Tanj's Tales:  Shared Assets

By Kittiara


Stardate 2398.55          

Tanj listened with half a mind as her boss droned on in
the weekly intelligence briefing.  She had her notes ready
for her portion of the presentation, but that’s not where
the other half of her mind was.  The Brethren had worked
out an agreement with Jenka's Black Fleet to share
intelligence.  As with all things the Brethren did, profit
was foremost, and they'd finally agreed on a complex
formula for valuing information.  Most of it was bartered,
but if one organization had vitally important information,
or if they just had more information of worth than the
other side, then cash would change hands.  To kick off the
new agreement, Jenka herself had come to attend the
briefing.  And the Lion, in the spirit of being a good
host, had of course, loaned Tanj to her, for the night.
Tanj smiled as she thought back to how Jenka would not
tolerate any of Tanj's newly acquired "status" with the

The previous day, Tanj had heard of Jenka's arrival
while she was working in the Intelligence office, but had
been too busy preparing for the briefing to come greet her.
It wasn't until later that night, when the Lion stopped by,
that she realized that she'd worked straight through
dinner.  "You need a break," he growled; "I'm sure your
notes and presentation slides are adequate.  Put it away
for now and go to Jenka; I've agreed to lend you to her for
the night."  Tanj gave her work station a quick,
doubtful glance, but before she could object that she just
wasn't ready yet, the Lion picked her up, set her on her
feet, and gave her a swat on the can, urging her towards
the door.

Jenka smiled as Tanj entered her guest quarters; "Well,
hello, Pet; its good to see you again!"  Tanj padded
across the room to give Jenka a kiss; hugging her tight;
"Its good to see you too, Mistress!"  Jenka looked at her
for a moment, smiling, and then raised an eyebrow; "aren't
you forgetting something?"  Tanj's face went blank for a
moment as she tried to think of what Jenka might be
referring to, and then with a sound somewhere between a
gasp and a giggle, she knelt at Jenka's feet, assuming the
proper slave's position.  Jenka just clucked softly; "I can
see your Master has been WAY too lax with you; obviously
its going to be up to me to address the deficiencies in
your behavior!"

Tanj smiled to herself as Jenka commanded her to remove
her dress.  "While I'm on this station, Dear, you will not
wear a stitch; only your collar!" the Pantheress purrrrred.
Tanj thought of the presentation she was to make
tomorrow, and wondered if that was prudent; most of the
males present, and some of the females were too likely to
be distracted from what she was saying…. Still, she
wouldn't broach the subject with Jenka quite yet…..  Once
nude, Jenka had Tanj attend her bath, drawing the water,
adjusting the temperature, and adding oils, all at Jenka's
direction.  Then, Tanj knelt by the side of the tub,
reaching over to wash Jenka's hair.  When that was
accomplished, she was bidden to enter the water, to wash
the rest of her mistress's body.  Tanj, of course,
couldn't resist adding a nuzzle here, or a lick there, and
before long, her head was under water, licking softly at
Jenka's pussy.  Having to break off her licking
periodically, to surface, to take a breath gave Tanj the
excuse she needed to draw her licking out, to prolong her
attentions to Jenka's sex, teasing her to the brink of a
climax and holding her there until the Pantheress growled
and held her head tight to her pussy, demanding that she be
given her release before Tanj breathed again.

Tanj was still panting, trying to catch her breath as
she toweled Jenka dry.  Jenka purrred as Tanj stood
behind her and brushed out her long, raven hair, working
nimbly with the brush.  After turning down the bed, Tanj
resumed her kneeling position, awaiting Jenka's pleasure.
Jenka for her part, padded about the guest quarters, still
nude, laying out all sorts of things that she'd brought
with her, and Tanj did her part to watch
surreptitiously.  Finally, the Pantheress turned and
beckoned to the cheetah.  Tanj rose and padded over to
Jenka, who held out a long black glove.  This she pulled
over Tanj's right paw, fastening four buttons tightly at
the wrist before smoothing the length of the glove up her
arm.  Tanj felt something taped to the inside of the
palm of the glove, and wondered what it might be.  She
flexed her fingers and found the leather fairly thin, but
still, she had a feeling it would reduce her dexterity….
Jenka then bucked a cuff around Tanj's right wrist,
covering the buttons, and locking it in place with a small
padlock.  Jenka made a show of taking the key from that
padlock and taping it to the inside of the palm of the
other glove, and then pulling that over Tanj's left paw.
Again a cuff was fastened over the buttons at the wrist,
and locked in place.

