Tanj's Tales:  The Battle That Never Was, Part III

By Kittiara


Stardate 2399.33

Wanda looked at the hand-held scanner and shrugged;
"Tanj, you're running a low grade fever, but you don't
seem to be congested.  You say you haven't had any gastric
distress?"  Tanj blinked, and looked up at Wanda; "uh….
What?"  Wanda smiled; "you haven't had the trots?"  Tanj
grinned weakly; "uh… No.  Not yet anyways.  But I do feel
all…. Achy.  I guess that’s the best way to put it."  Wanda
nodded; "its probably just a mild case of the flu.  Too
early to tell yet if its Rigelian, or Sammamian.  With luck,
you'll just have a mild case and feel out of sorts for a few
days.  Take a mild analgesic, try and get some rest, push
fluids, and let me know if it gets any worse."  Tanj
nodded; "Um, any special precautions about contagion?  I'd
hate to pass this on, even if it IS a mild one….."  Wanda
smiled; "Oh, just don't sneeze on anyone.  And wash your
paws.  That’s about all you can do."  Tanj nodded and
looked at Wanda again; "I bet you guys down here catch
everything that goes around.  You must see every furr with
an ache or pain…."  Wanda just smiled and shrugged; "Some
do.  Dr. Farquar, for instance.  Hell, I think he spreads as
much as he cures.  But me, heck, I NEVER get sick."  Tanj
grinned and slid from the examining table to give Wanda a
hug; "I envy you.  Thanks, and I'll let you know if it gets

As Tanj walked down the corridor from Medical, she
grinned to herself; her nose wasn't yet dripping, but it
seemed like her other end was; for some reason she was randy
as hell, and constantly wet between her thighs…. As she
headed towards the Intelligence office to check in, she
wondered if she should have told Wanda about that?  Could a
symptom like that be important?  She had the most powerful
desire to go find her Master, to spend the evening as his
sexual plaything……. To be Mastered by him……  But given how
long it'd been since they'd had time for that, was it just
her, or was it a side effect of this strange cold she'd
caught?  She'd heard a guy say one time that when he had a
cold, he was always horny, but then he'd also had trouble
cumming; could a flu, or a disease affect your libido as
well as your physical health?  Could the flu make her horny?
Then again, she thought, from her, who'd believe it?
Chuckling to herself about a flu that made her pussy drip,
instead of her nose, she grinned and commented to herself;
"Yup, Tanj girl, you've caught the Gorean flu………."

It was the off-shift at the intelligence office, and only
the night crew was about.  Waving hello, calling greetings
as she moved towards her work station, Tanj got herself a
cup of coffee, and sat down at her terminal.  As she
expected, she had a ton of e-mail.  None of it looked really
urgent, though, and she just wasn't in the mood to wade
through it right now.  And the coffee had been on the burner
so long it was mostly acid.  With a sigh she logged off and
rose to head for the door.  She was almost there, when
strong arms encircled her waist from behind.  Instinctively
she turned to look to see who it was……

Sam grinned and kissed the Startled Cheetah hello; to his
surprise, she pushed him back as he broke the kiss; "Hello,
Sam; I’m afraid that was a stupid thing to do right now; I
seem to be coming down with the flu."  The Wolf just
chuckled; "Ah, Tanj, for a kiss from you, I'd brave the
most terrible disease!"  Tanj laughed and tilted her head
up to kiss his cheek; "that’s sweet; come see me when I'm
over it, and I'll make it up to you!"  Turning, the Cheetah
fem padded out the door.

Sam sighed and idly rubbed the back of his paw across where
Tanj had kissed his cheek; he'd really been in the mood
tonight…. And while Tanj'd been his first choice, well,
there were other ladies he knew on the station.  Maybe Kara
was free tonight.  Maybe she'd even be of like mind.
Smiling to himself, the Wolf left the Intelligence office
and headed towards the Rec hall……….

Tanj found her Master in their cabin.  He was sitting at
the small desk, obviously buried in operational plans, his
eyes locked on the computer screen…… He hadn't even heard
her come in.  With a Growl, Tanj launched herself across
the intervening space, knocking him from his chair; wrapping
her arms around his neck, she kissed the surprised Lion
HARD!  For a moment, the Lion kissed her back, their tongues
dueling, and then as if he could read her mind, he growled,
showing anger at the interruption.  Tanj didn't care if
it was staged, or real, she was in the mood for it rough.
As they'd kissed, she'd rubbed herself against him, stroking
him with her body, and feeling the tell-tale signs of his
arousal, knew he wouldn't just chastise her and go back to
his work…….

As they broke their kiss, the Lion surged, rolling Tanj
over, until he was pinning her to the floor with his body;
"Uppity SLAVE" he snarled; "how DARE you do something like
that!  I can see you're long overdue for a correction!"
Tanj tried to keep her eyes downcast, but a quick flick
of her eyes upwards showed that despite his fierce demeanor,
the Lion's eyes were smiling.  Biting her lip, Tanj just
nodded… and then he was rolling her over again, onto her
stomach, one large paw pinning her to the floor as he
reached for the box under the bed……

Tanj moaned into her gag, and squirmed; the Lion had
outdone himself this time….. taking his time, he'd carefully
bound her paws together, using heavily padded cuffs.  These
he'd then chained to a stanchion high up on the wall.  He'd
then added more heavily padded cuffs to her ankles, and
pulling them upwards, and apart, to chain them to stanchions
on either side of her head, pulling her ass away from the
wall, bending her so that her well-exposed sex pointed
straight at him.  He'd then tied her tail tightly to the
floor, and added a pair of weighted nipple clamps and a
large ball gag…. And then he'd LEFT her there, hanging on
his wall like some sort of obscene trophy!  Returning to his
computer, he calmly finished the file he was reading, as
Tanj squirmed in her bonds.

Finally, after what seemed like an interminable time, the
Lion rose, to padd over to her.  Grinning, he ran his paw
over Tanj's sex, as if testing how wet she was; "Is my
little slave Horny?  Does she want something?  She must, the
way she behaved earlier……  And in truth, a proper punishment
would be to deny you what you want so badly……. But I don't
think that would meet MY needs right now……."  Tanj could
do nothing but look at him, any sounds she might make
muffled by the ball gag, her motions severely constrained by
the way she was tied.  The only noise she seemed capable of
making was when she squirmed, and the chains jingled.  The
Lion just grinned at her, watching her eyes as his paw
stroked her sex, rubbing softly until her sex was thoroughly
drenched.  Slowly he worked one, and then a second finger
into her pussy, to pump her slooooowly a few times……  And
then stepping closer, he spread her with those two fingers,
to nestle the head of his cock between her labia.

Tanj GROANED as his cock slowly slid into her, filling
her, stretching her sooo nicely.  The way he'd suspended
her, her crotch was at exactly the right height for him; the
way she was bent, her head naturally gazed down at where his
thick tool slid in and out of her pussy.   Panting, she
settled back to enjoy the fucking…….

The Lion grinned, his hips working back and forth smoothly,
in an unhurried fashion.  One paw reached out to tease one
of the Cheetah's nipples, tugging lightly on the clamp,
fingertip flipping its tip….. the other rubbed softly at her
mons, stroking her, adding to her pleasure.  Slowly he
fucked her, until he sensed her breathing increase, until he
sensed her body start to tense…. And then he sloooooowly
pulled out.  Wrapping his paw around his hard cock, he
stroked himself until he came, his jism splattering the
bound Cheetah from her breasts to her crotch.

Tanj's eyes went wide as he turned and padded back to his
desk, to open another file on the computer.  How could he
stop NOW?  She'd been soooo close!  Groaning in frustration,
she squirmed as much as she was able, completely unable to
either scratch her incessant itch, OR to attract his

Twice more, the Lion came to a stopping place, or finished a
file, and rose, to torment Tanj, fucking her slowly,
pausing from time to time, until she was on the very edge of
a mind-shattering climax, only to pull out, to stroke
himself within her field of view until he spattered her
again with his cum, and again, leaving her unsatisfied, he'd
return to his seat, to resume working……..

Tanj's head jerked up as the door chimed.  The Lion,
still nude, growled from his desk for the door to open, and
a moment later, Ben, the head of Operations, and Derrick,
one of the logistics specialists padded in.  Ben scarcely
gave Tanj more than a wink and a nod, but Derrick came to
a halt, to stare open-mouthed.  "Looks like Tanj's been
bad again…" Ben growled, and the Lion just pushed back from
his desk to grin and nod; "Oh yeah.  Had the audacity to
Pounce ME!  Thought she needed a "cooling off period"….."
Ben gave Tanj another look and just shook his head;
"Dunno, she still looks pretty hot to me…. But work first;
what do you think of the draft plan for the Seagate

As they discussed the upcoming operation, Tanj did her
best to listen, to follow what they were saying.  Operation
Seagate had been in the initial planning stages when she'd
left to intercept the courier, and she was curious as to how
the plan had developed…. But for some reason she just
couldn't concentrate.  Her gaze kept flickering back to
Derrick, watching how the young Skunk kept giving her
glances.  After a while, she made it a bit of a game, trying
to predict when he'd give her a glance, moaning softly into
her gag, squirming, writhing as sensually as she could,
given how she was bound.  And it was obvious that she was
having an effect on him…….

