Tanj’s Tales:  Explanations

By Kittiara


Stardate 2398.70

"Tanj, I just don't want to hear anymore about this from
you!" the lion growled.  "I think this is something
important, and we're going to do it.  Call it…… one of my
hunches."  Tanj sighed; "Master, the Brou can be so…
unpredictable.  Yes, you might be able to trade with them,
perhaps even get some useable technology to help us in our
fight, but you might just as easily get eaten… or just
disappear, or who knows what.  And don't you think the
Imperials will be watching?"  The lion growled; "We've been
through this a dozen times.  We're going.  End of
discussion.  One MORE word, and I'll gag you!"  Tanj just

They'd intercepted some messages from Imperial Naval
sources.  A Brou generation ship had been detected on the
fringes of the Empire.  This rarely seen, long lived space
faring race of aliens were… enigmatic to say the least.  No
one knew why they went where they did, no one knew why they
chose to live on their spacefaring cities.  In fact, no one
knew much about them at all, except that on occasion they'd
trade for things they needed, or wanted.  On other occasions
they took the offer of trade as something akin to an insult
and responded in a variety of less-than-pleasant ways.  But
the technology they paid with when they did trade was
usually generations ahead of anything else available in the
Empire.  The Lion wanted to go try and trade for advanced
weapons, sensors, stealth technology, anything that might
help the pirates or the rebels in their quest to overthrow
the Elysium government.  At first Tanj thought they'd be
going on her ship, but then the Lion'd said he wanted a
larger vessel.  And then he'd said he was taking her boss,
the old fox that was the director of Intelligence for the
pirates.  Seems when he'd been with Imperial Intelligence,
he'd had some dealings with the Brou.  With him going on the
trip, that left Tanj in charge of the Intelligence
department, and no matter how she pleaded or protested, the
Lion was adamant.  Tanj was especially pissed when her
suggestion that he should take her for sexual amusement
during the trip resulted in him agreeing that something like
that would be a good idea considering the many days they'd
be traveling to get to where the Brou ship was.   For a
moment Tanj thought she'd hit upon the key, but then he
shook his head, still insisting he needed her here, and as a
result, Zassa was being included in the mission!

Tanj shook her head as she talked to Mark and Mala over
dinner; "Dammit, I just don't feel right about this mission.
I think its just TOO risky.  If he wants to send a
delegation, fine, but to go HIMSELF?"  Mark smiled softly;
"Tanj, I just think you're afraid that if he gets out of
your sight you'll loose him."  Mala chuckled around a
mouthful of food; "Yeah, maybe Zassa'll steal him away from
you.  Maybe by the time they get back, he'll only have eyes
for her!"  Tanj blinked for a moment, a "She'd better
NOT!" retort dying on her lips; after a moment she sighed;
"That obvious, huh?"  As Mark grinned and nodded, Mala just

Ben and Tanj walked down the corridor towards the
Operations Conference room, talking quietly.  "Dammit,
Tanj, I've pulled together the best furrs we've got for
the crew of that ship.  Like your freighter, its got all
sorts of hidden goodies.  I can't speak for the Brou, but if
they run up against ANYTHING Imperial, they'll be able to
handle themselves.  Quit worrying about it, they'll be fine!
Now, if you need something to worry about, how about the new
pattern of Elysium patrols?  Got any thoughts as to why they
changed their schedules all of a sudden?"

Ben had gone through the operations summary, Tanj had
handled the Intelligence summary.  Logistics, Accounting,
Maintenance had all given their reports.  Normally the
meeting would be through, but they had one more thing to
handle.  The Lion stood up and faced his senior staff.
"While I'm away, Ben, as the next largest shareholder, will
be in charge of the Brethren.  Anything that comes up, he'll
handle.  Davis will be in charge of accounting while his
boss is off with me.  Tanj will handle the intelligence
office; you've all worked with her before, so I don't expect
any problems.  Other departments should not be affected.
Operations will continue as per our quarterly plan."  As he
talked, heads around the table nodded; he wasn't telling
them anything they didn't already know, or expect.  Their
command system wasn't exactly centralized, and they all
thought they could carry on in the absence of the Brethren's
majority stockholder…..  Looking around, the Lion nodded;
"Any questions?"  Hans, the Captain, and majority owner of
the Overlord nodded; "I'd kinda been hoping for some, ah,
"quality time" with Tanj, but now that you've in effect
made her an acting department head, I'm not too sure if
that’s going to be possible.  Just what IS her status?"
Tanj grinned at Hans and winked; "Why Hans, I didn't know
you cared!"  When the chuckling had quieted down, the lion
nodded; "I guess I HAVE left that a bit ambiguous, and to
tell you the truth, I think, by and large, I'll leave it so.
Lets just say that when anything happens that involves
Intelligence, and that includes the things that SHE thinks
should include intelligence, she has the full power and
authority of any department head."  Looking around, he
passed his gaze over each of his senior staff; "I don't
think there's anyone here that would dispute her abilities
or competency in that area, and she has my full confidence……
HOWEVER, I do NOT want her burying herself down there, lost
in her field agent reports, and communications intercepts.
I know how single-minded she can get, and believe me, I well
know how many nights she never makes it to bed until after
I've gotten up!"  Again there were chuckles and a few
completely ignored snide remarks.  When things had quieted
yet again, the Lion continued; "She's STILL my slave, and
needs to be reminded of that from time to time.  Therefor,
any time she's away from the Intelligence office, and not on
demonstrable Brethren business, she's fair game.  Ben, I'll
let you be in charge of determining when she should call it
a day.  You'll be able to judge if she's REALLY tied down
"at work."  Normally I'd adjudicate any conflicts between
those requesting her services after hours, but as I won't be
there, we need to find someone else….."  The Lion's gaze
traveled around the room and finally settled on Hans; "And
as you brought it up, Hans, I think I'll let you be the
"referee" in my absence……"  Hans just groaned and sunk down
in his seat as the room again erupted in catcalls and jeers,
everyone seeming to have something to say.

Tanj made a point of getting out of the intelligence
office at a reasonable time.  Her master was leaving in six
hours, and she wanted to make sure he got a good send-off.
By the time he entered his quarters, Tanj had bathed,
washed and dried her hair, and brushed it until it shone.
He found her kneeling at the foot of his bed, nude, chained
to the footboard by her collar, her eyes downcast, but an
impish smile on her face.  Teasing back, he left her
kneeling there while he undressed and showered, seemingly
puttering around in the bathroom for ever.  But when he
emerged from the bathroom, his mane still damp, his cock was
hard and standing proud, and Tanj's grin widened.
Without words, he pushed her head down, until her chest and
head were pressed tightly into her floor pad, her ass high
in the air.  Holding her like that, he took her from behind,
roughly, powerfully, masterfully.  As usual, he paced
himself, making sure she was on her second or third climax
by the time he allowed himself to cum, all the while
pretending to merely use her for his own pleasure.  As he
pulled out, Tanj crawled around, to lick up at his
softening cock, "cleaning" him until he was hard again.
Most of the rest of the night was spent in his bed, although
neither got any significant sleep……

.  Tanj sighed as she hugged Zassa goodbye.  The vixen
was simply attired in a short dress, a haversack over one
shoulder.  "Take care, and watch over him." Tanj growled.
Zassa smiled and nodded, kissing Tanj softly, hugging her
close.  "QUIT worrying; we'll be fine!  You've seen me shop;
you KNOW I can talk the Brou out of anything we'll need!"
Tanj chuckled and swatted the vixen on the bottom,
sending her through the airlock.  She was standing there,
watching the vixen sashay down the corridor, wondering if
the crew of that ship knew just what they were in for, when
the Lion came up behind her, to hug her softly.  Purrrring,
Tanj leaned back into his arms, her head tilted up to
look at him.  "Keep an eye on things while we're gone,
kitten" he purrred; "We'll be back before you know it!"
Tanj nodded and turned within his arms, to rise to
tiptoe, to kiss him lovingly; "you take care too, Master,
and come back safe!"  He nodded, hugged her again, and then
he too was through the airlock, and gone.

Tanj padded through the door of the intelligence office,
lost in though, thinking it was amazing how badly you could
miss someone  you'd just seen moments before.  Lost in her
musings, she came to a sudden stop.  Someone had put up a
chalk board just inside the door, and on it were a half
dozen names and times.  Clipped to the top of the board was
a printed sheet, and she paused to read it;  SIGN-UP BOARD
for TROUBLE.  List your name and the times you're available.
Depending on the time she's available, she'll take the top
name on the list for that time bracket.  Signed Ben & Hans.
Tanj took a step back and grinned, shaking her head.
"Maybe no one will know the board's here" she thought;
"Might get a night off yet…"

Lord Xylex and Viscount Worthington were ushered straight in
to the Commodore's office.  This was the Imperial naval
officer charged with liaison to the Elysium government, an
elderly Raccoon who had obviously been "promoted" into a
dead-end job so someone younger could have a ship command.
This particular worthy individual had been dragging his
feet, not wanting to get the Imperial government, much less
the fleet, involved in what he saw as a purely local affair.
Xylex and Worthington had come to his office to try and
change that…… and the Raccoon knew it.  Never the less,
these were powerful furrs, for locals, and diplomacy was
called for.  After greeting them cordially, the Commodore
gestured to the easy chairs and couch in the corner of his
spacious office; "Why don't we sit  over there, Gentlefurrs;
its much more comfortable than the chairs by my desk."
Worthington sniffed a little disdainfully, and Xylex smiled;
"Actually, Commodore, we don't intend to keep you from your
work; we just wanted to drop by, and mention that the pirate
problem in this sector was getting a little out of hand….."
Worthington nodded rapidly; "Yes, you know, insurance rates
are becoming frightful, and some necessities are getting in
short supply….."  The Raccoon looked at Worthington and
nodded sagely, thinking to himself that the skunk must be
talking of his designer drugs, or his fancy suits, or maybe
off-planet vintage wines……"  Xylex watched the Raccoon's
face, evaluating his response, before resuming.  "you know,
Commodore, the Elysium militia hasn't had the greatest
success in dealing with these scum.  They seem to operate
with impunity……."  Again Worthington piped up; "Yes, just
LOOK at the raid they pulled off on the sector fuel
processing station!  HORRIBLE!  Just THINK what that's done
to imports and exports….."  Xylex nodded; "Now I know you
don't think this is a situation worthy of intervention by
the Imperial fleet, but I wonder if that’s because you don't
see the horrible impact on the local economy.  We thought
that if perhaps we could demonstrate to you how the activity
of the pirates was causing suffering and loss for the poor
people of Elysium, you might understand our point of view a
bit better….."  Worthington nodded; "As a result, some of
our more…. concerned citizens have agreed to donate a few
shares of local stocks to you; oh, Obviously for you to use
as you see fit, perhaps to donate to your favorite charity?
But in the meantime, you can watch how they perform, and SEE
the impact of the acts of piracy on those corporations……"
Xylex nodded; "why I bet if the pirates were eliminated,
those stocks might double, perhaps even triple in value; it
could be a windfall for, oh, say, the Imperial Spacer's
Retirement Fund?"  Smiling, Xylex and Worthington bowed low
and left the office, leaving the Raccoon staring dumbfounded
after them.  After a few minutes, he turned and made his way
to his desk.  Activating his terminal, and calling up his
investment portfolio, his jaw dropped as he beheld the list
of stocks he now "owned!"  Sitting back, he thought for a
moment, and then nodded.  "Imperial Spacer's Retirement fund
indeed!" he grumbled.  Reaching for a message padd, he
started composing a situation report for Fleet sector

Tanj settled in at her work station, a hot cup of coffee
on the desktop next to her.  As she brought her terminal on
line, and opened up her e-mail in-box, she started to take a
sip of the hot coffee.  She almost choked when there, at the
top of the stack, highlighted in red, was the same
announcement taped to the top of the sign-up board, with the
addition of the location of the board itself and a summary
of Tanj's average work times.  Tanj sighed and shook
her head, muttering; "No rest for me!"

