Tanj’s Tale:  The Escape!

By Kittiara


Stardate:  2397.80

A cheetah’s jaws are strong, but Tanj’s were starting to ache bad.
As part of her punishment a rod had been placed behind her knees,
and then her legs had been folded, her ankles lashed TIGHT to her
thighs.  Her arms bound behind her back in a severe leather
armbinder, she hung from a hook in the ceiling, the rope proceeding
from the middle of the bar between her legs, through the hook, to a
leather bit she was forced to hold in her teeth; if she let go, she’d fall.
The problem with that is that while the seat was only a little more than
a foot below her posterior, in the middle of the bench seat was a truly
monster phallus, its bulbous head nestled within her ass.  Should she
fall, that immense shaft would be rather forcefully stuffed up her back
passage.  And then that shaft would be all that held her upright......
This was something Tanj was straining to prevent.  Of course, this
strange position left her sex quite exposed, and as she was hung in the
lobby of the academy, as an open advertisement as to what happened
to disobedient students, many a passer-by availed themselves of her
openness; everything from a caress to a rude grope to one fur who
apparently not minding being watched, proceeded to vigorously fuck
her right there!

As she hung there, her jaw muscles growing more and more tired by
the minute, she thought back on the little escapade that had landed
her, and her co-conspirators in this predicament.  It was a great escape
plan.  Never stood a chance in Hell of working, but it was a great plan.
They were going to use the Academy’s own weapons against them...

Kayla, the Otter, knelt curiously in the large training area.  She, and a
dozen other “students” had been brought here, apparently not so much
to learn yet another lesson in the sexual arts, but to participate in some
sort of experiment.  She recognized Edwin, a bear morph, and Jane, a
coyote morph... as she looked around, she realized that they’d gathered
a group of the “less enthusiastic” students......  To one side a table had
been set up, and a rather short male raccoon in a lab coat was laying
out instruments and other less identifiable devices and objects. had
been in a test group testing some sort of universal aphrodisiac based
on pheromones.  After a while, he turned and nodded to their
“instructor” a female mink, who turned to address the “class”.  “Today
we have the honor of participating in a new drug the academy is
developing.  The drug is an airborne agent, similar to the natural
pheromones produced by any aroused fur.  This artificial pheromone,
however, is less  species specific, and even less gender specific.  We
hope that it will be a universal aphrodisiac.  Now if you will attend Dr.
Tyruia, we’ll begin the test.  Kayla watched with amusement as the
raccoon led Jane, and a rather unimpressed looking Ram, who’s name
she didn’t know, to the center of the room, and had them kneel about
eight feet apart.  “You two are NOT to touch each other; if you do,
you’ll be punished” he said clearly, making sure that they’d both heard
him, and had understood.  Then, holding a mask over his face, he
sprayed a small amount of mist into the air between them, and rapidly
retreated to the far wall, to watch.

Jane sat there placidly, as did the Ram, for about 90 seconds.  Then
she started to fidget.  Then she started to moan.  Slaves are supposed
to keep their gaze downcast, but Jane’s eyes flicked up to give the Ram
a very sultry look.  He on the other hand was kneeling there,
apparently impassive, if you discounted the very prominent
erection.......  Kayla watched in amazement as Jane had more and
more trouble sitting still, fidgeting, obviously doing her very best to
remain in the correct position... and then the Ram lost it and leapt at
her, knocking her backwards, covering her with his body, and with
one forceful movement, driving his rampant cock deep into her pussy.
Kayla’s gaze flicked to the raccoon, who had just put down a
stopwatch and made a note on his pad.  Looking back at Jane and her
Ram, Kayla noted the lack of style, and finesse; the two were just
fucking as hard as they could.  It wasn’t long until the Ram orgasmed,
but now Jane wouldn’t let him go; she rolled him over and licked at
him until he was hard, and then moving astride him, mounted him,
riding him hard, until he orgasmed again.  It was a little hard to tell,
Kayla thought, but it looked like Jane was having an incredible
number of climaxes.....  Still Jane wouldn’t quit, nor was the Ram
objecting, and after a little work, she got him hard again, and this time
he took her from behind, fucking her furiously, until he orgasmed yet
again.  As Jane worked to get him hard again, for an amazing fourth
time, the instructor brought out another pair, to a spot on the floor a
dozen feet distant, for the doctor to again make is obviously previously
prepared statement, and then spray the stuff in the air between them.
It was almost as if they were trying to get a handle on how their
aphrodisiac interacted with the natural pheromones being generated by
Jane and the Ram.