"So that’s why I think Hans would do better on that
operation.  The Overlord's just a bit of overkill, and I
know that they've been out a long time and could use a
break, but he's got all the resources needed in one place."
Ben looked over the Lion's shoulder at the monitor and
nodded slowly; "Hans isn't going to like it, but I have to
agree.  I'll pass the operational plan along to him."  The
Lion chuckled and nodded; "Just remind him of the booty;
that should ease his concerns a bit.  That and the fact that
he's got more than enough firepower for a raid like this."
As he talked the Lion's gaze flicked from Ben to Derrick,
and he grinned.  After a moment's silence, he chuckled;
"Like what you see?"  Derrick just gulped and nodded.  The
Lion chuckled and nodded; "Tell you what, I need a break
from all these damn reports and plans; why don't I run this
down to operations, and you two have some fun with her?"
Ben shook his head and smiled; turning to walk over to
Tanj, he bent, and dragged his tongue over her very
exposed sex, an intimate and teasing lick; then
straightening, he sighed; "Nothing I'd like better, but work
still comes first.  And there's just too damn much to do."
Turning back to look at Derrick and the Lion, he shrugged;
"I'll borrow her from you later… but Derrick, you go ahead,
knock yourself out.  If we use the Overlord for this, we
won't need any of the resupply facilities we'd been talking

Derrick watched, wide eyed, as the Lion rose, pulled on a
pair of pants, and he and Ben padded through the door,
talking over yet another operation.  Turning he gazed at the
bound Cheetah, suspended, hung on the wall like some exotic
sculpture…..  Tanj moaned into her gag, and rocked her
hips as invitingly as she could… and then grinned to herself
as the Skunk exploded into motion, ripping his pants off,
and kicking a footstool over, to stand on, so he could drive
his hard cock into Tanj's waiting, and very wet sex……..

Sam purrred and kissed Kara again; he'd used his best
technique, his best lines, all the tricks he knew to seduce
a lady into his bed, and it had all worked.  He'd made slow,
passionate love to the gray Vixen, and now they lay,
exhausted and panting, amongst the rumpled bedclothes.  But
as he stroked her, as he cuddled, he felt the stirrings once
again in his loins.  Surprised that he'd be ready to go
again so soon, he nibbled his way down between her breasts,
wondering if he could persuade her into another roll in the

Bo groaned and stretched.  For some reason, his cabin was
seeming to be very small tonight; the air hot and still.
Feeling a little warm, he grabbed a pair of pants and padded
out, looking for someone, or something, just what he wasn't
sure……..  Maybe he could find Zassa, and get another kiss
from her……..

Joline thrashed in her bed; she had kicked off all the
covers and then stripped off her nightgown, and still she
was too hot to sleep.  And somehow her paw kept snaking its
way down between her thighs, to caress her most intimate
places softly……  Growling to herself, she rolled over,
burying her head in her pillow…. Why couldn't she sleep?

Derrick panted hard as he teetered on the footstool, his
cock driving into the Cheetah again and again; she felt so
good, so wet and so tight and so HOT… and the way she
moaned, the way she squirmed, he got the impression she was
just eating up his attentions………  Growling, he thrust at her
a little harder, gasping as her pussy seemed to clench
around his cock, gripping him in a velvet vice……

Tanj mewled softly into her gag; the Skunk had driven her
to one quivering climax, and was rapidly pushing her towards
another; she would much rather have had her Master do it,
but after all his teasing she was in too great a need to
much care WHO satisfied her……..  Groaning she squirmed,
fingers and toes splaying, wriggling as she bounced back and
forth between the energetically humping skunk and the
wall……… she was getting soooo close!

Zassa purrrred and looked into the Rec room.  Slowly, the
conversation from the card game trailed off, as one by one,
heads turned to look at the Vixen.  Zassa was wearing thigh-
high leather boots, and a very tight, matching corset,
leaving her sex, and her breasts bare.  Her arms were
covered in leather gloves that reached almost to her
armpits, and in her right paw she carried a coiled bullwhip.
Grinning at the guys at the card table, she cooed softly;
"now tell me, boys, who's been BAD?"

Derrick yipped and shuddered as he felt the Cheetah's pussy
spasm once again around his cock, her vaginal muscles
squeezing him hard!  She was obviously having a powerful
climax, and looking at the pleasure reflected on her face
was all he needed to cum, and cum hard!  Clutching hard at
her hips, he forced his cock as deep into her as he could,
as he pumped his jism into her……

Tanj panted, trying to regain her breath, hanging limp in
her bonds as she watched the Skunk try and release her.
Finally he got her left ankle cuff unclasped from the wall,
and then her right, and with a Groan, Tanj did her best
to stand, to take the tension off her wrist cuffs.  As she
moved her shoulders and her back and her hips ached, and she
had to move carefully to keep from falling.  Derrick undid
the gag and gave her a quick kiss, and mumbling his thanks,
all but fled, as if suddenly embarrassed to be there.
Tanj for her part, staggered off to the bathroom, in
search of a nice long, hot bath…..

Joline yawned sleepily when her roommate, Amanda returned at
the end of her shift;  She still hadn't been able to do more
than doze fitfully, the periods of semi-wakefulness filled
with soft stroking.  What dreams she'd been having, in her
brief periods of sleep, had all been of an erotic nature,
and the rabbit lass was quite aroused.  Accordingly, as
Amanda slipped into their small room, Joline stretched, and
yawned, the bedcovers slipping from her nude body.  This of
course drew a smirk from Amanda; "That’s a different look
for you, Jo…….."  The Rabbit just smiled and shrugged;
"Can't seem to sleep.  For some reason I'm very warm
tonight, and feeling….. strange……"  Amanda shucked out of
her clothes, preparing for bed, and with a cotton nightshirt
in one hand padded over to sit on the edge of Jo's bed, to
feel her nose; "Hmmmm, you DO feel a little warm……."  Jo
chuckled and reached up to pull her surprised roommate down
into a kiss; "Positively HOT!"

Zassa smiled to herself; her "attitude" with the boys
playing poker had worked.  A few snaps of her whip, letting
it lightly touch one or the other of the guys, and before
she knew it, they'd decided to  "turn the Tables" on her,
and now it was she that was being "punished" for being
"bad"…….  Of course, several of the furrs at the table had
been old "playmates" of hers, and knew just what she
liked….. and they seemed to be guiding things quite nicely……
They'd tied her paws together and had hung her from the
ceiling, other ropes pulling her feet apart to the sides
until she hung completely off the floor.  And then they'd
slapped, and pinched her, demanding an "apology," which, of
course, the Vixen had NO intention of giving… not yet,
anyways…..  In fact she'd told them as much:  Harry, a
rather large bear, had stepped up to her, to take her right
breast in his paw.  Squeezing hard, he'd growled out a
demand for an apology, "or else."  Zassa had just growled
back that they'd have to beat and whip it out of her, and
even being gang-raped wouldn't make her apologize to such
scum!"  The vixen had had to suppress a grin as some of the
guys went wide-eyed in surprise at her statement, but Harry
just growled and stepped back to deliver a stinging slap,
first to her left breast and then to her right…  and then he
was stepping back, to take the bullwhip from Art.   The
first stroke was upwards, the whip stinging her pussy, its
tip flicking her pussy, sending a fine spray of her juices
out.  Harry nodded in appreciation and turned to wink at
Art; "let me "warm her up" some, and then you can take her
in the ass while I fuck her cunt…."  Zassa just purrrrrrred
to herself…….

Tanj found that despite the relaxing bath, despite her
tiredness, sleep wouldn't come.  It was as if something were
nagging at her, something worrying……  As she tossed and
turned on the bed, her mind went over the mission, over her
job in intelligence…. Nothing she could think of seemed so
urgent as to prevent her from getting some sleep, and yet
SOMETHING was bothering her……..  Groaning, she buried her
head under the pillow and tried to will herself to sleep.

Reggie groaned as the Mink sucked his cock; she was on paws
and knees, Slasher's cock buried deep in her sex…. And the
slave rocked back and forth between them, as if she just
couldn't get enough of them.  Reggie thought, as he stroked
her head, watching her devour his shaft, that with a little
training, this one could be a world class bed slave; she
certainly had the right attitude, instantly obeying their
orders……  In fact she'd been SO good, they'd still not
gotten around to taking her down to the kennels…….  Lifting
his gaze, he watched Slasher's face as the Ferret pounded
his cock into her pussy from behind, bucking her forward
with increasing power, driving the Mink's mouth forward,
making her take more and more of his shaft…….  It was simply

Bo grinned and kissed Hannah again as they padded down the
hall towards her quarters.  Pausing at the door to the rec
room, they watched for a moment as a rather large bear and a
very well built wolf fucked a very well tied up Zassa.  The
Bear and the Wolf were jerking their hips in unison, the
bear's thick shaft driving into the vixen's dripping pussy,
while the Wolf drove his shaft into her ass; each of their
motions literally drove the vixen up into the air, the ropes
to her ankles going TIGHT, the rope holding her paws over
her head going slack.  In unison the three grunted with each
thrust…..  Bo's stare was interrupted as Hannah ran her paw
over his chest; looking down into her smiling eyes, he
listened in surprise as she grinned; "Looks like fun,
doesn't it?"  Bo just nodded, grinning in return and turned,
to drag Hannah off, and in a moment the two were laughing,
dashing down the corridor, already starting to shed articles
of clothing…….

The Lion ran a paw through his mane, and shook his head;
turning to look at Ben, he asked; "is it hot in here or is
it just me?"  Ben blinked; operations was usually kept
rather cool, a side effect of efforts to counteract the
waste heat of all the displays and computers…… "Um, it must
be you.  I don't think its unusually warm in here."  The
Lion nodded, and shrugged and turned back to the tactical

Slasher grinned; he loved it when they were able to do this.
He was flat on his back, the Mink slave laying on top of
him, holding his cock tight in her pussy.  Reggie knelt
behind her, between the Ferret's legs, slowly working his
cock in and out of her ass.  And between them, the Mink
writhed and panted and moaned and moved in SUCH a delightful
manner…….  Slasher reached out to pinch each of her nipples,
to try and slow her down, to keep her from moving so
wildly….. he wanted this to last, and he wanted to make sure
that he and Reggie came at the same time………

Kathy MOANED as the ferret pinched her, tugging hard at her
nipples!  These two were so good, knowing just how to use
her, just how to master her, to bend her to their will, and
still satisfy her needs……… she panted and clenched her anal
and vaginal muscles, gripping them, hoping it would never

Ben picked up the Coffee mug and took a long swig.  Looking
down at it he made a face; he'd taken the boss's mug by
mistake; he liked his with sugar and this was a bitter,
black brew.  Sighing he took a look at how the Boss was
doing on the operations coordination schedule and then
turned to get both himself and the Boss another mug of
coffee.  It was already a late night, and with all that they
had going, it was going to go even later…...

