Tanj’s Tale:  With Jenka

by Kittiara


Stardate: 2398.20

The Lion watched, a grin on his face, as Jenka led Tanj into the
airlock of her ship.  A moment later, Tanj’s dress came flying out
of the airlock, just as the door closed, to drape itself gracefully over the
Lion’s muzzle.  As the door clanged shut, and the air pumps started,
he held it to his nose, to inhale her scent, and then slung the dress over
his shoulder and turned to stride back into the station, grinning to

Tanj’s paws were bound behind her while they were still cycling
through the airlock.  Jenka then led her by the leash through the ship
to the bridge, where she knelt by Jenka’s command chair as they
undocked, and moved away from the asteroid base.  Although she kept
her eyes downcast, as a good slave should, she listened intently,
gathering what information she could.  She listened to the voices of
the Helmsman and the Navigator, of those manning the engineering,
environmental, tactical and communications stations, listening to the
way they talked, trying to judge their attitudes....  She knew that the
Bridge Crew was giving her looks from the corners of their eyes, in
turn, trying to evaluate her, to figure out just where _she_ fit in....

Tanj heard the door at the rear of the bridge swoosh open and then
hissss closed, and as someone moved closer, she thought she knew that
tread..... a footstep she hadn’t heard in... how long?  As Jenka turned
to say something to one of the bridge crew, Tanj dared a look.  The
quiet routine of the bridge was shattered as Tanj let out a
WHOOOP! and pounced the newcomer, jerking the end of the leash
out of Jenka’s startled hand!  “SAMANTHA!  Oh, Good Lord am I
happy to see you!  What are you doin’ HERE?”

Samantha Pettigrew, former first officer of the tramp freighter “Lost
Cause”, and Tanj’s former shipmate went over backwards under
the assault of the energetic Cheetah.  Of course the elderly Lepine
(rabbit-morph) was smaller than Tanj.  “Tanj?  Erf!  Get offa
me!  Yes, I’m glad to see you too, but what are YOU doing HERE?
Especially dressed like tha....... Oh Lord, don’t tell me the rumors
were true?”  Tanj sat back, looking at Samantha; “rumors?  I
haven’t heard a thing about ANY of you since we all got arrested!”
Samantha sat up and adjusted her outfit as best possible, dusting
herself off; “They told us that you’d been sold to the sex slave academy
on Elysium!”  Tanj just nodded and shrugged; “‘s true.  Interesting
place.  Skip that; how’d you get free of the Elysium authorities?
WHERE ARE THE OTHERS?”  Samantha looked up at Jenka, and
with a nod looked back at Tanj; “the Captain’s dead.  Supposedly
killed trying to escape, but if you ask me, they just found that an easier
way to get clear title to the Lost Cause.  Benny,......... I don’t know.  I
haven’t been able to find any trace.  I’d been trying to confirm where
they’d sent you, but all I got were dead ends.”

Tanj just stared at her friend, her mouth hanging open.  Squint
dead?  Unimaginable.  Tanj growled low, a sound that made a fair
proportion of the bridge crew uneasy; “Oh, they’re gonna pay for that.
I promise you, they’ll pay!”  Samantha just nodded; “thats what I’m
doing here; payback as best I can.  Tanj looked up, trying to drag
her thoughts back to the present, away from wrestling with Squint’s
death; “but how did you get here?” Sam grinned; “Oh, I got
wholesaled.  The Elysium government sold me to a clearing house for
slaves; seems I was too old, despite my skills.  They in turn sold me off
planet, and as fate would have it, the transport was raided by pirates.
These pirates.  One of them happened to be an old shipmate, from
when I was in the military, and he convinced Jenka here that I might
be of some service.

At Jenka’s name Tanj flinched.  “Uh-oh..............” was all she got
out before she heard Jenka chuckling behind her.  Looking up at Sam,
she smiled weakly; “think I’m in trouble again.....” And with that,
Jenka yanked hard on the leash, dragging Tanj back to her former
kneeling position.  Sam just laughed; “Captain, you really can’t blame
her; extenuating circumstances and so forth”  Tanj couldn’t see
Jenka’s grin, with her head bowed, but she heard the laugh in her
response; “Oh, I can understand.... but that is NOT acceptable
behavior for a slave, and most especially not for my pet, and I’m afraid
she _will_ have to be disciplined.......”  Sam just laughed and handed
the Tactical officer the PADD she’d been carrying; “well, if there’s
anything left, I’d like to talk over old times with her, when she’s
available”.  As Sam left the bridge, Jenka just purrrrrred.

Tanj didn’t think there was that much keeping Jenka on the bridge,
but never the less, the big Panthress lounged in her command chair,
talking idly with the bridge crew.  After a while Tanj’s knees
started to ache, and then her ankles, and then her back, but she rigidly
kept to the proper position a slave must assume.....  “Might be a test”
she thought to herself; “and I am NOT going to give her the
satisfaction of adding “squirming” to the list of charges.....”  Finally,
when the rumbling of her stomach was clearly audible, Jenka looked
over the armrest of her chair at the kneeling Tanj; “Hungry, my
pet?”  Tanj tried to remember any restrictions on speech, but
figured she’d been asked a direct question, so..... “yes, mistress....”
Jenka nodded and rose to her feet, stretching; then with a quick jerk on
the leash she led Tanj from the bridge.  They moved through the
corridors of the ship, finally arriving at what had to be the visiting
dignitary’s quarters, and Tanj assumed that while Jenka was in
command of the Black Fleet, that this wasn’t “her” ship....  Jenka
proceeded to tie Tanj in a kneeling position, cuffed ankles attached
to cuffs around her thighs, paws cuffed behind her back and linked to
her ankle cuffs; with Tanj properly restrained, she departed the
room, humming a happy tune.....

Jenka returned about an hour later, carrying a covered plate.  Tanj
found it hard not to drool as Jenka removed the cover and used it to
fan the aroma towards Tanj’s nose.  Grinning, Jenka slowly
disrobed, folding her clothes neatly.  Finally, she sat on the edge of her
bed, and grinned at Tanj; “First things first; your punishment.
Hmmmm, lets see, I _do_ think we need to do something about your
figure......” and with that she  rose and turned to rummage within her
closet.  While Jenka was busy, Tanj looked down at herself; “whats
wrong with my figure” she wondered.  As Jenka returned, Tanj
risked looking up, and as she spied what Jenka was carrying, she
gasped!  Jenka grinned and nodded; “I think your waist should be a bit
narrower; just a bit.  And I’m sure this corset will do wonders towards
achieving that.  Tanj was released, and bade to stand, and Jenka
had her step into the leather corset; tugging it upwards, over her hips,
the big Pantheress almost jerked her off the floor, but finally the corset
was in place, and Jenka began the laborious task of lacing it up.
Tanj groaned as her waist was constricted, but she had to admit, as
she watched from the corner of her eyes, at her reflection in the room’s
mirror, that she liked the way it made her breasts stand out.  Finally,
Jenka was done, closing a flap over the laces, and she padded around
to look at Tanj’s trim figure.  The corset traveled from just below
her breasts, to just above her mons, cut away in a smooth curve over
her hips.  “Hmmmmmm, yes, thats better, but we still need a little
something......”  Returning to the closet she shortly came back with
what Tanj took to be a G-string made of thick rubber and bright
chrome.  Jenka placed the waist strap around Tanj’s newly reduced
waist, and as she fastened the ends, Tanj’s ears twitched at the
distinct *snap*.  Then Jenka was pulling the other part between her
thighs, sliding her tail through a hole in the strap, and fastening the
loose end to the belt portion behind her back, also with an audible
*snap*.  With a grin, Jenka then clipped a tiny key to the ring in the
front of Tanj’s collar.  As she did so, Tanj moaned to herself,
realizing that she’d just been locked into these crazy panties; still,
while they were tight, they weren’t that uncomfortable.......

Jenka purrred as she refastened Tanj in her original position,
kneeling, with ankles bound to cuffs on her thighs, wrists linked to her
ankle cuffs.  Then, with a grin, she paced across the room to sit on the
edge of the bed.  “I’ve been waiting to find out just how well trained
your tongue is, little one, and now’s the time; come on over here and
please me; if you do well, I’ll feed you a morsel........  Tanj
hmmmmed to herself, trying to figure out how to move over there
considering how she was bound.  Finally, she tried rocking forward, to
balance on her knees; she made it part way across the floor before she
overbalanced and wound up falling on her face.  With a sigh, Tanj
squirmed, and managed to inch-worm the rest of the way over to
where Jenka was sitting, before managing to get herself back into a
kneeling position.  As she brought her muzzle up between Jenka’s
thighs, the big Pantheress laid back on the bed, sliding down some to
bring her pussy within easy reach of Tanj’s tongue.

Tanj started slow, licking across Jenka’s upper thighs, sloooowly
circling in on her pussy, taking her time.  After a while, as she slowly
licked and nibbled towards the center, she felt one of Jenka’s paws
caressing her head.  Purrrrrring softly, she let the tip of her tongue
explore the length of Jenka’s slit, flicking from the base of her tail,
upwards, teasing lightly, until her tongue crested over onto her mons.
As she licked, Tanj found Jenka to be getting very wet, and when
she judged the time right, she suddenly stabbed her tongue deep into
Jenka’s pussy.  Jenka responded with a moan, arching her back, her
paw pulling Tanj’s head hard against her.  Tanj slithered her
tongue in and out, wriggling its tip, now stroking the front of Jenka’s
love channel, now the back.  As she licked and nibbled, Tanj
gauged Jenka’s responses, noting how she moved and how she
breathed, doing her best to remember what obviously pleased her.  As
she felt Jenka’s passion rise, she shifted her emphasis, sending her
tongue to lick at Jenka’s clitty, pushing back its hood with the tip of
her tongue to stroke it, softly at first, and then with increasingly hard
flicks back and forth.  Just when she thought Jenka was going to
explode, she returned her tongue to the depths of Jenka’s pussy, to
wriggle therein, to slide back and forth smoothly.  As Jenka’s
breathing returned to near normal, Tanj again shifted to her clitty,
licking, sucking and nibbling until she felt Jenka’s body tense, and
then again her tongue returned to the depths of Jenka’s sex.  It wasn’t
until she had brought Jenka to the edge for the third time that she felt
the Pantheress’ claws at the back of her head; “Oooooooo you are
_such_ a tease, but enough of that; finish me quickly and you get
dinner; tease me more and you’ll go hungry!”