Bidding Tanj to sit on the edge of the bed, Jenka held
up a stylish leather boot.  The key went inside the boot
and this was then pulled over Tanj's right foot, a cuff
going around her ankle to hold it in place.  The key from
that cuff went inside her left boot, which was then secured
with another cuff.  Tanj watched the key to that one
carefully, wondering where that one might be hidden.  As
Jenka held up the corset, Tanj groaned.  Jenka grinned
wickedly and held it out so that Tanj could step into
it.  Tugging it up over the Cheetah's hips, Jenka set it in
place and slowly started to tighten the laces, inch by
inch.  Tanj panted shallowly as the corset constricted
her waist, Jenka taking at least a half hour to get it as
tight as she wanted.  As Tanj struggled to breath, Jenka
turned and then held up a rather wicked looking "Chastity"
belt, and with great show, taped the key to her left ankle
cuff inside its waistband.

Tanj looked at the Chastity belt critically.  It had
phalluses for both ass and pussy, the latter, thankfully,
being the larger of the two.  It also had  a number of
raised bumps where the strap would chafe on her clitty, and
Tanj knew she was in for a rough night.  Motioning her
over, Jenka ordered Tanj to squat, and while she held
that strained position, Jenka lubbed up the butt plug on
the belt.  Tanj moaned softly as Jenka worked the two
phalluses into her, pulling the straps up, working her tail
through the hole in the back of the belt.  The waist band
went over the corset, effectively covering the laces at the
back.  This too was locked in place.

Next, Jenka held up a thick rubber hobble skirt, and showed
Tanj the key to her chastity belt taped to the inside of
its wastband.  It took quite a bit of tugging and
struggling to stretch the thick rubber over Tanj's hips,
but finally it was in place, fitting her like a second
skin.  It covered her from just below her breasts to just
below her knees, the tight rubber forcing her legs tightly
together.  Then, as if to add insult to injury, Jenka held
up a short hobble chain……

Tanj looked down as Jenka kneeled to lock the hobble
chain to one ankle cuff, and then to the other, restricting
her step to a length of about six inches.  Taking the keys
from the locks on the hobble chain, Jenka attached them to
another chain, a chain terminating on either end with a
pair of nipple clamps……  These were attached to her nipples
in short order, the keys swaying with each miniscule breath
the cheetah took.  Finally, Jenka held up a pair of
handcuffs, and pulling Tanj's paws behind her back, she
handcuffed them together, the key being added to the center
of the chain between her nipples.  Jenka then used a short
chain to pull her arms up, until her wrists were by her
shoulder blades, before attaching the other end of the
chain to her collar with yet another small lock.

Stepping back, Jenka admired her handiwork.  Tanj
grunted as she tried to move, the two phalluses waggling
deep inside her.  She sincerely hoped that Jenka didn't
feel like going out for a walk tonight…… Jenka smiled as
she padded around the well-trussed Cheetah; "as you can
see, each key is in turn available to you, as you remove
your outfit.  The key to the chain holding your paws high
is hidden somewhere in this room.  I suspect it will take
you a while to find it, and an even longer time to get out
of your outfit.  Its now 2200 hours, and you're due at the
briefing at 0800, giving you no more than ten hours to
escape your situation.  And just to make the situation more
challenging….."  The pantheress grinned wickedly and raised
a small remote; thumbing a button, Tanj GASPED as the
two phalluses buried deep within her came to life,
vibrating wickedly.  Jenka watched the emotions play across
the Cheetah's face for a moment, and then reclined on the
bed, her hips by its edge, her legs wide apart; "I'll make
you a deal; I'll TELL you where the key is, after you've
used that marvelous tongue of yours to bring me to three
climaxes; however, when you're done, I'll lock a gag into
your mouth, the key of which is inside your right glove.
That way, I won't hear your whimpering all night and can
get some sleep.  Tanj sighed to herself and with little
mincing steps, moved towards the bed, and Jenka.  Kneeling
was going to be a real challenge in this outfit.

