki ended his conversation with the Stallion, and strode

back, to look up at the lion, standing there resplendent in

his golden fur. His mane had been meticulously oiled and

brushed, the fur fairly glowing with good health. Hinoki

smiled slowly, a lazy, nearly predatorial smile as his eyes

traced the Lion’s strong body.. the thick broad chest.. the

well developed abdomen, and the legs that were to DIE for!

Kath smiled; she KNEW that look; she'd seen it many times

before on Wanda's face. Laughing, she winked at Hinoki,

tossing him the end of a leash that was fastened to the

Lion’s collar.

Hinoki took the leash in his hand and with a surprisingly

deft flick of the leather strap, caused the collar around

the Lion’s neck to tighten briefly. "Oh, I think I know

/JUST/ what will make this little one all good and

submissive again.." He grinned and then chuckled softly. "On

your paws and knees, boy.." Firmly he tugged the leash

downwards, causing the small metal studs on the inside of

the collar to press uncomfortably against the lion’s skin.

These studs weren’t so long as to actually be able to break

said, but MORE than enough to elicit a rather unpleasant


Even Tanj had.. well.. trouble holding her laughter as

the mighty Lion slowly, reluctantly dropped to his paws and

knees. She flat out lost it when Hinoki climbed up on the

Lion’s back and started using the leash as if it were a set

of reins.

Hinoki tapped his heels against the Lion’s muscular sides..

"Let’s go, boy.. corridor seven, the elevator all the way


The lion did as he was bade. He had a decidedly odd feeling

of déjà vu.. "Now why does this seem familiar.." He couldn’t

quite place it, but this seemed eerily familiar..

Hinoki grinned as he perched atop the lion, legs wrapped

around the powerful waist and holding himself upright. He

was /THOROUGHLY/ enjoying this, for the Lion truly was a

work of art. Hinoki started exploring his new toy.. running

his paws along the spine from neck to tailbase, and allowed

his paws to come to rest on those soft, yet muscular cheeks

that would soon be well parted and used. Hinoki was

bisexual to be sure.. his background rather demanded it,

actually. Even if that hadn’t been the case, his escapades

with Tanj gave ample proof of that. But it was so rare

that he found a male that either was interested in him, or

that could be cajoled into a warm evening’s interlude.

And now that had changed, and much to his pleasure. The Lion

was such a cutie.. warm of heart, with soft eyes that could

make just about anyone melt. His purr was deep and

resonating.. and he also seemed so straight that Hinoki was

nearly certain that if the lion tried hard enough, that he

could shoot a laser beam out of his ass. Now that he’d been

given to him for the evening, however.. He’d be able to take

up some unfinished business. He grinned.. and decided that

now was as good a time as any to start.

Turning back to Tanj, Jenka smiled and offered her arm;

"I do believe you have LOTS of juicy gossip to tell me,

about events on Elysium. My staff is assembled, and can't

WAIT to hear what you have to tell us!" Tanj blinked and

then smiled; taking the Pantheress' arm, she winked at her

crew, and with a final glance at the departing Hinoki and

his steed, turned to head off down the corridor.

John watched his Mistress depart with the Cheetah fem and

smiled; he'd heard so much about the legendary Tanj…..

Turning back to the others, he nodded; "if you'll follow me,

I'll show you to your quarters. With an openly appraising

stare at the nude Clydesdale Mare he turned to lead the way.

Hinoki opened up the backpack toybag that he’d slung over

his shoulder and rummaged around for a bit. He chuckled,

finding the superslick lube that had always been his

favorite. It didn’t MATTER how tight the male was. Once this

stuff was applied, penetration was virtually guaranteed. It

also had the rather unique property of being……

The lion flinched /HARD/ when he felt Hinoki spread his

asscheeks and pour what HAD to be liquid nitrogen across his

anus. "YieaaaHHHH!!! Damnit, that’s COLD!" The expletive

he'd let slip didn’t really help his situation.. in fact,

the Lion thought it had probably made it worse, and sighed.

Shaking his head, the Lion thought that deep down, he really

wasn’t cut out to be a slave.. It'd been too long since he'd

truly been owned, since his Mistress had been murdered.

Since then, he’d been in control of everything, in control

for so long that it was hard to let it go again. Still, he

supposed he could see the allure that the mode had for both

Hinoki and Tanj.. It even held appeal to HIM. Being able

to set all cares and duties aside, and simply /BE/.. the

very concept was both alien and attractive……..

This thoughtful reverie was interrupted by a sharp spank on

his right buttcheek that was really quite powerful! He

yelped a bit in surprise, and was rewarded by six more in

rapid succession, alternating cheeks. Gritting his teeth,

the Lion resolved to get past this.. but oh, he’d REMEMBER!

Dahlia watched the fabric move over the Morgan's muscles.

He had to be one of the handsomest pieces of horseflesh

she'd seen in a LONG time, and somewhere, in some deep dark

recess of her mind, something stirred. But as she walked,

she wondered. What WAS Hinoki going to do to the Lion? She

hoped it wouldn't be too bad…….

Hinoki thrilled at the expletives and the flinching.. it

was balm to his soul. A part of him long buried began to

stir and awaken, restoring to him a measure of what he’d

once set aside. He reached back into the toybag and withdrew

a slender inflatable buttplug that had been designed with

both a vibrator and small rubber studs along it’s surface.

He pried the lion’s cheeks apart again and with little

ceremony, slid the device deep into the Lion’s bowels until

it locked into place with a soft squelching sound of lube.

True to form, the lion’s cheeks flexed as hard as they

always did, sending soft ripples along his furry behind and

legs. He chuckled softly and slowly started squeezing the

bulb in long, drawn out motions. He deliberately made as

much noise as he could when he squeezed the bulb so as to

let the lion anticipate and perhaps react prematurely to the

gradually swelling plug. Oh, he knew what the Lion was

feeling.. the slender intruder gradually swelling.. causing

that characteristic shiver down the other feline’s spine.

Slowly.. relentlessly, with each squeeze of the bulb, more

air was forced into the device which grew and grew…….

Soon the lion began to squirm as he crawled. That thing that

Hinoki had shoved up his ass felt as if it were as big as a

softball, and growing. It was really quite uncomfortable..

he hadn’t liked it when it was done to him in the Academy,

and he'd never had developed much of an anal fetish.. at

least as a bottom. He gasped as Hinoki kept pumping, and the

thing hit his prostate just so.. Despite his lack of

appreciation for being on the receiving end of anal play, he

still felt warmth grow in his sheath as blood rushed to

start to fill out his cock. It was as if Hinoki KNEW that

would happen, for a mere second later, the cheetah’s paw

wrapped around his emerging shaft and began to stroke in

slow, languorous passes up and down.. How the /HELL/ does

Hinoki know how he likes to be stroked? Even Tanj didn’t

know that… she was usually too busy using her muzzle or her

patented ‘inner hand’ on him……

Tanj smiled at the furrs around the conference table; she

knew most of them, from her dealings with the Black Fleet,

and she was pleased to see that they were all looking at her

attentively. "I know that for most of you, the conflict on

Elysium is a side-show, but because of the possibility of

"Imperial Complications" the Brethren have been keeping a

close watch on the sector as well. And we've turned up a

few things that should interest you. Lets start with some

events we've picked up on, over on T'lass……..

Hinoki chuckled softly as his ride made it into the

elevator. He reached up and tapped the key for the

recreation complex, as per the Stallion's instructions,

sliding off of the Lion’s back. He knew what he wanted to

do.. so he hit every button on the elevator.. all 20 between

the level they were on, and the level they were going to…..

He grinned and sat down on the floor of the elevator,

spreading his legs widely. With his tail, he beckoned the

lion over. It was quite a sight to see the lion hesitate,

then slowly start to crawl over. His sheath started to swell

the closer the lion got. Hinoki was better built than most

thought. his cock fully 7" long by 2" wide at the widest

point. The lion’s eyes widened as Hinoki fully emerged from

his sheath, and balked…….

Tugging on the leash brought the lion’s head down between

Hinoki’s thighs. Oh, it felt good.. the warm breath over his

hard cock.. feeling the lion’s body heat practically

radiating from him! Still the lion didn’t move to do what he

/knew/ he should’ve.. Hinoki had been hoping for that! He

grinned widely and YANKED on the lion’s leash. The metallic

studs pressed painfully into his neck and forced him to

lunge forward. Closing his eyes and yelping with surprise,

the lion wound up choking as Hinoki’s shaft wound up buried

down his muzzle to the base! He tried to lift his head off,

but Hinoki had already prevented this by tying the leash to

a conveniently placed cargo bolt. "How the HELL did he know

how to manipulate a leash and collar like this?" the Lion

thought to himself; "This cheetah is going to have a good,

long, debriefing session after all was done…." But in the

meantime, he had a cock to suck. Hinoki had wrapped his

thighs about his neck, so the lion had to struggle to

restrain his gag reflex since he couldn’t back away. He

closed his eyes and concentrated, managing to suppress it

just enough so that his jaws didn’t reflexively close and

remove part of the cheetah’s anatomy.

Hinoki grinned and leaned his head back, beginning to roll

his hips gently forward and back. He could feel the lion

straining to tug back, but the leash as well as his legs

kept him in place. The sensation of the lion swallowing

convulsively was incredible.. goading him into using the

warm muzzle even more urgently. He panted, and chuckled

despite his arousal when the elevator doors opened at the

next floor. Hinoki grinned lewdly at the shocked onlookers

and scrubbed at the Lion’s ears as he started pumping his

shaft visibly in and out of the Lion’s muzzle. The lion, on

the other hand, had heard the door chimes and redoubled his

efforts to get away. The effect was what Hinoki had intended

to construct.. For to everyone staring on in shocked

fascination, it appeared that the lion was working his cock

over with reckless and lustful abandon. After a fashion,

this was true, but it was also purely unintentional. The

Lion’s thrashings worked along Hinoki’s cock, milking and

massaging despite their intended purpose to expel him.

Tanj grinned at her audience; she knew the briefing was

being recorded, but it still pleased her to see various

furrs taking notes…. "And over on Danforth, the annual

groat crop will be coming in. Almost all of that is

exported, but there's no margin in hitting agricultural

transports. Most of the funds from the sale of the exports

will be transferred to Danforth accounts electronically, but

we've learned that three of the agricultural transports will

be loaded with various goods, on their return to Danforth.

Those will be lucrative targets. Moreover, the current

president of the Danforth Grange will be on one of them with

his family; a lucrative target to be held for ransom. As

the Brethren are more than a little busy in the space around

Elysium, we've decided to pass this one on to you, for the

usual percentage………

Hinoki panted, thrusting firmly up into the Lion, feeling

the throat expand to take him and the chest and belly

muscles convulse as they tried to push him back out. The

sensations were exquisite.. the way the Lion writhed and

moved! It was everything he’d hoped it would be, and so much

more. The doors closed, and Hinoki renewed his humping..

slow strokes to start, but gradually building speed. A few

moments later, the doors opened again, and this time an

even dozen male furs got on, wearing nothing but smiles.

Hinoki groaned and waved in greeting, his own balls feeling

very, very tight. But he had to hold off.. the fun had not

yet begun! The lion abruptly found 11 pairs of paws on his

body.. rubbing, scritching, stroking.. everything that

possibly could be considered moderately teasing. His nipples

were licked, bitten, twisted, tugged, tickled.. his balls

were fondled, squeezed, kneaded, and suckled upon. Some

enterprising fur found the air outlet on his inflatble

buttplug and released it. Even with Hinoki’s cock down his

throat he managed a sigh of relief.. that thing had been


But the pleasant sense of emptiness wasn’t all that long

lasting. The moment the buttplug had been removed, his

cheeks were pried apart and another thick cock shoved DEEP

into him! He flinched with surprise, but he was quickly held

down by the eleven furs watching. His paws were spread, and

he was lowered to the ground, where by sheer force of

numbers he remained. His arms and legs were held down.. a

fur was laying atop him, thrusting a thick shaft in and out

of his ass hard enough to make him grunt with the force of

it, and Hinoki had started to pound into his throat like a


Hinoki mewwled as he slammed up and down, furry body

trembling as his balls tightened.. then began shooting thick

streamers of cum down his captive’s throat! The lion made

the most exquisite surprised choking noises, and began to

struggle all the harder. Hinoki squeezed the lion with his

legs, occupying his head while the other furs strained to

keep the rest of him still. The liger that had mouted the

lion began to pound into him, really working him out! The

lion rapidly lost strength (and breath!) as he was fucked

and held against his will and despite what he could do about


The lion began to get dizzy after the liger had came in his

ass and been replaced by another.. and then another. His

head swam with the powerful sensations welling up inside of

him, and with a strangled cry, he lost consciousness..

"And in three provinces on Elysium, the Reds faction

continues to gain strength. We'd projected their collapse,

after their leader was killed by government troops, but in

light of their resurgence, we have to wonder if perhaps

Trotskie's death wasn't part of a "hostile takeover" by an

as-of-yet unidentified faction of the Reds……" As Tanj

spoke, she realized that she was loosing her audience. Most

of the Black Fleet just didn't care what happened on

Elysium, and that wasn't really surprising; they were just

too remote. Still, she'd made an arrangement to share ALL

her intelligence with them, and would share it whether they

were interested or not……

Conciousness returned slowly. The Lion found himself weak

as a kitten, being dragged by Hinoki, the Liger, and two

other large feline types. His ass burned, and he could feel

the seed leaking from him, dripping down in a slow but

steady stream from his well dilated hole. He tried to move,

but managed only to feebly flop his right paw about a

little. Hell, he could barely even lift his head enough to

look at what he was being dragged to. Finally managing to

focus his eyes, he wished to the powers that be, that he

hadn’t been able to! He found himself being carried towards

a chrome plated monstrosity.. long spidery legs dangling

down from the ceiling.. a medical style table, arms and legs

akimbo., and /VERY/ thick looking probes!

"Now the death of Lord Xylex, on Elysium, is interesting.

Supposedly the Government had proof positive that the body

in the burned-out vehicle was Lord Xylex, but there are some

interesting discrepancies in his finances….." As she spoke,

she could see renewed interest in her audience. If money

was missing, possibly to be claimed, or expropriated, they

were interested. "As you know, we'd been holding Lord

Xylex's daughter, Wanda, "hostage" for his good behavior.

Obviously her use as a hostage is now nil. Never the less,

I've been looking into her "inheritance" and it seems as if

only those eminently traceable assets remain in Xylex's

estate. The Black Fleet has some very clever accountants,

and I'd like to enlist their aid in searching for any off-

planet assets that Xylex might have…. For a suitable

finder's fee, of course." Tanj chuckled to herself as at

the far end of the table, three furrs put their heads

together for a moment in a hurried whispered conference.

After a moment, one of them looked at Jenka for final

approval, and then, looking straight at Tanj, nodded.

"Very well, Gentlefurrs, if there are no questions, that’s

all I have for you in this briefing." Tanj purrred.

The lion looked at Hinoki with absolute and total surprise

in his eyes! He knew now.. he /KNEW/ how Hinoki had known

how to use a leash with such finesse.. how the Cheetah had

known how he liked to be stroked.. This chrome monstrosity

was something he’d encountered before.. at the Academy! It

had been the hallmark of a certain instructor there…….

Hinoki and the others deftly moved the Lion onto the table,

and tied him face down with restraints at ankles, wrists,

and one about his waist. Taking great care, Hinoki

maneuvered the Lion’s head into a restraining brace as the

other felines padded away. Purrring softly, Hinoki

ratcheted the brace up six notches, making the Lion’s muzzle

be in a direct line with his throat. The lion’s jaws were

then forced open and held there.. as a rather sizeable

chromed dildo lowered itself from one of the spidery limbs!

Jenka smiled at Tanj as the conference broke up; "The

information about the stranded Imperial Cruiser was very

good; I'm impressed at how you put together their situation

from the intercepts. I'll see that a raiding party is

dispatched before they get their drive back on line. With

one less Imperial warship in this sector, we'll be able to

breathe easier for a while." Tanj smiled; "Oh, come on!

If they're so incompetent as to let their ship break down

light years from help, they certainly can't be giving you

THAT much trouble!" Jenka just smiled; "you have a point.

If we destroy them, the Imperials might just send a

replacement that knows what they're doing. Perhaps instead,

the raiders will just hit the rescue party…… In any event,

I have things to do. Why don't you go settle into your

suite, and then we'll meet for a light lunch. Afterwards,

you can check on your slave. I'll meet you in the

residential section as soon as I can." Tanj smiled and

nodded, and turned to go find her assigned quarters.

From experience, the lion knew what was to happen next.. and

he wasn’t disappointed. The table under his groin dropped

away, allowing free access to his cock, just as the dildo

slid into his muzzle and squirted something against the back

of his throat. It began to feel a bit numb which was good,

as it suppressed his gag reflex. This in turn was a good

thing, as that chromed dildo was pressed forward by that

mechanical arm further and further back.. inching it’s way

down his throat all the way to the entrance to his stomach!

At the other end of the table, a flexible dildo pressed

itself to his still dripping entrance. He felt it.. oh GODS

how he felt it as it slid into him, wriggling deeper..

extending thousands of small tendrils that whirled about

inside his rear.. caressing.. tickling.. It was all he could

STAND as both that and the dildo down his throat began to

vibrate and slide in and out.. Then the cheetah slid under

the table and deep-throated his cock…..

Tanj still couldn't get over the suite Jenka had assigned

her. It was suitable for a visiting prince, spacious, and

well appointed. Jenka had met her there, and they'd shared

a light lunch brought in by some of her staff. The huge bed

was tempting, especially with Jenka present, but first…. "I

think I'd better go see what Hinoki's set up for us…. I've

left my new slave with him for quite a while now, don't you

think? Jenka just chuckled and nodded; "Let me go check on

something, and I'll meet you there."

Hinoki was feeling more than a little smug as he waited

outside the ‘recovery’ room. The lion had lasted a good long

time, and was simply exhausted after the Cheetah had managed

to drag out seven orgasms from the poor boy. He chuckled

when Tanj rounded the bend. He already had a lot to

answer for.. he knew the Lion had remembered almost

everything. He also knew he had the paperwork in line to

back up everything, so he /THOUGHT/ he could remain safe.

Even if he couldn’t, he still had an escape route planned

and furs ready to assist him in escaping. Reasonably

confident, he grinned and nodded to Tanj. "He’s a bit

tired, a bit sore, and filled with enough cum he’ll be

leaking for a week, Tanj. You might want to consider

putting him back in diapers for a while, until he drains

enough not to make such a mess.." Hinoki chuckled and slid

his arms around the cheetah female, and let his paws slide

under her kimono to grasp her tight ass and knead her.

"Thanks for letting me play with your toy.." He kissed her,

winked, then started to walk away.. rapidly.

Tanj blinked in curiosity at the departing Cheetah, and

then turned, opened the door, and stepped inside. The door

closed, but not before Hinoki could hear the shriek of

surprise tinged with more than a bit of outrage.. Hinoki

had shaved and dyed the lion in such a fashion that he

looked like a white poodle! Poofy tailtip.. frills around

his ankles and wrists.. and the majority of his mane had

been styled to look like a puffball!

The Lion was kneeling, paws cuffed behind his back, his

leash hooked to a stanchion on the wall. A pink ball gag

filled his mouth, matching his collar, cuffs and leash.

Tanj padded around him, staring, her mouth hanging open.

She was still staring when the door slammed open and Jenka

charged in; "They told me you were screa…….. Wha?" Tanj

looked up at the Pantheress, fangs bared; "Hinoki. He's the

culprit….." Before she could finish whatever she was going

to say, the Lion started making urgent sounds into his gag.

Tanj frowned, and after a moment of indecision, reached

up to undo his gag; the Lion worked his jaw for a moment

and then growled; "Mistress, we may have bigger problems

than… this. I think we might have a serious security


Tanj looked down into the Lion's face; "what do you

mean?" The Lion smiled wryly; "when I was at the "academy"

there was an instructor there, that had a certain

reputation….. He liked to trick students, especially male

students, into earning a punishment, a punishment that he

would personally deliver…. This punishment involved a

rather unusual machine. A machine identical to one I

believe he had Jenka's folks build, to his specifications.

One of the problems is that he preferred to keep his…

"victims" blindfolded; seldom did anyone get a good look at

him…. But he was known to be a male Cheetah……" Tanj

looked at Jenka, who shrugged; "John hasn't told me exactly

what Hinoki asked of him, but it'll be easy enough to find

out." The Lion nodded; "I know my statement sounds a little

thin. There were an awful lot of furrs "acquainted" with

that machine.. And any one of them… of us… would know enough

about it to have it duplicated…. but there are mannerisms

that he exhibited, mannerisms that match my experience…..

both then, and now."

Tanj Hmmmed; "Hinoki's been with the Brethren for quite a

while now, and there are NO indications that he's someone's

agent." The Lion nodded; "true; but if he was an instructor

with the Academy, well, you know how closely tied to the

Elysium government they are…. Without the current

government there, the Academy probably wouldn’t survive as

an institution, let alone a profit making business… and if

the Rebels come to power, most of the staff there would

probably find themselves in jail, or worse…… They’ve got a

vested interest in the status-quo. If the Elysium forces

were to try and place a sleeper with us, this might just be

the route they'd take. Its just too much of a coincidence.

I think this is something that should be checked out. And

checked out SOON." Tanj nodded; "perhaps so. First,

lets see what John has to say, and then lets get a look at

this machine. I'll send some messages, requesting a check

of the Academy records, for the time period you were there,

seeking information on male Cheetah instructors….. I assume

you've got some thoughts as to just how we might "talk" to

him about this?" The Lion just grinned and nodded.

As they walked down the hall towards the room Hinoki's

"Machine" was in, Tanj looked up at the Lion; "I see you

now have hair where you didn't have it before; the puffballs

at wrists and ankles. How'd he manage that? Is it fake?"

The Lion shook his head; "he had some sort of cream he

rubbed on me there, and then he used some sort of hand-

held…. "light" to promote hair growth…. I don't think it was

ultraviolet, but it was something like that. I can only

trust it didn't give off some sort of hazardous radiation.

And then, of course, he spent quite a bit of time with some

sort of styling gel to get all the hair to frizz up, and

even more time with rather mundane clippers. He used some

sort of a spray to bleach me white…" Tanj grumbled; "He

certainly went to a lot of trouble to get you looking like

that….." Jenka chuckled; "Oh, come on, its not THAT bad; in

fact, I think it looks kinda cute!" Tanj smiled and

nodded; turning and walking backwards for a moment, she

grinned, staring at the Lion's crotch; usually his groin was

as hairy as his mane, his sheath and balls almost completely

hidden by the thick hair; now he'd been shaved SMOOTH….

"Oh, I admit it has certain… "attractions"….. but I'm STILL

not sure its an improvement. Maybe, just maybe, I could get

used to it." As the Lion made a sour face, Jenka just


Zassa strolled down the corridor, enjoying being somewhere

DIFFERENT. It wasn't that there was anything wrong with the

Brethren's asteroid base; the place sported as many

amenities as most resorts she knew… it was just that she'd

been "inside" so long… It was refreshing to get out

somewhere where she didn't know exactly what laid around the

next corner… and rounding the corner she found an amazing

sight. Tanj, and Jenka were walking down the corridor,

leading what at first glance looked like a giant white

poodle.… blinking hard, Zassa took another look, and her jaw

fell open… The "poodle" had a distinctly feline face….. and

then it hit her; it was Tanj's Lion!\

The Lion let out a low, and rather menacing growl as the

Vixen rounded the corner ahead of them, took one look, and

dissolved into gales of laughter. Tanj jerked his lead,

growling in return; " None of that. If you have to suffer,

you will suffer in silence, like a good slave. Besides,

look at the bright side; no one here will EVER recognize you

like that."

Zassa leaned against a wall, and tried hard to catch her

breath; she couldn't BELIEVE what they'd done to him!.

Turning, heading back the way she came, she almost dashed

for the quarters she'd been assigned. She just HAD to find

her camera, before they undid what they'd done to him.

EVERYONE back home would want to get a look at THIS!

Tanj frowned; "so this is the horrible machine from the

Academy? It looks like a rather standard examining table…..

what's it supposed to do?" The Lion sighed; "the control

panel is over there at the wall; I believe he had it set up

for a pre-planned sequence. First he had me bound face down

on the table, then he activated it, and……" Jenka, standing

behind the Lion, purrrred; "Oh, I think you should SHOW us

what he did; after all, I suspect words could not possibly

describe it correctly….." The Lion turned and gave Jenka a

look, and then bowed his head; "Yes, Mistress…." With an

audible sigh, he stepped over to the table, and laid down,

paws and ankles near the waiting restraints. Tanj and

Jenka strapped him down tight, and then Jenka stepped over

to the keypad. After examining it for a moment, she pushed

a button, and stood back to watch…..

Tanj gasped as the chromed dildo rose, and presented

itself to the Lion's mouth; he'd barely had time to part his

lips before it was thrusting forward. Then a portion of the

table descended and folded aside with mechanical smoothness,

exposing the Lion's body from navel to knees. Even Jenka

gasped as the second arm arose, the dong at its tip questing

for the Lion's asshole…. It was obvious when the two dongs

started to vibrate by the Lion's reaction. Tanj smiled

and then winked at Jenka; slipping under the table, she

found a comfortable position, and gave the Lion's growing

erection a gentle lick; "Did he do this to you?" The grunt

from the Lion could have been a response, or it could have

been in response to something the rather active dong sliding

in and out of his ass had done. Chuckling, Tanj

proceeded, unknowingly, to mimic what Hinoki had done

before, sliding the Lion's thick cock into her mouth…….

Tanj snuggled with Jenka in the middle of her huge bed.

The Lion, chained to the foot of the bed, snored softly.

