Tanj’s Tales:  The Battle that Never Was, part 2

By Kittiara

Stardate 2399.32

Tanj hummed to herself as she walked back to the ship,
carrying the Mink's bags, the bags she'd "recovered" from
the storage locker.  As she walked, she did her best to
look like just another traveler.  However her eyes were
constantly moving, and occasionally she'd pause, to shift
her grip on the bags she carried, the motion giving her a
chance to look around surreptitiously.  Each time, however,
she didn't spot any suspicious characters, didn't notice
anyone following her…. But that in itself didn't mean
much…. A sufficiently powerful organization could have a
dozen operatives scattered amongst the throng in the
station, not following her, but merely monitoring her
progress.  That'd be the way she'd do it, if she had time
to set it all up…….  Still, by the time she'd gotten back
to the ship, no one had approached her, or as near as she
could tell, even given her a second glance.  As she cycled
the airlock, relaxing as she was back within the relative
safety of her own ship, she grinned.  They had the courier,
acquired in a manner that was NOTHING like the plan she'd
laid out for the Brethren…. But then, she thought to
herself;  "no plan survives contact with the enemy."

Hinoki growled with pleasure as the Mink brought him off,
his cum filling her mouth until it dribbled from the
corners of her lips.  With a sigh, Hinoki sat back and
looked at her; "that was very good!  I'm pleased.  And now
for your reward…..  Crawling around her, Hinoki pulled her
knees apart, to work his muzzle up to her crotch, to lick
along where the rope bisected her sex.  He knew with the
rope there, he couldn't give her the direct stimulation she
craved, but the feeling of his tongue should drive her wild
nonetheless.  As he licked, she writhed, moaning and
squirming, the rope almost sawing through her sex as she
struggled against her bonds.  Finally, Hinoki stopped,
pulling back, rising to lick at his muzzle.  She'd been
incredibly wet, possibly wetter than any other lady he'd
ever had the chance to encounter.  Smiling, he went back to
the toy chest, to retrieve one of the "dancing egg"
vibrators.  This was a little oblong "egg" of plastic,
containing a powerful vibrator, connected to a
control/powerpack by a long thin wire.  Hinoki wedged the
egg under the rope as it crossed her mons, basically
leaving her lying on it, and left the powerpack on the
floor a few feet distant from her.  Setting it to random on
both amplitude and frequency settings, he padded back
around to fasten a blindfold over her eyes; when done, he
whispered in her ear; "the controls are on the floor
somewhere nearby; if you roll around enough, you might get
it into your paws, and from there, figure out how to make
it vibrate more powerfully, and maybe, just maybe, gain
yourself a forbidden climax.  Mistress MIGHT not find out,
but if she does, both you and I will be punished.  Would
you like that?  Would you like for Mistress to punish the
naughty slave?"  The Mink just moaned, her body rocking,
squirming, the rope bisecting her folds straining.  Hinoki
chuckled and shook his head and padded from the Cargo Bay.

Zassa hummed happily and bent her head to wash the shampoo
from her hair; letting it dangle in front of her, as the
water ran down over her, she ran her paws through her
tresses….. but somehow no matter how long she let the water
run on it, it still felt soapy…..  Opening her eyes just a
slit, Zassa beheld only white…. Flinging her hair back over
her head, letting the water run in her face, she shook her
head and took another look….. The whole shower stall was
filled with foam!  Soapsuds were almost up to her nose, and
rising higher by the second!

Tanj pawed through the suitcase for the second time.  If
the Imperial Courier was carrying data chips, crystals, or
other documents, she couldn't find them.  No secret linings
or compartments.  No obvious microdots.  Nothing.  Could
she have Kidnapped the wrong furr?  The ID papers said she
hadn't…. With a sigh, she rose, stripped off her clothes
and stretched.  "I'll get a shower first, and then we'll go
on down and have a small talk with the lady herself….."

Zassa had turned off the water, but was still up to her
chin in foam that just didn't want to dissipate.  It'd
finally struck her that Tanj had said that she'd used
the water treatment chemical for the fake cum…..and that
was probably what was creating all the foam.  While she was
no longer covered in the pearly white stuff, now her fur
just felt soapy and slick, and she still wasn't clean.  And
the whole head was full of foam!  NOW what was she going to

Hinoki felt his nose as he walked back towards the
Engineering section of the small freighter.  Suddenly he
felt rather warm, as if the Environmental controls were set
a few degrees too high.  Could he have gotten that worked
up over the Mink?  Had she been THAT exciting?  Shrugging
it off, he padded up to the workbench and picked up the
magnetic wand Tanj had built to unlock his cock-and-ball
harness.  Enough was enough, and it was time to give it a

Tanj, towel over her arm, opened the door to the head….
And yelped.  It was FULL of foam, a sea of billowing white!
As she stood there, staring, she saw a movement in the mass
of Bubbles… and then a foam covered fox-head emerged from
the suds; "Oh, Tanj!  I think I've made a terrible

Kathy moaned and squirmed.   She'd rolled over and over
three times, actually rolling off the mat, but she STILL
hadn't gotten ahold of that remote yet.  When she wiggled,
when she squirmed, the rope pulled through her sex in a
most painful, most delightful manner, but it just wasn't
QUITE enough to get her off……  And the vibrations, while
stimulating, had the damnedest habit of fading at the most
critical moments, the pattern of vibration completely
unpredictable, and hence highly frustrating.  Moaning, her
chest heaving as she panted, she tried rolling back in the
direction she'd come from, hoping to find that damn

Hinoki groaned with relief as he was finally able to
extract the Butt-plug.  Carrying the whole assembly, he
padded off a little bow-leggedly, looking for a place to
wash up….

Tanj sighed.  She'd rigged a hose from the maintenance
airlock, and was slowly sucking all the foam from the Head.
She'd have to buy atmosphere gasses from the station,
probably at exorbitant prices, but it was the simplest,
quickest way to clean up the mess.  She was just working at
vacuuming the suds from Zassa's fur when Hinoki came up
behind her.

