Tanj's Tale:  Piled Higher and Deeper

By Kittiara


Stardate: 2397.61

It was several days later when once again the guard
detached Tanj from the “coffle”, and fastened her
leash to the hook high on the wall by that door.  It
was the strange “classroom” for course 328; Themes,
Scenes and Shows again, and Tanj could only wonder
what she was in for this time.  “If I was able to
survive that monster last time, I suspect I’ll come
through this OK” she thought; “Still, I hated the way
it laminated me into the floor.  It took FOREVER to
get that stuff out of my fur!”

It wasn’t long before her classmates, the lady Skunk,
and the male Ocelot joined her standing there by the
door, their leashes secured to a hook high above
their heads.  This time, they’d all been gagged, and
there was no possibility of comparing notes.
“Neither of them look concerned or worried” Tanj
thought; “their little one act plays must not have
been too bad; maybe I’ve been through the worst this
course has to offer.”  As they waited, they teased
each other covertly, rubbing up against one, or the
other; a touch here, a brush of the tail there.  A
distant observer would never have noticed… or at
least that’s what they were hoping for.  Anything to
kill the time while waiting.

Eventually the slender fox that was their instructor
came and collected them, to bring them into the
anteroom.  They knelt where they had before, and
awaited his instructions.  Instead, he busied himself
with a box of costumes, piling them on the floor in
front of the three slaves.  Tanj noticed from the
corner of her eye that the male ocelot received the
lab coat this time, and she wondered if the monster
he had to deal with would be male, or female……
Finally the instructor was ready and he assumed his
seat on the stool.

“From your efforts last time, we’ve made a few
changes in the system.  It should now be much more
“interactive”, and as such, you’ll be expected to
take a greater part, not just “react”.  Accordingly,
I wish to see some initiative out there.  Act as you
would imagine someone in that situation to act.  I
admit, to an extent, that’s asking you to read our
minds, but then, isn’t that what a good slave should
be able to do?  In any event, there will be
punishments for failure, and perhaps even rewards for
success.  And remember, NO DISCUSSION of what goes on
here.  No spoiling the surprises.  Now, lets get you
into your costumes and begin, shall we?”

Tanj stood at the door to the second “set”.  She
was in a strange costume; from the belt around her
waist, a loincloth dropped almost to the floor; it
was black, with gold thread forming strange patterns
and runes.  Her breasts were supported by some sort
of metal filigree bra; while she was well supported,
the fingers of metal did nothing to conceal.  In fact
her nipples protruded between two of the fingers.
Both her nipple rings and the metal of the “bra”
glittered in the “backstage” light.  She wore
anklets, armbands, earrings and a very complex
dangly necklace.  She felt she looked quite the
bizarre barbarian.  All she needed was a dagger and a
broadsword to complete the pulp fiction image.  As
she was tugging at the loincloth, trying to get it to
hang straighter, the door in front of her clicked

Pushing the door open, she moved into another world.
This one looked like a room in an ancient fortress;
the floor and walls were large blocks of stone, with
crude heavy rafters above.  Oil lanterns on tripods
flickered at random locations.  There was a thick
carpet on the floor and tapestries on the wall.  As
she entered, a gray wolf in a robe turned to her;
“Well, its about time you showed up; don’t you know
Lady Ergless will be here at any moment?  She’s an
important customer, and a powerful Noble and we
should put forth our best!  Now you just stand behind
me and keep quiet; but pay attention!  Tanj nodded
quietly and moved to take a position a step behind
and to one side of the wolf as he stood at a stone
table.  As they waited, it was obvious that the Wolf
was pouring over a large crudely bound book in front
of him on the table.  He seemed to be studying up on
something, and he would mutter to himself from time
to time.  Tanj tried to listen, but his speech was
so quiet she only caught occasional words. “Monster”,
“Satiate” or “insatiable”  and “Horrible” seemed to
predominate.  As she listened, she covertly looked
around.  “This place seems to be some sort of
Magician’s workshop” she thought.  “Got the
obligatory skull…  the magic texts…  The gargoyles
(did that one move?)…  The strange flickering
lights…The skeleton…  All he needs is a pointy hat
with moons and stars on it, and the heavily muscled
hansom barbarian, and the set would be complete…..”

