Tanj's Tale; Cloak and Dagger

By Kittiara


Stardate 2398.30

Tanj padded down the hall, lost in thought; she
carried notes and presentation materials for her
Master, following him a few steps behind.  He had
called a staff meeting to discuss a new problem that
faced the Bretheren, but even with her position in the
pirate group’s intellegence department, she still had
no idea how he was going to handle the problem.  He
obviously had an idea, he certainly had enough notes
and hand-out hard-copies, but he’d told Tanj

The group gradually assembled, Ben from operations
arriving a little early, talking with the lion in a
corner as the others filed in.  Tanj’s nominal
boss, the elderly fox that ran the intelligence
department, came in a few minutes late, and just sat
at the end of the table, drinking coffee.  When the
lion and Ben finished, the lion called the meeting to

“We have a new problem” He rumbled.  “After the raid
on the fueling station, we thought we could let things
quiet down for a while, that we’d be able to rebuild
our forces without significant interference.  However,
Senator Grant, one of two Imperial Senators Elysium
sends to the Senate on Central, has been making wild
accusations there, trying to drum up support for a
permanent Imperial presence in the Elysium sector.
She’s been calling the Imperial fleet cowards, fools
and idiots for not having prevented the destruction of
the fueling station, and as you can guess, she’s not
making many friends among the fleet.  However, there
are those factions that are beginning to listen,
perhaps if for no other reason than to use this as an
excuse to shift fleet assets from their sector to this
one.  Obviously we need to remove Senator Grant from
the Imperial Senate as soon as possible, to silence
her.”  The head of logistics looked up; “and what of
the other Imperial Senator?  Won’t that one demand
something be done about the disappearance of his
colleague?”  The lion chuckled; “Senator Gurion is a
bit more liberal minded and open to reform than
Senator Grant is.  In fact, we believe he might
already have secret agreements with the burgeoning
Rebel movement on Elysium.  Of course, ever since
Grant ruined his family over a decade ago, the two
have been bitter, almost violent enemies……  There’s a
very good chance that Gurion would celebrate Grant’s
sudden disappearance.  And an even better chance that
he would not want to “Stir things up” in the Elysium
sector until he’d secured whatever power he could,
ESPECIALLY if he’s already in the rebel’s pocket.”

“So how do we take out Senator Grant” the leader of
the second wing asked.  The lion grinned and gestured
to Tanj’s boss.  The old fox cleared his throat and
rose to his feet; “We’ve discovered that Grant is back
on Elysium to handle some, ah, “business”.  She’ll be
returning to Central a week from Tuesday on the
Burgess Star.  Unfortunately, she usually travels
incognito.  We have plans to intercept the liner near
the Certes system, at which point we hope to “remove”
the good Senator, along with any other notables on the
passenger list.  The ship will be ransacked, the other
passengers robbed, all in true pirate fashion.”  Ben
nodded thoughtfully; “that system is fairly far into
the Empire, a good ways from our normal operating
area, but I suppose we can handle it, with some
careful planning…… It will certainly be one of our
boldest operations to date.  But if she travels
incognito, how will we know who to “kidnap?  For that
matter, these days, most important personages using
public transportation travel incognito.  They
obviously hope that in the event of the ship being
taken by pirates they’ll escape being held for ransom,
a fact that continues to amaze me, as everyone knows
their business insurance will pay for their ransom.”
Ben paused for a moment, thinking, and then continued;
“Since the team boarding the liner will only have a
limited amount of time, they won’t be able to play
twenty questions with the passengers trying to figure
out who’s who.  Doesn’t this pose a problem?”  The
lion grinned; “we hope to have all such important
personages identified by the time we take the ship;
you see, we’re putting a couple of agents on board the
ship at the stop after Elysium.  It’ll be their job to
ferret out who’s who.  And as to why so many travel
incognito, maybe they have high deductibles; I don’t

The commander of the (remaining) capital ship squadron
wondered aloud who they were going to send onto the
liner to figure out this little piece of information,
and even as she said it, Tanj felt most eyes
turning her way.  Looking up at the lion she saw him
nod.  “I hate to put Tanj in harms way again; her
face is becoming all too well known, but she’s
probably the best furr for the job.  And obviously she
can’t go alone.  I’ve hired a free-lance, a
specialist.  This furr comes very highly recommended,
and I certainly hope his fee reflects his
qualifications.  He’s highly skilled at defeating
surveillance systems, planting bugs and ferreting
information from computer systems.  If it comes to
that too, he’s also a skilled assassin.  While Tanj
will actually be in charge of the operation, her cover
will be that of his slave.  He’ll be a rich
dilettante, heading for the casinos on Central.”
Turning to Tanj, the lion’s face grew grim; “I’m
counting on you to identify Senator Grant.  I’d hate
to have to destroy the ship, and kill everyone on
board just to eliminate her, but I will if I have

The meeting droned on for some time, as they worked
out the logistics involved for a distant operation.
It took comparatively little time for them to settle
on a way to get Tanj and her partner to the Draison
Station, where they’d board the Burgess Star.  What
happened after that, would be up to Tanj and her
partner; a few suggestions were made, and some “tools”
were specified, but largely it would be on their

When the meeting was over, the lion led Tanj
through the station to a guest room in the living
quarters; he inclined his head to the door and said;
“Your new partner is in there; for obvious reasons
we’re keeping his presence here a bit of a secret.
The fewer that know who he is, the better.  Tanj
nodded, and as the lion turned to walk away, she
knocked on the door.  A faint “enter” echoed from
within and the door slid aside to permit Tanj to
step into the room.

The first thing Tanj saw as she entered was a
rather large male Panther, standing a dozen feet
inside the door, arms crossed.  Before she could
speak, he growled softly; “So you’re the slave at my
“disposal” for this mission?  Not too bad……  But if
you’re to accomplish the tasks I want you to, you’ll
have to do more than just look good.  Lets see what
you can do”.  And with that, he stepped forward to
wrap one large paw in her hair, to force her to her
knees.  Tanj was just about to object, to say that
while she was playing his slave for this mission, she
was the lion’s slave, and that he had put HER in
charge of the mission.  However before she could frame
those words for speech, he had dropped his pants, and
was using his grip on her hair to rub her muzzle
against his crotch.  Tanj struggled for a moment,
his scent filling her nostrils, her cold nose rubbing
against his shaft, but she found his grip tight, his
arms powerful, and quite before she knew what was
happening, she found the head of his cock in her
mouth.  It was difficult to fight her conditioning, to
go against her training, and thinking that she’d
straighten things out later, she started stroking his
shaft with her tongue as he forced more and more of it
into her throat.  He roughly fucked her face for a
while, and just when Tanj thought she was getting
close to bringing him off, he yanked back on her hair,
dragging his cock from her mouth.  Without a word, he
forced her lower, until her head and shoulders were
almost on the floor; holding her there, he moved
around behind her to forcefully stuff his cock, still
dripping with her saliva, into her pussy.  He
purrrrrred with satisfaction as he found her quite
wet.  Still holding her hair, one paw on her shoulders
to keep her down, he proceeded to take his pleasure,
fucking her hard.  Tanj, for her part, did her best
to squeeze him with her “inner hand”, tightening her
vaginal muscles around his shaft, and he seemed to
like that, moving harder, and faster.  Just as Tanj
was about to climax, he leaned way over her, to fasten
his fangs around the back of her neck, both paws going
to squeeze her tits roughly.  Tanj howled at the
feel of his fangs on her neck, at the feel of his
claws on her breasts, and bucked hard against him as
her climax claimed her; this was obviously what he was
looking for, because as Tanj moaned and shook, her
vaginal muscles spasming around his cock, his orgasm
shook him, his cock filling her with his hot cum.

After a moment, he released her neck and straightened.
Pulling out slowly, he once again dragged her around
by the hair to present his slick cock to her muzzle.
Knowing what he wanted, what he was demanding, Tanj
licked him clean, even as she was catching her breath.
When she was finished, he smiled and pulled her head
up, to kiss her softly; “He was right, you ARE good; I
think you might just do for what I’ve got in mind.  Of
course, you’ll have to be the sexiest and most
alluring slave there ever was for this to work”
Tanj blinked at him, and shook her head; “Now wait
just a minute………  I’m supposed to be in charge of this
mission!  And for WHAT to work?”

They argued until it was time to leave for the shuttle
to Draison Station.  They argued almost the whole
flight, much to the amusement and then the annoyance
of the flight crew.  Tanj wasn’t about to admit
that he was in charge, and he wasn’t about to admit
that a slave could be in charge.  They argued about
their plans, their equipment, and their disguises.
Tanj admitted to herself that this freelance named
Tand certainly knew his business, and that he had some
good ideas, but vowed never to give him the
satisfaction of learning that.  She did freely admit
he was good in bed, but he acted as if this was no
major revelation, that it should be obvious.

They finally stopped arguing after they checked into
their room on Draison Station.  There they were met by
the team of makeup artists the lion had arranged for.
Tanj was led into one of the bedrooms by a lady
squirrel, while her husband, a lepine, worked on Tand
in the sitting room.  The first thing the lady
squirrel did was to strip Tanj of everything but
her collar; she would have taken that off too, had
there been a way short of a cutting torch.  They
decided that Tanj’s long hair was too nice to cut,
and the squrrel pinned it up to work on the rest of
her.  Taking out a set of powered clippers, she
proceeded to trim Tanj’s short fur into a very
stylish cut.  “I think you’d look good as an Ocelot”
the squrrel chittered; “Although with your body shape
a puma might work… but they’re rather plain.  You’re
too small to be a Leopard, and much too small to be a
Tigress or a lioness……”  Tanj nodded; “Lets go with
the Ocelot, then”  The lady squirrel smiled and
nodded; “I’m glad you agree with Tand; he thought it
would be perfect for you”  Tanj stifled a growl.
As she watched the lady squirrel slowly dye her fur to
an even golden brown, Tanj thought; “Obviously
these artists are at the top of their profession”.
Before long, the squirrel had dyed in the distinctive
black markings of an Ocelot.  The last step was to dye
Tanj’s platinum blonde hair a rich reddish brown
that went well with her new fur color.  Tanj looked
at herself in the mirror and smiled; “I trust this is
all waterproof?”  The lady squirrel nodded; “Your fur
will have to grow out for you to look like a cheetah
again, and that should take some time.”  She giggled;
“Of course, you’ll look a little strange in the

Tanj found that Tand had been trimmed nicely and
dyed to resemble a Leopard.  Looking him over she felt
that he looked almost perfect, certainly more than
good enough to pass casual examination…… and even if
someone thought he might not be a Leopard, well,
everyone important traveled in disguise anyways……

The following day, the Burgess Star docked at the
station.  Before Tanj could dress for their “grand
entrance”, Tand again grabbed her, taking her hard,
fucking her roughly.  When he’d finished, he refused
to let Tanj clean up, permitting her only to brush
her hair, and don her dress, insisting that anyone who
looked at her would know she’d just been fucked, and
that this would increase his aura of power, and her
aura of sensuality.  Tanj wasn’t so sure about
that, but as she pulled on her dress, she was sure
that anyone downwind of her would know exactly what
they’d been up to.

Tand led Tanj onto the liner, passing through the
large passenger airlock.  Tand was wearing a semi-
formal outfit in black, his layered lapels
transitioning softly from red to gold.  At the end of
Tand’s silver leash, Tanj followed meekly, attired
in a shimmering light brown dress that complimented
her fur.  The halter style dress was only nominally
“decent”.  It was backless, its sides, as it passed
from behind her neck, descending along her flanks,
showing considerable expanses of the sides of her
breasts until it met again just under her tail; the
neckline however was loose, more hinting at her
breasts as she walked than revealing them.  The skirt
was short and flouncy, the moving fabric hinting at
what was below.  In all, Tanj thought she looked
fantastic, and she enjoyed the covert and overt stares
of the furrs they passed as they made their way to the

The deck officer accepted Tand’s tickets, his eyes
never leaving Tanj, as he fumbled for the access
cards to their stateroom.  “Uh, you understand, Sir,
that the Burgess line does not provide separate
quarters for slaves in transit” he mumbled.  Tand took
the proffered key cards and nodded; “I wouldn’t expect
to pay the full fare and then place my slave in some
kennel”.  The officer nodded and ignored the next set
of passengers as he watched Tanj’s ass sway as they
walked away.

Tanj’s eyes, on the other hand, were wide, as she
gazed at the opulence of the liner.  The Star was a
little on the elderly side, but had a reputation for
never having been surpassed for sheer luxury.  She
marveled at the cut glass windows in the corridor
doors, and the flocked wall coverings.  They even had
tapestries.  She couldn’t wait to see what the grand
ballroom, or the main dining salon looked like.  She
also couldn’t wait to see what the bathroom in their
suite looked like; she certainly felt like a long hot
soak in the tub, before their charade got underway for

The suite was every bit as luxurious as she thought it
might be, and she oooohed as she walked around,
looking.  Tand, for his part, ignored his surroundings
and started unpacking his bags.  Tanj shook her
head as she watched him covertly; either he was used
to such luxury, or where he was truly didn’t matter to
him near as much as the task at hand.  Slipping a few
discrete objects into his pockets Tand straightened;
“I think I’m going to go down to the lounge and get a
look at some of the other passengers.  I also want to
get a “read” on the crew’s attitude.  I’ll be back in
time for the second sitting for dinner, and I’ll
expect you to be ready, and wearing that two piece
burgundy outfit.”  Tanj nodded and as he left, she
padded off to the bath, to ooooh and ahhhh some more,
before sinking into a steaming tub the size of a small

Tand found a seat at the far end of the bar, where he
could watch the door, and the comings and goings of
the guest.  The Lounge was paneled in dark, rare
woods, subtly lit, and very elegant, but Tand’s eyes
were only on the other passengers.  One of them was
his quarry, and he would figure out whom before their
rendezvous.  Over the course of several hours, Tand
talked to a number of distinguished furrs, some of
whom had seen him enter with Tanj.  Most of these
complimented him on how his slave looked, and a few
even wondered if she behaved as well as she looked.
Tand replied politely, doing what he could to build
the mystery of the exotic creature that was his slave.
All of those he talked to were male, and as such,
obviously not the Senator, unless, he thought with a
grin, she’d one hell of a disguise.  Dismissing the
possibility of a gender change for the mere purpose of
a trip, Tand took another look around the Lounge,
noting the few females present.  “Still”, he thought;
“Most of those I’ve talked to would appear to be
personages of note.  You can disguise the body, but
disguising the mind, the personality behind the face
is always much more difficult.  The rich, and the
powerful have a way about them that will show through,
unless they’re VERY good………”

Tanj had finally dragged herself from the bath;
true to their word, her fur dye job was as pristine as
when it had been applied.  After drying her hair, she
braided it into a very long single braid, with a gold
ring woven into the very end, the way her lion liked
it.  She purrrrrred, thinking of him, as she added a
few pieces of jewelry, and then turned to lay out her
outfit.  The top was little more than a fancy bib that
barely covered her breasts.  The matching skirt had
wide slits up either side, making it almost look like
a silken loincloth; still, it was well done, and she
felt it made her look marvelous.  Leaving it on the
bed, she turned, nude, to the room’s data terminal.
Attaching a few of the devices they’d brought, she
accessed the ship’s database, and started searching
for clues to the identities of the other passengers.
Of course, she couldn’t find out much, but her idle
curiosity covered the worm program that she had
quietly uploaded.  The worm would work
surreptitiously, slowly investigating, and with luck,
penetrating and negating the defenses of the ship’s
computer.  Tanj hoped that by the time the pirates
showed up, she’d be able to mess up the Star’s
computer so bad that the ship would be defenseless.