That wasn't the only thing in her in-box, however.  She had
quite a number of field reports.  Many of her "agents" could
hardly be classified as "spies".  Most were dock workers, or
clerks in shipping offices.  Some were security officers,
either regular police or more often the "rent-a-cop"
variety.  Many were barmaids and tavern keepers in spaceport
cities, or stations.  They reported things out of the usual
to Tanj, and she saw that they got regular deposits to
numbered accounts, the amounts depending on the worth of
their information.  But they ALWAYS got a little something.
Now she was seeing a LOT of messages from her sources all
across the sector.  Here a barmaid was talking about how for
the last three days the Imperial fleet crewfurrs had been
spending money freely, drinking hard.  And here a lady of
the evening was talking about how her business was suddenly
VERY good with Imperial troops.  Here a vendor was talking
about how hard it was to find fresh meat and vegetables in
the port area.  And in another place, a shipyard worker was
talking about how they were working overtime to get an
Imperial corvette repaired.  And all across the spectrum,
there were comments about fuel shortages as all the Imperial
ships seemed to be "tanking up."

Tanj pushed back from her terminal, and rubbed her eyes.
Something was definitely up.  Opening a new window on her
terminal, Tanj composed a summary of her findings to the
Brethren's command staff, warning of impending Imperial
fleet movements in this sector.

As she hit the key to send the message, Tanj rose from
her station chair, stretching.  Picking up her coffee mug,
she turned and made her way to the Intelligence office's
communal pot.  It was cold.  Looking up, looking around, she
realized that the offices were dark.  Glancing down at her
chrono, she sighed as she realized she'd worked through
dinner again.  Turning and pacing back to her terminal, she
confirmed receipt of her message by the folks that needed to
see it most, and then shut it down.  Enough for one night.
She'd almost made it to the door, when her eye caught the
sign-up board.  With a sigh she turned to examine it.
"Lessee" she muttered to herself; "2030 hours…… Nope,
Reggie's on duty.  I guess that'd mean Eric from
engineering'd be at the top of the list……"  Grinning to
herself, Tanj sashayed out of the Intelligence office,
making sure the door was well locked behind her.  Usually
she did that for security purposes, but in this instance it
meant that no one else would be able to add their name to
the list until morning……

Tanj had changed into her "living" dress, commanding it
to form a strapless minidress, with a few differences; the
"Dress" looked like it had been attacked by a swarm of
hungry moths; there were holes, large and small, everywhere,
her fur poking through.  Except over her nipples and crotch.
The effect was, she thought, quite erotic.  She'd drawn
quite a few looks and even a few whistles as she searched
for Eric, finally finding him in a poker game in the rec
lounge.  Tanj approached him from behind, surprising him
by wrapping her arms around his neck, nuzzling the jackal
softly, murmuring in his ear; "Guess who's at the top of the
list for the moment?"  Eric turned to kiss her, and then
shook his head; "Why does something ALWAYS happen when I've
got a good hand?  Do me a favor Tanj, and stand behind me
for a moment?  Maybe you'll bring me luck!"  Tanj grinned
and nodded and snuggled against him, her paws on his
shoulders.  The bidding went round the table, most of the
other furrs folding, convinced that if Eric would put off
his pleasure for a moment, he MUST have a good hand.  And he
did, his full house easily taking the pot.  As the Jackal
rose to leave, one of the other players, a Coyote by the
name of Ed chuckled; "If you're feeling lucky, Eric, how
about a hand, winner gets your time with her?"  Eric pleased
Tanj immensely by looking up at her, asking "I do feel
lucky; but only if you agree….."  Tanj grinned back and
nodded; "sure, go for it, if you feel lucky!"

Tanj watched as the cards were dealt.  Eric's hand wasn't
all that good, a two, a three, a seven, a nine, and a jack.
He selected the seven and the nine, and put them face down
on the table, taking two new cards.  It was a two, and a
five.  Pair of twos.  Ed smiled, and raised an eyebrow;
"well, stud, whatcha got.  Eric shrugged; "Pair of twos; how
'bout you?"  Ed chuckled and spread his cards on the table.
He too didn't have much; a pair of fours, but it still beat
Eric.  The Jackal looked cresfallen as he turned his face up
to look at Tanj.  Tanj looked at him for a moment, and
then turned her gaze on Ed.  Then slowly she looked at the
other two players at the table, a lady Ferret from supply by
the name of Joyce, and a young raccoon by the name of Ty,
from medical.  Smiling, Tanj shook her head; "Tell you
what; I haven't had dinner yet tonight, and its been a long
day.  How 'bout I play a hand with you; if I win, my
evening's my own.  If I loose to so much as one of you, I'll
take you all on."  The players looked at each other for a
moment and then grinned.  Ed shook his head; "the odds of
you beating ALL of us are pretty steep….."  Joyce nodded and
smiled; "and I'd purely LOVE to see how you could handle
four at once!  Ty just looked eager, grinning and nodding.

Pulling another chair up, Tanj sat at the table and
shuffled the cards.  Passing them to her right, she let Ty
cut them, and then she delt five cards to each player.
Looking at her hand, she Hmmmmmed.  Two threes, an eight, a
jack and an ace.  Discarding the eight and the jack, she
waited.  Ed wanted one, a bad sign.  Eric took three, and
Tanj made no effort to hide her smile.  Ty took two, and
Joyce took one.  Picking up her cards, Tanj found it hard
to hold her poker face; she had a third three and another

Eric threw his cards down on the table; he had nothing.  Ty
sighed and nodded and put down his cards; a pair of fives.
Joyce beamed and put down three tens.  That left Ed.  The
coyote looked at Tanj, smiling softly; "you first."
Tanj shrugged and put down her three threes….. and after
a small dramatic pause, put down her pair of aces.  Ed
nodded; "That’s good; very good.  Pity its not quite good
enough."  Laying down his cards, Tanj beheld a straight;
four, five, six, seven, and eight, all in diamonds.

Tanj shrugged; "Ah, well, I can stand to loose some
weight anyways.  Lets see, Ed had the highest hand, he gets
first choice of position.  Then Joyce, then Ty, and then
Eric.  As I suspect the geometry will be a little complex,
what say we adjourn to the zero gee gym?"

Tanj felt like she was leading a parade as they moved
through the corridor.  Word of the poker game had spread,
and somehow Tanj felt the gallery for the Zero Gee Gym,
normally used for three dimensional handball, would be far
from empty.  They entered through the transition tube, the
gravity falling smoothly from its standard value to zilch,
and then Tanj kicked off from the wall to float out into
the middle of the chamber.  As she did so, she commanded her
"dress" to shrink, to form something that resembled a
corset, skin-tight, and pushing her breasts up and together.
As she twisted, to look back the way she'd come, she saw Ed
talking to Joyce, Ed nodding to what the Ferret was saying.
Ed had left his clothes in the tube, where the gravity would
keep them on the floor, and he pushed off, catching one of
Tanj's ankles, sending her spinning softly.  Joyce had
followed suit and she too leapt, catching Ed around the
waist, adding a complex motion to their spin and drift.
Eric was not far behind, but had timed his jump poorly and
with a howl sailed past, to rebound from the far padded wall
of the chamber.  And poor Ty was struggling to remove his
pants, floating just off the wall of the chamber by the
access tunnel.

Tanj purrrrrred and grabbed Joyce, pulling her around the
Coyote; "I take it you'd prefer to make use of my tongue?"
Joyce just smiled and nodded, and the next thing Tanj
knew, the ferret lass had wrapped both legs around Tanj's
head.  As she licked softly, tentatively, between Joyce's
thighs, she felt Ed spread her legs, the head of his cock
pressing firmly against her pussy.  Then Eric collided with
them, and sent them all, giggling, spinning off in another
direction.  After a bit, Tanj felt the Jackal moving
around behind her, her tail pushed to one side, his
(fortunately well lubricated) cockhead nuzzling against her

In freefall, with little purchase on anything, sex is
strange, and difficult.  Tanj concentrated on licking at
Joyce, something that could be accomplished in almost any
situation, leaving the more complex motions to be worked out
between Ed and Eric.  And they did work it out, undulating
their bodies, their paws holding onto Tanj, working their
hard cocks in and out of her pussy and ass.  And then Ty
finally joined up, looking a little lost.  Tanj looked up
from between Joyce's thighs and grinned; "why don't you lay
your cock between my breasts, Ty?"  The Raccoon's eyes lit
up, and he moved to straddle Tanj's body, slipping in
between her and Ed, making the Coyote lean back a little.
Tanj felt his paws clutch at her breasts, pushing them
further together, and then the motion of his hips was adding
to the overall undulation, sending them all spinning across
the chamber.

There was a general "OOOF!" every time they rebounded from
the wall, but all in all, Tanj found it quite
pleasurable.  There was no way either Ed nor Eric could be
too forceful with her, given the lack of purchase, and their
lovemaking was slow, and sensual.  Ty was the most
aggressive of them all, grunting with each thrust of his
hips.  And Joyce, Joyce was a true delight; she was soooo
sensitive, her sensual, flexible ferret body whipping back
and forth as Tanj's tongue found the places that she
liked to have stroked.  The air was filled with a cacaphony
of grunts, moans and mewls, as they all slowly drifted from
one wall to the other, a mass of slowly writhing bodies.

Ty was young, and with his youth came energy and
sensitivity, and he was the first to achieve his release,
his cock spurting hard, globules of his white cum filling
the air, drifting to impinge on Joyce's back.  Panting he
squirmed free, and drifted off, spent, for the moment, but
eager to continue watching.  As Tanj concentrated on
Joyce's pleasure, she could hear Ed and Eric talking, and
she thought they were coordinating their motions, and
possibly their orgasms, but the ferret's thighs pressed hard
to Tanj's head did a lot to muffle what they were saying.
She in turn was finding it increasingly hard to maintain her
concentration as their motions brought her to the edge of
her own climax; still, she was determined to give Joyce her
release first.

And so she did; as she ran her tongue back and forth over
the Ferret's clitty, Joyce screamed in pleasure, her body
whipping back and forth, her paws and thighs grasping
Tanj's head HARD.  Finally she'd had enough though, and
she released Tanj, showing considerable skill in
maneuvering in zero gee as she twisted around, to give
Tanj a long, hard kiss.  And then she was gone, leaving
Tanj to the gentle ministrations of Ed and Eric.  Those
two started moving harder, faster, the three of them
gyrating ever wilder as they drifted.  Tanj tried to
concentrate, tried to ripple her vaginal muscles around Ed's
cock, but all she could do was clench down with pussy and
ass, as they drove her towards her own release.  Finally the
sensations were too much, and she threw back her head to
howl, as her climax blossomed within her.  Her writhings
must have been what the two males were waiting for, for
within an instant she felt both of them cumming.  This, of
course, only spurred her climax to greater heights, and she
yowled as they spun across the chamber.

Somewhere along the way, she'd lost Eric; the Jackal must
have slipped out of her ass after he'd orgasmed; but Ed was
still tied tightly to her, his knot a significant presence
within her.  They both panted as they drifted, trying to
recover, trying to calm down.  Finally he too was able to
pull out, and with a kiss, he pushed against her, sending
her towards the entry tunnel, and himself towards the far
wall.  Eric, Ty and Joyce were waiting in the tunnel,
watching, and each kissed Tanj when she'd arrived,
thanking her for a wild time, and promising to put their
names back on the bottom of the list.  Tanj hugged them
all, and kissed Ed when he made it to the tunnel's entrance,
and then commanding her "dress" to form something a little
less risque, grinning at how they stared as it flowed over
her body, she waved goodbye, heading back to the Lion's
quarters for a hot bath, and something to eat.