Tanj finally sat up, abandoning her attempt to find
sleep.  Something was wrong, somewhere, somehow.  Even if
she didn't know just what, something was wrong.  Maybe if
she checked in at the Intelligence office, and at Ops, maybe
she could figure out just what……  Grabbing her dress, she
headed for the door.

Franz stared at the viewscreen, and drummed his fingers on
the arm of his command chair.  Their instructions were
clear.  It would take time for the virus to infect enough
folks on the pirate base for their efficiency to drop.  He
just had to wait.  As he stared at the image of the asteroid
mining base on his monitor, he shook his head; who would
have EVER thought that the pirates could have their base SO
close to those hunting them, and never be detected?  These
guys were good, he had to grant them that…….

Zassa bit her lip as her climax raged through her; one of
her tormentors was working a rather large studded dildo
violently in and out of her pussy, while another was
attaching weighted clamps to her nipples. A mate to the pair
already swung from her distended clitty, knocked too and fro
by the furr cramming the dong in and out of her.  And Harry
was passing the bullwhip to one of the newcomers, gesturing,
instructing him how to use it.  She was in heaven……..

Bo grabbed Hannah by the hair and pushed her head down;
they'd finished making passionate love a little while ago,
but now he was feeling rather randy again, rather……. Rough.
As Hannah eeped, he shoved her head down towards his crotch
and growled; "Lick me, Girl.  Lick me well, lick me till I'm
hard and your reward will be another good fucking."  One
small part of him marveled that Hannah did exactly as he
demanded………… but soon that thought was lost in the pleasures
of her tongue stroking him…..

Derrick grinned at June, and padded over towards her;
normally he was rather shy, and would never be so bold, but
tonight….. maybe it was his time with the Boss's Slave
earlier that had emboldened him.  But for whatever reason,
he let his arms encircle her waist from behind, turning her
to give the surprised squirrel a kiss; "hey, Beautiful, what
say you and I go sneak off for a while?  Won't take No for
an answer!"  June blinked in surprise and then smiled………

Zassa sighed as the rope went slack and she collapsed on the
floor.  The cardplayers, and what friends had wandered in,
had all finally had enough, and had tired of their sport.
Harry, the last to leave, had remembered to let down the
cum-covered, bruised vixen, and shaking his head at her
pleas not to quit just yet, had turned out the lights and
padded off down the hall.  Rolling over onto her stomach,
working her sore arms, Zassa shook her head; "no staying
power.  I outlasted them all, and never did give them the
apology they demanded.  After a while, she gathered up her
whip, and moving carefully, headed back towards her cabin,
and its shower, all the while wondering who else she could
find to help her scratch this persistent itch?

Kathy blinked as Reggie and Slasher led her to, not the
kennels, as she'd expected, but to a private room in a
residential section.  When the door was answered, a rather
junoesque lady rabbit in a kimono stood in the doorway,
blinking in surprise; "well HELLO Slasher!  Heya, Reggie!
Lord, I haven't seen you two in AGES!  And who's your
friend?"  Reggie grinned; "Oh, just someone Tanj brought
back from some Op.  Her name's….. Hmmmm.  Kathy just doesn't
sound right for a slave….."  Grinning at Slasher, Reggie
turned back to the lady Rabbit and smiled; "Betty, this is
Kath.  Kath, Betty is an OLD friend of ours, and we thought
she might just be able to do something for you that would
leave you looking a bit more like the sumptuous sex slave
you are.  Call it something to remember Slasher and me
by….."  Betty cocked her head to one side, one ear drooping
down, the other standing straight up; "Um, you're not
thinking of a Kajira brand, are you?  If Tanj brought her
in, she might just object……"  Slasher grinned and stepped
forward to part the halves of Betty's Kimono, revealing
large, soft breasts.  Hefting one in each paw, his thumbs
played over the thick rings in her nipples; "no….. these"
Betty laughed and nodded, and leaned forward to kiss Slasher
on the nose; "Yes, I can see how they'd make her look MUCH
better, and they're so handy on a slave.  Bring her on in,
Boys, and I'll see what I can do."

Kathy watched as, once inside, the rabbit shed her kimono,
hanging it on a hook on the back of the door.  She got the
impression the rabbit, or the bunny as she was starting to
think of her, preferred to wear just her fur in her
quarters, and kept the kimono handy for when someone came to
call.  Watching her move, Kathy became aware that more than
just her nipples were pierced.  She must have had six
earrings, of a similar style, but diminishing sizes along
the outside edges of her ears, along with one comparatively
large hoop earring in the tip of each of them.  "Must be an
effort to get her ears to stand up straight" Kathy thought
to herself.  Letting her gaze travel down, she observed that
the bunny wore a waist chain, that was looped through her
navel ring, even though it was in no danger of falling past
her generous and well-rounded hips.  And as the bunny bent
to retrieve a wooden box from under a chair, the Mink gasped
at the rings, at least three in each labia, framing her sex.
And there was a smaller one where the labia met; she'd had
either her clit hood, or her clitty itself pierced!

Betty turned in time to catch the Mink's wide-eyed stare;
"you like that?  I have custom made jewelry that I can hang
from all my rings; when I walk, they sway, and produce the
most MARVELOUS feelings…..  And sometimes, when I'm feeling
particularly kinky, I let my lover chain me up by them……
Now come here, girl, I promise this won't hurt as much as
you think it will……"

Tanj stood in the middle of the Intelligence offices.
The place was dark; it didn't always run around the clock,
but with all that was going on, she thought SOMEONE would be
here, even if it WAS the middle of the night.  Shrugging and
sighing she turned, to padd towards Operation, sure she'd
find her Master there…….

Kathy bit into the ball gag as they led her towards the
Kennels.  The piercing had taken MUCH longer than she'd
expected, mostly because Reggie and Slasher had
"compensated" Betty for her time and trouble and hardware by
making long slow love to her, letting Kathy lick them all
clean when they were done.  As she walked, she felt the
heavy rings sway with each step, sending little twinges of
both pain and pleasure through her sore nipples.  She had
the feeling that when they healed, she was going to love
them, but for the moment she was glad Slasher hadn't hooked
her leash to one of them as he'd teased…..

The Lion yawned widely as he closed the file; "Ben, I think
that ought to do it.  Until we get more information, I don't
think further plans would be advisable."  Ben nodded and
scratched behind an ear idly; "Yeah, I agree.  I think I'm
going to go find myself a nice cold shower and a soft bed.
Suddenly I'm feeling just a little hot…."  The Lion nodded;
"Yeah, I'm feeling a mite warm too.  Tanj was complaining
of being under the weather earlier, some flu bug or
something.  How much you want to bet she gave it to both of
us?"  Ben just chuckled; "if she did, I hope you'll let me
Personally punish her!  If she brought a bug home, she
deserves to be…. Tickled to death!"  The Lion chuckled and
nodded; "Tickled.  Yeah.  In fact, I suppose I should go let
her down; she's probably pretty sore from hanging there all
this time.  I'll see you in the Morning.  The LATE morning."
Ben just nodded and waved bye as he headed out the door.

Hinoki purrrrred; he had a nice chilled bottle of wine, and
the two dozen genuine roses had cost him an incredible chunk
of change.  He was nicely dressed, and even smelled good.
Knocking on the Duke Sister's door, he smiled to himself.
Strangely, he was in the mood for romance, and he knew these
old friends of his were suckers for roses…….

Bo growled as he came inside Hannah's pussy once again.
He'd rewarded her for the magnificent blow-job by turning
her over, tying her to her own bed using the remnants of the
clothes she'd been wearing, and articles of clothing he'd
found in her quarters.  With her ass high in the air, her
arms between her legs tied to the foot board, her knees
pulled forward and tied to the opposite sides of the
headboard, he'd fucked her roughly from behind, until they'd
both screamed with pleasure.  Falling back, to sit behind
her, his slick cock slowly softening, he grinned at her
posterior.  Reaching out a paw, he stroked one of the globes
of her ass softly; "Like that, did you?"  To his surprise,
her response was a muffled; "Oh, YES!"

Jo smiled as she found she no longer had to pin Amanda to
the bed; her tongue had been VERY busy between the ferret's
thighs, and now, after what must have been three climaxes,
the ferret lass was starting to lick back at her.  Moaning,
Jo only shoved her muzzle harder against her roommate's sex,
her tongue wriggling, squirming hard against all the places,
so recently discovered, that would make her roommate squeal
with pleasure!

Tanj blinked and shook her head.  She was SURE she'd find
her Master here.  Ops was quiet, only the night staff
present, and even then several of the station chairs were
empty.  Padding over to the Duty officer, Tanj raised an
eyebrow; "Evening, Jim.  Looks like you're running a bit
thin tonight."  The Beaver just nodded; "Yeah, I had three
furrs fail to show up for duty!  That and Emmie was
complaining of feeling hot and achy.  I sent her down to
Medical.  Tanj nodded; "Yeah, there's something going
around; think I've got it too.  But it doesn't seem to be
TOO bad.  I'm surprised those folks didn't at least call in
to let you know they couldn't make it."  Jim just shrugged;
"Yeah, but they'll hear about it.  Believe me, they will.
Oh, by the way, if you're looking for the Boss, he left
about a half hour ago."  Tanj grinned and leaned over to
kiss the Beaver on the nose; "Thanks Jim, I'll see if I can
catch up with him."  As Tanj left, Jim wiped the back of
his paw across his nose and sighed, grinning after the
shapely Cheetah.