Tanj grinned and moved to suck directly on Jenka’s clitty, her
tongue flicking over its entrapped tip as hard and as fast as she could.
Within a minute, Jenka was howling, writhing on the bed, lost in the
throes of her climax.  Tanj refused to let her go, though, continuing
to lick and nibble at her clitty until Jenka forcefully pushed her head
away; “ENOUGH!  Tanj what _AM_ I going to do with you?  You
just don’t know when to stop, to give me a breather!”  Tanj just
grinned and brazenly looked up at Jenka, licking her mistress’s juices
from her muzzle.

With a sigh, Jenka moved Tanj over to kneel by her feet as she sat
at the VIP quarter’s built-in desk; as she worked, she’d occasionally
feed Tanj some morsel or other, until the plate was empty.  Tanj
noticed that with the corset, it didn’t take much at all to make her feel
full.....  Placing the plate on the floor, Jenka instructed Tanj to lick
it clean.  As Tanj accomplished this, Jenka yawned and stretched;
“its getting late; we need to get ready for bed”.  And with that, Jenka
unbound Tanj and led her into the bathroom.  After drawing Jenka
a bath, Tanj knelt by the side of the tub to wash her back, and her
hair, and when Jenka emerged  (after what Tanj enviously thought
was an obscenely long soak), she toweled her dry.  Emerging from the
bathroom, Jenka proceeded to lock Tanj’s collar to the foot of her
bed, and then turning out the lights, Jenka climbed into bed and
promptly fell asleep.

Tanj laid as best she could on the carpeting at the foot of the bed,
listening to Jenka’s breathing.  “I guess things could be worse” she
thought; “so far, she hasn’t treated me too badly.  I think I can handle
a month of this.  Still, I wish she’d put down a pad for me here.......
And I wish she’d reciprocated with the licking.  I wonder how talented
_her_ tongue is......”  Shifting around as best she could on her short
chain, Tanj tried to fall asleep; as she did so, thinking of the way
she’d pleasured Jenka, one of her paws slid down, to rub at her rubber
covered sex; it was then that she realized that inside the thick rubber,
there was a metal plate; no matter how she rubbed, or pushed, she
couldn’t stimulate herself.  Worse, the thing was so tight she couldn’t
worm a finger underneath either.  Muttering to herself, and more than
a little frustrated, she finally fell asleep.

In the morning, Tanj found herself starting the day by licking
Jenka to yet another climax, once again reprimanded for how she
teased with her tongue.  Jenka unlocked her chastity belt only long
enough for her to go to the bathroom, and then she was firmly locked
in it again.  She spent the rest of the day following Jenka around at the
end of her leash, as Jenka attended to this or that bit of business.  As
such, she was privy to most of the goings-on in the Black Fleet and
before the end of the day, she found that Jenka was using her as a bit
of a secretary.  By the third day, she was still locked tight in the corset,
and the wicked chastity belt.  While she’d serviced Jenka a dozen
times, and even lent her mouth to a few of Jenka’s associates, she was
still “chaste”, and that was definitely starting to make her squirm.  As
the ship approached its rendezvous, Tanj found that Jenka was
starting to send her on little errands, to deliver this message or retrieve
that data crystal.  She was usually bound in some way, though; for
instance, when going to retrieve fuel consumption reports from
Engineering, Jenka sent her off with ankles hobbled by a chain less
than a foot in length, her arms behind her in a square arm-binder,
where her forearms were parallel to each other, behind her back.  She
had to carry the report back in her teeth, and then was criticized for
taking so long.  Another time, sent to fetch a data crystal from Jenka’s
quarters, she was bound with her wrist cuffs chained to the belt around
her waist, thus permitting her very limited use of her hands.  As time
passed, Tanj began to wonder if her “punishment” was to be

Tanj was once again kneeling by the side of Jenka’s command
chair when the ship docked at the Gathra trading station, in the Hansa
system.  This was sort of neutral territory, not quite in the Empire, not
quite out of it either.  As such, the system did a significant business in
smuggling, illegal goods,  and in the servicing that Pirates frequently
required.  The rest of the Black fleet was in the vicinity, some of them
actually docked at the station.  With the docking complete, Jenka
turned command of the ship over to its normal Captain and prepared
to return to her own command ship.  Tugging on Tanj’s leash,
Jenka led a small parade through the lock and around the periphery of
the station.  Tanj had to grin to herself, as she was led, bound and
naked, through the station; once upon a time, such a thing would have
embarrassed her horribly, but now, well, she kinda enjoyed all the
looks she got from the various furrs they passed.

Jenka’s quarters on the command ship were considerably more lavish,
although Tanj wasn’t so sure she cared for them; one of the features
that Jenka’s suite had was a very small kennel for her pet.  This was
literally a hole in the wall, a solid door at the base of one wall that
Tanj had to low-crawl through; this led to a narrow passage
spiraling downward, to a small chamber below Jenka’s.  There, there
was a pallet for her to sleep on, and in one corner, water burbled from
a spout, to a bowl, overflowing that to a hole in the floor obviously
meant for the elimination of wastes.   Tanj guessed she was to
drink from the bowl.....  There was a grate in the low ceiling, and it
was obvious that Jenka could stroll over to look down upon her pet
whenever she pleased.  As Tanj curled up on her pallet, she heard
Jenka humming to herself above, as she got dressed, obviously
preparing for a night savoring the attractions that the station might

Just before she left, Jenka peered down through the grate at Tanj; “I
suspect you’ve been punished enough, for that little loss of control;
I’ve told some of the crew that they can entertain you tonight, after
I’ve left, so don’t be surprised if you have visitors......”  And with that,
she was gone.  Tanj ran her paws over the tight rubber of the
chastity belt; “heck, at this point I’d screw half the ship, just to be shed
of this damn thing!” she thought to herself.

Tanj awoke from a sound sleep, at the noise of the door to Jenka’s
quarters opening.  peering through slitted eyelids she looked upwards
at the grating to find three males looking down at her, wide smiles on
their faces.  There was a fox, a leopard, and a skunk watching her
intently; figuring she might as well have some fun with them, Tanj
rolled slooowly onto her back and Strrrreeeetttttcccchhhheeeeddddd
sensually.  She had to smile, though, ruining the effect when the
Leopard started to purrrrrrrr.  Opening her eyes, Tanj just grinned
up a the trio; “well, hello!  And what will Jenka say when she finds
you in her quarters?”  The fox grinned back; “probably not much, as
she gave us the key.  How do we get you out of there?”  Tanj
sighed; “there’s a tunnel; look for a small door low on the wall; you
open it, and I’ll crawl out.”  The skunk nodded and vanished from her
view; Tanj turned and started crawling up the tunnel, discovering it
was a lot harder going up than sliding down......  As she made it to the
doorway, several hands helped her through and stood her up; instantly,
she felt more than one of those hands slide down to run over the
chastity belt, exploring.... “now thats a cruel trick” the Leopard
growled; “where’s the damn key?”  Tanj grinned; “its on my collar,
but I’m not allowed to touch it.......”  The skunk literally snatched it
from her collar, and seconds later, the chastity belt was in a heap on
the floor.  Tanj moaned and ran her paws over her mons, rubbing
at first and then scratching furiously, the three guys watching intently;
“Uh, guys, I’ve been in that thing for tooo long; mind if I take a
moment and use the facilities?”  The fox just shrugged, and Tanj
trotted over to Jenka’s luxurious bathroom.  After relieving herself,
and taking just a moment to brush her hair with one of Jenka’s
brushes, Tanj padded back out into the bedroom, to join the others.
“Now, what can I do for you gentlefurrs?  How can I reward you for
helping me escape that belt?  Better yet, what can I do to get you to
release me from this #$&^%@*$# corset?”

Shortly thereafter, Tanj found herself astride the Leopard, his cock
nicely stuffing her pussy, as the Skunk pumped his cock into her ass,
and the Fox did his very best to stuff his cock down her throat.
Tanj purrrrrrrred around the Fox’s cock, her tongue running over
its thickly veined surface, one of her paws teasing his balls as her other
paw reached behind her to stroke the belly of the Skunk.  The
Leopard’s cock was definitely the largest, but the skunk’s was quite
long for its diameter, and she gasped each time he drove it hard into
her ass, his quick thrusts apparently delighting the Leopard.  As she
sucked and nibbled and licked at the Fox’s cock, she did her best to
tease the other two, tightening her vaginal and anal muscles, trying to
grip their cocks hard, to hold them still, much to their delight.  The
room was filled with the moans and pants of the three males as
Tanj did her very best to repay them for releasing her, and Tanj
had to work hard, to pay strict attention, not to let any of the three cum
too soon.  She toyed with them, played with them, doing her very best
to keep all three on the very edge, but even her skill wasn’t enough to
hold them forever, only her concentration holding her own climax at
bay.  The Skunk came first, his hips driving faster and faster, his cock
plumbing the depths of her bowels until finally with a yell, he came,
his cock throbbing and spurting deep within her.  That set off the
Leopard, and with a grunt, he started bucking his hips up into her,
bouncing her, until he too came loudly.  As they panted and growled,
Tanj pushed her head forward, driving the Fox’s cock into her
mouth, down her throat, until her nose rubbed his tummy; swallowing
hard, her throat muscles rippling along his shaft, she soon sent him
the way of his mates, his cock pumping his seed deep into her throat.

Tanj made sure she got a washcloth from the bathroom to clean off
the Skunk; the others she gladly licked clean, an action that soon had
all three of the guys hard again.  She purrrrrred as she moved from
cock to cock, licking and nibbling for a moment, before moving on to
the next.  After teasing them for a while, the Skunk proposed a slightly
different arrangement; he thought that considering the relative sizes,
that Tanj ought to be able to take both him and the fox in her pussy
at the same time......   Tanj had heard of this, but had never actually
tried it, but having gone without for so long, she was game to try it.
The Fox laid on his back, with Tanj eagerly straddling his hips, her
paws between her thighs to hold his cock, to stroke it along her sex;
however, just as the skunk knelt behind her, the Leopard moved in
behind him, and the next thing she knew, the skunk’s cock was back
in her ass, as the Leopard’s longer, thicker cock moved between the
skunk’s legs, to press against the rear of her pussy.  She moaned as the
Fox and the Leopard insistently shoved their cocks at her, until, one
after the other, they forced their way inside!  It must have appeared a
comical combination, Tanj sandwiched between the three guys, but
they seemed to enjoy it; indeed, both the Fox and the Skunk seemed
content to just hold their cocks within Tanj, as the Leopard thrust
his hips at her, doing all the work.  Tanj mewled and moaned, her
pussy stretched TIGHT by the two cocks; she could barely move, and
yet, she found the situation wildly stimulating, and as the Leopard
pumped her harder and harder, she shuddered again and again, climax
after climax ripping through her. Finally the three guys came, the fox
first, and then almost simultaneously, the Skunk and Leopard.