Hinoki looked at Tanj, bent over, her ass in the air, as
she worked at vacuuming the suds off of Zassa……. Vacuuming
the suds off Zassa?  Come to think of it, the Head was a
mess, covered in thick soapsuds…. It almost looked as if
someone had been redecorating in whipped cream.  Hinoki
shrugged off whatever might have brought this to pass and
looked down at Tanj's ass again…  For some reason,
despite all the night's activities, he was still feeling
rather horny…. Maybe it was all the sexual exploits they'd
witnessed  earlier…  Shrugging that off as well, he purrred
and moved closer behind Tanj.  Gathering up a double-
handful of the soapsuds, he splatted her on her ass and
then proceeded to rub it into her fur.  Before Tanj
could respond, he'd moved a little closer, to rub his
crotch against her ass……

Tanj grinned and wiggled her bottom back at Hinoki,
surprised at how randy the male was; still, after the
evening they'd spent, she was still in the mood, and as she
leaned forward, to vacuum the suds from Zassa's crotch, she
pushed back against his cock, purrring with delight as it
sank home.

Hinoki reached forward to grasp Tanj's swaying breasts
as he pounded her from behind.  Slamming it to her hard, he
grinned as Tanj dropped the vacuum hose and pushed her
muzzle into the Vixen's wet crotch.  Hinoki exhibited
little style, just driving his cock into her again and
again, his need seeming to increase with each passing
moment, until little flecks of soapsuds were flying from
the wildly gyrating bodies.

Tanj was panting hard, almost gasping when she felt the
Cheetah male stiffen and then howl, as his cock started to
spurt.  Suppressing the odd thought that she was surprised
he had any cum left, she let the wild sensation of his cock
throbbing and spurting within her drive her over the edge
into her own wild climax.  And then, all too soon, he was
pulling out, falling back into the suds, panting, as
Tanj tried to bring Zassa off with her tongue.  She was
still licking at the panting, moaning vixen, when Hinoki
rose from the suds, to move around behind Zassa; holding
her hips, he brought the tip of his once-again hard cock to
the Vixen's anus and pushed, the soapy shaft sliding deep
into her bowels.  Tanj flicked her tongue over Zassa's
clitty, and smiled as the combined actions of the two set
Zassa to writhing through her own climax.  Sitting back,
she watched as Hinoki continued to plumb her depths,
fucking her ass hard, as the vixen writhed on his shaft.
Once again, Hinoki seemed to use her, to take her for his
own ….. not so much enjoyment, as to slake his seemingly
urgent need…….  And then he was once again howling, his
balls drawing up tight to his body as he shot what little
cum he had left into the vixen's ass.

Tanj snuggled them both under the running water.  They
were STILL a soapy, slick mess, but at least they, and the
Head were getting cleaner.  And amazingly, Hinoki's cock
was showing signs of life again.  Shaking her head at the
irrepressible male, Tanj grabbed her towel, leaving
Zassa to handle his renewed advances, as she padded out to
check on their prisoner.

Kathy groaned; she was SOOOOO close….. She was certain that
the rope had sawed her half way to her navel, sure that
she'd never walk right again, but while it hurt, it felt
soooo good.  It just wasn't quite enough to bring her the
climax she lusted after.  That she burned for…..  She never
heard the door to the Cargo Bay open, but she heard the
voice, dimly perceived through her lust; "Soooo, is my new
slave enjoying herself?"  Kathy groaned and shook her head;
"p…p… please, Ma'am, PLEASE may I cum?  I'm sooooo close!"
Tanj chuckled and knelt by the writhing Mink, examining
the way Hinoki had her tied, examining how he'd placed the
dancing egg……. It was obvious she'd been trying hard to get
at the controls.  Chuckling, she bent to run her tongue
over the Mink's sex, feeling with its tip how the rope
pressed TIGHT between her labia.  Of course, that only made
the Mink moan again, shuddering.  "Oh…… I might be
persuaded…. But first you have to tell me something."
Kathy blinked, trying to reason out the words, wondering
what she could possibly tell this mean, mean Cheetah, that
would grant her the release she so desperately needed, so
desperately sought!  "An….ny thing!" she finally gasped.
Tanj purrred and gave her another lick; "you have a data
crystal; something that has to be given to someone.  Tell
me where it is, and I'll see that they get it, while you
get what you're looking for……."  Kathy just groaned and
nodded; "My….. necklace… the center crystal is ……..
oooooooooh!"  As her statement trailed off into a moan,
elicited by Tanj's licking, the Cheetah smiled.  Sure
enough, the Mink had been wearing a necklace, and Tanj
had thought it to have been just paste, or at best cubic
zirconia, so gaudy and flashy was it.  But yes, the center
crystal was about the size and shape of a data crystal……
Chuckling, Tanj un-did the crotch rope, and moving
quickly, she slipped the dancing egg into the Mink's
literally drenched pussy.  Refastening the rope where it
had been, making sure the egg wouldn't fall out, Tanj
checked the settings on the control.  Then, softly removing
the Mink's necklace, she rose to padd, completely
unnoticed, from the Cargo Bay.

Behind her, Kathy shuddered and wailed, as the egg,
vibrating wildly for a moment, before settling down to a
more sedate level, tripped what was to be her first of many

Tanj sat on the Bridge, at the communications console,
bare naked (as if anyone on THIS ship would care) as she
scanned the decrypted message.  The Mink was not just a
courier.  She was the initial liaison with the Empire until
the first large contingent of Troops arrived.  Then she was
to take over the position of assistant liaison, for
financial and economic affairs.  Truly someone of power.
Smiling as she compiled a report to the Brethren, appending
the files from the data crystal, she encrypted it and sent
it off to the Pirates, hoping that THEIR code hadn't been
broken yet.  Still, there were things the Brethren needed
to know NOW… and they wouldn't be home for three more days.

Zassa lay nude on her bed, panting.  For some reason she
was hot although she'd checked the compartment's
thermostat.  Maybe it was the busy night they'd all had.
Groaning, she brought her knees up, one paw stroking down
over her flat tummy, to lightly caress her mons…. Despite
Tanj's tongue and Hinoki's …. Spirited ass-fucking, she
was still aroused, still wanting….. something.  Sighing she
stroked herself absently as she tried to find sleep…….

Hinoki grinned as he entered the Cargo Bay.  The Mink was
rolling around on the mat, shuddering.  It only took a
moment to determine that Someone, probably Tanj, had
shifted the vibrating egg to a more strategic position, and
the Cheetah male sat on the edge of the mat for a while,
just watching the Mink climax over and over…… finally
though, he decided she'd had enough.