Kayla was a member of the third team, paired off with a rather
handsome male rabbit.  As she looked at him, Kayla could understand
why he’d been dragooned into the Academy and she wondered what
he’d done to get thrown in with this group.  The raccoon read his
statement again, and then covered his mouth and nose with his mask,
before spraying a puff of the mist into the air between them.
“Hmmmmm, smells like sandalwood” Kayla thought.  And then her
gaze seemed to drift involuntarily back to the rabbit.  “Mmmmmmm,
he does look good; well muscled, and well hung.  I wonder if he knows
how to use what he’s got” she thought.  Then, as her eyes seemed to be
drawn to the rabbit’s slowly hardening cock, she wondered at her own
thoughts; “I can’t believe that was me!  I can’t believe I....oooooooh,
look at how large he’s getting  I just gotta......  Girl, get a _hold_ of
yourself!.....”  Kayla found herself fidgeting just the way Jane had
been, and she giggled to herself wondering which of the two of them
would break first.  “I can manage this.  I’ve always told myself I don’t
need sex..... that while its nice, that there are greater things in
life.......... I can controoooooooohhhhhhhhh hell!  I can’t _stand_ IT!”
Before she knew what she was doing, Kayla crawled across the floor to
give the head of the Rabbit’s now very prominent cock a soft lick with
her tongue.  He moaned softly as she started nuzzling and licking,
taking the head, and then a fair portion of his shaft into her mouth;
her teasing however, broke his concentration, and pushing her back,
he proceeded to mount her, driving his cock into her with sharp jerks.
Kayla gasped and moaned, the sensation of his cock driving in so
roughly strangely exciting her; usually, she preferred the slow, sensual
approach, but now his bucking hips, his driving cock were taking her
rapidly towards a sharp, intense climax.  As she’d seen Jane do before
her, she just _had_ to have more; she was on fire, absolutely
insatiable; when she’d literally fucked the rabbit until she couldn’t get
him hard again, she turned, to scan the room to see who else might be
available.  Every other fur in the room was heavily involved; the
original groups had disintegrated, and it was now just a free-for-all
orgy.  The only exception was the instructor and the raccoon, both
wearing masks, by the table against the wall.....

Kayla had just pressed her very wet sex to Jane’s mouth as an Ocelot
morph fucked her from behind, when Edwin rose from the floor; he’d
obviously recovered his breath, and his huge cock waved in front of
him like a flagpole; looking around he growled, as he determined that
everyone was pretty much busy; then his gaze swept over the
instructor, and he leered.  The mink gave him a stern, “don’t you
_DARE_ look, which he completely disregarded, starting to move
towards her.  The mink backed up, bumping into the raccoon, who
promptly fell over backwards, landing on the table.  Edwin grinned
wider as he advanced, his cock waving back and forth with each step.
The instructor turned to flee, but Edwin caught her well short of the
door, his huge paws wrapping around her waist, picking her up from
the floor, to bring her down onto his cock.  She screamed and thrashed
as he drove his monstrous tool into her dry pussy (“was she dry?”
Kayla thought with an amazing moment of clarity;  “with all this
going on, how could she not be wet?  Whatever...”) and as she
thrashed, her mask slipped down.  and suddenly she was clinging to
Edwin, her hips bucking as she struggled to get more of his cock into
her pussy, stretching herself _wide_ in the process.  The Raccoon
watched in surprise, and then started edging towards the door, only to
come up against the Tigress that had originally been paired with
Edwin; she stood there, leaning against the wall, arms crossed, a
predatory look on her face.  “Going somewhere?” she purrred. Then
she reached out and used one claw to cut the straps holding the mask
to the raccoon’s face, as it fluttered free, his gaze followed it all the
way to the floor.  By the time he looked back up at the Tigress, the
drug was coursing through his veins and in an instant they were
locked together, rolling on the floor.

Jane had licked Kayla to several delightful climaxes, but then the stud
behind her had orgasmed, and gone soft, and she’d turned her
attention to finding another hard cock.  Kayla stood there, swaying
slightly as she looked around for another partner; all of whom seemed
busy.  Very busy.  As she looked about, she spied several vials on the
table; they weren’t quite as large as a dildo, but they might do......
Padding over to the table, she scooped up three of them, and finding a
quiet spot she started to tease herself with one of them; it felt good
sliding in and out of her wet pussy, its smooth surface cool against her
overheated flesh; she took another one and started to tease her ass with
it.  It was good, but it wasn’t quite enough, and she found that by
working a second vial into her pussy, she was stretched enough to get
a nice tension; “I’ll only do this until I can find a willing partner” she
thought as her paws moved rapidly, driving herself to another
uncounted climax.  She was panting hard, her eyes still roaming the
room for a partner, when she heard the ventilation system come to life.
Then the door crashed open and several guards in masks entered.
She’d been so startled that she’d accidentally shoved the vials into her
pussy.....  As the air cleared, and as she watched the guards roughly
separating everyone, obviously searching for the instructor, and for Dr.
Tyruia, she smiled and pushed the third vial into her ass.  “This stuff
miiiiiight just come in handy” she thought.