They lay there, entwined, for a while, just panting; finally the Skunk
wormed his way free, complaining of a cramp, and padded towards the
bathroom.  On his return, the fox followed suit, leaving the Leopard
nestled behind Tanj, his cock still buried in her pussy.  As the Fox
emerged from the bathroom, the Leopard started pumping Tanj
again, slooowly and sensuously, taking long, slow strokes.  Tanj
just laid there on her side, and drank in the sensations, delighting in
each movement; she floated in a haze of pleasure until she felt his
thrusts quickening, each motion becoming sharper, until yet another
climax burst within her; moments later she felt his cock twitching and
throbbing, what little jism he had left flooding her pussy.  As he
finished, the fox tapped him on the shoulder; “we gotta go; our shift
starts in about twenty minutes”.  The Leopard just nodded and crawled
around to present his softening cock to Tanj for cleaning; she
purrrred and licked at him softly, until he was clean.  As they turned
to go, the skunk turned back; “oh, yeah, Jenka mentioned something...
uh, stand up, turn around and bend over......”  Tanj sighed; “now
what” she thought, but too tired to argue, she complied.  Moments
later she felt the skunk push first one, and then a second object into
her dripping pussy, and then the chastity belt was around her waist,
and between her thighs once again, its locks snicking shut.  “OK, now
back into your kennel, quick now, we gotta go!”  Tanj sighed and
crawled across the floor to once again squeeze into the tunnel to her
kennel, her sore nipples grazing the floor as she moved, the two ben-
wa balls sliding and bouncing back and forth within her pussy quite

She wasn’t completely out of the tunnel when she heard the three
leave Jenka’s quarters, the door hissing open and then closed.  Taking
a drink from the bowl, she settled down on her pallet to try and get
some sleep.  She could have sworn that her eyes had just closed when
she heard the door open again.  Looking up, as a shadow crossed her
face, she saw Jenka grinning down at her; “well, did my pet have an
interesting night?  I see you managed to loose your corset somewhere
in the proceedings; no, no, don’t tell me about it, I’ll just watch the
video”.  “Video?” Tanj thought; “I wonder if those guys knew they
were being recorded?  Probably wouldn’t have cared, though.....”
Tanj fell asleep to the sounds of the passionate lovemaking of the
night before......

Tanj yawned as she knelt by Jenka’s command chair; she hadn’t
gotten much sleep before Jenka bade her crawl from her kennel and
attend her in the bath.  Then it was off to the Bridge, as the Black
Fleet departed the station, and headed out.  While the ben-wa balls
were still nicely in place, Jenka had forced her to put on the corset,
drawing it tighter than ever, and Tanj squirmed a little against its
tightness, the resulting motion of the ben-wa balls only making her
pant for breath all the harder.

As she squirmed, she heard heavy footsteps approach from the rear of
the bridge, and then a paw found her chin, her head turned and forced
up and she found herself looking into the leering face of a rather large
male Hyena....... “Well, Jenka, what _have_ you here?  Another new
toy?  What happened to your last one?  Did you break it?”  Jenka
seemed unruffled, and responded in a smooth voice; “Cain, I’d like
you to meet my new pet; she’s just a little something I picked up in
that operation over by Elysium.  “Oh?” Cain rumbled; “I’ve heard the
strangest stories about that operation........  As some of them placed
you in bed with the leader of the Brethren, I can scarce believe them,
though......”  Jenka just smiled; “Cain, you know I indulge myself with
males on special occasions.....”  Cain grumbled something in response,
something that Tanj didn’t quite catch, but didn’t think sounded all
that pleasant.  “So”, Cain continued; “what do you have in store for
this little thing?”  Tanj thought that the way he said it, the future
didn’t sound all that promising... despite the way Jenka had treated
her so far....  “  “While she’s here” Jenka purrred, “quite obviously,
she’ll attend to my.... needs.  But she’ll also be available for the
entertainment of the senior officers.  Oh, she’s also the liaison for the
upcoming operation with the Brethren.”  Cain harrumphed; “that
bunch!  I don’t know why you mess with them.  The way they operate,
they’re sure to bring trouble!”  And with that he released Tanj’s
chin and turned, striding off the bridge.  Jenka reached down to pet
Tanj’s head; “How did he ever know.....” she purrrred.

Later that shift, Jenka led Tanj by her leash down to meet with her
own Intelligence and Operations teams.  Tanj felt just a little weird
as she knelt by Jenka’s feet, nude except for the corset and the chastity
belt, as she acted the part of the slave, but played the part of a team
member as they worked to formulate plans for the upcoming operation.
In the end, Jenka removed Tanj’s leash, but hobbled and cuffed her
(at least her paws were in front of her), so that she could work with the
others on the logistics, coordination, and timing of the upcoming
At the end of the work day, as they locked up all their work materials,
and secured the computers and tactical terminals, Jack, a Wolf morph
and the assistant operations officer, started teasing Tanj, in a good-
natured way; “so, how does a lowly type like me get to sample some of
the pleasures of the Captain’s new pet?”  Tanj grinned back at him;
“Oh, its simple, really; all you have to do is submit a requisition for
my time, in triplicate, justifying the need, and get Jenka to sign it.
Then it goes to the scheduling committee.  They’ll let you know when
I’m available.....”  Jack laughed and reached over to pull Tanj
close, kissing her hard. Tanj stifled a laugh and kissed back
hungrily.  As he broke the kiss, Jack smiled; “triplicate eh?  I’ll get
right on it; but now, you’d best go find your Mistress; who knows what
kind of a black mood she’ll be in after her first day back, having been
away so long......  Tanj grinned and nodded, and taking short,
mincing steps, headed for Jenka’s quarters.

That night, Tanj again spent quite a bit of time between Jenka’s
thighs, licking her to climax after climax; some of them slow and
teasing, holding her on the edge until the big Pantheress threatened to
claw her if she didn’t hurry up, others brought as rapidly as possible.
Afterwards, after attending to Jenka’s bath (Tanj was getting a
little pissed at having to make due with a hurried shower each night,
and longed to luxuriate in a hot tub the way Jenka did....), Jenka had a
little surprise for Tanj; the chastity belt had been replaced with a
slightly different model; this one had moderately large dildoes built in,
for pussy and ass, and while that was interesting in its own right, what
made the whole thing devilish was the control box fastened to the side
of the belt; the dildoes contained powerful vibrators, which the control
box would activate at random intervals, and intensities.  Of course, to
keep her from playing with the controls, Tanj’s paws were bound
behind her back.....  A swat on her rump sent her towards the door to
her kennel, and with a groan, Tanj inch-wormed into the tight
passage, crawling slowly down to her chamber.  “Gonna wear off my
nipples if I have to do this too much” she thought as she pushed
herself along with her feet.

Tanj spent a restless night, tossing and turning on her pallet; no
sooner would the dildo in her pussy cease its infernal buzzing, than the
one in her ass would start.  Sometimes they’d both run together,
occasionally powerfully enough to drive her to a climax; less
frequently they’d both be quiet, and she’d drift off to sleep, only to be
awakened what seemed like seconds later, as one or the other or both
started vibrating again.

In the morning, Tanj again attended to Jenka, as she got dressed,
and prepared for the day’s activities.  Thankfully, the nighttime
chastity belt was replaced with the normal daytime one (admittedly
with the two ben-wa balls, which at least were not tooo distracting....),
and then she was off to another day of playing secretary to Jenka and
to working with the planning team.  The plan was coming together
nicely; most starships ran on Antimatter as fuel (with only the very
most advanced ones running mass conversion powerplants).  However,
Antimatter was dangerous stuff, and its production, and the refueling
of starships was always highly risky.  As such, Antimatter production
facilities tended to be located in remote places, where an industrial
accident wouldn’t kill billions.  The closest Antimatter production
facility to Elysium was in the Archemedies system, an otherwise
uninhabited and useless place, and that was the target for the
combined pirate groups.........

As Tanj worked with the planning team, she and Jack continued to
tease each other, much to the amusement of the other team members.
It was late in the day when the door opened and Cain strode in.  Jack
immediately stiffened; he and his boss did not get along very well.... in
fact, Tanj got the feeling that few of the pirates got along well with
Cain; but through a series of brilliant tactical moves and ruthless
combat abilities, Cain had risen to become one of Jenka’s chief
lieutenants, the head of Operations.  “Jenka’s going to be a bit busy
tonight, going over maintenance reports with the Engineering group”
Cain growled; “She’s graciously granted me the privilege of
entertaining you tonight”  Tanj thought that the latter statement
was just dripping with sarcasm, and wondered just what Cain’s
problem was.....  Snapping a leash to Tanj’s collar, Cain grinned
wickedly at the rest of the folks present and with a jerk, led Tanj
towards his quarters.