Kathy could do no more than pant for a while, after the
vibrations stopped.  She'd long since lost count of how
many times the vibrating little devil had brought her to a
climax.  She'd also lost count of how many times it had
taken her to the VERY edge before altering its vibration
pattern, preventing her from climaxing.  The experience had
left her exhausted, and drained, and more than a little
frustrated.  As she fought to regain her breath, she
gingerly rolled over, to see if she could spot, through the
sliver of light under the left edge of the blindfold,
who'd turned off the gizmo.  Catching sight of the Male
Cheetah sitting there, cross-legged, at the edge of the
mat, looking back at her, she had to smile, as she thought
"now the REAL fun begins……."

Hinoki caught the hint of a smile at the corners of the
Mink's mouth, and smiled in return; "now that you've had
your fun, I think its time your training was begun.  You've
shown a certain amount of talent as an amateur, but I think
you can do MUCH better……."

Tanj had pulled on a shirt, to appear a little more
"normal" to the Pharrpoint station's traffic controllers.
As she requested permission to undock, and a vector to the
Jump Point, she grinned to  herself, wondering what they'd
think if they knew she was nude from the waist down?

Zassa groaned and finally rose to her feet; she couldn't
sleep……  Padding nude from her quarters, the Vixen went
looking for someone to help her scratch her itch…..

Tanj smiled as her ship cleared the station, and she
settled it down on its course to the Haverty jump point.
Flipping on the autopilot, she opened a window on the left
multi-function display to reexamine her course home.  It
was a long, serpentine affair, designed to keep anyone from
following them.  And as soon as they'd jumped into the
uninhabited Haverty system, Tanj intended to cloak the
ship, making pursuit that much more difficult.  Sitting
back, sighing, she unbuttoned her shirt, to toss it into an
adjacent station chair.  Giggling, she wondered when she'd
decided she felt more comfortable in just her fur?

The Gerbil nodded; "good, they're away.  'Bout time, too!
Wonder what took 'em so long?  You think Franz will have
any trouble?"  The Mongoose just shrugged; "Dunno; that
depends, I suppose, on how good that detection gear Lord
Xylex sent us is.  He SAYS it can track a cloaked ship, but
I've got my doubts."  The Gerbil shrugged; "well, if its as
good as the cloaking device he's "loaned" us, we shouldn't
have any trouble at all.  I wonder if that really did come
from an Imperial research lab?  Sure never have seen
anything like it before……"  The Mongoose just nodded.

Kathy wobbled, trying hard to stand on one foot.  Her arms
were held horizontally to each side, and in her mouth she
held a very heavy smooth metal phallus, straining to keep
from letting it slip from between her lips.  She had to
keep her head tilted down, as the end of the phallus had a
ring, and the male Cheetah, now to be called only "Master"
had looped a thin chain through the ring.  The problem was,
if she let the phallus drop, the nipple clips on either end
of that thin chain would savage her tender nipples, as if
they weren't sore enough from the clips themselves.  And
every time she altered her poster, lowered her arms just a
bit, or let her other foot dip towards the ground, the
Chee…. Master would lash out at her with a cane.  As she
struggled to hold her posture she watched him from downcast
eyes.  He seemed to be sitting there, meditating, or maybe
even asleep, but every time she even came close to
faltering from her stance, he seemed to know, the cane
lashing out to sting her.  He'd said this was to teach her
obedience; that Master's word, his desires came before all
else….  And while she teetered, as she wobbled, as she
struggled desperately to hold that heavy phallus in her
mouth, she considered her plight.  There was something
about her situation that turned her on like nothing before.
Her juices literally dripped down her thighs…. Despite the
pain, and the aching muscles, she was loving it.

Tanj was still on the bridge, just watching over their
progress towards the next jump point, when Zassa entered.
Like the Cheetah Fem, the vixen was completely nude… and
from the damp and matted fur between her thighs, she
obviously had something on her mind… "The usual thing"
Tanj thought to herself with a grin.  Without a word,
Zassa strode across the bridge, to swivel Tanj's station
chair around, and kneeling she lost no time in assaulting
the Cheetah's sex with her tongue!

Tanj was a little surprised; usually Zassa was a little
less forward.  Well….. maybe just a little less forward.
But then, the contest had been an incredible, sexually
supercharged affair… maybe this was just the …..
aftereffects?  Trying not to analyze it too carefully,
Tanj just slid down in her chair a little and tried to
enjoy the sensations of the Vixen's VERY talented tongue.

Kathy tried hard not to gag.  After holding her stance
until her muscles were so weak she was quivering, the Ch…
Master had finally relented, letting her relax, giving her
a hot kiss and a momentary grope as a reward.  They'd then
gone over the proper postures and demeanors for a slave,
the rules of behavior.  He'd made her repeat each
instruction three times and had told her that he didn't
expect her to remember them all at once, but there'd still
be "punishments" for each one forgotten, each one
disobeyed….. And after a while, he'd decided they needed to
work on her ability to supress her gag reflex.  Master sat
in a chair, and she knelt before him, holding his cock in
her mouth.  DEEP in her mouth.  She was to tongue him until
he came, and hold his soft cock in her mouth until he was
hard again….. and then tongue him until he came…. Until he
told her to stop.  To make things more difficult, she held
a slim vibrator in her pussy, its vibrations seemingly
doing their utmost to break her concentration…….  In fact,
at one point she'd almost bitten him.  Trying not to moan
as the tensions built between her legs, as another climax
approached, she sucked her Master softly.

Zassa grinned as Tanj yowled, as she writhed through her
climax.  Nipping sharply at the Cheetah's clitty, the vixen
sat back and panted, just watching.  Gradually Tanj
calmed down, her eyes opening to just slits, a smile
spreading across her face……  Zassa grinned up at her and
nodded; "And now you get to do ME!"…..