The guards found her kneeling sedately in a corner, a sticky, dripping
mess, but compliant, not fighting them off to return to what they’d
been doing.  As such, she was allowed to head to the showers, instead
of being hauled off for..... punishment?  Just where were the others
going?  Clearly  they couldn’t be blamed for their actions, under the
influence of the drug  “Bet Edwin has a rough night anyways; not
supposed to touch the instructors under _any_ conditions.......

Dr. Tyruia tried to collect his thoughts; his first field test had gone
much better than He’d ever anticipated.  Then he found that three vials
were missing.  “Musta gotten broken during the riot; that might
explain the extreme arousal.  I guess we’re just lucky the room was
sealed.  I _NEVER_ expected it to be that powerful.  He grinned as he
limped to the instructor’s shower room; “That tigress was fantastic.
I’ll have to keep that in mind when I set up my next test.  After all, no
reason why I can’t be one of the test subjects too...... is there?”

Kayla settled into the hot water of the baths; she grinned impishly at
some of her friends.  “You wouldn’t believe the luck I ran into today”
she whispered.  Slaves weren’t supposed to talk among themselves, but
in the baths, with the running water, some conversations could be
held.  “What happened?” Zassa whispered back, only her muzzle and
the tips of her ears above water.  “I was involved in the test of a new
aphrodisiac; it drove everyone wild.  I lost count of how many times I
climaxed!  It was so wild, Edwin attacked the instructor!”  Tanj sat
up a little in the water, to stage whisper; “Edwin did _WHAT_?”, only
to be shushed from all sides.  They stayed quiet for a little, until a
roaming guard had passed by.  Kayla grinned; “in the confusion, I
swiped three vials of the stuff; we’re going to use it to escape!”

Tanj looked askance at Kayla; “I dunno, Kayla; even if we could
get out of the Academy, how long do you think it would be before they
hunted us down?  We’d not only have to find a way off planet, and in a
hurry too, but clear out of the system.  I’m not saying its impossible,
but it sounds awfully thin.”  Zassa grinned; “Don’t care; I’m in.  I’m
ready to check out of this hotel”  Marla looked around, gauging the
distance of the guards; “so whats your plan?”  Kayla grinned; “we use
one vial to start another riot.  And I know just how to do that too.  We
escape during the riot; after all, we’re all “Highly Trained”, we can
control ourselves, if we have to, right?”  With this all eyes turned to
Zassa, who just giggled and sank beneath the water.  “We use the
second vial to obtain transport, and the third vial at the starport to get
a ship.  After that, its up to Zassa and her off-world contacts and
Tanj’s piloting skill to get us out of the Elysium system.  Simple,
right?”  Marla sighed; “no, not really, but it does look like the only
chance we’ll ever get......”  Kayla grinned; “good, now, I need you to
help me hide the vials.”  Tanj looked at Kayla; “hide them
_where_?”  Kayla grinned, and underwater, passed Tanj one of the
vials; “_you_know_!”

Redflame passed through the security station and into the academy on
his way to give the air conditioning system its quarterly servicing.  He
always enjoyed this service call; the sights and the sounds always kept
him hot for a week afterwards.  Sometimes he got very lucky and aside
from seeing the nude slaves in the hallway, he’d get to catch a glimpse
of some of the action through a partially open doorway.  Once, when
working on a problem with one of the control dampers, he’d squirmed
into a duct and then gotten distracted as he watched the most
incredible scene through a ventilation grill.  He grinned to himself; the
academy had even paid for the extra hours.  If they’d only known what
he’d been doing.........

