Tanj's Tale:  The Road Less Traveled

By Kittiara


Stardate 2397.62

Tanj stood in the Academy's punishment hall.  The
young cheetah morph wore a stoic look on her face, as
she mentally counted her own heartbeat.  It was the
only way to keep track of time, to measure how much
longer her punishment period would last. Not that she
was particularly eager to see it over, in this
particular case.......... Her punishment this time
was comparatively "light", merely made to stand where
others could see her, her nude form adorned with
about three dozen clothespins.  Most of these made
her breasts look like porcupines, but a good dozen or
so were clamped firmly onto her labia...As she stood
there quietly, she grinned in remembrance at what had
landed her here.  In this case, living up to her name
had been worth it.........

It had now been about two weeks since her first
experience with the Themes, Scenes and Shows "class",
and a week since her last "participation".  As the
guard uncoupled her from the coffle and looped the
handle of her leash on the hook outside the
classroom's door, Tanj wondered what could
possibly come next.  "Alien monsters and sex crazed
tentacle festooned plants!  What could possibly come
next?" She thought.  Then with a wry smile she
thought "Probably don't want to know......"
Patiently she waited for her classmates, and the

As she waited, she thought about the revelations that
these classes had brought her.  Having realized that
there was essentially nothing she could do about her
situation, and moreover, about the "conditioning"
that the academy was applying, she'd decided that
until there might be something she could do about it
all, she might as well just do whatever she could to
enjoy life.  "After all, it's the only life I've got,
or so it seems, and even this seems to beat the

It wasn't long before another coffle came by to drop
off the lady skunk that had been her classmate.  The
ocelot however was still not to be seen, and as the
coffle moved off, the Skunkette broke the Academy's
rule of silence to whisper; "did you hear what
happened to James?"  Tanj, being gagged, could
only shake her head no; she wasn't sure that James
was their missing classmate, but suspected as much.
It had been the Ocelot that had drawn the "improved"
Alien monster scenario last time.  Tanj also
wondered why the Skunk wasn't gagged, but just
shrugged; sometimes, when the guards were in a hurry,
they omitted that step.  Lucky her.

The Skunkette cautiously looked around, and then
continued; "I heard that whatever happened to him in
the last show left him a quivering mass of Jelly;
that he hasn't been able to do Anything, and spends
most of his time curled up in a ball!"  Tanj
nodded slowly, and the skunk sighed; "wish you could
tell me about that scene; I'm scared out of my wits!"
Tanj looked up and saw their instructor coming,
and seeing the look on her face, the Skunk looked
down demurely, staying quiet.  The instructor gave
them both a hard look, but just collected their
leashes and led them into the anteroom that was the
entrance to the backstage areas of their "classroom."

"Once again there have been adjustments to the
system" He said.  "The backgrounds are now more
detailed, and the supporting cast more numerous.
Again, we expect you to ACT, to put forth a good
show, and to be inventive in your responses.  Now
here are your costumes."  The skunk looked at the
skirt, blouse, and lab coat with dread.  Tanj
pulled on the simple off-white muslin peasant blouse,
and the colorful knee length skirt, adjusting the
blouse so that it was off her shoulders.  As she used
a short length of ribbon to tie her hair into a
ponytail, she watched the Skunk move to her door.
When it snicked open, the Skunkette hesitated so bad
the instructor had to give her a none too gentle
shove to get her to move through it.  Tanj was
still trying to watch what was happening to her when
her own door snicked open.  Pushing it open she moved
into her own scene.

Tanj found herself in the back of a medium sized
room, with a couple of dozen other young girls all
similarly attired.  The room was of rough hewn beams
and stucco walls, and was lit by several lanterns.
The girls were all talking quietly among themselves,
and there seemed to be a considerable tension in the
air.  As Tanj looked around, she felt as if they
were all waiting for a funeral to begin.........

Just as she was about to try and talk to one of the
girls, the door in the far wall opened, and a large
adult male waved the girls out of the room.  They
trooped out solemnly, into a much larger room.  This
one reminded Tanj of a meeting hall, with rows of
benches, and a few tables.  A fireplace filled the
far end of the room and added its light to the few
lanterns scattered about.  As the girls entered, the
eyes of all the adults present turned to look at
them.  An elderly male Wolf, at the far end of the
room rose to his feet, and held up his paws for

"As you know" the Wolf said, "The Dragon has moved
into our area.  In order to spare our lives, our
homes and our crops, he has demanded the tribute of a
virgin to be sacrificed to him".  All of our eligible
girls have been assembled, and we will now draw lots
to see which one shall be given to the Dragon.
Somewhere one of the older ladies started to sob
softly, obviously fearing for her daughter.