Tand was just returning to the stateroom when he felt
the ship shudder, the internal gravity fields
fluctuating as they undocked from the station.  As he
entered the door, he noticed Tanj’s nude form at
the terminal.  “Find out anything?” he purrrred.
Tanj shook her head no; “Nothing that they don’t
want you to know, but then, I didn’t try too hard.
Didn’t want to raise any red flags; on the other hand,
the computer took the worm without problems.  With
luck, that’ll do our work for us.”  Tand nodded; “I’ll
see what I can do a bit later; right now, we need to
get ready for dinner.  Come here.”  Tanj rose and
padded over to him, wondering if he wanted to give her
that “just fucked” look he seemed to like so much;
instead he opened a drawer and took out a small spool
of almost invisible monofiliment.  Carefully he tied
one end to Tanj’s left nipple ring.  Measuring out
about eight feet of the gossamer thin translucent
thread, he cut it, and then tied a similar length to
her other nipple ring.  Tanj watched curiously,
standing straight, figuring out that when he wanted
to, he’d explain.  Finishing, he told Tanj to put
on her skirt, which she did.  He carefully coiled the
loose ends of the monofiliment, and tucked them
carefully into the waistband of her skirt.  Grinning
at her, he told her she could now put on her top.
That took Tanj just a moment, and after checking
her appearance in the mirror, she turned to Tand, to
let him clip his silver leash to her collar.  Then
they were off to dinner.

“No, that’s completely unacceptable.”  The Maitre’D
glared back at Tand; “Sir it simply is not proper
protocol to seat a slave at the table with their
betters!”  Tand growled, leaning over the elegantly
uniformed fox; “I don’t care what is or is not proper;
your purser demanded I pay the same fee for her
passage as I paid for myself; accordingly I WILL see
her receive all the amenities that I myself receive.
DAMMIT, I paid for her seat at the table, and she WILL
take it.”  Tanj could see other passengers staring
at them, some amused, some horrified.  Finally, the
Maitre’D relented and escorted them to their table.
Tand gestured to the seat directly opposite him, and
unclipping Tanj’s leash, she padded around the
table to take her seat.  As she did so, she noted the
eyes of at least three other slaves, kneeling on
cushions behind their owners, watching her covertly.

“You know, that might just encourage her to think
beyond her station” a wolf seated across from Tand
said, as Tanj took her seat, eyes downcast.  Tand
just grinned; “Oh, I have ways of keeping her in line.
Tanj, pass me those things under the table”.
Tanj wasn’t sure what he meant, but passed him the
monofiliments anyway.  That must have been the correct
response, as Tand said nothing further.  He made small
talk with the couple on his left, his paws doing
something under the table.  After a moment he looked
back at the Wolf and grinned; “I’m sure you’ll come to
understand both my insistence at her sitting at the
table as well as my, ah, guarantee of control”.  The
wolf sipped his drink as if saying; “we’ll see”.  Tand
smiled and reached for the water pitcher on the table;
as he did, Tanj gasped and suddenly leaned forward.
Tanj suddenly realized that he’d tied the ends of
the monofiliment to the rings he wore on either paw;
when he’d reached for the water pitcher, the line to
her left nipple had suddenly gone TIGHT!  She knew
better than to make a sound, but even so, a small gasp
escaped her.  The wolf took a look at the pained look
on her face, and then at Tand, and grinned wickedly;
“Oh, Well Done, Sir!  I see now that your insistence
on having your slave there was merely to further
demonstrate your mastery of her.  But tell me; how do
you do it?”  Tand grinned and shook his head; waving
his paws as if gesturing grandly as he talked, he made
trouble sway from side to side, in response to his
motions.  “Its Magic” he purrrrred.  By now he had the
attention of everyone at the table, including the
Maitre’D, and they all watched closely.  Tanj noted
that some, like the Second officer, sitting at the
head of the table, wore looks of extreme distaste,
while others, especially those with slaves kneeling
behind them, gazed with rapt fascination.  One lady, a
black panther half way down the table seemed
particularly interested in how it was being done.
From the corner of her eye, Tanj also noted that
the slaves that had given her the harshest looks for
being permitted a seat at the table now had looks
approaching pity, and to an extent, fear, on their

Tand spent the rest of the meal talking animatedly,
and Tanj’s only respite was when he was actually
eating.  From what little food she managed to get into
her mouth, she found the cuisine excellent, and she
smiled a wry grin as she thought her current
circumstance would at least help her to maintain her
waistline.  Throughout the dinner, Tanj noted the
black pantheress seemed particularly fascinated every
time Tanj let out a little squeak or mewl in
response to Tand’s gestures.

After desert and coffee, the wolf opposite Tand
suggested that they swap slaves for the evening; Tand
glanced at the voluptuous Otter kneeling behind the
wolf and nodded slowly; “My only requirement is that
she be returned undamaged.”  The wolf smiled and
nodded; “have no fear, sir, have no fear”.  Tanj
was a little piqued that their hunt would be delayed
by an evening, but shrugged it off, telling herself
they should still have plenty of time, and she had a
reputation to generate, bait to lure the attention of
the elusive Senator.  This Wolf seemed just the sort
to regale everyone in the bar with tales of his night
with Tanj………

The wolf was tastefully dressed, his clothes
reflecting obvious wealth and sophistication, and yet
as he led Tanj down the ship’s corridor, there was
a spring in his step that reminded Tanj of a young
boy with a new toy.  As soon as they were through the
door to his stateroom, he turned to unclasp Tanj’s
leash, and as soon as he had done that, Tanj sank
to her knees before him, to nuzzle at his crotch as
she worked at undoing his pants.  He seemed delighted
with her eagerness, and let her slide his pants down
his legs, her tongue licking avidly at his sheath.
Before long, his maleness was rampant, throbbing, and
Tanj’s head rocked back and forth as she worked his
length in and out of her willing mouth.  It didn’t
take long at all before he was spurting, filling her
mouth with his seed; Tanj made a point of letting a
little of the sticky white stuff escape the corners of
her mouth, as if the flow of his jism was more than
she could swallow.  Grinning, she looked brazenly up
at him, to lick at her lips.  “Good” she purrrred;
“Now that we’ve taken the edge off, you’ll be in
better shape for what’s to come”  He raised an eyebrow
at that, but followed as Tanj took him by the hand,
to lead him to the bed.

Tand led the wolf’s slave back to his quarters, where
he instructed her to strip, and to kneel in the middle
of the room.  After pouring himself a drink, and
calmly removing and folding his clothes, putting them
away in the closet, he returned to look down upon his
charge for the night.  Padding around her slowly,
drinking in her curves with his eyes, Tand nodded to
himself.  “Tell me, Slave, what you like, and what you
dislike”.  The otteress blinked, her gaze properly
downcast; it was obvious this was not what she was
expecting.  After a moment of thought she replied;
“Master, I like to be licked, and I love to be
tickled, and I especially love when the two are
combined.”  Tand nodded; “and your dislikes?”  The
slave hesitated for a moment before replying; “Master,
I dislike anal sex, and I despise nipple clips”.  Tand
nodded slowly, and turned to fetch some rope.

Tanj moaned softly.  She was astride the wolf’s
hips facing his feet.  His cock was buried to the hilt
in her pussy, his knot stretching her.  She mewled and
moaned and writhed as if he were the sexiest thing in
the known universe.  And he loved it, drinking it up;
his paws were on her hips, just holding her lightly as
she did her best to move, to stimulate him.  She’d
already brought him off a second time, having pulled
him down on top of her, her legs widespread,
encouraging him to show her what a stud he was, and he
had complied.  Soon, she thought, he’d cum again; then
she’d have to resort to more exotic things, to get him
off, but she was sure she could.  It was her
intention, her plan, to fuck him to exhaustion; to
leave him so sore he wouldn’t be able to pester that
cute little otter fem for a week……  Grinning, she
concentrated, rippling her vaginal muscles around his
shaft, milking him, and as he groaned in pleasure
behind her, she knew it wouldn’t be long……

Tand looped the end of the rope through a convenient
eyebolt in the ceiling, and brought the loose end down
to the kneeling slave.  After finding the padded
cuffs, he fastened one about each of her wrists, and
then tied them together with the rope.  Turning and
pulling on the other end, he pulled her to her feet,
to let her stand.  More rope was used to spread her
legs widely, and then he increased the tension on her
paws, making her rise to tiptoes.  Leaving her to
sway, for a moment, he turned to reclaim his drink.
Taking a minute to finish it, he paused to remove a
rather large feather from one of his cases.  He smiled
as he held it up to her view, noting how her eyes
widened, and grew bright as she gazed at it.  Without
a word, he sat on the floor between her feet, making
himself comfortable.  “Now I don’t want you to move a
muscle or make a sound; if you do, you’ll be punished
with the things you like least.”  And with that, he
lifted his muzzle, to slowly drag his rough feline
tongue over the otteress’ prominently exposed sex.

Tanj grinned at the softly snoring form of the
wolf.  Getting him to take her in the ass had brought
him his fourth climax, at which point he demured,
threatening to chain her to the foot of the bed if she
didn’t cease.  Tanj begged him not to do that, and
settled down to cuddle him, not even being allowed to
stroke his fur.  It took but moments for him to fall
asleep.  Tanj watched his face, especially his
closed eyes, waiting for REM (rapid eye movement)
sleep, when she knew he’d be most difficult to awaken.
Assured that he was down for the count, she slipped
from the bed, to start searching the room.  His
briefcase was unlocked and contained all sorts of
interesting documents, including a memo on a Transstar
Inc. letterhead describing the company policy on
senior corporate executives travelling in less than
secure areas.  It even talked about the lengths that
the company would go to, to ransom them from
undesirables.  Tanj did her best to memorize that
portion, as well as memorizing all the names of
associates on that particular portion of the journey.
The wolf wasn’t traveling alone……  And the group
should not only be able to give the Brethren all sorts
of interesting business and financial information, but
should be worth a pretty penny in ransom as well……
Not a bad night’s work, she thought to herself as she
returned to the bed to snuggle up against the wolf, to
try and get some rest.

The Otteress let out a soft moan as she climaxed yet
again.  The combination of Tand’s tongue within her
pussy and his feather on her clitty was driving her
mad, and to be forced to hold still and stay quiet was
more, much more than she was capable of.  She’d long
since lost count of the number of climaxes she’d
suffered through, and at this point, suffer was
exactly the word that applied.  He’d been nestled
there, between her thighs, licking at her patiently
for hours.  Her writhing and her moans so far had
taken her to the largest vibrator he had, crammed up
her ass and buzzing fiercely, and the sharpest clips
she’d ever felt, fastened nastily to her nipples.  As
he heard her moan yet again, Tand tsk-tsk’ed in
disappointment and reached up to hang a second weight
from her left nipple clip.  He then turned back and
continued licking at her drenched sex, as the feather
found its way up to tease her navel……

In the morning, Tanj delighted the Wolf with
another round, this time talking him into taking her
standing up in the shower.  They were both still a
little damp, as he led her to breakfast, making it
just before the dining room was closed.  Tand sat in
his usual seat, the Otteress kneeling behind him with
a most strange look on her face.  Tanj was fairly
bouncy this morning and as the Wolf handed her back to
Tand, she shot a wicked grin at the otter lady, as if
to say; “Isn’t he GREAT?”  Tand and the Wolf caught
the look and both just shook their heads.  Later, as
they departed the dining room, they heard the Wolf
talking to some of the others at their table; “I have
GOT to tell you about that Slave, Tanj!  She’s got
to be the most………”

For the rest of the morning, Tand and trouble toured
the great liner.  Tanj followed Tand meekly at the
end of her leash, and kept watch when Tand stopped to
plant a bug, or sensor.  Some of the devices were
supposed to be able to focus on conversations on the
other side of heavily insulated walls, and while
Tanj had her doubts, she felt she’d best keep an
open mind.  They returned to their stateroom just
before lunch, Tand feeling that in order to keep up
appearances, he should change his outfit; after all,
the idle rich would NEVER be seen at lunch wearing the
same outfit they’d worn to Breakfast.  He had Tanj
change into a skimpy one piece dress, covered in cut-
outs, barely concealing the things that should be
concealed in polite society.  Before they left,
however, he bade Tanj squat, and as she spread her
legs, he slipped two items into her pussy.  Tanj
grinned at him; “Ben Wa balls?”  Tand just grinned and
shook his head; “that and more; you’ll see at Lunch”

Again, Tanj was seated across from him, but this
time, the looks from the Maitre’D and the others at
the table were more of curiosity, than of shock at his
social faux pas.  They were past the appetizer,
awaiting the main course when Tand quietly removed a
small remote control from his jacket pocket.  Holding
it in his lap, he thumbed a key, and Tanj yelped in
surprise as the ben wa balls suddenly started jumping
about within her.  She literally had to grip the edge
of the table and bite her lip to hold still, and keep
silent.  Of course, all heads turned to look at her,
and then to look at Tand; this time, he had no problem
in revealing what he was doing, holding up the remote
for all to see.  “This is a little toy I picked up
over in the Haladees sector.  It does all sorts of
things……”  And with that he handed it to the lady
seated on his left; “Here, why don’t you give it a
try……”  Tanj watched warily as she studied it for a
moment, and then looking up at Tanj, pressed two
buttons at the same time.  Tanj yelped and
straightened in her seat, almost rising from its
surface as the two ben wa balls changed shape,
lengthening inside her, to form a massive shaft
filling her pussy.  As the device was passed from paw
to paw, as those around the table experimented with
the settings, Tanj yelped and squealed, and moaned,
as the balls changed shape, vibrated, grew very cold
or very warm, or even gave her sharp little electrical
shocks, or a combination of them all.  The mysterious
lady down the table held the device the longest,
trying all sorts of combinations, before passing it on
to the next person.   Tanj awwwwed as the device
was passed over her head, to everyone’s glee.  Pity
they wouldn’t let HER get her paws on it…  And again,
through lunch, she barely found the time to get
anything to eat.