Between Jenka, and Tanj, and the Machine, they'd really

wrung him out…. It had been Jenka that observed that if you

were to crouch on all fours, it might be possible to back up

to his cock, as if he were taking her from behind….. The

table he was tied to tilted, and with a little creative

alteration of Hinoki's program, they'd set it up so that

they could have him in that manner. Of course, it being

Jenka's idea, she just had to try it first….. and while she

was there, crouched on all fours, impaled on the Lion's

cock, it was Tanj who found that she could alter the

programming for the dong moving in the Lion's ass, making it

move in short, sharp jerks, causing him to buck his hips

into the Pantheress below him. This seemed to delight Jenka

so much that she just insisted that Tanj try it…. There

was no question, that by the time they were done with him,

the Lion had a very sore ass…… Now, after further

satisfying each other, with tongues and caresses, Tanj

found that she couldn't sleep. She should have been, well,

if not as exhausted as the Lion, still plenty tired enough.

But the questions about Hinoki kept running through her

mind. Could he have been a plant? An agent? A sleeper

actually loyal to Elysium, just waiting for the order to

strike? She couldn't believe it, but then, she trusted the

Lion's judgement, and if he said he recognized the Cheetah

from when he was a slave in training in the Academy,


Zarkoff straightened his tie and forcing a smile, approached

the security checkpoint. Things all across the planet had

been quiet, the fighting hitting one of those inexplicable

lulls that happens, even in the most dire of situations. It

was a good time to attempt this mission; everyone seemed to

have relaxed for a bit, and his I.D. wouldn't stand too

close a scrutiny. His real advantage lay in the security

codes and passwords Comrade Xyloff had given him. How the

Wolverine had come by those codes was beyond him, but with

them, he could create incredible mischief. If he did his

job right, he would not only hurt the Elysium government,

but more importantly, he would boost the morale of the Reds.

If he pulled this off right, even more recruits would flock

to the cause. The Guard at the check-point yawned, breaking

his reverie, and giving his I.D. badge a cursory glance

waved him forward… and then he was through the metal-and-

explosives detector, headded down a nondescript corridor.

His first stop was the supply section…..

Tanj lifted her head sleepily as the door chimed again.

Smiling down at the still sleeping Jenka, she softly pulled

a sheet over her, to preserve her modesty, and looking at

the door, she growled "come." As the door slid aside,

Tanj smiled at the food cart, pushed into the room by the

Stallion. What was his name? John? "Pardon me, Mistress"

the Stallion said; "There have been a few responses to our

inquires that I thought you might be interested to hear….

And Mistress Jenka is needed in Operations. Tanj nodded,

and yawned again; "so what's for Breakfast?" Behind her,

Jenka purrred sleepily; "Him, if you want him."

Zarkoff nodded; as he'd been told, Lab 203 was empty.

Putting down the box he'd gotten from supply, the rabbit

turned to get to work. The laboratory glassware didn't need

modification, which was good; while he was a more than

competent chemist, he'd always had trouble with the

glassblowing courses. Chemists frequently had to adapt, or

make their own laboratory apparatus, and glassblowing was a

standard part of the trade; but he'd always been impatient.

Glass at a temperature just below the softening point looked

like glass at room temperature, and he'd always made the

mistake of picking up something that just wasn't cool yet.

In the process he'd usually burned himself quite badly, and

in the process, dropped whatever it was he had been making,

forcing him to start the cycle all over again. What he was

seeking to prepare required complex chemical reactions, but

the apparatus was fairly simple. Turning on the fume hood,

the Rabbit started to set up his apparatus.

Tanj smiled; "That might be nice… but don't you think

he's a little… "big," even for me? Jenka laughed; "Oh, I

don't know; it might be a "stretch" goal, but one I think

you'd be capable of…. But maybe later. John, why don't you

serve what you've brought and tell us the news." The

Stallion nodded, his face impassive; "Yes, Mistress." As he

started sliding some sort of breakfast quiche from a pan

onto two plates, he spoke; "First, there was a message for

Mistress Tanj; her agent on Elysium has reported that in

the time frame mentioned there was only one male Cheetah

instructor at the academy. His retinal pattern and the

pattern of whiskers were attached. Other details are

sketchy; apparently there was some hint of a scandal

attached to him. He departed their employ suddenly. From

there it is not known what happened to him." Tanj

smiled, as she sampled the quiche; it was good, quite good….

As was the information. However her agents always sent

encrypted messages… how had Jenka's folks decoded it?

Perhaps it was time to change codes again……" "Second" the

Stallion continued, as he poured the juice, "our accountants

have uncovered six different off-world accounts in the name

of Lord Xylex, of Elysium. There may be more, but these

were not secret or numbered accounts. All were closed just

shortly before his reported death." Tanj grinned at

Jenka; "I KNEW the bastard wasn't dead! There'd be no

reason to close those accounts, unless he was faking his own

death!" "Or" the Pantheress smiled, "he was being

blackmailed. Or planning something big, something that

needed all his resources…" Tanj waved a paw dismissively

and swallowed; "No, he didn't take kindly to blackmail;

believe me, I've tried. I can't see that being likely. And

if he was up to something that big, I think I would have

gotten hints. No, faking his own death seems most likely to

me; the only question is; WHY?"

The Lion sighed as the Stallion poured cereal and milk into

a bowl labeled "Fido" and set it in front of him. Before he

could stick his muzzle into it, though, the Horse started

slicing strawberries on top of the cereal. Catching the

Lion's eye, the Stallion winked.

Jenka crawled to the edge of the bed, to look down; the Lion

was on his knees, his paws still cuffed behind his back; his

muzzle was stuck in the bowl of cereal, and he was making

quite a mess, apparently trying to get the last strawberry

floating in the milk. "Good Lord! Does he always make

sounds like that while eating?" Tanj laughed and shook

her head; "no, but then I've never seen him eat from a bowl

on the floor either." Jenka nodded primly; "I think this

slave needs some training in Breakfast ettiquite……."

Tanj just laughed.

The Rabbit wiped his brow with the back of his paw. It had

taken him almost five hours of nonstop work, and he'd had a

real tense moment when the pH meter had flickered and died…

but thankfully it had been just after the most critical

stage in the synthesis, and he'd had the forethought to get

a backup from supply. Now he was done. The liquid in the

glass flask looked like water. It was hard to imagine that

it was one of the most dangerous, most forbidden substances

known to the Empire, a compound so secret that he'd never

heard of it, even though he'd TAUGHT biochemistry.

Wondering again where Comrade Xyloff had heard of it, he

carefully pulled on a second pair of rubber gloves, and

using extreme care, working in the glove box, he loaded the

water pistol.

Jenka zipped up her jumpsuit, and smiled at Tanj; "I've

got to go check in at Ops, and then I've a few other errands

to run. Should take me about four hours, I suspect."

Tanj nodded, sprawled on the bed like an adolescent's wet

dream; "I think I'll amuse myself here for a bit, and then I

think my slave and I will attend to certain e-mail chores.

What say we meet after lunch for some play?" Jenka smiled;

"you know the block of rooms I've set aside in the

recreation complex; I'll find you there as soon as I get

done….." As the door closed behind the Pantheress, Tanj

crawled to the foot of the bed, to look down at her Lion;

"tell you what; before we get down to "business," what say

you show me how well your tongue's healed." The Lion

grinned up at her, and in one smooth surge leapt for the

bed. Tanj giggled, an "EEP!" of mock horror escaping her

lips. If it wasn't for the chain, the Lion would have

landed on top of her, but being jerked up short, he fell to

the bed, which protested with a groan. Tanj giggled, and

scooted down just a mite; it'd worked out almost perfectly,

the Lion's muzzle now pressed hard against her crotch……

The Guard looked up from his magazine as Zarkoff approached;

"Can I help you, ah, Dr. Zarkoff?" The Rabbit smiled and

shrugged; "It’s a little hot in my lab; I thought I'd come

down and see if the dampers on the air conditioning system

were functioning correctly. The guard, an elderly Rat shook

his head; "I haven't heard anything about any problems, but

I can't let you go down there. For some reason they think

it’s a security area." Zarkoff chuckled and nodded; " can

see why." Bringing his paw out from behind his back he shot

the security guard in the face with the water pistol.

For a moment, the guard panicked; was the liquid he'd been

sprayed with acid? No, it didn't seem to hurt, although his

eyes watered a bit. For an instant he thought about rising,

to yell at the crazy Rabbit. Then he thought perhaps the

Rabbit was up to no good, and he should sound the alert.

Waffling between the two courses of action the Rat sat

there, and trapped in indecision, did nothing. After a

moment, Zarkoff lowered the gas mask from his face and

nodded; it actually worked just as Comrade Xyloff had said.

A compound that interfered with the brain's ability to make

a decision. The guard, now helpless as a baby, merely sat

there, unable to decide what to do to stop the Rabbit as he

strode past him……

The staff in the communications center kept staring at the

Lion, who looked like an eight foot tall Poodle, with most

of them giggling, as he tried to work through his e-mail.

Seated nearby, going through her own messages from her field

agents, or from the Brethren, Tanj watched the Lion do a

slow burn. So far, he hadn't actually SAID anything, or

made any rude gestures, but she could tell by the set of his

ears, and the way he held his tail that he was pissed. On

the other hand, she couldn't blame the crew in the

communications center… he WAS a sight!

Zarkoff looked at the main air mover for the building's

ventilation system. It had all sorts of filters and

scrubbers on its inlet, designed to make sure that anything

accidentally released in the research lab wouldn't be spread

through the building. But the removal of a simple

inspection hatch had foiled all that technology. Making

sure that his gas mask was seated firmly on his muzzle, the

gloves still intact and uncompromised, the rabbit reached

through the hatch and quietly poured the contents of the

flask into the ductwork.

All through the building, furrs of all sorts slowly stopped

moving. Each just couldn't decide what to do next. In one

lab, a fire started, spreading slowly. The furrs inside

couldn't decide whether to grab the fire extinguisher

mounted nearby, sound the fire alarm, or flee. And as a

result, as the fire slowly spread, they perished. Automatic

systems reported the fire to the local authorities, and the

emergency crews responding fell prey to the same toxin. As

a fireman, in a full environmental suit pushed into the

building, wondering what had happened to his comrades, he

blinked in confusion at the Rabbit standing at an

intersection, a gas mask on his muzzle. Shrugging, he

followed the fire hoses seeking his comrades.

Zarkoff's eyes were wide with panic; he'd suddenly found

himself not being able to decide between taking the elevator

or the stairs. And in the back of his mind, the same

thought played over and over; Xyloff, that bastard, had

never told him that even in gaseous phase, that it could

still be absorbed through the skin!

Zassa grinned, and snapped another picture, slowly walking

around the Lion. "Um, Zassa, Dear, lets not try his

patience too much…." Tanj whispered. Zassa nodded and

snapping a final picture of the Lion, from behind, slipped

the camera into the thigh pocket of the slacks she was

wearing; "all done. Just a few momentos of the trip. Now,

what was it you wanted me to do?" Tanj grinned; "we're

planning a little surprise for Hinoki; we want you to get

that suit of Imperial powered combat armor and move it down

to the recreational level. My, ah, "slave" here won't fit

in it, or I'd have him do it, and I have to go and try and

find a few parts needed to modify it as we want." Zassa

chuckled and nodded; "but you have to let me watch!"

Tanj nodded; "no problem."

Comrade Xyloff smiled and handed the press release to

Comrade Quistling; "See, the regime seeks to turn us all

into zombies. Look at what happened in the laboratory where

they were trying to make the proscribed mind control drug!"

Quistling nodded in eager agreement; "They are most evil,

Comrade! We must let the People know!" "Oh we shall,

Comrade Chairman, we shall!"

Zassa stood before the hulking mass of the Imperial Combat

Armor. "Oh, hell, I've run cargo loaders before; how much

different could THIS be? Opening its clamshell back, she

looked inside, and grinned; "Ah, unisex, I see. Appendages

for male or female… and I suppose I've got to get everything

in the right place or it won't run, either….." Pulling her

clothes off, the Vixen stowed them in an exterior pouch, and

then started squirming into the suit, making sure the waste

elimination catheters were correctly positioned…… after a

few minutes of grunts and groans, she was able to hit the

chin switch that closed the clamshell back.

The Lion watched, nodding in approval as Zassa maneuvered

the armor down the tight corridor. As she passed, the Lion

reached out, to flip open the pouch, and extract Zassa's

slacks. He held them behind his body until Zassa had turned

the corner; then, with a grin, he extracted the camera from

its pocket, and with a twist of his massive paws, ripped it

asunder. Grinning, he tossed the wreck in a convenient

waste disposal receptacle, and turned to follow Zassa and

her mechanical nightmare.

Wanda looked over the printouts and nodded; "Yeah, that’s

more like what I thought he was worth." Looking up at the

Cheetah, Wanda nodded; "OK, I agree with you; he staged his

own death. So now what? You think he's fled Elysium?"

Tanj just shrugged; "I can't see him doing that, but you

never know…. Think on it. You knew him better than any of

us. If you have any thoughts on what he might be up to, let

me know." The wolverine just nodded, carefully folding the

print-outs and stuffing them into a pocket of her lab coat.

Zassa had just backed the armor into the "playroom", setting

it where Tanj had told her to "park" it, when she saw the

Lion come in through the door, her pants slung casually over

his shoulder. "Zassa, these fell out of the pouch about

half way back to the ship; thought you might need them."

Zassa hmphed to herself; "yeah, right, you bastard, you just

wanted to get your paws on my camera!" After a moment, she

growled, "computer. Start visual recorder." After the beep

that told her it was recording, she twisted her head, her

eyes following the nude form of the Lion as he laid out some

of the parts Tanj had obtained from the pirate base. The

suit's heads up display meticulously recorded what she was

seeing, and what she was seeing was the Lion bending over to

paw through a box of parts….. Chuckling to herself, the

Vixen thought; "there's more than one way to skin a cat……"

Tanj came around the corner of the corridor, her arms

loaded down with parts, wires, cables, and small assemblies.

She was concentrating on hanging onto everything, and didn't

see the Vixen until she almost walked into her. "Oh, Hi

Zassa. Get the suit moved down OK?" The Vixen chuckled;

"Ah, yes and no. One small problem, but nothing I can't

fix. Listen, I've been meaning to talk to you about

something…." Tanj cocked her head to one side, one paw

fumbling at a small box that was starting to slip; "Um,

what's that?" The Vixen grinned; "Well, ah, you KNOW Hinoki

and I were both pleased and honored when you set us both

free…… its just that, well, um, given who we are, and what

we like, and especially WHERE we are….. we thought…. We

wanted to let you know…. Ah…." Tanj grinned; "You didn't

want to miss out on any of the fun you figure Jenka and I

are going to be having? That you still like to play certain

games, even if they're just play, and not "forever?" The

Vixen grinned and nodded her head enthusiastically; "Yeah,

that’s it, I think….." Tanj chuckled; "if you want to

spend some time as a bottom I think I can arrange it. Might

even find someone to cater to your tastes. If you're good."

Zassa all but sighed in relief; "That would be so nice,

Mistress. Let me go do one thing…. Gotta e-mail out a

letter, and then I'll be RIGHT back to help!" Tanj

nodded, and then watched for a moment as the Vixen all but

skipped down the corridor, tossing a data module from paw to

paw. Shaking her head, she turned and headed towards the

recreation complex.

The Lion had his head stuck into the open clamshell back of

the suit when Tanj entered. Wires and tubing were

dangling, and small parts littered the floor. Setting down

her load, Tanj elbowed in from the side, and growled;

"Show me what you're doing with the hydraulics, Slave."

Jenka stepped through the door as it slid aside, and stopped

to stare. John, behind her, almost bumped into her, his

eyes also locked on the scene within. The powered armor was

mostly in pieces. Kath, with a curious Wanda looking over

her shoulder, was working on an actuator module. Dahlia,

gagged and bound, was kneeling in one corner. Zassa was

replacing chips in a circuit board, consulting some

scribbled notes as she did so. Tanj was working with an

electopneumatic controller, fiddling with the stroke on some

sort of piston, and the Lion was trying to untangle a mess

of hydraulic tubing. "you realize, mistress, that we're

going to have to run this thing on vegetable oil for this

exercise. It might have a long term impact on seal life."

Tanj just shrugged; "if it does, we rebuild the hydraulic

system; can't be much worse than what we're doing now."

Shaking her head, Jenka padded forward to demand; "What in

the WORLD are you DOING? Of all the things I expected y'all

to be up to, this was NOT it!" The Lion looked up and

grinned; "just a little surprise for Hinoki. We're

modifying his suit; when we get done, it'll be the only

powered armor in the universe that can make Love AND War!"

Jenka nodded; "I’ll let you surprise me, then, with what

you’re up to. However, as you work, I want you to tell me

ALL about your most recent exploits. Tell me of your time

as a Slave on Elysium, Slave! And you’d better leave


Hinoki looked at the Vixen and blinked; "you say Tanj

wants me to do WHAT?" Zassa just grinned and nodded; "she

wants you to demonstrate the powered armor for Jenka.

Jenka's thinking about purchasing a few units for the Black

Fleet, and she wants to see you put it through its paces.

We've got it down on Deck 20, where there's some room for

you to maneuver." The Cheetah male looked a little

skeptical, but after a moment, shrugged; "lead on."

Jenka watched closely as Hinoki palmed the clamshell back of

the armor open, and then pulled off his shorts; "As you can

see, Ma'am, this suit's set up for long term operations. It

can provide water and a nutrient broth through a nipple in

the helmet, and has catheters for waste elimination. Gotta

get nude to put it on….." Jenka grinned, and nodded,

watching the male's lithe form squeeze into the suit.

Hinoki settled himself, wincing at how cold some things were

on sensitive portions of his anatomy and wondering why so

sophisticated a machine couldn’t warm them prior to use.

When he was set, he hit the chin switch to close the armor.

The halves of the armor's back swung in and down, pressing

against him, almost compressing him into the front of the

suit. He heard the door latch with a solid "clunk" and

waited patiently for main power to come up. The "faceplate"

however, remained dark. He could feel a breeze on his left

cheek, so he knew the air circulation system was active, but

the rest of the suit seemed dead. "Something's

malfunctioning" he growled to himself. "Wonderful…… okay…

Urrrr, Computer! System status, powergrids one through

four!"…. The computer remained silent. "Computer? Suit

power status, Immediately!" The only result was more

silence. Growling, he uttered the one command that the

computer HAD to respond to, if there were anything left of

the computer that could respond; "Computer! Emergency

override, code T-Rescue. Blow main seals!" This time, the

computer responded; however, instead of the mechaincal voice

that had been programmed into the system, he heard something

else…. Tanj. And the Lion. Zassa. All in perfect

synchrony, they said; "Hinoki, you've been a bad boy! You

hid your past from us… But now you have revealed it. We'll

ask you why… but not right now. For now, just sit back and

enjoy the …. "softening."

Hinoki was in shock. He sat there in the suit, fur slowly

bristling, hissing in more than a little fear. He wasn't

expecting something like this. He had no way of knowing!

Oh, he'd KNOWN they'd be pissed… but to kill him? Torture

him? Maybe… Maybe he'd misjudged them.. His heartrate shot

through the roof, and he felt the beginnings of a bloody

nose. Tanj's voice came through the speakers and

whispered in that soft and sultry tone he'd adored; "You'll

be quite alive and healthy, Hinoki. I'd not let you come to

harm.. and if you were to be executed, well, I'd be certain

that it was done painlessly…. What happens after we let you

out is up to you…" Struggling, he found his arms and legs

immobilized, as only being encased in tons of armor can do.

He instinctively opened his muzzle to yell out for help,

when the nipple for the water bottle swung out, and shoved

itself into his mouth! For a moment he was too surprised to

move, and then the thing started to expand, blowing up like

a balloon, filling his mouth! The catheter in his rear also

started to swell, lengthening and thickening, forming more

of a plug in his ass than something meant to help him

eliminate waste…… Then the plug in his ass started to

vibrate, a knob extending to jam against his prostate.

Suddenly the section of the suit encasing his groin started

to vibrate, to pulsate, as if it were groping at him.

Squirming was impossible, although he tried. Unseen

fingers… or were they tentacles? Something was moving over

his balls, while other things stroked his sheath…… The

result was a predictable expansion, and as his cock grew

rigid, something in the suit seemed to encase it like a

waiting mouth….. it was warm, and slippery, and seemed to

work at milking him…. It was at the same time terrifying and

SO delicious. Helpless, encased, immobile, within tons of

rigid durasteel, Hinoki moaned as the suit masturbated him.

Then, just as he was approaching his first orgasm, the suit

jabbed him in the left buttock and injected…. Something.

Zassa's voice came back, through the speakers, to purrrr;

"Viagra-20… We want you to enjoy this… Again, and again,

and again…."

Tanj grinned at the readout. The suit's medical

diagnostics were fully functional, and she knew Hinoki was

all right, although he seemed to have an elevated heartbeat,

and slightly high blood pressure. She made sure the alarms

were properly set to let them know if he got into REAL

trouble, and then set the remote down. Hinoki had a long,

LONG preprogrammed session ahead of him…..

Turning to Jenka, Tanj smiled; "Zassa tells me that she's

in the mood for a little B&D. You know her; she likes a

little pain with her pleasure. Somehow I kinda figure I'll

be busy elsewhere. Do you know someone who might just be of

assistance? The Pantheress smiled and turned to look at

John; "I think I know someone who might do. I've always

thought you and Hinoki looked good together; a matched pair

of Cheetahs. I know a certain Fox who might be interested

in entertaining Zassa. John, why don't you see if Chris is

available. Oh, and there's one other thing I'd like to talk

to you about…." Leading the Stallion through the door, the

Pantheress reached up to grab an ear, pulling the Stallion's

head down so she could whisper in it….. After a moment,

John turned and trotted off.

Dahlia watched the Stallion go, and sighed. That one

certainly did look good….. And the Lion; what in the WORLD

had they DONE to him? He sure did look funny! So far she'd

been NEAR the Lion for an appreciable part of the trip, but

she still hadn't TALKED to him. She was beginning to wonder

if she'd ever get the chance.

Inside the immobile suit of powered armor, Hinoki moaned;

the thing in his ass had been leaking something… lubricant

he thought. Or at least he hoped, as now it was starting to

slide in and out, fucking his ass with mechanical precision.

The devices working over his cock, and his balls hadn't

slowed down either, and he found that he was coming awfully

close to a second orgasm…… and he hadn't even gotten over

the first! His cock was aching and so DAMN hard it stung!

Jenka looked down at the remote readout on the floor; "how

long did you program this thing for?" Tanj grinned; "Oh,

only twelve hours. I want him good and limp for when we

take him out of there. Remember, the goal of this is to get

him to answer some pointed questions. By the time he's done

in there, he should be all set up for what we have in

mind……" Jenka nodded; "hope so. Now, did you have any

plans for the intervening time?" Tanj grinned; "Oh, I

think we can find something to keep ourselves amused. Why

don't I show you just how good my new Slave can be?" Jenka

chuckled; "Love, I think I already know, but don't let THAT

stop you." Tanj nodded, and looked around the room.

"Slave, there are six females in this room. I want you to

lick each of them to a climax. You've got one hour. For

each minute beyond that, that you take, you'll get a lash

from my riding crop. GO!"

The Lion grinned, and turned to POUNCE Zassa, knocking her

to the padded floor. His paws found the waistband of her

slacks, pulling hard. The fabric gave with a ripping noise,

shredded cloth fluttering to the floor behind him. Grabbing

an ankle in each big paw, the lion spread her legs and

lifted them, bending her double, lifting her ass from the

floor to meet his muzzle. He knelt there, holding her fast,

as his tongue drove in and out of her snatch. For her part,

the Vixen howled and shuddered under his assault, the rough

sex seeming to be just what she wanted. As the Lion's teeth

grazed her clitty, she howled, her paws clawing at the

matting. The Lion knew well and good what turned Zassa on,

and pausing, sliding his tongue from her wet sex, he growled

and nipped at one labia, and then the other, and then with a

snarl, his teeth found her clitty, to nip hard! The Vixen

literally exploded, thrashing on the floor as a sudden

climax took possession of her body. When she'd calmed down,

her chest heaving, but her body lying still, the Lion looked

up to grin at Tanj. Tanj just nodded and looked at

her Chrono; "four and a half minutes. Not too bad. Sets

you a little ahead of schedule…." The Lion just nodded and

turned to Kath, making a "come hither" gesture.

Jenka turned to see Chris standing behind her, just inside

the door. The Fox's eyes were wide, locked on the panting

Zassa. Taking a step backwards, the Pantheress whispered;

"That’s what you have to work with. Think you can do

something with her?" Chris blinked and nodded; "Oh, YES


Kath rose and stepped almost shyly over to where the Lion

was kneeling. At his direction, she spread her legs, and

with her paws behind her back, stood there as the Lion

opened his jaws, to work his tongue over her sex. Wanda

watched critically, but Kath behaved, neither making a

sound, nor a move, if you discount her rapidly heaving chest

and harsh breathing as the Lion's tongue flicked over her

sex, and then drove upwards, wrigging within her. It wasn't

until he brought up one finger, to rub at her clitty that

she lost it, her head falling back, and a long, heartfelt

wail escaping her lips, her entire body shaking. The Lion

spent a moment, licking softly, but it was obvious to all

that he'd taken her to a powerful climax. Looking around

the swaying Mink, the Lion grinned at Tanj. "OK, I

guess. Twelve and a half minutes. Two down and forty-seven

and a half minutes to go." The Lion grinned and nodded, and

looked at Wanda, an eyebrow raised.

The Wolverine chuckled and lay back on the padded floor;

"Crawl over here, Slave, and lets see what you can do with

your tongue." Tanj watched as the Lion complied, moving

with his typical heavy grace. As she watched, Tanj

wondered if Wanda was still technically a virgin. To the

best of her knowledge, she'd never taken a male lover… and

yet, in OTHER things, she was far from inexperienced.…….

The Lion seemed to take his cues from the noises Wanda made,

for the Wolverine lass was quite vocal…… It took a few

minutes, but then Wanda groaned and wrapped her legs around

his head, holding him TIGHT. Louder and louder she moaned

until at last her body arched and she screamed with rapture.

The Lion extricated himself as quickly as he could, panting

hard, obviously having had a bit of trouble breathing in

that position. Grinning he looked at Tanj. "Twenty four

minutes; you lost a bit on that one; best not hesitate…."