Kara squirmed in the bed.  She and Sam had had a marathon
sex session, more than she'd ever thought Sam capable of.
Almost more than she'd thought SHE was capable of!  But Sam
had been so persistent, so persuasive…. And so tender.  But
now, he was sound asleep, and she was feeling hot, and
restless.  Rising, she looked down at him and wondered if
she should wake him; amazingly, she still felt the itch… but
no, the poor dear was obviously exhausted.  Pulling on a
simple dress, she quietly let herself out and headed for the
Rec room on level four……

Bo shook his head as he stroked Hannah softly; "you really
ARE a sweet little thing.  Why've you been hiding it all
this time?  Hannah, gagged with a pair of her own panties,
secured in place with a scarf, could only make mumbling
sounds in reply.  But there was a light in her eyes, a
dancing gleam that told Bo she wasn't anywhere close to
objecting to how he'd been treating her.  Smiling, he
wondered just how far he could take this?  Rising, fetching
a pair of her panty hose, he loosely knotted the end of one
leg around her neck, and then taking the opposite ankle,
tugged her to her feet; "I think you should stop hiding your
bushel under a li….. I mean hiding your light under a …..
Huh!  Can't remember the saying…….  No matter….  I think you
need to stop hiding what you've got, kitten.  Come on, lets
show the world the New Hannah!  Tugging softly on the
impromptu leash, the still nude Bo led the still nude
Hannah, her arms tied behind her with another scarf, from
her quarters.

Kath sighed as Reggie and Slasher checked her into the
station's Slave Kennels.  She'd VERY much enjoyed her time
with them, and had kinda hoped it wouldn't end.  But the
prospect of being on the inside of a genuine slave kennel,
not only as a prisoner, but as a naked and bound sex slave
intrigued her as well.  And the Gray Wolf keeper was fairly
muscular and hansom….. she wondered how he'd treat her, and
if he was as good as the Rabbit and Ferret……..

The Lion stood in his quarters and blinked.  The stanchion
where he'd hung Tanj was empty.  The bonds were lying
empty on the floor.  Growling, shaking his head, completely
forgetting about Derrick the skunk, he wondered how his
slave had managed to escape?  And why hadn't she cleaned up
the "toys," putting things back where they belong?  And
who'd told her she could leave his quarters?  Growling, he
turned, to seek out and punish his slave.  After all, she'd
been bad, hadn't she?"

Tanj sighed as she found the Lion's quarters empty.
Still, his scent lingered in the air; she knew he'd been
here recently.  Figuring she'd have a better chance linking
up with him if she just waited here, she looked around,

Rafael, or Rafe as he was known to his friends, looked at
the new slave; the Mink was comely enough, but she was a
mess.  Reggie and Slasher hadn't done much to clean her up,
and her fur was a matted, sticky mess, especially between
her thighs.  Hooking a leash to her collar, he growled;
"Come on, lets get you cleaned up…….  Kath meekly followed,
her eyes watching how his tail swayed as the Wolf walked……

Rafe led the Mink to the baths.  As it was the off shift,
and not much was happening, he decided he'd wash her
himself, instead of waking one of the other slaves.
Unhooking the leash, and removing her leather collar, he
replaced her leather cuffs with a simple plastic wire-tie,
keeping her wrists bound behind her.  The Ball gag also got
replaced with something a little more water-tolerant; while
the rubber ball was made to be drooled on, the leather strap
wouldn't handle the hot water well.  Dropping his shorts, he
gestured to the pool of steaming water.

Kath smiled to herself, as her tongue explored the new,
plastic gag, her eyes on the Keeper's crotch as he kicked
his shorts away from the pool.  Stepping down into the hot
water, she turned to watch the Wolf follow her, one paw
filled with a gallon-sized jug of liquid soap.  The Wolf
looked at her, neither smiling nor frowning, and filling one
paw with the sweet-smelling soap, he placed one paw on the
top of her head and proceeded to dunk her.

As Kath came back up, she leaned forward a bit, to rub
herself against the Wolf, her nose briefly nuzzling his
crotch.  As she regained her standing position, the Wolf
just put the handful of soap on the top of her head, and
started rubbing it into her hair.  "Uh Huh" he rumbled; "Now
I can see why Tanj took you.  You like this, don't you?"
Kath just nodded, and flexing her knees, rubbed herself up
and down against the Wolf again.  She remembered her "shower
experience" with Hinoki and Zassa, and wondered if the Wolf
wanted her to scrub him as she'd "scrubbed" them…….  As he
worked his way down over her ears, to her shoulders, the
Wolf just growled; "turn around, wench."  Kath giggled and
complied, and as he worked his fingers through her hair,
down past her shoulders, she rocked up and down a little,
stroking her ass against the Wolf's growing erection.

Tanj had set the table, with two candles burning.  She'd
used her best tablecloth, and what passed for her best china
and silverware.  A casserole was baking in the oven, and the
wine was airing in an ice bucket.  She'd changed into her
best, sexiest dress, an almost translucent cream-colored
affair that was off one shoulder, with a neckline that
flattered her bust.  She'd even dragged out her best
perfume.  And now she sat, waiting, her chin propped up with
one paw.  When she'd returned from her mission, she'd tried
one technique with her Master, a technique more dictated by
the spirit of the moment, and given the results, she wasn't
really sure it'd worked….. now, somehow, she was in the mood
for something softer; she burned to feel his strong arms
holding her, to just kiss him, to hug him, and maybe, to
make the slow transition from cuddling to slow and sensuous
lovemaking…….  And he was nowhere to be seen.

The Lion stopped and blinked; at the intersection of two
corridors, a nude and bound Hannah, from maintenance, was on
her knees, hungrily sucking on the cock of one of the
chipmunks from Logistics, while Bo stood by, holding the end
of a…. leash?  It looked like he'd fashioned it from a pair
of panty-hose…..  Bo just gave him a silly grin.  The Lion
shook his head, and rumbled; "Any of you seen Tanj?"  The
Chipmunk and Bo both shook their heads, Hannah oblivious to
all but the task before her.  As he padded off down the
corridor, the Lion wondered to himself, why he hadn't been
able to remember the Chipmunk's name.  He thought he knew
the name of Everyone in the Brethren…..

Somewhere in their lovemaking, Jo and Amanda had rolled off
the bed, and onto the floor.  As the night had worn on, Jo
had found Amanda's tongue gaining more and more skill,
granting her more and more climaxes…..  And now they were
both exhausted, just cuddling.  After a while, Amanda
chuckled; "Jo, I NEVER would have guessed.  Never would have
thought you were bent that way, and I NEVER would have
thought that I'd enjoy it so much!  Thanks for introducing
me to a whole new world……"  Jo shook her head, and rolled a
little to her right, to kiss her roommate.  Breaking the
kiss, she sighed; "Before tonight, I never would have
dreamed of it; don't know WHAT came over me…. Or what's
still over me.  I'm as itchy and twitchy as ever!"  Amanda
nodded and stretched; "Say, is it hot in here or is it just
me?"  Jo smiled; "It IS hot in here; what say we go find
somewhere cooler?  Hey, you know Mary Kay, down in
Personnel?  I wonder if she'd like to "play" with us?"
Amanda giggled and rose to her feet, tugging at Jo's paw;
"Dunno, but what say we go find out?"  Still nude, the two
girls headed out to find their friend……

Kath purrred, and moved her body from side to side; the
Keeper had finally just poured the jug of liquid soap over
the bound Mink, commanding her to wash him.  And now she was
stroking her soap-slick body back and forth against him, her
nipples hard little points leaving furrows in the soapsuds
on his chest, practicing what she'd been taught.  And from
the look on the Wolf's face, he was appreciating her new-
found talent…….

Jim turned, his eyes going wide as he beheld a nude Bo come
through the door, leading a nude and bound Hannah behind
him.  "Where in the HELL have you been, Mister?  Your shift
started almost four hours ago!  And what in the HELL are you
doing with her?"  Bo blinked; "Am I on the schedule for
tonight?  I thought I was off!  Oh, and we're exploring
Hannah's submissive side.  Having quite an evening, we
are……. Tell you what, you take her and let her practice her
fellatio, while I go check the duty schedule.  I was SURE I
was off tonight."  Handing the end of one leg of a pair of
pantyhose to the surprised Beaver, Bo padded across Ops to
log into a terminal.  Jim's eyes snapped back, traversing
from Bo, to Hannah, to find that she'd knelt next to him,
and was slowly nuzzling his crotch….  Blinking, for a
moment, duty warred with desire in the Beaver's mind, and
then he sighed.  Keeping one eye on Bo, he whispered; "OK,
slave, if you're REALLY going to be good at this, you'll
have to learn to pull the zipper down and undo my pants with
your teeth.  Lets see just how good you really are……

Bo scowled.  He was sure the duty schedule was on this page
on the station's web.  But try as he might, he just couldn't
seem to find it.  After a minute, he gave up, turning to
watch Hannah suck enthusiastically on Jim's cock.  Looking
over to to a wide-eyed lady Coyote at the sensor console he
wondered what her name was….. he should know that, shouldn't
he?  He did work here, didn't he?  He should know who he
worked with……  After a moment of confusion, he winked and
grinned at her; "Hey, Babe, you up for some fun?  Doesn't
look like the boss will mind if you take a small break with

Kath purrrred behind her gag.  The Wolf, after having made
sure she'd cleaned every bit of him, and her, had led her
from the bath, only to tie her over a wooden grating.  Her
feet were linked to the wooden grate, spread wide.  As her
collar hadn't been replaced yet, the wolf had taken a length
of string and tying it to her left nipple ring, had threaded
its end through the grate just in front of her.  Tugging on
the string, he forced her to bend over, WAY over, before
tying its other end to her right nipple ring.  Kath
teetered, trying to keep her balance, bent over, her legs
spread, ass high in the air, as the Wolf padded off
somewhere, leaving her…..  Suddenly a hurricane of warm air
blew up from the gate, forceful enough to make her still-
damp hair fly straight up.  And then the Wolf was behind
her, working his hard cock into her dripping pussy……… his
paws on her hips steadying her against his thrusts…..

The Lion blinked as he encountered Kara coming down the
corridor in the other direction.  Nodding to her, he asked;
"Have you seen Tanj, lately?  She seems to have
escaped……"  Kara giggled; "Escaped?  From YOU?  No, I can't
believe that!"  The Lion just grinned and shrugged; "So it
seems…."  Kara smiled and stood on tiptoes to kiss the Lion;
"I just can't imagine ANYONE wanting to escape YOU….."
Somewhere, in the back of the Lion's mind, something
clicked, and his search for Tanj forgotten, he wrapped
his arms around Kara, to kiss her hard….