Tanj floated sedately next to the wall.  It was three days since Kayla
had passed the vial to her, and she was getting tired of hiding it.
Thankfully, there had been no attempts at anal sex in that time.....
She watched through slitted eyes, as across the chamber, Marla, Zassa
and Kayla struggled to maintain their position in the zero gee.
Tanj smiled to herself, her previous experience as an engineer on
an interstellar freighter finally having some application to her new
profession......  The instructor, a male fox, was good too; he pushed off
from one wall, stopping in the middle of the spherical chamber
without rebounding, his tether tight to the wall.  “Today we will
practice zero gravity sex.  This is a very specialized practice and I’m
sure you’ll all see just how difficult it can be.  However, there are
many who value the experience highly and you _WILL_ learn to
become proficient in it.  Now, at the start I want all males tethered to
the walls, with the females floating free.  It will be up to the females to
make love to the males, assuming their inexperience, and your
proficiency.  Later, we’ll switch roles.  I _will_ be watching.
Remember what you were told in lecture, and begin.  Tanj’s
partner, a black wolf, surged to the end of his tether and snapped back,
thwacking the wall inches from Tanj hard, before slowly drifting
back towards the center of the room.  “Nice technique” Tanj
purrrred, and then she carefully retrieved her hidden vial.  She’d
chosen her position carefully, right next to one of the room’s air inlet
vents.  Airflow in zero gee is very important.  You don’t want
“dropped” objects just floating free, they might bump into something
fragile, such as an eye, or the guidance computer.  Moreover, in very
still air, you can exhale carbon dioxide faster than diffusion can carry
it away, faster than oxygen can diffuse in, resulting in asphyxiation.
Airflow was very important, and the chamber had been well designed.
In fact, at the moment, the airflow was holding Tanj’s partner at
the end of his tether as he moaned and rubbed his head.  Tanj
would use that to her advantage in the exercise to come, or she would
have, rather...... instead, she broke the vial on the metal grill, its
contents vaporizing almost immediately...........

The drug _SURGED_ through Tanj’s veins, and with a mewl she
slid along the tether, to grab onto the Wolf.  He felt it too and hung
onto Tanj almost desperately, a newfound hunger in his eyes.  In all
Tanj’s shipboard experiences, she’d never done _this_ before, but
she’d heard the tall tales and funny stories from Squint, her Captain,
and Samantha, the First Officer, and that, coupled with yesterday’s
lecture, had given her a good idea how to proceed; first she locked her
legs around the Wolf’s waist, her paws entwined in his chest fur.  He
willingly bucked his very hard cock up against  her, and within
seconds, he’d driven into her wetness; Tanj barely had time to
wonder when she’d gotten so wet, when his gyrations caused them to
spin towards the wall.  Tanj did her best to hang on, and to fend
them off from the wall, as he fucked her much rougher than was
prudent, considering their lack of foundation; still, his cock felt
soooooooo good in her pussy, the situation soooo exciting, that before
she knew it, she was shuddering through her first climax, and then her
third, and then her ........ oh hell, she’d lost count by the time his
orgasm claimed him, and his cock started spurting, filling her with his
jism.  Luckily, he hadn’t been able to force his knot into her, and
Tanj was able to pull free, moving hand over hand down his tether,
as he howled in protest.  Tanj grinned and unclipped the tether,
and then leapt across the sphere, towing him behind.  She grinned as
she clipped the Wolf’s tether to Kayla’s partner’s tether, and none-too-
gently pried the otteress from his arms.  A quick look showed the
instructor coupled with two of the students, obviously as obsessed as
they were.  Kayla and Tanj collected Marla and a very unwilling
Zassa, and made for the pressure door, unclipping tethers as they went.
As they passed the growing knot of furrs containing the instructor,
Kayla reached out and snagged his set of keycards from his belt.  And
then they were out of the chamber, cycling through the gravity-
transition room, and into a hallway.

Redflame had just opening the access panels to the Academy’s central
air conditioning system.  This was a very sophisticated system, not
only controlling temperature, and humidity, but also scrubbing the air,
not only to remove dust, but also to remove all the smells, scents and
odors of so many sexually aroused and overheated creatures.  It was
time for the replacement of the activated charcoal filters, only part of
the system, and following procedure, Redflame took the scrubber
system off line and locked it out.  He then opened the maintenance
hatchways, removed the covers and began the slow job of pulling
canister after canister of spent activated charcoal from their holders.
He really didn’t see any reason why he couldn’t pull them all, and then
start putting in the regenerated ones; the idea of pulling one and
replacing it with a fresh one, then pulling the next used one and
replacing it struck him as horribly inefficient.......

The ventilation system in the Zero gee room was powerful, and was
physically located close to the scrubbers, not only to remove the
natural scents and pheromones, but because, in zero gee, it picked up
all the lint, dust, fur, and dirt, and it was hence more efficient to scrub
it immediately, than to let it foul who knows how many meters of
ductwork.  As a result, the cloud of aphrodisiac swept immediately
through the central air handler, through the cooling coils, and out into
the myriad ducts, to the far corners of the academy.  Had it been
winter, the heating coils might have decomposed it, but as it was, the
aphrodisiac was diluted, but still potent.  VERY potent.  Redflame
sniffed curiously at the strange, slightly sweet odor and shivered
thinking to himself; “This place sure _does_ put out the pheromones!
I get sooooo hot every time I come here.......  I should talk to the front
office about taking part of my service fee out in, ah, “trade”..... In fact,
I think I’ll do that now; good time for a break anyways.....”  And with
that, he climbed out of the scrubber system, and exited the mechanical
room, painfully aware of his sudden erection.......