After lunch, Tand decided that they should take a dip
in the pool.  Tanj objected, saying they had much
too much information to go through, from their
listening devices and from what the worm program had
found as it worked its way through the ship’s
computer, but Tand just tsk-tsk’ed and said he had it
covered.  Of course when they got to the pool, Tand
insisted Tanj swim nude, and again she found
herself enjoying the stares and attention of most of
the males and some of the females present.  As she was
slowly doing laps, swimming on her back, she realized
that Tand was sitting on a lounger, apparently working
on a lap-top computer.  After a few more laps, she
rose from the pool, and stalked over to recline on the
beach towel she’d spread out next to Tand.  Looking
over her shoulder, she realized that the laptop was
relaying in text the pickup from the various bugs they
planted.  It LOOKED like he was conducting business,
but was actually monitoring the bugs!

Dinner, and yet another outfit.  This one was gauzy,
filmy, and mostly transparent, only slightly cloudy
over her nipples and crotch.  To Tanj’s amazement,
he did nothing to her before they set off down the
corridor; however, at their entrance to the dining
room, Tand took the Maitre’D aside and slipped him a
rather large credit note.  As they walked to their
table, Tanj noticed they were early, mostly ahead
of the other passengers seated at their table.  Tand
whispered to Tanj; “I’ve arranged for us to sit
next to a couple I think might be our quarry; I
wouldn’t put it past the Senator to travel with a
male, pretending to be husband and wife.  Towards the
end of the meal, I want you to spill your wine on her.
I’ll take it from there”.  Tanj rolled her eyes,
but could see where this was going, and decided it
might work.

The couple turned out to be a middle aged Wolverine
and his Cougar wife, nicely dressed, but with an
understated look.  Tanj enjoyed the ability to eat
normally, but still watched what she ate, knowing that
to yield to temptation might only mean increased time
in the gym as she struggled to keep her figure.  She
kept her gaze downcast and spoke only when spoken to.
Still, she seemed to be one of the main topics of
conversation, the wolf from the previous night having
spread the most amazing tales.  Tanj grinned to
herself as the events of the night before were so
grossly exaggerated.  As coffee was being served,
Tanj contrived to spill her entire waterglass down
the lady Cougar’s front.  The dress she had on was
simply too nice to ruin with the wine, and she was
afraid that the coffee was too hot.  As it was, the
cream colored fabric turned nearly transparent as it
got wet, and Tanj caught Tand smirking, before he
rose from his seat to Snarl at Tanj.

“I DO Apologize for that” Tand said for what must have
been the fifth time, as the Wolverine tried to dry off
his wife’s chest.  The look on her face was somewhere
between embarrassment, outrage (more directed at her
husband, from the way he was rubbing at her) and
possibly just a hint of pleasure (at the way he was
rubbing at her).  “I absolutely INSIST that you take
that miserable excuse for a slave and punish her
soundly for being so clumsy!”  The husband and wife
exchanged looks, something passing between them,
before the Cougar muttered, “I don’t know………” even as
her husband nodded; “Yes, I think we’d like tha… Ah,
um, I think that would be most fitting; thank you”.

Tanj kept her eyes downcast as she followed the
couple at the end of her leash.  Husband and wife kept
exchanging looks as they walked towards their
stateroom, the husband holding Tanj’s leash as if
it might shock him.  As soon as they were through the
door to their stateroom, Tanj knelt like a good
slave should, awaiting instruction……  The Husband and
wife whispered together for a moment and then she
departed for the bathroom.  The Wolverine stood there
for a moment as if undecided, and the with a wry shake
of his head muttered; “you’ll have to excuse us; we’re
new at this.  Slavery is not practiced much on Tecja
where we’re from…… but we do find this deliciously……
decadent.  Now, Ah, I want you to strip naked, and
then resume your position.”  As she pulled her dress
off, Tanj grinned to herself; “Either these two are
VERY good actors, or they’re not who we’re after.  I
don’t know what they think “punishment” will
constitute, but I bet I have more fun at this than
they do……”

The Cougar fem emerged from the bathroom, wearing a
bustier and very scanty panties, her long hair let
down, obviously doing her best to look sexy.  Her
husband devoured her with his eyes for a moment, and
Tanj got the impression that he was very much in
love with her.  For her part, she kissed him softly
and then turned to look at Tanj.  “Now, Love, what
SHALL we do with her” she purrred.

Tanj struggled with the position; she was on paws
and knees, with her chest lowered towards the floor,
her head tilted WAY back, to lick upwards into the
Cougar’s pussy.  Her husband was behind Tanj,
grunting as he slowly worked his cock in and out of
her ass.  “If this is their concept of “punishment”
Tanj thought to herself, “anal sex, and
cunnilingus; not exactly the worst fate that’s ever
befallen me……  I don’t know where Tecja is, but I got
a sneaking feeling they’re pretty straight-laced, and
this is being horribly wicked for them……”  Tanj
grinned to herself and swirled her tongue up, deep
into the Cougar fem’s pussy, stroking places she knew
would make her moan.  As she did so, she tightened her
ass around the Wolverine’s cock, bringing him to a
momentary standstill as he panted hard!

Tand listened to the goings on in the couple’s
stateroom; he’d neglected to give his standard warning
about returning Tanj without permanent damage,
feeling such a statement would be out of character for
someone offering her up for punishment.  Accordingly,
he felt honor bound to monitor, making sure that they
didn’t do anything too outlandish to the slave.
Still, from what he was hearing, it was more what
Tanj was going to do to THEM……

Tanj giggled as she rode the Wolverine’s cock;
things had loosened up considerably, and she was now
making suggestions, acting more as a teacher
instructing eager students, than a slave being
punished.  The Wolverine was flat on his back, and
Tanj was astride his hips, facing his wife, who
knelt astride his head, gasping and moaning as he
licked at her, under Tanj’s direction.  Tanj for
her part, softly caressed the cougar’s breasts,
teasing her nipples, and kissing her occasionally.  “I
think they’re REALLY going to get into oral sex”
Tanj thought to herself………

Tand yawned, as he listened with half an ear to the
goings on.  He was more interested in some of the
transcribed information from some of the other bugs
that he’d planted, as they scrolled across his
computer screen.  “Hmph!” he thought to himself, for
what must have been the twentieth time; “Some
punishment!”  Still, he’d found out that the couple
was fabulously wealthy, from even wealthier families.
Apparently high society on Tecja demanded years long
engagements, and this couple were newlyweds on their
honeymoon.  “When Tanj gets finished with them,
they’ll have stories to tell their grand-kids all
right” Tand mused.  “Especially if she hands them over
to the pirates”.

Tanj purrrred as she deep-throated the wolverine’s
cock, his wife paying close attention, her own nose
inches from the action.  Every once in a while Tanj
would stop to explain what she was doing and why,
giving the poor male much needed respite.  Always,
with a grin, Tanj would resume again, until finally
she demonstrated her own mastery, by tilting her head
way back, straightening her throat, and sliding his
cock all the way into her mouth, and down her throat,
to his wife’s startled amazement.  He came violently,
as Tanj’s throat muscles rippled along his shaft,
as Tanj swallowed again and again.  When he ceased
spurting, Tanj pulled back to gasp for air; “now
that’s a technique that takes years of practice to do
right; but I think you have to admit, its worth the
effort……”  The wolverine just nodded, and turned to
grin at his wife……

Tand finally turned off the audio and picked up his
bag of burglary tools.  “They’re going to keep that up
all night, and I’ve got things to do; If they were
going to hurt her, I’d have sensed it by now……” he
thought.  Grumbling, Tand slipped from his stateroom,
to go make some modifications on the liner’s security
systems.  Following that, he checked out some of the
cabins high on his “likely suspects” list.  In most of
them, the occupants never even knew he was there, but
in one, he was forced to withdraw.  The mysterious
lady at their table was moaning in her bed, the harsh
buzz of a vibrator filling the air……

They led Tanj to breakfast at the end of her leash,
chatting like old friends.  The Wolverine gave Tand a
sly grin as he handed the leash back, and the Cougar
gave Tanj a kiss; “Hope to see you later”, she
purrrred and Tanj just nodded, a sly smile on her
face.  “Yes Ma’am, I’m sure you will”  Tanj knew
her meaning would be completely misunderstood by
everyone except Tand.

They spent the morning reviewing the takes from the
worm program in the ship’s computer, and from the
various bugs and eavesdropping devices Tand had
planted.  While they uncovered many interesting
things, such as one of the females they’d pegged as a
likely target actually being a transvestite, they came
no closer to identifying their quarry.

Over the next few days, Tanj found her way into
several beds.  Some of those who took her treated her
as a slave, demonstrating their mastery in acts of
bondage and humiliation, and some, like the wolf, were
merely after the sex.  None of them stretched
Tanj’s limits to any significant extent.  During
the “other” times, Tanj worked with Tand to slowly
narrow their list of suspects.  Gradually names were
stricken from the list of “most likely” suspects, and
only a few were added.  Time, however, was running

The Bear had approached Tand as they were on their way
to dinner.  With many a glance towards trouble, the
two whispered together.  From the look on his face, it
was obvious that Tand didn’t like what was being said,
but somehow, the bear was able to convince him.  As
they resumed their walk towards the dining room, Tand
whispered to Tanj; “Eat lightly.  You’re in for a
scene tonight that could be demanding.  I’m sorry, but
to have refused would have been out of character.”
Tanj just nodded and shrugged.

After dinner, Tand handed Tanj’s leash over to the
bear, who in turn handed her over to a rather muscular
rabbit.  She was taken to a room off of the Liner’s
gym, where she was told to strip, and was then handed
a harness to put on.  She fiddled with its buckles and
straps, drawing an impatient glare from the rabbit.
Finally she had it on, and he went over her,
tightening this buckle, or adjusting that strap.  The
harness criss-crossed her body from her collar to her
crotch, securely holding a rather massive dildo tight
to her mons.  However, it left her pussy and her anus
uncovered.  Finally satisfied, the rabbit applied a
generous pawfull of lubricant to the dong, and to
Tanj’s pussy and ass, making her rise to tiptoes as
he jammed a well greased finger up her backside.
Taking her by the leash he led her through the door
and into the Gym.

There were chairs set out for the spectators, around a
large wrestling mat.  Along one side, a number of
female slaves knelt, all similarly attired.  The bear
strode into the center of the mat and addressed the
group.  “Tonight” he growled, “our slaves will wrestle
for our amusement.  The goal for them is to bury their
tool in either the vagina or the anus of their
opponent, “pinning” them.  Extra points for the anus.
The competition will be single elimination, with the
losers being punished and the winner rewarded.  While
there are no rules, conduct that might permanently
damage an owner’s property will be severely dealt
with.”  To emphasize that point, the bear held up a
shock stick, its surface crackling with energy.  “I
will act as referee.  Are there any questions?”  As
was typical, the bear looked towards the owners, and
not the “competitors”.

Tanj watched as the first two “contestants” were
led into the ring.  The raccoon fem and the squirrel
fem both looked like lightweights, and they both
looked terrified.  After a moment or two of circling
each other, a light brush from the bear’s shock stick
convinced them that they’d best try something, and
with a yell the raccoon dove towards the squirrel.
She, however sidestepped and as the raccoon landed
flat on her face, the squirrel pounced, landing on her
back.  They were well lubbed, and as the squirrel
yanked up the raccoon’s banded tail, her dildo drove
harshly into her ass!  The raccoon screamed and clawed
at the mat as the squirrel did her best to pin the
larger female to the floor.

The bear separated them, roughly pushing the raccoon
towards the far side of the mat, where she was made to
kneel.  The Squirrel was given a moment or two to
catch her breath and her dong was given a fresh coat
of lubricant, and then the next contestant, an equine
morph was led to the ring.  The mare was considerably
larger than the squirrel, but seemed to be slower and
more clumsy; still, she wasn’t about to make the
mistake the raccoon fem had, and was more cautious,
doing her best to try and grab the squirrel.  She, on
the other hand, kept dancing away, trying to get
behind the mare, to nudge her in the back of her
knees, to make her fall.  She connected twice, but the
mare was large and strong enough to recover before she
hit the mat.  Finally, the squirrel leapt on the
mare’s back, holding on around her waist, and as the
mare spun about, trying to find a way to shake her,
the squirrel triumphed, driving her dong hard into the
mare’s pussy.

Again the referee separated them, sending the mare to
join the raccoon.  Next, the squirrel faced a wolf
fem.  This one however was stronger and faster than
she, and it wasn’t long before the squirrel was on her
stomach, on the mat, the wolf bitch slowly forcing the
dildo into the squirrel’s ass.