Tanj wriggled and squirmed at the foot of the bed.
She'd managed to lick Jenka to her climaxes as quickly as
she could, using all the skill at her disposal.  The key
had been under the cushion of one of the easy chairs in the
suite, and Tanj'd had quite a time recovering it.  The
gloves did indeed make it hard to maneuver, and the dildoes
buzzing away within her had caused her to drop the key
several times, as they'd brought her to shuddering orgasm
after orgasm.  Finally she'd unlocked the chain holding her
paws up, and was free to squirm around, trying to catch
hold of the chain between her nipples.  This she found, was
quite difficult, and more than once she caught Jenka
grinning at her from the bed as she writhed, twisted and
turned.  FINALLY she was able to catch the chain and
wincing, pull the handcuff key from it.  Once her paws were
freed, the rest offered little challenge, but it still took
her an impossibly long time to finally escape.  Jenka had
watched the whole thing, and when Tanj was finally free,
she motioned the exhausted slave into her bed, to cuddle,
and to get what sleep she could, before the morning's
duties claimed them both.

As her boss finished up his presentation of the technical
intelligence the Brethren had gathered on Imperial
activities and capabilities, local ship movements, market
analysis, and the political situation in the sector and on
Elysium in particular, Tanj rose to make the
presentation on intelligence obtained through the
Brethren's network of agents and spies.  She knew the eyes
of most of those present were on her (instead of on her
presentation materials or briefing handouts), as Jenka was
still adamantly not permitting her clothing….  In fact, in
the morning, Jenka had presented her with little jeweld
bobs to hang from her nipple, labia, and clitty rings.  As
she raised her pointer to begin the presentation, she could
see bright little points of light reflected on the briefing
room's walls from the swaying gems.

"And finally, from our agent, code-named "Entity" we have
word that a disguised freighter by the name of Stra'doc is
actually the disguised yacht of Lord Isloth, of Elysium.
It will be leaving the Elysium system in eleven days time,
enroute to the Imperial home world.  It carries a number of
Elysium nobles and industrialists, who are on a mission to
try and enlist Imperial assistance in their fight against
the increasing rebel problem.  Additionally, they hope to
sign joint ventures that will bring in capital that will
aid the Elysium government and the major corporations in
their fight."  The Lion looked up; "how reliable is this
"Entity"?  Tanj smiled; "To date his information has
checked out 100%.  Personally, he's an enigma, but then, in
his place, I'd want to be too, just in case someone
somewhere leaked information about him."  The Lion nodded
and turned to Ben; "Put that one on the list.  Intercept
them well enough away from Elysium that no immediate
conclusions can be drawn."  Ben just nodded and made a

The briefing had lasted all day, and into the early
evening.  The format was still a bit fluid, and the
arguments at the end over the value of each piece of
information had eaten up hours.  By the time Davis from
Accounting and his opposite number from the Black Fleet had
finished their verbal dueling, Tanj's stomach was
rumbling.  As the meeting broke up, Tanj heard the Lion
talking to Jenka; "I believe we still have a few "joint
operations" to discuss, and I know you're eager to leave in
the morning; why don't we adjourn to my quarters?  I'll
have Tanj cook us something to eat."  Jenka shot Tanj
a look, a hint of a smile on her face, and nodded; "Yes, I
think that would be….. profitable."  The lion turned and
looked at Tanj and nodded, and then turning back to
Jenka, he offered her his arm.