With that, the door on the opposite side of the room
banged open and two heavily muscled and near naked
Tigers stalked in, to look around.  Each carried a
bare scimitar, and looked like they could use it
well.  Tanj frowned a little as when their gaze
passed over her, it seemed only to be evaluating her
as a threat……  She realized she was coming to enjoy
those hot looks from males, and that too gave her
pause for thought.  When they were satisfied there
was no threat, they signaled and the Lady Ergless
walked in regally.  “Now here’s the typical barbarian
princess” Tanj thought, doing her best to keep her
face neutral.  Apparently the Lady Ergless was
another Cheetah morph, and she moved to look Tanj
up and down, critically, as if evaluating her as
competition, or possibly for her usefullnes…… Finally
she turned and nodded to the Wolf; “My lord Wizard”….
She purrrred  “I was RIGHT” Tanj thought to
herself; “this IS a magic shop!”  The wolf regarded
the “princess” thoughtfully, and as he did so,
Tanj also examined the other Cheetah.  She was
just a touch taller, and perhaps a little slimmer.
She was dressed in a long flowing gown that did
nothing to conceal her charms, its neckline plunging
to below her navel in a sharp vee, its long skirt
slit up the front of each leg almost to her waist.
As she turned, Tanj saw that the dress was
backless, the fabric at the waist flowing around her
hips to form a vee whose point was
hidden under her tail.  The dress was a deep black
that seemed to just drink in the light of the room,
and set off her golden fur and black spots well.
“Like that dress” Tanj thought; “Have to get one
like that some day; it should start riots.”  Tanj
then had to suppress a giggle, wondering when she’d
decided she liked to start riots by dressing like
that.  “Doesn’t matter, I suppose” she thought to
herself; “Given the option, I would dress like that;
it’d be FUN!” As she fought to maintain her poker
face, she realized that they’d been talking……

“………could be possible you understand, my Lady; but it
would be powerfully difficult to control” the Wolf
was saying, a look of concern on his face.  Ergless
made a dismissive gesture; “that, my Lord Wizard, is
what we pay you so hansomly for.  There is a walled
spot in the courtyard where I want you to conjure the
monster.  You have the texts I obtained; I expect you
to produce it and to tame it by this time tomorrow!”
And with that, she turned and followed by her guards,

The wizard sighed and shook his head; “foolish
foolish female.  To conjure such a monster for her
own pleasure.  She truly knows not what she toys
with.  Perhaps the fates will be kind and it will
dispose of her for us.”  Turning to look at Tanj
he scowled; “well, don’t just stand there, we have a
monster to conjure.  Gather the supplies.  We’ll need
white chalk, powdered, the black candles… the

Tanj had taken three armloads of stuff down to the
little walled area in the courtyard, under the
wizard’s watchful gaze.  She didn’t know how they
were doing it, but it seemed as if the “stage” had
expanded to something several times the size of the
whole academy.  She was getting tired from all the
walking!  The walled area was very strange, too; it
had a standard wooden and iron door in it, but
inside, it was just a square, maybe six meters by
six, open to the sky, but with ten meter tall walls.
She’d been laying out all the supplies, and under the
wizard’s direction, she started to use the white
powder to inscribe the dirt floor with the patterns
he directed.  “No, you silly thing!  What kind of an
apprentice ARE you!  YOU KNOW you have to be naked to
inscribe those symbols!  No, No, NO! you don’t have
to strip off the jewelry too!  You know some of those
are amulets for your protection!  Just the loincloth
and the top……”  Tanj shrugged, not caring about
being nude anymore; besides, she’d been tripping over
the end of the loincloth anyways.

She inscribed the patterns on the ground, lit the
braziers, and burned the incense, all as instructed.
The wizard bade her kneel behind him, as he set his
large book on a stand, near one of the braziers.  He
scowled over the text for a few minutes and then
raised both arms and started to read the incantation.
He’d gotten about four sentences into it when a small
gust of wind made the candles gutter and flicker, and
made the incense smoke swirl and twist.  And whether
it was the smoke, or the dust, the Wizard sneezed.