The wolf faced Tanj next.  Tanj circled the wolf
bitch warily, the dong wiggling from side to side as
she moved.  As she’d watched the previous match,
Tanj had gotten the impression that the Wolf was an
enthusiastic competitor, delighting in her ability to
dominate her opponent, but that she’d never really
been trained to fight.  Tanj, on the other hand,
HAD been trained to fight.  But she couldn’t show
that.  A slave that knew how to fight was a slave that
couldn’t be allowed to live; too dangerous.  As such,
Tanj had to move very carefully; she didn’t really
want to be punished for loosing, but she also didn’t
want to be “put down” for winning either.  As they
circled and feinted, Tanj had a thought, she acted
as if she was slipping on a greasy spot on the mat; by
now a good bit of lubricant had hit the surface of the
wrestling mat, and footing was becoming chancy.
Circling back to the same spot, she eeeped and went
down, but as she did so, she swung about, as if trying
to escape; as she swiveled, this served to knock the
feet out from under the wolf, who went sprawling.
Cheetahs are fast, and Tanj was able to recover and
pounce the wolf; still, it was a struggle.  She fought
hard, wriggling her bottom, making it hard for Tanj
to jab the dildo home.  Finally, however, she zigged
when Tanj zagged, and as Tanj grinned, the wolf
howled with dismay as the dong slid roughly into her

Tanj’s turn to pant, and be relubricated, as the
next contestant, a mink fem, was led into the ring.
To Tanj’s delight, the smaller fem only put up a
token resistance, fighting back just enough to escape
extra punishment.  Tanj rewarded this easy victory
by sliding the dildo into her pussy, when a shot at
her ass would have been possible.

Now Tanj faced the final competitor, a Tigress who
moved with all the grace of a natural predator.  Again
they circled, but this time none of Tanj'’ tricks
seemed to work.  She failed to sweep her feet out from
under her, the tigress nimbly jumping over her legs.
Attempts to grab were blocked by both contestants, as
they danced back and forth over the mat.  Finally the
tigress caught one of Tanj’s wrists, and used it to
spin her around. Catching the other wrist, the tigress
brought them both together behind her back, raising
them, forcing her to bend over.  Still, Tanj
squirmed and bucked, but after a minute the tigress’
other paw grabbed her tail at the base, and moments
later, she felt the big feline’s dildo push into her
pussy.  The crowd applauded softly and the bear
called; “fuck her with it; show us what you can do
with her!”

The Tigress growled low in her throat, and maintaining
her grip on Tanj’s wrists with one paw, and her
grip on the base of her tail with the other, slowly
started to work the dildo in and out of Tanj’s
pussy.  Her movements were quick and jerky, and her
grip was all but lifting Tanj off the floor, making
her teeter on tiptoes, wobbling back and forth, her
breasts swaying with each thrust.  It wasn’t long
before Tanj was moaning, however, and as she
writhed through a climax, the crowd applauded politely
yet again.

The Referee grinned at the tigress; “As the winner,
your reward is “a night off”, a night to do whatever
you want with our “runner-up”.  Just as obviously, her
punishment is to be your slave for the night.  Return
to your quarters and do with her as you will.”  The
crowd chuckled as the tigress took the proffered
leash, to clip it to Tanj’s collar, and without
preamble jerked Tanj through the exit to the Gym.

As soon as they were out of sight, the Tigress seemed
to deflate; looking around to make sure they weren’t
observed, she whispered to Tanj; “I HATE doing
that!”  But before Tanj could reply, or even frame
a reply in her mind, they heard someone coming, and
the Tigress pulled her along to one of the dressing
rooms.  There, they stripped off their harnesses, and
reclaimed their dresses.  It must have appeared a
strange sight, one slave leading the other, but
nothing was said as they made their way to the
Tigress’ Master’s cabin.  There, the Tigress led
Tanj to a small bedroom adjacent the Master’s
suite, again seeming to visibly relax as soon as the
door closed.  Tanj, still playing her part, knelt
on the floor as soon as the door closed.  The Tigress
looked at her for a moment, and then knelt in front of
Tanj, using one paw to raise her chin, gently; “You
know what I want, little one?  You know what I seek
for my evening with you?  Truth be told, I just want a
hug, and someone to talk to”.  Tanj smiled, and
leaned forward to give the big Tigress a hug, holding
her tight.

“I think the slave conditioning they tried to impart
just didn’t quite take” Bethany, the Tigress, said.
“I was trained at a small facility on Engleside, and,
well, I’ve just never been as happy as some of the
other slaves I’ve run across.  How about you?  You
seem to fit into the role rather well, perhaps even
enthusiastically, if some of what I’ve been hearing is
correct……”  Tanj laughed; ‘Oh, I admit I’ve got my
moments; I’m not sure how happy I really am; most of
the time I don’t even have time to think about it.  I
think what the academy I went through did to me was
more to warp my sexual desires……  I’ve come to love
good sex, and in some cases even kinky sex.  I don’t
have enough pride left for “humiliation” to be
practical; that kinda thing just kind of rolls off my
back, as long as it isn’t too painful.  I think I’ve
just kinda adopted the attitude that there isn’t much
I can do about my situation, and until there is, I’m
not going to worry about it much.  I’ll just take what
pleasures I can, in life.  And speaking of which……”
Tanj grinned and crawled up the Tigress’ body to
kiss her softly, her paw again squirming between the
big feline’s thighs.  “Oh!  Oh Tanj!  Oh, you ARE
insatiable” Bethany purrrred; still, she didn’t
object, or make any move to stop the movements of
Tanj’s paw……

The following morning, Tanj made her way back to
Tand’s Stateroom.  She made a point of limping, and
acting as if she’d had a rough night; after all, both
she and Bethany agreed, they had reputations to
uphold, no matter what they might have thought of
them.  Tanj found that Tand had spent the night
doing more of his “breaking and entering”, gathering
all sorts of interesting data, but gaining no further
clues.  Again, the mystery lady had been “involved”,
this time with a borrowed slave, and Tand had not been
able to discern anything about her.

Tanj groaned, walking quite bow-legged, moving very
VERY carefully as the previous night’s “Master” led
her back towards the Dining Room, and her return to
Tand.  This particular ferret had been much more into
B&D than any of the others that Tanj had run across
on the ship, and had kept her well tied in a variety
of strained positions all through the night.  She’d
learned nothing about him, except that he was
imaginative, and rich enough to afford all sorts of
highly specialized toys, like the dildo that spurted
freezing cold jets of fluid.  But the one that took
the cake was the device he had fitted her with just
prior to leaving his cabin for Breakfast.  As Tanj
hung from her wrists, her legs held wide apart by a
spreader bar, he had shown her a rather elaborate
chrome and rubber butt plug.  It had the usual tapered
shape, gradually growing to a wide point and then
diminishing quickly to a constricted point, such that
she could not force it out of her ass.  However the
portion beyond the constriction was more than the
usual flared base; it had a tang of metal, at right
angles to the plug, ending in a collar or short sleeve
of bright metal.  With great glee, the Ferret had
greased up the butt plug and slowly forced it into her
behind.  He had then taken a metal rod, and inserted
it into a hole in the base of the butt plug; as he did
so, Tanj felt that portion within her expand even
further, as the metal stretched the rubber.  She
gasped as she heard this rod lock into place with an
audible “snick”.  There was no doubt now, that the
butt-plug wasn’t coming out without a key of some
sort.  And probably an owner’s manual too.  The Ferret
had then shown her a shiny chrome dildo, bullet shaped
and smooth, reflecting her own distorted image.  This
he also lubbed up and slipped through the metal collar
attached to the butt plug’s base, deep into her pussy.
Again she felt, more than heard, the dildo “snick”
into place.  Releasing the device, Tanj moaned at
its weight, the metal tugging at her ass and pussy!
“You’ll notice” he laughed; “that the butt plug and
dildo portions are at angles to each other; their tips
should almost be meeting within you.  A most intimate
grip; it can’t fall out.  In fact, it can actually
support a bit of weight……”  And with that, he grasped
a ring welded to the piece of metal separating the two
devices and tugged lightly.  Tanj’s eyes went WIDE
and she mewled as the steel and rubber tried to pull
her crotch downwards!  The Ferret had then snapped the
end of her leash to the ring, and otherwise released
her, to lead her nude, through the corridors of the

Tand Hmmmmmed as the Ferret showed off the device,
finally insisting that Tand retain it for future use
with Tanj, making sure that he had the key.  Tand
shook his head and instructed Tanj to kneel on the
pad behind his chair, as there was no way she could
sit down with the device implanted, and he wasn’t
about to create the spectacle of trying to free her in
the dining room.  For her part, Tanj was glad to
kneel, such that the weight of the cruel device was
supported by the floor.  Again, she noticed the
sympathetic looks of the other slaves kneeling nearby.
It wasn’t until Breakfast was over, and Tand was
sliding back his chair to leave, that the mysterious
lady black panther padded over, to talk to Tand.  “You
know, that really isn’t the best way to leash a slave
like her” she purrrred.  “I’d be glad to do her up
properly, if you’d like.  Just let me have her until
this time tomorrow, and I’m sure you’ll be delighted
with the result”.  Tanj moaned inwardly; all she
wanted was the key to this damn thing and a hot bath……
Still, they’d been trying to find out more about this
enigmatic passenger for days, and had failed
miserably; it might be worth it to spend the day with
her………  Finally Tand nodded his head; “All right, you
can take her, provided she’s not harmed”  The
Pantheress nodded and with a purrrrr, bade Tanj to
rise, to lead her proudly towards her cabin.

As Tanj followed the Pantheress, again being very
careful how she moved, she came to the conclusion that
she wasn’t really a black panther, but a puma with a
very good furcut and dye job.  Again, not surprising,
considering the circumstances, but just one more
detail of circumstantial evidence.  The lady’s first
order of business was to take the end of the leash
connected between Tanj’s thighs and clip its chain,
midway down its length, to a ring bolt in the floor,
forcing her into a squat.  A rope from the ceiling to
her collar forced her to crouch uncomfortably, muscles
straining, not quite with the backs of her thighs on
her calves.  With her paws bound behind her back,
Tanj struggled between tugging fiercely at her sex
by trying to rise, and choking herself by trying to
descend.  The lady purrrred; “I’ll release you only
after you’ve licked me to a climax, so you’d best be
quick”.  With that, she stepped forward, raising the
hem of her dress to present her bare sex to Tanj’s

Tanj complied, licking urgently as the muscles in
her legs complained bitterly.  As she licked and
nibbled, her tongue flashing here and there, she
discovered that the Lady had her own set of piercings,
with several sets of rings in each labia, as well as a
clitty piercing.  Wriggling these, teasing them with
her tongue, Tanj discovered, was the key, and as
her tongue made the rings dance, she was rewarded by
the sounds of the Lady above her experiencing a wild
climax.  True to her word, before she collapsed
backwards onto the bed, she unhooked the rope from
Tanj’s collar, allowing her to kneel, and to rest.

After a bit, the Lady raised her head, to look at
Tanj; “You seem to be every bit as good as they say
you are; before we proceed, crawl over here and do me
again.  Take your time, make it last, as when we
finish, the REAL fun begins……  Tanj didn’t doubt
her in the least, and moving over to the bed on her
knees, she bent to her task, tongue slowly teasing and
nibbling, slithering between her labia, driving deep,
until at last her mysterious “mistress” yowled at the
top of her lungs as another climax overtook her.

Again, Tanj knelt as the Lady rested.  While
Tanj hoped she’d take a nap, giving Tanj some
time to nose around (literally, with her paws bound
behind her back), it was only a few minutes before the
pantheress rose, to strip off her dress, tossing it
casually aside.  She rebound Tanj’s paws in front
of her, making sure the restraints were tight.  These,
she hooked to the rope dangling from the ceiling, and
raised Tanj until she was balancing on tiptoes.
Fetching ankle cuffs, she proceeded to put those on
Tanj, and then use more ropes to raise her ankles
towards the ceiling, spreading her legs far apart.
Her tail was not ignored either, a leather strap tying
its tip to the back of her collar.  When she was done,
the lowest part of Tanj was her ass, with her sex
very prominently displayed.

The Lady pulled up a chair, sitting so that her nose
was almost touching Tanj’s sex.  Tanj hoped for
a gentle touch, or perhaps even a little tongue, but
instead she received an examination that would have
done a gynecologist proud.  “I’m glad to see you have
a vertical piercing of your clitty, Dear” the lady
purrrred; “Otherwise we might have to start over……
You’re lucky that you have the anatomy for this too;
so many girls have such tiny clittys, so well hidden;
but then, given your current, ah, “station”, I guess
its not that much a surprise……  Now, all we have to do
is……”  Tanj groaned as she watched the lady rise,
to remove a folded kit from one of the dressers.  This
she unfolded on the bed revealing everything she’d
need to add another piercing to Tanj’s already
considerable collection.  Returning to Tanj,
resuming her seat, the lady deftly removed the barbell
currently holding Tanj’s clitty piercing open.  As
the shaft of the barbell was removed, Tanj felt the
cold sting of antiseptic.  The lady then carefully
inserted her piercing needle through the existing
piercing in Tanj’s clitty, and then pushed it
further, driving it through the hood that normally
protected her sensitive little nubbin.  Tanj gasped
and mewled but knew better than to move a muscle.  She
felt the lady swab her with more antiseptic, obviously
wiping away what little blood there was.  Some other
medicine was applied, something Tanj thought she
recognized by scent; the healing accelerator that the
Academy had used when she’d been previously pierced……
Then the needle was replaced with what felt like a
longer, heavier barbell, the lower ball under her
clitty, making it stand up a bit, the other on the
outside of her hood……  As the lady turned to put away
her implements, Tanj swayed a little in her bonds;
she could really feel the weight of the larger barbell
down there in every little movement she made.