As the Lion and Jenka strolled off down the corridor
towards the residential section, Tanj mentally reviewed
the contents of the little 'fridge there and sighed.
Turning in the other direction, she headed for the
cafeteria at a trot.

The wok steamed as Tanj bustled back and forth.  The
lion and Jenka were seated in the den, talking of future
operations, their conversation drifting off into Imperial
politics, and marketing from time to time.  She'd poured
them each a glass of Jenka's favorite wine, a white to go
with the shrimp she was cooking.  It'd been pure hell
trying to talk the cook staff out of the ingredients for
the dinner, but finally she'd found out what they wanted in
trade, and had promised to obtain it for them.  Somehow.
Grinning, she thought she'd turn Zassa loose on the
problem.  Finally the dishes were done, and moving the
bowls and tureens to the table, she announced dinner.

As the Lion and Jenka ate, Tanj knelt to one side, about
equally between the two.  The lion grinned and showing
remarkable dexterity with chopsticks was feeding Tanj an
occasional shrimp.  He seemed to be taking great pleasure
in dipping it in one of the several sauces Tanj had
prepared, to the point that it was dripping, and then
holding it almost out of her reach, so that she would have
to tilt her head up and back, to take it from his
chopsticks.  As a result, she had several splotches of
sauce on her chest, where the food had dripped on her.
Still, Tanj smiled to herself as she imagined what was
to come…….

"You seem to be making quite a mess" Jenka purrred as she
took a sip of wine.  The lion shrugged, and nodded; "I've
always been a clumsy oaf.  As if to demonstrate, he fed
Tanj another morsel of shrimp, and as he maneuvered it,
Tanj grinned, her mouth opened wide, her head tilted
back, but her body moving, such that what dripped fell
right where she wanted it to…..  "Not to worry," the Lion
rumbled; "I thoroughly intend to clean her up when I'm
done."  Jenka chuckled and nodded; "Dessert, so to speak?"
The lion looked at Jenka and grinned; "why yes; would you
like some?"  Jenka chuckled and touched the corner of her
napkin to her lips; "why yes, I do believe I would.  But
you really must do it right…….."  The lion chuckled; "and
how would that be?"  Jenka smiled; "Tanj, I believe
we're done; please clear the table and then return.  Ah,
and leave the sauces………"

Tanj hurriedly cleared the table, leaving the dishes for
later.  Returning to the dining table, Jenka grinned at her
and gestured for her to lay herself across the table.  The
Lion watched, grinning.  Jenka then pulled at Tanj's
waist, dragging her crotch to the very edge of the table,
right where her dinner plate had been sitting.  Calmly
reaching for the bowl containing the sweet-and-sour sauce,
she placed a large dollop right on Tanj's mons.  The
cheetah gasped as she felt it run down between her legs and
then MOANED as she felt Jenka's tongue licking at the
droplets. The lion for his part, bent and started licking
at the drops of sauce on Tanj's chest, and before long,
the two pirates had Tanj writhing on the table-top.

Jenka paused, to look up at the Lion; "you know, I've
always preferred my food spicy hot.  This is nice, but I
think a little spice is in order……"  Tanj thought back
to Hinoki's antics with the tobasco sauce and moaned, but
dared not object.  The Lion looked at Jenka thoughtfully
for a moment and then nodded; "well, we have the ginger
sauce, and the hot mustard; which would you prefer?"  Jenka
thought for a moment and then nodded; "Lets start with the
ginger; we'll move on to the hot mustard in a while….."
And then Tanj felt the coolness of more sauce covering
her, running over breasts and pussy, and again, two tongues
worked at lapping it up, making her squirm.