Hinoki looked up from where he was sitting as Tanj led
Zassa into the cargo bay on the end of a leash.  Raising an
eyebrow in a silent question, he watched, scarcely
moving….. Tanj took in the scene, the Cheetah male
sitting on a stool, the mink, paws bound behind her, the
end of a vibrator showing between her labia, kneeling
before him, holding his cock in her mouth.  Neither of them
seemed to be moving, but Tanj knew better; she would
have bet a month's pay the Mink's tongue was moving.  And
that the Cheetah had an elevated heart rate…..  Grinning at
the pair, Tanj explained; "Zassa's in the mood for
something a little more… severe.  And I'm in a mood to

Hinoki watched as Tanj fastened thick padded cuffs
around Zassa's wrists and ankles, with a padded strap
studded with D-rings around her waist.  Laying the vixen
out on the floor, Tanj spent the next dozen minutes
rigging suspension cables from the cargo handling system
overhead.  Each cable had to be tightened slowly, a few
inches at a time, but gradually Zassa rose from the floor,
to be held horizontally, a meter off the floor.  Her wrists
and ankles were widespread, her hips were a little higher
than her shoulders, and her head hung down, giving her an
upside-down view of the cargo bay.  Tanj paused and tied
the vixen's hair to a cargo tie-down on the floor holding
her in that position.  Bending to give the vixen a kiss she
padded back around to tie the vixen's tail to the floor in
a similar manner.  Then all the cables got tightened
another notch.

Kathy did her best to watch, as she softly sucked on
Master's cock.  Once again, the Vixen's situation looked….
Enthralling.  Letting her tongue softly stroke the
underside of the cock in her mouth, she watched as the
female Cheetah attached weights to the Vixen's nipple
rings, letting the weights fall to either side of her
suspended body, pulling her ample breasts to the sides.
Kathy watched, mesmerized as every little motion the vixen
made set the weights to swaying…..

Tanj "twanged" one of the cables, watching the Vixen
sway, as she lifted the jar that contained her "living
dress."  This time she was going to ask the creature to do
something a little more drastic, and she wasn't sure it was
capable of doing what she wanted……  Dipping a finger into
the viscous black liquid, she let it flow up her arm,
feeling the tickle at the back of her mind that told her it
was in contact with her, that it was obediently awaiting
her instructions.  Grinning to herself, she formed the
image of a pair of tight latex panties, and the creature
obediently flowed down her body, to envelop her crotch.
When the creature had finished that, Tanj grinned a
little wider, and thought of the panties having a thick
phallic plug,  and sure enough, the creature pushed up into
her, spreading her labia, filling her all the way to her

Hinoki watched the smile spread on Tanj's face as she
squirmed a little and chuckled, guessing what Tanj was
doing, but not having any idea where she was going with

Kathy watched the black blob flow over the Cheetah, moving
like a puddle of oil flowing downhill, until it formed a
pair of normal looking panties, wondering what THAT was……

Tanj waited until the creature had finished shifting,
forming itself into the image she'd thought of, and then
she altered the image a bit.  This time, the panties not
only had the thick phallic plug on the inside, but in her
mind's eye, she envisioned the panties also having an
external phallus shape, like a strap-on dildo.  Obediently
the creature shifted, and she could have sworn she felt it
growing thinner in some spots as it struggled to comply
with her request.  Looking down, Tanj smiled as she
watched a column of black extrude from her crotch,
gradually resolving itself into a rather decent likeness of
the Lion's cock.  Without preamble, she stepped up between
Zassa's well-spread thighs and nuzzled the head of the dong
against the Vixen's dripping snatch.

As she pushed the dong slowly into Zassa, Tanj sighed.
She'd thought that since she had some sort of telepathic
link with the creature, able to issue instructions to it,
that it might be able to give her "feedback," to let her
feel what it was like to have a cock sliding into a wet
pussy….. but nothing like that seemed to happen.  Zassa,
however, seemed to like it, as the Vixen let out a long,
heartfelt moan.  Tanj grinned and pulled back to Jerk
her hips forward, the thick dong spearing into Zassa's
loins.  As she moved, Tanj gasped; as she'd pulled back,
the creature had withdrawn some of itself, and as she'd
pushed forward, it had lengthened, driving into her own
pussy!  Chuckling, Tanj thought "well, my friend, if you
can't give me the sensations directly, that’s an awfully
good second best."  Resting her paws on Zassa's thighs she
settled down to give the Vixen a good fucking, gasping
herself with each thrust.

Zassa moaned and gasped, swinging back and forth with each
thrust, the weights bouncing and dancing as she swung back
and forth, driven by Tanj's hard thrusts.  The sensation
of that thick dong moving back and forth was delightful….
And she was rapidly approaching a climax… but it just
wasn't quite enough, wasn't quite what she was wanting……
But somehow, as her pleasure peaked, as she screamed out
the arrival of her climax, she couldn't put into words just
what it was she craved.

Tanj panted and sagged against the Vixen; her own climax
had finally arrived, robbing her of all coordination.
Regaining her breath, she pulled back, moving away from the
panting, dripping vixen, the dong sliding free from her sex
with a soft slurping sound.  Commanding the creature back
into its container, she flopped down on the floor of the
Cargo bay, to grin at Hinoki.

Hinoki grinned at Tanj and ran a paw over the Mink's
head; "Bring me off quickly, Little One, and I'll give you
a new task……"  Tanj watched, a grin on her face as the
Mink started to move her head back and forth along Hinoki's
shaft, her lips forming a tight "O" around his cock.  After
a few minutes, Hinoki's face grimaced, a look of combined
pleasure, and something that might have approached pain,
and then he softly pushed the Mink's head back.  While her
eyes were downcast, Kathy had a grin on her face, and her
tongue flicked out to lick at what cum had escaped her
mouth.  Hinoki chuckled and nodded; "very good, Slave;
you've earned a reward.  Go and lick the Vixen's crotch
clean, and I mean CLEAN.  Inside and out.  And I'll be
checking up on you.  Once that's done, walk around to her
other end, and make her lick you until you climax.  Just
one, Mind you.  Then resume your kneeling position."

Tanj watched as the Mink moved to address the tasks
assigned, thinking she was rather pretty, if a bit thin.
Turning to look at Hinoki, she chuckled; "you know, if
Pirates decided to assault us, we'd be in Deep Tanj the
way we've been behaving.  I'd best get back to the Bridge."
Hinoki blinked at her; "you mean you didn't cloak the
ship?"  Tanj nodded; "Oh, I cloaked the ship all right,
but you know as well as I do, that’s no guarantee.

Franz looked over the shoulder of his sensor operator.
Their cloaked quarry was fading in and out of sight, on a
screen full of static.  Xylex's Sensor system may have been
a technological marvel, but it was annoying as hell.  And
something in its electronics was interfering with the
ship's navigational controls; they kept drifting off
course.  And running their own "loaner" cloaking device was
stealing all the ship's power, to the point where
environmental was having a hard time keeping the inhabited
portions of the ship warm.  In fact, he was told that the
cargo hold was a foot deep in oxygen snow, its temperature
approaching that of space itself.  And fuel consumption was
astronomical.  Grumbling, he rubbed his strained eyes, and
tried to keep his ship behind his quarry.  If they pulled
this off, his Mercenary outfit would be set for years!
They might even be able to buy another cruiser!  They HAD
to pull this off!