The four conspirators made their way down the corridor, moving
towards the instructor’s locker room; they had to find clothes, before
they could try and exit the building; they also thought that wet towels
over their noses might ease their problem; it was becoming harder and
harder to maintain their concentration.  As they moved they passed the
occasional knot of furrs, copulating wildly, seemingly wherever they’d
run across each other.  Behind the occasional door, as they passed,
wild moans, heavy panting, and the occasional scream of ecstasy could
be heard.

As they entered the instructor’s locker room using the key card, they
knew they had a problem; the shower was running.....  whomever was
in there probably hadn’t gotten a good snootful of the aphrodisiac
yet....  They snuck quietly into the locker room, searching, only to find
that each locker had a personal access code; none of the academy key
cards worked here!  They were still searching when a chinchilla fem
wrapped in a towel came around the end of the row of lockers; “What
are YOU doing here?” she demanded eyes a little wide in surprise.
Kayla, the closest, dropped her gaze to the floor; Uh, ma’am, our
instructor sent us to fetch a stylus from her locker, on our way to, ah,
the gymnasium......”  The Chinchilla was straightening, a “yeah,
riiiiiiiight” on her lips when Marla pounced her from behind, the
larger, heavier wolf-morph driving the chinchilla to the floor.
“Quick”, Kayla gasped; “Tear her towel into strips and lets tie her up!
Then we gotta get outta here!”  “Wait a minute” Zassa said; “lets get
her to give us the combination to her locker at least; Kayla, you’re
almost her size......”  Kayla looked from the slender Chinchilla to her
own body and sighed; “might be closer than any of the rest of us, but I
suppose......  Shortly, the Chinchilla was trussed, and gagged, and
stuffed in her own locker.  Kayla looked a little funny, the tunic
buttons straining, especially in the region of her generous breasts, but
at least now they could pose as Instructor and slaves.  Better yet, they
had the Chinchilla’s personal vehicle keys.........

Redflame had found the administrative offices of the Academy; but no
one seemed to be behind the counter, or at any of the desks or
terminals.  As he wandered, he heard the sounds of passionate
lovemaking, and naturally he followed them, his erection pounding
harder and harder with each step closer.  Finally he uncovered a pile
of writhing furs in the Headmistress’ office; it seemed like a dozen
assorted furs were passionately making love to each other, all at the
same time.  The sights and the sounds immediately tripped something
in his brain, and he rapidly shed his clothes, and dove in; it didn’t take
him long to find a lady coyote, avidly licking at the pussy of a rather
large panda fem, her posterior waving in the air.  With a moan, he
knelt behind her, and as he rubbed the head of his hard squirrel cock
against her very wet sex; she moaned in delight and pushed back
towards him eagerly, as she did her best to maintain tongue contact
with her friend.  A grin on his face, Redflame sunk his ready tool balls
deep in the coyote..........

As they exited the locker room, once again they had to fight the effects
of the lingering Aphrodisiac.  Kayla insistently pulled the other three
along by their leashes, as they giggled and stole feels of each other,
their paws teasing, the pheromone driven lusts just barely repressed.
They were at the intersection of a corridor when they heard noises to
the left.  A group of five male guards were coming down the corridor;
they were all  nude, their cocks waggling before them as they walked,
their eyes filled with lust.  Kayla barely got out a “No, I’ve got to.....”
before the leader, a muscular wolf, grabbed her and kissed her hard!
The others immediately pounced on the “helpless” slaves, one of them
bending Zassa over to take her from behind, another throwing Marla
to the floor, to cover her body with his, the remaining two tackling
Tanj.  It wasn’t seconds before Tanj found herself astride the
hips of one of the guards, a Panther, his cock buried in her pussy,
while his Lepine friend shoved his cock into her mouth.

Tanj thought that the only way they’d get past these guys was to
“take the edge off” their lust; perhaps after they’d each gotten an
orgasm, they might make their escape.  Accordingly, she let the
pheromones in the air have their way with her, and in a trice she was
eagerly riding the panther’s delightfully thick cock, her breasts
bouncing wildly as she rocked her head back and forth as the rabbit
did his very best to shove his shaft down her throat.  The combination
of the situation and the pheromones seemed to make her much hotter
than her usual self, and she found that every little motion seemed to be
magnified.  She swore she could detect every ridge, every ripple, every
vein in the Panther’s throbbing cock; even the Lepine’s cock sliding
into her mouth, down her throat seemed to bring her waves of
pleasure.  She moaned and writhed, climax after climax tearing
through her at breakneck speed, her throat muscles rippling around
the Lepine’s cock, her pussy spasming hard, her hard-won control of
her vaginal muscles abandoned as she jerked and writhed, almost
convulsing, through the waves of pleasure coursing through her.  It
couldn’t have been but minutes before the Panther was HOWLING at
the top of his lungs, his cock pumping wadd after wadd of his sticky
cum deep into her pussy.  His friend the Lepine shuddering as his cock
also discharged, their actions driving Tanj to yet another climax.