Ben sighed as he stalked the corridors, hands jammed deep in
his back pockets.  He'd been unable to sleep.  That
sometimes happened, he thought to himself, when you were
seriously over-tired.  His quarters had seemed hot, stuffy,
and he'd decided to go for a walk, initially keeping to the
less traveled corridors.  However, as he'd walked he'd found
even less furrs than he'd expected, and now he was moving
closer to the more well-traveled portions of the station,
wondering where everyone was…..

Kath sighed, as the Wolf gently pushed her into one of the
cells.  The doors were all low, so low you had to crawl into
them, despite the fact that there was almost enough room to
stand in the cell.  Figuring it was to reinforce the idea
that you were a slave, or possibly to make it difficult for
an enraged prisoner to effectively attack a guard when the
door was opened, Kath did her best to squirm her way into
the cell.  This was difficult, as her paws were still bound
behind her, her arms encased in a pouch of leather, with
straps over her shoulders… it was as if she had folded her
arms, forearm to forearm behind her back.  It was
comfortable, and obviously intended to hold her for long
periods of time.  But it made it damn hard to crawl through
the door.  Finally, doing an impression of an inch-worm,
Kath made it through the door, her still-sore nipples
dragging against the stone floor.  As the door clanged shut
behind her, she did her best to stretch out on the pallet
that covered most of the floorspace, obviously face down.
She couldn't remember the last time she'd slept, and she was
exhausted…. But that damn itch between her thighs was
starting again.  As the keeper padded off, keys jangling,
she wondered how she was going to scratch her itch, bound as
she was……

Rafe grinned as he turned away from the Mink's cell.  She
certainly was a hot little thing.  In fact, he felt rather
warm……  He'd have to check the thermostat.  Grinning to
himself, he nodded; she'd certainly lit his fire… in fact,
maybe it was time to give that other new slave, the Tigress
a bit of a workout. One of the perks of his job was getting
to use one of the slaves whenever they weren't busy…..
Forgetting about the thermostat, he turned to find the
Tigress' cell.

Kara moaned, a long, heartfelt sound.  The Lion had proven
to be a real animal; after a long, passionate kiss, he'd
proceeded to lick and nuzzle down from under her chin,
literally ripping her dress down the front to bare her
breasts, and then her sex.  Before long, she was lying flat
on her back, in the middle of the corridor, the Lion's rough
tongue slurping noisily between her thighs…….

Hinoki smiled as he quietly poured another glass of wine.
The glass was resting on Betty Lou Duke's bare tummy, as she
lay, nude, in front of the holographic fireplace.  As he put
the bottle back in the ice bucket, he turned to find Emma
Lee Duke softly lapping at the liquid in the glass,
splattering droplets of wine all over her twin sister's
stomach.  "Here now" the Cheetah purrred; "you're making a
mess Emmie!  Better let me clean that up!"  Bending, being
careful of the glass, he started to lick softly all around
where the glass lay.  This however, only elicited giggles
from the sisters, and soon there was  a LOT more wine to
lick up……

Zassa grinned at her "prisoner" and slapped the paddle in
her right paw against the palm of her left.  She was still
wearing the thigh-high black leather boots, her tightly
laced corset, and nothing else.  Lucien was an old playmate
of hers, and except for various leather straps and other
restraints, was completely nude, kneeling in the middle of
the exercise mat.  They were a strange couple to look at;
the Cape Buffalo must have been twice the vixen's height,
and five or six times her weigh, a dark mass of rippling
muscle.  And for reasons neither of them could explain, he
just LOVED to be "punished" by the vixen.  Now he knelt
before her, tightly bound.  Padded cuffs, made especially
for him, surrounded both ankles and just above both knees.
Spreader bars attached to these cuffs kept his legs well
apart.  More padded cuffs around his wrists were locked to
the back of his thick collar.  With his hands behind his
head, his back was exposed from his ass to his shoulders. No
snap-hooks here, Zassa had used stout padlocks.  He wasn't
going anywhere until she released him, and they BOTH knew
that. A strap from the front of his collar to the bar
between his knees pulled him into a bowing position, his
muzzle almost touching the floor.  Zassa grinned; this left
his ass slightly raised and well exposed to her paddle.
Bringing the paddle down on the left asscheek, right on the
"sit-spot," the vixen watched in amusement as he jumped in
surprise, the weights dangling from the "parachute," the
soft cone of leather she'd snapped around his pendulous
balls dancing from his motion.  His bellow was more of
surprise than of pain…….  Bending a little she took another
peek at his massive erection, watching it bob up and down
for a moment as he breathed.  He was MUCH too big for her,
but when she was done with him, she'd roll him over onto his
sore back, and then stroke that monster between her breasts
until she'd brought him off….. but that time was still a
long way away.  Taking a step to the side, she gave his
other asscheek another swat, and smiled, waiting for the
weights dangling from his balls to stop swaying before she
smacked him again……

Hannah groaned around the cock in her mouth.  Things in
Operations had come to a standstill as the crew on duty
availed themselves of her.  Right now, she was astride one,
his cock buried deep in her pussy, while another crouched
between their legs, energetically fucking her ass.  And Jim
still stood, straddling the bottom furr's head, his cock
still in her mouth, even though she'd sucked him to two
orgasms already.  But she didn't mind…. They seemed to be as
insatiable tonight as she was, and that was just fine with

Kara panted hard; the Lion, having licked her to one
smashing climax, had roughly flipped her over onto all
fours, and was now taking her from behind.  As he drove his
hips forward, his paws around her waist, he growled deeply,
as if he were some feral animal that had captured her…….
Lowering her chest to the floor, she braced her paws against
the deck, and did her best to push back against his hard
thrusts, loving every second of it……

Ben blinked as he came around the bend in the corridor.  He
shouldn't have been surprised, he thought, but he was
anyways.  So far, he'd seen two naked females chasing a
laughing male.  And at least two other couples making love
in semi-public places.  But here was the Boss fucking a gray
vixen in the middle of the corridor!  As he stood and
stared, the Lion raised his gaze, and without missing a
stroke, he growled; "Ho, Ben!  Look what a fine prize I've
caught!  Come, join me!  Share this fine captive with me!"
Ben blinked, but then something clicked in his mind, and
before he quite knew what he was doing, he was unfastening
his pants, to press his crotch against the Vixen's muzzle.

Kara was so close to her climax, so lost in the haze of
pleasure that she didn't see the Wolf until he was almost
directly in front of her.  Her mouth was already hanging
open as she panted, and as he presented his cock to her, she
instinctively took it into her mouth, to suck hard, her
tongue stroking it fervently.

Jo peeked around the corner of the Personnel office.  Their
friend, Mary Kay, was in early, already at her desk.
Looking back at Amanda, she winked and then crawling low,
moved through the door in the best tradition of the ninja…..
Mary Kay never saw them coming; suddenly she was knocked
from her desk chair by two nude, furry missiles, landing on
the floor with a "whomp!"  Looking up, blinking, she found
herself staring into Jo's smiling face; "what in the………?"
was all she managed to get out before Jo had lowered her
head to kiss her friend hotly.  Amanda chuckled and
proceeded to start removing the clothes from the squirming
Mary Kay, helping Jo hold her down…….

The Lion roared loudly as he came, his cock driven deep into
Kara's pussy, held there as it throbbed and spurted, filling
her, flooding her with the warmth of his seed.  The
sensations were delicious, and Kara moaned around the Wolf's
cock as she savored them.  But she was not allowed to dwell
on them long, as the Wolf's hips were bucking, and he drove
his shaft in and out of her mouth, fucking her face roughly
until he too came, splattering the back of her throat with
his cum.  Panting, the Wolf finally pulled back, and sat on
the floor, grinning.  Looking up at the Lion, he chuckled;
"you're right, that was a good piece.  A most excellent
catch.  Makes you wonder what other such fine prey might be
hereabouts."  The Lion nodded and turned to retrieve the
remnants of Kara's dress.  Bending over he pulled her paws
behind her back and used the fabric to tie them there,
knotting it tightly.  Pulling the exhausted vixen to her
feet, he gave her a rough kiss and then swatted her on her
rump; "go, run and hide, and we shall pursue.  If we catch
you too easily, you'll be punished, but if you give us a
good chase, you'll be 'rewarded.'"  The leer on the Lion's
face told Kara exactly WHAT kind of reward she might expect,
and with a nod and a giggle she turned to trot down the

The Lion watched her go and then turned to grin at Ben;
"She's good sport, but somehow I feel I should be hunting
another……"  Ben shrugged and chuckled; "well, lets go see if
we can find others to hunt.  Maybe we'll catch the one
you're after….."  The Lion just nodded, and together they
headed off down the corridor.

Mary Kay was still protesting, still insisting she had work
to do, and that they were all going to get in trouble.  Jo
and Amanda had shoved all the folders and papers off of the
top of her desk and had tied her spreadeagled across its
top.  Mary Kay HAD been protesting that she wasn't into
girls, but that refrain had died out as Amanda softly
applied her tongue to that spot between her thighs.  Now
even her protestations about how they were all going to get
into trouble were interspersed with gasps and moans……

Jo looked up as another furr entered the personnel office.
This one was a young male Marten, and Jo thought she SHOULD
know his name, but for some reason she couldn't remember.
The Marten looked like he hadn't slept well the night
before, his fur a bit disheveled, and when he caught sight
of Jo and Amanda and Mary Kay, he just stopped and stared…..
for a moment. Jo grinned at him and crooked her finger,
motioning him over.  The Marten just grinned and with a
silly grin on his face, padded over to stand before her…….

Tanj sighed; while she'd dozed fitfully, strange dreams
flitting through her mind, the candles had all burned down,
the ice in the ice bucket had all melted…… and her Master
had never come home.  Rising, stretching, she shook her
head; if he was still out in the Station somewhere,
something must be wrong.  Padding to the door, she decided
she'd better go look for him; she might need her help……..