Tanj's first thought, as the village Elder made
his announcement, was to wonder why there weren't any
MALE virgins in the group?  Surely there had to be
SOME......  but then, she thought with a grin, maybe
the Dragon wasn't bent that way...... Especially if
it's a Male......  Now did they sacrifice male
virgins to a female Dragon?

Her attention was brought back to the event as one of
the other elders held a jar aloft and the elderly
wolf reached into it, to pull out a token.  "Emily
Johnson" he called out in a solemn voice.  The young
rabbit girl that walked shyly to the front of the
room kept her eyes on her feet until she had moved in
front of the elder that had called her name; then she
looked up nervously at him and said; "Uh, Sir, um,
well, Ah, I'm afraid..... you see, ah, Billy and I,
well, ah, I'm afraid I no longer qualify.........
The Elder's eyes went wide as the implications sank
in, and somewhere in the crowd an older male rabbit
stood up and shouted "Emily, you WHAT?  How could you
disgra...... ah, Hmmmmmmm, yes, well, ah, we'll have
to talk about this later........."

Tanj chuckled and shook her head; "Eminently
logical, if you ask me" she thought to herself; "but
surely they can't think I'M a virgin...... Oh
nevermind, this is all make-believe anyways, isn't
it?"  Then she thought of the alien monster and
wasn't so sure.....

The Wolf shook his head, and gestured to two younger
males, a Leopard, and a Wolverine, both heavily
muscled prime specimens (or so Tanj thought).
They grabbed Emily and lifted her up, their arms
going behind her back, their other arms under her
knees, lifting her up and spreading her legs wide.
The male rabbit started to object as they exposed his
daughter, but a look from the Elder silenced him.
Moving around, he roughly examined the girl.
Straightening with a growl he nodded for them to put
her down.  Turning, he drove his hand into the jar,
to pull out another token.  "Mary Beth Taylor" he

This time it was a young otter who moved to the front
of the room. She was a bit more brash; "Sorry, Sir,
but I'm afraid I'm in the same situation as
Emily......"  In the audience an older lady otter,
apparently her mother, giggled and all but applauded;
"Way to go, Mary Be.... Uh, um, No, Ah, SHAME on you
daughter (giggle).  The wolf signaled his young
assistants and they lifted the otter girl for his
examination.  Once again, she was proven to be
correct, and the young males released her.

The Elder jabbed his paw into the jar once again, and
this time as he looked at the token a sly smile
crossed his face; looking up, his gaze searched for a
moment and then locked onto Tanj.  He didn't even
try to hide the smirk in his voice as he read aloud

Tanj sighed and moved slowly to the front of the
room, all eyes following her.  At a signal from the
Elder, the youths lifted Tanj up, tossing her
skirt back, exposing her sex to public view, and to
the rough examination of the Elder.  Looking up, he
met her gaze, and once again smirked.  Turning to the
crowd he raised his arms and declared; "She's a
Virgin!"  Tanj managed to adopt a look of horror
on her face as the two youths lowered her, but kept a
firm grip on her, as if to prevent her escape.

As the two husky young males dragged her from the
room, the crowd snickered, and threw catcalls at her.
She heard "Yeah, Tanj, we knew you'd be the one"
and "Yeah, no Boy'd save YOU from the Dragon!"
Knowing it was just a play, Tanj still couldn't
keep herself from hissing back at the crowd.
The torchlit procession out of the village was small,
and Tanj wondered if perhaps the villagers were
afraid of the Dragon.  As she was led through the
fields and into the hills, again she wondered how the
Academy was managing this trick; there was no way the
whole "campus" was this large!  They'd traveled
literally kilometers before they arrived at a rocky
little ravine in the hills.  Here, an obvious place
of sacrifice had been created.  The ground had been
cleared, torches staked out, and in the middle, an...
altar?  It was a huge block of stone, crudely carved
into the shape of a "Y", its surface about waist
high.  Its surface and sides were festooned with iron
rings, and Tanj thought she knew what they were