Tanj Hmmmmmed to herself as she looked over the
communications intercepts.  The Imperials had ordered three
older patrol vessels to the sector adjacent to the Elysium
sector.  Sitting back and taking a sip of her coffee, she
pondered what that might mean.  She hadn't heard of any
significant pirate activity over there, nothing out of the
ordinary.  And she didn't know of any insurrections or
rebellions there.  And then it struck her; these ships were
to help keep order as all the regular fleet ships departed
from that sector.  The fur at the back of her neck rose, and
she straightened in her chair.  Something told her that the
Imperial fleet would be moving from that sector, through the
Elysium sector…….  Grabbing her data PADD, she rose, to head
down to Operations, to find Ben……

Ben shook his head; "I don't know, Tanj.  There could be
any number of reasons for this activity…."  Looking up at
the Cheetah, he smiled; "I'm not going to suspend
operations, and take the whole of the Brethren into "hide"
mode on the weight of this evidence.  If you think the
Imperials are organizing a sweep through the sector, looking
for us, well, you might be right, but I'll need the cold
hard facts before I change our plans."  Tanj just sighed
and nodded and headed back to Intelligence.

Tanj understood Ben's point but she still felt she had a
valid concern; there was nothing else to do, but to get Ben
the hard evidence he wanted.  As such, she was again working
late, looking through the comm intercepts.  Some of the
stuff was incredibly mundane.  For instance, here was an
expense report for an Imperial logistics officer, who'd been
dispatched to the Ta'noth system, in an adjacent sector.…..
in fact, the same sector the patrol vessels had been
dispatched to.  Under the "reason for trip" heading, she
found the cryptic explanation; "Set up Supply Dump for
Operation Tenchant."  What, she wondered, was Operation
Tenchant?  And why did it need a supply dump?  Turning back
to her terminal, she reconfigured it to search all recent
message traffic for the key word "Tenchant."

Again, it was late when she finally shut down her Terminal
and rose, to stretch.  Padding over to the sign-up board she
examined it critically, wondering what was next……  "Hmmmmm"
she mused to herself.  "A few minutes past the "available"
time for Dirk, lessee, about fifteen minutes into the time
for Patrick……  I guess he's next."  No sooner had she
finished that thought, than a dark figure stepped out of the
shadows, to clamp a strong paw over her muzzle.  Tanj
caught the reflection in the pane of glass that formed a
partition in the office and recognized Patrick; the Ocelot
was only a little bigger than she was, and was generally
rather shy, timid, perhaps; but he loved to play out rape
fantasies.  Patrick caught the reflection of Tanj's eyes
widening and he leaned closer to whisper in her ear even as
he held her tight; "that’s right, its just me; been waiting
to see if you'd quit work while I was free.  You know the
drill; all just play acting, I'm NOT going to hurt you, but
I'd appreciate it if you'd play along….."  Tanj let out a
muffled giggle and nodded her head as best possible.  One
paw carressed his hip and then she started to struggle, as
if in earnest.  She probably could have gotten away from him
if she'd really tried, but that wasn't part of the game…..

Patrick growled; "Yes, you get it now, don't you?  You've
been using that hot body of yours to get what you want,
using it to gain position, and favor, teasing the rest of us
unmercifully…. You shouldn't be surprised that someone would
eventually call you on it.  I'm only a simple male, and your
teasing has had just the effect you wanted, I'm no different
than anyone else around here, except that I'm willing to
take what I want……."  Patrick grinned; "After all, what's
your body for, Tanj, if not to give pleasure to males…..
to ME!"

As he talked, Patrick had pushed a rather large ball gag
into Tanj's mouth, buckling it tight behind her neck.
Then he'd cuffed her paws behind her back, adding cuffs
above her elbows, pulling them together.  When he had her
suitably bound, Tanj managed to squirm away from him, to
huddle against the far wall, like a small wild animal trying
to escape the larger predator.  Patrick just grinned at her;
"You've always been the pragmatic one, Tanj; use that
body of yours to get me off three times, and I'll let you
go.  If not…….."  Patrick grinned and held up a curious
thing; it looked like a rather vicious fighting knife in a
sheath, but when he undid the snap holding it in place, and
tugged on the handle, it was apparent that the blade had
been replaced with a rather large feather.  OBVIOUSLY it was
meant to be viewed as a threat, and Tanj whimpered and
cowered accordinlgy.

Suddenly the ocelot surged forward, pinning Tanj against
the wall, one paw on her upper arm, the other on her hip;
"Get me off, Tanj; get me off three ways or you'll never
get out of here!"  Tanj, pushed face-first into the wall
by Patrick's body, rose to tiptoes, the fingers of her bound
paws searching, fumbling, trying to get the front of his
pants open……

Patrick purrrred; "you really are quite an accomplished
little slut; I’m glad you've accepted your situation so
quickly.  As her fingers fumbled with his belt buckle, and
then the button underneath, and finally the zipper, he took
her by the shoulders, and turned her, so that by looking to
her left, she could see their reflection in the glass
partition; "There, now we can both see" he growled…..

Tanj stared at their reflection in the glass; she was
hunched over, her shoulders working, her teeth biting down
on the ball gag between her jaws, and then releasing, as she
panted hard through her nose.  Patrick placed his paws on
her hips, as if to hold her, to prevent her from fleeing.
Tanj for her part, had little difficulty urging his shaft
from its sheath with her fingers; one wrapped around its
girth, while the other lightly caressed its head, as she
tried to maintain her balance…..  She murmured into her gag,
an unintelligible sound; but Patrick seemed to know what she
was trying to say; "Yeah, yeah, it’s the biggest, most
perfect cock you've ever put your paws on.  Just do your
job, Bitch!"

Tanj moaned into her gag, and her paws began to move
along his shaft, her fingers showing a light, deft touch as
she stroked him, manipulating him like an experienced
masseuse.  Leaning forward, Tanj's paws started to move
with greater enthusiasm.  Patrick purrrrrd and snaked one
arm around her waist, the other paw moving under her dress
to cup her right breast; "I know the drill; lure me into a
false sense of security, and then rip it off.  Well, if it
goes, ……"  He squeezed her breast tightly, letting her feel
just a pinprick of claws; "Then this goes too.  Tanj
grumbled into her gag in mock protest, but her paws started
to stroke his hard cock again, their motion gradually
speeding up.  As Patrick kneaded her right breast, Tanj
continued to stroke him with both paws.

Tanj felt his shaft getting harder, felt it grow warm and
begin to quiver, heard his breath get ragged; she responded
by moving both paws along its length, moving faster and
faster.  Patrick's other paw left her waist, to squeeze her
left breast, crushing both of them in his powerful grip,
pulling her to him.  As he squeezed her tits, twisting them,
she squeezed his cock, twisting her paws along its shaft.
Suddenly he released her breasts, his paws going to her
hips, his cock spurting all over her back.  Patrick chuckled
as he stroked his own cock, making sure that every last drop
of his jism stained Tanj's dress.  "That’s number one,"
he chuckled, rubbing the cum into the fabric of her dress
and into her fur underneath; "What do you do for an encore?"

They both knew what was next.  They'd become aware of it
during her stroking of his cock; as she'd fondled him, so
had he fondled her breasts; as she'd stroked his shaft, so
had he stroked her tits.  Pushing her down to her knees,
stepping in front of her, Patrick pulled her dress up over
her head, and back down over her arms, leaving her
completely nude.  Then he tied her legs together, at the
ankle and just above the knee, and then, almost as an
afterthought, he laid her on the floor and tied her ankles
to the backs of her thighs.  Moving back around by her head,
Patrick declared; "Tit fuck.  You know the drill." As he
lifted her up to lean against him, balanced on her knees, he
looked down at her and muttered; "Those are great tits you
have.  They hardly sag at all.  It would be a great shame
not to use them…., so……."  Reaching behind her, he released
the snap hook that held her wrist cuffs together.  Tanj's
elbows were still fastened close together behind her back,
but now her paws were free to be brought forward, along her
sides.  No longer were they filled with his cock; they were
filled with her own breasts, pressing in from the sides.
With her elbows hobbled together, and the rope stilling her
legs, she had to make all her movement with her paws, torso
and chest.  Pushing her breasts together around his shaft,
she undulated, stroking him between the soft valley between
her breasts.

Patrick watched for a minute, steadying her, and then shook
his head; "Come on, you can do better than that!"  Tanj
grunted into her gag, and pushed and squeezed her breasts
together, covering his shaft completely with her pressed-
together tits.  She rubbed back and forth, back and forth…….

Patrick watched for a moment, and then sighed.  Reaching
down , he produced a small bottle of oil; with a squeeze, he
let fall a small stream.  Tanj felt the stream of oil
land on the upper curve of her left breast like liquid
warmth.  She let it course through her fingers, grateful for
its help, and spread it across the expanse of his cock,
through the furrow between her breasts.  As she stroked him,
she let her head fall back, and began to moan.  Tanj knew
he'd already cum once, and that she would have to be very
careful, tending to him with extravagance to make him cum a
second time.  She rubbed his cock with her entire front,
feeling the ropes at her ankles, knees and elbows stretch
with every motion.  Placing her cheek against his stomach,
she moaned and rubbed against him.

"That’s better" Patrick purrred; "Maybe you WILL get out of
here….."  Tanj concentrated, altering the speed of her
manipulations, several fast motions followed by several
slow, then a few very slow, a short pause, and then she went
back to her quick, jerky motions, dragging her breasts back
and forth along his shaft.

Glancing up at him, with smoky, half-closed eyes, she found
Patrick grinning down at her; "Come on, Bitch, I'm not going
to help you."  Turning her head, resting her forehead
against his stomach, looking down at the tip of his cock as
it appeared and disappeared between her oil covered breasts,
Tanj groaned into her gag…..  It went on that way for
minutes; soon Tanj's body was tiring, as she undulated
against him, struggling to keep her breasts massaging his
cock.  Her shoulders ached, and the ropes were digging into
her thighs; she was drooling around the gag, and panting

Patrick held her hair at the back of her neck, and panted in
time with his motions….  "Come on, slut, just a little
more….."  Tanj pushed herself hard against him, rubbing
up and down, just to give her paws a few seconds rest.
"That just won't make it, Bitch" he growled, pushing her
back with his hips.  Sighing, Patrick reached down to
release her elbows; a moment later he was holding his
feather "knife" at her throat lightly.  "Go to work" he
growled.  Tanj started tit-fucking Patrick in earnest.

Tanj used her now-free arms to push her breasts together,
battering his cock with her breasts, enveloping it almost
completely.  With her head back, the "knife" at her throat,
she undulated wildly.  As she worked he muttered words of
encouragement; "That’s it, nice and hard…… Really roll that
thing…… Use those fucking things; what else are they good
for?  You're not going to have kittens, are you?  A nice
little slut like you wasting herself on Kittens?  What else
are they good for?"  His speech winding down, Patrick panted
hard, watching Tanj move, and then with his paw wrapped
in the back of her hair, he pulled her head back, to cum all
over her face.

Tanj gasped and bit at her gag, as his cum dripped from
her brow, her nose, her cheeks and her chin.  She couldn't
believe that he'd had that much left in him, after the first
time.  Squirming, playing the part to the hilt, she growled
into her gag as she sought to escape.  Patrick just laughed,
holding onto her all the harder, his paws shifting to grasp
her warm, slippery breasts.  "Listen to you try and howl!"
he chuckled; "You certainly do have a big mouth!  I wonder
if I should fill it?  Ah, but then you might just try and
bite me.  Fortunately I brought a way around that……"
Pulling her paws around behind her back, he again clipped
her wrist cuffs together, and then hobbled her elbows
together as well.  Stepping  back, he fished a silver device
out of his discarded pants.

Tanj watched, her eyes wide; it looked like a pair of
silver lips.  Patrick adjusted the turnkey device at one
corner of the lips, slowly screwing it open until he could
slide his cock between the gleaming silver lips.  As Patrick
slowly screwed the lips closed, obviously counting the turns
of the key, Tanj mewled into her gag, as if terrified of
what was to come.  Patrick grinned at her and turned
suddenly pouncing her prone, bound form.  Sitting astride
her chest, his knees on either side of her head, he
unbuckled the ball gag, yanking it from her mouth; and then
he was going at her mouth like a crazed dentist, pushing the
device into her mouth.  Each half was a U-shaped channel,
sized to fit her teeth.  Turning the key carefully, Patrick
slowly caused the two halves to spread, opening her mouth
wide, and then wider…..  Finally, having reached his count,
he stopped, and rose from her chest.