The lady let Tanj down, releasing her legs first,
then her arms, retying her on the floor, on her back.
The rest of the afternoon was spent with this
pantheress making use of Tanj, sometimes squatting
over her muzzle, to let Tanj lick her to yet
another climax, sometimes the lady would raise
Tanj’s ankles, to use a vibrating strap-on dildo to
fuck her in the ass.  The only high point of the
afternoon was when Tanj got a real good look at a
normally unseen portion of the Pantheress’ anatomy, a
spot high up on the inside of her left thigh,
immediately adjacent to her sex.  As Tanj licked,
she discerned there, under the fur, the red of a
birthmark, supposedly the identifying feature of the
Senator.  The story went that once a rather kinky
lover had shaved her sex, to enhance their sex, and
the birthmark had been uncovered.  “That makes the
rest of this worthwhile, I guess” she thought to
herself as the lady shivered through yet another
uncounted climax.

Tanj was led to dinner by a leash attached normally
to her collar.  She wore a loincloth, with a plethora
of the Senator’s jewelry, looking the proper
barbarian.  The Senator had replaced the barbell
through her new piercing with a rather large, if thin
ring, the ring passing through her hood as well as her
clitty.  The ring was large enough to cause a small
bump in the hanging fabric of the loincloth, plainly
visible should anyone care to notice.  And many did.
Worse, the ring held a jinglebell, and as Tanj
walked, tinkling sounds emerged from under the
loincloth, further drawing attention to it.  Tand
raised an eyebrow at the spectacle, but the Senator,
thinking he was curious about the standard leash, just
smiled and told him to wait for tomorrow.  Tanj did
manage to give Tand the look that said that yes, she’d
identified this lady as their quarry, and with that,
Tand settled into his chair, to eat his dinner
quietly.  For her part, the Senator fed Tanj an
occasional morsel from her plate as she knelt behind
her chair.

When they returned to the Senator’s quarters, Tanj
was again tied, this time in a kneeling position, her
long hair tied to her ankles pulling her head way
back, her muzzle pointing at the ceiling.  A perfect
position, the Senator said, for Tanj to lick up
into her hungry pussy……  The night was filled with the
Senator again making use of Tanj, in one fashion or

At one point in the night, the Senator placed a small
black box between Tanj’s ankles.  “How much
electrical engineering do you know?” She asked.
Before Tanj could answer she chuckled; “Silly
question for a slave.  Never mind.  Basically what it
boils down to is:  Shake a field, get a current.
Shake a current, get a field.  That box between your
thighs is a bulk storage magnetic media eraser.  It
produces a shaking field at about 60 Hertz.  And
you’ll notice that when I turn it on, it has the most
marvelous effect on your piercings……”  Tanj moaned
as the rings in her labia and clitty started to
vibrate.  “Of course, I’ve made some modifications,
but before I show them to you, I want to make sure
you’re tied tight!”  After checking Tanj’s bonds,
making sure that she’d stay in the kneeling position,
that she’d stay in position over the box, she pushed a
rather large plug gag into Tanj’s mouth, buckling
it TIGHT behind her neck.  “You see” she purred, “The
box will vary field strength and frequency randomly;
it should shake your piercings very nicely.  Of
course, some of the higher frequency field
oscillations will induce a significant current, and
that might heat up the rings some, but I’m sure you
can take that.”  With a grin, the Senator kissed
Tanj on the forehead and turned out the light as
she crawled into bed.

Tanj panted as her labia and clitty rings vibrated.
Initially it was barely felt, more like a buzz, but
after a minute, things got a little rougher, the
jinglebell on her clitty ring starting to dance.
Tanj panted harder, and then moaned as the
vibrations, stimulating her so directly drove her to a
sharp climax.  They didn’t stop though.  Through the
night, the vibrations grew stronger, and weaker, but
they never stopped.  Occasionally she’d be jerked from
her orgasmic haze as the rings heated up, but that
never lasted too long.  The climaxes flowed through
Tanj’s soul, rippling through her like strings of
exploding firecrackers, until sometime in the wee
hours of the morning, overloaded with pleasure, she

Tanj yelped into her gag, jerking upright, coming
awake suddenly, painfully.  Blinking, she saw the
Senator straightening, a wire in each paw.
Apparently, she’d gotten a jolt from some sort of
battery pack, delivered across her nipple rings.
“Like Caffeine better” she thought crossly, as the
Senator untied her, and massaged feeling back into her
limbs.  “Still, there’s no doubt” she thought; “That
WILL wake you up!”.  The Senator told Tanj to
stand, with her knees well spread, and reaching down,
she removed the clitty ring.  A quick examination
showed the accelerant had worked correctly and that
her new piercing was ready for what the Senator had in
mind.  The heavy barbell appeared again, the Senator
sliding the shaft through her clitty piercing from
below.  However this time, the end link in a fairly
heavy chain, with links made of bar over 4mm thick,
was pushed between the upper surface of her clitty and
the lower surface of her hood.  The barbell shaft was
then driven up through the piercing in her hood, and
the oversized ball screwed onto the end of the shaft.
The Senator then reached for a pincer-like device,
each end of the pincer pushing on the ends of the
barbell.  Suddenly there was a buzz and an incredible
heat, and Tanj HOWLED until the Senator shoved a
handfull of ice chips against her crotch.  Tanj
Howled again.  “That welded the barbell together,
Dear; now you’re permanently leashed!”  Dropping the
length of chain that she held, Tanj’s knees almost
buckled as the full weight of the chain, from pussy to
the floor, hung from her piercing!

 Tanj padded, nude save for her collar, a ball gag,
and the wrist cuffs holding her paws behind her back,
through the corridor at the end of the Senator’s
leash.  The small parade drew stares from everyone
they passed.  Upon reaching the Dining room, the
Senator handed the end of Tanj’s leash to Tand with
a flourish.  Tand’s eyes grew large, as the
implications of what had been done sunk in.  The
Senator, watching his face, mistook it for wonder, and
purrred; “Yes, isn’t it marvelous?  I thought you’d
like it” before turning away, to take her normal seat.
Tanj caught Tand’d eye and made a minute “not here”
type motion.  Tand was too flustered to do more than
eat his breakfast in silence, Tanj kneeling behind
him on a mat.

He didn’t have any choice but to lead Tanj back to
their stateroom with her new leash.  As they left,
Tanj heard one of the other slave owners asking the
Senator to fix his own slave in the same manner.……
The instant they were within their own stateroom, the
door closed, he turned to grab the links just below
her, to take the weight; “Good LORD!  What has she
DONE to you?” he Growled.  Tanj just shook her head
and mumbled into her gag.  Tand fumbled, trying to
hold the weight of the chain with one paw, while
undoing Tanj’s bound paws with his other.  Once
free, Tanj relieved him of his burden, holding the
chain herself, as he undid her gag.

“Whew!” Tanj exclaimed, as Tand withdrew the gag;
“that was a large one; made my jaws ache.  Oh, don’t
look so shocked; this isn’t that big a deal!  I admit
I could do with a lighter chain, but its VERY
stimulating, in its way.”  Tand just shook his head;
“lets get you out of it!”  Tanj sighed; “Can’t; she
welded the barbell together.  We’d need some small
cutting tools.  Besides, that might lead to
complications.  You have an image to maintain, you
know.”  Tand never the less, bent to give the
situation a much closer inspection, making Tanj
purrrr from time to time.  Rising he shook his head
and growled; “That is NOT what I consider returning
you undamaged.  She’s going to pay for this!”  Tanj
chuckled; “Oh, rest assured, that she will.  Now, lets
see, I bet if I loop the end of this chain through my
collar, I can take almost all the weight off………

Tand ordered room service for Tanj, as she’d missed
lunch the previous day, had a rather “light” dinner,
and had missed breakfast as well.  The crewman who
delivered the tray stared at Tanj with wide eyes as
she knelt demurely on the floor by Tand’s bed, the
chain pooled between her thighs, until Tand chased him
off with a growl.  After eating, Tanj went for a
long hot soak in the tub, hoping the chain was
rustproof.  Later she and Tand reviewed the progress
of the worm program; it certainly looked as if it had
completely infiltrated the ship’s computer.  Only
trying it would tell for sure though……

An appearance had to be made at dinner, and Tanj
had come up with a compromise that seemed to be
acceptable to Tand (he’d wanted to use an energy
weapon to sever the chain only a few links from the
piercing, but Tanj had vetoed that).  Wearing a
halter style dress, with a plunging neckline that
descended well below her waist, the chain led up
between her breasts to pass through a wide ring on her
collar, and then to Tand’s paw.  A jerk on her chain
would cause her to bend, perhaps double, as the
distance between clitty and collar was shortened, but
normally only the weight of a few links would be on
her piercing.  Of course, those swaying links were
keeping Tanj quite hot, something that Tand said
was more than apparent from the look on her face.  At
dinner, several of the other Masters examined her
closely, to Tand’s stony silence.  They seemed to find
the matted fur of Tanj’s thighs, slick with her own
juices delightful.  Again, more than one approached
the Senator with requests for assistance with their
own slaves.

After Dinner, Tanj was panting by the time they
made it back to their stateroom.  “Damn swinging
chain’s driving me wild” Tanj moaned.  Tand just
grinned; “I offered to take care of that”.  Tanj
nodded and shruged; “as soon as we’re home, gotta do
something a bit different…… but it can wait until
then.  Right now, I’m more concerned about becoming
desensitized.  At this rate, shouldn’t take long.  But
I’m sure, if I can get shed of this thing for a while,
that’ll reverse itself……  But in the meantime, stud,
get over here and “put me out of my misery”  Tand just

Over the next few days, Tand loaned Tanj out to
several select passengers; True to her suspicions, the
swinging chain was keeping Tanj very hot, and as
such, she was in great demand.  One of these, an
auditor for a major interstellar corporation, had a
new toy; he liked to torment the slaves that come
under his sway, and tying Tanj to the bed, he slid
a powerful vibrator into her pussy.  Fastening a ring
gag in her mouth, he turned it on and sat back; “this
is a voice activated dildo; the more noise you make,
the more powerful the vibrations.”  As he talked, the
dildo rumbled in her pussy nicely, making the links of
her chain jump.  He grinned as he clapped his hands
and at the sudden loud sound, Tanj jumped, the
dildo going wild in her pussy for an instant.  The
night was most strange.  He loved to just sit there
and watch Tanj struggle; she tried hard to keep
silent, but it seemed the infernal device could hear
her heartbeat; she’d start moaning and that would
drive the dildo which would drive her moans, which
would drive the dildo to a higher level, which in turn
would drive her to screams.  The cycle would only end
when she passed out, fainted dead away from
overstimulation.  By morning she was hoarse, her voice
a mere whisper, and she’d chewed her lower lip bloody
and raw, trying to stay quiet.  Her “master” loved it,
and told Tand so at great length, making sure Tand
took the dildo for his own amusement.

For the rest of the trip, all Tand had to do was to
threaten Tanj with that dildo to make her behave……

Arrangements had been made for Tanj to be loaned
out to yet another couple, again, obviously traveling
incognito, again, obviously either rich, or powerful,
and perhaps both.  He’d been fuming for several days
over what the Senator had done to Tanj.  He knew
that Tanj was both fascinated, repulsed and very
much stimulated by what had been done to her.  She was
putting up a brave face, but Tand could tell she was
worried what might happen when the lion got a good
look……  And the Senator had not, in his opinion,
returned her as he had instructed, “undamaged”.  That
alone was worthy of his vengeance.

After dinner that night, as Tanj was led away, Tand
moved silently up behind the Senator; “I seem to be
free for the evening, and I was wondering if you might
like some company” he purrrrrred into her ear.  She
smiled and leaned back against him; “I have some
business I have to take care of, but perhaps you could
come by, say, at 2300 Hours?”  Tand purrrred and
kissed the back of her neck, and moved off, to head
back to his cabin to prepare.

Once back in his state-room, Tand checked the progress
of the worm program, the transcriptions of his
listening devices, and a quick look in on the postage
stamp camera he’d hidden in the couple’s suite.  He’d
gone to the trouble to hide a fairly large device
there, and the three dimensional output he was getting
was quite good.  In fact, he could probaby sell it……
Tanj was tied in a most interesting and unusual
fashion, being forced to pleasure both male and
female, and while it looked uncomfortable, she seemed
to be in no danger.  Turning off the sound but letting
the image run in the background, he turned to prepare
for his rendezvous with the Senator.

He’d brought a very rare, very sophisticated and quite
nasty assasination method with him, something that he
felt was uniquely tailored to this situation.
Something he’d picked up well outside the Empire, and
probably not even known in these parts.  Removing a
small vial from a hidden compartment in one of his
cases, he removed three minute seeds, handling them
with tweezers.  Dropping his pants, he proceeded to
take his cock in his paw, and holding it carefully, he
used a swab to apply a viscous pink liquid just inside
the urethral canal, in the “eye” of his cock.  Letting
this set for a moment, he then proceeded to place the
three seeds, carefully handling them with the
tweezers, within the pink goo.  Grinning, he knew the
first time he ejaculated, the seeds would be deposited
within the Senator’s pussy, where temperature, pH, and
hormones would soon let them germinate.  Pulling up
his pants, with a wicked grin, he left his stateroom,
headed for the Senator’s suite.  “Of course” he
thought as he walked, “This only works as the
rendezvous with the pirates is less than three days
off; I wouldn’t want to actually kill her with this.
If all goes well, she’ll have the scare of her life,
and still be alive by the time we get back to her……”

The Senator opened the door to her suite, wearing a
negligee that was all but transparent, the shifting
silver haze of the fabric as it slid across her body
transitioning from very slightly opaque to almost
clear.  It set off her black fur very well, Tand
thought as he bent to kiss her softly.  Skillful he
was, in plying her, his caresses and his kisses making
her smoulder, making her want him even more, until she
could stand it no longer.  With her paw wrapped around
his eager shaft, she led him to her bed.  His
ministrations had set her on fire, and she was
determined to see that fire quenched with Tand’s cum……
in time.  She knew a thing or two as well, and was
able to moderate his lusts, keeping him at the edge,
at the peak, but never quite going over as they
changed from this position, to something more exotic,
to something more exotic still, as they explored each
other’s repertoire of sexual skills.  She was almost
standing on her head, her shoulders taking her weight,
an ankle in each of Tand’s paws, as he drove his cock
down into her from a standing position.  The position
was strained and complex, and exciting if for no other
reason than its unusualness, and it was then that Tand
lost his control, howling as his cock exploded,
throbbing as his cum filled the pussy of the Senator;
she in turn added her voice to the chorus.  Tand had
given her several climaxes so far this evening, but
feeling his cock throb and spurt, especially at this
angle, was enough to send her to nirvana yet again.