The youths stripped Tanj rather roughly, jerking
her skirt off, and literally ripping her blouse from
her body.  They pushed her back onto the stone, and
begin buckling her down.  Thick leather straps went
around ankles, and thighs, holding her legs tight to
the stone, forcing them WIDE apart.  The angles are
just a little off, and her ass winds up mostly in
mid-air, not quite on the stone.  Obviously, anyone
walking up into the "V" of that part of the stone
would have very easy access to her pussy and ass.  Of
course, that was probably the idea……  They even
strapped her tail down to the vertical part of the
stone.  Straps also went around her waist, and chest,
above and below her breasts.  There was even a strap
for her neck, but this was a little difficult, as the
stone ended at her shoulders, leaving her head to
dangle off its edge.  Still, she held her head up as
best possible, to watch them.....  Her arms were
pulled down along the sides of the bottom of the "Y",
and strapped to the stone, pulled TIGHT.
When they were done, one of the youths dragged his
paw over her very exposed sex, and then over one
breast.  He acted as if he wanted to play with her
some, as he muttered; "a waste in a way, but if it'll
save the rest of us......" But then a distant noise,
a cross between a scream and a roar was heard, and
the villagers fled with looks of alarm on their

Tanj watched them go, and then when she couldn't
hold her head up any longer, let it fall back,
eliciting an "OUCH" as the back of her head struck
the cold stone.  She laid there for a while,
pondering how well set up she was for sex.  Pussy,
ass and mouth were all very easily accessible.
"Somehow" she thought, "In a position like this, I
just can't see the Dragon eating me...... Um, like
for Breakfast.  Oh hell, you know what I

The ground shook slightly, the vibrations becoming
more powerful with his approaching tread, and Tanj
began to wonder just how big this Dragon was.
Finally he came into view, moving between two rocks
(admittedly upside-down from Tanj's point of
view), and Tanj blinked; "gotta be really solid;
he's not THAT big.  Certainly not much bigger than
some of the Bears or Minotaurs I've come to know.
The Dragon was roughly humanoid, jet black, and over
eight feet tall, with large leathery wings folded
behind his back.  He was walking on two legs, with a
long serpentine tail trailing behind him, and a
triangular, reptillian head casting about on the end
of a long neck.  "Still, he looks pretty fierce, in a
dragonny kinda way" she thought.  "Hung too" she
noted with a wry smile.

The Dragon hissed as he caught sight of Tanj in
the torchlight.  Tanj suddenly remembers just
where she is and what she's supposed to be doing and
lets out a strangled squeak of horror, her eyes wide.
The Dragon seemed pleased at his victim’s terror, and
stalked closer, to sniff at her.  Tanj moaned
softly as the Dragon's forked tongue flicked out,
almost as if he were tasting her.  The tongue started
on her tummy, and slowly writhed down over one hip,
and then flicked up across her pussy, making Tanj
stifle a gasp.  The Dragon then slowly brought his
head up, his tongue flicking out to dance over her
ribs, and her breasts, before almost coiling around
her neck.

Tanj moaned; "Oh, MERCY; please don't hurt me!"
Getting no response, Tanj just mewled in fear.
The Dragon's tongue danced over her face, making her
flinch, before teasing one of her ears.  As the
tongue teased her ear, she moaned and struggled
against her bonds. But as she struggled, she heard
the Dragon whisper into her ear; "you're not really
terrified, are you?  I'm not really going to hurt

Tanj jumped a little as the dragon whispered in
her ear.  Shaking her head from side to side as if to
be shed of his tongue she whispers back; "uh, not
really; its just that your tongue TICKLES!  But, uh,
I don't think I've seen your kind before, either.  By
the way, I'm called Tanj".  The Dragon moved his
head to slithers his tongue down over her breasts,
making her gasp involuntarily, and then slowly worked
back to her neck, to whisper; "Hi, I'm Saganth;
pleased to meet you.  Yeah, we’re kinda rare in this
part of the galaxy."  Tanj stifled a giggle, and
whispered: "Glad we were able to be properly
introduced; you know, etiquette is so often
overlooked when sacrificing a virgin to a dragon."
Then it was Saganth's turn to try and stifle a
chuckle.  Tanj continued; "They give you a script
for this?"  Saganth made a big show of torturing
Tanj's ear with tongue and fangs, to her "obvious"
disgust, as he whispered; "Just to ravish you, make
it look like I fucked you to death, and leave your
body tied to the stone, covered in cum, why?"
Tanj let loose a mournful wail and then whispered
back; "cuz I got an idea for a variation in the
script; NO ONE ever TOLD me what I was supposed to
do, but here's my idea........."