Once in Cain’s quarters, the big Hyena moved quickly, unlocking
Tanj’s “chastity” belt, and stripping the corset from her.  “I’m
pleased that you’ve been pierced; it’ll make this evening’s little
activity that much easier.  Of course, you should have more labia
piercings for this.... and I’ve got a pack of brand new fishhooks that
would do so nicely, but I suppose Jenka would get mad.......  I guess
we’ll just have to make do with what you’ve got.  You see, before we
get on to other things, I thought I’d put you through a little slave’s
refresher course.  I think Jenka’s way to lax with her slaves.
Soooooo.........” and with that he dragged Tanj by the hair over to a
clear spot on the floor.  Tanj’s eyes widened as she noticed what
appeared to be a rather drastic looking dildo fastened to the floor; it
was about 15” tall, with a knob at the head; while it narrowed
considerably after the knob, from there, it slowly widened, until at the
base it must have been 3” in diameter!  As Tanj gazed at this
device, Cain was busy lacing her arms into a sheath behind her; when
he had it tight, Tanj’s elbows almost touching behind her back, he
led her over to the monster protruding from the floor.  Strong paws
forced her down, into a kneeling position, and then down a bit further,
the knob at the tip of the dildo pressing hard against her ass, until with
a soft pop, it slid within her.  As Cain fastened the ring on the end of
the arm binder to the floor, Tanj realized that the dildo was coated
with something; at first she thought it was lubricant, but now her ass
was starting to burn _bad_!  “Now for the rest of your little trial” Cain
purrrrred; moving around in front of her, he showed her a silvery rod,
about a foot long; there was a large metal ball on the rod at one end,
perhaps 1 1/2” in diameter; below that a slightly smaller ball, and then
a yet smaller ball, and then an even smaller ball, perhaps 1/2” in
diameter.  Below this, there was a square block of metal with little
chains attached.....  “Ever done Kegel exercises?  Strengthening those
muscles within your vagina?  This is a variant on the standard “tool”
used in those exercises; we’ll put the large ball within you, like this,
and then slowly push it upwards........”  Tanj felt the large ball
enter her pussy, followed shortly by the other three, until the block of
metal was flush against her labia.  “I’m sure if you clench down with
your muscles, you can hold that there; thats the point... to exercise
those muscles.  Of course, the smaller ball will be harder to hold, but if
you slip, the next ball is a little larger and easier to hold, and so forth
and so forth, until the last ball, the largest ball, is all thats within you;
that should be the easiest to hold, but just to make sure, we’re going to
attach these chains to your piercings.  Lets see.... this one goes to your
clitty ring, and these two to your labia rings, and these two to your
nipple rings; let me adjust their lengths, wouldn’t want that last ball to
fall out of your pussy; then you’d have no option but to take its full
weight on your little rings....”

Tanj moaned and clenched down hard with her vaginal muscles;
she’d received quite a bit of training at the academy, but this promised
to be grim.  How long could she hold this heavy thing within her?  if it
slipped down far enough, the tension on her clitty, labia and nipples
would be excruciating!  And if she squatted down further to let the
weight rest on the floor, she’d have driven an incredible length of very
thick dildo into her ass, probably more than she could take without
hurting herself!  Cain grinned as Tanj’s face reflected the
realization of her dilemma.  “I’ll let you adjust to your new situation
for a bit...” and with that he walked off, to pour himself a drink.

Over the next hour or so, Cain sat in a chair across the room watching
Tanj struggle.  Several times, she felt the rod slip, one of the balls
falling out of her pussy, until there was only the top two balls
remaining within her.  Her muscles were so sore, she was trembling,
and her ass burned so bad, but she could see no way of escape.  As she
concentrated, trying to maintain her “grip”, she wondered if Jenka
knew just what this guy liked to do?

Tanj gasped as the second to last ball slipped from within her and
the chains grew TIGHT! Any motion, even breathing, seemed to make
that heavy rod sway, tugging on the various chains that secured it to
her.  With an immense effort, she struggled with her control, and
actually managed to move the whole assembly back up within her, first
by one ball, and then by two, leaving only the weight and the smallest
ball dangling below her.  Cain looked up from his PADD, and looked
over at the clock; “thats _very_ good; you’re doing much better than
any of the other slaves I’ve had in here; but lets see just how long you
can last, eh?”

Over the course of the next hour, Tanj had to try and move the rod
back up into her several times; her muscles were weakening, and her
control was fading fast, and she knew before long, she’d be suffering
the anguish of the chains going tight.  As she panted and moaned,
struggling, Tanj wondered if she really could take enough of that
dildo up her ass in order to relieve the stress on the chains; somehow,
she thought, before the night was over, she’d find out......

Finally, after about two and a half hours, Tanj could no longer
maintain her grip; with a soft moan, rising to almost a shriek, the
second to the last ball escaped her grip, and the last, largest ball tried
to part her labia, held in place only by the very tight chains.  Moaning
she tried hard to recapture them, to ease the tension, but finally she
gave up; the only option now was down, down onto that massive shaft;
as she slowly lowered herself, feeling her ass stretch wider and wider,
she panted hard; OH, how it BURNED!  Try as she might though, she
could not force herself down far enough; the weight on the bottom of
the shaft swinging, just clear of the floor.  Her asshole seemed to be
stretched further than it had ever been before and the knob on the end
of the dildo seemed to be pressing against the back of her throat;
mewling she hung there, too tired to lift herself back up, unable to go
further down.

Tanj’s attention was shifted from her misery by Cain rising to his
feet. Smoothly he dropped his pants, freeing his erection.  Tanj’s
gaze followed the bobbing, swaying head of his cock as he walked over
to her; wordlessly he took her head in both paws and without
preamble, drove his cock hard into her mouth.  Distracted as she was,
Tanj managed to make at least a credible effort to suck off the
Hyena; although later she realized it probably wouldn’t have mattered;
he hadn’t seemed to be interested in getting a blowjob as he had been
in roughly fucking her face.  When at last, he finally came, spurting
his cum all over her face and chest, he proceeded to wipe his cock off
on her hair, and then turned to get himself another drink, leaving
Tanj to her torment.

Tanj thought it must have been another half hour before he finally
released her; it had become hard to tell the passage of time....  As he
lifted her off the dildo, the device in her pussy still hanging by its
chains; he proceeded to shove her down on her tummy, to move
behind her and drive his once more hard cock into her vastly distended
ass.  Again, he fucked her roughly, crudely, withdrawing only to pump
his load over her back.  After he regained his breath, he cursorily
undid the chains, and with a hand on Tanj’s collar, dragged her to
her feet to shove her out the door, not bothering to remove the arm

Tanj found that she was having difficulty standing, but somehow
made it back to Jenka’s quarters.  Jenka had not yet returned, so
Tanj crawled down the passage to her kennel, seeking only to
collapse on her pallet.  Jenka must have come in late at night, as
Tanj never heard her return, and it was late in the morning before
Jenka roused her.  Tanj was still moving stiffly when she inch-
wormed out of the tunnel from her kennel, drawing a curious look
from Jenka; “Lord, you look a wreck; what _happened_ last night?”
Tanj knelt at Jenka’s feet as Jenka unlaced the armbinder, and in a
quiet voice, her eyes averted, proceeded to relate the story.  By the time
she was done, Jenka was fuming; “That _BASTARD_!  This time he’s
gone TOO far!  First thing, we’re going to get you down to medical
and see if he’s done any permanent damage.  THEN I’m going to have
a word with him......”

Jenka left Tanj in the ship’s small infirmary, where the MedTech
that passed for a doctor did his best to examine her.  It was about an
hour later that Jack came to fetch her, walking slowly with her back to
the Operations office.  “Apparently Cain’s got the Captain’s ire up;
what _happened_ last night?  The whole fleet’s abuzz over it!”
Tanj just mumbled a shortened, cleaned up version, not really
wanting to go into it again.  Jack sighed; “Cain thinks himself the
great stud, and has always been fuming that Jenka doesn’t take him
into her bed; I think he sees that as the ultimate insult.  He probably
struck back at her through you.”  Tanj laughed weakly; “yeah,
lucky me.....”  It was later that shift that Tanj was called to the
bridge; as she knelt by Jenka’s chair, Jenka rose and looked down at
her; “I’m going to tell you this in front of everyone, so that its
perfectly clear to all parties.  From now on you are NOT to let Cain
touch you; anyone else who wishes to make use of you, they have to
clear it through me, but above all else, you are NOT to let him touch
you.  Is this clear?  Tanj just nodded, watching from the corner of
her eyes, as the bridge crew took in the little scene.

Over the next several weeks, Tanj worked with the planning team,
refining the plan.  The idea was for the Brethren , with some
assistance from the Black Fleet, to attack one of the convoys that
periodically took the Antimatter fuel to the refueling depot at the edges
of the Elysium system.  This was the main refueling depot for the
sector, one of the reasons Elysium enjoyed such a favorable trade
position.  The convoy was always heavily defended, as it was such a
tempting target; the convoy’s cargo was literally worth a King’s
ransom.  The plan was more ambitious than just attacking the convoy,
however; the idea was to attack the convoy at just the right point,
where they were still within a close enough range that the defenses
assigned to the antimatter production station might charge off to help
drive off the attackers.  Once the defenders were drawn off, the real
attack would begin.  The Lion had come up with the approach and
docking codes for the station, and Jenka’s mission was to use the
confusion to dock with the station and land a boarding party.  If they
could capture the station, they could not only make off with the
Antimatter reserves for the entire sector, but also destroy the station,
crippling the Elysium space forces!  Fuel would have to be brought in
from a great distance, at great expense, further tying up what resources
the Elysium military had.  It was thought that the hunting for the
pirates would be better than ever!

The trick would be to overwhelm the station’s defenses without
destroying them; if the pirates were beaten back from the convoy, the
convoy’s escort would rather quickly return to the station.  If
everything didn’t run just perfectly, it would be a major disaster,
instead of a lucrative victory.

Cain looked up from the display; “this is the worst plan I’ve ever seen!
Its just begging for failure!  What happens if the production facility’s
guard ships don’t go to the rescue of the convoy?  What happens if the
internal defenses of the facility are too much for us?  WHAT
CONTAINMENT FIELD?  And destroying the facility?  Thats
ludicrous!  Nothing is more certain to draw the attention of the
Empire!  Good Lord, we could have an Imperial Fleet in here
searching for us!”  Jenka smiled from her seat at the head of the table;
“I happen to think its worth the risk; with a haul like that, should we
succeed, we could flee an Imperial fleet.  We would all literally be set
for life.”  Cain looked askance at Jenka; “this isn’t about finances is it?
You’re just doing this to help that mangy lion that runs the Brethren,
helping him in his quest to “battle injustice” on Elysium.  Isn’t it?
Well, I think you’ve lost it.  Slavery is not illegal in the Empire.  If
Elysium permits it, who are we to argue?  We certainly make enough
money off of it!  Besides”, he said with a leer, “you’re certainly not
above keeping a slave to play with.....”  Jenka’s face went stern, but
before she could comment, Cain continued; “_I_ think we should
outwardly agree to this plan, and sucker the Brethren in; Elysium has
put a very nice little bounty on their heads, and if we were to hand
them over, to sell them out, we’d make a nice _safe_ profit, AND
remove the local competition!”  Jenka growled and rose to her feet,
leaning on the table, staring straight at Cain; “we will NOT sell
anyone out!  I gave my word, and I’ll keep it!  We will proceed with
this plan; if you find it too risky, or too distasteful, I’ll personally buy
out your shares in the Black Fleet, and see you on the first shuttle out!
Cain rose to growl in Jenka’s face; “I think you’re going to get us all
killed!”  and with that, he turned and stormed out.  Jenka watched him
go and then quietly took her seat, moving with feline grace; acting
unruffled, as if the outburst had never occurred, she turned to the furr
on her left; “Ellen, what resources will we need from logistics to
execute the plan as it currently stands?.........”