Tanj gaped as, with the sneeze, there was a
blinding flash of light, and a hint of flames, and
the Wizard vanished, his pointy hat falling to the
ground in a small puff of dust.  “OH Crap!” thought
Tanj; “now what do I do?”  She looked around for a
minute, half expecting him to pop back into
existence, probably with a box of tissues, blowing
his nose. Finally, though she gave up and rose to her
feet to look at the book of magic.  There at the top
was a stern warning saying that any variation from
the incantation, once started, would produce
immediate and dire consequences.  Tanj turned to
look at the Magician’s hat, and then back at the
book; “Yeah, guess so!” she thought.  Turning the
page back, to look at the beginning of the section,
she read aloud (obviously for the benefit of the
audience); “The Green Monster of Panhyrion…………  Its
squirming tendrils…… Hmmmmmm can’t read some of
this………  Sexually satisf………   something……… any
maiden?  Is this saying that the monster will
sexually satisfy any maiden?  Is that what she wants
it for?  I dunno, too many words in there I can’t
read………”  Tanj looked up from the book, as if
glancing about to see if the Wizard had made it back
yet.  “Obvioulsly” she thought; “From the way they’ve
set this up, I’m supposed to be intrigued by the
spell, read the incantation, and then deal with the
monster.  Its suggested that I’ll have a great time
with it, obviously what that princess type was after,
but knowing this group, there’s gotta be a twist.
They don’t do nice things for furrs like me.  Still,
what choice do I have?”

Turning the page back, Tanj looked at the
beginning of the incantation.  She played at being
hesitant, for a moment, and then as she looked again
at the incantation, she let one paw glide down her
tummy, to cup her sex; “Oh, what are you waiting for,
Girl?” she thought to herself; “besides, you survived
that other monster?  How much worse could this be?
Might even be fun…..”  With that, she started reading
the incantation, slowly, in a clear voice.  At the
same point the wizard had faltered, the wind again
sprang up, to make the candles flicker, to make the
incense swirl; Tanj was ready, reading through
slitted eyes, one paw over her nose.  The incantation
went on for page after page, and as she read,
mouthing nonsense words, the wind grew in intensity,
until she was holding the book down to the stand with
both paws, her hair streaming out behind her.  “Funny
the candles don’t blow out” she thought.  “Oh well,
special effects and all that”.

As she finished the last word, the wind ceased as if
someone had thrown a switch.  “They probably did”
Tanj grinned to herself.  All was quiet.  Too
quiet.  Tanj slowly closed the book of magic and
slowly padded out into the center of the diagram that
she’d drawn.  She looked about, and then looked up at
the stars overhead, and shrugged; “maybe I did
something wr……”

She felt something touch her ankle; just a light
touch; she looked down and noticed a tiny green
tendril had emerged from the ground, like a plant
growing at unusual speed.  Bending down to look at
it, Tanj realized that she could actually see it
growing; it was getting longer and thicker, and it
was slowly curling around her ankle.  “This is the
green monster?” she thought to herself, and then she
couldn’t help but laugh; “All those disasters with
gardens when I was a cub and now, NOW I finally make
something grow?”  She shook her head and turned to
head towards the door, but only got a step; the
tendril was still tight around her ankle, and it was
growing tighter by the second.  “Hey, leggo!” she
muttered as she tried to extract her foot.  She was
using both paws to peel back its tip, as she felt
another tendril brush against her other foot;
shifting to look down she eeeped as she realized that
tendrils were emerging from all over the ground,
within the symbol she’d drawn.  Forgetting her
resolve to put up with whatever they threw at her,
she fought the tendrils around one foot, only to have
it recaptured as she turned to work at the other.  In
a moment, she felt her tail captured, and then one
paw was snagged.  She struggled against the growing
vines, gradually loosing more and more ground, her
movements diminishing as the vines grew in thickness
and power.  She knew she was in major trouble when
her feet left the ground………

The vines thickened as they lengthened, and with
their increased strength, lifted Tanj, to hold her
a body’s length above the ground, her body leaning
back slightly from the vertical.  Tendrils wrapped
around her ankles, above and below her knees,
spreading her legs uncomfortably wide.  Other
tendrils held her wrists, and upper arms, pulling
against those that held her legs, stretching her as
if she were on the rack.  Still more tendrils wound
their way around her waist, and neck, holding her
tight.  She moaned as she felt tendrils interweave
themselves in her hair, pulling her head back hard.
She felt tendrils wrap themselves around her ribs,
their finely divided tips encircling her breasts to
squeeze hard, making them jut out, like overinflated
balloons glued to her chest, their minute tips
actually entwining around her nipples, to tug at
them!  She struggled against them, doing little more
than making her body sway, increasingly unable to
move in her leafy bondage, but even as she struggled,
the vines holding her grew thorns, making such
movements very ill-advised.

Tanj gasped and stiffened as she felt tendrils
slide over her sex, and probe under her tail; she
opened her mouth to scream, but as she did so,
something cool and slick forced itself into her
mouth.  Her tongue told her it felt like some sort of
cabbage leaf in texture, but before she could try and
bite down on it, it puffed up, as if inflating with
sap, to fill her mouth.  In an instant she was fully
gagged by the leafy monstrosity, unable to make the
slightest sound.  She did her best to shake her head
as some foul tasting sap started to trickle down her
throat from the bladder filling her mouth.