The Dragon's tongue squirmed deep in Tanj's ear as
she finished whispering; raising his head, the Dragon
hissed evilly and moved around the stone to stand at
its lower end; reaching down to hold Tanj's head
in both his taloned hands.  Tilting it backwards, he
proceeded to rub his slowly growing member against
her face.  Tanj, for her part, moaned and
struggled against her bonds, her piteous mewlings
suddenly silenced as the Dragon drove the head of his
cock into her mouth.  Tanj found his size a bit of
a problem; he was probably the largest male she'd
ever had, but considering the training techniques of
the academy, probably not the largest phallus she'd
ever had presented to her lips.  Her jaws ached from
being stretched so wide, but her tongue knew what to
do, and she licked at him furiously as he slowly
fucked her mouth.  She gagged when the head of her
cock struck the back of her throat, but with her head
tilted back the way it was, there was little she
could do but acquiesce as he slowly worked his huge
cock down her throat.

He didn't treat her as roughly as she feared; his
hips moving slowly, smoothly as he drove his tool in
and out of her mouth, and down her throat, never
lingering long enough to make her gasp for air.
Still, the gag reflex forced her to swallow as he
pressed his groin to her muzzle, and he really seemed
to like that, her throat muscles rippling along the
length of his shaft.  Thankfully, it wasn't long
before he was panting hard, and then with a hissss,
he pulled his cock out, to stroke it with one taloned
hand, to spurt his load all over her stomach and
breasts.  When he'd run dry, he rubbed the dripping
head of his cock over her mouth, and then moved to
stalk around to the other end of the stone, moving
with a reptilian grace into the "V" portion......
Moving between her legs.

Saganth crouched, dropping to all fours, to nuzzle
and lick at her pussy.  For her part, Tanj had
made a face at the taste of his cum, and then gasped
in horror as she felt his tongue.  She howled as that
long serpent tongue slithered deep into her pussy and
she struggled at her bonds as its forked tip stroked
her most sensitive places.  It didn't seem to take
that long before Tanj was panting heavily, and the
Dragon was hard again.  Rising, standing straight, he
pressed the head of his thick shaft insistently into
Tanj's now very wet pussy.  As her sore throat had
told her, he WAS hung, and she had no difficulty
mewling in mock horror as he slowly forced his thick
shaft into her pussy, stretching her until she
thought she was going to split in twain.  She gasped
as he forced more and more of that huge shaft into
her, until he was balls deep within her.  She raised
her head to look down her body, muscles straining,
convinced that her stomach must be bulging from that
huge shaft stuffed into her.  And she knew that when
he started moving, that it was going to be

The Dragon started slowly at first, waiting until
Tanj had been stretched enough to accommodate him.
However, before long he was thrusting into her
roughly, his scaled cock sending Tanj into climax
after climax; she flailed and moaned and howled and
shuddered, not having to fake anything for this
audience.  She'd completely lost track of how many
climaxes the Dragon had driven her to, when once
again, he pulled out, to stroke his cock as he
drenched Tanj's body in his cum, spurts traveling
as far as her face......

Tanj panted hard, eyes closed, head fallen back
once again against the cold stone as she tried to
recover.  After a while, when she'd regathered her
wits, and caught her breath, she raised her head to
look around.  The dragon was reclining against one of
the rock walls of the ravine, just looking at her.
Tanj got the impression that he too was resting,
trying to recover.  Probably getting ready for the
big finale......

Dropping her head back against the stone, Tanj
moaned; "Please, Sir, spare me.  There's no need to
kill me.  I've proven that I can satisfy you......
Instead of killing me, please take me with you.  I
promise I'll keep you well satisfied......"  She
paused and then heard the Dragon rumble; "why would
you wish to go with me?  Merely to save your
worthless hide?"  Tanj moaned and shook her head;
"I've no life here.  Most in the village dislike me,
torment me.  I couldn't even interest any of the boys
or men, to...... relieve me of my virginity, to save
me from this!  I'd always planned on leaving the
village at the first opportunity, to seek new
horizons, new and exciting places.  The only thing I
had to look forward to there would have been an
"arranged" marriage to some poor sod that couldn't
afford better, merely a...... an asset to increase my
father's herds.  Spare me, take me with you, and I'll
see to your every need........."