It was much later that night.  Jenka quietly slipped into a dark and
unoccupied office, settling into a dark corner.  Minutes later, another
form entered, pausing just inside after closing the door; “Captain?”
“I’m here..... I have a small task for you.  I think Cain is beginning to
get a little big for his britches.  I want you to organize surveillance on
him.  I want to know what he’s up to behind the scenes.  I suspect he’s
going to use the upcoming operation to try and usurp command, and I
don’t want that to happen.”  “Yes Ma’am, I’ll take care of it!”  With
that the shadowy form left, followed shortly thereafter by Jenka.

In the dark recesses of Engineering, a similar scene played itself out.
“I tell you, Cain, you should just kill her and take over.  Right there on
the bridge.  Once she’s dead, they’ll all follow you; they _know_ how
good you are....”  Cain grinned at the hulking bear-morph; “Lenny,
you’re right, I should, but I’m concerned that she might have assassins
waiting to avenge any such death; no matter.  There will be so many
opportunities in the upcoming operation to dispose of her, and make it
look like her own plan went awry.... and that would only reinforce my
credibility.  I’ll wait patiently, and when this operation has come to its
ultimate conclusion, the Black Fleet will be mine!”  Lenny leered;
“and so will that sexy little pet Jenka’s been flaunting about; have to
admit I wouldn’t mind ripping off a piece ‘o that!”

Tanj shifted a little uneasily at her work station; the previous night,
Jenka had been busy with something, and had lent Tanj out to one
of her senior ship captains, on board the command ship for a briefing.
While he’d been nice enough to her, and pleasant to be with, well,
being a Minotaur, he’d been incredibly well hung.  And of course,
given that, he just _had_ to have a penchant for anal sex.  Maybe
Cain’s little “training” hadn’t gone completely to waste.......  Tanj
grinned and thought that Jenka would love watching last night’s
video.....  As she shifted yet again, wishing she could stand at this
console, Tanj sorted through the recent message traffic.  They’d
been sending and receiving a lot of coded tight-beam stuff to the
Brethren, as they attempted to coordinate all the details, and Tanj
was making sure that every message had a proper “receipt”.  As she
scanned the list of transmissions, she became increasingly uneasy.
“There are a LOT of messages here” she thought to herself;  “If even a
tenth of one percent is intercepted, the Elysium military is going to
wonder whats going on.  And if they can break the code on even one
message, we’re sunk.  Or worse, what if they have an agent amongst
us?” She sighed, as she waded through all the transmissions made by
the fleet.  “Hmmmmm, I see Cain is using a stock broker on New
Hong Kong.  Interesting; the text is encrypted.  Guess he doesn’t want
anyone to know what hot stock tips he’s got......” she thought to
herself.  A short while later she found another message from Cain, to
his stock broker, and then a while later a third.  Curiously, there had
been no incoming message, no reply from the Broker......  Tanj
flagged these messages, meaning to talk to the head of the intelligence
section, but was interrupted when her old crewmate, Samantha,
entered the Operations center.

Tanj couldn’t help it, she had to give her old friend another
enthusiastic hug.  When Samantha had recovered she grinned at
Tanj; “Jenka’s going to be busy tonight as well, so I got her to
release you into my care”  Tanj took a step back and blinked; “uh,
sure Sam, but, ah, well, I didn’t think you were bent that way.........”
Samantha just laughed; “Oh, I’m not, but I figured you needed a
“night off” and figured this was the best way to get you one.”  And
with that, Samantha led the surprised Tanj off, hand in hand.  The
first stop was the lounge, where Samantha ordered them both drinks,
followed by a sumptuous dinner.  Tanj was surprised that Sam had
even remembered what she liked to drink.  While waiting for their
meal, they swapped stories about what had happened to them, where
they’d been and what they’d seen.  As they talked, Tanj found it
bizarre to actually be sitting at a table like a normal person; it’d been
sooo long since she’d had an evening like this....  When the meal
finally came, Tanj had a hard time not drooling, and of course the
look on her face prompted Sam to inquire, which led Tanj to relate
some of the culinary “disasters” that she’d been faced with at the
“academy”, or at the hands of various “masters”.  “So this Lion fed
you OK?” Sam smiled; “Oh yes” Tanj mumbled between
mouthfulls; “the food was kinda simple, but good.  Everyone took
turns cooking.  Even me.  Even _him_!”  Sam chuckled; “the way you
talk about him, I think you like him....”  That brought Tanj up
short, fork half way to her mouth; “Ah........ well...... thats not
normally the kinda thing someone in my position thinks about, but
yes, I guess I do; respect him, at any rate....”  Sam just smiled.  After
dinner they returned to Jenka’s quarters; that, after all, was where the
hidden video system was, and Tanj fully intended to give Jenka
hours of video of the two old friends just reminiscing!  Sam however
had other ideas and insisted that Tanj go soak in the tub while she
played with the elaborate entertainment center.  How could Tanj
resist?  She was chin deep in the steaming hot water, just starting to
unwind, when General Quarters sounded.

No plan survives contact with the enemy; the fuel convoy had left the
production facility early, and the Brethren, with Black Fleet auxiliaries
were moving  to intercept.  Tanj dashed in to Ops, still dripping;
while they’d all seen her nude before, nude and wet drew some stifled
chuckles and a dark look from Jenka.  They listened to the FTL
transceiver as the Brethren started their attack:  “Chase, see if you and
your section can split off those destroyers from the convoy.”  “Roger
that, Boss.”  “This is Crapgame; we’re taking a lot of fire from that
cruiser; anyone help us out?”  “Roger Crapgame, this is Stalker
squadron; we’re inbound, keep an eye out for us”  “This is Echo 3, I’m
hit, I’m hit.........”  “Bravo group to command; we show another six
large bogies coming in from 273 mark 121.  They’re getting
reinforcements, but not from the Archemedes facility!”  “Stalker to
command; I got the Archemedes squadron coming in from 083 mark
17!  Its a TRAP!  They got us boxed!”  “Command group to all units;
execute Plan Delta Four immediately; I say again, Execute Delta
Four!”  “This is Bravo 7; somebody get that guy off my a.............”
Tanj listened in horror as the tide seemed to swing against the
Brethren, the running commentary speaking of raider ships being
destroyed, and the capital ships taking a beating.  Jenka looked up at
Cain; “we can’t help them; launch our attack on the Archemedes
station.”  Cain opened his mouth, obviously about to object, but Jenka
stared him down; “_NOW_ Mister!”.

As the ship headed towards its target, Jenka took Tanj down to the
armory; “we’re both going out in the landing party.  I hate to do this,
but I want you to keep an eye on Cain’s assault group.  Tanj drew
the standard issue Black Fleet uniform of body armor, Comm helmet
and assorted weapons, finding it passing strange for someone in her
situation.  “These weapons may not be the most powerful in inventory”
the armorer explained, “but with luck, they’re powerful enough to stop
the opposition without doing major damage to the station, and
especially the antimatter containment fields.  Tanj fingered the
dagger they’d given her and sighed....  By the time she was “dressed”,
and she and Jenka had moved to the airlock, the ship was completing
its docking maneuvers.  Jenka purrrred as she heard the docking
clamps latch; “I guess that code your Master obtained was good; looks
like we’re in.......”  Just as the inner lock swung open, Cain and his
party arrived.  “Cain, I’m sending Tanj with you as an observer;
she’ll make sure we stay coordinated.  Cain stared at Jenka for a
moment, his face blank, and then with a smile, he turned to Tanj;
“it would be my _Pleasure_ to entertain the lady again......”  Tanj
shivered within her armor, not liking his tone one bit.....

Then the outer airlock door cycled open and everyone was off, the
pirates literally running over the junior officer coming to ascertain
their needs.  The teams split almost immediately, Jenka’s team
heading for the command center, and Cain’s team heading for the fuel
storage area.  They hadn’t gone too far when the alarms started

As they fought their way towards the fuel storage area, Tanj stayed
close behind Cain.  He really was good at his work, forming fire teams
to take out defensive posts, stepping in personally as guards came at
them singly or in pairs, a short sword flashing, spattering blood here
and there.  Tanj’s Comm helmet let her keep in touch with Jenka’s
progress, and she was distressed to hear that they were making slow
headway against very stiff resistance.  Cain’s abilities brought them to
the fuel storage area, only slightly behind schedule, where the
remaining guards surrendered immediately, not wanting to risk a stray
bolt or bullet breaching a containment field. It was then that Tanj’s
Comm helmet reported that Jenka’s team was in danger; apparently
they’d been pinned down at a cross-corridor, and were stuck.  Cain
literally purrrrred; “well good for her; just what the Bitch deserves.
OK, Lenny, get your crew moving; I want as much of this fuel
transferred to the command ship as possible, but I want to be out of
here in 20 minutes; LETS MOVE!”  Tanj looked at Cain; “aren’t
you going to send someone to help her?  If she doesn’t deactivate the
defenses, the command ship will never escape; they’ll destroy us as
soon as we’re at a safe distance”  Cain turned to look at Tanj
appraisingly; “All that and brains too... but you’re right; besides, those
idiots might not kill her as they’re supposed to; I guess I’d better go
see to that myself and THEN we’ll take the command center”.
Tanj took a step back, fumbling for her sidearm; “I will NOT let
you hurt her!”  Cain just laughed as Lenny’s arms encircled Tanj,
pinning her arms at her side; “Like a slave would have any say in any
of this?”