The rabbit was flat on his back, panting hard; Tanj was licking
forcefully at his cock, trying almost desperately to get him hard again,
but he wasn’t responding......  Suddenly she was jerked backwards;
Marla had ahold of her collar and was dragging her bodily down the
hall.... “Wha..?” Tanj thought; “Nooooooooo, want more!”  But
then they were hauling her to her feet, shoving her down the corridor;
it must have taken 200 yards before she finally got control of herself;
“Wow, that stuff _IS_ powerful; I didn’t want to stop!”  Kayla
grinned; “I know; now come help me with Zassa, she’s still

Marla had adapted the plan; an amazing feat of control and
concentration, given their current situation; “I figure we can get
clothes from the gate guards.  Almost all the other guards in this place
wear little, or nothing, and I can understand why” she said with a
giggle.  “But the gate guards, they normally deal with outsiders and as
such are correctly attired.  Besides, we’re going to have to get past
them anyways.”  Tanj nodded, agreeing, but somehow she wasn’t
“easy” with that plan; “Are you sure we shouldn’t go by the Admin
area?  Those furrs go clothed too....”  Zassa shook her head; “and risk
running into the Headmistress?  I’d hate to see her, under the
influence of this stuff or otherwise!  Lets risk the guards....... we can
probably do them under just like we did in the last group!”
“Ooooooooooo” Tanj thought; “we get to do it _again_!  Goodie!”
And as they trotted through the corridors, that thought in itself worried

Redflame was currently under the Headmistress; the Wolverine morph
was astride his hips, vigorously humping him, as one of the other
ladies sat on his face.  Somewhere, someone was stroking themselves
with his tail; he could feel paws midway down its length, moving it
back and forth, but he couldn’t tell by the sensations transmitted by its
silky tip what the sex of the recipient was.  He didn’t care; he was lost
in the glories of the drug induced lust, every motion of the Wolverbabe
riding his cock sending the most delicious pleasure signals to his
brain.  He licked up into the sweet pussy above him, his long tongue
driving deep as he did what little he could to buck his hips up into the
fem astride him.  It was just as someone’s paw slid underneath him, to
run a finger around his asshole that he lost his load once again,
screaming in pleasure into the muff above him.  Whatever he was
doing must have been appreciated, as the lady astride his face also let
loose a howl of delight, and shuddering, her pussy convulsed around
his tongue.  The Headmistress seemed to be very disappointed, and
crawled off him as he started to go soft, obviously looking for someone
still hard, or perhaps a willing tongue.  Suddenly finding himself
“alone” Redflame staggered to his feet.  “Gotta find a bathroom......
and I could use something to drink too; this is hard work; but
OOOOOOOH, how I _LOVE_ my work!”  He stepped over several
entwined bodies, and staggering, made it to the door.  Stepping
outside, he looked left and then right; “now which way?”  Still a little
dazed, he turned down one corridor, and then down another, and
before long he was quite lost.......

Redflame came around a corner, still looking for a bathroom or a
water fountain; what he found, instead, was Tanj; they slammed
together, and went down in a heap, with Zassa tripping over them in
the process.  Tanj couldn’t resist, the pheromones were coursing
through her brain, the chemicals overloading her system, and the
smell of a male soooo  close; before she could think, his cock was
within her mouth, her tongue swirling over its surface.  Apparently,
he’d had enough “rest” as the sensations of having his cock engulfed
in someone’s warm, wet mouth, of a tongue moving over its surface
was more than enough stimulus to bring the return of his raging hard-
on.  Kayla was furious; they were running out of time, and here half
her escape team were rolling around on the floor again!  Zassa quickly
found the squirrel’s muzzle and holding his head in both paws, she
crouched over him, shoving her crotch rudely down against him;
Redflame didn’t care, his tongue licking out just as avidly as before,
burying itself in Zassa’s velvety folds.  Tanj, meanwhile, had
determined that he was now hard enough and had moved to mount his
cock, unknowingly assuming the same position the headmistress had
taken.... Redflame didn’t care about that either, as Tanj’s pussy
enveloped his once again throbbing cock; with a moan he shifted his
feet and tried to drive himself upwards, to drive himself further into
the delight above him.