Tanj shook her head; there was no way she could push the
device out of her mouth.  Her jaw muscles were as tight as
bowstrings, starting to ache already.  She could perhaps
open her jaws fractionally wider, but it certainly wasn't
enough to get the metal horror out of her mouth.  And then
Patrick was lifting her upwards, to balance her on her knees
again.  Her vision was filled with a view of Patrick's
crotch, and then she saw the head of his cock disappear
below her nose.  Then she felt its weight on her tongue.
Again the Ocelot growled; "you know the drill……"  As his
paws found her slick breasts once again, to squeeze, to hold
her upright by them, he growled; "Suck me off, slut."

Tanj was precariously balanced on her knees, her arms
useless behind her back; she squirmed, eyes looking up at
him as if to say "how?"  Patrick just growled; "Don't act
dumb, cocksucker."  He punctuated his sentence by shoving
his cock harder into her wide-open mouth.  Tanj sighed
and rocked her head forward, taking as much of his cock as
she could until its head struck the back of her throat, and
she had to fight the gag reflex.  Patrick smiled and started
moving his hips, rocking them back and forth, driving his
cock in and out of her mouth as his paws mauled her breasts.
Looking down, watching her closely, Patrick growled; "You
know you can't evade it, can't get rid of it; its best to
get the job done as quickly as possible…..  Use your tongue;
use the top of your mouth.  Suck me, bitch, drain me dry!"

As Tanj struggled to comply, to use her mouth to bring
him off, Patrick continued to urge her on; "that’s it……
That’s nice, isn't it?  This is what its all about, right,
Bitch  This is what your mouth's for.  This is what your
tits are for.  This is what YOU are for, RIGHT?  Tanj
just moaned around her living gag.  Wrapping her tongue
around his cock, folding it like a hot dog bun along his
shaft, she pushed it up against the top of her mouth as she
moved her head back and forth.  Making little noises of
pleasure as she slurped his cock in and out of her mouth,
she worked with all the skill and passion at her command.

Patrick finally released her breasts and wrapped his fingers
in the hair at the back of her head, tugging her hard into
his crotch.  His cock throbbed, and he came hard, filling
her mouth with his cum.  Tanj squirmed, as if trying to
escape, even as she swallowed around his cock, swallowed
hard and fast, her fingers writhing uselessly behind her
back.  Again she was amazed at the quantity of his cum, the
sticky white stuff leaking from the wide-open corners of her
mouth uncontrollably, to splatter on her chest.

As Patrick panted hard, he pulled his hips back, to wipe his
cock across first Tanj's left cheek and then her right.
And then he was turning the thumbscrew, closing the
stainless steel lips, pulling them from her mouth.  Tanj
lay on the floor panting hard, working her jaw muscles as
Patrick slowly removed her cuffs and restraints.  Finally he
lifted her up to kiss her softly; " 'S Allright?" he purred.
Tanj put her arms around his neck and kissed him hard;
"Are you kidding?  I'll be sore for a week!  But yes it was
great!"  Patrick sat back and grinned at her; then clearing
his throat he growled in his best rapist's voice; "Slut, I
told you if you got me off three times, I'd let you out of
this place……."  Shrugging and using his regular voice, he
grinned; "Now, what say I take you out and we find something
for a late dinner?  Think it’s the least I can do….."
Tanj purrrrred and throwing her dress over one shoulder,
took his arm and the two padded from the dark office in
search of sustanance.  As they walked down the darkened
corridor, Tanj purrrred; "now what was that quip about me
being wasted raising kittens?……"

The computer had turned up some interesting things on
"Operation Tenchant."  "Its strange,"  Tanj mused to
herself, "how bureaucracies crank out paper for
everything……"  She was looking at maintenance reports for
the Ha'voth sector.  They were working on a lot of ships
over there, more than could be  accounted for by the normal
Imperial presence in that sector.  And a LOT of overtime was
being charged to Operation Tenchant.  It appeared certain
that they were working at getting as many ships ready as
possible.  Still, she ddn't have a "due" date by when all
the work was to be finished…..

As Tanj worked through the files the computer had
retrieved for her, she came across a movement order for a
military police unit.  They were being sent to the Grun
sector….. the sector directly oposite the Elysium sector
from the Ha'voth sector.  This suggested to Tanj that
whatever was going to happen would start in the Ha'voth
sector and wind up in the Grun sector….. and that they
expected prisoners.

Inteligence work can be like putting together a jigsaw
puzzle.  Tanj had quite a number of the pieces, from her
agents, and from Comm intercepts.  The difficulty was, if
you put them together in different ways, you got different
pictures.  She had a gut feeling that the evidence all added
up to an Imperial sweep through the Elysium sector, but she
couldn't prove it…. As she shuffled the pieces one more
time, looking for a pattern, she got to wondering why?  Why
an Imperial sweep?  Why now?  Yes, the Brethren were a
presence here, but Piracy was tacitly ignored in most of the
Empire, as long as the local power of the pirates didn't
rival that of the Empire.  And the Brethren had been VERY
careful to restrict their activities to below what they
considered the threshold level that would trip Imperial
intervention.  "No," she thought to herself, "if the
Imperials are coming after us, there's got to be a
reason……."  Sitting back in her station chair, she scratched
her head and fell back on one of the basic precepts of
investigation; "Who would profit from such an act?"

It didn't take Tanj long to narrow down the list of
"suspects"….. The Shipping companies in Elysium space would
profit from the elimination of the pirates, as would the
Insurance companies.  The Elysium government would profit as
well.  Searching for connections between those and related
industries, she turned up, among others, several familiar
names.  Worthington.  Xylex.  The consortium that Xylex
headed was suffering due to restricted imports and reduced
exports.  They'd lost several key contracts for their
exports as shipments were deemed "unreliable".  And
Worthington owned an import/export business.  They both had
ties to some of the larger Insurance consortiums.  And the
destruction of the fuel depot had hurt them both, raising
the costs of imported raw materials, and delivered goods.
Nodding, Tanj thought that revenge, as well as business
considerations might be at work here.  "Now," she thought,
"If these two were to try and instigate Imperial action, how
would they go about it?"

It didn't take her more than a few hours to come up with the
name of the Imperial Fleet liason on Elysium.  The
"Commodore" proved to be an interesting fellow, with a
rather checkered background…..  And as she dug into his
finances, it became apparent that just before the mysterious
activities with the fleet had started, the Commodore had
significantly expanded his portfolio.  Grabbing a message
pad, Tanj composed a message to the nearest Rebel cell,
requesting them to perform a small "breaking and entering"

Tanj pushed back from her workstation, and sighed.  She
now had a clue as to who, and what was behind the suggestion
of impending Imperial action.  All she had to do was to
prove it.  And that wasn't going to be easy.  Nothing else
could be accomplished until the rebels did a little sifting
in the Commodore's office.  Looking at the chrono, she
realized that if she moved quickly, she might still make
dinner.  Shutting down her terminal, she rose and stretched,
and turned to padd from the office.  Once again, however,
the sign-up board caught her eye.  As she turned to look at
it, she gasped; every slot was filled with names, and a
piece of paper had been tacked to the bottom in
continuation!  Sighing, she looked towards the top, seeking
the name that matched the current time.

Tanj found Hiram in the Cafeteria.  Pausing to grab a
tray she slid into the seat opposite the 'possum, and
grinned.  Hiram looked up and grinned back; "Don't look TOO
happy, Tanj; you haven't heard what I want yet……."

Hinoki was just getting off his shift.  He'd finished his
turn as "traffic controller" for the asteroid mining "cover"
operation for the station, always a tense, nerve wracking
operation, and he was looking forward to a nice relaxing
evening.  The sight of Tanj leaning against the corridor
wall just outside the sensor operator's cubicle made him
grin, and think "Yeah, I could go for that kind of stress
relief….."  but then as the cheetah's grin widened, he knew
he was in trouble…..

As they walked down the corridor, Tanj explained; "It
seems the Edinato brothers are having a birthday, and some
friends of theirs want us to be the entertainment at the
party…."  Hinoki blinked; "Don't think I know them……"
Tanj nodded; "They own and crew the raider "Astarte's
Revenge" and spend a lot of time away from the station.
They're twins and apparently work almost as one, and hence
make a good team for a raider.  They've been pretty
successful over the past couple of years."  Hinoki nodded;
to have even survived for several years in that high-risk
profession, they'd have to be very good, or very lucky, or
both.  "So what is it they want us to do, exactly?" Hinoki

The room was set up for a party, but Tanj ignored that.
Looking around, she found the hook in the ceiling and
nodded.  Padding over to it, she dropped her bag of
"goodies" and turning, made a come-hither motion to Hinoki.
The male Cheetah grinned and moseyed over, and then stood
there as Tanj quickly stripped him nude.  A short time
later, Hinoki was hanging by his bound paws, heavily padded
cuffs around his wrists, chained to the hook above.  A
spreader bar held his legs wide apart, and a blindfold
covered his eyes.  Tanj padded around the bound male and
purrrred.  Then with one quick motion she stripped her dress
off, and knelt to nuzzle at Hinoki's crotch.  It didn't take
much to get the bound male hard, and then Tanj rose to
lean against him, his hard cock pressing firmly against her
belly.  Tanj leaned right, bending far over to link the
anklet she wore to the one around Hinoki's ankle, and then,
showing an amazing sense of balance, she leaned the other
way, to couple the matching anklet on her other ankle to the
mate on Hinoki's other foot.  She'd left enough chain
between the anklets that she was able to wrap her arms
around Hinoki's neck, and pull herself up his body, until
the head of his cock sprang free between her thighs; then,
with a soft moan, she lowered herself onto his shaft.  She
grinned at the expression on Hinoki's face as her pussy
enveloped his hard shaft.  Then she reached up to take one
of the three chains she had draped around her neck…..

The first chain connected their collars; now, no matter how
hard she stretched upwards, she would not be able to rise
off of his shaft.  Then Tanj reached for the second
chain.  Hinoki, being blindfolded, hadn't seen it coming,
and jumped as Tanj fastened the nipple clip to his left
nipple.  Stretching the chain diagonally, she passed it over
the chain between their two collars, and then attached the
clip on its other end to her own left nipple, ignoring the
nipple ring.  The clip bit harshly and she bit into the
thing she held in her mouth, to stifle a gasp.  Taking the
other chain, she connected it similarly between their right
nipples, the chain passing tightly over the chain connecting
their collars.  Then Tanj took the double ended dong she
held in her mouth, and carefully fed one end to Hinoki's
mouth, gagging him with it.  Leaning back as far as the
chains would permit she took the other end in her own mouth.
Then she reached up to pull down her own blindfold over her
own eyes.  Finally, she reached up, to find the other set of
manacles dangling from the ceiling, to snap them around her
own wrists.  They weren't padded like the ones Hinoki wore,
but had the advantage of being able to be snapped closed.
Then she settled down to wait for the party guests, moving
just enough to maintain Hinoki's interest.

Hiram was the first guest to enter the room, and he grinned
at the matched set of bound cheetahs dangling in the middle
of the room.  Padding silently over, he couldn't resist a
caress here or there as he waited……

Tanj heard the shout of "SURPRISE!", and smiled to
herself, knowing that the guests of honor had arrived.  Most
of the guests had been amusing themselves with a touch here
and a feel there.  Some enterprising guest had tied the end
of her tail to the back of her collar, and she suspected the
same was true for Hinoki.  Squirming just a little, she made
sure the chains rattled enticingly…..