Tanj growled and brought one foot down hard on Lenny’s right
foot; she could feel the big ursoid tense as the pain coursed through
him, but  he didn’t let go, so Tanj scissored both legs up, and then
back, with all her might trying to bring them up behind her into his
crotch.  She missed; he was holding her too low against himself, but
he did flinch, and that was all Tanj needed to worm free.  Cain
turned with a growl; “you really are becoming much too much trouble,
Tanj, but I can put an end to that.....”  And having said so, he
raised his bloody sword and stepped forward.  Tanj’s sidearm was
just clearing its holster, but she knew she’d never be quick enough,
even as she tried to backpedal away from the Hyena.  Just as Cain’s
eyes reflected his impending triumph, a spear of ruby light lanced out,
punching straight into his back, his armor ablating, and then the beam
tore through his chest, to punch a pinhole through his frontal armor.
Cain staggered and turned, and the beam flicked out again, to catch
him in his unarmored throat.  Dropping the sword, Cain clawed at his
throat, the tissues coagulated and cooked, his neck sliced half in two,
as he sank to his knees, and then fell forward onto his face, his body
twitching.  Tanj’s sidearm cleared its holster and she whirled to
face Lenny; however the big bear-morph was backing away, paws
widespread.  Looking back over her shoulder, Tanj saw Samantha
Pettigrew emerge from a dark shadow, a laser rifle cradled in her
hands.  “I thought he might be up to something like this.  I’m kinda
sorry I was right, but I’m not surprised.”  Looking over at Tanj,
Samantha nodded; “I’ll handle things here; we do need to get this stuff
loaded and I think I can convince Cain’s roughnecks to, ah, “carry on
without him”; you go check in with the Captain.”  Tanj nodded,
and then looked around; “can I take some of these guys to help
reinforce her?  It sounded like she was in trouble.”  Sam just smiled;
“Oh, she’s OK; that was just a bit of theater to see what Cain here
would do.  They took the command center about, um, twelve minutes
ago.”  Tanj just sighed and shook her head, and took off down the
corridor, seeking her mistress.  As she ran, she thought wryly to
herself; “That was brilliant; Jenka sent me with Cain, so Cain would
think I was the one watching him.  They never thought to look for
someone else watching……”

Tanj found Jenka comfortably seated in the station’s command
center.  A small army of technicians were working furiously to bypass
the station’s main computer to allow them access to the station’s
defenses, on the premise that would be faster than trying to hack the
command codes.  “Cain’s dead.  He heard about your “problems”
taking this place and decided it would be a good opportunity to shoot
you in the back, in the heat of combat.  Samantha killed him.  She’s
down there overseeing the fuel transfer.”  Jenka just nodded; “You
might want to listen to how the attack on the fuel convoy is going”
Tanj’s eyes widened; “they’re still at it?  The way it sounded earlier
I thought they’d have fled by now!”  Jenka just grinned and handed
her a headset; “Nope; your Master is keeping them busy, buying us

The commander of the Elysium military forces guarding the fuel
convoy was getting very frustrated; he’d destroyed, or forced off all of
the smaller pirate vessels, the so-called “raider” ships, but the larger
pirate vessels just wouldn’t break off.  They had developed some sort
of pack-hunting tactic where a number of ships would attack the
convoy and as his forces redeployed to face the threat, a ship with a
cloaking device would decloak immediately behind one of his ships, to
hammer it, until he could bring others to their aid.  Who would _ever_
have thought that the pirates could obtain technology like that!  Even
_HE_ couldn’t get cloaking technology for his ships!  While the
pirates were not making any progress towards capturing any of the fuel
tankers,   His forces were slowly being chewed to pieces.  As the cycle
started itself once again, he sighed and signaled his Comm officer;
“send a message to headquarters; tell them that we’re hard pressed,
that the ambush did not go quite as planned and that despite fearsome
losses the pirates are still attacking.  Request reinforcements.”  The
Comm officer nodded, wide-eyed, knowing this would not be well-
received back home, but turned to his task with vigor as that damn
pirate ship uncloaked directly behind the convoy’s flagship, to start
firing weapons at them.

“Echo leader to command; we’re headed in again; this time we’re
going after the lead escort; we’ll draw them off ahead of the convoy”
“Roger that, Echo Leader, we’ll come in behind the tail-most ship;
keep up the pressure!”  “Echo three to Echo leader; that last torpedo
got through our antimissile defenses.  Shields are down to 17%, and
we’ve lost power to weapons; we’re gonna have to withdraw.”  “Echo
Leader to Echo Three; Go ahead, but don’t leave their sensor
envelope; not yet.  We want them to think they’re being swarmed.  Do
what damage control you can and stand by.”  “Echo Three; roger
that.”  “Brethren Command from Black Fleet Command; we have the
station; repeat we have the station.  Fuel transfer in progress.  We’ll
set our charges and be out of here in twenty; repeat, out of here in
twenty”  “Good work, Jenka; but there’s no hurry; we’re going to keep
after these guys for a while; got something else in the works.”  Jenka
turned to look at Tanj, one eyebrow raised; Tanj just looked
back and shrugged, not having any idea at all what her Master was
talking about.

Samantha strode into the command center; “we’ve stuffed our ship to
the gills; every bit of Antimatter that we can take has been transferred.
I’ve got demo experts setting charges now that should vaporize this
place.  All the prisoners have been transferred and we’re just about
ready to go.”  Jenka smiled and nodded; “Good work, Sam, and
thanks!  Rising, she signaled to the others to start the evacuation.
Tanj thought it curious that after all the hard work the techs had
put in trying to prepare for a counterattack, they left as if delighted
that their handiwork wouldn’t have to be put to the test........

The manager of the Sirroca Province financial exchange couldn’t
believe his eyes.  He stood with paws raised, amongst a throng of his
workers as pirates ravaged his office!  Never before had pirates been so
bold as to raid the surface of Elysium.  Where were the Militia?  How
could they leave so important an institution undefended?  He watched,
aghast as the pirates accessed the terminals, seeming to know all the
passwords, or at least enough to gain access to the system.  Helpless,
he watched as funds were irretrievably transferred, stocks and bonds
sold, or their ownership changed, and worse, far worse, the entire
record of the last year’s fiscal transactions downloaded!  Now those
ruffians would know the intimate financial dealings of every major
corporation, or notable personage on the entire planet, if not the whole
sector!  That information alone would be worth billions of credits!

“Mayday! Mayday!  This is the Elysium Militia Cruiser Vindicator.
We have taken a torpedo amidships and are breaking up!  Life support
is failing; shields are down... Mayd........”  The commander of the Fuel
convoy listened in horror as one of his major assets was destroyed by
those blasted pirates!  The reinforcements from Elysium were still
minutes away, and while he had been making great strides at
eliminating his attackers, they’d been having almost as much success
destroying his command.  A cry from one of his bridge officers
brought his attention back as yet another hit-and-run attack
commenced, this time on the trailing edge of the convoy......

The Lion grinned as he watched the Elysium reinforcements draw
near; just as he’d hoped.  “OK, Ben, lets have everyone start falling
back towards the distant side of the convoy; lets make it look like
we’re running.”  Ben nodded and grinned  “Ready to launch our
babies?”  The lion looked thoughtful for a moment; “No, lets wait a
bit; don’t want to tip our hand too soon.......”  The reinforcements
from Elysium charged through the convoy formation,  like the Cavalry
to the rescue, the pirates fleeing before them, scattering.  Just as they
were closing to weapons range, the formation’s commander got a rude
shock as every single pirate ship still on his scanners cloaked!  With a
growl, he ordered his ships to reform and to join up with the convoy.
They had almost closed the gap when his sensor officer gave a yelp of
alarm; “SIR!  We show twelve small objects decloaking!  They appear
to be torpedoes, headed for the Fuel Tankers!  Without a second
thought, the commander ordered his ships to reverse course and to
flee!  Yes, they might have stopped many of those torpedoes had they
stayed, but if even one got through, the resulting explosion would
destroy his entire command!

The commander of the convoy watched in horror as his rescuers
abandoned him; ordering his ships to target the torpedoes he settled
back in his command chair, knowing it would be too little, too late.
His magnificently planned ambush had turned into a deadly trap.  As
the torpedoes approached, first one, and then three flared, incinerated
by the energy weapons or antimissile missiles of the defenders, A fifth
one flared just kilometers short of its target, and then the others struck
home.  The third tanker in line vanished in a cataclysmic explosion,
and no one would ever know if the other tankers were struck or simply
went up with a sympathetic detonation........

Jenka purrrred as the Archemedes fuel station vanished in a blinding
light that a fraction of a second later destroyed the probe they’d left
behind.  Tanj didn’t notice; she was sitting by the Comm console,
listening intently to the message traffic as the Brethren pulled back
from the attack on the convoy.  She looked up as Jenka padded over to
her; “whats happening, little one?”  Tanj shrugged; “I’m not sure;
it sounds as if the Brethren continued to assault the convoy for way
after they had any chance of capturing any of the tankers.  Elysium
launched a second force, but just as they were arriving at the location
of the convoy something happened.  The rescuers fled, and the convoy
appears to have been destroyed.  Something about cloaked torpedoes
fired at the tankers........”  Jenka Hmmmmmmed; “the cost to cloak a
ship is incredible; to cloak a torpedo would not be cost effective.
Unless you had one hell of an ulterior motive......”  Tanj just
shrugged; “now all I’m getting is maydays and damage reports from
the rescue force; they seem to have taken heavy damage from the
exploding convoy.....”

That evening Tanj spent the night in Jenka’s bed; they were both
understandably exhausted, and it was fairly late the next “morning”
when Tanj awakened her mistress, using just her tongue, licking
gently at that sweet spot between her big toes........  It seems victory in
battle was a powerful aphrodisiac for Jenka, and much to Tanj’s
surprise, Jenka turned and “pounced” her, with the pair winding up in
the classic “69”, with Tanj, of course, on the bottom.   Purrrrring,
Tanj licked up into Jenka’s pussy, her paws reaching down along
her body to play with her mistress’ hanging breasts.  Concentrating on
her clitty, Tanj sucked and licked and nibbled until she felt Jenka
stiffening, foretelling an impending climax, and then with a grin, she
shifted her attention, to slither her tongue deep into her velvet passage,
its tip wriggling softly, stroking and teasing, and yet not teasing
enough to bring her to a climax.  Alternating between her pussy and
her clitty, Tanj did her very best (despite Jenka’s most excellent
efforts to distract her) to simply hold Jenka on the very edge, until she
felt her own passions soaring; timing it just right she flicked Jenka’s
clitty rapidly with her tonguetip, managing to send her into the arms
of her  climax within moments of Tanj’s own.  It must have been at
least three more “mutual” climaxes before Jenka would let her up;
then it was off to attend to Jenka’s bath, and wardrobe, and then Jenka
led the still nude Tanj by a leash off to the day’s business.  “At least
I’m not wearing that damn corset” Tanj thought to herself.