The Lion grinned and turned to Dahlia….

Dahlia smiled around her gag, and rose a little on her

knees. The Lion took the cue and rolled over on his back,

sliding across the floor to shove his head up into her

crotch, his tongue flashing out pinkly….. Dahlia moaned

into her gag; his tongue felt soooo good, just the way she

remembered it…. The way he teased her first, the tip of his

tongue tracing out the length of her slit, rough on her

labia, and then slowly spreading her, to slither in, rough

on one side, smooth on the other… And he seemd to know all

her special places, the spots where she was most sensitive,

most responsive. As she knelt astride his face, she found

it impossible to stay still, her hips churning as if she

wanted to fuck his tongue….. and then his tongue was

slipping out, to slide forward, to coax back the hood over

her clitty, to stroke her pearl directly. Moaning,

groaning, her body swaying, Dahlia soaked in the feelings,

getting closer and closer…..

John watched the Mare and smiled. She was a pretty one.

And responsive too. If he was good, and with luck, perhaps

Mistress would let him have some time with her.

Dahlia saw the Stallion's eyes on her, and felt a hot flush;

"He’s WATCHING me…. just LOOK at all the people watching!"

she thought to herself. Even when she was a slave, at least

the lights had been out, darkness a concealing cloak……… But

here they could see EVERYTHING! In a moment of shyness and

embarrassment she flushed, and just as if it seemed she

couldn't GET any more embarrassed, she felt her climax

overtake her, and she KNEW it could be worse. MOANING into

her gag, she climaxed hard, horrified that all these

strangers should see her like this!

The Lion purrred and gave the Mare a last nibble, before

sliding out. Panting he licked his face, slick with the

juices of four ladies. Tiredly he looked from Tanj to


Tanj smiled; "Thirty six and a half minutes. Getting

slower and slower!" Tanj was about to insist that Jenka

go next, when the Pantheress smiled; "Take care of your

Mistress next, Slave. I prefer to go last……." Then,

leaning over to whisper in Tanj's ear, Jenka purrred;

"Make him fail; I have something planned….."

The Lion smiled and crawled on his knees over to Tanj; he

took a moment to grin up at her with a knowing look and then

his big paws were pushing her down on her back, his head

shoved between her thighs. His poofy mane tickled her and

she squirmed until his broad, rough tongue dragged itself

over her sex…. And in an instant her resolve crumbled. He

simply knew her too well; he knew what she liked, and what

she loved. Both his paws reached up along her body to cup

her breasts, thumbs and forefingers tweaking her nipples,

tugging on her nipple rings, while his tongue drove deep,

seemingly to the very core of her being. He knew that

certain spot, deep on the front wall of her pussy, that

always made her squirm, and his tonguetip danced over it

repeatedly. Somehow her paws found his now-curly mane, to

twine her fingers in it, holding his head TIGHT to her

crotch. It was more than a being could stand!

Hinoki groaned; somewhere along the line, the plug in his

ass had stopped moving, and had swelled up, locking itself

in his rear. Then, it had slowly admitted what was

initially shockingly cold water. As his bowels filled, as

his middle swelled up from the fluid, the Cheetah found the

suit increasingly tight, found the vibrating fingers at his

balls, at his sheath, at his cock, now slippery with his

cum, pressing against him all the tighter, stroking him all

the more firmly. Unable to do so much as squirm, Hinoki

mewled in distress and pleasure.

Tanj moaned loudly as the Lion tugged on her nipple

rings, twisting them as his tongue swirled and corkscrewed

in and out of her snatch. He was a Maestro, and knew just

how to "play" her. Striving to keep from climaxing, she

started trying to calculate prime numbers, but no matter how

she concentrated, she never seemed to be able to get past


Wanda stroked Kath, snuggling the Mink on her lap, watching

the Lion practice his art with Tanj. Whispering into the

Mink's ear, Wanda purrred; "you're good, Love; very good.

But look at what he's doing to her. Just LOOK at it. I

think we're going to have to get you more practice…… Until

you can make furrs look like that.

Kath listened to what her Mistress said, and nodded

absently. She'd felt the Lion's tongue, and it had been

grand, but from the look on Tanj's face, he hadn't been

seriously trying his best with her…..

Hinoki grunted in unison with the Suit's motions. Water

surged in and out of the plug in his ass, alternatingly

filling him and seemingly sucking him dry, turning him

inside out. And all the while, the fingers stroked his

balls, worked up and down his increasingly sore, and

throbbingly hard cock. He'd lost track of how many times

he'd cum, but from the sticky wet feeling all up and down

his front, it must have been at least a half dozen times.

Periodically the plug in his mouth would discharge what felt

like thick sugar water, in rhythmic pulses reminiscent of

his own discharges, but it was too far back in his mouth to

get a good taste. At least he wasn't getting dehydrated……

Tanj couldn't hold it back any longer; arching her back,

she Howled as her climax broke, ripples of pure pleasure

seeming to spread out from her sodden crotch, to wash over

her entire body. Her claws dug at the Lion's head, tugging

at his mane as his tongue slithered from within her, and he

nipped roughly at her clitty. The sensation only served to

drive her further over the edge, and the compartment rang

with her cries.

Jenka chuckled and nodded; "Better than I'd hoped for, Dear;

he's only got seven minutes left. Now, You, get over here

and lets see if you can keep from earning a punishment!

The Lion groaned to himself. His jaw muscles were aching,

his tongue was sore, and he was tired. He was a mess too.

But he'd be damned if he'd show weakness in front of Jenka.

Forcing a grin, he smiled as brightly as he could and moving

with an apparent energy he felt he certainly didn't have, he

crawled over to where she stood. Kneeling between her feet,

the Lion shoved her skirt up with her nose, and dragged his

tongue softly over her sex.

Jenka smiled, one hand softly fuzzling the Lion's mane. He

was good, she'd give him that. Very good. It would be

sooooo easy to just relax, to let the pleasure wash over

her… but she had OTHER plans, and they demanded that she be

strong. It was only seven minutes…. Certainly she could

resist him for that long…..

Hinoki mewled softly. He felt like the suit was awash in

his juices up to his waist… or maybe that was just sweat.

He was soooo tired, soooo very sore, and it just wouldn't

stop! Now the dong in his ass had sucked all the fluids

from his bowels, had deflated, and was once again pistoning

in and out, in a counterpoint rhythm to the fingers stroking

his cock. As sore and as tired as he was, it was once again

driving him crazy, and he felt himself teetering on the edge

of another orgasm….. but he saw sparks, blackness starting

to form at the periphery of his vision….

The Lion groaned as the buzzer went off. His hour was up.

Jenka was panting, her chest heaving, but that was her only

concession to his licking. Her paw still caressed him

gently, no sign of urgency in her motions. Lazily the

Pantheress looked down, her other paw going to his left ear

even as the paw that caressed his head found his right ear.

Tugging his head up wards, she gazed down at him; "you've

been a VERY naughty slave. You haven't done what your

mistress told you to. You're going to have to be punished

and I have JUST the thing….. Now finish me, before your

punishment gets any worse." The Lion nodded, his nose

stroking up and down over her mons as his tongue sought out

her clitty…..

Tanj was still panting, lying on the padded floor, when

Jenka gave a soft, almost inaudible moan, her body

stiffening for a moment. It hadn't taken the Lion hardly

any time at all, once she'd relented, once she'd achieved

her "goal" of making him fail. Tanj smiled as she

watched, wondering what Jenka had in mind……

Zassa rose and padded over to look at the remote readout for

the powered armor. Grinning she turned to whisper to

Tanj; "Hinoki's passed out; should we get him out of

there?" Tanj thought for a moment and then shook her

head no. Taking the remote from the Vixen, her fingers

danced over its keyboard; "I'll set it up so that it'll go

dormant until he reawakens… and then it'll start all over

again. He's OK where he is, and I want to see what Jenka's

got in mind for my Slave." Zassa grinned and nodded.

Jenka put both paws on the Lion's head and "pushed" him away

from her. Panting, straightening her skirt, she took a

moment to recover her breath, before saying; "I suppose that

will do…. Its going to take a while for certain things

needed for your "punishment" to be ready. Just kneel there

like a good slave. In the meantime, I've arranged for

"other" entertainment. Zassa, come here and kneel in front

of me!" Zassa blinked, shot Tanj a look, and then at

Tanj’s nod, grinned. Obediently, the Vixen rose from

where she'd been sitting, padded over to Jenka, and then

kneeled in front of her, as a slave should. Jenka smiled

and ruffled the Vixen's headfur; "I hear that you don't want

to be free of ALL the aspects of being a slave. All right.

For the rest of your stay here, you will belong to Chris.

He will be your Master. The only constraints are that he

has to obey your safeword. If you have to USE your

safeword, he will return you to Tanj, and you will never

see him again, and you will never be treated in such a

manner here, ever again. Do you understand? The Vixen

smiled slightly and nodded her head. Jenka smirked; "here's

your safeword; as you're most likely to be gagged, you will

make a noise, or a motion. Three of anything, in a rhythmic

pattern. Three slaps of a hand against something…."

Demonstrating, Jenka slapped her own thigh once, twice,

three times, with about a two second pause inbetween. "Or

you can rock the bed three times, in the same pattern. Or

open and close your hand three times, in the same pattern.

Or grunt through your gag three times, in the same pattern.

This should allow you to use your safeword, no matter how

you're tied. Do you understand?" Zassa smiled and nodded

again. Turning away from the kneeling Vixen, Jenka smiled

at Chris; "She's all yours. Miss her safeword, and you'll

play HER slave for a month! Chris nodded and stepped

forward; "not a problem, Ma’am. I'll be attentive."

Looking down at Zassa, the Fox growled; "Stand up, Slave;

let me look at you." Zassa stood, paws at her sides, while

Chris ran his paws over her body, examining her, feeling

here and there. At one point, as his fingers moved between

her thighs, he smirked; "good; wet already. I can see this

excites you." And then his examination moved on. After a

while he nodded, in apparent satisfaction. "Lets see what

her limits are. I've been told she likes a little pain with

her pleasure. We'll see." Moving to a box by the wall, the

Fox produced a heavy padded hood, which he proceeded to

strap to the contours of Zassa's head. The hood was more a

form-fitting mask, with thick foam pads over her eyes, and a

thick phallic plug to fill her mouth. It encased her ears,

thick foam plugs filling them as well. When the last

chromed buckle had been tightened, it looked as if someone

had dipped the Vixen's head in thick rubber….. Next, Chris

buckled heavy leather mittens over the vixen's paws, the

rings at the wrists being clipped together in front of her

body. Her joined paws were then brought up over her head,

to be clipped to a ring at the back of her hood. This left

her elbows pointing straight up; these were lashed together

with a leather thong, her arms pushing against the back of

her head, forcing her chin down against her chest. Ankle

cuffs came next, with a short spreader bar between them.

The spreader bar was attached to the cuffs with several

links of chain on each end; she couldn't bring her feet too

close together, but she could still move, still walk, after

a fashion. Chris left her like that, for a moment as he

returned to the box……

Kath's eyes went WIDE as the Fox returned with a double

pawful of clothespins. Dumping them at Zassa's feet, he

roughly grabbed one breast, and without preamble, clamped

the business end of one of the clothespins on the Vixen's

nipple. Inside her hood, Zassa moaned, the sound barely

audible. Chris watched closely, but there was no motion; no

stamping of a foot, or other motion that might indicate she

was signalling her "safeword"….. Nodding to himself, he

proceeded to fasten a clothespin on her other nipple….

Tanj watched, smiling, as the Fox slowly covered Zassa in

clothespins. Clothespins on her tummy, on her breast,

encircling her aereola, clothespins on her labia,

clothespins here and there until the Vixen looked more like

a hedgehog! All total, he must have used a hundred of them.

Tanj KNEW how those things could hurt, and marveled at

the Vixen's stamina…..

Chris smiled and left the vixen, who was panting hard, her

chest a mass of rising and falling multicolored clothespins,

to return to the box. When he padded back to her, he had a

simple length of rubber strap. Grinning at his audience he

held one end of the strap in his left paw, pulling it back

with his right. When he'd stretched it to arms length, he

let go, the strap flying out, making an audible *snap*.

Kath, in particular, jumped at the noise. Zassa, with her

plugged ears, didn't react at all; she hadn't heard it.

Chris stalked around Zassa, watching, grinning…. And then

all of a sudden, the strap licked out, to catch the vixen on

the ass. The sudden sting made Zassa jump a foot, the

clothespins jumping wildly, the Vixen's moan audible even

through her gag. Chris just grinned and watched, but again

there was no sign of her signaling her "safeword"….

Tanj leaned against the wall and watched. Chris was

good, the snapping of his rubber strap knocking off

clothespin after clothespin, with an occasional lick to her

ass, breast, or thigh. With each one the Vixen jumped and

danced, her howls barely audible. It was as if she didn't

know which way to turn, to escape the snapping strap….

Chris left the clothespins on her nipples and labia for

last, snapping them off one by one with surprising

precision. Finally the Vixen stood there, panting, amid the

litter of clothespins on the floor. Stepping up behind her,

Chris started working on the buckles to her hood, undoing

them one by one, until he was able to pull the contraption

off her. Zassa just panted, covered in sweat. The Fox

smiled; "I want you to return all the clothespins to the

box. Use your mouth. Zassa just nodded and dropped to her

knees, her arms still awkwardly bound behind her head.

Chris watched, occasionally snapping his rubber band at her

ass, when he thought she wasn't moving fast enough. It was

as the Vixen was putting the last clothespin in the box that

Chris reached over, to feel between her thighs. Chuckling

he stroked her, his fingers sliding easily in and out of the

Vixen's dripping sex. "I see they were right. You DID like

that, didn't you?" The Vixen just panted, biting her lip,

nodding her head. Chris smiled, his fingers moving faster;

"very well, you have my permission to cum. Just once. Then

you'll thank me with your mouth." Chris chuckled and

twisted his paw, three fingers in the Vixen’s dripping

snatch, until he could bring his thumb around, to point

down, rubbing at the Vixen’s clitty as his fingers sawed in

and out. Zassa Groaned, and in a matter of seconds was

panting harshly, the effects of a powerful climax writ large

upon her face.

Jenka looked up as the door opened to the room. John, the

Stallion looked in, grinning as Chris sat on the floor, the

panting, dripping Vixen crawling awkwardly over to drop her

head into his lap. Looking up at the Pantheress, the

Stallion nodded; "Mistress, its ready."

Jenka nodded and gestured to the Lion. "Time for your

punishment, Stud. Step outside, and we’ll get you harnessed


The Lion paused in the door, his eyes going wide. His groan

brought Wanda, Kath and Dahlia on the end of their leashes,

to look past him. Dahlia immediately recognized it for what

it was; a two wheeled "sulky" cart like she’d pulled back on

Elysium. Jenka was going to take the Lion for a trot.

The straps were as complex as any harness he’d ever been

buckled into, and the Lion stood in stoic patience as Jenka

and John worked to fasten him into the harness of gleaming

leather and shining brass. His paws were held behind his

back, immobile, with the cart’s shafts fastened to the

leather at his hips. Most of the straps were just for show,

and the Lion was glad she’d never heard of the "bearing

rein", that strap running from a thick butt-plug to the back

of his head-harness, pulling his head back. The bit was a

simple steel shaft, but it was buckled in tight, the

attached reins allowing Jenka to swivel his head from side

to side with ease. Finally, he was ready, and Jenka hopped

up into the Cart’s seat. She had a little buggy whip, and

flicking it at his ass, growled "HeYAH!" And the the Lion

was off, trotting down the station’s corridor. As he ran,

the Lion smiled to himself; at least here it wasn’t dusty,

and there were no hills for him to pull her up to…. And with

his "poodle" cut, with luck, not too many furrs would

recognize him…… Maybe.

Zassa groaned, Chris’ cock buried deep in her mouth; she

held her cold nose against his tummy, holding him in her

mouth, the head of his shaft pressing against the back of

her throat, as her tongue worked madly, stroking his hard

length. For her, there WAS no outside world, nothing else

in her consciousness, except his maleness, and her need to

bring him to orgasm.

Dahlia looked at Tanj, and then at the Stallion, John….

She wondered if she should tell them about all the things

they’d, well, not exactly done ‘wrong", but just left out…..

She wondered if she might barter that information for some

time with the Lion….. or failing that, that hunk of a

Stallion. And then she blinked, wondering where naughty

thoughts like THAT had come from…. Surely her mother had

raised her better’n THAT!

Jenka sighed; her station was huge, one of the largest in

the quadrant, but it wasn’t THAT huge. The Lion seemed

tireless, but she’d been around Deck 20 three times…… Time

to give someone else a chance. Tugging on the reins, she

turned the Lion back towards where the others waited…..

Tanj smiled as her Lion trotted up, obediently pulling

Jenka. When she’d brought him to a stop, he stood there,

panting lightly, not looking at anyone in particular, and

Tanj wondered what he was thinking. Hopping down, Jenka

purrred; "That was FUN. Tanj, Dear, you have simply GOT

to try this. Handing the whip to the Cheetah, she made way

for Tanj to hop onto the cart’s seat.

Jenka watched Tanj vanish down the corridor, pulled by

the Lion, and then turned at the whisper. The Clydesdale

Mare had edged up behind her to whisper; "Pardon me,

Mistress, but might I have a word with you?"

Chris couldn't help himself; he had to let out a groan of

pure pleasure. The Vixen's tongue was very good, swirling

around his shaft, laving the head of his cock, before

darting down over his most sensitive places. Still, he did

everything in his power to show little reaction, as if her

level of expertise were merely to be expected. Using every

mental trick at his command, the Fox did what he could to

make this vulpine heaven last as long as possible.

Dahlia let Jenka lead her a dozen paces down the corridor;

when the Pantheress turned to look at her, Dahlia smiled;

"Um, Mistress, I don’t really want to cause any trouble, but

I was wondering if I might cut a deal with you…. You see, I

just stowed away on …. No, that’s not right; I didn’t even

"stow away" on her ship. I didn’t know they were leaving… I

just wanted to spend some TIME with the Lion before they

shipped me off. If you can find a way to let us spend some

time together, I’ll tell you more about what you’re trying

to do here. Y’see this was my most common job at that

Agricorp facility….. toting the station manager around…. And

I know some of the innovations she’d come up with….."

Jenka’s smile was a cold one, and after a moment, she nodded

slowly; "I see Tanj’s new slave left a few things out.

THAT should earn him a further punishment. Yes, I’ll see

you get some time with him. Now tell me EVERYTHING!"

Zassa panted hard, tongue scouring the mat. The Fox had cum

in her mouth, flooding her mouth faster than she could

swallow, until his ropy jism had trickled from her lips.

The Fox had then unbound her arms, and had told her to lick

what had spilled from her mouth to the floor. As one paw

teased her, stroking her heated flesh, he chuckled; "Yes,

you are something. I think You and I are going to have a

GOOD time together….."

The Lion was panting by the time he brought Wanda back.

John uncoupled him from the cart, and unbound his paws, but

left the rest of the harness, including the bit in his mouth

fastened about him as he led him by the reins back into

their room in the recreation complex. As they entered,

Tanj looked up from the suit’s remote readout; "Hinoki’s

passed out for the second time; I think its time we got him

out of there. He should be about ready. Behind Tanj,

Kath held up a single feather and nodded, a wicked grin on

her face.

Hinoki groaned, and lifted his head; suddenly it struck him;

he was out of that damned suit. He could feel cool air all

over his sweat-drenched body. Groaning, he tried to move,

only to realize he was hanging, his paws bound above him,

and his legs bound to the floor, his feet well spread, and

an indeterminable distance off the floor. While he still

couldn't see, his mouth was empty and after a minute he

managed to whimper quietly; "Hurts….. P..please, .. N..no

more… Wh. Who.. who?

Tanj smiled and brought the very tip of her feather up

between his legs, its tip following the crease between his

balls; "Oh, we're here. We're ALL here. YOU'VE been a very

naughty boy. You have a secret you haven't told us. But

you will. Oh, you will……." With that she dragged the

feather up along the very front of his sheath, and as he

squirmed, she chuckled.

Zassa shot Chris a glance, and at his nod, applied her

feather to the sole of the Cheetah's right foot, as Kath

worked her feather in a similar manner over his left foot.

Dahlia looked a little confused, but following the lead of

the others, she used the tip of her feather to tickle the

Cheetah's left armpit, doing her best to mimic Wanda's

actions as she worked on the Cheetah's other armpit.

Jenka smiled and used a leather thong to tie the tip of the

Cheetah's tail to the back of his collar. Then, squatting

behind him, she dragged the tip of her feather along the

crack of his ass.

Hinoki HOWLED and squirmed; it seemed like the tickling went

on forever, and when it stopped, it was all he could do to

hang there, panting and exhausted. As he tried to recover,

he heard the Lion's deep voice growl in his left ear; "we

know you were an instructor at the Academy. We want to know

what you're doing here." But before the Cheetah could frame

a response, all the tickling started again; the soles of his

feet, his crotch, his armpits, his ears, under his chin, and

squirm as he might, he was completely unable to escape, or

to even slow the torment! He began to thrash so hard his

joints crackled, claws expressing and trying to claw at the

leather bonds.. at anything within reach as he became a

creature more animal than sentient. He hissed… growled…

then mewled and whimpered as the tickling went on and on…..

It seemed like ages before they stopped again. Hinoki could

only pant, hanging limply from his wrists. After a while,

he moaned; "what do you WANT from me?" Tanj chuckled;

"we want you to tell us what you were doing as an instructor

at the Academy, and how you came to be a slave. That’s a

pretty radical change in status. There are those that think

you might be some sort of a mole in our organization….."

The Cheetah shook his head violently from side to side; "No,

NO! Not a mole. Not working for anyone. No ulterior

motives, no agenda…. Just trying to get by…." Tanj

smiled and applied the tip of her feather under his chin,

making his head jerk violently as he sought to escape the

tickle; "then tell us. Tell us the whole story. Tell us a

story that we can check. Names. Places. Dates. Prove

yourself to us, Dear, or the tickling starts again."

Hinoki sighed and lowered his head to his chest, his eyes

closed. "Its true. I was an instructor at the Academy.

But I found that as time wore on, I didn't love my work as

much as I thought I did. Oh, yes, I enjoyed helping to

train new slaves, especially the sex slaves…. But as time

wore on, I found that I was envying them more and more..

perhaps my own tastes were changing. Occasionally I'd find

myself watching the other instructors and wondering what it

would be like to be one of their charges, to be a naked

slave under their command. After a while, it became a bit

of an obsession….." the Cheetah gave a rueful grin, half

hidden by his bowed head; "eventually, I picked out a

suitable slave. I singled her out for "special" training…..

it took a bit to bypass the normal "oversight" system, to

feed loops of tape into the video feed, so it looked like we

were just going over the same lessons over and over… while

we broached new territory." Jenka stroked that area between

Hinoki's balls and anus with the tip of her feather; "and

what kind of "new territory" did you venture into with this

slave?" Hinoki's response was almost a moan, almost a

whisper; "I taught her to be dominant. I taught her to

"top" me. I trained him to be my Mo…. My Mistress……"

Tanj sat back on her haunches and blinked….. "Oh, I bet

the faculty would be LIVID if they found out……." Jerking

her head up she looked at the Cheetah hanging above her;

"but they DID find out, didn't they?" Hinoki just nodded.

"Somehow they figured out what was going on. We were in the

middle of one of our sessions when they burst in. The

Rector, and all the Deans. Their….. "investigation" became

more of an inquisition. There were several other

instructors that were dismissed, merely on suspicion, given

their past friendship with me. Others received…. Harsher

disciplines. Even though I swore I was acting alone." The

Cheetah shuddered, obviously at the memories coursing

through his skull. "They…. Decided to give me exactly what

I wanted. They declared me a slave, and "enrolled" me in a

beginning class. Their first…. Their first "class" for me

was to watch… as… as they…" He shuddered and closed his

eyes. A few feathers descended towards his anatomy, but

Tanj forstalled it with a gesture…. Something was

happening here and she thought he needed a bit of time to

elucidate…. "Th.. they made me watch as they publicly

humiliated, and then dismissed my Mother in disgrace. I

have no idea what happened to her, after they destroyed her

career, and exiled her from Elysium….. Then they made me

watch the punishments, the re-conditioning….. All the

slaves I'd trained… all the slaves who's lives I'd touched……

Just in case I'd taught others. Then… Then I began being

"instructed"…..But the entire staff knew of me, knew of my

disgrace. They were all VERY rough on me. It was a relief

finally to graduate….. And the rest you should know. No,

I'm not working for anyone; I'm not a deep cover agent.

Don't you think, after all this time, you'd KNOW that?"

Tanj nodded slowly; she'd never really believed he could

be an agent; an enemy. But it certainly was an awkward

tale….. there would be those that would NEVER believe him…

and she knew from her work in Intelligence that there would

be those that would never permit themselves to believe him,

on the off chance that it truly was a masterful deception…….

To her surprise, the Lion growled low in his throat; "you

are NOT telling us everything. You're hiding something!"

Hinoki flinched at the words, and then howled as the Lion's

feather renewed its assault on his armpit. Tanj watched

in amazement as the others joined in, tickling him

furiously. She wanted to shout "NO! STOP!" but something

held her frozen, immobile…….

Hinoki howled and squirmed; this tickling was worse than

what they'd done before; at least there they'd given him a

breather, letting him calm down, letting him rest between

bouts; now, it seemed as if they were bent on revenge,

determined to kill him by tickling. Groaning, he completely

lost control, the feeling of warm liquid bathing his crotch,

flowing down his thighs…..

Tanj eeped and tossed her self to one side as the Cheetah

lost control of his bladder. Turning back she watched in

amazement as the fur on Hinoki's face ruffled, the feline

equivalent of a blush as embarrassment caused a rush of warm

blood to his face, his fur bristling, seeking to help shed

the heat. The Lion ceased his motions, waving for the

others to quit. Bending his head close to the Cheetah's

ear, he growled; "do we start again, or are you going to

tell us?"