Hinoki smiled, watching Zassa writhe, swaying in her
suspension restraints.  The Mink had long since licked
Zassa clean, but had shown no signs of wanting to stop.
Chuckling Hinoki rose, and padded over behind the Mink, to
crouch down, slipping his muzzle between her thighs where
she crouched.  He could feel her body tense as his tongue
touched her, and then felt her sag a little, as she tried
to keep her tongue working against Zassa's sex, AND push
down against the Cheetah's tongue.  Hinoki purrrred as he
licked, his tongue darting here and there, quick, sharp
stabs up into the Mink's pussy, and then, withdrawing, to
flick its tip across her clitty; back and forth he
alternated, until the Mink was screaming with ecstasy into
the Vixen's snatch.  Chuckling, he grabbed the Mink's tail,
and pulled her back from Zassa, pulling her ass high.
Kneeling behind her, he roughly brought his hard cock to
the Mink's sex, still dripping with her juices and his
saliva.  Holding her tail tightly, he drove his hips
forward, burying his shaft in her pussy.  The Cheetah
proceeded to roughly fuck the Mink, his hips jerking,
bouncing her forward only to drag her back by his grip on
her tail.  As he fucked her, he growled; "Slave….. you
show…… a certain…..raw talent…… but you ……… need
practice…..  The fact…… that I ….. was able…… to bring…….
You off……before you…… brought off the Vixen….. shows me
that…… you need….. to be shown……. How to do that…… better!
Gradually the Cheetah lapsed into silence as his hips drove
back and forth…… Finally, he pulled out of the Mink, just
as she screamed out her passion again, to spray his seed
over her back, and ass………..

Kathy panted hard…….. two more delicious climaxes in just a
few minutes….. this was all working out JUST the way she'd
wanted.  All thoughts of catching the next ship to Elysium
had been washed from her mind by the river of lust flowing
through her.  All thoughts of her job, her responsibilities
were gone.… All she could think about was what her Master
might want of her next… what he might do to her next…… she
shivered in anticipation.

Hinoki chuckled as he rose.  Reaching down he grabbed the
back of the Mink's collar, pulling her to her feet,
dragging her over towards the vixen.  Zassa had been
twisting her head, trying to watch, and now she hung there
panting….. "That wasn't fair, you know, pulling her back
just as I was about to Climax!"  Hinoki reached out to tug
at one of the Vixen's nipples; "Oh, you'll get your climax;
but you're going to have to work for it."  Turning back to
the Mink, Hinoki grabbed her, lifting her off her feet, and
turning dropped her on top of the startled Vixen.
Chuckling, Hinoki pushed the Mink's head down towards the
Vixen's crotch, and then, using a leather thong, he tied
her arms around Zassa's waist.  A few more thongs and a few
more ropes, and even some double-ended harness hooks soon
had the Mink bound TIGHT to the Vixen's body.  After
looking at the situation for a minute, Hinoki sighed; "You
know, Zassa, I'd love to leave you supporting both your
weight AND hers, but I think Tanj might get just a
little upset……"  Fetching another cable, the Cheetah male
ran a line from the overhead to a thick strap around
Kathy's waist, partially supporting her weight…..  Padding
around, Hinoki bent to kiss Zassa on the lips; "Tilt your
head up and lick the Mink, Dear; show her how to use a
tongue to please a female.  And in return, this worthless
slave will mimic your actions, lick for lick.  Show her
what you know."  And with that, Hinoki gave Kathy a slap on
the ass, setting both her and Zassa swaying, and purring,
turned to head for the door.

Zassa found it hard to lift her head up, to lick at the
Mink….. but it was a sweet ache that her neck muscles soon
developed as she licked and nibbled softly, feeling the
Mink respond in kind.  Slowly, in between licks, Zassa
started a running commentary on how best to use a tongue………

Tanj shifted in her station chair, on the Bridge.  Her
muscles were aching, and she felt a little hot, as if she
were coming down with a cold.  Grumbling to herself about
busy, crowded stations, and the probability of catching a
bug, she ran another sensor sweep as her ship made its way
towards the next Jump Point.

Franz looked up as his sensor tech growled; "Dammit,
they're scanning again!"  Padding over, Franz looked over
his shoulder; "Did they detect us?"  The Sensor tech shook
his head; "No, don't think so.  We're keeping far enough
back that they shouldn't be able to get a decent return,
considering the cloak.  But that in turn makes it DAMNED
hard for us to keep track of THEM, even WITH Xylex's wonder
gizmo.  I tell you, by the time this mission's over, I'm
going to need corrective eye surgery, from the strain!"
Franz just chuckled; "if you do, we'll get it for you.
Xylex will pay us well, if we pull this off."

Hinoki tossed in his bed, his sleep troubled with images of
wild sexual exploits………  He was having the "wet" dream to
end all wet dreams……..

Zassa's tutorial had long since run down, and now she was
talking more than teaching, her head hanging back.  But
even so, every once in a while, she'd strain to raise her
head, to give the Mink tied to her another lick…….  The
Mink, in turn, was speaking little, replying only
occasionally with more than a grunt, or a monosyllabic
response.  She was still licking at the Vixen, although
perhaps a little less enthusiastically, she was definitely
showing more skill, an apt pupil.  "Mmmmmmm yes, that’s
nice, Slave… right there… do that again" the Vixen purrred.
"you're getting me close……. Can you feel the way I twitch,
the way the muscles….oh, yes…..tense?  MMmmmmmmm…. Its at
times like this that I like a little spice…….Tell you what,
I want you to do this……"  And with that, the Vixen lifted
her head, to nip sharply at the Mink's puffy labia.

Kathy YELPED into the Vixen's wet sex, momentarily
startled, her head rising from between the Vixen's thighs.
Then, growling, she dropped her head, letting gravity have
its way, to BITE the vixen, nipping her harder than she'd
been nipped, vengeance for being pained so.