Marla sighed and reached out to snuggle Kayla; “I see we’re not going
anywhere for a while.......  Kayla shrugged and nodded and turned and
kissed her friend; moments later they too were on the floor, forming
the classic “69”, each one’s muzzle pressed hard against her friend’s

As Tanj rode the squirrel’s cock, she reached out to cup Zassa’s
breasts; she knew just what the vixen liked, pinching and rolling her
nipples, tugging on her nipple rings; Zassa moaned in turn, rolling her
hips as the squirrel’s tongue did such lovely things to her, reaching out
in turn to tug sharply at one of Tanj’s nipple rings, her other paw
dropping to Tanj’s crotch to rub harshly against her clitty, as the
cheetah fem bounced wildly on the squirrel’s cock.

Redflame was in heaven; he’d probably cum more times in this one
day than he usually did in a week, maybe in a month, and that was
counting “self gratification” too........ he bucked his hips upwards into
the spotty feline as his tongue slashed back and forth through the
vixen’s slit, its tip running over her clitty with each stroke.  He’d cum
so many times that while he was in heaven, submerged in pleasure, he
was nowhere near cumming again.......

Tanj climaxed yet again, every ripple, every fold of skin, every vein
or ridge in the squirrel’s cock seeming to trip her oversensitized
nerves, the resulting pleasure almost overwhelming.  Slowing, she
concentrated, practicing what she’d been taught, controlling her
vaginal muscles, her “inner hand”, to stroke him, to ripple the muscles
smoothly over his delicious cock, to milk him hard!  As she
concentrated, her ministrations to Zassa’s tits slowed, and a sudden
sharp pinch on her clitty brought her back; Zassa was impatient, and
demanding and Tanj complied, squeezing the vixen’s breasts hard,
her clawtips sliding out to prick her skin, just as Redflame’s tongue hit
just the right spot, sending the vixen off into yet another climax........

Redflame felt the vixen’s pussy spasm around his tongue yet again;
she seemed insatiable, but then so was the cheetah astride his hips!
They really trained ‘em well here!  “I need to wander off the usual
paths more often” he thought to himself with a grin, and then the
cheetah’s pussy started milking him again, and all conscious thought
was lost as his orgasm claimed him.

Tanj felt his cock start to throb and spurt, and she howled as the
sensations of his burning jism splashing her insides drove her to yet
another climax.  She sighed as after a while, he started to soften within
her, despite her best efforts to keep him hard.  It was about then that
Kayla’s paw wrapped itself in her hair, dragging her away from the
spent squirrel; “come _ON_!  we gotta go!”  Tanj sighed and
nodded and helped a grinning Marla drag Zassa away from the
squirrel’s tongue as she thought; “Yeah, gotta find one that isn’t
limp....... gotta go.... gotta be one around here somewhere........”  They
padded off down the corridor, leaving Redflame in the middle of the
floor, a very happy, very sticky mess.

Kayla peeked around the corner and then ducked her head back;
“they’re in there, at least two, maybe three; I can see them through the
armored window in the inner door”  “I still think we should just try
and get over the gate; it doesn’t look _that_ high” Zassa whispered.
“Yeah, but what if its electrified” Marla whispered back.  “Don’t be
absurd; what if some citizen came by and leaned on it, on the outside?
The academy can’t risk that, even on Elysium!” Tanj shot back.
Kayla just shrugged and taking off the instructor’s clothes, flashed the
others a grin and padded around the corner; they heard the click of the
intercom, and then Kayla did her best “I’m in heat and _want_ you”
moan.  The intercom clicked again and a rather unsteady, panting
voice came back with; “wh....who’s th..there?”  Before the intercom
could click off, another voice in the background was heard to say;
“who the fuck _CARES_ who’s there?  It sounds female and as hot as
I am, thats all that matters!”  With that, the door popped open, a paw
emerged, grabbed Kayla’s collar, and dragged her inside.  Fortunately
for the others, the door remained ajar, and they were able to creep in.
In the instant that Kayla had been out of their sight, the three guards
within had managed to shed their uniforms, and pounce Kayla.  She
was on the ground, on her left side, one guard, a fox, behind her, one,
a lynx, in front of her, both gyrating as their hips drove their rampant
cocks into her ass and pussy; the third, a female mink, who looked just
a little the worse for wear, had her sodden crotch pressed hard against
Kayla’s muzzle.  Kayla, for all her resolve, looked as if she was in
Seventh Heaven, as she licked avidly at the mink’s wet sex, moaning
as the two males pleasured her.

Tanj did her best to hold her breath, knowing what just a whiff of
their pheromones would do to her aphrodisiac sodden brain; as she
slowly felt the burning in her lungs increase, she looked over the
security console, trying to find the switch for the front gate, the only
known way in or out of the Academy.  The panels were a sea of
flashing red and yellow, all sorts of alarms going unheeded.  The
security cameras cycled through scene after scene of wild sex, with the
occasional image of some poor sod trapped somewhere alone, in many
cases bound so that he or she couldn’t even satisfy themselves....
Finally, however, Tanj had to gasp for air, and in doing so, sealed
their fates; the pheromones of the sexually aroused furs coupled with
the drug still coursing through her veins and with a moan, she
dropped to her knees to lick at the swaying balls of the fox, as he drove
his cock hard into Kayla’s ass.