The lion licked at Tanj's breasts, alternating one and
then the other, leaning over her until he was sure she was
"clean."  By this point, Jenka had the Cheetah fem
squirming and panting, and the lion raised his head to
watch Tanj's face as another climax tore through her.
Purrrring, he looked up at Jenka; "you do that well; you
obviously know just what she likes."  Jenka looked up from
her "meal" and nodded; "I do believe that I've raised my….
culinary skills to an art form…."  Purrring she bent again,
her rough tounge making Tanj resume her moaning.  The
Lion chuckled and nodded;  "not an unusual ability in these
parts."  Jenka looked up again and raised an eyebrow; "Oh?
I find that hard to believe….."  As if to demonstrate her
point she bent her head again, her tongue roughly stroking
Tanj's clitty, her ability more than reflected in the
Cheetah's face as she immediately writhed through yet
another climax.  The Lion just grinned and nodded; then,
bending closer, he murmured; "Oh look, you've got some of
the sauce on yourself………"  Before Jenka could say a word he
bent his head to lick at her fur softly.

It took Tanj a while to realize what was happening….
Slowly, Jenka's sweet attention to her pussy, her
delightful licks and nibbles, were coming more slowly,
becoming less deft.  As she caught her breath, she lifted
her head, to look down her body.  Sure enough, a state of
bliss was reflected on Jenka's face….  Half rolling to one
side, looking under the table, Tanj spied the lion on
his knees under the table, his muzzle buried under Jenka's
skirt.  Tanj grinned, and knew her master was
accomplished in that arena, and slowly she inched her way
away  from Jenka, letting the Pantheress pant and moan
undistracted as the Lion's tongue drove her towards
Nirvana.  She couldn't leave it alone though, and squirming
around on the table, turning to face Jenka, she kissed her
long and hard.  Then, rolling over onto her tummy, Tanj
proceeded to lick teasingly at Jenka's left nipple………

As Tanj licked, she realized that the bowl of Ginger
sauce was almost empty, the almost full bowl of hot mustard
sitting next to it; she wondered if this was merely a happy
coincidence…. Or had the lion known, and taken action to
distract Jenka?

Jenka had lost track of time.  She didn't know HOW long
she'd been sitting in that chair, the cheetah crouched on
the table nuzzling her breasts, the broad muzzle and rough
tongue of the Lion working tirelessly between her thighs.
As she felt his tongue once again swirl up into her
drenched sex, stroking deep inside her, she yowled once
more, the waves of pleasure of this unnumbered climax
washing through her.  Somehow, as the feelings subsided a
little, she found the strength to push Tanj's head away,
gasping "Enough!"  The Lion was a little harder to
dissuade, but eventually he too pulled his muzzle back let
her rest.

As she panted, trying to catch her breath, Jenka looked
from Tanj to the Lion and back; "you know, maybe that IS
a common skill here……"  Looking at the Lion she smiled;
"Sirrah, you've licked me to a frazzle; I'm completely wore
out!"  Raising her gaze to Tanj, who was still laying on
top of the table, head propped up on her paws, Jenka
smiled; "but really, Pet, you are quite remiss in your
duties……"  Tanj's eyes widened and her jaw dropped, a
"huh?" emerging from her open mouth.  Jenka nodded; "here
your Master has been so kind to entertain his guest, and
you have completely ignored his needs!  You should rectify
that, and quickly, or I'm sure you'll be punished!"
Tanj grinned and inched forward to look under the table
at her Master; he in turn lifted his head to kiss her,
softly at first, but with the passion of the kiss growing.
Before long Tanj was on the floor, crouching, her knees
wide apart, her head resting on her crossed paws on the
floor, as the lion moved to take her from behind.

Jenka watched as the Lion used his slave, as he fucked her
hard.  There was a primal need about his movements, and for
a moment Jenka regretted not satisfying his lusts herself……
but then she WAS exhausted…..  Instead, she took in the
show, as the Lion's motions slowly increased in tempo, in
forcefulness, until Tanj was bracing herself hard
against his thrusts.  He came with a roar, Tanj's own
cries echoing his.