Louie Edinato looked across the room and smiled; "Gee, for
US?"  His twin brother Sal finished the sentence for him;
"You shouldn't have!"  The crowd called encouragement as the
wolves padded over to examine the bound Cheetahs.  Sal ran
his paw over Tanj's ass, his fingers teasing the furrow
between her ass cheeks, and grinned; "Someone…."  "Knows us
too well" Louie completed as he reached down to fondle
Hinoki's dangling balls……

Tanj couldn't see a thing, but she could listen.  The
jeers and catcalls, and ribald suggestions continued
unabated, but she heard the soft rustle as clothes were
discarded, and then the liquid sound as a bottle of
lubricant was squeezed, and then Hinoki was pressed into
her, as one of the brothers came up behind him.  Then
Tanj felt someone press against her back, felt a hard
cock press against her puckered asshole, and she moaned as
the shaft was driven home, the force of its thrust making
her rise a little on Hinoki's hard shaft.

The motion was a complex harmonic; the two wolf brothers
seemed instinctively to thrust in counterpoint, making
Tanj and Hinoki bounce against each other, the chains
between their nipples going taut and then slack.  Hinoki's
cock slid in and out of Tanj's pussy in a pattern that in
no way seemed to match the thrusting of the wolf cock in her
ass, and Tanj found that overall it was a delightful
combination.  She did her best to concentrate, to ripple her
vaginal muscles around Hinoki's cock, knowing that he DARE
not cum until the wolf behind him was finished with him.  Of
course such motions caused her anus to clench around the
wolf cock in her ass, and she could sense him grunt and
tense with each such motion.  The room grew quiet as the
brothers worked in unison, their uncanny ability to act in
concert yielding quite a show for the onlookers.  Gradually
their motions increased in tempo and force, and Tanj
writhed to the limits of her bonds, doing her best to excite
the male behind her, knowing that at the same time she had
the same effect on Hinoki.

It was almost to be expected, given the close cooperation
between the wolf brothers; they contrived to orgasm within a
split second of each other, with Hinoki permitting himself
his own release an instant later.  Tanj found the
sensation of the wolfcock in her ass, and the Cheetah cock
in her pussy both spurting and throbbing to be irresistible
and she wailed through her own intense climax…..

Tanj purrrrred as she gradually recovered; true to their
nature, both wolves were "tied" in place, the knots in their
cocks preventing withdrawal until they calmed down.  Tanj
giggled and clenched her asshole, teasing the brother behind
her until he reached around her body to squeeze her breasts,
growling "stop that!"  The crowd chuckled in amusement.
When they'd been able to pull out, the Edinato brothers were
heartily congradulated by their friends, and as Tanj hung
there, pressed against a panting Hinoki, she listened to the
debate as to whether the two cheetahs should be left tied
together, for repeat performances, or if they should be
released for use on a more individual basis.  The latter
option finally held sway, and they were slowly unfastened,
to be pulled off in different directions by the crowd.  A
while later, Tanj was crouched over an otter, his cock
hard in her pussy, as a fox knelt over his head, his cock in
Tanj's mouth.  From the corner of her eye, she could see
that Hinoki had backed a lady Puma up against the wall, with
a rather large male bear sandwiching him between the Puma
and himself.  The bear's thrusts were obviously powering
Hinoki's thrusts into the Puma fem, with such force as to
shake the wall, and make the chandelier sway.

The party broke up late.  Tanj was exhausted, and felt
like she was covered in the bodily fluids of all the others.
Hinoki didn't look much better, but he had the silliest grin
on his face.  Leaning on each other, the two made their way
back to Hinoki's quarters, to the shower in his miniscule
room, where they tenderly washed each other clean, initially
with soap and washcloth, but finally with their tongues,
grooming each other tenderly.  Of course, the only option
was to finish in bed, where they made tender love to each
other almost until the time they had to get up.

Tanj read the report from the Rebel team.  They'd broken
into the Commodore's office in the middle of the night, and
had searched his computer.  They SAID they'd been discrete,
but Tanj still wondered if their presence would be noted.
To her amazement his appointment book showed the visit by
Xylex and Worthington.  And his phone log showed a tenfold
increase in the calls to his broker.  Unfortunately all
official communications were encrypted, and she didn't have
the code being used.  THAT got routed down to Cryptology…..
To her glee, the Rebels had installed a "back door" to his
computer, something that would let them check it remotely in
the future; at least until he upgraded his operating
system……  Sitting back, she sighed; it seemed certain that
the Elysium cartels were prompting whatever Imperial action
was going to take place.  Thinking over things, she wondered
how she might turn this to her advantage.  If the Imperial
sweep was successful, the Brethren would have other things
to worry about, but if she was able to convince Ben, if they
were able to avoid whatever raid was coming, then what would
she have to do to set up an Imperial backlash against the
Elysium Government?  Grinning, she sat down at her terminal,
calling up various pages, to explore some options……

Tanj looked up in amazement as the morning shift filed
into the intelligence office.  Blinking, she realized she'd
been working all night!  And what work she'd done too!  Most
folk either archived their own e-mail, or deleted it, not
realizing that copies may be kept on company servers,
internet service providers, or even independent archiving
services, depending on the Company involved.  Tapping into
the Elysium network, she'd planted false e-mail messages
suggesting that some of the larger Elysium consortiums had
formed a conspiracy to pretend there was a pirate threat.
She then left suggestive messages that ships had been
quietly sold elsewhere in the Empire, and claims turned in
to the Insurance companies, claiming destruction by pirates.
The insurance companies in turn had used this as an excuse
to raise their rates.  Other messages suggested that some
industries in the consortiums had raised their prices for
import goods supposedly scarce due to pirate raids, to
absolutely extortionist prices.  Her best work had been
around the pirate's raid on the sector fuel station.  When
that was destroyed, those with antimatter fuel in inventory
had seen an incredible windfall as fuel prices skyrocketed.
E-mail messages had suggested that the conspiracy had been
behind the raid, just to reap the windfall profits.  And she
had added a kickback scheme; if you wanted fuel, a kickback
was required to the sales agent of the consortium companies
that still had fuel in inventory.  Tanj was a little
worried that she'd been too lavish with Intelligence funds,
in setting up the payoff histories to back up some of the
messages she'd planted, but she reasoned that if she failed,
the Brethren might not be around to chastise her for her
misallocation of funds.  As she rose, stiffly, to look
around the office as it came to life at the beginning of the
day, she realized now all she had to do was to convince Ben
that an Imperial sweep was coming.

Ben sighed and shook his head; Tanj was being Tanj
again, in the weekly staff meeting.  She had an incredible
amount of circumstantial evidence, and no one present could
deny SOMETHING was up, but to credit it all to the vengeance
of Xylex and Worthington, directed specifically against them
was stretching things further than he was willing to go
along with.  Still, the interception of movement orders for
reserve and militia units into adjacent sectors screamed
that the regular forces in those sectors were going to be
sent SOMEWHERE…….  But before he could speak, Dave Somerset,
the Captain of the Fury, rose to his feet.  Bracing his paws
on the table the Fennec Fox looked directly at Tanj and
growled; "what you've got is TOO thin.  I've got a major
operation planned against the New Bedford convoy.  Its been
in planning for months, and its due to launch in three days,
and I will NOT call it off for something as flimsy as this!"
Tanj shook her head, refusing to back down; "In
intelligence work, frequently you have to develop a feel for
the principles involved.  I KNOW I can't show you signed
Imperial orders authorizing an assault on the Brethren, but
everything I know tells me that’s exactly whats about to
happen!  I'll bet my career on it!"  Dave just growled and
shook his head; as he sat back down he muttered something
about slaves, and then turned to look at Ben; "Well, you're
in charge.  You going to listen to her, or to reason?"

Ben shook his head; "Dave you have to admit she's on to
Something.  Just what I'm not sure, but there's simply too
much going on for this to be an exersize."  Dave growled;
"well, I think you're putting too much credibility in the
analytical abilities of someone trained for the bed!"
Turning he fixed Tanj with a stare; "Nothing personal,
but I just don't think you've got the training, or the
experience to make calls like this!"

As she listened to the senior staff debate the issue,
Tanj once again wondered just exactly what she was.  At
times, it was so easy to forget about her status, forget
about the academy, and all her training as a sex slave.  And
at other times, it was impossible to forget, impossible to
remember anything else.  As her mind drifed, she realized
that whatever the academy had done to her, however they'd
conditioned her, she really did love the sex, and even the
bondage.  Turning it over in her mind, she realized she
wasn't wild about the humiliation, although at this point
she didn't have much pride left, except perhaps with respect
to the job she knew she could do.  Without pride, it’s a
little hard to humiliate someone….  As she thought that
over, she realized that she had pride too in the job she'd
been doing in Intelligence.  And Dave, perhaps
unintentionally, was trying to humiliate her on that point.
Bringing her head up, she listened for a moment and then re-
entered the fray, arguing her points to the best of her

Ben growled at Tanj, pointing his finger at her; "ENOUGH!
The New Bedford Convoy op is still on, but I WILL send a few
picket ships towards the sector frontier towards the Ha'voth
sector, just in case you're right.  If you're wrong, heaven
help you, Tanj, because no one will ever listen to you
again!  And if you ARE right heaven help us all!

As Tanj headed down to the docking bay to brief the
pilots of the picket ships, she again reviewed her thoughts
on who and what she was.  She'd won a minor victory of
sorts, but if she was wrong, she would have lost the war…….
Just who was she?  Did she MIND if she lost her position in
the intelligence department and wound up just being her
Master's sex slave?  Worse things could definitely happen.
And if she was wrong maybe she DIDN'T deserve the job.
Might be better to clear the way for someone with more
talent.  Besides, she didn't mind being the Lion's sex
slave, did she?  Oh, yes, there was the fact that she
couldn't choose her sexual partners…… that wasn't THAT big a
deal…. Oh sure she'd Much rather spend her time with her
Lion, or with Hinoki, or Zassa, or for that matter, even
Byron or Slasher….. but in all honesty she enjoyed the sex
enough that a new partner wasn't generally a problem…..  and
no sooner had that thought formed in her mind, than an
incident floated to mind…….

Tanj knelt in the practice room in the Academy, her back
straight, her head bowed, her knees spread.  The lady skunk
was being particularly demanding; nothing she seemed to do
seemed to meet with the Skunkette's approval.  This fem
wasn't an instructor, but some sort of honored guest;
someone powerful enough that the academy would give her
access to one of their "problem students"…..  Tanj jerked
as the Skunkette thwacked her across the back of her head;
"Kneel STRAIGHT, you worthless slave.  If you can't behave
properly I'll have to discipline you!"  Tanj groaned to
herself and tried to straighten her back further.  One of
the disciplines she'd already earned swung from her nipples
with the motion, the saw-toothed nipple clips biting her
tender flesh harshly.  And for another "correction", the
skunkette had most gleefully peed all over her; she'd hated
that, but had struggled to show no outward sign of her

The lady skunk scowled down at Tanj for a moment and then
strutted around in front of her; pointedly turning her back,
she bent at the waist, and shoved her ass at Tanj; "All
right, you worthless excuse for a tongue; lets try it again.
Lick me to a climax, and quickly, or you'll be punished!"
Tanj lifted her chin, and softly nuzzled the Skunkette's
sex, her tongue flicking out with motions calculated to
tease, and to arouse.  She might have been licking a statue
for all the effect she had.  The Lady Skunk remained
immobile, not even breathing hard, as the Cheetah licked
with increasing force, increasing frequency, and increasing
desperation.  After what seemed like an eternity, the lady
Skunk's body gave a barely detectable quiver, and she pulled
away from Tanj's tongue.  "You call that cunnilingus, you
worthless twit?  I've gotten more pleasure out of the
vibrations while sitting on a park bench as truck traffic
went past!"  Tanj could almost hear the self satisfied
smirk in the lady Skunk's voice; "I'd discipline you
properly, if I had more time, but as it is, I'll just have
to settle for a punishment….."  Bending over a bit further,
raising her tail, the lady Skunk sprayed the kneeling slave.
As Tanj coughed and hacked, the Skunkette straightened,
and gathered her clothes, and as the stench filled the room
she gave Tanj a wicked grin and slipped through the door.