Tand was tempted to take his immediate leave, but the
Senator’s paw was wrapped possessively around his
cock, and the way her chest heaved as she panted was
most alluring……  Before long, she purrrred, delighted
that she’d stroked him to hardness yet again.  “So,
what do you have in mind, now, my lady?” he purrrred.
“Mmmmmmm, perhaps a game of chance; a simple cut of
the cards; looser is the slave to the winner for the
rest of the night……”  Tand grinned; “as long as it
doesn’t leave this room, I suppose I’m game; but I get
to cut the cards……”  She shrugged; “its an honest
deck; go ahead and shuffle.  When playing, I enjoy
either role……”  Tand grinned and softly shuffled the
deck, letting her cut the cards, and then shuffling
again, and in the process quietly using an old
magician’s trick to palm a card.  She cut, showing the
10 of Hearts; when he cut, it was the King of
Diamonds.  The Senator smiled, and slid off the bed to
kneel before him, whispering a quiet “Master……”

Tand adopted a stern look on his face.  Moving to the
Senator’s toybox, he selected merely a long piece of
soft rope.  He tied her, with complex knots on her
knees, wrists tied to either side of her waist. The
end of her long hair tied to her bound ankles, tilting
her head back.  Wordlessly, he walked over to her, to
present the bobbing head of his cock to her mouth.
Just as wordlessly, she opened her mouth, to worship
his cock with her tongue and lips and mouth, until
with a groan, he spurted down her throat…  Twice more,
he made use of the Senator, once tipping her on her
face, to thrust into her ass.  After sitting her back
up, and pulling a thick slave hood over her head,
cutting off sight and sound, he quietly searched her
suite, finding little except some sealed memory
crystals that he dare not try and read.  Yet.
Removing the hood, he used her mouth once again, this
time spraying what little cum he had left over her
face and chest.  Dressing slowly he smiled down at
her; “The way I’ve tied you is not all that strict.
With a little effort, I suspect you’ll be free, say,
in an hour or two.  Or twelve.  Should be just in time
for Breakfast, this day, or next.  Perhaps I’ll see
you there………”  With a final kiss, he quietly let
himself out of her suite, hanging a “do not disturb”
sign by the door.

The Senator struggled against the ropes.  She’d
already gotten two of the complex knots undone, and
she was sure it was just a matter of time before she
was free.  Devilish of him, she thought, to do this to
her, but still, in her own perverted way, she loved
it.  As she squirmed around on the floor, she paused
for a moment, thinking she felt something move in her
pussy.  Ridiculous, she thought; he’d left no toys
within her, and that, in a way, was a pity……

Tanj was returned to Tand at Breakfast, the couple
that had borrowed her looking a little tired and
exhausted.  Tand just smiled.  The Senator was notably
missing from Breakfast.

The Senator mewled, struggling with increased urgency
at the ropes; “The bastard sure did use enough” she
groaned as her fingers fumbled with yet another loop.
Something was definitely tickling her down between her
legs; it was almost as if an insect was crawling over
her fur…  A large insect…  In fact, it felt as if it
had moved from her pussy down to her bound ankles…
She squirmed and struggled to get one paw free, the
knots seeming to grow tighter the more frantic her
efforts to get free.

To Tand’s amusement, Tanj had taken a nap; a nap
that had extended through lunch and was threatening to
overrun dinner…  He’d have to get her up soon.  After
all, they had an appearance to make at Dinner, and he
was most curious to see if the Senator put in an

The Senator was mewling quietly, her eyes squeezed
shut TIGHT.  Something was moving over her bound
ankles and thighs; something that seemed to originate
in her pussy…  And it was growing.  All efforts to
move to the comm panel had proven fruitless; she was
too well tied.  Tendrils were moving over her hips,
and if she didn’t get her paws free soon, they’d be
trapped as well.  Scared out of her wits, she
redoubled her effort.

Tanj politely covered her mouth as she yawned; it
was all catching up with her, and she was exhausted.
Her outfit was a simple black dress, again in a halter
style.  Its front was conservative, from the mid-thigh
hemline to her neck; the back, however, was bare from
where the top tied at the back of her neck, to the
base of her tail.  The chain was fastened to the back
of her collar, giving her a gleaming silver stripe
down her back.  Tand thought it looked striking.  “He
would” she smirked to herself.  “Can’t wait to get
home and get shed of this thing” she thought for the
thousandth time; “its all well and good for an
occasional something, but 24 hours a day, all day
long, is simply too much”.  So far, Tand had turned
down three requests for Tanj for that night, saying
that she needed some rest, and implying that he needed
some time with her himself.  Again, he noted the
Senator’s absence.

Senator Grant mewled softly, frightened out of her
wits; she’d finally gotten one paw free, inches ahead
of the growing tendrils, only to have them trapped by
the thorny vines as she tried to free her other paw.
She was slowly being encased in green thorny vines,
some sort of weird mutant plant growing from her own
vagina!  She had ceased struggling long ago, the
thorns being much too sharp.  Again her mind turned to
the big Leopard, and she wondered if he could have
been responsible?  She thought as much, but wondered

It was about three in the morning when the room’s
terminal chimed.  They were both awake and waiting,
figuring it was about time.  The ship had detected a
transmission from nearby, something faint and encoded,
and the worm program had notified Tand and Tanj.
The pirates were here.

“Sir, I saw it there for a moment, a burst
transmission, but there’s no ship on sensors.”  The
comm officer looked curiously at the second officer,
currently the watch officer.  The latter shrugged;
“sometimes you see strange things in space; keep an
eye out, but if it doesn’t repeat itself, I wouldn’t
worry about it”.  The comm officer turned back to his
console, thinking the second officer was dismissing it
to lightly.  HE thought that it was a cloaked military
vessel practicing stealth approaches to their vessel.
While this was annoying, what he considered “very poor
form”, he too wasn’t particularly worried.  After all,
pirate activity was something seen on the frontier,
not this deep in the Empire; and besides, everyone
knew the pirates couldn’t afford military style
cloaking devices……

Tanj watched as Tand instructed the word program to
play back the sensor reports for the last two hours,
feeding them to the ship’s crew, blocking out all real
events.  He also instituted a program to reclassify
all SOS messages to a priority that would see laundry
lists transmitted first.  Shutting down the comm
systems entirely, or even deleting messages would
raise too many alarms, but merely pigeonholing them
should keep the airwaves quiet.

The Pirate cruiser decloaked less than half a light
second away, and moved in rapidly.  The only way the
liner could have spotted them was if someone was
looking out a viewport……

Tand issued commands through the worm program to
unlock all airlocks and to lower all but the
navigational shields.  He also threw in some
miscellaneous instructions, like turning off all the
hot water heaters, and decreasing the temperatures in
the freezers in the galley to the point where
everything therein would be rock hard.  This of course
raised alarms on some engineering panels, but the
graveyard shift tagged it as a simple computer glitch,
to be handled later.

The pirate vessel launched fighters and shuttles as it
closed with the hapless liner, still undetected.  The
fighters patrolled the area, making sure they wouldn’t
be disturbed, while the Cruiser and the shuttles
headed for the massive liner’s airlocks.

As the hull rang with the Pirate cruiser docking, Tand
told the worm program to shut down the higher
functions of the Liner.  The worm had already
rewritten all the command access codes.  No, the
passwords required to completely control the ship had
not been changed; that was too difficult; instead, the
commands needed to access the password acceptance
routine had been changed to random gibberish.  A
statement from the captain such as “Computer, this is
Captain John Luke Discard.  Authorization code Alpha
one one alpha” would receive the computer equivalent
of “huh?”  On the bridge, the crew was frantic, but
nothing seemed to work.  A tech in engineering
whispered to his mate “Now THAT wasn’t a computer
malfunction!  We’re being boarded!”  The mate chuckled
and shook his head; “no pirates in this sector; don’t
worry.  Probably just another damn drill……”  Tand
grinned as he instructed the worm program to shut down
the ship’s drive.

The pirates boiled through the main airlock, both
inner and outer doors opening at the same time, to the
great surprise of the handful of ad-hoc defenders.
Rapidly, the pirates spread through the ship, securing
the bridge, and engineering.  An announcement followed
over the intercom, by the ship’s captain, stating that
the ship had been taken by those pirate scum, the
brethren, instructing all passengers to remain in
their staterooms, and not to offer resistance.  He
went on to state that if ransoms were paid, no one
should be in danger.  Ben grinned when he finished and
retrieved the laminated card the Captain had been
reading from; “Very nice, sir, and thank you” he

Tanj looked at Tand and shrugged; “you know, none
of them know what we look like……”

Tand checked the worm program and noted that no SOS
had even been sent; the commands to scramble the
command sequences had worked very well.  They watched
the terminal for about 20 minutes, before the door
banged open and two rough looking pirates stalked in,
to motion them out into the hall.  There, they joined
a line of other passengers, staring in shock and
horror at the pirates.  One particularly rough one
stalked up and down the line, leering at the finely
dressed females.  Tanj was still wearing her black
dress, and with her back against the corridor wall,
appeared conservatively dressed.  The pirate stopped
in front of her, leering, thrusting his face into
hers; “’ere now, you’re a pretty one!  I bet you’d luv
for me to take you for a quick ride……”  Tanj
smiled; “Why Jackson L. Quinn, you KNOW I’ve always
enjoyed your attentions!”  Both Jackson and Tand
blinked.  Tanj smiled; “Tell me, Captain Quinn, has
Mark gotten the lateral thrusters on your ship fixed
yet, or are they still hiccuping every time you try to
land?”  Jackson’s jaw dropped, and he spluttered;
“how…… what…… who?”  Behind Jackson, Reggie chuckled,
pushing the incredulous pirate aside to look Tanj
up and down; “My, Luv, I do admit I like you as an
ocelot!  But in any form, its good to see you again!”
Tand growled; “Now wait a minute, that’s my slave
you’re talking to!”  Reggie grinned and pulled a short
swort; “was your slave, you mean”, and with that, to
the shocked and outraged screams of the other
passengers, the big rabbit morph drove its point up
under Tand’s ribs, a gush of blood spattering them
both.  Tand gasped, and grasping the hilt with both
paws, collapsed.  Reggie gestured and two of the
pirates dragged the body to a nearby airlock.  Tand’s
body was thrown into the open lock, and the system
cycled.  When the lock’s inner door opened again, it
was clear, except for a bloodstain on the floor.
Reggie grinned and clipped a lead to Tanj’s collar;
giving it a jerk, he pulled the startled
Cheetah/Ocelot off, laughing.

Tand dusted himself off in the shuttle mated to the
outside of the airlock.  Grinning he examined the
sword; it truly was a marvel.  With the blade extended
it looked real, but with the least pressure, the blade
collapsed into itself, to form only a small lump on
the hilt.  As it collapsed, a bladder of someone
else’s blood was ruptured, spraying out.  Grinning at
the startled shuttle crew, he shrugged; “Doubtful
they’ll go looking for a dead furr, eh?”  With a grin
he settled into a vacant acceleration couch to try and
get some rest.

The Lion was surprised when this Ocelot fem pounced
him, throwing her arms around his neck to kiss him
hard; an instant later her scent told him that Tanj
had been found, and his arms wrapped around her,
holding her close.  It was then that he found the
chain attached to the back of her collar, and a scant
few moments after that, that he found its terminus.
“A gift from Senator Grant; yes, she was identified;
would you like for me to take you to her?”  With a
deep growl of assent from the lion, they were off.

As they were moving down one of the corridors, Tanj
caught something out of her eye.  Growling, she
snatched her own leash from the lion’s startled paw,
to stalk over to one of the pirates and rap him across
the back of the head with it.  He turned in shock and
rage, only for Tanj to growl in his face; “MISTER
backwards, even as Tanj pursued, until he came up
against a wall.  Tanj growled at him for a minute,
showing fangs, and then turned to the Cougar and
Wolverine couple that had been cowering under the
pirate’s bullying.  Taking their paws in her own,
Tanj said; “I do apologize for his actions;
sometimes they get into the “role” of being a pirate
just a little too much; take it too much to heart”.
Shooting a withering glare at the offending pirate,
Tanj turned back to smile; “but I promise you
they’ll behave from now on.  I’m afraid you’re going
to have to be our guests for a while, and yes, it will
most likely be expensive; but you’ll be well treated,
I promise, and……” she grinned widely; “Think of the
tales you’ll have to tell your grandcubs!”  With that
Tanj grabbed the nearest section leader she could
find, to issue some detailed instructions.  The
section leader glanced up at the lion, who nodded
almost imperceptibly, and the section leader
straightened, to turn to the couple.  He actually
bowed and kindly requested the couple to accompany

The lion raised an eyebrow at Tanj as he reclaimed
the end of the leash; Tanj just shrugged; “friends
I made; they’re just sweet people; too…… innocent for
things like this.”  The lion nodded; “We’ll try and
minimize their distress; that’s NOT why we’re here,
but I still suspect they’ll get an eyeful in the
months to come.”  Tanj sighed and nodded and led
the small party off down another corridor.

The Senator jerked as she heard her door slide open.
She was breathing rapidly, shallowly; the vines had
encircled her chest, and her throat, constricting her
harshly, making breathing difficult.  Of course, the
constriction was no more than a tight corset, but in
her panicked state, it seemed much worse.  The vines
had bound her much tighter than the original ropes
had, and in a dozen places, thorns had left drops of
blood on her fur; still, she squirmed, ignoring the
pain, to look beseechingly at Tanj as she came in
the door.