The Cheetah's head bobbed up and down in short little jerks;

"Allright, I'll ….. tell you. The Slave I was training to

top me…… I was training her to …….. I wanted her to…… You

see, I'm wrapped up in….. I, ah,…. Well…." After stammering

and hesitating, the words seemed to come out in a rush, like

water falling from an upended bucket; "I like to be a cub

again…. To be treated like a cub…. Diapers and baby

powder……. And that kind of thing….. That’s what I was

training her to do to me….."

The Lion took a half step back, surprise on his face. It

wasn't an unknown fetish, but it was one that the Academy

didn't dwell on. Some folks liked to be pampered as babies,

to be cooed and fussed over. Some liked that particular

brand of humiliation, to be forced to wear diapers, to have

to pee in their pants, to be treated as infants….. And he

could see how the "masters" at the Academy might be

horrified to find out that one of their own not only had

submissive tendencies and desires, but that he might have

THOSE tendencies and desires…… Shaking his head, the Lion

mumbled; "we'll have to check this out, you understand…… "

Turning, the Lion looked at Tanj and spread his paws,

shrugging, as if to say, OK, we got him to tell us his

secret…. But it wasn't what I thought it would be. NOW what

do we do?" Hinoki, still looking down, his eyes on the floor

in front of him, growled, using a voice every bit as

Dominant as he'd ever used during a session at the academy.

"God DAMN you all.. you tore my secret from me, and you WILL

hear the explanation!" Even despite his precarious position

being suspended and surrounded by furs with feathers, his

voice still impacted anyone in the room with submissive

tendencies.. and dented those that were Dominant as well.

When he wanted it, he could GRAB attention and hold it!

Hinoki gathered himself, closed his eyes.. and sighed. "I'll

not bore you with a sob story about my childhood. Suffice it

to say that it wasn't really all that nice and warm and

fuzzy. Mom.. she wasn't the matronly type, you see. She was

an instructor at the academy and started indoctrinating ME

into things as soon as I could growl appreciably."

He looked around, making sure he made eye contact with

everyfur present. "I used to sneak into the slave pens at

night and listen to them. Sometimes they'd tell stories of

their childhood. It.. was attractive. Made me wonder what it

would be like.. to have someone to fuss over me. Yeah.. I'm

submissive. I was made to be a dominant, but my heart is on

the other side of that fence. So I found an attractive

female slave and singled her out to be my 'Mommy' if you

will. Yeah, I enjoy being in diapers, powdered.. and

sometimes tied down until I'm forced to wet them. The slave

girl was there to take care of me, and she loved me. At

least, I think she did.. I know that I really cared for her.

But she was sold off immediately after her re-conditioning,

shortly after I was discovered. Anyway.. Yeah, I was made a

slave. But I was run through courses that'd make your head

spin. I also had to watch as my own mother was made to wear

diapers.. forcibly treated as I liked to be. Now.. I don't

hold any great love for her, but still.."

Hinoki grew quieter. "The other instructors who were known

to be my friends, my closest friends, were beaten quite

severely.. again, in front of my eyes. They were shipped

offplanet, and I never heard about them again." He shook his

head. "So.. yeah, I do like diapers. Hell, I even wear them

now and then when I'm in my cabin. I've had a friend do the

honors.. Do any of you know how peaceful it feels to be

gently undressed.. bathed.. and then diapered? To be cuddled

in warm, strong arms? Sure, might seem strange to you, but

believe me.. give it a try before you knock it.. and me.."

He shrugged. "I've nothing more to say, really. I guess now

I've got to throw myself on your mercy.. if you can possibly

have any for me."

There was a good long bit of silence as that parcel of news

was digested.

Tanj bit her lip, thinking. She really didn't know a

whole lot about that particular fetish, but it did explain a

few things. She KNEW Hinoki could be a particularly

dominant "Top" when he wanted to be, a tendency that seemed

to come out rarely…. And she knew he loved being a "bottom,"

perhaps almost as much as she did.…. could that REALLY

explain his background? Still, at the bottom of her heart

she was sure he wasn't a threat. She just had to prove it.

Sighing she rose to her feet to lower the chain that

supported him. Pushing him down onto his stomach, she

pulled his arms back, his legs up, to clip his ankle cuffs

to his wrist cuffs, a gentle hogtie. "You rest awhile,

while we think this through."

Chris grinned at Zassa and crooked a finger at her; "You.

Slave. Get a wash rag and a bucket of soap and clean up the

mess the Cheetah made. Do it quickly or I'll have you

cleaning it up with your tongue!" Zassa nodded and hastened

to obey.

Their silent musings were interrupted by John, the Stallion

stepping back through the door, to whisper in Jenka's ear.

The Pantheress grinned widely and nodded; "Excellent. I'm

pleased. Now, I have a few more things for you to chase

down. This is what we'll need……." After a moment of

listening, a neutral expression on his face, the Stallion

nodded. Crooking a finger at Zassa, John said; "if you…..

Come with me, Slave, and I'll show you where the cleaning

supplies are kept." Zassa nodded, following the huge

Stallion out.

Jenka turned to Tanj and smiled; "I think you'll be

interested in what John has brought us to play with. If I

might borrow your stowaway, I would be pleased to race you,

your "pony" against "mine." All Tanj could do was to

blink, and grunt "huh?"

Sitting outside their playroom was a second sulky cart,

almost identical to the first. And on the seat of the cart

was another complex web of leather strapping and brass

buckles. Dahlia cast her eye over it and sighed, shaking

her head. Jenka chuckled; "and just to make things more

interesting, I've managed to come up with a few little….

"adornments" for our ponies…." Grabbing the Lion's trailing

reins, she took one in each paw and snapped them.

Maneuvering him like she'd been doing it for years, she

urged him forward, turned him, and then tugging back on both

reins, moved him back between the traces of the new cart.

Stepping forward, the Pantheress again bound his paws to his

harness, behind his back, and lifting the poles of the cart,

fastened them to the harness at his hips. Grinning the

stepped back to the cart and threw a brake lever,

immobilizing it. Lifting the seat to the cart to uncover a

storage compartment, she showed Tanj the little weighted

collar, a match to the pink one the Lion still wore around

his neck; "you know where this goes; why don't you put it on

him? Tanj took the strap, surprised at its weight, and

nodded; moving around in front of the Lion, one paw found

his sack, to tug downwards lightly, stretching his balls

away from his body until she could buckle the weighted

collar there. The Lion, of course, knowing what was coming,

shied away, almost as a real pony might, and Tanj

purrred; "That’s allright, Big Boy, I'm not going to hurt

you… Calm…. Calm…." Stepping back, she admired her

handiwork… the pink collar stretching his balls from his

body was a good contrast to his now-white fur and the rich

brown of the harness….. Jenka chuckled and handed Tanj

some captive bead rings; "I know, in the past, he's had

certain portions of his anatomy pierced; I'll leave the

placement of these to you……"

The Lion groaned; Tanj had been most devilish with the

rings. She'd remembered that the opening of his sheath had

been pierced, and that now sported a thick ring. Worse,

from that ring, a metal rod descended, with a hollow metal

ball clipped to the ring at the rod's other end. This ball,

while not particularly heavy, rested against his now tightly

bound balls. It was obvious that as he ran, that assembly

would swing back and forth, thwapping his balls….. Tanj

had then spent a few minutes licking at his crotch, with the

predictable result. With his cock swollen and turgid, she'd

slipped an elastic cock-ring down its length, squeezing the

base of his shaft just enough to make sure he didn't loose

his erection. She'd then put another ring through the

"Prince Albert" piercing in the eye of his cock. A light

chain ran from there to the newly re-installed nose ring.

Looking straight ahead, the chain wasn't particularly tight,

but the Lion knew that while running, his cock would be

swaying and bobbing, the chain tugging painfully… and if she

hauled back on the reins, pulling his head back… OUCH!

Dahlia watched them adorn the Lion in no small trepidation.

Kath and Wanda were busy, fussing over her, and the complex

harness, trying to figure out what went where…. Initially

they'd tried to put it on her backwards, but had soon

realized the mistake. They seemed to take great delight in

strapping her TIGHTLY into the leather…..

The Lion sighed around the bit in his mouth as Jenka held up

the "bearing rein" assembly. At least she lubed up the

butt-plug before shoving it roughly into his ass…… And then

the straps were being pulled TIGHT, pulling his head back,

the chain from his nose to the piercing in the end of his

cock pulling his erection up tight against his belly…..

Jenka smiled as Tanj finished with her Lion, and then

turned to Dahlia; "lets see now; I wouldn't want him to run

at a handicap. What little…. "annoyances" can we come up

with for you? Producing a pawfull of captive bead rings,

the Pantheress stalked towards the harnessed Mare.

Dahlia groaned, suffering under the same "bearing rein" as

the Lion, a fat dildo in her ass, straps running on either

side of her tail to the harness encasing her head, pulling

it back TIGHT. Every time she tried to look down, the

straps drove the dong deeper into her ass, producing a

whinny of dismay. And Jenka had run a light chain from the

rings now adorning her nipples to the ring in her nose…..

and she KNEW, despite the limited support provided by the

harness straps encasing her breasts, that when she started

running, her bouncing breasts were going to make that

painful, for nipples and nose. At least the Pantheress

hadn't put those dreaded Ben-Wa balls up her twat; instead

the labia rings sported rods similar to the one the Lion

wore, with bulky but hollow balls at the end; she knew as

she ran, her thighs would bounce those back and forth,

providing a significant "distraction." Finally Jenka

declared her "steed" ready, and took her place on the sulky

cart's seat.

Kath stood between the two "ponies" with her arm raised

high. After a moment's pause, she dropped her hand, and

almost simultaneously, two whips cracked, and the racers

were off…..

Dahlia watched the Lion take an early lead, Tanj's whip

stinging at his ass as he ran. The Mare smiled to herself;

she KNEW she could out-last him. Doing her best to ignore

Jenka's shouts and the sting of her whip, the Mare settled

down to a distance-eating trot.

The Lion had no idea how far ahead he was of Dahlia and

Jenka; he couldn't turn his head, and almost couldn't see

where he was going. After a brief sprint, he settled down

into what he thought was his best long-distance pace. The

ball swinging on the end of its rod tap-tap-tapped at his

bound balls most annoyingly, and with every step, the dong

in his ass seemed to saw in and out. The chain between

nosering and the ring in the end of his cock slapped at his

belly, but he did what he could to minimize the tugs as his

cock wobbled with each step. It was devilishly hard

maintaining his concentration as he ran, but he did what he


Jenka Whooped as Tanj and her Lion came into view as they

turned a corner. Some of her Pirates had come down to

watch, having heard what was to transpire, and she smiled

and waved as they cheered her on. Dahlia was slowly gaining

on their opponents.

Tanj scowled; she KNEW Lions, like Cheetahs, were

sprinters, not long distance runners…. But the station's

size was limited, the course not THAT long. Looking over

her shoulder, she saw Jenka gaining and turning back, she

flicked her whip at the Lion's butt a bit harder, shouting

for him to go faster!

The finish line was approaching, or so the Lion thought; the

way the growing crowd was getting louder made him think he

must be almost there. Not wanting Tanj to loose, he

pushed himself a little harder, increasing his pace to more

of a sprint, the straps of his harness digging painfully

into his body.

Dahlia saw the Lion speed up, and grunted; she wasn't going

to loose THAT easy! Leaning into her harness, the Mare

shifted to what could only be called a gallop

Kath watched in horror as the two carts charged towards her.

She was supposed to declare the winner, but it was looking

more and more, as the two charged towards her, like she was

going to wind up roadkill. Eeeping she dashed for the side

of the corridor, just as the contestants stampeded past.

Tanj pulled back on the reins, bringing the Lion to a

halt. Letting him pant, she turned on the seat to look at

Wanda, Kath, and the crowd of spectators. Spectators?

Where'd THEY come from? "Ah, Who won?"

Wanda smirked and looked at Kath, who shrugged. Looking

back at Tanj, Wanda shrugged too; "Don't know; too close

to tell. I guess we should have arranged for a photo

finish." Jenka laughed and pointed at one of her Pirates.

"Shumaker, go get a video rig. I want it set up right here,

so we can play the tape back and see who wins." Turning to

Tanj, the Pantheress smiled; "Dear, I guess we're just

going to have to race again. Both the Lion and Dahlia


Tanj squirted some water from a squeeze bottle into the

Lion's mouth; "Now I realize she's better at a long distance

run, but I still think you can beat her. I think the way

you handled it was good, but you're going to have to start

the final sprint a little earlier next time…… Here's the

way I want you to handle it…….

The Lion scanned the crowd from the corner of his eye as

Tanj talked. They must have made a PA announcement on

the upper levels of the station; it looked like several

hundred furrs were there…. And some even had hand-held video

cameras. He even spotted one expensive three-D rig….

Sighing to himself, he shook his head in amazement.

Zassa chuckled and grinned up at Chris; "Master, might this

slave make a small request?" The Fox looked sternly down at

her for a moment and then nodded. Lithely Zassa rose, to

whisper in his ear. After a moment, the Fox grinned and

nodded and reached out to unclasp her leash. Grinning,

Zassa skipped off through the crowd.

This time, Kath waved a handkerchief as she brought her paw

down, and then the two were off, amidst the cheers of the

crowd. Wanda could see a great deal of bets being placed

and she wondered who was the favorite.

As he ran, the Lion did his best to ignore the distractions…

but his balls were starting to throb, and his ass was

getting MIGHTY tender. Still, as he panted, sucking air in

past the bit in his mouth, he pushed himself as hard, as far

as he could…….

Dahlia grumbled as the Lion again took an early lead. She

wasn't no dang quarterhorse, nor was she a thoroughbred.

Clydesdales were powerful, but they weren't fast….. Still,

she moved as fast as she could, determined not to loose.

The Lion slipped as he rounded one corner. He couldn't

throw an arm out for balance, bound behind him like they

were, and his claws scrabbled at the deck plate. Somehow he

stayed upright, the sulky cart wobbling wildly behind him as

he charged off down the next corridor. Behind him, Dahila

saw him stumble and grinned; the gap was closed slightly…..

Kath watched as the crowd roared. The contestants were in

sight, both in full charge. This time, she swore she

wouldn't chicken out. Raising her right arm, holding the

handkerchief as if it were the checkered flag, she waited……

The Crowd roared as they crossed the finish line; it was

another dead heat, and the crew around the video camera was

mobbed as everyone pushed forward to see the playback.

After a moment a swell of laughter broke like an ocean wave,

sweeping through the crowd. Jenka, having leapt from the

seat of her sulky, shoved her way through to look. Then she

too broke into laughter; "Tanj, Dear, usually a steed

will "win by a nose," but in this case, your Lion had shoved

his head down; that chain from his nose ring had gone slack,

and, well, the first part of him to cross the finish line,

centimeters ahead of Dahlia, was his… well, he won by a

cock!" Again, the crowd roared.

Zassa grinned and lowered her video camera. She'd gotten a

good portion of the race, the "photo finish" and Jenka's

victory declaration on tape. Now all she had to do was to

sweet-talk Chris into letting her e-mail it home… and she

had a few ideas on that one…..

The Lion stepped backwards carefully as Jenka tugged on his

reins. The Pantheress had maneuvered him back and to one

side, until he was standing next to Dahlia. Behind him,

Jenka grinned at Tanj; "the second sulky was built with

some special features in mind. It has clamps, here, and

here, and here, that when engaged like this, turn the two,

into one. Now, Dear, what say you and I take a ride

together; a victory lap as it were?

Tanj laughed and snuggled Jenka on the seat as the

Pantheress took both sets of reins in her hands and snapped

them. For a moment Dahlia and the Lion surged against each

other, but after a moment, they found the rhythm and were

pulling together. As she snuggled the Cheetah beside her,

Jenka maneuvered the team through the corridors at a sedate


The crowd had mostly dispersed when they'd returned. Jenka

set the brakes on both carts and tossed the reins over the

heads of her steeds; grinning at Tanj, the Pantheress

purrred; "I'd heard tales about something that happened back

on Elysium, when your Slave was doing this for a living..

would you mind if I "rewarded" the winner in my own fashion?

It sounded so deliciously kinky…. Tanj frowned; "just

what do you have in mind?" Jenka grinned and leaned forward

to whisper in Tanj's ear; slowly a broad grin formed on

the Cheetah's face and she nodded enthusiastically.

Jenka smiled at the remaining spectators and padded around

in front of the Lion, pulling her dress off over her head.

Standing in front of him, she reached up to undo the thin

little chain from his nosering. His cock immediately

dropped, pointing at her, just above the horizontal.

Purrring, she dropped to her knees to carefully work the

cock ring off from the base of his shaft, as her tongue

teased the head of his cock. Her attentions soon had it

pointing much more towards the stars than the horizon.

Smiling, the Pantheress put her arms around his neck, and

then carefully put first one foot, and then the other on the

shafts of the sulky cart. Hoisting herself up, her weight

on the shafts connected to the Lion's waist, she snuggled

close to him, before allowing her body to slide gracefully

down his front. Her hips wiggled a little more and then,

having centered the head of his shaft just where she wanted

it, with a purrrrr, she continued down into a squat,

impaling herself on the Lion's rampant shaft.

Tanj had considered getting off the seat of the sulky, to

wander around the OTHER side of the Lion, perhaps to add a

caress, or lick of her own to Jenka's efforts… But as the

Pantheress put her weight on the sulky's shafts, she felt

the cart move underneath her and decided Jenka's efforts

would be better served if she remained as "ballast."

Grinning, she settled back in the seat to watch.

The Lion groaned past the bit in his mouth as Jenka's wet

sex enveloped his cock, gripping it with a delightful

tightness. There wasn't much he could do, but stand there,

and yet, every nerve in his body screamed for him to take

her, to buck his hips up into her….. Groaning in

frustration, the Lion shuddered as she slowly started to

hump his shaft.

Jenka panted, savoring the feeling of the thick, veined

shaft sliding in and out of her; she LOVED it when she was

in total control, and the way he was harnessed into the

sulky, held SO immobile… Urrr, She was going to have to

remember this; despite the tension in her leg muscles as she

rose and fell, despite the precarious balance, it was

absolute Heaven!

Dahlia grunted and then whinnied as she watched, more than a

little ticked. She hadn't asked for this, hadn't been given

any choice at all in whether she wanted to participate in

the silly race…. And now, the Lion was getting fucked… and

not only wasn't it HER doing the fucking, she had to just

STAND there and watch! And half the station was standing

there LOOKING at her. Embarrassment, rage and jealousy

warred within her.

Jenka moaned and shuddered; her first climax had come

rapidly, driven forward by the novelty of the situation…..

Now she fully intended to settle down and work at the next

one… but as she paused, she caught, from the corner of her

eye, the angry toss of the Mare's head. Smiling, Jenka

chuckled; "Feeling a little left out, are we? Upset that

the victor's reward didn't come to you? Tell you what; I'll

see if I can't find you a consolation prize……" Looking

around the crowd, Jenka called; "John, would you be so kind

as to come over here and give our runner up the "consolation

prize?" I think if you stand behind her, you might be able

to……" Amongst the crowd, the Stallion nodded, and moving

forward like an icebreaker through pack ice, started undoing

his belt…..

Dahlia couldn't see what was happening, but she felt someone

step behind her, between the shafts of the sulky. Then she

felt two massive hands slide up her waist, to cup her

breasts as someone pressed themselves against her from

behind….. someone HUGE.

The Lion felt the shafts of the sulky cart buck and shift,

felt Jenka grab tighter at his neck, voicing her surprise.

And then the entire rig started to shift, to inch forward in

little jerks. Jenka laughed and hung on tight, still

finding a way to rise and fall on the Lion's cock.

Dahlia had grunted as the Stallion had forcefully spread her

legs as far as the situation would allow, crouching behind

her, to rub his thick shaft against her sex. The labia

rings, with their dangling rods, and the balls at the end,

swung wildly, adding to the sensations flowing through her.

And then with a grunt, the Stallion had tightened his grip

on her breasts, pulling her back and down onto his shaft;

then he was rising, her feet actually leaving the floor as

he straightened.

Tanj watched the Stallion take Dahlia from behind and

smiled; maybe, just maybe that Horse would distract her,

make her forget about the Lion… HER Lion….

The Lion had a hard time keeping his footing as the Stallion

started powerfully fucking the Mare. He could hear her

hooves hitting the deck over and over, and realized that the

Stallion's powerful thrusts must be literally lifting her

from her feet. Grunting, he struggled to stay upright as

Jenka, thrown about by the Stallion's efforts, rode his

shaft wildly.

Dahlia panted breathlessly, her chest heaving in John's

grip; this Stallion was HUNG, his shaft stretching her WIDE.

She could swear she could feel every contour, every ridge,

every vein in the Horse's huge cock as he drove it in and

out. Rapidly, she felt herself being driven towards the

most powerful climax of her life!

Something clicked in the Lion's mind as the Stallion labored

next to him. With Jenka wrapped around his throbbing cock,

writhing like a starving succubus, the temptation to loose

his load was incredible… but…. She hadn't given him

permission to cum, and he wasn't about to loose this race

either! Gritting his teeth, he tried to concentrate on the

way the dong in his ass, at the end of the bearing rein,

sawed at his sore ass….. well, maybe that wasn't the BEST

thing to concentrate on…..

Dahlia couldn't stand it; throwing back her head she let out

a long, loud whinny, as her sex spasmed, clenching tight

around the Stallion's driving cock. She shuddered and felt

her knees go weak, and if he hadn't been holding her so

tight, she would have collapsed…….

John smiled as he felt the Mare climax; she was good, this

one was…. But he wasn't done yet. Not yet. Something in

him wanted him to show this Mare just what he was made of,

just what he was capable of….. Grinning to himself he

started varying the rhythm of his strokes, starting with

five short, followed by two long and hard….. Next to him,

Jenka squealed and giggled as she found it harder to hang on

to the Lion, as the motions became less predictable……

Leaning forward, Jenka nipped at the Lion's ear, growling;

"cum when I do, Slave; when THEY do. All together now….."

Dahlia panted hard and swore beneath her breath; the

Stallion just wasn't stopping! What was he, a Machine?

Heedless of all those watching, of the noise of the crowd,

she moaned, feeling her passions rise, the feelings

intensify, shoving her rudely towards another massive


Kath watched from Wanda's lap and then grinned. Kissing the

Wolverine on the nose, she rose, to squat in front of the

bouncing Mare. The cart was still moving slowly forward a

centimeter at a time, driven forward by the Stallion's

thrusts, and it only took a minute for the Mare's well

spread pussy to inch its way to her waiting tongue.

Chuckling, the Mink flicked her tongue from the Stallion's

driving shaft to the Mare's clitty and back again.

Dahlia felt the tongue and tossed back her head, the chains

from her nosering tugging harshly at her nipple rings, and

HOWLED; her body shook and spasmed as an even more powerful

climax claimed her.

John felt the tongue, and then felt the Mare spasm; before

he could even try and stop himself, his orgasm caused his

world to explode. Whinnying loudly, the Stallion's cock

started to throb, shooting wadd after wadd of cum into the


Jenka felt the release of the two next to her as one would

feel an earthquake; twisting her body as she drove herself

down on the Lion's shaft, she screamed "NOW!"

The Lion couldn't help himself, couldn't hold back a moment

longer and with a Roar, he came, his cock spurting, pumping

until his jism dribbled from the Pantheress, dripping down

to coat his bound balls.

Tanj watched as things gradually wound down. If the

Stallion hadn't been holding her, it was obvious Dahlia

would have collapsed. After a moment the Mare recovered,

leaning back against the Stallion, who seemed to be in no

hurry to move off. Jenka climbed down off the Lion,

standing there, nude, dripping and panting hard, to pat him

on the cheek. Then, with a smirk, she returned to where

she'd dropped her dress, to fetch something from a hidden

pocket. Chuckling she rose to tiptoes to feed the Lion a

sugar cube, with a "good boy."

Zassa smiled and again lowered the videocamera; looking up

at Chris she purrred; "Master, you were right. That was

worth waiting for… but NOW can I go send it off?

Tanj smiled and rose to tiptoes to kiss her Lion; "that

was good." She'd taken the weighted collar off his balls

first, as they were starting to look a little sore and

swollen… and then the chains and weights. But at Jenka's

request, she hadn't released him from his harness, leaving

him standing there next to Dahlia. "I think" Jenka purrred;

"we'll let them cool off there for a bit, and then get them

to trot to the showers. As for us, we have one more task

before we can rest…."

Parks shook his head as the Brou device glowed with an evil

light, and almost all the power that the Intimidator’s

massive engines could produce vanished seemingly without a

trace. Alarms were howling all over the ship as everything

from the movie in the forward lounge, to the navigational

shields, to life support itself shut down due to lack of

power. It was unavoidable; the Brou device was doing

SOMETHING, he just didn’t have a clue as to WHAT it was

doing…. And the thought-control interface was giving him

such a headache….. it took a half dozen tries just to get

the thing to disengage itself, the nimbus gradually fading…

and then it just sat there, in the middle of Cargo Bay four,

inexplicably covered in frost as if it had been left in the

depths of space for a thousand years. Looking down at the

printout the Mouse, Mark, had sent him, he scowled and shook

his head, wondering what to try next……

Hinoki was sound asleep when they re-entered the playroom.

John kneeled to show Jenka what he'd come up with;

"Mistress, what you asked for is being made… things in that

size just don't exist here, but we have several patterns to

work from. In the meantime, I thought you might find this

interesting…." The Stallion laid out a rubber body suit,

obviously designed for a male. It looked like it was sized

for a child, and obviously the rubber was meant to be

tightly stretched over his body. Pointing out the special

features, the Stallion watched his Mistress' face. After a

minute, Jenka nodded; "I guess it will do, although it

doesn't speak directly to his fetish. John, I'm not

displeased, but I'm not pleased either. You and I will have

to discuss your performance, later." The Stallion nodded,

his face carefully neutral; "Now, Mistress, shall we put him

into it?"

The Lion twisted his head carefully, trying to look around.