Tanj sighed as she remembered.  THAT one she could most
definitely have done without.  Oh, the Academy had ways to
remove the stench from her fur, but they were just about as
bad as the odor of skunk……

The three picket ship pilots were a pretty motley group.
These three furrs were obviously the pilots no one wanted on
a serious mission, and Tanj sighed.  "All I'm asking is
that you guys stay awake and keep your eyes open.  Your
ships are the best stealth designs we can buy, or steal, and
if you stay "quiet" no one should spot you.  You've got your
assigned positions.  Go on out there and just WATCH.  I
don't expect to hear from you unless you spot something, but
if you DO spot something, you HAVE to let us know.  Our
lives, and more importantly, your paychecks depend on it.
And I'm personally posting a "bonus" to the furr that turns
in a verifiable contact report."  With that, Tanj grinned
and rocked her hips back and forth, a quick pelvic thrust;
the meaning was not lost on any of the pilots and with a
wink, Tanj turned to leave the launch bay.

Back in the intelligence office, Tanj accessed another of
the "back doors" that they'd paid dearly to insert in the
Elysium financial computer network.  Tapping into "Dead"
accounts, accounts from furrs that had mysteriously
disappeared, accounts that had been forgotten, or perhaps
even accounts of those who had died without leaving heirs,
Tanj started to transfer more funds.  She had her list of
suspects, and given the financing, she could plant a false
trail, evidence that might point away from the pirates and
towards some sort of conspiracy to make it LOOK like the
pirates were a bigger threat than they were.  Here she
fattened the accounts of an insurance executive; there she
enlarged the stock portfolio of a shipping company manager.
This import/export executive suddenly acquired a summer
house, and of course, the Commodore, the Imperial Naval
Liason on Elysium suddenly acquired some additional
carefully selected stocks……..  Again, e-mail messages were
planted to support the fund transfers, alluding to payoffs
and kickbacks……

It wasn't too horribly late in the evening when Tanj
pushed back from her workstation.  Her web of lies was
coming together nicely.  Deciding on a break before checking
out the daily intercepts, she rose and padded to the sign-up
board, to see if anyone had registered for this particular
time…..  She chuckled as she noted that the sign-up sheet
was now a clipboard holding a couple dozen pages; it had
completely overflowed the original board…..  "Hans is going
to incredible trouble to organize it all"  Tanj thought
as she realized that there was a page on the clipboard for
each hour of the day; finding the appropriate page she
looked at the top name on the list……  When she saw who it
was she chuckled.

Tanj entered the Fury through the main personnel lock,
and took the lift to the command deck.  Dave Sommerset was
on the bridge, overseeing the preparations of his ship for
launching, for the New Bedford Convoy operation.  The Fennec
Fox raised an eyebrow as Tanj enter, and turned to face
her; "No, I will NOT let you talk me out of this, Tanj!
Ben's given his OK, and that’s all there is to it!"  Tanj
laughed and waved the page from the sign-up sheet; "Does
that mean you want me to go find the next name on the list?"
Dave was suddenly aware of the eyes of his entire bridge
staff on him, and turning, he looked at his Exec.  "Oh,
Hell, Captain, go ahead; we've got this covered!  Three
hours until Launch, though; you don't have all night!"  Dave
chuckled and nodded and turned to take Tanj's paw, to
lead her off.

The Captain's Cabin on the Fury was spartan and utilitarian;
still, his bed was a decent size……  Tanj stopped just
inside the door, and turned to kiss the Fennec; "And what
would you have of me tonight, Captain Sommerset?"  Dave
smiled softly  and kissed Tanj on the nose; "Nothing too
unusual; nothing kinky; just plain ol' vanilla sex will do
me quite nicely.  As you might have noticed, I DO need to
get back to work sometime soon……."  Tanj grinned and
nodded and turned away from him, as if to survey his cabin;
as she walked, she undid the closures to her dress, letting
the shimmering metallic fabric slip from her shoulders, and
then over the upper curves of her breasts, and then from her
hips, as she walked, so that by the time she'd come full
circle, to stand again before him, she was nude.  Kissing
him once again, she purrrrred and slowly fell to her knees
before him, nuzzling along his chest, and his stomach as her
fingers deftly undid the buttons on his shirt, his belt, and
his pants' zipper.  By the time she was kneeling on the deck
before him, his pants were around his ankles, and her tongue
was caressing his sheath…….

It hadn't taken but an instant to get him hard, and Tanj
used all her skill as she licked nibbled and sucked at his
cock.  She was surprised when he pushed her head back; she
looked up curiously at him, but he just smiled; "Not yet; as
I said, I've got to get back to work soon, and as much as
I'd like to let you please me for the night, I just don't
have time."  Gently, he pushed her towards the bed,
indicating she should lay on her back.  Tanj did as she
was bidden, legs splayed, paws behind her head; as she
looked at him, she grinned and slowly licked her lips.  Dave
just chuckled and shook his head; 'Vamp ME will you?" and
with that, he crawled onto the bed, to cover her with his

Tanj moaned as he pumped her; there was no question he
knew how to use his cock, and the Cheetah was enjoying him;
in return she was using all her skill to make it as
pleasurable for him as well, her vaginal muscles clenching
around his driving cock, milking his shaft until she felt he
was on the very edge, and then relenting, her motions
beneath him slowing, allowing him to recover somewhat……..
She'd taken him to the edge three times when he growled low
in his throat, as if tired of her playing with him; his hips
started to move faster, his thrusts slamming into her more
powerfully, as he seemed to pursue his orgasm aggressively.
Tanj yielded with grace to him, her motions continuing,
perhaps even matching his, as she started to concentrate on
her own pleasure.  An instant before he howled, before his
cock started throbbing and spurting, Tanj yowled the
arrival of her own climax, her cries spurring him onward.
The Fennec grunted, his hips held hard against hers, his
cock driven deep into her pussy, his cock throbbing; Tanj
moaned as she felt his hot cum flood her pussy, each pulse
distinct, and pleasurable, strumming her lust-heightened
nervous system deliciously.  Finally he subsided, to hold
himself above her, just panting.  Tanj purrrred and put
her arms around his neck, to kiss him softly.  As they broke
the kiss, he grinned down at her; "you are SO wasted in the
Intelligence office!"  Tanj made a moue and then grinned;
"Kitten, I may be good here, but I'm good there too, and
you'd better hope and pray I'm wrong, because if I'm not,
its YOUR ass hanging out there in the breeze; and its such a
NICE ass too, I'd hate to see it shot off!"  Dave just
laughed and nodded, and rose, his softening cock pulling
from her wetness with an audible slurp.  Chuckling he turned
to padd into his tiny bathroom.  Tanj heard the sound of
running water, as she laid on his rumpled bed; as she
listened to him clean himself, she wondered if he was right.
Should she concentrate on what she knew best?  WAS she

Dave had been polite, but firm, in shooing her from the
Fury, insisting she had to git, or she'd distract his crew.
Tanj awwwwed, and strutted and flounced all the way to
the airlock, winking at every fur she saw as Dave escorted
her out.  As the airlock closed behind her, she sighed and
padded off to the Lion's quarters, to try and catch some

Tanj was awakened by the comm chiming.  Dragging herself
across the Lion's bed, she stabbed at the button, and then
tried again, blinking, trying to get the sleep from her
eyes.  "Yes, yes, dammit, I'm awake; what is it?"  she
growled.  "This is Fletcher, down in Intel; thought you'd
like to know that the Imperial fleet just changed their
codes.  ALL their codes.  And there's a LOT of message
traffic!"  Tanj was suddenly, painfully, fully awake…..
"Got it.  Get the new message traffic down to Crytology;
wake'm ALL up if you have to.  I'll be down in a minute."
Breaking the connection and heading for the door, Tanj
barely remembered to scoop up her dress as she ran.

The Intelligence office was humming.  Tanj had awakened
all the staff, and the place was only mildly ordered chaos
as they tried to figure out what was happening.  Crypto was
fully manned, their technicians feeding the intelligence
intercepts into the most powerful computers the Brethren
owned.  And Tanj was once again trying the back door into
the Commodore's computer, trying to find out if HE knew the
new code, all stealth abandoned as she tried desperately to
confirm her worst fears.

Ben came through the door, in response to Tanj's rather
peremptory summons, and stopped, to stare at all the
activity.  He was about to head for Tanj's workstation
when one of the techs in Cryto yelled "GOT IT!….. well, part
of it anyways!" and a bunch of furrs crowded around to look
at what he'd found.  Tanj looked up as the Wolf
approached, a pencil in her mouth, and another behind one
ear.  As she turned to look at him she took the pencil from
between her teeth, to try and park it behind her ear, only
to find that spot occupied.  As the second pencil clattered
to the floor, Tanj growled; "Ben, something's happening;
something bigger'n I've ever seen before.  I don't have all
the info yet, but I think you'd best alert the New Bedford
Operation Group."  Ben nodded, looking over the list of
message intercepts; "I agree something's happening, but this
doesn't really tell us what.  I'll warn them to keep an eye
out, but I'm still not going to call off the operation until
you figure out what all this means…… But in the meantime I
WILL shut down all other activities and take the base to
"hide" mode…."  Tanj just nodded and turned back to her

Haverty had thought that this mission would be boring.  Now
the chipmunk was finding it anything BUT boring.  His ship
was cloaked, and drifting, everything that could be powered
down was powered down.  He watched through a visual port,
afraid to run even passive sensors, as the largest imperial
fleet he'd ever seen streamed past……. Okay, so he couldn't
see more than an occasional pinpoint of moving light against
the backdrop of stars; the fleet was well dispersed; but the
number of moving points of light that he COULD see,
frightened him.  He watched and he waited, sure that his
personal survival depended on waiting until the fleet was
past him before transmitting a warning.  And then he'd go as
fast as his small ship would take him in the OTHER

Tanj sighed and shook her head; "Dammit, Mycroft, this
simply IS NOT good enough; if you've broken the code to show
about one word in three, why can't you get the rest?  I'd
think by context alone you should be able to make some
progress!"  Mycroft, a rather thin Raccoon just shrugged;
"so you'd think, but our computers aren't finding it works
that way.  This is a new system, and we're having trouble,
Tanj."  The Raccoon grinned at his little joke and pushed
his old-fashioned glasses back up on his nose.  "Believe me,
we're working as hard and as fast as we can!  We KNOW what
this means!"  Tanj just nodded; "Uh huh", and turned
away.  Padding down to communications, she looked into the
"radio shack" enquiringly; the Bat on duty just looked up at
her and shook her head.  No word from any of the picket
ships.  As Tanj walked back to Intelligence, she wished
she'd set up a check-in schedule for them; then at least
she'd have a clue if they'd been destroyed by the Imperials,
or simply hadn't seen anything yet.

The bustle of the intelligence office had quieted
significantly; there were still communications intercepts
coming in, but traffic had died down some.  Crypto still
hadn't gotten any further on breaking the code.  And Tanj
was at a loss as to what else she could do to solve the
problem.  Rising, she thought she'd head down to the
Caffeteria and get a bite to eat.

Tanj was just finishing her dinner when Emmet sat down
across from her, a wide grin on his face.  Tanj looked up
at the Ferret from Supply and sighed; "Let me guess; your
name is on the sign-up sheet for this time slot…."  Emmet
grinned and nodded happily, his whole body undulating; "
'Cept I didn't sign up for me; I'd appreciate it if you'd
take some time with my son; he's just turned 17, and is
starting to get involved with girls…… And I think it'd help
a great deal if you, ah, well, um….."  Tanj grinned and
finished his sentence for him; "showed him the ropes, so to
speak?"  Emmet's grin disappeared; "Oh, NO!  Don't want you
to get him into Bondage!  Not yet anyways……"  Tanj
chuckled; "figure of speech, Emmet; you want me to show him
the basics of sex…."  Emmet's grin blossomed again, and he
nodded energetically; "Exactly!"  Tanj smiled and sipped
her coffee; "Things may get REAL busy here soon; but tell
you what; send him by my quarters, and I'll do what I can,
until I'm called.  I'll be there in about twenty minutes.

Tanj checked in at the Intelligence office; the night
crew was working smoothly and some of the evening shift were
still there.  Crypto was looking a little dragged out, but
Tanj knew that once you presented those folks with a new
puzzle, they'd work either until they dropped, or until they
solved it.  Deciding that she wasn't really needed for the
moment, she turned and headed for her quarters.