Zassa's body arched, the sharp pain driving her over the
edge and into a bright climax.  As she writhed, as the two
of them swung back and forth, the chains creaking as they
moved, the Vixen yipped out her pleasure.

Kathy blinked, her tongue automatically moving to lick at
the shuddering Vixen's sex, stroking over where she'd just
nipped her.  "She LIKED that?" the Mink thought to herself.
"Hmmmmmm, I might have to check into this…….. if she liked
it so much, maybe there's something to it……."

Tanj sighed and looked at the Chronograph.  Usually
Hinoki, or Zassa would come relieve her on the Bridge, but
she hadn't seen either of them in hours.  Of course, she'd
left Zassa tied up…. Surely Hinoki had released her by now.
Hadn't he?  Rising from her station chair, giving the
instruments a last look, she padded from the Bridge.

As she walked towards the Cargo Hold, Tanj felt her
nose; it wasn't as wet and cold as she thought it should
be, but was dry and hot.  Shaking her head, she groaned,
thinking this was no time to come down with the Rigelian

Hinoki groaned as he awakened.  Something felt wet……
reaching his paw down, to rub his crotch, he felt his belly
covered in his own cum.  Grinning to himself, he did his
best to remember, to recapture the dream….. "haven't done
THAT since I was a cub" he mumbled sleepily to himself.
Smiling as his mind replayed fragments of the rapidly
fading erotic dream, he slipped back to sleep….

On the Bridge, a yellow light on the Sensor console flashed
three times, and then was dark again, the tenuous contact

Tanj opened the door to the Cargo Bay and groaned.  In
the dim light, she could see Zassa hanging where she'd left
her, with the added weight of the Mink on top of her.
Zassa was panting softly, eyes closed, and the Mink was
sloooowly licking at the Vixen's crotch. Tanj turned and
headed for the winch controls, but stopped after a few
steps.  Grinning, she turned and padded back, to straddle
the Vixen's head, her ass touching that of the Mink tied on
top of the Vixen; reaching down between her thighs, she
roughly grabbed the Vixen's hair, using it to pull her head
up, until the Vixen's nose pressed into her crotch.  "Want
to be let down, Slave?  Then lick me to a climax, and be
quick about it!" Tanj growled.  Obediently, Zassa's
tongue flicked out, to stroke over the Cheetah's sex.
Tanj smiled and squatted a little; Zassa certainly did
know how to do that well!

Zassa moved her tongue slowly, languidly.  Her shoulders
and hips were on fire, her paws and feet long since numb,
but the Mink's slowly moving tongue and the scent of
Tanj were well worth the discomfort.  Flicking the tip
of her tongue over the Cheetah's clitty, Zassa licked her
JUST the way she liked it best.

Tanj jerked, when Zassa nipped her for the first time.
She'd half been expecting it, but it was still a surprise.
Zassa had always liked a little pain with her pleasure, and
enjoyed tormenting Tanj in that manner when she could….
Moaning, Tanj tugged tighter at the Vixen's hair,
pulling her muzzle harder into her dripping sex………..

Zassa mrowlfed, any noise she might be trying to make
thoroughly muffled by the Cheetah's sex.  Slithering her
tongue into Tanj's wetness, stroking upwards, seeking
just that one special spot, Zassa struggled to bring
Tanj off……. Not because she wanted to be let down, but
because that was what she'd been instructed to do.

Tanj arched her back suddenly, yowling out her pleasure
as Zassa's tongue stroked over her G-spot in just the right
way.  Shuddering she moaned and mewled the way only a
feline can…. And then she YELPED again as the Vixen nipped
her yet again.  Panting hard, the waves of pleasure
receding, Tanj stepped away, to lean against a wall
until she could see straight again.

Zassa GROANED as she was lowered to the floor, the weight
finally off her arms and legs, the weights attached to her
nipple rings resting on the floor beside her.  The
cessation of the tension was almost as bad as the prolonged
tension itself.  Panting hard, the Mink still on top of
her, Zassa felt Tanj begin the long task of untying her,
and the Mink.

Tanj threw the restraints in the toy box, and gazed
longingly at the double-ended dong there….. She'd love to
have Zassa work her over with that…. but she really should
get back to the Bridge.  Turning to look at Zassa, she
sighed; the Vixen was softly stroking the Mink's crotch as
she watched Tanj tidy up.  "Zassa, take our new slave to
the Head, and clean her up.  In fact, why don't you teach
her the proper way to wash someone.  When you're through,
secure her properly and come spell me on the Bridge.  I
need to get some sleep."  Zassa just nodded and rose, to
recover Kathy's leash, and clip it to her collar.  Tanj
smiled as the Vixen, a sticky, matted mess, led the equally
sticky and matted Mink from the Cargo Bay.

174.Zassa nodded as she led the Mink to the ship's head,
and to the oversized shower there; "Yes, I did like that.
I know, it sounds a bit strange at first, but I've found
that there is that point, when you've been teased long
enough, when you've been tormented long enough, where
pleasure and pain blurr.  Its not for everyone, I know, but
I find it ever so much more intense.  If you're interested,
I'll see if I can't take you to that point……….."  Kathy
thought for a moment and then nodded; "I'd like to explore
everything I can….. I don't know why I'm suddenly so
adventurous, so …… driven, but I would.  You're right, I
might not share that inclination with you, but I'd like to
try it……."  Zassa just grinned.

Tanj Yawned.  Zassa's expert licking hadn't left her
satisfied, like it usually did.  Instead she seemed…. On
edge.  Nervous.  As if she needed…. Something.  As she
watched her instruments, checking Nav and Sensors, and
Engineering, she idly stroked herself, and thought; "Surely
I couldn't still be horny; I've had enough sex in the last
three days to last me for a year!  But if not that, then
what DO I want?"  Struggling to stay awake, she wondered
what was keeping Zassa.

Kathy had stood stoically while the Vixen tightly bound her
arms behind her, at wrists, and just above her elbows.
She'd then watched as the water was started, and the
temperature carefully adjusted.  Zassa then grinned
wickedly and had reached out to grab the Mink's collar and
drag her under the water.  She was spun about, getting
thoroughly drenched, and then tugged out of the main stream
of the water………

Watching in amazement, Kathy's eyes followed the Vixen as
Zassa picked up a gallon sized jug of shampoo, removed the
cap and then proceeded to pour a liberal quantity down the
Mink's front, covering both her breasts, and her belly.
Zassa Chuckled; "OK, then, now, its your job to scrub me
clean.  You're a living scrub-brush; rub yourself against
me until I say otherwise."  Kathy grinned and stepped
forward a little, to snuggle up against the Vixen,
experimentally flexing her legs, stroking her body up and
down against Zassa.  Zassa cooed; Oh, yes, that's the way.
Keep going.  Don't stop………..