Marla was doing marginally better, and saw what happened to
Tanj; before she could succumb to the pressures building in her
lungs, she grabbed Zassa and yanked her out of the security station.
“Did you see where the switch for the main gate was?”  Marla asked
Zassa; “No, did you?”  Marla shook her head no, and taking several
deep breaths, ducked back through the slightly ajar door, to search
again.  As she searched, she thought; “Dammit, Tanj was the
engineer, the one who might understand this sea of switches and
flashing lights.  I bet they made this as confusing as possible!”.  Once
more, the two had to “step outside”, their mission unfulfilled.  “I think
we should just start flipping switches until something happens” Zassa
moaned; “after all, at this point what do we have to loose?”  Marla
sighed; “I could throw that fox against the front gate and see if they
were electrified, I suppose.....”  Zassa made a sour face and Marla
nodded; escape was dearly sought, but not at that price......  Finally,
unable to think of anything better to do, they ducked back into the
room, to start flipping every switch they could find.

Redflame had wandered into another orgy, this one consisting of
several “students” leashed outside a classroom; they were having
difficulty, their leads hooked to the wall high over their heads, their
paws clasped behind their backs, but in many cases they were still
finding ways, precariously balanced, to satisfy each other.  They had
been oh so  thankful when Redflame had unhooked their leads, and oh
the ways they’d shown their appreciation..........  Just as the sexy little
skunk was doing the most delightful things to his asshole with her
tongue, an alarm sounded and barred doors started closing all up and
down the corridor..... Redflame grinned; now his new friends couldn’t
escape him, like the last group had........

All over the Academy, security gates closed, doors locked, utilities
shut off....... and the fire sprinkler system came on full.  Marla gasped
as the nozzles in the ceiling opened up, spraying her with water, but
the expected reaction of her sudden inhalation failed to materialize;
the water was scrubbing what remained of the pheromones from the

Marla was just about to grab her friends and try and retreat, to find a
place to hide when the door on the opposite wall opened, and three
uniformed guards walked in.  Their eyes went wide as they beheld the
scene that greeted them; their colleagues rolling on the floor with four
very grungy looking slaves.  “what in the Aich Eeee Double-El is
going on here, a rather large and grumpy looking bear morph
demanded, his partners staring wide eyed at all the flashing alarms.
Marla just sighed and struggled to come up with an instant
explanation; “Master, something happened, all of a sudden everyone
went crazy; just crazy; we tried to come here for help, but.....”  She
gestured helplessly at the still writhing furrpile on the floor.  “You and
you” the bear said to Marla and Zassa, “Kneel _there_ and don’t
move!  Sam, help me get these other two separated out.  Eddie!
_EDITH_!  Frank!  What has gotten INTO you?”

Tanj groaned as she struggled to hold the bit in her teeth; she was
sure that her entire jaw was going to pull from her head any minute.
As much as she hated her current situation, though, she had to admit,
Kayla had faired worse.  They’d reviewed the security camera tapes,
obviously.  They’d been able to backtrack the entire affair, all the way
back to a really good picture of Kayla swiping the vials of aphrodisiac.
They really did have cameras everywhere........ but it was interesting to
note that they didn’t have the manpower to check every tape, watch
every monitor.  Things were missed.  Things did fall into the cracks,
and that was a lesson Tanj would not soon forget.  The academy
had been very pleased with the way the aphrodisiac had worked,
something that they didn’t bother hiding from the conspirators;
however, the damage done during the affair had been great, especially
in the accounting, and records section, where water damage from the
sprinklers had been extreme.  As a result, the conspirators got a hearty
thanks, high marks for imagination, and a rather severe two week
punishment regime.  Kayla, being the instigator, had the most severe
punishments; currently she was hanging in another part of the
Academy’s lobby, stretched TIGHT, inflatable devices distending her
jaw, pussy and ass very VERY wide, as a tiny device spurted a cayenne
pepper powder onto her clitty and nipples, all of which had been
freshly pierced.  Cayenne pepper had an amazing ability to stimulate
nerves to produce pain without doing significant physical harm; it was
activated by moisture and the way Kayla was sweating in her
bondage.... Urrrrrrrrr!  Tanj could only imagine what she was
going through, and wince in sympathy.

As she hung there, struggling to hang on, the head of the monster
dildo seeming to throb within her stretched ass, Tanj reviewed what
she’d learned and planned the next escape attempt.......