It LOOKED as if everyone had gone back into the playroom.

Turning his head just a bit, careful of the bearing rein, he

chuckled; "So, Dahlia, what brings YOU here? How'd you get

sucked into this little trip?" Next to him, Dahlia groaned,

her chest still heaving a little; "well, it CERTAINLY wasn't

what I intended… I didn't know Tanj was taking her ship

out. I just thought she was going there to "play." Thought

I'd sneak on board, see if I could talk to you some." The

Lion chuckled; "well, it looks like this MIGHT be the only

chance we get. If I know Tanj, and Jenka, we'll soon

have gags filling our mouths again. Not that this bit makes

talking easy……..

Hinoki awoke to many hands moving over his body; it felt as

if a dozen people were all working on him at the same time.

Massive hands under his arms pulled him upright, while hands

worked at his arms behind his back, pulling something over

them, as others worked on his feet, pulling something

stretchy over them as well. As they worked, he found he

could move, after a fashion, although any motion in any

direction met increasing resistance until he had to relax,

and let his limbs return to their former position… and then

someone was working over his sex fondling his cock and

balls, stretching something over them……… And then he was

back on the floor, on his back. They'd let go of him, but

could he move? The more he tried, the more he struggled,

the more exhausted he became.

The Lion chuckled and nodded; "Me too, but you know, that

too will pass. So tell me, what have they got you set up

for? They do a decent job finding you a place to go?"

Dahlia shrugged; "Oh, I suppose. I’m supposed to be in a

group going to an Agricultural world. I'll show up there

with passable papers and enough money for a start, but to

tell you the truth, all I'm suited for is day labor. Never

did learn a trade. Some how I just can't see it being a

whole lot better than where I was….. Slaves at least seldom

starve to death." The Lion winced; "I dunno, I remember

what they fed us there and I'm not too sure I'd agree with

that…." Dahlia laughed; "ah, yes, but you couldn't snack

from the local crops. Me, I can eat grass, if I have to,

and survive….." The Lion nodded, and shrugged, the whole

sulky shaking with the motion. After a minute, the Mare

whispered; "So what is there between you and Tanj,

anyways…. I'm getting the feeling that she's REALLY jealous

of any attentions I might pay you….." The Lion smiled; "its

kind of a long story……"

Tanj looked at the figure cocooned in stretchy rubber and

smiled. From the rubber helmet covering his head, thick

eyepads blocking vision, foam plugs filling his ears, to the

V-shaped arm binder behind his back, to the shiny black

covering his torso, to the matching V-shape covering his

legs, holding them together. For a moment Hinoki tried to

scissor his legs apart, and Tanj watched as the rubber

stretched… and then pulled his legs back together….. But

the truly devilish portion was what ran from his crotch to

the rubber covering his muzzle…..

Dahlia shook her head; "After what she did to you in that

Academy place, I can't imagine you buying her for any

purpose other than revenge!" The Lion chuckled and shrugged

carefully; "Oh, what happened there wasn't her fault, not

really. She showed a level of imagination, daring, and

resourcefulness that I admired, and as you know, those are

fairly rare qualities. And, over the years, she's, well,

kinda "grown" on me……. The Mare tossed her head back and

laughed; "Yeah, RIGHT. I bet it was Love at first sight!"

The Lion sighed; "someone like me's got no business being in

love. I've ALWAYS thought that I'd never live through what

had to be done. In fact I never thought I'd get as far as I

have….." Dahlia nodded; "why in the heck are you even

bothering with a place like Elysium, anyways? Surely the

Brethren could turn a profit somewhere a little more….

"reasonable." The Lion chuckled and nodded, wincing almost

immediately as the bearing rein reminded him of just where

he was. "Oh, sure. Plenty of places to make more money.

Plenty of places to make a "safer" buck too…. but… well, it

all started back when I was a slave…. The FIRST time I was a

slave… You see, my Mistress was murdered by those

bastards…. A possibility she'd foreseen. She left a message

for me, in the event of her death, that told me exactly what

she wanted me to do, tasks I was to accomplish. I was to be

her revenge, her vengeance. I admit, I had quite a bit of

latitude in HOW I accomplished her instructions, but no

matter, when we liberate Elysium, her instructions will be

fulfilled, and I'll be free of her geas." Dahlia nodded

(carefully) and cocked her head to one side; "and then what

will you do?" The Lion chuckled; "you know, you're the

second person to ask me that in the last couple of days…."

Hinoki struggled, seeking to learn the limits of his

motion…… Jerking his head back, he felt the rubber sheath

they'd slipped over his erect cock stretch, and slide over

his flesh…. And then snap back, pulling his head down.

Something connected the tip of his muzzle to the slick

rubber sheath over his cock. Making the motion again, he

smiled; it felt rather good, almost as good as a wet pussy

working over his erect shaft….. Chuckling to himself he

masturbated by bending his body back, in a bow, tugging the

rubber around his shaft out, straining against his elastic

bonds, before relaxing, letting it slide back. It felt

GOOD…. But then, as he panted, he realized that the plug gag

in his mouth had a little hole in its center… he explored it

for a moment with his tongue…. And then sharply drawing in a

breath, he realized that in response, the rubber sheath

around his throbbing cock grew tighter… The two were

connected! It was a TUBE that ran from the sheath covering

his cock to the plug gag in his mouth! It was a delicious

irony; if he made himself cum, he'd get a mouthful. He was

laying there, trying to figure out just whether he wanted to

"play" with himself or not, when the plug they'd stuffed in

his ass came to life, vibrating wildly…. The decision made

for him, he groaned and writhed on the floor, the rubber

sliding slickly, delightfully, back and forth over his


John chuckled at the Cheetah's motions, and grabbing his

tail, the only exposed part, off-handedly dragged him out

into the corridor. Almost immediately a passing couple

stopped to look at the strange form, the lady Rabbit's paws

reaching down to caress his balls where they bulged from the

rubber covering just about every other portion of his

anatomy. Then, with a laugh, the couple turned and

continued their walk.

Jenka smiled at Tanj; "I'll have security watch him.

Right now, I think you and I need a shower. Lets mount up,

and get our noble steeds to carry us to the baths."

Tanj just yawned and nodded.

The Lion fell silent as he heard footsteps approaching from

behind. Then the poles of the sulky bounced twice and he

felt the reins tighten. "Lets go, you two; slowly. I want

to see you two start us off smoothly, with no jerking. Get

it right or we'll do it over until you do!" The Lion jumped

as the tip of the buggy whip flicked over his ass, and then

putting an even strain into it, he and Dalia started them

all moving.

Tanj smiled and squirted water at the Lion. His paws

were bound behind his back with a simple plastic wire-tie,

and she was enjoying washing down her "steed." Next to her,

Jenka cavorted, nude, in the running water as she slowly

covered Dahlia in liquid soap. The Mare stood quietly, eyes

closed, seeming to enjoy the attention…. Especially when

Jenka let her soapy paws wander over breasts or crotch…..

Finally they all withdrew to the dryer grid, rubbing each

other as the cyclone of hot air swirled around them, drying

their wet fur. Tanj was pleased to see that the fur dye

was starting to wash out of the Lion's fur, leaving him a

yellow-white, and that the "perm" was coming out of his

mane… He was starting to look a little more normal…..

except for the ex-puffballs at wrists and ankles. As she

looked at him she smiled, and decided she really did like

his crotch trimmed like that……

They were just heading for the door, when John stepped in,

to look enquiringly at Jenka. Jenka smirked and tilted her

head towards the Mare; "John, take her back to her quarters,

and see that she gets some rest. Then meet me in Ops; we

have some work related things that have gone unattended too

long." The Stallion nodded, and with a small bow, gestured

Dahlia to proceed through the door before him. Turning to

Tanj, Jenka sighed; "Work. You know how it is. What say

I join you for…. Um, is it Breakfast? No matter; I'll come

by your suite in about four hours." Tanj nodded and

yawned, and gesturing to the Lion, headed down the corridor

to her quarters. They'd gone a half dozen paces when the

Lion sighed; "you know, I really should check the e-mail……"

Tanj stopped, and sighed; "yeah…. So should I. I'd

rather go get some shut-eye, but you're right. Lets head up

to Communications…..

The Lion's sigh turned heads all over the communications

center; 'Three hundred, and eighty-two messages! Geez, I'll

be here all night!" Tanj frowned at her own in-box…..

most of the items looked routine, but….. Sighing and taking

a sip from her coffee, she opened the first one…..

Jenka smiled and looked down at the bound form in the

corridor. Hinoki, in his writhings, had actually moved a

dozen meters down the corridor. Bending, the Pantheress,

squirted some goo from a tube in to her paw and then gently

rubbed it around the tight sack of the Cheetah's bound

balls… For a moment the Cheetah was still, and then his

motions redoubled. Jenka chuckled and winking at the

security camera focused on them, turned and headed back to


Hinoki howled as the paw that had caressed his aching balls

suddenly left them feeling as if they'd been set on fire!

IT BURNED! Howling, he squirmed even more, seeking an

escape, and in the process, the rubber sheath encasing his

still rigid shaft only took him closer to the next uncounted


Tanj closed the last e-mail message and sighed. She had

been right. Nothing seemed to be happening, the sector

rather quiet. While she was sure it was the lull before the

storm, she still wasn't going to object. Looking over at

the grumbling Lion, she realized she had some time before

he'd be finished. Too long a time to just sit there,

probably too short a time to go back to her suite without

him….. sighing she turned back to her terminal and started

a search for prominent Wolverines on Elysium…… There was a

distressingly large amount of data…..

Zassa yawned and sat up. Scratching her head, trying to

bring some order to her hair, she looked around… Chris

seemed to be gone. Somewhat surprised, she rose, and padded

nude into the bathroom, to clean up some.

The Lion shook his head as they walked back to Tanj's

quarters. "You know its awful difficult trying to get

anything done here, especially with the schedule we've been

keeping." Tanj chuckled; "Oh, you'll be back to

schedules soon enough, Slave. Right now, you're NOT

SUPPOSED to be worrying about that. Now be quiet, like a

good slave. One step to Tanj's left, and one step behind

her, the Lion just grumbled…..

Zassa pulled the Tee-shirt on over her head, flipped her

pony tail out from under the collar and turned for the door.

She wondered what the others were up to, wondered what Jenka

might have planned for them next, and under it all, she

wondered if she'd see Chris again…… Padding from her

quarters, she looked left and right, wondering where she

could get something to eat, before looking for the others…..

Jenka looked down at the quiet, latex-covered form. His

chest was still moving; he was still breathing, but it

looked as if he'd masturbated himself into exhaustion.

Chuckling, knowing JUST what would bring him out of it, she

uncapped the tube and squirted more goo into her palm.

Bending over, she once again smeared the stuff over the

Cheetah's bound balls…..

The Vixen heard something behind her just as she rounded the

corner at the intersection of the corridors. It was an

unusual sound, just unusual enough to draw her attention,

and she turned to look behind her….. Suddenly she ran up

against something large and soft. Starting a muttered

apology, she tried to step back, turning her head to look at

whomever she'd run into, when suddenly something was pulled

over her head. Suddenly afraid, she struggled, trying to

bring her paws up to grasp the hood, but strong paws caught

hers, holding her, while someone else tightened the opening

of the leather hood around her neck. Then her wrists were

pulled back down, to be bound together behind her back, her

ankles were trussed, and she was unceremoniously tossed over

someone's shoulder. Squirming, she tried to scream……

Hinoki groaned, coming all too rapidly awake as something

set his balls on fire again. Panting, squirming, he felt

strong hands lift him from the floor and shift him to….

something. A moment later he felt himself moving, and

decided that they must have put him on some sort of cart.

Groaning, he lay there, wondering if his poor balls would

ever be the same…….

Jenka smiled as she entered Tanj's quarters, John

following with a serving cart. "I thought brunch might be

more in order, and of course, I couldn't make up my mind, so

I had John bring several of everything. Why don't you call

your friends, and we'll all break our fast together?"

Zassa grunted as her body hit the floor. It had seemed like

they'd carried her for an hour, the person who's shoulder

she was being carried over making many twists and turns.

Three times she'd felt the sensation characteristic of being

in an elevator… in short, she had NO idea where she was.

When the hood was pulled off her head, she opened her mouth

to scream, but as she did so, something large and soft was

shoved into her mouth. At almost the same instant, a

heavily padded blindfold was pulled over her eyes, both

devices being not buckled, but apparently locked behind her

head. Screaming into her gag, she twisted and turned to no

avail. Her captors rapidly made short work of her jeans and

tee-shirt, deftly cutting them off, reducing them to rags….

And then she was being dragged across the floor, to be

stuffed into... something. It felt like a padded box.

Forced to kneel, she could feel something metal between her

legs. Ankles and knees were strapped down to the floor of

the box, bound paws pulled up behind her, bending her

forward, to be tied to the roof. Strong hands held her head

while someone locked a thick padded collar around her neck,

the collar attached to the walls of the box in what seemed

to be four dimensions…. Up, Down, Left, and Right. And then

there was a slamming sound, and the sound of power tools, as

if fasteners were being tightened…. She'd seen boxes like

this before. They were for transporting individual slaves.

The metal between her thighs would be a trough for

collecting bodily wastes, and she had the suspicion that the

soft plug in her mouth would probably secrete sugar water

from time to time…. Then suddenly the crate shook and

tilted. She was being taken somewhere…..

Wanda purrrred as Kath popped another grape into her open

mouth. After chewing, she looked at Tanj and shrugged;

"No, haven't seen Zassa since she went off with that brown

fox…what was his name? Chris?" Jenka chuckled; "I wouldn't

worry about those two. Chris is likely to keep her

"entertained" for a good long while. Don't worry, he'll

have her back here by this evening. Tanj nodded slowly;

"Hope you know him REAL well; I'd hate for him to hurt


Zassa grunted as the crate hit the floor. Getting dropped

was beginning to get old…. Once again the sound of power

tools reached her ears, and she sensed, more than heard the

side of the crate being removed. The voice of Chris

suddenly filled her ears, the Fox obviously whispering

directly into her ear. "You're such a delightful little

thing, I've decided to make off with you. I'm bailing out

on Jenka. Never could make enough money around this place

anyways. I’m taking one of her Raider ships, and some data

that I know others will be interested in….. And I'm taking

you. I know a buyer that will pay a very pretty penny for a

slave like you. And I think you might be useful in easing

the boredom of a long trip, for me and my crew…. So sit

back, and enjoy the ride." Zassa tried to shake her head as

the fox shoved foam inserts into her ears, his chuckling

gradually being muffled, first from one side, and then the

other… and then she felt, more than heard, the side of the

container banging closed. In the silent dark, bound on her

knees, she wondered what was to become of her. Would

Tanj even know she'd been abducted? Would Tanj be

able to find her? Rescue her?

Jenka touched her napkin to her lips and sat up suddenly;

"Oh, my! I've completely forgotten! Rising from the table,

Jenka padded across the suite to the breakfast cart.

Pulling back the curtain that covered its lower half, she

exposed Hinoki's bound form; "Somehow I doubt he's hungry;

he's been "snacking" regularly, I'm afraid, but I do suppose

we should let him up….."

Zassa groaned. The crate under her was vibrating. She knew

that vibration. It felt like a starship's drive. After a

while, she started getting a little cold, as if the icy cold

of space were sucking the heat out of a ship's cargo bay……

She'd completely lost track of how long she'd been in the

crate, but she knew she'd missed at least one meal. The

sugar water excreted by the porous gag in her mouth did

absolutely nothing to ease her hunger, but she did have to

pee…. Did the trough between her legs have a collection pot,

or would it just slosh there….. Groaning, she decided she

could put off knowing a little longer. Listening to the

sound of her own heartbeat, she wondered how many more meals

she'd miss before someone came to release her…..

Hinoki groaned as the hands unbound him. As the latex hood

was stretched away from his face, he blinked at the bright

light, his vision gradually resolving into Tanj's smiling

face. The Cheetah smiled, and crooked one eyebrow up; "You

O.K., Dear?" Hinoki chuckled hoarsely; "Oh, LORD that was

marvelous! I have GOT to get me one of these!" All around

the suite, everyone broke into laughter.

Zassa heard the sound of power tools, dimly through her

earplugs. Somehow, as the crate was shifted, as the side

was removed, one of her earplugs fell out. A strange voice

growled; "Yeah, the boss was right. This one's a looker all

right." Another voice chuckled; "Yeah, I just LOVE dem

Vixens, but do you really think we should be doing this? I

mean, if the boss catches us…." The first voice growled;

"Nah, she ain't no virgin, and the boss has already

determined she ain't got no sexually transmitted diseases.

We get her cleaned up and back in her box, he won't know the

difference. Its not like SHE'S going to tell him, now is

it?" The second voice just chuckled… and then two sets of

paws were working at the straps securing her into the


Hinoki sighed as the water cascaded down around him. Nice

and Hot. Steamingly hot. It felt SO good after being in

that latex prison for so long. Pouring some liquid soap

into his paw, he started rubbing it over his tummy, just

delighting in the sensations… moving his paw down, he washed

on either side of his sheath, and then moved down a little

further….. Suddenly his eyes went WIDE open! His balls,

his balls that had been repeatedly coated with something

that burned like fire, where HUGE! Stepping out of the

water, looking down at himself, he beheld two balls the size

of…. well, they FELT like grapefruits, but were actually

smaller….. more the size of large lemons, and seemingly

perfectly round. The skin of his sack was stretched tight,

so tight they seemed to be held right up against his body…..

For a moment he wondered if having them bound by the latex

suit, a constriction between testicles and body, had injured

them somehow… and then he remembered.. A feminine paw

caressing him there, time and again, and each time they'd

burned so….. Thinking of the cream that females apply to

their breasts, to make them increase in size, he chuckled

and wondered if Jenka or Tanj hadn't come up with

something just for guys….. Finishing his shower, he stepped

onto the dryer grid, straining to catch a look at himself in

the foggy bathroom mirror……

Zassa gasped as her gag was unbuckled…. Her captors had

dragged her from the box, only to force her BACK down onto

paws and knees. They hadn't seemed too interested in

freeing her completely, loose restraints dangling from

wrists, ankles and neck, and her blindfold still covered her

eyes. In fact, she could feel one of them, apparently the

larger one, moving around behind her, one paw roughly

grasping the base of her tail, while the other took her head

by her ears and rubbed her muzzle against his crotch…. They

were only interested in one thing, that was obvious…… As

she heard the male in front of her growl; "Open up, Baby,

Daddy's got a snack for you" she wondered if it would help

any if she bit him……..

Hinoki, a towl around his shoulders, but otherwise still

nude, padded out into Tanj's Suite. He couldn't believe

that Jenka, Tanj's long-time "part time" Mistress, didn't

have her in a kennel somewhere…. It was strange to see

Tanj treated as an equal….. still, he wasn't going to

complain. Moving over to the breakfast cart he started

lifting plate covers, seeing what was left.

"I'm gonna get them for this" Zassa growled to herself. The

furr in front of her had shoved a ring gag into her mouth

when she'd parted her lips for him. Now she couldn't bite

him even if she wanted to. The furr behind her, a Bear she

thought, was bucking his hips at her with little finesse,

his large cock driving deep into her, and now the smaller

one, an Otter, she thought, was fucking her face. In other

circumstances, she might have enjoyed their attentions,


Jenka smiled at the Cheetah male from Tanj's bed. The

Pantheress was sprawled across it, her feet hanging off one

side, her hair hanging off the other. With her head propped

up on one paw, she grinned wickedly at Hinoki; "now that

you've replenished your strength, I have a challenge for


Zassa moaned; she just couldn’t help herself. She'd done

just fine until the Bear had moved one massive paw around

her hips to rub crudely at her mons. The Otter had then

released her ears to lean over her head, his paws reaching

down to cup her swaying breasts, to tug and twist at her

nipples. In spite of herself, she was getting aroused,

getting hot…… Getting to the point where she didn't want

them to quit, to go away, to release her……. Groaning,

Zassa's tongue licked at the Otter's shaft, her pussy

clenching around the Bear's, as she sought her climax…..

Hinoki grinned as he knelt on the floor. His ankles were

bound together, his paws tied behind his back, to his

ankles. Otherwise he was unfettered. Kath had her paws

tied behind her back, her ankles tied to the floor on either

side of Hinoki's hips, and a rope around her waist was

threaded through an eye-bolt in the floor. Hinoki chuckled

to himself, thinking on Jenka's station, no well appointed

suite was without eyebolts in the floor, for tying down

slaves….. Kath grinned and slowly lowered herself onto the

Cheetah's hard cock, purrring a little as she snuggled onto

his lap. Then Wanda was measuring the length of the rope,

and tying it off to the Eyebolt. If the Wolverine had done

her job right, Kath would be able to lift herself off

Hinoki's lap, but wouldn't be able to rise off his cock.

There was also only about a foot of chain between their

collars. Jenka's challenge had been explicit. Hinoki had

been instructed to move in such a way, as to make the Mink

climax, and to make himself cum. Kath, on the other hand,

had been ordered by Wanda to move in such a way as to

prevent EITHER of them from cumming. Generous rewards were

promised to the one that succeeded, along with dire

punishments promised to the one who failed. As Jenka

shouted "GO", Hinoki dropped his head as far as he could, to

nuzzle at Kath's breasts……. Kath, for her part, assumed

that Hinoki would start by bucking his hips up at her, and

had risen, until the rope had gone taut, only making

Hinoki's assault on her breasts all the easier…..

Zassa grunted as the Otter came in her mouth; she was soooo

close, so very close. Greedily she sucked at him,

swallowing every droplet of his spunk, as she rocked back,

shoving herself back at the Bear……..

Hinoki chuckled and moved in as unpredictable a manner as

possible. Most of the time he succeeded in faking Kath out,

making HER move on HIS shaft… and he could tell it was

having an effect too; the Mink's face was drawn, her eyes

closed tight, her mouth hanging open as she panted.

Chuckling the Cheetah rolled his hips to the left, shifting

and then drove up and to the right. Kath felt the movement

and had shifted to Hinoki's left, moving with him, his

sudden thrust catching her unawares…..

Wanda watched and chuckled; "I think she's going to need

more practice in this game….."

Zassa HOWLED at the top of her lungs; the Bear, behind her,

had pulled out of her pussy at the last minute, seemingly at

the last second, just an instant before she gained her

release. Grunting, the ursine must have been stroking his

own cock, as a second later, hot drops of his cum were

raining down on her back…. She'd been SO close to her

climax….. Frustrated she screamed out her displeasure.

The Otter winced and snatched the ring gag from the howling

Vixen's mouth; before she could shut it, he jammed the plug

gag back into her mouth, silencing her. Grinning at the

Bear, he turned to shove her towards the waiting crate…..

Kath couldn't take it any more; it seemed like EVERY motion

she made only made things worse; and the harder she tried,

the worse it got; the worse it got, the less she could

concentrate on what she was doing! Finally with a long,

drawn out groan, her body betrayed her, her climax arriving,

warm waves of pleasure, mixed with little electric jolts,

radiating out from her pussy, to engulf her. Hinoki felt his

"victim" writhe, heard her cry, and knew he'd won. Speeding

up, fucking her harder, bucking his hips up into her, making

the rope around her waist go tight time and again, he sought

his own moment of release, his own "triumph"!

Tanj chuckled as she drew a paw lazily over Jenka's hip;

"That DOES look like a challenge. I'll have to try that

someday…." In front of her, on the bed, Jenka purrred; "Oh,

you will. You will……." But right now, what say we see how

John, and your stowaway play the game…..

Zassa sobbed silently. She'd been so close, on the very

edge of release. And now, they were gone, having strapped

her back into the crate, leaving her back coated with the

Bear's cum. She couldn't move. There wasn't ANY way she

could get herself off, strapped down like she was. She

couldn't see; they'd even replaced the one earplug that had

fallen out. She was SOOOO frustrated!

Dahlia looked down at the Stallion's cock. He WAS huge! He

knelt there, tied as Hinoki had been, waiting patiently.

Shifting her hooves to either side of him, her crotch almost

in his face, she crouched, sinking down, until the head of

his shaft was just touching her crotch…..

Zassa was getting cold again. The vibrations still came

through the floor, the ship apparently still under way. The

Bear's spunk was drying on her back, making her itch and

there was NO way she could scratch…… As the plug in her

mouth started to ooze sugar water again, she wondered how

long she'd be able to hold out, before she had to void her


Dahlia looked into the Stallion's eyes and grinned, waiting

for Jenka to signal the start of their match. And then it

struck her…. Here she was, impaled on his cock in front of a

bunch of people, and she didn't care. Alone, or in front of

a crowd, it didn't matter to her anymore….. what a marvelous

thought. So lost was she in her revelation that she didn't

even hear Jenka shout "go" and click her stop-watch…. And

the horse's motion under her came as a complete, but not

unwelcome surprise…..

"Can't…. I just can't hold it any longer" Zassa whimpered to

herself. Not knowing just what would happen, she relaxed

her muscles, and peed. The sound was almost musical, the

stream of liquid striking the metal of the trough between

her thighs….. And there was a gurgling sound… after she'd

stopped, after a few seconds, there was another sound of

water, obviously a water spray "flushing" her urine out of

the trough, into some receptacle. "Pretty sophisticated

kidnapers" she groaned; "and that means I'm probably going

to be here for a LONG while……." Sighing to herself, she

wondered what she could think about next, to try and hold

the boredom at bay….. Revenge fantasies floated through her

mind; in her time with the Brethren, she’d heard all sorts

of tales……

Dahlia chuckled; she thought she'd hit upon a winning

strategy. It might not work for the Mink, being smaller

than the Cheetah, and the Cheetah being nicely muscular to

boot… But she was a Clydesdale, and wasn't exactly built

light…. Oh, the Stallion was a powerful beast, and had been

moving under her quite delightfully… but he was beginning to

tire. All she had to do was to sit heavily on his lap, even

if his cock was buried almost painfully deep within her, and

eventually he'd be too tired to stir. Then, time would run

out and she'd win. Chuckling she bent her head to nuzzle at

the side of his neck, licking here and there, gradually

working upwards until she could whisper into one of his

ears; "you're going to loose……"

Kath watched the Stallion's muscles bulge, watched his body

move… He was a magnificent male machine… but Dahlia was

almost as big as he was, and her weight was holding him

down, gravity fighting every move he tried to make.…..