Hinoki grunted as he rolled out of bed in a tangle of
sheets.  The second dream, if anything, had been better
than the first.  Looking down at himself, he chuckled; he
was a MESS.  Wadding up the sheets, he padded, still nude,
towards the laundry, intending to get the sheets in the
washer before anyone noticed.

Zassa was bent over, paws braced against the far wall of
the shower, the hot water cascading down on her head and
shoulders, as Kathy rubbed her head back and forth between
her crotch.  The sensation of soapy mink ears tickling her
sex was unique, and one that she'd have to remember.  And
the feeling was MUCH too nice to abandon, just because
she'd long since gotten as clean as she was going to get…….

Hinoki started the load of laundry and nodded in
satisfaction.  Turning, he headed for the shower, wondering
where everyone was.

Tanj jerked herself awake as the alarm sounded.  Looking
wildly around she realized that they were merely coming up
on the next jump point.  One more after this one and they'd
be home.  And Thank God for that!  She was beginning to
think she NEEDED the stability of her normal job, something
to pull her away from all the wild sex that this trip had
generated so far.  Even her dreams were getting risque………
Checking over her boards, she watched as the autopilot
prepared for the Jump.

Franz nodded as their quarry approached the Jump Point.
They'd been following a path that looked to have been the
meanderings of a drunken snake, but now they were
approaching the Elysium system.  They HAD to be getting

Hinoki opened the door to the Head and blinked as a cloud
of steam rolled out.  Stepping inside and closing the door,
he grinned as he beheld Kathy rubbing herself against
Zassa.  The Vixen was leaning back against the wall,
directly under the shower head, with the mink straddling
one leg, soaping the Vixen's thigh by running her crotch
back and forth over it.  Grinning, Hinoki entered the
shower to tap Kathy on the shoulder; "Me Next!"

Tanj kept falling asleep in her station chair, and when
she did, the dreams were…… disturbing. She seemed to be
living the most erotic times of her life, scenes from the
Academy, scenes from her times with the Pirates…..  Each
time she woke up, it was usually to a less-than-satisfying
climax, and each time she awoke, she found one paw between
her thighs.  Even standing behind her station chair, trying
to watch over her ship proved to be futile, as she seemed
to fall into an exhausted trance, usually awakening when
she collapsed to the deck.  She was feeling hot, and achy,
and was convinced something was wrong…….  And where WERE
Zassa and Hinoki?

Hinoki purrrred as he ran the brush through Zassa's long
hair.  They were standing on the grating of the "hair
dryer", a tornado of warm air enveloping the three of them.
They were long since dry, but it was obvious that Zassa was
enjoying the brushing, and he was certainly enjoying the
attention the Mink was giving his cock, kneeling between
him and Zassa……

Tanj groaned, and tried to focus her eyes.  She was
sooooo tired, but they were almost home.  Maybe when they
docked, she'd go down to medical, to see if they had
something for this year's variant of the flu…….

Hinoki zipped up his overall and smiled.  He and Zassa had
gotten VERY creative with the Mink.  She was now bound, in
the middle of Tanj's bed, bent back in an arch.  Her
ankles had been tied to the opposite sides of the head of
the bed, and her arms, still bound behind her, had been
tied to the center of the footboard, the rope passing
between her well-spread knees, pulling her into a bow.  The
back of her head rested on a pillow, and her breasts
pointed almost straight up.  A ring gag filled her mouth,
and "dancing egg" style vibrators droned in both ass and
pussy.  Zassa chuckled as she shrugged into her own fresh
overalls; "A beautiful view if I do say so myself."  Hinoki
chuckled and bent to give the Mink's very exposed sex a
lick; "True; you do good work, no question about it.  Now,
where do you suppose Tanj's gotten off to?  I think
she's been hiding on us!"  Zassa chuckled and nodded; "Yes,
quite naughty of our "Mistress;" we really should "punish"
her for that."  Chuckling, the two turned and headed for
the bridge.

Kathy moaned to herself as the door closed, leaving her
alone.  She was pulled so tight, so deliciously tight…. She
knew before long, her muscles would be protesting, but in
the meantime, the vibrators felt SOOOOO good…….  And she
felt so sexy, KNOWING that she was an arousing sight to
behold…… enjoying the effect she obviously had on the crew
of this ship.  What others might find her as alluring?  As
desirable?  What others might want her for their own, to
command, and abuse?  She shivered with the though…..

Tanj yawned widely as the Bridge door slid open with a
whoosh, and Zassa and Hinoki stepped in, looking clean and
rested.  Focusing on them, Tanj just growled; "where in
the HELL have you two been?"  Zassa looked blankly at
Hinoki and then back at Tanj; "Um, we've been, ah,
"training" the new slave.  Why?"  Tanj growled; "Because
in about 17 minutes we jump back into the Elysium system.
We're almost home.

Hinoki blinked and looked at the Cheetah Fem.  Her fur was
ruffled, and matted in places, her eyes heavy lidded as if
she were having trouble keeping them open; "Um, Are you
sure?  I mean, it seems like we just boarded the ship from
the Station yesterday…. Surely it couldn’t have been three
days already!  Tanj just scowled back at him; "Check the
Nav console yourself if you don't believe me.  Now if
you'll excuse me, I've got to prepare the ship for the

Zassa looked over Hinoki's shoulder as he checked their
position; sure enough, they were where Tanj'd said they
were. After a moment she whispered in his ear; "what do you
think's got a burr under HER tail?"  Hinoki looked at
Tanj for a moment and then turned to whisper to Zassa;
"Oh, I think she's just pissed that she didn't get as much
nookie as we've been getting.  Don't worry; when she finds
the little surprise we left for her in her cabin, she'll
get over it."