Tanj stopped two steps into the suite, staring at
the vine encased form before her, eyes wide.  The lion
moved around her, to shake his head at the slowly
wriggling form; “well now there’s something I haven’t
seen in a while” he growled.  Tanj looked at him;
“What IS it?”  The lion just grinned; “just something
I ran across a long time ago, far from here.  I
suspect your, ah, former master had a paw in this……”

Turning to the Senator, the lion raised an eyebrow;
“you know that plant growing in you is slowly going to
tighten until you suffocate, don’t you?”  The Senator
gave a little squeek and shuddered…  “Now…” the lion
continued, “we can leave you here to a horrible fate,
or we can take you with us, to see if we can get this
thing off.  I’d planned on merely holding you for
ransom, but if we have to go to all the trouble of
curing you of this horrible problem, I think we’ll
have to look for a greater return…”  The senator tried
to talk, but one vine had gone between her jaws, a
thin, thorned gag, while others had wrapped around her
muzzle, holding it closed.  Still, her eyes beseeched
the pirates to help her. The lion shrugged. “Was that
a yes or a no?” he asked Tanj.  After a minute of
listening to the muffled noises emerging from the
Senator, the lion shrugged;  “come on, Tanj, I
can’t understand her, and that thing is much too
contagious; we’d best just leave her.  As they rose to
go, the volume of sounds coming from the Senator
increased by an order of magnitude, as did her
writhing, fresh spots of blood forming where the
thorns dug into her.  The lion looked at her and then
sighed; “Oh, all right.”  Turning he gestured to three
of the pirates watching; “you three, take her to sick
bay in the cruiser, and be careful; those thorns are
sharp!”  When they’d carried her off the lion grinned
at Tanj; “Yes, that would have killed her, perhaps
in another two days.  And no, its not contagious, or
even that hard to get rid of, I think.  But I bet
she’s so scared she’ll do whatever we want, just to
get rid of it.  I suspect we’ll learn a lot from her.”
Tanj looked at him, aghast; “you KNEW this would
happen??”  The lion shook his head no; “To tell you
the truth, I was as surprised as you were.  Probably
as surprised as she was.  Still, I’m not beyond using
it to my advantage……”

Tanj spent considerable time, passing by all the
passengers, directing the ones of value or
significance to be taken aboard.  She smiled as she
directed Bethany the tigress, to be taken, to her
master’s obvious confusion.  The Wolf who had taken
her the first night smiled as he and his business
associates were selected; “Ah, what the heck, I didn’t
really want to go to that marketing meeting anyways”
he chuckled as they led him off.  Finally, all of
value that they could acquire had been gleaned, and
the pirate cruiser undocked.  It was just before they
cloaked, that they transmitted the worm program’s self
destruct code, returning function to the stricken

The trip back was quite and uneventful, the cloaked
cruiser never registering on the sensors of any ship,
military or otherwise.  As they traveled, however,
they monitored the message traffic having to do with
the Imperial response to the pirate raid.  The fleet
was in an uproar, more because a ship that deep in the
empire had been taken, than that Senator Grant was
among the missing; they certainly weren’t going to
miss HER.  Tanj had regained her “pirate” outfit,
the worn camouflage pants, and the abbreviated combat
vest, with the chain brought up in front, and then
looped around through the belt loops as an ad-hoc
belt.  It almost looked right.  Almost.
The first night, the lion gathered Tanj from the
cruiser’s CIC (combat information center) where she
was trying to catch up on her intelligence work.
Leading her to his small cabin, he proceeded to use
her, roughly, forcefully, reestablishing his position
as her master.  Stripping her quickly, once the door
had closed, he wrapped his paw in her hair, driving
her to her knees, and as he dropped his own pants, he
used his grip to force her head against his crotch.
Tanj for her part, had missed him, and it took no
urging at all for her to lick and nuzzle, until his
cock stood hard and proud.  Not letting her take the
initiative, though, he roughly fucked her face,
forcing her further down, tilting her head back,
driving his cock into her mouth, and down her throat,
until with a roar, he came explosively.  When Tanj
had licked him clean, he bent to the task of tying
her, on her knees, collar locked to a tie-down ring in
the floor, ass held high.  By the time he’d gotten her
tied the way he wanted her, he was hard again, and he
proceeded to fuck her hard in her pussy, his balls
swinging forward to slap at her mons as he drove hard
into her from behind.  The chain, dangling straight
down, swayed with the force of his thrusts and its
motion, transmitted straight to her most sensitive
parts, combined with his rough thrusts, brought
Tanj to climax after climax.  The rest of the night
was spent with him tying her in this position or that,
mostly on the small bed, as he proceeded to move
through every possible variant of the sex act that he
knew of.  Somewhere in the middle of the night, the
distinction became blurred as to who was servicing
who, and morning found them wrapped in each other, the
chain tangled amongst bodies and limbs.

On the trip back, Tanj spent a good bit of time
with the prisoners, gleaning what information she
could obtain.  The Wolf and his associates seemed to
treat it all as a grand adventure at company expense,
and Tanj and her ad-hoc intellegence staff gained a
great deal of information on corporate dealings,
mergers, buy-outs and such (and still she felt he was
leaving the company-specific “dirt” out, but…..).
They even complained good-naturedly about their
accommodations (a bunk room), the food, and the
“entertainment” (i.e. the lack of Tanj’s
availability to them).  She spent some time with the
newlywed couple, doing her best to calm them down.
She even found some time to talk to Bethany, the

“You understand I can’t promise anything” Tanj said
to Bethany.  “The way it works is that any pirate that
sees anything he or she particularly fancies, they put
in a bid for it against their share from the raid.
High bid takes the merchandise.  I know how much you
dislike your current status, and I’m willing to make a
bid for you, BUT you’ve got to pay me back that amount
before I can release you.  Sound fair?”  Bethany
nodded and shrugged; “More than fair; it’s the first
hope I’ve had in years, but the way my luck runs,
something will happen to screw it up…”  Tanj just
hugged her and headed back to work.

Most of Tanj’s “interview” time was spent with the
Senator; they were slowly pruning back the weird……
growth in exchange for answers to questions they had.
The Senator was still terrified, and was being very
cooperative.  The fact that the sap from the growth
was horribly acidic and tended to burn her when they
pruned back a vine only reinforced her sense of panic
and distress.  Tand had told them how to do away with
the parasite, when they’d felt they’d gotten as much
information as they could, and it was amazingly
simple……  Still, they were playing it for all they
were worth, with the attending medical personnel (and
Tanj) actually wearing space suits for fear of
“contamination” around the Senator…

Tanj was delighted to be back at the asteroid base.
The Cruiser was a good ship, but it was just too
cramped with all the prisoners on board.  Besides,
she’d started taking a good bit of teasing and some
good natured complaints about the noise level coming
from the lion’s quarters each night.  As soon as the
prisoners had been transferred, and all was secured,
Tanj went down to Supply, to find Zassa.  She had a
question that she needed answering, and besides, any
excuse to seek out the vixen……

Zassa was buried in inventory forms, and was delighted
to find an excuse to take a break; she and Tanj
stole away to a supply locker, where their
conversation turned to caresses and then kisses and
then some wild girl-on-girl sex.  Of course that too
led to Tanj telling Zassa all about where the chain
came from, and all the related stories.  Exhausted,
sated, and pleased with what she found out from Zassa,
Tanj went to talk to Ben, as her plan for the
newlywed couple slowly came together……

Mark looked at Tanj closely as she sat on his desk,
knees spread widely, the hem of her dress raised to
her tummy.  The lion and several others looked on as
the engineer examined the fused barbell, and the chain
still fastened to Tanj’s most sensitive parts.
“Well, the first part is to remove the chain; that’s
no trouble (with that he grinned up at Tanj, happy
with his pun).  Yes, it’s a hardened alloy, but I have
things that will make short work of it.  The Barbell
is another story.  It’ll have to be cut off, and while
its only surgical steel, and not all that hard,
getting it out without hurting Tanj will be……
“touchy”.  Again he grinned.  Tanj looked at the
lion and he jestured to Mark; “we trust you; go
ahead.”  Mark nodded and got out a special pair of
gloves and what looked like a small roll of thread.
“This is a single molecule monofiliment; its extremely
fine, and extremely strong.  And because of its
extreme thinness, extremely sharp.  As you can see its
coated in a more normal polymer so it can be handled;
however it’ll cut through almost anything known……”

Mark threaded one end of the thread through the last
link of the chain, and then wound the ends around
special synthetic diamond handles.  The force he
exerted seemed to be almost nothing at all, but
suddenly the chain fell to the floor, one half link
still tucked between Tanj’s clitty and hood.  This
Mark carefully removed, saying; “you have to be very
careful; the edges are extremely sharp……”  Mark then
threaded a blunt curved needle with the thread and
moving very carefully, slipped it where the chain link
had been.  Tanj squatted, holding herself
carefully, as Mark lined up the thread just so, and
then gave a gentle tug.  Nothing seemed to happen, but
the loop of thread was now completely visible, a small
distance from Tanj’s body.  Leaning forward, Mark
plucked the top half of the barbell from where it was
visible, letting Tanj recover the lower half.
Tanj and Mark exchanged grins and then she kissed
him in thanks.  Halfway through the kiss, however, she
felt a tap on her shoulder.  Turning, she found the
lion holding a captive bead ring, with a jingle bell.
Looking up at him he just smiled and nodded; “This one
isn’t permanent, but I don’t want those piercings
closing up.  Use this for the time being.  Tanj
just sighed and bent to the task of inserting the
ring.  As she walked out of Engineering, following her
master, she had to struggle to keep from giggling at
the jingling sound she made as she walked, or
purrrring at the pleasant sensations.

The Wolverine looked up from the slip of paper Tanj
had handed him; “This is OUTRAGEOUS!”  Yes, I KNOW
we’ve been kidnapped by pirates, but this ransom
demand is ludicrous!”  His new wife, the Cougar looked
over his shoulder in concern, one paw touching his arm
as if to reassure him.  Tanj just grinned wider;
“Yes, I know its rather steep, but here’s what you get
in the package……”

That night, the doorbell chimed at the newlywed’s
quarters.  The wolverine opened the door, expecting to
see Tanj or one of the other pirates, probably come
on a matter related to the ransom.  Instead he found a
sultry vixen, wearing only a collar.  She grinned up
into his startled face and said; “Hi!  I’m Zassa;
Tanj thought that I ought to come by, that there
might be a few things that I could do for you, maybe
even a few things I could teach you……”

Tanj was just finishing compiling the report on
Senator Grant.  They’d learned some amazing things
before finally ridding her of the parasite.  It seemed
all she had to do to get rid of the thing was to drink
copious amounts of cranberry juice.  As with a mild
yeast infection, the cranberry juice changed her
system pH just enough to make the environment hostile
for the parasite’s wellbeing and it had gradually
withered and finally died, allowing them to remove the
roots from where they’d found such an intimate
purchase.  The Senator, thus liberated, had been sent
to a surgeon that worked occasionally for the pirates;
she’d received just enough cosmetic surgery so that
she’d never be recognized as the missing Senator
Grant.  Her breasts were now larger, and her ass was a
fuller, heart shape, while her waist was reduced some.
Her cheekbones were more prominent, and her ears were
moved back just a touch.  They’d even used bone grafts
to lengthen her legs a bit, giving her the “leggy”
look that so many males loved.  The overall effect was
striking.  As she’d demonstrated at least some
submissive tendencies to Tand, she was now on her way
to a sex slave training facility several sectors
removed, destined to become a gift from the lion to
Jenka.  Tanj grinned at that, knowing Jenka would
know how to handle her (and knowing that she’d be
treated at least reasonably well).  As she passed the
data crystal to her boss, the old fox that ran the
intellegence department for the pirates, the lion
walked in, swinging Tanj’s leash.

Tanj was a little surprised, as she knew the lion
had meetings that evening, but followed meekly enough
as he led her to his quarters. “Maybe he just wants a
quickie” she grinned to herself, but as they entered,
and she saw Hinoki kneeling on the floor, she knew
something else was up……  The lion had Tanj strip
off her dress, and then sit on the edge of the bed; he
knelt between her thighs, removing her clitty ring,
and replacing it with a barbell of the type so
recently removed.  As he inserted it, he slipped the
ring at the end of a strand of pearls through the
shaft, between her hood and clitty.  Using the short
strand of pearls, only about a foot long, as a leash,
he tugged Tanj to her feet, and led her over to
Hinoki.  The lion had her kneel facing him and
reaching down, he clipped the other end of the strand
of pearls around the Prince Albert piercing in
Hinoki’s cock.  This ring was in the very end of
Hinoki’s cock, just visible at the opening of his
sheath; it entered the “eye” of his cock, the urethral
canal, to emerge from the bottom of his shaft, just
below the “eye”.  With the two tied together, the lion
rose to padd towards the door; “Felt you two needed
some quality time together” he purrred.  As he passed
through the door he called “you two have fun; see you
in the morning”, and then the door closed and he was

Tanj grinned at Hinoki and without saying a word,
she rose a little on her knees, to rock her hips back
and forth, the pearls going tight between them, then
slack, then tight.  She purrrred as the pearls tugged
at her clitty, and grinned as the whole thing was
having an obvious effect on Hinoki, his cock growing
hard, expanding out of his sheath, adding its own
tension to the short rope of pearls connecting them.
Tanj reached out a paw to stroke him lightly
running the tip of one finger along his cock, until,
as it reached the head, she thrummed the tight strand
of pearls, the motion making them both gasp.  Hinoki
for his part, just grinned wickedly and slowly leaned
back, further and further, until he was reclining on
the floor.  Tanj of course, HAD to follow, the
tension on her clitty forcing her to move forward, to
crawl over his body.  She purrrrrred and rubbed
herself against him for a while and then rose, to sit
astride his hips.  As she sank down, he took his shaft
in hand, to rub the head of his cock against Tanj’s
sex, the ring barely parting her labia.  He found her
quite wet and eager and within a moment or two, he’d
raised his hips from the floor, to spear his cock into
her dripping pussy.