Rafe smiled and petted the Tigress' head; she had been quite
compliant, obeying his commands quickly, if not exactly
enthusiastically.  Now he stood before her as she licked his
cock clean.  Rubbing an ear gently, the Wolf smiled down at
her; "I think you deserve a reward for the way you behaved,
Kitten.  Something special……..  Stay here, in the kneeling
position, while I go set it up…….

The Tigress watched her keeper padd off, and sighed to
herself; she really wanted nothing more than to go back to
her kennel, to go back to sleep.  She had no idea what his
"reward" would be, but she was willing to bet it would be
something sexual.  While she dared not shake her head, if
she could have, she would have, just to reinforce the
thought; "Didn't these furrs EVER get tired of sex?"

Rafe smiled as he led the male slave back into the center of
the Kennel area.  Grinning at the Bear, he pointed to the
floor; "Lay down, on your back."  The Bear was new to being
a slave, but he knew that if he disobeyed, if he tried to
escape, even if he killed this uppity Wolf, he could never
regain his freedom, and that his circumstances would only
get worse.  With a barely repressed sigh, he obeyed, laying
flat on the floor.  Rafe measured the Bear's reluctance, and
nodded at his compliance.  Taking several of the restraints
he'd picked up, he proceeded to fasten the Bear to the
floor, his arms stretched out above his head, his feet only
slightly apart.  Grinning, Rafe turned to beckon to the
Tigress kneeling a short distance away…….

The Bear's eyes went wide as the Wolf had the rather well-
built Tigress kneel astride him.  Where he'd come from, the
chance of him getting to make love to a beauty like this was
vanishingly small, and just her presence this close, her
scent and the warmth of her body was making him hard…….

Rafe grinned as the Tigress moved; she seemed to know JUST
what was expected of her; with a very neutral look on her
face, she rubbed her crotch back and forth across the Bear's
sheath, until he was rock hard, and then, sliding forward a
bit, she positioned herself just so, and then slowly drove
back, working his thick cock into her still-wet pussy.  As
she moved, the Bear just groaned softly, a look of
indescribable pleasure on his face.  Rafe watched and then
shook his head, hoping the Bear wouldn't loose his load too
soon…..  Moments later, the Tigress was strapped tight to
the Bear, the cuffs around her ankles locked to broad cuffs
around his thighs, and a short length of chain from the
leather and chrome band around her middle to the similar
band the Bear now wore.  When he was done, he stood back and
watched the Tigress move experimentally; the chain was just
long enough to let her ride his cock, but not long enough
for her to rise off it, at least not while he was still
hard…….  Grinning, Rafe turned to padd through the kennels,
looking for the next slave to join his work of art….

Tanj stopped and stared as she went past the open door to
personnel.  The office appeared to be staffed with the
normal crew…. But it certainly didn't look like any work was
getting done.  Mary Kay was nude, bound spread-eagled across
her desk, with a male eagerly fucking her on one end, and a
female crouched over her muzzle, obviously relishing the
actions of the bound squirrel fem's tongue.  And over there,
Amanda and several other male and female furrs were in a
writhing knot, all doing their best to pleasure each other.
As she looked across the office, she caught Jo's eye; Jo was
sitting in an office chair, but both her feet were up on the
desk… and it was obvious that someone was crouched beneath
the desk, licking at her sex, from the silly grin on her
face, and the glazed look in her eyes.  Still, Jo found the
presence of mind to wink at Tanj and to crook her finger
in the "come hither" gesture.  Tanj just grinned and
shook her head no, and continued on towards the Intelligence
office, wondering if there'd been an office party scheduled
that she hadn't heard about……

Zassa looked up as the crowd pushed into the gym, her right
paw raised, behind her head, the riding crop poised for
another stroke.  "Oh Ho, WHAT do we have here?", the large
Lion growled.  "Looks like the Vixen's being Baaaaaaad!"
The Wolf behind him grinned and nodded; "Think we should DO
something about this!  Grab her, Boys!"  As Zassa went down
under the charging furs, she shook her head, thinking she
really should know these guys……. Shouldn't she?

The lion looked at the Vixen being held before him.  She
certainly was a pretty little thing.  Well built, almost
voluptuous….  And so sexily dressed too.  She almost
reminded him of…… whatshername.  The Vixen from the
Cheetah's ship…… His slave's ship….. what the heck was HER
name?  Jerking his attention back to the vixen being held
before him, he grinned; "I think you need to be punished for
treating the Buffalo soooo very nastily.  Pity he's so big;
If I could, I'd tie you to him, and then let HIM run as Prey
in our hunt………"  Behind him, a lady Black Panther growled
softly; "Oh, I wouldn't worry about that…. when I get done
fisting her, she'll be plenty stretched out for him!"  Zassa
groaned, her knees suddenly going weak, as she contemplated
what they were suggesting……..

Rafe smiled and led the Coyote male to his little ensemble.
The Coyote wasn't particularly well hung, but his cock,
while slim, was fairly long.  Pouring some lubricant into
his paws, he bid the Coyote to kneel behind the Tigress……..

The Bear groaned, and tried to raise his head to see.  The
Tigress had stopped moving almost as soon as the Wolf was
out of sight; and that was just as well too, as he'd been on
the verge of cumming.  And he knew what happened to slaves
that orgasmed without being given permission…… now, the
keeper was strapping the Coyote to the Tigress, and from the
look on her face, the Bear had a pretty good idea of where
the Coyote's cock was.

Rafe stood back and with a light flick of his whip,
encouraged the Coyote to "move."  Standing back he watched,
an amused smile on his face, as his "kinetic sculpture"
swung into motion; the Coyote was driving his cock into the
Tigress' ass hard enough for her to move on the Bear's cock,
and the looks on their faces were indescribable.  As he
enjoyed the scene, Rafe wished he had a camera……..  Now, who
else could he add to the ensemble?  And how?

Tanj looked around the Intelligence office; the place was
still dark, even though it was mid-morning.  Sighing she
wondered where everyone could be?  She was beginning to get
the impression something was very, very wrong.  Turning she
headed out of the darkened offices, headed for Ops.

Rafe smiled; the addition of the Otter, tied in a kneeling
position astride the Bear's head, was good.  Of course, the
head harness on the Tigress, strapped to the Otter's middle,
forcing his cock into her mouth made it even better……..  The
four furrs on the floor slowly undulated, muffled sounds
coming from them, accompanied by the squeak of the leather
and the rattling of the chains……..  music to Rafe's ears.

Tanj blinked as she stepped into Ops…..  Hannah was bound
in a kneeling position on the floor, her head tilted back,
her muzzle pressed tight into a lady rabbit's crotch; the
rabbit stroked her head, cooing encouragement as Hannah
apparently licked her with enthusiasm.  Tanj was just
about to comment on the situation, when arms encircled her
waist from behind…..

Sam grinned; "well, HELLLLLOOOOOO there, Sexy!  Come spend
some time with me………."

Something inside Tanj melted as she felt the hard cock
press against her ass……… surely the world wouldn't end if
she took a moment, and did something about the itch that was
building inside her…… grinning, she wiggled her bottom,
turning her head to look over her right shoulder; "Well
hello to you too…….."

Zassa screamed as she felt the Black Pantheress form a fist,
her entire paw now held within the Vixen's clutching sex.
The vixen felt like she was about to split in two, the pain
warring with the incredible pleasure as the Pantheress
started to move her paw back and forth with short little

Tanj panted hard; she was  on hands and knees, her dress
thrown up almost over her head, as the Wolf took her from
behind.  Lowering her chest to the floor she groaned in
pleasure, and tried her best to clench her vaginal muscles
around his driving cock; it just felt soooooo good!

Rafe turned and looked as the Stag walked up.  The Stag
regarded the "living sculpture" for a moment and then
grinned widely; "I like that… especially the way when one
moves, everyone else seems to move in response… you kinda
get a wave effect, motions rippling through the whole….."
Turning to look at the Wolf, the Stag chuckled; "I'm kinda
in the mood for some…… wild sex tonight.  I'm feeling a
little….. "toppish".  Got a slave that I might borrow for a
……. Until I work off this feeling?"  Rafe smiled and stepped
towards the sculpture, to tighten the straps holding the
female Mouse's crotch to the Otter's mouth, and nodded.
Stepping back, he adjusted the suspension bondage of the
mouse just a bit as he said; "sure, keys are on the desk;
help yourself.  Just remember to bring 'em back in good
condition."  Turning back to his sculpture he sighed; things
had gotten very complex as he'd added the fifth, sixth, and
seventh furrs.  It was getting so you could barely see the
Tigress at all.  He certainly hoped she was appreciating his
work of art……

The Stag just chuckled and turned, to padd down the row of
cells.  The Wolf had a good number of the slaves wrapped up
in his pet project, but there were still plenty left.  Like
this bound Mink who seemed to be trying desperately to rub
her crotch against the bars of her cell…….

Tanj purrrred softly as she tried to recover her breath.
She lay flat on the floor,  her hips elevated just a little
as the Wolf knelt behind her, his "knot" a palpable presence
in her sex.  As she waited for him to subside, she wondered
what had gotten into her.   After all, you couldn't fuck in
Ops.. could you?  Wouldn't her Master get mad?  Where was
he, anyways.  And what had gotten into everyone, herself
included?  Orgies in Personnel just weren't that common……
As she felt the Wolf behind her stirr, attempting to pull
out, Tanj decided something was VERY wrong, and that
she'd better start looking into just what it might be……

Kath purrred to herself as she followed the Stag, at the end
of her leash.  At last she thought she'd get some relief
from that damndable "itch" between her thighs!  As they
padded out of the Kennel area, Kath's eyes widened in
surprise, as she gazed at the mass of furr all bound and
tied in the middle of the floor.  It was a concert of
licking tongues and thrusting cocks, the whole mass moving
like some bizzare creature.  As the Stag jerked the leash,
as she padded out behind him, she gazed longingly over her
shoulder, wondering what it would be like to be a part of
such a thing…..