Franz scowled as he looked over his Navigator's shoulder;
"The ELYSIUM Jump Point?  Surely the Pirates wouldn't have
a base THERE!  Hey, you don't think…. No, It wouldn't make
sense for Xylex to sell US out….. but what if someone's
sold Xylex out?  What if this is some sort of Imperial trap
aimed at Xylex?"  The Navigator just looked over his
shoulder and shrugged; "could be, I suppose, but if it was,
why would they come HERE?"  Franz just shrugged; "I don't
know, but I don't like the looks of this."  The Navigator
nodded; "you going to tell Xylex?"  Franz thought for a
moment and then shook his head; "No, if we were to
transmit, they'd know someone was following them.  No,
we'll keep radio silence, and just stay on our guard.
Besides, if it IS a trap, maybe WE can sell out HIM….."
The Navigator chuckled and nodded; "Whatever it takes to
make a bigger profit….."

Tanj Yawned widely as the ship completed its jump.
She'd followed a standard Freighter through the jump point,
their own jump effect masked in the larger ship's wake.
The cloaking device was holding just fine, and sure that
they were undetected, Tanj set course for the Asteroid
belt, and the Pirates' hidden base.

Hinoki nudged Tanj; "It’s a milk run from here; why
don't you let me take it, and go get cleaned up."  Tanj
yawned again and nodded, rising from her chair.  "No
messing around, you two. I don't want my pay docked because
you two took out the docking bay with a sloppy landing."
Zassa shot Tanj a hurt look, and with a low growl, the
Cheetah Fem stalked from the bridge.

Farr grinned at the image of the Cheetah on the monitor.
He was receiving a tight beam broadcast from Tanj's
ship, requesting landing permission.  Except the way Hinoki
was squirming, his face twitching, it was obvious that
SOMETHING other than normal flight ops was going on.
Chuckling, the Ferret gave them permission to land, and
then, switching channels, warned all the other Brethren
traffic in the area that Tanj's freighter was coming in
a little screwy, and they should keep an eye out.

Tanj headed for her cabin, intending to grab a fresh set
of clothes before heading to the shower.  However, when she
opened the door to her cabin, the first thing she saw was
the bound and moaning form of the Mink, her pussy, slick
with her own juices,  "pointed" right at her.  Sighing,
Tanj stepped into her small cabin, intending to get the
clothes she was after……. But then something took hold of
her; tendrils of wild thoughts crept unbidden into her
mind, and she turned to look at the Mink, thinking…. "one
quick climax.  I should have time for that……"  dropping her
clothes to the floor, she stepped over to her bed, to
straddle the Mink's head, pressing her crotch against the
ring holding Kathy's muzzle open.  Almost immediately she
was rewarded with the feel of the Mink's tongue stroking
her sex.  Purrring, Tanj thought; "Someone's been
teaching her…. She's getting good!"

Zassa knelt under the Pilot's console, jammed into a tiny
space, licking teasingly at Hinoki's cock.  She was
struggling to hold him on the edge of an orgasm as he tried
to fly the ship into the base's docking bay.  She had to
admit, the Cheetah male's concentration was good; they
never bounced off a single wall, or came more than within a
meter of any of the other ships.  Still, furrs scattered
before them, like geese before a wolf.  As she felt the
landing pads touch down, Zassa licked him in just the way
she knew he liked, and as he cut the drives he came,
filling her mouth with his salty cum.  Zassa giggled as she
swallowed rapidly; perfect timing!

Tanj was moaning through her third climax as she felt
the ship shudder, and suddenly she knew they were back.
Gasping, she pulled herself away from the Mink's tongue,
and struggling to stand, weak kneed, she bent to retrieve
her discarded clothes.

The unusual flight parameters of Tanj's freighter had
drawn a small crowd, from the furious Docking Bay Manager,
to the grinning traffic controllers, who thought they knew
what the problem had been.  Sure enough, when Zassa
emerged from the airlock, she winked at the crowd and
ostentatiously licked her lips, and then with a saucy sway
to her hips, proceeded to swagger towards the corridor.
Bo, one of the crew from the Raider "Total Loss" grabbed
the Vixen, to bend her over backwards, kissing her hard; as
he let her up, he grinned to the crowd and nodded; "Yup,
she did all right!"  Zassa just laughed, and resumed her
trek towards the corridor.  Hinoki, emerging from the
airlock, watched the vixen's swaying ass for a moment and
then looked at the crowd, and grinned wickedly and just
shrugged.  As he too made his way towards the exit, he
paused to kiss Joline, one of the maintenance techs.
Joline squealed in surprise, and possibly delight, and as
Hinoki released her, she blushed, the crowd laughing.

Tanj was the last to emerge, looking tired and rumpled,
leading the still nude and bound Kathy at the end of a
short leash.  Eddie, the Docking Bay Manager strode up to
her, a dark look on his face, but Tanj just Snarled; "I
know, Eddie, I know.  I should have stayed at the Helm.
I'm sorry, BUT DON"T START WITH ME NOW!"  Eddie skidded to
a halt, his eyes wide, shocked at the uncharacteristic
venom in Tanj's voice.  Growling wordlessly, Tanj
stalked down the ramp from her ship.

Reggie and Slasher were on the fringes of the crowd, and
Reggie tilted his head to one side; "Rough trip, Love?"
Tanj sighed and nodded, and then tilted her head up to
kiss them both hello; "Yes, and no.  It'll all be in my
report, and that should make interesting reading.  It was
NOT the way I intended to capture her, but what the hell,
it worked.  Listen guys, I'm not feeling very well.  Would
you do me a favor, and take my prisoner down to the
Kennels.  I think I'm going to head down to Medical, before
I check in.  Reggie grinned as Slasher nodded eagerly, the
latter reaching out for the leash.  Reggie paused, and then
looked back at Tanj; "Say, you wouldn't mind if we….
Indulged ourselves with her, would you?"  Tanj laughed
and shook her head no; "I think this one's got the makings
of a truly good sex slave; knock yourselves out, boys, but
if you find her training…. Deficient, just let me know!"
Reggie chuckled and nodded; "hope you feel better."
Turning, they headed off towards the kennels.

Kathy was covertly eyeing up the Ferret and the Rabbit as
they talked to the Cheetah.  They seemed to want her, and
that pleased her.  She could hardly wait to see what they'd
do with her.  The words the Cheetah had said, "capture
her"…. She knew that was important, somehow, but for the
moment, she couldn't remember why…. Was there something she
was supposed to be doing?  Something else?  But then the
Rabbit was tugging on her leash, and with eyes downcast,
she eagerly followed them, all other concerns forgotten as
they led her off..

To be Continued……

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