Tanj gasped, eyes wide as the pearls rippled
against the walls of her pussy.  The rope of pearls
connecting them was just a little longer than his
cock; as he thrust into her, the pearls were dragged
along.  But as he lowered himself, for a moment, the
pearls remained stationary, rubbing against his cock,
only moving slowly downward within Tanj’s pussy
until he thrust up again.  His thrusts moved the
pearls back and forth slightly within Tanj, a
surging back and forth that she found delightful; and
of course, there was a small loop of pearls,
descending from her clitty before disappearing within
her pussy, that swung madly back and forth, adding to
the delightful sensations.  Tanj rode his cock
slowly at first, and then with increasing vigor, until
her juices were dripping from the bottom of the loop
of pearls, to drip on his tummy.

The unique sensations drove her to several very nice
climaxes, before Hinoki lost control, his cock
spurting powerfully within her.  Tanj purrrred and
rippled her vaginal muscles around his cock, milking
his spurting shaft, as the presence of the pearls only
made the sensations more interesting.  Again, the
feeling of his cock firing wadd after wadd of his hot
cum into her drove her to yet another climax, and she
fell forward, to lay atop him, panting hard.

Maneuvering, tied together like that, was difficult,
but as the night wore on, Tanj and Hinoki contrived
to fuck each other in several different styles.
Tanj admitted she liked it best on paws and knees,
with him driving hard from behind, letting his cock
and all the pearls slide out on each stroke, before he
rammed them all home again.  Hinoki professed to like
the “wheelbarrow position, where he held Tanj’s
legs up, as she supported herself with her paws.  He
almost had her doing a handstand, driving his cock
down into her pussy…  In the morning, the lion found
them on the floor, cuddling, both snoring softly.  He
didn’t release them until after they’d not only
showered, but also cleaned up the various spots on the
carpet (and of course more spots on the carpet were
created in the process, much to the lion’s amusement –
they didn’t finish, to be released, until they’d
almost stopped serving breakfast).

The Wolverine sighed, and shook his head, frustrated.
“Its OK”, Tanj soothed; “I know flying this thing
isn’t like the civilian or commercial ships you’ve
ever handled; remember too, its supposed to have
damage.  Now lets try it again……”

Tanj hurried down the corridor to find Bethany.
The Tigress was slumped in a seat, in the slave
kennels, looking very unhappy.  As Tanj sat down
beside her, Bethany looked up; “told you something’d
screw it up.”  Tanj shook her head; “so someone
out-bid me.  No big deal; these things happen all the
time.  Come on…”  And taking Bethany by the paw
Tanj tugged her to her feet and pulled her down the
corridor, heading for accounting.  The only clerk
there looked up in surprise as they charged in.
Tanj leaned over the counter; “I want to find out
who put in the winning bid on Bethany here”.  The
clerk shrugged and then leaned to one side to look at
Bethany; “I don’t even have to look that one up”, the
young Ferret said.  Gazing curiously at Bethany he
continued; “The boss discovered that she has
accounting skills; he’s the one that out-bid you.  And
to be perfectly frank, I’m glad.  I need all the help
down here I can get……”

The lion looked up as Tanj charged into Ops, towing
the Tigress behind her.  Most of the Ops crew knew
that look on Tanj’s face, and started to
surreptitiously move towards the exits, including some
of those that had console duty.  Tanj stopped just
in front of the lion and growled; “Tell me why you
outbid me for Bethany!  Dammit, I made her a promise!”
The lion blinked; “you were bidding for, ah, Bethany,
is it?”  If he knew what was going on, he had a great
“innocent” routine, Tanj thought, but she also
wouldn’t put that past him.  “Yes.  I know for a fact
that Bethany does NOT care for this life, and I told
her that when she had paid me back the purchase price,
I’d set her free.  NOW I find you’ve out bid me!”  The
lion just made a small “oh” sound and nodded.  “The
prospectus said that she had been an accountant.
Cutthroats, corsairs, and hot-shot pilots we got
coming out of our ears.  Engineers we have enough of.
We’ve even got enough deep space miners for the cover
operation.  What we sorely lack are good, honest
accountants.  Even YOU know that!  Wasn’t anything
personal, Honest.  But I tell you what, given the
promise you made, I’ll make you a promise in return.
When we’ve accomplished our “corporate goal” of
eliminating the corrupt Elysium government, and re-
establishing a just and honest system, whether the
people of Elysium elect to outlaw slavery in this
sector, or not, I’ll free her, and you too.  All the
slaves in this operation.  And that’s a promise.”

Bethany grinned; “I can handle that”.  Tanj just
stared, her mouth open.  “Now go on, you two; we’ve
all got work to do.  Tanj, you get Bethany squared
away with Sammy down in accounting.  I’ll leave her in
your nominal care; for the time being, you’re still
“First Girl”.  Now go on, scoot!”

Bethany and Tanj had almost left ops, Bethany half
leading the dazed Tanj, when the lion called to
them; “Tanj, you know I don’t mind you talking to
the rest of the crew like that, when it comes to your
job in intelligence.  But you should know better than
to take that tone with me.  THAT has earned you a
punishment.  Now go on, back to work”.  Tanj
blinked and combined a nod with a shrug, as Bethany
tugged on her paw.  When they were safely outside Ops,
Bethany hugged Tanj and purrrred “Comes as a shock
that you might ever be free, eh Tanj?”  Tanj
just shook her head; “I don’t know……  I honestly don’t
know that I WANT to be free……  ESPECIALLY if it means
leaving him……  I gotta think about this……”

It was later that night, that Tanj, Zassa, Hinoki
and Bethany, all nude save for their collars, reported
to the dormitory that housed the wolf and his
associates.  They were due to be shipped out the next
day, their ransom having been paid by their company’s
insurance carrier, and the lion had decided to reward
their patience.  He couldn’t do much about their
accommodations, thought the food was fine the way it
was, but figured that he could give them one more shot
at Tanj, as a way of reminding her of her
“station”, as punishment for her “attitude” shown
earlier in the day.  As he didn’t want Tanj worn to
a frazzle, he directed her to gather “reinforcements”.
And they were needed too, as the Wolf and his
associates had gotten particularly randy while their
company’s insurance carrier had tried to negotiate the
price down with the pirates.  However, they were still
polite, and a very good time was had by all.  The
following morning Tanj kissed the wolf goodbye at
the airlock, still nude, as they boarded their
shuttle, and she noted with a wry grin that they were
all walking funny……

Tanj had a small addition to her punishment, and
after sending a rather sleepy Zassa, and Bethany off
to their “daytime” jobs, and Hinoki off to bed (lucky
bastard had a second shift job this week), she stopped
by the caffeteria to pick up a breakfast tray.  Tand
had been holed up in a visitor’s suite, staying out of
sight, furthering the “dead” legend that had bee
created to cover his part in the little deal, and the
lion thought that he too, should be rewarded for his

Tand didn’t seem surprised when Tanj showed up with
his breakfast.  Tanj was prepared for another
display of his “mastery”, but to her pleasant
surprise, he was polite, even charming.  As he ate his
breakfast, they chatted about how things had been
progressing, although Tanj was unable to draw him
out as to his future plans.  Tanj still wound up
being “desert”, the two of them making love in a
variety of positions, styles and given the limitations
of his stateroom, a variety of places.  By the time
she left, just before lunch, it was her that was
walking funny, and yawning to boot.

No one seemed surprised when she padded into the
intelligence office wearing only her collar, yawning

They were all gathered in the cafeteria to watch the
daily news broadcast.  Tanj’s little project had
spread a bit through the organization, and everyone
was interested in seeing how it had come out.  Sure
enough, just after the financial reports, as they
turned to the “local color” stories, there a reporter
was interviewing the newlywed couple in front of a
very battered raider ship, in the middle of
Rostarnok’s main starport.

“Yes, it was a horrible experience” the Wolverine was
saying; “The pirates are all beasts, and the things
they did to us could not possibly be mentioned in
polite society……”  At this the pirates hooted and
yelled, knowing full well what Tanj and Zassa had
participated in……  And on the monitor, it looked as if
the Wolverine’s wife was having a hard time
suppressing a smile.  “We managed to evade their
internal security sensors, and steal this ship…” he
went on; “As you can see, its heavily damaged; we had
quite a battle as we fought clear of their ship”.  In
fact, a pirate cruiser had released them quite a ways
away, in a spot where they’d be certain to be found,
no matter how poorly the ship was flown, or how
inaccurate their navigational skills.  All, of course,
upon receipt of the ransom, handled discretely through
the Wolverine’s banks.  “What will you do now, Sir?”
The reporter asked.  The Wolverine grinned; “Why,
We’re going to have our ship here overhauled, and then
we’re going to fly her home!  A trophy as it were; yes
Sir, a trophy!  No more liners for us!  And the next
time pirates cross our bow, we’ll be ready!  OH!  Yes,
I’d like to say one more thing.  There were several of
the pirates that we’d like to, um, “cross swords” with
again.  Should anyone ever capture a Cheetah named
Tanj, or a Vixen named Zassa, I’ll offer a reward
of one Million credits for them turned over to us.
Only if they’re alive, however!  And the Cheetah may
be disguised as an Ocelot……  We have, ah, “unfinished
business” with those two.”  In the background, his
wife just nodded, what could have passed for an evil
grin on her face.

Tanj just STARED as a bounty was put on her head.
Of course, the pirates hooted and yelled, each
claiming they’d turn Tanj in for the bounty
themselves!  The lion, standing nearby, just chuckled;
“now that was a real nice thing for them to do”  Zassa
turned to look at him; “NICE?  How do you figure that
was NICE?”  The lion grinned and gestured to Tanj;
“can you figure it out?”  Tanj just nodded slowly;
“We gave them something for their money……  Instead of
merely ransoming them, we basically made them heroes-
for-a-day, and more importantly, in their
straightlaced society back home, we gave them
something to talk about.  A honeymoon that they could
brag on for the rest of their lives.  They’ve just set
it up so that if the Elysium government, or the Empire
ever do capture us all, Zassa and I will at least
live, handed over to those that will see no further
harm comes to us.  Why I bet they’d be DELIGHTED to
have slaves that were a part of their story!”  Zassa
blinked at Tanj, and mouthed a small “oh”.  The
lion just nodded.

“And that brings me to something else” the lion
rumbled.  “Tanj, you are becoming much too well
known for these “undercover” operations.  Too many
people have seen your face, as well as other memorable
portions of your anatomy.  I’m afraid that mission was
your last.  From now on, you’ll just have to arrange
to have missions like that conducted from your
position on the command staff.”

Tanj shook her head, and it was plain to all that
she didn’t think much of the idea of being chained to
a desk.  Then the murmurs of the crowd rose a bit, as
the latter part sunk in…  Tanj looked up into the
lion’s face; “did you say……”  He nodded; “Yup.  Think
you’ve earned it, and I doubt anyone here will say
otherwise.  You’re now in charge of Intelligence
Operations.  You’ll run all the field agents, and
funnel the FurInt data to your boss, who aside from
being head of Intelligence will also head up the
“technical” means of intelligence gathering.”  As the
crowd broke up, many found their way by to
congratulate Tanj.

Tanj saw Tand off at the airlock.  He was making a
quiet, unheralded departure, especially as most
thought he was dead.  “I guess you really are the boss
now, Tanj” he purrrred.  “If you ever need my
services again, you know how to find me”  Tanj rose
to tiptoes to kiss him goodbye; “you take care of
yourself, you scoundrel, and yes, I suspect we’ll see
each other again.”  And with that, he cycled through
the lock into the waiting ship, and was gone.

Tanj took a pass through the intelligence office on
her way back from the docking bay.  Things were
quieting down nicely.  Grant’s successor had not yet
been named, but the remaining Senator was making more
noise about a new economic initiative, than about
pirates.  Everything seemed to be getting back to
normal, and for the moment, the Imperial menace seemed
to have vanished.

Returning to her master’s cabin, Tanj showered, and
washed her hair.  Taking the time to brush it until it
shone, she padded naked back to the foot of his bed.
She’d saved the chain the Senator had fastened her
with, and now, once again, she put the last link in
place, using the barbell the lion had given her.  The
other end she locked firmly to the foot of his bed.
Kneeling there, the chain in a glittering silver pool
between her knees, she awaited his return.

The surprise on his face was short lived, being
displaced with interest, possibly hunger.  Without a
word, he padded over to Tanj, to stand before her.
Equally silent, she undid his pants, removing them
before licking softly at his sex, teasing him with her
tongue until he was hard, until he was throbbing.  He
lifted her, to bend her over the footboard, from which
he took her from behind, the chain rattling noisily
with each thrust, the swaying links driving her to
climax after climax.  He paced himself, slowing almost
to a stop on three separate occasions before speeding
back up; by the time his orgasm claimed him, Tanj
was panting, almost mindless, lost in a sea of

Later they cuddled, drowsy, on the bed.  “Been
thinking about that promise you made” Tanj mumbled.
The lion softly stroked a finger across her belly;
"Not much of a promise, you know; you got all the
money you need to buy your freedom now, and then
some……”  Tanj rose to one elbow to look at him; “I
can DO that?” she gasped.  He laughed and nodded; “you
never did read the handbook, did you?”  She just shook
her head no.  He grinned and stroked his finger a
little lower, until he encountered fur slicked with
her juices and his; “So, whatcha gonna do?”  She
grinned and leaned over to kiss him softly; “I happen
to like it here.  I don’t want to leave, now, or even
when or if we’re through with what we’re trying to
accomplish.  I don’t want to leave YOU.”  The lion
smiled, perhaps a touch of sadness on his face; “I’m
pleased you feel that way, but sometimes we don’t
always get what we want.  We’ll see how you feel when
everything’s through, if we get that far; but in the
meantime, did you ever think that after that wild
night, you might be carrying Hinoki’s cubs?  You’re
both Cheetahs and he CAN get you pregnant.  You got
that, and him to think about too, you know.”  Tanj
nodded slowly, and then shrugged; “I know the Academy
had a way to prevent pregnancies, but you’re right, if
they were putting something in the food, it should be
well out of my system by now……  Hmmmmmmm.  I’ll have
to think about that.  And him.”

A while later, Tanj purrrred as they cuddled;
“Think I might put that money towards a raider ship of
my own……”  From her position, with her head on his
chest, she didn’t see the look of concern that passed
across his face……

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