Deep within the pile of bound furry bodies, the Tigress
moaned as the Bear underneath her came yet again.  She had
cum dribbling from her muzzle, from her pussy, from her ass,
and there was what seemed to be a constant rain of it from
above.  The straps cut into her tightly, and she felt like
she couldn't breath, but she'd lost count of the climaxes
she'd had.  And now that energetic, seemingly insatiable
Bear beneath her was moving again, setting ripples in motion
through the mass of fur, bodies rubbing against her, cocks
pressing into her, until once again she was mewling, on the
verge of yet another climax…..

Tanj had escaped from Ops, when the Wolf had turned and
tackled one of the other ladies milling about there…..  If
anyone noticed her slipping through the door, she wasn't
aware of it.  Shaking her head, she straightened her dress
and turned to head for auxiliary control.  Maybe things were
quieter there, and she could check on the base's status
without interruption.

Tanj paused at the cross corridor, at the sound of
approaching hoofbeats.  Someone was running in her
direction.  Standing there, she gaped in amazement as an
absolutely huge Cape Buffalo trotted past.  His hands were
bound tightly behind him, and weights swung wildly from his
bound balls as he ran, but what the Cheetah found more
startling was the tightly bound Vixen strapped to his front,
his truly enormous cock buried deep in her snatch.  As he
ran, she bounced, her body jostling up and down against his
front, his thick shaft working in and out of her
overstretched pussy…….  They were both tightly gagged, and
moved almost in silence, only the muffled grunts of the
Vixen and the Buffalo's hoofbeats echoing down the
corridor…. And then they were gone.  Tanj blinked in
their wake and shook her head; brushing a strand of hair
from her eyes, she muttered; "what in the HELL is going on

The door to Auxiliary control beckoned.  It was at the end
of the corridor, about 30 meters away….. but there was a
rustling in the shadows……. Something, or someone was
stirring in the cross corridor just shy of the entrance….
Tanj shrugged off the feeling of danger; after all, so
far no one that she'd run across had threatened more than a
good fucking….. And she was sure she didn't have any enemies
amonst the pirates…..  Calming herself she strode
confidently towards Auxiliary control……

She'd just stepped into the intersection of the corridors
when she heard a low growl; before she could turn, to look
to see where it had come from, to see who had uttered such
an animalistic sound, several furry bodies hit her from the
other side in a flying tackle, driving her to the ground.
Struggling, growling back, she fought futilely……   After a
moment, strong paws gripped her, dragging her up into a
kneeling position, and blinking she got her first look at
her attackers.  Her eyes widened as she beheld her Master,
completely nude, the fur of his crotch matted, and sticky,
surrounding a massive erection.  He grinned at her ferraly
and nodded; "at last, we catch the wayward slave!"  Behind
him, Ben, equally nude and equally aroused just chuckled and
nodded, starting a chorus of laughs amongst the other furrs
in the party……

Tanj panted hard; they'd dragged her to the Cafeteria,
and hung her by her bound paws from the ceiling.  Ropes
encircled each ankle, the opposite ends tied to table legs,
pulling her ankles wide apart.  And a rubber coated ring gag
had been forced into her mouth; she could plead but only
inarticulately, and the noises she made only seemed to
excite and arouse the crowd…….  When she'd been bound, the
Lion padded over to her to look into her eyes; "You've been
bad.  You know you have!  And accordingly you shall be
punished.  Punished until I deem you sufficiently
chastised."  Nodding, he turned and padded back to one of
the tables, his paw reaching into a box…. Extracting a large
feather, he turned to grin at her; holding it like a weapon
he handed the box to Ben, and then slowly approached the
bound and struggling Cheetah.

Kath panted hard, concentrating on the feel of the Stag's
shaft driving in and out of her.  He wasn't much for
bondage, and had untied her almost completely, only a chain
padlocked to her collar on one end, and to a ring bolt in
the floor on the other end holding her in place…. And now
the chain was bowstring tight, quivering between her
breasts, as she strained against it, his hard thrusts
driving her forward on hands and knees until the tight chain
forced her to lower her head towards the floor.  While he
wasn't much for cuffs and restraints, the Stag did know how
to master her, commanding her to use her mouth to get him
hard, directing her actions until he'd cum, spraying his
load over her face and chest.  And now he was taking her
from behind, in a most forceful and pleasing manner……..

Hinoki smiled and softly kissed one of the ladies; he
couldn't remember which of the sisters this was… what was
her name?  But she was such pleasant company.  Purrrring he
snuggled her and her sister, idly wondering if there were
any more of those delightful little appetizers left…..

Bo grinned at the crowd of nude furrs; "A hunt you say?
That DOES sound like fun!  Count me in!  Now…. Who's going
to be the "quarry?"……..

Tanj screamed wordlessly, as a dozen feathers tickled
her; they tickled her between her thighs and beneath her
breasts, on her nipples and under her armpits, they tickled
the edges of her ears and under her chin… And on the soles
of her feet; that was the worst!  Squirming as best possible
she howled and yelped and sought escape, only to find escape

Kath was softly licking the Stag, both cleaning his shaft
and getting him hard for another round… a round she felt
sure would include him taking her in the ass, something she
wasn't looking forward to, considering his size and power……
While he'd been responsive to her performance, she had the
feeling that something was wrong, that she just wasn't
slaking his lusts like she was supposed to……  Her
concentration was broken by the sound of approaching
hoofbeats, the Stag turning his head to look, even as one
hand forced Kath's head back down onto his cock.  From the
Corner of her eye, Kath beheld a bizzare sight; a massive
Cape Buffalo stood panting, his chest heaving….. and bound
to his front was a Vixen, the Buffalo's cock buried balls
deep in her widely distended snatch.  Both the Buffalo and
the Vixen seemed to be covered in criss-crossed leather
straps, and Kath found herself staring at where the
Buffalo's cock disappeared into the Vixen; even his
breathing was causing her to move up and down, minutely
fucking her……

The Stag grinned and giving Kath a small shove, rose to his
feet to capture the end of the leash dangling from the
Buffalo's collar.  "What have we here? He mumbled as he
looked over the two.  "You know, the Mink's good, but she's
just not quite what I'm looking for, at the moment….. You,
my fine stud, you might just fit the bill.  Now stand still
while I get this limp hank of hair off you……"  So saying the
Stag tied the end of the leash to a convenient doorknob, and
turned to start to unbuckle the straps that held the Vixen
in place……..  One arm caught her as she started to sag, and
then the Stag was lifting her free, to place her on the
floor.  Turning back, he looked at the Buffalo's rampant
cock and nodded; "oh, yes, I think you're JUST what I'm
looking for……"  Untying the leash, the Stag turned to lead
the panting Buffalo off, Kath forgotten behind him.

Kath watched the two go, and shook her head; somehow she
just couldn't believe that the Stag'd prefer a male over
her!  And here she was starting to think she was
irresistable.  Turning to look at the semi-comatose vixen,
Kath smiled and shrugged, and moving to the limit of the
chain locked to her collar, she started to softly lap at the
Vixen's gaping sex.

The Fennec Fox watched the writhing Cheetah and grinned; she
was close, he thought; pushing through the crowd, he shoved
his way beneath her, between her widespread thighs, and
taking his feather he proceeded to tickle straight up,
tormenting her sex.  It was obvious that she couldn't squirm
any more, but the volume of her cries, made inarticulate by
both the ring gag in her mouth and all the feathers tickling
her, signaled her increased distress….. if he did this
right, he'd be rewarded for his efforts in a little while……

Zassa moaned and shuddered, her eyes gradually coming open;
the feel of a tongue softly stroking her incredibly sore
pussy was heaven…. That ride on the Buffalo had been
something out of one of her most fevered imaginings… first
the fisting, driving her to several powerful climaxes, and
then all those paws holding her, lifting her, forcing her
down on his shaft…. All the straps and cuffs and restraints
holding her in place, most of her weight supported by the
huge organ splitting her up the middle…. And then when
they'd snapped the whip on the Buffalo's hind quarters and
he'd taken off at a dead run…. Zassa had thought she was
going to die, from the pain, and the pleasure of bouncing up
and down on him…. And it had been obvious that the Buffalo
had loved it; he'd run and run and run, never stopping…
He'd run MUCH further than he'd had to, to keep away from
the hunters……   He'd run until one final massive climax had
robbed Zassa of consciousness.  Now, as she looked about,
she recognized the chamber as an out-of-the-way break room,
and she wondered how she'd gotten here…..  Lifting her head,
she gazed down at the Mink, and smiled; "well, HELLO!  I
know you… don't I?"

Kath purrred as her gentle licking brought the Vixen to a
shuddering climax, but as the Vixen recovered, as she pulled
away, out of the Mink's reach, she sighed; she'd just been
getting started…….  Moving slowly, as if each motion hurt,
the Vixen climbed to her feet, and then staggered over to a
table by the door.  There she picked up a set of keys, and
after looking at them for a moment, turned to grin at

Jo panted and sighed; she was Exhausted, and would have
liked nothing better than to crawl off into a corner and get
some sleep; but it seemed she'd created a Monster.  Amanda
had gotten with several of the refugees from the Personnel
office orgy and they'd conspired to tie Jo in a 69 position
with Mary Kay.  And now, between Mary Kay's licks, and the
carresses from a half dozen other girls, Jo could find no

Ben grinned and nodded to Bo; they'd slipped away from the
punishment of the Cheetah Fem, along with a few others, to
resume the hunt……  His loins burned; he wanted a female in
the worst way, and now the five of them stalked the
corridors and passageways of the station, seeking their

The Chain was still locked to her collar, an improvised
leash, and Kath followed the Vixen obediently as she was led
down the corridor.  Somewhere in the distance someone was
laughing hysterically, and after listening for a moment, the
Vixen turned and headed in that direction…..

It had taken much, much longer than he'd expected, much to
the Fox's commingled delight and dismay, before the bound
Cheetah fem was so tormented that she lost all control, and
the contents of her bladder raining down on him like a
golden shower.  As he reveled in her discharge, he heard
some of the furrs close-by express their dismay, or disgust.
But not him; it was his opinion that watching a lady pee was
incredibly sexy, and this was the best vantage point of all!