Tugging again at her punishment, a rather harsh metal and

leather chastity belt, locked around her waist, she sighed.

She was getting so hot watching those two "fight" and there

wasn't anything she could do about it!

Jenka sighed and shook her head; "TIME!" John, you are such

a disappointment to me. I just don't know WHAT I'm going to

do with you. All right, now for the winner's reward……"

Rising from the bed, moving forward, Jenka proceeded to

untie the Stallion's arms and legs, and the rope around

Dahlia's waist. "Okay, John, I want you to fuck her to

three climaxes, but don't you DARE cum yourself. That's

YOUR punishment for having failed." Dahlia eeped as the

Stallion's paws came up to grasp her waist, their bodies

swaying, tilting, until her back hit the floor with a thump,

the Stallion's body coming down on top of hers.… She shifted

a little, her arms still bound behind her back… and then the

Stallion's hips were bucking, pumping that thick shaft into

her…….. Grinning at having "won" she concentrated on the

sensations, determined to enjoy her "prize"…. No matter who

was watching.

Zassa came awake slowly. Unable to see, hear or move, one

part of her wondered how she knew she was awake and not

still sleeping. Then the crate moved again, and she

realized that the vibration had stopped. They were…..

somewhere. The crate thumped against something, tilted a

little, and then thumped again. Then there was the

sensation of movement. She was on some sort of dolly, or

cart, being wheeled somewhere……

Dahlia whinnyed at the top of her lungs, her body

shuddering. The Stallion's thick cock was buried to the

hilt within her, its head pushing at her cervix. Somewhere

along the line, the Stallion had turned her over onto her

knees and with his hands on her waist, holding her in

position, and was thrusting into her like nothing she'd ever

felt before. Tossing back her head again, her breasts

swaying wildly, the Stallion's shaft again spreading the

tunnel from lips to womb, she let out a scream of


Zassa felt the crate stop. Then start again. Then stop…..

John slowly lowered the Mare's body to the floor, and gently

unbound her hands. Her third climax had been so powerful,

she appeared to have passed out. Smiling in satisfaction,

he turned, to kneel by Jenka, head bowed, a slight smile on

his face……

Jenka nodded to John, her face a mixture of sternness

warring with approval. When the door chimed she looked at

the clock and grinned; "Ah, perfect timing. John, will you

let them in, please?

Chris looked at the naked Stallion sporting the huge hard-on

and chuckled, shaking his head. Nodding to Jenka, he turned

and grabbed the handle of the anti-gravity pallet, tugging

it into the room. On the pallet was a green painted crate……

Zassa sensed the scream of the power tool, felt the side of

the crate being pulled away…. And then someone was pulling

the plug from her right ear….. An all too familiar voice

said : "Mistress, I have a present for you. A Vixen we

captured, enslaved for your amusement. She's had a long,

hard "voyage" here, but I'm sure she will be more than eager

to please you.….. As per our agreement, I give her to you,

for sanctuary from the pirate Jenka…….

Chris reached into the crate, to unfasten the Vixen's arms

from the roof of the crate, her ankles and knees from the

floor, her collar from the straps holding her in position…

and then he was dragging her bodily out of her prison, and

onto the carpeted floor. Jenka chuckled, making her voice

husky, disguising it; "She is Beautiful… but she looks a

little the worse for wear. Perhaps she'll clean up well,

though. Tell me, is she talented, or will she have to be

trained……" Chris chuckled; "Ah, Mistress, she is most

talented, and delightfully responsive. Shall I demonstrate?

At Jenka’s nod, Chris forced the Vixen to her knees, and

pushed her head forward, to the floor. Zassa panted, her

cheek against the carpeted floor, her ass high in the air,

paws still bound behind her back, as the Fox settled himself

behind her…. And then she felt the gentlest of touches along

her labia, stroking from base to clit…..

Tanj watched silently as the Fox stroked Zassa,

conflicting emotions playing over the Vixen’s face. It was

obvious she was pissed as hell at being held like that, but

bound as she was, she knew discretion was the better part of

valor….. and yet, as the Fox stroked her, it was obvious

that she was enjoying his touch. No matter how much she

might want to deny it, it was obvious that Zassa was

enjoying his caress.

The Lion yawned and stole a look at a wall mounted

chronograph…. And then did a double-take. He’d known it

was getting on towards evening, but evening on THAT day?

Chuckling to himself, he shook his head; my how time flew

when you were having fun…..

Zassa panted; she was holding herself as still as possible,

resisting the urge to move back towards that teasing,

tormenting finger.. She was still horny from the previous

session with that blasted Bear, and now this slow,

languorous teasing was driving her CRAZY. If she ever got

out of this, she swore she’d KILL that danged Fox!

Chris smiled and watched the Vixen, the motions of his

finger slowing, almost stopping, and then speeding back up,

watching her responses, knowing, feeling how close she was

getting to her release. After a while, he pulled his paw

back, to move around to the Vixen’s side, to unbuckle her

gag. "Is my little Slave horny? Does she want something?"

Zassa’s growled reply sounded highly uncharacteristic of

her; "Yes you ba…. Grrrrr, Yes, Master….. This slave wants

to cum!" Chris reached around to stroke her twat again.

After a moment he looked up at Jenka; "see? What did I tell

you? Amazingly responsive. As furious as she is, she’d

rather I fingered her to a climax, than to try and kill me."

Looking back at the Vixen, Chris slapped her ass hard,

making her jerk; "Now, my little Slave, what will you do, to

earn your release? Will you please your new mistress? Will

you please all her counselors? Will you please the lowliest

of her slaves? Will you please ME? What will you do?"

Zassa was silent for a moment, panting, as the Fox’s fingers

toyed with her tender bits. After a moment she shuddered,

"Any of it, you flaming ba…. Master, I’ll do anything. I am

yours to command….." Chris smiled; "Very well; the price of

your orgasm, Slave, is that you bring everyone in this room,

myself included, to an orgasm. But I’ll let you cum

first….. If you agree, nod your head. From this moment on,

you will be silent, on pain of the Lash!" Zassa sighed and

nodded. Chris grinned, his paw stroking between the Vixen’s

thighs a little harder, a little faster, soft little liquid

sounds the only noise in the room, save for the Vixen’s

harsh breathing.

Zassa rested her forhead on the carpet, as the Fox’s fingers

labored within her sex. She would rather he’d fucked her,

but his fingers were talented, obviously knowing just where

to stroke, just where to touch her. She fought it bravely,

wanting it to last, but in scarce minutes she was screaming,

her vaginal muscles clenching spasmodically around his

stroking fingers……

Hinoki chuckled, and tugged at Tanj’s tail; "Me first,

Mistress? Please?" Tanj looked at the irrepressible

Cheetah and smiled; after all the sex he’d had in the last

couple of days, you would have thought…… ah, but most of

that had been "solo" sex, hadn’t it? The gimmicked powered

armor, and the latex body suit… Grinning, Tanj just

nodded and waved a paw at the Vixen. With a whoop, Hinoki

launched himself across the room, sliding to his knees just

before the Vixen. Grabbing her ears, he forced her head up

just a little, and then bucked his hips forward, shoving the

head of his cock at her lips.

Zassa almost gagged as a hard cock was shoved into her

mouth… for a moment she was tempted to bite, no ring gag

holding her jaws apart… but a deal was a deal. She’d been

trained by the Brethren; if escape was to be had, she’d

escape, she’d fight her way home, to her friends, and in the

process leave this bastard in a world of hurt……

Hinoki grinned at the Fox, now seated behind Zassa, lightly

toying with her sex as the Cheetah male fucked her face.

Acting the part of the barbarian, Hinoki took her roughly,

his paws twisting her ears. Zassa for her part, stroked him

with her tongue, expertly, if not enthusiastically. It

didn’t matter to Hinoki; her mouth was warm, and wet, her

tongue slithering here and there, doing just what he liked.

Groaning he savored the feeling as her tongue stroked the

most sensitive underside of his shaft, flicked over its

head, and then stroked back towards its base. Purrring with

delight, the Cheetah’s hips bucked involuntarily, driving

his shaft between her lips, over her tongue, until the head

of his cock forced its way past the back of her throat,

driving down, filling her throat…..

Zassa gagged for a moment around his shaft, and then she

swallowed involuntarily. As her throat muscles rippled and

surged around his shaft, the Cheetah threw back his head and

HOWLED, cumming immediately.

Hinoki’s cock pumped wadd after wadd down the Vixen’s

throat, his oversized balls pressed against her chin. In a

way, he was amazed that he had any cum left to give her…...

Zassa was starting to struggle, to seek escape, his shaft

blocking the passage of air to her lungs, when Hinoki

finally pulled back. Wiping his cock on first one cheek and

then the other, he purred and tossled her unkempt hair;

"Zassa, I have always said you were great at that…."

The words were no sooner out of his mouth than Hinoki’s eyes

went wide, one paw slapping over his own mouth as if to cut

off further comment. Jenka groaned and flopped back on the

bed… and cuddled in Wanda’s lap, Kath just laughed.

Zassa’s ears stood straight up! How did they know her name?

That had sounded just like Hinoki!…. And then paws were

working at the fastening of her blindfold, unlocking it….

Blinking at the light, Zassa looked around…. There was this

HUGE Stallion….. at first she didn’t recognize him, but then

she turned, blinking, looking around. Seeing the smiling

face of the Lion, still looking halfway like an oversized

Poodle…. Wanda, and a laughing Kath….. Tanj lying on a

bed, and Jenka… JENKA! Jenka taking Hinoki by the throat, to

yell in his face…. With a groan, the Vixen toppled onto her

side, to pant; "you BASTARDS!"

Kath worked at unbuckling her wrist cuffs, and chortled; "oh

come on, Zassa, you should have KNOWN Tanj wouldn’t let

anything actually happen to you. Now tell me the truth;

didn’t you find it just a little bit exciting?" The Vixen

stretched her arms, and then rubbed her wrists; "if I had

KNOWN it might have been… I might have been able to enjoy

it… but it was so REALISTIC! I HONESTLY thought…. Oh, where

IS that Fox! I’m gonna….."

Jenka, sitting on a yelling Hinoki, his shouts muffled by

her posterior, looked over at Zassa; "You’ll do EXACTLY what

you promised, or I’ll tie you up and hand you BACK over to

Chris! Besides, he left. ‘Bout three, maybe four minutes

ago. He knows this station too well; you’ll never find him.

Now be a good girl and go see what you can do for John; poor

boy’s had a hard on for HOURS…..

Zassa looked over at the Stallion and then did a double-

take, a smile spreading over her face… "you know, I said I’d

give them each an orgasm…. But I didn’t say HOW, did I?"

Jenka looked at Tanj and grinned; "No, and we didn’t say

how you had to either, if I remember correctly….." Zassa

smiled, a predatory look on her face; "Good. I do it MY

way. Now, Horsie… BIG Horsie… be a dear and lay down on

your back……

Tanj snuggled Jenka and watched… "Don’t you think he’s

just a little …. Big for her? Jenka shrugged, and shifted,

letting Hinoki up; "I suspect, given what Chris did to her,

that she’s probably more than just a little sexually

frustrated. Maybe John’s just what she needs…….

Hinoki yawned; "well, as Zassa’s fulfilled her obligation to

me, if no one minds, I’ll head back to my quarters, and get

some shut-eye. Tanj smiled and nodded, and with a wave,

Hinoki, still nude, padded from the suite.

Tanj watched Zassa for a while; the Vixen was squatting

astride the Stallion, the massive head of his cock wedging

apart her labia. Grunting, the Vixen was, inch by inch,

working his massive tool into her pussy. John had a look on

his face that seemed to be half way between ecstasy, and

fear for the safety of the Vixen, while Zassa had a look on

her face of commingled pain and delight…. Chuckling,

Tanj reached down to grab the Lion’s collar; "come on,

you; I want to see how well WE do in that little game Jenka

had Kath and Hinoki play. Betcha I can take you!" The Lion

rose, to follow; "bet me? Bet me what?" Tanj chuckled;

"uppity slave! I’ll bet you a day of your slavery! Win and

I’ll reduce it by one. Fail and it increases by one." To

Tanj’s surprise, the Lion chuckled; "No Deal! Have you

looked at the clock lately, MISTRESS? If we’re to be home

by the time your contract runs out, we have to leave

tomorrow!" Tanj did a classic double-take, checking

first one and then a second Chrono…. With a sigh she

shrugged; "Just a day then. To be determined later. Win

and I’ll be your slave for a day; I win, and you’re mine for

a day. A WHOLE day." The Lion chuckled and nodded;

"Mistress, you’re on!"

Jenka paced around the two; the Lion was kneeling, his paws

tied behind his back. Tanj was astride his lap, the

Lion's thick cock filling her. Her paws were also tied

behind her back, and a rope encircling her waist limited her

vertical movement. A short chain between their collars

further limited their "travel." Jenka smiled, clicked the

stopwatch and growled "GO!"

The Lion chuckled, starting with Hinoki's opening move. He

just sat there. Tanj tensed, as if to rise on tiptoes,

following any motion he might make, but mostly she stayed as

motionless. The Lion grinned at her. With small motions,

his hips jerking up just a little, he slowly drove Tanj

upwards. The Cheetah HAD to follow his motions; there was

no way she could force him back to the floor….. Finally the

rope around her waist went tight, the Lion pressing up into

her from below. For a moment they were immobile like that,

muscles straining, and then the Lion chuckled, licked

Tanj on the nose, and dropped to the floor, his cock

almost sliding completely out of her. Tanj groaned, and

was tempted to drop down after him, following him, but then

she realized if she did, such a rapid, violent motion would

just take him (and her) that much closer to an orgasm.

Groaning she slooowly lowered herself onto his shaft,

panting…. He only gave her a moment's rest before again,

incrementally bucking up against her, forcing her up and up,

until again the rope around her waist drew tight…. And then

with a grunt the Lion let himself fall down to the floor


Zassa could swear she could see the outline of the Horse's

shaft in the fur of her tummy. She'd probably been

stretched wider, the last time she'd been fisted, but this

just wasn't the same….. Somehow this felt like "more"…..

Groaning she struggled to move, inching upwards, and then

moving slowly, carefully back down, humping the Stallion,

riding him in slow motion…..

Dahlia watched the Vixen with a strange twinge of jealousy.

Who was this little slip of a girl to take on something more

properly belonging to someone her size? Did she really

think she could do as good a job bringing John off, as she

could? Lord, the Vixen must be almost painfully tight on

the Stud's cock!

Tanj groaned; at the rate things were going, they'd both

cum before the time limit ran out. Somehow she just

couldn't think of a strategy to defeat him. He was strong

enough to keep this up for a good while, and she wasn't

heavy enough to tire him out, or to weigh him down, forcing

him to stay on the floor……. At one point she tried holding

herself high, at the limit of travel, the rope taut against

her ass.. but the Lion just whooped and shifted into

overdrive, fucking her hard for a moment until she realized

the error of her ways and just dropped back down onto his

lap in exhaustion. Groaning, Tanj did everything she

could to match his movements, to minimize the friction of

his shaft in her pussy…… praying that time would run out


The Lion chuckled, feinting, jerking his hips just a mite,

and then as Tanj tried to rise, to mimic his motion he

dropped down a bit and then as she STOPPED moving, he drove

his hips upwards, impaling his cock to the limit in her

wetness. This was fun, teasing her like this, but he

wondered, if it was HIS job to prevent them from cumming,

how would HE do it? Glad he had the easy job, the Lion

moved as randomly and as unpredictably as possible, with

telling effect.

Zassa looked down at the Horse beneath her and grinned.

Moving carefully, she threw one leg up, and brought it down

on the other side of the Stallion, slowly twisting on his

shaft. John watched, his eyes bulging out, as the Vixen

shifted, changing position, rotating on his shaft until she

faced his feet. Leaning forward, bending his cock more

towards a perpendicular position, putting a strain on his

sheath, the Vixen gasped and started moving again, both paws

dropping down into her "lap" to fondle the Horse's balls…..

Tanj shuddered; she should have risen, but instead, he'd

tricked her and she'd let herself drop, just as he thrust

his hips up; it was the final straw, and with a moan of

dismay, her climax blossomed within her…… The Lion grinned

ferociously, moving as hard and as fast as he could,

thrusting into her now unresisting body.

Jenka sighed and looked at the stopwatch; "unlucky for her.

She had only 13 seconds to go." Then with a grin, the

Pantheress purrrred; "Ah, well, its obvious she too needs

more practice…." Her train of thought was interrupted by

the Lion's Roar, as he too found his release.

Wanda smiled and nudged Kath; "wake up, Dear; I think the

floor show is winding down. Lets head back to our quarters,

and get some sleep." The Mink blinked and nodded, smoothly

rising to her feet, waiting for Wanda to collect the end of

her leash.

Tanj sighed and sagged in defeat, leaning against the

Lion's chest. She felt Jenka working to untie the rope

around her waist, but ignored it for the moment; she'd been

so sure she could win, that she could "master" the Lion….

But somehow it just hadn't worked out that way. Had she,

deep down, really wanted to loose? She didn't know. Maybe

she'd never know…..

Jenka chuckled and tied the rope to the collar Tanj had

put on for the "game." Come along, Dear; for your little

"vacation" I've treated you as you wanted to be treated.

But now, if you're going to have to leave tomorrow, for this

last night, I'm going to treat you as you DESERVE to be

treated. For this night, once again, you are my Pet. Now

come along." Tanj smiled wistfully, and shook her head;

she knew Jenka would get around to this eventually, and it

didn't exactly displease her…. Tilting her head up, she

gave the amused Lion a goodbye kiss, and then, sloooowly

rose off his cock, to padd off after Jenka.

Jenka paused at the door, to look back. Zassa was still

slowly humping the Stallion, but it was plain from the look

on his face that he wouldn't last much longer. "John, when

you're through with her, take the Lion and the Mare down to

the Kennels. Can't have random slaves running around. Let

the staff amuse themselves with them, if they choose. And

bring me breakfast at, um, 0900 tomorrow." Tugging on

Tanj's rope, the Pantheress walked through the door, a

smile on her face.

Dahlia watched, from her kneeling position on the floor, as

the Stallion's head came up, as his muscles tensed. It

actually seemed like, for a moment, his eyes crossed, and

then he was arching his body, lifting the Vixen from the

floor…… Frowning a little, she wondered if, given the

chance, SHE could do that to him……

Zassa screamed as the Stallion came inside her; he was so

thick, her sex stretched so tight around his shaft that

there was no way his cum could leak out… And thus, as his

cock spurted and pulsed, she felt like she was blowing up

like a balloon, his hot seed flooding her, filling her.

Writhing, she struggled through her own climax, brought on

by the Stud's throbbing cock…….

John had to move very carefully; the Vixen had literally

passed out, falling back against his chest. She was still

SO tight around his cock, so warm and delicious, that he was

tempted just to LEAVE her there, but duty got the best of

him. He had things he had to be doing. With paws under her

armpits, he pulled, gradually drawing her off his shaft.

Dahlia grinned as the Vixen's pussy tried to turn itself

inside out, as the Stallion pulled her off his cock. She'd

be sore tomorrow!

Gently laying Zassa to one side, the Stallion staggered to

his hooves. Grinning, he reached down to clip a leash to

the Lion's collar, and then, pulling the Lion along behind

him, to clip one to Dahlia's collar as well. Then, without

preamble, the three of them still nude, he led them from the


Tanj purrred softly as she washed Jenka's hair. Jenka

had decreed a bath, with all the luxuries, and Tanj was

to wait on her. Tanj had drawn the water, added just the

right amounts of perfumed oil and bubble bath, checked the

temperature, laid out the towels, poured the champagne…. And

then Jenka had soaked in the hot tub, a look of bliss on her

face, as Tanj washed her, stepping into the tub only long

enough to soap her Mistress up and down. Retreating from

the hot water, Tanj had knelt by Jenka's head,

occasionally refilling the champagne glass, waiting for

Jenka to signal that she was ready to continue….

Vandrosky set his tray down next to Henley’s in the

cafeteria and grinning, settled down onto the bench next to

him; "Talked to Parks over on the Intimidator. Seems he’s

not a happy camper these days." Henley chuckled; "let me

guess; the Brou device?" Vandrosky just nodded; "He’s been

averaging a half dozen messages a day to that mouse, I’m

told, and getting very frustrated when things don’t seem to

work the way the Mouse says they will. But he has gotten

the thing to run on less than the full output of the ship’s

engines, and I’m told that he HAS gotten small objects to

vanish. I’m told that one test object, an urn, popped into

existence on the station here… direcly over a big pot of

chilli in the galley; seems after it materialized, it fell a

half dozen feet, scoring a direct hit, splashing most of the

galley staff with scalding hot chilli." Henley chuckled;

"Ooooh, they’ve kept THAT one quiet…. I think we need to

blow the lid off that one…." Vandrosky hmmmed and shruged;

"not sure I want it spread around. If the device CAN move

things from here to there, then maybe the Mouse DID make a

phantom attacker vanish…" Henley nodded; "see your point..

By the way, where WAS the urn supposed to reappear?"

The Rabbit looked up from the console as the Stallion led

his charges into the Station's Slave Kennels, and grinned;

"Well, John, it looks like YOU'VE been having a good time

today! What we got here?" John smiled; "Harry, you don't

know the HALF of it. What I got here are two slaves

belonging to Mistress Tanj. You're supposed to keep them

until they're called for. No restrictions on their

activities in the meantime." Harry looked the Lion up and

down and shrugged; "heck, he's not my type. But I bet you'd

be interested in signing out the Mare." Behind the

Stallion, Dahlia blushed furiously, to the Lion's amusement.

Before the Stallion could answer, the Lion chuckled; "Oh, I

definitely think he'll be interested in a rematch; you see,

he lost to the Mare in a little contest of skill and stamina

earlier. That’s gotta hurt. But……. I think I know a way he

can regain his honor….."

John scowled at the Lion; that was NOT the way a slave was

supposed to address his "betters"…. And a slave wasn’t

supposed to speak without being spoken to, either….. But

his curiosity got the better of him; "and what would that

be, Slave? The Lion chuckled; "Mistress Tanj ran a

slightly different game, on the way out here. Dahlia saw

it; she knows about it… Tell me, do you know the position

known as "the swing?"

The Lion knelt on the floor, paws bound behind his back by a

simple wire-tie, as the Stallion got ready. With a mighty

surge, he pushed himself off the mat, arching, until only

hands and hooves were touching the floor, his body forming a

bridge from one side of the mat to the other. Dahlia,

unbound, ran her hands over his body, feeling the muscles,

studying his physique. Grinning at the Lion, giving him an

uncharacteristically lascivious wink, she threw one leg over

the Stallion's body, to straddle him. Bending her torso

almost horizontal, she squirmed back, slowly impaling

herself on the Stud's cock. Chuckling she straightened, and

with paws on the Stallion's stomach, she began to move…..

Harry watched for a minute and then shook his head; "If I

tried to do something like that, I'd have a sore back for a

year. Assuming I could move at all…. Just how's this

"game" run again? The Lion turned to look up at the Rabbit,

and smiled; "simple. First one to collapse looses. Harry

shook his head; "no way he's gonna win." The Lion just

chuckled; "Wanna bet?"

Tanj found it a most delicious way to be bound to Jenka's

bed. Long ago, she'd had a piercing done on her clitty; a

vertical piercing through both her clitty and the hood that

covered it. With a simple barbell stud passed through the

piercing, a single link of chain could be inserted between

clitty and hood, held in place by the piercing. Now, she

wore Jenka's collar, with a large, horizontal D-ring in

front. A light chain ran from the link through her piercing

up her front, between her breasts, through the ring in the

collar, terminating in a large ring, a ring too large to

slip back through the ring mounted in her collar. Most of

the weight of the chain, therefor, was taken up by her

collar, with only a few links, from the very end of the

chain, supported by her piercing. Until someone tugged on

the ring. And from that ring, at the moment, a chain ran

back down her body, attached to the foot of the bed.

Tension on the chain tugged directly at her most tender

parts, and that’s exactly what she was doing to herself.

With paws bound behind her back, she struggled to squirm

forward on the bed enough to lick at Jenka's sweet sex, each

strained motion causing her to tug the chain to her own

clitty. As she licked and nibbled, making Jenka purrr and

moan, she brought herself, via the jerking chain, closer and

closer to her own climax…… But Jenka had said if she

climaxed first she'd be punished….. Tanj grinned, licked

harder, stretching her tongue to the very limits, and

wondered what her punishment would be.

John's muscles quivered, and he seemed on the verge of

collapse.. but then he'd seemed on the verge of collapse for

the last five minutes. Dahlia, meanwhile, wantonly rode the

Stud's cock, putting on a display for the dozens of faces

pressed to the cell bars all through the Kennel. The Lion

watched, smiling, as the Mare pleasured herself. It was

good to see Dahlia so happy.

Harry's eyes went wide and he let out a strangled "no!" as

the Mare climaxed hard, her body shuddering, a loud whinny

escaping from her mouth. And then she was sliding from

John's body, collapsing to a heap on the floor next to him.

Slowly, almost painfully the Stallion lowered himself to the

mat, and then turned to nuzzle Dahlia. She smiled and

kissed him back, and then wrapping her arms around his neck,

she pulled him over on top of her; "You're not done yet,

Stud; not until YOU'RE satisfied. That's the winner's

prize!" John just grinned, and shifted, and in a moment his

cock was driving into the Mare to the tune of her grunts and


Jenka chuckled; the chain only let her pet half-way onto the

bed, and yet Tanj insisted in sleeping like that, her

head between her Mistress' thighs. Feeling Jenka shift on

the bed, Tanj yawned and then turned to start her licking

again…… no one was going to get much sleep this night…..

Harry looked at the Lion and shook his head; "I still can't

believe you won. Don't worry, I'm good for the credits.