Jenka spent the day busy with concerns for the wounded pirates, busy
with the efforts to correctly stow and secure the massive amounts of
Antimatter they’d stolen, busy with the thousand and one logistical
details that follow any such operation.  Tanj played secretary as
best she could, kneeling at Jenka’s feet, or following her around from
this department to the next.  It was towards the end of the day when
they stopped by Operations.  Things there were fairly quiet; they’d
checked in with their surviving ships, the ones that had participated on
the abortive raid on the fuel convoy.  Losses had been heavy; heavier
than expected, and they were going to have to work hard to rebuild
their forces.  “Jack, I guess you understand what Cain’s death means”
Jenka purrrred.  The wolf looked up; “Aside from the obvious security
concerns of his followers wanting revenge?”  Jenka smiled and
nodded; “Oh, that I think we can handle; many of those types are such
that they’ll follow the furr they perceive as the strongest leader, and
with his death that leaves them with me.  Others, I think we can
identify, and weed out, hopefully quietly and without violence.  But
beyond that, I seem to be in the market for a new Chief of Operations.
Any recommendations?”  Tanj smiled as she watched; it was
obvious that he wanted the position himself, but was having trouble
just saying so.  “Weeeeeeel, lets see; Samantha obviously would be a
good choice, as would Davis......... but on the other hand, I’ve been
Cain’s assistant for a good number of years.......”  Jenka smiled;
“you’re right; Samantha would be a good choice, but I think I’ll give it
to you instead, at least for the time being.  Lets see what you can do
with it.”  With a grin, Jenka handed Jack the end of Tanj’s lead;
“here, why don’t you go celebrate.  I think this place can take care of
itself for a while....”

Tanj purrrrrred softly as she watched the sway of Jack’s hips as he
led her towards his quarters.  “I think I’m going to have fun tonight”
she thought to herself.  No sooner were they inside the door to Jack’s
modest quarters, when he turned to unclip the leash; not giving him
time to react, Tanj threw her arms around his neck and kissed him
hotly.  As his arms went around her waist, pulling her close, Tanj
could feel that he was already hard, his cock pressing into her tummy
through the fabric of his pants.  Breaking the kiss, Tanj fell to her
knees to work on the opening to his pants, and a moment later they
were in a pile around his ankles, her mouth fastened around the head
of his cock.  He moaned and caressed her head as she vigorously
sucked him off, her head bobbing back and forth rapidly, his hard
shaft slipping between her lips, her tongue dancing over its length.  As
she expected, he came after only a few minutes, his cock spurting an
amazing amount of cum onto the back of her tongue.  Licking him
clean; she looked up at his face; “Oooooo, you’ve been saving that up
for a long time, haven’t you?”  He just grinned and pulled her to her
feet, to kiss her again, a softer kiss, sensual, and languid.  Tanj
melted into his arms, holding herself tight against his muscular body.
It wasn’t long before he was hard again, and Tanj maneuvered him
back until he fell backwards onto his bed; pursuing, Tanj took a
stance crouched over his hips.  Holding his cock with both paws she
slowly dragged its head back and forth along her furrow, until it
glistened with her moisture.  Then, holding it juuuuust so, she sank
down onto his shaft with a heartfelt sigh.  She held still for a moment,
just gazing down at him; he crossed his arms behind his head and
gazed back, as if wondering what she’d do next.  Tanj purrrrred
and started to exercise her vaginal muscles, tightening and releasing,
tightening and releasing, squeezing his cock.  Jack ooooooohed, a
delighted grin on his face.  Tanj then varied her rhythmic
contractions, to ripple her muscles along the length of his shaft,
milking him, moving as if to draw his cock further up into her pussy,
were that possible.  Jack ooooooohed again and moved his paws to
caress Tanj’s breasts; “thats _very_ good; how’d you learn to do
that?”  Tanj just chuckled and started to move, bending at her
knees, rising and falling just a little on his cock; “Oh, I’ve had some
good teachers.....”  Jack moaned in agreement, his hands gently
squeezing her breasts.  Tanj giggled and rolled her hips, almost as
if doing the hula, making his cock vary the angle at which it entered
her; she mewled herself, from the sensations that gave her, and started
to ride his cock a little faster.  By this point, he was moving too,
raising his hips, trying to meet her motions.  Before long, Tanj was
panting, riding his cock as hard as she could, and he was howling, just
seconds away from release.  Unlike her approach with Jenka, Tanj
had no intentions to tease Jack; this was supposed to be his “reward”
and she intended to give him as many orgasms as she could squeeze
out of his body.  As she felt his cock start to spurt, filling her pussy
with what cum he had left, Tanj giggled and wondered if Jenka was
videotaping this one as well?

Tanj spent the night fucking Jack in as many ways as she knew
how; standing; doggie style, with her bent double, her feet over her
head, and so forth; every time she could stroke his cock back to
hardness she was off.  Towards morning he developed the most
incredible staying power, as if she could get his cock hard, but he’d
run out of orgasms...... not that Tanj minded, as she was getting
about three or four climaxes to each of his orgasms at that point.
Finally Jack tore the sheets of his bed into strips, to tie Tanj up
tight, to stop her relentless pursuit of his cock.  She was delivered to
Jenka in this manner, the next morning, both Jack laughing and
Tanj giggling uncontrollably over it as she was carried back to her

The rendezvous was carried out in interstellar space, far from prying
eyes.  Tanj returned to the Lion as she’d left, naked and at the end
of Jenka’s leash.  The lion gave her a long hot kiss, and then swatted
her on the can, telling her to get her ass down to Intelligence, that
there were some matters that required her immediate attention.  As she
strode off, the leash dangling limply between her breasts, a glance
back showed Jenka and the Lion moving towards the lounge, arm in
arm, talking amiably.  Tanj was buried in intercept reports, trying
to analyze just what was left of the Elysium military, when Zassa
interrupted her with a kiss.  Tanj turned, and blinked and then
hugged Zassa tight; “Hello, Dear; Lord, its good to see you again!”
Zassa grinned; “you going to work all night?  You’re going to miss the
celebration!”  Tanj blinked; “what celebration......”  Zassa grinned
and leaned past her to scroll down, way down, on her e-mail list; there
near the bottom was a  message announcing a celebration in the
Cafeteria, at 2000 hours.  Tanj glanced at the time display in the
corner of the screen; 2137 hrs.  Turning back to Zassa, Tanj found
the vixen wagging a finger in her face; “naughty naughty; they’re not
pleased with you at all!  Better get your cute ass down there!  Come

Tanj followed Zassa as the vixen literally ran towards the cafeteria,
all the while wishing she could just go get a nice hot bath and
someone’s comfortable bed.  As they neared the cafeteria, the sounds
of raucous celebration were heard; Zassa made it about two steps
through the doorway, before someone grabbed her to kiss her hard,
and Tanj slowed to watch.  The way Zassa kissed back, she either
knew (and liked) the furr that had grabbed her, or was just in the
mood.  Definitely in the mood.  As she grinned, watching Zassa, she
felt arms go around her waist from behind; turning she found Slasher
grinning at her, and before she knew it she too was heavily involved in
a kiss.  Reggie was next and she hugged him hard as she kissed him.
Then someone handed her a drink and as the crowd shifted, she was
swept away from them.  She tried wading through the crowd, looking
for Zassa, or Hinoki, or her Master, or even Jenka, but the press of
furrs was too thick.  It wasn’t until someone grabbed her and hoisted
her up to plant a loud kiss in her navel that she spotted the
characteristic black of Jenka’s fur across the crowded room.  Tanj
purrrred and squirmed, grinding her hips against his chest, to the
hoots and catcalls of his friends; as he lowered her, she kissed him
hard and dashed off into the crowd.  On the way she ran across
Hinoki; he was gagged, and on his knees by a fetching coyote fem
dressed in a skintight translucent dress; “Oh, Hi Charlotte!  What are
you doing with Hinoki?”  Charlotte blushed; “Ah, well, hope you don’t
mind; while you were away, seems your pet here lost a small wager
with me; we’re taking out his losses in, ah, “trade”......”  Tanj
laughed and kisses Charlotte, and then bent to kiss Hinoki on the top
of his head; “No, not at all; as his debts are currently mine, I’m more
than happy for him to work them off; but of course, I suppose I’ll have
to punish him for betting foolishly in the first place, won’t I?”
Charlotte beamed and nodded; “let me know if you need any help!”
Tanj nodded and winked and dashed off to continue her search for
her Master.

Tanj found Jenka seated with the Lion, along with Ben, and Jack,
and a few other of the senior officers.  Tanj winked at Jenka and
sashayed up to the Lion to give him a hot kiss, not surprised at all
when he dragged her into his lap; “Jenka tells me you’ve been quite
naughty!”  Tanj did her best to give him her wide-eyed innocent
look; “who, ME?”  He grinned and nodded; “something about you
having to be tied up, to keep you from pestering the staff....”
Tanj’s eyes instantly darted to Jack, who blushed under his fur.
“Ah, I see by your guilty look that it is indeed true!  I also hear that
you love to tease Jenka.  I believe she mentioned that she had to
threaten you in order to make you give her a climax?”  Tanj just
grinned and looked down; “Um, well........ ah.......”  “Uh-huh.
Thought so” the Lion grinned; “you realize of course that such
behavior brings dishonor on me, and the Brethren, and that we’ll have
to find a suitable punishment........  Tanj did her best to look
horrified, and meek, as she nodded her head, but thought to herself;
“as long as its from you, as long as I’m with you, I’ll gladly suffer
whatever “indignities” you care to visit upon me....”  The Lion grinned
and nodded; “well, we’ll have to think of something special,
something appropriate, but in the meantime, I think you need to dance
for us.”  And with that he lifted Tanj off his lap to set her on the
floor next to his chair.