Tanj was wearing her slinky, metallic fabric dress when
Emmet's son, Emmet Junior, knocked on the door.  The lad
grinned up at her, anticipation written all over his face.
Tanj smiled and took his paw and led him to the bed; she
sat on its edge and looked at him; "Tell me, Emmet Junior,
just how much do you know at this point?"  Emmet Junior made
a face; "Please don't call me Emmet Junior, or worse, just
Junior; hate that.  Call me Butch!"  Tanj smiled; "OK,
Butch, tell me how far you've gotten with girls."  The young
ferret grinned; "Oh, a LOT further than Dad thinks; me and
Emmy Lou, we've been sneaking out behind the filter housings
for a while now….."  Butch smirked and then grinned; "We've,
ah, gone all the way…."  Tanj nodded, and reached out to
lightly touch his cheek with the padds of the fingers of her
left paw; "and when you sneak off with your girlfriend, what
do you do?  How do you start?  You DO take "precautions"
against getting her pregnant, don't you?  Why don't you show
me what you've been doing?  Maybe I can make some
suggestions that'll help……."

Butch grinned and leaned his head forward to kiss Tanj;
the cheetah fem purrrred and kissed him back softly, her
lips parting at the insistence of his tongue.  They kissed
for a moment, their tongues dancing, caressing, and then
Tanj purrred as she felt Butch's paw cup a breast through
her dress……  The Ferret rubbed gently, and then squeezed as
he softly pushed Tanj back on the bed.  Tanj, for her
part, let him direct the action; no sooner was she reclining
on the bed than his nose was nuzzling in the Vee of bare fur
between her breasts.  She felt him nuzzle aside the material
of her dress, to lick softly at her breast, and in response
she stroked him gently with one paw, her fingertips running
up and down his side.  The youth licked and nibbled softly
for a while, and Tanj was enjoying it thoroughly, but
with the impatience of youth, he was soon working his way
down to her tummy.  Rather brazenly he lifted the hem of her
dress, to nuzzle at her navel, and Tanj giggled, as if
ticklish there…..  As she wriggled under his tongue, Butch's
paw found her mons, to cup her sex posessively……

Tanj smiled and rocked her hips up to meet his touch; so
far there was nothing wrong with the lad's technique; it was
just a bit hurried……. As Butch's fingers, stroked her, she
moaned, getting wet just as he'd intended, just as he
desired; smiling she gently pushed his head from her navel
towards her crotch.  Butch hesitated for a moment, and then
squirmed around to crouch between her thighs; his first
licks were tentative, and Tanj got the impression he'd
never attempted this before; softly she coached him, telling
him what was right, and what was wrong, all the while
caressing his head.  As he licked, she instructed him,
telling him how to listen to her breathing, how to gauge the
tension of her muscles, how to listen to the noises she
made.  Under her tutelage, he licked her patiently, until
she announced the arrival of her climax with a heartfelt

When she'd recovered, she found him staring at her, a grin
on his face; Tanj grinned back; "A gentlefurr always sees
to a lady's pleasure first; now that you've accomplished
that, its time to see to YOUR pleasure."  Taking a moment,
Tanj shed her dress, and then turned to help Butch remove
his clothes.  Reclining once again on the bed, motioning to
him, she reached down to pull him up on top of her body.
The youth needed little urging, however, and within an
instant, his cock was buried in Tanj's pussy.  Tanj
giggled; "Slowly!  Slow down; you're not in a race!"  As the
youth's frenzied motions slowed, Tanj purrrred; she was
tempted to show him some of the tricks she'd learned, the
things she could do with her vaginal muscles, but she
concluded that the youth was too sensitive, and she didn't
want him cumming quite yet.  After a while, she wrapped her
arms around him, and rolled, winding up on top of him; his
eyes went wide in surprise, and then in delight as Tanj
sat up astride his hips; "there are many different positions
you can try, and that adds spice….."  Tanj rode his cock
for a few minutes, moving slowly, being careful not to bring
him too close to the edge….. She chuckled as she watched him
watch her breasts move with each motion, and then she
reached down to take his paws, to  place them over her
breasts.  Purrrring, she pumped him for a while longer, and
then, moving carefully, she turned to face away from him,
making sure to hold his cock within her as she turned.  She
smiled as he almost lost it at that point, but after a
moment's stillness to let him recover, she was again rising
and falling on his shaft.  Butch needed little
encouragement, and his hands found her breasts again in
short order.  Tanj removed one and directed it towards
her crotch, to show him how he could rub at her clitty as
she rode him.  Again, she thought about fondling his balls,
but decided that'd send him over the edge too.

After a while, Tanj leaned WAY forward, letting his cock
slip from within her, to crouch on paws and knees.  Butch
followed, taking her from behind as if he had been doing it
all his life.  Tanj rocked back and forth softly, meeting
his thrusts; grinning to herself, she allowed herself to
concentrate on the sensations, letting her own climax build.
As she was near, she reached down between her thighs and
caressed his swaying sack; as she thought, within an instant
he was grunting, his cock spurting as he came within her.
She yowled in concert, letting her climax take her, savoring
his wild, energetic thrustings.

They lay in a tangle of bedclothes and limbs, both panting
hard.  Tanj was drowsy and pleased, and was wondering how
long it would take the youth to be ready for the next lesson
when the Comm chimed.  Swatting at it with a paw, Tanj
Growled; "Yes?"  "Tanj, this is Clancy down in
Communications.  Think you'd better get down here.  NOW!"
Tanj yelped, turned and kissed Butch quickly, and dashed
for the door, again just remembering to grab her dress as
she dashed out.

Butch watched her go and grinned, admiring her form as she
ran.  Laying back on the bed for  a moment he grinned; "Emmy
Lou sure is going to be surprised, next time we're alone!"

Tanj was still adjusting her dress as she trotted into
the communications center.  Ben was  already there and he
didn't look happy.  Wordlessly, Clancy handed Tanj a
stack of message flimsies.  The one on top was from Haverty
and was an alert to the passing of the Imperial Fleet.  The
second was also from Haverty.  When they'd passed him, and
he'd felt it was safe, he'd run a passive sensor sweep and
had appended the results to his report.  The Third was from
one of the other picket ships, on Haverty's flank; he'd
confirmed the spot report, and added some additional data."
Looking up at Ben, Tanj shook her head; "They're coming
straight for the Elysium system, aren't they?"  Ben just
nodded; "I've already contacted Dave and his group.  They're
moving out of harm's way as fast as possible, but it'll be
close, whether they can get to a jump point before they're
spotted.  I'm afraid those folks are going to have a long
cruise to nowhere, to escape this sweep….."  Tanj nodded;
"Just so long as they survive."   Looking up, Tanj shook
her head; "Ben, unless you need me for something, I've got
work to do down in Intelligence; I might yet be able to turn
some of this to our advantage….."

Tanj followed the message intercepts; the Imperial fleet
was searching everwhere as it closed in on the Elysium
system from three sides.  And you could bet there was a
blockade towards the "open" side, waiting to see who was
fleeing.  As they closed, Tanj read reports of merchant
shipping stopped, and boarded, of asteroid bases searched,
of the Imperials prying into every nook and cranny.  When
the Pirate base had been built, this had been planned for,
and now the "pirate" side of the base was closed off from
the mining side.  The miners were going full tilt, their
rock crushing equipment making the base vibrate a bit worse
than usual, the heat of their furnaces distorting energy
signatures.  The Imperials did send a party to examine them,
but with all the rock dust in the air, and all the
vibration, and heat, they never found a trace of the
carefully shielded pockets in the asteroid that housed the
Pirate side of the operations.  And after checking so many
other dead ends, the landing party was starting to get a
little tired and frustrated.  Everyone breathed a sigh of
relief when they finally left, and the cruiser that brought
them departed.

Tanj smiled to herself; in the three days that the
Imperials had been searching, gradually tightening the
noose, they'd found nothing but a few smugglers.  Dave and
his group had indeed managed to make good their escape.
Now, as the Imperial ships were drawing nigh to the Elysium
system, some difficult questions were being asked,
increasingly hostile messages flying back and forth between
the Elysium government and the commander of the Imperial
fleet.  Cryptology had finally cracked the latest Imperial
code, and Tanj was having a lot of fun reading the
transcripts.  It seemed that someone from the Imperial
Inspector General's office had found an odd note in the
Fleet Liason's computer.  The Commodore was now having a
very difficult time explaining how he'd so recently come
into so much money.  The Elysium government, eager to find a
scapegoat to deflect Imperial Wrath, had been delighted to
"assist" in the investigation, and Tanj's trail of money,
"bribes", "Payoffs", e-mail messages and such was all
starting to float to the surface before their prying eyes.
Unfortunately, to avoid detection, Tanj had been forced
to "delete" several of her more useful "back doors" into
some of the computer systems….. and that would hurt in the
long run…..  It seemed that Imperial Intelligence had been
assigned to "assist" in the investigation, and suddenly
Tanj was QUITE concerned that her machinations might be

Lord Xylex did his best to hold his temper while the
Imperial authorities left.  It had taken quite a bit of fast
talking and even more in bribes, to convince them that HE
had not been a part of this "conspiracy."  Luckily, none of
these e-mail messages had mentioned him directly, although
there were a lot of veiled references.  He'd lost a half
dozen senior managers to the investigation so far, and
Imperial Auditors were poking into every facet of the
Cartel's business. There were sure to be further fines and
penalties assessed against his businesses. Wortihngton had
even been arrested, although the Wolverine had no doubt that
they'd release him soon enough.  Sitting down at his
computer, he drummed his fingers, wondering how this had
been brought about; had one of his competitors set him up?
That was probably the more likely source.. but somehow he
couldn't get it out of his mind that the Pirates had somehow
found out about his attempt to destroy them, and had struck

It took a week for the Imperials to conclude their
investigations, following up on the Elysium investigation,
and to give their approval.  Everyone in the system seemed
to sigh in relief when they finally departed.  Ben had the
picket ships follow them until they'd departed the sector,
just to be sure they were finally gone.  That night, there
was a bit of a celebration in the Cafeteria……..

The dinner that night was unusually good, as the Brethren
celebrated their continued existence.  Tanj had been
sipping a frozen concoction the guys in Supply had come up
with; it was cold and fruity sweet and VERY alcoholic, and
she was feeling rather happy.  She'd been right.  She'd
spotted the trend, and had managed to so order events that
the Brethren hadn't been caught.  Even more, she'd diverted
attention from the real pirates, to her fictional
"conspiracy" on Elysium, throwing the powers there into
confusion.  All in all, she was rather pleased with herself,
and was out to celebrate.  Her metallic fabric dress
shimmered as she swayed to the music being piped in over the
speakers, as she watched Wanda dance with some male Fox
she'd found somewhere.  She was just about to go get a
refill on her drink, when someone grabbed her from behind…….

Ben lifted the Cheetah Fem, his arms around her waist, and
called out in a loud voice; "EVERYONE!  LISTEN UP!  Just
want you to know that it was Tanj here who saved your
butts!  Even when nobody believed her, she persevered, and
kept after it until we HAD to believe her.  I think we ought
to do something Nice for her; something Special!"  Tanj
grinned and squirmed in his grip, wondering what he had in
mind…….  Hinoki was the first to respond, dashing across the
floor, falling to his knees to slide right up against
Tanj, as Ben held her.  With a cry of "I AGREE!" he
shoved his muzzle under the hem of her dress, to plant a
loud, wet kiss directly on her sex.  That started the trend,
and the next thing Tanj knew, she was being pressed to
the floor, a dozen or more tongues licking at her.
Somewhere along the line her dress vanished, and she moaned
and writhed as the tongues stroked over her pussy, over her
breasts, her stomach, her ears, and seemingly all over her
body.  Furrs pressed down at her arms and legs, holding her
immobile, forcing her to just absorb their delightful
attentions.  On and on it went, seemingly unending…… after
her first climax, someone replaced Hinoki between her
thighs; the tongue was smoother and longer, more sinuous,
and then that was replaced with another feline tongue, rough
and broad, and strong…… on and on, until time lost meaning,
until she'd lost count of the number of climaxes she'd
suffered through……

Tanj awoke in a tangle of limbs, in the middle of the
Cafeteria.  It seemed that Ben's idea of a reward for her
had turned into a general orgy of sorts, and she grinned as
she looked around at her exhausted, sleeping friends.
Rising, she looked about for her dress, and finally gave up
on it; in just her fur, she padded off in search of a water
closet, plotting her revenge on the sleeping furrs….. just
how should she awaken them?