Mark carefully disengaged from the Brou device and switched
it to standby before stretching to his full three and a half
feet.  The Mouse held the position for a long moment and
then relaxed, turning to key into the nearest terminal.
"Progress report.  See file attributes for time and date.
The last series of tests corroborates my earlier findings.
The thing really is a teleportation device….. Unfortunately
there isn't really anything useful we can do with it, as I'm
pretty sure the Brou knew."  He paused for a moment.  "First
of all, the technology used is alien enough to ours that
even with the best combination of adapters I've been able to
come up with, regular station power won't let us move
anything further than a few meters at best, and even then
there's some sort of feedback effect that causes chaotic
fluctuations in range.  It would seem that the Brou supply
their devices with some odd mix of regular electrip power
and more exotic energies, some of which we can't even begin
to replicated at the Empire's current technical level.   In
fact, I haven't seen the like since I was with the…. Uh,
computer, strike that last……"  The Mouse paused to clear his
throat and then resumed; "Second, teleporting objects to or
from anywhere except the device's immediate vicinity is
risky; there's a chance that the transported item might end
up in the wrong place or just disappear altogether and that
chance quickly increases with range.  The Brou get around
that by using a second device as a combined beacon and
receiver when they want to cover nontrivial distances, but
until we somehow acquire another, we don't HAVE that option.
Finally, the user interface is partially mental, and
naturally tuned to the Brou thought process.  In that
regard, I've made some progress… Thankfully I might add, or
I'd have even less to report because I wouldn't have been
able to access what passes for an instruction manual in the
device's … sort-of-memory.  Nonetheless, my recommendation
is that we put further investigation off until we have some
leisure time and manpower again.  We won't be getting any
practical use out of it anytime soon, and we can't even take
the thing apart to try and analyze it until somebody finds a
way to keep the living-metal outer hull from resealing
instantly.  End of file.

Zassa watched from the doorway, Kath's chain leash in her
hand, and grinned as the tormented Cheetah Fem was tickled
to the point of peeing.  "Now that's marvelous" Zassa
purrred; turning to look at the Mink, she grinned; "Tickling
can be horrible torture; it does no physical harm, and yet,
if you're tickled long enough, it becomes horribly,
excruciatingly painful.  Something you NEVER forget.  C'mon,
lets join them."  Padding across the Cafeteria, pulling Kath
by the chain, Zassa grinned at the group "This the
WaterSports crowd?"  A few furrs made disgusted noises and
moved off, but the dripping Fennec Fox between the Cheetah's
thighs nodded eagerly, little droplets of urine flying from
his fur as his head jerked up and down.

Switching the terminal off again, the Mouse surveyed the
silent chamber for a moment before adding; "And since its
been about seventy-two hours since I've had anything solid
to eat, I think I"ll take a break before someone comes to
batter down the door to see if I'm still alive…..  No
comment from the peanut gallery, thank you."  He listened to
the continuing silence for a moment, grinned, and turned
towards the door.
Before he ever got there, however, a familiar neutral voice
in his head broke through his idle musings. **Priority
transmission.**  Mark blinked, then half-closed his eyes to
concentrate better.  **Receiving. What's up, I thought the
next rapport wasn't due until tomorrow night?**  **Incoming
sensor report.  Stand by...** Mark frowned lightly and
braced himself, and right the next moment the complex images
and context data exploded into his mind not unlike a sudden
flashback.  It took him only a moment to sort out the cause
of the disturbance: a cloaked cruiser trailing the
Brethren's asteroid base, system status and internal
communications proving it to be anything but friendly.
**Ouch.  I see.  Weapons not armed yet...must still be
biding their time.  Keep an eye on them while I see who's in
sensor ops, and prepare to slip in a little phantom signal
on my cue.**

The Lion watched some of the crowd move off, and something
in him called for him to go with them, to resume the hunt.
Looking around, he spotted the Vixen holding the end of the
Mink's chain, and a smile spread across his face.  Stalking
over to her, he handed her his feather; "this Cheetah needs
to be punished.  Continue her tickling while I resume the
hunt!"  Zassa blinked, and then, Grinning widely she nodded
eagerly.  The Lion nodded in return and turned towards the
others just as a female Leopard, wearing the remnants of a
torn dress stepped into the room.  For a moment, everyone
froze, staring at each other…….  and then she let out a
small "eep!", turned and ran, the rest of the room charging
after her amidst howls of "Talley HO!" and laughter.

Tanj panted hard, enjoying the respite; when she'd lost
control, the tickling had slacked off and then stopped, and
not being tickled felt SOOOOO good.  But then the Lion's
words filtered through her fogged brain, and she lifted her
chin, to look at the Vixen.  Recognizing Zassa, standing
there with the Mink's chain in one paw and the feather in
the other, and a maniacal look in her eyes, Tanj groaned,
KNOWING it was about to get worse.  Much worse.

Mark closed his eyes fully and mentally reached out. He knew
just where to look, he'd been there often enough
before...then with a mild shock realized that there WAS
nobody in sensor operations.  Nobody paying the slightest
attention to the displays, at least...  He paused to quickly
scan around the station, trying to figure out just what
could have HAPPENED in the time he'd spent lost in his

As Tanj tried to recover from the extensive tickling, her
eyes followed the Lion as he and the others charged off….
And then she was alone with Zassa and the Mink.  Turning to
look at the Vixen, Tanj tried to plead with Zassa, to
tell her something's wrong; that there was no one in Ops… No
one defending the base…. But the ring gag made all her words
unintelligible.  The Vixen blinked and then shook her head,
as if understanding the Cheetah's protestations; "Oh, no you
don't; I've got my orders and I'm going to carry 'em out!
You're not escaping…. But on the other hand, misery loves
company, and maybe you'd feel a little better if there was
someone sharing your sorrow….."

Kath listened to the vixen, and shivered; the Vixen
obviously had something in mind, and she would have bet a
bundle it involved her……..  Part of her dreaded what was to
come… but another part eagerly awaited it, curious at to
what would happen…..

After a few minutes of effort, Mark sighed and shook his
head again.  "So much for Plan A…." He sent outward again;
**Tanj on this end.  For whatever reason, just about
EVERYBODY onstation seems to be caught up in some kind of
sexual frenzy.  Even if I could get one or two furs to
listen, there's no way we could muster any defense
whatsoever in time.**  The reply came immediately, still not
betraying the slightest hint of emotion.  **Is that an
attack order, then?**  Mark paused, his gaze falling almost
routinely on the Brou teleporter once more...then gave a
little negative shake of his head again, more to himself
since his invisible partner wouldn't likely see it anyway.
**No.  At least not yet.  Sound battle stations and stand by
to intercept enemy fire if it comes to that, but I think I
have a plan...**

Zassa hummed to herself as she suspended the Mink, in mirror
image of the Cheetah; face to face, almost nose to nose, the
Mink now hung from the ceiling facing the Cheetah, her legs
tied to the same table legs as Tanj's.  It had taken the
Vixen a while, but she'd finally found some string suitable
for what she had in mind, and the Mink's left nipple ring
was now tied to Tanj's right nipple ring, and vice versa.
Giving the Mink a quick swat on the can, Zassa grinned as
she jerked, her motions making Tanj move in response, as
her tender bits were tugged at.  The final touch was
blindfolds… Then, with a feather in each paw, the Vixen
started a slow dance around the two, tickling them in
unexpected places simultaneously….

Kath moaned and giggled, and shrieked as the feather danced
over her, moving from the soles of her feet, up the insides
of her thighs, over her dripping sex, across her belly, over
the undersides of her breasts, on up to her armpits, under
her chin, and the edges of her ears; each stroke made her
writhe and squirm, and each motion made her tweak her sore
nipples.  And of course, the Cheetah was writhing just as
bad, her motions making the tugs on the Mink's nipples
worse.  And the Vixen had been right; after a while, the
gentle stroke of the feather yielded ever increasing

Zassa grinned maniacally as she wielded the feathers,
tormenting the two bound furs.  Somewhere along the line
she'd forgotten just why she was doing this, but she knew
she had to do it.  As she let the tips of the feathers once
again tease their sexes, she wished she had a couple sets of
Ben-Wa balls; the way the two were gyrating they'd have
driven themselves to a dozen climaxes so far… But alas, she
didn't, all she had were the feathers….. and the feathers
were all she used……

Tanj panted, trying to gather enough air in her lungs for
another scream; the sensations moving over the sole of her
left foot was almost more than she could stand.  Bucking
wildly, swaying in her bonds as much as she could, she
howled at the top of her lungs, just as she felt the Mink
shudder and sag against her.  Some deep recess in Tanj's
mind realized that the Mink had passed out, the tickling
more than she could absorb, and another, more cunning part
of her mind whispered; "if you pass out too, the torment
will stop."  Mewling, Tanj surrendered, allowing herself
to slide down into darkness……..

Zassa sighed as the two went limp.  She tried a few more
licks with the feathers, but nothing happened.  There was no
response…  Sighing, the Vixen took a seat at one of the
tables, waiting a while to see if they would recover, but
after a bit, she wondered what she was doing sitting there,
and rose, to padd off, in search of some more excitement.

Franz sighed and shook his head, looking at the chronometer
for the dozenth time in as many minutes.  As near as he
could tell, his cloaked cruiser was still completely
undetected.  Communications traffic from the asteroid base
had tapered off almost six hours ago, no ships had departed
or arrived, and it had been a while since there'd been any
signs of life over there.  Or at least of organized
activity.  The scanner showed plenty of life forms, but it
didn’t show any in the areas they'd tentatively as
Operations, Engineering, or the Docking Bay….  Looking up at
his Exec he yawned; "Just about time.  If Xylex's
information is accurate they should be completely ….
"distracted" in about another hour.  Lets bring the ship to
Battle stations, and make sure we've worked through all the
checklists.  One more hour, and we'll move in, and destroy
them.  The exec just grinned.

To be Continued……

This story is a work of fiction, and any resemblance to
any characters, living, dead or imaginary is purely a
coincidence.  Tanj is copyright Kittiara's player.
Kittiara can be found on Furrymuck; telnet 8888.  Hinoki, and Zassa are copyright their
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