She couldn’t even mewl as tendrils forced their way
into her pussy and ass; at first they felt like the
finest of vines, less than a stylus’ thickness in
width; however, like the rest of the leafy monster,
they too grew at a horrendous rate.  She squirmed, or
tried to as the vines grew to stunning thickness,
filling her pussy and ass, stretching her, pushing
forward until she was sure the one in her pussy was
worming its way into her womb.  At first, the creepy
sensations of the vines penetrating her had sent the
shivers up and down her spine, leaving her on the
verge of panic, but as the vines thickened, to
pulsate with some inner energy, to wriggle and squirm
within her, once again some portion of her brain took
over and she began to moan in pleasure……

“My God” she thought; “I’m being raped by a
vegetable!”  And as amazing as her situation was, as
frightening, she still had to laugh to herself,
thinking this a fitting revenge for all the times
she’d played with herself, using a carrot, or a
cucumber……  Resigning herself to her situation, and
hoping that when the sun came up, the plant wouldn’t
grow so strong it would rip her limb from limb, she
surrendered to the strange pulsations filling her
pussy and her ass.  Her muffled mewls gradually
turned to squeals of pleasure, her struggles turning
to attempts to increase the friction, or the
sensation of this tendril, or that.  Succumbing to
the pleasures of the plant, it wasn’t long before her
body convulsed in a powerful climax.  She felt her
own juices running freely down her thighs, and could
imagine them dripping to the ground, to water the
roots of the plant that possessed her so thoroughly.

The plant held her, continuing to pleasure her
relentlessly, through the rest of the night; she lost
count of her climaxes, the experience turning slowly
into a dimly perceived sensation as the waves of
pleasure coursed through her.  The plant monster
turned her, holding her in different positions,
twisting her this way and that, almost as if
demonstrating what it could do with its captive……
Some small part of her mind wondered if there was
something in the sap that the stem in her mouth kept
secreting that so blurred her mind, so increased her
passion and her lust.  It wasn’t until the sun crept
over the top of the courtyard wall, that the plant’s
tensions eased, lowering an almost unconscious
Tanj to the ground.

The Wizard was still grumbling and cursing when he
unbolted the door to the little alcove in the
courtyard.  He stopped fast when he beheld the
strange jungle within the symbol his apprentice had
drawn the night before.  Drawing slightly closer, he
peered into the leafy green, to behold her figure
curled in a ball, on the ground.  Turning, he found
several small stones, and carefully he threw them at
her, finally awakening her.  His last thrown stone,
however, bounced off Tanj to hit one of the thick
green stems, and he had to jump back, to avoid its
lash, as it whipped through the air, seemingly trying
to make a grab for him.

Tanj arose sleepily, and staggered out of the
jungle.  She looked curiously at the Wizard; “What
happened to you?” she mumbled.  The wolf looked like
he’d been badly singed.  He just shook his head;
“lets say it was a hell of a night”.  Looking at the
Jungle again he muttered; “I see you had better luck
with the incantation; but tell me; the monster is
supposed to be horribly fierce to anyone who falls
into its clutches, unless mollified by the correct
spells or sacrifice; how did you tame it to permit
you to reside within its grasp?”  Tanj just

The instructor reviewed her performance with Tanj
after the “play” had concluded.  He obviously was not
as pleased with her performance this time, but still
gave her passing marks; “your acting in the
supplemental roles was quite good; you seemed to get
into the part easily, and ad-libbed quite well.
However, given your previous performance in the
clutches of the monster, we were a little surprised
that you didn’t seem, well, more “horrified” at the
prospect of your fate.  Hmmmmmm.  Perhaps you’re
getting too complacent.  We’ll have to see what we
can do about that.”

Tanj purrrrrred as she settled into the hot water
of the baths.  She was covered in small scratches,
where the thorns of the monster’s vines had held her,
or caressed her, and the hot soapy water stung.
Withdrawing into herself, largely ignoring the others
present, she thought about her day.  Was she getting
used to having sex with almost anything under the
sun?  When she’d finally calmed down, she’d actually
enjoyed her interlude with the leafy thing.  Or could
that have been a drug in the sap?  Would she do it
again, by choice?  Probably not.  Still, she thought,
she was coming to some sort of accommodation with her
fate.  “Sometimes, when you can’t influence events”
she thought, “its best just to enjoy the ride as best
you can”.