The Dragon thought about this proposal for a few
minutes and finally nodded slowly.  By this time,
Tanj had raised her head again, to stare at him
beseechingly, looking down between her breasts at
him.  Her neck muscles were trembling with fatigue
but she struggled to hold his gaze.  Finally he
nodded, staring her in the eye; "If you can truly
prove that you can satisfy me, I'll do as you ask;
fail, and I'll rip your body asunder and leave you
here to rot."  With that the Dragon once again rose
to his feet, to approach her.

Tanj MOANED as she felt his cockhead touch her
again, not at the entrance to her pussy, but lower,
at her ass.  Enough of her juices had flowed down her
crack, that she was well lubricated enough, and the
Dragon's cock was still slick with her juices; never
the less, he rubbed his cockhead back and forth
gathering even more of her nectar.  Tanj
whimpered, her eyes WIDE at the thought of his huge
cock in her ass, finally letting her head fall back
to rest against the cold stone.
Again, Saganth pressed gently, more gently than she
would have expected for a Dragon, or for most males,
slowly driving his cockhead into her ass, taking his
time.  He worked it in slowly, giving her time to
adjust, her anal ring stretched unbelievably; even
so, she let out little squeaks of pain each time he
drove a little more into her.  Tanj panted and
moaned in relief as she realized that he wasn't going
to try and force his entire shaft into her either.
After a bit, he held still for a few moments, and
feeling her relax a little, started a slow thrusting.
Even so it was all Tanj could do not to cry out
with each thrust......

Tanj jerked in her bonds as she felt his hand
caress her mons.  As he fucked her ass slowly, he
stroked her, rubbing her clitty, occasionally working
fingers into her pussy.  She found the feel of his
smooth scaly skin most unique and quite sensual, and
was soon moaning through yet another climax.  The
spasmodic contraction of her muscles must have been
all he needed, as it was shortly thereafter, that he
YANKED his cock out of her ass, to once again spray
his seed over her body.  She YOWLED as he yanked his
cock out so forcefully, the sudden pain causing her
to faint.  She never felt him undo her restraints, to
pick her up softly, and carry her away from the
altar, obviously taking her with him, granting her

Tanj's head snapped up, eliciting an "OW!" from
her, as her sore neck muscles protested.  The
instructor had used an inhalant to bring her around,
once Saganth had carried her "backstage".  The
instructor was fuming, furious that Tanj had not
followed the script.  Tanj tried to explain that
she'd never SEEN a script, but that only made him
madder.  What really drove him over the edge was when
some of the dignitaries that had been watching the
performance came backstage to congratulate him on a
brilliant performance!  He couldn't admit that the
entire ending that they found so novel had been ad-

Tanj shifted from foot to foot slightly, counting
her own heartbeat.  "Should be about over by now" she
thought to herself.  "It was worth it, too" she
thought with a hidden smile.  "I just loved messing
with his "play".  And I met a nice Dragon in the
process.  Could have done without the oral sex, and
definitely without the anal sex, but OH, how I loved
how he fucked me!" she thought, a trace of a smile
forming behind her gag.  Thinking of the instructor’s
reaction, she thought; "He could have given me a much
more sever punishment; Lord knows he doesn't need any
excuse to do so.  Maybe this isn't so bad, if you
know how to "play the system."  She grinned a little
more widely around her gag.  It was just a few
minutes later, when a couple of guards came through
the far door to walk up to her.  Tanj carefully
composed her face, not wanting them to see anything
but a penitent slave.  "Saw the tape of your
performance, Tanj", the big Tiger purrrrred.  "It
was great.  Pity about your classmates though.  I
understand the Skunk's still catatonic.  What you got
that let you survive that scene when the others
didn't?"  The Wolf with him chuckled; "Well, whatever
you got, I guess its what it takes.  You passed the
class!"  With that, the two guards reached out to
start plucking the clothespins from Tanj's body.
As the blood rushed painfully back into the pinched
areas, Tanj HOWLED into her gag, as the guards