They all wound up in the Lion's large bed, morning coming
all too soon.  The Lion then showed Jenka the proper way to
be bathed by a slave, all three of them crowding into the
shower.  Covered in liquid soap, Tanj squirmed and
writhed between the two, making sure to stroke herself
against every portion of their anatomy, using herself as a
living bath sponge to make sure they were clean.  And as
aroused and excited as she could get them.  This time,
Tanj watched as the Lion quenched the fires in Jenka's
loins, the pair working through this position and that,
until they both roared with pleasure, Jenka astride the
Lion's hips, his cock buried deep in her pussy.

After breakfast, The Lion and Tanj escorted Jenka back
to her ship.  "Sure you can't stay?" the Lion growled; "We
really do have a bit more to work out on that Bienviedos
affair."  Jenka smiled and shook her head; "No, I'm afraid
I have pressing business elsewhere.  Although believe me, I
would like to stay.  Are you SURE I can't talk you into
selling your delightful little slave here?  She's good at
her intelligence work, but you KNOW she's wasted there;
she's MUCH better suited for the bed."  The lion laughed;
"Not a chance; besides, as long as she's here, I'll know
you'll keep coming back."  Both Jenka and Tanj smiled at
that.  Jenka rose to tiptoes to give the Lion a kiss
goodbye, and then turned to kiss Tanj goodbye too;
"Goodbye, Slave.  As punishment for not finding a way for
me to stay another day, you are forbidden clothes for the
next 24 hours.  And NEXT time I see you, you'd best
remember your station and behave accordingly!"  Giving
Tanj a soft swat on the can, and giving the Lion a wink,
Jenka turned to pass through the airlock to her ship.

As the airlock cycled and Jenka's ship undocked, the Lion's
paw rose to examine one of the jewels still dangling from
Tanj's piercings.  "You know, I like that effect" he
purrred; "But I think I can go Jenka one better………."

Tanj padded carefully into the Intelligence office.
There was a LOT of work to be done before they could mount
a mission to capture the Stra'doc, and Tanj was eager to
get started.  As she entered, however, all eyes turned to
her, and she caught more than a few grins.  Eddie, the gray
wolf from Operations, had been waiting for her and he
padded over to examine her a little more closely.  The Lion
had found a considerable length of gold chain, and had
indeed "decorated" Tanj a little more thoroughly than
Jenka had.  Tanj thought that the understated effect of
a few jewels was far more fetching than this, but she had
to admit, what the Lion had done had its recommendations……

Eddie shook his head and traced the line with his finger.
From a locked cuff around Tanj's left ankle, a length of
fine gold chain traveled upwards, to pass loosely through
her two labia rings.  From there it passed through her
clitty ring, through her bellybutton ring, through the ring
in her right nipple.  It then traveled, swaying in an arc
to pass through her other nipple ring, before passing on to
her nosering (replaced for this occasion), and thence to
her right earring.  Every motion seemed to make the lengths
of chain swing and way, and it was apparent that if she
turned or twisted, the chain would pull through the
numerous rings, and sensitive portions of her anatomy would
get tugged at.  Tanj chuckled as she watched his eyes
travel, and then demonstrated the principle by arching her
back a little, lifting her muzzle, and turning her head to
the right, the chain going tight all the way to the anklet,
tugging her breasts together.  Grinning wickedly, Eddie
knelt and shoved his muzzle between Tanj's thighs,
eliciting a yelp at his cold nose, and another yelp as his
tongue explored her sex (making the chains in that area
wriggle and dance all the more).  Straightening up he
grinned at the onlookers, as if to say, "yup, its got her
hot all right."  Tanj just shook her head, and as Eddie
turned back to her, she reached up and grabbed an ear;
"Come one, You," she growled; "We've got work to do."
Picking up her briefing material and a data PADD, she
tugged him into one of the conference rooms.  However, the
sounds that emerged from behind the thin door suggested
they were doing anything but planning a mission…..  for a

This story is a work of fiction, and any resemblance to any
characters, living, dead or imaginary is purely a coincidence.
Tanj is copyright Kittiara's player.  Jenka is copyright
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