It was two days later when the Fury and the other ships in
the aborted New Bedford operation managed to return.
Tanj was surprised when Dave walked into the Intelligence
office, and bowed low before her; "Tanj, you were right,
and I was wrong; I won't be so quick to doubt you again.  If
you would like, by way of an apology, I'd be honored if you
would join me for dinner on my ship."  Tanj smiled and
returned his bow with a curtsy, and nodded; "I'd be
delighted, Captain Sommerset."  Dave grinned again and
nodded; "I'll be by your quarters to pick you up at eight."
And with that he was gone.  Turning back to her workstation,
Tanj listened for a while to the buzz of conversation in
his absence.

Tanj was lost in her work, trying to tie down all the
details as to what Imperial ships had gone where, after the
operation, when one of the clerks nudged her; looking up
into the smiling eyes of the squirrel, she raised an eyebrow
in a silent question.  "Its getting late, Tanj; you'd
best go get ready for your date; this stuff'll wait."
Tanj's eyes flashed to the chrono and she sighed.
Nodding, she hugged her friend, and headed for her quarters.

By the time Dave called for her, she was bathed, her hair
washed and dried and styled.  She was dressed in a simple
shift in a dark gold that complimented her fur.  Dave smiled
and offered his arm, and together they strolled towards the
Heavy Craft Docking Bay.  Dinner on his ship was elegant;
the two of them seated in his cabin.  Dinner was brought on
a cart, from the ship's mess, and Dave served her himself.
Beef Wellington, with all the trimmings.  Tanj purrrrred
as she ate, wondering where Dave had found such a first-rate
cook for his ship.  The conversation was light, at first,
but gradually turned to the trick Tanj had played on the
Elysium government, and on the Imperials.  As she told the
tale, Tanj watched Dave's body language; he seemed to be
trying to act nonchalant, but she wondered if her boldness
in the affair had frightened him, or if he was worried that
her actions might be uncovered, and somehow be used against
them.  As they left the table, for the couch, and some
excellent brandy, Tanj decided to worry about that later,
and simply enjoy the evening.  As the level in the bottle
dropped, and their talk turned to other things, Tanj
found herself sitting closer and closer to him, until as he
refilled her glass with the remainder of the bottle, she
somehow found herself in his lap.

The evening went predictably from there, as they kissed, and
caressed, each gradually shedding clothes, until the only
option was to move to his bed.  Tanj proceeded to show
him exactly what she could do, given the time, demonstrating
what skill she possessed, at first with her tongue, and then
later with her body….. until night had turned to day, until
they were both exhausted, and the Fennec was truly drained.

Dave saw her to the airlock, after a late brunch.  As he
kissed her goodbye, he smiled; "you truly are a furr of many
talents…. And while I've come to appreciate your abilities
in the Intelligence office, I STILL think your true talent
is between the sheets!"  Tanj just chuckled and kissed
him goodbye; "Perhaps you're right."  And with that, she
turned to walk slowly towards the Intelligence office, her
ass swaying enticingly.

It was three days after that, when her Master finally
returned.  The group looked worn, and tired from their
journey, and Tanj was about to drag her Master off to bed
(for some rest) when he shook his head no; "I've got some
stuff to talk to Ben about; urgent stuff that can't wait.
Besides, you'd best go release Zassa; she proved to be a bit
much on the trip and we finally had to tie her up to keep
her from pestering everyone.  I'll see you later"  Tanj
laughed and nodded and turned to go find the wayward vixen.
Zassa was finally located in a storage closet; she'd been
laid down on a pallet, on her back, her arms lashed to her
sides, her ankles tied to the storage racks on either side
of her, above her head.  This had the interesting effect of
holding her ass off the pallet, presenting her spread sex to
whomever opened the door.  Additionally, the vixen was
blindfolded, with soft plugs in her ears, and a ring gag
held her mouth wide open.  Tanj paused for a moment,
wondering if Zassa even knew she was there, considering the
earplugs and the blindfold.  It was obvious she'd been tied
in a way that left her available for the use of whomever on
the crew so decided to take advantage of her, and Tanj
wondered just how many had come by to relieve Zassa's
boredom?  Somehow she doubted it was as many as the Vixen
might have liked……..

Closing the door softly behind her, Tanj crouched, to
move between Zassa and the supply rack, to softly drag her
rough tongue over the bound vixen's left nipple.  Zassa
responded with a throaty moan through the ring gag,
squirming a little in her bonds.  Not being due back at work
for a while, Tanj spent several hours licking and
nibbling at the helpless vixen.  She used tongue and fingers
to drive her to a climax; then after a short rest, she'd
start again, french kissing her through her ring gag,
suckling at a nipple, stroking her mons, slipping her
fingers in and out of her pussy, licking at her clitty,
until she'd driven the helpless vixen to yet another climax…
A short rest and then she'd start again.  Finally, though,
Tanj had to relent, to release Zassa, shooing her towards
her quarters (and a much needed shower), as she returned to
the Intelligence office.

It was much later that night, when Tanj finally caught up
to her lion, in his quarters.  He was lying in bed, reading
some printouts when she came in, although it was more than
apparent that he was having trouble focusing.  Taking the
papers from his hand, Tanj smiled and turned out the
light, to snuggle against him.  Just cuddling, she was
pleased when his breathing took on the regular pattern of
someone sound asleep……….

Tanj had disabled the alarm clock, blocked the intercom,
and done everything she could think of to make sure he got
as much sleep as he needed.  Consequently, it was late in
the morning when he finally aroused.  Tanj grinned and
ducked when he rolled over to look at the chrono; as she
suspected he growled in frustration and took a good natured
swipe at her for letting him sleep so long.  Tanj yelped
and scrambled, trying to escape, but it was no good, he was
on her with a single pounce, the two of them sliding off the
bed and onto the floor.  There he showed his "displeasure"
by pinning the Cheetah to the floor, his fangs gripping the
back of her neck, as his paws raised her hips, his cock
pressing against her sex.  Moments later he was panting, his
hot breath ruffling the fur on the back of her neck as he
took her hard, fucking her roughly, ruthlessly.  It was a
wild, passionate mating, of the sort that Tanj had come
to love so well, as the large Lion used her for his
pleasure.  Tanj did her best to work back against his
thrusts, to meet him as energetically as he drove his cock
into her.  Shortly, much sooner than Tanj would have
preferred, she felt him tense, his body stiffening as he
shoved his cock hard into her, releasing her neck to roar in
pleasure as his orgasm claimed him.  For her part, Tanj
bucked and mewled beneath him, the sensation of his
throbbing, spurting cock driving her over the brink into the
arms of her own bright climax.

It was a while before they both calmed down, panting hard,
laying on the floor, wrapped in each other.  Eventually,
Tanj leaned over to kiss her Master; "How did your
mission go?  Obtain anything useful?"  The Lion grinned at
her and nodded; "Maybe.  Your boss really was instrumental
in the negotiations…..  We got a number of different things,
but most of them are VERY strange; not sure if they'll be of
any use yet."  And nothing she could do would make him say

After a while, the Lion reached out to brush the hair from
Tanj's face; "I hear you had an interesting time while I
was gone….."  Tanj just chuckled and nodded, one paw
toying with a lock of his mane; "The hardest part was
convincing the command staff that something was going to
happen."  The Lion chuckled; "Ah, I'm surprised; usually
you're very good at convincing folks….."  Tanj chuckled
and shrugged; "and most of them don't even know the whole
story…….."  With that, she proceeded to tell her Master of
all her machinations, all her schemes and plots on Elysium,
and how it had caught the attention of the Imperials, and
all the havoc that had resulted.  The Lion listened quietly,
nodding occasionally, grinning when he heard of how
Worthington and Xylex had been raked over the coals by the
investigators.  When Tanj had concluded her story, he
raised an eyebrow; "and you funded this how?  Dead
accounts?"  Tanj squirmed a little; "Mmmmmm, well,
mostly….. a lot of the funds came from Dead accounts, but I
didn't want to draw on that too heavily for fear of
establishing a pattern.  I also tapped into some of the
Intelligence "black" accounts; the ones I use to pay for
information, to pay field agents……."  The Lion's other
eyebrow went up, and he Hmmmmmed; "Just How Much did you
use?"  Tanj squirmed again, not meeting his gaze; "You
understand, I had to make it look convincing, and things
like that aren't cheap; it takes money to set up a fake
"conspiracy"……."  The Lion reached out to cup Tanj's sex,
his palm rubbing softly at her mons, but his claws sharp
between her legs; "HOW Much?"  Tanj gasped and glanced at
him, eyes wide as she felt his claws; "Um, about two hundred
and thirty-five thousand credits……  From the black
accounts…."  The Lion's eyes widened further, but he relaxed
his grip.  After a moment, he looked back at her, eyes
narrowed; "Tanj, you did VERY well in warning the
Brethren of the Imperial sweep, and your little trick on
Elysium was good too, but it's cost us a quarter's profits!
You've shown excellent initiative, and abilities, but you've
way overstepped your bounds in spending funds like that.
I'm definitely going to have to think up something that is
both a suitable punishment AND reward for you……..

Tanj swayed from several dozen leather straps, in the
middle of one of the recreation rooms.  Her arms were
tightly bound behind her back, her legs were raised towards
the ceiling and spread wide.  Tight leather straps encircled
her body, constricting her waist, encircling her breasts,
almost all attached to various places in the ceiling.  Her
head however, was unsupported, hanging back and down, her
mouth propped wide open with a ring gag similar to that
which Zassa had been wearing…….  She was completely exposed,
and available, to be used in pussy, mouth, or ass by anyone
who cared….. and the sign-up board, that had inhabited the
Intelligence office for so long was posted in the corridor
outside.  Her Master had told her that she'd be released
when everyone who'd signed up had been satisfied…………
Tanj smiled to herself; obviously there were loopholes in
the schedule, as Butch, the young Ferret, had snuck in and
was slowly, teasingly fucking her, moving at a sedate pace
that was driving her wild.  He seemed determined to drive
her crazy, holding her on the edge of a climax seemingly
forever….  As she squirmed in her bonds, swaying back and
forth to the youth's obvious delight, Tanj thought the
kid had sure learned a lot in a short time……..

Lord Xylex's face was lit by the glow of his computer
monitor.  It was late at night, and he was reviewing the
latest data that had come in, on his investigation into the
phony "conspiracy" that had caused him such trouble.  His
agents had traced many of the false e-mail messages, and the
mysterious transfers of funds, through "back doors" that had
been almost completely deleted, to an off-world source.  The
evidence was flimsy, tenuous at best, and certainly NOT
enough to show any Imperial investigator, but it was enough
to convince him that the Pirates had been behind it all.
Leaning back in his desk chair, he growled, and shook his
head; he'd tried to destroy them, and somehow they'd managed
to not only survive, but to turn some of the power of the
attack back against him.  Obviously other tactics, more
subtle tactics were called for.  After all, space had always
held pirates.  The only reason that these pirates were so
objectionable, was the pro-active stance they were taking
against the legitimate government of Elysium, and by
extension, him.  Perhaps if he could just change their
"management", they wouldn't be such a thorn in his side……..
Sitting forward, he called up another screen on his
computer, and started planning a counterattack…….

This story is a work of fiction, and any resemblance to
any characters, living, dead or imaginary is purely a
coincidence.  Tanj is copyright Kittiara's player.
Hinoki and Zassa are copyright their players (Zassa can
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