But I'll tell you this. Its just going to make what I have

to do even easier……" The Lion looked up at the grinning

Rabbit and frowned… Now what?

Tanj awoke with a start as the doorbell rang, and then

yelped as her motion caused the chain to go tight, jerking

at her sore clitty. Jenka laughed and called "Come!" and a

moment later the door was sliding open to admit the

Stallion, once again pushing a breakfast cart. Tanj

looked at the cart and wondered if once again a bound Hinoki

was secured under its drapings….. Jenka yawned and mumbled;

"Just set a place for one, John. I'm going to go to the

bathroom, but while I take my morning shower, I need you to

punish this horrible slave. She disobeyed me repeatedly

last night, cumming when I'd told her not to. If she's that

horny she obviously needs to be fucked and fucked silly. I

want you to fuck her so hard she can't sit down on the way

home. Use the mounting couch if you want; its in the next

room. But drag it in here so I can watch." John just

nodded and began unloading the breakfast cart, as Jenka rose

from the bed and padded towards the bathroom.

Tanj stared at the Stallion, remembering the sight of

Zassa mounted on his long, thick cock, and wondered if she

could take him without ripping somewhere…… "Aw heck" she

thought to herself; "if Zassa can do it, so can I….."

The Mounting Couch was a padded piece of furniture that

supported Tanj in the traditional "hands and knees"

position. One heavily padded section went under her hips,

with her thighs strapped against its back. Her calves and

ankles were similarly strapped to its base, with more of the

velcro strapping. At the other end, a padded bar supported

her torso just above her breasts, and again, her arms were

strapped to that, above the elbow and at her wrists. Her

head hung freely, and again, where her chin might strike the

"couch" it was padded. When John had finished, she was

about as immobile as she could be. The Stallion then

attached small springs to the base of the couch, stretching

them up, to hook them to her nipple rings, tugging her

breasts downwards. A similar spring at her rear was

attached to the ring still held by her clitty piercing,

tugging her sharply there. And then the Stallion was

kneeling behind her, covering her ass in lubricant, working

it into her pussy……. And into her ASS!

The Lion blinked in amazement as Harry led him to a cell,

releasing his paws, and locking him within. He had water,

and a place to lie down… and as tired as he was, that was

welcome… but what had the Rabbit meant, about "what he was

going to have to do to him"? What were they up to now?

Tanj groaned as the Stallion grabbed her labia rings, to

tug apart the petals of her sex…. And then she felt him, the

head of his monstrous cock pressed against her, wedging her

apart. With a grunt, the Stallion slowly started to push

his length into her.

Jenka padded out of the bath, fur still a little spiky with

dampness, and grinned. The Stud was slowly working his

shaft into Tanj, giving her time to adjust…. Time to

stretch… barely. Striding over, the Pantheress knelt before

the bound Cheetah, to lift her chin; "Pet, I want you to

lick me to a climax, BEFORE he makes you cum, or I'll let

him have your ass. Start licking! Gasping, Tanj craned

her neck to obey, shuddering at the thought of that monster

in her ass! Behind her, as if to emphasize the point, the

Stallion placed one broad finger at her anus, and pressed……

Zassa groaned and stretched on the bed. Laying there, she

suddenly realized how wet her midsection felt. Stroking a

paw down her tummy, she grinned as she encountered the

matted, sticky fur of her crotch. That Stud had been

marvelous….. but she was still all stretched out, and his

cum had flowed out of her like a river, making a MESS of the

bed….. Struggling to her feet, the Vixen stripped the bed.

Her initial thought was that if she could find the Laundry,

no one would ever know how she'd abused Jenka's

hospitality…. And then she grinned; around here,

Housekeeping must be used to the problem. Never the less,

she stuffed all the sheets into one pillowcase, and then

padded off towards the bathroom. She wondered where Tanj


Tanj grunted with each stroke of the Stallion's cock; she

was so close to her release, and yet she had to hold it off,

stave it off, until she had licked Jenka to a climax…. The

thought of that Horsecock in her ass gave her the shivers!

Working her tongue furiously, she licked hard, almost

desperately at the Pantheress.

Hinoki yawned and clutched the pillow to his chest as if it

were a lover. Opening one eye, he looked at the chrono and

sighed. They were going to have to leave soon. If Tanj

were to get the Lion back to the Brethren on schedule,

they'd have to leave REAL soon. Grumbling he got up, to

look around, wondering where he'd left his shorts……

Jenka's body shuddered and she moaned softly. Gently

pushing on Tanj's head she backed up a little; the

Cheetah's tongue still lashed the air, as if she was too far

gone to even know Jenka had climaxed. Chuckling, Jenka bend

over to whisper in the Cheetah's ear; "you may cum now,

Love." Looking up at John, she chuckled; "Finish her, but I

want you to mark her with your seed. I want others to know

what she's been doing this morning….." The Stallion just

grinned, and started moving faster…..

Tanj howled and writhed, fighting her bonds; the

Stallion's driving shaft had spurred her to a sudden, heart-

stopping climax, but he hadn't stopped; he was still fucking

her roughly. She could feel his shaft compressing her

insides with each stroke, stretching her pussy until she

thought she'd burst, driving into her until the head of his

cock forced the entrance to her womb, filling her most

private places. Filling her completely. As another wave of

liquid pleasure crashed over her she yowled and thrashed,

her pussy clenching hard at his shaft.

John panted harder and harder, and then suddenly JERKED his

cock out of the Cheetah; wrapping one hand around himself he

pumped furiously as he came, spurting his seed all across

Tanj, from the back of her head to her ass. Despite his

previous bouts, the Stallion still had enough spunk left in

his massive balls to leave a continuous trail all down the

Cheetah's body…..

Jenka smiled and bent WAY down to kiss the exhausted

Cheetah; "you rest here, Love, while I get cleaned up again,

then we'll have some breakfast… and then I'm afraid you're

going to have to be on your way…….

Tanj's chest was still heaving as she knelt by Jenka's

feet. "Having Breakfast" meant Jenka feeding Tanj an

occasional piece of melon, or bite of eggs, as the Cheetah

slowly dripped John's seed onto Jenka's carpet…… Jenka

hadn't allowed her to go to the bathroom, or to clean up in

any way. As she knelt there, Tanj tried not to

concentrate on the feeling of cool air tickling her insides;

her sex was still stretched wide open, gaping, dripping.

She wondered how long it would be, before she was back to

normal…. If she'd EVER be back to normal…..

Wanda smiled as Kath roused her with her tongue, just the

way she'd been taught. "Mistress, if we're to leave on

schedule, we'd better get up….." Wanda chuckled and nodded;

"True; but they'll just have to wait for us. Finish what

you're doing first……" Kath just grinned and nodded,

stroking her nose against the Wolverine's sex…….

The chain jangled most distractingly. Jenka was leading

Tanj, still a mess, still nude, towards the docking ring.

The chain leash was hooked to the big ring at her collar,

its swaying and little jerks transmitted directly to the

piercing in Tanj's clitty… and it was making her hot

again, making her pussy drip…… To try and distract herself

from what she knew was imminent, Tanj whispered;

"Mistress; could I beg a favor of you?" Jenka stopped to

look at the Cheetah; "what's that, Pet?" "I'd appreciate it

if you'd keep Dahlia here. I think something might develop

between her and John; I've seen the way she looks at him……

especially when Zassa was riding him…." Jenka nodded

slowly; "but that’s not the real reason, is it?" Tanj

hung her head; "no, Mistress. I think there may be

something between her and the… and my Master, and I'd rather

not have the …. "competition." Jenka smiled; "you're

jealous!" Tanj could only nod…..

Jenka stopped at the airlock leading to Tanj's ship.

There, by the airlock was a leather wrapped bundle; it was

obviously a furr, kneeling, calves bound to thighs bound to

torso, arms bound behind back, all encased in tan leather.

Only the bare tail sticking out showed that it was a Lion.

Tanj chuckled as she saw the small sign hanging from the

tail, near where it emerged from the leather, saying "fuck

me here". And it looked as if he'd been well used there

too. Tanj had to wonder how long he'd been bound there

like that…..

Smiling, Jenka reached out to unclip the leash from

Tanj's collar, and then to turn her, to untie her paws.

"Dear, I've truly enjoyed having you and your friends here.

I hope, someday, you'll come to stay. You KNOW I can treat

you better than this oaf ever could. But if you insist on

leaving, well, I'll help you drag him onto your ship…..

Tanj just threw her arms around Jenka, to kiss her hard;

"Tempting offer; BELIEVE me, it’s a tempting offer, but

there are things I have to do, and you know…. You know I'll

always belong to him……" Jenka nodded and kissed Tanj

softly; "the offer will always stand. Now, help me get this

lug onboard your ship. Turning, Jenka reached down to grab

one of several handles built into the leather encasing the


Hinoki padded onto the flight deck, a mug of coffee in each

paw. "Where's Dahlia?" Tanj took the mug, and took a

long sip before she replied; "She's not coming. Jenka's

keeping her." Hinoki's eyebrows went up "Oh? Ah…. Um.

Care to talk about it?" Tanj smiled; "not just yet.

Don't worry, she won't be a slave. Jenka promised to help

her find something she likes doing. Dahlia didn't seem too

wild about the situation she was headed for back home, the

one the Brethren had arranged for her. Maybe Jenka will be

able to help her find a better future. And I think she

might like that Stallion too….." Hinoki looked at Tanj

for a long minute and then just nodded. But the look on his

face said he didn't believe her for an instant.

Tanj yawned and stretched. The ship was on autopilot for

home; the cloaking device was functioning correctly and

there wasn't any other traffic on the scanners. She'd had a

bite to eat, and a shower… and now she thought it was about

time she unwrapped her Lion. The leather encasing him was a

sea of buckles and straps, and it took her a good while just

to get to the point where she could pull the portion of the

suit encasing his head off. She was just about to turn to

the next strap when she stopped, blinking… turning back she

grabbed both his ears to haul his head up. Looking into the

Lion's face she growled WHO THE HELL ARE YOU?"

Parks growled in frustration; the Brou device was supposed

to work, at least partially, off mental commands, but still

he found himself yelling at it. And now, if he didn’t know

better, he’d SWEAR it was sulking. Commands that had worked

before were producing no result. Well, no result, if you

discount the fact that the whole ship, a Ragnarok class

BattleCruiser, was doing about 3 RPM around its vertical

axis….. and glowing purple. Trying to calm himself, to

ignore the splitting headache, Parks tried again;

"Displacement destination coordinates are……."

Jenka blinked at the image on her monitor; "Wrong Lion?

Dear I don’t know WHAT you mean!" Tanj growled; "the

Lion all wrapped in leather by the airlock to my ship was

NOT the one I came with! I'm on my way back, and by God,

you WILL give me back the RIGHT one!" Jenka just chuckled;

"Ah, well, Love, you KNOW how hard it is to tell those

leather wrapped Lions apart when they're all done up like

that. I'll see if I can find you the right one by the time

you get back…..

Tanj was wearing a blue jumpsuit when she stalked through

the airlock. There by the door was another leather wrapped

lion. Without a word, Tanj handed the leash of the other

Lion to Jenka and bent to start unwrapping the one at her

feet. When she'd satisfied herself that this one was the

RIGHT one she trussed him back up and then waved to Hinoki

to help her drag him back onto the ship. Jenka watched, an

amused smile on her face, offering neither an apology nor

offering to help. As the airlock started to slide closed,

Tanj turned and gave her a hard look, but at the last

second, her frown dissolved and the Cheetah shot Jenka a wry


As the inner airlock door closed, Tanj bent to unzip an

earflap on the leather encased Lion….. "I think we're going

to have to do something about her. While you wait for me to

get the ship launched and on course, think about what we

might do by way of a suitable revenge….." Zipping the flap

back up, she turned and padded off to the flight deck. They

were now seriously behind schedule….

Hinoki looked down at the Lion and smiled; lifting his tail

he examined the small cardboard sign that said "fuck me

here". Bending down, the Cheetah observed that the leather

covered almost everything, but that just under the Lion's

tail, his asshole was exposed. Chuckling, the Cheetah

hooked his thumbs into the waistband of his shorts, pulling

them down as he muttered; "well, if you insist….."

Jenka looked at Dahlia and raised an eyebrow; "you're SURE

you don't mind?" The Mare chuckled; "no, no, you've been

most generous, Mistress. I think I'll fit in well, in that

department. It'll give the the opportunity to learn a trade

that isn't just manual labor….. And the pay is most

generous…. AND the fringe benefits……" Turning her head, she

grinned at John for a second, but then she turned back; "but

if you think I'm going to give up any claim I might have to

the Lion, you’ve got another thing coming!" Jenka laughed

and nodded; "ah, yes, The Lion. We really do need to put

our heads together and figure out how we can get him here

again, if not forever. I'm sure we can come up with

something, between us…." Smiling, Jenka turned to slip into

the seat of the Sulky cart. Cracking her whip on the Mare's

ass and then on the Stallion's, she urged her "matched team"

to motion, tugging on the reins, to head them towards the

residential section of the station……

The Lion, un-encased from his "travel bag" had been scrubbed

thoroughly, the dye almost gone from his fur. The

"puffballs" had been trimmed from ankles and wrists, and his

mane combed out…. He was almost looking like himself again.

Now he sat, wearing nothing but Tanj's collar, at the

communications console, as he tried to catch up on his e-

mail. He had almost deleted that one by rote; it was a mass

mailing, seemingly to everyone in the Brethren; such things

were common with jokes or funny stories, and with all the

work he had to catch up on, he just didn't have the time…

but then, he'd thought, it never hurt to check on the morale

of the organization, and the kind of humor they circulated

frequently gave a clue as to how they felt. And he could

use a good joke about now, he thought to himself. The file,

however, had a number of video clips attached, and he

wondered if someone was e-mailing porn around… Clicking on

the first video clip, his eyes went wide as he beheld the

"sulky cart" race on Jenka's station, him and Dahlia lined

up at the start line, waiting for Kath to start the race…

There was Tanj seated behind him….. she couldn't have

been doing the filming….. and he KNEW where Hinoki was at

the time…. Wanda was in the crowd near Kath…. Where was

Zassa? Growling to himself, he ordered a trace on the

message, to see who had started it…… And when he found


The Lion rubbed at his burning eyes. He didn't know HOW

many messages he'd been through, but he thought he'd made a

dent in them. He was staring at the screen, wondering which

one to tackle next, when a new message blinked into

existence at the bottom of the stack. It had a "Black

Fleet" return address, and on impulse he opened it.

Surprised to see Dahlia's name, he started to read; "Love, I

know what you'd told me, that day on the station, but I

thought you ought to know….."

The Lion watched the chronograph on the wall of the wardroom

carefully as he did the dishes. They were close to being

home, being back to the Brethren's base, but they weren't

going to make it…. And that suited him fine, as he'd rather

do what he had to do here, than there. Rinsing the last

container and setting it on the dishtowel to dry, he turned

and checked the Chrono. Tanj smiled and nodded; "Yes,

yes, I know, your week is up. You are now officially no

longer my slave…." The Lion nodded; "its over, but we're

not done yet." Tanj looked at him curiously; "Oh?

What……." The Lion growled and reached out to take Tanj

by the throat, hauling her to her feet; "Where's Dahlia?

Why did you leave her behind at Jenka's Station without

asking her? Who gave you the right to mess with her life

like that?" Tanj looked at the Lion, wide eyed, and then

sagged; "Master, I was Jealous. I feared that she and you…

that she…. That she might take you away from me." The Lion

nodded slowly; "I feared as much; before you abandoned her

there, you SHOULD have asked me what she meant to me.

Haven't I told you before what place you occupy in my life?

Haven't I TOLD you what you mean to me?" All Tanj could

do was nod…

The Lion growled; "with all the furrs that you have had sex

with, I have TRUSTED you to always come back to me; that

occasional recreational sex, or even long lasting

friendships would not change what we have. I trust that

even your relationship with Jenka would not change what we

have! And you should trust me to do the same. Yes, Dahlia

and I are friends, perhaps even a little more than that; but

it does NOT change our relationship. You failed to trust me

in that, and now, NOW I'm going to teach YOU a lesson in


Grabbing the neckline of her jumpsuit, the Lion roughly

ripped it downwards, his claws shredding the fabric until it

hung in tatters around her feet. Then, shoving Tanj down

to her knees, the Lion growled; "Wrap your arms around my

legs!" When the Cheetah had complied, the Lion growled;

"now take one of my balls into your mouth. Hold it there."

Tanj opened her mouth, and tilting her head forward,

slurped one of the Lion's testicles into her mouth, holding

it with tongue and lips, shielding it from her teeth…. "You

hold the most sensitive portion of my anatomy in your mouth;

you hold the chance I might have offspring someday between

your teeth. You'll hold it there safely and warmly while I

punish you."

The Lion methodically whipped every section of her back, her

ass, and her upper thighs, and as he worked, as he talked,

Tanj responded by swirling her tongue around his captive

ball, holding her teeth well away from it. The Lion let go

one end of the strap, swinging its full length, letting the

end curve under Tanj's ass, letting its end flick up

between her legs to snap at her sex. Tanj flinched in

surprise and in pain, but the look in her eyes clearly said

that she understood, her tongue moving over his captive

testicle as she endured her lesson. With each slap of the

strap he told her of all the reasons she was his, of her

beauty, and of her brains, her cleverness, and her warmth,

and the depth of her love. Finally the strap fell still,

the Lion's chest heaving with the exertion. Reaching down,

he pulled her to her feet, to kiss her passionately. As the

broke the kiss, Tanj looked up into his face, and

whispered "Master, what will you do with me now?"

Hinoki blinked. Had he been so blind? He KNEW that the lion

and Tanj were close, but THIS close? He tilted his head

to the side a bit and smiled some. Ah, what he'd not have

given to hear those words from Tanj! Well.. it was

obvious now he was never going to be first in Tanj's

heart. He knew she still cared, sure! And he knew she loved

him. Perhaps he might not be first... but he was CERTAIN

that he was a close second! The Lion.. the lion on the

other paw was a different issue entirely. He was straight..

could TOLERATE same sex interaction but obviously didn't

enjoy it. He grinned as a thought came into his mind. It'd

be a lot of fun to be the Lion's and Tanj's pet.. He

thought Tanj would give it a go. But how to convince the


Wanda watched the Wardroom door slide closed behind Tanj

and the Lion. He hadn't said a word, only picked her up and

tossed her over his shoulder, carrying her out of the

wardroom. Looking at Kath, the Wolverine blinked; "well,

THAT was different….."

Hinoki looked up, his reverie broken, as the door slid open

again and Zassa meandered in, yawning. "Hey, Y'all, what's

been happening?" Hinoki looked at Wanda and Kath and

shrugged; "If I told you, you wouldn't believe me…..

Thinking to himself, Hinoki grinned widely, as plans started

to unfold in his mind. It'd been some time since he'd

seduced a hetboy and bent him enough to walk both sides of

the fence.. to have him enjoy sucking cock as much as he did

munching carpet. He had a challenge again! First.. he'd need

to synthesize female lioness pheromones...

Tanj lay face down on her bunk; her back was still much

too sore to lay on. The Lion was standing her watch on the

flight deck, and she was trying to rest… trying to, as her

back, from her shoulder blades to the backs of her knees

throbbed and burned She couldn't help but think of her

"lesson" with each beat of her heart, with each throb of her

sore back. She was laying there, half asleep when she felt

something tickle her leg….. for a moment, it felt like a

lover's caress… and then her eyes went open WIDE! She was

alone in here, wasn't she? Then something like a finger

stroked her sex, softly at first and then more firmly….. she

was about to rise to her knees when something slick pushed

its way into her, making her gasp….. Rising to hands and

knees, she dropped her head to the bed, to look between her

breasts, down along the length of her body; there WAS no one

behind her! And yet something was definitely moving in her

pussy…… shifting, wiggling…. Moving with almost panicked

speed, she shifted, to sit on the edge of her bed, Legs

splayed, head bowed, she STARED at her crotch; the bulge of

inky black between her labia, holding her sex spread wide

open, with tendrils wrapped in her labia and clitty rings

LOOKED just like the creature she called her "living

dress"…. But it was much too small for that…. Rising

carefully, the thing pulsing and squirming within her, she

rose to reach for the box in her overhead…. Yes, the

creature was there, moving sluggishly, but it looked

somehow… smaller. Suddenly it hit her; the creature had

reproduced by fission; SOMEONE had been playing with it, and

the "babies" had escaped! Sagging back on the bed,

surrendering to the pleasure the creature was bestowing on

her as it fed on her sexual energy, a small corner of

Tanj's mind wondered how many others there were hiding in

her ship…. And then she laughed; after a week on Jenka's

station, the Babies would be hungry, seeking out anyone who

might "feed" them… They were going to have an interesting

flight home…… Purrrring, Tanj laid back, winced and then

rolled onto her stomach; she knew where this one was, and

knew it wasn't going anywhere for a while…. Knew SHE wasn't

going anywhere for a while…. She'd deal with this new

problem, in a little bit.

Zassa blinked as the inky black spot oozed out from under

her bed to "assault" her ankle…. She'd thought she'd put

that thing back in its box in Tanj's cabin… she KNEW

she'd put it back in its box…. So how did THIS one get here?

Giggling as the thing flowed up her leg, headed for her

crotch, Zassa just shrugged to herself, laying back on her

bed. Reaching down, the Vixen used the fingers of both paws

to spread the petals of her sex, and then groaned in delight

as the creature flowed into her, stretching her pussy,

filling her SO nicely… "This one," the Vixen thought to

herself; "This one, I'm going to keep. I wonder if I can

train it to do….. *OH*! To do to me the things I like

*MOAN*! Best….?"

Kath let out an "EEP!" and dropped the stack of laundry she

was putting away. Wanda looked up from the nursing journal

she was reading, and following the direction of the Mink’s

gaze, did a double-take. Then she chuckled; "Oh, I know

what that is. Don't be afraid. I don't know how it got

loose, but its just a creature that belongs to Tanj.

Tell you what, put the laundry down, and come over here……"

Kath looked dubiously at Wanda, and then at the black spot

flowing across the floor towards her, but after an instant's

hesitation, obeyed, placing the stack of clothes on top of

Wanda's dresser, and moving to the indicated place. Wanda

smiled and nodded; "Now, slave, assume the kneeling

position." Kath immediately dropped to her knees, her paws

palm up on her thighs, showing her submission, her knees

well spread. Wanda nodded; "now, you just hold that

position, no matter what happens. Don't move. You can cum

as much as you want, just don't move…."

Kath watched the black, viscous… whatever-it-was ooze across

the floor, straight for her; it slithered between her knees,

stopping directly under her pussy. Leaning forward a bit to

watch, her head bowed, she watched in amazement as it formed

a phallic shape, growing from a puddle to a cylinder,

reaching upwards for her, until ……

Wanda smiled as Kath let out a gasp, as the creature invaded

her sex….. she'd seen what the thing could do to Tanj,

heard all the tales…. But she wasn't quite ready to

experiment with something like that; not quite yet. She'd

let Kath keep it, and borrow it when, and if, the spirit

ever moved her…..

Kath knelt on the floor, eyes wide; it FELT like a male's

cock driving in and out of her pussy, as if a VERY talented

male were using her….. but at the same time, something was

tickling her clitty… it felt almost like a tongue…. And the

combination was almost perfectly attuned to what it took to

bring her to a climax; she felt it building, its power

gathering like summer thunderheads….. Wanda had said she

could cum as much as she wanted, so she didn't do anything

to hold back, to stifle her feelings…… And somehow it

seemed that the creature KNEW just what she liked, almost as

if it were reading her mind….. Panting hard, she started

thinking to herself; "YES! OH YES! More! I like that

better… OH, Do that AGAIN!" and sure enough, the black thing

between her thighs accommodated her, doing exactly as she


Wanda watched her slave writhe through yet another climax

and smiled. It was obvious that Kath would be too tired to

do much tonight…. Picking up the last nursing journal in the

stack she sighed, and wondered if perhaps she could borrow

Zassa's tongue for a little loving, later.

Kath moaned softly as the thing within her gradually slowed

to a stop. It was as if the creature was finally sated….

Moving carefully, tensing her muscles to hold it in place,

she rose, to stagger off to the bathroom; she was a mess!

Tanj padded towards the wardroom, a glob of inky viscous

blackness wrapped around her left paw. The creature was

finally sated, and she needed to find something watertight

to keep it in. One of the leftover containers in the

wardroom would probably do until she could find something

better…. As she rounded the corner, she saw Kath, coming in

the opposite direction; Wanda usually kept the Mink nude,

except for her collar, but this time, Kath was wearing a

very skimpy black thong… and then Tanj grinned; "I see

one of the little devils found you too…." Kath just grinned

sheepishly; "Yes, Mistress let it have me, until it was

sated. Now she says I can keep it, if I can prove I can

care for it correctly and that I can keep it away from her,

until she's ready for it." Tanj shrugged; "its OK with

me, but how do we know these two are the only ones loose?"

Kath just shrugged, and then grinned; "you know, Tanj, in

all of the Empire, only YOU would have a ship with such a

"vermin" problem….. Then, before Tanj could reply, the

Mink laughed; "What say we put one of these things, suitably

starved, into Hinoki's powered armor?"

Benedict fretted, pacing back and forth. The Elysium

Defense Forces Cruiser "Arbalest" was in port after a rather

routine patrol. A completely frustratingly routine patrol.

Everywhere they’d searched, they’d come up with nothing. No

pirates. No smugglers. No Rebels. No Nothing! Needless

to say, when they’d docked at the orbital defense facility,

most of the crew had been particularly eager to find the

nearest bar and drown their frustrations….. But he, he’d

stayed, as the officer of the Airlock Watch…. Not because

he’d wanted to, but because that damned Wolverine knew. He

didn’t know HOW the Woverine knew his secret, didn’t know

how the bastard had managed to get pictures of him and that

little coyote girl… how was HE supposed to know she was only

13? Grumbling, he paced. One little "task" the Wolverine

had said, and he’d hand over the holos…..