Tanj thought furiously, reviewing all the dances she’d been
taught.....  After a moment she smiled and turned to face the gathering
crowd, noting that they’d all quieted, turning to watch.  Striding over
to Emily, a lady mink she knew from accounting, she borrowed a long
thin scarf Emily had been using as a belt.  Placing the belt on the floor
at a strategic spot, she turned, taking a wide, defiant stance, facing the
Lion, watching him.  She stared into his eyes, smiling, her paws
pressed to the tops of her thighs, in front, a challenging and seductive
look.  Her tail lashed to some slow beat that only she could hear, and
her hips began to sway gently.  Her paws glided down, fingertips
pushing through her soft fur, and then she dragged them back up, her
fingertips framing her feminine treasures.  Tanj purrrred as her
fingers drifted up her sides, so that her palms defined and accentuated
the roundness of her breasts.  One foot moved in, slowly, to meet the
other, and then softly slid behind her; spinning on the balls of her feet,
she half turned, her tail a slender streamer as her bare backside swung
into the Lion’s view.  Tanj’s hips swayed with the sudden livening
of the unheard beat, the muscular hemisphere’s of the cheetah’s
buttocks rubbing together in provocative suggestion immediately
carried out when her fingers glided around her hips, to follow the
underside of their curves.  Gently she squeezed the globes of her ass,
as her head turned, her expression impish and teasing, to catch the
Lion’s expression.  Tanj purrrrrred, a deep rich sound as she beheld
the look on his face.

Tanj tossed her head back, the ends of her hair rubbing softly back
and forth along the upper curves of her ass as her entire body rocked
back and forth, fluid and bending like a willow branch, neck bending
so that her head always followed the motion last.  She thrust out her
bottom, still sensuously massaging her firm cheeks, separating them as
her hips sway with her body in time to the imaginary music.  As she
swayed, her tail rose, to reveal something, then snapping down to hide
whatever it may have been.... Again she peeked at the Lion’s
expression, and grinned wickedly.  Bending over, Tanj snagged the
length of silk from its place on the floor, pulling it upwards as her
body sways.  She kicked a foot off the ground, spinning her body
around, her foot coming down to face the Lion, with her feet
widespread, her body leaning forward.  Sloooowly she pulled one paw
up over her head, the other held low, the streamer of silk slithering up
her body, between her breasts, deepening her cleavage, its lower
reaches pretending to hide her sex from view.

Tanj’s eyes were hungry, predatory, as she shifted from one
bending leg to the other, fist holding that swishing piece of silk firmly
in place over her sex as her other paw slid up her body, to cup a breast,
its pink nipple pierced with silver standing proud.  Tanj’s eyes
closed and her expression grew dreamy as her paw, holding the
bunched silk to her sex, sloooowly started massaging, stroking herself
oblivious to the hungry eyes devouring her; she purrrred and started
swaying again, the occasional tremor barely perceived as she swayed.
After a moment, Tanj’s eyes opened and she grinned knowingly at
the Lion, her paw lifting the silk to her muzzle, for her to deeply
inhale the aroma of her own arousal.  Her eyes became slits as they
sought out the Lion’s eyes, as she wantonly licked at the damp silk......

With a sudden flash of movement, Tanj’s fist flew up, the silk
streamering behind, and then just as sharply down behind her; with a
grin, her other fist descended between her thighs, to catch the end of
the silk, to whip it up between her thighs, the silk pulling tightly
against her sex.  Moving with increasing fury, the silk would fly up,
and then down, and then be drawn up again between her thighs, the
tension such that it would visibly part her sex, and then it would be
flying up in the air again, the pattern to be repeated.  The dance
continued, until wordlessly, Tanj shuddered, the sensations of the
flying silk too much for her to stand..........

Straightening, Tanj raised her muzzle to gaze into the Lion’s eyes,
letting him drink her up with his lusty gaze.......  As she caught her
breath, Tanj’s paws slid up her sides, drawing eloquent circles
about her breasts.  Then, as she moved, the end of the silk looped
around her neck, to be rapidly tied by her deft fingers in a half-hitch,
making a leash of it.  Clutching the silk between the twin peaks of her
breasts, she looked about, searching in some purposeful and lusty
fashion, her hips rocking gently to the tempo of the imaginary music,
until her gaze finally settled on a tie-down, embedded in the floor near
the Lion’s feet.  Tanj purrrrred, stalking the ring of metal, eyeing it
seductively; falling to her knees, she secured herself to the ring, the
silk going taut between the floor and her neck as she leaned back.  As
her body tilted back, her hips rose and moved forward, until her moist
sex pressed against the taut silk, rubbing it, stroking it, wetting it with
her arousal.  Tanj lay her head back, opening herself to the Lion’s
view.  Her breath quickened, her chest heaved, nipples stiff and
prominent, their rings glittering, as her hips moved to a wanton,
needful meter, as she ground her sensitive bits harder and harder
against the taut silk in a definite rhythm that faltered more and more
frequently.  Suddenly she mewled and trembled, her body arched, her
dripping sex pressed hard into the fabric, the intensity of her
expressions poignant as the feelings exploded within her, rocking her
to her very foundations, soon leaving her wilted and panting, held up
only by the silk leash about her throat.

The room was silent for a moment, and then exploded with cheers and
applause; Tanj slowly bent forward, allowing the silk to fall loosely
down her front, as she rose her eyes to that of the Lion.  He smiled a
knowing smile at her, and nodded slowly; “Jenka was right; you _are_
a major tease....... but in your dance I believed you’ve defined your
punishment....”  Tanj looked up at her Master, thinking; “Oh, crap,
now what have I gotten myself into.....”  “I think, little one, having
aroused just about every living soul in both fleets, that you’ll stay tied
to that eyebolt, as you’ve so conveniently done, until everyone you’ve
aroused has had their way with you.  Starting with me!”  With that,
the Lion gave Jenka a wink and rose, to drop his pants.  Tanj’s eyes
widened slightly at the size of his erection, and then she smiled; at
least she’d had the desired effect on him.......

The Lion moved around behind Tanj, forcing her onto hands and
knees, to drive his cock into her dripping snatch with one powerful
thrust.  To the catcalls and cheers of the crowd, he proceeded to fuck
her roughly, his claws twitching out to hold her hips as he bucked
against her.  For her part, Tanj just lowered her chest to the deck,
head nestled on crossed arms, and delighted in the feel of her master’s
cock within her.  His pounding drove her to a quick and powerful
climax; of course, afterwards, she couldn’t resist continuing the tease.
She worked her vaginal muscles around his driving cock, caressing
him unseen, milking him, until at last, with a roar, he jerked his cock
from within her, to spray his seed over her back.  As the Lion moved
around to let her lick him clean, Tanj saw Jenka rise, to take the
Lion’s place..... Jenka had stripped off her outfit, to don a harness
holding a strap-on dildo, that if anything, was more fearsome than the
Lion’s cock.  Worse, she was carrying that damn corset, and before
Tanj knew what was happening, strong hands from either side of
her were drawing the strings TIGHT!  Then Jenka got down to
business, and given the size of the dildo, and the compression of her
insides, it wasn’t long before the big Pantheress had driven Tanj to
at least three screaming climaxes, the rubbing of the little rubber nubs
inside the harness also making Jenka gasp and moan, much to the
delight of the crowd.  From there, Tanj lost count, with male after
male taking her from behind, with the occasional male, or female
presenting their sex to her muzzle to be licked......

It must have been around the beginning of the day shift when Zassa
came to collect Tanj.  Somewhere along the line she’d fallen asleep
(or just passed out), literally in a puddle of cum.  The last thing she
remembered was being held in a bizarre posture, one furr driving his
cock into her ass, another in her pussy, a third pushing her breasts
together, his hard cock between them, a fourth in her mouth, and one
cock in each hand......  Zassa had to help Tanj down to the Lion’s
quarters, for the strangest reason she seemed to be having difficulty
walking.  Most of her fatigue fell away though, when they entered the
Lion’s bedroom, to find him crouched by the side of the bed, his
tongue buried deep in Jenka’s pussy.  Tanj and Zassa watched for a
moment as he took Jenka repeatedly to the brink of a climax, and then
sat back, teasing in exactly the way Tanj had been reprimanded
for......  After one such bout, with Jenka sprawled across his bed
panting heavily, the Lion looked up at Tanj and just winked.
Jenka, though, caught the motion, and tilted her head way back to look
at Tanj; “Lord, child you’re a MESS!”  Then Jenka giggled; You
know, Tanj, the one thing we _didn’t_ do, while you were with the
Black Fleet; for all the times you licked me to a marvelous climax, I
never did get around to repaying you in kind.  Come over here and let
me lick at you, while your master exercises that marvelous tongue of
his; I’m convinced that with practice he’ll get it right yet!”  With that,
Tanj padded (waddled) over to Jenka, as she squirmed around to
dangle her head off the far side of the bed; as the Lion started licking
again at Jenka’s pussy, Jenka’s tongue darted out to dance over
Tanj’s clitty.......

Zassa watched for a moment and then giggled; moving around the
bed, she laid down on her back and scooted back to wedge her head
between the Lion’s thighs.  He moaned delightfully as Zassa’s tongue
found his hard cock.........

It must have been the next day, when they finally saw Jenka off at the
airlock.  Arrangements had been made for splitting the booty, and
discussions had been held on future joint operations.  During one of
the pauses from the previous day’s floating orgy, Jenka had remarked
on the operations on Elysium; the Lion just shrugged; “with all the
messages flying back and forth, I anticipated that some of them would
be intercepted; as a result, I had a contingency operation planned.  I’d
never dreamed that you’d have problems with your command structure
like you did, Jenka, and I have to admit, its a situation I should
consider here.........”  Jenka nodded and then reached out to stroke
some fur, and the train of conversation had been lost...... until now.
“You take care of yourself, hairball, and keep an eye on Tanj too; if
you ever get tired of her, you just let me know, I’ll make you an offer
you won’t better anywhere else!”  Tanj smiled and kissed Jenka
goodbye.  The Lion just smiled; “you take care too, watch who you
choose to let close to you; the wrong fur can rip your heart out, if you
know what I mean......”  Jenka just smiled and then the lock was
hissing closed, with Tanj pondering the meaning of her Master’s
last statement.......