Their homecoming was almost anticlimactic. Almost. The

Lion, wearing a pair of shorts he'd found somewhere in

Tanj's cabin, kissed her at the airlock, and hurried off.

He hadn't gotten ten feet before Ben intercepted him. And

then Willoughby from Maintenance. And then Dufosse from

Logistics. By the time he made the personnel lock at the

far side of the docking bay, it looked as if he was leading

a parade. Wanda showed up next, leading Kath by….. a leash

who's end seemed to disappear up between her legs. Tanj

blinked, trying not to stare, but to Kath's apparent

embarrasment, Wanda chuckled and insisted on showing it off;

"It’s a going-away present from Jenka; something called an

"egg-leash"… There's this little egg-shaped gizmo on the end

of the leash that fits up her quim… and when I push this

button on the handle, somehow it inflates, or expands, or

something, until she can't remove it. Oh, and this button

here makes it jump and wiggle, and this one just makes it

vibrate….. With each experimental push of a button, Kath

let out little "eeps" and squirmed, to Wanda's visible

delight. After giving Tanj a kiss on the cheek, Wanda

growled; "come along, Slave" and still playing with the

button's on the leash's handle, "dragged" the Mink off

behind her.

Tanj turned to go get her bag, when Hinoki pushed by her.

Tanj stopped and turned to look; "Hinoki, are you all

right?" The Cheetah just grinned and nodded, and then

turned and moved through the airlock…. Tanj watched him

depart for a moment, taking in the cast of his ears and his

tail, and frowned… Something was up. He was plotting

something. She wondered what it could be, and what might be

needed in the area of damage control?

Zassa, as usual, was a bit of a mess, her clothes stuffed in

a bag, a few loose items in her paws. "Gotta run; now that

we’re back, I'm late for my shift!" And then the Vixen was

gone, and Tanj was alone in her ship. Suddenly it seemed

so… hollow, so empty…. Putting the thought from her head,

she made sure the systems were correctly powered down,

grabbed her bag and headed off. She too had things to do,

and she suspected, more than a little to catch up on…… She

wondered what'd happened in her absence…..

Onegin watched Guevera’s back as they moved towards the

airlock. It had been nerve-wracking, first to infiltrate

him and his crew onto Elysium, and then to don EDF uniforms,

to present carefully forged orders to the transportation

officer at the shuttle port, and to board a shuttle with

dozens of REAL EDF personnel, had almost been more than

Onegin had been able to stand. And yet, somehow, it had all

worked; they’d been able to pass themselves off as real EDF

troops. And now their team were approaching the Cruiser’s


Tanj had only made it half way across the docking bay, on

her way towards Intelligence, when a young ursine

approached; "Um, Tanj, Ma’am?" Tanj stopped to look

at the Bear, one eyebrow rising; if he was after sexual

favors, this just wasn’t the time…… Clearing his throat the

Bear looked left and right, as if looking for backup, or

maybe a place to hide… "Um, Ma’am, while you were gone we

had a guy, a fox, show up in a singleship…… He just APPEARED

on the scanners….. Scared the Crap outta everyone, arriving

like he did…… When they’d boarded his ship, he said he

worked for you…. Well, down in security, we don’t have

records of all your field agents, as you well might expect,

and your boss thought it would be better if we left him in

detention until you got back…. Most of your records on field

agents, I’m told, go to great lengths to protect their

identity……" Tanj frowned at the thought of one of her

agents left in a jail cell while she was off "playing"….. "I

think you’d better take me to him….."

The Bear, who seemed to go by the nickname of "Bobo" after

some obscure and ancient video reference, didn’t seem to

know how to shut up….. He regailed the Cheetah with the tale

of how the base had gone to a full alert in record time,

interceptors being launched, only to find no resistance at

all. The boarding party even found the singleship’s airlock

unlocked, the outer door wide open and waiting for them….

And the fox inside had been sitting quietly, paws folded in

his lap, as if he expected it all….. "Since then, he’s just

SAT there in the cell. He eats when food is provided, and

occasionally exercises, but mostly he just SITS……. Finally

they were in the security area, and Bobo led Tanj through

the barred doors, and forcefields that kept the place

secure. It was so much trouble just to get IN, even with an

escort, that Tanj wondered how anyone could ever expect

to escape from that place…… Finally they were in a circular

room, with a security desk in the middle, eight pie wedge

shaped cells opening out from the periphery. Most were

empty, a few were full of pirate crews sleeping off a drunk,

and in one…… Tanj sighed, stepped forward, and looked at

the figure seated calmly within; "Hello, Entity. I have to

admit, I never thought our next meeting would be like


Benedict watched the big Bear squeeze through the personnel

lock, and come to attention, to salute him; "Ensign Guevera,

and team, reporting for temporary duty, SIR!" Benedict took

the proffered orders and opened them. His eyes went wide as

he found a single sheet of white paper with "GET DOWN"

hastily scrawled on it. Looking up at the Bear, he found

himself staring into cold black eyes… and then his knees

were buckling.

Stevens watched Lieutenant Benedict fall to the deck, and

wondered for a moment if the Lieutenant was ill; as he

turned in concern to look down at the Lieutenant, he never

saw the fighting knife the Bear produced flash down towards

his back. The first warning he had was the searing,

indescribable pain as the knife penetrated his right kidney.

Benedict felt like throwing up. The three ratings standing

airlock watch with him were suddenly, violently, and almost

completely silently dead. The Bear had wiped his knife

clean on the tail of the furr he’d killed; looking up,

catching Benedict’s eye, the Bear shrugged; "They say that

being stabbed in the kidney is so painful you can’t even

scream. Guess its true." Waving to the rest of his

commando, Guevera hauled Benedict to his feet. As he was

all but dragged down the corridor, Benedict noticed that

three of the Rebels had taken the place of the furrs killed

at the airlock.

Tanj walked towards the residence area with Entity at her

side. For a while, neither talked. It had taken Tanj

quite a while to convince the Security folks that Entity not

only did work for her, but was a trusted and valued field

agent. Finally, they released him on her authority, to the

non-secured areas of the station. They said they’d start a

background check to prove he was who he said he was… but

somehow Tanj didn’t think they’d ever find any

significant record of the Fox. After walking in silence for

a good fifteen minutes, they arrived at the modest visitor’s

quarters Tanj had gotten assigned to Entity; "I need to

check in at the office; I’m sure you have something of

significance to tell me, but I assume by the fact you

haven’t already told me, that its not time sensitive. Is

that true?" The Fox tilted his head to one side, as if

listening to some inner voice… "No. There is time. Go and

do what you need to; I’ll be here when you have time to

talk." Tanj nodded; "I’ll come by at about 18:30 hours

and collect you for dinner. Or does what you have to say

require more …. Privacy?" Entity smiled and shook his head;

"Not particularly. It may be unbelievable, but all will

have to know eventually…… Dinner is fine." Tanj nodded

and turned, to padd down the hall towards Intelligence, with

a rapid stride……

The Intelligence office was much as she’d left it, save for

the hardcopies stacked up in her in box. Tanj looked at

the heap of paper, threatening to collapse out of its spot

at her work station and cascade over the desktop and the

floor. Wondering if she really went through that much stuff

in a week, Tanj sat down and fired up her terminal….

Benedict shook his head; "I was supposed to get you into the

computer center and get you out; no one was ever supposed to

know you were on board! How in the world am I ever going to

explain THIS?" Guevera just shrugged massively; "Change in

plans. We’re not going to steal just data and codes; the

Central Committee has decided we’re going to take the whole

ship. Comrade Onegin has furrs that can handle a ship;

they’ll fly us out of here. Now you can either help,

joining the glorious People’s Revolution, or you can die on

the spot." Stopping, the Bear turned to look at Benedict;

"your choice, Comrade." Benedict swallowed and after a

moment’s hesitation he gulped; "Auxilliary Control is this

way; the Bridge is defended……

Tanj was on her third cup of coffee, and had handled most

of the more important issues; sitting back in her station

chair, she checked the time and sighed; almost time to head

out to the cafeteria….. She hadn’t eaten since breakfast,

and didn’t want to miss dinner……. With the few minutes she

had left, she leaned forward, fingers seeking out the

keyboard once again… There were things that she could do

from her ship, and things she could do remotely from Jenka’s

station, but there was nowhere she knew of that was as well

prepared, as well equipped as the Intelligence office at the

Brethren’s base, for some things. Carefully working on the

search string, she restarted her search for any Wolverine of

significance, any Wolverine in a position of power, or

authority…. Any Wolverine that might be Xylex, anywhere on

Elysium, that had shown up in the Brethren’s database in the

last couple of weeks……

Onegin smiled and looked from his personal organizer to the

console in front of him. The override codes had been stored

on the gizmo, and while he’s always preferred paper and

pencil, at least this gizmo could be erased with the simple

touch of a button. Nodding in satisfaction he pressed a

series of keys in sequence. All through the ship, klaxons

started howling, as all the inner and outer airlock doors

started to open, together. Reaching up, he touched fingers

to the seal of his own vacuum suit’s neck ring, knowing it

was sealed, checking it anyways. Air howled through the

ship, creating a blizzard of papers and loose items. And

all through the ship, those not on leave, died. As the

hurricane gradually died, Guevera nodded to his commandos;

"check the ship; make sure no one survived. Then guard the

airlocks; they are sure to try and stop us. Onegin, for his

part, looked at his crew, almost all former Roughnecks, the

ex-pirates supplemented with a leavening of Reds who knew

something about spaceships. "OK gang, lets bring up main

power; they’re sure to know something’s wrong, and we need

to get OUT of here! Remember, we’re on a schedule!"

The Lion shoved over a bit, making room for Tanj,

Slasher, to his right, grunting as he shoved against him……

Reggie looked to his right and then carefully slid over

some, making way diffidently for the Fox. Tanj sat down

next to her Lion, placing her dinner tray neatly before her,

and looked around; "Ma… Uh, Boss, Reggie, Slasher, this is

Entity, one of my better field agents. He has some…….

Disturbing information……. Reggie gave the fox a long, hard

look, leaning away from him slightly as he peered at him.

Entity returned the gaze calmly for a moment and then,

turning back to look across the table at the Lion, the Fox

stared at him for a moment and then whispered; "There is a

battle coming; a battle involving treachery, and deceit. An

attempt on your life will be made. I am here to foil that

attempt." The Lion calmly took another forkful of…..

whatever tonight’s casserole was, and chewed for a moment;

"things like that have been tried before, and I’m still

here. We’ve GOT pretty good security……."

Reggie turned to stare at the Fox again; "and if the

opposition were to try and infiltrate an assassin, such a

ploy might just be a good way of getting him close to his

target….." Tanj sighed and nodded; "unfortunately,

Entity, there ARE procedures we have to follow….." Entity

turned to look at her, his calm demeanor almost unnerving.

After a moment, he nodded; "I understand; I will wait, in

the non-critical areas of your installation. When the time

is right, when I’m needed, I’ll be there." Tanj frowned,

but didn’t say anything; she’d "known" Entity for a long

time and his information had always been first rate… but it

was the Lion’s life they were talking about here…… "I’ll

start the background check myself; we’ll expedite it as fast

as possible…." The Lion just nodded, chewing, as he looked

critically at Entity. Tanj watched him curiously,

wondering what was passing through his mind. After a while,

he turned and looked at her and asked her a question about

the Blues rebel group on Elysium…. And Tanj figured that

the change of subject was tacit agreement.

Clicking on the recorder, Tanj looked at Entity; "Tell me

what you can about your background, things that are

verifiable…." Entity smiled softly and shook his head;

There is little that you will be able to verify….

Commodore Nielson looked down at the display in the

station’s command center; "I don’t know what they think

they’re doing, but they’ll never get away with it. There’s

no way mutineers can steal a ship from this base and live to

tell about it!" Next to him, his aide sighed; "True, Sir,

we’ll blow them to pieces before they’ve gone a thousand

kilometers… but still, our victory will also be a defeat for

Elysium. It will cost us an almost new Cruiser. And we

don’t have that many left." Nielson sighed and nodded, the

Fox’s ears and tail drooping; "try the prefix codes again.

Keep trying. But if we can’t wrest control of the ship back

from them, we WILL have to destroy it!"

The reports weren’t good. The first known record of

Entity’s existence was when he was found stowed away on a

freighter exiting the Starsurma sector, a rather remote and

enigmatic part of the Empire. If the rumors were to be

believed, the Empire had been fighting a secret civil war

there for some time now….. Somehow, he’d snuck on board,

and then convinced the ship’s Captain to take him on as

crew. He seemed to have significant computer abilities and

stayed with that ship for a little over a year. However,

the report from that ship related that at a port, one day,

he became quite nervous, and then simply disappeared. The

ship, with all his possessions still on board, had departed

on schedule, and they’d never seen him again. As a sidebar,

there was a note that enroute to their next destination,

they’d been boarded and searched by an Imperial Cruiser.

Such things weren’t uncommon, and no problems were found,

but someone had found it curious enough to tack the note

onto the record. From there, Entity had surfaced in various

different places, taking on various different jobs, never

staying anywhere for too long. And of course, there were

large gaps between appearances in the database. Most

recently, he had been serving as a professional bodyguard;

in several instances his presence was the only thing that

had saved his employer’s lives…… More curiously, in all the

assassination attempts he’d foiled, he’d never killed any of

the assailants, and most of them weren’t even severely

injured. There were instances where he’d suddenly left

someone’s employ, only later for it to be found out that the

employer had been involved in something unsavory…. All in

all, the holes in his background were large enough to drive

a small moon through…. In fact, it reminded her of the

background of a certain Mouse….."

Onegin grinned; they’d undocked, and raised shields, but

were holding themselves close to the station’s bulk; too

close for the station’s own weapons to bear on them. Too

close for the Station to effectively attack them. While

their delay gave the EDF time to man other ships for the

pursuit, it was necessary…..

Nielson’s head snapped around at the shout from the sensor

operators; "Sir, we have incoming unidentified ships…..

six…… seven…… Sir, I make it Nine warships of various sizes

and ratings, supported by …. Thirty one fighters and

bombers." Nielson nodded; "Launch all available

interceptors, and tell the captains of all the docked ships

they’d best launch as soon as they can…." Turning to look

at his aide, the Fox sighed; "This can’t be a simple mutiny.

This has to be Rebel activity; this is too much of a

coincidence for it to be uncoordinated…."

Tanj smiled and shook her head; there were over 2,000

Wolverines of prominence on Elysium. With a sigh, she

started weeding through them, looking for the one that might

be Xylex reborn…..

Xyloff smiled, and broke the Comm link. He’d known Piper

would see the logic of his situation….. He’d always been an

egotistical one, and Xyloff knew the Elysium government just

wasn’t in the mood to stroke his ego. Oh, he was a decent

enough General, but nowhere near as good as he thought he

was. Still, with the promise of a Field Marshall’s baton in

the People’s Red Army, and a little occasional "stroking"

he, and his Division, would be a major asset. Especially

when his unit changed sides in the middle of the offensive

the Reds were about to launch. And once the Revolution was

over, well…… he was eminently disposable, if he didn’t toe

the line…. The Party Line…. Xyloff’s line.

It wasn’t even in the search results. She ran across a

reference in a field report one of the Blues had filed, on a

co-ordination meeting they’d had with the Reds command

staff. In that, he mentioned that he didn’t trust Comrade

Xyloff; that the Wolverine seemed to have objections every

time the Blues wanted the Reds to do something that might be

hazardous, or have a significant chance of failure. He’d

mentioned that this one was oily smooth, seemingly having

legitimate reasons why the Reds couldn’t do this, or help

with that. On the other hand, he was one of the most

strident voices calling for the Blues to take on the most

difficult of tasks in any joint venture. And the report had

said that Chairman Quistling seemed to hang on Xyloff’s

every word, and to depend on him heavily. Tanj re-read

the report four times, and then composed a message back to

the Blues, asking for all the information that they had on

this "Comrade Xyloff"…. She thought about warning them who

he might be, but then decided that was probably

presumptuous….. Taking a hardcopy of the report, she rose,

to go find Wanda……

Onegin smiled and stretched in the Captain’s command chair.

The battle had been furious, but short. The whole goal of

the raid had been to distract the station’s weaponry from

the escaping cruiser, and that had succeeded splendidly.

Oh, they’d lost the old Corsair "Red Dog," and a handful of

fighters, but in return, they’d gained this magnificent

ship. And in the process, they’d dealt the Elysium forces a

bloody nose. He had no doubt, that Wolverine, Xyloff, would

use it for the basis of a major propaganda victory.

Settling back for the ride "home," Onegin wondered again how

the Wolverine had been able to get all the codes, all the

security clearances, and even bribe that wretch, Benedict.

However he’d done it, he’d managed to turn what he’d

initially thought was a suicide mission into a magnificent

triumph. Watching his bridge crew for a moment, Onegin

wondered what the Captain’s cabin on this ship was like?

Grinning, he wondered if the previous occupant had left any

decent liquor there……

Wanda nodded slowly…. "Yeah, that sounds just like something

he’d do…… One step away from the very top of the ladder.

Anything goes wrong, this Quistling can be blamed; if it all

goes right, they’ll know who to congratulate….. The only

thing is…. When the Rebels win, he’ll have to share power

with the Blues….. and all the other factions. He won’t like

that." Tanj nodded and sighed; "Yeah, that’s what I

thought…. And Entity’s talking about Deceit in a final

battle…. I think I’ve got to go talk to my boss……." Just

then, the intercom came alive, with a page for Tanj.

Padding over to the nearest intercom, Tanj listened for a

moment, and then grinned widely; "Come on, Wanda; you’re

going to like this. Best bring Kath too……."

Hinoki decided that there was comparatively little point to

put off his plan. In fact.. the sooner the better! After his

shift was over, he padded down to Medical with a bounce in

his step, even if he still walked funny from the dildo

that'd been in his arse while he was in the armor. "Wish I'd

thought of that when I was an instructor," he mused..

wandering around a corner into the Medbay proper.

The sight before him, however, brought him to an abrupt

halt. The Lion... Tanj.. Zassa.. Jenka.. everyone was

there. The operating theatre had been brought online with

the table configured for heavy bondage. His fur bristled as

he saw the video cameras activate.. and heard guards closing

the doors behind him. "Ahh..." Hinoki stuttered.. "I don't

suppose we can talk about this?" The Lion grinned and shook

his head. "Not on your life. Remember the saying.. payback's

a bitch. Now get that scrawny ass over here NOW!" Hinoki

blinked.. and instinctively took several steps forward. The

Lion wasn't any slouch when it came to Domination, either!

Maybe he'd been an instructor.. nahh. He didn't have it in

him. Did he? On the other hand, he’d been in Command here

for more than long enough to know how to issue an order…..

The Lion grabbed Hinoki by the scruff and lifted the cheetah

to his toes. "Now then, everyone. Hinoki has earned a

punishment from me, and I'm going to need all of you to help

me out. That includes anyone who is viewing this telecast as

well. But for now.. enjoy the show." The Lion dragged

Hinoki over to the operating table and held him down whilst

the others strapped him in. The lion grinned, then took a

very long, very slender metal tube and slathered it

thoroughly in lube……

Hinoki squauked as the lion took his cock into his paw and

squeezed to torment the bound cheetah with pleasure.. then

push the tip of the thing into the "eye" of his cock! He

YOWWLED as it slid deeper and deeper into him.. and YIPED!

The tube pushed it's way up into his bladder, and a straw

colored stream leapt from the other end to splatter to the

floor! His ears turned CRIMSON.. The lion, however, loved

it. "Well! What /HAVE/ we here? Surely he can't be an adult!

Adults don't piss all over the floor during a routine exam!"

Hinoki's eyes flew WIDE open! His fur bristled.. but not in

anger, rather.. surprise! He looked at the Lion who simply

chuckled and winked back. "No.. adults don't do what he

just did. So I guess he's not an adult! For the duration of

the week, he's a little baby. A baby that will still have to

perform his duties, but the /ONLY/ clothing allotted him is

going to be a diaper! He's got to wear it Twenty four

seven.. and only another crew member can change him. If

anyone catches him changing his diaper, or trying to take it

off.. they're under orders to report it. If they so choose,

they can punish the little boy themselves by spanking him..

then re-diapering him and THEN reporting it." The lion

grinned evilly, an expression that made Hinoki's fur bristle

in consternation..

"There's a reason for the diaper, ladies and gentlemen. This

little boy has no bladder control anymore.." He flipped a

switch, and Hinoki felt a sharp stinging around the

bladder's sphincter.. then the region went curiously numb.

"Seems the little baby boy can't hold in his pee.. he NEEDS

his diapers! Medical says that it'll be that way for a

week.. if he's good!" The lion carefully withdrew the

electrified catheter then set it aside. Tanj flipped a

switch, and Hinoki found his legs lifted into the air and

spread.. lewdly exposing his cock and asshole for all to

see. He could SWEAR he felt a camera move in for a closeup..

a thought which rather embarrassed him!

Of course... the embarrassment was increased a hundredfold

when he felt cool cream smeared over his buttocks, groin,

and lower belly.. then felt the liberal dusting of

babypowder dusted into his soon to be diapered crotch.

There was a distinctive rustle as something was slid under

his bottom.. then he found himself lowered. He felt.. he

felt one of his own diapers underneath him! One of the

/THICK/ disposables! He blushed crimson.. someone had to

have gone into his quarters to retrieve them. But.. they

felt so good as he was lowered down onto them. They felt

even better as they were folded up between his thighs and

taped into place with deft and strong hands.

Hinoki felt his bonds released, then.. of all things!

Tanj came up behind him and cuddled him into her arms,

pressing a baby bottle to his muzzle! He mewwled softly,

looking into her eyes as he tried to turn his head away.

Tanj would have none of it.. "Shh.. hush, little Hinoki.

I'm here for you.. shhh.. we're all here for you.." Hinoki

shivered a bit.. then settled into Tanj's arms. The soft

look in her eyes.. the gentle smile that the Lion shot him..

maybe.. maybe things WERE possible between the three of

them! He smiled and cooed a bit.. starting to nurse from the

bottle. He detected an odd metallic taste, but Tanj held

the bottle firmly to his muzzle, not letting him miss a bit!

That taste.. what was it.. lasix? It tasted like lasix.. a


Hinoki never felt sleep claim him. In addition to the lasix,

there was also a decent dose of a safe sedative.. Tanj

and the Lion both felt that Hinoki had a hard day.. and a

good night's sleep, the sleep of the child.. would be just

what he needed. They were right.

The old Fox looked at Tanj and sighed; "Yes, it sounds

like something Xylex would do, exactly like something he’d

do…. And I admit you’ve gathered a fair amount of

circumstantial evidence, but its still only circumstantial….

And yes, I DO trust your instincts. But I just can’t pass

this on as an intelligence "finding"…… Now, I won’t mind if

you communicate your fears to the Blues, and to the Black

Fleet, and to the Boss, but I just can’t give it the

department’s official sanction. Not yet. See if you can

get some more definitive proof. A DNA sample perhaps, or a

link between this Xyloff and Xylex’s financial resources.

Then we’ll scream it from the rooftops. Lord knows, the

Blues could use some propaganda like that…. The Reds seem

to be growing like a Cancer….. Their recent "acquisition"

of a first line Cruiser from the Elysium forces is MOST

worrying….." Tanj sighed and nodded; gathering her

notes, she rose, to go find her Master, to let him know what

she suspected, what she feared.

Tanj had finally found her Master in Ops. He and Ben were

deep in a discussion, as they tried to plot an upcoming

mission against one of the increasingly rare Elysium

convoys. She didn’t want to interrupt, not given the weight

of her suspicions… as she stood there, half listening, she

wondered if her boss, the old Fox, was right. Did she

really have anything more than her own fears? Was she

paranoid at Xylex, fearing him behind every corner, lurking

in every shadow? Her thoughts were interrupted by the shout

of one of the communications techs… "Hey…. HEY! HEY, we got

Priority Traffic comin’ in…." Ben and the Lion looked at

each other and then wandered over to read over the Tech’s

shoulder as he got the decrypted feed from the comm center

several floors below them….. The Lion sighed; "its

starting." Ben nodded; "Too early to plan any support

missions, but we’d better put the fleet on alert." Tanj

squeezed between them to look. The message was actually an

intercept from an Elysium Militia unit, calling for help.

The Reds were launching an offensive on a broad front, and

the Militia unit was crumbling under their attack. As she

watched other messages came in; intercepts from the Elysium

government, intercepts from the Reds, and updates from the

Blues, and a few other minor groups. As the Reds offensive

grew, as it gained momentum, the other Rebel groups were

using it as the signal to start their own operations…."

After watching for a while, Tanj stage-whispered; "Boss,

I’ve got to get back to the Intelligence shop; they’ll need

me down there. But I think I’ve found something on Xylex;

he may be tied in with the Reds….." The Lion just nodded

and patted her on the rump; "we’ll talk later. I think

we’re all going to be very busy for a while…… Ben, look at

this… the Elysium Government’s going to try and move up the

225th… they’d have to use this road net… if we were to

launch a strike here… and here, that’d slow them to a crawl,

if not cripple them……" Tanj nodded and slipped out


Xyloff looked at the tactical display and smiled. He’d

harbored those IFF codes for a long time, almost until they

were due to be changed… but now they were allowing the Reds

forces, HIS forces to get within visual range of the

Government troops before the deception was discovered… And

even after the Government troops had broadcast a warning

that the enemy knew the IFF codes, it was still bearing

fruit as reinforcements were treated with suspicion, and on

two occasions actually brought under friendly fire…. And

now Piper’s Division had turned and assaulted the units on

their left flank. The whole front was disintegrating, his

commandos and guerillas creating havoc in the rear. If they

could just take the Remagen river bridge, the way to the

capital would be open. Success… nay, VICTORY was at hand……

And when the Elysium government had all but fallen….. he’d

deal with those others! Smiling, confident that his plan

was working just as he’d envisioned it, he turned to the

sidebar and poured himself a generous glass of icewater…..

soon, very soon, his position would be so secure, he could

pour a snifter of Brandy, and no one would dare criticize


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